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October 21-31, 2010

Politics aside, this site works for me. It makes me remember things I’d forgotten. One woman asked her childhood friend, “Did you ever knock on doors on Halloween?” I thought to myself that I never passed that big apartment building at the corner of Wayne and Wyneva Streets without ringing every single bell. There must have been 30 or 40 bells and it didn’t have to be a holiday for me to push those buttons. I don’t know why I did this and I’m ashamed, but here is another bell ringer. Ten of us, all 8th graders at St. Francis, hiding behind a parked car by the curb on Newhall Street while Patsy Payne (God rest her) knocked on Mother Goose’s door one Halloween night. When that poor old lady answered, we all shouted MOTHER GOOSE and ran like hell. My mother would say, “you’ll burn in hell for that, ya’ disgraceful mutt, ya’.” (The Irish are guilty as charged) Another memory was of Joe Patti, a Happy Hollow guy with long black hair and box-toed loafers splashing up Wayne Avenue one spring afternoon in a rainstorm. Joe was on the Hollow side making his way north. About six of us were across the street, standing under Sal’s awning. (Like Billy Obst in his wonderful memory of that legendary trip to Boston, I can’t remember who was there but I can guess: The usual suspects, and always our leader, Goo Goo). Mother Goose was headed south on Wayne Avenue and we saw her just as she passed Moe’s. She had an umbrella over her head. Goo Goo called across the street, “Mother Goose!” just as she and Joe Patti passed each other. The big guy timed things. He anticipated what would happen I think. Well, old Joe Patti must have laughed or made some remark to Mother Goose at that moment, because low and behold, that old lady took her umbrella and smacked it down on the top of Joe’s head. In my mind I can hear Goo Goo laughing at the outraged words from the old woman and the look of pain and injustice on Joe Patti’s face.
Jack Brogan, No Irish need apply [10-31-2010]

Political discussions are so pointless.... Everyone has their own views. Expressing it only makes you feel good about yourself, like you are one who is the know.... You're not convincing anyone, so why even bother? If you want to get your view out, do it on Tuesday with your vote. Let Washington know how satisfied or frustrated you are with the state of our nation.... Let your vote do your talking... You're not accomplishing anything by sharing your political views on a Germantown blog when people don't care.... Heck, at this point, I would even love to hear a Goo story, if it would help to get beyond this nonsense and back to the point at hand, Germantown....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-31-2010]

A recent posting by my Cousin Joe Graber is very accurate with regards to this website. Enough about Politics. It just ticks folks off due to diverse opinions. The TV has enough junk on it to fill our twisted, cruel need for Politics. If you view CNN you get the Liberal Democratic slant. If you watch Fox News? You get a Conservative one. Go figure? Leave this blog alone. Jim Breen.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [10-31-2010]

Professor Jim: You took some liberty there with the Declaration of Independence. You misplaced the word pursuit; it applied to happiness, not to life and liberty; they were endowed by the creator, (whoever that may be) Also, it is in the endowment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness wherein men are created equal in the decalaration. They are not endowed, promised, or guaranteed "Equality" of outcome as you inferred, in their pursuit of happiness. I understand that you may think it should have been that way, and you might like it to have been that way, but it wasn't.
John Payne [10-31-2010]

Speaking of old entertainers. About ten years ago, maybe longer, my daughter got to meet Willie Nelson in person in Atlantic City. She said that up close he looked like a shar pei. I still like him though. I must have a country gene in there somewhere.
John Payne [10-31-2010]

FYI--Did you know that Bela Lugosi was buried in his Dracula costume.Boris Karloff was his stage name- his real name ????? PRATT--Glenn Strange played Frankensein In Abbot&Costello Meet Frankenstein-the first Invisible Man was Claude Rains,not Vincent Price--Lon Chaney Juniors real first name was Creighton-Lon Chaney Sr's parents were deaf mutes.Hope you enjoy the trivia Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [10-31-2010]

Paul Borian: You must have lived a very insular and sheltered childhood to have missed out on a little "knock-a-dolly." When my mates and I were young and could run as fast as electronic trading, we elevated this old Irish practice to perhaps its greatest level of development in our section of Germantown. We would take a brown paper bag from the Acme, line the bottom with aluminum foil and fill it partially with dog doo (wet was best). This turd-grenade was then placed in front of the door, set on fire and the door bell rung in the hope that some large footed person would soon appear. Off we went but not so far as we couldn't witness one of the most hilarious scenes still in my memory banks: large feet stomping on a bag on fire, turds flying in all directions...and, then, the cussing filling the night air throughout the neighborhood--something about feces. The next day while passing by the "scene", we would poke each other in the ribs when we saw the brown stain and a lingering aroma of excreted Alpo still in the air. This is how Mischief Night went down back in the day. Happy Halloween, Germantowners. Watch out for those little trick or treaters. I'm off to take in a little of my girl--Elvira, "Mistress of the Dark"-- still hot after all these years.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, Calif. [10-31-2010]

Joe Graber, I think it was Mighty Joe Young.
The Great Kreskin [10-31-2010]

Schmitty, (I'd write this privately, but you don't give your e-mail addy on here): Not sure how my post appeared a second time, but Leon was at World Cafe Live. He's 68, loos like 108, walked out with a cane, and he was on the bench about a half second and started rippin' Delta Lady like it was the 70's. He pumped out one after another non-stop, and stayed on the bench instead of leaving and "unexpectedly" coming back for the encore, which he then did. He's a model of energy, creativity, and passion for all of us. Yes, Scotty and the crowd from Bill Leinhauser's Gulf were great, and it was good he had success with his own place up at Queen Lane. Also, the Armstrongs, also motorheads, were on Copley back in the day. . .
Bruce Marshall, 59, still in Gtn [10-31-2010]

Bill Obst....Welcome back to this site.Hope all went well with your wife's shoulder replacement.Before you know it,she will be throwing punches at you with greater force.Hope you have not forgotten how to duck from the time that we squared off at the hollow....Someone posted on this site awhile back that Goo was born on 10/2/32 and died on 1/1/04.Do not know the cause of death but heard that he was penniless at the time of his passing.Last time that I saw him was many years ago at his wedding.He spent his last years in Wildwood....Funny that you should mention the trip to the Boston Garden to see the Warriors play the evil Celtics. I was not with you,and don't remember the specifics.However Ben Hom and I drove to the Garden in Ben's car one Sunday morning to see Russell and his Celtics beat Wilt and the Warriors,as they often did.We got home in the early hours of Monday morning,and yes,my parents were really p-----.I told them that I was at my usual hangout,and they believed me....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Too bad the Goo is not with us,and on this site.It would be a BLAST! [10-31-2010]

J.McKernan: With "all due respect".. I just want the negative idle chatter to stop..and the name calling as well. Some people on this site remind me of antagonists.....always stirring the pot. That is all I meant/ and I still 'stand firm' on that position. We are all adults on here, afterall/ and you are correct 'entitled to our opinions...thank you,Sincerely, L.A.F.
L.Fontana [10-31-2010]

linda fantana looking forward to next week as well i am going to save my appetite just for this restaurant ... :>) have fun with those kids on halloween i know i will .... happy halloween to one and all even to those who are afraid of the witches, ghosts and goblins ... ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-31-2010]

Rosemarie hite- Malageri: I am looking forward to getting together again real soon.e.g. next week. See you then...Linda F. P>S> Happy Halloween to one and all "G"towner's. Enjoy your children and grandchildren this sunday as they go out 'trick or treating'..I know I can't wait to see mine. Also, a big Congrats to Jeanne Seifert-Kilgallon, my dear friend, who has a new grand-daughter/ as of 10/21/10 -good luck to little Miss Brooke Kathleen Dowling.Most Respectfully, Linda F/
L.Fontana [10-29-2010]

I have just finished a fantastic, erudite (!) covering of my life Germantown before moving onto the burgs, followed by London, Edinburgh, and the 'New Town', ending with the best SFA nuns. But guess what? I pressed the wrong button and lost it all. I'm sure none of you have done that before. It is not time to pack up and head off to the Scottish Highlands for the weekend. Will re-construct my notes upon my return. Best wishes from the "Athens of the North".
Regina Sprissler, Germantown, Scotland [10-29-2010]

Linda Fontana. I come to this site to relive old memories and in some cases reconnect with childhood friends. Maybe even meet new ones. To hear tidbits of those years is pricelsss to me. It has become a CHOICE of mine to read the postings on this site. It is NOT a CHOICE of mine to see TV and Newspaper ads promoting one political candidate or the other. I come here to get away from that. I would much rather have my own CHOICES. TV and mail take them away. Who REALLY bent the iron bars along Wayane ave at the HOLLOW anyway? LOL
Joe Graber, Drama free zone [10-29-2010]

lou giorno, thanks ... that movie had me on the edge of the sofa ... it was scarey and also suspenceful ... i loved it! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-29-2010]

Apropos to several comments - yes, although Roland / Zacherle recorded the Monster Mash, is was written / performed by Bobby "Boris" Pickett. What's amazing is that the piano player on that original recording from '62 was Leon Russell, mentioned below by JBS, and who still kicks butt; saw him do an amazing show just recently. Happy Halloween, all!
Bruce Marshall, 59, still in Gtn [10-29-2010]

Guys, The Annonomous senders seem to be a tease in so far as the real deal. In this election month...Please spring some Hormones and sign you name. Okay? Roger that? Roger out. Jim Breen, Saint Francis of Assisi.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [10-29-2010]

Bruce Marshall: I am amazed that Leon Russell is still performing. Back in the day, he looked old, today, he must look like Methuselah. Recently, I wrote a blog about Scotty,a Scottish-American,who worked at Leinheiser's Gulf Station near your home. You knew George who hung out there and was a friend of Johnny Barr who was the son of Scotty. As you know, George suffered from his service in the military. Tuesday is election day and Leon Russell would belt out,"A Hard Rain Is Coming". Germantowners loved their music.
JBS [10-29-2010]

Hey Paul B.---I remember one Friday night standing on the corner in front of Sal's with a group of guys talking about the Warriors and someone mentioned that they were playing the Celtic's at Boston Gardens Saturday night. I suggested getting my Dad's car and driving up to see the game. We ended up with a carload of guys at about 1AM heading north on Route 1 toward Boston. This was before Interstate Highways so it would be a long trip. To make this long story short, we hit a rock in the road somewhere in Conneticut that punched a hole in the gas tank, had to wait until daybreak for a garage to open, drain the tank, weld the hole, and refill it before we got on our way again. Arrived at the Garden just about gametime. And man. did I catch it from my Dad when I got home. :-) I can't remember who the guys were that went on that trip but if you were not there, maybe you heard about it, or maybe some one who was there will read this and respond. I'd like to know who was there. Another fond memory of Happy Hollow in the '50s. By the way, when did Goo Goo pass away? and how? Billy Obst
Bill Obst [10-29-2010]

Mr. Political > I didn't see people complaining discussing politics, but about using "this site" to discuss politics. I think most who post here see this as a social site, and not a forum for politics. An analogous situation might be attending a festive event, like a bithday party, at a friends home, and then getting into a heated political arguement with one of the other guests, or one of the friend's neighbors.
John Payne [10-29-2010]

Joe, meet Linda. Linda, this is Joe. That's what's so cool about this site.
John Payne [10-29-2010]

Paul Borian, Guess the Irish in me came out on mischief night for knocking on the neighbors' door (Mr. and Mrs. Rambo), jumping over the brick wall on the porch, then hiding down behind the porch was about the most exciting thing I did when I was around 6. That and being coerced into exploring some huge old vacant house near or in Awbury Park and hightailing it out of there upon hearing strange noises coming from a dark stairwell into the basement.
Patricia Carr [10-29-2010]

G-man attacks the McKernan's liberal and left views but does not analyse his own contributions, always critical of others and negative, always on the attack and agressive; which have been pointed out by various bloggers and even, fair play to him, the "Webmaster" who finds his remarks provocative and unhealthy in a democratic exchange of ideas. Take your own advice Gman and 'lighten up'. I realize some do not wish political bickering on here-but if done properly we all can learn from a free exchange of views. Treat responses with respect and maybe you will gain it yourself. But, Gman you present always as a dogmatic character. To the others who say no political or religious discussion I say 'rubbish'. These issues drive our life and culture and quality of life. For a nation so proud of itself why are we almost last in the OECD nations to give quality housing, education and healthcare? Because we are a nation of profit-seekers, capitalists and do not have the conscience to adhere to our Declaration of Independence which states all men are created equal...and deserve EQUALITY -the 'pursuit of life, liberty and happiness'-actually that last bit is a rip-off of John Locke's (English Philosopher) writing a century before-I, and other scholars believe Thomas Jefferson, or another notable, plagiarized Locke. But we have never given equality a full chance. So, I disagree with Linda's comments. As adults we all should be willing to learn from a free exchange of ideas. If not, well, the consequences are a prolegomenon to doom. BTW, speaking of quality of life-the most rigorous survey of the concept was undertaken by the prestigious "The Economist" social science journal a few years ago. One hundred and eleven nations were studied. Number 1-10 were European with Italy 8th-not bad. The USA came 13th of 111. Last was Haiti. Guess who was Number 1? I love it-IRELAND! So, I think my point is we in the USA could do a lot more for healthcare, housing, community relations, family security, and the other variables analyzed by the Economist Journal-a very respected social science periodical. At least this year 40 million who were not health care insured are. That is a great victory. and BTW, I do not hear conservatives trying to get rid of Medicare, Social Security or Free Public Education in schools-all socialist/Democratic propoals that were made law. Think about it before you vote Nov 2nd.
Jim McKernan, Professor Greenville NC [10-29-2010]

There are plenty of online sites for discussions of politics. Let's use this resource to focus on life in Germantown, please.

Webmaster..I respect your request to refrain from provocative postings. I would hope others are asked to do the same. I agree that the interchange of ideas on this board should be preserved. I admire your zeal in this matter.
Gman [10-29-2010]

Joe Graber, I don't even know you, but I say, "Way to go Joe'......you expressed my sentiments, exactly. No more politics or religious opinions on here, just great memories of Germantown. thank you, Linda "F"
Linda Fontana [10-28-2010]

To all those who don't want to hear any political stuff, don't watch any TV between now and Nov. 2nd and throw half your mail away everyday.
Mr. Political [10-28-2010]

Professor James McKernan: You really know Edinburgh well and are aware of the history and culture of Scotland. Scotish-Americans have made great contributions to our country. General MacArthur's ancestors came from Scotland. This is still baseball season,in 1951,Bob Thomson hit the home-run heard around the world- Bob T. was born in Glasgow. You are an academic and Archibald MacLeish,the renowned poet,was a Scotish-American. In Germantown, Scotty who was born in Scotland,worked at Leinhauser's Gulf Station at Wissahickon&Manheim. By dint of hard work,he eventually operated the Gulf Station at Greene&Queen Lane. We live in this great country which rewards people of different ethnic backgrounds who work hard and are resilient.
JBS [10-28-2010]

Apropos to several comments - yes, although Roland / Zacherle recorded the Monster Mash, is was written / performed by Bobby "Boris" Pickett. What's amazing is that the piano player on that original recording from '62 was Leon Russell, mentioned below by JBS, and who still kicks butt; saw him do an amazing show just recently. Happy Halloween, all!
Bruce Marshall, 59, still in Gtn [10-28-2010]

mary alice armstrong brennan, i thought it odd too...what the heck, for somebody to get so hysterical about a few people being funny and (yes) a little silly about monsters ..but, whats wrong with having some light hearted fun ... geez! at the same time though i thought it over the top that he did invade your personal space ... i thought jimmys' stepping up to the plate was nice ... take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-28-2010]

Deely, Mcglinchey and the other Anons. Welcome to the Mckernans pinata club. Its actually fun watching them bash and take shots at everyone they dont agree with. Maybe, real soon, they will be driven back into their left bubble with the other elitist snobs. Bring you bottle and the big copy of Obamacare to see whats in it. Ill stay on this side with my God and gun. You guys are like a one eyed jack but we have seen your other side, Brando, good movie.
Gman [10-28-2010]

Gman, please refrain from such provocative postings. It does not promote a healthy interchange of ideas on this board.

Rosemarie Malageri-RE The Uninvited is the correct movie--it starred Ray Milland-Ruth Hussey-& Gail Russell-I'm glad you agree with me.Lou Giorno-Your Description Of the plot was perfect!
lou giorno, lou from burbs [10-28-2010]

Mike Deely, It was deplorable for you to invade the personal privavcy of Mary Alice.I thought the theories put forward by the Gtn. women bantering about Frankenstein were entertaining and hilarious! They were imaginative and interesting. Did you know Frankenstein was written by a young woman of sixteen years of age? She was Mary Shelley-wife to Lord Byron the poet, I believe. It was out of bounds for you-in a message to her-to classify "the McKernans" as socialists- I am, but I do not speak for my brothers. And if you wish to debate political ideology I am your man. You indicate that Europe is financially falling apart (I think we in the USA lead in that category) and you say European nations are Socialist through and through-that is not correct. My country (Ireland) as well as France, Britain and other nations there are a wonderful blend of Capitalist/Socialist policies which we, here in the USA, could benefit from. Half of the European parliament is Capitalist(free market advocates) and half Socialist (people advocates) my last look at the parties represented. They have made free healthcare work in Britain and France, Germany and elsewhere -in Ireland a family can be insured for about one grand a year (sad to say-it was free when i left there a few years ago-capitalism creeping back in!). I am proud of the fact that the Irish Uprising in 1916 was led by several socialists including James Connelly -who was executed by the occupier/imperialist English while he sat in his wheelchair. His theories of economy and politics gave Ireland a great advance in claiming her independence from the perennial invader/occupier Britain.That is why Easter 1916 is remembered every year. The Irish fought and died aganst superior forces but eventually in 1920 gained their freedom. Like we said in our callow youth pal-"anyplace/anytime". My apologies to Mary Alice-the lovliest woman who never left Germantown. If you were a gentleman you might consider a personal apology to her.
Jim McKernan, Professor, Greenville NC [10-27-2010]

Jack McHugh: I see that you paid your dues and listened to the Blues-Leadbelly's "Goodnight Irene". I also heard Willie Nelson and Leon Russell do "Goodnight Irene". If you liked Leadbelly,You must have loved John Lee Hooker who was bad[good]. He was Bad like Jesse James and he did,"One Scotch,One Bourbon,One Beer. You live in Texas and I always liked Jimmy Dale Gilmore who performed there and in Austin,a great town for music. A lot of good music came out of Texas but I especially liked the rock and the blues. In Germantown, my mother listened to classical music but brother Rick and I listened to Jazz and Blues in our basement and various club-venues. Back in the day, I thought Big Joe Turner and Ko-Ko Taylor were cool especially if you drank the Kool-aid. Jack! Keep rocking and I am getting to old to be rolling but I am still strolling.
J. Bruce Schmitt [10-27-2010]

"Knock-a-dolly"..Ever hear of it? It is a Halloween trick played in Ireland,where the holiday originated,in which children knocked on the doors of their neighbors,but ran away before the door is opened.Did any of you do that in your Germantown years?I know that I didn't!...Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Never ran away from a treat [10-27-2010]

Jane Holt Rauscher: Hearing about the passing of John gave me a flood of images of our times at St. Francis of Assisi but with all these images I could not think of the words to say. JBS hit the nail on the head when he said that John was confident but not arrogant. In class, he was genuinely friendly with everyone, and so for this and more he has a special place in our hearts.
Jack McHugh [10-27-2010]

Schmitty...The Fightings lost their fight.Time to get over it.Buy a case of Ripple,and settle in for a long winters nap.As we age,sports is no longer a priority.It was for me in 1964 when those bleeping Phillies blew a six game bleeping lead with ten bleeping games left.Today,I am a happy sports camper when the Yankees,Cowboys and Lakers fail to win championships.So far so good.It looks like it may be a very good year(for me).....Bor
Paul Borian, Wait til Next Year [10-27-2010]

helen leone deangelo as usual you always see the lighter side of things ... :>) your a good sport and good natured too ... just a couple of the many things that endears you to your friends...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-27-2010]

lou giorno was this about a young woman whose mother and the nurse who cared for her were both dead and both haunted her ... one trying to destroy her and the other trying to save her ? if this is that movie i saw it a few time over the years and ...your right it is very scarey rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-27-2010]

kevin McKernan, Thank you for your support. I usually like to debate politics and other ideas. It helps me to keep an open mind and to see things from the other person's perspective. But I do not appreciate name calling and attacks especially when the person does it so underhandedly. I don't know this person from Adam and he doesn't know me or my political position. And with attacks like that he never will. And his attack is no way to get someone to agree with his political thoughts. Enough said.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, still in Gtown [10-27-2010]

rosemarie hite malageri, LOL. The only reason I responded was because it was sent to my personal e-mail instead of being posted here. I didn't realize that our responses to movies we saw as kids dictated our political beliefs.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Still in G'town. [10-27-2010]

JBS: My condolences to you & the other Phillies fans. I went to bed early watching that game as I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I last felt that way back in what, 64" when I watched with dismay from the seats of Shibe Park or had it changed to Connie Mack stadium by then? Anyway, I watched the Cincinnati Reds along with a Young Pete Rose throttle the Phillies who proceeded to lose six straight & drop faster than a sack of &*^$#% down an elevator shaft. My brother P.J. who does not post of this site & is a conservative low key personality was heard to be using descriptive adjectives describing one Ryan Howard. Oh where are you Johnny Callison & Ritchie Ashburn? These men stepped up when it mattered not when they wanted to or when the game was out of hand & stats were what mattered. Another player who comes to mind in comparison to Howard & he is none other than Richie Allen a.k.a (Dick).
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [10-27-2010]

Im NOT a frequent poster on this site, or any other site, for that matter. Like most, I have my own religious and political views. But I prefer to keep them to myself. I would ask that any politics be kept off this site as well as those who post as "ANONS". I respect your opinions, please respect mine.
Joe Graber, Drama free zone [10-27-2010]

Also Anonymous > I do not recall "the woman" saying she has given up on America. It is a fact that she now resides in another country with her husband, a place where her employment and travels took her. However, I do not believe that living in another country requires one to give up their citizenship. "The woman" and I are, at this point in our lives, polar opposites politically, but I still support her right to vote as a citizen, (even if she and B. McK are wrong on their politics ;). Somebody out there is always cancelling someone else. That's just the process. "It's not personal, Sonny, it's politics". (Unfortunately, some do let it become personal).
John Payne [10-27-2010]

B. McKernan . my "Barking Dog" post below was a response to one of your posts to me. I thought I addressed (not directed) it to you, but apparently I did something wrong. At least it didn't come up as "anonymous". LOL
John Payne [10-27-2010]

Paul Borian: You and Bill Obst would be better enforcers since I am in a despondent state over The Phillies. I must be suffering from PTS of 1964. I was not a good hitter like you but I would never struck out looking- I thought that we had better pitchers and the bull-pen did their job. Now,we can watch The Eagles-it is time for me to be a nerd like many of my Prep classmates who are married to beautiful ladies. Bor! We have to wait until next year.
Schmitty [10-26-2010]

Webmaster: Thanks. I was pretty sure it wasn't Dylan, but did not know the composer.
John Payne [10-26-2010]

Bernie McKernan: I see that you are engaged in some of the political commentary on this site. Being a centrist, I am not on the same page with The Right or The Left. I do hope that this site does not become inundated with invective or vitriolic language. I have been hanging out at various marinas in Central-Jersey and these guys are right-hand heavy hitters if you know what I mean. Recently, I had lunch at The Springhouse Tavern with lads that I knew from my youth-they were graduates of CD,North and The Prep. Bill Wynn,Bill Dougherty, and Joe Varga graduated from North[1958] with you and Ralph Gatto from The Hollow. You and Dan Hartnett would have been comfortable with many of these Irish Lads. I just learned from Brother Jim that The Duke of Wellington was born in Ireland-The Irish are ubiquitous and there are many of them in Argentina. I spend a lot of time in Spring Lake,NJ and that is a mecca for The Irish. There are excellent marinas in that area for your boat. Bernie! Keep posting and I will see you at The next Reunion.
JBS [10-26-2010]

Mckernan...Gotcha, I was their and had a small pin on but you were too busy strutting around to even notice. Why is it that your bunch is so hung up on a name. You should know that handles are common in this media. Fighter pilots and indians even use them. I am extremely surprised that you react negatively to everything you dont agree with. You are so predictable. Like I said to you previously, lighten up.
Gman [10-26-2010]

Dan Hartnett: We had a great time at The Springhouse Tavern. They were guys that I knew from Mt. Airy and they hung out at St. Theresa's[Little Flower] schoolyard. I also knew them from McQuaid's where I shut darts and played a little shuffle-board. You probaly knew McQaid's since it was an Irish joint and on the same street[Stenton] as The Proper Place.One of the guys[Bill Wynne]spent some time at Chew&Chelten. We will get together in the future. I am distraught over The Phillies.
JBS [10-26-2010]

On Saturday,I attened a Funeral Mass for John Stabilito from Holy Rosary. John was a smart,hard-working guy and a good family man. John went to Penn Charter where he was friendly with Ollie Powers the great Penn Charter pitcher and basketball player. John always supported Holy Rosary and CYO athletic organizations as a coach and benefactor. The Stabilito Family had a bar in The Brickyard-on Shedaker St. Many of the people on this site might have played for their bar. I was good friends with Jim Stabilito who went to The Prep with me-1959. Jim S. also supported Holy Rosary and played for The Holy Rosary CYO teams. There were great Germantown CYO teams and they built character and discipline. "May John Stabilito Rest In Eternal Peace".
John Bruce Schmitt [10-26-2010]

The scariest ghost movie I ever saw was The Uninvited-made in the 1940's-I guarantee it will make chills go up and down your spine-If anyone out there saw this movie,I'm sure you will agree. lou giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [10-26-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: I love you girl, right on. Ray Dawes is a man's man from the Brickyard & has forgotten more than Anon will ever know.......Please don't forget to vote Nov. 2nd.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [10-26-2010]

I hear you, and agree with you, (on this point; don't get greedy); but I also agree with the folks who recommend avoidance. I like to refer to it as my "Barking Dog" theory. When one is walking down the street, and encounters a neighborhood dog standing, or tied up, behind a fence, and it just barks, and barks, and barks, it really doesn't do any good to bark, or yell, back. They just do not listen, and it feeds their insecurity, thereby generating more barking. Then the upshot is, the whole neighborhood is disturbed. LOL, now there is another approach. One time I was telling an acquaintance, an ex police officer, my barking dog theory; and when I came to he part where I asked him if he would bother going over and barking back at the dog, he said no, I'd go over and put a couple of rounds in his chest. Okay, then....that's another approach. ouch!
John Payne [10-26-2010]

BRAVO - to the very diplomatic 'Webmaster" thanks for your comments.
L.Fontana [10-26-2010]

A woman gives up on America and leaves our shores to take up residence in a foreign country. She insists however, on retaining the right to influence our elections by casting her vote for someone she thinks is "hot". Her "vote" then, effectively cancels out my vote, doesn't it? Methinks Appropriately Anonymous may have a point.
Also Anonymous [10-26-2010]

I was living out of the Phila. Pa. area for many years until returning recently & learning of this site. I've read many interesting items about people & things I recognize back from the 50's & 60's. I remember the football team from waterview in 58 & watched several of their home games from the hill adjacent to the playing field.Iwas sad to hear that three of the starting backfield players had passed away. I guess that means the only remaining member of that backfield, Lou Di Maria, is still with us. I think he went on to play college football. It was a shame that Johnny Herrera wasn't able to play with that team because he had broken his leg while playing baseball in the Penn Dell League just before the football season began. What a backfield that might have been. I remember the coach, Mr. Dee, saying he wished he could have had Herrera on the team. I remember some of the other players like Russel La Grecca,Larry Carouso, Claude Zachary,Guy Cerratto,Frank Pafani, Lou Scarpello. Carmen Prozillo,Bill Consentino, Brian Beans, Greg Kulp, Joe Lyons, & many other local Germantown guys who filled out the roster. Spent several Sunday afternoons & a few weekday nights watching those guys play bigger teams & going undefeated at home. I can also remember the great baseball team waterview had that played during the spring & summer. There were the Cerratto brothers( Sam, Jim, &Bill). The La Grecca brothers(Junnie & Jimmy)Fred Fezenni,Carmen Rosanova(Bear), Joe Procopio, Miff Cardamone,etc...... They were the days you did not have to leave the neighborhood to have a fun time. I took a ride a few weeks ago past Waterview & it looked like a desert. It was empty, the grass was uncut, and the lights were on, but no one was on the fields. I can remember when we were kids & the fields & courts were filled with kids,and we would beg to have the lights on,but Mr. Mc Keever would say NO! How things have changed, but it is good to be back in the area even if it isn't Germantown.
Waterviewer( Melrose), Mc Mahon& Rittenhouse [10-25-2010]

Jane Holt. Joe Taylor here. Sorry to hear about John--we went to SF & hung out from time-to-time. I moved on after graduating from NC. I was also a Marine but later than John. Again, my thoughts are with you and your family. Semper Fi Joe Taylor
joe taylor [10-25-2010]

Maryalice: Thank you for exposing another cretin. Where does such angst come from? Fox? I wonder what the good nuns from Immaculate and St. Benedict's would think of Mr. Deely's social skills? Hard to believe an innocent Halloween reference to Frankenstein would provoke such an irrational response. Please continue to fight our greatest enemies--ignorance & intolerance.
kevin McKernan, Learned to get along with others-- in Kindergarten [10-25-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Bill Cupo it was great seeing you at the Immacualte Reunion. Regading the radio, yes I remember we did the same thing, two grades lower than you. In 7th grade Sr. Mary Benedict was clueless, in the spring we would listen to WIBG and hear all the new songs. I remember one of the girls mothers bringing in a TV so we could watch the Space Take Offs and recoveries. It was like 4 boys carrying in a TV to the classroom. Has technology advanced?
Bob Mc Creight, 1967 Immaculate, 71 at La Salle College High School [10-25-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey: Sage advice regarding skipping over posts you do not like.
John Payne [10-25-2010]

Jane Holt Rauscher: I am saddened to learn that your brother, John Holt, had passed away. My Brother Ken and I liked John a lot since he had a great personality and was confident but not arrogant. He graduated from St. Francis[1958] with Ken. John Payne was in that class and he made some beautiful comments to you. Frank Klock and Jack McHugh were also in that class and these gentleman write so well on this site. Ken and I would see John in Crane's on Friday night and he was so friendly and talked to everybody-no matter their age. Many of the people wanted to get connected but John would be talking to people like Mr. Nicoletti who had the store at Wister&Wakefield. John had a presence and a good demeanor. At parties,after Crane's,he would be talking to all the people-he could really work the room. Jane! "May John Holt Rest In Eternal Peace"-He was one of the good people from Germantown.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-25-2010]

JBS, enjoyed reading of your adventures in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have visited the city a number of times during my academic career at conference appearances.I love Scotland's rugged beauty. Edinburgh is one of the most 'princely' cities in the Western World and its pubs, especially along the 'Royal Mile' are outstanding-brewing their own beers some with a knockout punch which they call 'a pint of heavy'! My dear friend Prof. James Russell lives there with his Irish wife, Heather and he introduced me to the pub culture. The last hanging in Britain was in 1864 I think it took place in Edinburgh. You mention the Duke of Wellington. I find it odd he has a monument there. Wellington was an Irishman born in Merrion Square, Dublin of the Anglo Norman ascendency familiy of Wellesley. He is not loved by the Irish-it is said he once remarked when speaking of his birthplace in Ireland "Even thoroughbreds are born in a stable". The finest monument on Princes Street, which you mentioned, is to Walter Scott I feel,(the architect was a poor draftsman who disguised his identity and won the commission!) and one can still find beautiful tweed jackets (Harris Tweeds) along that thoroughfare. The views of the Castle are magnificent. I have seen the US Marines perform at the Edinburgh Castle Military Tatoo-there riflehandling drills with full bayonets fixed is spectacular! I still wear a Harris Tweed jacket I purchased in 1973 the wool is spun on the Hebrides islands by master weavers. But I wish also to welcome Ms. Regina Davidson of Scotland to the site. The people of Germantown have scattered themselves to the four corners of the globe and have profited from those experiences! Jim McKernan
Jim McKernan, Professor Greenville NC [10-25-2010]

I like this site, but I am a little disappointed that it turns political from time to time. Well, that's not completely accurate; I like political discussion, but that isn't what I observe here. So far, it's only a lot of pontification, name calling and smears. Too bad really; there are a lot of bright people here, unfortunately the only offerings so far, "Mostly say hooray for our side". (Compliments to the lyricist for that line. I was going to attribute Dylan, but I'm not sure). I too have strong "feelings" and thoughts about our political climate; however, I have chosen to start a cartoon blogsite to express them, http://kartunzar.blogspot.com, thereby leaving this site free to reminis and comment on all things Germantown. That being said, I'm also a free speech person, so if it's your desire or need to unload here, so be it.
John Payne [10-25-2010]

It's Buffalo Springfield (Stephen Stills composer), not Dylan.

Webmaster, although you allow personal comments, which I question, I suggest a new rule - ALL posts must be signed with a real name, no 'handles' or anonymous posts. Will make the site more civilized and prevent personal attacks from contributors unwilling to be identified. This is my last post until after Thanksgiving. Over and out.
Catherine Manning Muir, SFA '57, CA '61, Temple '73 [10-25-2010]

Thank you for the suggestion. However, nothing would stop you from signing a fictitious name, which is no better than being labeled as 'anonymous.'

Bill James, the head from the hollow [10-25-2010]

Very well written Linda. Now I know wh I haven't been on here for a while.
anthonyg [10-25-2010]

OMG, now we are arguing about Frankenstien. Where has this site gone?
anonymous [10-25-2010]

What's happened to this blog is a metaphor for what's happened to our beloved Germantown. Like L. Fontana, I'm going to take a break and 'hang' on a different 'corner' for a while. In my experience those lacking cojones go away when ignored. As B.McKernan wisely said, they spread happiness whenever they go. Meanwhile, Happy Election Day, Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Cathy Manning Muir, Broken Hill, Outback (not Sydney) Australia [10-25-2010]

One of the definition of anonymous "lacking individuality,distinction or recognizability"-source WEBSTER'S
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [10-25-2010]

Hello, I am doing research on Christopher Sower Jr. [1754-1799], and I came upon this website. There is an article about C.Sower Sr., and I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions for me. I am wondering if the Sower's (formerly Suar's/ or Sauer's) came to Germantown from Germany, and if so, what part? Also- if there is any way I could find out the names of C.Sower Sr.'s wife, and his children, that would be great. Thank you for any information you can provide.
Dusty Green, New Brunswick, Canada. Undergraduate student at St. Thomas University [10-25-2010]

John Burke: For a young kid,you remembered all those pretty ladies from Bringhurst and Hansberry Streets-especially your sister's girl friend, Jacqueline S. Tom Wilkins and Brother Rick reminded me that she was very attractive. John! You have me confused with one of my brothers who liked to chase the ladies. I am the reserved guy who tried to dunk basketballs,pump iron,hit the speedbag and try to stay out of trouble at playgrounds where I did have a few altercations. I did hangout at The Continental with older guys like John West whom you know. I was with your buddy's brother,Tom Wilkins,recently and he spoke highly of The Burke Family and our great neighborhood in Germantown. Tom W. was a good dart-shooter but your father[Ed Burke Sr.] and your family were in another league. Possibly,we can meet with some of the guys at The Continental. John! I hope that you,Mom, and Brother Ed[Ned] are doing well.
JBS [10-25-2010]

Cupo, do you really think the nuns did not know we were listening to the ball game? Sr. Maureen Thomas reads this site. She used ask what the score was. By the way, the '64 Cardinals team, as hard as it is to admit it, was way better than the Phillies.
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [10-25-2010]

Must be the full moon; every now and then the natives get stirred up on this website, kinda makes it a little more interesting if you ask me!

John Payne: Chuckle, thanks for the support left handed as it was. As a kid growing up in the back lot's of Germantown every neighbored had one & they were mostly overgrown with weeds. Weeds bred vermin such as rats & it appears a few managed to survive the exterminator & reappear as anon, etc on this site. Hence the maggots followed by the cleanup.........I asked for civility in my posting & I got incoming by chicken brained individuals who are the type who offer up nothing constructive in the way of solutions or even humor. This is the same group that thrives on attention & recognition to whatever ideology they subscribe to. God only knows. What are we on this site anyway? we are mostly fifty years plus & some are still acting like their lollipop was taken. Let me take all of you who refuse to sign your names to what you profess to believe down to Home Depot. I will then buy you the lumber & help you build a bridge so you can get over it. I am a progressive liberal in my thinking but have always been open to counter points from the other side. I will however not stand for insults being hurled at me by these same people who shout fire from the back of a theatre & not accept responsibility by name. It is a sad day on this site where someone can't make a comment about their President & question individuals who oppose a women's voting. Makes you wonder how they felt about their own Mother's..........G-man, I detest to even recognize you but I have to take exception to your remarks. Are you not the same weasel who lamented me about your coming to the September luncheon wearing your G-man pin & providing us with some good Vino? You were a no-show. Like your true self, you shall remain a mere footnote. No more exposure in your name from this writer. You seem to have a severe case of inferiority complex.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [10-25-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

High and Magnolia: I was happy with the success of locating Hat and will try to get a message to him about contacting one of you guys.

Anon: Is that all you have to do - to pick out type-o's from R.Dawes posts? Who gives a ---- if anyone makes an error in typing! It's the contents of what one says you bonehead. Get a life!

To Anon (10/22/10): The correct spelling is "typos" (not "type O's"). So there's a huge typo from you. And let's leave the politics in the voting booth. Has nothing to do with Germantown.
Anonymous Also [10-25-2010]

RE; the movie, Abbot& Costello Meet Frankenstein-the best line was when Lon Chaney said to Abbot& Costello,you don't understand,when the moon is full I become a wolf--Abbot replied-You and a million other guys.How True! Lou Giorno.
lou giorno, lou from burbs [10-25-2010]

My name is Manny Manicot from the 14th district and I approve this message;If you vote for me,I promise there will never be another negative comment on this site.All offenders will be at the mercy of John Bruce Schmitt,the Enforcer....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Still accepting campaign contributions [10-25-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey I now see you belong in the 'League of the uncivil' on here which includes G-man, Appropriately Anonymous, anon etc. You all say 'don't comment and move on' when sentiments expressing the view that women should not have the right to vote are made. Comments as virulent as those need challenging and denunciation as the US Constitution guarantees women that right. Of course these fools are entitled to their opinions because this is a democracy. However, I have the right to reveal the idiocy of those fools' beliefs in a democratic forum.
Jim McKernan [10-25-2010]

I know it is difficult to resist responding to certain topics. It can be especially frustrating when the blog is from unknown writers, but there is nothing that requires the inclusion of identity here. Be it accidentally or purposely that an identity is missing, everybody is entitled to an opinion, and to react to an opinion. If we don't want to debate, let's not respond or react. Just scroll down to another topic.
Sheila [10-25-2010]

mary alice im sorry that our take and kidding on the old horror movies was taken so out of context and that you have been subjected to this invasion of your privacy because of it. i can only question which lab was his brain stolen from before it was inserted into his head ... rosemarie :>)
rosemarie hite malageri [10-25-2010]

Eugenie(Gigi)Atwood Armstrong Lynch, I live with my husband John Lynch We own our own business and have 3 boys. My grandmother was a Rittenhous from Philidelphia. Her given name:Vietta ? Rittenhouse. Her sister was Gertrude ? Rittenhouse Sanders. There was a third sister that was not spoken of. I met her once. We think she,thus the separation of family.may have married a Cathollic. [10-22-2010]

Jerry Hoover [10-22-2010]

Bernard F. McKernan > I'm with you on your sentiment, but I think you really mangled that metaphor. The weeds morphed into maggots, then into vermin. Suffice it to say that the some of the gardeners have been wallowing in the fertilizer. :)
John Payne [10-22-2010]

Regina Sprissler Davidson: It is great to have a Germantowner blog from Scotland. As you have observed, Cathy Manning Muir posts from Sydney, Australia. We are an eclectic group on this site- you and Cathy are International. Back in the day[60's], I spent time in Edinburg and Glasgow. I found Edinburg, a beautiful and fascinating city albeit I stayed at the YMCA. For me, Edinburg had it all,beautiful streets, lots of culture,neat shops and friendly people. I liked walking down Princess St. and looking at the old magnificent castle. I have an old friend from Germantown who knocks me since I never liked hanging on corners but I observed one of the great corners in the world-Princess&Ann in Edinburg. One could buy flowers from the lovely lassies there. I told them that I had no girl friend but they made the sale anyway. I have a thing for horses and sculpture and I admired the monument to The Duke of Wellington who was The General in The Battle of Waterloo. There was a controversity over that monument since many Scots wanted Robert Burns[the poet] in place of Wellington. In Kiev,many Ukrainians wanted the monument to Mother Russia razed. In Kiev, I do like the Cossack on St. Sophia Square. In St. Petersburg, there is a huge monument to Peter The Great done by Falconet,a French Sculptor. I am not a Scot but I hope The Wellington Monument stays. I liked Edinburg better than Glasgow but I was hanging on the waterfront in Glasgow and those lads could be tough and their dialect was difficult to understand.I saw Marlon Brando in "On The Waterfront" and I always thought it was cool to hang out on the water in river-towns and varied venues if you know what I mean. I did hear Dave Brubeck on the juke-box-"Take Five". You are blessed to live in Scotland and I found the Brithish snobbier than the Scots. However, the people from The UK do like most Americans and Obama also. This is the silly season and there will be varied politcal comments on this site. Regina! Keep posting and I found it refreshing to read a blog from beautiful Edinburg.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-22-2010]

I received this e-mail in my personal e-mail. Who do you think you are sending this to me instead of posting on this board? If you have something to say about what is discussed here, say it here. And since when did talking about Frankenstein of the old movies have anything to do with the state of the world? Talk about dysfunctional. The following is what was sent to me......... I can't believe I'm writing this, but you and your friends are regretting the way "Frankenstein" was handled.?.I'm almost willing to bet you and your friends showed up @ "The Obama" rally in Germantown.. I looked up the word "dysfunctional" in Roget's Thesarus, but you people take the cake.....(There's nothing there that would cover your "dementia" (i.e., Frankenstein was mistreated)..Where in God's name have your "minds and soul" left you.....Get real...Our economy is about to go under (blame it on Bush, as you socialists do)... Never the less, please pray for this Country....God Bless America...Mike Deely, formerly of 600 Stafford, baptized in Immaculate, and educated @ St. Benedict's... If all of the McKernan's want to argue about Capitalism versus socialism, I'm willing...Greece, Spain, France are all going under....Wake up America....Mike Deely
Maryalice, still in G'town [10-22-2010]

Subject: Re: Edward McGowan I was looking up info on Cardinal Dougherty HS in Phila. and somehow came across this wonderful site. I saw a request from Stephanie and a F.X. McGowan regarding the McGowans of Seymour St in Germantown. I am the daughter of Edward Harvey whose family, Irish immigrants,all lived in Germantown on Upsal St then to the 900 block of Chelten Avenue. I remember going to there when I was little. My Dad was a paratrooper in WWII. The Best man at my parents wedding was EDWARD P. MCGOWAN of 12 W. Seymour St. Ed McGowan and my Dad were at jump school together at Camp Mackall, NC before my Dad was transfered to a different regiment, (1941-1942?) It is with great sadness my Dad passed away in 1993. My Mother does remember your family more of course Ed McGowan and his youngest brother and does recall a sister. If anyone can pass this on to a McGowan I would appreciate it and I thank you. I know my Dad would have been happy to hear of my contact with the McGowans. I would love to hear from you and give my Mother an update on your family. Eileen Harvey D
Eileen Harvey [10-22-2010]

R.Dawes: There were four type 'O's" in your one sentence....in which you vehemently stated your opinion. How can you command respectful admiration, while being so negligent? Edit.
anon [10-22-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Appropriately Anonymous: your handle should be Understandably Anonymous, because very few, including you apparently, are willing to own up to authorship of your type of statements. If you really believe what you wrote, you should be prepared to stand up for your statements, and explain and defend them. Your anonymity reduces your comments to the level of graffiti. Actually, I suspect that those may or may not be your true beliefs if cross examined on the topic, but more likely just a somewhat immature attempt to be provocative. Based on some of the other responses, it appears that, in that regard, you were successful.
John Payne [10-22-2010]

Mckernan, here you go again trying to control what one says and thinks. All you do is beat up on people. You lash out at individuals you dont agree with as if you hold a position of authority over them. Now who does that remind us of, the bullies of the past or of today telling us what is best and what we should do. The truth is and "YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH". you are not superior and you and your kind have no authority. Please let people alone and if you dont agree just quietly move on to the next entry.
Gman [10-22-2010]

Helen Leone-D'Angelo & Theresa Marchese, Thanks for letting us know about the finding of our good friend Arthur"Sonny-Hat" Brett.The guys from High & Magnolia all believed that if anyone out there was going to find Sonny's where-abouts it would be T.M. Needless to say we are extremely happy that he is still with us & is back in the area again. How can we contact him? We would like to get together with him & break bread while tossing down a few brews. If he prefers to contact us, let us know who he would like to speak to from High st. or Magnolia st. or Mechanic st. and we will see that you get the telephone # of that person so it can be passed on to Sonny. Thanks again for a job well done! You have made the old gang from H&M very happy. We look forward to seeing & talking to Sonny real soon.
G-Towner---High & Magnolia, High & Magnolia [10-22-2010]

Jim McKernan - you continue to lash out when people have views/opinions different than yours. Just let it go....and skip over the post.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in east Germantown [10-22-2010]

Can all of the 'name calling' and insulting comments please stop now. This is very 'unclassy',atrocious and seems so unnecessary...Let's all just 'try' to get along on here and have some fun like we used to...Thank you, Linda
L.Fontana [10-22-2010]

shiela ... i did too ! those dark eyes and he was quite a dresser in a dead sort of way :>) have you ever watched the made for t.v. movie "my moms dating a vampire" it is one of the cutest halloween movies ive seen in a while . try and catch this year.. watch it with your grandchildren ... they will really enjoy it ...
rosemarie hite malageri [10-22-2010]

Once again, this very positive and happy site is becoming negative...and I will stay off for awhile..this happens everytime someone stirs the pot. We should really keep religion/and politics out of our writings/ and stay to the point of remembering the good old "G" town days, which is what this blogging was created for in the first place, N'cest pas? L>A>F
L.Fontana [10-22-2010]

As Halloween approaches, some of the entries submitted on this site conjure up one particular memory for me. On Halloween, when we would enter a home & ask "trick or treat", most all of the neighbors would drop a candy bar into my bag. However, there was one neighbor on Haines Street, Mrs. Maguire, who would always request a "trick". That meant providing some sort of entertainment.....a poem, a song, a child's joke. I remember the family well. They lived a few doors up from the "alley" (close to Crittenden St.). I don't recall how many children were in that large family; but I do remember the twin sisters who, in nice weather, would sit on the very large wooden rocking chairs on their front porch. They had a rare, debilitating disease & I believe Mrs. Maguire would request that "trick" on Halloween to bring a smile to the twins' faces. I recall that I would recite a poem, usually learned the previous week, in Sister Gonzalez's elocution class (.50 a wk.) I enjoyed "performing" in front of the entire Maguire family on Halloween; but, in particular for the twins! Happy Halloween. Take care & thanks for the memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; cdhs '59; ic '55 [10-22-2010]

Maryalice, if you stand in front of the Valley Green Inn, facing the water, walk a short way to your right and beneath a very tall tree (a maple, I think) you will see a low concrete base with a brass or some other kind of plaque on it. It says that the tree was planted by Girl Scouts on such-and-such a date, would have been in the mid-50s. Hundreds of trees were planted that day and it was just by coincidence that the one I planted was the one that got the plaque. I have a photo of myself standing in front of it, taken about 1993. Couldn't believe how tall it was, because it was just a twig when I planted it. Jim McKernan, my knight in shining armor, methinks AA's display of aggressive ignorance is best ignored. Best not to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man!
Cathy Manning Muir, Outback Oz [10-22-2010]

Jeanne: Jacqueline Susick was a friend of my sisterKathleens, and i remember Tonia Wilkins because i am friends with her brother Jimmy. Ned (Ed)is my older brother. I have heard some of the other names mentioned on this site, but they were a little older then me. JBS probably dated all of them LOL.
John Burke, 56 NE Phila [10-21-2010]

Appropriately Anonymous. You should consider changing your 'handle' to Neanderthal Man.
Cathy Manning Muir [10-21-2010]

Rosemarie, I always thought Dacula was kind of sexy..haha
Sheila [10-21-2010]

some one who is ashmed to sign there name should keep their opinios to them selves
RAYMOND DAWES, 67 and living in oreland [10-21-2010]

Appropriately Anonymous, I resent your remark about why women should not have the "right" to vote. And I do not hide my views behind Anonymous
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, still in G'town [10-21-2010]

Dirty Franks-McGillians-The Latamere-Cheshire Cheese at Hamilton Court--I thinf of these places as the bars of my childhood---I was to young to be in them---BUT-loved every minute-they gave me a sense of always feeling at home in a bar!
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [10-21-2010]

To Anon 10-20 Your message regarding our well-spoken and articulate and well-travelled fellow companion in Australia is crude and reveals your very uncivilized nature. To deny women the right to vote is barbaric and anti-american-how dare you challenge this human right?It presents you as a monster. Inequality which existed for many on the basis of race, gender etc is a feature of man's inhumanity to man in previous centuries. We all understand that G-man and the male and fem 'anons' are prejudiced by their comments here but to deny a citizen her constitutional right is a criminal belief - a heresy--begone from this site forever you little person of negativity.
Jim McKernan, Professor Greenville NC [10-21-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Cathy Manning Muir, Where exactly is the tree at Valley Green or what does the plaque say? I go to Vally Green frequently and I'll take a picture and post it for you.
Maryalice, still in Gtown [10-21-2010]

Don't look now folks but it appears a few "weeds" are starting to pop up in the lovely Germantown garden on this site. Quick, reach for the maggot killer spray & be done away with such vermin. Comments about women not being able to vote & derogatory remarks about the President go over with me about as good as a pregnant pole vaulter. Uncalled for & unnecessary. Have a beef? wait until November 2nd, have an opinion? express it in a civil manner.........So, boys & girls let's all learn to play in the sand box together & get along. For those of you who simply cannot resist negativity & it's short term trappings, remember this: Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go. Take your pick.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [10-21-2010]

With the World Series around the corner, how many of the guys remember tricking the nuns in school? In Catholic school, the guys had to wear a sportcoat. That was the perfect cover for listening to the game. I would put my new Motorola transistor radio in my inside pocket and run the earplug wire down my shirtsleeve and then lean my head on my hand and listen to the game. This took some planning; of course you had to remember to wear a long sleeve shirt to hide the wire because if you took off you jacket, you still could cover up the earpiece. There were a couple of us doing this so we could pass on the score of the game to our fellow classmates. At that time, all the games were played in the afternoon, so you had to listen to the game until you got home to watch it. Unfortunately, the Phillies were never in these games; mostly the Yankees. I got to appreciate Mantle, Maris, Berra, Kubek, etc. because they were always in the series. I don't remember any nun catching on to this development; they were technically challenged to begin with I think. Anyway, the transistor radio was a lifeline to the outside world back then. Listening to WIBG or WIFL radio were the only two stations that came in clearly enough besides WCAU that carried the Phillies games. Portable t.v's were not an option then; we were lucky to have one good working t.v.. Oh well, I just thought I'd throw that memory out there to see if anyone else did the same thing we did. Take care!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [10-21-2010]

Jane Holt Rauscher,Jane, please accept my apology for not recognizing the grief you must be experiencing at the loss of your brother John. From our previous correspondence as we searched for John, I know you were carrying a lot regret and angst for having lost contact with John, both physically, and otherwise. Having known John, as I did, and of course as you did, you have to know that John carried nothing but fond memories of you in his heart. Allow yourself to know that. Your announcement on this site caught me by such surprise and shock, that my initial reaction was to think only of the effect it was having on me. My thoughts are with you.
anonymous [10-21-2010]

Jane Holt Rauscher, I am so sorry to hear about the death of your brother John. As you know, I too was hoping to find him again. While we went all through grade school together in SF, it wasn't until we were in boot camp at Parris Island that John and I became good friends. As you know, John was the recipient of the Dress Blues upon graduating from boot camp, and I cannot think of a more appropriate recipiant. I can only hope his life was a happy one. May he rest in peace. Your message on this post struck me heavily in the chest. John was a good friend. I will miss him. For me the afterlife is the wake one leaves in the minds of others. John's will be a glorious one.
John Payne [10-21-2010]

JBS: My mouth is salivating at the thought of hanging out with the crowd in the Springhouse Tavern. A good time I know for sure is about to take place. A cautionary note & piece of advice. Wear the high top Hip boots cause it will get thicker in there than the hair we styled with Brylcream back in the day. Fine wine is always finer with good friends. Peace.
Bernard f mc kernan, annapolis Md. [10-21-2010]

Anon, I'll try to remember that next time.
Indy, Spell-Check [10-21-2010]

I HAD A DREAM (last night).It was wonderful but a little crazy.I was back at the Hollow with the old gang in Nick's bar watching the seventh game of the Phillies/Giants playoff game.In the bottom of the ninth,Phils trailing 3-0,Pat Burrell hits a grand slam for a 4-3 Phils win,and off to another World Series.The crazy part is that Pat Burrell plays for the Giants.Anyway,we all storm out of Nick's,go to Sal's and mange away the night with cheese steaks and hoagies.After Sal's closes for the night,we all go across the street to our favorite hang-out to continue our discussions on this great Phillies come-back win.Next thing you know,the cops arrive in their paddy wagons,hand-cuff us,and lock us up at the 14th district jail.Thank God I woke up in the comfort of my own bed,even though the Phils had just lost game three by a 3-0 score.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Philadelphia Dreaming(Not California) [10-21-2010]

helen deone d' angelo- thanks for the info about sonny. i was very worried about him. i'm sure gtner-magnolia & high feels better too. maybe we see sonny on this page one day. it'll be good to hear from him.
ANNAMARIE [10-21-2010]

JBS: Sorry I can't make the Springhouse but I am stuck in work (Tuesdays and Wednesdays). It is in a nice area. Say hello to Tom Boyle for me. I met him with you this year; nice guy from Tioga. As you say "Laissez les bon temps rouler". Let's do lunch again soon.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [10-21-2010]

Yes, Cecilian Academy was a very great school indeed......but, over the years with the decrease in enrollment it had to close....sad to say...but, the memories of my youth in that school for all twelve years, will live on forever...L.Kulik-Fontana
L.Fontana [10-21-2010]

"Everyone" My best friend, Jeanne Seifert-Kilgallon, who now is a part of this site....will be a grandmother tomorrow for sure..Her daughter is scheduled for the "C" section/ and a baby girl will be born. I am so happy for this family, that I just had to share it with all of my friends from "G"town. Congrats, Jeanne and Carolyn.... also, I do remember painting the windows of the stores in Germantown for Halloween & admiring the 'art works' of others as well.Thanks for that memory, as it's a great one...Love, Linda Fontana
L.Fontana [10-21-2010]

mary alice your right frankenstein was like a baby, but, the wolfman just couldnt help himself either ... when that full moon came out he was a lost soul :>) good ole drac on the other hand ... weeellll i guess i do have to say he was not so nice especially when he was hungry ... like a lot of people ... they want to eat when they want to eat ...it doesnt matter what or whom ! ha! take care mary alice and i hope you and erda will be at the next g town luncheon on dec. 12th ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-21-2010]

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