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October 1-11, 2010

hi helen halloween is my favorite holiday ... i love it and even get dressed up on halloween night ...it is so funny to see the kids faces when i open the door and they are greeted by whatever or whoever i have deceided to be that year ... like you the entire athmosphere of the halloween holiday is wonderful and i really enjoy the ghosts, goblins and witch's who visit my house . ill be thinking of your helen ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-11-2010]

hi kevin your tale of halloween and the adventures during that time are wonderful and sure brought a smile to my face ... thanks to the memories rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-11-2010]

Hi Jimmy Breen! I haven't been in Germantown Thoughts for awhile and was catching up and caught your post. Yes, my brother Tom as a cop before he retired after 32 years. Seeing your name brings back memories. Peggy Gregor who used to live (I think next door to you) died in February 2006 and her brother many years ago. If I remember correctly you had a sister Margie? It was good seeing your post. Drop me a line and we can catch up on East Seymour Street.
Ginny McCurdy Clark [10-11-2010]

Next week (10/12-15) making a pilgrimage to my father's old neighborhood - he grew up on Ashmead and Clapier, was orphaned at 17, went into the Army and never returned. My grandfather is a somewhat mysterious character who seems to have had another family before our truncated branch. My father never wanted to talk much about his youth or return, so I'm starting with addresses from old envelopes found in his papers, and a couple gravesites at Holy Sepulchre.... Anyhow, if any old timers of about 80 or so recall Lefty Lathrop, Claude Lathrop or Theresa Lathrop from that end of Lower Germantown, I'd welcome any information via email. davelathrop@carolina.rr.com
Dave Lathrop, North Carolina, 53, curmudgeon [10-11-2010]

Dear Annonomous friends of the website, Why not have a real response name? Makes zero sense to be in the shaddows when responding to this blog. Why? The Major fun is in the give and take of this website and to look up old neighbors and friends. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [10-11-2010]

"O What a Night".....Not Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons,but Doc Halliday and the Fighting Phils.If you have played the game of baseball,or are a fan of the game,you can appreciate a pitcher pitching a no hitter in the post season.Back in 1956,while a freshman student at Villanova,I watched on TV Don Larsen pitching a perfect game against the Dodgers in the World Series.Twenty seven batters up and twenty seven batters out!I had a break between classes and decided to watch a few innings of the Dodgers/Yankees World Series game.As a life time Yankee hater,I was hoping for a Dodger win.However,by the middle part of the game,Larson was pitching a masterful game.No way that I could leave the game and head for class.When Larson struck out Mitchell for the final out,with Yogi Berra jumping all over him,he had pitched a PERFECT GAME in the World series.INCREDIBLE!It was the only time in my life that I was rooting for the Evil Empire(the Yankees).By the way,I watched Doc pitch his perfect game on TV against Florida back in May.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Memories are made of this [10-11-2010]

JBS u forgot to talk about your blind date u had after the GERMANTOWN luncheon, how did it go????
A l Patrizi, gtn/st francis 56 [10-11-2010]

Some people from GBC forgot Frank Margiotti--he was a stellar star for the soccer team-he holds the record for most goals scored for a season. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [10-11-2010]

Halloween in Germantown; now there is a great memory. Living on Haines st, I hit almost every house and had to go and get another bag. Then it was off to Naragansatt and Rittenhouse st, then back to Haines st. to get another bag. Now it really got better becasuse it was now Crittenden st, Brush rd, Stockton rd and then Price st. Back to the house to get yet another bag. Off to Stafford st, Chelten Ave, then Anderson st, back to the house to dump yet another bag of candy off. Let me tell you, that was work! The great thing about it was you got the big candy bars, not the small, bite size bars they sell now. I had enough candy to last till Easter. You might be lucky enough to get a candy apple like my mom used to give out when she felt ambitious enough to do that. When the word got out that Mrs. Cupo made candy apples, look out! I remember dressing one year in a costume called the "card shark". I had a trench coat with playing cards attached with tape and along the way they were falling off. If you wanted to know where I was, just look for the playing cards on the ground. Anyway, that was a great adventure for a kid back then. I knew so many people on all those streets because of all the friends I had attending Immaculate and I knew where they lived. Anyway, the last couple of Halloweens were not pleasant. I had to limit my travel to a couple of blocks because of the changes in the neighborhood. The very last Halloween we spent at our house on Haines st, my dad hung a big blanket over our living room window and door to keep anyone from knowing we were inside. We turned out most of the lights and didn't even watch t.v.. What a shame! Oh well, I had so many great Halloween's on Haines st, but unfortunately, my dentist benefited mostly from them through the following years. Great memories though of a great neighborhood! Take care and Happy Halloween everybody! P.S. I saw the "Jersey Boys" mentioned on this site and my wife and I saw the show on Broadway about 2 years ago and it was simply the best show I've seen since we've been going to NYC to see Broadway shows. Anyone will enjoy seeing it but especially all of us Baby Boomers.
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [10-11-2010]

Hey Richie P.> rules are rules, LOL, unless you have been stashing the fines under free parking. That's another way to pick up some jing. :) Regarding beaches at The Villages: no, I'm afraid that is one thing you will not find here. The Villages is in Central Florida. There are pools galore, so swimming and sun are not an issue; but for beaches you need to travel at least an hour either east or west, to get to the coastal areas. If you are willing to drive a bit longer, there are numerous excellent beach choices on either coast. It's about the same distance relationships as going to the Jersey Shore, except there are two shores.
John Payne [10-11-2010]

Maryalice and Helen Leone: Ladies, you got "it". Spirit! While all of us get old, some remain young at heart forever. You're both a credit to our old Germantown spirit when "boring" was not in our dictionary. Maryalice, I would love to have had a go at your "Zombie." God, I hated Zombies as a kid. And Helen, I'm impressed with your trilogy of horror writers, (Poe, Shelley and Stoker). Bet you didn't miss too many Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Stephen King flicks either, Ms. Shining. Being lovers of the night, It wont surprise you both to know that one of my favorite plays was Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera". There's something so hauntingly beautiful about the lyrics to "The Music of the Night", especially on Halloween eve...when all are in disguise. Boo!
kevin McKernan, Still trickin' and treatin' after all these years [10-11-2010]





FFK [10-09-2010]

Helen, I am not a going to the theater type of person, but Jersey Boys was really good. We really enjoyed it. I am ready to see it again. You are going to love it.
anthonyg [10-09-2010]

Joe Ciucci (see/ooou/chi:0) I remember you and Sandy well. You lived a few doors east of the Mastersons. Good to see you here Joe. Through this site, you will no doubt make contact with your running buddies sooner or later.
anonymous [10-09-2010]

Hello Joe Ciucci------- To 126 Abbottsford Ave. From 117 Abbottsford Ave. Hope everything's OK with you and yours. Frank Klock (also speaking for Billy Gillespie, (Bobby Muir,Joe Caine,Dickie Masterson, (and Chuckie Lubking.)
FRANK KLOCK [10-09-2010]

On Friday,there was another great gathering of St. Francis Guys. Ray Dawes invited Charles Lubking of his class[1957]. Chuck L. was looking at Frank Murphy and they smiled since they remembered each-other and they had dated the same woman. She must have been gorgeous since Frank M. kept company with beautiful women. Frank and I also found women from St. Stephen's attractive- we both knew Gtn.&Erie well. I often stopped there for a milk-shake when I was coming home from high-school in North Philly. Frank's brother,Jack, tended bar at the famous "Shamrock" at Gtn.&Venago. Jack Murphy had a special talent to tend bar there-many of the boys from K&A hung there-including John Berkery who was very good friends with Jack M. A Mercedes was driven by Jack which had bee owned by Big John Berkery-these guys were players. Berkery and Murphy were in the great St. Francis class of 1948. Jack Scanlan,son of the renowned football coach,Ank Scanlan was in that class and I might add that he had an unique personality- I was fortunate that he was older and I had good rapport with him. Ed Kane, the prominent attorney was also in that class. Jack Flaherty,Tom Cusack's cousin was in that class and like the others,he was flamboyant,and a physician who was an excellent stich-man. One evening, I said to Doctor Jack,"Who Are Your Pals"-They Help Me Move My Refrigerators". Everyone of those old St. Francis guys could have written a book. Frank Murphy and I talked about John Berkery being angry about the book written about the K&A gang. All I know is that 3 guys did not testify against Berkery& the other defendants in the Pottsville Heist which Lilian Reis was also involved. Jack Murphy,being a stand-up guy made positive comments for the defense- John Patrick Walsh,the famous attorney,was quite pleased. Paul Borian,in past blogs, talked about his corner-Wayne&Logan. Frank Murphy hung on that corner at Nick's[bar] where Ollie Powers,the great baseball pitcher spent time. I enjoyed talking baseball with Al Patrizi about the extraordinary Phillies. The guys asked Al about Lin Wilson who was his neighbor. He only stated that Dottie Wilson was posting on this site and he was quite happy. Al P. was impressed with Chuck Lubking's expertise with his digital camera. Chuck L. asked me about a guy on my block by the name of Dick Coll. Dick Coll was a cool musician if you know what I mean. In the 60's,he played for Charlie Grassie of Butterfy fame. I would hang out in The Latin-Casino when they played there. I did not want to be cool and hang on the corner and I thought it was cool to hang in clubs. Frank Murphy and I payed our dues and listened to The Blues- Big Mama Thornton belted out,"You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog". On a religious note, we all congratulated Tom McIntyre on Bishop McIntyre-his son. Jim Romano and I were the last guys to leave The Buck. Jim expressed his love for Germantown and St. Francis which gave him the background to make good educational decisions for his children. All of us applaud Bud Ballard for his organizational skills and efforts in planning this enjoyable event. Bud was listening and only smiling when Joe Leone and Frank Murphy were talking about some of the characters that they had known-including Rowland Mole Adomoli who was my classmate at St. Francis. Come to the next reunion and you can hear these stories which can not be told on this site. I say to all Germantowners,"GO PHILLIES"
J.Bruce Schmitt [10-09-2010]

John Payne isn't there anyway I can collect that $200 I could sure use it. And how are the beaches in the Villages? Richie
Richard Pio, Ocala,Fl. born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [10-09-2010]

GBC Guy quite the contrary, just turned 60 on 9/29. Was I right about him going to Nicetown BC. I started going to the boys club and playing sports there in 62 as a twelve year old. I was just starting to get to know everyone when he left. Richie
Richard Pio, Ocala,Fl. born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [10-09-2010]

Joe Ciucci how are you doing in Holiday, Fl.? Going to be down that way tomorrow night for the Cotee River New Port Richey Bikefest. Come on over and bring a couple of cigars.
Richard Pio, Ocala,Fl. born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [10-09-2010]

looking to find neil cohen who used to hang out at the stenton ave hot shoppe - has a brother stanley.
anonymous [10-09-2010]

Kevin McKernan, I am laughing so hard that I am having trouble holing my water. Glad I lived on the West and not near that cemetary. We had our own scary stories for Halloween. There was the Zombie man who stood against the garage at the beginning of the 400 block of Woodlawn. When we would start up the street he would walk straight out with arms legs and straight and rigid. When we backed up he backed up If we started up the street again he would start walking out again. Finally we went around the block and came down the opposite direction. But I don't know of any kids getting past him. And we had our own haunted house at the corner of Morris and Winona. It was run down and over grown. There were cats everywhere and we sure there was witch living in there. My Dad had an old WW II gas mask and one year he wore that to answer the door for the trick or treaters. That scared many a kid. Again Kevin Thanks for the smile on my face. Maryalice
Maryalice, still in G'town [10-09-2010]

hi jimmy glad to hear you touched base with bill i hope you are able to do something in the way of val's name being added ... i hope you are well and thanks for the update ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-09-2010]

FFK...re:John Lennon Poem/Eulogy/Tribute/Remembrance. Outstanding.
John Payne [10-09-2010]

Anthony G. and Helen Leone D.> I saw "Jersey Boys" in Orlando at their Performing Arts Center. It's a great show. The Frankie Valle character did an unbelievable job. I recommend that show to anyone. That was an interesting tid-bit about Joe Pesci. I had no idea that he had any connection to the group.
John Payne [10-09-2010]

John Abbamondi..... yeah, I know, musta' been one of those senior moments..... Several hours have passed, cobwebs parted and the sun shone through. I saw that fleet-footed, sure-handed wide receiver/tight end goin' into the endzone with another 6 for Dobbins Voc-Tech.Eh? Smilin' John & Rudy Miles goin' deep! And there was Bill Hansbury, The Mazzeo brothers and Pat Sarnese cheerin' you on. Got to see Joe D'Agostino at our 50th Reunion ten years ago. You must be gettin' up there pretty good huh? Not me! Machine Shop Class too, right? Do you remember Johnny Varaso and Joe Cicala? You're living in Choctaw, Okla? Are you in Prison? Good to hear from you John.
Dick Alldred, 79 yrs., lived @ 104 E. Garfield St, grad Dobbins Voc-Tech '50 [10-09-2010]

I played baseball for GBC in the 50's-Bud Alexander was the manager-some of my team mates were Alex Daniele-Norm Baker-Fred Loffredo,they have passed away-others that I can remember included Al Goodman-Jake Lonsdale-Bill Green-Jack Horgan-Rich Kohler-Peaches McCuen-I can't remember the others-if you were on that team,would like to hear from you via this blog.Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [10-09-2010]

Joe Leone:Bobby Curran was married to Doris Jakeman-they had quite a few children-Doris is still alive,but I think she has Alzheimers--Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [10-09-2010]

We all grew up in the city and know what havoc misschief night can wreak. Out of the city for many years and I still anticipate soap on the cars or toilet paper strewn about, not even a smashed pumpkin in the street......b o o r i n g!

Linda F.> Thanks. The closest I've come to anything like that is a blog I established at kartunzar.blogspot.com. I do some cartooning as a hobby, and as a way to get things off my chest; then I comment on the impetus of the cartoon on the blog. Feel free to visit. If you sign in, at least I'll know you were there. Other than my daughter and grandson, no one else ever has; but it keeps me sane.
John Payne [10-09-2010]

Kevin - I loved your Halloween memories. I take out my copy of Legend of Sleepy Hollow about this time every year along with stories by Poe, Stoker, and Shelley and sit them on the mantel along with the pumpkins. It's my favorite season and brings back memories of St. Vincents Rummage sale where my cousin Susan and I would each buy a second hand gown for .25cents and dress up on Halloween nite as princesses (divas in training) I love the magic and mystery of this nite and will do as I always do when the sun goes down on Halloween and the spirits start to roam, I'll light all the candles and have a party Happy Halloween to all the young at heart!

Smilin' John Abbamondi.... Please correct me if I am wrong..... Were we in the same class at St Francis? Graduated 1945? You, Nicky Abbonizio, Frankie Raffaele, Hughie Breslin, Bill Holden, Frank Kehan, Joe Golden, Dick Britt,Paul McGowan, my,my,my.I haven't heard your name in years. Hope you are doing well.
Richard (Dick) Alldred, 79 yrs, E.Garfield St 1931-1954 St.Francis,Dobbins Voc-Tech. [10-09-2010]

Gene are you shags brother ?
rich [10-07-2010]

I just received the sad news of my friend, John Petty's, death. John & I were friends for nearly half a century. John, Joe D'Agostino, Craig Moore & I used to play penny ante poker in Joe's attic way back in 1961. Later we all played baseball, football, basketball and tennis in Fernhill Park. Many was the night we just hung out on the corner in front of Dave's Drug Store shooting the breeze & watching the girls go by. John worked at the Germantown Cricket Club as a busboy when we were in high school. Often John & I would sneak into the club after hours to play billiards & squash & to swim in the pool. After high school John & I spent many a night drinking beer in Ted's Bar. My first date with my wife was a double date with John & his girl friend Missy from Bryn Athyn. I remember one summer in particular. John had just graduated from high school, a year before me, and hadn't found a job yet. Through a conscientious lack of study I had failed the written portion of my barber's test a second time. The Licensing board wouldn't allow me to continue apprenticing in my Dad's shop until I passed the test. So, John & I were free for the foreseeable future. That summer, John slept even later than I did, so every morning I would head over to his house and play his 45 RPM recording of "Davey Crockett" loudly on his Dad's stereo to wake John up. We had several weeks of fun until John's Dad told him to get a job or a room at the YMCA. Military service took me a way from home and I never returned to live in Philadelphia. However, John & I did get together for dinner at my parent's house in 1992. The last time I saw John was in 2005. He, Joe D'Agostino, Bob D'Angelo, Ed Belcak & I all got together for lunch at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. I have a photo of the five of us taken that day that I will always treasure. John served his country honorably in the Marine Corps Reserve and was a graduate of St. Joseph's University with a degree in Accounting. More importantly, he was a great friend to all who knew him. I, for one, will never forget him. Rest in peace my friend.
John Abbamondi, Choctaw, OK [10-07-2010]

I have enjoyed all of your postings this past month or so. Wonderful memories of Germantown during it's heyday. I of course do know that there are readers...who are not Catholic that are an important part of this website. But I cannot help but mention the fact that us Catholics know our City neighborhoods by Parish. It is a proud, specific Philadelphia thing. Not other City is as strict...or was anyway with their Parish boundaries. Not New York, New Jersey or Motown. We as the conservative Capital of Catholic concepts? We Rule! With your encouragement I want to write a short story called: "Parish Boundaries." Germantown itself had ten listed in a recent Archdiocese hardbound book. And this is not counting some that closed their doors in my childhood. For an example....Saint Cathrines, an African/American Catholic Church not far from me in Germantown. A tiny Church it simply did not have the financial support to continue. Sad really. Jim Breen, Saint Francis of Assisi.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [10-07-2010]

To Joey Leone, You mentioned the Currans in a recent email. I lived next door to Bob and May Curran. They indeed were related to the Cashmans and here and there my folks socialized with them all. One of the Cashmans ....I think a Nephew became a Priest and was doing Missionary work in Japan. He went out of the way to visit me during my three month stay in an American Army Hospital in Asaka, Japan recovering from gunshot wounds received in Vietnam. It was a kind act to be sure to come visit us all in that huge Hospital so far away. Jim Breen, Saint Francis of Assisi.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [10-07-2010]

John Lennon

For All The World's A Widow
Cries Yoko In Crimson Pain,
As Three White Owls
Beneath Black Cowls
Approach On The Mourning Train.
Frank Klock (Ffk) [10-07-2010]

Germantown Boys Club... I've seen a lot of reference to the Club, the pool, the cage downstairs, Mr.William T. Harris, BUT no mention of the other GBC House at the N.J. Seashore where as many as 30-40 kids would have summer vacation for a week or two for very little money. I'm sure you've all seen the photos behind glass case on the left, half way up the staircase. How many remember enjoying the other Gtn.Boys Club at the Jersey Shore? It was great! Dick Alldred, 79, lived E.Garfield St. 1931-54.
Richard (Dick) Alldred, 79 yrs., lived @ 104 E. Garfield St, grad Dobbins Voc-Tech '50 [10-07-2010]

Graduates of Cecilian and St Mary's Academies - two closed schools are reuniting October 17th. Would love to hear from any grads. BTW: The last time I saw Sr. Ann Marguerite she was wearing a lovely pink pants suit. Still quite sharp.
Fran "aka Cookie" D'Angelo, BlueBell Hill [10-07-2010]

Looking for people I grew up with,now happly retired in FL Grad of St Michles 1956 and NECHS 1960 No one could say my last name so ya all caled me Coochie. I just wonder who might be out there?
Joe Ciucci (aka) Joe Coochie, Lived at 126 Abbotsford ave. went to St Michael of the saints [10-07-2010]

John Payne: You should have been a writer/I, for one, would have purchased your book(s).You missed your calling..as an "Author"....you are bright, humorous and very entertaining to me....so, please keep posting and thank you, Sincerely, Linda "F"> P>S> It's never too late.Perhaps> you should consider holding a drink in one hand and a pen in the other/ as you sit on the beaches of Fla. (lol).
L.Fontana [10-07-2010]

Halladay's No-Hitter

No runs, no hits
For those Queen City Twits
Halladay's Heaven
First win of eleven.
anon. [10-07-2010]

In the Bucks County newspaper "The Intelligencer", the following was published on Wednesday October 6th: "On this date in 1683, 13 families from Krefeld, Germany, arrived in Philadelphia to begin Germantown, one of America's oldest settlements".
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [10-07-2010]

For history buffs, a great treatise on the history of 'Loudoun', where I used to play when I was in grade school, at at http://www.archive.org/details/loudoungermantow00bowe Sadly, a fire has closed the house to public view and probably destroyed much/all of the family's furniture and records that were in place. Makes me very sad.
Cathy Manning Muir, SFA'57 CA'61 Temple'73 [10-07-2010]

So, Oct is here, again. Back in the day our youthful thoughts would be turning to Halloween, what costumes we would wear and how much sugar (and cavities) we would harvest on this magical night. Up on Germantown Ave. the stores would be hiring talented (and not so talented) young artists to decorate their windows with witches, haunted houses, ghosts (Caspor was a favorite) and skeletons. My brother, P.J., the artist, considered this "easy money season". While adults and Hollywood would be filling us with terror stores of haunted houses and local witches, yes, Ms. Muir--every neighborhood had them-- and creepy stories about the "undead." It took all the Holy Water my Mom could haul home from the Shrine to keep the shadows in my bedroom from getting under my bed. By the late fifties, I had much of this nonsense figured out and planned my revenge on these adults. Several of us would lay in wait, in the dark, behind the hedges in the graveyard fronting Coulter St (St Luke's). You can't imagine the reaction you can get if you gently shook the hedge and slightly moaned as someone was passing by this graveyard. But for the most dramatic effect, nothing beat thrusting your little, white, cold arm through the hedge and fence while emitting a long Ahhhhhhh! close to their face. The sheer surprise and shock would usually send the hapless traveler screaming and howling down the street while we could barely contain our water, we were laughing so hard. I suppose we could have followed up by heaving a carved-face, flaming pumpkin head at the quickly retreating victim like the Headless Horseman heaved at Ichabod Crane in Washington Irving's "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" but we didn't; that may have finished the poor devil off. I can only imagine the story they told when they got home. To this day I give graveyards a wide berth this time of year, always on the alert for "flaming pumpkin heads." I don't trust kids on mischief night...been there, done that. Happy Halloween, Germantowners!
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, Calif., St Vincent's '58, CD '62 [10-07-2010]

Dear G-town friends. Ignore my recent comments about the party this coming weekend. I am wrong. It is Dec. 12th. I get confused with my other Veterans activities and stuff. Forgive that. I enjoy all of your comments and messages. I think from my soul....you are the most vital and hard working folks that Philadelphia has ever known. God bless you all. Brace yourselves for more of my Banter. (grin)., Jim Breen, East Seymour Street.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [10-07-2010]

Joe Leone....yeah you're eleven years younger, hmmmm, when I was about 17-18 yrs old and admiring that gorgeous red head on our street, you were only about 6 huh? You should be proud.Prettiest gal on the street. Someone/anonymous asked about Jim Newark's garage on Garfield at The Avenue. Bob Nitteraur worked there for many years. I remember that same adjacent alley beside Gaun's house went up hill to the rear of Gruber's Beer Distributorship on Wister St. Lotsa'Italian families back then,the men congregated in that driveway early before Mass on Sunday mornings to play Bocce..... Frank Margiotti mentioned he went into the service with Norman Baker. I enlisted in the Navy with Norm's older brother Bob,on the very same day in 1950. Bob and I spent several of our 4 years together. I've been told he became a Philly Cop and was shot dead at Philly Airport. Can anyone confirm that? Yes I also remember Chubby Chickie Quallet.Didn't he live on Wakefield St? Someone mentioned the Witch House at Gtn & Logan. I never the Witch Story but across the street at Hood Cemetery, I remember sitting up high on it's front wall when I was about nine yrs old. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt came north up Gtn Ave from Negley's Hill in a 4-door Phaeton convertible automobile, flags awaving, during what I think was his third term about 1940. Joe.... Didn't your Dad drive for a bakery back then? I see the name Obst often on this blog. I remember a Pete Obst lived On Garfield in the 40's during WWII. Dick Alldred, now 79, lived E.Garfield St, St. Francis & Dobbins Voc-Tech.
Dick Alldred, 79 yrs, E.Garfield St 1931-1954 St.Francis,Dobbins Voc-Tech. [10-07-2010]

Richie Pio: Well then, that settles it. You are going straight to hell; you are not passing Go; you are not going to collect your $200.
John Payne [10-07-2010]

Jim Breen: We, "Party Animals" as you called us/ aren't getting together until 'Holiday Time.' Dec.12th> a sunday.This will be our Christmas get together..so maybe you can still make it/ Since you stated 'this weekend' you are having company, not December. Thanks, Linda "F">
L.Fontana [10-07-2010]

CMM: I absolutely adored Sr.Mary Fenton. I had her and Sr.Franceline for English over the differnt years. Back then you went to school to 'learn'. It wasn't a 'Social Club' for those who took school seriously. Sr. Franceline was very strict, while Sr.Mary Fenton a bit more, shall we say "laid back"...I learned so much about life from both of those wonderful teachers. Fondly, Linda
L.Fontana [10-07-2010]

To All Germantowners....Did you know that on this date in 1683,13 families from Krefeld,Germany,arrived in Phila.to begin Germantown,one of America's oldest settlements.
Paul Borian, An Armenian from Germantown [10-07-2010]

Richie Pio, you must be an old 60, his name was Mike Gallagher he worked at the GBC then went to NBC. I spoke to him this summer on the phone, he's doing well and comes back to Philly about once a year to visit family.
GBC Guy [10-07-2010]

Dottie, thanks for the update.
Joe Leone [10-07-2010]

Frank Margiotti, I remember all the guys you mentioned. Your brother Rock and I were friends along with Danny's brother John D'ambrosio and Louie Danials. Junior Smith was a pretty good golfer. There were quite a few characters who hung out at Wakefield & Bringhurst.Sorry to hear about Bobby Curran, I think he was married to one of the Jakeman sisters.
Joe Leone [10-07-2010]

Mike Deely, the jack Cashman I'm referring to lived on Germantown ave in the 5000 block, his family owned a candy store there. Huckle Buck was from Garfield st, in Geamantown he also lived on Garfield st. His last name is Heimbach and he would be in his 70s.
Joe Leone [10-07-2010]

Anonymous, the garage you are referring to belonged to Chickie Qualet in the 60s. He was a cop, I think he was stationed in Roxborough.
Joe Leone [10-07-2010]

Rosemarie, I did get in touch with Bill. My home pc was down for sometime so my contact was delayed. Best wishes to you and family.
Jim McKernan, Professor Greenville NC [10-07-2010]

Anthony, seeing Jersey Boys was a good birthday present wasn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing it in December as a Christmas gift!

re Fernhill Park restoration/conservation May 2010: see story http://www.germantownnewspapers.com/Germantown_News_052710.html
Cathy Manning Muir, SFA '57 CA '61 Temple '73 [10-06-2010]

Does anyone from Mount Airy remember a grocery store at Mt.Airy Ave. & Germantown Aves? It seems to me that it was pre-Acme Mkt. It was on Germantown Ave.between Nippon and Mt.Airy Ave. next to the State Store. Please respond if you remember.
Gene McFadden, I am 73 - grew up in Mount Airy [10-06-2010]

Linda Fontana > I'm glad you enjoyed the post. You know at this point in our lives, (more so me than you since I'm a tad older than you), I just don't care to take the time to suffer fools. I don't recommend becomming crotchety or a curmudgeon, but folks who are wrapped that tightly just are not entitled to steal one second of my time. I'm sure you have read Desiderata. I wholly subscribe to the philosophy recommended therein. When that fails, I just fall back on the lessons I learned hanging out at The Hollow where anyone taking themselves too seriously, was definitely not to be taken too seriously. :)
John Payne [10-06-2010]

To all of you Party animals. Have a great time this weekend at La Fontana's. Can't make it due to having company. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [10-06-2010]

Here's a memory for all of you. The old American Store at Seymour and Germantown Avenue became an Appliance Store for years. Remember that? Accros the Street from the 5 & 10 cent store. Oh....Yeah. Great places. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street.
James Francis Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [10-06-2010]

Joe Leone: You mentioned "jack Cashman" and "Huckle-Buck"...If they're from East Falls, I think I'm related..Your letter doesn't show a specific addressee, so I'm writing you directly...Thanx 4 any further info or clarification..
mike deely, 73 tears of age [10-06-2010]

John Payne and L Fontana I also enjoyed that book also read the other one Angels and Demons which was very good. Richie.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 60, born an bred in G-town 1950-1995 [10-06-2010]

GBC Guy I knew a Mike Anderson at least I think that was his name. He left the GBC to become the AD at Nicetown Boys Club around64. Richie GBC 62 to 68.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 60, born an bred in G-town 1950-1995 [10-06-2010]

Lou Giorno: re Henry House - shows what a child's mind can conjure up when something is unknown! Linda F: Yes, Sr. Ann Marguerite is 'very much alive' at Saint Joseph Villa. I'm sending a card & note today. Sister Mary Fenton was another great person. She came to my stepfather's wake at Gillespie's in 1971. Sadly, she recently passed away.
Cathy Manning Muir, SFA '57 CA '61 Temple '73 [10-06-2010]

Joe Leone - Hi I just read your post and you mentioned my cousins the Curran's from Garfield Street. Thought I would fill you in, Joan is doing well, John died several years ago, my cousin Bobby passed away many years ago. Mary and Jack are well, live in Warminster, Pa. Rich and Edna live on top of a mountain in West Virginia. Who would have thought that! I love this site, brings back so many happy memories. Regards, Dottie Wilson cummings
Dottie Wilson Cummings [10-06-2010]

joe leone!bobby curran died a long time ago,i think around 1969 not real sure but in and around that time . from what i hear that mary curran is not to well . i knew chickie and his brother tom. i was in the services with tom quailet for 3 years . there were 8 of us that joined the airborne back in 1954 .me (frank margiotti ) tom, junior smith, fred loffredo, alex daniela, norman baker,bobby graino,danny dambroso. we all took basic tranning together . all got split up except me and tom quallet. joan curran is still liveing in ardsley. john her husband died maybe 10 years now ? not sure about huckle - buck he use to go out with joe ann kenney,and i went with her sister lynn . boy that was a long time im 75 years old . frank .
frank margiotti, north wales [10-06-2010]

Your correct, I did live next to snake alley. I'm 68 so I'm a few years younger than you but I can remember those years on Garfield as if they were yesterday. Dick Doyle was a little older than you but I don't know if he was a cop. Chickie Quallet was the only cop I remember on Garfield. Joan Curran married Johnny DiDonato and as far as I know Richie, Bobby and Mary Curran are still alive.Mary married Jack Cashman.I'm still in touch with the Heimbachs, Wayne, Ronnie and buchie are all OK but I don't know about Huckle-Buck. Stay well my friend. Joe
Joe Leone [10-05-2010]

To Cathy: You're talking about The Henry House-I lived across the street from that house for 20+yrs.I never heard any witch stories--it was an apartment house. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [10-05-2010]

Anyone remember Mike Gallagher from the Boys Club? He now resides in Maine. How about the 1st "Hippie" at the Club, long hair and bearded? Anyone remember?
GBC Guy [10-05-2010]

Helen, I went to see the Jersey Boys on Friday at the Forrest. It was my birthday gift. I really enjoyed the show. It was great. I would go see it again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
anthonyg [10-05-2010]

Don't forget the great crossing guards we had.Mrs Mall was the nice one. I don't remember Mrs Bonner saying anything. But people like that taught us lessons and survival skills that we still use today. We just took the street with no crossing guard on it to get to St Francis. The organization of the lines was a masterpiece at dismissal. In first grade God help you if you were a little slow upstairs. Getting in line 2 instead of 6 could put you in another planet. You couldn't help but love St Francis though. It was a real community and everybody knew everybody else. If I forgot my assignment mom would ask who was in my class. Jimmy Bailey I said. "I have the number"she would say and no phone book necessary and that's how it went. Ladies facebooks were their smiles and their charming personalities and they shared for real not by hitting a button on a keyboard. Eddie O'Neill
Eddie O'Neill [10-05-2010]

Anyone remember the name of the garage/auto repair shop that was on Garfield St. just off thee Germantown Av ?
anonymous [10-05-2010]

John Payne: P>S> I also read that book> The DaVinci Code..and saw the movie, too...does that make me a sinner? ha ha
L.Fontana [10-05-2010]

John Payne: I just laughed so loudly, that I am surprised someone isn't running in here to see if I am allright. It's an upscale law firm where everyone's usually quiet.But, that fiber comment just really got to me.You are a 'very' funny man. Your sense of humor is infectious.Thanks for the good laugh, I need it about this time of day/ and yes, I am still working...Respectfully, Linda "F">
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [10-05-2010]

Bill O.> A shoulder replacement doesn't sound like a fun day. Tell Betty we are wishing her well. I hear a lot of hip and knee replacements these days, but I cannot say I recall anyone ever telling me that they were have a shoulder replaced. The recovery time may be a bit extended for that one. You picked yourself a winner there Bill, so take good care of her. Don't worry, I'll hold up your end of the blog site.
John Payne [10-05-2010]

Cathy Muir: Wow, I didn't know that Sr. Ann Marguerite was at Saint Joseph's Villa in Flourtown. I won many Latin awards thanks to her being such a good teacher. We got along famously...and you are right..she's one of a kind, who brought the best out in you. I will try to contact her also....and thanks for that update. Linda
L.Fontana [10-05-2010]

Re: Lower Burial Ground @ Gtn & Logan. We used to crane our necks to see the skull supposedly hanging under the arch over the gate. Anybody else do that? Also, the big house opposite it (NW cnr Gtn & Logan) was supposedly occupied by a witch. Anybody know the story of that house and who lived there? BTW, Sister Grace died in 1999. For CA girls who remember Sr. Ann Marguerite (Kearns); on the website of the SSJ retreat at Cape May Point, she is mentioned as visiting there every summer. She must be over 90 by now. She was very important to me; aside from teaching me Latin, she was a great confidant. I will try to contact her at Saint Joseph Villa in Flourtown.
Cathy Muir, SFA '57 CA '61 Temple '73 [10-04-2010]

Dave Linn. As always Dave, It's my pleasure seeing you. You have always stood out in my mind. Sorry that we couldn't make Tony Lukes after the Doo-wap festival. We had previous things planned that night but I'm certain I missed a good time. Next year I will plan for it.
Joe Graber, When Life gives ya lemons...pucker up. [10-04-2010]

jim mckernan i was wondering if you got in touch with val palo's brother bill i sent you his e mail address and he is looking forward to hearing from you. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-04-2010]

John Payne: Interesting story, makes us wonder about people sometimes. I always wear a Phillies hat and sometimes a Phillies T-shirt and people are always making comments to me about it. Here in sunny Florida there are people from all over the states, especially New York and Boston, but I've always recieved good comments about it. Even Red Sox and Yankee fans make thier comments with a smile. Betty is going into the hospital this morning to have a shoulder replacement and I'll be taking care of her for a while during her recovery period so I won't be posting for a few days. I'll still try to read the posts if I get the time. Keep Betty in your prayers for a speedy recovery, everyone. They will be appreciated. Thanks. Later! Bill Obst P.S. Jim Smith: Betty Ann was my cousin, my Uncle Deck's little girl.
Bill Obst Sr [10-04-2010]

Responding to Dick's request for information on Garfield Street? There was a long, winding alley that sat behind the Row homes of East Seymour Street and Garfield Street. Snake Alley it was called. On Friday's garbage was picked up in the alley way. The Alley joined the streets and allowed easy access instead of a long walk to the Avenue. Clapier Street also had a back Alley but not as cool as Snake Alley. Awesome Alley. Jim Breen, Snake Alley Recon guy.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [10-04-2010]

Joe Leone.....Yeah, I remember the name Leone.....on Garfield St way back when.Am I correct, did you live across from the Durkin family, next to Snake Alley, two doors from the Currans, Townsends? I lived up the hill at #104, I remember the Viall's at #73..... I understand Ray has passed.... I am still in touch with their older brother Frank..... I assume you Joe are younger than I, right? The name Dick Doyle caused me confusion. The DD I remember was older and was a Philly Policeman.I think I remember your Mother and Dad. Am i correct so far? Dick Alldred
Richard (Dick) Alldred [10-04-2010]

I will Jim,thanks.
HELEN [10-03-2010]

Linda F: Thanks, point taken.
Cathy Manning Muir, SFA '57 CA '61 Temple '73 [10-03-2010]

Ha! Mike, thank goodess you're still older than me!
Sheila [10-03-2010]

Anon. My last name in 1966 was Seeberger. I was engaged to Anthony DiFerdinando in 1966. Rita from High Street
Rita Seeberger-Kalacher, Live in Far Northeat Philly [10-03-2010]

My name when I lived on High Street was Seeberger. I was engaged to Anthony Diferdinando of Mechanic street in 1966.
Rita Seeberger-Kalacher [10-03-2010]

Linda Fontana: Interesting anecdote about the person going ballistic on you for commenting on the nuns; and ultimately coming to your work site. One time at a car dealership, I was sitting in the lounge, waiting for some repair work to be done on my vehicle. I was reading the "new book at that time" that I had heard so much about, called, The DaVinci Code. A woman sitting across from me got up to leave, after about twenty to thirty minutes. As she was leaving, she stopped in front of my chair, staring down at me, and said, (through tightly drawn lips), "That isn't true you know"!, "I don't know why people read that kind of stuff". I couldn't believe the level of tension this woman was experiencing because of a book that I was reading--to myself, not aloud. I thanked her, and mentioned that Acme was having a sale on fibre. Judging from her subsequent exit, I suspect she is not a big fibre user; or reader.
John Payne [10-03-2010]

You are all right about Sister Grace Winifred, I had her in eighth grade,she was one of a kind. I stayed in touch with her through out the years she even came to my Grand Opening in 1990 for my food market in Mt. Airy. She was always happy to see any of her former students doing well. She was the best of the best. Richie SFA '64'.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 60, born an bred in G-town 1950-1995 [10-03-2010]

Mike Garvey how many agains is that added to 33? I just turned 60 you must be at least 10 years older, ha ha. Richie.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 60, born an bred in G-town . [10-03-2010]

Dick Alldred, I lived on Garfield st. At 79 it's tough finding people who lived there. I can only guess if some of the people are still around like the Vile bros., Bobby Swanson, Dick Doyle, Charlie Nigro or Nicky Cimerelli to name a few.We sure had some fun on that street. At one time we counted over 100 kids that lived on Garfield and with parking on one side it cramped all the wallball and halfball games and can't forget Buck Buck # 1 comming up.
Joe Leone [10-02-2010]

to Cathy Muir: You are so right about Sister Mary and Sister Grace. Did you know Sister Grace has died?? Brought a tear to my eye. Joe Taylo
joe taylor [10-02-2010]

Thanks Sheila,"33 AGAIN"
Mike Garvey [10-02-2010]

Trying to get info on my dad he was born in germmantown PA. Maybe Hahneman Hosp.if blacks in 1918 if black were admitted ?
james w. davis jr. [10-02-2010]

Helen Leone, No wrries lass-be well -wish it and you will receive the good you have and are.As the Irish say-"have the criac" the fun!
jim mckernan [10-02-2010]

Paul Borian: You have been labeled one of the great athletes of The Hollow by Joe Lynch. With this accolade, I find it ironic that I must submit a blog with a sociological perspective in response to your cultural take on your corner-boys vs. students with high educational goals. I heard your argument from my brother[cactus Jack] who betrayed Germantown and hung on 2 corners in East Falls- Ridge& Midvale and Vaux&Tilden. You intimated that you and your corner-boys were cool and smart and that Preppers were a bunch of nerds and posessed no street-smarts. I am no sociologist but I must refute your assertion with comparative analysis. My Jesuit mentors taught us Plato's Socialization Theories. Many of your social skills were learned on the corner of Wayne&Logan- on Moe's steps by his store. You were involved with Platonic relationships, since you were hanging on the corner talking about baseballl,ponies, and watching the nerds leaving The Wayne Avenue Movie with their pretty ladies. On Sunday-night, as the guys were partying on the corner, I was doing my thing at The Pulaski-club,a few blocks down the road in Nicetown. In spite of my ethnic-background, I had good rapport with these lovely Slavic ladies. At the time,you and your boys were talking about the Phillies, these informed women were talking to me about Stan Musial,Bill Mazoraski,Stan Lopata,Ed Lopat, Ted Kuluzewski, and Tom Gola-their ancestors came from a country which bordered Germany. In heaven, there is no beer that is why we drink it here,came from the juke-box. However,many of the ladies drank screwdrivers[Vodka&OJ] or Cutty-Sark. These beverages were not served on the corner. The boys played poker and I danced to the Polka. You get my drift- I liked dancing and talking to the ladies rather than hanging on corners. I did not intend to be condescending when I made comments about corner-boys. There were great corners in G-town-the Hollow corner,Gtn.&Chelten,Chew&Chelten,Manheim&Wissahickon. There were other great corners in Philly-Gtn.&Erie,K&A,Fkd.&Cottman,and 52nd&Mkt. On Monday-night,the boys were still on the corner-talking about baseball and the track. The nerds and the lassies were at The Shrine on Chelten Ave. getting spiritual nourishment. One headed to the confessor with the long-line. Light conversations took place and later some of the ladies headed to Crane's for a drink and conversation with the nerds from The Shrine. I say,"Whatever Lights Your Fire"-the glow of a nice woman was very cool for me.
Schmitty: [10-02-2010]

hi linda i do remember vaguely that parade at halloween ... and i cant get over the fact that you won a camera for your custome and then got to be on the chief halftown's show. that must have been a blast ..:>) do you and others remember the fireworks that i beleive were at the school for the deaf every year ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-02-2010]

hi helen ... i am so sorry to read that you cant make the luncheon on the 12th of december. you will be missed very much ... i was so looking forward to seeing you again . but, it sounds like your going to be having a great time at that concert ... and i will be having a great time eating those wonderful pizzelles. :>). rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-02-2010]

hi to those of you who are commenting on the nuns you had in school ....my 2 favorite nuns from st vincents were sister florine who i had in kindergarten and sister winifreda who i had in 7th and 8th grades ... these nuns were just wonderful, kind and dedicated to their students ... i grew to care for both of them very much. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-02-2010]

ED & RITA & MICHAEL - I lived on Mechanic St until 1974. We probably know each other. Graduated from Holy Rosary in 1952. Little Flower in 1956.
ANNAMARIE [10-02-2010]

Helen: You will be dearly missed, but, enjoy the 'Jersey Boys'- and thanks for baking those delicious Pizzelles for us to enjoy..You typed (3) "Z"'s in your spelling of pizzelles..does that mean they will be very special and full of pizzazzzz? just kidding, Love you,Linda'"F">Your Personal Editor.
L.Fontana [10-02-2010]

Rita from High Street, what was your last name back then > in'1966'? anon
ANON [10-02-2010]

Cathy Manning Muir: Lots of luck with any 'negative' comments about nuns on this site: I made one slight comment once, not even all that negative and I got read the 'riot act' by a blogger/ then, she had the nerve to come onto my personal work site and continue her rantings...so> hence, I do not give out my work email anymore.Just some friendly advice, because I don't want that to happen to you, as well.Respectfully, Linda "F" -
L.Fontana [10-02-2010]

Ed,you are right Sr.John Madaline was nice inside & outside.Mother Ciprana,Sr.Marie McDonald.Sr Mary Alice.But Sr.Marie Christine was the best Marie.
Marie [10-02-2010]

JBS & Jeanne Seifert Kilgallon: So sorry to hear that Ave Fowler passed away; when did that happen? Any word of Helen, her sister? I would like very much to reconnect with her.
Cathy Manning Muir, SFA '57 CA '61 Temple '73 [10-02-2010]

Speaking of nuns, nice and not so nice ... What about Sr. Mary Immaculate, alias 'Tomato Face', at SFA. She would whack hands with the metal edge of a wooden ruler if you so much as dropped a pencil. Yelled and screamed all the time; a real terror. Had her for 4th grade and AGAIN for 7th grade. Once she was sitting at 'our' desk yelling and got so energizer her false teeth fell out onto the desk. The whole class practically wet ourselves laughing. Poor woman; must have been very unhappy and frustrated. She used to send me to the drug store at the corner of Greene and Wyneva for citrate of magnesia. I realized only years later that it is used to relieve constipation. The poor woman was chronically constipated; that's probably why she was so miserable! At the opposite end of the scale was Sr. Grace Winifred, an angel if there ever was one.
Cathy Manning Muir, Broken Hill NSW Australia [10-01-2010]

Joe Lynch: It's great to see you posting again and submitting an expansive and interesting blog about many individuals and characters from Germantown- especially Fernhill Park and The Hollow. You were an outstanding basketball player and an astute student og the game. I appreciate your comments about that the hard-drive that I took to the basket and selecting me in the choose-up games. In many of these games, you and Bill Haas were on the opposing teams- you and I excelled when we competed against him. I always got a rush when I drove and rebounded against him. You always scored a lot of points when I dished the ball to you when I headed down the lane- he always wanted to jam the ball against me. On defense, I always boxed him out although he was bigger and consequently, you had many rebounds. It was amazing, we never had a hook-out. He had a fight with with Leroy Kelly when the rebounding got rough. You are friends with Duncan Hubley,the great soccer player from GA. He would bring his friend, Ken Twiford and he had the best drive of anybody that I saw at Fernhill. He was also a super baseball player and he played with Paul Borian for Loudenslager Post in Foxchase. The best basketball player at Fernhill was Bob Schaefer who was an All-American at Villanova. The best baseball player was Bill Haas who would hit 400 ft. shots at the lower field when he was 14 yrs. old. Obviously, the best football player was Leroy Kelly who played for the Browns and followed Jim Brown. The toughest guy was Jim Katcavage from the NY Giants. Bill Mulvy and I never wanted to play when he was on the court- we both went to The Prep. You were good buddies with some excellent soccer players, Charlie Solly and Neal McElroy. One day, Neal, although he was playing basketball thought he was playing soccer and he kicked me in the shins. Being a gentleman, I asked him to desist from his agressive behavior. Neal always had a smile but a psychologist might have labeled him passive-agressive. You and I also played various sports at The Hollow and you mentioned a number of great athletes from The Hollow. You did not mention Larry Rinaldi who had one of the greatest drives toward the basket- both speed and power. Paul Borian, a great defensive player, would probaly agree with that observation. Tony D'Angelo, the brother of your good friend,Joe, thought Larry was a great athlete. You posted Jack Walsh's name on this site and I never saw that name mentioned here. He and Ollie Powers had great jump-shots. I thought that Jerry McColgan was a good player but you probaly do not remember him. Joe ! It was great walking down memory-lane with you and we can no longer have a drink at "The Underground"-the subterrean joint on S. Broad Street. However, Dirty Frank's at 13th&Pine is still open and we can hang out with the poets- inluding FKK, the one and only Frank Klock.
Bruce Schmitt [10-01-2010]

Happy Belated Birthday, Mike Garvey!
Sheila [10-01-2010]

ATTENTION Class of 1956 St. Francis of Assisi and Class of 1960 North Catholic our luncheon is scheduled for Friday, October 8, 2010, at 12 noon at the BUCK Hotel. I am in the moving on friday,sept.30, 2010. I am moving from Phila to Hatboro. After this message I wiil taking it apart for trans to the new. Good bye. Bud.
ORVILLE T. BALLARD [10-01-2010]

Linda F.> I do live a bit far from Hatboro now, (central Florida), but I also have a new grand daughter who lives in NYC, so on the off chance that I am meandering up that way when you have one of your reunions, it would be fun to stop by. That would be a lot of coincidence and coordination, but who knows. I remember the Minneapolis-Honeywell company, and remember hearing of the Brown Instrument Company. I didn't know it was one and the same place. I pick up a lot of interesting Germantown tid-bits on this site. As for deciding against marriage at 19, good move.
John Payne [10-01-2010]

Didn't we all.
John Payne [10-01-2010]

Is there anything happening this Sunday at SFA. Thought I read @ mass & luncheon. Anyone????????
anon [10-01-2010]

It's a little late for this, but as in past years, I recommend the activity on Germantown Avenue Saturday, especially the fair at Cliveden, with the very authentic Battle re-enactments at noon and 3, and the Octoberfest at Grumblethorpe (Queen Lane) from 4:30 to 7:30 (music, beer, sausages, etc.)
Bruce Marshall, 59, still in Gtn [10-01-2010]

Linda; Sun. Dec.12 I have tickets to see Jersey Boys at locl. so I won't be able to make the Christmas get-together but I will send some pizzzelles with the cousins.

I lived on High Street . My back yard opened into Mechanic Street. I moved in 1966. Rita
secondrita@aol.com [10-01-2010]

Pat, the sisters who were my teachers from Holy Rosary were sister mary alice, lilian, catherine thomas, didonato, and peter marie.
louoldies [10-01-2010]

Pal-the hike I take leads a path to your door. You accuse me of the exact thing you are doing, you criticize my input which was never asked for. Such a hypocrit. Anon will not make you invisible.
Gman [10-01-2010]

Hi, does anyone remember the 'Halloween Parad'e this time of year, held in the streets of Chestnut Hill? It was sponsored by the Penna. School for the Deaf, I believe..anyway, I won first prize one year, because I was dressed as Grace Kelly, & my mother's 'Godson' was dressed as Prince Rainier.Our pictures were in the local newspaper/and I won a beautiful camera/and was on the Chief Halftown Show..does anyone go back that far? ha ha.....Love, Linda "F".
L.Fontana [10-01-2010]

Joe Graber, you were always just one of the guys in my eyes. You never let anything stand in your way. Great seeing you at the Doo-Wop Concert again. We all had a great time at Tony Lukes after the concert.
Dave Linn, Gtn. Westside [10-01-2010]

Jim Breen: (and all of the other men this applies to...thank you so much for your service to this Country. I know you were in Viet Nam/ and came back injured....God Bless your life/ take care. Respectfully, L.A.F.
L.Fontana [10-01-2010]

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