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September 21-30, 2010

I have to agree with Marie. OLR was a great Catholic school and education. The few Nuns we talk/joke about are the exception to the many who were very nice. Mother John Madeline is one who comes to mind. She was a Saint (no Pun intended). She had serious back problems. Wonder what happened to her.
Ed, Chester, VA [09-30-2010]

Wow! at 79, I go back a lot of years. Would like to hear from anyone that lived there back about then. Attended St. Francis of Assisi Church & school, then NECHS and Murrell Dobbins Voc-Tech.Spent lots of time at Germantown Boys Club.
Richard (Dick) Alldred, lived on E.Garfield St from 1931-1954 [09-30-2010]

Thanks to Bill Cupo for the reminder of the Immaculate Conception reunion that is happening on October 10. Anyone, IC or non-IC, still interested in attending, the order form and payment needs to be at the rectory by Tuesday, Oct 5. After that, we can still get you in but you need to contact me direct (send an email). For info on this reunion and to get a copy of the order form, go the the IC 2010 Reunion page on http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-30-2010]

Jimmie Breen. I'm both humbled and embarrassed at your post from earlier this month. Family always came first. :-) Jim. I did what I did to be seen as normal. I wanted that so badly. In order to reach that goal I had to outperform to the best of my (dis)-ability. The only "tough guy" label I sought had more to do with respect. Today, I find that people look past ANY label and see me as "Just a real fun and good guy" I get humbled now by the people who have overlooked any defects I had. It's MY time in life to RESPECT them. Thank ALL of the G-towners who helped me, overlooked and accepted my flaws. There were times when they pushed for a pinch runner for me. Embraced my toughness and even skills in both football and basketball. And gave me time on the field in soccer. I must have looked pretty funny out on the soccer field trying to cover Butchie Ducilli with a brace on my leg. LOL I offered another speed deamon Jimmy Kohlmier to a race at one time too. (what was I thinking?) LOL Jim. YOU are the special one though. YOU gave time for our country and Im not one to forget that. Thank you to all the Vets as well. Cous Joe
Joe Graber, Hey Graber...Get off the rocks! [09-30-2010]

Gman, the site is very peaceful now that the louts have departed. I hope you get the picture-you contributed nothing but cryptic criticism. Keep taking a hike pal.
anon [09-30-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Bill and Betty Lou Obst - I remember Betty Lou's brother Rudy Szewczak from Germantown Boys' Club. He and Jimmy Jeffries were great pals on Portico Street. I contacted Rudy in Dallas earlier this year after seeing his posting on this website. He and my brother Hugh were in the same unit in the Army in Germany back in the sixties. I remember Bill's family living at 5009 Tacoma Street. I was crazy about his sister Betty Ann and used to see her at the weekly dances at Trinity Luthran Church when we were thirteen. Can you believe that was 51 years ago? Quite a few of the regulars on this website were regulars at Trinity as yon teens. Great memories. Bill, I wish you all the best in this battle. God bless you and keep you and your family. - Jim Smith from Coulter Street
Jim Smith [09-30-2010]

Frank Klock...Frank, so nice to hear from you. there is a Pig Roast at the Continential Post this Saturday 10-2-2010...if you are avaible please stop by. Is Dirty Franks a real place?...I would love to see you.Teri
teri evans ireland [09-30-2010]

John Bruce Schmitt: Thanks to you and the others for the prayers, they do work. After two years of chemo my last two PET scans show the lesions gone and no changes so for all intents and purposes, I'm now in remission. I still will have scans every 2 months to keep an eye on it but I like to think I'm the tough guy everyone thinks I am and I'll beat it. Again, Dick Obst is my Uncle, not my brother, it'a just that he was more like a brother because he was so young. Bob LaVelle was a friend and I might have jumped into a fight with him and Goo but only to stop it. Goo was "the Man" at Happy Hollow and I'd never mess with him. I was one of the "Kids" that would run to Moe Speen's store and get Goo a "Yoo-Yoo, shake well". (Those were his orders)

Paul B.: I got the pic, wow, were we ever that young? I got names for all but 3 and I know them, just the names are lost in a senior moment....... Just came back from the March 2009 page, saw the names in Brogan's post so I won't type them again. Man, I don't know how you remember all those nicknames. I know most of them but there are a couple that don't ring a bell. The rest really bring a flood of memories back. Thanks. Later! Bill Obst
anonymous [09-30-2010]

Jeanne Seifert-Kilgallon: I want to welcome another Germantowner from Cecilian Academy to our great Web-site. I was recently talking to Linda Fontana,one of the Social Directors for The Gtn. Reunion in Hatboro and a graduate of that great Catholic Girls Istitution-"CA". I do remember your family and large dog from the 400 block of W. Bringhurst. I do remember crossing paths with sister Janice at Drury Lane where McGillian's Beef&Ale was located. I was probaly taking a break from studying during my college days. My mantra was,"All Work and No Play Makes Johnny A Dull Boy. Sister Janice might have been shopping at Wannamaker's. You mentioned that Janice was friendly with Joan Day who also went to CA and also lived on W. Bringhurst. Joan must have liked baseball and that it takes 3 strikes for 1 out. Joan was courageous and went to bat 3 times[Marriages]. I met her first husband-his first name was Kurt. Your father,the Warden, might have liked him since he had a Germanic-look. I might add that when Herr[MR] Seifert walked with his good friend,his huge German-shepherd,they were a very intimidating pair. Herr Seifert must have been a great soccer player because he could really kick the stuffings out of the soccer-ball at The Germantown Cricket Club. John Burke intimated that your shepherd was scary. John B. had street-smarts and I was a reserved kid from the Prep. Like you, I had a big,strong, Germanic Father. Mein Vater[father] taught me to fear nobody except him-after many broken noses,lost teeth, and much stiching, I realized that this was unadulterated bull. One day, I was walking up Laurens St. from my sister's drug-store,Manor-Drug. I met your big dog on the side-walk at that beatiful house at the corner of Bringhurst&Laurens-it had numerous statuaries and pots with flowers&plants. I should have gone into the sreet but I had said to myself," I Should Not Be Afraid of 140 lb. Animal. I went to The Gtn. Hospital for medical treatment. I frequently played basketball at The Queen Lane Apartments[The Project] and those tough dudes could not rumble like your doggie. Paul Borian from The Hollow,will tell you that stupid fights can happen over a stupid basketball game. I liked basketball at Fernhill Park where my opponents were very civilized. I knew some of your neighbors-Ken&David. I have been friends with Tom Wilkins for too many years- he lived also on Bringhurst St. His sister,Toni, went to CA[1960]. A girl by the name of Jacquelyn who lived on Hansberry St. also went to CA. You mentioned Helen Fowler whose brother John played basketball at The Hollow and North[1962]. John F. saved my friend's life,John Uhland,at The Plymouth Country Club when he had a heart attack. I went to St. Francis with Ave Fowler[RIP] who had become a nun. John Burke remembered your brother[Bob] who had the looks to play in The Sound of Music. Sister Janice might remember Big John"s cousin-John Murray. John M. and Janice were in the same class at St. Francis at one time. You and Janice are coming to The Reunion in Hattboro. Tom Cusack, the dancing-machine might show up-he was in Janice's class at St. Francis[1954]. Everybody is friendly in that group- you and Janice will definitely enjoy yourselves.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-30-2010]

marie thanks for the info on OLR do recall a nun by that name i think first grade maybe.it was a long time ago
PAT SIRIANNI, lived in gtn 1955 -1961 [09-30-2010]

For all those who post in this great site, it would be helpfull if you list your years in Germantown and class years, similar to my post here. It helps me and maybe others to assimilate your thoughts with our time frame in Germantown. Thanks
Charlie Peterson, Immaculate '54; North '58; LaSalle '71 [09-30-2010]

Thanks Bud,
Mike Garvey [09-30-2010]

To Marie: The Nick Giornos Are not related to me. Lou G.
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-30-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: Okay, Helen now we're all going to try & learn how to write Italian from you....lessons anytime soon? Love, Linda "F".
Linda Fontana [09-30-2010]

I lived on Mechanic 62-71
Ed, va [09-30-2010]

linda ... i had a good time friday night ... and carole seems to be such a nice person and pretty funny too.... we will have to do it again soon. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-30-2010]

Is anyone around who lived on Mechanic Street at one time? Love to hear from you. I lived there up to the early 70s.
Michael [09-28-2010]

Pat S. The Nuns at OLR were Franciscan.I loved them'Do you recall Sister Marie Christine she was the best. Marie
Marie [09-28-2010]

John Payne, how refreshing it is to hear a man with the class you possess. What you said pertaining to that particular era about the parents going away and the kids wrecking the home is so true. I personally struggled with the social changes of those years.
anonymous [09-28-2010]

Attention Mike Garvey, Happy Birthday. I am not going to ask or tell how old you are. Happy Birthday MIKE. Bud Ballard.
Orville T. Ballard [09-28-2010]

Ed (Monk) McCauley: Me thinks you have solved the anagram.
John Payne [09-28-2010]

Joe Lynch: The missing player in the team you listed was Jimmy Kehan. I have a lot of fantastic memories from that season. Favorite play, The Tip Off; Either Bill Haas to you, or you to Bill, (depending on who Goo centered that day), then a quick outlet pass to either Joe Razz, Jimmy K, or me, (depending on who Goo posted that day), already posted at half court by the sideline. Other teams just didn't know what to make of one player not being in the traditional circle at tip off. Most games starte off with a two point lead for SF, from a runaway lay up. Yea, Goo.
John Payne [09-28-2010]

GBC guy you could be right but I don' remember ever seeing Mr. Harris in the club. My years there are 62 through 68. I know Bud had something to do with the daily campers during the summer months because we used to mess with them during our free swim between two and two thirty in the afternoon right after the girls and before the boys swim. Richie
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [09-28-2010]

Hello G-towners! Looking forward to the reunion of the Immaculate Conception parishoners on Sunday, Oct.10th. There is a Mass at the beautiful upper church at Sprague and Price st. The main church is no longer used from what I understand as there are hardly any people to fill it. The Mass will start at 10 a.m. and there is a small social to follow inside the church. Then, at 1 P.M., there will be a gathering at Williamson's in Horsham that will last till 6:30. This includes cocktails, dinner and music. I'm really looking forward to this and it should be a great time for everyone. Back in 2002, Immaculate celebrated the 100th anniversary of it's founding, also at Williamson's and it was such a great time. Not only did I meet up with former classmates, but some of my neighbors from Haines st. One of them was Mrs. Buttorff, at the time approaching the age of 100. She was alert and having a great time seeing some of her former neighbors. I also met up with Fr.James Dorr, one of the most influential people in my life as a kid. He was the director of the Altar Boys and he was a favorite among all of us. He took us to some great picnics locally and also on some great field trips such as Washington, D.C.. I remember him taking us to that city in the Spring of 1964. We visited President Kennedy's grave, which still hadn't been completed, but was burning the eternal flame. On huge piles of dirt, hats from all the armend services of the U.S. were placed neatly around the flame. It was a very moving site and the memory of his assasination was still very vidid in our memories. Anyway, he is now teaching at St.John's in NYC. Also there were members of the Streck family from Narragansatt st. I had found out that Vernon Streck had passed away just months before the reunion. He was my best buddy growing up and he had 4 sisters that were absoultely beautiful. Some of them were there and informed me of his passing. From what I understand, you don't have to be an Immaculate grad to attend. You can find out some info at http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com . I'm sure many of you who did not attend Immaculate, know of someone who did and it may be a good time to see them again. Usually, there are many people who bring some old pictures of the neighborhood or some school pictures and even video. This should be a lot of fun and I hope to see some of you there. Take care!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [09-28-2010]

Rosemarie hite-Malageri:Whoo hoo what fun at dinner on friday night. I am so glad that you made it.My friend, Carole thought you were so nice/ and friendly..We will all do that again.Love, Linda.
L.Fontana [09-28-2010]

Marie Bommentre: I am so very glad to hear that you and Al "CAN" make that date on Dec.12th, I'll look forward to seeing you there..Fondly, Linda "F">
L.Fontana [09-28-2010]

Jeanne Seifert-Kilgallon: Nice to see you on here..I am glad that you found this site, and I will be dragging you and 'Jan' to the luncheon on Dec. 12th...It will be nice to see your pretty faces, there..yahoo. Linda "F".
L.Fontana [09-28-2010]

John Payne: I am from East "G" town. Immaculate Conception Church was only one block from my home. I lived about five houses up from Price and Anderson Sts. However, my dad went to work in Nicetown each day at Brown Instr. Co. which became Minneapolis Honeywell, yrs.later, when they moved to another location (Ft.Wash.)/I went to North Catholic's Prom, but, I am younger than you....so you had probably graduated a couple of yrs. before that. I 'went with a guy' all through High School named Johnny Botto. He wanted a much more serious relationship than I was ready for after highschool....so, he got married at '19', not me...anyway,I hope you can make the next LaFontana's get together...if you don't live too far. Respectfully, Linda "F"/.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-28-2010]

Joe Lynch...Always enjoy reading your posts and memories of our great neighborhoods.To all readers of this site,I encourage you to visit Jack Brogan in the next couple of weeks to view the trillion fallen leaves on his property in Freeport Maine.He and his gracious wife Martha will feed you and take you on a shopping spree at L.L.Bean.In return,all you have to do is rake all the colorful leaves on his street......Paul Borian
Paul Borian, King of the leaf rakers [09-28-2010]

Schmitty....What do you mean hanging out on corners was boring!The education you missed out on at the corner of Wayne and Logan was far superior from what you learned at the Prep.Besides,we would not let you hang out at our corner,not with a name like John Bruce Schmitt.Hanging out on our corner was by invitation only.It was never boring,especially the all nighters.We were loud and at times a neighbor would call cops.We would just move to another spot or corner to continue our heated discussions on sports,movies,politics and religion(easy to do back then),etc.Eat your heart out Schmitty.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Hanging on the corner watching all the girls go by [09-28-2010]

To Lou Giorno, are you related to the Nick Giorno from e.Rittenhouse St. their were aboult 7 children. Marie
Marie [09-28-2010]

Billy Obst....Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your chemotherapy.Perhaps you did not beat me 55 years ago,but I know a tough guy like you will beat the "Big C". In your younger Hollow days,you were not really stupid.Like many of us,you did stupid things.I know from own experiences.I sent you "Saturday Afternoon at the Hollow" basketball picture yesterday.Hope you received it.Brings back many pleasant memories,complements of Jack Brogan.Bill,since you are a newcomer to this site,please go back to the Archives of Earlier Submissions,March 27,2009,for my listing of many of the great Happy Hollow nicknames.I am sure it will bring back many happy memories.Keep on posting Billy.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [09-28-2010]

Bill Obst: My prayers are with you in your fight against the big "C". I remember you as a feisty guy and this is one battle that you will win. I remember you from playing football[Knox St.&Fernhill] and having an encounter with another tough guy-Bob Goo Guarinello,The Hollow Legend. You knew many characters from your days in The Hollow and Germantown. You lived on Tacoma St.-not far from The Raffaele Family where Rocky resided. On your street, Murph,the flamboyant gambling man lived.Those two guys were bigger than life-Damon Runyan characters. I remember one day coming home from St. Francis and you and Hank Henigan were choosing up a football game in front of the candy store at Knox&Hansberry. In the huddle,Hank said go deep and he delivered a 65 yd. bomb to me with a spiral-I thought that he was John Unitas. Hank later worked at Crane's on Queen Lane where you might have frequented. My brother[Urb] and you had a mutual friend-Bob LaValle. Bob was at my house a lot and they went hunting in the mountains. One day, I am at The Hollow, Bob L. and The Goo get in a big argument-probaly over money. Bob Is really angry and gets very poignant with his language if you know what I mean. I was shocked that Bob was so agressive since Goo was bigger and much older-Bob was 16 or 17. Goo and Bob get it on and another kid joins the fight and knocks Goo to the ground-I think it was you. Bob jumps on Goo and pumpels him. The altercation was terminated. I never found out what Goo did but Bill LaValle was also a match for Goo. I gather that you could write a book about your various encounters in life. Bill! We are privliged to have such a smart and interesting guy post on this site. Your son admired your talented brother[Dick]. In my past life, I spent some time hanging out at Duffy's in Warminster- it was quite a stop. My family owned bars and my brother came close to buying it. Bill! Keep posting- you write some good stuff- I wonder if Frank Klock took that same test at school.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-28-2010]

Ed & Anon..I think many of the people chased away from this site feel that way. DILLIGARA
Gman [09-28-2010]

TERI EVANS IRELAND----- Hi Teri----- Yep. I'm that TAKER'S CAFE Frank Klock and now that "DIRTY FRANK'S" Frank Klock. My prayers for your late Dad,and for you and brother Michael and your families. What great times we had. love, frank.
FRANK KLOCK [09-28-2010]

Dan Harnett, grazie perle gentili parole.

Paul Bor: Yeah, the scuffle on the court was just a basketball thing but we did take it to the shower room with boxing gloves, there must be someone reading this that was there and remembers it. You were MUCHO bigger than me but remember, I was street smart as far as rumbleing went. I think you did win but I never hit the floor so that was a victory for me. :-) Anyhow, no harm, no foul. No rematch, I'm afraid, since I'm recovering from chemotherapy for the big C.

Jack Brogan, Your name has come up between Betty and me many times when we would go tripping down Memory Lane. I was jelous of you and Sonny Kennedy because you both had two-wheelers and I didn't. :-) The things we remember. I'd love to have a copy of that picture, Jack,if you can scan it and send it. As far as the Urban Legend, and remember folks, I'm only saying this to answer a question, something I would never bring up myself, I can only say that I took the I.Q. test, The Mother Superior pulled me from the class and put me in a room by myself and had me take another, different test. I never got an exact score but I do remember my mother talking to someone and the phrase "his score was the highest ever recorded at St. Francis." That said, if you remember my life between the age of 14 and 19 you will know that I may have been intellagent but I WAS REALLY STUPID. Like the song says, "I wish I knew what I know now, when I was younger". Anyhow, my life isn't worth taking up a lot of room on these pages, this is for fun memories. Let's everyone do that, My email address is Dad.williamobst@gmail.com If there is anyone out there who wants to talk about the things that shouldn't clog up a blog like this. Later! Bill Obst
Bill Obst Sr. [09-27-2010]

Paul Borian: I want to thank you for your heartfelt comments about my beloved wife,Ludmila,who is resting in eternal peace. Ludmila really liked The Hollow People. She thought that you were a gentleman and that Fran[wife] was very gracious. She had wanted to visit The Hollow which has produced so many great bloggers. You introduced the term,nutting, on this site. I believe that Bill Obst was trying to nut you when he said that you and he had a hook-out at The Hollow. Was Jack Brogan nutting Bill O. when he intimated that his I.Q. was off the charts? If I recall,Bill Obst was feisty and your size might have been a challenge. I do remember that you were an agressive rebounder and he could have been ticked off. I do remember that room off the gym and it was not a good place for a smaller opponent to trade leather with a much bigger guy. Mole Adomoli and I boxed in that room, I was at a disadvantage there since I lost my agility in that limited space. I was much more competitive with Mole when I had more space to move and stay away from his round-house right. If Jack B. was not nutting Bill O. and he was smart, he would never have gone in that room to spar. I am also surprised that you would have encounters with Herb Adderly and Larry Rinaldi, a couple of very powerful guys-being a graduate of Nova. Herb Adderly went to Fitler and he was friends with another black kid at Fitler by the name of Jesse Turner from Pulaski-town. Jesse and Bill O. were the same size but Jesse was bad just like Jesse James. I am simply stating that there were a lot of tough guys in Germantown of all sizes. I shutter at some of the guys from The Hollow that you played poker with-Rocky&Joe Raffaele,Goo Guarinello, and Larry Rinaldi. Goo and Larry were very tough guys and Jack Brogan thought these guys were very capable of caving in chests- a Hollow term. However, Rocky was the guy who always got my attention and I am happy that I always got along with his bother Dom. Bor! You had a good education at Nova but your emotional intelligence was learned at your Beloved Hollow.
Schmitty [09-27-2010]

Rich Pio, I thought William T. Harris was the Exec. Director of the GBC.
GBC Guy [09-27-2010]

Frank Klock: Takers Cafe Frank Klock?
teri evans ireland [09-27-2010]

Don't know if this has already been posted, but worth sharing again. http://www.virtualwall.org/iStates.htm
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [09-27-2010]

John Payne: We have a friend that lives in the Villages, that we visit frequently, and it really is a great place to retire to. As you know they have almost unlimited activities to keep people busy and have fun, and we are not talking just shuffleboard! I think they even have a over 60 softball league! They have many "clubs" made up with residents from all their original cities and states. We went with our friend to a Philadelphia Trivia Night. Here's a item from their newsletter. Auditions for ‘American Bandstand’ scheduled The Broadway Bound Players announce auditions for Villagers for the next show, “American Bandstand — the Philadelphia Years 1957-1964.” Auditions are 6-9 p.m. Oct. 18 at Lake Miona Center and 8-10 a.m. Oct. 21 at Hibiscus Center. The group is looking for Villages dancing couples who will be on stage and dance the pony,the lindy hop, the stroll, the twist and slow dancing. Doo-wop singing groups, girl groups, boys groups, people who can sing the popular songs of the time, instrumentalists and impersonators or any personality that was “American Bandstand” are needed. Bring your own CD. There will be no karaoke screen. All dancing couples will audition. The dates of the show are Feb 17-19 at Savannah Center.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [09-27-2010]

to anon. re,DILLIGARA: I had a plaque with those letters that mean, do I look like I give a rats a**.
Ed McCaulley [09-27-2010]

Hey, leaf peepers, if you're anywhere near Freeport, Maine, visit my dear cousin, Jack Brogan (who taught me how to check out under the boards (a skill I still employ in crowded school hallways) who will always put up perfect strangers in his home near LL Bean's! Those basketball kids taught me so much--Brog., Sonny, Billy Kelley, Peter Brooks, Jack Walsh--and I could never repay them. Of course they beat me up. What's a cousin for?! That mesh backboard at the Hollow could be mastered by the right shooter, if you could get the ball back after a pass, if you were chosen by teammates to play halfcourt, if Goo Goo let you into the Hollow in the first place. You always liked it when Goo was off campus--selling football pools or dabbling in petty crime. Rocky and Shangi, even Trout and Bee Bee gave a sense of order to hanging out every day of your life outside of Sal's. (I was a visitor from Fernhill Park). I think Paul Borian, Sonny Kennedy and Ollie Powers were the best athletes to come out of the Hollow (OK,Brog, you too. NOW can I visit you?) These older guys suffered fools gladly, didn't make fun of the sneakers my father bought me or the haircuts my father also gave me.Everyday there was nothing to do/everything to do at the Hollow in the summer.You sat on the benches, running for Goo's Yoo-Hoos from Moe's,and hoped one of the cute girls would walk by in pedal-pushers. Maybe one might say hello. It'd make your day. Goo coached my 8th grade team--John Payne, Frank Klock, John Fowler, John Fries, Joe DiPasquale, Joey Razzano (and others, I'm sorry to miss)Bill Haas and me--to 2nd place in the city. If we did what he told us to do, we'd have been champs, not just contenders. The girls were prettier then, the jump shots softer,water-ice cheaper,unicorns still possible. Covering Bruce Schmidt was impossible--he was all elbows and knees. I always tried to get on his side instead of opposing him. You could come out with welts on your body that would slow you down. Not enough to miss Sister Clare Eleanor's class at St. Francis, but enough to make you want to call a cab to get home. Really, Jack loves tourists. Bring your grandchildren; he has a bunch of them himself within walking distance. Shop for your canoe and fly rods at Bean's;he'll love to watch your kids for you!
Joe Lynch [09-27-2010]

Bud Alexander was the great athletic director of GBC. He was so well liked by the young-men and his colleagues at The Club. I would always stop in his office on the third-floor after playing basketball in the gym. Rowland Mole Adomoli and I would have great conversation with him. Bud got a big kick out of Mole who had funny and crazy stories. Rowland Mole Adomoli was a brave Marine who was the first Marine from Philadelphia to get killed in Viet Nam. I support Professor McKernan's effort in behalf of The Germantown Viet-Nam Veterans. Bud worked closely with Hugh Mooney who was another great guy from The GBC. I might add that Mole's brother did great work at GBC- I believe his name was Mario and his other brother was Carl. It was such a great experience to hang out at The GBC during the fifties-hanging on the corners was boring for me.
JBS [09-27-2010]

Great post re: Fern Hill. I learned quite a bit. The Vicks Jar I knew about, but not the consideration of Fern Hill as a capital location. P.S., glad you can still see the Vick's Jar, and the Blue train car Jack.
John Payne [09-27-2010]

CMM: Ah, yes. The great liberation of the late sixties and early 70's brought the "F-Bomb" into vogue in mixed company; indeed, it almost became mandatory to show you were hip. No puritan here, I assure you, but I never was comfortable with that particular level of relaxation. In fact I, unlike many folks who like to wax romantic about the period, think that was a time when the parents went away, and the kids wrecked the house. Regardless of the agency initials, it sounds like you have and are living an interesting life. Cheers mate.
John Payne [09-27-2010]

Billy Obst:Your uncle,Dick Obst worked as a duo with my father Frank Giorno for many years -they worked at Minnie Duffy's in Warminster for quite a while.Dick,as a singer,was great-and did many imitations-Al Jolson-Jimmy Durant-Johnny Ray to name afew-his own singing voice was great-I worked with him at The NK bar on Chelton Ave & Ratay's bar in Roxboro-Billy,I think I Know you-did you play baseball with me at Fern Hill Park?? Dick Picarreli was on that team -ring any bells?/ Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-27-2010]

John Payne: Although I love to cook, I'm afraid I have never been a member of the Culinary Institute of America. Ha! However, I did work for a time as a linguist/intelligence analyst for BAE Systems at Australia's Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), which is much the same type of organization. I hated it; the people I worked with, mostly serving or former lower enlisted couldn't put a sentence together without using f**k at least three times. Listening to that for 12 hours straight was like being hit on the head repeatedly with a baseball bat. I now specialize in Indonesian military, police and intelligence, but off my own bat, not for an government agency.
CMM, Outback Oz [09-26-2010]

Jeanne: I grew up on hansberry st, your house was almost directly behind ours. I remember your father, and your dog, i dont remember which one we were more afraid of. Did the dog have a german name? Im thinking Fritz, i could be wrong. We would hear your fathers glass truck rattle from the red brick street shaking it, when he would come home from work. I saw your brother Bobby at a funeral at St Albert the Greats, but that was about 9 years ago.
John Burke, 56 NE Phila [09-26-2010]

Billy Obst: First, I have a picture of you with Goo, Paul Borian, Sonny Kennedy, Ben Hom and other Hollow legends. I'll send it to you. Johnbrogan@aol.com. I was in Betty Lou's class at St. Francis and remember her well. She was a friend of Sara Walsh Clemmer who grew up on Lena Street.

Second: There is an urban legend you can clear up for me. It has to do with your Stanford IQ test in 7th grade. Goo told us you scored like 170 in that test and that the nuns figured you cheated. Even then I wondered hou you could have done that. He said they gave you a re-test and that you scored seven points higher. Tell us the truth about that if you can.I was wondering if they moved you up from the Blessed Mother's Group to the Infant Jesus Group after they realized how bright you were. I was your paper boy on Tacoma Street after Bee Bee Rossi. You and Booby and Fritzy were like the first real "Wild Ones," we ever knew. I can hear the rumble of those bikes in my mind right now. Say hi to Betty Lou.
Jack Brogan, The leaf peepers are a plague in Maine [09-26-2010]

Frank payne (Cisco), Phily-72 [09-26-2010]

Germantown---Almost capital of the USA From the Guide book to Historic Germantown by Charles F. Jenkins 1902 In the year 1789, a resolution passed the House of Representative, then in session in New York, that the permanent seat of government ought to be on the banks of the Susquehanna in Pennsylvania, but it was amended in the Senate by fixing upon Germantown as its site. Upon being returned to the House, the amendment was approved and sent back again to the Senate for a slight amendment, providing that Pennsylvania laws should continue in force in such Federal district until Congress should legislate otherwise. Thereupon, the subject was postponed until the next session and thus our old Germantown, after being fixed upon by both Houses, was wholly laid aside. It is the understanding that the plateau and bluff which enjoys an extended outlook over the city and is now Fern Hill was one of the tracts of land intended for the location of the Capitol.-------I myself spent many a day sitting on this plateau looking out across the city before the highway cut the park up. There was no other view like it around. Looking to my right was the mighty Midvale Steel Works and in the center a huge Reading freight yard and on the left was the familiar giant Vicks jar and beyond all this was spread out the vast city of Philadelphia. In the early 1950’s you would still see the steam railroad engines of the Reading in this yard, plus the Reading had some specially painted coal cars---one in particular was painted a bright royal blue with the painting of a piece of coal burning and the flame was a bright red and yellow & blue --- I think the name of it was blue flame coal---I remember these cars because they stuck out from the plain black coal cars the Reading used. Midvale itself had its own diesel engine running around the mill. As far as the Vicks jar, I guess we are all attracted to items that are smaller or larger than the original. I passed this place a year or so ago and you could look at the old rusted water tower and still imagine it painted like a jar of Vick.
Jack McHugh [09-26-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: Sorry to hear that you are a little down now or in a funk. I only met you once and you came across as such a nice person and so positive. If I could say the right words to cheer you up, I would. But I don't have the golden tongue gift that Jim Mckernan does. So let me just say in Italian "stia bene" (be well). Wishing you well.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-26-2010]

Alice B.: Sorry for the senior moment. I neglected to send my condolences for the loss of your husband. Forty years is a long time to be married. I hope your memories strong and happy.
John Payne [09-26-2010]

Alice B. : Spending "part" of the winter in Florida is all the more reason to visit The Villages. A large portion of the population here are referred to as "snow birds", because they, come here in the winter months, and go back home for Spring through Fall. If you do make the trip, be sure to email me so Cher and I can show you around. This isn't a rest stop; it's about fifty to sixty square miles, and coming up on a hundred thousand people.
John Payne [09-26-2010]

Billy Obst....Welcome to this site my man!I don't ever remember fighting you.I remember you as a lover,not a fighter.Who started the fight?Did the fight take place because you were frustated trying to guard me on the basketball court? Or was it because I was trying to steal one of your girlfriends? In any event,I should have kicked your butt because I was a lot bigger than you.My fighting days ended after being TKO'D by Herb Adderly and Larry Rinaldi.So my fighting record includes two knockouts aqnd a draw with you(are you sure I didn't win)How about a rematch at Wayne and Logan.Three ten second rounds.Loser buys hoagies and beer....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Fighting Days Are Long Gone [09-26-2010]

JBS: Your Prep education continues to pay dividends to this day. Only way to TOP your post's, would take an extraordinary writer like yourself & be a "Pole vaulter" at the same time. Thank you for your gracious comments. I did however manage to pick a few "Wild berries" at the South American markets thus resulting in more than Montezuma's revenge if you follow my thinking!.........Short post this a.m. Headed out on a Regatta for four days, Rock Hall Md, being the first stop. ...Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend & stays safe.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [09-26-2010]

Lou Giorno: Dick Obst was my uncle, the youngest of my father's family. He was only about 10 years older than my oldest brother Booby (Chas). He played in a group that was the for-runner of the Rock and Roll groups. He played drums along with a guitar and bass. I used to play the sax and Bro Fred played guitar, and Uncle Dick wanted Boob to learn the bass so we could have a family band. Never happened. I'm glad to hear someone say something nice about him, he was always my favorite Uncle. Later! Billy Obst
Billy Obst [09-25-2010]

My sister is Janice Seifert Paytas. We both grew up on West Bringhurst St. between McKean and Laurens. My sister graduated from Little Flower'58. She hung around with Joan Day, Ave Fowler. Does anyone remember us. p.s. we always had a german shepard and my father was known as "the warden" My father drove a big glass truck.
jeanne seifert kilgallon, grew up on West Bringhurst st. graduated from Cecilian Academy '64 [09-25-2010]

Billy O.: Sorry to hear about your brother Fred (Fritzy). You know after fifty-five years, I just now learned his real name, but I remember him as a real friendly guy. I spoke to Frank tonight, and mentioned that I was sending his email address to you and Betty.
John Payne [09-25-2010]

Anon: re: your anagram; there is a flower/bush called GAILLARDIA, however, your anagram only contained two A's, so I'm not sure if that is the answer for which you were looking.
John Payne [09-25-2010]

You are so sweet Rosemarie - thanks for the good words!

John Payne: Just bought a house in Limerick and will be moving next month. My husband of 40 years passed away in '04 and all my friends and most of my family are here so I will likely be staying in this area although I would like to spend part of the winter in Florida after I retire.
Alice (Bodkin) Taylor [09-25-2010]

CMM: (Don't you love how I keep shortening your handle. I'm not cryptic, just lazy. :) Great post about meeting your husband one enchanted evening. Your travels sound like adventures out of a novel. If a person didn't know better, and of course I don't, they might conclude that with your language skills, and military access, and world travels, that you were maybe a chef from the Culinary Institute of America.
John Payne [09-25-2010]

Linda F.> re: your question about what area I grew up in and around; I was a Happy Hollow kid (Wayne and Logan). I am 66 now so that also may help you figure out where I fit into the Germantown family tree. I don't know if I am older or younger than you. I went to St. Francis of Assisi for grade school, and later to Northeast Catholic, and then Germantown for a year, so like most on this site, I have friends and acquaintances from both East and West Germantown, and also Nicetown. Also Linda, another factor about Germantowners knowledge comes from the fact that I was from a relatively large family of seven children; four boys and three girls, so I not only have my immediate knowledge from hanging with my own running mates, but know of people from various age groups since I knew, met, or heard of friends of all of my brothers and sisters. Actually, before this site, I hadn't really thought about that much, but being from a large family really does tend to expand your field of contacts quite a bit.
John Payne [09-25-2010]

ED, Eddie novac has a brother named Frankie and I think a sister named Immaculate.
louoldies [09-24-2010]

About the GBC: Helen Fowler and I used to go swimming there every day during those long hot summers. How good was that and so cheap, too.
Cathy Manning Muir, Outback Australia [09-24-2010]

helen leone deangelo im sorry to hear your going through a funk at the moment ... been there..done that .. time and again! please dont let it keep you away from us and yes yes yes bring those wonderful pizzelles.. love ya helen take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-24-2010]

John Payne: We DID eat dinner during that 9 hours we were in the restaurant in Kauai and even left under our own steam! They were GREAT margueritas, however, in a fantastic spot. I lived and worked in Honolulu (for US Army Western Command, now USARPAC) for 7 years before migrating to Oz. It was in Honolulu that I met my husband. He was flying for Qantas and our eyes met across a crowded room, etc etc. Because I had privileges at the military clubs and resorts, and because as a resident I got very cheap airline rates to Maui, Kauai, Big Island and Molokai, I used to spirit him away for a couple of days (and nights!) when he 'slipped' in Honolulu, so we saw all the sights of the Hawaiian islands on the cheap. John said that before he met me he didn't know there was a beach in Honolulu; the Qantas crews only knew the bars! I chased him until he caught me 9 years later. That was 20 years ago.
Cathy (Manning) Muir, Outback Australia [09-24-2010]

The OBST family has been mentioned quite a bit on this website-but they haven't mentioned Dick Obst-he was a helluva entertainer-& his stage name was Dick Dawn-I worked with him many times as a musician-I think he was the oldest sibling in that family.Lou Giorno
lou giorno, suburban-lou [09-24-2010]

Bernie McKernan: I find it so ironic that we are engaging in a dialogue about undulating relationships, unrequited love, and potential denouement. It is also so paradoxical that Paul Borian and John Payne, 2 former Hollow athletes, are waxing on so poetically on this site- Frank Klock is The Hollow Poet Emeritus and protege of The Goo. Your poetic language is so flowery, romantic, visceral and yet so cleverly nuanced. Like you, I have walked in the "Garden of Love" and what did I see, "A Beautiful Rose and A Withering Tree. I placed the rose near my nose and luxuriated in the scent of content. You are so blessed that you selected an ethereal rose that blossoms in spring and radiates the entire year. You have not only sashayed through beautiful gardens but you have partaken in the enjoyment of succulent fruits. When you shopped in fruit-stands in Venezuela, being a colorful character, you avoided the wizened fruits such as prunes and selected the hotter fruits such as raspberries and cherries. Your mantra of selecting beautiful flowers and staying away from poison-ivy and eating juicy fruits and healthful vegetables resonates with me. I really appreciate your sage advice, especially coming from a man of your vast experience in this area- you are no dilettante. As you know, we both married women from South America. At LaFontana's, we were engaged in light banter about trucking,truckers, and mean motor-scooters. We did not talk about personal relationships. In a past blog, you mentioned that Ms. Z. from Little Flower had known your former wife[Barbara Kehan],a member of a great Germantown Family. In my past life, I had known a beauty from Little Flower who liked to play basketball at Hunting Park. Ron Ebert from North[1958],good player, also hung out there. I married this Little Flower athlete and she knew Ms. Z. and probaly Barbara Kehan. My brother Ken and I knew The Kehan Family as did John Payne and Frank Klock who post on this site. Mr. Kehan had The Texaco-station at Greene&Seymour-they were a great family. Ed Kehan was a cool guy- an iron-worker with a pony-tail. Finally, your father must have been a cool guy to hang out at Gtn.&Erie. It was one of the best corners in Philadelphia, back in the day, anything you wanted, could be found there. As you knew, The Eagle flew on Friday, and The Eagle[bar] was a great venue. You appear to have been a bon-vivant and possibly spent some time on the strip-52 st. between market& Baltimore Ave. Being Irish, you might have hung out at The Irish War Veterans,52d&Baltimore. Bernie! I hope that I have responded to your blog in an accurate manner and was not overly poignant.
JBS [09-24-2010]

To John Payne: Hi Junior, (had to say that) I've really enjoyed your widespread comments about the Hollow and it's great inhabitants of the '50's and 60's. Glad to hear that Frank (Cisco)and Tommy (Woody) are still around. My brother Chas (Booby) is well and living in Florida, about an hour north of Betty and I. Unfortunatly, Fritzy (Fred) passed away from cancer in March of '08.

Paul Borian, as soon as I saw your name I thought of that time at the Hollow when we had a little confrontation on the basketball court that was broken up by one of the counselers (sp). We took it into the boys shower room and put on boxing gloves for a little three-rounder. I think it was called a draw. The only time in my life that I used boxing gloves. We must have become friends after that because I remember being in your house with you on Wayne Ave. after that. Nothing like a good fight to make friends. :-)

I seem to remember that black kid Paul Wall was from Pulaski-town, that section of Gtown around Queen Lane and Pulaski Ave. I was one of the few guys that accepted him back then when he came down to play baseball. There were no baseball fields in his area. Nice kid.

Dom Raffaele, good to see that you are on this site. I practically lived in your house when I was young. Johnny was one of my best friends but with my two older brothers along, I was also friends with Dick (Del) too and was tollerated by Rocky and Joe (Changi), I'm guessing at the spelling. Isn't it funny how almost everyone had nicknames back then? We should have a friendly contest, put up nicknames and let others guess who they were. Enough for now. Later! Billy Obst
Bill Obst Sr. [09-24-2010]

John Payne: I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to know where you grew up in "G"town? Since we do know a lot of the same people...just my insatiable curiosity 'kicking in'....thanks.Linda "F".P>S> I was from the East Side off of Price and Anderson...near to the Immac.Concep.church..one block away from my home...
L.Fontana [09-24-2010]

To Linda F. My Husband & Myself will be on Dec.12th.Sounds like fun. Marie Bommentre
Marie [09-24-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: I just knew that my 'invisible hug' would get you to post again. yahoo..it worked. Homemade Pizzelles...you know I can put a few of those away. ha ha yummy. thanks. Love ya, Linda "F">
L.Fontana [09-24-2010]

jbs ... well said ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-23-2010]

Bud Alexander was the Executive Director of the GBC when I went there in the sixties, also involved with the summer day camp. As far as Mary Ellen Phillips, I went to school with her baby brother Dave, the only thing wrong with her is that she married a boy from Father Judge, Father Judge how could you. Richie
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town [09-23-2010]

C.(M) Muir: Entered a restaurant bar at 2 PM to make a reservation, and wound up nursing margaritas until 11 PM.? I like your style. Nothing like staying focused and keeping your priorities in order. ;)
John Payne [09-23-2010]

An Irish anagram;DILLIGARA
anon: [09-23-2010]

JBS: Thanks for those very 'touching' words you typed on this site. You are one of the MOST intelligent writers on this "G" site....but, more importantly, along with your 'witty' verbiage your deep thought process comes out.e.g. 'how you are really feeling'.we all enjoyed your company at the table over this last luncheon, so, please 'save the date' for the next one...and we'll look forward to your humorous 'input' at Christmastime. Sincerely, L.Fontana
L.Fontana [09-23-2010]

Anybody remember the first "hippie" at the GBC? Long hair and bearded?
GBC Guy, 50's & 60's [09-23-2010]

Cathy Manning Muir: It is a great honor to have a quintessential Germantowner blog us from down-under. I really enjoyed your description of Ms. Hahn and the comments about the legendary Joe Raffaele from The Hollow. The noun, refrigerator is usually used to describe husky men but it fit Ms. Hahn well- she was a force to be reckoned with. She must have been an equal opportunity-employer since she could be tough with those sweet girls from CA and not just some of smart-ass kids from the playground. It was quite a dilemna when she went eye-ball to eye- ball with a teen-age boy and yank him by the shirt.I was also fascinated by the story of Mike Mc Geehan being held up and Joe Raffaele intervening. The Raffaele Family was one of the great families of The Hollow. Dom Raffaele posts on this site and he was one of the most popular guys in my St. Francis class[1955]. I was hanging out in The Buck Hotel and I was telling a story about a hold-up that took place in a roofer's bar[local 30] on The Boulevad. A dude comes in on a dark-card night and demands cash- the patrons said," You Are Joking". These patrons were not PPD but some of the boys pulled their guns on this mentally challenged individual. They realized his mental defectiveness and did not call the police and sent him into the elements with his birthday suit-it was only 20 degrees and he must have frozen his toes and other body-parts. I was telling this story to Mike Garvey who posts on this site and he smiled-he was there. Cathy! Keep posting and I hope to visit Australia before I meet my Maker[God]- I heard Sidney is a most beautiful port.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-23-2010]

Linda F. I have been under the radar lately haven't I? Post summer let down or something like that I suppose. Anyway, the email hug felt good, thanks! I'll put Dec. 12th on my calendar for the Christmas get-together and spread the word. Also, I'll bring some of my homemade pizzelles for a treat.

Ed McCauley: I recall you playing for the Wissahickon Hawks. Kicker as I recall, unless I am mixing my memories of when you were a kicker, not to mention, a shot put thrower, hop-step-and jumper, long jumper, high jumper, runner, basketball player, etc. I would like to have had about a quarter of your athletic skills.
John Payne [09-23-2010]

Alice (Bodkin)Taylor: Good to see you here again. Good luck with selling your home. I think you mentioned coming to FL. for your retirement. You should consider visiting The Villages, before making any final decisions. There is really a lot to do here, regardless of your interests and activities. Keep visiting. It's nice to hear from you.
John Payne [09-23-2010]

Schmitty...Thanks for the kind words about me and Fran.When we first got married in 1966,I would remind her that I rescued her from Pennsauken to the great land of Germantown.Without me,she was nothing.Told her to stick by me and that I would show her all of Happy Hollow and the cultural events,characters,etc.Little did she know that I was "nutting" her.Needless to say,I had to change my ways or else.My personality changed.I had to grow up.I have never been the same(fortunately for Fran. But it was a nice long run.However,this site is bringing back many fond memories of our Beloved Germantown,and allowed me to reconnect with many of of my Happy Hollow and other Germantown friends.....Schmitty,it's been 14 months since your beloved Ludmilla left you for a higher place.You are still hurting,but trying your best to move on.Way back when in our pick up baseball games,I still remember someone saying,"Take two and hit to Right".....I will try to make the luncheon on 12/12,but that is generally the time when the ski season opens at Camelback.That is always an exciting time for this old dude.I shall wait to see what surprises Mother Nature has in store for us in early Dec......Bor
Paul Borian, Life is great in sunny,crowd free Sea Isle [09-23-2010]

Linda Fontana: We haven't met, to my knowledge, but seem to know several of the same Germantowners. I hope that one of these days, one of my trips north coincides with one of your reunions in Hatboro, or anywhere for that matter. They sound like a lot of fun.
John Payne [09-23-2010]

Betty Lou (Szewczak) Obst: Wow, what a great name from the past. I remember you Betty Lou, and your brother, Joe?, who was in my class at Saint Francis. I never knew you married Billy Obst. To me, Billy was one of the really great "old heads" who hung with my brothers. To this day, my brother, Frank (Cisco) will occassionally tell a tale or two about his exploits with Billy. The Obst brothers were like fixtures in my home when I was a very young guy, ten or less. I remember them well, and they were always extremely friendly guys, and treated me as a person, not a kid. Great to hear from you. I will be sure to let Frank know.
John Payne [09-23-2010]

Ed McCauley: re: Joey Frusco, and the Wissahickon Hawks; maybe I was right the first time, and it was the Butler Bears. Those two teams may even have played each other, I'm not sure.
John Payne [09-23-2010]

I want to read the other postings first.
Bill Obst Sr, I'm living in Florida now with my wife Betty (Szewczak). More later! [09-23-2010]

Memo to brother Jim. Thank you for what must have & continues to be an exhaustive search of Germantown hero's who served their country & paid the ultimate sacrifice. Job well done & it is only the beginning. In the months ahead, I will be happy to serve in whatever capacity I can to assist those families in receiving the proper recognition they deserve. Count me in. Do I hear any other voices out there?

JBS: I had to step away after reading your blog. Sad & funny. A word of advice from an old sage such as myself. Never walk in the garden alone to stop & smell the roses. There is too much poison ivy among that which appears all shiny & brand new. You're a world class traveler & I'm sure along the way you've picked up the "Scent of a woman" eh?...Women are complex, wouldn't have it any other way. The risk/ reward factor is greatly favored in the eyes of the beholder for that matter. I would enjoy meeting your great buddies Tom Cusack & Paul Borian. I would enjoy speaking with a few Hallowed- Hollow kings from the past. Happy Hollow always held a certain amount of allure for me growing up sandwiched between "Cowtown & Brickyard". Some days I felt like an alien in the eye of the storm when the aforementioned came to do battle in the neutral zone of church lane, Lena st & Belfield ave. When those eruptions took place I always remember what Momma use to say: "Get your hat & get out". To which I would take appropriate action by putting an egg in my shoe & beating it!

No, I never hung out at the Eagle bar located @ Gtn ave & Erie ave. My Pop did & it was one of his favorite (they all were) watering holes. My dear Mother was on to Dad when a certain time came & he didn't show. Pop always told the truth before he drank & made the fatal mistake of telling tales after to cover up. Didn't work! Mom had all the numbers of the transfer spots Dad hung out & would call the Eagle bar inquiring about said husband. Story has it that Pop remarked that he would come home when the "Eagle flew the nest". Now anybody who has frequented that location knows there was this huge bronze or steel metal eagle above the door entrance & it adorned the location. Henceforth that eagle wasn't coming down or flying anywhere. Plan "B" was then implemented by way of fetching either one of the brothers or myself to go do the heavy lifting. On the way home via the rte 23 trolley, I learned every Irish tune that ever was sung.......I don't think instructing a Women's studies at the university level would sit very well with the faculty, Dean & the students for that matter. Given my Germantown heritage & having lived in a third world country enabled me to see the under belly of society that left a harsh impression. An example would be my grammar. I have a different version of many sexually related definitions. IE: Foreploy in lieu of the standard Foreplay which means: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid. Or, in my latter years,; Glibido ; All talk & no action..
Bernard f mc kernan, annapolis Md. [09-22-2010]

John Payne: Great to see you and so many others on here. We both have great memories of Germantown, particularly Happy Hollow. Hope that all of your family is well; you were all a big part of our lives back then. I remember the day that your mother died and they came to take Patsy home; so sad, but your Dad was a great man, to be admired especially for keeping you all together.
betty lou szewczak obst, married to Bill Obst going on 52 years; retired to FL on the West coast [09-22-2010]

Joe D. Great to hear from you! I am moving next month and hopefully (if this house sells) will be retiring next summer. Time for the next chapter. I'll check back often.
Alice (Bodkin) Taylor [09-22-2010]

John P. Keep posting. Your recollection is unbelievable. I'll be sure to visit this site often. Take care!
Alice (Bodkin) Taylor [09-22-2010]

betty szewczak obst, florida [09-22-2010]

Linda Fontana: The ladies from Cecilian Academy are great bloggers-you and Cathy Manning Muir. Your description of Ms. Hahn was fantastic. Paul Borian was nutting[Hollow Term] me that I did not know how to deal with her. He is intimating that I needed more emotional intelligence which I could have acquired if I hung out at his shrine-The Hollow. It is amazing that this former athlete could handle this very tough gym teacher when she would confront so many young men at the playground and they were paralyzed. After being her phys-ed student, you were ready for basic-training- army or the marines. At the next LaFonta Event, Mr. Borian should show-up, you and the ladies can enjoy his charm- The Bor, Dan Hartnett,and Dandy Jim McKernan- The Three Musketeers. The Bor and I know a guy who lived near his mentor,The Goo. His name is Tom Cusack,Irish raconteur, and he might have known Janet Seifert from W. Bringhurst St. It would be great if they both show up at the next reunion in Hatboro. You and Cathy Manning both went to CA and I just remembered another gal who went there-Toni Wilkins. I am friends with her brother Tom and The Wilkins Family also lived on Bringhurst St. Toni went to many Prep Proms but she married a gentleman from Penn Charter. Some of my Prep classmates dated Mrs. Borian and you got it-his emotional intelligence won out. Fran Borian is a classy and charming lady and well educated-St. Joe's. The Bor does know that The Hawk will never die. A young lady by the name of Jacquelyn lived on Hansberry St. and she probaly married a fellow by the name of Bill Pritz-she also went to CA. The Burke brothers probaly remembered her since they were neighbors and if they didn't,they would have been blind. Linda! I might not have always understood women like some of the bloggers on this site but I always enjoyed their beauty and intellect. In one of your blogs, you mentioned "The Killer"-Jerry Lee Lewis". I prefer female performers- Emmylou Harris comes to mind, she has a beautiful voice and countenance. A Hard Rain Is Going To Fall by Leon Russell describes my present emotional status. I was never a good baseball player and I struck out a lot, but sometimes I would get a high fastball and hit a homer-this is my metaphor for life. In the baseball of life, one must keep swinging and not take a called third strike.
JBS [09-22-2010]

Re: Bud Alexander; I remember him as one of the administrators at the Gtn. Boys Club. A very nice man as I recall.
John Payne [09-22-2010]

To Gtowner: Thanks for the information on Joe Frusco's daughter and Joe, owning a steak shop in Frankford. It makes perfect sense, since Joey and I both worked for Joe Raffeal at the steak shop, at the same time. I recently passed through Phila. on my way to N.Y. and stopped to get something to eat at the top of the blvd. If I knew about this shop then, I would have gladly made the side trip for a true Philly steak. Maybe next trip since I now have a grandaughter in NYC.
John Payne [09-22-2010]

John Payne: I played four yrs w/ Ralph Gatto on the Wissahickon Hawks; I know Joe Frusco but don't remember him playing. I ran into Joe @ 20/25 yrs ago in NJ, he was working for Sonny,oops,Carl Abbonizzio.
Ed McCaulley [09-22-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: "The quiet one". how are you .....haven't seen you on here much, lately...just checking in to give you a huge email 'hug'..Love, Linda "F".
L.Fontana [09-22-2010]

Jim, That is good news.. I will spread the word in hopes that we can get it done soon. Erda
Erda, Lived on the Westside [09-22-2010]

Punky (Dave Wise) was only 67..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [09-22-2010]

to Gman--Bud Alexander was the baseball Mgr&coach along with other sports at the GBC Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-22-2010]

Re: Joey Frusco; after further thought on the matter, it may have been the Wissahickon Hawks for whom Joey Frusco played football.
John Payne [09-21-2010]

Ray Dawes--I showed Molly your picture-she said it was like looking at a grown-up RAY-RAY-enjoyed meeting you and Roy -two nice guys-keep in touch
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [09-21-2010]

James Breen....I sure do remember the 1958 St.Patty's day blizzard.As a member of the Villanova baseball team,we were playing an intra squad baseball game when the light snow flurries started.By the third or fourth inning,snow was falling heavily.The practice game was called off after an inch or two of snow had whitened the field.Shortly thereafter,I made a great decision to leave my dormitory room and head back home to Wayne Ave and Apsley St.It continued to snow for a couple of days,but at least I was home safe and sound.As I recall,the main line area was socked with over 30 inches of snow,and we did not play baseball for almost another week or so.The Germantown area was not hit as hard since some rain mixed in with the heavy wet snow.I remember electrical lines on the ground at Wayne Ave.and adjacent streets.Being both a snow and baseball lover,I was laughing and crying for several days.Classes were cancelled at Villanova for three days.I spent my mini vacation at the Hollow with my buddies.My poor teamates at Villanova(mostly out of state)were stranded on campus.But the Bor was bonding with Goo,Rocky,Shangi,Trout,Sonny,Brogan,Dom,etc.After a couple days of strenuous half court basketball games,it was time to go back to the main line for Villanova baseball.But my heart was not into it because I was leaving my Happy Hollow buddies.I did not get over that until the first game after the snow was cleared from our field,and I got a couple of hits in a winning game.That snowstorm was a special time for me,my Hollow buddies,and Villanova teamates....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Looking forward to another St. Patty's day blizzard in 2011 [09-21-2010]

Dom Raffeal: Good to see you here again. This is a great site isn't it? Dom, you are one of my good guy memories from the HH days. One of my strongest memories of you is that you had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of baseball statistics, be it about teams, player, scores or series. To this day I'm amazed at folks who have stored all that knowledge. I know it comes from a love of the game. I too always loved sports, and still do to this day, but more as a player or spectator of an event, but I never did have that passion to study the careers of the players, well, except that Willie still holds the longest consecutive run in pool, 526 balls without a miss; he used to be a prize fighter, and died in 1993, okaym but other than that...LOL
John Payne [09-21-2010]

JBS- are you kidding ?????????? come alone? Smell the roses? A nice man such as yourself.......could possibly bring anyone he wanted. I hope you and your lady friend are doing well. Linda
L.Fontana [09-21-2010]

Okay, one and all Happy "G" towner's, save this date...Sun.12/12/10 @ 1:00 p.m.-LaFontana's Christmas Luncheon.Bring some sunshine/and 'moonshine'...ha..but, most of all bring the 'wonderful flavor of all the personalities drawn together in one room.Hope the same crowd comes again, along with some new faces...thanks Sincerely, Linda. "F".
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [09-21-2010]

Cathy Manning Muir: I had Ms.Hahn for all four yrs. of High School..and what a piece of work.....and yes, you are correct...she was built like a refrigerator..square and hard as a rock....she kind of reminded me of a 'bulldog' in a way, no offense intended, if she's reading this by now she'd be about 80+ and hopefully wouldn't care....but, she was a great gym teacher...L>A>F.
L.Fontana [09-21-2010]

Dear Ed,it was nice for you to answer back.I do not recall the acc. or if that was EDDY.Did you know Mitch Myers.Marie
anonymous [09-21-2010]

John Payne: I am certain that Pat McIlhinney remembers you and your family-he always admired the girls basketball teams from St. Francis- Sister Pat was one of the great players. You and my brother Ken was in Eileen's class[1958] at St. Francis-she was pretty and very intelligent. Eileen never married, she liked red-heads,marines, Irish guys,athletes, good-talkers and writers with pleasant personalities. John! Do you know anybody who fits that profile? Brother Ken also thought Eileen was quite nice. Pat McIlhinney owns a Real-Estate Appraisal Company near Cherry Hill. We meet monthly for lunch and discuss investment-strategies. My wife, Dr. Ludmila Schmitt[RIP] thought that Pat was very bright- he had a quality education,beginning at St. Francis where Sister Frances Delores applauded his ability in solving math problems-his major at Nova. Like you, he married well and is a happy and positive guy. I was invited to his son's wedding in Atlanta and we showed those Southern folks how Germantowners can dance. However, nobody can boogie like Tom Cusack who took me to a rock&roll dance-party. I never thought that Tom&I would be in this singles-jungle. However, I must say that Tom and Al Patrizi always have a smile on their faces. John! I am happy that Frank Klock,a Hollow Guy and St. Francis classmate and friend likes your blogs. Like Pat McIlhinney, Frank is another smart guy and we are fortunate to have him post on our Germantown-site.
JBS [09-21-2010]

John Payne, In The summer of 1952,we moved to 24 W. Logan,about 8 or so houses up from St.Francis,that is why you associated my sister Helen with Rockland St.She was also very good friends with Mary Ellen and the Phillips family.There was no senior moment at your age!
George Schurr [09-21-2010]

Does the name Paul (Bud) Alexander strike a familiar note to anyone? Let me hear from you.
G-man, 1953 [09-21-2010]

Bud Ballard: I am honored to hang out with The great Saint Francis Class of 1956. I hope Tom Cusack[1954] shows up and then I will not be the oldest guy there. If Bob Durkin is still teaching, he probaly will not be able to make it. It was great to see The Murphy Brothers[Frank&Tom] last time and I hope they can make it-The IRA never did anything to me. Bud! You must have connected with the comments about Angelo Bruno's hit on Snyder Ave. Personally, I really appreciate your effort in planning this Gtn. event at The Buck Hotel.
JBS [09-21-2010]

For John Payne, The daughter of Joe Frusco owns a Steak Shop. I'm sure he is involved. They have a website. http://www.cheesesteaktown.com/restaurants/fruscos.html
gtowner, 65 yr. old [09-21-2010]

Dear friends of Germantown. I have some excellent news to report. I had been in touch with the Mayor and Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller previously. A Margot Berg, of the City of Philadelphia has recently contacted me saying that our proposal for a Germantown Vietnam Memorial at Market Square will be reviewed and she offered assistance with this. It appears to have passed the first hurdle and the City Parks and Recreation (the key decision-makers about monuments) and the City Art Commission need to review the proposal to include the dimensions, materials, drawing/sketch of monument and where it will be located in Market Square. Here is where I need some people help from the area. I need a small sub-committee to help raise funds to pay for the monument. Perhaps there is someone, or a few, who have a little experience raising funds? Also need advice on design and cost of the monument. Perhaps a list of business owners/labor unions in Germantown could be solicited? I will offer the first contribution for the memorial at this stage. Can I ask that someone local-from Germantown, act as a Treasurer and Monument Consultant volunteer to act at the local level to assist? The recent publication of my request in the Germantown Chronicle yielded up three more names of those who died. There may be more that have not yet been identified. Please help if you can. My emal is mckernanj@ecu.edu GERMANTOWN’S HONORED FALLEN IN VIETNAM Since this past Memorial Day I have been compiling, with help from Germantown friends, a list of those who died from the Germantown area of Philadelphia in the Vietnam War. We need a fitting site for the Memorial Marker and funds to pay for this. Help if you can. I list my contact details below. GERMANTOWN VIETNAM MEMORIAL Cpl Rowland J. Adamoli, USMC A Co. 1st AMTRAC Bn 3rd Marine Div 18 May 1940-18 Aug 1965 (First Philadelphia Marine killed in war) The Wall Panel 02E Line 053 Sp 4 Robert John Chambers, USARMY HHC 1st BN 27th INF Age 19 Tour 01/04/68 Died 02/13/68 The Wall Panel 39E Line 018 Church lane, Germantown Phila Pa. PFC Joseph Thomas Chatburn, USMC 3rd PLT, I Co, 3rd BN 26th Marines, 1st Marine Division III MAF April 22 1948-March 16 1969 The Wall: Panel 29W Line 051 PFC Joseph Quinton Conway, USMC M Co 3rd BN 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Div July 23, 1944-Sep 2, 1966 CPL Edward Corcoran USMC C CO, 1st BN 7th Marines 25 Jan 1946- 17 Oct 1966 WALL: Panel 11ELine 081 (North Hills Pa.) PFC Joseph Flanagan US ARMY West Rittenhouse Street, Germantown Died of Agent Orange disease shortly after returning home from Vietnam SP4 John Joseph Gallagher USARMY C Battery, 5th BN, 22nd Artillery 52nd Arty Group 1st Field Force USARV April 21 1944-Dec 17 1969 The WALL: Panel 15W Line 066 CPL Richard Gilliam Jr. USMC D battery, 2nd BN, 11th Marines, 1st Marine DIV III MAF February 16, 1950-March 19th, 1969 THE WALL: Panel 29W- Line 077 PFC Albert Kaplan, USMC B Co, 1st AMTRAC BN, 3rd MAR DIV, IIIMAF Sep 20, 1946-Feb 22, 1968 WALL: Panel 40E Line 068 SP4 Louis Robert Lordi USARMY A Co, 2nd BN 3rd INF 199th ING BDE Oct 07 1947-May 17, 1968 WALL: Panel 62E Line 008 (North Wales, Pa.) PFC Thomas Kevin Lyons, USARMY A Co, 4th BN 31st INF 196th INF BDE AMERICAL DIV Oct 28 1947-May 01, 1968 THE WALL: Panel 53E Line 036 Immaculate Conception Parish, Graduate CDHS GYSGT Joseph Thomas McCreight USMC D Co, 7th ENG BN 3rd Marine Div, 111 MAF Sep 06, 1937-Dec 19, 1966 THE WALL: Panel 13E Line 062 LCPL Francis Pennetti, USMC K Co, 3rd BN, 26th Marine Div 15 June 1947-24 Jan 1968 THE WALL: Panel 35E Line 026 Cpl Albert Marshall Reed USARMY A Co. 2nd Bn 506th INF. 101st Airborne Div USAV September 06, 1951-October 13th, 1970 THE WALL: Panel 07W Line 133 CPL Joseph Francis Schimpf, USARMY A Co, 1st BN, 5th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Div, USAV Dec 14, 1948- March 24, 1969 THE WALL: Panel 28W Line 30 SGT Raymond Julius Smith USARMY C Co, 2nd BN, 501st INF 101st Airborne Div Aug 13, 1947-April 26, 1968 The Wall: Panel 52E Line 024 PFC Donald Charles Wood US ARMY E Troop, 17th CAV 173rd Airborne Brigade 23 Oct 1949-20 May 1968 The WALL: Panel 64E line 010 1967 Graduate CDHS Dr. Jim McKernan Professor, 3607 Coventry Court Greenville North Carolina, 27858 Email: mckernanj@ecu.edu
Jim McKernan, Professor, Greenville NC [09-21-2010]

FFK: Thanks for the comment on my possts. High praise indeed, coming from someone with your skills and insight. Speaking of which, it would be nice to see more from you on this site. I, for one, look forward to hearing from you. Hoping all is well my friend, and don't forget, running english off one long rail, becomes reverse english on the cross table rail. :)
John Payne [09-21-2010]

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