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September 11-20, 2010

Marie B, My name is Ed Farrar. Some knew me a "Bommie" from Mechanic St, A name I was glad to renounce later in life. I attended OLR 62-70. I did know of a Eddie Knovac. If I am thinking of the right person, he was older than me and had a younger brother whom I cannot recall. Believe he had an accident on a motorcycle. Lived near High and Magnolia?
Ed, Chester, VA [09-20-2010]

lou giorno were those drinks called lime rickies? i did like those. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-20-2010]

Bernie McKernan: As usual, your blog was full of intersting info. Murph the Surf is not the same Jack Murphy who went to St. Francis with John Berkery. When you were not buying rags, I wonder if you hung out at Gtn.&Erie. John Berkery& Jack Murphy tended bar at The Shamrock which was located at Gtn.&Venago- Marvin Edleman[Jewish Pug] was the bouncer and he did an excellent job and he controlled those tough dudes from K&A. Thomas Goony Walsh tended bar at The Eagle, Gtn.&Erie. Most of these aforementoined lads were Irish Gentlemen until you crossed them and then it was lights out. As you suggested in your last blog, it is advantageous to drink wine since fire-water can cause loose lips and that could be fatal. As you have observed, I let my women do the talking. Bernie! You are an astute observer of women and have a keen understanding of the distaff gender. At an early age, I did not attempt to fully comprehend the behavior of women. You and I have enjoyed The Venezuelan culture- You even went to the altar with a Venezuelan beauty as I observed from your ring. I had the good fortune of knowing a similar-type but she was very sagacious. This lovely lady told me that women were very complex and difficult to understand. She said that she was a real woman but don't try to understand her and just enjoy the dance- she was very profound. My days of critical thinking are over and my brain cells are needed to preserve my capital. I knew a guy from G-Town by the name of Tom Cusack, a great dancer, bowler, and Irish raconteur. With this background, he never read the Inquirer on Saturday Night. Recently, I talked to him about navigating the single-waters. I am not trying to be flippant but I got the idea he understood baseball better than how women think. However, I must say that I was impressed Paul Borian compromised the legendary women athletic director- Ms. Hahn from CA. He must have told her if she came to The Hollow as Director, he would clean up the crap-games and high-stakes poker games. I am so impressed with the rapport that you and The Bor have with women, I think that both of you should teach Women_studies at a prominent university- Nova or Temple. You arrived at LaFontana's in resplendent attire and I wonder what you will do for an encore- The Vernon Shop is closed. I am sure that the next reunion will be interesting and a larger turnout. Maybe I should travel solo next-time and smell the roses.
JBS: [09-20-2010]

Attention JBS, Bob DURKIN, Ray DAWES, Roy DAWES, Tom MURPHY are you going to attend the S.F.A. Class 1956 Luncheon at the BUCK Hotel, Friday, October 8, 2010, at 12 Noon. Please let me know as soon as possible. Buddy CURRAN are you going to attend? Bud BALLARD.
Bud BALLARD [09-20-2010]

Does anybody recall the March 17th.1958 Snow storm? Saint Patrick's Day. I was eleven and when I started out from East Seymour Street to go to the annual Saint Francis of Assisi Irish Bash it was cloudy but no snow in the forecast. No boots, no gloves, just my jacket. A few hours later after hearing Irish singers and step dancers from the Old Sod do their thing I left the old Parish hall. I had to push with all my might to push through the snow that had already built up outside. It was like a scene out of the Series: "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon" I was convinced I was a dead boy and my entire 11 years on God's Earth passed before my eyes. My Grandpop was gone just one year and I recall praying to him for a safe deliverance home during this awful storm. Philly back then prided itself in getting out from under a storm almost right away. This storm crippled the City for a couple of days. Trolley Cars had better ways of clearing the Avenues and Streets back then. Huge Plow cars with big brushes out both sides plus Salt shooting tubes out the back and sides made it a viable way to clear out at least the Avenues. But this storm was different. Today's Busses are great, but not as efficient in deep snow. Jim Breen, Saint Patrick's Day survivor. 1958.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [09-20-2010]

Mr.Lynch,Mr Rosano, Mr. dePasquel. You are cordially invited to have lunch with the boys from St. Francis on October 8 at 12 noon. They will be from different grades. chuck Lubkin and myself will be attending if you know of others in the area please also invite them. But to see you there Ray
Ray Dawes, 67 years old living in Oreland [09-20-2010]

john payne, well said. my memories of friends from happy hollow are cherish and irreplaceable. thanks to you and the site for all the germantown stuff. how lucky we all were to grow up there. good stuff, dominic
dom raff, same [09-20-2010]

This blog has opened the floodgates of my memory! Reading about all the shops around Wayne Ave and Logan St I'm reminded of Joe Raffaele who once saved my stepfather's life at Gillespie's Tavern. Mike McGeehan was deaf and wore hearing aids but often didn't turn them on. One night somebody came in, armed, to hold the place up but Mike didn't hear him when he ordered him to empty the till and was about to shoot him when Joe R. yelled out, "he's deaf and can't hear you". Absolutely saved his life. That's when Mike decided to give the job away at the end of the year (1973). However some mongrel beat him to death just before Xmas, so he didn't get out in time. I remember that Joe Raffaele married very young and he and his wife were living above the shop down near the Logan St end of Wayne Ave. One night there was a fire and they escaped by climbing out the front window and sliding down the awning onto the street. It was very sad because they lost everything. However, Joe soon opened another pizza shop further up the street, next to the Olds repair garage, if my recollection is correct, and made great pizzas, steak sandwiches and hoagies. To this day I make hoagies his way: split the bread not quite all the way through; lay it flat; pull out the soft bread to make a ditch, then lay the ham, prosciutto, cheese, peppers, onions etc across the top and use a long knife to smoosh the fillings down while you fold the bread over. Here in Oz we don't have hoagies but there are Subway franchises that make a reasonable facsimile. However, they want to put grated carrot and sliced beet in their 'subs', which is to me a mortal sin. I also remember the Chinese laundry next to Gillespie's. The owner's English name was Sandy. He brought his brother out from China and they lived in a room at the back of the laundry. He then brought out a wife from China who was very modern and wouldn't stand for living behind the laundry. They eventually bought the 5&10 building and then the building on the NE corner of Wayne and Seymour and lived above the hardware store there. I used to tutor their son in the summertime, because Sandy was afraid the boy would forget how to speak English over the 3-month break. Sandy also has a Chinese restaurant across from Gillespie's, next door to the alleyway behind Schenk's bakery. Real go-getters they were. Finally, I recall when Felice Mairon, whose son owned the grocery store on Wayne Ave two doors down from Seymour St, was murdered by a couple of kids who stole his collection of coins. That was right after Mike McGeehan was murdered. And that's when I pulled the plug and moved away.
Cathy Manning Muir, Outback Australia [09-20-2010]

JBS: Reading one of your posts, I noticed that you are still friends with Pat McIllheny, and that triggered some more memories for me. Brief though it was, I had an eye for Pat's sister Eileen, when we were in the fifth grade; had Sister Grace as a teacher, and shared the room with your brother Ken. Nice girl; nice family. Tell Pat hello for me. He may not even remember who I am, but I remember their home on Knox St. just off Hansberry?, near the corner, and continuing north, and across the street, there was that small candy store. I used that as my weigh station when walking to or from the boys club up on Penn St. Oh, tell Pat to tell Eileen Hi also. Thanks :)
John Payne [09-20-2010]

for buddy c [09-18-2010] Rotzels Catering - behind Freburg Drug
Anom, G-towner [09-20-2010]

Bonnie: I read your post wrong, missed the comma. I read it as My dad, Ralph, rather than My dad, Ralph and I, So, maybe your dad's name wasn't Ralph. Sorry. Also, thanks for the update on pricing. Cannot say I remember the six cents size. I guess I was going for the large all along. Either way, I still think about it today. I've tried the chain stuff, like Rita's, but using anti-freeze really isn't the same thing is it? It's like when you leave the city, and stop in to a restaurant, and they tell you they have Philadelphia Cheese Steaks. "Yeah, sure you do. I think I'll just have a burger. Thanks."
John Payne [09-20-2010]

Does anyone remember the Murphy family who lived on Logan St. across from St. Francis? My older sister used to be friends with "Winky" Murphy.
Steve Byrne [09-20-2010]

Anon. Your pithy post that just lists three more names from Greater Germantown mentions two who were very good friends. The Frusco brothers, Joe(y)and Lynn. This is another great Germantown family. Dad, Joe Frusco, aka, Joe Bopps, because he was an accomplished saxaphone player who used to play for the Latin Casino band in the evening, or weekends, or shows, after having spent the entire day doing construction work. Now that's a work ethic. Mom, Peggy Frusco, worked at the Wayne diner, along with her mom, whose first name I no longer remember. Thanks to the great work ethic and values of their parents, the boys, Joe(y) and Lynn, were afforded the privledge of attending Norwood Academy. Joe was a tough little guy who wound up playing football for a team called the Butler Bears; and the last I heard he was operating heavy equipment, as in monster machines, in the construction business. By the end of the school years, Joey was already bulking up pretty good, but I have been told that he eventually became a very wide guy, just like dad. Lynn always had the size, but went in a different direction, the sales field. I always thought he should have been an entertainer. He was an extremely funny guy, who later married Jeanne Buck. I would love to hear from either of those guys; I rank them among my best friends.
John Payne [09-20-2010]

Lou Giorno: I don't think I know you, but in answer to your question, Yes, I remember LLeweyllyns drug store on Gtn. near Chelten, but I can't say that I ever went in there, so I missed out on the lime drink.
John Payne [09-20-2010]

JBS: Oops! I just hit a wrong key, so you probably will get an anonymous post from me re: your basement.
John Payne [09-20-2010]

Dave Byrne: regarding your post wherein you referenced your dad dressing you down for a callow remark about a broken veteran; and so character is born. Cudos to your dad for being aware of his role as sculpter. He created a masterpiece with your family.
John Payne [09-20-2010]

Paul B. What a great invitation. You know if I were still living in the Northeast, I actually would love to do that Hoagie reunion. I not only could provide Cisco, and Ray McG, but believe it or not, my oldest brother, Tom (Woody)is still out and about. He makes a trip down here once a year driving his own RC.
John Payne [09-20-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey: Thanks for the comments on my post Dennis. From reading this site, I know the sentiments are also true for The East Side; The Brickyard, Scileas (pardon if I spelled it wrong); The Lots, Chew and Chelten, and much more I'm sure, I just don't have the "walking around" knowledge of the East Side the way I do the West Side, but we all have our Camelots, and infrastructure has little to do with it.
John Payne [09-20-2010]

Bonnie: I knew it was your dad's lemonade stand, but I never knew him by any name other than Mr. Gatto. (as it should be at that age). I also never kneew that you and Ralph, your brother, were conscripted into making the lemonade. That's a neat bit of knowledge, and as I think about families, and how things work, well, of course you did. I can almost hear, "nobody's going to any playground until the water ice is made. End of story". LOL. Bonnie, it must feel good to know you and your family had such an important impact on so many lives in our little corner of the world. Your quiet and gentle mom and dad with that great after dinner treat of homemade lemonade, and your outstanding athletic brother, Ralph, who quarterbacked Northeast Catholic to many victories, and needless to say your own athletic prowess; however; all of those contributions and feats were overshadowed by the fact that you were just a real nice family, and terrific friends.
John Payne [09-20-2010]

Would love to connect with St. Francis, St. Mike's class of '57. Looking forward to lunch at the Buck Hotel on October 8 for St. Francis alum.
Chuck lubking, Married, living in Berwyn, semiretired [09-20-2010]

JOHN PAYNE------- JBS is right on when he states that I must be impressed with your writings. Keep posting.
FRANK KLOCK [09-20-2010]

JBS: Ms. Hahn! Now that takes me back! She was built like a fireplug, no boobs, no waist. At CA, she wore long skirts that went all the way down to about two inches above her socks. She taught PE and we all hated it. We joked that if we did the exercises she put us through, we'd all wind up looking like her! Also reminds me of the locker room/all purpose room where we did our PE. The access from outside to the cafeteria was through there and one day we were changing from our gym clothes back into our uniforms when the delivery man suddenly came through to deliver crates of potato chips. As we were all in our underwear with nowhere to hide but in our lockers, we all jumped in at once and knocked over the whole row of lockers with us in it! Don't know what hurt worse, the skinned elbows and knees or the jaws from laughing! A sure sign of old age: I can remember all these things so clearly but can't remember where I left my mobile phone!
Cathy Manning Muir, Outback Australia [09-20-2010]

Bonnie Gatto: Great to finally put a name to the lemonade vendor at Logan & Keyser. To this very day, that lemonade is the benchmark by which I judge water ice. We have something called water ice here but it's nothing like yours was. I remember the chunks of lemon in it and how luscious it was on a hot day. I would kill for the recipe! The closest thing I've ever come to the texture, coldness and sheer deliciousness of your water ice was the marquerita recipe at Brennecke's Beach restaurant at Poipu, Kauai. We went in at 2PM one day to make a booking for dinner that night, ordered a pitcher of margueritas and wound up staying from then until 11PM!
Cathy Manning Muir, Outback Australia [09-20-2010]

Hey Ed, Would love to be at the OLR reunion, but am living in Mesa, Az. and can't get time off in order to attend. Say " Hi " to everyone for me. Thanks!
John DiRenzo [09-18-2010]

John Payne: It was my mom and dad who had the lemonade stand on the corner of Logan & Keyser. My dad, Ralph and I made the lemonade in our back yard in a big green wooden machine and then we rolled it down to the corner across the rickety old bricks on Keyser St. along the side of our house. The stand was right up against our porch. Moy mom and dad were at the stand most of the time, but sometimes Ralph and I would help out. A small cup was 6 cents and the large a dime. We kept the money in a cigar box right on the porch in plain sight (try that today?). It wasnít unusual for my mom to give out a free cup to kids who didnít have the money. Iím not sure we ever made any profit. The best part was that people, old and young, would gather at that lemonade stand and pass the day together.
Bonnie Gatto [09-18-2010]

Does anyone remember LLewellyns drug store on Gtn.Ave near Chelton?? They concocted a lime drink that was out of this world-it was soooo good.Other stores that were on that block that I recall--H&H-Joy Kiddie Shop-Cherry's Hanscum Bakery-Sun Ray Drug store Pincus sports store --can't recall the others.Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou fromburbs [09-18-2010]

JBS: Your last blog was colorful & entertaining. I never quite saw myself as a walking Kaleidoscope but thank you for the kind words. My brothers & I are a tight group. So tight we could make an old rusty spring appear flexible. I sat back in my chair when I heard you reference the name "Murph". Could that be one & the same "Murph the surf" the 2nd story character that preyed & played his wares on the Main line in Philadelphia during the sixties? Legend has it Murph could scale a roof faster than a ladder & had monkey blood running through his veins with his ability to jump etc. Another B.A. was Herb Adderly. He & Leroy Kelly were super athletes. I did not know Herb who went on to become an all pro with the Green Bay Packers but I did know his brother slightly & it was hard to believe they came from the same womb. Whatever became of Charles Adderly?......So, you were the one woofing down the Malbec on Sunday, I should have made an attempt to join you but stayed with the ever safe proven Merlot. Someone made reference some time ago on this site asking why all us former tough guys drank vino. To that end I would reply it's safer, slower & allows you to see the world go by in a more enjoyable manner. J.Daniels # 7, Absolut vodka etc all were harder on your pipes than drano & pickled your brain to thinking you were a better driver than Mario Andretti. Ahh, age has it's benefits, wisdom among them. One thing I have learned in my senior years is that: "you're never to old to learn something stupid"......I am looking forward to another fine luncheon @ Christmas if it can be arranged. No doubt Linda F. will do her part now we have to hold up our ends & I'm not referring to "Depends".......JB. I have forwarded along to Dan Hartnett a few pictures of Aquila111 & specs for approval so as to allay any fears / trepidation you might have come spring on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Aquila is stout & faithful during the day & allows you to sleep as if you were tucked into a cradle or a woman's bosom at night............On a final note, I enjoyed the conversation with your date Ms. Z. She has a lot of spirit & speaks her mind. Ms. Z also knew of my former wife Barbara Kehan, who attended the great Little Flower high school. In closing I will leave you all with some hard learned advice & which happens to all of us almost daily. Never argue with an idiot. He/ she will drag you down to their level & beat you with experience.
bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [09-18-2010]

james [buddy] curran [buddy c], brooksville fl 69 [clapier st] [09-18-2010]

what was the name of the caters next store to the wyneva drug store on wayne ave. buddy c
buddy c [09-18-2010]

gees! i remember punk wise !i lived on lena st . 5331 i remember his mom and i think his grandmother had a candy store on the conner of lena and coulter . how old was he ? im 75 yers old and i think he was younger then me . frank
FRANK, north wales [09-18-2010]

i am glad to see that when i brought up paul wall brought a lot of comments he was kool does any body rembember the dirty dozen that hung at the candy store at green & logan paul paris bob wisler buddy calabro buddy ezman lynch joe darosey i think trout hung there a little while sunny ragbag from newhall st .buddy c
buddy c [09-18-2010]

Obsts family lived at 5009 Tacoma. We lived next to them. Their Mom also lived there. The father died in a boating accident in the Delaware River around 61-62.
Joe Melchiorre, Phoenixville,PA [09-18-2010]

Anon. - Judy Anskis's brother Ed lives in Delaware, not sure if he attended the St. Francis Reunion earlier this year.
Friend of a Relative [09-18-2010]

CMM: You piqued my interest. Now I know what ProZ is. Interesting.
John Payne [09-18-2010]

Catherine (Manning)Muir: I just smiled while reading your story about running past the funeral parlors (McElroys and Gillespie's'). It's a good thing you woke up inside Gillespie's, after having fainted outside. A tad longer and you might have wound up embalmed. Who knows..maybe a slow business month...gotta meet those quotas. LOL. My hunddred yard dash area was along the graveyard across from Pistoria's cleaners. I used to occasionally go "back to Wakefield" to hook up with different friends from school.(We're talking sixth grade here) Vince Graul, RIP, MaryJane Gallagher (early crush), Bobby Lightcap, Johnny Dolan, and many more whose names are escaping me at this moment. Anyway, coming home after dark, once I turned the corner from Wakefield onto East Logan, I was off like a flash until I crossed Germantown Avenue, (with a glance to Margaret Mary Whisler's house while crossing germantown; she lived a few doors north of Logan on the West side of Gtn., another hand holding partner for a brief moment in time)Then down Logan through the DMZ, (St. Francis Convent, School, and Church), and past the two funeral parlors, which were not a problem for me. :)
John Payne [09-18-2010]

John Payne - having grown up in East Germantown, Happy Hollow means nothing to me.... But, I really enjoyed your perspective on it. Great post!
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-18-2010]

lou giorno, lou from burbs: you might want to contact Mr. Dennis McGlinchey, who makes frequent appearances on this message board, as he has tirelessly researched and cataloged all the motion picture theaters in the Germantown area. He has complied extensive information on the theaters and is a published author who has had his work featured in the Germantown Crier.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [09-18-2010]

John Bruce Schmidt...What a nice name!Sounds very Germantownish.How did you survive the Hollow with that name(not enough vowels).I had one confrontation with Ms Hahn.Told her that her playground,Kendrick,stinks.You know,it just did not smell right like the Hollow.No characters,no corner to hand out,girls could not play basketball like the Hollow girls,no Goo,just a boring place.When Ms Hahn threatened to fire me,I held my ground like a true Happy Hollow warrior.Told her that I would infiltrate Kendrick with the bad boys of the Hollow,and her nice playground would never be the same.She backed off and never confronted me again.I think she liked me.
Paul Borian, Still looking for my Louisville slugger and Ted Williams glove. [09-18-2010]

John Payne...As the Junior member of the Payne Family,your writings are prolific!I am all pumped up and ready to go to Wayne and Logan to hang out all night long.Would you care to join me?Wake up brother Cisco so that he can join us.How about the rest of you Happy Hollow guys.Are you ready for a Hoagie luncheon on Columbus day at High Noon(do not foresake me)BYOH.I will supply the beer and Ray McGough will take care of security...Paul Borian
Paul Borian, The Hollow Lives On [09-18-2010]

John Payne: Your recent blogs about The Hollow and The Payne Family have been outstanding. Your comments about your family resonated with me since I grew up in a single-parent household. I was aware of the terrible tragedy that happened on Wayne Ave. and your great family were close and stayed together. My mother married after my youngest brother[Rick] graduated from high-school. My mother married a distinguished guy and he was fortunate that he never had to spank us- I was the only reserved guy in the family. We had a clubhouse in our basement- pool table,dart-board, speed-bag,weights,records, beverage-kart and a work-bench. Your classmate[Ken] was a fair pool-shooter but we could never compete with you or The Bor who hung out at Mosconi's. I also liked your essay and take on The Hollow. You and The Bor are carrying The Baton for Mr. Hollow- Bobby Goo Guarinello. I played all the sports at The Hollow and played cards and although I liked to gamble- those old guys who played poker,shot dice,and bet on the ponies were daunting characters. I got a good rush when I scaled the rocks which were challenging. I always liked walking through the hole in the fence near the basketbal-court and looking at the rocks in the background and they were so beautiful after a snow-fall. Snow is not a big concern for you but we both know a guy from The Hollow who loves snow but hates squirrels and they drive him nuts. John! You write well and even Frank Klock[Hollow Poet] must be impressed.
JBS [09-18-2010]

Cathy Manning Muir/and JBS: One of my best friends, Jeanne Seifert-Kilgallon will be coming to the Dec. LaFontana's Luncheon. Sheis asking her sister, Jan Seifert-Paytos to attend also..Both of them know a lot of you ...so this should be a nice re-acquaintance day.They lived on Bringhurst St. on the west side of "G" town...have a nice weekend everybody:Sincerely, Linda
L.Fontana [09-18-2010]

JBS: If I may "requote" you...hoochie mama is an understatement....Ms."Z" was feeling no pain..laughing it up/ and giving out lots of info..glad she was able to 'have a good time' with you/ You deserve it....Like you said, you are a 'lonely guy'..didn't Paul Anka make a song about that years back. I'm Just a Lonely Boy? Well, Ms."Z" can sure pull you out of that one quickly..Like Jerry Lee Lewis sang, way back when.....goodness, gracious..she's great balls of fire.(lol) no offense intended, just kidding around with you both..amen, Lady "L">....see you at the next HOT SPOT in December...LaFontana's "G" town Christmas Luncheon Bash, no 'dress code 'required...just red/white or green/ we will look like a bunch of Germantown Christmas Balls:.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [09-18-2010]

C.M.M. I promise I did not access your ProZ.com profile, even once, since I do not even know what a ProZ.com profile is, LOL.
John Payne [09-18-2010]

I've compiled a list of movie houses in the Gtn.area--check them out-did I miss any?Cayuga-New Lyric-Logan-Wayne-Vernon-Colonial-Orpheum-Band Box-Walton-Upsal-Rialto-Sedgewick. Lou Giorno.
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-17-2010]

I'd love to know who the person is who has accessed my ProZ.com profile 19 times in the past few days, from a Comcast IP address in Gloucester City NJ! Raise your hand, please, whoever you are!
Cathy (Manning) Muir, www.proz.com/profile/13030 [09-17-2010]

Buddy C. You are correct Sir! The Obsts family, Dad, Booby, Fritzy and Billy, (don't know about the mom)lived on Tacoma St., and the Blacksmith was at Logan and Kaiser (catty-corner) from Superior Bakery.
John Payne [09-17-2010]

Anonymous: Re: Paul Wall. I remember Paul Wall from when I was adolescent, maybe pre-adolescent. He was another black Happy Hollow athlete. I was very small at the time, maybe fifth grade (1955) or earlier. I can't fill in much more detail than that. Of course he seemed like a very tall, and very athletic guy, but when you are in the fifth grade, who doesn't? :)
John Payne [09-17-2010]

Don, Cous is located at 12th & Mercy, it is now called the South Philly grille. The driver was the Geator who also was a pole bearer in his funeral. Not one bit of fact, but funny all the same, especially the Geator being a "pole" bearer LOL I wonder if it was a the infamous ten foot pole we all hear about LOL
anonymous [09-17-2010]

Paul Borian: Now that another summer season is over, you can hangout in beautiful Bucks County and root for The Phillies with those 3 great pitchers. You read on this site that I was hanging out in Hatboro and sipping on Malbec. I always like the company of Germantowners but my date was originally from Gtn.&Erie. I could tell the Germantown Ladies got a kick out of her- she was doing her hoochie mama thing since she had performed in various plays. All of us were sitting at a big table when a flamboyant silver fox sashays into the restaurant wearing a rainbow-suit and shades over his eyes-this was the one and only Bernie McKernan from Annapolis and brother of Kevin,the great writer and Jim,The Full Professor. My date Ms. Z. must have never seen a rainbow because she was enchanted with this gentleman from the east side of the tracks. Only you remember the flamboyant gambler from Tacoma St.[Murph] and these two guys could have traveled together. The language was very colorful between Ms. Z. and Bernie who has been around the block. I learned that we both spent time in South America. Ms. Z. thought Dan Hartnett was a gentleman and raconteur. It would have been nice if you had made it- you are a good talker and you can talk sports with anybody. I mentioned your old boss,Ms. Hahn from Kendrick in a previous blog. Like many Germantowners, I could be feisty but I would never want to meet her in a dark alley. You were more courageous as a kid, you went eye-ball to eye-ball with Herb Adderly and acted confident when you played poker with intimidating guys and you know who I mean. You are correct that I should have more punctual but my Feminist date wanted to be fashionably late. I guess that I am getting too old to be driving the bus. Bor! We're rounding third and why sweat the small stuff- everthing is small if you know what I mean. Good luck with the squirrels and the leaves and then the snow arrives-ski-time.
JBS [09-17-2010]

Dear "A Drive By"; The Hollow hasn't changed a bit...you just haven't been paying close enough attention to the posts on this site. I know the trolley tracks are gone, and some of the stores may be boarded up. The field is probably all dirt and gravel now, and who can say what may have become of those two buildings, the "old gym' and the "new". But that isn't The Hollow. The Hollow is the stories you read on this site, and the relationships that were created, and the memories that are cherished. It is the laughs and hoots, and tears, and first loves, and heartbreaks. It is the great moments of sport and achievement that live large in the hearts of the participants; possibly larger now than they ever really were, but savoured none the less. The Hollow will always be there; as will the clang of the 53, the aroma of fried onions coming from the little steak shop, the bent bars in the wrought iron fence, the mesh wire backboards, and later the metal ones; the winter sleigh rides down the red brick hill, the summer softball games, the dances, outdoors and in, for youngsters, and seniors. No, it's still there my friend, you just need to look a little closer; I know you will see it.
John Payne [09-17-2010]

Paul Wall(wohl)not sure of spelling-lived on ashmead or collum st.He was a helluva good baseball player. Someone told me he became a Prot.Minister and lived in the Gtn.area.Paul is 75yrs old -He was in my 1st grd class at the Schaffer School-I met him at Happy Hollow 60 yrs. ago at a baseball game-If anyone has more info about him please share it with us. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-17-2010]

George Schurr: Thanks for the update on Jarvis Market. I thought that was the case, but what surprised me is that you lived on Clapier St. I thought I remembered Helen coming from Rockland St, near MaryEllen Phillips. (so begins the senior moments. LOL)
John Payne [09-17-2010]

To Ed from CHESTER,The reuion OLR is on Nov.13th.you can get in touch with Joe Cutrie 215 355 9967 or Joe Feola 215 8850192 are you Eddy KNOVAC?
MARIE [09-17-2010]

JBS, You mentioned many people whom I have either heard of or (know) personally.....so, I really enjoyed your writings....about Cecilian Academy. I went out with guys from both North Catholic and LaSalle in my day...Does anyone remember a guy named Robert Anthony Caravelli, he was PreMed at LaSalle College. He had two bro(s) who attended there also with him, Tom and Jim... Robt. is an Esq. in Ind. while Jim is a Doctor in NewYork..and Tom works for the CIA. all very smart well educated men..God bless them and their family....take care, Linda "F"
L.Fontana [09-17-2010]

Cathy Manning Muir:I am going to see Jeanne Seifert this p.m. and will try to find out some info for you re: the Fowler family, etc. Sincerely, Linda
L.Fontana [09-17-2010]

Dan "H" and MaryAlice...thanks for your kind words about our little luncheon..I think I've missed my calling...I should have been an Event Planner....like one of my friends who does JUST THAT down here in Center City Phila.She's the Dir. of Event Planning for the Marriott . Can be fun, but,also can be a headache at times. However, I am a 'people' person-and so glad those of you who came seemed to have an enjoyable day. God Bless all of you..see you soon..Linda "F"
Linda Fontana [09-17-2010]

Kevin McKernan: I am laughing hysterically right now thanks to you. I needed a diversion, so> I came onto this site....and read your comments about the 'brightness' of your brother's colorful clothes. He is not one to be missed in public, that's for sure...and he has a 'delightful' personality to match his choice of garb.Lethal combo/ intelligence matched up with humor...you brothers all seem to have that..it was a very pleasant day...hopefully, more "G" towner's will be in attendance in December..we will get together, eat, drink and make 'merry' as they say. Thanks for making my day a bit happier, today.Respectfully, Linda "F">
L.Fontana [09-17-2010]

More names from the past:Joe&Lynn Frusco,Nick & Carl(don't call me Sonny) Abbonizzio.
anon: [09-17-2010]

anonymous[9-13]/John Payne I lived at 203 Clapier f/1940 to 1952,Jarvis Bros.was at 200 for as long as i can remember.I actually started my working career delivering orders for Jarvis when I was 7 or 8 yrs old.and I am still working 65 yrs.later.
George Schurr [09-16-2010]

Ironically at the luncheon on Sunday I was engaged in conversation regarding Union membership, the Teamsters in general. Little did I realize that an old dear friend of mine passed away that very day & will be buried with full Military honors today at Washington Crossing National cemetery in Penna. Thomas (Tommy) J. Ryan former loading dock worker at Mack Transportation & Vietnam veternan rose through the ranks of local 107 Philadelphia, Pa to become the President of the union. This is no ordinary feat as local 107 over the years has been framed as the model union that the late Jimmy Hoffa, (where are you Jim) made famous. Tommy Ryan while not from Germantown, hailed from nearby Mayfair & attended North Catholic. He & I worked along side one another in the early years before his country called & he served in Vietnam with honor. Today he goes to rest with the angels & while I haven't seen tom in years I kept tabs on him through the conduit of my bro-in-law Johnny Mahon a retired business agent from local 676 in Pennsauken N.J. The point here for me at least is that Philadelphia & Germantown in particular hold hero's many of whom are unsung. Currently we have seventeen names on a list that will be enshrined eventually that gave their lives for their country in Vietnam. Brother Jim will be in contact shortly on this matter asking for assistance to keep the dream going. ..I think in conversation with several of the gentlemen at the luncheon we all have been touched by the loss of a loved one either in the war or many years later like Tommy who suffered from the remnants of "Agent Orange" a deadly form of liquid poison used on the enemy that probably took thousands of American lives over time as well. Compliments of the Dow chemical company, whose slogan "Better living through chemistry" surely would be challenged by many American families.........Tommy ryan was a friend of mine & I shall miss that lanky tousled red haired lad of eighteen. Rest in eternal peace tom.
Bernard f mc kernan, annapolis Md, 69yrs, retired & sailing [09-16-2010]

Joe Lynch: It's great to see you posting again. I last saw you at The Hollow Reunion when you came with Duncan Hubley, the great soccer player from GA. At that time, you reminded me the proper name for John Payne was John Payne. Many of the people on this site, you know from The Hollow or Fernhill Park, and St. Francis. Cousin Jack Brogan posts from Maine-life is good but I think that it can get cold up there. You must be in good health since you are trying to teach those nice kids from Montco at LaSalle. How is Brother Tom and John Fries- they must be devastated that North closed. It's hard to believe that LaSalle and The Prep are still open and North and CD are closed. I wish that more people could afford The Prep and LaSalle- they are both doing a good job. I am still friends with your old basketball-partner from Fernhill-Pat[jumpshot] McIlhinney. Lou Pauzano[a Prepper] was happy to see you post on this site. I surmise your old friend,Dr. Joe D'Angelo is still The Principal of Notre Dame. Joe! Keep posting and give my regards to the old gang-they were all good people. I even liked Bill Haas but as you probaly knew, I loved fouling him and so did Leroy Kelly.
Bruce Schmitt [09-16-2010]

Rose Electric
Joe DePero, 53, st mikes 70, levittown [09-16-2010]

Lou Giorno: wasn't the electric supply across from Wister St. "Rose Electric"? Pretty sure that's what it was in my day, but maybe had another name in the "ancient times", as my kids say. . .
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [09-16-2010]

JBS..Thanks for the complimentary remarks re: my postings. Like you, and many others on this site, I enjoy reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances, and just eavesdropping on others who were in my periphery while growing up. You mentioned that I came from a large family and was close to my sisters; correct on both counts, and I was also close to my brothers. I was the youngest of seven children. Since my dad was a railroad employee who worked for the Pennsylvania RR in the freight division, I was often referred to as the caboose. As you probably know, my mom was killed when I was in the first grade, and the rest of my brothers and sisters were dispersed throughout the grades, except for the oldest, Rosemarie, who had just graduated. I mention that only to relate that my dad was adamant that we stick together, and back one another. He had many offers from well meaning friends and relatives to take some of us kids to raise, and to give him relief. He declined all of those offers, and insisted on raising us on his own as an in tact family. Old school guy, to be sure.
John Payne [09-16-2010]

Joe Graber: Of course I remember you. I didn't realize until this site though that you were that much younger (5 years?), than I. Ouch! LOL. Anyway, Joe, I remember you well, and I'm sure we participated in some of the same afternoon touch football games on the part grass, part gravel, lumpy, depression riddled field that we called a football field sometimes, and right field other times, and a buck-buck field on occasion, and home base for a sides out game, and a just hanging out place on a balmy summer's evening.
John Payne [09-16-2010]

Lou Giorno I am pretty sure it was Rose Electric. I hope I am right because I lived right across from the rear of it on Portico St.
doc, Doc from Portico St [09-16-2010]

Linda Fontana: Sounds like you and others? did a fine job organizing that G'town luncheon. But if I may speak truth to beauty, I ought to have given you a heads- up on brother Bernie, aka "Papa Stop Sign." That way you could have had sunglasses at the ready for your more conservative guests. The brother was always a rag-man; kept the Vernon Men's Shop and Boyd's clothing in business far longer than their expected expiration dates. He can hit you more colorfully than a Fall in New England. Fortunately, his personality is a fine fit for his attire. Had you encouraged him in the slightest, he would have been in the kitchen, cooking up his speciality: Pasta Bernardo with all the shrimp and garlic he could lay his hands on. Vampires would have fled...And, never, ever feed him McConnell's Strawberry Ice Cream--he'd have stayed forever.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, Calif. [09-16-2010]

Gumba from Warwick- You are so right about the hit of The Gentle Don,Angelo Bruno, which took place on Snyder Ave. The driver was another Sicilian and his name was John. It was so sad for the Bruno family that their father was whacked in front of their house. Did you feel their pain?
anonymous [09-16-2010]

Don, Cous is located at 12th & Mercy, it is now called the South Philly grille. The driver was the Geator who also was a pole bearer in his funeral.
Gman [09-16-2010]

CM Muir,sorry that last posting was anon. I hit the wrong key. Told you I was a dope.Remember sledding "Dead Man's Hill" in the snow at night! That Fernhill Park with the swings, the tennis courts, basketball games, old Italian men playing pinochle (and a lot more), the National Guard guns (the donuts we used to beg), it was our DisneyWorld year round. If your street had trees on it, you were middle class, I thought. Neil McElroy would steal my t-shirts on the line in the alley and then wear them into our house to eat dinner with us. "Neil, where'd you get that Custer's Colts basketball t-shirt?" His mother, Mrs. Mac always put us up at the shore on the floor for two dollars--419 Ocean--and she never slept. Norman Leinheiser died in a car accident, my freshman year, and, suddenly, the world changed and reality intruded. Dave's Drug Store was a great place to hang and Spring Lake in Jersey was a great afternoon--thanks to the older kids, Mike Sweeney, etc. who helped us pay 50 cents to get in and drove us there.I sing Mike's praises. Signed, The Dope, Joe Lynch
Joe Lynch [09-16-2010]

Marie Bommentre, interested in the OLR reunion pls rely to my email with details...thanx
Ed, Chester [09-16-2010]

Bernie McKernan - Andy Lavin was in my class at Immaculate and North. Although he traveled in different circles than I, we knew each other well. Here is a story I will never forget. I was in the band at North for four years and was pretty good - good enough to be selected to the All Catholic High School Band. I was awarded with a shoulder patch for my sweater and along with my varsity NC gold letter, I looked pretty impressive, at least I thought. One day, I was getting on the K bus at 21st and Nedro heading for school and wearing my letter sweater. I was carying my books, a sax case and clarinet case. The only seat on the bus was near Andy and his friends. Andy saw me all decked out in my sweater and said to me, "Peterson, I get the snot kicked out of me on the foodball field and all you do is play that stupid thing and get a varsity letter. I think I'm going to toss you out this window". For an instant, I thought - Oh ---- until I saw the smile on his face. They all had a good laugh and so did I. I saw Andy at North's 50th reunion and reminded him of that. He denies it, but I know it is true. I remember Andy having back issues and had to wear a back brace while playing football. He was a force to be sure.
Charlie Peterson, Belfield, IC '54, NC '58, LaSalle '71 [09-16-2010]

Don Barella: I believe John Stanfa was Angelo Bruno's driver the night he was murdered. John later became Philly mob Capo.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-16-2010]

The Hollow is not Happy anymore, do a drive by and you will see a Sad Hollow at Wayne & Logan.
A Drive By [09-16-2010]

Schmitty(JBS)..Sounds like all went well at LaFontana's,good food and conversation,last Sunday.I was concerned that you might consume an extra glass or two of Malbec and start a brawl like you use to do in your younger days.You are so sophisticated and mature these days.I guess your pugilist days are over....By the way,how come you were late with your date.Didn't the Prep teach you to always be punctual?....Bor(old but no longer a jock)
Paul Borian, O What a Beautiful Morning [09-16-2010]

Lou, Rose Electric.
G-man [09-16-2010]

Cathy Manning Muir: You have much more info and details about Mike McGeehan than I have. I learned about that horrific event from the guys at The Continental-including Bill West who stopped to visit Mike when he tended bar on Wayne Ave. at Gillespie's. Mike Mc. did not stop at The Continental often since The Oaks was much closer to his home on Logan St. The Continental was American-Legion Post 263 and located at Hansberry& Wissahickon across from the Armory. It closed late and had many patrons from The Pub and Crane's. Many of the people who frequented the watering-holes on Wayne went to The Oaks. Joe Lynch,from Fernhill, could not make The Prom with you. You could have gone with his brother, Tom Lynch, who had a great personality. Joe Lynch was probaly a great dancer since he had good moves on the basketball-court. The great dancer from LaSalle was Tom Cusack-he loved going to Proms with beautiful women. The guys from Fernhill were always going to dances and hitting on the ladies. I remember a guy by the name of Bob Kephart who hung out at Fernhill and he never played basketball but he was a magnet and he was always talking to the pretty ladies- He could probaly write a book if you know what I mean. I do hope that you had a good time at The CA Prom. I knew ladies from CA but I liked to hang out with North Philly-Girls and they were no Hoochie-Momas and only one spoke Spanish and they all could dance. I remember Janet Seifert[CA] from W. Bringhurst and I had a battle with her German-shepherd and my judo-expertise saved my life but the mean-dog landed more bloody-blows. I also knew Joan Day from CA and she was friends with Ava Marie Fowler who went to St. Francis with me and became a Nun. Her brother was John Fowler who was a friend of John Payne, The Great Blogger from Sunny Florida. I went to St. Catharine's on Sunday and Pat Henry[CA] went to Mass there- she was a sweet girl. I knew a good athlete from The Hollow by the name of Paul Borian and he worked at Kendrick Rec. in Roxborough- I loved going to different rec-centers since I was a playground-rat. His boss at Kendrick was Ms. Hahn who was one tough cookie. Although I spent some time in libraries and read a few books, I have had some very diificult encounters in my life. However, I must admit to you that Ms. Hahn really scared me and some of the rugged dudes that I knew from Manayunk and Roxborough. Ms. Hahn was the Phys-Ed teacher at Cecilia Academy. I bet that Joe Lynch would be more afraid of her than Obie O'Brien-his coach at LaSalle. Cathy! Keep posting and I can tell that you are one cool-lady since so many people on this site like you.
JBS [09-16-2010]

The answer to Don Barella's question ... who was Angelo Bruno's driver the night he was killed ... is John Stanfa .. I got a headful of useless stuff, I guess ...
Tom Cusack [09-16-2010]

hi helen leone deangelo i sent you an e mail on your personal address however it came back as undeliverable .... im fine had some issue with my sister nothing too serious but it did put her in the er for several hours ... shes fine now though and hopefully i will see you the next time in december. needless to say i was so disappointed sunday ...i was so looking forward to this get together but, as they say it wasnt meant to be ... i hear everyone had a lot of fun. im glad that they did but would have been even happier if i was there having that fun as well with all of you ...:>) rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-16-2010]

does any one know where i can get intouch with judy anskis she lived on kaiser st went to st francis green & logan married dont know marriage name buddy c
anonymous [09-16-2010]

Kids from the Hollow and the East side of Germantown Ave. converged during the long, hot Philly summers at the G-Town Boys Club. Girls had their session early in the morning. Boys during the hot afternoons. No mingling. My cousin Joe Graber is one year older than myself. I guess he was 13 I was 12 at the time of this story. A tough guy (he thought he was) and the spiritual leader of the Bayton Street Gang. Yes, we had gangs in G-Town. Clyde was his first name. Ain't going to tell you his last name. Clyde knew me from seeing me around. I think he was two years older than me. He yells to me as I was treading water in the deep end."Hey Punk! Do you still have your tonsils?" I said "No, why" He says "Prove it, show me." Why I fell for this I have zero idea. Clyde spit this gross load right into my gaping mouth. Cousin Joe Graber, a Polio victim as a kid came up out of that Pool like a Shark and Punched Clyde dead in the face knocking him against the thick Brick Wall (hence, Brickyard) rendering him unconscious instantly....then he bounced forward and fell into the deep end. Now unconscious and Drowning, the junior lifeguard on duty was my classmate and friend Johnny Gallagher who dove in and fetched Clyde out of the Pool and began to revive him. Cousin Joe, still panting from the excitement announced "Nobody messes with MY Cousin." And nobody did after that. Joe Graber on his own worked on his upper body with weights, sports of all kinds to offset his bad leg. Thanks for the Rescue Cousin Joe Graber. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [09-16-2010]

does anybody remember paul wall from the hollow
anonymous [09-16-2010]

i think the electrical place on gtn ave near wister was royal electric buddy c
anonymous [09-16-2010]

Don Barrella, Actually the restaurant was on the SE corner of 11th and Christian.
anonymous [09-16-2010]

Don Barrella: All the info you want to know about Bruno's assassination. http://www.georgeanastasia.com/brunos-murder
anonymous [09-16-2010]

To answer Don Barrella's question, John Stanfa was the driver in the car with Angelo Bruno.
joe Leone [09-16-2010]

L. Fontana: Re Helen Fowler. I can't remember whether she had a sister named Pauline, but it does ring a little bell. Her older sister was named -- wait for it -- Ave Maria. She became a St. Joseph's nun. Helen's younger brother was John. He used to like to hit me; I thought it was because he 'liked' me. Shows you how much I knew about 'men'. Pauline may have been another sibling; I'm just not sure. They lived in the 5000 block of Newhall Street and then moved to Greene Street. Helen went to work for Burpee Seeds right out of CA and moved up to become head of catalog sales, I think. I guess she's retired by now. Sure would love to hear from her...
Cathy Muir [09-16-2010]

John Payne: Right afer I hit the 'Send It' button, I remembered that it was the Superior Bakery, not Supreme Bakery, at Logan and Keyser. Speaking of Sal's Steaks on Wayne Ave opp Happy Hollow: I first heard "Rock Around the Clock" there; the beginning of rock and roll as we knew it. There were juke box things on the counter, with tabs at the top to flip through the songs. Cost 10 cents each or 3 for a quarter. Wasn't it a great neighborhood in those days?! I remember going to Girl Scouts at SFA hall on Monday nights. Coming out after dark on winter nights I'd hold my breath and run past the funeral homes, which always terrified me. One was McElroy's, I think, and the other was, of course Gillespie's. When I got my polio shot at SFA hall, I only got as far as the corner of Greene and Logan before I passed out. I came to INSIDE Gillespie's Funeral Home, where someone had carried me off the sidewalk. Next time I was inside there was for my stepfather's wake in Jan 1974. I've always hated anything to do with funerals and just made a change to my will so that when I've fallen off my perch, there's to be no funeral, no service, just scattering my ashes amongst the wattle trees in the Living Desert outside Broken Hill, where I live now. As the poem says, Australia is 'a land of drought and flooding rains'. We've had ten years of the former and are now enjoying the latter, so the desert is green and lush, so much so that the filming here of Mad Max 4, which was supposed to start last month has been postponed until next February, when the desert should be dry and brown again.
Cathy Muir, The Land Down Under [09-16-2010]

Joe ... oops! anonymous: That wasn't the senior prom; it was your junior prom. Not only did you have to climb in the window at 3am in the snow, freezing cold, but I'd been needing to go to the loo since about 8PM and couldn't because the hoop in the skirt of my gown was so big I couldn't fit in the toilet stall, so you know how desperate I was to get inside my house! That was a great night. Sadly, I wasn't at your senior prom.
Catherine Manning Muir, Australian Outback [09-16-2010]

Hello All.. I now have the detail for the services for Dave (Punky) Wise.. For anyone who knew him..A viewing will be held on Monday, September 20th from 7-9 pm at Minshall-Shropshire-Bleyler Funeral Home in Media, PA. (608 S Old Middletown Rd) A viewing and funeral service will be held on Tuesday, September 21 from 9-10 am (viewing) and 10-10:45am (service) at Minshall-Shropshire-Bleyler Funeral Home and then a burial will take place at 1:00 pm at Washington Crossing National Cemetery in Newtown, PA (830 Highland Rd). A luncheon will take place afterward at a place to be determined in the next few days. Dave's son, Dave mentioned that you will have men standing guard at his casket at the funeral home. He would have loved that. We also welcome you to play at the funeral home and at the cemetery. Big Dave as we called him lived for Reilly Raiders and was so proud of the work you guys did.
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [09-15-2010]

For any of you that may know or have known Andy Lewis and his wife Gail (former Mahoney), I was in Mass on Sunday and Andy and Gail renewed their marriage vows after 50 years. He was another athletic hotshot from Germantown. Baseball was his specialty and he did major league tryouts but got knocked out by an injury also. He went on to become one of Philly's finest.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-15-2010]

Bernie McKernan: You made several mentions of Andy Lavin. He hung on the corner of Price and Crittenden for a year or two with my brother Bill and friends. Here was a guy to fear when carrying a football; kind of like an Abrams tank. He was truly the neighborhood legend and a nice guy to boot. I seem to recall that he separated his shoulder although I don't remember the circumstances. I think that was the end of football for him, but unlike JBS, time dims my memory.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-15-2010]

Linda Fontana: Thanks so much for organizing the luncheon and what a nice group of people. When I first sat down I felt like a stranger since the only person I had met prior was JBS and he arrived a little later. That didn't last long as everyone at the table was so gracious, friendly and welcoming. Bernard McKernan made his entrance, a blaze of color which complemented his effervescent personality. Helen and her family were sweethearts as were all the folks at Vera's table. Looking forward to the encore in the winter. Linda, thanks again. You are an organizer par excellence! Ti ringrazio!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-15-2010]

Sorry I missed lunch.Would love on in Dec.IF anyone out their graduated OLR school they are having a reuion NOV. Let me know i will give you Ph.or Email nums. Marie
Marie Bommentre [09-15-2010]

Alice B. My last knowledge of Paul Jiminez was in the mid 70's. He was a registered pharmacist and working for a retail pharmacy. I don't know if he and Mary ever married.
John Payne [09-15-2010]

Cathy Manning Muir, thanks for putting up with a dope.You know what I mean. In the 1961 LaSalle yearbook, the caption of the picture says, "Joe, you're standing on my foot!" Remember the senior prom when you didn't have a key at 3 am in the snow and I had to climb on the trash can to open a window. I woke up your mother. She thought I was a burglar until she saw my tuxedo--December 1960.
anonymous [09-15-2010]

I wanted to thank Linda Fontana for organizing a great get together. It was fun putting faces to names. The food was excellent and I believe a good time was had by all. Thank you, Linda. Rosemarie Hite Malageri you were missed.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Still in G'town [09-15-2010]

if i remember the obst brothers lived on tacoma st and the blacksmith shop at logan & kaiser was oned by sal rose he lived on clapier st buddy c
anonymous [09-15-2010]

What was the name of the small electric supply Company on Gtn.Ave across the ave.from the laundromat near Wister St.???
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-15-2010]

Hey Linda and the rest of the lucheon group, sorry I missed it. Will try to make the next one.
anthonyg [09-15-2010]

Alice (Bodkin) Taylor: Nice to see you on this site. It's been a long, long time. I hope all is well with you.
John Payne [09-15-2010]

Once upon a time in Happy Hollow town,the guys were playing ball and the girls were doing the stroll....While the men were shooting craps,the women were cooking,cleaning and watching the soaps,perhaps....Sal was making hoagies and cooking steaks,while the Goo was holding class,make no mistake....Moe was working hard in his store,while Molly was out on the town looking for more....The working men socialized in Nicks,drinking beers,full of laughter,and getting their kicks.....The "Yon Teenagers" were off to Cranes every Friday night,looking for girls without a fight...Wayne and Logan was our corner from morning to night,lot's of stories and laughter,with an occasional fight....The card games inside the gates of the Hollow were hot and heavy,but the temperments were not always steady....I will always remember my first poker winnings,went to Sal's and had a cheese steak with all the trimmings....Time marches on as we age with grace,but Happy Hollow is still the PLACE.
Paul Borian, Inspired after eating a cheese steak with sauce and onions [09-15-2010]

Hello All: Wanted to forward this message, before, tomorrow....I just spoke with Rosemarie hite-Malageri and we are throwing this date out there for all of you to check on. Dec. 12th, a sunday at 1:00 LaFontana's for the next "G" town Luncheon...around the Holidays..so, wear your green, white or red...outfit/ and> let's all light up LaFontana's< like a beautiful Christmas tree..Please save this date..and consider coming...thank you very much, Respectfully,Linda "F".
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-15-2010]

I have some sad news about the passing of a Germantowner.. Dave (Punky) Wise.. Dave grew up on the corner of Lena and Coulter.. His house was the gathering place for many of us Yearsley Cadets.. I will post information when I get it.. He went to Germantown High and went into the Air Force right after High School..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, Lived on the Westside [09-15-2010]

Thank you everyone for the great time on Sunday.. I missed Rosemarie but did enjoy the company of everyonw who was there.. Hope to do it again.. Someone asked about my old neighbor Bing.. Please remind who you are and send me your email. so I can forward it to him..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, Lived on the Westside [09-15-2010]

J.Breen/ J.Graber/ R.hite-Malageri/Joe Leone/Anthony G./Bill Cupo to name a few, who could not make this past get together....please try to set aside the next date>>which will be in Dec.2010, of course. LaFontana's loves us now/ we are a lively, yet- subdued crowd of warm hearted former "G" town residents. I will be sending out the exact date, by Oct. so, you "ALL" can mark it on your respective calendars.B.McKernan, perhaps your 'wifey', as you called her/ can come,too...this next time.Because, as you know, all are welcomed. However, if I were her.....I,too, would prefer the Caribbean.....lucky woman. L.Fontana
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [09-15-2010]

John Payne: You have become one of the great bloggers on this site with so much info about The Hollow and Germantown. Your Brother Gene was not in my Brother 's[Urb class at St. Francis. I know that George Schurr knew Gene and he was in a class ahead of my brother. You had a large family and if I recall you were close with your sisters who are well liked and respected. Many people from The Hollow have been mentioned recently and this pleases The Old Jock-Paul Borian. Your old team- mate[Joe Lynch] has posted recently and he knew Dottie Wilson's brother[Linn] from Fernhill Park. Joe and Linn had a disagreement and I was an arbiter. Later, Linn and I had a little tiff. Jim Wilson was not as feisty as his big brother but quiet guys always demanded respect from me. Dave Byrne, Frank Klock, and Ed Kehan's names have also been mentioned-you know them all. I have not seen Ed Kehan in a long time- he was a great soccer player You and Brother Ken were friends with Jim Kehan. I also appeciate the info about Ray McGough-I wonder if he remembers our lunch at Kellis's at K&A-he was always friendly. John! Keep posting and rooting for The Phillies-The Bor knows that we have good pitching this time.
JBS [09-15-2010]

hi all who joined the g town luncheon at la fontana's this past sunday. i am so sorry that i was unable to join you as well ... but, a family emergency came up and unfortunetly as all of you know family comes first . i am hoping though that all of you will make the next luncheon that we are hoping to have before the xmas holidays ...i am so very disappointed to miss this one and see all of you but do hope you all will do me the favor of giving me the opportunity to sit and speak with you next time around ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-15-2010]

John Payne, Thank you for your Kudos in regards to my response during 911. It is appreciated. In regards to my sister Joyce she was three years ahead of me in school, Jim and myself went through St. Francis together in the same grades we graduated class of 60. My sister Joyce is well she became a Psycologist, retired now. Jim was not the shy one he was very friendly and very popular. I was painfully shy as a kid. Who would have thought I would grow up and become a Emergency Medical Technican, treating trauma victims, saving lives, and helping new babies into this world. It is self rewarding and gratifying. I have been volunteering for many years. I also hopy you and your family are well. Dottie Wilson Cummings
Dottie Wilson Cummings, Atco, NJ [09-15-2010]

Bernie&Jim McKernan: I apologize for mixing up Professor Jim McKernan and Bernie McKernan's name -Jim writes like a Professor and Bernie is so articulate, one could mistake him for a Professor. When you and Roy Dawes started to talk about The Teamsters and Frank Sheeran was mentioned- I get very nervous eventhough The Big Irishman has met His Maker. Bernie! You and Dan Hartnett knew some interesting characters- inluding Nicky Lazzaro and The Birdman. Only oldtimers would remember "The Birdman". I am looking forward to spending time near the holidays with the very friendly group. Enjoy The Fall in beautiful Annapolis.
JBS [09-15-2010]

John Burce Schmitt, Hello. Thanks for your kind words in regards to my family. In regards to my brother Linn, I have not had contact with him in over 20 years. He lives in King of Prussia. My sister Joyce, lives in upstate Pennsylvania, she became a Psycologist she is retired now. Jim is well, lives in Northeast Philly. Fran Welsh as I new him was good friends with Linn, he is not related to us. I remember all the gang, the Wilsons, Patrizi's, Pyles and many others playing stick ball and hand ball in the driveway behind our homes, and also, baseball, basketball and football in Fernhill Park. Unfortunately, Helen Pyle, she passed away very young from cancer. We remained friends until her passing. As for myself, I am well, I am an Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and also work at Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, NJ. Brother Jim and myself graduated from St. Francis the same year,'60 I had Sr. Grace Winifred and Jim had a nun whom they called Clarabell. This site is wonderful, brings back so many happy memories as I loved Germantown it was a wonderful place to grow up. Good to hear from you. Dottie Wilson Cummings
anonymous [09-15-2010]

John Payne..Dottie Wilson I dont have many or any recolections of things we all did as kids in GTN. BUT I do remember though that John was a tough guy in a great way (said with respect) and that Dottie was a wonderful gal. I knew her brother Jimmy well. I always thought he would be the man to go the farthest in life. He had great looks and intellignce beyond his years. I'd love to relive some of those times. I dont know if either of you remember me but my heart feels warmth when I think of both of you.
Joe Graber, Will ya still need me, will ya still feed me, when I'm 64? [09-15-2010]

Thanks again from all of us dear Linda for your efforts in coordinating our get-together - you are a gem.

Alice(Bodkin)Taylor,Thanks to Catherine you have found the web sight.John Payne is well and living in Florida,I am sure he will contact you soon.I asked Catherine about you hence the contact on classmates.com.I have not heard from Paul or Mary,or from anyone who knows about them,sure would like to.I hope you have been well and happy,I can not tell you how great it is to hear from you!
Joe DiPasquale [09-15-2010]

Kinda got the warm fuzzies seeing some old friends I haven't seen in years at LaFontana on Sunday. It was a feisty little group fueled by a few coctails and a generous amount of good old Germantown spirit. I probably had the best seat in the house and hope we can all do it again soon.

Angelo Bruno was NOT shot outside the Triangle Tavern. He was shot outside his home on Snyder Ave, which is up for sale now. He ate his last meal at the defunct Cous' Little Italy on Moyamenssing Ave. . . . for extra credit, who was his driver that night?
Don Barrella, Warwick Twp,PA [09-15-2010]

Rosemarie Malageri - I missed you so much on Sunday and can't find your e-mail or phone # to see if all is ok.

C.M.Muir..one more correction I forgot to mention. You referenced the bakery at Keyser and Logan, and asked if it was call Supreme Bakery. I believe it was actually Superior Bakery.
John Payne [09-14-2010]

Was directed to this site by Catherine Manning Muir who sent me a message on classmates.com. This is unbelievable! The more I read, the more the memories come back. Joe DiPasquale, John Payne, do you know what ever happened to Paul Jiminez or Mary DiGregorio? Contact me if you get a chance.
Alice (Bodkin) Taylor, Alice Taylor, St. Francis '59, Cecilian '63, Limerick, PA [09-14-2010]

Bonnie Gatto, Thank you for your kind response re: Andy Lavin. The "Boys of summers past & the legends of Fall" are fading but still a flicker of a light keeps me reminded of those High school days. Sunday afternoons on the gridiron. La Salle field @ 20th & Olney ave's comes to mind vividly. What great seating, crowds & always a hard fought game between La Salle & N.Catholic. Qualeteri, Rankin, Gatto, Puckett, Korek, Walsh to name a few. That field without a doubt was the easiest to sneak into but you ultimately paid a price scaling that huge hill fronting Belfield ave. ...........Brother Jim, so you said you caught a pass in a recent blog & ran it back for a T.D. I must be having a brain fart because I do not remember or was away serving my country. Bro, if you were that fast running the field how come you never could out run the 14th district's finest?....Just busting your chops James..........Linda Fontana, Thank you for your gracious compliment of myself & I must add in addition to your charm & good looks your organizational skills are impeccable. After Sundays brunch I think I will run out & sign up with an agent. ......Nah, better not quit my day job just yet.......If there is anyway I can make the Christmas luncheon or dinner I will, if not headed to the Caribbean & some R&R with wifey.
bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md, 69yrs, retired & sailing [09-14-2010]

went to St. Michael of the sts. 64-68, Lived on Keyser st. Would love to hear from you
Vince Capone, Doylestown, Pa [09-14-2010]

Jim Breen, Your entry on "Teddy the Toad" opened a memory from years ago. One evening at the dinner table I used that negative title and my dad let me know in no uncertain terms that this man had served his country and deserved respect. I was never to call him that again. My father did not give out money freely but this gentleman did get a buck now and again.
Dave Byrne [09-14-2010]

Once again, I want to thank all of the great Germantown people who showed up for the Lafontana luncheon, yesterday..You certainly made my day brighter...sorry I didn't get to connect personally with all of you .but, I do hope when we plan this next one, close to the Christmas Holidays.......you will come back, again....Have a great night, Linda
L.Fontana [09-14-2010]

Anon: Re:Sal' Steak Shop, and Jarvis' market. I remember Jarvis' well; to the point that it is the only store I specifically remember. As for Sal's Steak Shop, the only location I remember is the one that was two doors up from Wayne and Logan Sts. O'Gara's market was on the corner, then Sal's. In later years, Orlie Petrone had a pinball store in the third location from the corner, which was later purchased and run by the Baltrush family, (Mike, Adele, and their son Mike who was in my class.) If Sal's ever had a place in the Jarvis location, it must have been late 40's or very early 50's. (Man these are great memories).
John Payne [09-14-2010]

Frank Klock - How are you doing, haven't seen you in years. Ed Kehan told me about this web-site. When I saw your name I just had to send a message. Do you hear from the "cold water gang"? I did hear about David to late. Do you cross paths with Bob McGinley? For you other Gtowner, I was raised in Nicetown, Rowan st. around the corner from Savages. My parents bought a house 127 Logan St when I was 14 and we moved in when I was 16, I went to Roman and Germantown High. Give me a shout Frank.
Hank McDowell, Age 61, Lived on 127 W. Logan St. from the age of 16 until I return from the service. [09-14-2010]

Linda Fontana[hostess]& Ladies: Your post about the luncheon was framed so beautifully. My date and I really enjoyed the luncheon-your personalities are so warm and dynamic. At our table, the two dynamic and intelligent gentlemen,Jim McKernan and Dan Hartnett, engaged us in great conversation. It was good to see The Dawes Brothers,Ray and Roy, and we talked about The Teamsters with the flamboyant Jim Mc. Naturally, Frank Sheeran's name popped up and he visited Dave Byrne's family in Germantown. Frank Sheeran could intimidate anybody- including wise guys. I talked to Vera and Alice at the other table and I knew their cousin Wayne Armstrong and Wayne's father[Skeeters] who worked at Midvale and who was a great weight-lifter. Vera Carey talked about Bob Colsten,the sane and nice Colsten, who lived next to The Burke Brothers on W. Hansberry St. Ladies! It was a great mini-reunion but I was disappointed that Sue Leone's Brother and Friend did not make it, Joe and Rosemarie.
JBS [09-14-2010]

Dottie Wilson Cummings: I remembered The Wilson Family from Abbottsford . across from Fernhill Park. Your older Brother Linn was in The St. Francis Class of 1956 with many of the guys that I meet at The Buck Hotel for lunch. Recently, I talked with Al Patrizi about Brother Linn- he knew nothing. Al Patrizi had a brother,Tony, who was friends with your Brother Jim. Everybody liked Jim Wilson- including my Brother Ken and John Payne. Your Sister Joyce was in class with John Payne and Brother Ken at St. Francis with Sister Grace. Frank Welsh must have been your cousin since he was always with Brother Linn. I played ball with The Pyle Brothers at Fernhill who were your neighbors. Linn was friendly with Helen Pyle who was very intelligent. I hope that you and your family are doing well-keep posting.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-14-2010]

Wow, where do I start? Sunday at LaFontana's was terrific. A very nice blend of 'interesting "G"towner's - came to have brunch together...The food was delicious/and plentiful, since I chose the buffet/ I really enjoyed this. JBS/is a truly an interesting and kind-hearted man/ he brought a 'fem friend date' this time. She lended lots of 'flavor' to our table, conversation wise. Bernie McK is also a 'titillating gentleman.From his flamboyant manner of dress to his wonderful conversations about "G" town days past. And of course, it didn't hurt that he was SO good looking..Helen "D" is a warm and loving human being, (I enjoy her so much). And her cousin Sue, who sat next to me is a blast.I only wish I had known them years ago. Theresa M.and Dan Hartnett, also sweet people/ with intellectually stimulating thoughts to bring to our 'fun' table. All in all, it was a success & we are going to try to have this happen again, just before the Christmas Holiday. Hopefully, even more will show up next time.Your 'Happy Hostess', Linda "F".
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-13-2010]

Bernard Mc Kernan: I do remember Andy Lavin from that í58 NC team. There are other players I got to know, but I canít remember names. Ralph and I attended St. Michaelís up on Germantown Ave. Like a number other fine athletes, he learned his skills at Happy Hollow. There were so many fine athletes from all over Germantown - Brick Yard, Fern Hill, Logan Park.
Bonnie Gatto [09-13-2010]

I was born in germantown,as was my father and my grandfather came over in the 1800's from Ireland and settle in germantown,i would like to find the house i was born in,rumor has it my grandfather owned many many homes in germantown,i now live in TN,will be arriving in Germantown October,2010,can anyone help me with infor
Willian John Wilkinson 4th, age 61,Mt.Juliet,TN [09-13-2010]

Jack Brogan: Thank you for the Happy Hollow photo. I see some wonderful characters - Sonny Kennedy, Chalie Durkin, Ben Hamm, Monk McCauly, Dom Raffaele, and all the others.
Bonnie Gatto [09-13-2010]

Catherine Manning Muir: thanks for the [input] re: the Italian restaurants. Yesterday was really interesting..A nice mix of people who all got along...You mentioned Helen Fowler/ did she have a sister named Pauline? Also, my best friend, from my Cecilian days, Jeanne Seifert- may know Helen's whereabouts..via her sister, Jan Seifert- Paytos...I promise to check this out for you. Linda "F".
L.Fontana [09-13-2010]

The Doo-Wop Festival at Penn's Landing Saturday was a great time. There were about 30 or so Germantowners in attendance and we all went back to Tony Luke's for food and drink after the concert. You gotta love those Oldies but goodies.
One of the G-towners [09-13-2010]

the butcher shop at the corner of clapier st & wayne ave was jarvis bro.also sal's steak's was there before joe's on wayne ave buddy c
anonymous [09-13-2010]

I missed another luncheon! I'm really sorry about it too. Something came up and I couldn't get away. I'm sure it was great. Maybe the next one???
Sheila [09-13-2010]

The weather was a bit damp on the outside but the sun shinned brightly within. First, I would like to tip the hat & say thank you to all who were responsible for orchestrating such a fine luncheon at La Fontana's in Hatboro this Sunday 9/12. For those of you who missed the intimate colloquial conversation & stayed home to watch the Eagles get whomped, shame & next time be there. We even provided free name tags,.... no toe tags Ms.Jane Doe, ..Mr/Ms Anon, etc. The menu afforded a variety of delectable choices & I, feeling a bit in a "Rabbit" frame of mind opted for the Caesar salad. Good choice. ..The ladies in attendance looked radiant & I would be remiss if I did not recognize or acknowledge the gentlemen. This Sunday brunch/lunch was an opportunity to step back a little while in time but not lose compass in current day affairs. Old friends, new acquaintances were really the menu for the day & I inhaled it up & enjoyed the thoughts & conversations with all. .......Before I get to carried away & possibly carried out, I want to thank the group for allowing me to address all of you in asking for volunteer support regarding the Vietnam memorial project that will honor the fallen hero's of Germantown who sacrificed their lives in Vietnam/Cambodia. Please feel free to contact Jim McKernan at.... mckernanj@ecu.edu Brother Jim would be grateful for any assistance...........The ride home was unusually pleasant in spite of the rain & I attributed it to the good friendship & humor I just left aglow. ......God bless you all & always.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [09-13-2010]

La Fontana---What nice people we are--proud to be from GERMANTOWN!
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [09-13-2010]

Dot(Hodges)Drolsbaugh To my knowledge, I am not related to either Herman Cupo or Jimmy Phillips. My father was one of 9 children; but none of his siblings had a child named Herman. Take care.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [09-13-2010]

John Burke: Big Guy! It's good to see that you are posting again. After reading your blogs, I see that you did a little posting at Fernhill when you played basketball with some tough dudes. You know my old buddy from The Continental- John West. John had played football for Roxborough and played basketball at Fernhill with his buddies all football players- Jim Katcavage[Roman&NY Giants],Jim Heil[Roman], Bad Boy Freddy Peck[Roxborough& Drexel],Bob Schaefer[Roman&Villanova]. They were very tough players and Bob Schafer[All-American] could shoot the lights out. John West would stay with Bob S. since the gamblers tried to harass him back in the day. You and I also played basketball back at The Queen Lane Apartments[The Project]. I played basketball against The Person Brothers-Bol and Wesley who were All-Public for Germantown. You played softball against them when they played for The Queen Lane Lounge. You played sports with some tough players. One of the toughest guys that I knew was Ed Burke Sr.[father] who was a great dart-shooter and very intimidating physically. John! Keep posting and I hope to see you at The Buck with Brother Ed.
Bruce Schmitt [09-13-2010]

I should give due credit where due-our Coach at St. Vincent De Paul Grammar School was Mr. McLoughlin from Lena Street -he barked like a Marine Drill Sergeant but he won-with us-like a man!
Jim McKernan [09-13-2010]

ON CYO BALL...St. Vincent De Paul Schol was brave and good in my time (1950-1959) To answer my own brother, Bernard. On CYO Football Bernie of course would have been gone... but his wee brother jim played on the 1957-1959 teams at SVDP school. We had the first African-American student in our school and he was a standout player in the name of Roy Gundy. I recall an undefeated team that beat Holy Rosary bigtime and squeaked by Immaculate Conception with their touted running back Jimmy King. We won 8-6. I was a half-back and End-who caught the first pass from scrimmage that season thrown by Billy De Sandro..for a 76 yd TD against St. Raymond's. Great moment for a lad! (you dont hear that anymore) Anyroad, Gundy went on to be a star at Cardinal Dougherty (All Catholic as running back for CDHS) and then U of New Mexico-on scholarlarship. WOW.! I loved playing ball with Roy, or "MACKY" as he was called in the hood. I knew he would be brave in our effort. Joe Lyons was good but Gunady was Great in my opinion. Peace
jim McKernan, Professor Greenville NC "Go Pirates" [09-13-2010]

the bakery at Logan & Keyser was the Superior Bakery..BB Rossi delivered their rolls..Ed(Sonny)Kennedy worked there a summer or two with some little guy with glasses..
anon: [09-13-2010]

Anyone know the where abouts of Beth Lee ?
RB, Gtowner [09-13-2010]

John Bruce Schmitt: Regarding the 'many different versions' of how my stepfather was murdered, I really only know the most basic facts. If you can fill in more detail for me, it will be much appreciated. All I was told was that he was trying to close the tavern and a guy argued with him about it, hit him over the head and then left him for dead. At the time, the Chinese laundry was next door and I understand the guy told a few different stories to the owner and to others. He was questioned but not charged. I would like to know who he was, still presuming innocence, of course, and what the 'rest of the story' is, so far as others know it. As I said, Mike (real name: Thomas Roger!) McGeehan was the best guy ever and I miss him terribly. He was a great 'father'; always referred to me as his daughter, even though I wasn't his biological child, and he was great to me and to my children. Any information would be most appreciated. You can send it by private email if you like. Also, where was the 'Continental'? I never heard it mentioned. He used to go to the Oaks Club, I know. Many thanks, Cathy.
Catherine Manning Muir [09-13-2010]

John (Jack) Brogan: Sorry for the delay in getting back to you from your post, and generous offer of the HH picture with Cisco, Vince Higgins, etc. Actually, I already have a copy. I think Joe Razz(ano) sent it to me. Anyway, thanks again. Now, you better start putting some WD40 on your snow removal equipment. It's getting near that time up there in Maine c'est nes pas? :)
John Payne [09-13-2010]

Reading some older postings from awhile ago I spotted one from Ginny McCurdy. Hey Ginny! I grew up across the street from you. Your brother was a Cop, your kid sister was named Tuti. Yes? Drop me a line old friend. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [09-13-2010]

A thought about the kindness of G-towners from way back. As a baby boomer I observed the activities of the Neighborhood just after WW2. There wasn't any fancy, five dollar words for Street people or Homeless persons. Especially if they were recent returnees from the War. They called them Toads, Bums, Hobo's or Tramps. Delayed Stress from Combat now called P.T.S.D. or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was simply called with no reverance.....Shell Shock. "Teddy the Toad" was one such man. Sad looking dude still wearing his Brown Army Issued Uniform with his Ike Jacket with the 1st. Infantry Division Patch on his right shoulder. The Big Red One. He and some of his other Veteran comrades panhandled for cash which they used to buy a bottle or a beer at the local taproom. And there were plenty of them. My Dad tried to help but money was not the method. So the stay at home Mom's which most were after the war would feed these men. My Mom used to whip up a Dagwood sandwich that could feed two. These "Toads" would mark the bricks on the lower front of the houses near the Coal shutes with Chalk to tell other homeless Vets where to find a meal. The Cops of the 14th. Precinct would once a month round up Teddy, Johnny, Paul and a few more into a Paddy wagon and take them to the "Y" farther up the avenue and make them shower as their clothes were washed and dryed. G- Towners didn't brag about their varied Faiths. They lived them. Jim Breen, Saint Francis of Assisi. Have a great Bash tomorrow.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [09-13-2010]

C.M. Muir: You are using place names I haven't seen used together since the late seventies/early eighties: The Outback and Townsville Australia. Two key locations in Colleen McCullough"s "Thorn Birds". They certainly conjure up memories of sheep, fires, sugarcane, and meat pies, Irish families, priests and cardinals. Don't tell me father Ralph is still around and somewhere there is a thorn bird impaling itself on a sharp thorn as it sings a beautiful death song....? That's big country downunder. My Dawn has sisters in Brisbrane. And while you can't get a good phila. steak sandwich, you can get very good meat pies and curry.... That was a touching and lovely piece you did about your dear father. Please keep posting.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA., St Vincent's '58, CD '62 [09-13-2010]

Joe (Bonnie)Gatto; You brought back a terrific memory in your post about the McGeehan clan, and the kids on Logan St. going in and out of each other's homes as if they were all one big family. I too remember that kind of relaxed atmosphere. Many times we would be sitting down to eat dinner, and Johnny Raffeal, or Jimmy (Trout) Raffeal, or Billy or Fritzy Obst would just pop in, no knock, no bell, just appear. It seemed absolutely normal. They would be offered a seat, and depending on their current plans would either join us, or hook up with one of my brothers. Times sure have changed.
John Payne [09-13-2010]

JBS..You referenced your older brother, Urb, (cactus Jack). I didn't know him, but I suspect that my brother Gene (Beanie, the middle brother) would have known him. Gene graduated North in 53 or 54; I think 53. Your Ray McGough reference to the Phila. Police connection...actually Ray was a Philadelphia Police Officer, now retired. Finally, Father Finley. Now there's a name from the past. I remember him as a nice man. He kind of reminded me of Auther Godfrey, one of the first talk show hosts on TV, who used to advertise Lipton Tea. I was probably around the second or third grade at that time. I don't know what happened to him; whether he transferred or passed away. There was a Father Cavanaugh, very nice man, also at St. Francis at that time.
John Payne [09-13-2010]

Dottie Wilson Cummings - Kudos to you for your response efforts after the 911 attacks. You may not remember me Dottie, but I was in the same grade as Joyce, (really nice girl-liked her a lot). I remember you also, but as a younger person ( a whole two years I believe, LOL, in the early years, two seems like a lot. Now, not so much;)) I remember you had a brother, Jimmy, but I don't remember a lot of interaction with him. I remember him as a nice kid, a little shy, which many of us are as kids, and very friendly. I hope you, and the rest of your family are well. Please give my regards to all of them.
John Payne [09-13-2010]

JBS: You mentioned Ray McGough in your post regarding Vince Higgens. I was up in the Phila. area during last year's Christmas Season for my sister Pat's funeral. Ray McGough, who is still in contact, and occassionally socializes with my brother Frank (Cisco), was there. He and his wife are doing well, and look great. Ray always was in great athletic condition, and has managed to age looking much the same physically, (except for some grey hair), as he did in his twenties and thirties.
John Payne [09-13-2010]

Catherine (Manning) Muir: One more follow up: Bob O'Donnell actually lived on Wade St., not Keyser. Wade was a short block off Manheim St. just one block east of Greene St. The block ran from Reger to Manheim. Believe it or not, that small block intersection (pocket) had approximately fifty school aged kids who played there. Years later, Bob's memories of that slice of Germantown were so strong, and he talked about it so often, that his wife commissioned an artist to do a depiction of that scene with the row homes, and the street, and the kids playing.
John Payne [09-13-2010]

My good G-town friends and email pen pals. Have a great time at the dance today and the bash on Sunday. God bless you all. The hardest working folks in America. Tell me all the details on Monday. Jim Breen.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [09-13-2010]

Catherine (Manning) Muir: Some info and updates: The Italian Water Ice (the best I've ever had), was made by Mr. Gatto, the father of Ralph and Joe (Bonnie). Ten cents for a small, and I think twenty for a large (not sure, never had enough jing for a large LOL). That water ice, with the small pieces of lemon skin chopped into it was so tasty, that I would buy that as a little kid, with only a dime in my pocket, before I would even buy a soda. (PS, the dime in my pocket came from either collecting and returning empty soda bottles, or delivering an order for Palo's market). Next: Superior Bakery: You are correct in the name and location. It was right across the street from the Gatto residence. Great rolls. Again, I would "sometimes" spend my small fortune on one of those rolls before purchasing a Tastycake. How good is that?! Also, do you remember that on the other corner, (I may be off by a block, but I don't think so) diagonal corner from Superior, there was a blacksmith shop? When I was a young grade schooler, I used to stop and stare at that man working his iron over those coal fires. His arms were huge. PS, I never did see the Spreading Chestnut Tree, LOL, it must have been transplanted.) As for Bob O'Donnell, you are correct about his serving in the Pennysyvania Legislature. He was in fact, Speaker of The House, for a period of time. As of about seven years ago, Bob and his wife still lived the the Germantown area (actually, more like East Falls). At that time he was acting in an advisory capacity to politcal actors, and giving speeches, and possibly still doing some college lecturing. A bright man to be sure. If you look up Focused or Driven in the dictionary, you will find Bob's picture. To our other visitors here; sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to answer Cathrine's questions.
John Payne [09-13-2010]

Hope all you G-Towners who attend this Sunday's happenings in Hatboro have a great time. I also hope that some of you who remember Arthur (Sonny- Hat) Brett will take some time to see if anyone there knows where he is these days & how he can be contacted, then let us know via this web site. We High & Magnolia guys have run into a stone wall trying to locate him, & his family members we have contacted in MA. have not been helpful at all, & all our leads have fizzled out.
G-Towner...High& Magnolia [09-13-2010]

Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon go to this web site for the Vietnam deceased www.virtualwall.org mike
Mike Bresnan, Belfield [09-11-2010]

Joe Lynch: I correct myself .... It wasn't my Senior Prom I missed out on because of your basketball game, it was my Junior Prom. In retrospect, I should have gone, taking my stepdad as my date. Anyway, Maryanne Vigilante had a party at her house after the prom and I went to that. I don't recall whether you joined us after your game or not. I did go to my Senior Prom, with my dancing partner from the LaSalle College shows, not romantic, just fun, and I wore a lavender chiffon gown that I made myself, in the sheath-style popularized by Jackie Kennedy. I would have much preferred to have taken you, but between junior year and senior year, I was 'white-anted' by my best friend, so it didn't eventuate. It's one of the scars I still carry from my youth. BTW, John Fowler wasn't in our grade; he was a year or two younger. He was the younger brother of my good friend Helen Fowler. Helen regaled all of us at our 10-year CA reunion with photos of her Porsche. Everyone else just had pictures of their kids, but Helen's baby was her Porsche! She took me for a spin in it; I couldn't get over how close to the ground we sat. If anyone knows anything about Helen these days, please let me know. I'm trying to regroup with the folks I've lost track of over the years.
Catherine Manning Muir [09-11-2010]

Wendel Simpson: Frank Klock reads this blog, and comments from time to time. I'm sure he will see your post.
John Payne [09-11-2010]

As you can sea, 3 Yrs. lost at RooSevelt jR. hiGH., though I learned how to FigHt and taKe a punCh.
DaVe, 3 yrS. of EducatioN LoSt [09-11-2010]

I'll bring name tags on Sunday so we can all see who's who.
HLD [09-11-2010]

Bonnie Gatto: Thanks for your comments. I hope you and Alice are enjoying life. I just put my house up for sale. Time to move to something smaller. I am going to the casino with Chalie next week.
Peg McGeehan Johnson [09-11-2010]

Linda Fontana: Reading all the posts about get-togethers at La Fontana in Hatboro, I had a look at the photo on the web. Reminds me of two of my favorite Italian restaurants: Villa Di Roma on 9th St., South Philly, and Frank's in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. See http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/article/2009/04/10/48485_restaurants.html . Villa Di Roma hasn't changed a bit on 50 years and apparently neither has Frank's. The place is always packed and meals are huge and so delicious. A veal parmesan hangs off the side of the plate and is enough for two. They always made room for us whenever we arrived, even if they were packed out. Just like being at home in Philadelphia. Do you remember the Triangle Bar and Grill in South Philly? They had great calamari. Its 15 minutes of fame came when Mafia boss Angelo Bruno was shot dead in his car out front. Hope the gathering tomorrow is a big success. Wish I could be there.
Catherine Manning Muir [09-11-2010]

Vera, Thanks for putting Erda's and My names in for the luncheon. We have been out of town at a funeral and just returned. See you Sunday.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Still in G'town [09-11-2010]

John Payne: When I read your post to Peg McGeehan, in which you identified yourself as 'Junior' Payne, the penny dropped. Of course I remember you, just didn't remember you as 'John'! Do you remember the guy who sold Italian lemon water ice from a cart at the corner of Logan and Keyser? And on the opposite corner, the Supreme Bakery (I think that was the name) that had the best Italian bread and rolls? And what about Bob O'Donnell from Keyser Street betw Logan and Seymour. His mom was the crossing guard at Greene and Seymour for many years and Bob was in the PA Legislature for some years. I last saw him in about 1978, when I was working in Harrisburg for Governor Shapp (who always reminded me of the Governor played by Mel Brooks in 'Blazing Saddles'). I saw that movie at the Orpheum a couple of weeks after having abdominal surgery and I had to leave because I was laughing so much it was painful! Anyway, I knew that Bob O'Donnell eventually went with the big law firm Saul, Ewing, Reming and Saul, but then I lost track. He was a local boy made good, a nice guy and very, very smart.
Catherine Manning Muir [09-11-2010]

Bonnie Gatto, JBS, et all re: Gtn CYO football of the fifties. Bonnie, I read with interest your post today & that of JBS yesterday. I take my hat off to the both of you & Vince Sesso a classmate of mine @ St. Vincent De Paul school back in 1947-54. I think you guys nailed it with the exploits of the former great football players of the day & also for the most part, those that I knew personally, good character people. I see one glaring omission from that era & his name is Andy Lavin who played @ N.Catholic & I think I.C. prior to that. "Handy " Andy was the equivalent of a "Brinks" armored truck. It delivered the goods on time & in it's entirety. Bonnie, Many a day I saw Ralph hand off to Andy with North needing a first down, he delivered. The "Stork & the Dork" I used to call them & you can figure out which shoe fit each other in that statement. They were simply great guys in an era that N. Catholic shined in the city of Philadelphia. I saw Andy a few years back @ the N. Catholic 1958 reunion. Andy much like the late President Gerald Ford looked like he played too much football without his helmut & while we have all changed with age, Andy was chipper & very engaging. His mind still sharp as a comedians wit delivering one liners........Your brother was a darn good Q.B. @ North. Did he attend St. Francis of Assisi? I was married in that church the first time & played on their Bowling team in a league @ Stenton lanes. Another story for another day.........I hope you can attend the luncheon & if so, look me up & vice versa. I'm the dog faced chap looking like a Bulldog that just licked the mayonnaise jar. I'll be attending solo......Only my wife can stand me & she will be out sailing Aquila.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [09-11-2010]

Joe Lynch: What a surprise! I have thought of you so many times over the years. A few years ago, I spoke with Elisa and she mentioned you as well. Yes, I did take the road-less-traveled, with way too many wrong turns, but eventually the road straightened out and I came out of it relatively intact. Studying languages, Latin and French in HS and college, then Indonesian in recent years, has been very fruitful. I now divide my time between translation for the Indonesia Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and translation of early modern (early 20th C.) Indonesian literature. Being an insomniac, it's a good way to make a living, because I can work when I can't sleep. As for Walt Heilmann, it was just a crush; can't say a 4th grader could have the 'hots' for anyone, at least not in those days. You remember a lot more than I do. I do, however, remember not being able to go to my Senior Prom because you had a basketball game that night! And all those Sunday masses together. I saw a short video of Kim Williams recently. She looks just like her father but sounds just like her mother!
Catherine Manning Muir [09-11-2010]

Peg McGeehan Johnson: I'm so glad to know that there is a headstone on the McGeehan plot. I'm sure your Aunt Peg put it there, as you say, because she had the deed. Wonder where the deed is now. Are there still empty plots, or was Peg the last to be interred there? As I said, we must make a pilgrimage there when I get 'home', hopefully next year. I'm SO looking forward to getting back. It's a terribly long way, however. These days, I usually go north to Indonesia when I travel; it's only 7 hours to Jakarta. It takes a whole day to get from where I live in the Outback to Sydney, then LA or NY and then Philadelphia. I arrive at the other end totally wiped out! Last time I went home, I arrived in NYC on the New Year's Eve after 9/11, freezing cold but I was wearing the summer clothes I'd left home in (our seasons are opposite yours). I put a sweater over my t-shirt and 3/4 pants and really looked like a bag lady by the time I arrived at 30th St. Station to be picked up by my cousin Eileen. BTW, Eileen's father, Joe Weiss, owned and operated the Washington Lane Market for many, many years, before selling it and opening the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, which he was involved in with his son Dan until his death. Dan still runs the shop with his partner; absolutely the best shop on earth. Eileen and her husband now live in W. Palm Beach FL. She attended Girls' High; would have been the class of '64, I think.
Catherine Manning Muir [09-11-2010]

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