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September 1-10, 2010

Well, I am looking forward to seeing a huge turnout at this luncheon on sun., however, it is going to rain on our parade..they're predicting a few showers this sunday..oh, well,we will all be inside, where it is nice and pleasant. Have a great day, Linda.
L.Fontana [09-10-2010]

J.Breen: I emailed you personally. I do hope that you get it later on, today. Keep those 'channels' of communication open.. thanks, LF
LAF [09-10-2010]

Jim Smith: Are you a member of the Jim Smith society? I heard about it on a magazine show on TV one time and was fascinated by the idea, The singular qualification for entry is that your name is Jim Smith. You can Google it.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-10-2010]

I'm wondering if anyone can locate Frank Klock of Milne Street for me. I was one of his students when he taught English at Overbrook High School in the early 70s. I haven't seen him in what must be thirty years; He's a G-town native and I believe he has posted on this stream. I'd really love to reconnect with him. My email is posted, so, if anyone on should run across him or knows how to get in touch with him, please forward my message. Thanks, Wendell P. Simpson
Wendell Simpson, London, UK, 55 years of age [09-10-2010]

Jim McKernan - I would be very interested in having a copy of the list of Veterans lost in the Vietnam War when you are done compiling your list. Would you please e mail it to me, if possible. Thank you very much. Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon armcmahon23@verizon.net
Arlene (Bloomer)McMahon [09-10-2010]

I too had the misfortune of attending Roosevelt Jr. High.
Sheila [09-10-2010]

Cathy Manning Muir, you also danced in Guys and Dolls at LaSalle College. I should know. I saw the show three times. You took the road less-traveled in life. Not many Cecilian girls live in Southeast Asia. Loved that Orpheum Theater--50 cents in the balcony, 85 cents downstairs. Saw Hitchcock's Psycho there. Joey DiPasquale was on our 8th grade team with John Fries, John Fowler, Joey Razzano, Bill Haas. Cathy,I remember your father and know what happened. Glory Days, though. You worked at Woolworth's and hung out at Fernhill Park, not really the Hollow. That fireplace at the Park is still there. Dave's Drug Store sold us water ice, penny candy, Tasty-Kakes (12 cents).Ricky Zemlin, his son, became a doctor in Phila. I still teach at LaSalle High School. I see Jean Williams' daughter who choreographs our plays and remind her that we used to babysit her. What a life--we both went for languages. What a time in Germantown, growing up in the shadow of all those old steepled churches. Just the Best time to be born, taking that old 53 up to Linton's and hoping it would snow along the way, so we could wile away the time for a few hours. So, you had the hots for Walter Heilmann, huh?!
ljoseph lynch [09-10-2010]

Rose Marie, how is Sammy doing?
Sheila [09-10-2010]

YO MITCH! How ya doin' bud? LOL. Joe
Joe DePero, 52, st mikes 70, levittown [09-10-2010]

To all my new pen pals from G-town. Have a great time at Fontana's. Say howdy to my first cousin Joe Graber. The man Rocks! Cool and interesting man. Say hi also to Linda Fontana. And thank you folks for the scoops on the Band Box Theater being on Armat Street. A classmate of mine and a neighbor George Oliver one time had an adventure of sorts on Armat Street. A tiny Coffee shop called the Beju Cafe sat just next door to the Band Box Theater. George and I were the same age but at 13 he already had to shave and had quit Catholic School so he grew a minor Gotee on his chin. Me? I looked like Howdee Doodey with a clean face with that Hormonal glow of a yon teenager.(grin). George gets this idea to crash the Beju for a Poem reading night. Bohemian was the dress code of this place. Dobbie Gillis was a hit show and this place I swear was used as a model for the T.V. show. Long haired Bohemians (Pre Hippie years)stood around drinking Tea and smoking some funny Aromatic Tobaccoo that I still can't recognise after all these decades. Self Proclaimed Poets would stand out front and recite their creations. Usually three line Poems that to George and me meant zero. Then the crowd would Snap their fingers with enthusiam instead of clapping. George and I snapped away. We left that night feeling all grown up and so Hip. Jim Breen, Cool Cat.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [09-10-2010]

Speaking of Dog town? Another name to drop on you all is Negley's Hill. That was the old precise name for my imediate location. The Negley's Hill Post Office was on Clapier Street and Germantown Ave. A tiny Charming Post Office that simply got too small for all the Baby Boomer Population in the Dog Town area. The Postal Dept. moved and built a huge more modern Facility up on Green Street. Negley's Hill got its name for not only the hill it sat on but it was the name of a fierce Battle with the Red Coats during the Battle Of Germantown in our very own Revolutionary War. The Red Coats did some barbaric stuff to Germantown since it was the seat of some of the intense War plans of that War. Yes indeed, General George Washington certainly drank Grog and slept in G-town. So did General Pulaski. Can't beat G-Town for History. Jim Breen, Saint Francis of Assisi.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [09-10-2010]

Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, Are you related to Herman Cupo or Jimmy Phillips? Dot
Dot (Hodges) Drolsbaugh [09-10-2010]

Peggy McGeehan: Sorry for the anon. thank you about the McGeehan clan. It's from me, John (junior) Payne. I don't know why it came as anonymous. I guess I neglected to fill in a block or something.
John Payne [09-10-2010]

ray and roy, no excuses accepted :>) snow or no snow be there ! we are glad to hear your joining us ... we look forward to seeing you ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-10-2010]

Oldies but Goodies, from Germantown [09-10-2010]

The McGeehans were a great Germantown Family. I knew John McGeehan Jr. from my days at The Hollow. John Mc. was a friendly guy with many buddies- Ralph Gatto,Bob Compton,Ken Schenk[bakery], Allen Goode,Al Paris and Jim Razzano. John lived on Logan St. and I never really knew The McGeehan Family connection. Bonnie Gatto and Lou Pauzano from The Hollow would know the related families on Logan Street. I went to St. Francis with Jim Razzano[RIP] and he lived on Logan St. but a McGeehan family bought that house. The Gatto Family lived on Logan St. and they were related to The Razzano's. Ollie Powere[ Penn Charter Pitcher] lived on Logan and his cousin[Bobby Goo],The Legandary Hollow Guy, lived at Keyser&Logan where his mother had a store- Tom Cusack loved the candy which he bought there.I remembered Mike McGeehan from The Continental where he stopped after tending bar at Gillespie's on Wayne Ave. Everybody liked Mike including my friend Bill West[RIP] who was a good judge of character. It was a tragedy what happened to Mike and there were many different versions. Mike was such a good and nice person even if he liked The A's. I always liked the Phillies- Lou Pauzano and I knew Connie Mack's grandson-Jim Nolen. All of the people from Germantown liked Mike and his extended family so very much. I trust that John McGeehan is enjoying his retirement-he was another good guy.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-10-2010]

Linda Fontana: I will definitely be there Sunday but have to leave about 3:15. Family obligation. Looking forward to meeting lots of folks personally and hearing their stories.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-10-2010]

Linda& Rosemarie: It looks like there will be a good group for Sunday at LaFontana's in Hatboro. I will be bringing a guest. Zorianna is not from Germantown but hung out with me at The Continental back in the day. She reads The Germantown Web-site and thinks that The Germantown Women are beautiful people. Zorianna did live near Germantown Ave. but south of The Junction. LaFontana's is a great place for another Mini-Germantown Reunion. We all appreciate your great effort and organizational skills.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-10-2010]

....maybe that's why I've been going in circles my whole life. LOL L.Fontana. I'm hoping to make it. I'm going to the Doo Wap Festival on Sat. and the reminants of what comes out of that will do his best. LOL My Cousin Jim Breen said to look you up. Most of the girls from that age in my life dont remember me except my my Bristol stomp ability. LOL Do you?
Joe Graber, I walk north on the beach so I dont limp. [09-10-2010]

Catherine Manning Muir: There is a beautiful headstone on the grave site with everyone's name listed. Apparently, Aunt Peggy had it placed there as her name and year of birth are on it but not the year of her death. I am going to check into it and see if I can get the year engraved. I have no idea what happened to the cemetery deed which I think is needed. She did have a stepson but I have not seen him since her death about 20 years ago.
Peg McGeehan Johnson [09-10-2010]

Bill Cupo: Great memories of "fixing the TV" and English racers. Those of old enough to remember, can remember the frequent visits of the TV repairman, almost to the point, where we thought he was part of the family. I think like the "shoemakers", the TV repairman is becoming more extinct each day. TV prices are so low, and TVs are much better and last longer,that they are almost disposal items. I remember when "English Racer" bikes became all the rage. Most noticeable about them, were the skinny tires. and their overall "racer" look. I remember getting mine at Sears, a JC Higgins model. For many years I was a Pep Boys stockholder, when a local boy, Mitchell Leibovitz from Mayfair, became president, and made the company a major player in the car parts business. I remember attending one stockholders meeting, where he mentioned that Pep Boys was no longer going to sell bicycles, because when they went into new markets, where people weren't familiar with the Pep Boys stores, they didn't want people to think Pep Boys was a toy store.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [09-10-2010]

Peggy McGeehan: hi Peg, nice to see you here. What happened to Uncle Mike was indeed tragic. I often had a beer at Gillespies. Of course, all the McGeehans (and Rossis) on Logan St. were like family to me. It was nothing for me to walk into any of their homes and feel like one of the kids. Your dad was special to me and I loved talking to him. You and I were good friends and I remember many nights when all the kids would hang out on your front steps. I have a photo of all of us as kids sitting on your front steps you, me, Chickie, Richie, Chalie, Dennis, and about 10 others. Its like a neighborhood frozen in time.
bonnie gatto [09-10-2010]

Will attend the lunch-also erda and maryalice armstrong----how many are tou expecting?
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [09-10-2010]

Dottie Wilson: nice to see you here.
Bonnie Gatto [09-10-2010]

JBS: When I read your recent posting about gtn football in the 50s, it brought back many memories, especially the stuff about North Catholic. My brother, Ralph, was the starting quarterback in his senior year. I was still in grammar school at the time, but I followed the team closely. I got to know many of the players, including Marty Qualateri, Rankin, and Greg Puckett. I went to a lot of the games with my cousins schools like Monsignor Bonner, St. Tommy Moore, South Catholic, LaSalle and others. I also remember Pat Sarnese very well. He worked at the hollow for a few years.
Bonnie Gatto [09-10-2010]

John Payne: Maplewood Avenue became Armat Street when you crossed Gtn Ave. Same street, just different names, one block south of Chelten Ave.
Catherine Manning Muir [09-10-2010]

Professor Jim McKernan: Some of us had the misfortune of attending Roosevelt Junior High School in "Dogtown". It was bad then and is even worse now. "Dogtown" was also known variously through the years as "Beeberstown", "Beggarstown" and "Franklinville". It is the area around the old Mennonite Church on Germantown Avenue between Gorgas Lane and Cliveden Street. "Beeberstown" was named for the Rev. Matthias van Beeber. For more info on neighborhoods in Philly, check out this link: http://www.phila.gov/phils/Docs/otherinfo/pname1.htm The original boundries of Germantown when it was a borough, prior to the 1854 Consolidation Act, were Wissahickon Avenue (Township Line Road) on the west, Roberts Avenue and Wister Street on the south, Stenton Avenue on the east and Washington Lane on the north. At that same time, Germantown Township extended all the way to the Montgomery County line and included Mount Airy ("Sommerhausen"), Cresheim and Chestnut Hill as well as Germantown. To view some original sources on Germantown neighborhoods, you can "Google" in the "Books" category. One source is Ancient and Modern Germantown, Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill" by Rev. Samuel Fitch Hotchkin, published in 1899 by P.W. Ziegler & Co., Philadelphia, PA. I wish you success in establishing a memorial honoring our neighbors from Germantown who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.
Jim Smith [09-09-2010]

Got your belated check today, Ed McCauley. Thanks. Too bad it had to get like this - next time answer your email and explain.
Jay Kelly [09-09-2010]

Ray and Roy dawes will be there on sunday 1 o'clock unless there is a big snow storm.
Ray Dawes, 67 living in Oreland [09-09-2010]

Joe Lyons says hello! and thanks for remembering him and his football years..son Joe played for Hatboro Horsham HS/Kutztown and grandson Ian on JV at Wood this year..Joe retired from union, and works at Mc Gowan's market in Sea Isle..during summer...now known as The Muffin Man for his famous muffins....Father of 5,grandfather of 6, and great grand dad of 2...Life is good! thanks for the memories....
PAT LYONS [09-09-2010]

To Jim Mac about Dog Town. I lived in the area that was called Dog town. It was the next section down from Brickyard. I lived on East Seymour Street between Gnt. Ave and Wakefield Street. Not sure of the boundries. It was not a huge area. Jim Breen.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [09-09-2010]

To Jim Mckernan. Dog town was from walnut lane to johnson street. And from Green street to Bayton street.
rich, huntingdon valley [09-09-2010]

looking for a couple of gt folks...mike kay from zerelda st., bernie englemeier from green st. and mimi (maryellen) roth from abbottsford ave. any clues?
Lenora Ciucci, Lived on 100 block of Abbottsford Ave. [09-09-2010]

To anyone coming to LaFontana's on sunday...They now have a new option for you.....They've got an (all you can eat buffet special brunch deal)for $16.95- starting at 11:00 a.m. and finishing at 2:00p.m.we are all still meeting there at 1:00, so if you want to order that, fine, if not> you can still order what you like from the regular house menue. Take care...I have off tomorrow, as this place is closed for the holiday...So, any questions on this site about this new menue can be answered by Rosemarie hite -Malageri tomorrow/ or by me this friday..Have a nice night. Linda F/
L.Fontana [09-09-2010]

Hi, one and all: Happy New Year to any Jewish Bloggers here on this site: I know that my mom's Godson, married a lovely jewish girl....and so, again tomorrow is their New Year.
Anon [09-09-2010]

John Payne: I enjoyed your comments about Vince Higgins and remarks from other bloggers-including Jack Brogan from The Hollow. Vince Higgins was in my brother's class[1953] at St. Francis. Probaly, you do n't remember my brother Urb. Like many Germantowners, Urb[cactus Jack] was a piece of work. He was good friends with Bob Lavalle but they both could be feisty if you know what I mean. Bob LaValle, Ray MCGough,and Vince Higgins played football for St. Francis and the coach was Father Finley who was an Army-chaplain. Vince was well-liked by his classmates and a very good lineman. He played for Tex Flannery[Germantowner] at LaSalle and was a great blocker- the backs loved him on the pitch since he could really pull his block. Like Tom Yanessa[ All-State], Vince was not a big lineman, but they were both strong,quick,and fierce competitors. They were both military-officers. Possibly, your path crossed with Col. Joe Yanessa[LaSalle] who was a marine-pilot. I mentioned Ray MCGough who was a great punter for St. Francis. He had a 60-yard punt against Holy Rosary and John Herrera[Flash] ran it back 80 yards for a touchdown. Back in the 80's, I went into Kellis's for lunch- it was a K&A hangout which was frequented by the notorious Junior Louis Kripplebauer. I joined Ray for lunch and I noticed that he was packing heat. He was connected with The PPD. Diagonal from Kellis' at K&A was Molly Maguire's which was owned by a former Germantowner- the suave John Berkery. Brother Frank[Cisco] might have known him-another smart Irishman. John! We knew some interesting people from Germantown. I have never acclimated myself to the burbs- G-town and Philly were never boring. On Sunday, I will be hanging out with Germantowners in Hatboro- they will be from both sides of Gtn. Ave. Incidentally, The Bor will be very disappointed if you are not rooting for The Phillies.
JBS [09-09-2010]

Peg McGeehan: Thanks for the update on the McGeehan clan. I often think about the boys, John (Johnny Boy), Charlie, and Dennis. I remember you also. So sorry to hear about Mike (Micky?). I had not heard that story. Very sad.
anonymous [09-09-2010]

Tom Cusack: Armat Street...sound familiar...I was positive it was Maplewood, but Armat also sounds familiar.
John Payne [09-09-2010]

bernie mckernan you do make me laugh ... toooo funny! no there will not be name tags although that is a good idea ... usually we just get in your face dog or otherwise and say "hi, im so n so . who are you" :>) for the record ... im 5'2".. multicolor hair, brown eyes .... i donot have a face like a dog ... although i have been told from time to time that my bark is worse than my bite ... :>) rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-09-2010]

hi helen leone deangelo i am soooooo glad to hear you and your group will be coming ... i will let linda know this and pass on to her your request for round tables ... they do make it so much easier to talk and and see everybody ... see you on sunday ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-09-2010]

Joe DePero:YO Joe I fought Steve Pio back in the day and I'll fight him today!(just kidding about fighting you today Steve,honestly don't come looking for me! Take Care Joe Mitch......
Mitch Henigan, 53, still in g-town [09-09-2010]

jay kelly: the check for the picture plus has been sent along with a short note explaining my tardiness. Thanx for the picture but lose my #. Ed
ed mccaulley [09-09-2010]

Joe Graber: I understand that you may be coming this sun. to LaFontana's..is that right? Respectfully, L.Fontana
L.Fontana [09-09-2010]

To all "G" towner's who are thinking of attending this sunday at LaFontana's....please let me know on this site, by friday, if you are definitely coming or not...I need to call the restaurant and give a 'head count'..thank you, Sincerely, Linda "F"
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-09-2010]

Hi All, Please take a moment out of your day on Saturday, September 11th, the ninth anniversary of 911 and remember all of the souls who died on that horrible day. I spent many hours at Ground Zero, "The Pile" doing Crisis Intervention/Debriefings as a member of the "Critical Incident Stress Management Team for the State of NJ" (ret.) As an Emergency Medical Technician I saw first hand the destruction that happened that most horrible day in our history. We must never forget what happened. Thanks. Dottie Wilson Cummings, St. Francis '60, LF '64
Dottie Wilson Cummings, Atco, NJ [09-09-2010]

Joe DiPasquale: I'm afraid I don't recall Alice Bodkin from CA. However, I'm sure she was a lovely girl if you were interested in her!
Catherine Manning Muir [09-09-2010]

Peg McGeehan Johnson: How amazing to connect with you! Yes, I know that your Aunt Peg organized a gravesite in the family plot for my stepfather and that lots of McGeehans are there together. However, there's no marker; maybe we should organize one. If you and your brothers etc are interested, I'll be more than happy to chip in. You can contact me directly by email. If I get back to Phila next year, I would like to meet you and together we can put some flowers on the graves of those we loved. On a happier matter, in response to my query about the restaurant on W. Chelten Ave., I had an email from Sally Ann (Moore) Quinlan, from the airport in Nova Scotia, of all places, telling me the name was Linton's, of course. Sally was one year behind me at CA and I remember her distinctly. BTW, the reason your Uncle Mikey had hearing aids was that he had been hit on the head by a baseball bat during a game and that ruined his hearing. What he didn't know about baseball hadn't yet happened. He knew all the greats, loved the A's and hated the Phillies, and at that time both were in Philadelphia. He'd take me to a game at Connie Mack Stadium and I'd root for the Phillies and he'd boo them, good naturedly. I once won a bet with him on the World Series, a pack of Camels against an ice cream cone. I won the ice cream. He was the best bloke in the world, bar none.
Catherine Manning Muir [09-09-2010]

Hello G-towners! I was just reminded of an experience that I used to have with my dad from time to time. I saw an old radio on our recent vacation that had tubes that had to warm up before it played. We had such a radio as soon as you entered our house. It was a large stand up kind with a short wave band to listen to overseas broadcasts. It was so noisy however, that you really had to strain to listen to the BBC for instance. Before transistor radios came out, this is how you listened to the Phillies games. Anyway, t.v.'s also worked the same way. If a tube blew out, you had to replace it. That's where my dad comes in. We used to ride up to Washington ln. and Stenton ave. to the Pep Boys to buy t.v. tubes. You would bring a couple of old tubes with you to test in their test meter to see if it needed replacing. If the meter only went so far, time to replace the tube. While my dad did all that, I used to look at all the shiny bicycles that they used to have in the front of the store. What a nice selection they had. They had brand new "English racers" as we called them; bikes with 3 speeds and a shifter on the handle bars. Wow! I would stare at those things and just wish I had one. They also had a nice selection of Columbia and Huffy bikes also. Just two wheelers however with no special shifiting but they did have some great fenders and the strands of stremers coming from the handlebar grips. Anyway, after he bought the tubes for the t.v., it was back to the house to replace them. That meant getting in back of the t.v., removing the cover and hoping for the best. When the picture came on and it was filling the screen again, we had a success. If it didn't, it meant the t.v. repair man had to come out. Do they still have such a thing as a t.v. repair man nowadays? They got so cheap for a long time, that people just bought a new one and threw the old one out. When the radio finally went, and no tubes to replace them, we got rid of it. I would imagine it would be well worth some good money today. By the way, on Christmas day in 1964, I got my brand new "English racer", courtesy of my sister Lorraine and her husband Dan. Red and white and what a beauty! That was quite the expense for them back then I would imagine, and it is still one of the nicest memories that I have of Christmas. Take care everyone! P.S. I won't be able to make the LaFontana lunch this weekend as I have a previous commitment.
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [09-09-2010]

hi all just one last reminder ... this sunday at 1:00ish la fantana's restaurant. hope to see some new faces and of course catch up with those of you who joined us last time ... i cant wait ... the food is pretty good but the company and the memories are what made the luncheon so wonderful rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-08-2010]

The Band Box was on Armat Street.
Tom Cusack [09-08-2010]

The Cayuga Movie was located on the south-east corner of Germantown Avenue and Cayuga street. It was in the 4400 block of Germantown Avenue on the odd side of the sreet.
John Payne [09-08-2010]

The two cakes on the top reminded me of these little cakes That Bittners bakery used to make with white or chocolate icing with the cherry on the top. I cannot recall what they were called, does anybody remember what they were called
Ray Dawes, 67 living in or oreland pa. [09-08-2010]

Went to a birthday party yesterday and they had a cake it was actually three cakes the two on the top around with hard icing on
Ray Dawes, 67 years old living in Orland PA. [09-08-2010]

Catherine Manning Muir: I was so suprised to see you on this site. It has been a long time. I am Peg McGeehan. Your stepfather was my Uncle Mikey. My father was John McGeehan and we lived on Logan Street next to my cousins, Chalie and Dennis. Our fathers were twins but our mothers were sisters, not twins. Both Chalie and Dennis are in the area. My brother John is in Connecticut. I am still friends with Chickie Sandoli who went to Cecilian with you and lived in Clapier St. She often mentions you. Your post about Uncle Mikey was very touching. He was a good guy. His murder haunted my father the rest of his live. You mentioned going to the cemetery to an unmarked grave. I believe that my Aunt Peggy had him interred in the McGeehan grave site along with his parents, Uncle Corney, another sister Anna, that died in the 20's, her husband, George Hart and then her. It is not too far from my parents and Uncle Charles and Aunt Annie. I hope that it makes you feel a little better knowing that he is with his family.
Peg McGeehan Johnson [09-08-2010]

Roe or Linda - if you are making ressies at LaFontana for Sunday try to get round tables, they are so much nicer than long ones where you can't see everyone. As of now I'm coming with 5 people. See you on Sunday.

Vera Carey Canavan: I only knew Vince Higgens, who was a couple of years older than I. I don't know anything about his siblings, if any. Sorry I cannot help, but maybe someone else knows.
John Payne [09-08-2010]

Jim Breen: The Bandbox was on Maplewood Ave or St. not sure which, but definately Maplewood.
John Payne [09-08-2010]

So, Ed McCaulley, how do you show your appreciation for the little things in life? By being a deadbeat? You owe me for the picture so pay your bill.
Jay Kelly [09-08-2010]

Joe Graber, I noted from your blog that there will be a benefit Doo Wap Party for VN vets on the 11th. May I ask you to please mention to the organizers that a Germantown Vietnam Memorial is in process. We have 16 names of those who died from Gtn.thus far and need financial help and possibly political help with a proper site for the memorial.Perhaps some of these folks could contact me if they can help. My email is: mckernanj@ecu.edu Peace
Jim McKernan, Professor Greenville NC [09-08-2010]

As some of you may know I have been trying to collect a definitive list of those who died serving in Vietnam. I had an email enquiry from a family member whose states that her kin-person died (Albert Kaplan)with the Marines was from "Dogtown"-around Phil-Ellena Street. I vaguely recall hearing of the area known as "Dogtown"; does anyone else know this area and its boundaries? I believe Phil-Ellena is a few blocks north of Washington Lane which, I would imagine put it in Mt. Airy. However, I would like to be certain of Germantown's official street boundaries. I read where it was Wissahickon Ave (west); Washington Lane (northern); Wister Street (southern) and Roberts Ave (east) I do not wish to exclude any brave young man(even for a few blocks being out of the parish so to speak). Can anyone advise on this geographical issue? Did anyone know Albert Kaplan? Peace....Jim
Jim McKernan, Professor, Greenville NC [09-08-2010]

Catherine(manning)Muir:Did you attend Cecilian Academy with a girl named Alice Bodkin,she would have been a year or two younger than us, I think. She was a girl I dated for a year or so when we were in high school.
Joe DiPasquale [09-08-2010]

Ed.McCaulley,Isee from yuor postings that you live in Boyertown.I live in Wernersville,about 7 or 8 miles west of Reading on 422.Igo thru Boyertown to visit family in Gilbertsville.If you are ever going to be in the Reading area,post me and maybe we can get to together.
George Schurr [09-08-2010]

Catherine Manning:I just read your long blog, and realize that you didn't live on Rittenhouse St. but, you should know my best friend Jeanne's sister..if you went to Cecilian Acad. in the fifties or sixties. Jeanne was the younger sister of Jan Seifert. they lived on Bringhurst St. and she knows Denise Duckworth.... Jeanne & I also attended Cecilian Acad. Did you know Sr. Mary Fenton & Sister Franceline? & Sister Ann DeLourdes, the musician? I had Sister John Gertrude, the best Biology teacher ever...and I had Sr. Anne Marguerite for Latin and French. I am sure that I am now ringing some school bells in your mind. take care and have a great year. Linda Fontana
L.Fontana [09-08-2010]

I have been reading these posts for many days. What wonderful memories of Germantown, St. Francis,Sr. Grace Winifred what an angle (7th and 8th Grade) Happy Hollow. I have a huge extended family all raised in Germantown. I lived at Abbottsford and Wissahickon Avenues across from Fernhill Park, Philco Ford and the VA Administration. My family, Linn, Joyce, Jim, my self (Dottie) and Tom Wilson, to my grandparents Harry and Mary Welsh Rockland Street, to my cousins, the Curran's, DiDonato's, Wolfroms etc. These posts are wonderful please keep them going. Life seemed so much simpler back then. Some names I recognize Joe Graber, Rich Pio, Rich Patrizi etc. Please keep this great site going. Thanks for the memories. Dottie Wilson Cummings. St. Frances class of 60, Little Flower '64
Dottie Wilson Cummings, Atco, NJ [09-08-2010]

anonymous,posting 9-2.I remember that storm,because my sisters had a bridel shower for Sue[my wife of 52 yrs]that night.Sue called her mother to ask if it was ok to stay over.Her mother said 'no'.So I walked her home from 24 W.Logan to 300 block of E.Ashmead.When we arrived,Mrs.Quinto asked me if I wanted to stay there.I politely said no and walked home.
George Schurr [09-08-2010]

JF Breen: A previous post (2005) says the Band Box was on Armat Street.
Catherine (Manning) Muir [09-08-2010]

Cathy Manning,did you live next door to a pretty girl named Mary Lavin? One of you was a brunette, while the other was a blonde..and both of you were very pretty girls. I used to walk down your back driveway on Rittenhouse St. to visit my friend, Donna Wiley.I hope you are well, Respectfully, Linda "F"
L.Fontana [09-08-2010]

Bernie MCKernan: I enjoyed your comments about CYO Sports,North and the great St. Vicent's athlete,Joe Lyons. Vince Sesso framed it well when he talked about CYO football in the 50's. ST. Vincent's was competitive since Joe Lyons was a bull and had to be gang-tackled to get him down. Vince S. was correct that Holy Rosary was the best. My friend Jim Stabilito who played for HR, always praised Finnegan, Joe Procopio and John Herrera-Flash. Joe Lyons could really carry the ball and his father carried the mail if I recall. Joe L. was a running-back for North. There was another running-back at North by the name of Marty "Joker" Qualateri. When he got a hand-off from Don Rankin[Holy Cross] and ran over Bob Korek's hole- it was 5 yards automatic. Anderson, the black guy, was another great lineman. Your classmate at North, Ralph Gatto[QB] would hand the ball to another great North back-Greg Puckett. Ralph G. would also throw missles to Joe Gallagher from St. Francis. North's coach in the 50's was Jack Gillespie. His son, John, played for St. Madeline's and was a super-star[basketball] at The Prep. John Gillespie Jr. was friends with Pat Sarnese, Temple football player and Hollow Guy. John Gillespie Jr. had a beer-distributor across from Fitler School on Keyser. His cousin, Ed Gillespie was mentioned on this site and was a classmate of George Schurr at St. Francis[1952]. The Gillespie Family was well known at St. Francis. Bernie! I am looking forward to seeing you at LaFontana's on Sunday. Incidentally, Brother Kevin knows Mucho about American Indians and Mr. Riggs from GBC would be very pleased-" God Bless GBC".
JBS [09-08-2010]

the band box was on armat st.somebody the other day said it was on maplewood ave,maplewood was across from armat st. on the west side of germantown ave
anon [09-08-2010]

Bonnie Gatto: Ralph is in the picture. I remember you wrll. Soft jumper from the corner. The corner in that old gym was not a long shot, huh? Send me your email address and I'll attach the photo as a Power Point file. Or send me your address and I'll put it in the mail. Good to hear from you. I've thought about your great brother often since you told me of his death. What a great kid he was.
Jack Brogan, Getting my plow ready [09-08-2010]

Since a few of you are mentioning movie theatre's on this site, let us not forget the "Vernon". Located on Germantown ave just a stones's throw below School House lane & I believe next to or near "Pincus Appliances. The movie house closed sometime in the 1960's for whatever reason but i would go so far as to say they were feeling the "Heat" from the competition nearby. The Colonial, New Lyric, Orpheum, Band Box were within a few minutes walking distance & Mom & Pop only had so many nickels to go around when they wanted to make "Woopie" & chased us out of the house on a Saturday afternoon. The venerable Vernon was never quite up to my standards. It had no balcony to launch water balloons, sneak a cigarette, or side exits-fire escapes to stealth into for a freebie flick. Nevertheless, it deserves an accredited "Honorable mention". One wee advantage the Vernon could claim & that was access to Horn & Hardart the automated restaurant / cafeteria directly across the ave. If you were lucky enough to hide out in a dark enclave of the theatre after the 1st showing, you could use your time during the second to scourge the areas of seating looking for loose change dropped by those wanderlust lovers "necking" & gyrating during the show. Your reward awaited you in the form of H&H delicious lemon meringue pie & an iced tea or glass of milk. There, you knew all your friends & neighbors.....No Anonymous, Jane Doe's etc. Like the show "Cheers" :"Everybody knew your name".........P.S.- Sunday's luncheon: Will there be name tags or other forms of I.D. available so we can tell Moe from Joe or the Doe's?.... If not, I will state for the record that I am 6' 185lbs..My hair is gray. My face which resembles eyes much like a Beagle puppies & the rest a cross between a Boxer / Bulldog eating mayonnaise. There, that should make it easy! See ya!
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [09-08-2010]

The Bandbox theater was located on Armat St in Gtn.
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-08-2010]

Hey Guys! The Band Box Theater. Remember that Movie house? What street was it on? And does anyone recall the Beju Cafe next door to it? I have a cool story about that place. Talk among yourselves. Jim Breen, G-Town.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [09-07-2010]

more thoughts: Dreaming does matter. Laugh often. Appreciate the little things in life & enjoy them. Forgive, it frees the soul. Take time for yourself. Recognize the special people you've been blessed to know. Enjoy the moment.
Ed McCaulley [09-07-2010]

soccer at GBC in the early 60's, I wore high top soccer shoes called "bombers' and used readers digest as shingaurds, I remember being on gold one year and red another.I also remember Wayne Preno giving me a old pair of nationals{soccer shoes]
pele [09-07-2010]

Joe D. You are correct about the encounter with Vince Higgens. It was like when seeing anyone out of context; there is that momentary pause where the processer freezes.
John Payne [09-07-2010]

Does anyone remember two fellows that use to hang around together back in the 1940's by the names Bob Shannon or Charles Sands? Whatever became of them.
bjz, 71 [09-07-2010]

JBS and Dan Hartnett: You guys are proof positive that when you scratch a Germantowner you can uncover interesting interests and unbridled intellectual curiosity...and we didn't even get into rug weaving, baskets and one of my favorites: pottery, nor the immense influence of Diego Rivera on RC Gorman. One lifetime is not enough to explore the diversity of Native Americans. Thanks, guys! A big thanks also to the GBC ALUMNUS that reminded me of the contributions Mr Riggs planted in some of us with his expertise of Lenape culture. It was only the smoke of time that obscured his name. And to one of our newest bloggers: Ms. TERI EVANS IRELAND--A big Yatta Hey! You evidently took the same Horace Greeley advise as myself: "Go West, Young Man (and Woman)." I'm glad your experience was as rewarding as my own. On a lighter side, I did lunch last week while in LA at the "West Philly Bar and Grill" Enjoyed what they passed off as a steak sandwich (acceptable--but the roll was weak and the sauce needed work), but dessert was grand--Tastykate's Butterscotch Krimpets--a three pack, flown in twice a week and costing $2.50. Yes, I did lick off most of the icing first...just like old times. Remembering those that labored to give us this holiday-- Happy Labor Day!
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [09-07-2010]

John Brogan: I'd love to have a copy of your 'Saturday afternoon group at Happy Hollow' photo. My brother, Ralph, played ball with a lot of those guys. I was a little younger, but I had the opportunity of playing ball with them whenever the 'big' guys and the 'little' guys played in the same game, especially football. There were Goo, BeeBee, Rocky, Borian, the Nasav brothers, my brother, and others.
Bonnie Gatto [09-07-2010]

Speaking of "Condemned" movies, the other one I mentioned, "The French Line", is currently being shown on TCM. (Tues 9/6/10). I didn't see it from the beginning, but from what I have seen, it looks like the Jerry Lewis Telethon is more sexual in content.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [09-07-2010]

Anon. re Logan Theater. Thanks! LOL, no wonder I cannot remember where it was. I saw the name referenced in another post on this site. That is why I was asking. I also remembered one more Germantown/Nicetown movie...the Cayuga. Germantown Ave. below the junction.
John Payne [09-07-2010]

The Vince Higgins that was posted about-is he the Vince who had a younger sister Pat-younger brother Tim? I knew Pat long ago-would love to find her.
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [09-07-2010]

Has anyone seen or heard anything about Guy Cerrato? I think he was a bartender at a few places I frequented.
anonymous [09-07-2010]

John Payne I think we were at Geiger together when we saw capt Vince Higgens that was strange I remember not knowing if I should call him Vince or Capt,shake hands or salute,as we were told,when in doubt salute!Take care hope all is well,OK here.
Joe DiPasquale [09-06-2010]

Movie houses--Did we forget The Rialto &Sedgwick both on Gtn.Ave??
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-06-2010]

Cathy Manning:of course I remember you,as for John Kohlmeir,I understand he passed away a few years ago. The last I saw or heard of walt Heilman was our 8th grade basketball team,of which he was a member.Good to hear from you.
Joe DiPasquale [09-06-2010]

JOHN PAYNE-------- The LOGAN movie was located at Broad and Wyoming. About three blocks down from "MOSC'S". Move those "BEADS". Thanks for the "info" on Billy Obst. Frank Klock.
FRANK KLOCK [09-06-2010]

Bernie McK – looks like you stoked some memories about CYO football back in the ‘50’s. You talked about us at St. Vincent’s playing our games at Waterview, but do you remember our “practice field” at Vernon Park along Green Street. We would change into pads in the public restroom near the library. Joe Lyons, remember him well (we needed all the help we could get back then) – just one of those natural athletes. As a running back, he would either run over a defender or around him, depending on his mood that day. For a small school, Holy Rosary was the cream of the crop back then. Players like Tony Milione, a brick wall everyone called “Finnegan”, Juju LaRocca, Louie (Boop) DiMaria, and of course, that great running back, Johnny Herrera. He was probably the fastest back around, and when he turned the corner he looked as if he was leaning at a 45 degree angle. Try chasing him down the sidelines for 70 yards. Johnny seemed like a good guy, always laughing and smiling; at least when he was playing us. I believe his mother was Italian and his father was Cuban. Many times we would go over to Waterview just to see Holy Rosary play, especially the games against Immaculate.
Vince Sesso, St Vincent's '54, NC '58 [09-06-2010]

DAN Hartnett: I want to commend you and Kevin MCKernan on your outstanding blogs about The American Indian and their connection with Germantown and The USA-especially THE GBC and THE WISSAHICKON. Your description of The Lenape Indian overlooking The Wissahickon was fantastic. The Indians walked down Germantown Ave. before THe Germans,Irish,Italians and The African-Americans arrived. At The Gbc, Mr. Riggs informed the kids about the impact our American Indians had on USA and Germantown. The GBC was not just about sports-we learned carpentry,history, and bonding with people from different ethnic backgrounds. At Little Big Horn, General Custer was rumored to have said,"Look At All Those [Expletive] Indians and They Are Pissed". We can never get upset with the Indians since no other group in this country has been so exploited. At Penn Treaty Park on Delaware Avenue, William Penn signed a treaty with The Indians. The famous flag-placing at Iwo Jima was done by an American Indian. Jim Thorpe,PA. was named after the great Indian-athlete. I knew many iron-workers including Ed Kehan,the great soccer player and like Kevin McKerran, they will all tell you that The Indians are the best. Bob Feller, pitched for the Indians[Clevland]. You, Kevin, and I have enjoyed the Indian Culture in The West. Dan! I have spent a lot of time on Canyon Road in Santa Fe-a great place for Indian Art. The Compound was a great [lace to have lunch. I also went to Taos and bought Indian jewelry at The Pueblo. I went to Leduc St. and visited R. C. Gorman's Gallery. I am looking forward to seeing you and your new friend, Bernie MCKernan at LaFontana's on Sunday. I wonder if I know the person from Portico St. who will be showing up. There will be a great turn-out. Incidentally, I liked Teri's post- Junior Kripplebauer and Nicky Lazzaro had a tiff- that was freaking combat.
JBS [09-06-2010]

John Payne @ Logan Theater: have researched Phila. Theaters A-Z built since 1724, found no mention of a Logan Theater.
anon. [09-06-2010]

Joen Di Pasquale. There will be a Saint France's launch at the Buck Hotel on October 8 at noon 12 o'clock if you live in the area want not come on by runs about 20 or $22 they know it as a class of 56 reunion but there are members of other classes that come also. Everybody from St. Francis is invited. If you live in the area you are invited to attend. If you know anybody else in the area invite them all so. Ray Dawes classmate
Ray Dawes, 67 years old. Living in Orland [09-06-2010]

Ray Dawes, 67 living in oreland [09-06-2010]

Joe Payne: I corrected myself in a previous post, but you must have missed it. It WAS the New Lyric Theatre, not the Logan. I think the New Lyric was at Gtn & Manheim, wasn't it? Then there was the Orpheum on W. Chelten Ave., opposite the big Presbyterian Church. What was the name of the big restaurant on the north side of W. Chelten Ave, just West of Gtn Ave, next to the church parking lot? It had a counter down the right side as you entered and a tables-and-chairs restaurant on the left, with a big glass window at the front. I want to call it H&H, but I don't think that's right. I remember an H&H shop just below Chelten on the west side of Gtn. Ave., opposite Woolworth's. BTW, I just caught up with my best friend from high school, Denise (Duckworth) Tumelty on Facebook. She and I used to go to Woolworth's almost every day after school for a tulip sundae. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it: a banana, two scoops of ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream and a cherry, like a banana split, but in a tulip-shaped dish! I studied ballet with Jean Williams and danced with the Wissahickon Valley Symphony and in many LaSalle College musicals, as well as in 'Carousel' and 'Annie Get Your Gun' in LaSalle's Music Theatre '62. That was the only time I ever got paid for my dancing! I shared an apartment on E. Chelten Ave for that summer, to be closer to LaSalle, enraging my mother, who said if I moved there I couldn't ever go home again. Of course, I DID go home at the end of the summer. In retrospect, I should have stayed away, but that's another story. I moved away only after my stepfather, Mike McGeehan, who was the bartender at Gillespie's Tavern on Wayne Ave betw Seymour and Logan Sts., was murdered by a patron who bashed him over the head because he couldn't get a drink at closing time. By that time, Eddie Gillespie had sold the bar to the Jacquintos, who didn't take out worker's comp insurance, so it was a big hassle for months trying to get the hospital bills paid. My stepfather, whom I called 'Uncle Dud' for some reason I cannot remember, wore hearing aids behind both ears and when the guy hit him, the hearing aid on one side crushed his skull. When he arrived at Gtn Hospital, they thought he'd been shot. Straightaway the Homicide Squad was called in, because it was clear that the injuries would be fatal. He hung on for a month, then finally died in the middle of an ice storm. When he was buried, I went into a blue funk that lasted for years. He was the best man who ever lived, and to this day, whenever I see someone wearing hearing aids like the ones he wore, I get tears in my eyes. He is buried at Holy Sepulchre and on the few occasions when I'm in Philadelphia, I always go there, sit on his grave, and talk to him. Even though there's no marker on the grave, I can always go right to it, as though he's calling me. The police knew who did it, but never charged anyone. If there is a hell, I hope the murderer of this gentle, loving man occupies an especially hot corner there. My step-father had two brothers (twins) who lived next door to each other on Logan St just off Wayne Ave, and were married to twin sisters. Joe, I DO recall your name, but can't place you. I was only at SFA from grade 4 thru 7 and then went to Cecilian Academy on scholarship. Although I still lived in the 'hood, I didn't have much contact with the kids there, instead hanging out with my school friends and spending most of my non-school hours at ballet class. Just like the song in 'A Chorus Line', everything IS beautiful at the ballet; it compensated for a miserable homelife, softened only by the unconditional love of my stepfather. Hope to hear from you again soon.
Catherine (Manning) Muir [09-06-2010]

John Payne: I was interested in your mention of Vince Higgins. It reminded me to tell you and anybody else who is interested that I have a great picture of a Saturday afternoon group at Happy Hollow. The picture includes your brother Frank and Vince Higgins. Vince was a good guy and a good football player at La Salle. I mentioned him earlier on this blog and got a nice note from Vince's brother who wanted any information i might have about Vince. I think the brother has lost touch with Vince. He would be very interested in you great story.No captains and privates at Happy Hollow huh? John and anybody else who wants that picture (includes the Goo, Billly Obst, Paul Borian, and lots of other great characters) let me know and I'll send it to you. Johnbrogan@aol.com.
John Brogan, Best time of the year for weather and trout in Maine [09-06-2010]

hi joe what a surprise to find this site and make contact with old friends.I"m still married to the girl whose wedding tou were in 34 years ago. It would be great to get together. john burke and I are getting together at the continental on Fri at 5 if that doesnt work for you we could get together at another time I"ll call you during the week.I stopped drinking in 1988. but I"m still a fun guy HAHA be talkin to ya
stev byrne [09-06-2010]

It's come a long way from back in the day in Germantown when they had a small store and factory plus sponsored the Battle of Germantown reenactment every October. Today, while driving in Houston I pasted a billboard sign for Asher's Chocolates.
Jack McHugh [09-06-2010]

Anyone:Does anyone know where Jimmy Russlng is located? We had some great times together and I would love to reconnect. Jim would burn you with corner shots from 3 point range in todays world while we played at the Hollow gym. I also remember not EVER being able to stop Jim DiGregorio or Bonnie Ghatto at ANYTHING. Both were great athletes. I tried as hard as I could but the polio thingy got in my way more often than not. I remember playing baseball and always had a pinch runner stand in for me. But on the Basketball court...I wasn't bad. After shooting from the foul line I was usually one of the first 3-4 picked to play half court. Dang we DID live at the Hollow. We would rush home from school and stay just long enough to put our sneakers on. Once I discovered girls....I threw my brace in Frankford Creek one day when I saw a trolly full of Gals coming from Frankford HS that ran past NE Catholic. Boy was my mom pissed. LOL Hey...what can I say. Us disabled just wanted to be seen as normal. Yeah we had to work harder but ...my friends from GTN always made me feel accepted. And for that...I thank you all. From Soccer at GBC to football at Fernhill and baseball and basketball at the Hollow...My memories are fond. Post NOTE: DOO WAP FESTIVAL AND REUNION AT PENNS LANDING THE 11th. ALSO George Felice is one of the founders and does a great job for our Veterans. Lets all come out and support them.
Joe Graber, My mother never breast fed me..said she liked me as a friend. LOL [09-06-2010]

The Logan movie house was located on Broad st in the Logan section of Philly. Lou G.
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-06-2010]

Jim Breen Cousin JIMMY. And others. It's so wonderful to see your name listed here. How is your family. It seems the only time any of us connect anymore is at a funeral. :-( I hope you think enough of me to send me the dossier about Uncle Dan. He was such a wise and loving uncle to me. Hey, Maybe we can hook up either at Fontania on the 12th or at the Veterans benifit Doo Wap festival at Penns landing the 11th. It sure would be great seeing you at one or the other. And other family members as well. Stay in touch Cous. Big ole MAN HUG. Miss ya Jimmy. PS My email is listed...dont hesitate.
Joe Graber, Im 63 and dont look a day over 64 [09-06-2010]

G-Towner High&Magnolia J. Malizia was my Gym and Homeroom teacher at North Catholic. John Burke, Stephen never saw a shot he didn't like. Richie
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [09-06-2010]

John Burke: Thanks for the invite. I'll do my best to be there. Also as big as you are I don't blame you, I don't know too many guys that would want to fight Steven Pio.
Joe DePero, 52, st mikes 70, levittown [09-06-2010]

To all who visit this site: Life is not a race- but indeed a journey. Be choosy. Say "thank you", "I love you", & "great job" to someone each day. Go to church, take time for prayer. The Lord giveth & the Lord taketh. Let your handshake mean more than ink on a paper. Love your life & what you've been given
Ed McCaulley, in Boyertown [09-06-2010]

To Annemarie--My aunt would know your family --Give me your maiden name LFG
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [09-06-2010]

John Payne: The Logan was located in Logan, no surprise, at 4732 N. Broad Street, between Wyoming and Loudon. http://www.philadelphiabuildings.org/pab/app/image_gallery.cfm/6507?ShowAll=9999
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [09-06-2010]

JBS, and other Germantown sports enthusiasts..here is an interesting anecdote about a Germantown/Happy Hollow/LaSalle athlete. When I was in the Marine Corps, and stationed at Camp Geiger, North Carolina, for advanced infantry training, I passed an officer on a walkway one day. Now, for the uniniated, one does not really see the person when passing an officer. You tend to see the "brass" and dutifully, salute, which I did. The Captain returned the salute, as required, then I heard, Junior? or should I say John? John Payne? Shocked, I looked over and found myself staring into the eyes of Captain Vince Higgens (sp?). It was great to see someone from the old neighborhood. We had a very nice conversation about the Hollow, then parted ways again. I've never seen or heard from Vince again. He was a very nice fellow. So where ever you are Vince, Semper Fidelis my friend.
John Payne [09-04-2010]

louoldies: With the information you supplied, and assuming that John Malvestuto had a brother named Frank, they lived at 6006 Ross Street.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [09-04-2010]

Where was the Logan Theater? I remember the Wayne, the New Lyric, the Orpheum, and even the Band Box on Maplewood Street. I remember the name of the Logan, but not where it was located.
John Payne [09-04-2010]

Catherine (Manning) Muir: Okay, I'll try again. When I saw your post I was surprised, because of two things: first, I never knew someone else lived above D'Ambrosio's Tailor Shop. I alway thought the D'Ambrosio family probably lived there, Interesting; second, I cannot believe that someone who is only one year apart from me in age, and who is so fond of Joe D., one of my closest friends from my teenage years, and I cannot recall you. Can it be that I am starting with the senior moments?
John Payne [09-04-2010]

Lou Giorno - I don't believe your Aunt Mary would know me. I was only 9 or 10 when she got married. We girls used to run down to Holy Rosary church on the weekends just to see the bridal parties and the beautiful clothes. Years later when I was waiting for my permanent job, I was temporarily working as a model. One of my first assignments was in a bridal show. The head piece I had to wear (in my memory) was almost the same as your Aunt wore on her wedding day. I remembered it because when she and her husband came out of church, the people threw rice at them. In those days, they used to put confetti candies in with the rice. Some of the candies ended up in your aunt's head piece. She got so tickled and started to laugh when she was trying to get them out. I know its a crazy story but thats how i remembered it. Tell her that I lived on Mechanic Street. I don't know who she would know from there. But you are 100 percent correct. She was and still is very beautiful.
ANNAMARIE [09-04-2010]

I noticed some recent mentioning of the 1955 Catholic League & City Football Championship winning La Sale College High School team.Did you know that there were 4 Germantown guys on that squad? 1 Senior, J. Malizia,& 3 Sophomores; J. Gallagher, J. Herrera, & L. Di Maria. All 4 were Holy Rosary students, and 2 years later (1957) the underclassmen repeated as Catholic League & City Champs vs. Roxborough. This of course corresponds to the time frame when Joe Lyons, an excellent football player, was attending & playing for St. Vincents. That year I believe was 1953, (when Joe was in 8th grade) & that was the year H.R. went undefeated in the C.Y.O., & went on to win the Pa. C.Y.O. Championship against a team from Bethlehem Pa. Joe Lyons, unfortunately, was almost a one man team & got very little help from his teammates & St. Vincents never defeated H.R. that year. H.R. was loaded with talent that year & won most of their games unscored upon until they got into the C.Y.O. district championship games. Those were also the days that everyone had to play both offence & defense. Just trying to set the record straight & not taking anything away from Joe who by the way in 1958 played on the semi-pro football team Waterview A.A. sponsered in an independent league & Played with 2 guys from the Hollow, who went by Goo & BeBe, among many others from Waterview & the surrounding neighborhoods. I think they went 6 & 1 & it was the last year Waterview fielded a team in the league & many of those guys on that team like Joe Procopio, Joe Di Natlie, Al Bomentrie, ( 3 of the 4 starting backfield) etc...have died. Just some more meaningless info. to store in your memory.
G-Towner--High& Magnolia, High & Magnolia [09-04-2010]

Maybe a little off topic, but wanted to add, that I googled condemned films, and was somewhat surprised to see the movie "Some Like It Hot" on the condemn list. This is film that was judged by many to be the greatest comedy of all time.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [09-04-2010]

Joe DePero: I spoke to Steve Byrne on the phone yesterday, we are supposed to get together at the Continental Post on friday 9-10-10 around 5, if you are interested.
John Burke, 56 NE Phila [09-04-2010]

Rich Pio: I guess the Pio family is still mad at me for beating Steve Pio in the one on one champioship at Fernhill in 1969. Im just glad i didnt have to fight him. LOL
John Burke, 56 NE Phila [09-04-2010]

Hey Steve e-mail me at Dsprdo95@aol.com or call me at 215-901-0126 we can catch up. I don't live too far from you. You're only minutes away in Feasterville, maybe we can talk over a couple of brews. Joe
Joe DePero, 52,st mikes 70, levittown [09-04-2010]

Joe DiPasquale, how fantastic it is to know you remember me! What about John Kohlmeir; he also lived on Clapier Street. Is he still around Philadelphia? When I was in 5th grade, I had a big crush on Walter Heilmann, who lived on the other side of Gtn Ave; whatever happened to him? Check out http://www.proz.com/profile/13030 for more about my career. Next year (2011) is 50 years since we graduated from HS (can you believe it?) and I'm hoping there will be a reunion of Cecilian Academy Class of '61. If so, I will make the trip back and we will have to get together then! Meanwhile, please stay in touch.
Catherine (Manning) Muir [09-04-2010]

Rich Pio, how heavy was that water bucket?
No B-ball, Just Futbol [09-04-2010]

Catherine(Manning)Muir:I can't begin to tell you how suprised and happy I was to hear from you.Your thoughts and memories are so vivid it feels like we were there yesterday!Sounds as though you have had a very interesting life,please keep in touch.
Joe DiPasquale [09-03-2010]

Ed, I was friends with the boy who was killed by the train.. His name was Franny Mangino and the person with him who witness this horrible tragedy was John Malvestuto who has passed on. this happened at magnolia ave between haines and chelten if my memory serves me right. Franny and John lived at High and Ross streets.
louoldies [09-03-2010]

Schmitty, I broke out in a cold sweat just remembering my football playing days @ St. Vincent's. My athletic ability was someone limited in that I was built like a Gazelle & could run quicker than the late Willie Sutton leaving a bank but my tackling skills were abysmal. St. Vinnies was a perennial door mat in the league but we usually managed to squeak out a win twice a year over St.Benedicts. The Benny boys were so bad & soft one would have thought we were in a pillow fight instead of a football contest. We played our games @ Waterview rec. ctr & I can still recall those dank locker rooms with the odoriferous smell of sweat & leaky pipes. Immaculate Conception & Holy Rosary were the best teams around & they would whip up on us like we were rented mules until we managed to get a transfer student by the name of Joe Lyons. Joe, having worn out his welcome at I.C. had a choice, St. Vincent's or Daniel Boone....Whoa, easy decision. Joe Lyons single handily turned our fortunes around that season & we even managed to womp I.C. & Holy Rosary & they had solid players. The Lyons family from East Germantown were a large Irish bunch & all the boys were very good athletes. . Joe later went on to play varsity @ North Catholic under the tutelage of coach John Gillespie. I tried out every year @ N.Catholic & every year I was told: "Try again next year son". When I informed them in my senior year of my status, coach said: 'flunk"!..... Flunk I did but for a different reason. I was tossed out a week before graduation by none other than Knobby Walsh. A great honor getting bounced by the little round man but not so wonderful in your senior year & a week before graduation. A religious teacher, the late Fr. Brennan worked out a deal for me that if I attended summer school, all would be ok & I would get my diploma. I considered this a half victory in that I was able to rock @ American Bandstand & get my sheepskin. Summer school was at West Catholic girls high a mere few blocks from Dick Clarks sand box. A small disagreement with the school office had my diploma sitting in the archives until a few years ago when it suddenly showed up in the mail. I didn't know whether to frame it or burn it. ..........JBS, A correction. Don't make me older than I already am. Patrick who does not blog on this site is the eldest McKernan brother followed by this writer, Kevin in Santa Barbara & James in N. Carolina. Just "Nuttin" you as they say in the Hollow.........By the way, Isn't Jane, John Doe's the name they assign to unidentified person's by way of a hang tag on the toe in morgues? Guess one even though brain dead can still be considered alive chemically...........I want sauce @ the luncheon unless they're serving meat loaf.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [09-03-2010]

Everyone, you have been spared. LOL. I just finished a rather long, and rambling post to Catherine(Manning) Muir, who I do not even know, but I must have hit a wrong key by mistake, and it disappeared. I cannot re-write it because the accident may have been some send key, in which case you would have had two missives to scan. We'll just have to wait and see. :)
John Payne [09-03-2010]

Catherine (Manning) Muir: Funny you should mention the protest of "The Moon is Blue" at the Logan. Just this morning I was watching on TCM, another highly publicized film, of that era, that was condemned by the Catholic Church, called "Baby Doll" I can understand why it was condemned back then, but I found the film, while being somewhat entertaining, to be quite silly. You see more risque stuff on TV today! I remember seeing Peter Pan at least 10 times at the Logan, and they raised the price to 50 cents, but well worth it, as it was and still is my favorite Disney movie.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [09-03-2010]

unlock53@comcast.net John Burke didn'n play basketball at fern hill park we just let him stand on the court so he wouldn't cry. HA HA Richie
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [09-03-2010]

OK you old heads from St. Francis and the hollow ( I say that with respect) which year had the best basketball team? Our '64' team coached by the illustrious Jack Brogan, a disciple of the great "GOO" went 20 and 5 with three of our losses by a combined 7 points, one at OMC by two in OT, one at the hollow to St. Raymonds by three after being down seventeen and one in the district playoffs for the city by two. They kept the score and time we led most of the game they got a two point lead game over. One loss at LaSalle tournment,coach had reserves that weekend, sent his brother didn't know how to handle us we pressed the whole game but we had a great press just like St. Joes college but not the whole game. That was your fault coach (just kidding). Our worst loss was at the North Catholic tournment CHAMPIONSHIP game by about 19, we hung close for a half but they were pretty big, had a kid 6'5''. Now for the hollow gym half court winner stays we played all day,it was rare when we got beat any combination of myself,Pete Siminitis, Dave Phillips, Billy Daly, Paul Harkins. Sometime the oldheads and college boys would give us a good game but we rarely lost. As for baseball the poet Frank is there any beer in the cooler Klock was our coach, came in second to St. Raymonds we had one loss they had none. Just some good memories associated with names on this site growing up in Germantown in the sixties.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [09-03-2010]

Portico Guy: I am looking forward to meeting you at LaFontana's in Hatboro-a great restaurant. I will be meeting Bernie Mckernan- one of the outstanding bloggers on this site and the oldest brother in The MCKernan Family. The ladies organizing this event do a great job and the men at the last event were good people-including guys from The Brickyard. Probaly, you know many guys from The Brickyard since Portico was so close to Gtn. Ave. and Brickyard. I still miss my friend BOb Campbell[RIP[ who lived near you. Mr. Portico! It will be a great time with folks from both sides of Germantown Ave.
JBS [09-02-2010]

I remember Mr.Lewis --a little bald-headed guy-he not only was an usher but he was the manager of the Lyric movie house.Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-02-2010]

John Payne: I thank you for the kind remarks and not nutting me-the Hollow term introduced by Paul Borian. You, Frank Klock, and Jack McHugh write well- all students of Sister Grace at ST. Francis[1958]. Jack Brogan, from the Hollow, has interjected another term- cave-in the chest. I was surprised that Goo would smash Jack B. in the chest for rooting for LaSalle over South Catholic. I knew Tom Yanessa from LaSalle[LaSalle lineman] and he was younger than Goo but there would have been an confrontation. He graduated from LaSalle[1958] with Jack B. and Tom Cusack. Goo and Jack must have had a love-hate reltionship. He shot pig with us for quarters and never raised the stakes-he always won. However, he took Jack for bucks. I only knew Goo when I was a kid, he was always Mr. Hollow but I think that he was too complex for non-Hollow people to understand. Many people on this site really loved him-including Jack Brogan who had his chest partially caved-in. I have learned a lot about Hollow Culture reading this site. John! Keep posting and any comments about Seminole Indians since you live in Florida-Kevin McKernan is your age and you might have met him at GBC. Your St. Francis teams played his St. Vincent's teams. Mole Adamoli and I liked playing St. Vincent's because we liked playing against Jerry Gorman who was really a football player pretending to be a basketball player-a lot of trash talk took place and Mole was very good at it. As you know, The CYO was a great league-your coach was The Legendary Goo and Jack Brogan followed him and we have traveled full circle.
JBS [09-02-2010]

Kevin McKernan: I enjoyed your blog on American Indians. I have plowed through a fair amount of American History, eastern, western and southern and read quite a bit about them. When I was a kid I went to the library at 19th and Hunting Park and devoured whatever they had. It is a big subject. The various tribes throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico could be so different from each other linguistically, culturally and in how they related to whites, as well as to one another. JBS mentioned the statue in Wissahickon Valley. The statue is of a Lenni Lenape chief named Teedyuscung. The tribe was a division of the Delaware's and inhabited our area. The statue symbolizes his last look out over the valley as they were pushed out of this area to the Wyoming Valley. JBS, like you I spent some time in Santa Fe and Taos. Fascinating places including Acoma and Taos Pueblo, especially if you have read Kit Carson's life who lived in Taos. The southern covered wagon train trail ended in Santa Fe. I bet you spent some time on the Canyon Road art galleries. I had better cut here as I am expecting flack for this post. Hope to see you guys next week.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-02-2010]

If you folks all want to talk about indians in Ecuador, Arizona and any other place other than Germantown, why don't you take it to personal emails? I'm here to read and enjoy the many wonderful tales of Germantown. I've been all over the world also, but guess what gentlemen? My travels have NOTHING to do with Germantown. I could desparately try to connect my dots when I first saw Michelangelos' David in Florence, Italy to the many sculptures around Germantown, but would it REALLY make any sense? It appears you are so full of blowing your own horns, you've lost track that this is a historical website of Germantown, not a personal autobiograhical site, where the rules mandate you outdo each other with your tales.
Jane Doe [09-02-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Okay, 'everyone' ...this is a friendly reminder that NEXT sunday, is Sept. 12th.All former 'G" towner's are welcome to come and 'break bread' at LaFontana's in Hatboro on York Rd. Time set: 1:15 or so...give or take a few...hope to have a great turnout. We had so much fun the last time, please come and join us this time.Respectfully, Linda "F"...
L.Fontana [09-02-2010]

Dave Linn @ Oct. luunch: Would like to join in, I lived across Manheim St from Ed Himsworth.
Ed McCaulley, in Boyertown, [09-02-2010]

Bor: I got in trouble with Grazione one time. Because of Goo I hated South Catholic. Grazione played baseball and South Catholic was at La Salle. Grazione came up to bat and I was at track practice and wandered over. When I saw who was up I started with the raz. "Hey, Grazione, pretty boy. You can't hit any better than you could shoot hoops"...like that, you know. Well, baseball is funny in that the batter can call time out. He did and took off after me. Lucky I was in track spikes and knew the cross country course. He never caught me.
Jack Brogan, Waiting for Earl. [09-02-2010]

Joe DiPasquale, we were in the same class at SFA; I remember you fondly. Also Johnny Kohlmeir. Always envied you, living on lovely, tree-lined Clapier Street, while I lived above D'Ambrosio's Tailor on Wayne Ave.!
Catherine (Manning) Muir, The Outback, Australia [09-02-2010]

I'm in Australia these last 21 years, still working (translator/interpreter, Indonesian<>English). Must also correct my previous submission: it WAS the New Lyric Theater, not the Logan Theater, and, yes, I ate many hot dogs at The Little Dog House next door. Do you remember Joe's Pizza on Wayne Avenue above Logan Street. Great hoagies, pizzas and cheese steaks. Can't get a cheese steak in Australia; also can't get scrapple or chipped beef, all of which I often crave.
Catherine (Manning) Muir, Forgot to mention ... [09-02-2010]

So many memories of the 'glory' days when you could walk everywhere. Oysters at Imhof's on W. Chelten Ave., the smell of apple cake and cinnamon buns from Schenk's Bakery on Wayne Ave. on Saturday mornings, painted shop windows for Halloween, the trolleys on Wayne Ave. and Germantown Ave., the Saturday night dances at St. Francis of Assisi, summer fun at Happy Hollow playground and the dances there on Friday nights, hanging out at Loudon Park, log fires at Fernhill Park, the 5&10 at Wayne & Seymour where I worked while in high school (Cecilian Academy, Class of '61), the art movies at Wayne Avenue Theater, the protests when 'The Moon is Blue' showed at the Logan Theater, and the price rise to 35 cents when the movie 'Peter Pan' was shown, the Penn Fruit Company at Wayne and Chelten, tulip sundaes at Woolworth's at Gtn & Chelten, Jean William School of Dance. The list goes on and on.
Catherine (Manning) Muir, 66, lived in W. Germantown approx. 1953-1977 [09-02-2010]

P.S. To Annamaria -I just spoke to my aunt Mary about your blog about the wedding-she would like to know your last name(maiden) if possible & where you lived--on High or Magnolia-she would know your family if she had a name for reference--Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [09-02-2010]

vera thanks ... i suppose anne was not related to these mcpeaks ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-02-2010]

kevin mckernan thanks for the reply and look forward to the luncheon on the 12th. i remember seeing your sister mary at a football game that jimmy's sons' school came to philly to play in ... and also at a reunion that we had some years back .... mary is a lot of fun and i only wish she could join us as well on the 12 ... do you remember a art lenaghan who was in your sister mary's class ... i keep in touch with him from time to time . rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-02-2010]

To Annamaria Yes,my aunt Mary is my father's sister--she was always my favorite aunt--she just turned 85 in Aug. & is still beautiful(I kid you not)we still converse 2-3 times a week. I remember the wedding I was 10 at the time--the reception was held at the Masonic Hall in Gtn near Rittenhouse Square-I'll tell her of your blog about her.Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [09-02-2010]

oops Kevin sorry I misspelled your last name Teri Evans Ireland
anonymous [09-02-2010]

Kevin McKenna...You made me smile. I visit the site often read most submissions, but rarely reply. Althought my parents were born in Germantown they went out west to visit family,they stayed a few years..I was born in New Mexico.I grew up in Germantown from the age of 2 yrs old.It took ne 30 years to get back out west.In 1990 I too went to visit family in New Mexico,then to Phoenix..I stayed a few years. I was in the right place at the right time and was offered a position to work for Indian Health Care starting a NICU unit in Phoenix Az.It was one of the most educational and amazing episodes in my life. Yatta Hey, Teri Evans Ireland
anonymous [09-02-2010]

Ed, I only know of one of two boys hit by the train. His name escapes me at the moment.
anonymous [09-02-2010]

Joe D. yea it is.married, two sons,1 granddaughter we had some crazy times on clapier st.
steve [09-02-2010]

John Burke we used to play basketball in fernhill park. you called me froggy because i had such bad form. i remember when willy {the spanish kid} tried out for the little quakers. do yiu ever see him or his brother.i live near mike garvey and he told me about this site.remember gilligan the black kid,I live in Feasterville and work for septa
unlock53@comcast.net [09-02-2010]

Yes Vera Canavan--I remember! It was a long walk, more than a mile,one way back in the day. but are you old enough to remember the Hurricane (Hazel) back then?? Andthe blizzard on March 21st, 1958. It was more than three feet, as I remember, and a very heavy snow, as most spring snowfalls were. Wires were down all over Germantown, and sparking live and hot laying on top of the snowbanks. School was closed, and we had no electricity for days, and BABY it was cold. Everyone huddled around the gas range in the kitchen, with winter coats and snuggies. My granfather died that day, and it was almost impossible to get him out of the house and to the funeral parlor. The house was lit only by candles, as the wake was in the parlor. Very eerie sight,it was! Any other stories from that Blizzard of '58???
ANONYMOUS [09-02-2010]

Kevin MCKernan: That was a great blog on Indian Culture starting with The GBC and covering the entire USA from East to West. My Indian connection started out in Fairmount Park when I saw the beautiful statue of The Lenape Indian not far from Rex Ave. I spent time on Indian Reservations in North Carolina[Cherokee],New Mexico[Taos] and Arizona[FLagstaff] when I attended Pow Wows. I mentioned in a previous blog that I had visited Indians in Ecuador. Incidentally,the Indians in Ecuador were small-North American Indians are bigger. My wife[Ludmila], her father[Peter Kapschutschenko] and I were interested in Indian History and Culture. Peter Kapschutschenko,the renowned sculptor, created many works of The Indian People. He was concerned about oppressed people-Ukrainians, Irish and Indians. Ludmila Kapschutschenko-Schmitt was a Latin-American Scholar and very connected with Astec and Myan civilizations. Personally,I've collected Indian art and sculpture for many years. I spent a lot of time in gallaries in Sedona,Arizona, Taos and Santa Fe New Mexico. My favorite Indian artist was R.C. Gorman. He captured the essence and the beauty of The Indian Women. Like you, I was fascinated with the magnificence of The West and John Clymer captured this beauty in his paintings. I have his Alouette Print. The Indians were exploited and Fire-water did not solve anything. Kevin! Your comments on The Indians did not bore me and keep posting.
JBS [09-01-2010]

It's very transparent that, in order to tell everyone how important he is, who he knows and where he's been that one of the McK brothers has resorted to claiming the relevance to his hot air is tied to old indian trails in Germantown. If that truly were the case, only the first few sentences would have been needed, but no, we have to hear about his importance. You McK just can't stop talking about yourselves, can you? At any cost!
Jane Doe [09-01-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Lou Giorno - I remember when your aunt (I think) Mary got married in Holy Rosary church. It was the biggest wedding I had ever seen and your Aunt Mary was a beautiful lady. I think it was the nicest wedding around Germantown at that time. I take it your father was her brother?
ANNAMARIE [09-01-2010]

JBS:@Portico St;I'll be at LaFontana on the 12th,hope to see you.
anon: [09-01-2010]

On a sad Germantown note does anyone remember the two boys who got hit by a train by Waterview in the 60s. From what I recall there were actually three walking the tracks and one survived. Appears they avioded one train, by jumping into the next tracks where they were hit by another train going in the opposite direction. Believe it was next to Waterview, by OLR Church.
Ed, Chester, VA [09-01-2010]

Jim Breen - what a wonderful story about Fr. Cavallucci and your Dad! Thanks for sharing that.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-01-2010]

Rosemarie Hite Malageri: In reference to your post of 8/31/10 Patrica Mc Peak(Patty) as she was called was the twin sister (Fraternal) of Marcella (Mickey) Mc Peak. I am not positive if she had a sister named Anne but I seem to remember that name being mentioned in conjunction with the McPeak's. I know she had an older sister Margaret, aka Margie, a brother Vince & a few other siblings. The Mc Peaks were typical of a large Irish Catholic family during the fifties & sixties in Germantown. If I find any further information I will let you know & I hope to share with all on this site @ the luncheon. ........p.s. My older sister Mary is still good friends with Margie & I will ask her for the family rundown. Also, anyone reading this site who went to St. Vinnie's school, circa 1954 graduating class, please chime in.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [09-01-2010]

Anon fem, I believe the Nicky Lazaro you're talking about is alive and well. I think you're mistaken about where he lived. Nicky lived in Cowtown.
anonymous [09-01-2010]

Steve: Manheim Gardens or Manheim st?
John Burke, 56 NE Phila [09-01-2010]

Hi Marian,I remember you.You and your sister baby sat our 3 children many times during the sixties when we lived next to you on Abbottsford.I stay in touch with Ed and Lila by phone and visits from time to time.Hope all is well with you and yours.
George Schurr [09-01-2010]

Kevin McK, you failed to mention Mr. Riggs who was a expert on the Lenape Indian Tribe of PA at the Club.
GBC Alumnus, Great years [09-01-2010]

Last week a few boys from the GBC had breakfast at the Country Club Diner on Cottman Ave. Two Spiders, Ed Himsworth and Jim Kohlmeir, Lou Brownholtz and myself. We're planning a lunch in October, who wants in? More the merrier.
Dave Linn, Breakfast [09-01-2010]

Linda Fontana...Thanks for the tip but those bleeping squirrels are too bleeping smart,and are always looking for ways to outsmart we mortal humans.........Jack Brogan..You are lucky that Goo did not snap your back in addition to caving your chest.Goo was a big fan of Jim Grazione,star quarterback for South Catholic,who I got to know during our Villanova days...James Breen(Young Head)Very nice story on the perseverance of Father Cavallucci.He is my kind of guy.....To all you Phillies fans...We could use Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio right about this time.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio [09-01-2010]

Is that the same Linda Wilkenson with a brother John (Mr. Wilk) and sisters Maggie, and Georgine? I think she used to baby sit my brother and sister and I way back when. I knew their mother also. She was very pretty.
Joe DePero, 52, st mikes 70, levittown [09-01-2010]

Is that you, Steven Burns, from Manheim st? Joe DePero
Joe DePero, 52, st mikes 70, levittown [09-01-2010]

Joe DePero, 52, st mikes 70, levittown [09-01-2010]

George Schurr we lived at 230 west clapier from 1945 until 1964,when John Payne and I joined the USMC.It was a great street to grow up on,the Keehans,Kohlmiers,bill and jay kelly,Jack and Ray Dugan,I think of it often with a smile on my face.
Joe DiPasquale [09-01-2010]

rosemarie hite malageri I remember Mc Peke girls twins Patty and Mickie-maybe lived on School House Lane
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--- [09-01-2010]

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