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August 21-31, 2010

Ed Gillespie lives in North Cape May. I'm his sister, Marian
Marian [08-31-2010]

JBS, et al: Let's talk Indians! It's a totally relevant topic for this site since our Germantown is built on their hunting and burial grounds. Anyone that has traveled some of our main roads are probably walking on expanded old Indian trails. Our area was inhabited by the Delaware tribe with the Susquehanna to the north and west. If you explored the Wissahickon ("Cat fish creek or stream of yellow color"), fished or rowed on the Schuylkill, or lunched in Manayunk ("Place to drink"), you can still sense their influence. I have been interested in Indians since the days I walked into the Germantown Boys Club, hung a left at the door into the auditorium, and observed the display cases containing many Native American artifacts. During the sixties it was work with Indians that brought me west. Then things got interesting. I met Jay Silverheels (Tonto) and Iron Eyes Cody (the crying Indian in those 1970's pollution ads) at the LA Indian Center. We did Pow Wow's in Chavez ravine (Dodger's stadium area), danced in circles to the beat of drums amid the light of camp fires. They did whiskey and other things with "plants"--ritual peyote--part of their religion, and legal. I took notes-- wanted to know everything. Tonto wasn't fond of actors like Jeff Chandler playing Cochise or the young Sicilian, Sal Mineo portraying "White Bull" in "Tonka". But old Iron Eyes, a wonderful gentleman, and seen as the iconoclastic symbol of Native Americans, turns out to have been of Sicilian descent also. What is it with Sicilians and Indians? To Iron Eyes' credit, he did marry an Native American and adopted several Indian children. Many of these Indians "walked iron"--steelworkers that connected steel beams--60 to 120 stories high, not the job for the faint of heart, and perhaps the most dangerous in the building trades. They had a saying (not untrue), that "The Navajo built the West and the Mohawk built the East." Tonto was a Mohawk. They did most of the high steel work on the Empire State, Chyrsler building in the east and much of the steel on the Golden Gate bridge and skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles. After Sept 11th, the sons of those that helped put up the Twin Towers returned to help clear the burnt and twisted steel I-beams....JBS, while I never met your South American Indians, I'll bet they shared many characteristics with their North American cousins: proud, quiet, somewhat introverted and shy...and can outdrink any Irishman or German around. "Firewater" was a big problem among those I met. They have truly walked "A trail of tears".
kevin McKernan, "Yatta Hey" [08-31-2010]

Paul Borian: "Tip for the day", this works for most 'critters' but, I don't know for sure about squirrels. Go to a place that sells gardening products ...get a pkg. of something called 'blood meal' ..and put it into your soil, next spring..No animals will come near to your garden or anything else....it works, someone (on the train) told me that...so, each year she got all of her veggies that were planted.....with no 'bite marks or half eaten residue on them from ground hogs,etc.Good luck this year keeping those squirrels away from your bird feeder.....l>a>f
L.Fontana [08-31-2010]

Bruce,I I was friends with Hoss {Larry D.} little Bro.Dave. I lived on Manheim St. You had a Band and I remember you played a dance at Calvary Church. Is that the church where you played the organ? Remember Jake Codner and His drugstore on Wayne Ave. Didn"t you buy the 55" chevy from Jigod {Vince Jurgatis}?
steve [08-31-2010]

Joe DiPasquale,I lived at 203 Clapier from 1940 until 1952.Where you there then?
George Schurr [08-31-2010]

anon:Carmen Volpe passed away many years ago.I saw Tom Polaneczky in 2002 at the reunion.He lived in Bucks Cty.at that time.
George Schurr [08-31-2010]

bernie mckernan does patty mcpeak have a sister anne ... ? rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-31-2010]

WOW, "She crab soup", is certainly the very best by far. You jogged my memory Mr.McKernan- as I remember tasting that delicacy at "Jeny's fine dining restaurant/and Disco Place back in the late seventies or early eighties. It was located on the way to New Hope,Pa. I believe in Lahaska, Pa. The Cock and Bull Restaurant may still serve it up .....as well, at that same locality.. You certainly are well travelled...God Bles you, Linda "F">
L.Fontana [08-31-2010]

The Nick Lazzaro that I knew was so very handsome. He also was quiet and nice....my friend and I 'hung out' with him and Chops" Carolina (or Catalano') don't remember the exact last name...but, we went to the movies with them/ and bowling,etc. We were all about '13 or 14' then...and our parents didn't know we met them. Anyway that Nick would be about '61 or 62", today...I am wondering if this is the 'wounded man' you spoke of recently? Back then he lived on or around High St., if I remember correctly. Anon-Fem
QAnon-Fem [08-31-2010]

More Goo? Thanks to John Payne for the line. Right around the time when everybody was nutting everybody else at Happy Hollow, the Goo Goo would threaten to "cave your chest, you RHMFCJOB." Not many of us really got the chest cave, but I did. Last week Charlie Murry died and that reminded me of this story. Charlie played for a great La Salle High School team that won the city championship over Northeast High School. Northeast had a starting backfield that included Herb Adderly and Angelo Coia. Both were great N.F.L. running backs later on, but La Salle won that game 26-zip. Big time football, right? Goo didn't like La Salle. He liked South Catholic because South Catholic had a mostly Italian team. South Catholic and La Salle played for what turned out to be the Catholic League Championship. Charlie Murray intercepted a pass and ran it back for the only score of the game. La Salle's field was packed. Goo was standing on the South Catholic side fuming after Murray scored. At that moment I came up behind Goo and said, "Hey, Goo. It's all over now. They're worming up the bus." He turned and with all those people in the stands looking on, caved my chest. I caught the punch going away and landed four feet back on the track. No harm no foul. We all laughed at that moment. No guns at Happy Hollow in those days. No dope either. Just nuttin' each other, pitchin' pennies, playing cards and shootin' crap, playin' PIG for a doller, sneakin' in the Wayne Avenue Playhouse, eatin' a half pint of Moe's Breyers ice cream packed well, drinking Yoo Hoos well shook, and of course, caving each other's chests.
Jack Brogan, Best summer in years in Maine. [08-31-2010]

Anon de Portico: I was quite familiar with the guys that you mentioned in your last post. My brother Cactus Jack was good friends with Carmen Volpe whose parents had a grocery store at Morris& Queen Lane in Pulaski-town. Carmen Volpe and Paul Borian had encounters wth Herb Adderly-these guys had physical strenth but Herb A. was very good with his hands. I was friends with Jesse Turner,a professional boxer, but he never messed around with Herb A. Carmen V. died when he was in military service and he was in George Schurr's class at St. Francis- George,a great swimmer, posts on this site. Jack Smith, the legendary athlete and coach[CD] from St. Francis was a great guy. I knew Jack from various venues-especially GBC and The Continental-he was a paratrooper. Jack S. was friends with Ed Himsworth from GBC and The Continental where ED[spider] tended bar. Ed Polanesky was my classmate at St. Francis[1955]. We had a mutual friend-Dave Heil. Ed was a good guy and he pumped iron with Bill Bittner-Mr. Muscles. Mr Anon! I liked your friends, I hope that I can meet you someday- I bet that you are good people.
JBS [08-31-2010]

i remember johnny carr, he lived at the boys club right be hind the game room . what a great guy he was . he was a very short man . he loved the fight game . he wore a hearing aid and love to pretend to spar with a lot of us kids .do you remember the door man his name was jim . he would not let you in the club if you did not have your boys club ticket !i joined the boys club in 1940 a kid took me there by the name of russel lynch, he lived on wakefield street i lived on lena street (the red brick hill )between coulter and penn. i moved from south philla in 1939 to germantown till 1958 . 21 years loved germantown ! on the conner of penn street was boyds restaurant owned by bob and doris boyd, dr campbell the eye doctor was on the other conner and next to him was joe the barber,and next to him was allen goodmans used furture store, and then next to them youngs home made candy and ice cream store,acrose the street was ridders drug store. when i got older i was one of the guys who replaced the old bringhurst gane that hung out on millers steps whitey roberts, pee wee, franke heart,johnny hines,mole turner . monk ridder, the kennedys brothers,boon tompson, jimmy lawyer. all great athletes long time ago !frank .
FRANK, north wales [08-31-2010]

Schmitty: I know who you are, and that you are Ken's brother. You are correct that I was just teasing (nutting) you. My reference was really a comment on your encylopedic (is that a word?), knowledge of people and events on this site, coupled with evidence of a very good education, fantasitic recall, willingness to share your stories, and also an almost Hemmingway like life in your travels and acquaintances. I'm glad you realized that; I did have a moment of pause after posting, wondering if you would misunderstand, but happily and accurately I conclused that you would read my intent correctly.
John Payne [08-31-2010]

Okay Lou and Frank....here it goes. This short story is actually my late Father Daniel F. Breen's story. I Don't recall what year this incident happened. Perhaps one of you good folks can fill me in. My Father was on the Night shift most of my childhood. So he was around during the day in the Neighborhood. He and Father Peter J. Cavallucci, the Pastor of Saint Michael of the Saints Church and school struck up a friendship of sorts. Even though Dad was a loyal Parisioner of Saint Francis of Assisi Parish. I was a kid when this happened but the Local City Government came down hard on the Catholic Church and it's infamous Gambling such as Bingo, card games and even the Carnivals that most Churches ran to make cash for much needed functions. One Monday morning first thing the City reps came to Father Cavallucci's front door and held out a Paper stating that the City of Brotherly Love now forbade Gambling on any level in the Private sector. Especially a Church and it's Bingo. Father was stunned and offered:"Gentlemen, This is how I raise money to run my Church and School. I will go under without my Fairs and Bingo. I ask you to reconsider this." The hard nose Reps (don't know what Party) refused to listen and gave the good Father a time frame for him to close. 24 hours. Father called all his friends, Parishioners and anyone he could. My Dad's phone rang and Father asked for his help. My Father was furious that the City would dare to do this. He hand printed signs and posters to protest this unjust dealing. That Wednesday Father had the Sisters of Saint Joseph and a bunch of supporters my Dad being one of them organize a "Procession" of all the kids in the School dressed in their Uniforms. Hundreds of them. All processed over to the Fitler Elementary Public School a few blocks away. The men of the 14th. Precinct had been called and escorted all these folks along the Procession route. Some guy with a Trumpet and the Statue of the Modonna with a Crown of flowers also went along. When they arrived at the gate, Father Cavallucci demanded the Principle. She came out and Father said: "Okay, The City says I can't have my Bingo or Fair. Sign my kids up in your school Please." The lady and her staff just gawked with open jaws. "I cannot accept this many students Father, there is just not enough room. The War just ended." Within two hours as they all sang songs and waved signs the Local City Councilmen arrived and said "Okay Father, youv'e got your Bingo. Now please take your kids back to your own school." The croud roared. My Father was the Father's biggest fan after that and told this story till he died. What guts to stand up to City Hall. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street. G-Town.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-31-2010]

School is starting,kids today[that sounds like the old lady I am] miss out on a lot. We walked to school- often every kid on the block walked together-we asked each other spelling words-went over the poem-had to learn one a week in some grades-we learned time management-had to beat the bell or be in time for 8:00 clock mass-Morris St. was a little over a mile so doing that four times a day cut down on childhood obeseity!Weather was never a factor you just WALKED faster.You knew your neighbors you were proud of your neighborhood. Good memories.
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [08-31-2010]

To Annmarie--The Giornos from rittenhouse are not related to me. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-31-2010]

Carman Volpe,Jack Smith,Ed Himsworth & the Polanesky Bros. Robert,Thomas& Edward.Portico St.????
anon: [08-30-2010]

Anybody remember Johnny Carr? He was there for a very long time. 1920's on !
GBC Alumnus, 1950's - 60's [08-30-2010]

Steve, Yeah, that was my nickname and the Chevy was a '55 (with parts from many other makes and models), so nice memory! I think I posted some comments about it back about nine months ago. How might I know you?
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [08-30-2010]

Lou Giorno - i do remember your grandfather's bar. it was accross the street from John Petro's store. I was a little girl. My father used to go in there. I remember the May processions at Holy Rosary. Wekids loved all the celebrations, carnivals and fun. Were you related to the Giornos on Rittenhouse Street? I went to achool with Lucy.
ANNAMARIE [08-30-2010]

Lou..Dont forget Louigine also did the funeral prosessions from the house to OLR church. Who could forget walking behind the casket down High St or Haines St with the band playing. The Godfather didnt have any more than our neighborhood did. Once the Black hand tried to get 25 cents for protection from the guys on the corner in front of Louigines bar. Yamie said he had to go home and get the quarter, he came back with a bat and they beat them half to death. That was the end of anyone extorting money. When Pus Dinelio bit off Joe Cans ear it was in the 22nd ward Bocce club on the 400 block of Haines St next to the Justi club.
Gman [08-30-2010]

John Payne: MY name must resonate with you since I am the brother of your former classmate at St. Francis[1958]-Ken. You are a Hollow guy and read the blogs of The Hollow Sage-Paul Borian. The Bor mentioned that some folks on this site like to nut people which was characteristic of some of the characters from The Hollow. Your last post on this site was short but pithy. I know that you were jesting and not trying to nut me when you made nuanced comments about my experiences in The Andes Mountains in Ecuador-coke and streams of consciousness. Bernie McKernan, a contributor to this site,has traveled to The Andes Mountains in Ecuador. Bernie was friends with Tony Bateman, the brother of Actor Henry Gibson. Tony B. dated your sister-in-law-Moodie Doyle. Many people including Charles Darwin visited The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. I was more interested in The Indian Villages than looking at turtles. I spent time in The Indian Villages of Cotacachi and Otavalo and saw The Tungurahua Volcano. I will amplify some of your nuanced comments about various plants grown in Ecuador-cocoa and cactus. In Ecuador, one must be careful when eating, I ate a bad banana and Montezuma's revenge took place. The Indians would have cooked hot water with cocoa leaves to relieve their stomach but I only drank American Coke. In the 60's, I was hanging out at Crane's[Queen Lane] and drinking Vodka-straight-up. Bobby Goo Guarinello,The Hollow Legend, introduced me to a Black-Russian-Vodka and Kahlua which is a choclate-based liqueur. You got it- choclate comes from cocoa plants. You spent time in California where people who eat nuts and berries talk about streams of consciousness- San Francisco comes to mind. In Mexico, The Indians use The Peyote Cactus when they have religious experiences. In Ecuador, the cactus of choice for this religious experience is The San Pedro Cactus-a cousin of the Peyote. John! The DEA is more concerned about the cocoa plants in Ecuador than the cacti. I would recommend that you and Cheryl visit Ecuador-a beautiful country. I hired Indian guides to take me through The Andes over The Pan-American Highway. I went from Quito to Cuenca- this can be dangerous and it is not for the faint of heart. I hope that I did not bore you but people do stereotype Ecuador.
John Bruce Schmitt [08-30-2010]

marie the g town luncheon is on the 12th at 1:00pm la fantana's hope to see you there ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-30-2010]

I just found out that "The vietnam memorial that was at Cardinal Dougherty is going to be dedicated at the Rising Sun VFW 2819 post at Martins Mill RD off of Rising Sun Ave on veteran's day. Please pass the word."
Erda, From the Westside of Germantown [08-30-2010]

Please help me-if anyone out there graduated from Gtn.High,in June 1953-please look in your yearbook and find Carol Ferry&Lois Lentz--if found contact me by email louday1014@yahoo.com thanking you in advance Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-30-2010]

Thanks to Lou G. Frank M. and the Brickyarder. The first two for sending me data on Father Peter Cavallucci of Saint Mike's and the Brickyarder for surviving untold stories during their childhood. (grin). Tough times makes for tough people who can take it. The strong survive. God bless all you G-Town folks. All hard working, God fearing, Patriotic Americans. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street, Saint Francis of Assisi Parish.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-30-2010]

To Annmarie--My Grandad(Luigi Giorno),had a bar on the corner of High & Magnolia he also had the marching band & played for all the feast days at Holy Rosary Church--I guess you are to young to remember-he was a big celebrity in East Gtn. in his day. I'll bet your parents remember hjm Quite well. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-29-2010]

Bruce Marshall was your nickname deuce and did you have a 57' chevy
steve [08-29-2010]

Jim Breen - amazing story re: P.J. McGarrity - and THANK YOU for your service.
Brickyarder [08-29-2010]

G Towner - High & Magnolia - I agree with you. I really believe the NJ address is correct. Evidently, he does not want to be bothered. That's probably why the MA group hasn't answered. They are just following his request? I don't know why. Very strange.
ANNAMARIE [08-28-2010]

This morning's post, 8/28 by Dave the Sea Isle Guy, reminded me how long it has been since I heard the term "She crab soup". I first encountered that delicious delectable delicacy back in the early 1970's while traveling my territory around the Virginia Beach area. I asked about this creamy buttery smooth potion that went down your gullet quicker than an elevator without it's cables. I was told The chef at the Lighthouse Inn, in Va. Beach said it was made with the female Chesapeake bay crabs using only the bulk rear quarter part of the crab which has the sweetest meat. In & around Baltimore, Eastern shore & regions it's just called "Cream of crab" & it's first cousin, crab soup made with tomato base & lot's of vegetables & a whole crab plunked in the bowl is hearty but can't hold a candle to the Queen which is the cream or She crab soup. If any of you out there haven't tried this warm "smoothie" in a bowl, you only need to have it once & you're hooked. Down here in the land "Of Pleasant living" a good restaurant serves it up with sherry.....Do not & I repeat do not eat this with a cheesesteak or hoagie! Ewww!..........- Schmitty: Your thoughts on the Andes in Equador brought back my own memories of that grandiose strip of mountains running down the Western portion of S. America. I will have to exchange conversation with you about these behemoth rock piles when we visit @ the luncheon on the 12th of September. I dare not go into detail lest I offend certain people on this site for monopolizing the space & the conversation not being germane to Germantown. I will however divulge that I used to commute from Caracas Venezuela many times a year to my office in Annapolis Md & Washington D.C. with my then wife during the late eighties & early nineties. The Andes are powerful tall mountains & as near to Heaven from this writer's point of view.......In closing, that's good news about the restaurant getting a stay. There are fewer & fewer god family restaurants around period. The large chain operators have done to this industry what the Walmart's & Home Depot's have done to the other respective industries.........One final note: Members of class of St. Vincent De Paul 1954, our classmate Patty Mc Peak passed away last week. May she RIP.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [08-28-2010]

Lou Giorno, I will have to check the Statute of Limitations before sharing my stories of Nicky Laz . Yes Lou they were incredible, what ever you heard was probably part true, I doubt anyone tells the " Whole Truth "
Dolly, NE Philly [08-28-2010]

Hi, I have fond memories of growing up in & around E. Germantown. My mom's family (Moore's) & extended family Rogers, Toners et al. were there for centuries. I really miss Old Germantown.
John Hagerty, Delaware county, '65 grad of Dougherty, long fam history in E G'town [08-28-2010]

Nicky Lazaro was 5'2 at best but the baddest man with his two hands around.everybody feared uncle nick,thats what we called him.if he knew you he would do anything for you,was a great guy.the night he was shot just one of many times given last rights.another time given last rights he was in a fight with a bunch of black guys they cut him from ear to ear, when it was over with he put everyone of them in the hospital.rumor was the bullet in his chest from being shot moved when he jumped off pier thats how he drowned.
anon [08-28-2010]

Good News to all the people who loved Busch's Restaurant in Townsends Inlet, NJ. The deal fell thru and unless another deal is made, they'll be open again. Best She-Crab soup in New Jersey.
Dave, Sea Isle Guy since 1958 [08-27-2010]

TO: Dan Hartnett I have read the book. I ordered mine from Collingswood, NJ where Junior Lived. It was an autographed copy By Junior, Allen Hornblum and Chickie Goodroe. My mom dated him (tho I knew him as Nick Colangelo}. in 1977 in California right before he got busted for a Bail Jump. I do hve 1 pic of him and my mom. Wanted to know if any one knew him and has pics. I tried to locate him but never could and since found out he has passed. I have talked to the Author Allen and an old friend of his and his Daughter.
teri [08-27-2010]

I never met Nicky Lazaro,but heard some amazing stories about his exploits in Gtn. He had to be the toughest nut in the hitory of Gtn.Anyone care share some stories abuot his exploits?? Lou Giorno
lou Giorno, Lou from the burbs [08-27-2010]

Hey JBS; sometimes when I read some of your streams of consciousness, I begin to wonder what kind of coke you had high in the mountains of Ecuador...just near Columbia. Hmmmm, I wonderrrrrr... LOL
John Payne [08-27-2010]

Annamarie, No response from the N.J. CONTACT.Same as the experience with the MA. attempts. Hope of ever finding out what happened to Sonny is fading fast. I Remember when we were trying to locate Cosmo (Sonny) Testa a few years ago. We ended up finding him in N.J. below Cherry Hill, but despite our finding him he did not seem to want to reconnect with the old crew from Germantown & Chelten, and High & Magnolia. Maybe it is something similar to what has happened to Sonny Hat.

Jim Breen: I hope that you read this and can make it to the LaFontana's Luncheon on Sunday Sept.12th at 'around' 1:00 for sure....along with Bill Cupo, Anthony Giordano, and so man other guys who may be there to talk about the 'good old days'.....amen, Linda "F"
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-27-2010]

Is their going to be a lunch at Lafontanas on 9-10-10.If so what time.Thank you. Marie Bommentre
Marie [08-27-2010]

More ULISDA club doings--Joe Canazaro-(who ran the club) had a fight with a guy named Puss-Puss bit half his ear off-A lot of entertainment huh?-One night a patron at the bar asked the bartender if he could change a $100 dollar bill-The bartender thought he was RUDE & punched him in the mouth--see what I mean, A real exciting place to patronize. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-27-2010]

anon Did You attend The 50th reunion Oct, of 2002 @ Williamsons?
George Schurr [08-27-2010]

richard pio i remember you.john and dennis are my uncles and linda wilkinson halligan (married huey ) just getting use to leesburg it sure aint gtn. drop me a line love to hear from gtn folks. have had some contacts with some of the guys from the old penn st boy's club. 9
anonymous [08-27-2010]

Teri of Tennessee: You made some inquires about two lengendary characters from Philadelphia-Nicky Lazzaro from Germantown and Louis "Junior" Kripplebauer from Fairmount. You mentioned that these two gladiators had a tiff. Their encounter was a life-threatening brawl.This fight occurred at the Chew-tavern at Chew&Chelten. Junior K. was 6 ft.+ and 2oo lbs+-built to be a storm-trooper. Nicky L. was not so tall but he was a fire-plug and one of the strongest guys to come out of Germantown-nobody messed with him. They were both drinking heavily and they got into an argument about money. The fight was nasty and violent. The only way to ever beat Nicky was to shoot him. Junior won the fight. Nicky had to go the hospital and had massive surgery to his lung. Only the strongest warrior could have survived that wound. Germantowners were in awe of Nicky. Junior was arrested by the police. Nicky was a stand-up guy and never testified against Junior Kripplebauer. Nicky Lazzaro was so unique and one of a kind. Nicky battled with a guy[Junior] who was a legend in the prison-system. Junior had done a number on Hardrock,a very big black dude,at The Trenton Prison. I find it incredible that he died from drowning when he survived a shooting and encounters with some very tough hoodlums on the mean-streets of Germantown. Dan Hartnett knew Nicky very well and he got along with him-Thank God. Dan told you about the book-Junior Kripplebauer and The K&A Gang. Junior was the main principal in the book. John Berkery[ST. Francis] did not like the book and he was infuriated with Junior K. Smart people did not like to get Big John angry. John B. thought that Junior was really a Fairmount guy and not a K&A guy. Junior did go to Kellis's at K&A-the heart of Kensington. How did you know Junior? He had a reputation for being in the company of beautiful women. Junior Kripplebauer died in Marlton NJ where Lilian Ries lived who was a good friend of John Berkery. I hope that I enlightened you about 2 unusual characters and did not bore some bland people who read this site. Teri! You live in a beautiful state.
John Bruce Schmitt [08-27-2010]

Enjoying the trips down Germantown Ave. in this Website. Monsignor Peter J.McGarrity as you may recall was a tough, Irish man of disicipline. I am still convinced I will burn in hell forever based on my First Confession to him at six years old. Oh yeah. But during each years First Holy Communion and the precious and innocent white clad recipients of Jesus began their march to the song of "Jesus, Jesus...Come to me....All my Longing is for thee." He fell apart. Trying to cover his mouth and nose up with his hankerchief but failing to hide his emotions. Fast forward to 1966 and I was a part of a Long Range Recon Patrol Unit in South Vietnam. We had already seen destroyed Catholic Churches and I sent these Photos to the Monsignor. He and I wrote back and forth. Once I wrote just before a dangerous journey into Cambodia chasing some North Vietnamese. I told him I would be going West and for him to ask the faithful, my favorite and his of the 5:30 AM daily Mass to pray for the success of our Mission. Out of the eight of us I was the only Catholic. One guy; Lorrenzo Grason, the son of a Black Baptist Preacher man from Prichard, Alabama for just an example. Monsignor wrote back right away and with the letter was a package. Eight Pair of Rosaries were inclosed. He wrote: "James, Wishing you good luck for you and the Lads. Don't go alone. Take Mary with you and pray to her." So there we were, a Hit squad wearing our Rosary beads foraging into the Cambodian Jungle. We all made it back. Jim Breen, Saint Francis of Assisi.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-27-2010]

Anyone remember Mr. Lewis, the usher at the Lyric theater. I remember we sometimes had some of us sit up front and other in the rear, and then we'd alternate making some kind of ruckus to get him running back and forth, up and down the aisle. Real 1950's trouble making.
anonymous [08-27-2010]

Mike Power: hello to you and Terry from an old Keyser and Seymour friend of Terry. Hope all is well with both of you.
Alice [08-27-2010]

To anon-dennis&kevin The club across from waterview was The John Sandora Post--Don't know when The ULISDA Club closed--One night at the ULISDA Club,guns were drawn-everyone present hit the floor instinctively-no shots were fired TG.for that-never knew what the rift was about-got the hell out quickly.ULISDA had the best New Years Eve parties-for $35.00 per couple you got a filet mignon dinner-a bottle of top shelf booze with set ups-comedians Al Fischer& Lou Marks- A stripper& dancing--a great buy in those days. Joe Canazaro (joe Cans} & Jimmy Rizzo ran the place--Those were the days my friend.
Lou giorno, Lou from the burbs [08-27-2010]

The Post at Haines and McMahon was the Sandora Post.
anonymous [08-27-2010]

Schmitty(JBs)...I am trying my best to "nut" the squirrels in my back yard.They are driving me nuts!They keep attacking our bird feeders.They are running rampant over my plants.If I had a gun,I would shoot their bleeping bleep.Back in the good old days,there were no squirrels in the Hollow.They knew better then to mess with all the nuts in the Hollow.In all probability,they were hanging out with all the normal people in East Germantown.By the way,I am looking for my old Hollow baseball bat,the one with a lot of base hits,which I would like to make available to Rollins,Victorino,Utley,Howard,and Raul! I am ready to make a comeback,if you are willing to join me.Finally,with the closing of Busch's,I will have have more money to invest in all of my disastrous mutual funds.How I long for a 50 cent Cheese Steak with sauce and onions from Sal's.No charge for the entertainment from all of the "Nuts" from the Hollow......Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Where Have You Gone Phillies Bats [08-27-2010]

The bar on Hanies and McMahon was called the Sandora Post.Sandy
anonymous [08-27-2010]

George Schurr:sorry to hear Hen Clemmer has passed,grew up on clapier st with he and thrisha nice people.
Joe DiPasquale [08-26-2010]

Ted Silary.. ha ha, great topic, can't wait to hear the feedback on this one. Your best friend in Philly, Linda "F".
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [08-26-2010]

Lou-lets hear some of your stories from the ulisda,yes a lot of crazy people went there.do you remember the name of the other club nicky lazaro ran across from waterview at haines and McMahon
anonymous, anon [08-26-2010]

Lou Giorna and Dan Hartnett, can't speak for anyone else, but you sparked my interest and curiosity about the ULISDA Club. Can you share any of those stories and adventures. And, when did it close?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-26-2010]

Theodore, interesting query. I think it is always the larger venure that gets first billing, however in the case of the numbered streets they always go first. Someone should apply for some sort of grant and do a real study on this or a study on why this Phillies team has lost their MOJO!
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [08-26-2010]

Paul Borian: You are not getting older since your blogs are getting better. You have brought Hollow jargon to this site how anonymous posters like to nut people. Joe O'Donnell from California and John Payne[JR] from Florida liked your unique language and take on people who post on this site. John Payne posted," You Can't Nut A Nut". I was nutted therefore I am not nuts but have some guts. I wonder if John Payne tried to nut Ken Schmitt[brother] and Frank Klock at St. Francis. Junior[John P.] did not nut Goo when he was on Goo's team at St. Francis. Bor! I also agree with your comments that various themes should be posted on this site-neighborhoods,food,philosophy and in your case sports and baseball which you and Ted Silary have vast knowledge. I remember last year that you were so prescient about the Phillies pitching against the Yankees. Dave Linn,the great Dobbins soccer player from Germantown mentioned Ted Williams came into The Continental-Ted was your hero. He was brought into The Contnental by Bud Simons from G-town and The Prep[1932]. Like you,he was a former professional baseball player-a pitcher. His daughter, Paula, has posted on this site from beautiful Bonita Springs in Florida. Paula and sister Linda both hung out at the Hollow. Your Hollow buddy,Jack Brogan, talked about Leroy Kelly[NFL] from Fernhill Park. I remember breaking up a fight between Leroy and Bill Haas who was a great baseball player who could be nutted easily. Harold Pat Kelly told me that Haas could really hit but I think that he needed your athletic temperament-competitive but cool. As you know, baseball is more than swinging the bat. I could never hit a curve, I even tried hitting left-handed. I always admired Mickey Mantle who had power on both sides of the plate-he did party too hardy which did not help his career. Drinking and partying can ruin lives. When I was high in the mountains of Ecuador which border Colombia, I only drank coke if you know what I mean. You like steak and do not rule out Malbec-Dan Hartnett recommends it. You must be disappointed that Busch's is closing in Sea Isle-what an Institution. You will have to drink your Old Grandad at home. You and Fran have a great Labor Day-"God Bless America".
Schmitty: [08-26-2010]

To Dan Hartnett--Ah yes,many things happened at theGaribaldi&ULISDA-One thing I remember were the cops raiding the place at 3:AM & getting paid off so they could stay open after hours. And yes,it did pay to have friends in those clubs-you never knew what was going happen-it was like a time bomb-Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Lou from the burbs [08-26-2010]

Lou G. and Dan H.--O.K. guys, enough with the big tease. Cough up those "adventures" you had/witnessed at the ULISDA club. Don't end up feeding them to the worms. All Germantowners await in anticipation...That goes for you too, Mr Gregg S. I'll bet you can regale us with all you saw and the music you played at the Garibaldi Club. Please share.
kevin McKernan [08-26-2010]

Garibaldi and ULISDA bring back many memories for me. My dad was a member of both. He was a bartender at the ULISDA. That was many years ago in 40's to 60's. Many Saturday afternoon's we walked to the ULISDA from Wakefield and Price St. As a child I was impressed with the walk-in refrigerators. I guess he was taking inventory.
FrannyB [08-26-2010]

The book, "Confessions of a Second Story Man, Junior Krippelbauer and the K&A Gang" continues to come up in this blog. Curious from the postings here, I borrowed the book from the library. It didn’t take me long to decide not to waste my time reading about the escapades of this violent, ruthless, criminal Irish street gang, also referred to as the Northeast Philly Mob. Remember the murder of Dolores Della Penna, a 17yo recent grad from St. Hubert’s, in 1972? Very big news at the time, she was torchered, beaten, gang-raped, and dismembered with a machete while still alive, then her body parts scattered across New Jersey. Junior wasn’t involved, but 5 members of the K&A gang were. Lack of convicting evidence is the only reason why the case remains “unsolved”. But, the DA has the whole story of what happened and who was involved. Read the book if you must, but don’t immortalize this gang.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-26-2010]

Bill McGettigan I knew a Dennis McGettigan, a John McGettigan and went to school with Linda Wilkenson at SFA, any relations? Small world, I go to Leesburg each year for the Leesburg Bike Fest, it gets bigger every year, in April, I also ride a lot of the backroads around Leesburg, great riding territory. I now live in Marion Oaks, about ten miles south of Ocala, for the last 16 months. I lived in Citrus county 14 years before moving. Richard Pio SFA 64, NC 68.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [08-26-2010]

Not the most earth-shattering topic ever, but . . . Have you ever noticed how Germantowners are inconsistent when it comes to identifying intersections? Elsewhere, the north-south street always goes first (Broad and Erie, 8th and Duncannon, 25th and Diamond, 49th and Chestnut, etc.). In G-town, it's always Germantown and Chelten, and Chew and Chelten, but you're just as likely to hear Chelten and Greene as Greene and Chelten, right? And when combined with smaller streets, Chelten always goes first (like Chelten and Ardleigh or Chelten and Anderson) for the ol' East Germantown RC. Just one of our endearing quirks . . . Can anyone explain it?
Ted Silary [08-25-2010]

Teri-the nick you speak of drowned down the shore 1979,they are related
anonymous, anon [08-25-2010]

nicky l. i am hoping that you can make it to the g town luncheon on 9/12/10 at 1:00 pm ... at la fantana's ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-25-2010]

lynne, so glad to hear we werent the only ones sneaking to the balconey but unlike you and your group nobody in my group paid for the balconey and the usher didnot give us access to it ... i remember my little heart beating through my chest (being the coward) that i was. ha! i really could not enjoy the movie for fear of being caught and thrown out :>) rosemarie ps ... hope to see you at the g town luncheon on the 12th at la fantana's
rosemarie hite malageri [08-25-2010]

Mike Power: I remember you. We were in the same grade and classes together at St. Francis of Assisi. Since we both have last names that begin with the letter P, we also often sat in the same proximity. I hope all is well with you Mike.
John Payne [08-25-2010]

The Nameof the store The name of the store at Green and Logan was Brownies{spelling}???
George Schurr [08-25-2010]

To Lou: I put in many sessions in the Garibaldi and ULISDA and, like you, saw some adventures in the ULISDA. It was an interesting place. It paid to have a few friends there as I recall.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-25-2010]

George Schurr: I was in their class @ SFA
anon: [08-25-2010]

Mike Power, Hard to believe but the 50 year reunion is rapidly approaching!Hope all is well with you and yours. Take Care, Dave
Dave Byrne, nechs 62 [08-25-2010]

Reminiscing about Abe's/Heller's, the two most memorable things for me were the wonderful aroma that drifted up from the pickle barrel & the fresh Italian rolls that we purchased on the way home from Sunday morning children's Mass..... to be used at Sunday morning breakfast to "dip" your egg! Thanks for the memories!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic 55; cdhs '59 [08-25-2010]

vera we look forward to seeing you on the 12th.... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-25-2010]

rosemarie rinaldi sorry you cant make the 12th but happy to hear you and your family will be celebrating together ... perhaps the next time around . also, happy to know that you will still hang in here for a couple of more weeks ... and hope as time goes on you will deceide to continue to stay on ....rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-25-2010]

To Dennis--the social club you are referring to was The Ulisda Club(United lodge of Italian Sons & Daughters of America)next to the Walton Movie-it was open to all-no matter what your background(Irish-German etc) I was a member & spent many hours there-I could tell you many stories about the many scary things that went on when I was a member. Lou G
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-25-2010]

Rosemarie M., We used to be able to get into the balcony at the Orpheum if one of our friends was ushering at that time. Once one of us paid to get in they would open the exit door for the rest of us, then we would be able to sneak up the steps. At the time we were told that the management didn't want kids up there because they would throw their candy, etc. on the people below. I have no idea if that was really the reason. Dennis McGlinchy, Was that factory at Chelten and Baynton a huge discount furniture store in the late 60's, early 70's. I think it was Diamond Furniture, but I might be wrong. Erda, I remember every place you wrote about except the store with a soda fountain at Pulaski and Chelten. Do you remember a florist, a gift shop and a little restaurant on Chelten Avenue between the train tracks and the Acme?
Lynne [08-25-2010]

it's something to see someone asking about my father(or maybe grand) . We are coming up on the second anniversary of his passing. I bill III now live in leesburg fl. will always miss and hold fondly to my germantown. questions or just share stillbillmac@yahoo.com
anonymous, william mcgettigan III [08-25-2010]

This is for Jane, I did see John Holt at LaSalle College around 72 or 73. We were outside the book store. My wife Terry (McDonough) just asked me if you went to Little Flower around 1964.I miss the old neighborhood and simple life that we had back then. My best to anyone that remembers me.
Mike Power, St. Francis 58, NECH 62, LaSalle U 75, Marine Corps [08-25-2010]

Thanks to Kevin McKernan for that informative piece on Garibaldi.I,personally appreciated it very much. Respectfully, Ciao, Linda "F".
L.Fontana [08-24-2010]

anon posting 8/23-24-10 I speak with Frank Gray every other month,Currently recovering from auto accident.Ispeak with or see Ed Gillespie once a yr.I have not seen or spoken to Charlie Durkin or Frank Marr since our 50th reunion[1952 St.Fran.]Hen Clemmer R.I.P.passed away in Dec.2003.Since all of these people you ask about are from the class of 1952 St.fran.,do they have a connection to you?
George Schurr [08-24-2010]

Kevin McKernan ­ nice posting of memories on the Garibaldi Club and who was Garibaldi. Yeah, you are right, that whole strip from train station to Baynton is an empty lot. Across the street, that small stretch of stores is mostly gone too. Anyone have such memories of the Italian Club at Chew & Chelten? That one was closer to me. It is now a Chinese restaurant….. The times, they have a changed….
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-24-2010]

To the Other Rosemarie: Sorry, but we won't be able to make the Sept. 12th luncheon; it's Larry's birthday and the kids will be having us to dinner to celebrate. I would have liked to meet you too . I will be following this site for a few more weeks to see if things improve here, but then I will probably just drop out altogether. I am glad you appreciated what I had to say here. S/ Another Rosemarie
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-24-2010]

On Garibaldi: He had dual citizenship, both in the US and Italy and was offered commander-in-chief, but had to turn it down when he was recalled to Italy to unify the country. He intended to return to the US, but was immersed in the reunification of his native country and never made it back. Everywhere you go in Italy, you will find statues of Garibaldi, but I'll bet even Italians don't know that Garibaldi was also a US citizen.
Anonymous [08-24-2010]

CIAO GARIBALDI!-- Sunday's were hard on my Father. After Mass. After a feed of scrapple, eggs and home-fries, The nervousness would set in. Asked "What's wrong?" he would say: "Son, A working man only gets two days off, and these damn, blue-nosed puritans with their Blue Laws and State Stores will not allow me to quench a terrible thirst." That didn't stop him! While most of us have a wallet full of credit cards and other memberships, Dad had a wad of "Social Club Memberships"-- "Ports in a storm" as he would say. And he wasn't fussy with whom he drank with-- "They all take greenbacks, son." This is were I learned that "Money talks, and B.S. walks." He could just as easily find companionship at the rumored Black, Speakeasy down the street; along with the jig-dancing Irish up at the Commodore Barry or the accordion playing, polka dancing Poles in Nicetown/Fishtown. It didn't matter. This is how I found him, sitting quietly at the bar, in the Garibaldi Club one Sunday eve. Sent to bring him home for dinner, I was given a seat at the bar and a kid's coke. Weaned on Elliot Ness and the "Untouchables" my eyes were going wild. Because of its Italian connection, I thought Al Capone might come in at any moment. The ladies in their high heels and hair piled atop their head like Bridget Bardot seemed as tall as basketball players to my young eyes. Most of the men were nattily attired in fine suits and slick hair. I kept looking to see if I could see who was "packing heat." When I suggested we had better leave before the Feds raided the joint, Dad laughed and ordered "another coke for the funny kid." Years later while waiting for the bus in front of the Garibaldi that would take me to CD, I wondered what immigrant from Carrara, Italy might have carved the name of Garibaldi above the entrance? Who was Garibaldi? Turns out he was quite the Liberal Revolutionary--a first-class fighter of Autocratic regimes in the wars of unification in Italy and later in Latin America. So impressed was he with Lincoln's war on Slavery, he offered his services during our Civil War. The War Dept. offered him a Major General's commission--a fine rank-- which he declined. He wanted to be Commander-in-chief of all Union forces. He wanted U.S. Grant's job. The man had flair and I could understand why his paisanos' created the Sons of Garibaldi Clubs. I googled the Garibaldi at Chelten Ave and Bayton St the other day and sadly saw only a weed covered lot from the Gtn. train station to Bayton St. Ciao, Garibaldi.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [08-24-2010]

Save me a seat at lunch on the 12---looking forward to seeing old and new friends!
vera carey canavan [08-24-2010]

I'm sure many people went to the public schools in Gtn.& are not mentioning them, I'm surprised--I taught at the JSJENKS School-1961-1993 and haven't seen one blog about my school or from former students -it's a puzzle.Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Lou from the burbs [08-24-2010]

More names from the past;Ed Gillespie,William McGettigan,Ed Preston,Dominic Mercurio,Bernard Flannery. Anyone??????
anon: [08-24-2010]

rosemarie rinaldi i too am sorry if you sign off of this site ... your input is much appreciated and will be missed ... please reconsider and dont allow a few to ruin it for many .... rosemarie ps ... it would be nice if you and your husband would join us at the g town luncheon at la fantana's on the 12th ... would love to meet you!
rosemarie hite malageri [08-24-2010]

shiela ... i hope you can make it ... i think you will be happy if you do. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-24-2010]

Nicky Lazzaro, are you the same Nicky that had a tiff with Junior Kripplebauer?
teri, Tennessee [08-24-2010]

Hey Joe O'Donnell, thanks for the kind words. Facebook is truly remarkable and probably the best site on the Internet, to meet new people, get reunited with people of our past. I have been able to find guys I grew up with, 50 years ago, using the Facebook feature of showing friends of friends. I also like the feature of messages, pictures, videos,being posted immediately immediately. Its really great for folks like us, that have sought out living in warmer climates year round, to keep in contact with the "old neighborhood".
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-24-2010]

Bill Cupo: I am falling off of this chair,(LOL), you are sooooo funny. Yes, Heller's was called "Abe's" by so many of us, back then. Billy Heller was definitely the nicer bro.You just brought back a flood of memories to my mind.I think yrs. later, Manny may have dated my neighbor, "Marie" M/ who shall go nameless here, since everyone thought she was pretty, but, 'different'..anyway, you're so right, a quarter went a long way back then. And we all probably needed root canals, down the line, after chewing that 'stale' gum.but, still it was a place to go and purchase those 'goodies' that we all so enjoyed as children. I got one of those yo-yo's,too..and had a blast with it.Today, the kids use their imaginations a different way on computers..like little 'Zombies', as I call them. I think we all used to get outdoors more> back then, and I find that sad. Are we now raising indoor "robots"? I used to be able to ride my bike with no hands/& do a 'mean hula hoop' trick, the kids of today may laugh at that, but, I had fun. Thanks for the positive vibes back on this "G" site..it made me smile. Hope you come to our luncheon.Fondly, Linda "F".
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-24-2010]

Bill Cupo; Nice memories of "Abes", while not being a customer of them as a child, I got to know Billy about the 70's, when I went into the store. I could always get him to smile, if I greeted him with what they had on their outside sign "Since 1929" Later on when the store closed, and he took a job elsewhere, I used to see him many times, and still greeted him with "Since 1929", and still got a smile out of him.
anonymous [08-24-2010]

Joe Leone, thanks for the website VPIKE.COM The house we lived in looks better today, at least from a exterior standpoint, than when we lived there. Nice to see! Ray Dawes, good to hear from you. I could only wish that I still had that 55 Chevy( it was gold). It is amazing the prices those cars generate at the Barrett-Jackson auctions. In fact, I wish I had held onto every car I owned thru the sixties and seventies. I would be worth some big bucks today. Again, it was great hearing from both you and Joe and, Mary says hello.
Jack Townsend [08-24-2010]

Joe O'Donnell- Welcome back desert rat!Wish I could join you on Facebook,but then the truth would come out about me.Best to stay behind the scene like our beloved webmaster...John(the eloquent)Payne- "You can't nut a nut" BEAUTIFUL! That is the reason why we Hollow guys were able to tolerate each other.Best of all,applying this skill against outsiders(normal people). Lot's of fun until my wife got very angry with me.She did not understand.My "nutting" days came to an end.She took the Hollow out of me.WOE IS ME! All that I have left are the memories.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, 109 days to ski season,and counting [08-24-2010]

To Jim Breen--I rec'd your complimentary email thanks! I lost your email address,please send it to me again --louday1014@yahoo.com Lou Giorno.
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-24-2010]

remember the Holy Rosary football team that went undefeated and unscored upon in 1963. Home field was waterview.
louoldies [08-23-2010]

Paul Borian and J.B.S.and Dennis,so glad to see you're still on "Your Thoughts". It's nice to read your thoughts on things today ! I have become a "facebook freak",and i just noticed a real cool guy,"Johnny Fleming",another guy who has fantastic memories on philly i met on Facebook. It's been a long time since i've been on this page and i miss "nutting" to all of you. I hope 2010 has been good to everyone ! Your friend, Joe O'Donnell
joe O'Donnell, the mojave desert rat [08-23-2010]

Patricia Carr,Pleaseeeeeee check out your facebook page and befriend me.You are the 1st person i nutted thoughts with. It's almost 4 yrs now.
joe O'donnell, 67 and aging mellow. [08-23-2010]

A message to you Webmaster (16 yrs is good time). The phillies all the way. I've got the Faith! I watch almost every game on PC. Between the T.V. and about 3 or 4 games on that and my pc room with the phillies,i'm in MLB heaven ! I've also become serious Facebooker ! I hope all on YOUR THOUGHTS have had a gr8 2010 ! Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, you remember me Webmaster,just turned 67,8/10/43 Am still in the Mojave Desert in Ca.... [08-23-2010]

Hey Friends, Great to hear from some of you and thanks for the Correct Spelling of Father Peter J.Cavallucci's name. I am still coming up dry with any hard facts about him. I did get some data from a Death Notice. This said a Peter J.Cavallucci was born on Dec.21, 1906 and died on Nov.30, 1988. This would make him 86 at the time of his death. Sounds about right. Anybody have any more data I would be grateful. The man was a great man. My Late Father; Daniel was a huge fan of his and told a wonderful story about Father Cavallucci's bravery about some Political issues of the time in Philadelphia. Once I obtain more accurate data I will share my Dad's story. You will love it. Thanks for the Reunion invite. Don't think I can make that one. Nice of you all to think of me. God bless you all. Keep up the Banter. Wonderful Geographic area of Hard Working Americans was Germantown. Everybody worked back in the Day. Our manufacturing Jobs were here.....not in China. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street. Saint Francis of Assisi.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-23-2010]

lou giorno ! were your friends with freddy lofferdo and alex daniela. i think you guys went to st michaels from around the 5 th grade you all went to all those partys that was big at that time (house partys ) 1950's i remember seeing you guys at st vincents dance every friday night you guys were wild when it came to danceing and going to all those partys that anna vavala had on wister street ?i belive freddy lofferdo died when he was only 21 around january 1957 . he was a great guy, i remember him,and i know alex passed around january 1999. he was a good soccer player . i think he played for the germantown boys club and germantown high school when they won the public school title . i see you were a entertainner. you lead a full life ! nice seeing you on here . frank .
FRANK, north wales [08-23-2010]

I was pretty young when the store at Green and Logan closed but my parents stayed friends with the family that owed it for years after. Their name was Brown so maybe the store was Brown's? Funny thing about that house. It was abandoned for years and even though we lived in a funeral home, my cousins and I all thought THAT empty house was haunted. LOL
Peggy (Gillespie) Berkey, 52, Colorado Springs, CO [08-23-2010]

names from the past:Manus McHugh,George Schurr, Hugh Fries, George Post, Henry Clemmer, Francis Marr, Charles Durkin, Francis Grey.
anon. [08-23-2010]

Didnt anybody on this site go to a public school like lingelbach,or H.H.Housten,or Leeds i,d like to hier from people who went to these schools in the early to late 60s
tony Braspennincx, 56 years old,living in the netherlands [08-23-2010]

Joe Leone,The reunion I referred to was a company reunion that Jack and I attend.
George Schurr [08-23-2010]

Ed McCaulley,I am not going to St.Fran reunion in Oct.I have not seen or heard from Dan Gaynor since 1963.
George Schurr [08-23-2010]

Rosemarie, We're going to try to make it for sure.
Sheila [08-23-2010]

To Paul Borian: In this case you were also "spot on with the words, old chap". Well done. Also, one must remember that ancient nugget of wisdom..."you can't nut a nut".
John Payne [08-23-2010]

Teri: You asked if anyone has a picture of Junior Kripplebauer. I had the book "Confessions of a Second Story Man, Junior Krippelbauer and the K&A Gang". It had some pictures of him and he was the central character in the book. I believe he died recently after being disabled by a stroke. I passed my copy of the book to JBS but would highly recommend it if you want to read about some real Philadelphia characters. Best and most professional bunch of burglars in the country.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-23-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi, It's a shame that you are leaving this site again. You always speak well for the blue collar guys and the hollow. You defended the bored brickyarder against those Irish writers who are very combative. Paul Borian,the hollow jock, said they were nutted. He seems to be a reasonable guy and he got it. You and he are Hollow people. I never knew that paratroopers drank wine but those guys are definitely different. I wonder what JBS was drinking above the clouds, no wonder, he went off against the bored brickyarder. Your post on tastykakes was the best. You never posted about Linda Fontana's comments about meatballs. With your Hollow background, you must know a lot about meatballs. I bet you are a good cook and can talk about ravioli. Food is big on this site and we read a lot about gravy. Goo and Paul Borian want you to keep posting. You were very brave to defend the bored brickyarder against those tough-minded old boys from G-town.
anonymous [08-23-2010]

Regarding Heller's on Price st, or as I and everyone else I knew called it Abe's. What a great little store that served the neighborhood. The Hellers lived above the store on Brush rd. I mostly delt with Mrs. Heller when I went into the store. Let me tell you what you could do with a quarter. I could go into Abe's and buy a 16oz. pepsi for .15 and get a pack of Tastycake Butterscotch Krimpets,(three to a pack and simply delicious)for .10. Then, when you finished the soda, you could return the bottle and get .02 back. I would buy something called a "lunch bar", a small version of a Hershey Bar, for that .02, or get two pretzel sticks in the jar. Mrs. Heller didn't charge me for the mustard, but Manuel did. Manuel was the more serious of the three people who were in the shop all the time. Billy had a good personality, and of course Mrs. Heller was a very pleasant person. Manuel would hate to see a kid come into the store, stare into the candy case and try to decide what they wanted. I actually heard him yell at a kid one time because he was taking too long to get his candy. If I knew Manuel was behind the counter, I made sure I knew what I wanted for my nickel or dime. I would recite; 2 bazooka bubblegum, a tootsie roll and a hershey bar, or something like that. He would say in front of everybody,"Now that's the way your order candy." He was like the modern day "soup Nazi" on Seinfeld, now that I think about it. "No candy for you, get out". Anyway, I met Manuel in a Wawa store in Langhorne one day many years later. He just started working there and he was not the owner. I had a feeling he wouldn't last there too long because he was used to giving orders and not taking them. I recognized him right away and told him who I was and he just smiled and asked about the family. I was right; he was gone within two weeks. Heller's store had just about anything in such a small store. Every week I bought a new comic book, a Superman usually, and would take it into Awbury Park and sit on the bench and read it. If I was lucky enough to have enough money for a soda and a pack of Tastykake Krimpets, well, that was my little gettaway for the day. One year, Duncan Yo-yos were the hottest thing at the time. Advertised on t.v., they had so many models to choose from and we all learned how to "rock the cradle" and "walk the dog" or make it "sleep". Another year, bird whistles were hot. Little plastic tubes that had a slider on them to control the tone of the whistle. We drove the Nuns crazy with those and one day, Sister Regina Regis told all of us to empty our pockets and she confiscated all of the whistles. Oh well, we just bought some more because they were so cheap. Heller's sold all of that and more. What I bought most of in that store were baseball cards. We'd go around the corner in their driveway and "flip" cards against our buddies and try to get their cards. The bubblegum in the pack of cards was always stale but we ate it anyway. Had all of us kept those baseball cards, we'd all be living the high life somewhere. Imagine flipping Pete Rose's rookie card away because you had "doubles" of him, or flipping away a Willie Mays MVP card. If we only knew how much they'd be worth now. Anyway, that's my little story about Heller's store on Price st.. Every once in a while you can find a little store selling bread and milk and maybe some luncheon meat, along with candy and gum but they just don't have that same flavor as Abe's did. Besides, you probably have to drive to them anyway; what fun is that? Take care !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [08-23-2010]

Jack Brogan...I hear you about the Goo and his posse walking out of movies when he would decide for all of us that the picture was a loser. One Sunday night at the Punk,we were watching the classic movie"The old man and the sea" starring Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.After about 30 minutes of watching Spencer Tracey on a small boat in the sea,The Goo lost his patience,got up,and announced at the top of his lungs,"That's the bleep it!" We all followed Goo out of the Punk.He sure did influance us.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Gotcha by Two Years [08-23-2010]

Dan Hartnett (welcome home!)and Paul Borian, deeply appreciate your concern and support. I think I speak for my brothers Bernard and Kevin (although folks should not write blogs labelling us as "the mckernans"as if we have one monolithic voice and view) we are individuals and respect one another's views. But what I wish to say is that I bear no ill will towards anyone who has written against our views here. In fact I extend a genuine hand of friendship and peace to all and I apologize if I have offended any reader. We are all out of Germantown-So lets not have any more negativity-as Plato remarked "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle". Peace, Jim
Jim McKernan, Prof., Greenville NC [08-23-2010]

Bruce Marshall-thanks for the information posted. As a result of the Germantown Chronicle article on Germantown's Vietnam Fallen I have been contacted by two families with the names of Albert M. Reed (Morton St.) brother of Philadelphia Councilwoman Donna-Reed Miller of Haines St. and Mitch Gilliam, brother of Richard Gilliam of Heiskell St who were lost in Vietnam. I am glad now we did not rush this project along as new names are coming forward. My thanks to Dennis McGlinchey, Erda Graham, Robert McCreight and Bruce Marshall for earlier help with this list. I am waiting for replies from the Mayor's Office and from the Historical Society. Basically we need a site and a few thousand dollars for the monument. I am confident we shall receive this support eventually. Thank you everyone and please help if you can. I could use a Treasurer and Fund-Raiser person!I shall keep all informed as we progress.
Jim McKernan, Prof., Greenville NC [08-23-2010]

I Think the name of the store at green and logan,was POP'S
ANON [08-23-2010]

Annamarie, Vince Cutri & Vince Criniti came up with this Sewell N.J. info. several weeks ago. I personally telephoned the # and got to speak to two people who denied that any Arthur or David Brett lived there . They both spoke with some sort of accent that I could not identify. Stange things seem to be happening in the search for Sonny ( Hat) Brett. Some of the High & Magnolia guys are saying that where ever Sonny is, he is trying to stay under the radar, and does not want to be found. At this moment we can't figure it out????? Sounds like CIA involvement.----- Just as I was about to post this I got the urge to try the Tel# again. This time I could not get through because I have an unlisted #.This was not the case when I telephoned the first time. I cleared my number & got an answering machine with a computerized message. I left a message stating that Sonny's High & Magnolia friends are trying to contact him or his son David. We'll see what that brings us. And the beat goes on.
G-Towner-High& Magnolia, High& Magnolia [08-21-2010]

What was the name of candy store located at the corner of Greene & Logan Sts.across the street from St.Francis'church??Lou Giorno-PS does anyone remember HERKY'S store on Apsley near Greene Sts.??
Lou Giorno, Lou from the burbs [08-21-2010]

I just returned from several weeks away and caught up on two weeks of blog posts. I was sorry to see all of the anonymous and some times, small minded shots taken at the McKernans. It is true that in a strict sense the purpose of this blog is about Germantown but it is also a forum for Germantowner's to express themselves in conversation on topics of interest to like minded Germantowners. What interests one person will not interest another. So what! Personally, I like most of the topics but I don't get put off when I have no interest or have no familiarity with the group in the conversation. I also like good writing and the McKernans are gifted folks who write with style and depth. They always have something to say. I never noted any air of snobbery on any of their part. There is a certain kind of reverse snobbery that can set in which is a kind or resentment of those who express themselves with authority on a subject or use a vocabulary or nuance that reaches beyond the reader's depth. That should have no place in here and I hope it is not the case. In any event, I was involved some months back with an exchange of words with one of the brothers. It got heated. An apology was issued and accepted. It is done and finished and we have expressed kind words to one another since. I bear no ill will toward that person and would still welcome the opportunity to have a session in the bar with him. How about if we lower the heat and if one wants to criticize another, at least have the guts to sign your name. Let's bring our peace pipes to La Fontana and make it an upbeat event.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-21-2010]

Observations on some posts: My mother in law says "acamee" instead of Acme. Prior to now, she was the only person who I know who does this and she is from Port Richmond by way of Fishtown. I always tease her about it. Linda Fontana, in one of your posts I noted your comments on Heller's on Price St., also knoown as Abe's. We used to get Tasty Cakes, chocolate milk and water ice there. The two brothers were Billy and Manual. Billy passed away about 4 or 5 months ago. I saw his obit in the paper. A little while back, some folks asked whether meatballs were common in Italy. I had never seen them there until a trip several years ago, south. They are common in the Puglia region and occasionally you see them on a menu in Rome but not north. They are called polpetti or polpettini if small.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-21-2010]

James Breen: Try your spelling as "Cavalucci" when doing your search. In Italian "cci" sounds like "chee". "chi" would sound like "kee". I hope it helps. Good luck!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-21-2010]

George Schurr; are you going to the mass & luncheon in Oct? How about Daniel Gaynor?
Ed McCaulley [08-21-2010]

Does anyone have pics of Junior Kripplebauer. I Knew him 1n th 7o's.
teri [08-21-2010]

I remember when Pea Coal was $9.00 a ton-- Chestnut $11 a ton---an upstate Pa. summer special is $180.00 a ton if you buy 2 tons---offer good till 8-31!
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [08-21-2010]

To the Webmaster...First of all,thank you for doing such a magnificient job maintaining this site.Secondly,who are you(kemasaby)? Are you from Germantown? Are you male or female?Have you been the webmaster from the beginning of this site? What is your favorite wine?Did you ever meet Goo?How do you like your scrapple? Do you put hot peppers on your hoagie?How about sauce(not gravy)and onions on your steak sandwich?Are you a Phillies/Eagles/76ers/Flyers fan?...Looking forward to your response on this site....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, "curiosity kills the cat" [08-21-2010]

I have been the webmaster since 1994. I'll stay behind the scenes. Go Phillies! Go Eagles!

To receive this message;Press 1 if you are Italian and Irish,Press 2 for all other....Bernie McKernan,Kevin Mckernan,& Schmitty....No doubt that you are proud of your educational and cultural accomplishments.You should be! May I offer a suggestion for what it is worth;Why not ignore negative comments directed to you.The responders may go away? It has happened several times on this site in the past.The negative comments come and go.I suspect that some of the anonymous folks with the negative comments like to antagonize and provoke you.Their stratedgy seems to be working.In our Happy Hollow days,we used the expression,"He's nutting you." We seldom let anyone get the best of us.We all understood that you needed "thick skin" to survive.It was mostly a lot of fun in our neighborhood,"nutting"our friends and strangers.That is how this site should be-lot's of fun! If you let it go,it is possible that we may go two or three months with nothing but stories.thoughts and memories.At some point,the negativity will return.This is our World today.One only needs to look at Washington and a Congress that can't get along,at our expense.By not agreeing on anything,it seems,it set's the tone for the rest of us......Paul Borian.....P.S. I thought that Malbac was a street in East Germantown.Anyway,time to get a glass of Thunderbird and toast everyone on this site.HEAR'S TO YA !
Paul Borian, Good With Numbers,Not With Words [08-21-2010]

hey shiela hope your gonna make it on the 12th! i still say akamee or acamee... never really thought of the spelling before i just say it ... and i am ribbed a lot from people when i do ... ha!rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-21-2010]

Ed McCaulley. No, I don't remember either Sarah Wachs or Michael Levey by name. I lived at the main part of the hotel facing Chelten from 1946 to 1951 and went to St. Vincents. Were Sarah or Michael there at that time? Where did they go to school. Jim Lyons
Jim Lyons [08-21-2010]

I am wondering about an old friend, Neil Harkins. Neil lived on Sylvania Street in Germantown.
Kate [08-21-2010]

I knew the Kelly brothers when they were little kids. They lived on Roberts Avenue and walked up skier's dream every day in the summer to play at the Fernhill Park Playground. Great kids. I ran into Leroy at Fort Jackson when I was in Basic Training. He was doing 6th months. I recognized that I knew him but called, "Hey, Harold Kelly, how ya' doin?" He was with the Browns by this time and said, "Man, Brogan, we do go back, but my brother Harold is in Wilson playing baseball right now. Oh, he doesn't like North Carolina one bit. I'm Leroy." I was astounded that he remembered me. I'd seen him run back a kickoff for a touchdown against the Giants on TV the previous season. At Fort Jackson in the hot son that day, Leroy was just like he had been as a kid. He introduced me to his friend, Walter (The Flea) Roberts. He played for the Browns too. I'm enjoying reading about Germantown here. I'm so old I couldn't remember where the Colonial was located. Thanks, Mr. McGlinchey, the link on the theatres was very interesting. Goo's names for The New Lyric (The Punk), for the Band Box (The Box), and for the Orpheum (the fume). We had real fun as kids going to the movies with Goo. Didn't matter what was playing. Example: We went to see a "gang fight movie" at the Punk. When the gang members started the movie by dancing down the street, Goo watched for a few minutes then said, "That's it!" and stomped out. Trout, Sonny, Monk, and Charles Durkin and the rest of us trooped out behind our leader. I remember thinking how I might have liked "West Side Story," but the Goo said, "That's it!" So that was it.
Jack Brogan, Great weather in Maine but few stipers. [08-21-2010]

Jim Breen: We don't know where you live now, but Rosemarie and I would love to invite you to the "G"town luncheon which will be held on Sept. 12, a sunday, at LaFontana's Italian Restaurant in the Hatboro area, of Pa. It starts at around 1:15/1:30ish..since you are new to this site, we wanted to welcome you.Respectfully, Linda "F" and Rosemarie M.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-21-2010]

Re: St. Francis of Assisi parish reunion on Sunday, Oct. 3. — I spoke with the pastor, Fr. Sheridan, and he said no RSVPs are necessary. After Mass at 10 a.m. there will be a luncheon followed by the parish choir's concert. The school is now called DePaul Catholic School. It was St. Martin de Porres for awhile, but there was another parish by the same name that opened a school and there was too much confusion.
Joyce Radocaj Ruggero, St. Francis ’62, Little Flower ’66 [08-21-2010]

Jim McKernan's letter to the Germantown Chronicle (formerly the Courier) was published this week. It asks for help identifying others from G-town who gave their lives in Vietnam, in addition to the existing list, which was published with the letter, and and floats the idea of a memorial in Market Square.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [08-21-2010]

Re: Stuffed peppers. The recipe I use, the same as my mother used, is to take raw ground beef, salt & pepper to taste, beaten egg with a dash of milk, and uncooked minute rice. Mix it all together. Cut tops off peppers, cut small hole in bottom of pepper, fill with meat mixture. Put some tomato sauce in bottom of Corning dish (or whatever pan), line up stuffed peppers, pour more sauce over them, cover with lid and bake in 350-degree oven for an hour. Enjoy!
Joyce Radocaj Ruggero, St. Francis ’62, Little Flower ’66 [08-21-2010]

Ed McCaulley and all — Regarding the reunion Mass and luncheon on Oct. 3 — There was nothing on the postcard indicating a response was necessary. I called and left a message at the church office to check, but haven't heard back yet. If and when I do, I will post it here.
Joyce Radocaj Ruggero, St. Francis ’62, Little Flower ’66 [08-21-2010]

Gman is not from Brickyard but had many friends from their. Gman is from the heart of G-town. Back the yards, the pit, the bowery. Located at the end of Rittenhouse St. The Historical Society wrote a book on it. Holy Rosary, Waterview, High & Magnolia, the City Yard was my hood Their were 3 butchers in the area, Billy, Patsy and Carmen also the chicken man would kill you a chicken. If you walked up Mechanic or Magnolia on a Sunday you would smell nothing but gravy being made and so many sons and daughters coming back home to have dinner with their parents they would fill the neighborhood. If you could stop and sample the meatballs everyone would be different but all delicious. Some on this site just want to start trouble with others and they always do it while some dont like to be bullied and speak up. Renaldi and others dont stop posting because a bully is making noise because thats all they know how to do is make a lot of noise.
Gman [08-21-2010]

bernard mckernan you are most welcome .... hopefully the day will be fun and interesting seeing and speaking to our germantown family ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-21-2010]

There is "Peace in the valley" today.....The valley?,....Germantown? hopefully... More importantly this website. Wherever your heart is resting, may it be Devoid of rancor & petty jealousness. For that I am grateful.
Bernard f mc kernan, 69yrs old, lived on church la # 205 [08-21-2010]

Ted Silary....No need to apologize for posting about sports.The subject is just as important as Scrapple,Sauce/gravy,meatballs,movie theaters,philosophy,fine wines,grocery stores,stuffed peppers,hoagie/steak shops,etc,etc.Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would accept the diversity of posts on this site.It would bring a smile from Ralph Kramden up in heaven next to his buddy Robert Guarinello(Goo)......Paul Borian,a proud,old jock.
Paul Borian [08-21-2010]

Re: Acme v. Ackamee. For those who don't believe the dictionary ("Ak' me"), why not go the the source and call the Acme Markets Corporate Office (I believe it's local) and see how they answer the phone. I'll bet they say "Ak' me".
Anonymous [08-21-2010]

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