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August 11-20, 2010

Bud Ballard, George McCaulley lives in Boyertown, PA and is listed on Facebook
RB, Hollow Guy [08-20-2010]

I didn't realize that called the Acme, Ack-a-me until somebody I worked with made an issue of it. Now I say Acme but my husband still uses the three syllable version..haha
Sheila [08-20-2010]

George Schurr, what reunion in october.Rich & Mary Curran lived down from me on Garfiels st. and I'd love to see them again also Rose cusack who lived up the street from me,.
Joe Leone [08-20-2010]

I saw the word "sojourner" in one of James Breen's posts and the mind started to race. Anyone remember the Sojourner brothers, of basketball fame? Willie (Gtn '67) made the ABA and Mike (Gtn '72) made the NBA. Pretty sure they lived in the shadows of Waterview (maybe right across the street?) and I'd always heard they were pretty good swimmers as well. Near as I can figure, three sets of Philly brothers have made the big time. One of the others also had Germantown ties (maybe, is their childhood area really considered Germantown?): Leroy Kelly (NFL, Hall of Fame) and Harold "Pat" Kelly (MLB) of Gratz. The third set was from South Philly and, like the Kellys, the members favored different sports: Jerry Rullo (NBA) and Joe Rullo (MLB). Jerry's son, Jim, is now Malvern Prep's coach. Meanwhile . . . Willie Sojourner was the best man in Julius Erving's wedding and is even credited with having dubbed him "Dr. J." Willie died in 2005 in an auto accident while coaching in Italy. An arena was later named in his honor. The first Public League final I attended, in '72 at Lincoln, featured Mike Sojourner and Germantown vs. Joe Bryant (Kobe's dad) and Bartram. The latter won in a wild, up-and-down classic, 75-70. Joe had 30 points. Mike had 15 with 12 rebounds. (My apologies to those who don't care about sports. Can't help it -- smile.)
Ted Silary [08-20-2010]

The hoagie shop next to the New Lyric theater was The Little Dog House. They had the best hot dogs-hoagies& steak sandwiches in that part of GTN. Bon Appetito! Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Lou from the burbs [08-20-2010]

@ the reunion mass & luncheon 10/03/10, does one have to register?
Ed McCaulley [08-20-2010]

Yes stuffed peppers are made with raw meat stuffed into peppers with a tomato sauce. I think Mr. Glinchey made a good point, that no ones meals were as good as what our mothers made. Back in the day, our mothers didn't have "recipes" for there specialties. Everything was made with TLC.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-20-2010]

Dennis, Abbots diary was behind the Fire house. Long gone before we were alive. It was the yard and offices of the Dan Lepore Co.-stonemasons. Who have since moved to Conshohocken.
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [08-19-2010]

Jack Townsend,Good to hear From You.Thanks for info on Garfield St.Rich and Mary Curran from my class,"52"St.Francis,lived on Garfield,as did Rose Cusack,WE had good times at parties there.See you in Oct.at the reunion
George Schurr [08-19-2010]

Talk about Germantown Memories, what a flood of thoughts rushed through my mind reading these post . First off there was a Garibaldi Club at Chelten & Baynton, it's where my Parents met . I was really young at the time I moved from Gtn., but every time we passed by I was reminded by my Mom, "That's where I met your Dad" . Not sure but I think it was right next door to the Idyle Hour, I know it had the name Garibaldi above the door . Now about Tastykakes . My first trip to California with my kids was in 1972, my Dad had a house in North Hollywood . One day the kids were bothering me to go to the store for some candy, yes my " CITY " kids who were use to having a Mom & Pop store on every corner . I told them the store was too far for them to walk, but the 2 oldest boys begged until I gave in . So I thought since they were going to the store they could get a few things for me, so I wrote them a note for 3 pks of Tastykakes and a few other items . Over an hour later my boys returned, handing me a note from the store, I opened it and it read, " Tastykakes ??? " " ALL OUR CAKES ARE TASTY " When my Dad got home he laughed, Philly foods can only be found in Philly he told me, they have no idea what Tastykakes or Scrapple or Soft Pretzels are here in California .
Dolly, NE Philly [08-19-2010]

Seeing Shay McWilliams's comments brings back memories of a young Soujorner from the Emerald Isle arriving at Saint Francis of Assisi Grade school. Shamus McWilliams knew and could sing all the standard Irish Folk songs. The Saint Josesph Sisters we had were mostly Irish so they pounced on the boy to sing at a moments notice. And he did. He had the voice of an Angel. He sang way ahead of his young years. I gather by Shay's message and his age that he was even younger than me....and I was the youngest in my class. So his journey from Ireland placed him in our class. We were blessed. A cool guy. Jim Breen, classmate.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-19-2010]

Anybody remember being a bad boy at St Francis of Assisi, and having to stay after school, and scrubbing the chapel pews with Murphy's soap and a scrubb brush. All the girls were never bad so never had to do any of this stuff. How about all those beauties, with their long uniform skirts who wenton to Little Flower high school. Could they ride that trolley now, from East and West Germantown. Don't think so! I remember the boys always got hit by yard stisks with electric tape wrapped around it, or three edged rulers across the knuckles, or just picked up out of their desk chairs by their sideburns. The 1st grades in the late forties consisted of (1 all girls class) (1 all boys class) and (1 boys and girls class) with about how many kidsin each class? Anybody remember? I do. If you started in one class, you stayed in that class until 8th or 9th grade. If you sassed a nun, you were gone, never to be seen again. Remember the little store at Green and Logan Sts.? What was it called way back then? I don't remember.Do you? What was that famous hoagie joint next to te New Lyric movies. Tey were the best hoagies in town, even thru our teen years. Anyone seen that intersection lately--Gtn and Manheim sts.? Wow. Take a AK-47 with you!he ACME at Germantown and Ashmead was a popular place to grocery shop for a long while. Let's take back the old neighborhood, anybody game??Germantown Academy has been long gone too!
Anonymous [08-19-2010]

Saw an entry from Shay McWilliams. Is this my old pal from Saint Francis of Assisi Grade school? Shamus McWilliams? Hey dude! Drop me a line. Jim Breen.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-19-2010]

Scrapple was the best growing up! But we use to use Applebutter on ours!
RMR-raised in germantown [08-19-2010]

Bud Ballard: I forwarded your e-mail to George .
Ed McCaulley [08-19-2010]

Jim Lyons: did you know Sarah Wachs or Michael Levy at the hotel?
Ed McCaulley [08-19-2010]

Already received an email from my old classmate Billy Tresnan. Good to hear from him. It is so cool hearing the names of some of the Germantown Streets. For example Portico Street. The Home of Jimmy Duffy and a few others I am at a loss for their names. The huge Sculley Clan just accross the Street at Seymour near Portico. Over the years I have worked with or ran into folks from nearby Parishes. Holy Rosary uptown on the Avenue. Saint Michael of the Saints and St. Stevens. All with a different flavor of Germantown. Got to love it. Jim Breen.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-19-2010]

Lynn, Not sure why my whole blog did not get printed.. You are right! The Acme was on Morris & Chelten.. A & P on Chelten next to Darrow's Drug Store.. Food Fair, then Pantry Pride on Pulaski and Chelten.. Where the old railroad yard was.. Davis Buick was next the train station (I think they became Foyd Buick) Next to them was a couple of big houses I think converted into apartments. And then Food Town, under the Food Town sign was Self Service Super Market (or something like that). At the Food Town you had to go to a butcher in the back for your meats.. No pre packed meats.. Then JC”s bar and the cleaners on the corner one of the first drive through.. On the other Pulaski & Chelten Corners what a the small store with a soda fountain and a few booths.. Across Chelten Ave was Leedom & Wislers Drug store.. Remember the small lunch counter next to them?? It may have been connected to the drug store in some way?? Here is a link to a fun site http://www.phillyhistory.org/PhotoArchive/Home.aspx Just type the street or corner you are interested in and you will see pictures from the past.. I love looking at old pictures of Germantown the way it use to be..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [08-19-2010]

Something to share with all those who attended St. Francis — There will be a reunion Mass on Sunday, Oct. 3 at 10 a.m. A luncheon will follow. Received a postcard yesterday indicating the pastor is the Rev. Eugene Sheridan, C.M.
Joyce Radocaj Ruggero, St. Francis '62, Little Flower '66 [08-19-2010]

John Payne, DennisMcG, Dot and Erda. Thanks for refreshing my memory on the supermarkets. I almost forgot about the A&P, with its wooden floors and coffee grinding machine. Lou Giorno, sorry, but I think your wife is right. I don't remember anyone I personally knew saying AKAMEE. Dennis McGlinchy, I believe the bar on Wayne Avenue near Chelten was the Beef & Ale. I worked at Sears and we used to go there for lunch, especially on Knockwurst and saurkraut day. Friday's their chef made a great Manhattan clam chowder. On the weekends it was quite crowded and a fun place to be.
Lynne [08-19-2010]

Scrapple Topping: One more version. I am a ketchup person, however, I also mix it with horseradish. It's sort of a cocktail sause, but with no tabasco. Just the ketchup and horseradish. Try it, you'll like it.
John Payne [08-19-2010]

Jack Townsend. Do you still have the 55 chevey we used to ride to work at Sears in. I think it was a gold color. Say hi to him Mary.
Ray Dawes, 67 living in Oreland PA [08-19-2010]

Just some names of my 8th. Grade graduating class. Virginia Keller, Susan Romanowski, Alice Gillespie, Susan Houseil, Alan Waiter, Danny Gleason, Bob Cambell, Gene Beck. These were just a few of my class taught by Sister Grace Winifred. Who appeared at our 20th. 8th. Grade reunion in 1981. To our shock she had beautiful Red hair. We never saw it as kids with the Habit the Saint Joe Nuns wore. All the boys had a crush on her. God forgive us all. Jim Breen.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-19-2010]

I am enjoying reading all of your thoughts and observations about our old haunt and neighborhood; Germantown. Especially our own self contained world of Saint Francis of Assisi Church and School. One thing I can't seem to locate is some info on Saint Michael of the Saints Church and School. Our Italian Ethnic neighbors. I googled it but came up short on data. I have a great story about it's Pastor who I think was Father Cavaluchi. Am I correct? The time frame would be in the mid to late 1950's. When I tried to look it up zero came up except to acknoledge it existed. Can anyone help me? Don't want to blather on about a story that does not jive with the actual correct Pastor. He used to have a Carnivale each summer to die for. Huge, thick cold Pizza slices like the Boardwalk and all kinds of Italian Ethnic foods. Games, Ferris Wheel, other Salt and Pepper rides.....all contained in this tiny school yard. Can you imagine today's OSHA accepting that? (grin). Who remembers the facts about Saint Mikes? Jim Breen, Pocono Mountains, Pa.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-19-2010]

Just to stir you folks up I must relay an observation of mine from my 21 years belonging to Saint Francis of Assisi Parish. 1,200 kids at the height of its enrolment. My Late Father; Daniel took a black and white photo of the entire School assembled on Logan Street for a May Procession in 1954. Gorgeous bunch of kids. The girls wore white dresses with Veils and all the boys wore dress suits with Monsignor Peter J. McGarrity leading the Procession with the Monstrance with his two Assistant Pastors one on either side. Powerful shot. If armed? We could have taken Havana. (grin). I am proud to have been raised in that Parish. All hard working Americans that certainy contributed to Americas then wonderful economy. We should all take their lessons today. God Bless Germantown. Jim Breen. Pocono Mountains, Pa.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-19-2010]

Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Greeks were engaged in the same moral and ethical debate we are having on this Germantown site today. Namely, how will a man/woman behave if they were invisible/anonymous? This was not easy. At this time in the ancient world, such debates were rare. Life expectancy was under 30 and the prevailing philosophies were: "Might makes right" and "He with the gold makes the rules." The example under discussion back then was "Gyges' Ring." (Background: Gyges was a shepherd that found a ring that when turned rendered him invisible. He used this gift of invisibility to seduce the Queen, kill the King, and steal the throne.) Some thought that people were only JUST because of the fear of being know or caught. Absent these restraints, they would do and take anything they wanted. Socrates thought such a power was a bad idea, and those that would use such anonymity/invisibility to game others were UNJUST and lacked any character. I agree with Socrates!.... While all anonymous posts are not critical, all the really critical ones are anonymous. When my family sat down to dinner, we discussed many things--the starving children in China and India, how we could achieve a fine education, serve our country and improve our government. What we didn't do was trash our neighbors. Every neighborhood I knew back in the day knew who had character and who didn't. One spoke ill of others at risk of life and limb. I cannot believe how little we have changed. Why does one with a good education, money to spend and learn how to use a computer, turn around and use this gift for poisoned, anonymous charges against my good family. Shameful! Character signs, anonymous/pseudonyms hide. Who is the more accountable? Cannot we engage in intelligent conversations without upsetting someone's inferiority complexes? Everything is not about YOU! People do have different interests, desires and ambitions, you know. It's called life. This is not Japan where they have an expression "The risen nail gets hammered down." They use this to enforce a social conformity...a rigid conformity. Who wants that? If you don't like our stories, tell us yours. I would love to hear them and promise not to attack you or your family's good name. That would lack character.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [08-19-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Not a fan of srapple. My summertime favorite was fried jersey tomatoes. Large slices with breadcrums, crispy.Mrs.Preston,next store would cook plates full.They were best eaten on white bread with salt and washed down with a can of Shimdt's.
Eddie McMonagle, 53, Portico Blvd. [08-19-2010]

Do you sports fans remember Bobby Thomson? He passed away today at age 86.He hit the homerun in a play off game against the Dodgers in 1951 to win the national league pennant for the Giants.I was watching the game on TV when my father told me it was time to go to the paper route branch office on Tacoma St to pick up the Evening Bulletin for delivery to my 60 customers.When I left home,I was dispondent because the Giants trailed 4-1 going into the 8th inning.After I picked up my papers,I started to head towards Greene St to start the paper delivery.However,a real estate store near Seymore St.and Wayne Ave. had a large gathering watching the game on TV.I joined the group just in time to witness "The shot heard all over the World"I was so excited when Thomson hit that 3 run homer that I emptied all 60 of my newspapers on the 53 car trolley tracks on Wayne Ave.As I ran down Wayne Ave towards the Hollow,The older guys were streaming out of the bars to their favorite spot near Moe's.I joined them for hours and had a blast listening to all of the discussions about the ending of this historic game and National League season. My poor Grandmom came to the Hollow to bring me home for dinner.My parents were concerned about my tardiness and safety.But,they always knew where to find me.....P.S....No one got a copy of the Bulletin that day.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [08-19-2010]

garibaldi was beteen water ice stand and hecat's abbotts was on armat st. between lena and kenyon st i know the factory but cant remember the name.was also a place next to the firehouse that made crackers anyone remember that.how about the little store on baynton st just past chelten as you went past the bridge for the railroad we called it popeyes cause the guy had one eye
anon [08-19-2010]

Hi Lou Giorno: Yes, my mother in law used to call the Acme....the Akermee or Akamee.....with an Italian accent. So, I agree with you..
L.Fontana [08-19-2010]

Akamee was the way most of us said it and I still get ribbed for saying it that way.
Doc, Doc from Portico St [08-19-2010]

To Mr. Dennis McGlinchey, The man who threatened to sue you, Dan Harnett, and Rosemarie Rinaldi was Mr. Jim McKernan, I believe, just for the record.that can be retrieved via modern tech.for factual data.
Anonymous [08-19-2010]

Go Dennis "McG"....glad you can 'stand up like a man for yourself'. I remember those blogs, and you are totally correct.
Anon-male [08-19-2010]

The secret to a soft meatball is simple...mix bread and egg in with the meat. Squeeze it through the fingers; roll it and lightly fry in a pan. Let it simmer in the sause for an hour or so. Oh yeah, pass the homemade vino please.
Ed Farrar, Chester [08-19-2010]

Chelten & Bayton. I remember early 70s that a Motorcycle club, maybe the Warlocks rented some space in a building just south of the train overpass??. I use to walk past when I worked at the car wash and catch the "J" bus to Logan. Look at all the bikes lined up on the pavement. Hecate's Circle was a coffee house with live bands...a so called hippie or head joint. I use to listen to the bands waiting for the "J" Bus.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [08-19-2010]

lou giomo, definitely ackamee.... rosemarie :>)
rosemarie hite malageri [08-19-2010]

One More Time and then Goodbye: Jane Doe, Happy Hollow - Way to go, Girl! You said it right re: the McKernans!
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-19-2010]

Hey Shay, never heard "Duke" Pio before, where did that come from, was that one of Jack Smith's nick names for us guys in the Blue N'Gold? Also Rich, I never heard the story about Rick Wise's wife living on Copley Rd., how come? Guess you and Yaddy didn't want to give up them free tickets to Connie Mack Stadium where I was spending $5 bucks to get in and see the same games, which were some of the best in baseball in those days. You want to see some old G-town people stop at the Oldies Concert on 9/11 at Penn's Landing for great music, it's also free. Take care and stay healthy.
Dave Linn, Still in Philly [08-19-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey: You are so-o-o right about the McKernans. I have taken a lot of flak from them as have so many others, including that threat of a lawsuit from Prof Jim. Bernard's latest blog says that the website is called Germantown - Your Thoughts, but denies the second line, which says, "Send us your thoughts on GERMANTOWN!". He insists that's not there. Just look at the top of this page. Also, I have finally (again) decided that I've had it with the delusions of grandeur displayed by the McKernans here. I am especially disappointed in JBS, who until recently was the voice of tact and diplomacy, but has now jumped on the McKernan's "Nasty" Bandwagon. I'm outtahere again! The rest of you can have the McKernans rage all to yourselves. Enjoy!
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-19-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

G Towner - High & Magnolia - There is a David A Brett whose parents are Arthur and Patricia living in Phila and Sewell,N.J. 08080 16 Duncan Rd. 856-218-4744. we couldn't find the father so we looked for the son. Hope this helps.
ANNAMARIE [08-19-2010]

Lou Giorno: You owe your wife dinner out. She's right about how to pronounce Acme. Check it out in the dictionary. It says: Acme (ak' mee). There is no "a" between "Ac" and "me". But I'll bet you already knew that. Old childhood habits are hard to breaki.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-19-2010]

The Bored Bricklayer: If you become bored, scroll down or get cognitive and get around[G-Town]. In your last blogs, you are no longer bored and you have become enchanted with The Hollow People- you are a " Born-Again Hollow Person. You were thrilled with Frank Klock's blog about Monk McCauley- 2 great Hollow people. Back in the day, I knew Frank K. since he was friends with Brother Ken at St. Francis[1958]. Frank is very literate and always witty. His mentor was Bobby Goo Guaranello- Hollow Poet and athlete. Rosemarie Rinaldi has been posting recently about baseball and tastykakes- her husband Larry was another great athlete from The Hollow. Paul Borian,another Hollow Jock,discussed Ted Williams and Aristotle- an eclectic dude. The Bor has come a long way- I remember when he was a kid playing poker with 3 menacing dudes with dark beards- Goo,Rocky, and Shangy. Dave Linn talked about Ted Williams coming into The Continental where I hung out with my Brother Veterans. My Continental Brothers, The McKernan Brothers and I all threw hand-grenades and you have expertise in mental grenades. You have allies on this site including G-Man who is an individual and not you. Lou Pauzano[Hollow] and I studied cryptography and I was a member of S.I.R.E.-The Society for Investigation of Occuring Events. The G-Man talks like a Brickyarder and he packs heat with a tag like G-Man. Many Germantowners have expertise with weapons- we were aware of stranger-danger. Also, Germantowners are not concerned about blue or white collars- we revel in people of character and courage. Brickyarders were always courageous people and many were very tough. I spent time in The Brickyard including the summer-league basketball games at The Wister School. I knew a guy by the name of Art Nicoletti whose relatives had a candy-store at Wakefield&Wister. My old neighbor, Big John Burke hangs out with Mike Garvey-Mr. Brickyard. Mike Garvey's boss was John McCullough[local 30] who was gunned down by a fudging coward. John McCullough was good friends with John Berkery who had a store across from The Hollow- they were 2 intimidating guys. I could tell you some stories but I do not want to bore you. I spent time at The Hollow where John Payne and I lost our quarters to The Goo-shooting Pig. I always enjoyed scaling the rocks at The Hollow- I used this experience in my adventures in The Andes in South America,The Alps and The Rockies. I would not want to bore you with my experiences hanging out with The Indians in Ecuador where I was above the clouds. I hope to see you at LaFontana in Hatboro with Bernie McKernan and Dan Hartnett- I am the reserved guy with the chieseled face. Keep reading those Hollow posts and you will no longer be bored but enlightened.
JBS [08-19-2010]

Best meatballs, in my opinion, are the ones that are 'double ground'. I am guessing this means putting the ground round through the grinder twice so as to render a very finely ground meat. Since I 'can' my own spaghetti sauce about once a year, I don't add meat to it. Typically, I bake about three pounds of meatballs till almost done then freeze them till ready to use. This eliminates the mess of frying. Works for me!
Patricia Carr [08-19-2010]

To the Webmaster: Could you please explain why my post of 8/17 thanking Mr. Jack Mc Hugh for his insightful comments regarding Daniel Pastorius & his contributions to Germantown history went signed anonymous & only showed my e-address. This had to be an error as I always sign my name to every entry whether it is this site or any document. Legally, anonymous is not accepted. Thank you for the clarification. Bernard F McKernan
Bernard f mc kernan, 69yrs old, lived on church la # 205 [08-19-2010]

You must have not signed your name in the "Name" field. The postings are parsed by a computer program and approved by the webmaster prior to going live.

Lorraine, for public school kids the beginning of a new school year meant going to the avenue (The Joy Kiddie Shop) for new school clothes and shoes (usually Buster Brown).
Sheila [08-19-2010]

Gman: There you go again not reading what was written by this author. Please read my post of 8/15 where I REQUESTED,not demanded that the webmaster require all persons sign their names & if using a screen name, register their name, address & phone number just like any other internet web site on the internet. Anonymous gives a person with ill intentions a cloak of cover to act up & be disrespectful devoid of truths...... Do you get it now?
Bernard f mc kernan, Retired mfr.'s rep. Baltimore / Annapolis Md. 69yrs. [08-19-2010]

Mr. McKernan is correct about what he wrote. No responses required for this posting.

Jane Doe, sad there was even a need to go there, but your post was unbelievably well-said and right on. Linda Fantana, your post jogged a memory and a curiosity, not so much about meatballs, but about my Mom’s stuffed peppers. My Mom made the best stuffed peppers I ever had. When I asked her once how she made them, she said she stuffed the pepper with meat and put them in the sauce (or is that gravy?) raw and cooked them that way. Up in age, I assumed there was some browning going on first, and she just forgot. Seeing your mention of how your cousin cooks his meatballs raw in sauce, made me realize that maybe that was really how she made her stuffed peppers. I’m not really a cook but will try something if moved to it. Neither my attempt or my wife at making stuffed peppers, while good, never tasted quite like my Mom’s. While I still don’t quite understand just putting raw meat into sauce and cooking it that way, it is worth trying…. So, thanks for, indirectly, jarring this memory by mentioning how your cousin cooks meatballs. I’m going to try it.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-19-2010]

Rosemarie Hite Malageri: Thank you for supplying with the liquor information at the luncheon on September 12th. I look forward to seeing all of the good Germantowners, past & present.
Bernard f mc kernan, Retired mfr.'s rep. Baltimore / Annapolis Md. 69yrs. [08-19-2010]

Jack it was real nice hearing from you and it has been a long time.Thanks for the info on Garfield st. There's a site someone gave us that shows how your house looks now it's vpike.com. My old house now is painted yellow with a gate up on snake alley.Keep in touch.
Joe Leone [08-19-2010]

Dennis the garibaldi club was run by Fast Eddie Casella when the coffey house was open but it closed about 1970 after Tommy Cantello took it for a wile,the factory was called Dernleys mill it was a textile mill my mother worked thair for 20 years.I sang at the garibaldi club for 6 months for Fast Eddie we were the VARATIONS W/CHANT PARICE.
gregg striano [08-19-2010]

To ED--I remember Billy THe Butcher-on Haines & Magnolia-do you the remember a slaughter house a block away? I watched them slaughter a cow one day and got sick to my stomach-I never went back again.Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-19-2010]

Hi friends, I found with great ease some data on my former Pastor Monsignor Peter J.McGarrity. Fascinating man. While I was in the search mode....I tried researching anything on Saint Michael of the Saints Italian Parish on Germantown Ave. Not much was there. I recall their fun Carnivales each summer with Boardwalk like thick Pizza and the other Italian specialties. My memory comes up with the Pastors name as Father Cavaluchi. Can someone help me on that one? I have googled him and he does not boot up at all. I have a fantistic story about him, but I need to varify his name....and my memory. Jim Breen, Germantown.
James F. Breen, East Seymour St. 62 years old Saint Francis. [08-19-2010]

As a kid then teenager I had two newspaper routes. One was the Germantown Courrier and the other was the Inquirer. Huge routes. Paid for my book bills at North Catholic. Met a lot of cool working class folks due to the paper route. Germantown was a proud working class group of Americans. Those Post War years saw Manufacturing and research at it's highest in Philadelphia. Germantown was no exception. Manufacturing Plants dotted the landscape of Germantown. If you were hanging on a street corner and not working? You were justly called a Bum. Everybody worked. I lived within 8 minutes from the New Lyric Movie house on Germantown. I saw every movie of the 50's and 60's. Goodfriend and Kent's drug store sat accross the street from the Theater. They were my families Druggists. Gallagers Tavern was also on that corner. John Jr. went to 12 years of Catholic School together. Everything was self contained. Farther back in time the American Store sat at Seymour Street and Germantown Ave. This expanded into the Acme and moved farther up the Avenue and stayed. Great memories. Long live Germantown and Saint Francis of Assisi. Jim Breen.
James F. Breen, 62 Yr. old, lived on East Seymour St. [08-19-2010]

A couple of Chelten & Baynton questions..... I remember the Hecate's Circle coffeehouse, the Idyle Hour Bar, a water ice stand and some small businesses. Someone mentioned there was an Italian social club there called Sons of Garibaldi Social Club. I don't remember that one there. Anyone familiar with this and if so, when did it close. Also, there was a factory on the northeast corner of that intersection, across from the firehouse. I remember it and the building itself is still there, just never knew what that factory was. Someone said that it was the bottling plant for Abbott's Dairy. Anyone remember that?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-17-2010]

Scrapple is great, and as already been noted, there are two schools of thought: ketchup and syrup - I like ketchup. The other great pan-fried breakfast meat is Spam, also good with ketchup; very popular in Hawaii. . .
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [08-17-2010]

Cool! All of the scrapple cooking ideas are great! I like it sliced 3/4", dusted and fried almost done on one side to make it crisp. Then over to finish. Have it w/home fries w/onions (of course) and eggs anyway. Oh, also with some apple sauce on the side. Love all the blogs here. It's makes me feel very special to have lived in Germantown groing up at the GBC with the best of the best. Hope all is well with you Dave Linn & Richie "Duke" Pio. Shay
Shay mcWilliams, 61,Somers Point but always G'Town [08-17-2010]

To Jack McHugh . . . Thanks for your hustle on the anti-Germantown-for-the-name sentiment that existed way back, at least for a while. Not surprising, when you think about it. Your efforts are appreciated.
Ted Silary [08-17-2010]

Jack McHugh: I really enjoyed your excellent blog about Vernon Park and the important German influence and controversy. My father[Urban],a former German teacher, would have been pleased. I always thought that Germantowners had an open mind about ethnicity. Your Irish culture was the dominant element at St. Francis- this contributed to great literacy there and now on this site. My mother,Marguerite, knew Vernon Park well since she was affiliated with the library located there for many years. I remembered the monument to John Wister at Vernon Park and Wister ST. in the brickyard was named after him. I did some ambulating on Wister St. but I do n't want to bore the bored Brickyarder with my ranting and pedantry. I can be pedantic with you since you are so literate and informative with your knowledge of history and Germantown. After my father died, my mother married F. Gordan Bradley from Branford, Connecticut. My step-father rode horses but he never mentioned Edward Bradley who was well known in horse circles. My step-father's famous relative was Henry Bradley Plant,from Branford Ct.- he was involved in the railroads and real-estate development in Florida. Your classmate from St. Francis, John Payne, lives not far from Tampa and Henry Bradley Plant owned the posh Tampa Bay Hotel which is now the main office of Tampa College. My mother will be buried with her husband[F. Gordan] in the same Branford Cemetery where the renowned Henry Bradley Plant has a huge monument. Your brother Joe was very friendly with my mother and step-father. His wife,Stepnanie, was a member of a garden-club that my mother also belonged. Brother Joe attended F. Gordan's Bradley where I gave an eulogy. He remarked that he was surprised that I had a good vocabulary. He went to high-school in Germantown[GHS] and I went to school in North Philly] and he must have surmised that G-town was a superior neighborhood. He also enjoyed talking with my step-father who had 2 ivy-league degrees. I always enjoyed hanging out and talking to my buddies at "The Continental"- they were smart and courageous men, we would all die for one another. I always had deep respect for Germantowners and veterans- no matter their lot in life. Jack! Keep posting since you are a true Germantowner and write so well- Sister Grace would be happy and the bored brickyarder might learn something.
JBS [08-17-2010]

With the beginning of the school year fast approaching, it brings back a memory of my childhood days at Immaculate Conception. Girls were required to wear a navy blue uniform with a white, long-sleeved (usually starched) blouse. At the neck of the blouse, we were required to attach/wear a colored bow/tie/ribbon. If memory serves me correctly, each grade/class was assigned a different color. In winter, flesh-colored, cotton stockings were the fashion trend of the day. White ankle socks were permitted to be worn on top. I guess this was to help in disguising the ugliness of the stockings. I always looked forward to the FIRST day of school because wearing the school uniform was not required & street dress was acceptable. For some reason, "plaid" was the theme for the FIRST day of school. Going shopping for a plaid dress to wear on that first day of school was always fun. It meant either a trip on the trolley to the "avenue" or a subway ride "downtown". To this day, whenever I see a plaid skirt or jumper, I think of my first day at school. Thanks for the memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55' cdhs '59 [08-17-2010]

Hi, let's get off of the scrapple for awhle and let's talk 'MEATBALLS",ok? Let's get everyone's idea of the 'perfect' meatball'...nice and small and round, or larger? Do you pan fry them or part pan fry them first, as I do/ like my Mom used to do....or do you simply drop them 'raw' into the gravy, as my cousin does, & just slow cook them that way? My mother would put the meat/eggs/ parm cheese/ parsley/salt& pepper/minced garlic& onion/ flavored bread crumbs, all combined into a mixiing bowl/ then I had to mix it/ and she'd roll each one perfectly the same size and part cook them in a skillet/ and add them to the gravy/does anyone else remember the delicious aroma of these 'little wonders' simmering in the gravy for hrs.? Gosh, I can almost taste it now..yum...Linda
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-17-2010]

"Monkeys run the zoo?"> That's some comparison.Anon [08-17-2010]

Bernard, just one more thing since you want to keep the venom flowing. Lets get one point straight I am not Bored or Anon like you and others have insisted. We are more than just one that can speak their thoughts. They, like me, are free thinkers and have expresses their feelings just like I have. You need to accept that and move on. Also, who died and left you boss? Who are you to demand anything from the webmaster or any of us for that matter. You just dont know how to let it go.
Gman [08-17-2010]

Anyone remember Billy the Butcher on Magnolia and Haines. Sawdust on the floors and smell of raw meat. I remember his black cat had no tail. It was believed Billy put it under the cleaver...Wonder what became of him?
Ed, Chester VA [08-17-2010]

Rich Pio, How did you rate going to the games in Rick Wise's vette. My dad and I got to be friends with Rick & Sue. Whenever she gave me a ride I always got to ride in her mustang. Talked to him a few years back when he was coaching for the Cal. Angels. That was realy cool back in the day! R.Patrizi NC '68 S.F.'64
R.Patrizi [08-17-2010]

Fond memories of my 21 years as a Parishioner of Saint Francis of Assisi and it's Monolithic Pastor; Monsignor Peter J. McGarrity. I was an Alter Boy and a Benidiction Team leader for him. A very active ministry in that Parish. He became Ill when I was 15 years old. He had some form of Blood disorder and was being treated way down in Misarecordia Hospital in West Philly. Jimmy Duffy, one of my Alter team mates and I took public transit to the hospital and lied about our age to donate much needed blood for our Pastor. The Nurses must have known we were way underage, but he needed fresh blood to rpelinsh what he had lost. He was alert when we visited him and told us he would pray for us. I got sick as a dog out by the Bus stop afterwards. He recovered. Two and one half years later he had Father Maloney, Margie Lawless, then a Saint Joseph Novitiate and Father Maloney drive up to Valley Forge Army Hospital after my getting shot up in Vietnam. A very moving visit. He stayed all day visiting my entire Orthopedic Ward and hearing Confessions and giving communion which he brought. He died that next year. God rest his soul. Jim Breen, Saint Francis of Assisi.
James Francis Breen, Age 62, Pocono Mountains, Pa. [08-17-2010]

As a occasional reader of this site, I reconize names from the past and it does bring back good memories. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but, there is a 8 page article in the September 2010 issue of POPULAR MECHANICS titled " A GEEENER GARFIELD". Well, believe it or not, it is about the refubishing/the greening of East Garfield Sreet in Germantown. For those of us who grew up on East Garfield Steet such as Joe Leone ( how are you doing Joe, it's been a long time) I am sure will find it interesting. The article was referred to me by my Brother-in-law, Dick Alldred who is presenly living outside Atlanta, GA., but lived at #104 E. Garfield St. Two of the homes refubished were 106 & 110. I lived at 108. I took a ride up that block about two or three years ago and it was depressing to see how the homes have deteriorated even though 108 where I lived, appeared to be well maintained. Again, thought this would be of interest, not only to those of you who grew up on East Garfield Street, but also the people who grew up in our area of Germantown. Jack Townsend
Jack Townsend [08-17-2010]

Vera: I remember Zimmerman's very well. You are correct. It was on the south side of Chelten between Morris and Pulaski. Mr. Zimmerman and his two sons operated it. The store had great meats, fresh produce and made deliveries to the local customers. My family often bought a pre-cooked hanksgiving turkey from Mr. Zimmerman, since we lived in the Delmar Morris and had no kitchen, only a hot plate. The Zimmerman's were a hard working family and set a wonderful work ethic example for me. Thank you for remembering. Jim Lyons
Jim Lyons [08-17-2010]

It amazes me that there were 4 supermarkets in that 4-5 block stretch from Chelten & Wayne to Chelten and Wissahickon - Penn Fruit, Pantry Pride, Acme and A&P. That was a lot of supermarkets… I worked at Foy Buick in the mid to later 1970s. The west-end of Germantown was still a strong, viable area then. I used to eat at the Manor Delicatessin. Darrow’s was still there, as was Leedom & Wissler, Darrow’s, the Delmar Morris Lounge, so was Sears. There was a bar at Wayne & Chelten, I think it was called Ye Old Ale House or something like that. Never been in there myself, but I remember it was a favorite of my uncle. But, there was crime too. My grandfather used to live at the Chelten Arms for awhile in the early 1970s but moved when his apartment was broken into. I haven’t been over that way in awhile, but the only business I recall seeing still there from back in the day is the pizza place next to the train station. Still I think the west has fared better than the east....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-17-2010]

Lou Giorno and anyone else interested in Germantown's theatres, here is a link to an article that I wrote on those theatres. In all, Germantown had 14 theatres at one time or another, 5 more were planned but never built for whatever reason, and 5 more in close proximity along the Germantown Avenue corridor. That's a lot of theatres for Germantowners..... http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com/Germantown's%20Theatres.htm
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised is East Germantown [08-17-2010]

Jack McHugh: Great piece on Daniel Pastorius / Vernon Park & a little contribution of history regarding Germantown. Your post of 8/15/10 reminded me of the rich history that our childhood home holds close to it's breast. I recall vividly when first moving into the area in 1947 I was told by Ms. Katherine my second grade teacher that Germantown was named as such due to the early settlers who were German or of German descent. I had no idea of the ill feelings that were harbored by many because of the wars between the countries & the thought of rescinding the town's name never occurred to me a child of seven. I later learned much about Daniel Pastorius at the venerable Vernon park library. "Danny boy" was quite the renaissance man & well ahead of his time as is always the case about leaders whom we come to admire & respect only after their demise. Mr. Pastorius if he were to drive down the street named after him today would surely need to stop at Cranes for a good stiff shot followed by a few pop's of Bayer aspirin to recover from that trip.
anonymous, aquila3@comcast.net [08-17-2010]

Most Gtn.people called the ACME (AKAMEE) not (AKMEE)-my wife says I'm wrong-I know I'm right AKA-MEE is the way we said it-any pros or cons out there??Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Lou from the burbs [08-17-2010]

Bernard McKernan - guise of a so-called lawsuit????? Why would I lie about that???? Fact is, one of you McKernans, I don’t recall which one, threatened me and a few others here with a lawsuit for supposed slander because he didn’t like our response made here on this blog about his use of derogatory language and threats, causing some here to start posting anonymously. I looked, but no longer have that string of McKernan emails sent to me. Either they were deleted systematically or I manually deleted them in an “O, who cares!” moment. As for providing you with “cranial stimulation’, do you really think that is anyone’s purpose for coming here?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-17-2010]

To all the McKernan's: Your superiority complex turns off so many readers. Yes, you have a lot to offer in terms of recalling many Germantown memories, but the way in which you do so is offensive. Fortunately, I can just skip by most of your posts, as they they have nothing to do with Germantown. You guys are so ego-centric, you couldn't possible see it. So, a little bit of introspection on your part may be helpful if you would like to gain support and stop antagonizing others. And yes, you brothers all threaten in obscure ways and then refuse to take credit for your actions. The folks I grew up with in Germantown were good, hard working people who would never, ever look down their noses at their neighbor. It's wonderful you are all world travelors, drink fine liquours and sail the Cheaseapeake, but unless you are talking about Germantown, frankly, I don't give a darn. So come down off your self-created pedestals. We all started in a working class neighborhood and honor our roots. The fact that you all have to pat yourselves on your collective backs on this web site indicates to me that your personal lives must be very lonely. Try to keep your comments to Germantown, gentlemen, and I use the word gentlemen very loosely.
Jane Doe, Happy Hollow [08-17-2010]

lou giorno i remember those movie houses ... my cousins and i would run up the steps to the balconey and hide there untill the movie started .. we had a great view and usually had it all to ourselves. i will say though being the youngest at the time ... i was somewhat left no choice but to go there with them and was usually pooping my pants for fear of getting thrown out if caught. i cant remember why we were not allowed to go up there though ...do you? rosemarie :>)
rosemarie hite malageri [08-17-2010]

bernie mckernan la fontana's is a cash bar ... so bring yourself and whoever else you can coax into joining you. we look forward to getting together and haveing some fun and good conversation. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-17-2010]

ray dawes, so glad that you can make it to the g town luncheon. we look forward to seeing you and hopefully your brother as well ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-17-2010]

ed macaulley, anon posted the address for us ... thank you anon ..:>) you can also get directions by going on la fantanas web site ... it will be good to meet you .. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-17-2010]

another way to cook scrapple is to slice it no less than 1/2 inch, dredge it in flour then pan fry it in oil until it is golden brown and cripsy. This method is faster and you don't have to turn on the oven. It tastes good with syrup on it too.
anonymous [08-15-2010]

Ted Silary: The memorial in Vernon Park to Pastorius and the original German settlers was commissioned before WWI and finish while the war was going on-- so because of the anti German feeling the monument was crated and stored in a warehouse until well after the war was over before erecting it in the park. Next is an old editorial I found in an old book of Germantown I got years ago. To the Editor of the Bulletin. Let “Germantown” Stand Sir: The renaming of Germantown has been advocated by some of your correspondents, who erroneously believe that it is for the interest of our country. I can readily understand the wisdom of Americanizing institutions or corporations bearing Teutonic names, also the advisability and necessity of preventing and suppressing German propaganda; but I cannot conceive what influence Germantown, by this or any other name, would have in the world struggle. If the German nominal distinction irritates our patriotism we should have a private consultation with ourselves. We may then come to the conclusion that Germantown was named in honor of our friends, not our enemies. Pastorius, like the rest of mortals, had the most grievous fault of not being responsible for his place of birth, outside of that he was all right. The very fact that he enjoyed the distinction of being the first American citizen who openly denounced slavery (at the Fiends Meeting House), stamped him a truly progressive apostle of freedom, an American to the core. Perhaps Germantown should have been called Pastorville; possibly the founder was too modest for such distinction, or maybe the historians thought best to bestow equal honors to the companions of the founder, hence the nomenclature. The prevalent custom of crediting a country for the accomplishments of its distinguished sons is at fault, since everybody is a unit by himself with ideas differing from his neighbor’s; it is justifiable, however, to name a town after its first settlers. Likewise is it permissible to make a change for the better whenever the parties directly interested find it so desirable. This interest can hardly be localized since Germantown has become an important historical landmark directly connected with the birth of our nation. Could we offer a legitimate excuse to the historians of the world for changing the name of a town which has always been associated with the most laudable principles of liberty, truth and justice? Germantown, not Germany.
Jack McHugh [08-15-2010]

To the anonymous post of 8/15/10. May i refresh your memory in that this website is Germantown, your thoughts & not,... "Send us your thoughts on Germantown" My thoughts are those of my childhood experiences of yesterday & of how i see them today through my prism glasses........I sir, have never vented rage or insinuated I was intellectually superior to any one person on this site. I do believe however that from small minds can come diluted results or untruths. If the shoe fits, wear it.........I mean no offense to anyone but to you in particular I will not tolerate my name being bandied about in a derogatory manner.
bernard f mc kernan, 69yrs old, lived on church la # 205 [08-15-2010]

Zimmerman's was a butcher store on Chelten above above Morris near Darrows-anyone remember?
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [08-15-2010]

Some Ted Williams - Philly connections. His daughter Bobbi-Jo married a guy from Philly. When he hit .401 in 1941, he did it, when finishing the season at Shibe Park. He went into the last games batting over .400, and it was rumored that he would sit out the last couple of games, but he didn't. Possibly the reason for Williams behavior was because he was a Marine pilot in WWII, the got recalled for the Korean conflict. He flew 37 combat missions and had a narrow escape when he crash-landed a flak damaged aircraft. Several missions were flown with John Glenn. He did resent being recalled, since he was in the inactive reserve. With this in mind, I would be more for giving him a pass, then Mike Schmidt, who besides being possibly one of the greatest 3rd basemen in baseball, and surely of the Phillies, whose other distinction was being the first Phillie, to sign a multi year, million dollar contract.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-15-2010]

G Towner - High & Magnolia - Good for you. You are correct. The Bretts had/have class. I'm happy you sent the card. That should embarrass them. (I hope). Thanks for the info. I will pass it on. Keep your fingers crossed. The friends that are working on it are normally very good on searching. I'll let you know immediately, if I hear anything.
ANNAMARIE [08-15-2010]

John Payne: Oh, I knew you happily paid the 50 cents for the Tastykake in CA. Well worth it, eh?
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-15-2010]

My Grandfather Joseph and my Grandmother Jennie lived and owned the Barber Shop on Germantown Ave across from the Carmen Theater. My father Martin and his brothers Francis, Joseph, Ralph and Louis were all born there. It was a rich and vital neighborhood throughout the 1950s. I went to live shows at the Carmen. After my Grandfather passed I lived there for a time. I went to St Stephens during that period. Reading your site brought back many memories
Frank Ciaudelli, Oakland, CA. 62yrs old [08-15-2010]

The restaurant is Cafe La Fontana 58 S. York Rd. Hatboro.
anon. [08-15-2010]

Concerning scrapple...as a young child living in Gtown, it was an absolute favorite. It was sliced and fried till brown. As a teenager living in Lancaster County, my parents continued to get the Phila. newspapers. A reader wrote in with the question: What goes into scrapple? My mom laughingly read the answer to me: Everything but the oink. Thus ended my scrapple eating days forever!
Patricia Carr [08-15-2010]

Robert Hone - Scrapple - I live in Wisconsin now and, believe it or not, our stores sell it. We have it every week with our breakfast. We cook it in a very hot skillet with a little oil, maybe a drop or two with each scrapple cake and let it fry until it gets crispy and releases from the pan when you shake it. Then turn it over for the other side to cook. We use ketchup on the scrapple or nothing at all. I saw once on a cooking show that they used maple syrup over the cooked scrapple - not for me. This is how I remembered it being served "back-in-the-day. Also, I found Taylor's pork roll in Phoenix but it is an unknown product here in Wisconsin - home of bratwurst, cheese and beer battered fish. Charlie Peterson
Charlie Peterson, Immaculate '54, North '58 LaSalle '71 [08-15-2010]

For the record, As an addendum to my last post, I neglected to add that those posters using the Anonymous signage were doing as such long before some used it as an excuse to call out the McKernan's & their so-called subpoena threat. Anyone doubting that only need to go back in the archives.......Anonymous, often the first cousin of Antagonist allows one to hide in the dark & is akin to shouting: "Fire in a crowded theatre"........Nothing is legal or recognized in our society unless it bears the legitimate name of it's author.....Thank you.
bernard f mc kernan, 69yrs old, lived on church la # 205 [08-15-2010]

lou ! i remember frank goffredo,and his brother danny . what 2 great guys they both were,i remember you also ! you were a great entertainer! you had your own band i belive,and you played for years at different clubs. lou day was your stage name i belive ? i know your father was a barber and he also played,and wasn't your grand father a big time entertainer back in the day ? your family had lots of talient. i was the hairdresser on wayne avenue from 1960 to 1968 and i use to have people tell me about the giornos and how well known your grandfather was playing all the big gigs. at that time were you also a school teacher at the jinks school for along time ? boy you were like a dr.jykel and mrs hyde .school teacher durning the day and mr entertainer at night . what a great life you must have had !stay well regards frank .75 and still kicking !
frank margiotti, north wales [08-15-2010]

Robert Hone I have found Habbersets scraple at Publix and Dietz&Watson scrapple at Winn Dixie up here in central florida. My wife just gets the frying pan real hot and places the thinly sliced scraple in the pan until brown on one side turn over and your done. Dave Linn I don't know if you know but Rick Wise married a nurse living in a duplex on Copley road behind Manny's, he always came into the store, we became friendshe always gave me free tickets to the Phils game. Jack Yoskowitz and I would ride to the game in his corvette driven by his wife after she dropped him off, she would come back pick us up, we had to make our own way home. It was great especially when it was Bunting vs Marachel, or Kofax vs anybody. Then they tradrd him to St. Louis for Steve Carlton. What a lousy trade (ha ha) and there went my free tickets. Richard Pio
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [08-15-2010]

One quick way to cook perfect scrapple is to slice it medium to thin and bake on a sprayed cookie sheet in a 375 degree oven for about 20 minutes.

Rosemarie Hite Malageri: Thank you for place,date &time, now if you please tell me where LaFantan is located(city?) Thank you.
Ed McCaulley [08-15-2010]

rosemaria malagerie Put me down as coming to the luncheon on 9/12. I sure would like to get a copy of the picture paul has of the championship team, my brother Roy says he has an open date on his calander, and would like to come.
Ray Dawes, 67 living in Oreland Pa [08-15-2010]

Annamarie, Unless Sonny's middle name wasn't "Hat", then I wouldn't have a clue what it is. His wife's name was/is Pat,and his son's name is David. I have given up hope of ever receiving any sort of response from his family members in MA. All attempts went unanswered. Could not resist sending his niece Lyn a THANKYOU card the other day.I told her the thankyou was obviously tongue in cheek, and that I was disappointed we did not receive the courtesy of any type of response from her. I could not resist telling her that it was a shame her brothers & sister were not born & raised in G-TOWN because they would have learned better manners, and for good riddence I said it was clear that she & her sibblings did not inherit any of the Brett genes. I concluded by telling her that when we finally did locate Sonny I would tell him how inconsiderate she was in helping us find him.I'm glad I got that off my chest,but I'm certain I won't ever get any cooperation from them henseforth. And so it was written in the Germantown Courier!
G-Towner-HIGH& MAGNOLIA, High& Magnolia [08-15-2010]

Attention Ed. McCAULLEY did you live in the 200 block of zeralda street? Did you have a brother first name GEORGE? We were both in the the Class of 1956 at Saint Frances of Assissi. I am trying to contact GEORGE. Can you help me?
Bud BALLARD [08-15-2010]

Anon, there's a 1956 8th grade St. Francis of Assisi reunion in October. You can get the information from Bud Ballard who blogs on this site often.
Joe Leone [08-15-2010]

Memories from St. Francis: 9 AM Mass in the upper church.First Friday devotions. Stations of the Cross.Confession on Saturday (you never went to P.J.McGarity).Novenas in the evening.May Processions. Carrying Sister's bookbag from the convent to school across the street. The yearly carnival in the schoolyard and the school hall.Joining the choir only because I wanted to see what it was like in the choir loft - as a kid you thought you were at the top of Everest. Sister Marie Emmanuel conducting and Mrs. Tracy playing the organ.Midnight mass at Christmas with the choir singing at the front of the church with the lights darkened and us holding these small candles. I also remember block collection, receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday and once a year having my throat blessed. Any other memories ???
BC in NC [08-15-2010]

I love 'G"man, he is (down to earth) & tells it like it is: A real 'blue collar type'. And,there's nothing wrong with that. It is the backbone of the USA, without them, many of our industries would have to close their doors..well, that's happening anyway, now isn't it. Anon Fem.
Anon-fem [08-15-2010]

Billy Phillips and his brother (can't remember his name) lived a couple doors down from me on Abbottsford Rd (between Stenton and Germantown) during the 60's, As did Steve Lawrence, the Shugarts, the Procopios and the McDonnells. My grandmother had that ugly plastic on her beautiful furniture when she lived in Roxoborough. I remember she also had A/C and a color TV in the 60's. We used to go there every Sunday and put up with the plastic so we could watch Bonanza. Bud's must've treated my grandparents well. Come to think of it she sold my parents that house at 16 E Abbottsford Rd in the early 60's. Maybe some of you remember my mother and her siblings from when they lived there (Abbottsford). Betty, Carol, Billy, Larry and Gene Pugh, They all lived there at one time or other. Joe DePero.
Joe DePero, 52, levittown, st mikes [08-15-2010]

The Ted Williams Museum in Florida: http://www.tedwilliamsmuseum.com/aboutus/
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-15-2010]

hi i just bought a tasty cake apple pie after not having one forever ... to my suprise it is actually in a little pie dish now .. just a little tidbit of information about a well liked product ... by me anyway :>) rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-15-2010]

robert hone ... just a guess here but i believe you do a light flouring on both sides and then fry in some oil untill brown ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-15-2010]

Ah yes, The Anchorage! When I turned 21 someone took me there for my first "legal drink" and dancing and I felt so beautiful and grown up. I often think of that night when I pass that old building on the Drive.

Robert H., if you want to cook Scrapple, just heat your pan on a medium temperature and let it heat up to that before placing your scrapple in the pan. Then cook for 7 minutes and turn over for another 6 or 7 minutes. My opinion is Habbersett's is the best. Bon Appetite!
Breakfast Cook, Diners Delite [08-15-2010]

Robert Hone: I have never went to the Anchorage, but used to hear it advertised many times on WIBG. I think one of the DJ's used to have events there. In the 70's I used to go to the supper club, called "Riverside East", which I believe was the old Anchorage.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-15-2010]

Robert Hone: Count your blessings that have access to buying Scrapple down here in Florida. When I first moved to the Tampa Bay area, the local Walmart used to sell fresh Habbersetts Scrapple, but eventually did away with it. As you know, grits is the breakfast side dish of choice. Sounds as though you are not allowing your scrapple to fry long enough. Try using a medium heat, and thinner slices, and allow it to fry until it gets a little past a golden brown.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-15-2010]

Lynn, You are right! The Acme was on Morris & Chelten.. A & P on Chelten next to Darrow's Drug Store.. Food Fair, then Pantry Pride on Pulaskie and Chelten.. W
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [08-15-2010]

How many of you Gtn.people out there remember that there were FOUR movie houses within blocks of one another?--The Vernon--Colonial-- Bandbox and --Orphium .The Vernon was the only one that wasn't air conditioned-I never knew why? The Colonial was my favorite, it was the biggest and had a balcony-(-perfect for making out)LFG.
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-15-2010]

The rock n roll singer Meatloaf said it best when he sang: "Two out of three ain't bad". Messrs Gman, Bored Brickyarder, take a bow. Anon? Like passing gas, you can't see it but surely you know it's there due to the odor. It is quite obvious that some people feel threatned on this site because of the Mc Kernan's & under the guise of a so-called lawsuit have used the Anonymous signing as an attempt to criticize. I have never threatened anyone so let's make that perfectly clear & to rail against this writer in a attempt to get at another member of my family is silly at best & despicable at worse. I have enjoyed for the most part posting on this site but it seems some people no matter will find an excuse to pick the rat poop out of a comb.........My sole purpose for being on this site was to engage in conversation not just rhetoric. To reconnect with old friends & people of my era in Germantown during the late forties & fifties, to discuss the arts, politics, sports & just the everyday struggles of being a teenager & looking to fit in. Apparently there are a few who have an agenda & are bent on implementing their feelings & for the most part have been successful in driving away some good creative writers & just everyday Jane's & Joe's. I read everything that is printed. I pass quickly that which I find not newsworty but I never have ridiculed or complained about posts too long, too self centered etc unless i was replying to a complete bore who called me out.......I wrote sometime ago that if all the folks on here just want to talk & reminisce about pizza pies, steak shops, pin ball machines etc then I'm not your guy. I want & need a little more cranial stimulation then that although when i was fifteen i enjoyed it. .......Gman, Bored,your apologies are accepted & I look forward to chatting with you on the 12th of September. Pisano? Is this a B.Y.O.B. event? Please let me know. ......In closing, I will tell you that I have requested that the Webmaster please have everyone who posts on this site to register his / her name address & phone number in oder to maintain civility. Every other site on the internet that I have visited makes this a requirement & we should be no different. No one should be absolved from accountability. Hurling criticisms & insults will be forever done away with even if one uses a screen name. Shame but I discovered long ago that it's not good policy to have the monkeys run the zoo.
Bernard f mc kernan [08-15-2010]

Re: Scrapple Inquiry...When I was younger, I remember that we dusted the slices of scrapple with flour, (not heavy..tap the slice so it just leaves a dust coat), then whatever cooking medium you use as an oil, but only enough to create a sheen on the pan, then, slow, slow, slow. If you don't rush scrapple, you should be fine. I do slices about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Today, I don't even use the flour, just make sure the sheen is there, and go slow. If you rush, it will stick, and you will turn it to mush when you try to unstick it.
John Payne [08-15-2010]

To Bernard McKernan: The website is Germantown - Your Thoughts and it is subtitled: Send us your thoughts on Germantown! It is not a site to vent your rages and supposed "intellectual superiority" and whatever bragging you choose to foist on the rest of us.
Anonymous [08-15-2010]

hi all .... a reminder ! lunch at lafantan's september 12th at 1pm ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-13-2010]

anon i remember the huckster and our block was one of the last to still have the gas lights ... i can still see the man coming with his ladder and lighting them ...and, the ice man too . good memories! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-13-2010]

Bernard McKernan: While you're chastising Gman, Bored, Anon, etc., to use Spell Check, do remember what commas are for and to capitalize "I" when referring to yourself (unless that's a Freudian slip). I also agree with Dennis McGlinchey that some of us are "anonymous" because of the McKernan threat of a lawsuit. Did anyone else pick up on their tirade against signing "anonymous" by their slipping in a reference to how easy it would be to find out who "anonymous" was by subpoena? We got the message.
Anonymous [08-13-2010]

I understand Monsignor McGarrity lost his eye playing golf.
Regina Sprissler Davidson [08-13-2010]

Scotland [08-13-2010]

J Bruce Schmitt: Some time ago you wrote here about a Bill O'Toole from LaSalle. Can you tell me a little more about him.
G Mecoli [08-13-2010]

Does anyone know if there is going to be a Gtn. reunion 2010; also interested in a St. Francis of Assisi get together;anyone????
anon. [08-13-2010]

Lynne, You are right there was an Acme at Morris and Chelten. The Pantry Pride was at Pulaski and Chelten and a Penn Fruit at Wayne and Chelten. Dot
Dot, Lived at 5819 Morris St 1966-1971 [08-13-2010]

Lynn: I was reading one of your entries, and you asked about an Acme at Wayne & Chelten. I don't remember an Acme, but I am positive there was a Penn Fruit market on the SE corner in the 50's.
John Payne [08-13-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: You are absolutely correct about the costs, etc., of the Tastycake guy in Calif. I think this was just his way of connecting with some folks from the Deleware Valley as you said. I think a friend was sending them to him, and it was a hit or miss situation at best. Often, he was out of them. LOL, we used to use people as mules if they were going back east to visit a friend or family. Everyone would pressure you to bring back some Tastycakes. It's funny how much you can miss a little thing when you can't have it. PS.I happily paid the 50 cents at the time.
John Payne [08-13-2010]

Tastykake has gone through some major changes, in the 55+ years I have been a buyer of their products. One of the biggest changes they made, years ago, was changing their oil from coconut to canola, to make their products more healthy. For many years I was a stockholder, mainly for their dividend, which was quite nice at 10%. I attended quite a few stockholders meetings, which were held at the Germantown Cricket Club, and once asked the question about expanding to other markets, and was politely told, "That management felt they had enough diamonds in their own backyard" They eventually started sending their products to other states, such as down here in Florida, but only in limited family packs.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-13-2010]

Rich Pio, good friend of mine at the Continental Post informed me that Ted Williams had a good friend who lived in the Abbottsfords Project in the late 40's or early 50's and when the Red Sox came to town to play the A's he stayed at his friends house and also came to the Continental Post for a few brews. Wow! You won't see anything like that happening in todays baseball.
Dave Linn, Continental Story [08-13-2010]

To those who are making negative comments about the long blogs of certain families....if you don't wish to read something, just simply "pass it by"...like you would a book on a shelf that you didn't like. amen. "LF"
L.Fontana [08-13-2010]

To Monk McCauly: sadly, Ralph passed away in October, 2008. He was a terrific QB with a great arm. He could throw a rope for 60 yards, hit the tight end over the middle or toss a gentle flip to a halfback on a screen pass. He often talked about his football teams and the guys on his teams. He recalled all of them, including you, with great memories and stories. I hope all is well with you.
bonnie (joe) gatto [08-13-2010]

Back in the 1950s on my way to Boathouse Row from Germantown via East River Drive I would pass by the "Anchorage." On weekends, I would take my current girlfriend(s) for wine, song, and dance at the "Anchorage." What a great place! I guess it's gone now. Anybody know or remember?
Robert Hone, Fort Lauderdale age 70 Anchorage fan [08-13-2010]

Bernard - my apologies for any words I may have not spelled correctly in my previous post.You would think 12 years of good catholic education would turn out someone with better grammer. I am not Anon or Gman. I think maybe my issue and why I do not enjoy some post is maybe some folks are too "Germantown Cricket Club" and I am just too "Germantown Boys Club". But ya know what - thats OK. I actually enjoyed JBS's last post about playing ball at The Hollow.I shall just move on when reading something I can not relate to. Variety is indeed the spice of life. I wish you and JBS well. Peace.
Bored Brickyarder [08-13-2010]

My father was an expert at cooking scrapple at our home in East Germantown. I was a kid at the time (1950s). Now that I am 70 and a long ago migrant to Florida, I was surprised to find scrapple at our local supermarket in Fort Lauderdale. Does anyone know how to cook it properly? My technique is terrible; it usually ends up as a loose glob but still delicious. Who else has located scrapple outside of PA or NJ?
Robert Hone, Cooking scrapple in Florida. [08-13-2010]

Bernard, Touche..you didnt need to respond but I am so glad you did and didnt include Plato and the rest of the clan. There was no need for the spell check jab or the bit about me asking you to stop blogging, which I didnt. You know we all came from the same hood, you are no better than me and I think that this is the point you guys continually try and make. I wont give anymore inputs since the truth upsets many. I think I will take you up on your invite to attend the lunch. I will have my Gman pin on but you will recognize me. I will bring a bottle of Pisano since I dont drink Malbec. Gman out, its a shame I enjoyed posting here.
Gman [08-13-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi, please don't misunderstand me with my comments about Mike Schmidt. I was in no way trying to defend him. While I admired his playing ability, I found him to be a complete jerk in pubic.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-13-2010]

I think Mr. McGlinchey, is being much too harsh on his evaluation of George Steinbrenner, as he was with the benevolent Fr. Benonis, something he seems to do, when he doesn't understand or agree with a person. Mr. Steinbrenner, wasn't really any worse then any other owner in MLB. He just had the advantage of owning the Yankees, who had the advantage of generating more cash flow then the other teams. All teams try to "buy" championships. There is no denying that Mr Steinbrenner has had a colorful career owning the Yankees, but its just part of his makeup of being "The Boss". Since moving to the Tampa Bay area, I have learned a different side of Steinbrenner. Down here he is regarded as a saint, for all his generosity, which was mostly unreported. He has donated millions to schools and hospitals. Once he took a grandson to the ER, and didn't like the way it was for children, and built a ER specifically for children, so that they would feel better about going to the hospital. Sure I know its a Philly thing to hate the Yankees and the Cowboys, but you can't deny that they are quality teams throughout the years. I recently went to a Rays/Yankees game, and while I sort of wanted to see A-Rod hit his 600 HR, I was glad to see the Rays win. By the way for some strange reason, the homefield of the Rays, the Trop, which is horrendous, has a Ted Williams Museum.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-13-2010]

Anonymous ­ nice post of memories of growing up in Germantown. Thanks for the story of Msgr. McGarrity, that one gave me a good laugh. Usually I bristle at the mention here of Msgr McGarrity as it is usually another re-telling of the story of how he denied confession to a kid and sent him back to St. Mike’s. So, thanks for the laugh with that Msgr McGarrity story.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-13-2010]

Richard Pio...One could write a book on Ted Williams temper tantrums througout his illustrous hall of fame career.He made it a point to consistently tick off sports writers.It cost him two MVP awards,including the 1941 season when he hit 406.RIDICULOUS! The writers loved Joe DiMaggio and gave him the MVP in 1941 after he got a hit in 56 consecutive games.If he were playing today,the media would crucify him,Rest in peace Teddy wherever you are(wish you were playing for the Phillies today).....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [08-12-2010]

John Payne: I know 50 cents seems a lot for a Tastykake when they were selling for 13 cents here in Philly, but remember, Tastykake did not sell wholesale outside of the Delaware Valley, so the guy in California obviously had to pay the retail price, plus the shipping (probably sent to him by a relative or friend still in the area). So he had to add that into the price, plus a small profit for his troubles. I wonder if he did enough business to warrant all that.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-12-2010]

Happened to stumble on a description of an area called Long Valley, in North Jersey. It said the area was known as "German Valley" from its foundation during the colonial era until World War I, when the name was changed in response to anti-German sentiment . . . Just wondering: Was there ever any outcry (or even mild protest) over the name of our beloved section of the city?
Ted Silary [08-12-2010]

Hey, Linda ! I believe the Casella's you're speaking of now and have been for quite some time living in Scottsdale, Az. The own a deli called Casella's deli. If you google Casella's deli you will get all the info. Name, address,phone. etc. Also, JoDena Errichetti also lives in Scottsdale and is good friends with the Casella's. I went to their deli at Christmas to get cannoli's. I think they used to live on Haines Street.
John DiRenzo [08-12-2010]

when is there going to be a St. Francis of Assisi Parish reunion? i went to the last reunion and there was over 1000 people there.I had a great time!
gtn girl [08-12-2010]

G-Man, Your plastic furniture covers reminded me of an aunt who lived over by Cedarbrook Mall. She not only had plastic covers on her living room furniture, but also on her dining room chairs, her lampshades and had floor runners on the carpets, which looked like a road in and out of every room. We were completely stuck to the furniture and couldn't sit still, thereby, unintentionally, making squeaking sounds, while being given "the look" by our parents. but when my aunt with seven kids came, we would all be directed to the basement, where we would happily remain until our parents were ready to go home. Anonymous, when was there an Acme at Wayne & Chelten? I remember one at Morris & Chelten. Was there a Pantry Pride at Wayne & Chelten, or was that at Pulaski & Chelten? Erda, weigh in on this one please - your memory is usually perfect.
Lynne [08-12-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey we had coal heat until the 70's when we moved. I remember going around collecting wood to burn when we had no coal.
Doc, Doc from Portico St [08-12-2010]

Anybody remember:The fruit huckster, the milkman with his bottles, not plastic!, the ice box (thx to Ray Dawes) and the guy with his large tongs, carrying a big block of ice for the icebox. The Bar B riders episodes on saturday afternoon. I think that's what they were called. Correct me if I am wrong.The gas lights on the streets, that had to be extinguished every night during the" BIG WAR ", by the Air raid wardens, and having to pull every shade or drape in the house so that no lights could be seen outside just in case. Going to the little store around the corner for a new Superman,or green hornet comic book.What a thrill it was for us boys! Listening to the Phillies games on sunday afternoon on the front porch, while MOM was preparing a big dinner in the hot kitchen. Mashing the potatoes with the old masher,by hand in a big pot. I remember!the good old days! Sitting down as a FAMILY to eat, and holding hands around the table while we took turns saying grace ! I remember, and I still do it! And, I embarass my children and grandchildren into doing it when we all eat out together. Do you? But we were all brainwashed at St. Francis of Assisi, by the lovely NUNS of St Joseph, no disrespect intended! I for one have grown to repect them more thru the years than I did then. Remember Sunday 9:00 am mass with Monsignor McGarrity, with his one eye. I never did find out how he lost it. Anyone know?. Blowing his nose and holding the handkerchief up so we could all see what he'd blown out. Then we'd receive Holy Communion from those dirty hands I remember! Then back at noon Mass, to sing in the all boys choir, EVERY SUNDAY! Just some fond memories of our youth. Do you remember? Then I bet you are smiling, or maybe even a little teary eyed! I loved growing up in Germantown!
anonymous [08-12-2010]

Jim Lyons....I remember a FEW of the Lyon's bro(s). there was a Vincent/ & Packy? (you, Jim.) etc.. all the girls would speak of how handsome you all were. But, the Phillips I was eluding to lived close to Podell's Drugstore over by Stenton / and Haines...You lived by me,(Price & Anderson)- Did you know the Gallagher family?There was Ricky, Kenny, Regina and ?? also the Toomies? and the Sivels? They lived on my street.I belonged to the Immaculate Conception Church....did you? My address was 5811 Anderson St.
L.Fontana [08-12-2010]

To the 'longwinded' bloggers here, Anon Fem [08-12-2010]

Annamarie, The Hoffnagle address is one of the first calls we made. The people living there were Hispanic & never heard of Arthur Brett. They could not pronounce the name properly. Can't explain the listing, but gave some thought about making a drive-by the address. Decided against it.Marked this as a bad lead.
G-Towner- High& Magnolia [08-12-2010]

Gman, Bored, Anon or whatever pseudonym name you go under. First i would like to thank you for reading my blog & responding although in your usual negative manner, it shows me that you can read but i suggest in future blogs you consider "Spell check"............The caption of this website say's: Germantown, your thoughts. Now that is open to interpretation but i see it as, Germantown, the venue / forum & your thoughts as thoughts of yesteryear, today's experiences based on childhood exposures & Whatever. This is a chat site for people who want a connection to the past good or bad. Why do you take such exception to my posts & where did you come up with that "McKernan Evil Empire thing "? That sir is a bit of a stretch don't you think? Protecting yourself in the hood? That's another example of some well defined cerebral thinking on your part i presume. I grew up in a neighborhood like many others on this site with all kinds of characters. We dealt with it & moved on. We sign our names on documents, checks, love cards, Baptismal & divorce records. We do not sign Anon or Green Lantern, Bored, etc. Get the picture??....How about coming out & attending the luncheon on 9/12, stand up say your name & be recognized for who you really are. This is an invitation & not a challenge. In the meantime, do not insult me or my family, have your say, there are people on this site i think that actually like hearing some of our blogs & if not, then it will be over for me & when i choose to end it & not some arbritary date set by yourself.
Bernard f mc kernan, 69yrs. Balto / Annapolis, Md. retired mfr's rep. [08-12-2010]

For those wanting to send Tastykakes, scrapple, soft pretzels, cheesesteaks, etc., to those living far away from this good stuff, there is a company called Taste of Philadelphia (or Philly) that prepares custom packages of our classic Philly treats and sends them out for you. I've never tried them (we all stayed close to home), but I think they are still in business. Others on this site may have used their service and can give an opinion.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-12-2010]

Gtn High & Magnolia - What was Sonny's middle name? Was his wife's name Patricia? The more info you can give me, the easier it'll be.
ANNAMARIE [08-12-2010]

John Fleming: Your take on Mike Schmidt and his attitude toward the fans is interesting (which came first), but what does that have to do with disappointing two 8-year-old kids? As for Ashburn, he was a class act altho he always called it as he saw it.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-12-2010]

Gman does speak the truth....the McKernan threat of a lawsuit to several here threw many into anonymous posting.... I was included in that threat but refuse to go incognito … Paul Borian, actually, I do understand. I was a huge Bobby Orr fan when he played, and still am, and was thrilled to see him at the Winter Classic. But, I kept my loyalties in check for the Flyers’ run to the 1974 Stanley Cup. We agree on the Yankees ­ I hate them and hate what Steinbrenner and that team has done to baseball…. When Steinbrenner passed on, far too much coverage was given to him by ESPN and the other sports media….
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-12-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey....I fell in love with Ted Williams and the Red Soxs in 1947.I don't know why since I have no connections whatsoever with Boston.Other than my beloved Soxs,I hate all Boston teams,ESPECIALLY the Celtics.How I suffered in the 50's and 60's when Russell and his Celtics consistently beat Wilt and the Warriors/76ers.Regarding the Evil Empire(Yankees),NO WAY would I ever follow them because of their dominance of my Soxs and everyone else in baseball.The best team that money can buy.DAMN YANKEES!By the way,after the Splendid Splinter retired in 1960,I started to follow the Phillies just in time to experience the infamous collapse in 1964.Sometimes baseball is not good for your health....Paul Borian......P.S....When it is Brad Lidge Time,it is also Paul Borian Time to turn off the TV(and go to bed)
Paul Borian [08-11-2010]

anon, i remember .... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-11-2010]

John Payne: Your blog "Tastykake goes Hollywood" conjured up good memories. As a lad growing up in Philly, they were a regular part of our diet & we never gained an ounce. Unlike children of today with their faces planted into video screens & a bag of greasy chips keeping them company, we kids could wear out the Energizer Bunny. My favorite snack then as now is still the Butterscotch Krimpets with the jelly second followed closely behind by the lemon meringue pie. My dear brother Kevin who shares a lot of the same foods & who resides in So. Calif. had not eaten one of these delectable little cakes in years. I decided on his birthday to send him a box of Krimpets so i picked one up here in Baltimore for around $4 & shipped it off to the tune of $10. Makes a lot of sense eh? Anyway, Kevin rationed out his krimpets very sparingly & we all had a good laugh. I said what's next? a cheesesteak with sauce / gravy? Arriving in Santa Barbara it most likely would resemble goolash beef stew costing a mortage payment in shipping charges......I still scarf down those delicious treats when i can but on a cautionary note, please don't read the fat, cholesterol / sodium contents printed on the back. This Tastykake delight is but one or two molecules away from being a plastic plate.
bernard f mc kernan, 69yrs. Balto / Annapolis Md [08-11-2010]

Lorraine Cupo Kelly. CUPO's Barber shop was located in the 4600 block of Germaantown Avenue, across the street from Logan Park.
Bud Ballard [08-11-2010]

Erda I played a lot of soccer with Bobby Carey up the Germantown Boys Club in the sixties but sorry to say I nhaven't seen or herd of him in the last forty years or so. Wow thats a name from the past. Paul Borian I moved into the same area where Ted Williams lived, even visited the Ted Williams Hitters Museum and bumped into him after voting in 1995. Wird was he was still a miserable SOB then. Tou can still visit him in Arizona in some cryogenetics lab, his head is being preserved. You should have been here for that fight between his son and daughter. Richard Pio
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [08-11-2010]

What snow Plows we would go around collecting everybody's coal ashes and throw them on top of the snow so that cars could go up in debt up the hill. Coal was $15 a ton. They would load it right into your coal chute. And you feed the furnace.
Ray Dawes, 67 living in oreland Pa [08-11-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey: Little surprised to hear you are a Howard Stern fan. I think the interview with Tommy Lasorda was funnier.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-11-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: Mike Schmidt vs. The Fans? Who started it? I think it was a case of spontaneous combustion, when the "passion" of the Phillies fans mixed with the seemingly lackadaisical attitude of Schmidt, mix these ingredients together and add the fact that he was the first Phillie, to get a million dollar contract, it turned into a love/hate situation on both sides. Phillies fans have a long tradition of booing some of their greatest players, such as Del Ennis in the 50's, a hometown boy, who went to Olney high school, and before Schmidt came along had many of the Phillies slugging records. I think it comes down to personalities of the individual. Sometime in the 70's I went on a "celebrity" trip to England, with Richie Ashburn as the host. Richie was always friendly and ready to chat with anyone about baseball, including when we were socked in Heathrow Airport for 12 hours! Ironically I asked him "whats the story on Schmidt?' As only Asburn could say, he replied, "He needs a psychiatrist, to calm him down, and not take the fans too serious"
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-11-2010]

to anon jack dugan and his wife ray were great people,if you lived on claiper st.you knew them.
Joe DiPasquale [08-11-2010]

Bernard, You tell others that Plato lived in you families hearts, thats wonderful, but do we need to keep on hearing about it. You know there are a lot of us that went to night school, like you, married with little kids at home and scraped by in the 60s. I myself went to those same Gtown libraries you went to and so did others on this site. My champions were London, Kipling, Wyss, Doyle, Verne, Dumas and Hemmingway just to name a few. Ill tell you about it now and that will end it. Many of us have seen the other side not only you. Please dont keep on reminding us about how great you guys are. Its getting old and ugly. Let me make it clear, I didnt draft this to generate a response.
Gman [08-11-2010]

Gtn-High & Magnolia - We found 1 address on 707 Hoffnagle St. 215-728-1024. Hope it helps.
ANNAMARIE [08-11-2010]

Bernie McKernan: I want to commend you on honoring that venerable Germantown Institution-"The Vernon Park Library "where my mother,Marguerite, worked for many years. You and your brothers, Mary Alice, and Tony Bateman[RIP] were not intimidated by Plato and Aristotle. I think it is great that you, Kevin, and Professor Jim want to maintain a high-level of thoughts and ideas on this site. I was totally impressed that the old jock,from The Hollow[Paul Borian] was quoting Aristotle and in another blog was talking about Ted Williams. Obviously, he learned the importance of higher education in that there is other important things in life besides hitting a curve-ball. The Bor could hit a curve and it would have been an interesting contest between your Brother Jim with the nasty curve and the left-hand hitting Paul Borian, a very good hitter. I hope to see you at The Luncheon in Hatboro in September. I hope Joe Leone, a real Brickyarder, shows up since he probaly has doubts whether the bored brickyarder is really from that great neighborhood or even from Germantown. One can only speculate about the bored brickyarder since she or he has an agenda. This site is about thoughts and ideas and not about nuanced remarks about people drinking Irish Whiskey and popping pills which I find anathema to a healthy and positive life. Brother Bernie! Keep posting and we will be toasting- liquor is quicker but we are now slicker.
JBS [08-11-2010]

To Ray Dawes,I still call it a Ice box and I have tried to change with no luck.
Doc, Doc from Portico St [08-11-2010]

One of the funniest people I ever knew in GTN.-was Frank Goffredo-he owned the shoe repair shop on GTN.AV near Clapier St.next to Cauterucci's drug store--he was very knowledgable as well as a comedian.How many people out there remember him??
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-11-2010]

To Bored and Anon, no one wants to post their names anymore since we were all threatened by the evil empire of the Mckernans and their followers. We learned how to protect ourselves in the hood.
Gman [08-11-2010]

Ed from Chester, I don’t recall the snowcone guy or the chlorox bleach guy. The chlorox bleach guy? It’s amazing when you think of the hucksters who made a living by peddling their wares or services door to door. Needless to say, you don’t see that anymore. I recall the poultry guy and the fruit guy that used to drive up the back alley and the moms would all descend upon them. I recall the Fuller brush guy, or at least think he was Fuller, who came door to door to sell his brushes. I recall the tool sharpening guy who would come around to sharpen your tools. Now that is a guy I wish would still come around! Of course, there was the milk man and I do remember the Charles Chips and the tins. There was the encyclopedia guy, but I tend to think he was more of an annoyance than a welcomed sight. And, who can forget Pretzel Pete? He didn’t peddle his pretzels in my area of Germantown. I knew him from when he moved over to the streets of Roxborough. “Hotta pretzels, coldda mustard”….. It would be hard to make a living as a huckster today. I only saw a coal delivery once. I guess most of the homes converted to gas or oil by the 1960s. I can still remember it, a house in the 1200 block of Price Street. I can still see the coal coming down the chute into the little window under the porch.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-11-2010]

Linda Fontana: You asked about the Phillips family. As a kid in the mid-40s I lived on Rittenhouse Street, a few blocks up from Chelton and Immaculate Conception. Our next door neighbors were the Phillips family. I remember Mrs. Phillips made her own spagetti from scratch and her sauce was the best I ever tasted in my life. The aromas coming from her house were special. I remember one of the kids was named Lester and he fell off the back porch and scared us off but after a little glass of wine was o.k. I don't know if this is the same Phillips family that you are talking about. They were wonderful neighbors. Jim Lyons
Jim Lyons [08-11-2010]

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