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August 1-10, 2010

To John Fleming: Your take on Mike Schmidt's not being "fan friendly" as perhaps his way of getting back at the fans for getting on him brings to mind the old adage, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Maybe the fans got on him BECAUSE of his attitude toward the fans. Ya think?
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-10-2010]

Just had lunch with a dear friend with Philadelphia roots...her mom is an 86 year old Italian lady from Philadelphia. When I asked her if she called it tomato sauce or gravy, she looked at me as if I were nuts and said, "Gravy's brown....." then she proceeded to mention the term used on all the cans as being 'sauce'. End of conversation:) (Of course, we could argue that chicken gravy is yellowish, but I didn't care to go there!)
Patricia Carr [08-10-2010]

Does anyone know what happened to the Carey Boys.. Bobby and John.. They lived on Potterton Hights at P & M and then the family moved to Morris Street Up near Fern Hill Park.. I was espically close to Bobby in Yearley.. Would love to hear from him have friend that would love to hear from John..
Erda [08-10-2010]

Maybe some of you guys remember: Big fans blowing thru the house because air conditioning wasn't invented yet. Huddling next the radio at night, after your homework was done to listen to the FAT MAN, GREEN HORNET, THE LONE RANGER, etc.,etc.,because TV'S weren't invented yet!When we were young. Then going to a neighbors house on thursday night to watch the Lone Ranger for half an hour, only if your homework was done. There were some wealthy people in the old germantown, in every neighborhood.Any one else remember carrying out the ashes every week to be picked up, from the coal furnaces in the basement. These are the things I remember from the old days. Cutting the neighbors grass every saturday with a push mower, trimming the edges on two knees with a hand trimmer.Sweeping the sidewalks and alleyways every day whether there was anything to sweep or not.All for $.50 cents. Shoveling the snow with a bunch of friends for whatever the people wanted to give you when you knocked on the door when done.Playing half ball and hose ball in the streets, dodging parked and moving cars. REMEMBER! Rolling up newspaper and tape to play football.Climbing the Cricket club walls to play baseball and football.Until the ground crew saw you and chased you.Walking to school at St. Francis and home and back for lunch. Being a safety on the corners to help the little kids get home safely, in all kinds of weather.And the winters seemed colder as I remember. Once in a while a good fist fight after school.Going to the movies on Saturday afternoon next to Happy Hollow, for ten cents or the new lyric or the orpheum.Hanging out at the ACME at Chelten and Wayne,asking anybody to carry there bags home for them. A newspaper route and having to carry the bag that weighed a ton, and hoping to get a nickel or dime tip when you collected for the week.Times were ALWAYS tough . Try telling these stories to your kids and grandkids .Anybody remember???The GOOD DAYS. Let's share stories rather than barbs, of the good old days?!
anonymous [08-10-2010]

Any info on a get together this year, date,location,time would be appreciated.
Ed McCaulley [08-10-2010]

Robin Roberts did the same to many kids including me. Despite that I still have the 1950 Whizkids year book and all the 8x10s glossy of them. I also have the newspaper ads flounty thier favorite cigaretts. How about ice box versus refridgerator.
Ray Dawes, 67 living in Oreland Pa. [08-10-2010]

To Anon:There are large tables at the LaFontana Luncheon..with affordable seating for the masses.. if there are many more coming this time, perhaps two 'large' tables would be in order.As for the bill/ the waitress put it all on one bill/however, that can be changed to suit the need. You may feel free to email either Rosemarie Malageri or myself here on this site to confirm a place for 'you'. But, why didn't you sign your name?Respectfully, Linda "F">
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-10-2010]

Tastycake goes Hollywood. I thought I would share a tale with this gang from Germantown (East and West). In the 60's I married and moved to Los Angeles to attend school. (Essentially free in California in the 60's. $50/course as I recall. Anyway, no tastycake; no soft pretzels; no hoagies; ask for "sauce" on a steak sandwich and they hand you a bottle of A-1. It was miserable. Now, many of you know or heard of my brother Frank, (Cisco to you old heads). Well, he also moved out to la la land. Actually, he was the one who convinced me to do the same. One day Frank told me he found a place selling Tastycakes. (I'm not sure, but he may even have wispered it out the side of his mouth so no one would hear. LOL. Actually, he did tell me they were not in plain sight. You had to ask for them). The place was a corner "Hoagie" stand. A place similar to Joe Raffeal's steak shop, but about a third of the size if you can believe that. It was called "Horrible Harry's Hoagies". "Ya gotta" love that name. One day I stopped by HHH ordered a Hoagie, and asked if he had any Tastycakes. The guy gave me a knowing smile, and reached under the counter, and produced a box of the three cupcakes. Now, remember, Tastycakes were 13 cents per pack at that time, but Harry wanted 50 cents a pack. Big money at the time, but I went for it anyway. I believe he limited me to one pack. We talked a little Philly, and I left there a happy man. Footnote: Harry was from Chester, PA.
John Payne [08-10-2010]

Gtner-High & Magnolia - Thanks for the info. We are still looking. Did you get the address from our source in Mass? I wonder if she sent it back. As I said before, Sonny and Pat were at the restaurant on 2nd & Olney the last time I saw him. Maybe we should start looking for Pat?
ANNAMARIE [08-10-2010]

I remember the snowcone cart. A block of covered ice, a scraper and different flavors in bottles. I believe the Russos operated a Snowcone cart in our neighborhood. Simple is right. Also, I remember the clorex bleach guy who delivered bleach in the big bottles. How about Charlie Chips? I even remember some houses had coal delivery right into their basements.
Ed, Chester, VA [08-10-2010]

Does anyone remember the "Phillips: family from over by Vic Arnone's meats? They lived right off of Stenton..It was my Uncle Sam,his wife, Bambina, and their chidren, Ronnie, Louie, Joe, Mary, Lester, and Regina?The real Italian last name was DiFilipo,but, when they came here from Italy/and Unc.Sam started his construction business....they took the American version of this...hence, "Phillips:.Just wondering if any of you went to school with any of them? thanks,Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-10-2010]

Does anyone remember my cousins..with the last name of "Casella"...they lived closer to Podell's Drugstore than I did. It was my Aunt Molly, Uncle John/ & three chidren, Rosie, Mary and Alfonso, e.g. 'Fonsie".."Rosie" married George Giovanazzo....Mary had a son, Albert/ and Fonsie died at age '36'.ring any bells? I thought a lot of you may remember 'Mary", she was very outgoing.
L.Fontana [08-10-2010]

Paul Borian ­ I almost fell out of my chair reading that you, someone who loudly laments the good ole days of growing up in the Hollow and Philly, is a Red Sox fans. How the heck did that happen? Where was your civic pride when you were gallivanting the grounds of the Hollow back in the day? Well, at least you didn’t call yourself a beloved Yankees (er, uh Skankees) fan. I’m not surprised to hear the way Ted Williams treated you. He may have been the greatest hitter of alltime, but all I ever heard of him is that he was obnoxious, arrogant, loud, etc. BTW, one of the funniest Stuttering John interviews (Howard Stern Show) was with Ted Williams. Needless to say, Ted didn’t appreciate the humor…. You’ ll find it on YouTube….
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-10-2010]

Bored Brickyarder, don't leave the site, sure a lot of us can't relate to a lot of the blogs but just click your mouse and move on. I can't relate to about 75% of the blogs but every now and then some one from a different neighborhood will jog my memory and bring back a happy memory. I'm also a guy from Brickyard and if you would post your name maybe we could relate to some experiences we had in the good old days. Joe Leone
anonymous [08-10-2010]

Monk 9 ball @ Mosconi's sounds like a great idea,we need john Payne,Frank Klock,Joe Razz,Kehan,Dick Masterson--- wouldn't that be something! Pick us up with the green 1953 Mercury. Glad to see your well.
Joe DiPasquale [08-10-2010]

Dot, I don't remember my paternal grandfather, Pete Cupo; so I don't recall the barber shop's location. However, my uncle, Al Cupo, owned and operated a barber shop on Germantown Ave. I remember our family taking the Rt 23 (??) trolley to his home on Sunday. He & my aunt Jennie, his wife, lived in the back of the building. He had his barber chairs & supplies in the front (similar to a front porch enclosure). He would cut my dad's hair & afterward, we would all gather for Sunday dinner. Thanks for the memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [08-10-2010]

i miss the good old germantown days, this was the best time in my life. i'll never forget. the great horn & hardart, woolworth's, orpheum theatre, dalessandro's in roxborough.
barbara jakeman, Live in Rehoboth De. [08-09-2010]

who remembers leaning on the fence at the Hollow & betting whether the 53 went all the way or 1/2 way? Almost always involved The Goo!
anon. [08-09-2010]

Butch Klock is NOT Frank. He is married to Ceila Beerley.
Sue Henigan [08-09-2010]

Anyone remember going to a friends house and their living room furniture was covered with clear plastic.
G-man, No Plastic [08-09-2010]

Newly-installed Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia, John J. McIntyre, is a product of Germantown & St. Michael of the Saints Parish (the Italian-connection being his mother, a Ferrero). Born in 1963, his family moved out of Germantown in the mid-1970s.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-09-2010]

The webmaster should be applauded, this a fantastic tool to the past for all who find this blog, thank you.
anon. [08-09-2010]

A little info on the LaFontana luncheon please? I know they have separate tables in that restaurant, so are you able to mingle or do you have to stay at your table? Is there a section reserved for the G-town group independent of the other diners? Is there a specific cost or does everyone split the bill equally, regardless of who does or does not drink and people ordering pizza while others are ordering a full meal? Is there a specific person to email in order to add your name to the list and is there a cut off date? Maybe more people will come if they know the specifics. Thank you for any information.
Anon [08-09-2010]

How is Ralph? Hope all is well with him. A helluva QB. Monk
Bonnie (Joe) Gatto [08-09-2010]

Does anyone from Clapier St btwn Pulaski Ave & Wayne Ave remember Jack Duggan concreting the front grass & painting it green big Notre Dame fan.
anon. [08-09-2010]

OK, here goes the snowball/cone story: My dad, Bill Cupo, Sr. & his twin brother, Dominic, were repairing their front steps at 1333 & 1335 E. Haines St. The steps, which were cement had cracked & my dad & my uncle were attempting to replace them with new ones. While they were working on the repair, Tony, aka, Gabriel, (the snowball/cone man) saw they were having difficulty. He told them that he could repair the steps; but he didn't want to leave his cart unattended. So, in turn, he gave the snowball/cone maker (ice scraper) to them & told them they were in charge while he repaired the steps. I don't recall who made the snowcones; whether it was my dad or my uncle, Dom; but I do know that the kids on the block that day probably had one of the biggest & juiciest snowballs/cones EVER! I have that ice scraper hanging on my kitchen wall. Each time I look at it, it brings back fond memories of those lazy, hazy days of summer and a good & uncomplicated childhood. Thanks for the memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [08-09-2010]

Mike Bucannan: I commend you on your support of literacy on this site. Obviously. Kevin McKernan[Mr CC], Cowtown and Califronia, applauds your intellectual support against the anti-intellectuals that permeate this country and pop their ugly heads on this site- the bored one comes to mind. I do not pretend to be an intellectual- I am too old and lazy since it takes a monumental effort. However, I do not have a problem with your new friend[Kevin McKernan] who posits ideas and comments about Aristotle. I do n't know if you remember the old poker-playing jock from The Hollow by the name of Paul Borian but he now quotes Aristotle- Goo, his mentor, must be smiling from heaven. Most people on this site are intelligent and literate- they should not accept the mantle of populism. This site is not monolithic and all ideas should be voiced on this site- literate, populistic, and intellectual and cultural. Mike! Keep posting with your erudite and humanistic commentary. Incidentally, what is your favorite gravy and your choice is better than the navy[gravy].
JBS [08-09-2010]

Ok, to get away from the sauce vs. gravy for awhile....let's jog our memories about places we may or may not have frequented back in the day.Does anyone from the East Side of "G"town remember Sam Orr's meat mkt., just off of Price and Anderson Sts? 'Sam Orr' would keep a book of what people owed him...because, believe it or not, back then you could take home meats for a week, on his TRUST system....and pay him when you had the money....that could NEVER work> today, sad to say....times have really changed..(also) Podell's drug store, Trio Cold Cuts/ and finally Heller's Little Store that had everything. They were located closer to Haines St. I believe....anyway, does this ring some bells for anyone?I think this may open "Pandora's Box".....good luck.LAF
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-09-2010]

Dan Hartnett: My Grandfather and Uncle John Casella both played the mandolin..we all heard some great music from that instrument,too....thanks for taking me down memory lane. Linda
L.Fontana [08-09-2010]

Lou Giorno I don't have a sister or any relative named Pat Ballard. Sorry I can not help you.
Bud Ballard [08-09-2010]

RB old friend : Don't have any address for Don,sorry.
Ed McCaulley [08-09-2010]

Joe Gatto: The team was called the Wissahicon Hawks,so many memories.
Ed (Monk) McCaulley [08-09-2010]

What time is the 9-12 lunch?
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [08-09-2010]

hi mary alice ... just being or i should say trying to be a little funny with my last post to you about the library .. i know the library was located in the park ... i visited it often in my youth ...:>) thanks for the update on its location now ... i hope you will be coming to the g town luncheon ...i look forward to seeing you and erda . rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-09-2010]

JBS, I'm a tad late to the party bestowing long overdue acknowledgements of gratitude to your Mother. Brothers Kevin & James were way ahead of me on the academic curve drinking up all the Aristotle, Plato etc at the venerable Vernon park library & the Friends free Library. I was shown the door on many an occasion for causing disturbances in the "Shhhhhst" only reading section & well the entire library for that matter. Your Mom no doubt bounced me back in the early 1949-54. I recall one incident where i went off for the library not having a comic book section & was causing quite the ruckus. Very expediently i was in the sunlight. I will say this your Mom & the other ladies didn't hold grudges as i was always welcomed back & eventually i managed to fit this square peg of an antsy boy into the round hole it was meant for......I have been off this site for a few days giving my vessel a good workout & have missed a bit of the controversy that a few posters such as Anon & Bored in Brickyard whom i agree are one & the same. I want those chaps / individual to know that i haven't run from their insults & hid under the bed nor do i give a hairy rat's derriere what they think about the Mc Kernan's. This is an independent site & there are posts that i don't particularly care for so i pass them over. I suggest all other's do the same & we will all get along swimingly. No, Aristotle & Plato didn't live in the Mc Kernan household, it lived in the hearts of the family of our parents. By the time i came to appreciate these great Philosopher's, i was 27yrs old attending Rutgers univ in N.J. Brothers Kevin & James studied for the love of the arts & sciences. I on the other hand did it to get a grade & finish the term on a positive note. Night school on the G.I. bill is not that romantic folks in addition to providing for a family of five with four in diapers. I am not complaining a bit it's just that i suspect some sort of entitlement attitude that was pervasive in Anon & Bored's post's......Oh, & while i am at it a good friend & former classmate pointed out to me the other day that somehow they couldn't understand what irate Anon & Bored meant by "using up all the space on this website"....Eh, just how is that possible Bored? Please care to answer? Ok, I will cut it a little short today & remind all those that wil be attending the luncheon on 9/12 that the drink of the day will feature Malbec. I just saw a special @ $5.99 per online. Such a deal!....Yes, yes, you can drink it with sauce or gravy only just don't tell Joe's steaks on Wayne ave to put gravy on your cheesesteak to go. P.S. I use to live on 4600 Wayne ave from 1963-65.
bernard f mc kernan, 69yrs. Balto / Annapolis, Md. retired mfr's rep. [08-09-2010]

Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly: Did your grandfather have a barber shop at the coner of Harvey and Germantown Ave? My dad and brother got their hair cut there. I think I might have too.
Dot [08-09-2010]

Hey Ed, (Monk), glad to see you found the site. I knew you would like it. don't forget, you can visit the archives to catch up. I feel some candy apple red buick convertible stories coming up. LOL
John Payne [08-09-2010]

A Germantown Reunion or get together will be at Penn's Landing's Plaza on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010 at 1 pm for the Annual Doo-Wop Concert. "Let the Good Times Roll" with dancing, food & drinks which benefits our local Veterans.
Dave Linn, G-town [08-09-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi..Your post about Mike Schmidt not giving an autograph to your son reminds me of my very first disappointment in life.Back in the late 40's/early 50's,I cut school and went to Shibe Park to see my hero,Ted Williams,and my beloved Red Soxs play the A's in a day game.After the game,I patiently waited by the Red Sox team bus to get an autograph from the Splendid Splinter.Sure enough my idol got on the bus with his business agent and sat next to an open window.I reached up to the open window with a scorecard and pencil and asked my man for an autograph.Instead,he closed the window and ignored me.I was disappointed,but continued to idolize him until he retired after the 1960 season.God punished him( and me)by preventing the Red Soxs from going to the World Series for the rest of his Hall of Fame career....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [08-09-2010]

JBS: I think you misread Bored and Brickyarder. The blogs re: boredom with the McKernans was before the Prof posted his memories of his childhood and his mentions your mom, the Adderlys, Paul Borian, etc. He was referring to all their previous pretentious blogs. In fact, I posted shortly after Prof Jim's remembrances how much I enjoyed them and was happy to see that he was on the same page as the rest of us. Check out the order/ time frame of the blogs and you will see that I'm right. I would bet that Bored and Brickyarder enjoyed the Prof's childhood memories as much as I did.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-09-2010]

How about pavement and sidewalk?
Anonymous [08-09-2010]

I would like to take a poll - what to folks find more interesting and enjoy reading more. Is it post where some people seem to just want try to flaunt their intellegence with long winded stories that some may not relate to - e.g. JBS - who is improving - his last story was only 26 lines. Or REAL stories of growning up in Germantown like Frank Klock's recent entry re: Happy Hollow. Maybe it's just me and if so I will gracefully remove myself from any further post. Maybe I'm just too blue collar.
Bored Brickyarder [08-09-2010]

FFK: Excellent story about your friend Monk McCauley with his Olympic shot-put ball. Perhaps this is enough of an nostalgia fix to stop all that mooing coming out of Paul Borian. The man was surely in need of a "Mercy Hollow Story." Good work! Very amusing.
Kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [08-09-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: Your Mike Schmidt, is just one of many I heard, from folks that have had contact with him. Not to trash him, but it appears as though "Michael Jack" isn't that "fan friendly" Maybe it is his way of getting back at the fans, for all the years they got on him, while he was making his millions.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-09-2010]

Annamarie,My letter to Lisa Seraphin(Sonny Hat's niece) was returned. She was not at the address I had for her in Webster MA. Another bad lead. One of the bad address's we had on Sonny was in northeast Phila. but I hope Pat Sirianni has a good lead on the guy that visits a gun shop in N.E. Phila. Never knew of Sonny being interested in guns before, but that doesn't mean he could not have developed an interest in recent years. Bad news about Theresa Marchese being in the dark with the rest of us about the Hat's where-abouts. We thought for sure she would have had some idea where he has been in recent years, oh well nice try anyway. If the lead in Texas is accurate Sonny will be the only cement contractor there with a baseball cap instead of a 10 gallon cowboy hat. Last info. we had about a possible sourse for intel was a roofing contractor in Webster MA. I called the tel#, and of course no one answered & I left a message & my tel.#. We'll see where this goes,and the beat goes on.
G-TOWNER-High& Magnolia [08-09-2010]

JBS: I read where your mother's name is Bradley, read up on one of your distance clansman--Colonel Edward R. Bradley, a fascinating individual they could make movies about
Jack McHugh [08-05-2010]

Ted Silary: You have the best sense of humor, ever.....glad we're friends.Linda "F".
L.Fontana [08-05-2010]

Dan Hartnett: Bill Cupo is one of the nicest men....I have ever had the pleausre of meeting.I am so glad that you had the opportunity to dine with his family and enjoy it/ See you at the luncheon, on the 12th. Linda "F">
L.Fontana [08-05-2010]

Many thanks to the WEB MASTER for having the time and patience in putting together a great website-especially the debate about gravy VS sauce. Lou Giorno.
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-05-2010]

You're welcome. I learned something new!

To Bud Ballard--was your sister Pat Ballard? I've been searching for info about her for a long time.Lou Giorno.
lou giorno, lou from the burbs [08-05-2010]

At home we called that thing we sat on a couch, but I've since graduated to calling it a sofa. I slip occasionally though. The cellar was just that, a cellar, but I've since graduated to calling it a basement or my grandchildren wouldn'tknow what I am talking about. We used to eat supper, but now eat dinner.
anonymous [08-05-2010]

Looking for any info on a reunion this yr for Gtners.
anon: [08-05-2010]

In reading one of Dan Hartnett's entries, he mentions his attempt at mandolin playing. THAT brought back a lot of memories for me. My dad, William Cupo, Sr. was one of nine children. His father, my grandfather, Pete Cupo, was a barber by trade; he was also musically inclined. Family legend has it that he played the Sousaphone in John Philip Souza's marching band. I think he must have passed that gifted gene onto his sons. My dad couldn't formally read music; however, he could listen to a tune & proceed to play along. He loved strumming on his mandolin & humming the tune as he played. All of his brothers played some sort of musical instrument. My uncle Dom, my dad's twin, mastered the harmonica. My uncle Ted was a banjo player, as was my uncle Albert. I have that mandolin my dad used to strum on. I cherish it! It has traveled with me from Pa to FL, back to PA & now again to FL where I display it with my other treasures of my childhood past (snowball maker....another story). Regretfully, I didn't inherit any of the gifted musical genes of the Cupo family; but I have inherited my dad's appreciation for a good sounding tune. Thanks for the memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [08-05-2010]

To Ed (Monk) McCauly: good to see you here. I remember watching you and my brother, Ralph, playing semi-pro football together. I don’t remember the name of the team, but I remember the games in Roxsborough and the away games.
Bonnie (Joe) Gatto [08-05-2010]

Frank Klock - did you also go by Butchy when you were younger and graduate St. Francis in "63 ?
Anon [08-05-2010]

Is there going to be a 2010 Gtn. reunion,& if so where,date,time,etc.??
Ed McCaulley [08-05-2010]

To Monk:are the one that jumped on stage at the New Lyric theater & fought Godzilla with a broom???
anon: [08-05-2010]

Ed McCaulley [08-04-2010] Do you have an email address for Don McCaulley
RB, old friend [08-05-2010]

When are photos from the reunions at Buck Hotel and LaFantana going to be posted?
gtn girl, gtn [08-05-2010]

Those of you pining for Connie Mack Stadium obviously never had to sit behind a post like I did. Oh, well, it still was a great experience.
Rosemarie R. [08-05-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: I wish that you were correct that no Irish-bashing takes place on this site but there is big-time bashing. In my blog, I said that my Irish-Catholic mother was acknowledged by The Irish McKernan Brothers and how could the bored one find her boring since she was mentioned in Jim McKernan's blog. In Professor McKernan's blog, he wrote positive comments about my mother,Paul Borian,Herb Adderly, and his brothers who were paratroopers- the bored one found this blog and Professor McKernan boring. My mother is not boring, literally she has hundreds of friends and was involved with many organizations including Director of Glyndedd Estates Garden Club. Paul Borian has an unique personality but nobody could say that he was boring. This was mean- spirited that the bored one would put down these good people especially my 96 year old mother. The bored one knocked The McKernan Brothers, Dan Hartnett,me-we are all Irish-Americans. The bored one and anonymous[same person] tells me to drink some Tullamore Irish Whiskey. Can one make the conclusion that he is stereoyping people of Irish backrounds? I have not not drunk whiskey since I was 40 and on March 17, my favorite Irish Whiskey was Jameson. I never drank Bushmill's which was produced in Northern Ireland. He proceeds to tell me to pop a chill-pill. This is anathema to me and I did have a Top-Secret Security Clearance. The bored one's comments are preposterous. He mentioned that Plato never lived in Germantown. However, boring men have platonic relationships since exciting women like exciting men. Interesting women want men who take them to nice restaurants,buy fine wine and engage them in engaging conversation-nothing boring. Tom Cusack,who lived near The Hollow, always thought that Plato was dead and he admired Wilt Chamberlain from Overbrook. Rosemarie! Keep posting and I gave you a little food for thought that you can digest. Serioulsy, it is time that the bored one identifies himself- I am not sure that he is a real Brickyarder.
JBS [08-05-2010]

Lou Giorno: I hope this isn't a repeat. I was in the midst of sending this when my computer decided to do some upgrades before I had a chance to hit "Send" and my blog disappeared. Anyway, you asked if today's ballplayers would have sent you an autograph. Two stories: Back in the day, my son played youth hockey here in So. Jersey. At an away game in PA, he played against Ed Van Impe's son (Flyers). I asked Van Impe for his autograph for my older son. He graciously gave it to me and asked for my address so he could send an autographed picture. This was on a Saturday. On Monday morning, I got a call from Van Impe apologizing for being late in sending the picture and he said he would be sending it out that day (which he did.) Story #2: Same time frame: Our neighbors (and good friends) were close friends of Mike Schmidt's rep and, in fact, had vacationed with them and the Schmidts in Europe. One day my friend told me that they were coming for dinner, but not to say anything so they would not be bothered. She neglected to tell her own sons, who told my son who was about 8 at the time. My son and his buddy and my neighbors' twin sons waited that night on the sidewalk outside my friends' house (across the street) and when Mike Schmidt arrived, they asked for his autograph (a total of 2 - count 'em - 2 autographs). Schmidt said he couldn't because he was in a hurry and walked the 10 feet up the walkway into our friends' house. What a jerk!
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-05-2010]

Frank Klock(FFK)...Great story about the one and only Monk.Back in our Hollow days,Ed was the smaller version of the King(Goo).Monk was adventuresome,athletic,talkative,humerous,zanny,and an overall good guy.He was the "Little Goo" of the Hollow. Some of us are in disagreement as to how the nickname Monk came about.One version has it that he climbed to the roof of Moody's house making Tarzan like yells.Hence,Monk as in monkey.Another similiar version has Monk up on the Hollow hill pounding his chest,making Tarzan like screams.A third version has him named after Thelonius Monk,the jazzman.Hey Ed,let's hear it from you. For you non Happy Hollowers,just about everyone had a nickname,the origen of some continue to remain a mystery...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [08-05-2010]

Rosemarie, The library use to be just inside Vernon Park off Germantown Ave. That building is now Center in the Park, a Senior Citizens Program. But the library didn't move far. It is now at the corner of Green St and Chelten Ave. So all those famous people can still take walks in the park if they dare.
Maryalice [08-05-2010]

Paul Borian: Sal's would never call the sauce they put on the cheesesteak "gravy", because it wasn't. It was not made with meat - it was just sauce like you'd put on a pizza.
Rosemarie R. [08-05-2010]

Jerry Lewis also always wore a new tux or suit. I think I remember him saying it was because he is allergic to dry cleaning solvents.
anonymous [08-05-2010]

Ha! Just as my husband calls sauce, gravy, and I call gravy, sauce...he puts the TP under and I put it over! And we've been doing this for 45 yrs!
Sheila [08-04-2010]

The new home of North Catholic Alumni Association 2600 Rhawn street. (southeast corner of Rhawn and Fairfield streets0. Telephone # 215-543-1051. The office is open from 7pm to 11pm.
Bud Ballard [08-04-2010]

Hey, in honor of the sauce/gravy argument, let's have a few more. Couch or sofa? Basement or cellar? Supper or dinner? Does ethnicity figure into THOSE preferences at all? Sorry, can't provide any insight into Latvians' prevailing thoughts on the matter. Not enough of us around (ha ha) . . . Meanwhile, GREAT baseball posts, Bill Cupo. If I could go back and do one sports related thing: Watch one more game at Connie Mack Stadium, complete with a Richie Allen over the roof. At night, of course. More dramatic.
Ted Silary [08-04-2010]

RB-Gtowner:Don has retired & living in Bucks Co.
Ed McCaulley [08-04-2010]

To Charlie Peterson: Wish I could help you with a value for your signed baseballs. I got my evaluation from the expert at the Antiques Roadshow. Maybe a collectibles shop could help you. They do sound fascinating and perhaps he will be able to decipher the names you can't read. Worth a shot.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-04-2010]

I mentioned in my recent blog that I never saw a meatball in Italy. My hubby, Larry, reminded me that we never had pasta as a main course; it always preceded the main course; hence, no meatballs.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-04-2010]

ED(MONK)MC CAULEY: I clearly remember one hot summer afternoon in the late 1950's at Happy Hollow. John Payne and I and some friends were playing BBall on the outside court. Out of nowhere you came zooming right through our 1/2 court game and out to the middle of Centerfield. You shouted to us," Come here!Come here!" We all ran out to you and then you took off your t-shirt,took a large, gray metal ball out of a bag and said,"See this.This is an Official Olympic Shot-Put---8 pounds of solid lead! 8 pounds! I'm gonna lie down on my back---and for 50 Cents---just 50 Cents!---you can DROP IT ON MY STOMACH! An 8 pound Shot-Put RIGHT ON MY FRICKIN' GUTS! Who wants to go first?" "Me!" I screamed. You said, "Where's the 50 Cents?" I reached in my pocket,pulled out a buck and said,"I'll go twice." You took my money, put it in your pants pocket, handed me the Shot-Put and laid down on the grassy field. By this time, a crowd of ten or more had gathered round to watch. I came right up close to you, holding the Shot-Put in both hands,arms straight out and asked you,"Ready?" You said,"Go ahead." Right before I dropped it, I could see your abs flex and then---a soft,heavy THUD--as we all gasped. "Pick it up," you said,"you got another turn.Aim for the belly-button this time." So I did. You then put your arms behind your head and said,"Who's next?!" I think you made over 10 Dollars that afternoon at The Hollow. EDWARD, GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOURS. Frank Klock. running right through our game shouting,"
Frank Klock(FFK) [08-04-2010]

I was a big fan of the Phila-Athletics-those were the days when you were fan of the A's or the Phils when both were in city-many arguments ensued as to what team was better.In 1947 I wrote a letter to Sam Chapman and told him he was my favorite player-I told him I could never get close to him to get his autograph-I asked him if he would send me his autograph.About a month went by and my Mother called me in the house and said "Louis, you have a letter from the Phila.A's" I ripped it open and sure enough there was a note from Sam Chapman--it said "Dear Louis, best of wishes sincerely, Sam Chapman.I wonder how many ballplayers of today would take the time to do something like that? For those of you who were fans of the Phils or the A's there is store in Hatboro Pa that is a mini hall of fame with many memorablia of the A's& Phils.Lou Giorno.
lou giorno, Lou from N.Wales [08-04-2010]

mary alice, well said ... i thought i saw them in the vacinity of vernon park ... isnt that near the library? :>) rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-04-2010]

dan hartnett we wouldnt think of doing any such thing ...or ... would weeee ???? :>) theres something to say about 40 lashs' with wet pasta .... ha! we are just glad to read that you will be joining us ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-04-2010]

To all you connoisseurs of sauce and gravy....ABADANZA(Armenian spelling).By the way,can you imagine going to Sal's in the 50's and ordering a cheese steak with GRAVY and onions.Sal would have run you out of his store,and Goo would have barred you from his playground.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [08-04-2010]

[But, O how I would love to go back in time, with the appreciation that I now have and didn’t have back then, to experience Connie Mack Stadium just one more time…] Citizens Bank Park is a pretty close second to the Connie Mack Stadium experience. Of course CBP with its overload of technology and food court in left field, doesn't have the same raw charm of CMS, but its still a top venue for baseball. I like the touch of having a replica of the Longines clock in center field. It doesn't have the Longines name on it, probably due to some legal reason, but for many of us old timers, it brings back memories of spending time at CMS and watching the likes of Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Roberto Clemete, etc.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-04-2010]

Re: Jerry Lewis and his socks. I think it also applied to his shoes. I remember one time, he was on a talk show, and someone asked him how come his shoes were so clean on the bottom. He was getting ready to answer, but there was a commercial break, and he never got a chance to answer. He was always a clothes horse, and always impeccably dressed, even in his movies. In the movie "Sailor Beware", he was in the Navy, and unlike others,who played sailors,such as Frank Sinatra, Jerry wore his Navy uniform as sharp as anyone, and would have passed any rigid, uniform inspection.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-04-2010]

It's gravy and I don't care where you come from
Frank [08-04-2010]

Homer, Aristotle and Plato lived in the same house with the McKernans. Just ask them.
anonymous [08-03-2010]

Bruce Marshall: Yahoo, and thanks for the 'clarity'...e.g. your opinion re:sauce vs. gravy.. because this got way out of hand, ha...Respectfully, Linda F
Linda F [08-03-2010]

Honestly, I never fully appreciated Connie Mack Stadium for the gem that it was when I was a kid going there in the 1960s. Probably a lot of that had to do with the neighborhood. I remember the times going there with my Dad, he would always pay a neighborhood kid to “watch” his car. Someone here mentioned going through the tunnel there and come out to the greenness of the field. I know exactly what you mean ­ the greenest of green and that is also one of my memories of Connie Mack Stadium. I remember the excitement of the “new” stadium, the concrete donut that was to be the Vet. I was there for dedication and was so excited and proud of our new stadium…. While I have many great memories of the Vet, I came to loathe that place. It’s no wonder, to me anyway, that it was razed just some 30 years after it was opened. While it was sad to see the Vet imploded, what awaited soon made you forget all about it. The Linc and Citizens Bank Park are outstanding facilities, a sign that once in awhile Philly can do things right. But, O how I would love to go back in time, with the appreciation that I now have and didn’t have back then, to experience Connie Mack Stadium just one more time…..
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-03-2010]

I think I can solve the case of gravy vs. sauce: In my several travels to Italy, I never saw a meatball. I do know that there are many regional differences in Italian cooking, stemming back to when these regions were independent city states, so there are many ways to make gravy/sauce. (I once knew someone whose family used carrots in it to sweeten it! And we always use basil, never oregano. Oregano is for pizza sauce.) So it's entirely possible that some regions didn't use meat and called it sauce, while some regions called it gravy. Our families from Abbuzzo, Sicily and Naples called it gravy. I agree with Sonny - no matter what it's called, it's delicious. 'Nuff said.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-03-2010]

Lou Giorno: Funny blog about the correct way to put the toilet paper. I am on the side of "over". I read somewhere that Jerry Lewis was so anal about it that anywhere he went, he would change the toilet paper to "over". He was also obsessive about his socks - never wore a pair more than once!
Rosemarie R. [08-03-2010]

Bill Cupo ­ what a post and what an experience! Having the opportunity to broadcast a Phillies game with Rich Ashburn and Harry Kallas, one of the greatest sports broadcasting teams ever, is an event and thrill of a lifetime,. I went out to facebook to see your photos of the experience. Great photos!
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & rasied in east Germantown [08-03-2010]

Any ladies out there from Girl Scout Troop 1 that met at Happy Hallow Playground in the late '50s? Helen McKay (MacKay) was our leader. My mother was the cookie mother for a couple of years. I remember that my brother and I built forts out of the cartons of cookies that were delivered just before the cookie sale started.
Joyce Radocaj Ruggero, St. Francis '62, Little Flower '66 [08-03-2010]

To One and All.....Just read the following quote from Aristotle;"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." At long last I have developed an educated mind by ignoring the negative and angry comments by some on this site.As Ralph Kramden once said,"Pins and needles,needles and pins,it is a happy man who always grins." Next time you reach for the keyboard with an angry thought,think of Aristotle or Ralph Kramden. Paul Borian
Paul Borian [08-03-2010]

Anon Fem: I didn't see any nationality slurs re: the "debate" on gravy/sauce, only comments that if you're not Italian, how do you know? That is not a slur in my book - it would be akin to my professing to be an expert on scones, Irish stew or ham and cabbage, which I definitely am not nor would I even presume to be one.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-03-2010]

hi to all it looks like a date is set for our g town luncheon at la fantans .... the date is september 12th . i hope all of you who made it last time will do so again and i hope all of you who say you will be joining us this time will be there ....we look forward to another wonderful time with all of you, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-03-2010]

Ed McCaulley: Glad to hear from you - we wondered where you were also. We now live in NJ. Paul and the gang have our e-mail address. Check it out.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-03-2010]

hi helen leone deangelo soooo happy you will be there on the 12th ... hopefully we will see new faces and see those who joined us last time as well ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-03-2010]

Ed McCaulley, I always thought Donald McCaulley your younger brother was "MONK" What ever happened to him ?
RB, G-Towner [08-03-2010]

MIKE BUCHANAN: I found your quote by that old sage and jurist, O. W. Holmes most appropriate under the circumstances. In school, I always enjoyed reading the opinions of Mr. "Clear and Present Danger." And I would submit two more: "Have the courage to act instead of react." And, "Many people die with their music still in them...Before they know it, time runs out." Nothing excites me more than someone starting a sentence with--"I would like to tell you a story..."
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [08-03-2010]

My husband is Italian and I am not. He calls it gravy and I call it sauce. It tastes the same no matter what we call it.
Sheila [08-03-2010]

Lou Giorno: I, for one, did know your father. He cut my hair many times in his shop on Chew St. and he was one of the finest persons I knew. What a delightful gentleman he was. I remember that I brought my mandolin in to his shop one day when I was learning how to play it. He did critique my playing for me and in a very nice way encouraged me to continue taking lessons. He didn't have it in him to say that I still had a lot to learn or perhaps was offending his ear drums. On another note. You definitely fold the toilet paper roll from the top so you don't have to go searching for the end somewhere underneath.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-03-2010]

To Anonymous 8/2/10 In response to your question: "Hey, anybody know what section of Germantown Homer, Aristotle and Plato are from?"....Vernon Park Library, Greek History Section. I met many wonderful historical people in that library and many fictional characters also. Loved that place.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, still in G'town [08-03-2010]

Kevin McKernan: Ya got me on the Franco-American thing. You are right, I thought I got away clean. Actually, I expected to get dumped on by Linda Fontana, Lou Giorno, RoseMarie Hite Malageri, RoseMarie Rinaldi, Helen Leone D'Angelo and any others of Italian descent who I read so often on this site. They must not have noticed or they are planning to whup me at La fontana in September? I take my 40 lashes but it is true that my first impression of pasta was Franco American in a can and it made me wonder. Like you Kevin, I made my way through Chef Boyardee on my way to my first buon pranzo Italiano from which I never looked back. I have been repenting ever since with squeals of delight while wading through mountains of pasta, smothered with sauce, gravy and ragu, not to mention garlic and oil and accompanied by oceans of red wine, with and without toenails (home made for the untutored). I am heading off for Rome for several weeks this Thursday to practice up for LaFontana. In any case, as part of my redemption, I expect to put in a good showing. My wife, whose family is from Puglia, would demand nothing less. In deference to several other contributors (friends) to this blog, I recently had the pleasure of having been served sausage and peppers and pasta fagiole by none other than Mrs. Cupo, Bill and Lorraine's mother whose culinary skills are impeccable. Yes, Bill and Lorraine were present and the visit was terrific. good conversation, excellent fare and plenty of wine! That reunion was brought about courtesy of this blog after many years. Ciao!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-03-2010]

Bill Cupo and Richard Pio...It took a long time for me to get over the Phillies collapse in 1964.However,I had a young heart that was able to bounce back.Not so today with Brad Lidge.My game plan is to turn off the TV whenever he comes in to pitch.This is good for my heart,and better control of my bad language.If only we had the services of Jim Konstany of the 1950 Phils to close out the games,or Brad Lidge of 2008. Paul Borian(with a healthy heart)
Paul Borian [08-03-2010]

To all Germantowners....I have been posting on this site for a few glorious years.As a result,I have re-connected with many of my Happy Hollow friends of the past.What a blessing!I have to admit that some of the negative comments have gotten to me in the past.Against my better judgement,I have also responded with negative comments.However,I have learned(slow learner)to ignore all the negative comments,and enjoy reading all of the wonderful memories of our beloved Germantown.Admittedly,some of the comments and thoughts are of very little interest to me;however,I understand the joy that they bring to the audience.My best advice is to ignore the negative comments because they will eventually go away.It has worked for me. Paul Borian( I miss the Hollow stories)
Paul Borian [08-03-2010]

Monk,Rufus....How could I ever forget you! No way my man for you are,and will always be,a Hollow legend.You are a charter member of the Hollow Wall of Shame.I am still lobbying for membership,but I don't think I have the qualifications.Life is full of disappointments.I see that you are living in Boyertown,which is baseball country.If I had grown up in Boyertown instead of Germantown with you and all of the Hollow characters,I would have replaced my idol Ted Williams in left field for the Red Soxs.Looking back,I had more fun with you and the Boys(and girls)of the Hollow.If I had the talent,I would write a book about Goo and his playground mates,including you.It would take at least one thousand pages.Many of your Hollow friends have been posting on this site for several years.We are so happy that you have joined us.I hope that you and your loved ones are in good health.Keep on posting Monk(also called Rufas by the Goo) Paul Borian(Bor) P.S....How could I ever forget you.
Paul Borian [08-03-2010]

Rosemarie. Re your baseball post of 8/2 reminded me of a possible treasure. I have two autographed baseballs that I received from my deceased brother-in-law. One is signed by Clay Dalrymple and another I can't make out. The other is signed by Robin Roberts,Richie Ashburn,Eddie Stangle,Stan Lopata and a few others I can't make out. One is Mike Can----- These are not brand new balls. They were played. Any ideas on value? Thanks Charlie Peterson
Charlie Peterson [08-03-2010]

Gtowner born in Italy. What is the Italian word in Italy you refer to as red sauce?
anonymous [08-03-2010]

Hey Bill Cupo, great stuff with your naming some of the less known Phillies of the past. Allow me to name a few:

Elmer Valo
Ed Bouchee
Saul Rogavin
Jack Meyer
Andy Seminick
Solly Hemus
Rip Repulski
Chico Fernadez
Bob Miller
Ron Northly
Joe Lonnett
Frank Weichec (Trainer)
Kenny Bush (Bat Boy)
Bob Bowman

*all done from memory.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-03-2010]

This Dennis McGlinchey, sort of reminds me of Frank Rizzo, folks seem to either love him or hate him, and though it all, he remains firm with his convictions. I will now wait for his opinion on the great TP debate. For the record, we are an over family.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [08-03-2010]

To Dennis McG--I don't think you deserve a reply from me-but here goes-you must be the type of person that has a problem with the truth,some people are like that in this world-they can never be convinced. As far as your postings on this site, I'll have to look at the signer before reading-to ignore your thoughts-Thanks for the advice. LOU (GIORNO) correct spelling for my sur name.
lou giorno, lou from N.wales [08-03-2010]

Jane Holt have you found out anything more about your brother John.
Raymond Dawes, 67 living in Orland PA [08-03-2010]

Wister play gounder. Yes I do remember Bob lightcap. He married his childhood sweetheart Ethel. They had twins boys lived in the Tacony area of Philadelphia. Last time I saw Bob was in the late 80s or early 90s. I believe his sister has posted on this site. There were a lot of us kids who played football what is your name. Roy lives in the Trevos area. Roy reads a lot on this site but does not write. We have tried to contact some of the old boys from the neighborhood but received few replies. So again it would be interresting to know your name
Raymond Dawes, 67 living in Oreland Pa. [08-03-2010]

Anonymous: You and the Bored-one are the same person. I would like to make an observation but I am not being cynical. Obviously, we live in a multi-cultural country with many different races and ethnic backgrounds. Yesterday, I had Won-ton soup at P.F. Chang's-it was not good. I am not Chinese nor a connoisseur of soup. Do you get my point? By your rationale,if you spent some time in China, only you should be listened to. I spent time in Argentina and Texas- that does n't make me an expert on steak and you might have the palate for making good choices. You might even frequent Ruth Chris's or Morton.'s Many of my Italian friends love the opera but I know an Irish guy by the name of Jack Sullivan who is an Opera Critic. I like watermelon, Borscht and Perogis-all associated with various ethnic groups but I can give my opinion about them. Bored One! I have not the slightest idea who you are but I would like to know your identity and how you developed your critical thinking. This site should be positive and about open-minded discussions. Bored One! I hope that your posts will be positive, longer and very interesting in the future. If you are truly from our beloved Germantown- you will have so much to say.
JBS [08-03-2010]

Bernie McKernan: So good to hear that you can make the luncheon on 09/12/2010.We look forward to having as many wonderful "G"towner's as possible come this time...
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-02-2010]

HA Ha ha, this site is definitely good for a belly laugh, every once in awhile. The Gravy vs. Sauce comments from so many of you ...has now become hysterically funny....None of us have anything better to do these hot summer days, than to banter about what is poured over pasta? How did one little comment get 'so out of hand'...well, at least no one really insulted another, while typing their opinions this time around.... except for always those 'chosen few'....who get into nationality slurs...let's keep this site, happy, clean and informative...thanks for the memories.anon.
Anon Fem [08-02-2010]

G-Towner-High & Magnolia - I was told that there is a possibility that Sonny moved to Texas?????????? Will try to find out.
ANNAMARIE [08-02-2010]

Jack Brogan: Your post was right on. It seems that there are those who love to provoke and instigate and we should not give them the satisfaction.
Anonymous [08-02-2010]

JBS: I am surprised at your recent blog to "Bored One"/"Brickyarder". I saw no Irish-bashing in any of the contributions to this site. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the Professor's last blog about his childhood in Germantown. It seems he is finally on the same page. Incidentally, I love everyone's memories even tho I don't know any of the people, places or parishes, because so much of it is common to us all. I find myself nodding in agreement at some of the stories and this is what makes this site so great.
Rosemarie R. [08-02-2010]

DAN HARTNETT: I know you thought you got away clean with that Franco American Spaghetti comment. Wrong! I noted it and smiled. Our dear Irish Mothers' must have attended the same culinary class @ Hallahan High. Unlike your own Mom, mine went first class with the Chef: Chef Boyardee. Until I was about 12 yrs. old, I thought the Chef was an Italian delicacy. After 65 free trips around the sun, one gains a lot of experience. Today, we simmer our sauce/gravy for hours using Roma tomatoes from the garden, if available, along with fresh basal and oregano from our herb section. We even have grape arbors but I don't make wine from them. Sometimes I think I keep them to remind me of those that grew in the backyards of our Italian friends in old Germantown. Besides, the birds seem to have an uncanny knack for discovering them two days before I harvest. That O.K. They share their eggs with us and it all balances out on Nature's scale. If this has bored anyone or exceeded their attention span, I apologize but don't sympathize--children get bored; adults get going. The courtesy of posting anonymously, granted by the web master, is not a license to insult. It does not render you invisible. All communications are tagged with e-name, date and origin. We are all subject to subpoena and a click away from supervision from Homeland Security. If you don't see your name or have anything positive to contribute, you're free to move on. Better to remain silent and be thought intelligent than to write or speak and reveal your stupidity....JBS, you are one tough, admirable rottweiler in defense of God, country, family and friends. Danke!
Kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [08-02-2010]

Jack Brogan...You are a fool!There are no fish in New Hamphsire.They are all in Maine polluting the waters with the lobsters.Regarding Skip Wilson making 10 foulshots in a row blindfolded,I remember making almost 25 in a row blindfolded from the foul line with my patented two hand shot.The Goo was there,and was very impressed.To this day,Goo believes he taught me how to perfect the two handed set shot. Paul Borian(great memory from 55 years ago,not so good from yesterday)
Paul Borian [08-02-2010]

JBS....You are right on the money! I was the greatest Armenian baseball player in Happy Hollow history.Could be that I was the only Armenian in Happy Hollow.Rocky would always tell me of my desire to be an Italian.My dad would be infuriated when I would tell him that I wanted to change the spelling of my last name to Boriano. Richard Pio.....If only we had Brad Lidge in 1964! Paul Borian
Paul Borian [08-02-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: been searching for you & Larrie, would love to hear from you.Hope all is well.
Ed McCaulley (Monk), 71 in Boyertown,PA [08-02-2010]

Folks, I think I spoke up on this the last time - there are no absolutes on the sauce / gravy thing. My mother, Aida Iacampo, was first generation Italian and grew up on Cayuga St in Nicetown before moving two miles away to Germantown before I was born. Neither she or anyone in my very extended Italian family of all "imports" ever referred to it as other than "sauce", and it always had meat in it. I never even heard the term "gravy" used for other than the brown stuff until I was in my late teens, so it's just not accurate to insist that "gravy" is the only authentic term. If the cookbook definition of anything with meat in it is gravy, then all the jars of spaghetti "sauce", with or without meat in them, in the stores are all also inaccurate. The term "gravy" is legitimate for the folks who use it, but it's not universal, even within the Italian community. Thanks.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [08-02-2010]

Bored Brickyarder: If you're bored go watch some reality TV.
anonymous [08-02-2010]

Hey, anybody know what section of Germantown Homer, Aristotle and Plato are from?
Anonymous [08-02-2010]

I respectfully offer my opinion that I enjoy the blogs of JBS, Dan Hartnett the McKernans, et. al. I appreciate the sharing of their myriad travels, life experiences and well earned opinions. Their blogs are thoughful, articulate and exemplify the extraordinary breadth of life that extends beyond our common starting point of Germantown. I respect those whose opinions differ from mine, but remember "It is the province of knowledge tp speak and the privilege of wisdom to listen" - Oliver Wendell Holmes. Best regards, Mike Buchanan
Mike Buchanan, Kennett Township, Chester County [08-02-2010]

Paul Borian,I came to see you at Doylestown Hosp. in the mid 80's & you said it was too long ago,late 50's early 60's. for you to remember me.????? I spent hrs picthing to you in Fernhill Park across from Midvale & even dunked over you (off the wall)at Happy Hollow. Selective memory loss??? Monk
Ed McCaulley, 71 in Boyertown,PA [08-02-2010]

CONFESSION-I didn't realize I would cause such a fuss about gravy vs sauce-well we'll put that to bed for now. The new controversy is about toilet tissue, should the paper be pulled over the roll or from under the roll.I think the correct way is over the roll. TV commercials show over the roll in their ads. My friends & I have argued about this for years.
lou giorno, lou from n.wales [08-02-2010]

Richard Pio, I think you are incorrect with the Phils' 1964 debacle stating that the rotation was Bunning-Short only. Art Mahaffey was with the Phils from 1960-1965 and he figured in two of the decisions in the disastrous 10 game losing streak to end the season and Philly hopes of a pennant. With a 6 and 1/2 game lead and 10 to play the Phils lost all 10. Unbelievable but true.
Jim McKernan, Prof. Greenville NC [08-02-2010]

Richie Pio, thanks for your blog.Sorry you never got to play at that wonderful green chapel at 22nd and Lehigh. I did play there twice-once a selected player for a north philly team which included the Gtn Boys Club teams to play a 3 inning game before the Fightin Phils took the field and second time was pure magic-a tryout for the Phils with about 100 other good players-I was 15 and remember every minute-especially standing on the mound and throwing my stuff. Somedays Larry Flanagan and I would sit in the bleachers and spend our trolley fare home on a hot dogs and then walk back to Germantown. To the guy who mentioned Robin Roberts-the Phillies' ace for many years-I once heard the story that my old Temple Coach Skip Wilson wrote to Robin for a reference as he was interested in a coaching job at some Florida college-well Robin Roberts went ahead and applied for the job and got it! I do not believe the 10 blindfold foul shots-unless it was see through pantyhose!
Jim McKernan, Professor,Greenville NC [08-02-2010]

Congrats To Bored Brickyarder. I agree -"GBS" and the winded McKernan should jointly set up their own websites. Does anyone really read any of their historical comments ? Lighten up ! By the way Ray Dawes and Roy played football with me and my friends at the great Wister Playgound ! Does anyone remember Bobby Lightcap ?
Wister Playgrounder [08-02-2010]

Dnnis McGlinchey: You're right about Marchiano's on Umbria Street. We discovered them accidentally while on the way to visit family. Their pizza is the real thing and very close to Scalea's (and the price is right).
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-02-2010]

Have no problem with anyone "monopolozing" this site. Had the same complaint when the Hollow people were on. There is no gate keeping anyone out. But I do wish that the contributions would be about Germantown. All this Homer, Plato and Aristotle, et al., is just pretentious puffery, just as is the sly put-down about the "comic book stage" (doesn't have to be one or the other, does it?). This has nothing to do with Germantown and the purpose of this website. The blogging about anyone's parents or Herb Adderly, Paul Borian, etc., is consistent with memories of Germantown and is right on. I also didn't note any Irish-bashing from Brickyarder or anyone else.
Anonymous [08-02-2010]

Re: the 1964 Phillies Famous Collapse: At the time, we were living in Overbrook with our 4-year-old son. Art Mahaffey, the great pitcher, was also living in Overbrook, having rented a house from my cousin. They usually rented at that time and returned to their hometown in the off-season. My husband, Larry, would socialize with him at the local Italian-American Club. He was a super down-to-earth guy (weren't they all in those days?). Anyway, just before the big collapse, Larry asked him if he could get a signed baseball for our son and he did. At the time, Dick Allen was Richie Allen and signed the ball as such. I recently took it to the Antiques Roadshow and it was appraised at about $250. However, in talking to an attorney at my firm who is a baseball fanatic, he says that it is worth a lot more than that in this area, judging from what he's seen at various baseball shows. BTW, we learned that the big collapse was due to tension in the clubroom. Soon after that, Richie Allen became Dick Allen. Any connection? Who knows.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [08-02-2010]

I love this site, it brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood. I love to read all the stories from people I may or may not know or remember. Germantown was a very special place and will always be in my heart. I loved the library on Gtn. Ave., Youngs Candy store, Wister playground, Wister woods, The Avenue, The Bboys Club, on and on. Just walking anywhere and having no worries. I can still remember the smell of the fresh tar when someone was getting a new roof. I just wanted to tell you all that I enjoy your posts whoever you are. Please keep them coming. Jane
Jane Holt Rauscher, Bell, Florida [08-02-2010]

I try to remember Happy Hollow in the 50's & 60's,not so much the last 10 yrs.
Ed McCaulley aka Monk, 71 in Boyertown,PA [08-02-2010]

"real italians call it gravy! if it has meat or meat drippings in it, then it's called gravy." AN ITALIAN CHEF WHO KNOWS BETTER Well mister Italian chef please be aware that in Italy red sauce is called SAUCE and brown sauce is called GRAVY. The red gravy thing is called so by American Italians.
G Towner, born in Italy [08-02-2010]

hi jack,good to see you posting. bob wood such a part of happy hollow history.did you known in the middle of his garage apartment was a pot belly stove which he cook on and it also supply his heat.this was a very kind man who seen us all grow up.also tommy murphy(the cleaners mgr.)ha ha introduce me to the very famous and soft spoken john berkery.in later years met his brother ed at the shore and we did some racetracking together,nice guy.thanks for trying to renew h&h interest.hello to martha. dominic
dom raff, same [08-02-2010]

Loved your comment John Fleming as to the correct term for gravy.

g-towner i think i know the sonny you are looking for.he was from high and magnolia.he comes to a gun shop i hang at.in ne phila.i can pass on info. to him next time he is in
pat sirianni [08-02-2010]

G-TOWNER, HIGH AND MAGNOLIA; I do speak with Theresa Marchese Yespy and she also is in the dark as to the status of Hat. You've done good work though and hopefully we will hear something soon.

I love reading what the McKernan brothers have to say. I enjoy what everyone has to say. But let’s not be mean spirited to anyone. If you don't like what someone write just go the next section. That is the nice thing about this site, we get to meet people from the neighborhood we grew up in. Back then Germantown had all sorts of people from the very poor to the very wealthy, of all different religions, the uneducated and educated,of different race and nationality. Because Germantown was a neighborhood of many different coulters is what made it such a wonderful place to grow up.. We learned to get along with everyone. I hope to meet many of you on the 12 of September..
Erda Armstrong Graham, from the west side [08-02-2010]

I agree with the Italian Chef. It is gravy. My great grandparents, grandparents, family and friends have always called it gravy. Plain tomato sauce without meat is called Marinara, in case you don't know. My advice to you my friend is not to go into a real Italian household in Philly or in Jersey and ask them to put "sauce" on your macaroni's. You might end up with Tabasco.
Frank [08-02-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey - thanks for your sound and wise advice - I will certainly do so in the future. As for JBS, how you managed to include army gravy, the 101st airborne and Herb Adderly in your response is actually amazing.Your 30 line response made my point perfectly. Take a chill pill dude (or maybe a couple ounces of good Irish Whiskey - try Tullamore Dew).
Bored Brickyarder [08-02-2010]

To Anons unhappy with McKernan clan blogs-well I say shame on you not adoring at brothers who love each other-who have loved Germantown-and all who have served our nation-Jim in decorated service in Vietnam..come out-come-the same as the irish said to the "Black and Tans"-cowards who hid and did bad work whithout identidy being known. I am The youngest of the McKernan family born in 1945 and I will come out and challenge you to any test-seems to me you who have offered derogation to the site and McKernans and ye will be regarded to be cowards and hide behind the "Anonymous" mantle. So go you and if you are ever found out then all will know how cowardly ye have been. I stand by my words. I realise many Germantowners know what I mean. I leave it to them to write in about our blogs-which I have found well-received, knowledgeable and creative.We love Germantown-you fedw seem to hate a few comments. Shame on ye. Jim McKernan, Professor
Jim McKernan, Professor Graduate of St Vincents/CDHS/Temple and National University of Ireland [08-02-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi-I sign my name to every word I write in life. There are those who also feel as I do-some may be a G-town woman. You are really wrong about me and I did apologise to everyone-not just a few. But you sreych this to fuel your anger-Let me give you some professorial advice-lose your anger-go out and let it go as you walk through a Wissy-like stream. Get over it. Forgive.
Jim McKernan, Professor [08-02-2010]

PHD stands for Piled High and Deep.
Dot [08-02-2010]

I know full well the use and difference of "gravy" vs "sauce" in the Italian community. I stand by post in response to Lou Giono's rude post to Linda Fontana. Call it what you will.... Sorry Lou that you don't like my posts. Skip over them. BTW, I'm 53. I never heard of your father's barber shop. If it was still around in my time, I never went there. I went to Al Duker's at Ardleigh & Stafford Sts.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born and raised in East Germantown [08-02-2010]

Rich Pio ! Thanks for your memories of Phillies ball players from the 50's and 60's. My all time favorite Phillie is Johnny Callison. I met him in Doylestown, Pa., not far from my home at a restaurant called "Tomatoes". We had gone out to dinner and when I walked into the bar area, I saw the bartender and he looked very familiar. The more I looked at him, the more it started to come to me; this was Johnny Callison. I had heard he did some of this work and sure enough I approached him and ordered a drink. When I asked him if he was Callison, he said yes I am and I proceeded to tell him how much of a fan I was. He had a gun of an arm in right field and always was near the top in the NL for assists, right behind Roberto Clemente. Another favorite of mine was Tony Taylor; he later rejoined the Phillies in the 70's and became a really good pinch hitter. Of course I remember all the players you mentioned but I remember some that weren't so memorable. How about these guys: Carl Sawatski, Solly Hemus, Reuben Gomez, Bobby Delgreco, Harry "the horse" Andersen, Gene Conley (also played for the Celtics), Art Mahaffey, Gene Freese, Chris Short and I could go on and on. Sometimes I get into a routine with my family members where we just blurt out a name from the past and just keep it going. We always come away surprised at some of the names we pull out of the air. By the way Rich, in 1987, I won a contest with the Phillies called "Phillies Phantasy" and I got to broadcast a game with Richie Asburn and Harry Kalas. We did two innings on radio and then I came back later in the week and did an inning on t.v.. I have the video tape of that broadcast as well as the radio broadcast. It was the biggest thrill of my life after my kids. I have three pictures of that event posted on my Facebook page. Harry signed a copy of it for me at an autograph event and they both signed my scorecard for me. They did a story about me in the Daily News the next day and in our local paper in Bucks County. People came into the post office in Langhorne asking about me because "Whitey" was kidding me about working for the p.o. the whole time we were on the air. I even got a fan letter from a guy in Harleysville, telling me how well he enjoyed the broadcast. It's something I always wanted to do and still can't believe I won the contest and got a chance to fulfill that fantasy. I even got a chance to have dinner with Paul Owens, Bill Giles, Harry and Whitey, along with some of the other winners. What a thrill that week was; even VIP parking. Anyway, when it comes to the Phillies, I can't stop talking but I have to. Sorry for going on so long but you really stirred up some memories for me. Take care !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69" [08-02-2010]

To Linda F & Dennis McG-I hope the two of you read what all the people that contribute to this website have said about GRAVY vs.SAUCE. Nuff said-AMEN!
lou giorno, lou from n.wales [08-02-2010]

who cares whether its called gravy or sauce. its delicious!
sonny [08-02-2010]

G-Towner-High&Magnolia-The last time I saw Sonny was at the Schwald Inn on 2nd & olney. He was with Pat and they had just come back from Eleanor's house in Boston. Could it be that they live someplace around there? Maybe, Sonny has moved to a different state? if I remember correctly, Pat had 2 or 3 other children when she met Sonny. I don't remember their last name. I will keep looking and so will a couple of my friends.
ANNAMARIE [08-02-2010]

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