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July 16-31, 2010

Annamarie, Helen Leone D'ANGELO, We found the address of Sonny Brett's other niece,Lisa, in Mass., & sent her a letter inquiring about Sonny's where-abouts. Not expecting a response, but hoping we will hear from her if the address for her is correct. We also checked telephone listings for Arthur Brett in Phila & surrounding area but none of them were accurate. Same for David Brett listings. Our best chance of possibly finding out about where Sonny is still seems to be with finding out what T.Marchese might know. So if Helen Leone,D'Angelo has any contact with Theresa M.she could ask T.M. what she can tell us about locating Sonny. The search goes on!

Interesting that a person of obvious Irish roots, feels competent enough to offer the definite difference between gravy and sauce, and correcting an entire culture on their misuse of a word.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [07-31-2010]

Bored Brickyarder They really should graduate now to emailing each other. The content of their blogs are exclusive of the rest of us. I appreciate their pleasure, but don't have time to read very long posts only to find that there is nothing in them that I can relate to.
anonymous [07-31-2010]

Mr. Brickyarder.-"The Bored One", You are bored but I am annoyed and insulted that you made such mean-spirited,insensitive and boorish remarks about The McKernan Brothers and me. This site is for uplifting the spirit of Germantowners and not demeaning and degrading people so that one can feel better about themselves. The McKernan Brothers,Kevin and James, praised my Mother Marguerite, when she assisted them at Vernon Park Library in securing books for their cultural and literary development. Do you have a problem with my Irish Catholic Mother being acknowledged on this site by 2 brilliant writers of Irish Heritage. Tell us your ethnic background and neighborhood- identify yourself. The McKernan Brothers and I are veterans-We believe in God,Mothers, and Country. On this site, Professor McKernan talked about his brothers, former paratroopers. At The Continental, in Germantowner, paratroopers meet and do some bonding. These brave Americans would not appreciate some boorish dude ridiculing brother paratroopers-either 101st or 82d. Have you ever executed a free-fall at 32 ft. per second per second,yelling Geronimo for an extra adrenalin rush. Identify yourself and tell us that you are a proud marine or served in the navy and never ate army gravy.Professor McKernan mentioned Herb Adderly and Paul Borian-3-star athletes from The Public High Schools of Philadelphia. You were bored hearing about Herb Adderly,the greatest athlete to come out of Germantown and Philadelphia. Herb Adderly remained loyal to his brother Charles even after he committed that horrific murder- Herb had character. Show your character and identify yourself. Paul Borian was the greatest Armenian baseball player to come out of The Hollow, Germantown and Villanova. Do you have a problem with The Bor's beloved playground? Identify yourself and tell us your playground and favorite sport. Kevin McKernan defended his brother's audacity from his Germantown background on the baseball diamond. You would be blessed to have such a brother who give such strong support albeit their views on differnt issues are so varied. My Man! This site is about brotherhood and not confrontation. It is not beneficial for this site to have saboteurs who really want this great Germantown site to fail. Identify yourself and tell me that I am wrong.
JBS [07-31-2010]

Sorry Bill the i is right next to the o and I hit the i and missed the o.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [07-31-2010]

Bill Cupi, I ate drank breathed and lived baseball in the 50's and 60's. Always wanted to play at Connie Mack but never got the oppertunity. Always wondered if I could put it out, I was a pretty good hitter in my youth. I was taking it out of thr Germantown Boys Club field when I was 13. Gave up baseball at 15, they wouldn't pitch to me. I started going to Phillies games in about '55. Do you remember some of the old Phillies? The most popular Tony Taylor, Poncho Herrera,Tony Gonzales, Ruben Amaro, Don Demiter, Cookie Rojas, Clay Dalrimple, Gus Triondos, their great right fielder Johnny Callison and of course Bobby Wine, Alex Johnson, Johnny Briggs and their All-Stars Richie Ashburn, Robin Roberts ( I met him a couple of years ago in the Broad Axe Tavern) Frank Thomas( only half a year) and Richie Allen. Oh the summer of 64'almost killed me, what a ride, Mauch lost it at the end( and they said he was a great manager) by pitching Bunning-Short, Bunning-Short, Bunning-Short.We would gather and listen to the games on our transistor radios. They were the days. I can'y believe you didn't mention the mammouth home runs by Richie Allen over the billboard on the roof of the left field bleachers. Richard Pio St. Francis 64', NC 68'.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [07-31-2010]

went to st.francis with Bill Maule sorry to hear the bad news,hello Joe Taylor.
Joe DiPasquale [07-31-2010]

To all of the great male/and fem friends I have been able to 'bond with' from joining this site, I wish you all a 'happy rest of this summer". e.g. Rosemarie hite-Malageri, Helen 'D", Anthony"G"/Ted Silary/Bill Cupo/ and John DiRenzo..have a safe weekend and enjoy..Hope to see you soon, Linda."F" >and God Bless You.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-31-2010]

Billy Maul. I went to his funeral today very nice ceremony very nice service. He must have been a very proud parent. He had three sons two of which were in uniform and highly decorated. I went through St. Francis with Bill as a classmate. I only know of him through school. We did play on the sport teams together which is a peer to continued in his after school life. His family must be very proud of his accomplishments. On the deaths Registry I saw the names of Joe Lynch and Bob Di Angelo. The last time I saw Bill was around 97 or 98 and he was ill at that time so that it must've been a very long disability. I am sure he will be well missed by family and friends and the people whose lives He touched. May he rest in peace.
Raymond Dawes, 67 live in Oreland Pa. [07-31-2010]

First thing: I agree with "Bored Brickyarder" Second: How can a non-Italian make remarks about what happens or what is said in an Italian household? In my house we call a dishtowel a MUPEEN and the red stuff that we put on our macaroni's GRAVY. I will call it GRAVY until they lower me in that hole at Holy Sepulchre. Ciao.
anonymous [07-31-2010]

real italians call it gravy! if it has meat or meat drippings in it, then it's called gravy.

Lynn, Oh yeah I remember the back room and the entrance on Logan street. I remember I did something I still hate myself for back there. I sucker punched Eddie Kehan and broke his nose. I never did like myself for that one. Ed was a good guy and I always like the Kehan family. I screwed up...Period.
Joe Graber [07-30-2010]

I dont know who posted this but I remember paying the local kids $1 to watch my car on the streets outside Connie Mack Stadium. But if you DIDN'T pay them...they would destroy your car. LOL
Joe Graber [07-30-2010]

Joe DePero. I agree with your advice to "Boat Less Boaters" but there is a caviate. If you share cost's and something bad happens and you admit to sharing boating costs...an insurance company can and will refuse to pay based on the fact that you must have a USCG Captains license to take hired passengers. ANY sharing of costs...makes you HIRED out. The best way to avoid that kind of trouble is to NOT share any costs at all until your trip is over and people are getting in their cars to drive away unscathed. I don't make the rules but I know for fact how the insurance companies will try and get out of paying if something DOES go wrong. BTW I am now a boatless USCG Master/Captain...50 tons 100 miles offshore. If Im not hired to run a boat, I share cost's. But just as often I'm asked to go on a free trip for my knowledge. I forgot more about fishing than most will ever know. But there's always room to learn. Thanks for your informative post. Joe
Joe Graber [07-30-2010]

Bill Cupo: I enjoyed your post on Connie Mack Stadium. I used to go there occasionally when it was Shibe Park. At that time I only lived about a 10 minute walk from it as I didn't move to Germantown until I was 14. However I never had any experiences like yours, actually playing there. Living nearby, we always enjoyed hearing the cheers from the games which cut through the night air and through the neighborhood. Magic moments!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-30-2010]

Linda Fontana: Actually its "capisce" and not "capish".
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-30-2010]

Gravy/sauce? The gloppy brown stuff is called "brown gravy". The gravy used in pasta is made with the meat drippings from frying your meat, as well as meatballs and/or sausage, (just like brown gravy is made with beef drippings)and therefore it is technically gravy as well. Sauce is marinara or pizza sauce.
Red Gravy [07-30-2010]

McGlinchey your wrong and completely out of your element. Its gravy in the neighborhoods here in Baltimore, New York, Providence and Boston. This debate has been going on forever and it will always be gravy in Gtown and in my family. Can you even make Gravy??
Gman [07-30-2010]

To all the good people organizing the reunion on Sept.12th. That date is good for me & it will be an honor to see all my Gtn friends of yesteryear.---Side note to "Bored Brickyarder", It was never mine nor my brother's intention to monopolize this site. I apologize if others feel that way also but i thought we, my brothers & I were adding a little something aside from a lot of rethortic that included insults, raw nerved exposure & frankly bad conduct in general before we came along. If certain people wish to recall which hoagie / steak shop, neighborhood, athletic environment was better than the next then you're right, this site is not for me. On the other hand if all want to participate in taking this site to a higher level of communication while still retaining the childhood charm of our youths I will be most accommodating. It is a big world out there with all kinds of people some who read Homer, Aristotle & Plato & on the flip side we have those that have never left the "comic book" stage. Captain Marvel, Green Lantern, Batman,....live on........I wish all well & the good life. Memo to Dan Hartnett: Dan, i suspect that the Jesuit priest you referred to @ St. Joseph's as a Fr. Watters would in fact be the Bill Watters who is pastor of our church & parish in Baltimore @ St. Ignatius. Listening to one of Fr. Watters homilies on Sunday or any day for that matter one would come away inspired. Bill speaks with such command of the english language & is so well prepared which is indicative of a Jesuit trained scholar. I will seek him out this coming Sunday & ask him. I also would like to let you & JBS know that i got a clean bill of health @ Sloan Kettering cancer ctr in NYC yesterday. All bets are off on making bail now that i have another six monts extension until the next visit. JBS, send me your email or we can chat if you come to the Luncheon on 9/12 /10. I was looking to set some dates aside. One order of bad news is BYOB. I don't drink hard liquor, haven't for some years but the Pinot Noir goes down ok & i presume "Malbec" would tie me over. Hope you boys like beef on the grill & seafood, I'm a pretty good cook @ anchor. Is it true that the only good things to come out of "Philly" are I-95 north & I-95 south?
Bernie mc kernan, 69yrs. Balto / Annapolis Md [07-30-2010]

The worst thing you can do in response to something somebody writes is ignore it. No response is just that. No response. Button pushers hate people who don't respond. Don't read it and move on. Anyway, let's hear more about summer in the hot city and who knew and hung around with Big Abe Durkin. Who remembers the coins in Nick's floor and the fun of watching a new guy try to kick those coins over to where he could pocket them? Who remembers Nick's black birds? Who remembers the water ice up Logan Street from the Hollow? What ever happened to Joe Courtney? Did Bob Wood really have a heart attack that time that Rocky put a softball into his bathtub? Did anybody ever bring any clothes to be cleaned a John Berkery's cleaners next to Sal's? What ever happened to Al Tector and Shakey Madden? Discuss and respond please. To the guy who played baseball at Temple, I believe your coach was Skippy Wilson. I think I remember this. Skippy Wilson once made 10 foul shots in a row on the basket on the inside gym. Skippy was blindfolded when he made those shots? Did anybody else see that?
Jack Brogan, Fishing in the rain on a lake in New Hampshire [07-30-2010]

To D.McGlinchey&L.Fontana-Check out Rose Rinaldo's blog about gravy being called sauce.When I was in the army & went to cook school,they were very specific about the difference between the two.Any sauce made with meat is called called GRAVY! You can check this out in any cookbook.Do your homework before making dumb statements HA-Ha-By the way,Dennis, you have a lot to say on this website your opinions are not appreciated by all-it seems like you have to say something every day.(only kidding)How old are you? My Father, Frank Giorno,had a barber shop on Chew Ave.near Knabbs bakery-he probably cut your hair many times-I married a girl from your neighborhood--Carolyn Pede,she graduated from IMC in 1950. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from north wales [07-30-2010]

Bored Brickyarder, funny how we had the exact same discussion here not all that long ago when the topic here seemed to be everything Happy Hallow or Goo, dominated by former Happy Hollow guys. If all of the McKernan family praises and the brothers’ postings bother you, just skip over them. Not every discussion here is for everyone. Sue Henigan, thanks for passing on the news about Gaeta’s moving to East Falls. I would think the Roxborough location on Ridge Ave to be more visible and better than the East Falls location. Still, as good as the tomato pie is (the Scalea recipe), they are expensive. Those not knowing of the Scalea connection, why pay that higher price when you can get a very good tomato pie at nearby Marchiano’s on Umbria Street.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-30-2010]

This is for 'bored brickyarder'..I agree with you totally, they're taking up too much space on here.
Anon. [07-30-2010]

Dennis Mc"G"....thanks for sticking up for me/ in the war of words re: gravy vs. sauce....no matter what anyone 'calls it', the taste is always delicious...and I applaud anyone who still makes this from scratch..like my mother did, back in the day..when women cooked, and didn't serve their man, 'Hungry Man T.V. dinners', yulk. have a nice day., Linda
L.Fontana [07-30-2010]

Maryalice, You forgot to mention how you, Penny and Crissy would not let Sue and me tag along with you… That is until Mom would make you take me with you! Ha.. Ha.. Those were the days. Just a little addition to your list of the fun things we did during the summer as kids.. I Remember playing with the dresses Mrs. Dunfee gave us.. We played all summer in those prom dresses. We also would Pushing all the babies in the neighborhood in the wicker coach that mom and dad got at the Salvation Army for our dolls. (Wish I had that coach today).. I think brother Joe made a go cart out of it.. I also played ball with the boys and cowboy and Indians.. Yea I know we killed all your dolls! You don’t have to remind me again! Hop Scotch and Jump Rope, and Jacks. Roller Skates up and down Woodlawn.. Draw tracks in the street to skate in.. never bored like the kids of today always had something to do and could find someone to be with. Walking down School House Lane to Gustine Lake to swim.. Then we had to walk back up to get home. Remember the Huckster that would come around and yell out “STAWBERRIE”..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [07-30-2010]

Kevin McKernan: You answered my rhetorical question about Brother Jim's obstreperous and dangerous performance in Northern Ireland-it was beautifully crafted. His friend John was quite unnerved and when they crossed the border into IRA territory- the IRA Strongmen thought that they were British with their American-accents. Brother Jim must have been pleased with your essay on this incident since you did not condone it but you accepted it. You seem to have an understanding of war and terrorism but the enemy must not be given a rationale to retaliate. Aristotle would have liked your essay since it was rational and amost logical. However, Aristotle also said,"Moderation IS a Virtue. Kevin! Keep posting those beautiful blogs and the old librarian from Vernon Park would be proud of you.
JBS [07-30-2010]

September 12th is good for me

Rich Patrizi and R.Pio; speaking of Connie Mack stadium, I attended my very first ballgame there in 1958 against the "new" Los Angeles Dodgers. I still remember that game and going down with my dad and my cousin Dom. My dad bought me every food item that came down our aisle; popcorn, hot dog, cotton candy, peanuts,soda, etc. I remember Duke Snyder hitting a home run over the left-center field wall. The Phillies were not a good team that year with the exception of Richie Ashburn who won a batting title in that season. After the game was over, we walked to my dad's car and before I got in, I proceeded to hurl all over the front tire of his car. It was his new car and luckily I didn't do it in the back seat. Anyway, in 1966, I made the all-star team for the Ogontz boys club of the Sandlot Sports Assoc. as the second baseman, and we got to play that game in Connie Mack stadium. We got to dress in the Phillies locker room and I met Bobby Wine, who was injured at the time, and working out at the stadium. I still have the photo of that all-star team hanging on my "wall of fame" in my basement. We were all in the infield grass with the Ballantine scoreboard in the background. That field was like a carpet and playing in that stadium was a thrill you couldn't imagine for a kid from G-town and playing on all kinds of playground fields. I posted that picture on the friendsofimmaculate.com website if you would like to see a picture of that famous scoreboard. I believe Tim McCarver scored the very last run at Connie Mack and then all hell broke loose at the end of the game. When they tore it down a couple of years later, a lot of memories came back to me,especially that all-star game and of course the 1964 season when they collapsed in the home stretch. Anytime I hear Sinatra sing "There used to be a Ballpark", I think of that place. Take care !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69" [07-30-2010]

I am trying to locate a Harry Peters. He lived on McCallum Street in the 60s 70s. His mom used to work at the farmers market on Germantown ave. I would appreciate any information on his whereabouts.
Pete [07-30-2010]

Frank M.- where did you find a hall that holds 1,000 people? Are you sure you'll get that many St. Mike's people to attend? Good luck with your project!
Gtn. Guy [07-30-2010]

Lou Giorno ­ if you want to get technical, she is right, and the Italian communtiy is wrong. It is a misuse of the word gravy. Gravy is the juice of meat, and not the adding of meat in order for it to be called a “gravy”. Misuse aside, it is what it is, and called what its called. It’s an Italian-American thing to call it “gravy’, no harm in that. There is also no harm in just calling it what it really is, sauce.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-30-2010]

Is anyone else tired of reading post from all the McKernan clan and people posting about the McKernan brothers ?Maybe they should just start their own website. These long winded stories are getting really old.
Bored Brickyarder [07-30-2010]

Lou Giorno: Okay, now here it comes, get ready...I call it sauce, when I think of gravy,I think of that globby brown stuff they put on roast beef, etc. And, by the way it's 'Capish', not 'Kapish', with a "K" that would make the word (Polish.)...ha ha -hope to see you at the Luncheon in the Fall. Since we are 'neighbor's I probably will run into you someday at the Montgomery Mall.....have a great 'rest of summer, Most Respectfully, Linda "F"/ P>S> I hate being corrected, because it reminds me of my days back in school, when the nuns did it.....just kidding.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-30-2010]

Lou Giorno: You are absolutely right about spaghetti "sauce" being called "gravy" when it's made with or includes meat (as told to me by my venerable grandmother). "Sauce" is a meatless sauce as in marinara sauce. I have been trying to set the record straight for years. Glad to see you agree.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [07-30-2010]

Hey Ed Farra, I haven't heard anything about Joe Bracken since we were kids, but good to see you on this site again. How are things with you? This is my personal/home email if anyone wishes to contact me.Hope you're having a great summer Ed. Hey Linda Fontana please contact me at this email. Hope things are well with you also. Stay in touch and don't forget to order my Phantom meal at the luncheon.
John DiRenzo [07-30-2010]

G-woman (the Prof?): I'm sorry you think I'm "one angry woman". Seems the "hate" and "angry" belongs to the Prof. The name of this site is "Germantown - Your Thoughts". It is subtitled: "Send in your thoughts on Germantown". At the top of this page, it again says "Send in your thoughts on Germantown". Can it be any more clear than that - even for those of us who are not professors. It is not a forum for the Prof's thoughts on saving the world and/or his idea of a "perfect society". Seems that when he apologized for the first fiasco he started, which was full of hate and slander in the guise of free speech, it was only to a chosen few men and not to any of us women. What does that say? Please, Prof, save your lectures for your students and contribute to this site as the site was intended. Judging from his last blog, it seems he finally got it!
Rosemarie Rinaldi [07-30-2010]

Gaeta's (Scalea's) Roxborough location is closed. They are now in East Falls at Brother's Deli...AND they deliver!
Sue Henigan [07-30-2010]

I wonder if it was a Phila. thing how we'd describe the neighborhood we were from by parish. It didn't matter if you were "Public or Catholic" when asked where you lived, you'd name the parish of your neighborhood.
anonymous [07-30-2010]

does anyone know what order. were the nuns at holy rosary i whent there from 1957 to 1961 it was the greatest time of my life
pat sirianni, holy rosarey [07-30-2010]

I often think about our childhood summers and the fun we had. I remember being constantly on the go, walking to every destination...the Boys Club, the movies, the Avenue.
Sheila [07-30-2010]

To Rich Patrizi: Hi Rich, I also live in Pennsauken. I also remember Connie Mack Stadium, used to go there with my brother; we would take the RT. 53 trolley down Wayne Ave, then the subway to Lehigh and then a bus to the stadium. We had a nieghbor who was a former PTC employee who would give us a free pass for the PTC and the ball game; it was called PTC Children's Day. The transportation and ball game were free. I remember watching Richie Allen hitting those home runs over the Balentine Beer sign in the outfield. I really miss Connie Mack.
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in gtn 1960-1970. [07-30-2010]

hi all it looks like the 12th of september will be the date for our g town la fantan luncheon ... i do hope all who joined us last time will join us again and those of you who didnt will this time ... the food is very good and the company wellllll ...you wont find any better the us g towners .... see you on the 12th ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-30-2010]

I was completely nostalgified (I am making up a word here)by Mary Alice Armstrong's message which took me back to yesteryear in old Germantown. This lovely woman, who has lived in Germantwn since its founding with Erda her sister were reared up rightly-having to do "chores" then play-her mum seems to have figured out how to keep a house cool by shutting windows almost down and lowering shades-then opening them when the sun was gone. Eminently practical-the cold drinks was another Kool-aside to keep kids cooled but what I liked was her dashes into the "Wissy" my favourite playground-I was to be forever saddled with the handle of "Jungle-Jim". many the day I cooled my heels in that brown trout ridden creek..we especially loved being confronted ny the horse-mounted Fairmount Park Guards-Philly Police of a second degree-of course-we knew how to dodge them...they would not cross the creek to catch us and we would moon them and have fun at such a Mexican Standoff which we always would win. I guess it was a sin of sorts but kids like to have fun-and as dear Maryalice says-they get so tired they never feel the heat! Mum bought the most amazing fan at Sears-it had a motor-I should say an "engine" the size of a 12 lb baby behind it-it roared.....she would place it on the porch window sill of those grand old sash windows-they were about 8 feet high with shudders that we never used despite hurricanes! Anyroad once the fan was on-which fascinated kids-this monster would decapitate anyone venturing inside-the heat semed to evaporate from the house. There were always kids in the house-Da was at work-and mum from the time I started school at St Vincent's in 1950. We were as sociologists might say today "Latchkey Children" meaning-we let ourselves in and out of the house-but none of us ever got into trouble like the 'at risk' kids today. I know it was because i would have had my arse burned red by mum-Da never had to lay a hand on any of us. One look from his eyes would tell us the disappointment. Thank you Mary Alice you golden girl of my class-your story is true and practical and simple the way life used to be.
Jim McKernan, Professor East Carolina U. [07-29-2010]

JBS: Your question "...did I know about brother Jim's unique life in Ireland..." implies that if I did, then I would have done something about it. You jest, right? You don't know Dr. Jim. He's a wild thing...that comes with footnotes and a fine pedigree, hard earned. A newer version of the Wild Colonial Boy. A synthesis of two cultures (Irish and American) and at war with the inequities in both--as he sees it. He's also a Germantowner, aware of boundaries and your "stranger danger." He's no fool and will have his say to the delight of some and extreme annoyance of others. That is why we call him "The Junglemon"-- baddest dude, as the Great Santini said, "that crapped between two pair of shoes."....To give you the measure of the man, I take you back to a ballgame we were playing in a lot behind St Luke's church on Coulter St. many years ago. Jim went to retrieve a ball that cleared an iron picket fence between the tombstones and our playing field. Unknown to me, he slipped, high up and impaled his arm on a steel spear. He was hanging there by his arm only, it was ripped to shreds, with no way for me to reach him. Luckily, a big, colored friend, the mighty Tyrone Brisbane, lifted jim off that spear, and carried him home until we could get him to the hospital. That injury would have ended the pitching career of another mortal, but not Jim. He would recover and distinguish himself as a pitcher for Cardinal Dougherty and Temple University. That's the kind of man he is. He is no Mr. Chips.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [07-29-2010]

Professor Jim McKernan[Greek Philosopher]:On Sunday, I was at a birthday party at The William Penn Inn. Anne Shea, my aunt, introduced me to a guy named John. He wore a jacket and was very glib. I talked to him about people from LaSalle but he told me that he left there for CD. I started talking to him about lads from CD and I asked him when he graduated and he said that left for Germantown High. I talked to him about GHS and guys from the Hollow who went there and he hit me with a bombshell that he quit. I did not want to ask too many personal questions and we started to talk about sports-he was a rugby player. We started talking about Ireland and Europe and he mentioned that he knew a guy who played Vatican Rag in Nothern Ireland- he thought it was quite dangerous. Low and bebehold,this individual was Professor James Mckernan, The Greek Scholar on The Germantown site. Your comments and Brother Kevin's about Aristotle really resonated with me since I studied Aristotle with Professor Hunter Guthrie S.J.,an intellectual giant and profound scholar. Father Guthrie mentioned that Aristotle's most important tenet was "Moderation Is A Virtue'. Implicit in this statement, Character counts, avoid extremes and seek moderation. I was also interested in Aristotle's take on courage which was the mean between excess of rashness and deficiency of cowardice. You also mentioned Plato who made a plea for moderation. You also used Aristollian Logic in your argument for political discussion on this site. My take on this site that we should reflect on The Zeitgeist of The Great Germantown People. I have a friend who tells me that I have a romantic image of Germantown. I borrowed Zeitgeist from Dan Hartnett who liked John Neuhaus S.J.- I know that you must have liked him and his paper. Professor Jim! I only jess, so put it to rest. However, I do think that it is good to have an intelligent discussion how Germantown impacted our thinking but we must not become vitriolic. I have rational discourse with Dan Hartnett who is a conservative on religious doctrine- he should become a member of Knights of Malta. Professor Jim! May your leg heal, and your friend was an interesting character.
JBS [07-29-2010]

Rosemari Rinaldi-I detect you are one angry woman and you shouldn't post here if you are insulting other Germantowners. There is a big diff between "free speech" and slander. Seems the "hate" belongs to you. I see an intelligent man who makes good comments to Germantown Your Thoughts.
G-woman [07-29-2010]

To- L.Fontana-you called your Mom's spaghetti GRAVY (sauce)--when you have meatballs, sausage,pork etc. in a sauce, IT'S called GRAVY--I'm so suprised when I hear Italians call gravy(sauce)-being an Italian, you should know better KAPISH? This is a good point of info.-share it with your friends. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Lou from North Wales [07-29-2010]

As Bill O'Reilly, of the O'Reilly Factor, often states: NO BLOVIATING! Thank you!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55' cdhs '59 [07-29-2010]

Casting my vote for Sept 12
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [07-29-2010]

I would love to make the next gathering but I am only free for Sept 12th.. I hope that Sunday works for everyone.. Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [07-29-2010]

JBS enjoyed your comments about your grand mum also Bor and Big Herb-indeed. I was much younger than the famous Herb Adderley of Green Bay Packer fame but he was quite a good baseball player-I would see him play at Ogontz-Lindley park on occasion. As a 12 year old Herb gave me this advice--"Hit Hard and Run Fast" something prophetic about that. I told him I was going to be the best pitcher I could be-and Big Herb was catching in those days--he would let me throw 10 0r 20 pitches on the sidelines before the "Pulaski Black Sox" a local semi-pro team took the field. He helped me with my curve-my bread and butter pitch as I was not startingly fast. Interesting that another black man helped me with my pitching at Waterview and East Germantown Coach Dixon. I used to carry a six pound pig iron ball obtained from Midvale steel where my Da and later I worked. I went on to play at Dougherty and Temple (the 1969 team had the best win/loss record in history-25wins and -6losses and we didnt get out of the regionals-Temple later... in think 1970 and 72 sent teams to the College World Series-I was in the war and then Ireland then and had to hang up the cleates before my time. But those coaches at school and university were not as passionate-believe me-about the game. BTW Big Ian Paisley was actually my parliamentary representative from North Antrim when I lived there-that is one bigot and hater but I give this to him-he did do good work with his constituents.
Jim McKernan, Prof. Greenville NC [07-29-2010]

R.Pio, Rich I also was at Connie Mack for the last game. I remember seeing people with toolboxes trying to take seats home, not to mention home plate!Visited Clapier St. and surrownding streets, some not bad others real bad. Clapier St. did not look too bad .Some blocks even looked good if you can believe it. R.Patrizi Pennsauken,N.J.
Rich Patrizi [07-29-2010]

I am trying to locate a Joe Bracken. He lived with us on Mechanic Street in the 60s 70s. Also a Charles Tretola. Any knowledge of their whereabouts is appreciated.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [07-29-2010]

Germantowner-high & Magnolia - Thanks for the info. I am still trying to locate Sonny. I will keep in touch. This is really bugging me. People don't fall off the face of the earth.
ANNAMARIE [07-29-2010]

TO MR.MIGLIONICO: I remember like it was yesterday. You throwing open your VICTORIA HOTEL ROOM WINDOW on Friday afternoon of 1964'S NYC'S ST.PATTY'S DAY WEEKEND. You spotted me looking out my window a couple floors above, and shouted up,"YO! WHO ARE YOU?" I shouted down,"MINERVA!" And You shouted back,"MINERVA?! STAY THERE! I'LL BE RIGHT UP!" Well, I'm STILL WAITING! Yours fondly,but puzzled, MINERVA St.PATTY'S yesterday
MINERVA [07-29-2010]

Maryalice: My husband, Larry, remembers many a night sleeping out in the backyard to beat the heat. Sort of like camping out, but without the tent. Can you see trying that today in the city? Loved reading everyone's memories of living without A/C - some common solutions no matter what neighborhood you were from during this era for those of us of a certain age.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [07-29-2010]

Bill Maule was a very kind, soft spoken guy. I do not believe he ever had an enemy. He was several years older than me, but always found time to take an interest and sincerely speak to me. He was from a very nice family. I am sure many of you remember his mother was the crossing guard on Germantown Ave in front of St. Michaels school. He had a very sweet sister Rose. I am somewhat saddened to not seeing more remembrances of a fine man like Bill. May he rest in peace.
Bob D'Angelo [07-29-2010]

Maryalice Brennan: Thanks for the 'awesome' memories of "G" town/ I,too, did exactly those same things in the summertime >way back when. I now feel guilty about keeping lightning bugs ...all cooped up in a closed jar, like prisoners....for my own aesthetic pleasures.However, we sure did know how to use our imaginations..OUTDOORS....and not sit inside tied to a computer chair playing video games,right?Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer..Linda
L.Fontana [07-29-2010]

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of the malcontents on this page mouthing off their political and personal discontent? The site is Germantown - Your Thoughts, which I take to mean your thoughts on Germantown. Makes sense, right? Please don't try to "educate" the masses here - that's not its purpose (and besides, it's as boring as hell.
Anonymous [07-29-2010]

Hi, Happy "G" towner's" who wish to join us for the next SUNDAY LaFontana luncheon...we are now shooting for the 12th of Sept. (e.g.) That's "Grandparents Day"...what better way to celebrate the Glory Days or Golden Yrs., whichever you prefer to call these older years....we can all chat and reminisce over some good foods.Since Dan Hartnett cannot make it on the 19th, & I can never do a sat....this seems to be the best choice for now. Also, someone pointed out that it is Irish wk, down the Shore, the end of Sept. so...that having been stated, let's all try to make it on 09/12/10 at 1:30 at LaFontana's Italian Restaurant on York Rd. in the Hatboro/Horsham area.Thanks
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [07-29-2010]

well here i go again ! to all you st michaels people and friends i think i have found a place to hold the all time st michaels reunion . thies people seem to want to work with me and give me some breating room (price wise )im looking at 1ooo people ? no small undertakeing . im going to give it one last try . i will need some help,so if any one would care to do some grown floor wokk, please put your name on your thoughts and i will contack you . this will probaly be my last shot at puting this together . frank margiotti .
frank margiotti, north wales [07-29-2010]

Kevin McKernan: Did you know about Brother Jim's unique life in Ireland including playing "Vatican Rag" in pubs in Northern Ireland during the violent years in the 70's. Rev. Paisley and his anti-catholic followers could have done more than break his leg. I must say that all The McKernan brothers have their own individual personalities. I must thank you and Professor Jim for the kind comments about my 96 year old Irish mother. She visited Ireland frequently and was proud of her Irish heritage. Mother Marguerite traveled to Europe often and spent much time in Italy and Austria. I enjoyed your comments about Innsbruck, Austria and Northern Italy which I visited in the 60's while Brother Jim was doing his thing in Ireland. I was spending time in Venice and having some fun on the canals and after seeing enough pigeons on St. Mark' Plaza, I headed for Innsbruck by train. I luxuriated as I traveled through The Dolimites in beautiful Northern Italy. I stayed in Innsbruck where my former teacher at The Prep, was studying at The Jesuit College[Jesuiten Kolleg]. Incidentally, The Jesuit's name was Aloysius Kelley who was the former president of Fairfield University. I had very good teachers at The Prep but they could be daunting. Brother Bernie had a friend by the name of Tony Bateman[very smart] but he decided North would be less taxing for a young kid who wanted a life. Like you, Tony probaly liked Errol Flyn whose famous quote was,"You Are A Gentleman and A Scholar". To be a scholar,one must take it very seriously. Mother Marguerite was always bringing books home from the library but I had to concentrate on getting by at The Prep and hanging out at various playgrounds and parks. I met Paul Borian[great hitter] at The Hollow and I would have enjoyed Brother Jim brushing off The Bor[Paul] with his fastball. Paul was much bigger than Jim,a pitcher, and The Bor had an altercation with Herb Adderly[NFL]. I knew Herb Adderly from Pulaski-town Playground where I had a few hookouts but I would never even think about having a banger with Herb- I always admired him,he was one cool-cat. I also knew Leroy Kelly[NFL] from Fernhill Park but Herb could do it all-he was very good with his hands as Carmen Volpe[St. Francis "52"] discovered. Kevin! There are some interesting characters on this site and I have never acclimated myself to the Burbs. To be different, I went to church in Princeton with a lovely lady who was born in Vienna.
JBS [07-28-2010]

Vera Carey Canavan: Loved your comments about the spring and winter changes, I also removed the storm windows and putting in the screens. Love the spring look of the homes.
Jack McHugh [07-28-2010]

Frank Gairo was my uncle - my mothers brother. All my other uncles called him Sheriff, don't ask, I have no idea where that came from. If anyone knows where I can reach my cousin Pauline I would be most grateful for the information. I remember my Uncle Frank as a good natured easy going man who came to my house on Sunday to meet with his brothers and sister and have a glass of wine and talk and sometimes play music on homemade instruments.

hi to everyone we are hoping to have an even bigger turn out for our g town luncheon at la fontana's in september. september 12 or 19 let us know and we will try and do the majority vote on which date ... we are hoping everyone who joined us last time will join us again .... we certainly were happy to finally meet you and listen to your wonderful memories of our g town and to share ours with you ... funny tough a lot of us sounded as though we lived in the same house ha! but then thats what made our g town so wonderful! helen i hope to see your pretty face and of course your cousins and hopefully your sister as well this time .... this time together gives all of us on this site an opportunity to meet each other and to put a face to the name and the nameless :>) and just enjoy some time lost in the memories of old and making new memeories as well with each other. once again to those of you who will be joining us please let linda fantana know so she can give a head count to the restaurant to ensure that we have enough seats for everyone ... shiela i am so happy to hear you may be able to make this one .. it will be so good to see you again .. take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-28-2010]

What we did in the hot summers. After our chores were done we were outside until dinner and again after dinner until the street lights came on. We played under the hose and later the sprinkler. Went down to the Wissy and waded in the water, climbed the rocks, and hunted for wild life, arrowheads and let our imaginations guide us. Laid in the grass with Chrissy and Penny and discussed the different images the clouds were making. At night we put grass in an old mason jar, punched holes in the lid, and caught lighting bugs. We also played Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, tag, jump rope, hopscotch, and multiple other games. We went to the playground at Cloverly Park and participated in the summer program. Public school teachers ran free day camps throughout the city where we did Arts and Crafts, played games and went on trips to the zoo, museums, Kelly Pool, and played inter mural games with the other parks. My sister and I were on their Volleyball team and played all over the city. And yes we played against Fernhill Park. To beat the heat my mother made fresh ice tea with home grown mint leaves in it. Very refreshing. She also had a pitcher of Koolaid in the refig. We would parade our friends into the kitchen and pour a glass for everyone. Mom's system to keep the house cool was during the day the windows were almost closed and the shades pulled. As soon as the sun was off the house she opened all the windows in the house and we slept with wide open windows. We played so hard that it didn't matter how hot it was. As soon as our heads hit the pillows we were asleep. I also remember sleeping in the backyard sometimes. One summer Erda and I played 1 continuous game of monopoly all summer long with Paul Ginty. How we kept that game going I will never know but we played every single day. The funny thing is that I don't remember being hot. I just remember having fun. Oh to be young back there again.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Still in G'town [07-28-2010]

JBS: I noted your comments on Cardinal Avery Dulles. He passed away in December of 2008 and was one of my top several writers. In fact he was a lion in my estimation and I don't think we will see another like him soon. Interestingly, He was made a Cardinal (an honorary title) but was never a bishop ( a higher degree of Holy Orders than the priesthood). Kind of like skipping a grade. Around the same time Father Richard John Neuhaus passed away, another of my favorites. Like Avery Dulles he was also a convert but from the Lutheran Church; erudite, orthodox and widely published. I was a charter subscriber to his magazine "First Things" that I still get, and which defended the presence and participation of religion in the public square against the zeitgeist. I am ambivalent on the Jesuits as I find them to be of two distinct stripes; those disposed primarily to Athens and those to Jerusalem, if you get my drift. Quite unlike Aquinas who well synthesized the teachings of Aristotle and Christianity. Faith and reason (Fides et Ratio) In any case, it is good to hear your thoughts on these issues as they are bedrock. By the way, I saw that you mentioned, recently, a Jesuit Fr. Watters. About 22 years ago I lived in Penn's Landing and attended Old St. Joseph's. The pastor was a Fr. Watters. In his homilies he was well composed. I wonder if he is one and the same.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-28-2010]

Linda Fontana: I hope you pick any day except Sept. 19th. I am committed to beverages on that day with a friend blowing in from the U.K. so I can't change that date. I wanted to make the last session and couldn't due to a family problem. I would really like to make this session and meet lots of folks from the blog including yourself.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-28-2010]

Lou Giorno, I went to the last game at Connie Mack stadium with my wife and my little brother, still have the seat bottoms we sat in at my mothers garage . She still lives in Germantown on Clapier St. just off Wissahickon Ave. she has been there for 57 years.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [07-28-2010]

Gtn by-stander: I called the Prof a pompous ass in response to his original diatribe on this site which offputted many of us. You may not remember, but most of us were deeply offended by his hate and responded accordingly. In answer to our objections to him and his rage, he threatened us (especially the distaff side) with lawsuits. So much for "free speech". The Prof seemed to live by the rule of "do as I say, not as I do".
Rosemarie R. [07-28-2010]

The weekend of Sept.24-26 is Irish Weekend in Wildwood---not a good day for the La Fontana Lunch.
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [07-28-2010]

To the mindless man, or woman, who asked that political views of bloggers be rendered to the "Letters to Editor" page I say this.... you sir/madamme are a complete fool..My brother, Kevin McKernan, trained of the Army's (101st Airbone-along with his brother Bernard,of same regiment) Paratrooper squad, who always had a dog-eared copy of Plato's "Republic" sticking out of his arse pocket describes his liberal education induction well. Plato thought that a good man/woman would be bettered by education and that the "Ideal" society could only be achieved by an educated population. This, sir, is the basis of a democratic republic (The Idealist)-articulated so well by his student-Aristotle (the Realist Philospher). Who wrote the great work-"The Republic". Amen. Seems that our blogger has no belief in such a system..Oh well! Plato's view of a perfect society has cast him (and his tutor/teacher-Socrates-who we have no record of his writings). So, let me make a concluding point-this site is for Germantown Thoughts-what could be more venerable than a discussion of a 'Perfect Society'? Many folks here think Germantown of their youth was ideal-I doubt that. Yet...up Plato-the Idealist philosopher-and Kevin is quite correct in alluding to Aristotle-the Grand Realist Philosopher who showed us the best of inductive thinking-as an educator this professor longs for more figures and ideas like these men. Keep blogging Kevin. It keeps us thinking. Love-brother Jim
Jim McKernan, Professor UNC (East Carolina) [07-28-2010]

Lou - I remember Shibe Park well. When my Dad took us to a game it was called Connie Mack Stadium. I still remember walking out of the tunnel leading to the seats and never seeing so much green - I guess you could tell we were city kids. We would sit on the first base side so we could get a better view of Ruben Amaro making plays at shortstop. I also remember my Dad parking on the street and getting one of the neighborhood kids to "watch" his car for a couple bucks. It was always there when we returned. I also remember that on summer nights you could see the lights of Connie Mack Stadium from a hill at Fern Hill Park.
Anon [07-28-2010]

Hey Mizzi, Great to see you on this site.
Bonnie (Joe) Gatto [07-28-2010]

Re Bill Maule I knew Bill. Believe we went to St. Francis ('57) & NC ('61) together. As I recall, we was a nice guy. Joe Taylor, Athens, GA
joe taylor [07-28-2010]

How about a Saturday?? for the Germantown get together this time?? Just a thought..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [07-28-2010]

To Germantowner - High & magnolia - I did find out that there is an Arthur Brett who ia 70 years old and has a wife named Patricia who is 69 years old. they are living in Phila. unfortunately, I don't have the white pages where I am. I believe you can locate the address. Let me know how you make out. I will keep on trying.
ANNAMARIE [07-27-2010]

I remember that we used to put a big old fan in the back second floor bedroom window, which was supposed to (in theory) pull the air through all of the bedrooms. Anyone sleeping on the third floor got no relief, and the fan was so noisy it kept everyone awake anyway. Does anyone remember the round floor fans (called hassock fans, I think), or the fans that you filled with ice?
Lynne [07-27-2010]

Rosemarie: Yes, anyone can suggest a sun. in Sept. I am game for going to LaFontana's on the 12th or 19th, anyone else? It should be nicer weather by then,too. Linda "F".
L.Fontana [07-27-2010]

Rosemarie hite -Malageri: our homes do sound similar now, don't they? Hot in the summmer> but, full of love and wonderful neighbors. My family always ate dinner at 1:00 on sunday afternoon..You could smell the aroma of my mother's spaghetti sauce from across the street, I am sure. Even in the summer, she'd make 'homemades'..e.g. the long stringy pasta....they now call Angel Hair, etc. Nothing could beat the taste of her meatballs/ and sausage,either....yum yum, I am getting hungry and it's almost breaktime here where I work, so have to run for food/(lol) Love and peace to all of you "G"towners....never ever forget that great memories of growing up/ they're what keeps us all sane. xo
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [07-27-2010]

Don't want to step on anyone's right to "free speech", but most of us are not interested in anyone's political views or their personal take on past history. They have a section in the newspaper for that - it's called Letters to the Editor. Please let's just keep on point and talk about Germantown past and present, touching base with old friends and the glory days of our youth.
Anonymous [07-27-2010]

My old friend, Bill Maule, passed away over the weekend after a long illness. I know a lot of his old Germantown friends post on this site, and I thought many of you would like to know. His wake is on Thursday night in Lansdale and his funeral Mass is on Friday morning at Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Church in Montgomeryville. Bill was a great guy with a generous heart. When I last saw him it was before he became ill and we talked at length about all our old Germantown friends. Bill had a long and happy marriage and raised three great sons. Say a little prayer for Bill and his family.
Joseph F. D'Angelo [07-27-2010]

Rosemarie Hite Malageri, I'm planning to be at the lunch in September! I'm going to try my best anyway!
Sheila [07-27-2010]

MARGUERITE SCHMITT BRADLEY c/o John Bruce Schmitt. Madam, It's been more than fifty years since you and I exchanged books and fines over that central desk in your little fiefdom in Vernon Park--The Free Library of Phila. You ran a tight ship, a very tight ship. My young friends and I called it the QUIET ZONE! And I suspect, but can't remember, if you were the one we called "The Big Shusher". We were very young and rambunctious and must have been a load in the beginning. I hope you will accept my very belated apology. You or one of your co-workers changed my life. You turned me on to Homer's "Iliad". Talk about starting at the beginning, this is probably the oldest work in western literature, and one of the best. The sack of Troy so inspired me, you followed it up with the "Odyssey". That did it! I was hooked! Like all that bibical begatting stuff, Ulysses lead me to Alexander-The-Great, on to Socrates, then Plato and that giant in philosophy, Aristotle. Some of these later figures would not reach fruition with me until my University days. By then, I took to metaphysics, epistemology and aesthetics like a duck to water, especially interesting were Political Philosophy and Ethics....I believe when I left your sphere of influence (early sixties), I was into the Norman invasion of England, The Domesday Book and the decline of the Vikings under emerging Christianity. Looking back, I can trace my educational trajectory to your little library in Vernon Park and the good Nuns from St. Vincent's. Hi! seems insufficient. I owe you my deepest THANKS! It might please you to know that my old, dog-eared library card is still one of my most precious possessions. I use it weekly. And yes, I do spend time exploring the DDC system you showed me how to use, primarily in History (100), and Philosophy/Religion (100/200). See...your influence carries on. I sincerely hope that in your retirement years you are still polishing that tough guy patina your son, JB acquired hanging out with those dubious characters...outside your purview, of course.
kevin McKernan, anta Barbara, CA. [07-27-2010]

Bernard McKernan: When are your sisters Mary and Sarah going to weigh in. Given the family talents, I am sure they would add to the daily chowder and stir things up a bit. I noted, with nostalgia, your comments on Hy Lit. Do you remember on WIBG, Bill Wright (the rebel wright). "Top of the mornin' with the rebel Wright. it's Chock full o'nuts coffee time, on the top 99". Also all of the commercials for "Cy Harold's Men's and Boy's Wear at 54th and City Line" open 24 hours a day. "Stop in and say hello to Cy and have a free cup of coffee". My brother and I stopped in one morning around 3AM after some serious drinking to say hello to Cy and have a cup of coffee. Needless to say, he wasn't there. Oh well! We did get the coffee but it wasn't good. Tasted burnt!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-27-2010]

louis pauzano:I'M related to gairo family who lived on keyser st. move to fernhill rd.frank,mary, pauline.pauline is married has three sons all married with children living in newton bucks county.pauline had a career in financial services business,plus she is accomplish italian cook she makes all great dishes.aunt mary still alive live with pauline and her husband joe.sorry i missed the last reunion @scoozes .how is your brother feeling i heard he had some health issues.also frank klock you committed a faux paux when ordering a screwdriver @nicks was shot and beer joint. john[mizzy] miglionico happy hollow
john miglionico, happy hollow [07-27-2010]

How many of you remember going to Shibe Park\ Connie Mack Stadium-and paying a neighborhood kid 25cents to watch you car?
lou giorno, lou from north wales [07-27-2010]

Rosemarie-You were one of the persons who called Prof. Jim McKernan a pompous ass - he is nothing like that having spent his life as an educator with a social conscience. Now you call for tolerance on this site!
Gtn by-stander [07-27-2010]

Sorry---I can spell I can't type
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [07-27-2010]

Annamarie, Looks like we are not going to get any help from Sonny(Hat) Brett's niece. I did not get a response to the letter I sent her more than a month ago. I followed this up with a telephone call a week ago & left a message on her answering machine, but still no response. I guess our contact in MA. was right on when he said I probably would not get any help from the Seraphin's/ Brett's that are left up there. I had lunch last week with George Fresolone, Vince Grandenetti,and Vince Cutri, & we seem to think that if we are ever going to find out anything about Sonny it will have to come from Theresa Marchese who seems to be the last person from G-TOWN to have had any contact with our buddy Sonny Hat. If Helen Leone D'Angelo is following our search maybe she can get some leads on Sonny's where-a-bouts from T.M. & pass them on.
G-TOWNER - High& Magnolia [07-27-2010]

JBS, firstly I want to thaank your mum for her outstanding service as a Librarian, I would be grateful if you would extend my regards and those of my family to her-my wife, Valerie, was head of Reader Services in Ireland's largest library-the main desk at University College Dublin where I laboured for many years-Librarians are the real "keepers of the culture" and my hat is off to them as well as our committed teachers. It was most likely I who read the history books-I loved history and going to the Vernon Park Library after school at St Vinnie's and doing my homework there often. I always felt comfortable around books and also revered the small library further down Gtn Ave-I think the Friends Library(?) that had that lovely second floor balcony. But back to Irish history-I grew up on Irish stories courtesy of Da, who was from the old country. The prof you mention was a postgraduate student (meself) as I was the only one who knew Tom Leher's "Vatican Rag" and other ditties which I performed at the Continental Hotel (not Colonial) in Lower Salthill, Galway. I arrived in 1971, a Master's Research student under Rev. Professor Eustas O'Heideain, the Prof who got me a three month early out of the war. I wanted to do research on the Northern Ireland "Troubles"-but the good Prof would not hear of it-he put me to work with the poor "tinkers" the travelling nomads who were seeking to settle down. In my two years in Galway-a town not affected by the civil war-we got 30 of the 36 Traveller families housed. On foot of this I got my wish-a PhD scholarship to work on peace education in Northern Ireland. Yes, me and Val were there from 1973-1980 during the height of the violence in Northern Ireland. I even taught the fighters on both sides in the conflict as a prison teacher in County Derry. I even sang the 'Vatican Rag' up in the North-funny thing is the Irish at heart are true pagans and love to see the "mickey" taken out of the Church people! Was not able to travel "home" to Ireland this summer due to a broken foot which is slow to mend. My lad Ross, just got married here and he and his bride have gone to live in the ol homestead in south Dublin. He has a good tech degree in computing and logistics but no jobs here-it is poor in Ireland as well. But I am delighted he is home in the house where he was reared up. I'll be retiring back to Ireland soon but I still have some "professing" to do here-this will be my 57th year going back to school or college as either a student or professor. I love the work of educating teachers. Best wishes to all.
Jim McKernan, Professor,Greenville NC [07-27-2010]

Bernie McKernan: I wondered if you heard about the young American Professorial- Minstrel who played Vatican-Rag in Northern Ireland during the 70's. Your brother Jim,The Professor, might have known him and given the guy some sound advice-it was a very dangerous act. I noticed that you spent a little time at The Woodbine in Palmyra NJ and did a little dancing. You could have taken one of your dancing partners up 73 to The Charles Lounge for a night-cap where the lights were low and dim-a little ambiance. On a higher note,your blog about Avery Dulles,The Jesuit Cardinal, really resonated with me. He came to St. Paul's in Princeton where I heard him speak. His classmate from Choate,Hugh Wynne lived in Princeton and his wife[Irene Paris] was good friends with my wife Ludmila. My friend from The Prep,George Bur S.J.,lived at The Jesuit House where Cardinal Avery stayed. Avery Dulles was my hero and a member of The Famous Dulles Family. His father was John Foster Dulles and his uncle was Allen Dulles who was The Director of The Company[CIA]. I knew that you encounter many Company Guys in The Chesapeake Bay Area-one must be careful what one says if you know what I mean. Avery Dulles also went to Choate,Wallingford Connecticut with JFK who fired his Uncle Allen Dulles as Director of The CIA. JFK had a shaky relationship with many CIA folks-especially after The Bay Of Pigs debacle. Avery Dulles had been an atheist when he attended Harvard. He became a believer when he saw a dying tree beginning to grow along the Charles River. He converted to Cathoicism and became a member of The Other Company-The Jesuits. As you know, God speaks to The Jesuits and they have an unique dialogue. It is ironic that a Jesuit became a cardinal-they were expelled from The Church in the 18th century and practiced their faith in Russia when Catherine The Great was The Czararina. Bernie! Keep sailing!
John Bruce Schmitt [07-27-2010]

I remember on hot nights with no AC my Mother would tell us to sleep with out head at the bottom of the bed. Some way it made you feel cooler. Probably just a psychological thing.
anonymous [07-27-2010]

Lou Pauzano - when you go to Texas Weiners, come back and tell us how great they were. Get em with "The Works"... I see they opened up a Collingswood branch. The Snyder Avenue eatery has been there since the 1920s. Here is a link to their website...... http://www.texaswieners.com/
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-27-2010]

Helen: Yes, I, too, remember the good old days when neighbors..were 'still' neighborly...and sat outside on summer nights with beverages in hand, chatting away..gosh, do I ever miss "G" town (lots of nights) now, yes I DO>>> Love, from me to you all.
L.Fontana [07-26-2010]

One of the reasons I stopped contributing to this site was that some people have been very mean and nasty and should be reminded that this site is just for memories (albeit good or bad) of Germantown, not for your personal vitriol and bias. Take a happy pill before you write anything in, please. My kudos to JBS who seems to be the epitome of tact and diplomacy. I don't know how he does it with some of the flak he's had to endure, but God bless him.
Rosemarie R. [07-26-2010]

Bill Cupo ­ nice memories. I too have special memories of Wildwood. My family used to vacation there most years. One year they switched off to the Poconos, where we went 2 weeks instead of the usual 1 week at the shore. Talk about boring......... We swam and rowboated in Lake Waulenpaupack in the day, but there was absolutely nothing to do at night in that small cabin. No TV, nothing. My mother, to this day, cringes at the memory of that “vacation”. There for two weeks with 5 very bored kids…. Senior Week in Wildwood was a blast. Had such a good time that I went back down there the following year for my buddy’s Senior Week. I still go down Wildwood once or twice a year. Needless to say, it isn’t the same…...but I go to remember. Folks, there is a photo album of shore memories of the various South Jersey shore resorts from back in the day on the Friends of Immaculate website. Check it out at: http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com/
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-26-2010]

Summer on Morris St. in the 50's--heavey rugs were put away-straw rugs were put down-drapes came doen-windows bare or had sheer curtins--slip covers were put on the itchy living room furniture---it looked cooler-so it was-the thick stone walls helped-big trees in the yard also helped keep us cool
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [07-26-2010]

Hey Anon, why would you 'assume' that 'another anon' is a 'fem', it could just be one of us guys, ha
ANON [07-26-2010]

hi linda it sounds as though you grew up in the same house i did .. ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-26-2010]

vera carey canavan linda and i are trying for september hopefully this will work for you and anyone who is interested in joining us ... anybody wants to throw out some dates if fine with us, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-26-2010]

Professor Jim Mckernan: You have been relatively dormant on this site recently. However, your brothers have been making laudable contributions. You probaly think with my Germanic name and experience in Germany and Eastern Europe that I am not interested in Irish Culture and History. In the past I have frequented IRA- Establishments and knew people who made contributions to Irish Causes. On this site, you are the Repositor of Irish History and Culture. You appear to be an analyst of cognitive skills. In the 70's, there was an American Professor who performed at various IRA-type venues in Ireland. Are you familiar with The Colonial Hotel in Salt Hill, Galway. It is not necessary to out anybody and you can be opaque. You have expertise in vetting people. Can you explain to me why this professorial-minstrel would perform Vatican-Rag in Northern Ireland. Why would this legendary professor attempt something so risky and life-threatening. Were you in Ireland during this period?-I am sure that you have some insight about that scary situation. Incidentally, my mother[Marguerite Schmitt] wanted to know which Mckernan Brother was always asking about 970[history] with The Dewey-Decimal System. Jim! Your brothers with their military background were always aware of danger. Many folks on this site were also aware of stranger-danger-Germantown was an excellent training ground. There are many people from various professions. who will be interested in your take on the aforementioned topic.
JBS [07-26-2010]

Many thanks to all on this site for refering me to the hot dog store at Carlisle and Snyder Ave. I have been in South Phila for the last 34 years and probably have driven past it hundreds of tmes and never knew it has such a good reputation. Needless to say I am going to give it a try. Also to Anon, I do remember the Gairo family. They lived on the 4900 block of Keyser St. I believe the family consisted of the parents Frank and Mary Gairo and a daughter Pauline who I believe was a classmate of mine at St Michael's. I also think Pauline dated Vince Higgins who was a lineman at La Salle. Finally, to Mark Bambrick, There were two Klock families in G-Town at the time. The family that you reference was the family that operated the butcher shop at 184 W Manheim St where I worked through my high school and college years. I knew the family real well in fact Cynthia Klocks son and my son were classmates at St. Joseph's Prep. Last I knew of the them they were residents of Ocean City, N.J. They were not related to Frank Klock who I also knew from the neighborhood. Hope this helps. I will let all know how it goes when I try one of those Hot Dogs. Best to all Lou
Louis F Pauzano Sr., 68 yrs old,south phila [07-26-2010]

Why does Gman assume that aNON is a woman? Sexist? Only tough with women? Just wondering.
Anonymous Also [07-26-2010]

Glad you're thinking of coming to the next lunch Vera - we'll have so much fun.

ANON.------ I remember Frank Gairo and Family from Fern Hill Rd. I first met Frank,who was bartending at NICK'S BAR/CAFE on the "CORE" HAPPY HOLLOW CORNER of WAYNE and LOGAN STS., the night I turned 21. Proudly, with my newly "validated" DRAFT CARD ID in hand, I stepped up to the Bar. Frank ignored the proferred ID CARD, looked at me and said,"What'll you have?" And I said," A SCREWDRIVER." AND FRANK said to me,"WHAT'S THIS?--A F------ NIGHTCLUB?!", and poured me a glass of SCHMIDT'S BEER. He was gruff, but was a damn nice guy and very hardworking. P.S. A few weeks later, Frank agreed to make me a SCREWDRIVER if I'd go up to PALO'S MARKET and buy my own Orange Juice. Which I did. And Frank then made us BOTH a SCREWDRIVER. Perhaps more NICK'S stories later. Frank Klock.
Frank Klock(FFK) [07-26-2010]

MARK BAMBRICK---- In answer to your query, You are thinking of Joseph Klock and Family who had a Butcher Shop at Wayne Ave. and Manheim St. My family,no relation, lived up Greene St. a couple blocks up from you on the Red Brick Road of 117 W. Abbottsford Ave.,right at the base of LOGAN PARK. I had one younger sister,Charlotte. Though I did coach Joe Klock's eldest son,JOEL,as a catcher on St. Francis of Assisi's CYO 8TH Grade Team, along with Hughie McInaw, Bobby McGinly,Joe Schimpf(whose name is on the VietNam Wall)and many others who were subjected to my coaching "style". God Bless Them. Frank Klock.
Frank Klock(FFK) [07-26-2010]

Bill Cupo: What memorable memories your blog on Wildwood evoked; it was indeed a respite from the hurly-burly of summertime life in hot, old Germantown. Often I thought that I might become part of the seascape had it not been for those "three dogs for a buck, samples of fudge and slices of rubber pizzas." Oh, to be a young man surrounded by so much temptation. Now that I'm in the August time of life, I find it easier (safer) to avoid temptation than to resist it. Keep posting, lad. You have a flair for it.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [07-26-2010]

The one armed man was none other than the guy who killed Dr. Richard Kimbal's wife, on TV and Movies.
Westside Guy [07-26-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo:- Your take back in time stirred up some nostalgic memories of my own childhood. Summer days for us families who were confined to the inner city & of limited finances took to "Tar Beach". Ah, the quiet vestige up on the roof of our homes where you could fry an egg & the tar ruined many a good blanket. Eyes closed semi asleep, drifting off i can still hear the sounds of the nitty gritty daily workers day in the Germantown of the forties & fifties. Trucks rumbling down church lane, Watermelon man, fruit vendors, cap guns blazing "pop pop". We didn't have transistor radio's then so we would use the one from inside & connect cord after cord stretching it outside on the roof. Later we would or I, would get under the "Hose". An inexpensive thrifty way to cool off. On occasion when we felt brazen, off came the fireplug & all enjoyed a respite until the 14th didtrict's finest came calling. We scattered like roaches in the night when the lights came on.......Much later in the evening the Mc Kernan porch resembled a mini United Nations of sorts. We had a enormous porch & it attracted every kid in the neighborhood of all ethnicity's. Ours was a very diverse neighborhood. I used to think it was because of my leadership & charm but soon discovered it was all about my two older lovely sisters Mary & Sarah. A raving redhead & a vivacious brunette. Exhausted from all the yarns being spent i too would make my way to the bed replete with a puddle of sweat, a pack of Lucky-Strikes, fan blowing hot air all around the room & having the radio tuned into WIBG with either Joe Niagra or Hy-Ski. Hy-Lit was the man with the plan & slicker than a bat's tooth. Many years later in the mid nineties i happened upon a place in N.Jersey called the "Woodbine Inn" Perhaps some of you may recall that gin mill as evidence in your divorce litigations. Anyway, the D.J. was none other than the infamous Hy-Lit. What a shallow shadow of himself, he looked as if he had just left his undertaker & been embalmed. I felt so sad that this once proud handsome man was reduced to spinning discs to patrons who were not even born back in his heyday. Later i read the sad news of his passing. May he RIP.....life, always a mixture of the bitter with the sweet. That;s how it was for me & still is.
bernard f mckernan, 69yrs. Balto / Annapolis Md [07-26-2010]

To all of you boatless boaters. As a common courtesy remember to offer if not insist on helping with your share of the days expenses ( fuel, bait, adult beverages). A Boat, (Bring Out Another Thousand) though we do it for the love of the water, is quite an expense. To Anon I also remember the slot car track at Wayne and Chelten. A good friend of my father used to work there. To FFK are you the same guy that used to stop in at the Rose Cafe (formerly Takers)?
Joe DePero, 53, Levittown, St Mikes 70 [07-26-2010]

Linda, what did we do without air conditioning in the 50's? At night, on Stafford St., we sat out on our front steps and talked to neighbors until one by one each would retire to bed. I would climb the 2 flights of narrow stairs to the 3rd floor where sleep would finally come usually with the help of Hy Lit on the radio. In the morning the radio would still be on, Oh, if my Mom knew - deep trouble!

Anon, I lived next to snake alley on Garfield st. It ran from the middle of Garfield to the middle of Seymore. I think Bobby Stockard lived at the Seymore end.Many a BB gun fights in that alley. George Scarpello owned the store on Seymore and I worked there a few years before he sold it and bought a supermarket in Nicetown I think.
Joe Leone [07-25-2010]

Thanks for such a nice letter..I've met so many nice people on this site. I'll give your "hellos" to Hank Crane when the Brothers Deely meet there in early August to solve the "world's problems" (if you know what I mean)..In re the Canadian Club refernce,I drink that because it's a blend and @ 73 years of age, blends are more amenable to my system..(I was not trying to impress anyone)..That McKernan Family which you say hails from East Germantown is not known to me. "Collectively" their erudition is unlike any I've seen in East G'Town.I'll try to contact one of the family members and see if there are any common grounds we can discuss...Thanks agin for your nice note..
JBS [07-25-2010]

does anyone remember the gairo family from germantown?
ANON [07-25-2010]

What is the date of the next La Fontana get together? I really want to put some faces to names.
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [07-25-2010]

To ANON Yes I remember the store near the end of Seymour st. There was alley next to his store that I think went thru to Garfield St. I lived at 92 Garfied untill I was a about 8 years old. then we moved to clapier St. The alleys did no go all the way thru the one alley was next to Mc Curdys and split east and west at my back yard they ran behind the houses, the yards on Clapier were higher the the ones on Seymour I think there were four different entrances, you had to climb a fence to go all the thru. The yards on Seymour were small and I think they were cement. Ther also was a store at clapier and Wakefield called flowers market because that was there name I was sent to flowers so I know his first name is George, but I do not remember the one arm mans name.
Ray Dawes, 67 living in Oreland [07-25-2010]

aNON, Maybe aNon should mind her own business and not anticipate Gmans enjoyment of life. You try to pick on Gman but just examine and worry about your own meager existence and let others worry about their own.
Gman [07-25-2010]

Dennis McGlinchy: Need your email please; the AOL one no longer works. Moose
charlie herrmann aka Moose, Penn and Magnolia [07-25-2010]

Mike and others, the Doo-Wop Concert at Penn's Landing starts at 12:30pm until 7:00pm on Sept. 11, 2010. Great oldies music with a Capella groups too. Info: www.phillydoowopfestival.org
Dave Linn [07-25-2010]

Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly: You make a keen point in that the best way to enjoy boating is at someone else's expense. I often heard that remark prior to my entrance into the "Pouring money into the hole in the water club" but alas, i didn't take heed. My experiences have netted me the following : Broken & or skinned knuckles, regular visits to the Chiropractor, many more to the confessional for using the Lord's name in vain & of course the fractured bank account. Nevertheless i soldiered err, sailed on.- Similar to childbirth i am told, a lot of pain & suffering but the sheer few moments of joy are a natural high that are quickly followed by more pain & suffering. Makes a lot of sense eh?... Guess some us us are just gluttons for punishment. Lorraine, i see you live in Fla. Whereabouts as i have several family members there in the Ocala / Port Richey area. Where also from Gtn did you hail? I had a Margaret (Peggy Kelly in my class @ St. Vincent's, she came from a large Catholic Irish (what else) family in Cowtown. Is there any relation? I hope you all have a nice cool wkn'd because it is supposed to be hotter than Satan's "Tookas" after eating a burrito @ Taco Bell.
bernard f mckernan, 69yrs. Balto / Annapolis Md [07-24-2010]

Dennis McG - Texas Weiner's @ Carlisle & Snyder is the same hot dog which many Germantowner's ate at The Little Dog House which was right next door to the New Lyric theater at Germantown & Manheim. You'r right when you say to get the "works" on that dog.
Lover of Dogs [07-24-2010]

Mike Deely: I was conflicted when I read your blog. I was happy to see the gentleman from Hilton Head appear on this site but I had a deep vicarious feeling when I learned what you must endure. Everything pales next to the loss of a loved one. You are fortunate to be with your brother, Father John of Saint Sophia in Tokyo. Father John,a spiritual and intellectual mentor for many,can offer you solace and comfort in these difficult times. My prayers are with you and your family. I know that you and Father John will have a feast at Crane's in Hilton head. I knew The Crane Brothers for many years. I was particularly friendly with Hank's brother-Tom. He and I had a penchant for those four-legged creatures-The Ponies. Tom was married to Sonny Jurgenson's[QB] wife. Tom Crane was friends with Don Burns who owned the Springhouse Tavern. I visit my mother in Gwynedd Estates which is near The Springhouse- I stop there for lunch with No CC. I see that you imbibe in top shelf liquor,probaly CC Reserve. The Professor from Tarhill Country recommends Proleterian Beverages. In my callow youth, I drank Imperial-what a bite. When I hang out with Professors,they drink wine and I go along with the program. Like you,The McKernan Brothers are from East Germantown, I can envision you and Bernie sailing down The Chesapeake toasting with Jameson Irish Whiskey. I can only imagine the conversation between you,Bernie and Dan Hartnett- No Blarney just high-level talk. Mike! I commiserate with you, I know how painful it is for you but you are a man of deep faith and a trooper from Germantown.
JBS [07-24-2010]

To Frank Klock: Frank did you live on Wayne Ave. right above Manheim St.? Do you have a brother John and a sister Patty? My brother Tim used to hang with John and my sister Cathy used to hang with Patty. Please let me know. To Anon: Yes, I remember the slot car raceway on Chelten Ave. next to Firestone. I used to go there with my brother and race the slot cars; so much fun. In the 1980's the Firestone store was a West Coast video store.
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in g-town 1960-1970. [07-24-2010]

Dave Linn: What time is the Doo-Wop Concert? 7:00 pm? Thanks Mike.
Mike Garvey [07-24-2010]

I always get a thrill heading down to the Jersey Shore at this time of year, because it brings back so many nice memories. As a little kid growing up in Germantown, the Jersey Shore seemed like paradise found. In the late 50'a and early 60's, my mom and dad would take our vacation in Tuckerton, N.J.. My mom's sister owned a little bungalow on the lagoon that had 2 bedrooms and a million mosquitoes. On the weekend, my aunt and uncle would come down and join us and take us all out on his boat to fish for flounder and do some crabbing with hand lines. That boat was so fast and sometimes he would let me drive it in the bay. He had a boat dock and a fishing pier on his property and my cousins and I would spend hours fishing in the lagoon or trapping minows for the following day. For a middle class kid, this was living the good life. As I got older, I was allowed to go to Wildwood with my friends Bruce Galati and Steven McCoy. We would take our suitcases and get on the "L" bus to Broad and Olney and then get on the subway to the bus station at 9th and Filbert. Round trip to Wildwood was about $3 and it dropped us off in the center of town. We would walk to the Melrose hotel on Garfield Ave and get to our room; two beds and a sink with the bathroom at the end of the hall. We would get two meals a day included(breakfast and dinner)and our bill was $35 dollars apiece for the entire week. Of course we always tried to meet some girls on the boardwalk with some "cheesy" pick up lines and we always seemed to be successful somehow. Of course in those days, you had to be off the street by 11 P.M. if you were under 18, which we were. Can you imagine letting you kid do that today? They wouldn't make it past the subway ride. Wildwood holds some great memories from my youth and I continue to go there with my wife to stay with our friends in the Crest. When I go up on the boardwalk now, I still get a kick out of the sights and sounds of the arcades and rides, and the smell of sausage and pepper sandwiches with fried onions. If I look real hard, I can still see three guys from G-town hanging on the railings and enjoying their summer of fun. By the way; "watch the tram car please"/
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69" [07-24-2010]

Sometimes when the heat and humidity got too much for me back in old Germantown, it helped to recall "cooler" memories. In Jan. 1956, the winter Olympics were being televised for the 1st time from Cortina, Italy. I was a young boy and awed by it all. The American woman skaters (T. Albright & C. Hess), dominated lady's figures, and the U.S. men did well also, while the Austrian juggernaut, Tony Sailer, a man that would play a small role in my future, took the gold in all three Alpine contests held then: Downhill, Slalom and Giant Slalom. Watching this is when "the great idea" struck me. "I will go for the gold! I shall build an ice rink!" With little dams here and there I was able to fill our yard with a hose until it froze into an ice rink, an engineering feat I was quite pleased with...so what if a little over-spray got onto the cement steps up to the house. I had my Christmas ice skates from Miller's Sporting Goods (Gtn.&Price St.), and went to bed with dreams of gold in my head. So, what could go wrong here? No one told the father. In he comes late after a hard week in NYC, two quarts of Philadelphia's finest--Ortlieb's beer--in a brown paper bag, his arm securely around them. I guess you know what happens when shoe leather meets ice. It was the sound of breaking glass, followed by a loud roar that mentioned our saviour"s name numerous times that awakened me. Hell, it would wake the dead as he always accused us boys of doing. In the morning, after "that look and a talk", he was in a better mood, and as he watched the sun melt my ice rink, he gave me that little smile, the same kind he gave me after the time we had built a pole vault pit in the side yard (boys can be hard on yards). Sadly, my quest for gold was melting down Church Lane, a little puddle, stained yellow with little shards of broken, brown beer glass--was all that remained. Thirty years later I would travel to Innsbruck, Austria with a ski club, stay in the Tony Sailer Hotel (he invested his earnings wisely--no Schnapps nor Frauliens for Heir Sailer), and skied the white, cold Alps, a winter scene right out of Dr. Zhivago, all the way down to Cortina, Italy in the Italian Dolomite region, where Sailer swept the gold and where the last outdoor skating competition took place. Stay cool, Germantowners, cooler weather will be here before you know it....JBS, thanks for the kind words and a sincere Hi! to your dear mother. As Errol Flynn once said, "You're a scholar and a gentleman."
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [07-24-2010]

rich---SALLY-Jimmy-MARIANNE ARE MY COUSINS-all are well-post your e-mail address i will make sure they get it.
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [07-24-2010]

Rich--the O'Connells are cousins---I do knoe where they are give me your e-mail address and i will pass it on.
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [07-24-2010]

Dan Hartnett: Ah hah, i stand / sit corrected. All souls are in reality "Holy Souls eh?.....To borrow a play on words such as "Sarah, I make it up as i go along-Palin",....Holy Souls was the name of the school i attended in first grade. Sr. Ann Carmel, that name has a familiar ring to it. I am wondering if she along with my dear Aunt Sister Helen Rita eventually transferred to St. Vincent's. During that time in the late forties early fifties, St. Vincent's had a bit of a "Hoity- Toity" air about itself. Being as how the priest's & Nun's lived, compared to other parishes with maybe the exception of Immaculate Conception, It was a good time to be in Germantown. I am familiar with the area you live in. Bucks County Pa. is home to many of my nieces, nephews & former in-laws that now consider me an outlaw. personally A sidebar note to JBS, I can recall meeting personally some years back the Rev. Avery Dulles @ a gathering after he celebrated mass @ St. Ignatius. I fondly remember his father the good Secretary of state of the United States under Dwight D. Eisenhower's administration & to which the airport Dulles Airport in Virginia is named after. Cardinal Dulles was an extraordinary individual who at being appointed to the college of Cardinals in the Vatican was quite if not an almost impossibility for a Jesuit priest. An example would be like mixing water with oil to many of the inner circle in the Vatican. I hope & look forward to the gathering of all Germantowner's in the fall. JBS, Dan H.,.. Fear not, rest easy...swimming lessons are not necessary on Aquila. She has the skin thicker than probably "Goo's" of the hollow & she will float like a butterfly. Bro Jim, in his recollection of our past escapades, forgot to mention that when the storm broke, I said:" Row or swim" to which actions spoke louder than words in that Jim was moving hands & feet so fast he looked like a windmill.
bernard f mckernan, 69yrs old, lived on church la # 205 [07-24-2010]

I thought Snake Alley was on the west side of Gtn. Av. and next to a sandwich shop called Marie's. I don't remember an alley between Garfield and Seymore. I do remember a small alley that ran between Seymore and Clapier. Does anyone remember the Unity Frankford store on East Seymore that was owned by a guy who had one arm ?
Anon. [07-24-2010]

To all former "G"towner's....with this very hot and humid weather upon us..I was wondering how (ANY) of us survived some record breaking temperatures in the summertime (maybe) back in the fifties or sixties? Most of the people I knew of didn't have A/C/ not in their homes nor in their vehicles. So you would take a bath, (that's what we did back then,) bathed, not showered....and get all dressed up for a wedding or other events..and begin to perspire before we even exited our homes..My second fl. bathroom was very small, with only a tiny window for ventilation.Which, of course, only produced 'hot air' blowing through. We sure weren't spoiled back then..no computers, nor cell phones...or Big Screen T.V. sets, my oh my, how did we live? ha ha However, from the memories I am reading here, we did just fine. Thanks for bearing with the length of this ...I could go on and on, but, I will stop now, and welcome other stories. Most Respectfully, Linda "F">
L.Fontana [07-24-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: I miss you,too. You are one sharp cookie...hope to see you soon, as it's only about '6' more wks. til Sept.& yahoo (our next LaFontana Luncheon). I think more will show up this time around. How is your sister doing? Peace and Love, Linda "F".
L.Fontana [07-24-2010]

Dan Hartnett - no wading here, I enjoyed your post. Thanks!
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-24-2010]

Gman you do not seem to enjoy anything in life. All you do is complain. Get started on the right track-button up and start to fly right-I am sure there is some good in every man. Fly. Whoosssh
aNON [07-24-2010]

To Mike Buchanan: You mentioned The Irish Census of 1910? Is there a website for this?? If so, would appreciate you forwarding it to e-mail at brbluis@yahoo.com Thanx. Joe Taylor
joe taylor, athens, ga go Dawgs! [07-22-2010]

Man Shot During Germantown Robbery A man was critically wounded during an apparent robbery in theGermantown section of the city Wednesday afternoon.
X G Towner [07-22-2010]

Lou, I think the stake shop your referring to was called the snack bar and it was next to Spring alley. Some real bad actors hung out at that place.If you can remember the Frank Brookhouser show on Sunday nights he would always comment about the the activities there which were usually crime related. Snake alley ran between Garfield and Seymore sts.
Joe Leone [07-22-2010]

Mark this date down, Sept. 11, 2010, for the Annual Doo-Wop Concert at Penn's Landing. The Concert is Free, all the proceeds from the food & drink go to support Veterans who are in need of help. If you love the oldies, you'll love this music.There is usually a good turnout from Germantown in attendance.
Dave Linn, U.S. Army Veteran [07-22-2010]

Kevin McKernan: I appreciate your kindness and understanding in my confusing the two great Italian actors-Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. It is not confabulation but merely the aging process taking place. I did remember The Tango Scene in "Scent of The Women". The Colonel[AL PACINO] ordered Jack Daniels for himself and Schlitz for Charlie The Preppie. It is interesting how the memory works. Your Brother Bernie and I knew many Jesuits,I remembered the Schlitz beer from my Jesuit connection. My Uncle,Julian Kirchmann graduated from The Prep in 1932 with Frank Sellinger who was the president of Schlitz Beer. Frank Sellinger's Brother was Joseph Sellinger S.J. who was the president of Loyola University in Baltimore. Possibly,Brother Bernie remembered him from his days in Baltimore. Ironically,my German Uncle Julian preferred Jack Daniels over beer. My uncle would have liked Brother Bernie and Mike Deely since he liked Big Boats which he navigated on The Intra-Coastal. Professor Jim[younger brother] reminded me and my Jesuit educated friend[Frank Klock] that we have to work harder in our literary endeavors. FFK is your age and graduated from North in 1962 where he was an outstanding student and a talented actor in the school play under the direction of Dave Loscalzo-my former neighbor. FFK went to St. Joe College where he hung out with 2 other smart guys-Dr. Joseph DeAngelo and the eminent lawyer and actor-Dave Glancey.Notwithstanding my failing memory,I always regarded Frank Klock as a person with a laudable intellect and literary gifts- I applaud his poetry. His poetic mentor was Robert Goo Guarinello,The Legendary Hollow Icon. Frank also picked up some of his poker skills from The Goo. I would never want to play poker with FFK or Paul Borian who probaly paid for his weekends when he played cards with the rich kids from Nova. Mike Deely wanted to know what schools The McKernan Brothers attended. I know that you went to St. Vincent's where many of the students went to The Vernon Park Library. My mother[Marguerite Schmitt] helped The McKernan Brothers with their book selection-utilizing the Dewey Decimal System. My mother is still alive and would be very happy that The Mckernan Brothers are so literate and steeped in literature,books and film. Marguerite Schmitt Bradley would also be pleased to know that Brother Patrick went into the art-field. Kevin! You and your siblings are an eclectic group-especially in the poltical arena.
JBS [07-22-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: It is a date. Don't be alarmed if you see me come through the door assisted by a cluster of "Angels". The past thirteen years i have had the good fortune to be carried through some difficult periods of illness. It's all good now & i owe it all to the man upstairs err, perhaps Lady? also. If i can get bro. Jim healed enough from his broken foot, perhaps Dr. Jim, if i can drag him along will assist in bringing order to the table. I promise,.. i can make bail for the two of us & yes,.....I do feel lucky.
bernard f mckernan, Baltimore / Annapolis 69yrs retired. [07-22-2010]

Dan Hartnett, your remarks vis a vis bro Bernard are quite dead on. This man has a passion for the water. I recall once my lovely Irish wife Valerie, coming on to his quite small skiff of a boat to do a trip on the Severn River-opposite Annapolis. Well all was well until midriver woes set in-the fuel ran out-here we were at the mercy of the sea-no kidding oil tankers the size of Godzilla bearing down on us nearly washing all three Val, me and moleman out ofthe boat. It was fearful. I was paddling like hell with my arms and hands to get us out of harm's way. Valerie was in shock...but we got the boat to some marsh landing and walked to a telephone at a 7 and 7 shoppe-Bernie's wife Barbara Kehan came to collect us. Saved. Jasus don't go sailing with this son of a survivor of the Charge of Light Brigade he will sink all. Love and Peace Jim
Jim McKernan, Professor, East Carolina University, Greenville NC [07-22-2010]

FFK, fair play to you and your family. Your mum was of Derry-Ireland's loved city. I taught school there at St. Joseph's very near the "Free Derry" Wall. It is still an "occupied" city by the Brits-and the British Army used to rough up our faculty and students regularly. The school's wall is full of bullet holes as a reminder. But Derry--never "Londonderry" is a gutsy place with wonderful people today. My da was an Ulsterman-hailing from County Monaghan-six children on six acres did not, and never will work-so he came-like your mum I imagine to America. It is somewhat ironic that I gave my son, Ross, and his new bride, the fare to Dulin several weeks ago-the Irish (Ross was born in Dublin) are going home.He has a good degree but no jobs in NC- the 'American Dream 'is almost a nightmare for the unemployed. But Ireland will welcome her children home.You can count on that as well as the the criac in Derry. Erin go Bragh!
Jim McKernan, Prof. Greenville NC [07-22-2010]

JBS: Bruce, You have the greatest memory of anyone I know. I am the champ of the "senior moment" as we politely call it. You pull up game scores and magic moments from about 1948 without flinching. I can't match that. Between you and Bernard McKernan, I think we should take a scribe along to record this event and publish it. Lots of potential! Could be a bestseller kind of like the Junior Krippelbauer K&A book. Lets do the Malbec.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-22-2010]

Bernard McKernan: I am now living in Jamison, Bucks County which is between Warminster and Buckingham. I was not originally from Germantown but moved there when I was 14 from Tioga. I noted that you went to "All Souls" in Tioga for first grade. I am betting that it was actually "Holy Souls" at 19th and Tioga which is where I went to grade school. I had Sister Ann Carmel for first grade. She taught me and 100 other kids how to read (still working on it). Maybe she got you started in life also. Small world. I was in first year of Roman Catholic when we moved to Germantown and the pastor let me stay there. That was his mistake as I was unceremoniously tossed out at the end of third year. Hello Germantown High and a whole new set of adventures. Never made it to college; long story. We can do that over beverages on the boat. I used to walk from Germantown High down High St. to Chew on the way home. I was really fascinated with the old world Italian men always present on the corner of High and Magnolia and the store with cheeses and meats hanging in the window. Exotic stuff to an Irish guy whose idea of pasta was a can of Franco American spaghetti. Bet this gets a lot of comment. For all of my Italian friends here, before you kick me off of the island, I did finally discover what good pasta really was, but as an adult. I have been making up for lost time ever since, well accompanied by oceans of red wine. I even like the stuff with the toe nails in it as well as a good Barolo or Chianti. I remember the Stenton bowling alley well. My friends and I got into an altercation there with some Jewish lads. We made our exit victoriously when we heard the approaching sirens. They were bad sports. Then again, that was more than fifty years ago. I also, like you, did the diners (Stenton, Littleton's, Ogontz, Dog House, Hot Shoppes - a good place to go wenching on the cheap except that I drove a heap and couldn't match that parade of hot rods). Bernard, you dredge up a lot of memories. Gets me started! In deference to all of the good Germantowners here who waded through my post, I apologize for the long windedness. Peace!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-22-2010]

VERA yes i did mean the O'connell family Do you know how they are.jim and sally & Maryann ?
rich, huntingdon valley [07-22-2010]

When is the next Germantown lucheon?? I hope my schedule is open for it.. Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [07-22-2010]

rich, huntingdon valley Which O'Connell are you interested in.. Maybe I can help you by email..I do not want to put out any personal information on the web.. Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [07-22-2010]

The La Salle University Art Museum (1900 W. Olney Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141) is in the early stages of planning an exhibition on the views of Germantown and Philadelphia by the artist Benton Spruance (1904-1967). I am looking for residents of Germantown who may have known the artist, who lived on Walnut Lane and had his studio around the corner on Germantown Ave. Among his many activities, the artist served as chair of the “Germantown Community Audit” in 1949-50 to examine discrimination in the neighborhood’s institutions. I would love to hear from anyone with memories of the artist. I can be reached at 215-951-1221.
madeleine viljoen, Director and Chief Curator of the La Salle University Art Museum [07-22-2010]

helen leone deangelo good to hear from you ... your right we were easily entertained werent we ha! no not too hot to go to the park and take the horse into the water and wade in it ... its a nice way to spend the evening ...just a easy walk and then back to the barn ... how about you what have you been up to to entertain yourself this summer ...i know you and your family spend a lot of time together ... but,any vacations take care rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-22-2010]

JBS: Of course I won't take umbrage with your mixing up DeNiro and Pacino. I'd love to have a dime (not a penny, due to inflation) for everyone who mixed them up. Nothing ethnic about that - they're both great actors. Also just wanted to let everyone know that it's not necessary to buy huge bookshelves of encyclopedias today - thanks to the internet and Snopes. Besides, JBS, why should you be free of senior moments? Join the club!
Rosemarie R. [07-22-2010]

....thinking of you Linda Fontana and hope all is well - miss you.
HELEN LEONE D'ANGLO [07-22-2010]

The ONLY way to ENJOY boating is to BEFRIEND SOMEONE WHO OWNS A BOAT!......No expense, no hassle! Smooth sailing!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl, ic 55; cdhs '59 [07-22-2010]

MIKE BUCHANAN------ Thank you so much for your time and effort on my behalf. I found The Irish National Registry to be rich in family details. Much appreciated. Frank Klock.
Frank Klock [07-22-2010]

Lover of Dogs, that would be Texas Weiners at Snyder & Carlisle, across from the Melrose Diner. They have been there since the 1920s. My Dad used to go there, starting when he was a kid in the 1930s and would continue to go there until he passed away in the 1990s. I went there myself a few times. The absolute best hot dog..... Get it with "The Works"..... Nothing like it......
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-22-2010]

Anyone around from Knox&Hansberry Sts.
David Mickjosky [07-22-2010]

JBS Joe and Sue Leone are my cousins not brother and sister, but after all, we do possess that savoir faire that was so generously allotted to the Leone gene pool. Of course some of us wade in the shallow end of it, but for the most part we are a hardy bunch.

Joe Graber, John Payne, Lynne: Sounds like you have that corner store covered; it changed hands several times.
Bonnie Gatto [07-22-2010]

Joe Graber, We had a lot of fun in that little corner store. We used to enter by the door on Logan street, and we called it the "back room". There was also a jukebox, and the girls loved to dance to it.
Lynne [07-20-2010]

Anyone who wants to taste the old Dog House "Hot Dog", drive to South Philly at Carlisle & Snyder Ave. (around the corner from the Melrose Diner) Same dog, same bun and same sauce. Taste great!
Lover of Dogs, Gtn. Dog House [07-20-2010]

Jim Lyons, I believe you said you lived in the Delmar at Chelten and Morris. Thought you would like to know that someone has bought it and is totally rehabbing it. New floors, windows, heating, a.c., plumbing...the works. This may be in response to Philadelphia University (formerly known as The College of Textiles and Sciences) growing by leaps and bounds. The students are living in School Lane House apts, The Hathaway, Park Manor (used to be Stafford House) Chelten Arms and all the other apts in the area. Also Drexel's Medical School is on Queen Lane and the students from there also live in all these apts. BTW, the summer I turned 16 I worked behind the soda counter at Darrows.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, still in G'town [07-20-2010]

Dan Hartnett: You can get coffee @ Starbucks for $2 bucks? Wow!.. Yesterday while at the annual Artscape festival held in Baltimore for the past 49yrs, my wife & i ducked into a Starbucks for some a/c & a cool drink. $3.50 & fifteen minutes later i was still sweating like a man standing in front of a judge. I don't recommend this venue for hip replacement candidates.Seriously, the Artscape festival attracts some three to four hundred thousand visitors each year & artisans along with crafts & musicians playing on several stages with varying music from all ethnic backgrounds. It is one of the better events this much maligned city produces. You are spot on with your description of "Aquila". My vessel is named Aquila 111 & a quick history of the previous owner's boat habits reveals that he was a retired marine captain who later earned his architectural degree in boat & nautical design. He had two previous vessels named Aquila, Aquila11 & Aquila111 which he helped design & purchased @ the Annapolis boat show in 1979. When we purchased Aquila111 it bore it's name on the stern bulkhead in the form of a huge bronzed eagle & above it on a custom teak gold leafed name Aquila 111. Now i am Irish but have never given way to superstition but i am respectful of property when it exchanges hands & who was i this humble sailor who can barely drive a nail going to change the name, remove a bolted bronze eagle & signature nameplate ? The old adage: Bad luck to change the vessel's original christened name suit me fine & besides i am a cruiser racer & not a laborer. A word of advice to all those on this site contemplating purchasing a boat. 1- Either the wife or significant other loves it as much as you or there will be an expiration date on said relationship. 2-Be a handy guy with tools & be able to fix the maintenance issues or have a deep bank account. 3- In the event of the latter, be very nice to your mechanic. A bottle of scotch @ Christmas & most definitely pay your bill on time. Cash is preferred as a method of circumventing Irving R. Schwartz aka as the IRS. Dan, where do you live now? I presume you went to St. Francis of Assisi. A fine venerable old church where my first wife & i were married back in 1963. I was on the parish bowling league back then & we bowled from the 'Stenton Lanes" bowling alley. The Mc Kernan family all went to St. Vincent De Paul school & church. I started there in 2nd grade with who else......but the infamous Miss Katherine a wonderful soul. I started first grade @ All souls in Tioga, an area that the esteemed Mr. Schmitt speaks highly of & spent time in his "Callow youth". Well, this started out as a quickie note but as usual i succumbed to my usual good feelings when posting on this site that truly is a treasure. I know personally many good friends who marvel that we have such a connection that can date back so many years. There are so many of life's experiences locked inside so many poster's on this site. I invite you all to share those happy days whether they have been at American Bandstand, the Lincoln & Tacony drive in's....( Err, maybe not all), the diners, Belfield, Ogontz, Wayne Junction, Stenton. How about the Hot Shoppes?....That was a must visit after getting a set of wheels or grabbing a ride to check out the "trim" (girls), after the dance. Hitting the cologne @ Woolworth's for a quick splash of what else,...Old Spice! for those cheek to cheek liaisons during & after the Friday night dances @ St Vinnie's, St. Joe's etc. Till next time, stay well, stay healthy & happy.
bernard f mc kernan, Baltimore / Annapolis 69yrs retired. [07-20-2010]

Bernie, great if you can come to our next lunch - everyone will love to check you out and see how the years have treated you. Now don't feel self-conscious, we are all approaching Geezer status and if one of our group can walk in the front door we say, "he looks good doesn't he?" I have a feeling most of the people on this site are young at heart and that's what matters. See you at our next gathering and we will all break bread and maybe a little wind too.

Good to hear from you Rosemarie. I was begining to miss your good words. Is it too hot to ride your horses? A fireplug would be nice in this heat. That was a summer highlight on Stafford St. for sure. How easily we were entertained huh? Keep cool Roe!

Jim McKernan, your nice words about my family brought me fondly back to that little street not far from St. Vincents Church, and that small brick row-home I lived in where there was always the delicious aroma of Italian cooking awaiting us and our friends. How wonderful it is to be able to share these priceless memories with someone we knew so well when we were young and tender and had a long road ahead. Be well, Helen

FFK: Good memory of Joe D and I running from The Hollow to Mosconi's. I too, still remember that day. Also, regarding Joe D's humor. You nailed it. I still tell Cher and the kids; Joe was one of the funniest guys I ever knew. I still see scenes or people today, and can hear his voice, and a comment he would probably be making. Very dry, very funny.
John Payne [07-20-2010]

Frank Klock, I just took a minute and looked up your mother on the Irish census of 1910. I found the original document (she was 8 moths old). Please e-mail me if you would like me to forward it to you at mtbuchanan@comcast.net. Best regards, Mike
Mike Buchanan, Kennett Township, Chester County [07-20-2010]

Joe Graber: I had a typo in my last message. The guy's name was Marty O'Gara, not Mary. His sister was Ellen, I think.
John Payne [07-20-2010]

Dan Hartnett: Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to say that the town you mentioned in Abruzzi, Italia, e.g.(L'Aquila).. is in repair as we speak, my "Ex-husband" still lives there with much happiness,and peace. My both daughters have been there, and tell me how lovely 'Introdacqua'> his specific( town )location is: It sits at the foothills of the Alps. He is lucky to be there....Respectfully, Linda Fontana
L> Fontana [07-20-2010]

Frank Klock, God bless your mother on the 100th anniversary of her birth in Ireland. Your post reminded me that the website of the 1901 and 1911 Irish census might be of interest to you in particular, as your beloved Mum would be listed as an infant therein, but also of interest to historically minded bloggers from this site. The original documents are attached and are writen in the hand of the person who completed the census. The headings are revealing of the era as one indicates who can read and/or write or do niether in the household. You may also go beyond mere epithet and officially designate family members as an idiot, imbecile or lunatic. The site may be found at http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie Best regards, Mike
Mike Buchanan, Kennett Township, Chester County [07-20-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: I thought that I read on this site that Bernie McKernan will be joining the group at LaFontan's in The Fall. His younger brothers,Kevin and Jim live too far away. I am sure a good dialogue would transpire intellectually between them and the vivacious Leone sisters. Put Brother Joe in the mix,one can only imagine the conversation.Helen! Keep Posting since you and Brother Joe knew so many interesting people from Germantown. There has been some discussion about Al Pacino on this site-Brother Joe resembles him. I hope Joe L. is not offended since he was good with his hands.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-20-2010]

Dan Hartnett: I was having a bad week but that is a poor excuse that I confused Robert DeNiro with Al Pacino. Professor Jim nailed me-I would never get an A in his film class. Like you,he is surprised with my failing memory-. I do n't think that my brain is pickled-I only drink wine but in my callow youth,I did bang down some whiskey and vodka. In "The Scent Of A Woman",I did remember that The Colonel[Al Pacino] did order Jack Daniels and Schlitz for Charlie The Preppie. I also hope that Rosemarie Rinaldi does not take umbrage that I mixed up The Two Great Italian Actors-Rosemarie does not tolerate any ethnic chauvinism. I would not want to upset Rosemarie or Larry[husband],the great athlete from The Hollow. You and I both like Italian Culture and I know that you will enjoy some Fine Wine in Rome. Our new friend,Professor Jim,jests that we are forgetting our roots and should be tasting more Poletarian Wines. I have consumed Proletarian beverages in Slavic Countries-Vodka in Ukraine. I do have a reasonably priced Malbec-2009 Enrique Foster Ique Malbec Mendoza Argentina. Dan! I do get your point that I should do more thinking and less drinking when I am on the computer. Germantowners on this site really know film,including our new friends,The McKernan Brothers. I am looking forward to be hanging out with you and Bernie McKernan on The Eastern Shore in The Fall-I will listen to The Two Irishmen navigate the waters and conversation. Dan! Give my regards to The German Pope-that is almost oxymoronic. Some of my best friends are German-my lumps did not come from being a smooth-talking Irishman.
JBS [07-20-2010]

to anonymous: yes i used to spend some time at the model raceway on chelton avenue, loved the one in the back left side is was long and fast. loved to rewind the moters to make them go faster, but didnt have much money for beter stuff,
tony braspennincx, lived on 66 west eashington lane [07-20-2010]

Rich-Huntington valley------Do you mean the O'Connell family on Morris st.?
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [07-20-2010]

To anon--Grubers was next to the state store on Wister St.The hoagie joint on GTN.AVE-next to Snake Alley was called the STEAK SHOP-I spent many hours there playing the pin ball machine- it was a nice place to hang out with friends.The only thing wrong with the place is that your clothes smelled like onions when you left.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [07-20-2010]

JBS: Several months ago I mentioned that I'd be treating my brother (Fr. John) who will be in from Sophia University in Tokyo..I told you that I hoped to take him to Crane's on HHI and you said something to the effect "say hi from the Schmitt brothers"...Where in G'Town were you from?..Incidentally,is it the McKernan Family on this homepage with at least 2 college professors (one a "Tar Heel" and the other a"Pirate".) The one in California maybe a "prof" as well..I've been amused by the banter between the Tar Heel and some of the G'Town regulars..Would you happen to know which Parish the McKernans hailed from? I understand that someone from the homepage is going sailing with a McKernan..Would that be correct?.Having lived for almost 20 years in the Chesapeake on Kent Island, I've got a few good eating spots that I would recommend, from Rock Hall to Tilghman Island...Hope you are well.Headed north in the next few weeks to bury my wife's ashes in the Washington Archdiocese and Fr. John will officiate @ the burial site..Again, hope you are well and I'll drink a "toast to treason" with CC and not Malbec..
mike deely [07-19-2010]

To Anon just looked at the blog today and saw that you were asking about us, i,ve been on this site before but not much response- i dont quit remember you could you give me some more info
Tony Braspennincx, 56 years old lived at 66 west washington lane [07-19-2010]

Lou Giorno: The 1950 City Directory lists a Frank C Gruber, bottler, at 22 E Wister.
yetanotheranonymous [07-19-2010]

Joe Graber; Regarding the corner store near Joe (Bonnie) Gatto, I think you mean the one at Wayne & Logan, across from Nick's Tavern, and next to Sal's steak shop. That store used to be a small grocery store, like Palo's, and Fasano's. It was called O'Gara's. You might be to young to remember Mary O'Gara, or his sister. Very, very nice people. The period you are talking about is later. Mr. Frusco (Joe Bops, father of Joe and Lynn Frusco)went in partners with Goo for a period of time and opened a steak shop in the O'Gara's location. Later I think Mr. Frusco bough out Goo, and had it on his own. I'm pretty sure about that, but not positive. This would have been in the early 60's, before America's cultural revolution. Innocense reigned.
John Payne [07-19-2010]

Anyone know where the O'connors are.? a large family they lived on morris street across from the drug store ?
rich, huntingdon valley [07-19-2010]

Anybody remember the Model Raceway on Chelten ave. It was between Firestone and Sears building. Piet
anonymous [07-19-2010]

Wow,just watched the news again and last night,also. Another police officer shot in Kensington. Then low and behold two more flash mobs forming tonight. And then again two peoeple shot in Hunting Park. So,to all you liberals our great city and Germantown will never be the same. With all the police present who do you think is paying for the overtime? And then when they get arrested who do you think is pay for their lawyers. And when they are incarcerated who do think pays for that? Wonder why the city is broke?
anonymous [07-19-2010]

To Lou They botteled the sodas there you could stand at door and watch the bottels run around on the belts and the caps put on. Taproom on the corner.
Raymond Dawes [07-19-2010]

Helen Leone-D'Angelo - I would rather be at the dinner table at your house! your mum was a culinary artist-the smells from her cooking still are vividly memorable-Lou, your brother, would often have me over after school and it was your mum who introduced me to special Italian cuisine for the first time! I can see Stafford Street of yesteryear clearly-your Da's, ("Pud") car out front-always immaculate. I think your gran doing the grape thingy in the back garden and those wonderful aromatic sauce smells. Sorry I never got to eat at your restaurantin Manayunk-I'm sure you learned a thing or two from mum. I was deeply saddened at the loss of Lou. I had tons of fun playing with Lou, jimmy Kulik, Eddie McLoughlin and DiDi Molinaro with the "Ambassadors" .Lou taught me guitar and much more. Hope all the family are well-Best wishes, Jim
Jim McKernan, Eastern North Carolina [07-19-2010]

I would not enjoy that dinner.
Gman [07-19-2010]

hi helen, i hope the summer is treating you good. the heat has been so intense that i wish there was a fire plug near by my house so i can get wet ... :>) your right ... those mckernan boys are something special and i enjoy reading their posts .. they are full of wit and tall stories too ... and, i love the way they can poke fun at each other ... that is a good family bond ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-19-2010]

Trivia: RoseMarie Rinaldi and Jim McKernan straightened me out on Al Pacino. I got it right the first time but never dared to question JBS on such matters. Yo Bruce, there's a crack in the veneer. Too much South American wine! Bernard, Aquila is also Italian for Eagle and the Romans used it on their standard. So for your boat, it's like flying two flags. But then again, the Greeks did invade and occupy Italy and perhaps influenced the language here and there. Also, the city of L'Aquila (the eagle) in Abruzzi was recently devastated by an earthquake. All this, and 2 bucks will get you a coffee at Starbucks.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-19-2010]

Jim, Bernard and Kevin McKernan: Thank you all for your good wishes and kind remarks. Bernard, I'll contact you by e-mail.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-19-2010]

HI JOE GRABER------- Thanks for the kind remembrance of our shared time(s). They didn't come any tougher or louder than you, and you had(have) a marvelous sense of humor. Regarding your beautiful sister Ann, I was going steady with my future wife Joann Wengen, but Ann caught my eye many a time. My best to you and Ann and all your loved ones. I'll just leave off and give you my IRISH BLESSING--- "MAY YOUR SEX LIFE BE AS GOOD AS YOUR CREDIT" P.S.(for what it's worth...) Today(7/16/10) is my late Mother's 100TH BIRTHDAY. KATHLEEN FAULKNER was born in DERRY CITY,IRELAND and Changed Consciousness at 117 W.ABBOTTSFORD AVE. on 10/10/65. CHRIST BE WITH YOU, DEAR MOTHER, YOUR LOVING SON, FRANCIS FAULKNER KLOCK.
Frank Klock(FFK) [07-19-2010]

Rosemarie R.--You are the modern woman. So many answers to our questions are but a click away, and along with spell check, we can actually settle differences easily. Not like the old days when I used to annoy the hell out of Mrs Schmitt (Bruce's mom) at the library in Vernon park with endless "WHY?" questions. She would sternly take me to the card boxes--where they stored all that Dewey Decimal stuff and repeat the same incomprehensible instructions on how to use it... until my eyes glazed over. Keep correcting us; we need to tighten up our errors.
Kevin McKernan, Old Germantown [07-19-2010]

To Anon 7-15 - Are you looking for a certain Prozzillo on Mechanic St?
ANNE [07-19-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: You may get your wish shortly dear Helen or at least a one quarter Mc Kernan representation. If you or your friends have another luncheon / dinner, i would be most happy to come & bring along some memories of the past. All good Catholic stories so put away the camera's & voice recorders please. Helen, my brothers & I hold you in high esteem & although i have known of you from afar, i was several years older & ran with a different crowd. Jimmy (suede) O'Brien was in my class @ St. Vinnie's & N. Catholic. I missed him @ our 50th reunion a few years back so if you see or speak with him, tell Jim I still have all my hair, (most all), albeit white & my chicklet's. (teeth). Thank you for your effusive remarks concerning the Mc Kernan Bros. They & I mean no offense in trying to monopolize this web site. We only wish to share our rich Germantown childhood & perhaps embellish it a bit. Take care of yourself & i look very much forward to joining yourself & all the other posters of this site in breaking bread........Not wind!
bernard f mc kernan, retired, sailing in Annapolis, Now approaching "Geezer status". [07-19-2010]

Lou - the only thing I remember at Wister and Gtn is the State Store.Anyone remember the name of the small hoagie shop at Gtn and Snake alley. It was close to Wister but on the other side of Gtn Av.
anon [07-19-2010]

Lou, your right, Grubers had a back enterence on Garfield st. We would climb over the fence and help ourselves to some of their beer.
anonymous [07-19-2010]

Please correct me if I'm wrong--I recall a soda and or beer distributer on Wister St near GTN AVE- I think it was called Grubers'and they sold Franks Root Beer-Can anyone out there enlighten me? Lou Giorno.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [07-16-2010]

To anon of 7-6. Did you see the news on the fourth after the celebration. Mobs storming down south broad st beating people and robbing them. How about over the weekend, Friday and Saturday nights. They were fighting and started throwing bottles at the police. That is our youth of today.
anonymous [07-16-2010]

To Anon 07/08 re: comments of Anon.07/06. Please 'refrain' from telling others how they SHOULD think, we are all individuals. thank you.
anon [07-16-2010]

Man would I love to be at the dinner table with all the McKernan boys - some good conversation!

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