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May 22-31, 2010

"True heroism is remarkably sober,very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost,but the urge to serve others at whatcost"-Artur Ashe. For those that have served our nation,whether in the spotlight or in silence;for those that have lost a family member or friend in our service;and for those that continue to serve others at whatever cost, thank you
Mike Garvey [05-30-2010]

Anthony, I am the anonymous who said "OK!" (ok, that I'll get my husband to go to the next luncheon) I forgot to add my name...hahaha Sorry!
Sheila [05-30-2010]

Lou Giorno, what went on at NC with the Oblates, went on at every Catholic high school back in the day, including CD. NC was no different or any more extreme.....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-30-2010]

Hey Lou, don't forget Fr. Butler in that crew of abusers.
Joe Melchiorre, 62 years young, live in Phoenixville, PA [05-30-2010]

My maiden name was Bambrick.
Catherine Friend-Tidman, St.Francis Class of 1966 [05-30-2010]

I'm a newcomer to this site.I enjoy all of the memories it brings back.I went to the last class at the old S.F. We rocked that school and those nuns! I had Aggie and remember Grace Winifred.Sr.Rita Josephine was ridiculous with her clicker.I went to Fernhill Park,The "Hollow",Logan Park,the "Avenue" for shopping.I went to the GBC for swimming and I was the "Little Sister"of the Club in 1959! Where are the people of my era hiding out at?Anyone?????????
Catherine Friend-Tidman, St.Francis Class of 1966 [05-30-2010]

Monday is Memorial Day. A day to remember those who gave for us to have our freedom and Indepence. I was not around for the two World Wars or Korea but I was around when three of Germantown's young men gave their lives in Vietnam. Please remember them and all who have died for our country. GSGT. Joseph Mc Creight USMC, 12/19/1966, LCPL Edward Corcoran USMC, 10/17/1966, and PFC Tommy Lyons, USARMY 5/1/1968.

To Bill Cupo I remember the parades and my dad taking me to the National Cemetary at Limekiln and Haines. The soldiers would fire their guns for the salute, they would play Taps, and I would go on the ground and recover the shells their guns ejected. Memorial Day was always May 30th in those days. It marked the start of the summer and our Sunday trips to Fishers Pool up off Route 73. Those were the days.
Bob, 56, Havertown [05-30-2010]

Bruce, I'm glad you liked my articles in the Crier and thanks for the kind words. For those not a member of the Gtn Historical Society, the overall article is "Institution Row", on the 4 social institutions that were formerly located around Chew & Church Lane - Gonzaga Orphans Asylum, House of the Good Shepherd, Jewish Orphans Home and Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged, the latter written by Christine Lyons Medlin in collaboration. And I agree, my articles aside, I've always felt the Germantown Crier, alone, was well worth the nominal membership fee. If you are not a member, please consider it. The Germantown Historical Society does wonderful work in keeping alive the history, landmarks, artifacts that is historic Germantown. They can sure use your support.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-29-2010]

To all you Card.Dougherty cry babies out there complaining about Fr.Benonis--(I never Knew him)I went to NECHS where you where hit first and questioned after.The Oblates were known to be a brutal bunch--you should have known Fr.Quayle-Black Jack Donahue-Knobby Walsh-Fr.Kinniry et al.I often wondered if we could press charges against these brutes for assault and battery.They got away with a lot.I can truly say that the physical punishment never justified the crime.All you former NECHS students can verify my statements.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-29-2010]

Erda, What I remember most about Memorial Day in the 5o's is going to Logan Elementary School and buying a flag. We would take our flags with us to the auditorium where one by one we'd go on stage and give our flag to the old veterans. The veterans would take the flags to place them on the graves of fallen heros. We were taught the meaning of Memorial Day in those days. I join you on this Memorial Day giving thought to all of our young men and women serving in the military.
Sheila [05-29-2010]

Erda: I enjoyed your thoughts on marching with the Yearsley Post. I lived right behind the post and many times watched as the marchers gathered for a parade or practiced on a summer evening. They are nice memories. Also, we missed you at LaFontanas.

ok, Anthony!
anonymous [05-29-2010]

In reading notes by Pete Coyle, Ted Silary and Dennis McGlinshey, the florist next to MaryAnn's was Brooks Florist, the Crawfords lived next door and the worked across the street at Garbers Meats (I think the spelling is corect). Youse (you guys) also mention the Chinese Laundry and I laugh everytime I hear no tickie no shirtie. My grandfather was a Sgt in the Police Dept at the 14th (I am told he rode his horse home to Boyer Street for lunch) well he and later on my father and then m brothers and I took the shirts to Joe Dorn. All our shirts were labeled TM62. Never a ticket required. Hope to see you guys at the Immaculate Reunion on 10-10-10 reception at Williamson Restaurant in Horsham after the Mass.
Bob Mc Creight, Havertown, Immacualte 1967 [05-29-2010]

Erda - You're right - Memorial Day really was something special when we were younger and lived in Germantowm. I can picture you carrying that guide-on flag and all the Yearsley Blackhawks marching with such pride and precision. The Yearsley Senior Color Guard was always sharp too. We learned about patriotism at home, at school and through organizations like the Scouts and the VFW and American Legion youth programs. I wish today's kids had the same opportunities we did on our time. Thanks to all our Veterans on Memorial Day and always for our freedoms.
Jim Smith [05-29-2010]

Memorial Day was a special time on Haines st when I was growing up. A big parade always came up our street, with drill teams and marching bands from various Veterans organizations. They would march to the cemetary at Haines and Limekiln Pike and honor our war dead. My family still has some old movies of me marching up and down Haines st. with them; I was about 7 or 8 years old at the time. We could sit on our stoop or porch and watch the parade go by and the whole neighborhood turned out to see it. We had a small back yard and we always fired up the charcoal grill; there were no gas grills in the 60's that I know of and if they did exist, my dad would not have owned one anyway. He would dump the charcoal in the grill and then saturate the coals with the lighter fluid and start it up and I always got a big kick out of watching him try to keep it going and not burn out. When it was finally hot enough to cook on, we always had the usual hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill as well as all the fixins. My father's twin brother, Dominick, and his wife Pauline, my mother's sister, lived next door to us with their 4 children and another aunt, my dad's sister, lived across the street with her husband Victor and their child Philomena. We would all get together in the back yard and have a great time. We could always count on somebody else dropping by from either my mom or dad's family for a bite to eat and there was always plenty to share. I remember decorating our bicycles with red, white, and blue bunting as well as putting little flags on the handlebars and going around the neighborhood as proud as could be. It seemed as though those days were always perfect and even though we didn't have a lot of money, we always had people to share the good times with. This weekend, our plans include a visit to Doylestown to watch the parade and honor our vets and I know at some point in the day, my thoughts will drift back to those days on Haines st and I'll just smile because of how great those days really were. A safe and wonderful holiday to everyone!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Conception School: 1965 [05-29-2010]

It's Memorial Day weekend.....a weekend that traditionally marks the beginning of summer, pool openings, picnics & parades. Growing up in our house on the 1300 block of Haines Street, Memorial Day was always a day of excitement in our neighborhood. It meant decorating our bikes with red, white & blue crepe paper, displaying flags, and awaiting the parade that would pass our house on its way to the military cemetery at Haines & Stenton. I remember standing in awe on our front porch as the parade passed. As a child, I didn't realize the significane of that day. Now that I do, I know it's not all about parades and picnics; but a day to remember and to honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. When I recall the memories of those Memorial Days celebrated on Haines Street, I see the proud soldiers marching. I see the neighborhood children riding their decorated bicycles....their parents walking along side them...some waving small flags as they marched to the music of the military bands. The excitement of that day made our neighborhood ONE! Memorial Day was and still remains an unforgettable day in my memory. May you celebrate your Memorial Day this year with the same enthusiasm I did as a child waiting for that parade. Take care & thanks for the memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55' cdhs '59 [05-29-2010]

This message is for Peggy Nines: Elaine Caine said hello
Sandy Caine, Philadelphia, 60, [05-28-2010]

D. McGlinchey....There is no denying that we both knew a different version of Fr. Benonis. I knew him as he was in the "early years", and by the time you came along, some 12 years later, he morphed into the tyrant, he is remembered by the vast majority of CD students. Every time, I would run into a CD grad, without fail, the first thing they would say would be "Remember Fr. Benonis!" When this first happened, it sort of surprised me, because his method of punishment, was to give a student a choice of paying 25 cents to the missions, or go to detention. I won't go so far as to say he was CD's favorite teacher, but for all intents and purposes, he was just "another" CD priest teacher. Throughout the years, I have wondered what caused this radical change in him. Before I moved to Florida, I had dinner with priest that was at CD for 35 years, and asked him about Fr. Benonis, and all he said was "You don't have a wiseguy in charge of the wiseguys". So yes, Dennis, I think it is fair to say, that we both knew a different version of Fr. Benonis. My big regret is that we were not able to get together, some years ago, and have a dinner with him. I think it would have been most revealing and interesting.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay Florida [05-28-2010]

It is Memorial Day Weekend! I would like to share my memories how Memorial Day was celebrated by the VFW at Yearsley Post. I have fond memories of that day belonging to Yearsley Blackhawkís. We would start our day at Yearsley VFW Post on Chelten Ave. at sunrise (or seemed like that to me as a teenager) for the commemorative ceremonies the raising of the flag at half staff. We then went to the gravesite of the most resent departed post member, of Sgt Edward F Yearsley, the Upper Burying Ground on Germantown Ave. where laid to rest are fifty-two known and five unknown soldiers of the Revolution, as well as eleven from the War of 1812 and one from the Mexican. Then march down Germantown Ave to Town Hall and Market Square. At every location there was commemorative ceremony with the placing of flags and poppies. After a nice lunch of hot dogs the corps would get ready for the Parade.. In the 50ís the parade route was from Germantown Ave. and Tulpehocken (if memory serves me right) down Germantown Ave to Coulter across to Green and end in the Vernon Park.. Presenting at every memorial to Veteranís the parade passed. In the later years of the parade the route was Morris and Chelten to Germantown to Coulter down Green to the park. The street was packed and when the American Flag passed men and women would stand and place their hand over their heart. It is a shame that today very few people show respect for the American Way.. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy your families and friends.. Just take a moment on Monday to remember all the departed that served this Country. I will remember my friends Joe and Ray.. Say a pray for the young and women who are in harms way today God Bless and Stay safe..
Erda, From the Westside of Germantown [05-28-2010]

Bud Ballard: Your Blog was fantastic and not a merely a message. I know that Al Petrizi,Lou Pauzano and many other Germantowners who spent time in South Philly enjoyed your comments about the old neighborhood of Girard Estates and some of The Wise Guys. There were great restaurants in South Philly which The Mob Guys frequented. You talked about when Angelo Bruno got whacked on Snyder Ave. His Last Supper was at Cous'. The boys also liked to go Dante&Luigi's and the Saloon. A great place to go was The Melrose after The Clubs closed. Another Diner was The Oregon where a small wise guy ended the life of a big longshoreman for taking his seat at the counter.In New York,many of the wise guys hung out in Little Italy-John Gotti[RIP] spent a lot of time in Taormina's on Mulberry Street and it was a great restaurant. Little Italy in NYC is small now since China Town is overtaking it. I like to hang out in Brooklyn now-especially Sheepshead Bay which is an interesting place and not far from Brighton Beach. Bud! Keep posting and you have good stories-I know a couple of characters who like them.
JBS [05-28-2010]

Okay, Sheila, I am going to hold you to it. Tell them I said hello and Carol, also. She is such a sweet person.
anthonyg [05-28-2010]

Bud Ballard: You realy type long messages here;anon.
Anon [05-27-2010]

OMG I totally remember Butchie Heimbach He was 'one' of my very first crushes. I particularly remember one incident in the Park up the street from me.A beautiful sunny day/ and who could ever forget him? anon
Anon [05-27-2010]

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Gracie Casiano who lived in Willow Grove?
anonymous [05-27-2010]

To Fleming from Florida, didnít mean to offend you and the special relationship you had with Fr. Benonis. There does seem to be two sides to Fr. Benonis. His antics and beatings have been told over and over and over by many in CD circles who experienced him. I never experienced his wrath myself, but saw him in action many, many times. I never saw anyone beat on kids with the intensity he did. EverÖ. Yet, when he left CD and appointed a pastor, his parishioners loved him. I can only gather that he didnít smash their heads against the pews like he did some kids Ď heads against the lockers. So, weíll leave it at that---- there were different facets to Fr. Benonis. The jolly, lovable sort that you knew and loved and believed in, and the brute that I saw in action many times. Fair enough????
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantiown [05-27-2010]

Looking for Carol Ferry(maiden name)-she lived on Bringhurst St.attended Shaeffer school KDN 1940 1st grd 1941-42 .Her best friend was Lois Lentz and she was my first girlfriend -any info. will be appreciated Lou Giorno Go to this site with any info or email me.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-27-2010]

Anthony, "The Duck" is doing well. He's still working. Yes, Vinny is the family's social butterfly. He is still at a novice rating with computers but I will continue to work on getting him on here. The next time I am at his house I will show him the way..haha If we can make the next luncheon I will be sure to bring Donnie. He'll enjoy it.
anonymous [05-27-2010]

Does anybody remember Harry Peters of 6118 McCallum street ? I believe he moved somewhere upstate in PA.
anonymous, anonymous [05-27-2010]

Hey Dennis McGlinchy, great set of articles in the Germantown Crier! For those who don't belong to the Germantown Historical Society, I recommend doing so. The library has vast resources, and the magazine is worth the membership cost; Dennis has provided a bunch of articles, all well done.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [05-27-2010]

Sorry I didn't get back to anyone. things were happining and I heve more time now. drop me a line, I'll get back.
Dave Micklosky, Hung at Knox & Hansberr y St Francis 64 [05-27-2010]

Sid Payne, Jerry Fiorgione is living in Florida.
Old Timer [05-26-2010]

Bud Ballard: That was an interesting blog about Girard Estates and the final demise of The Chicken Man[Phil Testa]. Back in the day,Girard Estates was a great neighborhood and my friend Lou Pauzano from The Hollow lives there and he was a real banker. In the 80's,things were crazy in South Philly,one had to be careful which restaurant was safe. As you know,Salvie Testa[Phil Testa's son] was finally killed after 2 failed attempts. The Chicken Man and Salvie Testa had their Funeral Masses at St. Paul's in The Italian Market not far from an interesting restaurant,Villa Roma. We will be going to another interesting restaurant for The St. Francis Reunion-The Buck Hotel.
Bruce Schmitt [05-26-2010]

Sheila, I knew it was you. How is Donnie, aka Duck. Just talked about him last week with Allan--Sheldon Cab--and we were wondering how he is. Tell Vinnie to get on board. Would love to see him. Great guy. My mom and aunt Rose loved him. He would just stop by and see them in Roxborough just to say hello and have a cup of coffee. Yes it was Roxborough, but that was the Germantown blood in all of them. Get him on here. And why don't you and Don try to make the next luncheon. It was great.
anthonyg [05-26-2010]

Patty: Jerry Fiorgione is living somewhere in Florida. He once lived next door to my wife's family on Bringhurst st. My wife is a friend of Jerry's cousin, Bonnie who now lives in the Pittsburg area. Sorry, that's not much info on Jerry but it's all I have.
Ron Majka [05-26-2010]

Sid Payne Jerry Forgione is alive and well and living in Stuart Fl not too far from Palm Beach. I spoke with him a few weeks ago and he and his wife of many years, Louise enjoy the good life of travelling the world and living the easy life of retirement.

Put me down as one student, among many that have a nice memory of Fr. Benonis. To be fair, I had him for Religion III, 1960-61, before he started his alleged reign of terror. While it is true that his reputation as a tough taskmaster is spread wide and far, among those that attended during his tenure at CD, I suspect much of it to be over embellished. Most of his notoriety was established during the late 60's and on, and my best guess, is that it was prompted by all the social changes that were going on our society at the time, and he might have seen himself as the defender of the old guard. One instance of his so called cruelty, that has been reported, was his disciplining of an over enthusiastic student, attending a pep rally in the auditorium, and took to standing on the one of the seats. I don't know about anyone else, but I know for a fact, had I been caught standing on my furniture at home, I would have been disciplined! Didn't this student realize that he was damaging the seat, which in later years would develop splinters?
John Fleming, Tampa Bay Florida [05-26-2010]

Sid Payne is asking anyone on this blog if they know the whereabouts of Jerry Fiorgione, who hung in Brickyard with him, he'd be about 68 or 69 now. Thanks!
Patty, Sid's sister [05-25-2010]

Ron Heimbach, are you or are you related to Butchie Heimbach?
anonymous [05-25-2010]

Lorraine Cupo Kelly ≠ very well put. I went to the final homecoming at CD that day, and was glad I did. It was bittersweet to walk those halls and grounds again, go to the cafeteria, gyms, auditorium, library and chapel one last time while it was still Cardinal Dougherty High School. However, the 4th floor pool is still as elusive as ever. Being there brought back a lot of memories, mostly good, but some not so good memories too. I even found my homeroom from my freshman year. I long forgot the room number but knew it as soon as I saw it, it was the tiered 3rd floor science classroom that was the domain of Fr. Calpin (rip). It looked just as it did on my first day at CD in 1970. Seeing the old boys side disciplinarian office where the infamous Fr. Benonis ruled supreme with his fists or whatever else was available to him to beat on the boys. Heís not exactly among the beloved in CD circles. Remembered yes, but beloved, hardly..... Seeing the lockers, and wondering how we got everything into them. I spent a lot of time in The Eminance office looking at the old yearbooks, scrapbooks and photos. Sometimes, when you go back, things seem smaller than what you remember, Not with that school....just as huge as I remember it. I beleive the sheer size of that building is what doomed it to close. While it was a sad day, Iím just glad I took that last opportunity to take it in one last time. I would have regretted it if I didnít.......We hail Cardinal Dougherty High!......
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-25-2010]

Sandy, yes, that would be the David "C" that we know,too. Tell him I said hello, and that I am Anita Fontana's mom....he knows me ..thanks, Linda.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [05-25-2010]

Al Patrizi: Having posted you recently,I got nostalgic over the old neighborhoods-especially Germantown and South Philly where you spent many years. On Sunday,I headed for Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn on The Water. Sheepshead Bay was a lot like South Philly with many Italians. I thought that I was in a foreign country-I heard a lot of Russian. The famous Lundy Restaurant on Emmons Ave. is now a huge Gourmet Russian Deli. I was with a feisty Italian-American who spoke Russian. Blond Joe Gallo and Tom Pitera do'nt hang out in the neighborhodd. Joe Gallo had a fatal encounter with a Philly Guy and Tom P. was living in Allenwood. We could drive up to The Waterfront in Brooklyn and have lunch at Maria's,A Great Italiano Ristorante. Al! I"m getting maudlin and nostalgic thinking about the old neighborhoods. I will be seeing you and Cueball[Tom Cusack] at The Buck.
Bruce Schmitt [05-25-2010]

Bruce Schmitt your mention of the Girard Estates brought back memories when I was a Captain in Detective Headquarters. On Sunday, Maech 15,1981 I was working the 12 midnight to 8 AM tour of duty. At 2:55 AM the was a loud explosion in the 2100 block of West Porter Street. The reputed crime boss of the Philadelphia Mafia, Phillip "Chicken Man" Testa was returning home. When Testa reached the front porch of his house he was blown up by a remote controlled nail bomb. The District Commander was patrolling in the area, The Lieutenant in the District Command Car was traveling north on 21th street, when a Volkswagon Van pulled out of Skunk Street almost hitting the District Command Car. The Lieutenant continued to the 2100 block of Porter street. The Lieutenant was the first officer on the scene. The Lieutenant found Testa on the porch, his body covered with nails. Testa was transported to Saint Agnes Hospital where he later died. Note Giard Park is a one square block betwwen 21th street on the east and 22nd street on the west. Shunk street on the south and Porter Street on the north. Homicide conducted neighborhood interviews in the area. While reviewing the enighborhood interv- iews. The Homicide Sergeant and a Detective came over to me and begain to tell me about one of their intervies. The District Commander, the Lieutent was with me at the time. The Detective pro- ceded to read the interview aloud to the Sergeant, the Lieutenant, and myself. In summary, a husband and wife had been out for the evening. they returned home about 2:30 AM. They had parked their car down the street, because there was a Volkswagon Van parked in front of there house. They both heard and saw movement in the Van. They went into the house and went directly to bed. They heard the ex- plosion and looked out of the window as the Wolkswagon Van pulled away at a high rate of speed. east on Shunk street toward 21th street. The Lieutenant then informed us that when he heard the ex- plosion he proceeded north on 21st street and Wolkswagon Van pulled out of Shunk Street and almost him him. The next night when we all returned to work the Homocide Sergeant came to my office and informed me that the Lieutenant in Police Radio was into Hypnotism. To make it short, the District Commander agreed to be hypnotized by the Lieutenant from Police Radio. While question under hypnotized he was able to remember the license number. This was how the first Philadelphia Organized Crime Murder was solved. Note..Angelo, the Gentle Don, BRUNO was shot in the back of his head with a shotgun, in front of his house one year earlier on March 21, 1980.
Bud Ballard [05-25-2010]

ATTENTION FRANK MARGIOTTI. Frank Murphy called me on the telephone on Sunday, 5-23-2010, at 10 AM. FRANK thank you for contacting Murphy
BUD BALLARD [05-25-2010]

frank margiotti, north wales [05-23-2010]

Al Patrizi: I get your drift. I had a friend[Pat McIlhinney] who was good at math and it helped me when I was doing a little handicapping. I had a buddy by the name of Lou Pauzano-he was good at Latin and my Latin helped me when I gave my answers in Latin in Religion Class. You were fortunate that you went to school in a safe neighborhood-Kensington. I went to school in North Philly and some of my friends lived in Girard Estates in South Philly. You knew down-town well and many characters lived in that area. Needless to say,one could feel secure walking on Girard Ave. with kids with interesting family backgrounds. Al! I learned a lot from knowing folks from different neighborhoods and ethnic-backgrounds. I miss our old Germantown neighborhood and I never got acclimated to The Burbs-at The Hollow,I even met an Armenian Guy who probaly thought that I was not too smart since I tried to beat Goo at PIG but the aforementioned gentleman played Poker with him-Good-Luck. Al! We have to play the cards that God gave us-Germantowners never fold.
Bruce Schmitt [05-23-2010]

Cardinal Dougherty H.S. and grounds will be purchased by the Philadelphia Police Dept.
G-man, NE Philly [05-23-2010]

Ron Heimbach, A lot of your Green & Wyneva friends can be found on Facebook
Dyke, Green & Wyneva guy [05-23-2010]

Bud Ballard, Frank Murphy is on facebook, His brother Tom's wife (Liz Murphy) is also.
RB, Germantown [05-23-2010]

Hi Linda,he is around 38,my aunt stills lives in Warrington,and David lives in Doylestown with his wife an 3 sons,he is a doll,Sandy
anonymous [05-23-2010]

Thats me Rosemarie, quick thinking when it counts!

Linda F. you flatter me but hey, I take flattery! Thanks for the nice words and right back atya. I enjoyed our get-together too and the next one has the potential to be a nice crowd. Thanks again for your work to make it happen.

My cousin told me about this web site & I had a great time reading the messages from famaliar names I recognized from the OLOR neighborhood.I was wondering if anyone knew how to get in touch with one of my old friends, Arthur "Sonny Hat" Brett. we haven't seen him or heard from him in years. He is in his 70's& lived at High & Magnolia streets during the 40's through the 60's. He was a masonary contractor, and the last we heard he had been living in Kensington. Hope one of you G-tOWNERS can help us locate him.
Oldtime G-towner, 70 plus [05-23-2010]

Love all the stories, how did Schmitty every graduate from from any school with all the corners he hungout, he seemed to be every where . Keep all the great stories coming
Albert Patrizi, Fern hill - st francis 56 [05-22-2010]

My mom mailed me a copy of the Philadelphia Inquirer column, "Wake For A School". I was happy that she did. It was a nice story about Cardinal Dougherty alumni who gathered at the school for the school's final good-bye. I am sad that I wasn't able to attend. I would like to have walked the halls one last time; to have offered a prayer in the chapel; to have taken in the smell of the cafeteria, & to have sat in the auditorium for a last & final curtain call. I am a graduate of the class of 59. I enjoyed being a part of the history of this grand & glorious school. I have many fond memories of friends made and lessons learned. Closing the school is a loss for those of us who had the privilege of attending it. Its halls, corridors, & classrooms hold memories that cannot be erased or destroyed. I am not aware of what will become of the building .....whether it will be demolished or repurposed; but whatever its fate, your sons & daughters hail Cardinal Dougherty High!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic 55; cdhs 59 [05-22-2010]

Corky The Catcher: That was a great blog about sports and Mickey Hansberry who was a great athlete. You mentioned that Mickey H. was competitive and a deadly shooter.I recall that he was very aggressive off the offensive boards and scored a lot of points on second shots which did not happen all the time. I was impressed that he threw a slider as a pitcher. Not many young hitters could hit a slider after seeing a hummer come down the pike. Paul Borian was a great hitter but I do'nt think he saw many sliders until he played on the professional level. I know that he did not throw a slider against Herb Adderly when Herb hit a deep shot into centerfield to win the game for Northeast against GHS for The Public Championship. I knew two Hall of Fame Football Players[Herb Adderly &Leroy Kelley] who were great baseball players. It was so difficult to make it to The Big Show. I played baseball with Bill Haas[GA&North] and he was pure hitter and I was surprised that he never made the big leagues. Paul Borian had a friend by the name of Ollie Powers and nobody could hit him when he pitched for Penn Charter. I commend you for your laudable comments about Mickey Hansberry-you and he must have been a great team and Keep Posting.
JBS [05-22-2010]

Yes Anthony, I am Vinny DeNardo's sister in law. I married Donnie aka Duck. We're married 45 yrs this summer. I will try to get Vinny to go to the luncheon in the fall. I told him about this site, but he is a newbie on the computer and not very adventurous yet..haha I'll tell him you asked about him.
Sheila [05-22-2010]

ATTENTION OUT THERE IN COMPUTER LAND Does anyone out there know the where- abouts of Frank Murphy (S.F.As Class of 1956). Frank was working as a Real Estate salesman. Larry Farrell also class of 1956. Larry worked at the Police Garage at 26 & Master Streets. Larry retired a few years ago. Can anyone out in computer land help me locate these two old men?
BUD BALLARD [05-22-2010]

ATTENTION TOM Cusack, John Bruce Schmitt Please let me know if you are going to attend the next luncheon at the Buck Hotel on friday, June 26, 2010, at 12 noon. Please let me know
BUD BALLARD [05-22-2010]

Ev Fiumara, did you have a brother named Frank. He was in my class of 1970 at OLR.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [05-22-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: Everyone I talk to has the exact same opinion of YOU. You are sweet, fun, honest and I am so glad you were able to make it on sunday..Love, Linda see you in Sept.P>S> Tell your fun-loving sister, I was asking for her. LAF
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-22-2010]

Anthony "G"...as the song goes: "See you in September"...no excuse accepted. Not even the 'Sports' excuse. ha ha (LOL)- L>A>F> You're fun.
L.Fontana., Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-22-2010]

peggy gillespie berkey this is great ... love it, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-22-2010]

helen leone deangelo ... i loved being with everyone and you especially ... what memories of years gone by enjoyed .... and ...i was very very impressed with your quick thinking ... with you know what .... :>) lol rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-22-2010]

Sandy Cipriano: The Dave Cipriano that I mentioned may be around 38ish yrs. old....he lived in Warrington with his parents/ I hope it's the same guy, and yes, tell him that Anita Fontana-Buonato lives in Doylestown now, but he may know that..thanks for your nice response,too..
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [05-22-2010]

Snooky Cunning's husband,Obie O'brian, played ball with me at the GBC. Would like to hear from one or the other.Lou G.They are both OLD friends.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-22-2010]

To 'ALL" "G"towner's...please try to make the next "Fall" Luncheon at LaFontana's....& eventually, this could grow into one heck of a party. If each of you brings two family members or friends..pretty soon this reunion will be in a Hall, with music. ha /I enjoyed each & every memory that was shared at the table...and we will have many more to come, it's a promise. Love to all of you and your families...Linda "F">
L. Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-22-2010]

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