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May 1-20, 2010

Does anybody know the where abouts of Jackie Mc Cullough? I believe she was from the Happy Hollow area.
anonymous [05-20-2010]

MJRhodes: I'm still in touch w/Deb S and Agnes T. I'll let them know you were asking for them.
Ev Fiumara, 1968 Grad of Our Lady of the Rosary [05-20-2010]

Our father who art in Philly, Hockey be thy name. Thy will be done, the cup will be won, on ice as well as in the stands. Give us this day our hockey sticks, and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who cross-check against us. Lead us not into elimination, but into victory. In... the name of the fans, Lord Stanley, and in the name of the FLYERS. Amen
Peggy (Gillespie) Berkey [05-20-2010]

Helen Leone – you got me. Good memory. I’m doing fine, thanks, and judging from reading your blogs on this site you are doing good as well. I remember the O’Briens’ had the first end house on Stafford Street and your family had the last end house. I also remember as well that you were a good ally.
NJ-Anonymous [05-20-2010]

Dear Anthony DiFerdnando,please write again.Would love to hear from you.MKarie
Marie [05-20-2010]

Hey MJ. I was one class behind in Our Lady of the Rosary (70). We had a Donna Spano, Debbie's Sister in our class. Agnes Tranzilli's Dad must have been Noble. He had several Water Ice Stands in the neighborhood. Believe he or Kin still operates in Gtown. Water Ice and Pretzels, great for a hot day in the city. Joe Criniti lived around the corner on Magnolia. Did ou have a Charles Tretola in your class? You can email me.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [05-20-2010]

Hi Linda,no I'am David Cipriano frist cousin,I was with him about 3 weeks ago,he is still so handsome and such a nice guy he has 3 son's,I will mention your daughter the next time I see him,I'am from Cowtown section,sorry I missed the luncheon on Sunday it seems like everyone had a great time,I was a good freind of Lena back in the day we had many of good times togeter,I was at her wedding when she married Jimmy,take care Sandy
anonymous [05-20-2010]

shiela milligan denardo we did have a great time ... and we are hoping to do this again in the fall ... sooooo no excuses girlfriend you better make the next one .... you'll have fun! take care, rosemarie :>)
rosemarie hite malageri [05-20-2010]

paul chiarolanza it was a pleasure spending time with you and listening to the memories that you brought back from your early years in germantown ... i am very happy too that you let georgie damico know about the luncheon and that he joined us ... georgie and i grew up together in cow town and is still friends with my family .. you are both good people and i hope you both will join us again next time... needless to say i hope perhaps by some chance that linda will be able to make the next luncheon as well ..... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-20-2010]

Dear Linda, I didn't get a chance to really talk to you on Sunday as much as I would have liked so next time I'll try to sit next to you. Thanks again for getting us all together. Marie B. it was so nice to meet you and your husband and also Anthony G. and Paul C. and all the other good people who were fortunate enough to share growing up in Germantown. And you Rosemarie M. were a joy as always.

LindaF thanks for the nice compliment you wrote about me. You are quite a lady, yourself. Felt like I knew you for years. Sheila D, are you Vinny Dinard's sister-in-law? If so, maybe you could put the word out to him. Haven't seen him in awhile.
anthonyg [05-20-2010]

Mr. Happy Hollow[Paul Borian]: The Peanut Man[Al Pauzano] posted that The Hollow Folks are getting together at Scoogi's on Friday. Is this a private party or is open to some of us who frequented The Hollow. Being a former Hawk,you probaly thought that I was off the wall,but I did scale the Hollow Rocks which helped me in military-training. I hope that the turnout is good and that Tony D'Angelo is doing well-another Hawk.
Schmitty [05-20-2010]

Ron Heimback: Good to see you on this site. Hope all is well with you. Interesting, after all these years I learn that it is HeiMback not HeiNback. Not important, just interesting. :)
John Payne [05-20-2010]

Germantown History(little known fact)Before Chick bought the store on GTN.AVE the same type of store was owned and operated by an old lady,Mrs.Zakurski--if any of you out there remember that,your an old Dude.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-20-2010]

Helen and Sue Leone: Great to sit with you on sunday. What a nice pair of cousins you are....real from the 'heart' women..loved it/ Linda
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-18-2010]

A client told me about this web page. I see names like joe leone and john payne I recognize as well as others from happy hollow. would like to know about any future meetings and hear from people from Green & Wyneva
ron heimbach, age 66 lived on garfield street [05-18-2010]

TO ALL WHO ATTENDED THE LUNCHEON, This message is from Paul M. Chiarolanza. It was a great time reminicsing w/everyone about our Germantown. Also, it was a joy seeing those from my past and meeting everyone. Thank you for a great time! Your efforts are appreciated! Regards, Paul
Linda M. Chiarolanza-Raven [05-18-2010]

Germantown Luncheon: It looks like most of the attendees come from East Germantown. Was there anyone from the Westside, Fernhill, Hollow, GBC or Brickyard?
West Side of G-town, 1950-60's [05-18-2010]

I graduated from Our Lady of the Rosary in 1969 with Agnes Tranzilli, Debbie Spano, Anthony DiBacco, Joseph Criniti and others. Is there anyone out there from this class? Would love to hear from you.
MJRhodes [05-18-2010]

Sandy Cipriano: Did you ever live in the Warrington/Warminster area? My daughter went to St.Joe's on Valley Rd. There was a David Cipriano in her class, & he came to all of her birthday parties in my home on Valley Rd. He was so handsome, even as a young man.My daughter's name is Anita (Fontana)-Buonato. Just wondering if you could be his mother? thanks, LAF
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-18-2010]

Hey Anthony, did you have a brother Vinney who played the guitar and a sister Rita? Mechanic Street in the 60 and early 70s
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [05-18-2010]

Like everybody on Sunday,I had a great time at The Germantown Luncheon in Hatboro. Paul Chiarolanza showed me and Joe Leone Soccer Photographs of The Great GBC National Champions. It was very sad to see Charley Solley-A great Guy and outstanding player. Ray Dawes was in the photo and he was missed. I always have great conversation with Joe Leone and we took a mental walk down Germantown Ave.-starting at Chelten and ending at Allegheny. We talked about Mickey Grandinetti when he was the bouncer at The Garibaldi. Mickey G. was a great fighter and trainer. He was loved and admired by kids of all races and ethnic groups. Jimmy Young,the tough heavy-weight was trained by Mickey. Joe L. told me a funny story how he was talking to a pretty woman whose boyfriend was Thomas Walsh[known as Goony]-learning that,the conversation ended quickly. We remembered when Goony tended bar at The Eagle Bar at Gtn.&Erie. Down the block,at Gtn.&Venago,another Germantowner by the name of John Berkery tended bar. The bar was called The Shamrock and the bouncer was Marv Edleman. Marv was a former boxer and highly respected. It was interesting that The Jewish Pug kept the tough Irishmen from K&A under control. We talked about The Polish-American Club at Gtn.& Hunting Park. We headed south to The Carmen where Frank Maher was doing his thing but had an encounter with some folks from another neighborhood. I went to St. Francis with Chris Maher who had a steak-shop on Wayne Ave. across from The Hollow. I sat at the end of the table near Joe and Tony Giordano-they kept me out of trouble. I am happy that I never used a Borian type elbow when I played ball with Joe L. at GBC-I knew a case where he had an encounter with a very big bouncer and he was nearly 7 ft. I want to thank all The Lovely ladies for a very nice luncheon.
JBS [05-18-2010]

Joe Graber, I remember sledding at Fernhill Park before the road was built. You could play on the roadway after the workers left for the day and It was kind of surreal to be on this endless road with no cars. I also remember that sometimes we slid down the icy hill at the Hollow on cardboard. the wetter the cardboard, the icier and faster the ride. This past weekend, after taking a wrong turn, I wound up at Broad and Olney. It's a little difficult to remember where the buildings were after all this time, but a lot of us spent many days at Wagners and the little burger shop we used to stop at after the dance was still on the corner. Esquire drugstore seems to be gone and Wagners building is there but the facade is way different.
Lynne [05-18-2010]

I remember the St. Francis May procession well - our graduating class was 1963 and the May queen was Jean Simenites.
Anon [05-18-2010]

I remember the St. Francis May procession well - our graduating class was 1963 and the May queen was Jean Simenites.
Anon [05-18-2010]

It sure sounds like you all had a great time at La Fontana's. I wish I could have been there...hopefully the next time. Keep me in the loop, Rosemarie! I'll get there one of these times!
Sheila Milligan DeNardo [05-18-2010]

Thanks to everyone who came to the luncheon in Hatboro and especially to Linda and Rosemarie for doing a great job of organizing it. I enjoyed putting a face to the blogs that appear on this website and I enjoyed sharing some good memories of Germantown with all of you.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont [05-18-2010]

To Anonymous who wrote about Mickey Hansberry and his baseball career. Are you Vincent (Corky) Sesso by any chance. I know you and Mickey were best friends and that you were his catcher. If it is you Corky it is good to hear from you and I hope you are well.

I just want to say what a nice time everyone had the Germ.lunch.Here is aist of who attend,JBS,Carole DiThmoso,Maria Carrozza,Bill Cupo,Joe Leone,Linda Fontana Faragalli,Anthony Giordano,George Di'Amico,Paul Chiarolanza,Theresa Yespy,Rosemarie Malageri,Helen Leone D'Angelo,Sue LEONE,Theresa Marchese Yespe,my self & husband Andrew,A good time was had by all.Next lunch will be Oct.or Nov.I hope more will come.Glad to meet everyone.Hope more will join.Regards Marie
Marie Bommentre [05-17-2010]

Mark L. Bambrick - I don't recognize your sister's name, but looking back over my earlier post, noticed I put the incorrect class year. I was actually St. Francis, Class '62. Loved those May processions. I liked walking down the 4900 block of Greene Street, past my house. Have a great day!
joyce radocaj ruggero, St. Francis Class of '62, LF Class of '66 [05-17-2010]

Dear Anthony Diferdinando Jr.I was .talking aboult you sunday at the Germ.luncn .Would love to hear from you more & maney others too.Marie Rose.
Marie Baucco Bommentre [05-17-2010]

To all that made the luncheon yesterday-Sunday-at LaFontana's, I just want to say it was really a nice time. It was nice meeting everyone and seeing the people I did know. Just sitting at that table brought back so many memories of the great neighborhood Germantown was. I really miss those days.
anthonyg [05-17-2010]

To all who came to the reunion: Talk about wonderful people and a terrific time.."Sue and Helen' Leone are dynamic individuals with great hearts. Bill Cupo, so good to see you again...Anthony, nice meeting you..."finally" -JBS/Joe Leone, Al & Marie Bommente/ Theresa, and so many others..who had a nice time reliving the 'good old day's of "G" town, thanks for coming and making our luncheon day a very special one/ hope to see all of you and even more people in the Fall...which is our next one.xo Linda Fontna. P>S> To Rosemarie hite-Malageri/ thank you so much for all that you did to make this happen.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-17-2010]

Dear Paul B.I will attend the lunch onFriday at Scoogi's .Looking forward to it,hope to see a lot of the guys from the Hollow.I am doing great,16 months and going strong -God is GOOD !
Al Pauzano_Peanuts, Feeling great [05-17-2010]

WOW: where do I start? Modern Tech.has enabled a bunch of great people to get together this past sunday at LaFontana's. Without this new method of communication, this could NOT have been possible...so, that having been said, how did we ever live our youth in "G" town without cell phones and computers????? We must have had it rough, eh? ha ha..anyway..thanks to Rosemarie hite-Malageri, beautiful person that she is....this all came to be very well organized.. I got to sit next to an 'awesome man' named Anthony Giordano....the conversations between everyone present was smooth as silk. thanks to all who showed up/ and to those who couldn't make it you missed a heck of a good time. L A F
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-17-2010]

Anthony DiFerdinando,Jr ...I am wondering if you were in the same class with either Rosaria, Danny or Lucio Fontana back in the day.THey all lived with their parents one block away from Holy Rosary church...and went to that school.. Rosaria was in my wedding....I married her cousin..She now lives down the shore with her husband, Bobby Casey.and they're doing fine. Respectfully, Linda
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-17-2010]

raymond dawes so sorry you didnt make it to the luncheon on sunday at la fantanas the ages ranged from late 50's to 90 ... yep thats correct 90 ... we had a great time and hope the next time around you will feel comfortable enough to join us too, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-17-2010]

lou giorno! i remenber your party ! i was there and i remember all the people you had there !sad, but we lost a lot of them . frank
frank margiotti, north wales [05-17-2010]

hi all ... just want to say what a wonderful time we had at la fantana's on sunday the 16th ... jbs it was great to finally meet you and it was good to see joe leone, sue leone and helen leone .. bill cupo it was nice talking to you ... pauli charalanza say hello to linda for me ... georgie damico i hope next time your wife will join us too it was wonderful to see you ... mr and mrs bommentre i enjoyed talking to you guys ....and of course anthony g ... good to see you again too. and it goes without saying that this all came about thanks to linda fantana ... thanks linda ... another wonderful walk down memory lane and another wonderful day sharing a good meal and spending time with a wonderful group of people. hope to see them again and even more next time around ....rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-17-2010]

anthony difernando .... do or did you have a sister named rita and do you remember me if you are this anthony ? our mothers were friends and would visit back forth ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-17-2010]

What a good time I had at LaFontana today with the good people from Germantown. It was fun meeting for the first time names I've been seeing on the YOUR THOUGHTS site. I would have loved to see Vera and Rosemarie R and Paul and others I enjoy reading but perhaps next time. And as always, it was my pleasure to be with Rosemarie Hite Malageri and Linda Fontana and Marie Bommentre and her husband and JBS and all the others.
Helen Leone D'Angelo [05-17-2010]

Lou Giorno Snooki Cunning has been married to Bill O'Brien,prominent Phila. lawyer for many years and lives in Chestnut Hill.
anonymous [05-17-2010]

Hi Anthony,I remember you my Grandmom lived a few doors from u on Haines St. we were always over their and over your house many days,your Mom Angie was so nice to us,I was friends with your sister Rita back in the 60's,I think u went to school with my sister Eileen,hope you are fine,good to see some one from HOLY ROSARY take care Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [05-17-2010]

Remember this name and maybe you'll win money some night in a watering hole . . . The last hit in Cardinal Dougherty's baseball history was a single by frosh Anthony Crespo in the third (and final) inning of a blowout loss to Neumann-Goretti.
Ted Silary [05-17-2010]

Joe Graber--Hail Alma Mater-NECHS some of my fondest memories were the ones I had there.1953 grad.been there done that went to my 50th anniversary in 2003.Thanks for the memories.LOU-G
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-17-2010]

Sorry I missed the luncheon. Hope everyone had fun.
Maryalice, still in G'town [05-17-2010]

Pussycat Schmitty....THE HAWK IS DEAD !
Paul Borian [05-17-2010]

wish I could join you -have a wonderful time-PICTURES?
vera carey canavan [05-16-2010]

The luncheon for the Class of 1956 Saint Francis of Assisi and others has been changed from Thursday, June 24, to Friday June 25, 2010 at 12 noon at the Buck Hotel. Please send a E-Mail to Oballard89@aol.com. or call 215-698-0549 confirming you will be attending the luncheon.
Bud Ballard [05-16-2010]

Joe Graber: You inquired about the whereabouts of several people in your recent post. I do know that Mike DiPasquale passed away years ago. He died young. I am not sure of the cause of his death. I'm thinking that his brother Joe told me it was heart, but I'm not sure.
John Payne [05-16-2010]

I have been a long time visitor to this site over the years and have been content to read and reminisce all the stories about Germantown, especially growing up in the 50’s. St Vincent’s 1954 and North Catholic 1958. But Kevin McKernan and a few others really got my attention with mention of the Hansberry family. We grew up together around East Walnut Lane and Baynton Street. The youngest, Buddy, did have a troubled life and unfortunately was not with us very long. Johnny, the middle brother, I understand has had a very successful career with the Phila Fire Department. Mickey, the oldest and my age, and I were close friends at the time, although I haven’t seen or talked to him for many, many years as people drift apart and go separate ways. He was best man at my wedding. Mickey was as tough a competitor as you would find. Kevin you are absolutely correct. He was a gun on the basketball court, and could hit an overhand shot, jumper or fade-away, from anywhere on the court. At the GBC, neighborhood teams could join a basketball league (Bud Alexander and T-Ball). We had a team called The Hurricanes. Mickey named the team after his playing style. Many a time I would block out for a rebound, but all I heard was “swish”. You didn’t want to play him in HORSE or PIG. As good a basketball player that he was, I feel he was even better at baseball. A great hitter, but his pitching was far and above our competition, first in the GBC Babe Ruth League, then in sandlot leagues at Chelten Hills and Fern Rock. I was fortunate enough to be his catcher during this time. Long and lanky, he had a curve ball that would fall off a table. He could throw a fast breaking curve, a slider (even though we didn’t know it as that at the time), and a slow breaking curve. I could hear guys watching from behind the cage, saying “call for the curve ball”. Fast ball – thank God for sponges that I could put inside my mitt. I think Mickey could have gone places, but he cut his right hand pretty badly, causing extensive tendon damage, and he was never the same after that.
NJ-Anonymous [05-16-2010]

Looking for Classmates from Our Lady of the Rosary in Germatown on Haines St.They were good days . I would love to go back in the past for a couple weeks.
Anthony DiFerdinando JR, I live in Levittown, I went to Holy Rosary School I am 63yrs old. [05-16-2010]

Hi Erda: Mike wanted to see some photos of the Wingohocking train station on Belfield Ave between Penn and Church Lane before it was demolished when the tracks were raised. I wrote an article for the Germantown Crier depicting the history of Belfield Ave and its relationship to the station. Get in touch and I'll send some information along.
Lou Brownholtz, Havertown plus graduate of Graterford Prision and Daniel Boone School for the Fine Arts [05-16-2010]

to kiven the hansbury you are thinking of was mickey hansbury he was jimmy (huck) cousin thay both could play.
GREGG STRIANO [05-16-2010]

Bor: For a Nova Guy, I find it oxymoronic that you had such a wild and crazy time at The Jersey Shore-Ocean City and Somers Point. In the 60's,Preppers only got high when they danced with those lovely lassies. You labeleled The Preppers as thugs when the proper noun was characters. Alexander Haig, John Berkery,Mike Masterson,Frank Quattrone and Salvie Testa were characters who spent some time with The Jesuits. Incidentally,Salvie Testa's Funeral Mass was at St. Paul's In South Philly-being named Paul,you would have been very comfortable there. Your life might have been different if you had attended a Jesuit Institution. The Fordham Flash,Frankie Frisch, would have been a great model for you and you know what he accomplished and where he went to school. I am looking forward to another Germantown Reunion at LaFontana on Sunday. It is a given that these classy ladies will be treated with decoroum and respect-none of the language that we we heard in the pool-halls. You married a classy lady[Fran] and I have been hanging out in Spring Lake where The Lace Curtain Irish Ladies congregate.On Tuesday,I will be going to The Prep to listen to Sister Mary Scullion-The Famous Philadelphia Advocate for The Homeless.Bor! My Chieseled physiognomy belies my intrinsic nature-one blogger knows that I am a pussycat.
Schmitty [05-16-2010]

If anyone heard from a Joe Bracken or Charles Tretola (Germantown Mechanic Street Foster Brothers 60s early 70s) please reply or email me.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [05-16-2010]

Joe Graber: I enjoyed your post, great story. The dance at Broad and Olney was Wagner's Ballroom I think. I went there for a while.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [05-16-2010]

The Julian English character appeared briefly in "Ten North FredericK''--his father Dr. English had a larger role.The car dealership is still in business.John Rich's family business still thrives.My Aunt was on the jury for the Lillian Reis trial in 61. Hung jury---shortly after that she remolded the kitchen---other members of the jury also had extra cash---odd but true!Lillian wes convicted in 64-appealed and all chargers were dropped in 70.Michner always took me away--O'hara kept me home.Enjoy both -I find my self going back to many books I loved in the past--getting more out of them at this stage of life.
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [05-16-2010]

Well, as far as I know there will be more than twenty coming to this get-together on sun. at LaFontana's. I hope no one gets lost. That's why they have GPS systems now..back in the "G" town days,everyone had to use their brains and sense of direction...today it's all DONE for you. ha ha (LOL) - I hope everyone has a good time, getting to know one another. See you there, Respectfully, Linda
LAF, Montgomeryville,Pa. [05-16-2010]

mary alice i hope you do make it on sunday it will be great to see you again .. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-16-2010]

Does anyone remember going sledding on the red brick hill from the top of the Hollow Playground to the bottom? Wicked curves and then you had to dodge the pool when you got over the hump at the bottom. then we used to go sledding over at fern hill park til they ran the Expressway right down the middle of our best sledding hill. Remember playing basketball at the gym there at the Hollow when they first built it? Willy *footsniffer* was caught buying our old sneakers after a basketball games then going out behind the gym and sniffing them.? LOL Oh and remembering John Whitty. Wasn't his mother a teacher? John was a great guy. I salut him and Joe Shimph as hero's of our time. I copied Joe's name off the Wall when I went to Washington. I framed it and honor it often. OK...here's a memmory...anyone Remember sister Grace Winefred from St Francis? She had a mean streak when she got mad but everyone loved her when she wasn't. I remember her giving one of the girls a black eye one time with a punch to the face. she swung a mean yardstick too. Some North Catholic Memories. Sleepy Charlie (Burp), Father Fleck (sawweeet) Knobbie. I may be the only person who got thrown out of North twice. LOL Once as a sophmore for going to summer school at the shore and once for hitting a priest (he swung first, I swear) as a senior. I never did graduate from there. LOL Joe Dag. Yeah I had a crush on Ginny too. But then I also had a crush on Lynn Taylor and Maureen Duffy as well. Hope your selling is doing well. Homes at the shore aren't cheap. Maybe you run into my brother John or sister Martha Graber-Kremer who both live down by Manahawkin. I remeber back to the GBC pool. I swear they tried to get as many people in the pool as possible. I also remember playing soccer there. Charlie (aka Butchie) Duccilli was the superstar back then. I understand Butchie is or was the NYC girls professional soccer coach. I may be wrong in saying that but Butchie was also always the brightest soccer star GBC had. Some more diddies. Anyone remember taking the Trolleys to North Catholic and getting off at Broad and Erie to wait for the 56 trolley? In the winter we used to tell the priest at North that the trolleys weren't running. Ha. I got more homework done(plagerized) on that trolley than I did at home. LOL THEN I remember always getting off in the afternoon at 9th and Erie and letting 2 or 3 trolleys go by empty so we could get on the trolley filled with gals from Little Flower. Humina humina. But..the Frankford gals wore shorter skirts. Damn I deliberatly missed allot of trolleys waiting for the gals to arrive. LOL Mom used to ask why I was always late getting home from HS. Well DUH. LOL Dave Linn: Nice to be here. Thanks for your warm welcome. Lots of fond memmories and you are in them.
Joe Graber, Happy Hollow [05-16-2010]

Alex DAniele and I had dual birthday party Oct.14 1951 see if you can find your name among the attendees-Sally Marsdon-Snookie Cunning Pat BAllard-Bootsie Lanette-Eleanor Hudson-Marylou Harkins-Anette McHugh-MY WIFE Carolyn Pede-Bunny Crawford-Frank Margiotti-Jack Walsh-John Gessleman-Fred Loffredo -Jerry McColgan-Billy Ray-Norm Baker-Jeannie Poli-Mick Malloy-Bill Ventresca-Vince McGuire-and many more their names escape me-I guess It's my age-75 yrs young-These guys and girls were all from GTN.I'm sorry to say many of them are no longer with us,but they live in our hearts & minds.GOD BLESS THEM ALL.Do you recognize Any of these names???
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-16-2010]

Dennis Dymszo was Ziggies older brother. He worked at Bell Atlantic (verizon) with me for years, So did Ray Duffy. And yes He (Dymszo) played the Sax and Duffy the guitar. Joe D. Yeah Ginny Keller was a hottie to me too. From what I remember she was just as cute inside as attractive outside. She lived up the St from me on Pulaski ave. Dave and John: it's great seeing you guys here. Yeah, I had my physical limitations but I played as hard as I could just to be normal and accepted. What I loved most about those years was that nobody viewed me as disabled. I was just one of the guys to the guys but to the gals, I was invisable. CHIT HAPPENS. LOL I rememeber getting into allot of trouble with my parents the day I threw my brace in Frankford Creek standing outside North Catholic when I saw a trolly full of girls coming from Franford HS. LOL I didn't wear a brace again for 30 years. Of course now...I'd have a hard time throwing a walker. LOL I loved seeing Spider and Felice and Cathy Mccartney and so many others at the doo wap festival for the disabled vets down at Penns landing. I missed it last year due to a heart attack but I'm hoping to be there once again this year. DANCING! Yes I still dance and even Jerry Blavit remembers me. Anybody remember going to the dances at Broad and Olney? I forget the name of the dance but Blavit and his Father hosted it. I made my dance name doing the bristol stomp. I had the loudest stomp because of my brace. LOL Anybody Know what happened to Jimmie Russling? Mike DePasquale? Jimmie Gregorio? Tommy Razzano? Phil Plano? Oh and I remember singing outside Lynn Taylor window trying to get her attention. LOL To those who I spent time with as a child...Thank you all for the years of the boys club, the 53 and 56 trolleys, Happy Hollow. MO's cigarette shop. You all bring back some great memories.
Joe Graber, Medford Lakes, NJ [05-14-2010]

salle palmer .i have linda parsi salduti address and phone number email me and i will give it to you. frankmm@verizon.net put st michales in the subject.
frank margiotti, north wales [05-14-2010]

JBS(Schmitty)...I hope that you are on your best behavior Sunday at LaFontana's.Remember,you will be in the presence of Germantown's finest ladies;not those thugs from the Prep.Ludmilla will be watching over you so please don't make a fool of yourself trying to hustle a Germantown chippy.....Sommers Point brings back many pleasant memories for me back in the 50's.I remember Bill Haley singing "Rock Around the Clock"at Steele's for the one millionant time.He was near the end of the trail,but still sounded great.How about those seven draught beers for a buck at Tony Marts.For two bucks,I would get my "High" and twist the night away.When the Dunes would close at 6.a.m.,it was time for corn on the cob with lot's of butter.Then off to Ocean City to sleep on the beach till noon.A week-end in Ocean City/Sommers Point for five bucks.What a deal!Those were the Happy Days;from Bay Shores to Tony Marts,to Gregories,to Steele's,to the Dunes,to Bob's in Ocean City then back to Fantasy Island,Happy Hollow for a week of entertainment from the Goo and the other "Boys of the Hollow".......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-14-2010]

Irecall Skeeter he was a sweet boy,I had a little crush on him he lived on Rittenhouse.We sometimes talked in front of Evelyns store.Marie
MARIE [05-14-2010]

My thanks to ERDA waiting for a connection--LOU GIORNO.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-14-2010]

i remember johnny carr, but i never knew him to be mean? he loved to talk about the old time fighters . frank .
FRANK, north wales [05-14-2010]

Kevin McKernan: As you are prone to do,you put a lot on our Germantown Plate-Tennis,Literature,GBC Basketball, Bill Tilden and James Michener. I am amazed that you know so much about Bill Tilden and that his aunt lived 3 houses from me at 525 Hansberry St.-her name was MacIntosh and she had a beautiful garden and was a very nice lady. You are correct that I lived near The Germantown Cricket Club where I watched Lou Hoad,Ken Rosewell and Rod Laver play during The Davis Cup Matches. I liked Rosewell with his great backhand and can you imagine him with Pancho Gonzalez's serve. However, Bill Tilden was the greatest tennis player of his generation. You also mentioned basketball at The GBC and you remembered a guy by the name of Hansberry. There was a guy by the name of Mickey Hansberry who had a good game and was tough under the boards-he was also a good baseball player. Jack Brogan,The Maine Guy, might have played against him in The CYO. I knew a guy by the name of Bud Ortman[RIP]. He was a good athlete-not big but tough and strong. He was an excellent running-back for Millersville and taught and coached in The Coucnil Rock School System. Being an eclectic guy,you touched into the area of literature and mentioned The Great American Writer- James Michener. My mother[Marguerite Bradley] was totally taken up with Michener. Like Mary Alice, I connected with Chesapeake since I spent a lot of time in The Eastern Shore of Maryland. One of my favorite towns there was St. Michaels and James Michener lived there when he was writing Chesapeake. His favorite restaurant in St. Michael's was "Longfellows and possibly, Brother Bernie could take you there when you visit him in Annapois,another great town. James Michener was born in Doylestown and I have visited The Michener Museum which has a great collection of Impressionist Paintings. I had a home in Carversville which is not far from Doylestown. Bucks County is a great place and many bloggers on this site,live there. Kevin! Keep posting with your inciteful information and comments.
JBS [05-14-2010]

Would like to get in touch with people I graduated with in 1954.Theresa Pultrone Grace Santoro Mary Linda Parisi Saldutti Anna May Santoro Angela Rescigno Arlene Liberatore Theresa Troisi Domenico DiNatale. Trying to connect with these ladies
Sallie Palmer Lavelle, St.Michaelof the Saints Theresa Pultrone//Mary Linda [05-13-2010]

Kevin McKernan-are you referring possibly to Jimmy "Huck" Hansbury? He attended Dougherty 1960-62 and dropped out of school. As a sophmore, he was moved up varsity and played in many games but was suspended in the spring semester because of academics. Had he stayed he would have been part of the 1964 Catholic League Championship team. I met Phil Siarini and Mike Kempski a number of years later and they spoke glowingly of his basketball skills. Sound like him?
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [05-13-2010]

Anybody remember Johnny Carr from the GBC? He was there in the 30's when my Dad was a member and also when I was a member. He was a mean son of a gun, but he got his point across.
GBC Alumnus, 1950's & 60's [05-13-2010]

Hi, Everyone who is coming to the "G" town lunch on sunday, welcome one and all of you..We will have a great time. I am wondering how many will attend, trying to get a head count for LaFontana's Mgr. ALso, I wonder how many 'singles' are coming? I should play 'matchmaker' that day. (LOL) Anyway, everybody is welcome to bring relatives or friends from the old neighborhood,too..Please let me know on this site, if you can definitely make it/ asap/ thanks...Respectfully, Linda
L.A.F., Montgomeryville,Pa. [05-13-2010]

Hey gtn girl, gtn, I took pictures of all attending. If you'd like to see these old farts, send me an e-mail address, and I will forward them to you. Note, my e-mail address!
ed burke [05-13-2010]

His name is Denny Dymzo and he played the trumpte/sax/?????
Sue (McCartney)Henigan [05-13-2010]

Lou Giorno, I forwarded your message to Pat Bollard's sister in law.. Hope you hear from her. Erda
Erda, From the Westside of Germantown [05-13-2010]

A name was mentioned below: Mickey Grandinetti/I wonder if he was related to a beautiful girl I remember named Anne Grandinetti? She lived over by the 'Holy Rosary'church side of "G"-town..she may have been friends with the Errichetti family, too. thanks anon
Anon [05-13-2010]

To Frank Margiotti: I remember Ziggie Dymso; he had a sister named Donna. They lived right around the corner from us on Greene St. between Apsley and Berkely. When Ziggie went to CD high school I think he was in a few school plays when he sang in the shows. To Joyce Radocaj Ruggero: I remember the May processions at St. Francis. I think the route was from the school and then down Royal St. then down Seymour St. then down Greene St. to go back to the church.I remember the nuns leading each class. My sister Cathy Bambrick graduated with your class St. Francis class of 1966. Do you know my sister? She used to hang with Donna Videtto on Seymour St.
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in g-town 1960-1970 [05-13-2010]

Attention class of 1956 from St. Francis of Assisi and others. I have received numerous telephone calls and computer messages wanting to know if can have another luncheon at the Buck Hotel. How does thursday, June 24, 2010, at 12 noon sound? Get back to me. As Soon As Possible. Oballard89@aol.com p.s. if you took photo's at the last luncheon, how about putting them on Germantown Web-Site. Bud Ballard
BUD BALLARD [05-13-2010]

Bor[Paul Borian]: I thank you for the info about The Big Bopper[Goo]. I can not believe that he was born in 1932 and was 6 years older than you. You were an old looking guy and could have hung out with Tom Cusack[Goo's neighbor] and been an under-age drinker. You and Larry Rinaldi played poker with some old heads. I guess that you are getting ready for The Jersey Shore-you have seniority and probaly get a good table at Busch's in Sea Isle. I went to Ocean City last week and The Boardwalk really changed from back in the day. I had lunch in Somers Point where The Old Bayshores was located-it is now called The Inlet. My classmate from The Prep[Ron Rubino] had been a bouncer there and had an ugly encounter with a drunken patron. Like Pat Sarnese,Ron played football for Temple but Ron was bigger-trust me. In your last blog,you talked about The Owl With No Vowel[Bill Mlkvy]-I guess that he was your dentist. Your Hollow Buddy[Jack Brogan] talked about Frank Selvy. You and Jack B. must remember when Frank Selvy scored 100 points to break Bill Mlkvy's record for most points scored in a game. I see that you are still serious about the gym and try to keep slim. I go the gym every night or I would be as big John Burke[under 300]. My days of pumping iron and hitting the speed-bag are over. I go to the pool and watch the mermaids- I can do that since I am single and pockets that single. Bor! I will be in Hatboro on Sunday for another Germantown Reunion.
Schmitty [05-13-2010]

Kevin McKenna--James Michner's "FIRES OF SPRING'' will always be a favorite.My O'Hara interest wes always a way to learn about my father.He died when I was seven and the places and people he wrote about were his world.Michner's vast stories and reserch have always been amazing-and he was a much nicer man then O'Hara.
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [05-13-2010]

Rosemarie, can't promise but will try to make lunch on the 16th. Maryalice
Maryalice, Still in G'town [05-13-2010]

Kevin, McK. Hi and How are you doing? I love Michener. I think my favorite is Cheaspeake but I have read many of his works and still have a couple that I need to pick up and read. Guess I better start reading O'Hara. After all my husband is from Girardville, Pa., and my father was born in Mahoney City. Take care, Maryalice
Maryalice, Still in G'town [05-13-2010]

shiela i am so sorry you wont be able to make it but you gotta do what you gotta do take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-13-2010]

sandy my prayers and thoughts are with you love, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-13-2010]

Rosemarie, I'm so sorry, I won't be able to make this get together either. I have a baby shower to go to
Sheila [05-12-2010]

To Rosemarie and Marie thank you both for your kind words and prayers,it still didn't hit me yet I been taking care of him for well over 2 years now,thanks again,Love Sandy
anonymous [05-12-2010]

Looking for Pat Ballard- she lived on Lena ST.She was my main squeeze at St.Vincent's dance--circa 1951--Don't know her married name.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-12-2010]

JBS: Good move selecting parents that put you into Bill Tilden's home near the Cricket Club, talk about location, location, location! Did you know that he had a maiden aunt that lived a few doors away and that he moved in there as a teenager? His early years were rough and later allegations about his sexuality really put a tarnish on the game of tennis when I was growing up and taking the game up. Even W.C. Field felt free to cast a zinger about him in one of his movies: "I had two brothers, one played tennis and the other played more manly sports." While he was two generations removed from me, I actually met and hit balls with men that started their careers against him: Jack Kramer, Poncho Gonzales and Bobby Riggs. These players were old when I met them but spoke well of Bill Tilden, called him a giant of a player that easily shared that marvelous stage with Bobby Jones, Babe Ruth, Red Grange and others during those "Roaring Twenties." It saddened me to hear that the Germantown Cricket Club removed his portrait during the late '40's. I hope they have replaced it now. With a half dozen or more US Open's and a Wimbledon title he deserves to be considered one of Germantown's greatest athletes. Now I have a question on Hansberry--not the street--but the Hansberry family out of old Germantown. I knew one of the troubled brothers: Buddy. Rumor has it that his life didn't play out too well. However, he had an older brother (Name?) about your age and played basketball at the GBC when I was very young. He was tall, aggressive and a "gun." I watched him several times score 44 or more points in a 50 pt. game. Any chance you shared elbows in the key? Mr. Broian: You have been blessed with your tongue stuck in your cheek. Your Goo description had me wondering if he had been a cross between Falstaff and Hercules...keep up your amusing blogs. Vera C. Canavan: It's been a long time since I reviewed O'Hara's works, but for sheer productivity as a criteria, it would be difficult to find another Penn. writer with more books sold than James Michener--more than 70 million last time I checked. I'll let the lit majors sort out quality over quantity questions.
kevin mckernan, Santa Barbara, age 65 [05-12-2010]

helen leone deangelo sooooo sooooo happy you guys are coming it will be great to see you again . did you see our post about the luncheon party menu that la fontanas has .... you guys might want to take a look at it. see you on sunday, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-12-2010]

Joe Leone: All of us had a great time at The St. Francis Reunion which was organized by Bud Ballard. I see that The Leone Family are bringing 5 people to The Reunion in Hatboro on May 16th. I am coming with Brother Rick and he was a classmate of Vincent Leone at St. Francis[1960]. It would be great if Vince was attending this event. I am looking forward to attending this event with you. Joe! Your memory is excellent-only you remembered Mickey Grandinetti since you were only knocked out once or twice and the brain cells are still working.
Bruce Schmitt [05-12-2010]

Rosemarie hite -Malageri: Whatever happened to your cousin, "Skeeter"? e.g. 'Johnny Manero"? Is he still living in Pa.& is he around '60'ish?Thanks.
Anon: [05-12-2010]

To Joe D'Agostino--Sorry,that's the only article I saved from the GTN.COURIER. LOU GIORNO.Did you know any of my teamates???
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-12-2010]

Vera Carey Canavan: I was interested in your comments about John O'Hara and Pottsville. I became aware of Pottsville and John O'Hara when The Pottsville Heist took place in the 60's. One of the accused suspects was John Berkery and he attended St. Francis[1948]. He went to The Jesuit High School[The Prep] with 2 of his St. Francis classmates-Jack Scanlan and Ed Kane[Lawyer]. John B. left The Prep after a year and spent some time time in Mexico-many Germantowners are international. As you know, John Rich's home in Pottsville was robbed and a large sum of money was taken. John B. and Lillian Ries,a gorgeous show girl were accused of involvement in the caper but were acquitted. Some of the guys who were going to testify[Blaney Brothers] died of un-natural causes. Captain Clarence Ferguson[PPD] was really upset when this happened. I am not a member of The Literati like FFK[Hollow Poet] but I do appreciate John O"Hara. I do remember "Appointment In Samarra" which resonated with me. I knew many car salesmen whose addiction to alcohol caused both a physical and financial demise. I see that you went to St. Vincent during my era. I went there for a year and I knew The Riceman Family whose father was a physician with a office on Greene St. I played ball against St. Vincent and I remember Jerry Gorman and Bob Chesko-they might have passed away. They were good athletes but we competed reasonably well against their team. Keep posting since we like to see balance and diversity on this site- I enjoy your blogs.
John Bruce Schmitt [05-11-2010]

To the person asking about the Russo Family on Belfied Ave. I am married to Michael Russo who was younger than John. My mother in law passed away July 5, 1987, my father in law passed away in January 1997. The youngest brother Paul just passed away March 3, 2010. If you send me your email address I will forward it to John.
Kathleen Russo [05-11-2010]

JBS(Schmitty)...Nice to hear from you.You must have gained at least ten pounds over the winter and early spring attending all those reunion luncheons,happy hours,etc.It is time for you to get back in the gym and do some serious lifting and cardio exercises.Before you know it,you will have to fit into your Speedo and head to Wildwood for some fun and frolic. Mr Guarinello was born 10/2/32 and died 1/1/04.Goo was very proud to have five vowels in his last name.He once told me that if Bill Mlkvy(The Owl without a vowel)could borrow a few of the vowels in his last name,he would have been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-11-2010]

joe graber was the dymzo you mention first name zigge?.i remember a kid that use to come down my shop on wayne avenue and wait for his mom while she got her hair domne . her name was mary dymzo . this kid im talking about was a good singer and he use to sing a few songs while he waited for his mom . the customers liked his so much that they took a collection and he made a few bucks waiting for his mom .he was a real nice kid. frank margiotti
frank margiotti, north wales [05-11-2010]

any photos from the buddy ballard reunion?
gtn girl, gtn [05-11-2010]

Lou Giorno, you mentioned a past article in the Germantown Courier. Is there a site where you can read the archives? They always wrote about the baseball games at the "Boys Club." I would really like to read them. I played a lot of ball there and think reading some of the names would be great. Any info.????- Joe D'Agostino
anonymous [05-11-2010]

Joe Graber- great to hear from you. I can remember Bob yelling "Graber get off the rocks." I always remember you playing every sport with anybody and you could hold your own.I also remember passing your house on my way to Ginny Keller's. She was the love of my life back in the day. Take care, Joe D'Agostino
Joe D'Agostino [05-11-2010]

sandy i am sooooo sorry to hear of your dads' death ... my sincere sympathy. please give me a call sometime i would like to speak to you and when i lost my phone i lost your number rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-11-2010]

Rosemarie, as far as I know 5 of my clan are coming on Sunday. See you then, really looking forward to seeing you all.

To Sandy & Eileen Sorry to hear that your Dad passed.I send prayers to you &your Family, Stay stong.MARIE
Marie [05-11-2010]

Carnations tradition lives on in Girardville Pa. $1-pink or white
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [05-11-2010]

Joe Graber, glad to see you on this site, as you mentioned Joe Shimph, I remember him well, as I also remember my good friend John Whitty who is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, four years ago today which would have been his 63rd birthday. God Bless them both, and for serving our great country.
Dave Linn, Germantown West side [05-11-2010]

hey annonymous i can understand why you would have a crush on my cousin skeeter ... ha! he was very cute when he was young . rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-11-2010]

Jack McHugh, I forgot all about that pink and white carnation tradition on Mother's Day. It was a nice tradition. Sad that it has fallen by the wayside. Thanks for that memory.... Hope all of Moms out there had a very nice Mother's Day....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-10-2010]

Mike Garvey, thanks for the info on Gaeta's. I will give it a try. Not as far as Castor Avenue for me.... Bruce Marshall and Gtn Girl, I know Marchiano's well. Next to Scalea's, they make the best tomato pie that I've tasted. I know some who swear by the tomato pie from Corropolese in East Norriton and Conshohocken Bakery, but I find them to be too sweet.... Marchiano's specialty breads are good but its their tomato pie and Oreganato that draws me there time and time again.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-10-2010]

germantown girl your right .... their tomatoe pies are excellent ... my mother lived on ripka for many years and we enjoyed those pies many times, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-10-2010]

hi raymond dawes i suspect the age can be any age .... all are welcome ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-10-2010]

I would like to thank Bud Ballard for all the trouble he goes through to keep the boy's of St Francis together. I think we all had a great time and are looking forward to the next reunion. Great stories and great memories.Tom Finn, I'm looking forward to sitting with you at the next luncheon and to Bruce Schmidt the historian, you have a fantastic memory and a way of putting things in perspective.
Joe Leone [05-10-2010]

Joe Graber: Hi, good to see you here on this site. I remember you well Joe. Just a slight correction that you will probably be shocked about, but I was three years older than you (66 now) and Goo had me by, I think it was over ten years (I had it in a previous post, but now I forget). He was just perenially young. Joe, I remember you playing ball at The Hollow. I was impressed that you never let your polio interfere with having fun, or being one of the kids from The Hollow, i.e., rock climbers etc. If you go to the brickyard site, there is a picture of Goo, my brother Gene (eight years older than me), and three of the other older heads. It's a great site for pictures. You can find it under http:www.germantownbrickyard.com (not sure about the www, but I think you need it) John (junior) Payne
John Payne [05-10-2010]

Mr. Happy Hollow[Paul Borian]: You and I knew about some wise guys in our time. Bor! You are no Wise Guy-you are The Hollow Historian. You have to help me out with Goo's age. Joe Graber,a young guy from The Hollow[63], mentioned that Goo was 5 years older than him. Another blogger said that he was born in 1932. You or Larry Rinaldi should know how old he was. I do know that I shot hoops with him when I was 14[1956]and he shot like an All-American college player and he should have shaved twice a day.
Schmitty [05-10-2010]

How about these memorable items?-DA haircuts complete with Tony Curtis spit curl on the forehead-pegged pants with dual loops & pistol pockets with a 2inch rise-suade shoes with charteuse laces alaFLAGG BROS-lanolin products to keep that DA just right-Billy Eckstien collars- thin neck ties- the comb in back pocket, pulled out every 5min. to keep that hair in place.I could go on and on about cool carefree days of yore-DO YOU REMEMBER?
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-10-2010]

Hi Rosemarie, hope u are fine can't make it on the 16 my Dad passed away a few weeks ago,so I'am not up to it hope u all enjoy yourself,enyoy your day Sandy
anonymous [05-10-2010]

Hi Marie,I'am having trouble with my e-mail have to get my daughter to set it up again I have a new e-mail,my Dad passed away a few weeks back,so it been hard for me and Eileen,hope to see you during the summer,hope you had a wonderful Mother's day,take care Sandy
anonymous [05-10-2010]

"Summer time and the livin' is ez". At least that's how I remember it as a child growing up in Germantown. I lived on the 1300 block of Haines Street. Our front porch had a glider & I spent many hours sitting & swinging on that glider. It was my "stairway to the stars" that took me to many "far-away places" without ever leaving the front porch. Those "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" were fun-filled, care-free days spent riding my bike, jumping rope, playing in Awbury Park. This website has stirred so many fond memories of my childhood. I am looking forward to October 10 IC reunion. I am hoping that I will get the opportunity to see and visit with some of my former neighbors. Our street was a neighborhood of good people who looked out for each other, & helped one another when needed. I hope that some of those people who lived on the 1300 block of Haines Street are aware of this site & will submit "their thoughts". It's pleasant having old memories jogged by a familiar name (Higgins, Carey, Murray, Rhoda, Hickey) or a shared experience. "Thanks for the Memories"
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic 55; cdhs 59 [05-09-2010]

what age range are the peoplegoing to lunch on the 16th
RAYMOND DAWES, 67 [05-09-2010]

GOO was about 3-4 years older than myself. I'm 63 now. There are some good and bad thoughts of him posted here but he was always good to me. I used to hang out with Dymzo, Russling, Charlie FU., Lawrence. Played all kinds of sports with the Gatto's and Fusco's. (Lynn and Joey) I bought the greatest dog in the world from Lynn. Agerman shorthaired pointer who was regal and liver 18 years with me down in SNJ. I think back to the days when we would buy beer and Felice and McCartney would sit at the hollow drinking and when the cops showed up...they would run. I couln'dt run so I sat there and the cops would take me to GTN and Cheltan and make me walk home. Russling and me and Castagna would jump on the sides of the 53 trolley and ride the sides up to Valley green and jump off the ROCK. I'll never forget the day we got caught by park police swimming naked and Russling and I knelt down and Jimmie got poisen ivy all over his private parts. Too funn.
Joe Graber, Hollow [05-09-2010]

Great to see names of people I grew up with. Joe Shimph was my best friend before going to Nam. He lived across the street from the DiPasquales and Kehans on Clapier st. Along with the Roses and Kohlmier's we had some great times. Me? I was the guy with polio. My sisters Ann and Martha and my Brother's Bob and John Lived on Pulaski Ave. I wasn't much of an athelete but I tried to play everything at the hollow and Boys club. I have one thing to say: A quote from Bob Lejewski. "Hey Graber Get off the rocks."
Joe Graber, 63 Happy Hollow [05-09-2010]

FYI - Bob & Bill Campbell from East Germantown - Clapier Street are alive and well ! Have a great summer everyone !
B. Campbell [05-09-2010]

With Mothers Day coming, I recall the 1950s going to church when it was very popular to wear a carnation---Most people had one on--Pink if your mother was living and white if she was deceased. In our house we at first had paper artificial carnations which our mother kept with the silverware in the dining room. A short time later they were making them in plastic and you could get them off the cakes you would buy in the store at that time of year. These we kept from year to year by us, as we were a large family, plus some of them would get crushed during the year. At some point the popularly of using them died down but thru the years I have been in some churches where they give out fresh carnations to the mothers on that day.
Jack McHugh [05-09-2010]

I was part of the last graduating class of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary School in Germantown, June 1971. After our little parish closed, we were taken on by Immaculate Conception Parish. I went to Cardinal Dougherty High class of 1975. My mom's maiden name was Mary Malvestuto from Cosgrove Street. I have wonderful memories of growning up in Germantown and Holy Rosary!
Karen Karpinski, Phila, Pa age 52 [05-09-2010]

To Sandy, I tried to send you a email but it came uo error.Did you change.Hope to hear from you,hope all is well. Marie
marie [05-09-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey it is drop off spot for Gaetas on Castor Ave. you might have to pre order or take a chance that they might ahve a couple on hand. From what I understand Gaetas sold the recipe to the current owners, I had some from thr Roxborough store last June when I was up in Philly and it was soooo good.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [05-09-2010]

yeah ! i had a 47 mercury.and the duals were real loud!i loved that car . sold it to donny pizello when i went in to the services in 1954. it was gray and he painted it green . when i came home in 1957 i bought a 49 olds club cope from bobby rant . sold it in 58 and got a 53 olds . last of the great cars for me.germantown ! what a great place to grow up at during the late 40's and 50's .so manny place to go to and have fun . movies,dances,h and h,lintons,the dog house, the snack bar, pizza from scales plus the great italian rools and lofs of bread. trinity dance. st vincents on frid nights . dose any one remember lou giorno when he was lou day ! this guy was a great entertainer, he had his own group for 35 years and he played at all the great spots durning the 50's and 60's and 70's. he missed his calling ? he retired as a school tearcher. he was like a dr. jykel and mister hyde. durning the day he was this refine school teacher and at night he was a full swing entertainer !just passing on some old memories ! frank margiotti 75 and still here !
frank margiotti, north wales [05-09-2010]

Dennis McGlinchy - you live over that way if I'm not mistaken, so you've probably tried Marchiano's on Umbria; I can vouch for their tomato pie, stroms, and oreganata. Haven't tried the Scalea's outpost. . .
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [05-09-2010]

Lou Giorno: I had a '55 Chevy in the 60's with one regular and one glassie, to reduce the odds of getting stopped and ticketed - still gave off a nice, but subtler, rumble. That didn't deter Officer Davis of the 14th, from pulling me over on general principles every time he saw me in the Saveway or Merit or whatever it was, on Chelten across from the Yearsley! He had other reasons for that. . .
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [05-09-2010]

Dennis, Yes it is the Gaeta's from Castor Ave. Frank is useing the Scalea recipe. His sons are the runing the shop on the Ridge you must order the pies 24 hours in advance Later Mike
Mike Garvey [05-09-2010]

hi to anyone who will be joining us on may 16th at 1pm at la fontanas if you will kindly go on the la fontanas site and click on the luncheon party menu there are (3)selections in (3) groups that are under $20.00 which include non alcoholic beverages and dessert. linda asked me to take a look at this to see what i think and both of us think it may be a good way to go ... now if you prefer to order off of the regular menu of course thats entirely up to you ...but, give the luncheon party menu a once over and see what you think and get back to us ..rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-09-2010]

To One and All: If you are planning to attend the "G"towner's Luncheon at Cafe LaFontana's..on Sun., May 16. Here is the exact location. 58 South York Road, Hatboro, Pa. 19040.(It is just before the intersection of York & E.Moreland Rds.) If you pass E.Moreland Rd.YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR. The phone # for this place is: 215-672-8118.In case you get lost, call for directions...It's at 1:00 p.m. I hope lots of friends and former neighbors can attend:Thanks, Linda Fontana
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [05-09-2010]

Hey Ed Farrar. I grew up and went all through grade school at Holy Rosary with Johnny Russo.He was always wanting to play soldier because his older brother was in the Green Beret. My Family moved out of Germantown and up to Parkwood Manor near Liberty Bell Race track when I was in 8th grade, and lost contact with the Russo,s. If you hear anything please let me know.
john DiRenzo, Mesa, Az [05-09-2010]

Lou Giorno: You really made me flash back with your post about loud mufflers. I also remember when glass packs were the hottest. They sounded great especially on a Ford flathead V8. It wasn't fun when the cops stopped you and made you "rev it up and rap 'em off" before writing you a ticket. It was worth paying the ticket just to drive around with them. Remember cars with Lakers on the side? Some guys would open them up and totally bypass the mufflers and wake up the whole neighborhood. If you got caught with those, you got the whole ticket pad. In my later days I had a 1968 Olds 442 with a pair of cherry bombs. They sounded great but still didn't match Ford mounted glasspacks, although the 442 was a rocket.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [05-09-2010]

Rosemarie hite-Malageri: Wow, you are so right, it is a small world. Lena is such a great person. I always had a secret 'crush' on her bro/ Johnny. I used to walk to Trio's lunchmeats and pass by their home, just hoping he'd be outside..ha ha .those were the days, eh? Next weekend will be here before we know it/ Can't wait to see you again at LaFontana's yippee.
anonymous [05-09-2010]

dennis,try marchiana italian bakery 4653 umbria st phila pa 19127 215-483-8585 for tomato pie,its very good!
gtn girl, gtn [05-09-2010]

I concur with Tom[Cueball] Cusack that Bud Ballard did a great job in his organization of The St. Francis Reunion at The Buck. The Preponderance of the guys were from The Class of 1956 but there were many other classes represented. Tom Cusack represented the oldest class[1954] and John Burke represented the youngest class[1968]. There was a great turnout and I regretted that I could not talk with all the people. I was impressed that Tom McIntyre came down from The Poconos for the reunion. I remember playing football with his brother Jim who threw a nice spiral. I talked about boxing with Joe Leone and we both remembered Mickey Grandinetti-a great boxer and trainer from Germantown who owned a gym in Kensington. I was happy to see that John Burke is doing well-he is not so big now,probaly under 300. John was there with Brother Ed. I came with my Brother Rick and The Dawes Brothers[Ray&Roy] also attended. I spoke with Rich Serano and we talked about one of my favorite streets-West Queen Lane. We both had some ugly encounters there when it became a mean-street and the neighborhood was starting to deterioate. Mike Garvey represented The Brickyard and I had attended St. Francis with his Brother Charlie. My Brother Rick had a good time and he wants to attend The Reunion in Hatboro on May 16. We were all fortunate to grow up in Germantown-a great place with wonderful people.
JBS [05-09-2010]

Does anybody know the whereabouts of the Russo Family? They lived on Belfield Ave, across from the big lot now apartments), near Sylvies Steak Shop. One of the Sons was John Russo. They were good people and their parents were always good to me. The Mom was tough, grey hair, and always had a pencil in her hair.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [05-06-2010]

How many of you COOL CATS out there had dual mufflers on their cars in the 50's? Glass packs, they made a hell of a lot of noise.Frank Margiotti had the loudest in Germantown You Knew when he was around your neigborhood.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-06-2010]

R.I.P Johnny Maestro. It was my privilege and pleasure to meet you and listen to you over the years.You've been an inspiration to many a young singer. God Bless!
John DiRenzo [05-06-2010]

Gee Helen l. D'angelo, I love John Mathis more then words can say I saw him last few yrs.ago.But dozens of times over the yrs. Marie Bommentre
Helen L.Deangelo [05-06-2010]

helen leone d'angelo i love johnny mathis and a couple of months ago watched a special on one of the public broadcasting stations with him .... he is just as if not better than he was before...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-06-2010]

sandy how are you doing ... i hope good! i wish you could join us on the 16th at la fontanas ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-06-2010]

I passed a Gaeta's Tomato Pie in Roxborough today (6072 Ridge Avenue). Anybody know if this is an extension of Gaeta's on Castor Avenue? More importantly, anybody know if they are using the Scalea sisters' recipe? I stopped making that trek out to Castor Avenue. It was always hit or miss, with my experience being more misses. Disappointing when you make that trek out there expecting Scalea's and it turns up short from cutting corners or whatever.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-06-2010]

linda fontana what a small world ... lena is my cousin and we grew up right next door to each other ... she is still vivacious, and has a heart of gold ... she is doing well and still working hard for proctor and gamble . i will tell her you said hello, rosemarie ps .... did you see marie and allen bommentre will be joining us on the 16th
rosemarie hite malageri [05-06-2010]

allan bommentre we look forward to meeting you .... see ya on the 16th, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-06-2010]

Johnny Mathis was WONDERFUL WONDERFUL in Verizon Hall at Kimmel Center on Sunday. His voice, at 75 years old is just as smooth and velvety as it was when he sang his love songs to us in the 50's as we danced at St. Vincents' and Trinity and the Y. I'll love him 'Til the 12th of Never!

Kevin McKernan: Recently,I was at a St. Francis Reunion organized by the very competent Bud Ballard and The Lads Enjoyed reading your blogs-interesting and not vitriolic. I also find it intriguing that you know leftist-thinkers but you are involved with Bourgeoise Activities-golf,tennis,and skiing,my Hispanic Friends would say,"Pura Vida". I only engaged in these aforementioned sports tangentially. In my Germantown Days,I participated in The Proleteriat and Gladiator type sports. However, I do know something about Tennis and Golf. I lived in The Home of Bill Tilden,The Babe Ruth Of Tennis when I lived on Hansberry Street across from The Gerrmantown Cricket. I did play tennis at THe Cricket Club with Eric Wiener and he was one of the few Jewish guys to play there. We did not pay membership fees and we always played for nothing-we simply scaled the cyclone fences to the tennis courts in the back,not far from The Continental Post. In my youth,I caddied at Manufacturer's Country Club with Bob Campbell and Joe Gallagher from St. Francis. Bob Campbell was an extraordinary golfer and he would be shooting for birdies on Caddy's Day and the only birds that I saw were in the woods where my errant drives went. I admire anybody who can play a decent game of golf-it is very challenging. Bob Campbell[Rip] and Joe Gallagher[RIP] both went to North during your brother Bernie's time. Bob Campbell was an All-Catholic Baseball Player[1959] and Joe Gallagher[1958] was a great football player. Joe G. caught many passes from Ralp Gatto,A H. Hollow Guy. Joe Gallagher had a cousin by the name of John Fries[Fernhill] who was a great and generous benefactor to North. I never got into skiing but I have visited Ski-Resorts in Vermont,Utah,Wyoming and Switzerland. During the summer,you can ski in Bariloche,Argentina which resembles The Alps. Kevin! You are an eclectic individual-disciplined and Socratic. Socrates's Mantra was,"Know Thyself which is such an important tenet of life. I was fortunate to study Socrates with Hunter Guthrie,A Renowned Jesuit Philosopher and former President of Georgetown in Washington. Kevin! I and my Germantown friends like your positive take on life. Do not be concerned about my Wise Guy friend from The Hollow[Paul Borian]-he might be a little audacious but he is truly sagacious.
JBS [05-04-2010]

I will attend the lunch on sunday 5/16 see you then.Allan
allan bommentre (Butch) [05-04-2010]

Hi Tommy Jakeman, my little buddy hope all is well with you,how is Johnny, Barbara and Billy,it's been over 40 years since I seen you,do you remember coming over my Grandmom house on Heiskell St,she loved you,Sandy
anonymous [05-04-2010]

jbs-Better than anyone else,he told the truth about his time,the first half of the 20th century.He was a professernal.He wrote honestly and well.O'Hara epitaph-so true.My father was from small town in Schuylkil County,I was raised on O'Hara -read everything -rereard in the last few years-got much more out of them at this age.I met him once at a family funeral.My husband is from the same town as my father,so we have always gone back "upstate".Over the years I have been at parties at many of the places he wrote about--the Gibbsville [POTTSVILLE]cLUB -THE COUNTRY CLUB Pottsville even has a John O'Hara St.---what are some of the books you enjoy? One of my favorite true O'Hara stories involves him beating up a midgetin a bar in New York.
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [05-04-2010]

Gillian i played many a day in Dr Rhodes yard. With the Kelleys
rich, huntingdon valley [05-04-2010]

Lou been there done that. Almost got caught one night. those were the days
rich, huntingdon valley [05-04-2010]

One of the many friends I made while working in Germantown, years ago. Mr. Paige was a gentleman, in the truest sense of the word. James Paige, he loved Germantown. THEY CALLED James Edward Paige Sr. the "Mayor of Germantown." He loved the neighborhood where he operated two businesses, and the neighborhood loved him. When he was ill with congestive heart failure and related illnesses in the last four months, he received 184 get-well cards. James died Monday. He was 88 and lived in Germantown. He was so fond of his community that no matter where he had to go, he always made it a point to get to his destination by way of the "avenue," even if Germantown Avenue wasn't the direct route. James operated Paige's Barber Shop and, later, Paige's Take-Out, a deli/grocery store on Germantown Avenue between Washington Lane and Duval Street. After his Army service, the family moved to Philadelphia. He had a dream of becoming a land surveyor, a skill he was introduced to while serving in the CCC. But that was not to be. Using his GI Bill benefits, he took job-training courses in barbering, house painting and wallpaper hanging. Courses were given in a building that became The Met, in North Philadelphia. After apprenticing himself to barbers, he opened his own shop using an interest-free loan from friends. Later, after watching how other Germantown business people operated, he opened the deli and grocery store not far from his barbershop. "He had a great rapport with his customers and neighbors," his family said. "Young men would often go to seek his advice on things from how to light a kerosene heater to tying a bow tie to wear to a prom or wedding."
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [05-04-2010]

TO ANON ALSO; Maybe your to young to remember the GOO Iknew,he was big bully and not a nice person. People don't give credence to people like you who don't give their names as a matter of conviction.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-04-2010]

tommy jakeman i just spoke to my aunt and told her you said hello ... she remembers you very well and said you were a really good kid ... :>) she says to hello back to you . rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-04-2010]

marie bommentre sounds good ... i look forward to seeing you ... it should be fun! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-04-2010]

Rosemarie hite -Malageri: I used to know Lena Manero ...and was in her home once or twice, when she had a lingerie demo...she is soooo nice. She actually worked at Vick's for a long time with my cousins. If you see her, tell her I asked for her...thanks LAF P>S> She was a really pretty girl/ and I guess now a beautiful woman.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-04-2010]

Lou Giorno: OMG, you just brought back a flood of memories from that old Lover's Lane sight.....I spent many great eves there with my beau John Botto, Jr. from No.Catholic High. wow 'thanks for the memories' as Bob Hope would say...Respectfully, Linda "F".
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-04-2010]

How about parking at the salt mines at stokesbury estates.
anonymous [05-04-2010]

I have TRANSVERSE MYELITIS- does anyone in gtn. have this malady? Please contact me so we can compare our problems. louday1014@yahoo.com
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-04-2010]

Lou, nice article from the Courier, Hugh Mooney was supposed to be at a recent G- town reunion in Flourtown, but was sick with the Flu. Maybe next time.
Gtn.Guy, GBC Alum [05-04-2010]

hi tommy jakeman i am seeing my aunt mary this wednesday i will be taking her out for dinner for our annual mothers day outing ... and i will be sure to say hello to her for you ... your correct i did know your brother and tootsie taylor who lived directly across the street from my aunts house whom i lived with when i was a kid ... david i believe still lives out of state and the last time i saw him was several years ago when he was in town for a funeral but took time to join us at our class reunion ... the girls i hung with were neaty kelly, franny storti, lena menero, linda catalano, betty ann penderghest, maryann malageri, joyce mcallister who was my cousin jackies' friend ... geez i cant remember many ... ha old age stinks! i also hung out with quite of few girls from st vincents who lived in other areas of germantown ... names that would probably not be familiar to you ...as well as girls who i met when i belonged to the yearsly drum and bugle corp ... i often wonder what happen to the kids we grew up with since like you they scattered everywhere and of course you lose touch ... again its good to hear from you and i hope you get on alexs' site ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-03-2010]

I haven't written for a while. Does anyone remember playing baseball in the very large back yard owned by Dr. Rhodes on Walnut Lane? There were some good times there. I am sorry to hear that Germantown has become a place where people are being shot in a store. I am also sorry to hear that there are places like "Dollar General Store" in a community where we used to have stores like Allen's and Rowel's. I am only glad that I no longer live there.
Gillian Andersen [05-03-2010]

I want to thank the WEB MASTER for his time and effort in conducting this site.
lou, lou north wales [05-03-2010]

My appreciation to Bud Ballard for organizing the reunion luncheon at the Buck Hotel for the crowd from St. Francis of Assisi. It was really nice to meet and greet a nice bunch of guys that I have not seen in a lot of years. I hope to do it again in the future.
Tom Cusack [05-03-2010]

How many of youse guys remember parking on the LOVER'S LANE called Creshiem Valley Rd? It was located on the East side of GTN.AVE.Lines of cars parked with parking lights ON and the windows steamed up,those were the days.
LOU GIORNO, LOU from North Wales [05-03-2010]

Next Saturday the 1970 class of St Michael of the Saints grade school will have it's 40 year reunion at The Manayunk Brewery. We've had good luck finding classmates however there are still a few unaccounted for. If anyone knows the whereabouts or contact information of the following people please contact me or pass this info along to them: Michael Minetti, Albert Tecci, Jeffrey Rompolla, Christina Distefano, Raymond Hudson, Ed Giosa, Frank Fuchino, Louis Ferri, Joe Hubicki, Donna D'Ambrosio, Vincent Gaeta, Raymond Gleason. Thank You. Joe DePero Dsprdo95@aol.com.
Joe DePero, oops 53 levittown, st mikes 70 [05-03-2010]

I used to go to Chic's on Saturdays with my saved change. I remember he had a well stocked shelf of comic books on the right wall of his shop. I remember buying Iron Man, Thor, Batman, Fantastic Four, Spider Man, X-Men, Hulk and Superman comics. Directly across from the comic books was the infamous candy counter. For a dime you could fill a small paper bag with candy. There were red hot dollars, candy lipsticks, tootsie rolls, paper candy(with the dots), fake cigs (with the powder and red aluminun embers), smarties, licorish pipes red and black, candy necklases, licorish shoe strings, bazooka bubblegum and a whole lot more that I can't think of. We used to go there sometimes on lunch break from st Mikes and go back to class with our booty (I think the nuns looked the other way). When it was all gone we would pass around the Bazooka Joe comics with the little fortune on the bottom. And last but not least Chic used to sell toys too. He had them on the upper shelves and in the back room, though I can also remember never having enough money for those. I'm sure that he sold other things like real cigs. and sodas and I think I even remember some revolving stocking racks and card racks. Joe
Joe DePero, 52 Levittown st Mikes 70 [05-03-2010]

Rosemarie I will attend lunch on Sun.May 16th.Hope to meet you,then. Marie Bommentre
Marie Bommentre [05-03-2010]

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