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April 17-30, 2010

The following is an article written by Hugh Mooney for THE GERMANTOWN COURIER 50 yrs. years ago.Read it and you'll see why I saved it. The intermediate softball league opened at the Germantown Boys' Club producing high scores and lusty hitting as Sheldon outscored St.Vincent's 14-13 and Bringhurst clipped the Eagles, 13-8,in the first round of games. LOU GIORNO with a perfect five for five night, led Sheldon to victory in a game which see-sawed back and forth until Sheldon scored twice in the last to win. Bill Ambrose chipped in with a trio of hits for the winners.Obie O'Brien also singled three times for the Eagles. Guy Stevens hit a grand slam home run in last half of the seventh inning as Bringhurst came from behind to score five runs and defeat the Eagles in a garrison finish.Losing hurler Al Goodman had three hits for the Eagles.
Lou Giorno, LOU from North Wales [04-30-2010]

Last call to anyone who can give me any info about Lois Lentz . She lives in Georgia .louday1014@yahoo.com
lou giorno, lou north wales [04-30-2010]

Vera Canavan: I want to thank for the information about John O'Hara. I stand corrected that John O'Hara went to A Catholic College. He went to Niagra[Prep] but not Niagra College. Did you know that he also went to Fordham Prep? Fordham is a Jesuit Institution and The Black Robes can be tough-I know from personal experience. It is laudable that you like and know so much about John O'Hara. I also like F. Scott Fitzgerald-The Great Gatsby was special. Keep posting with your literary-comments which are so edifying for this site.
JBS [04-30-2010]

I played in a band from 77-78 called NO REGRETS Pete Cozzi was the drummer, Paul Hipp the actor was on guitar,Looking to see if any body is still around.
John Ward, 49 years old South Jersey [04-30-2010]

Rosemarie, thank you for info. Sorry to hear about Joey I have been out west for 35 yrs and don't get back there often as i would like but planning to in July. Yes, i remember your Aunt stayed over the house a number of times, glad she is doing well and tell her i said hello. If my name sounds familar maybe you knew my brother he was 7yrs older. His name was Johnny. He hung out with Dave Mc Glaughlin, Pat Pasimo, Tootie Taylor that crowd. Who were your girlfriends you hung around with from the neighborhood. I will look up Alex's e-mail and write him. Hope you have a good day, talk to you later.
Tom [04-30-2010]

G-man: Thank you for the invitation to join your "Boys of August" softballers. I think it's outstanding you are all playing on till the end. My active playing days ended in the mid-ninties--blew out my knee skiing at Taos, New Mexico, limped onward till 2000 with my golf until I was spending more time with dermatologists and surgeons than I was on the course. Celtic skin and Calif. sunshine doesn't go well together. The doc's said: No Mas! Sometime back, in honor of those that taught us (Bud Alexander, GBC)), I paid back by coaching Little League for three years. It was a hoot and one of our teams actually made it to the regionals...had I had access to those dirty, rotten cinder fields in G-town, and a dozen kids from Cowtown and Brickyard, I think we could have won the whole thing. If we didn't field a ball cleanly, we were taught to "get in front of it!" Stop it with your chest and face if necessary...and I still have a chipped tooth and dents in my chin to prove this worked. I would like to take a moment to give a shout out to some other aging warriors: Dave Stoner, Hubie, George and a host of others that played tennis with me on those poorly maintained asphalt courts at the Chesnut Hill Rec. Center when I was visiting the homeland. These were all fine players with colorful personalties. Thanks for the memories, guys.
Kevin mckernan, Santa Barbara, age 65 [04-30-2010]

hi all ... last reminder about la fontanas on the 16th of may at 1pm ... if you do think you will be joining us please post it here so linda can give the restaurant an idea of how many they will be accommadating ... thanks and hope to see you there, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-30-2010]

To Anon.My husband Andrew & Joe Cardona try to visit he is doing the best he can.Marie Bommentre
Marie Bommentre [04-30-2010]

Gtown Today: An armored car guard shot and wounded a would-be robber this morning in a dollar store in Germantown, police said. Details are sketchy, but police said the shooting occurred about 9:37 a.m. during an attempted stickup at the Family Dollar Store on the 5200 block of Germantown Avenue. A guard shot the alleged robber four times, hitting him in the chest and arms, police said. The wounded man was taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center, where he was taken to an operating room. Police reported he is expected to survive.
Ed, Chester, VA [04-30-2010]

Kevin McK, if you're interested in unpacking your glove and bat, there's a Over 60 softball league in Philly at Holme Ave. & Convent La. and also a Over 70 league there too.
G-man, Over 60 [04-29-2010]

Any update on Charles Prozzillo
Anon [04-29-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: Thanks for your kind words...see you soon at LaFontana's that will be fun. xx LAF
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville [04-29-2010]

Ted Silary: I hope that the auction went well/ and that your job is not in any kind of jeopardy @(Phila. Daily News)- thinking fondly of you, Linda
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville [04-29-2010]

Remembering Siani's barber shop. He had a set of Phillies "World Series" from the fabled 1964 crash. I believe he had written on the top of the frame, "This was the year that wasn't"
Jerry Murphy [04-29-2010]

Anonymous....I just loved your post on 4/28 defending Sargeant Brogan and the Goo. I know who you are but my lips are sealed.We are now entering the next phase of this wonderful site;figuring out the anonymous posters.Like solving a mystery! Isn't this exciting !.....Anonymous(shoot,it is Paul Borian,the Happy Hollow wise guy and a Goo admirer forever,who will always live in our Happy Hollow hearts and memories)
Paul Borian [04-29-2010]

How many of you out there remember the Logan mansion? Itwas across from Shaeffer School. It was great for sledding and playing baseball . I spent many afternoons there.
Lou giorno, lou north wales [04-29-2010]

Was there not a Chinese food store on Chew around the corner of Chelton Ave named Yees or Lees. I heard he was held up and killed by some gang jokers in the neighborhood. Late 60s early 70s.
Ed, Chester, VA [04-29-2010]

hi helen leone deangelo thats exactally what i told her .... we miss her input on things and her upbeat and fun personality ... so laf come back .... : >) rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-29-2010]

hi tommy jakeman your name is very familiar to me .. and i will be happy to tell my cousins you said "hi" ... joey passed away several years ago.. i am guessing you probably know that and although sammy has some health issues he is doing pretty good and vic is good too! we do keep in touch with each other not as often as we did when we were kids but we still see each other from time to time. my aunt (their mom) who is like a mom to me see each other often and (god bless her) she has more on the ball than most people i know and she will be 89 years old. i dont know if you remember her. actually if you go into the archives you will find sammy's son alexs' e mail and he will be so happy to relay messages to his dad from you ...in fact nothing will make him happier. i hope all is well with you and your family and it is good to hear from you rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-29-2010]

JBS, et al: Those of us that are now three score and something know all about rounding third, toll bells ringing and fat ladies singing. I prefer the more romantic Platter's version:" Heavenly shades the night is falling...it's twilight time." It came out when I was leaving the 8th grade at St Vincents (1958). And I'll bet that a lot of you out there slow danced to that song. We had the moves and took them on the road to dances at: Trinity, Rockland and St. Joe's. Those were the days, my friends. But now it's twilight time for many of us and I've been reflecting on four decades of sports competition, most of which was on a very competitive level. When most of my Germantown friends were packing in their gloves, bats and balls after their school days, I was just embarking on my lifetime pursuit of Tennis, Golf and Skiing. I was fortunate enough to find mentors and teachers here--professors of Philosophy that taught me the Socratic discipline by day and the importance of fitness in the afternoon (sound body, sound mind--the Greek ideal.) I thrived on this combo, loved the sheer competition and good camaraderie. I was never a gambler but the things I've seen with gamblers: I saw the old tennis player, Bobby Riggs take apart a fine player using just a sawed-off broom stick--stuck it to him and walked away with a paper bag of money. This was around the time he was preparing for that fiasco called: "The battle of the sexes" with Margaret Court (win) and later with Billie-Jean King (loss). The old Golfer, "Happy Mex", Lee Trevino used to regale us "young guns or flat-belllies" as he preferred to call us, with stories from the days when professionals had to enter the servants entrance at country clubs and drove through tough towns hustling the local hero who didn't know them. "Tough?" he would yell! "You had to be tough/crazy to be playing a round for a $1,000 when you only had 5 bucks in your pocket." I didn't see it, but he claims to have beaten good players with a coke bottle alone. These were confident and sassy gentleman, and after witnessing Bobby Riggs' display with a broom, I was not doubting Trevino's coke bottle story. We wont be seeing the likes of these fellows again. I hope everyone continues to share their reflections on this site...there's a million stories out there. All have worth.
kevin mckernan, Santa Barbara, Calif. [04-28-2010]

Rosemarie yes I know all of them.me and Joey use to go out with Vic when he had lunch trucks-and help at the steak shop at chew and chelten.also worked for Sammy when he owned villa sausage.Sam was like big brother to me. if you still have contact with them please let me know how they are.and tell them Tommy Jakeman says hi
Tom [04-28-2010]

Here's a link to Bob Harrington's five daughters, and other family members, at Dougherty's final home basketball game, back in February . . . http://www.flickr.com/photos/8172647@N06/4358408476/sizes/l/in/set-72157623436931480/
Ted Silary [04-28-2010]

I visited your site and wanted to compliment the tour guides - Alexander & Adela Morales. They were very informative and friendly. It was well worth the trip. Thank you, Deb
Deb Mousley, Yorktown Heights, NY [04-28-2010]

History Lesson: The oldest Boys Club in America is at 25 W. Penn St. and many of great athletes went through the doors of the Germantown Boys Club. Now you know the rest of the story.
Alumnus, of GBC [04-28-2010]

Fishtown's baseball field is still cinder!
anonymous [04-28-2010]

Chicks was next to the plummers office. He had outdoor access to his basement where the sodas and other supplies were kept I remember carring the sodas up the step and empties went down..02 cents a bottle for returns penney candy. There was also Jnes ice cream palor next to falcon's shoe repair shop. across the street was Peday's bakery. The American store on the corner of Seymore St. All that and more in the 4900 block of Germantown Ave.
Raymond Dawes [04-28-2010]

Hey LAF get back here!

jbs-John O'Hara did graduate from Niagara Prep School-he did not go to a Catholic College -his fathers death did not leave the family with much money-he did attend Kutztown Normal School for a brief time-he became one of the finest writers Pa. has ever produced-his TEN NORTH FREDRICK is my favorite book-happy you enjoy his works.
vera canavan [04-28-2010]

Sorry to hear about Ralph Siani passing ... I went to his father first and then to Ralph ... I also went to Vince who was also a good barber and dated Vince's daughter, Nancy, for a while ... a pretty girl from a real nice family .. it's funny how this blog can stir up fond memories ...
Tom Cusack [04-28-2010]

Ted Silary: I really appreciate the info about Bob Harrington and CD. I still find it so difficult to believe that Bob H. has left us and CD will be leaving us shortly. Many Germantowners went to CD and were coached by Bob Harrington-a great coach and role model for young players. Today,The Prep will be selecting a new football-coach and I hope that he has the same character and civility that our mutual friend,Bob Harrington,possessed. Character and morality in coaches are imperative in the development and growth of young men.
JBS [04-28-2010]

Ted, conversation at Dorn's involved you and Fred and the lack of a ticket for retrieval of one's laundry. Yes, I remember the cinder fields and also at Happy Hollow. My left knee and elbow still have the cinders under the skin. Only the best for the youth of Germantown!
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [04-28-2010]

The final homecoming for Cardinal Dougherty High School is on Sunday, May 16. Mass at 10:00am. Open House and picnic to follow, with entertainment. Cost for the picnic is $20.00 for adults, $10.00 for students and those under 18, no charge for children 5 and under. But, you can just go to the Mass and Open House, and skip the picnic if you want. It will be the last time to see the old school, walk the halls, cafeteria, gyms and grounds. Who would ever have thought that a school that once had an enrollment of 6,000 students, and was the largest Catholic high school in the world (let alone the US), is now closing due to declining enrollment. But, that is the reality, the sign of the times. CDHS will be no more after June 2010. This is an opportunity to see our school one last time. http://www.cardinaldougherty.org/?pid=185
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-28-2010]

Jack Brogan's reference to "bitches" in his post that was criticized by Anonymous (the Prof?) was not a reference to women, but referred to bitches as in "complaints". I'm not a professor, but even I got it. To Lou Giorno: don't knock what you don't know. Reference to Goo as a jailbird and abusive is false. He was not a criminal and he never abused anyone.
Anonymous Also [04-28-2010]

does anyone remember chick,s candy store on gtn ave between logan st and seymour st.? you could buy cigs-ice cream comic books and candy.
lou giorno, north wales [04-27-2010]

Hey, Peter, whatever the Dorn story was, I forgot it long ago. Must not have involved sports. Ha, ha . . . Meanwhile, to JBS, Bob Harrington's family members attended Dougherty's last-ever home game and were introduced to the fans. It was very nice . . . Meanwhile, Part II. Does anyone else remember the youth baseball field at East Germantown RC? The one with cinders. What was THAT about? They couldn't bother planting grass? If I remember correctly from our youth baseball journeys, the field at Cedar & Ann also had cinders? And maybe the rec center in East Falls? VERY strange. Thank goodness we never had sliding practice.
Ted Silary [04-27-2010]

Jack Brogan: You are a good story-teller and raconteur-pardon the redundacy but I used it for punctuation. John Updike was a good story-teller and I can not see you in any of his themes or characters. I see you more in a John O'Hara or F. Scott FitzGerald 's motifs- 2 great Irish-American short-story writers. John O'Hara even went to a Catholic College like you. Fitzgerald was Lace-Curtain Irish and went to Princeton. You could have been one of the characters in The Great Gatsby. Who was Jay?-You or The Bor. He knows a lot about Estate- Maintenance. Jack! Keep posting since Bor,Larry Rinaldi and Goo like what you write-that's the fudging[sweet] truth. The ladies do not like vulgarity and I will be seeing some of The Women Bloggers on May 16.
JBS [04-27-2010]

Anon., Brickyarder...Vince was the other barber who worked with Ralph Jr.
Bill [04-27-2010]

To anonymous ! I AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT GOO ! HE WAS EVERYTHING YOU SAID. i don't feel that he should be worshipped like some people are doing however why didn't put your name as the auther are afraid of retaliation from his admirers? lou giorno
lou giorno, north wales [04-27-2010]

tom ... actually it is my husband who your referring to ... i lived on greeves ct around the corner from there ... and my husband lived there. also my cousins lived up the street from papianos the "catalanos" do you remember them rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-27-2010]

Don - the location of Carol's Candies/Brickharts/Bijou Ice Cream were a couple stores away from Hildebrand's. Hildebrand's Bakery was two stores away from Chane's Drugs, on Chelten Avenue. Hildebrand's was before my time and I can't remember what was at that location in my time. I know it was closed by 1950. Just curious if anyone remembers this longtime bakery because, from an old ad, I see it was operating at that location since at least 1911.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-26-2010]

Jack Brogan...It is too early for grass to grow in Maine.Your lawn must be full of weeds,so rather than mow,why not apply weed killer?...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-26-2010]

Remember the May processions through the streets around the St. Francis community? How much simpler life was in the 60's! Loved living a block from the church and school — coming home for lunch and practically marching in lines up Greene Street, not allowed to do any talking.
joyce radocaj ruggero, St. Francis class of '66 [04-26-2010]

Can't wait to see everyone on sun.05/16/10 -at 1:00 p.m.This will be a great time had by all. thanks.LAF
anonymous [04-26-2010]

bakers drug store had good fountain soda's.dad would send me there every night for evening paper.Rosemarie M. did you live on morton st. and have a brother Louie.I am few years younger than you but remember the family.I lived on armat st. next to Papiano's
Tom [04-26-2010]

bruce schmitt glad you will be joining us on the 16th i am hoping a lot of people will show up. what more can we ask for ... good food and drink and great company ...see ya then, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-26-2010]

Kevin McKernan: Your last blog resonatedd with me-Stormy Weather,Sports,Gambling,and The Goo. I recalled Hurricane Hazel in The Fall of 1954-it was brutal. Dom Raffaele,The Great Chef and Handicapper, and I were in 8th grade at St. Francis. The Rev. PJ McGarrity dismissed classes so that we could arrive home safely. Like many Germantowners,you liked to shoot hoops for money. I also had the fever but I never made any easy dough like you- It was impossible to win against Goo but what could one do. Goo had an extraordinary vocabuary and he would begin,"Let's Commence With Something More Challenging and Shoot For A Slight Wager. One gets tired of losing and I eventually headed to 301 W. Queen Lane[The Queen Lane Project] where I had a better chance of competing for money-not slamming. You mentioned Mississippi and I also had a Sound and Fury Moment[William Falkner] when playing pig at the project. One Saturday Afternoon,Smacks arrives at The Queen Lane Playground with his Gun Mol and wants to shoot for money. He was not a good shooter[basketball] and he hands over his Roscoe[Runyanesque term] to Bonnie Baby. Obviously,having an IQ near 100,I give him a few squirrels[25 cents]. Now the dude gets greedy and wants to shoot for a buck and I go for 5 dollars-my charitable contribution. The brothers start to run a game and I foul Smacks and he goes after me. I was bigger than Smacks but he had the build of Nicky Lazaro and almost as tough. I had a major dilemma-defend myself with my triple combo,a left-jab,hook and short right-cross and get shot or do nothing and get knocked out and stomped on. I took the middle-road and simply tried to hold him off with left jabs and no slashing hits which draw blood. There were security guards and I escaped alive-it's amazing how one can get an adrenalin-rush. Fifty years later,I am at St. Luke's for Ralph Siani's Funeral and a guy greets me by the name of Joe Coll from East Germantown and CD[1960]-he owns The Glenside Pub. Joe C. and I knew athletes from CD-Bob Harrington and his brother Roger and Jack Boyle and Dave Fecak. Did you and your brothers play ball with any of these gentlemen. Bob Harrington coached CD for 15 years and I went to his retirement party from coaching. Bob H. was a great guy and great basketball player for Temple and good friends with Skip Wilson,the baseball coach. The McKernans are very literate and athletic-scholar-athletes. Kevin! Keep posting which I enjoy as I round 3rd base.
JBS [04-26-2010]

CORRECTION.....Mike GARVEY will be attending the BUCK Hotel Luncheon on friday, 4-30-2010.
BUD BALLARD [04-26-2010]

John Brogan. Wake up and smell the roses. Do not use vulgarities on here-you sound like some pathetic John Updike Rabbit-Run character re-living more than 50 years ago of childish events. Very like others on this site (who actually use clever internet initials to clad their vular discourse like "WTF"). You should have become a man at least 45 years ago.Be a man.Grow up.
Anon [04-26-2010]

Dennis, Don Barrella is correct, it was Bickhart's. The Knab Barkery was next to Joe Dorn, Chinese laundry. Ted Silary has a great story about Dorn's which I will let him tell. The other bakery was Maryanne's at Chelten and Boyer. It was next to a florist whose name escapes me which was adjacent to the Crawfords,(Ray, Dave, Stephenie, Eugene).
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [04-26-2010]

Is there anyone out there that can give me some info. about Lois Lentz? She now lives in georgia-her family owned the ace diamond rug cleaners on 4800 blk of gtn. ave.reply on this site or send me an email louday1014@yahoo.com
lou giorno, north wales pa 74 [04-26-2010]

What was the name of the other barber that worked with Ralph Siani on Wayne Av ? Was it Vince ?
Anon., Brickyarder [04-26-2010]

A50 yard bullet pass,60 yard punts, king of the hill (softball),now that'S BB AND HAPPY HOLLOW.GOOD TO SEE THAT YOUR OK AND ON THE SITE.dominic raff
dom raffsame, same [04-25-2010]

Anonymous: You said it. "It's hard to relate to a story when you don't know the people involved. It has to be a pretty good story to enjoy it the same as the teller of it. LOL" All the writers and poets I know and love are in twelve step programs (not sure about FK) for exactly that reason. The thing is to give it a try. The stories here are B.S., that's best shots. They are the best we can do at the moment. I love em' all. East Germantown, Happy Hollow, Belfield, Chew and Chelton, even Brick Yard stories. Rants. Declarations. Protests. Bitches. All of them remind me of Germantown where everybody had a story and everybody had an opinion. That's why it was a great place to live. B.B. Joe Rossi: I'm picturing a softball field with a left field like no other. You played the rocks like a rabid gorilla. I'll never forget your great personality and wonderful smile. We felt honored when you moved to Fernhill Road. Good to hear from you.
John Brpgan, I have to cut the grass this week. In Maine? Unheard of. [04-25-2010]

Millie O'Brien is wondering -where is Neil Cohen from the Stenton Ave. Hot Shop?
anonymous [04-25-2010]

Several persons have asked the names of those attending the luncheon on friday 4-30-2010 at 12 noon at the BUCK Hotel George BECCARIA, Ed BURKE, John BURKE, Richard BRINKOS, Peter COLLEMACINE, Tom CUSACK, Ray DAWES, Tom FINN, Joe LEONE, Tom MCINTYRE, Al PATRIZI, James ROMANO, Bruce SCHMIDT, Ed SCULLY, Jacque SENECHAL, Richard SERANO, Stanley WINK. NOTE....IF ANYONE GETS LOST ON THE WAY TO THE BUCK HOTEL CALL 215-396-2002
BUD BALLARD [04-25-2010]

I have been advised that Ralph Siani passed away this week.It is a great loss to his family and many friends.Ralph was a good barber and a better person.He was a good guy with a great sense of humor.One day,back in the early 60's,Ralph was giving me a haircut when an elderly man walked into the barber shop.Ralph said to him,"Hey Goomba John,how ya doing" I asked Ralph who is that guy.He replied,"my dad" It is funny how the memory of that happening is still with me after all these years.Ralph,may you rest in eternal peace.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-25-2010]

Rosemarie&Helen: I am looking forward to being present at LaFonda's on May 16th,in Hatboro. Recently, I went there for lunch and it is a great place. Melissa,the server,told me to come back and she will not be surprised to see me again. I am sure that we will have a good turnout. I hope that there will be folks from the westside of the tracks-East meets West. Possibly,the dynamic Paul[Bor] Borian will honor us with his presence since he lives nearby in beautiful Bucks County. LaFonda's is a great stop and a cool venue for the chic and interesting people of Germantown on a Sunday Afternoon- Lou Reed could perform for us albeit it is not the morning.
Bruce Schmitt [04-25-2010]

I have had enough of this bravado for "goo" . The people who worship him by their own admission never competed with him. He was a loud mouth abusive man who spent time in prison and whalloped kids around and we should not push goo anymore.His reputation is establshed and these yahoos seem to enjoy it- I do not. he was not a leader-player .I am sorry that that is all that some can come up with here. These are the same folks who call down others. Shame . Believe me no player from the Holler or anywhere was anygood when it came to real time. Coach D.
anonymous [04-25-2010]

Our condolences to the Siani family on the passing of Ralph. I too remember as far back as a seat in the chair with the horse. Rest in Peace, Ralph.
John Payne [04-25-2010]

Great to see BB (Joe) Rossi here.
Bonnie (Joe) Gatto [04-25-2010]

So sorry to learn of the passing of Ralph Siani. Ralph's father was my barber when I was just a little kid. His father would sit me in that 'horsy' barber chair and try his best to get me to sit still while he clipped away. He had one of those great waxed handle bar mustaches. When I got older, Ralph himself was the barber. I remember the men sitting in the chairs along the shop wall, waiting their turn and talking about all the neighborhood activity. I last saw Ralph at the St. Michael’s reunion several years ago. http://www.philly.com/inquirer/obituaries/20100422_Ralph_Siani_Jr____Barber__77.html
Bonnie (Joe) Gatto [04-25-2010]

to marie the giorno family i am related to were from high and manolia sts. from lou giorno
louis f. giorno, reply to marie [04-25-2010]

dan hartnett frank giorno was my father. he played the piano on wkds and was a barber on chew st iplayed the accordion he passed in 1991 he was agood and kind man
louis f. giorno, reply to dan hartnett [04-25-2010]

Dennis, do you mean Carol's, later known as Brickharts, later known as the Bijou ice cream parlor, which was also next to Phil the shoemaker? Or were you referring to a shop around the corner from Chane's?
Don Barrella, Bucks Co [04-25-2010]

helen leone deangelo im glad to hear your still on for the 16th ... and if the creek does rise ... i'll just come and get you in a boat. rosemarie : >)
rosemarie hite malageri [04-25-2010]

dennis mcglinchey we had a party line .... we would listen in on the other persons calls and i when my aunt found out boy was she mad at us and gave us all a good smack or two ... ha! does anybody remember bakers drug store on the corner of morton and armat sts. mr baker had to be the kindest man i knew and mrs baker was the strictest woman ha. but both were good people. i loved selzter water and when i would go in there with my mom to get something mr baker would always give me a glass of it. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-25-2010]

BB...Does this bring back pleasant memories?:It's a beautiful day for a game of softball at Happy Hollow playground.A Saturday morning in early May,1955.Your team is up by one run going into the bottom of the seventh inning(last inning).Bases loaded,two outs,Goo hits a long drive to deep left field,but BB climbs the hill,dodges a few rocks and makes a diving catch.Game over ! Goo can't believe it.You had no right to catch that ball uttered Goo.We all know it was a routine catch for you.You did it many times.No one could play the hill like BB!What a nice memory.....Paul Borian.
Paul Borian [04-25-2010]

Hi BB Rossi: Joe Melchiorre here. How are you. Where in Florida are you? I live not to far from your brother,Rich. I see him every now & then.
Joe Melchiorre [04-25-2010]

jim coleman ... thanks for replying, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-23-2010]

I'll be at LaFontana Rosemarie - good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

Attention...St. Francis of Assisi Class of 1956 and Associates our luncheon is scheduled for Friday, April 30, 2010, at 12 noon. Twenty persons are scheduled to attend. If you have some old team, school or other photographs, bring them. If you have old or new photographs of Germantown, Brickyard bring them.
Bud Ballard [04-23-2010]

Joe(BB)Rossi....It's about time you got on this site. We have been looking for you.Happy that you did not decide to join Goo in Happy Hollow Heaven.What the heck are you doing in Florida? That's for old people! You are 1300 miles from the Superior Bakery.Do you still have your jet black hair? What are your thoughts on having an outdoor concert at the Hollow? Come on up with your drums,and bring with you a piano player to replace Goo.How about Tommy Santoro on the Sax? We will get Jack Brogan from Maine to be the Master of Ceremonies,Sonny Kennedy will collect tickets and money,Larry Rinaldi will be the bouncer to make sure no one get's out of hand.I will be more than happy to deposit the funds in my savings account.What do you think? Are you ready for some Rock and Roll?...For your information,there are some great Hollow stories that you can access by going to the Archives Index from around Nov. 2008 to the present time.Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.Keep on posting.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-23-2010]

dennis,i remember that roller rink the sky top !it was above the colonial movie.we use to rent the skates . my sister and i use to go there with friends .i would say early 1940's
FRANK, north wale [04-23-2010]

Louis Giorno: Were you related to rank Giorno who had a berber shop on Chew St. below Chelten Ave? He was also a part time musician and played accordion as I remember. He was also a gentleman's gentleman. When my father got sick, he came to our house to cut his hair. You don't see much of that kind of thing today. I remember him as a kind and considerate man.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [04-23-2010]

Jack Brogan[Our Main-e guy]. I really liked your blog about The Goo. How could anybody say that he was'nt a ballplayer? It would be the equivalent of saying that Sonny Kennedy did not like beautiful women[Sabina],Frank[Sharpy] Felice was a bad dresser,Frank Klock was a terrible poet,Sal made a tasteless steak,Joe Lynch[cousin] was a dumb player,Paul Borian disliked Armenian food and Jack Brogan was not a good story teller and a Hollow Patriot. Goo is very proud of you and your eternal loyalty.
JBS [04-23-2010]

This will be an east-side stretch, but someone might remember…. Anybody remember Hildebrand’s, a bakery and ice cream shop at 742 E. Chelten Aveue, 2 doors down from Chane’s Drugs at Chew & Chelten? He was operating there from at least 1911, to into the 1940s, possibly to around 1950. His was a longtime East Germantown business. Knab’s Bakery was also a longtime East Germantown business. Founded around 1939 or 1940, they operated on Chew Avenue (we called it Chew Street) into the 1990s. They made an excellent Washington Cake….
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-23-2010]

Odd how mostly forgotten memories get resurrected by someone who says, “do you remember… “ or simply someone questioning if someone ever heard of….. Then, that topic takes on a life of its own….. That’s the case with the roller rink in the Colonial Theatre, in a discussion that’s going on outside of this blog. That’s why I asked about it here ­ no one remembers it there, or how it could have been in the Colonial building. But, it did exist as I saw an ad for it in an IC Monthly Calendar from 1941. Same is happening with Doc Sarlo, the pharmacist at at Magnolia Pharmacy at P&M, before moving to Sprague & Chelten, across from IC School. He was before my time but is remembered by many as very kindly and beloved. Anyone here remember him? To give a sense of the type of person he was, per Jim Dierkes (IC ’48), "Doc Sarlo used to take calls on the pay phone in his office for people in the neighborhood. He would then find a kid and pay that kid some small change to run around to the house that the caller was trying to reach. The kid would knock on the door and inform the household that 'such n such' was on the phone for them.". Would the pharmacist at CVS or Walgreen’s do that today? Doubtful…. Some things that were the norm back then, like doctor house calls, it’s understandable that they are extinct today. Doing those basically put doctors on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… Convenient for parents, but doctors do have lives. Speaking of telephones, anyone ever have a party line???? A neighbor friend did. Made for some fun when we were bored, until his Mom yelled at us…
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in east Germantown... [04-23-2010]

Earth Day greetings to all..... Funny how, 40 years ago, Earth Day was co-founded by a guy who know sits in jail making license plates......Ira Einhorn
Dennis McGlinchey, Bron & raised in East Germantown... [04-23-2010]

John,I know the feeling and that's when you say "I guess you had to be there" lol It's hard to relate to a story when you don't know the people involved. It has to be a pretty good story to enjoy it the same as the teller of it. LOL
anonymous [04-23-2010]

JOE !(bb) good to see you are doing good . i saw your son at john bisaquino vewing and i asked about you said you were doing fine. keep playing softball ! frank .
FRANK MARGIOTTI, north wales [04-23-2010]

hi everyone .... dont forget la fontana's on may 16th at 1:00 pm ... all are welcome! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-22-2010]

The reunion will be at the Manayunk Brewery at Main and Shurs lane.
Joe DePero, st mikes 70, levittown, 53 [04-22-2010]

The Saint Michael's class of 1970 reunion is May 8th at 6:30 PM. There is an open invitation at 8 PM for anyone else interested. Any questions drop me a line. Dsprdo95@aol.com.
Joe DePero, st mikes 70, levittown, 53 [04-22-2010]

"It was a dark and stormy night"...We were shooting hoops at the Gtn. Boys Club on Penn St. just as Hurricane Hazel was taken aim at our city of red bricks back in the late fifties. I was on a roll and staying in the rotation. One guy, a very tough dude, lacking Your Goo's literary skills and possessing even fewer of his shooting finesse moves thought "pig" too easy and wanted to up the ante to "Horse." This surprised me since I thought his entire vocabulary consisted of four letter words. When I saw his call and suggested we lay it all on the table and play "Mississippi or Hippopotamus" his eyes glazed over and I could hear WTF! is this? Some wins were too easy.
kevin mckernan, Santa Barbara, Calif. [04-22-2010]

From this site, I learned that Ralph Siani passed away. I knew him for many years-he was a decent guy,father, and husband and he loved Germantown. "May Ralph Siani Rest In Eternal Peace".
John Bruce Schmitt [04-22-2010]

To LOUIS GIORNO,are you related to the GIORNOS from E. Rittenhouse St. I knew them well. Marie
Marie [04-22-2010]

Anybody remember the roller rink that was in the Colonial Theatre building on Germantown Avenue? It was called the Skytop Roller Rink. It was definitiely in operation in 1941 as I found an ad on it. It was out of operation by possibly the mid 1940s, definitely by 1950. If you know of this roller rink, where was it exactly in that that building?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-22-2010]

This was such a fun site to reconnect with old friends and share memories...what happened. It appears that it has been taken over by a few people and the topics have nothing to do with the reason th site was created...sad
anonymous [04-22-2010]

Rosemarie, I am not related to Anthony or Ester Coleman.
Jim Coleman [04-22-2010]

Jack (John) Brogan: Good to hear from you. I'm glad you enjoyed my posts. It really is fun to hear some of those old stories. They kind of remind me of family stories. When you tell them outside of the family, and you are cracking, and the listener is just staring at you with a blank face; you realize that the story either; may have be better left untold, or has been wasted on this person. :)
John Payne [04-22-2010]

Hi Gang, Ed Scully told me about this website. It's great hearing about the old times. You must admit we had a great neighborhood. I really do miss it. I wish I could hit the lottery so I could get everyone together at one time. We had so much fun and had one of the best neighborhoods around. We have to thank God that this all happened to us. I miss you all keep in touch, BB
Joe (B B) Rossi, 75 years young, Living in Florida. Daughter Joanne, Sons Joe, Donald and Johnny still in Philly [04-22-2010]

Bor[Paul Borian]: I have not shot hoops in a long time- I played in Kiev and the young Ukies were too fast from playing soccer which they call"Football". If we played on 6 ft. baskets-we would be playing over the rim as we did in our youth. I saw a photo of you over the rim and I surmised that Armenians could jump like The Brothers. Your buddy,Jack Brogan, was so right about Goo-he could really shoot the lights out. It was ludicrous for anybody to say that he was not a ballplayer.I liked your take on the soda-pop. I was never a runner for Goo and never went to Moe's to buy a soda after losing a little change to him. I will be going to LaFonda's in Hatboro on May 16. It would be great if you could make it. Dan Hartnett went to GHS with Bob LaValle and Mike Masterson and he will be there. I am looking forward to be seeing people from East Germantown. They can talk about Joe Procopio,The Goo of Waterview. Bor! How about those Phillies?
Schmitty [04-22-2010]

JBS: Thanks for the kind words regarding Eddie Burke. When Eddie became McDevitt's coach, I asked the principal whether he was concerned that he might be there for only a pit stop. He said he'd rather have him for one year than none at all. So true! Eddie was a true man, but still a little kid at heart. Best of both worlds. I agree with you about the Gil Brooks decision. Extremely tough for everyone. Take care.
Ted Silary [04-22-2010]

I grew up on west washington lane, went to school from lingeldbach to henry H Houston -leeds and one year at Germantown High school. it seem most of the people know each other on this site, i was hoping to see some of my old friends from school or from the neighborhood (pardon my spelling i,m used to writing in dutch). i did kom upon a few names i remember,but none of my friends. maybe someone remembers or still knows somebody from west washington lane in the sixties. if so i would be gratefull if you responded. thank you
Tony Braspennincx, Tony Braspennincx age 55 living in Holland [04-20-2010]

Allow me to introduce myself, Louis F. Giorno. I'm 74.5 yrs. old. I lived at 4841 Gtn. Ave. & 22 E. Logan St. I attended Shaeffer school, kgn. & 1st grade, 1940-42, St. Francis, 42-44, St. Michael School, 44-49, Northeast Catholic, 49-53, LaSalle Coll., 53-57,& Post Grad. at Temple Univ. I married Carolyn Pede 54 yrs. ago. We have 3 children & 5 grandchildren. I taught in the Phila. School System, 1958-93, 35 yrs. of service, 32 of which were served at the J.S.Jenks School, as a teacher & Dean of Students, until my retirement in 1993. I was a professional musician on the weekends, known as Lou Day, & played the accordion & cordovox for 30 yrs. I also taught the accordion to many students in the 50's & 60's. I played baseball at the Gtn. Boys Club for Bud Alexander & Hugh Mooney. Some of my team mates were Frank Margiotti, Alex Daniele, Fred Loffredo, Guy Stevens, Al Goodman, Jack Lonsdale, Billy Greene, Norm Baker, Jack Horgan, & Bill Ambrose. My only claim to fame is I went for a perfect 5 for 5 in a game. I contracted Transverse Myelitis in 2005 & must use a walker for mobility. Would like to hear from former students, School mates, team mates & friends.
Louis F. Giorno, North Wales, Pa. [04-20-2010]

jim coleman are you related to anthony and esther coleman. i went to school with them at st vincents . i know esther passed away at a very young age but was wondering if you are related to them how anthony is doing? rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-20-2010]

I know a lot of us know and remember Siani's barber shop on Wayne Ave. I had my first haircut in the pony barber chair by Ralph Sr. in 1950. I still go to their shop in Glenside. I'm sad to say Ralph A. Siani Jr. passed away 04/10/10 here's his obituary... SIANI RALPH A. JR., April 19, 2010, of Glenside, formerly of Germantown. Husband of Jean M. (nee Molony), father of Suzanne Bingham (Raymond), Gina Krier (Michael), Elissa Hummer (Mark), and Ralph A. III (Kristen); also survived by 8 grandchildren. Predeceased by 2 sisters Constance DiPalma and Marie Flynn. Funeral Mass Fri. 11 A.M., Church of St. Luke the Evangelist, 2316 Fairhill Ave. (at Easton Rd.), Glenside. Int. private. Relatives and friends are invited to his Viewing at church Thurs. 6 to 9 P.M. and Fri . after 9:30 A.M. In lieu of flowers donations to Glenside Rotary Special Athletes, P.O. Box 362, Glenside, PA 19038 would be appreciated. www.mayfuneralhome.com
Bill [04-20-2010]

More Goo. Charley Greenburg was a starter at La Salle when they won the National Championship. He was a great guy who ran the playground in East Germantown when I was in high school. He also coached me as a freshman at La Salle College. Charley was a defensive player. He guarded Frank Selvey who was the leading scorer in the nation. Charley Greenburg guarded Goo in a game I saw in the old gym. Goo had 55. In that gym Goo was unreal. On the outside court (Bang Zip) he should have been against the rules. He was the best shooter I ever saw and I sat the bench in some of the best courts in the country.
John Brpgan, Still tough in pig [04-20-2010]

To the Webbmaster....I am sure that many of us on this site appreciate your time and effort in maintaining the quantity and quality of comments made by Germantowners and others over the past several years.There have been some differences of opinions,nasty comments,and hurt feelings.That is not surprising in this day and age.Things were a lot different fifty years ago,and feelings were not so sensitive. Compared to the problems in our Federal and State Governments,clicking on to this site is like a breath of fresh air.Thank you for your patience and understanding....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-20-2010]

Kevin McKernan: I want to commend you on your outstanding blog-your fluid language flowed fluidly-forgive my alliteration which I used for Punctuation. Your text was rather interesting,nuanced and yet pithy-art,war,psychology,philosophy and satire. Your blog was a very high level and I intend to respond with language and information commensurate with your fascinating and intriguing text-my attention is not to be provocative or pedantic. Obviously,you are well- read,educated,wordly and inundated with street-smarts which indicates to me that you have been around the block. You intimated that I have been around the block but I sense that your block was longer if you know what I mean and I know that you do. You are correct that Fraternal Relationships can be tumultuous- you mentioned Vincent&Theo Van Gogh and allow me to add Cain&Able. I've read and acted that script-we played Frontier Playhouse at our home in Germantown after watching it on The Tube. I am not an artist but I helped Peter Kapschutschenko,The Famous Ukrainian Sculpture when his strength was lacking. I am a collector and I have Rodin's sculpture,"The Man With The Broken Nose"-this reminds me to avoid bars where there can be trouble. In my callow youyh,I did frequent various Gin Mills and I did enjoy hanging out with the lads and lassies and checking out the chassies. At 40,I gave up hard-liquor and I usually frequent hotel-bars when I travel Internationally. In Kiev,I recommend that you hit OBrien's Irish Pub. I visit Spring Lake,The Irish Riviera,and I have dinner at Rod's where The Silver Foxes arrive with their young lassies. You appear to know a lot about history and war. I am not a peace-nik which I learned from various encounters with bullies and bad actors. I've read books on war-Von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu come to mind. Battles are won if you know your enemy and yourself. If you only know yourself but not the enemy-the bets are off. If you do'nt know yourself or the enemy-you are in danger. I was always cognizant of stranger-danger. My brothers have helped me out when this situation took place. I can be against my brother,my brother and I can be against my cousin, I,my brother and cousin must be on guard against the stranger-which can be danger. However, I am for the Dignity of Man and the Pre-eminence of Human Nature which I learned from my Jesuit Professors. Kevin!I liked your quote from Santayana but remember his other quote,"Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War". Professor Bleiber who taught at Vassar with my wife[Ludmila] fought in The Spanish Civil War-he was not on Franco's Side. I am thick skined but I do have an open-mind. Brother! Keep posting and Dan Hartnett and FFK[Hollow Poet] must enjoy your blogs.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-20-2010]

I am lost here. Lots of reference to the "C" word. Can someone tell me what the "C" word is?? If one doe snot want to post it here, you can send it to my e-mail---brbluis@yahoo.com Thank you. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [04-20-2010]

Schmitty....If you can find a six foot high basket somewhere,I am ready to challenge you to a game of Horse.On second thought,let's make it Pig (fewer letters).Let's set a time limit of 24 hours because it may take longer than that to complete the game.To make it interesting,the loser buys Youhoo,shake it well,for a week....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-20-2010]

to the anonymous person that writes about being decent. Your comments are eloquently stated. You've also hit the nail right on the head and the proverb is also good. I'd like to see more positive postings here in the future as well. Regards, Gene
Gene D. [04-20-2010]

John Payne: I look forward to your posts. Makes me wish I knew you as a grown up. "More Goo anyone? " put me on the floor laughing. I'm not done with the Goo though. The best parts of this site are the stories. For those of you who don't think you have stories, take off your clothes and look in the mirror. The small scars are short stories. The big scars are novels. Stephen King said that. He also said,"You never have friends like you had in 8th grade." We all have a novel in us. (I said that.) Keep the stories coming.
John Brpgan, Enjoying early spring in Maine. [04-20-2010]

the webmaster has nothing to do with the bickering, we are all adults and do not need babysitters. lets all show our germantown side and be pleasant. there are so many wonderful things that we witnessed. lets point our attentions to them.
anonymous [04-20-2010]

Someone once said: "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it...". ( I don't post on this blog anymore but that doesn't mean I have stopped enjoying the posts of others. For those engaged in the Professor Jim debate, I would invite you to review the archives file for May of 2008. Prof. Jim was embroiled in a hot debate about the virtues vs the vices of Frank Rizzo. The debate became quite heated and ugly at that time as well. In particular, I would refer you to the words and wisdom of Charlie Peterson in his blog of 9-10-08. I commended Charlie in my blog of 9-12-08. I invite all to read them and sit back and take a deep breath. I love this site and those who participate in it. It is distressing to me when the discourse sinks to the levels that it has lately. Please keep blogging - the negativity goes away when ignored - the arguments only continue when one insists on getting in the last word. I hope Charlie is well and still enjoying this site. I never met him but I will always admire his words of reason and hope they resonate with others. Fondest regards to all G-towners (no matter what neighborhood). Andy Anderson (Chew & Chelten)
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL - IC'58/CD '62 [04-20-2010]

Patricia Carr - I read your post with interest. Oddly, I was just over in Germantown this past Sunday for a meeting. A bit early, I drove around the old neighborhood and even went down your street, Stockton Road. I saw the blight on that street that you mentioned in your post. I always liked the homes on Stockton and Brush rd. With Stockton Rd, I liked the styles and brick color of those homes. It was sad seeing them in that state of decay. It's sad you didn't stop in to IC Church. You would have found something that did not change with time. That church is still as beautiful as ever. Homecoming for IC is June 6, so there is a good opportunity to see that church again. Same with any Sunday. The next IC reunion is Oct 10, 2010, another opportunity. Or, just knock on the rectory door (rear door, from the parking lot). Fr. Holliday or the staff would be happy to let you in to see that beautiful old church once again.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-20-2010]

To: Joe McCormick, Patricia Carr, Thanks for getting this site back on track.....remembering Germantown & sharing your memories with all of us who visit this site for just that purpose. I enjoyed reading your entries & look forward to more posts from other Germantowners who have stories to share with all of us. Take care.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic 55; cdhs 59 [04-20-2010]

Well written Webmaster.
anthonyg [04-20-2010]

Webmaster: Good advice, lets adhere to it people.
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [04-20-2010]

WOW, there are NOW so many 'Anon.'s" on here ....it will be interesting to try to figure out who is WHO? ha
anonymous [04-20-2010]

Ted Silary: I enjoyed the info about Robert Goo Guarinello and Paul Borian[Bor]-2 Hollow Guys who I knew in the 50's. A blogger mentioned that Goo was not a real player since he did not have a jump shot. I shot hoops with Goo for change and I never won albeit he had "P" "I" from the start. The Goo could shoot from 18 ft. like nobody that I ever saw-possibly Herb Magee from West Catholic and Textile. You jested about Paul Borian's offfensive contribution-he liked playing tough-D and rebounding. Goo had no jump-shot but Ollie Powers[All-Inter- Ac] was a deadly jump-shooter and Bor went ballistic when he guarded Ollie-he was bigger. Bor had a tougher time with Larry Rinaldi[North] who had both power and lightening speed. Matt Goukas was mentioned in a previous blog-I knew him from The Prep and St Joe College-he was a good ballplayer and very smart on the court. Matt played with Ed Burke from the Prep-another good player and great coach. I and many Preppers want to commend you on the great Obituary that you wrote about Ed. You make great contributions to this site-especially about sports. My former classmate[George Bur S.J.] had to make a tough decision about the football coach[Gil Brooks]. At The Prep,The Education and Moral Development of the students is the main goal and mission-Man For Others If You Will.
JBS [04-19-2010]

Marie Bommentre, here's Goo's info you requested: Robert GUARINELLO Birth Date: 2 Oct 1932 Death Date: 1 Jan 2004
anonymous [04-19-2010]

Goo's name was Robert Guarnelli. Most of his life he lived on the corner of Logan & Knox sts. Not sure about his age.
Anon [04-19-2010]

Some East Germantown folklore: My hang-outs in the Fifties were at the five corner intersection of Price & Crittenden streets at 65th Ave.,“the Wall” at Awbury Park and, “the Steps” near Abe’s delicatessen on Price Street. It kind of depended on where the “older heads” were hanging at the time. The drinking age “Alkies” claimed the corner in front of the bar along 65th Ave. (These were the guys you could bribe to go in and “get us a six pack”. It was risky though -sometimes they never came back out) Nobody hung out on the corner in front of Webby”s Grille ­ everyone knew better. Our crowd usually gathered in front of Mom’s Hoagie Shop. We switched to the luncheonette across the street after Jim Ridpath bought the property. Poor Jim lasted only a year or two. He catered to young people (us) and that was his downfall. He had hired Dan Hartnett to run things behind the counter. Two well-dressed women walked in one Saturday only to find Professor Dan arm-wrestling someone at the counter, owner Jim slap-boxing Tommy Nowak in the middle of the store and a bunch us gathered around the two pinball machines in the back urging on Mill Affleck to break his record and get free games for the rest of us. The two ladies promptly turned around and walked out. I don’t think Jim ever saw them. Jim wondered why there wasn’t ever more than twenty-five cents in the Gottleib pin ball machine cash box. (This was the machine of choice - no one liked the Williams pin ball machine). We had figured a way to beat it. After all, each game costs five cents. Ron Cupo, Jack Lyons, Harry Flynn, John King, Wayne Jacoby and myself huddled around the machine one night while George Munschauer drilled a hole (with a hand-powered drill) in one of the sides. We would then insert a thin wire under the glass and tap one of the bumpers for extra points. I can still hear the pock-pock-pock as the free games racked up. Jim was furious when he found out. At any rate, Jim didn’t make it; the new owner always called the cops on us and we ended up back on Mom’s corner.
Joe McCormick, Immaculate Conception 55/ CD 59 [04-19-2010]

I was reading the other day that Grace Kelly had gotten married this month back in 1956---I remember being in the 6th grade and how the nun had gotten this big radio so the class could hear the event on the radio. I believe that the 6th grade girls were brought into the room and 120 of us--2 on each seat so we could all hear the program. Never had TV’s in school and this was the only time I remember a radio but once in a while they did have movies shown in the basement of the school. The last movie we had when I was in the 8th grade starred the Bowery Boys/Dead End Kids---It was them at a military school. So we could all see the movie the nuns would separate the students, 5th thru 8th grades at the last showing and the 1st thru 4th at the first. I didn’t see many movies at the movie houses but the power of the popular movies was always present in the school yard, especial if there was an unusual voice or saying in the movie. When the movie “The Fly” was popular I recalled kids running up behind you and in a miniscule voice say “Help Me Help Me”, I could just see the school yard in the mid 60’s when the TV show Get Smart was on. The one thing I really enjoyed was the Spring Fair at Fitler School--I didn’t have much money to spend and I never won anything at the fair but for some reason I thought they were great--that was until they set up those extra class buildings in the yard--after that the fair was never the same for me. Maybe they cut out some of the booths that I liked.
Jack McHugh [04-19-2010]

Bob Boyle: Germantown was but a small memory of growing up and not of very much interest to me until I became curious about my grandmother's neighborhood where I spent the first nine years of my life. Having raised her three chidren, one of whom was my mother, on Stockton Road in the 1920s through the 40s when each married, she continued to live there until the mid 60s when her health had deteriorated to the point that she had to move to Elizabethtown with my family. Anyway....I coerced my husband into driving me back in the mid 8os and was pleasantly surprised to see two huge rose bushes still growing in her small front yard. Then about ten years ago, we returned to find the home and the street not much changed. The rose bushes were still there as was the old tile street number that was affixed to each row home. Across the street was the built in porch where I always remember seeing old Mrs. Carroll sitting on her chair seeing what there was to see. Perhaps five years ago, we again returned, and I actually went up and knocked on Grandmom's front door. I was greeted by three rather surprised individuals who were seemingly in their late teens or early twenties. When I told them that I had lived there as a child, they invited me in to have a look around. They couldn't have been more kind. My last visit of about a month ago practically brought tears to my eyes. While driving down the street, I noticed the ill repair of many of the old yellow brick homes and the exposed, decaying wood of some of the porches. When we reached 5813 Stockton Road, I found no rose bushes and emptiness where the tiles had rested for maybe 80 years. Driving to the end of the street, I found a rather strange cyclone fence somehow surrounding the steps and end wall where I had once perched as a child. Old Abe's Deli, AKA Heller's, was open as a Hispanic store, I believe. Immaculate Conception Church still looked glorious but my attempt to take a peek inside was aborted by the locks on the gates. Price Street, if memory serves me, was once a beautiful tree lined street that I walked each day of first, second, and third grade on my way to school. The trees were gone; the once lovely old homes, fallen to disrepair, and, of course, the length of the street so much shorter than I recalled as a six year old. I snapped a few shots for old times sake and if so motivated will scan and place some very old pictures from long ago on Immaculate's site. Having been so young when I lived there, I only have memories of the neighborhood from the perspective of a child, and a few recollections of my little friends. Walks down Memory Lane... bittersweet at best.
Patricia Carr [04-19-2010]

Re: these posts. We're all good people and it doesn't cost a single thing to be decent. An attack on someone is a direct attack on God. We will all have to render an account of every useless word both spoken and written. It's so much safer and wiser to stick to the good memories of Germantown. That shouldn't be difficult for most of us. If someone upsets you, simply ignore it and post something that is good. Many blessings upon all of you+++ " it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness" a chinese proverb often used by Eleanore Roosevelt
anonymous [04-19-2010]

The site has degraded into bickering and insults because the webmaster has let it downgrade. By allowing cursing and and other off color comments many have become offended. Its sad to see this.
anonymous [04-19-2010]

I allow this community to be self-policing. I screen all spam, trolling, and off-topic postings. There is a filter for selective off-color language, but not for all. I suggest that the group refocus on stories about Germantown, and not reply to postings they feel are intentionally provocative.

Coach D. - I'm glad you said "MAYBE"! not to sure about best.
G-man, HS Grad. [04-19-2010]

Rumor has it the Professor will be there on the 16th to treat everyone to lunch!
anonymous [04-19-2010]

The small lucheonette on G-town Ave that Billy Fitzpatrick is looking for might be the DogHouse, it was next to the Lyric Movie Theatre @ Germantown and Manhiem sts.
jim coleman, Manhiem streeter, GBC/CD/LSU Alum [04-19-2010]

Cemetery Search Find A Grave currently contains information for over 280,000 cemeteries in over 170 different countries. Find A Grave has at least a partial listing of graves for over 250,000 of these cemeteries. Use the search form below to locate a specific cemetery. If you don't know the name of the cemetery, you can also browse by US county or browse by non-US country.
rich, huntingdon valley [04-19-2010]

TO MARIE: Goo's name was Bob Guarinello and he died when he was in his 70s (not sure of the year or his exact age).
Anonymous [04-19-2010]

One last time: I want to clarify my use of the quote: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Please understand that this was meant as a defense for those of us who objected to the professor's rantings and profanity, not as an apology to the professor. Since the professor exercised his own right to free speech, he should permit everyone else that same right. Maybe he should write that quote on the blackboard 25 times.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [04-19-2010]

Dom Raff - Great to hear from you after all these years! What days and times we knew - I wouldn't change a thing - love the game. Take care of yourself. Jay Kelly
Jay Kelly [04-17-2010]

To Jim McKernan: Please disregard my last post and don't answer it. It was done in a cynical moment, a personal weakness. Still striving for perfection with a long, long way to go. Here is a proposal. I know that you are a passionate person but so am I. Each of us probably starts with a set of fixed principals and notions which are polar opposite. So what! I am very capable of having a civil and respectful discourse with one with which I passionately disagree, having an enjoyable and hopefully educational experience in the process, and walking away with a good feeling and a smile at the end, no matter what the outcome. If you can relate to that then how about this. If you expect to be in the Philly area at any time, I am up for: the peace pipe, a couple of drinks to fuel the conversation, and a respectful exchange of opinions and ideas. You probably have had some challenging, interesting and thought provoking ideas along the way. So have I. You seem to have a collectivistic view and I an individualistic one. Let me know. Perhaps we can give the contributors to this blog, the peace they deserve so they can go back to the business of discussing Germantown. I would like to go back to that also. Regards from one neighborhood guy to another! Dan Hartnett
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [04-17-2010]

Thank you Patty. Yes, it was Al Brother's. I remember it now like it was yesterday.
Bill Fitzpatrick [04-17-2010]

To anon-firefighter. You dont know what you are talking about. I am the Chef and do not leave the kitchen.
Anon [04-17-2010]

Beatrice McK, the Phila. National Cemetery is located at Limkiln Pike & Haines St. in the West Oak Lane neighborhood of Phila. God Bless your Great grandfather who was a Civil War Veteran.
Veteran, 1966-68 [04-17-2010]

linda fontana im sorry that you have been subjected to this on a personal level .... hopefully eveybody will move on . please dont stay away from the site linda we all enjoy your input ... i look forward to seeing you on the 16th .... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-17-2010]

JBS: It's clearly evident from your postings that you have been "around the block" a couple of times, picked up a bit of geography and the appropriate foreign lingo. (Have you really been in every gin joint throughout the world?) This is good! Exposure to different people, ideas and cultures, I believe, enrich our lives...and, to put it delicately--thicken our skin. Your's seem thick, a necessary ingredient in today's hyper-polarized environment. I haven't seen anything like it since the build up of our Civil War and Reconstruction. Great pity we haven't learned from that debacle. It would please Santayana to know that we may again be doomed to repeat past mistakes. But I digress. As an artist, I know you are probably familiar with Vincent Van Gogh and his turbulent but loving relationship with his brother Theo...I assume you can connect the dots here and realize where I'm coming from. Sometimes things are what they are. People, knowledge and politics don't come in neatly wrapped civil packages, sadly. Fire requires fuel and oxygen, take one away and the fire will flicker, fade and extinguish. Take nothing personally. I'm moving on, and like your St Francis, changing what I can and accepting what I can't change. But it doesn't mean that I like it. Thanking you for your ear, Kevin.
kevin mckernan, Out of Germantown since 1962 [04-17-2010]

Jim McKernan: Would you use the "C" word in front of your mother? I am sure your answer will be interesting because it will indicate something dramatic no matter which way you answer.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [04-17-2010]

I believe there are abusive adults on this site who are also the same individuals that have made unkind, and may I say illegal, remarks against Professor Jim. They should apologize for their foul remarks. He is right to protest-for his protest is a method of cleansing this site of abusers. People cannot say what they think if it is defaming a citizen. They think they can hide behind an internet blog-they cannot. I am a friend of Germantown and I ask all of those to restrain themslves from abusing individuals-maybe you do not know what abuse is under law? Because verbal abuse is charged as a "misdeamenour assault" charge. Any citizen is liable for their comments. I do not know JBS but he seems to be very manipulative-playing to the Prof's brother for audience. From what I see JBS is a person who promotes his life and enhances himself as a person knowledgeable ..his behavior speaks against this. He relegates himself on this site..but I wonder what contributions he has made for all his Catholic education? Tell us JBS what did you do with your life? Dont start fights and provocate people into hating a man who is maybe, just maybe,the best the Germantown area ever sent forward I am a man from the black community of east germantown. Jim was the best athlete I trained.He was very young then but showed talent which led to him being a part of CHS teams and Temple Coach
Coach D., Phila. [04-17-2010]

Attention 1956 Grads of Our Lady of the Roasary. We are planning a reunion and need all the contact information we can get on anyone you know from this class...including yourself. Please use my e-mail to contact me and forward information.
Nick Viglianese, East Norriton, PA [04-17-2010]

jbs not the 14th of may ... its the 16th of may that we are meeting at la fontana's mark it on your calendar ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-17-2010]

Iam trying again. What was Goos last name and age? Thank You Marie Bommentre
marie [04-17-2010]

TO THE PROF: You say you will be going to Ireland for an honor bestowed upon you - please say you purchased a one-way ticket.
Anonymous [04-17-2010]

TO ANONYMOUS: Sorry you don't like my "hysterics". You didn't have a problem with the Prof's hysterics? All this because of JBS' tongue-in-cheek reference to Dan Hartnett as professorial. We all knew what JBS meant even if we're not as smart as the professor. Anyway, I always enjoyed this site and all the memories of the various Germantown neighborhoods. As much as the neighborhoods and people were different, there were many things in common that I could relate to. Then some got very nasty and resented any walk down memory lane that was not THEIR memory lane. Now we have to worry about lawsuits! Some are scrambling around trying to take cover with a little bit of damage control so as to avoid the legal arrow aimed at their heads. To paraphrase: I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. (Repeat after me 10 times!) Every so often this site becomes very nasty, but it had never gotten to the point where you were threatened with legal action until now. This website is called "Germantown - Your Thoughts"; maybe it should be "Germantown -Your Thoughts if You Dare" or "Germantown - Your Thoughts - NOT!" Sorry, guys, you won't have to worry about my hysterics anymore - this site is not fun anymore and I'm outtahere! And, in the interest of free speech, you're all allowed to say, "Good Riddance".
Rosemarie Rinaldi [04-17-2010]

For everyone's edification, the guy who pushed Goo's buttons and was backed up into stretched out bars of the Hollow fence, by his own admission, was 6'3" and 185 pounds. Certainly in Goo's league in terms of size, if not bigger, and could take care of himself if he so chose. No little kid here.
Anonymous [04-17-2010]

Billy Fitzpatrick - You say your mystery diner was on Germantown Avenue. Do you remember the intersecting street? Above or below Chelten Ave? I remember Dory's Coney Island and Fat's, both above Chelten near Germantown High, more like sandwich shops than diners. Also Duva's on Germantown at Coulter Street, but no Max the Schnauser. Linton's was on Chelten. Can anybody help Billy with this? There's a club sandwich and coffee in it for you.
Jim Smith [04-17-2010]

The defensive ranting that has appeared recently regarding brains, and credentials, and all things respectable got me to thinking of some great movies: First, The Godfather, and Fredo's line where he says, "I'M SMART!...NOT LIKE EVERYBODY THINKS", lol, what a great line, and a great delivery. He delivered pathetic as well as I have ever seen...until now. Then there was The Wizard of Oz, and the brilliance displayed by the scarecrow when he detailed what was needed to be brave, a medal, or "smart", a degree or certificate, etc. Me thinks the scarecrow was on to something.
John Payne [04-17-2010]

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