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April 1-10, 2010

ed mochiatis [04-10-2010]

Paul Borian, check YouTube, type in Robert W. O'Donnell. Bob gives about a 30 min talk to the Press club.
Lou Fondi, Hollow [04-10-2010]

Ted Silary and Peter Coyle, nice to see both of you on this site. I read it frequently. he driveway between Price and Rittenhouse could never have had the amount of fun and activity that the half alley on 900 Price Street had. Joe Ryan put a basket on the back of his girlfriend's house, Terry Kelly, and we played there everyday. Or we had the Mc Glinchey's wall for "CHINK" or hitting the ball into the trees for a game of "handball) and running all around the bases, across Price Street and back iinto the half alley before the ball came out of the trees. There was always 10-12 guys there to play something. We had tackle football in the snow, or in the fall going up Boyer Street to the other side of Awbury park, past the Murray's House to play football in the park. Or the summer when we walked the train tracks to Chestnut Hill and Water Tower Rec Center to play in the basketball league. We had a bunch of East Germantown kids beat the Chesnut Hillers. Those were the days.
Bob Mc Creight, Havertown, Immacualte 1967 [04-10-2010]

Some of you remember the great Yankee baseball player Yogi Berra,and his "YOGISMS". One of the best was,"It aint over til its over" Robert Guarneillo was also noted for his"GOOISMS" Here's a few; "open the door or there will be a new entrance to the gym"; "I'll cave your chest and snap your back;"Your A---- B--".Can any of you Hollow guys add to this?....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-10-2010]

Junior Payne.....The Goo was something else.One of a kind.You could love him or hate him in the same day.Your story about him slapping you upside your head because he hurt his hand trying to punch out the panel of the exterior door to the boys end of the old gym is typical Goo.Why didn't you strike him back? Was it because he was twice as old and big as you? Your brother "Beanie" once stood up to the Goo in the old gym during a basketball game.Goo was driving to the basket when Beanie fouled him pretty hard.Goo went beserk!He attacked your brother with all 240 pounds,only to get a spirited challenge from him.To this day,I will never forget how brave(and foolish)Beanie was to fight the Goo.He was half the size of the Big Bopper but his heart was twice as big.When we broke up the fight,I swear it was a no decision.Come to think of it,maybe the Goo was seeking revenge by slapping you after his no decision with your brother.....Your story # 2 about riding to Sommerton Pools in Goo's car is a classic.I think just about everyone at the Hollow,one time or another,rode in one of Goo's cars.When the older guys(Brogan,Sonny,Me,etc)moved on to the next chapter of our lives,the younger guys like you,Kenny Shenk,etc moved in and took our place.The one constant was the Goo.A HAPPY HOLLOW LEDGEND! Speaking of Kenny Shenk,one day Goo and I bought a dozen cream donuts from his parents bakery,couple quarts of milk from Moe's,sat on Moe's steps and polished it all off in about ten minutes.There jelly donuts were just as good....Bor
Paul Borian [04-10-2010]

JOHN PAYNE-------There's never too much "GOO". Great GOO story! And great writing. Right up there with Fern Hill Rd.JACK, Wayne Ave.PAUL, Manheim St.DOM, Knox St. TOM, Tilden-Housed BRUCE,and Abbottsford Ave.SONNY, ET AL. I just wish I was there to see the GOO whack you. P.S. Your kartunz are terrific! More on that later. FFK.
FFK [04-10-2010]

Hey Dr.Jim, apology accepted here, but let's get back to talking about Germantwon and not political views. There is an old saying, "Never talk about religion or politics among friends." Most of us here are from Germantown, being born and raised there or moving in at some point in our lives. Let's just write about our great neighborhood and the fun we had growing up, whether it was just hanging out at Germantown and Chelten or heading for Brill's poolroom in the middle of a snow storm. Yes we could walk anywhere in GTN and find something to do.
anthonyg [04-10-2010]

TO Anonymous (4/6/10): To a certain extent, I agree with your blog about being conservative politically and socially. Yes, this country presents a lot of opportunity to push ourselves up by our bootstraps. We all know that a lot of people think they are "entitled to" or subscribe to the welfare system as their right, sometimes from generation to generation. But don't cast everyone in that light. Some people have done everything right, but circumstances beyond their control have pushed them down the economic ladder. All you need is one bad or chronic illness or the loss of a job in a bad economy and the good choices you made in life are in the toilet. Think about the Stetson Hat Company employees who thought they had a company pension plan until the company closed and left them with nothing. Some of these employees were close to retirement and had no time left to make up for their loss. (Thank God we now have ERISA.) So do have a little compassion for the unlucky few who, regardless of their good intentions and wise choices, were left high and dry through no fault of their own. Otherwise, I guess we'd have to bring back poor houses or debtors' prisons.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [04-10-2010]

Ted Silary, great to hear from you. This is a nice site for the dire hard of Germantown. I talk to Fred Vernon occasionally. He has a nice drywall contracting business. I also talk to Frank Moffatt and he is doing well. I am on for that Wiffle ball game!
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [04-10-2010]

Ted Silary, Regarding your statement that CD with an enrollment of 6,000 had an somewhat advantage over other schools. Since you added a "smile", I can safely assume that the comment was made in jest, but having gone to CD in the early years 58-62, and the enrollment around 5,000, it always bewildered me, as to why the football team couldn't have been better. Being the teams statistician, and being on the field for all the games, I knew it wasn't because of lack of desire or trying. You couldn't have found a more dedicated group of guys, not matter how much you tried! Later on it came to my attention, that schools like La Salle and St. Joe's Prep, used to offer "athletic" scholarships to boys, giving them a somewhat advantage over other schools.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay Florida [04-10-2010]

Richard Pio: I really connected with your blog about confession with PJ MCGarrity at St. Francis. You were not the only one who lied to Rev. MCGarrity. I always went to confession at St. Catherine's on W. Penn St. I was never comfortable with confession and communion was my spiritual and sacramental comfort. I attend Mass at a small community church in Princeton and it is a positive religious experience. Rich!" Keep The Faith"
J.Bruce [04-10-2010]

Anonymous its not about the outrage, i'm not happy with Jims language or some of his comments, but i am upset that you hide your idenity but still have much to say(contact me off this site) if you are coward to expose your true identity.
gregg striano [04-10-2010]

gregg nobody was bad mouthing jimmy for his views but only giving theirs in repsonse to his . unfortunetly for whatever the reason when jim responded to their views he responded with quite a bit of anger that they were disagreeing with his thoughts on certain matters and correcting him on others ... it was the word he used to describe them that people were unhappy with and offended by. up to that point people were only exchanging views and facts as they believe them to be ..nothing more! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-10-2010]

To Rita Smith and everyone else. JFK rode thru Germantown?? Was he yet president or a candidate? Does anyone remember the year and other details? Please let me know as I find this quite interesting.
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in g-town 1960-1970 [04-10-2010]

From the east side, I never knew or even heard of Goo until coming to this blog. From the postings, an endering image emerged of someone beloved, respected, someone larger than life, someone you would tell your grandchildren about, etc. But, the recent postings are clearing the haze around that image. Seems he might be less of a neighborhood icon and more of a neighborhood thug, a neighborhood brut, a hot-tempered bully that would beat on anyone or anything with little or no provocation, one who thought a city-owned recreation center was his own personal domain, etc. And, for whatever reason, maybe his brute size and/or strength, he was awed by the neighborhood youngsters. What amazes me, the tellers of the Goo stories here make it seem it is perfectly normal and ok for a 12yo kid to be backhanded on the side of the head by someone 13 or 14 years older. That it is perfectly ok and normal that he puts a kids head between the bars of the fence of Happy Hollow or to feel the force of his fist on your chest when you say or do something that displeases him. You called him friend and obviously had a lot of respect for the guy. But, was that because you feared him so much? Was there any human compassion with this guy or was it all about intimidation and instilling fear? Curious, no one ever mentions how he turned out in life. It's obvious he is no longer with us in life. What did he do in adut life and when and how did he die. Hollow guys, you might as well complete the story. And, sorry Hollow guys, I don't mean to offend, but the picture you're painting of this guy, I just don't share your awe and admiration. Maybe there was a side to him that just isn't apparent, to me anyway.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-10-2010]

To the "Anonymous" descendent of the Paul Kastner Family of Germantown - I suggest you "Google" your ancestor's name. He is mentioned in a number of books on Germantown history, including "The Life of Francis Daniel Pastorius, the Founder of Germantown" by Marion Dexter Learned and Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker, published in 1908 in Philadelphia by the Wm. J. Campbell Company. The full text of this book is online with Google Books. Also see "The Descendents of Paulus and Gertrude Kusters of Kaldenkirchen, Germany and Germantown, Pennsylvania: The First Four Generations" by Jean M. White, published in 1991 in Richmond, TX by the Castor Association of America. The second book is not online but can be viewed at the PA State Library in Harrisburg or at the library of Heverford College. There are a number of other references to your ancestor using Google Books including in the "Germantown Crier". Have fun!
Jim Smithj [04-10-2010]

best friends johnny lawless joey ambrose
John Panetta, lived 5222 Wakefield St born 6/27/43 [04-10-2010]

Attention Germantown Histroians, back on 3-25-2010 I asked a question. It seems no one knows the answer. On the south- east corner of Shedaker and Wakefield streets there was a lot with a barn type building on it. It was used by a outlaw` motorcycle gang as their club house. What was the name of the outlaw motorcycle gang? The time frame 1950 to early 1960's.
Bud Ballard [04-10-2010]

To anonymous that you wrote that Greg Straino used bad language.He called anonymous a chicken or was that a joke.Marie Bommentre
MARIE BOMMENTRE [04-10-2010]

Rita Smith I didn't know the receipe for Hassis cinnamon buns but I ate plenty of them so did a lot of people from germantown because after mass at St. Catherines the line at the bakery was out the door and down Queen lane. And Erda the reason most people went to St. Catherines for mass was mass was usually on 20 to 30 minutes long.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [04-10-2010]

my mother and father worked at hassis bakery on queen ln 1930 till 1970's i use to clean the cinnamon bun pans,my uncle jack made them. Anthony volpe went to law school,and has a big law firm
charles scanzello, st.francis of assisi,65yrs,happy hollow,pop's(greene st),gtn&chltn,wayne junction dinner [04-10-2010]

Rita Smith: We lived across the street from the cricket club on Hansberry st. My grandmother who was a Smith, used to go to sunday mass at St. Catherines and on the way home stop at Hassis bakery and get cinnamon buns. If i remember correctly the women who worked there were older, so i dont know if any of them would still be with us. In response to your question about the Volpes, i still see Emily occasionally in NE Philly. She is a nurse, im not sure where she works though.
John Burke, 56 NE Philly [04-10-2010]

Does anyone remember the Holland Laundry, I use to go there and hang out with some of my friends at the church across the street. I did find Doris Halamar who I was looking for, also looking for Jackie Givens, lived on Cleveland St and Francis Tucker who use to beat me up all of the time. Maiden name was Burns have 3 brothers and 1 sister..Use to go to a dance on Sunday with my brothers (Clarke, Larry and Butch)...Ok, thanks for listening/reading hopefully someone will get back to me. Also looking for Mel Davis and Neil Cohen and Maryann Budzillo, went to Nativity BVM with her...Again...thanks
Mary Burns, CA, 60 - St Francis of Assisi/Cooke Jr High/Nativity BVM [04-10-2010]

Hi I find this site to very interesting and very factual. You have a lot of great information and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of Germantown. I am a descendant of the Paul Kastner family who came over and settled in Germantown in 1692 so I am extremely excited to see this information. When I was doing research the only thing I could find was that one of the Kastners help to build the old burying ground stone wall. Thank you so much.
anonymous [04-08-2010]

More Goo anyone? Let me see..if he was ten years older than Sonny, then I guess he was thirteen or fourteen years older than me, yet, on occassion, aside from being my basketball coach in grade school, he also became someone, who on a specific occasion, would "hang" with us. Story #1:(I was about 12 or 13) Don't Judge, please: Goo, and some of the other monsters (meant in a good way, remember, I'm much younger), maybe it was Larry, Cisco, Bobby K, maybe Bor, who knows...anyway, a "Happy Hollow Type" arguement ensues about the ability to punch out the panel of the exterior door to the "boys end" of the old gym.(only at The Hollow could such an arguement crop up)(the one that had a single step against which the crap shooters would occasionally ply their skills) Goo of course says he could do it, but he didn't want to cut his hand, so he wrapped it in some dark green kakki type cloth (you'll understand how I can remember that detail in a minute). So, he wraps his fist once or twice around; takes a few "aiming" strokes, and WHAM! he hits the door. To my shock and amazement, it didn't break, or even crack. Goo's back is to me, and the cloth is discarded on the ground. Wanting to be helpful, and knowing that my superhero could do anything, I picked up the cloth, and offered it to Goo. "Here Goo, you can do it" "Try it again" "Here Goo" "Here's the cloth", and with blazing speed, Goo spun around, whipped the cloth out of my hand, and back handed me across the side of my head and face. (remember, don't judge). My ear and face was stinging with a heat that I can still feel today. Someone said, Yo Goo.? The contest was over, and the festive nature of this game was over. Aside from awful stinging on my face and head; my spirit was also a bit damaged. I felt bad that I did something to offend the great one, and could not fathom for a moment what it was. Only later, as I got a bit older, did I realize that Goo had hurt himself, his hand, when he assaulted the door, and he was probably in a lot of pain, and just heard what must have seemed like a pain in the ass kid, chirping in his ear. His action was pure reflex. The kind all of us have had at one time or other, then later regreted. After the requisite amount of time had passed (ten minutes? an eternity?), Goo reached in his pocket, handed me a buck, and said, "Hey Junior, run up to Moe's, get me a Yoo-Hoo, and get one for yourself". "Sure, Goo. Thanks". Story #2: (I'm about 15 or16) It's Sunday, hot summer day, no action at The Hollow. Someone suggests we go swimming up at Sommerton? Pools. (The one "way up" the boulevard). So a group large enough for me to have to be sitting on someone's lap, along with some of the other younger ones, pile into Goo's car (an old car, I think it was grey, maybe a late forty's model). Off we go. I cannot remember one thing about the swimming that day, or if we even got in the place, but I think we did. What I do remember is coming home in the early evening. Still full light outside. Probably 5 or 6 pm. We were in the center lanes, and flying down the boulevard, when Goo's hood starts to rattle (yes, the hood of the car). Coincidentally, we were decending on a slight grade, maybe the Cottman Avenue underpass, I'm not sure, when suddenly the wind catches the hood and it flies open. Whoa!, Now the hood is completely up, perpendicular to the car, and naturally, blocking any view out the front window. Then, whoosh!, the hood was gone. Decided to become a kite. We're all looking back to see what happens. Nothing. Luckily traffic was light, and the hood just hit the street. I can't recall, but I think we just kept going. End of story. Just one of those crazy Happy Hollow/Goo Goo memories. PS, for some reason I think Kenny Schenk was in the car.
John (Junior) Payne [04-08-2010]

To Rosemarie Renaldi: I don't know you, but loved your comments to the good old Prof...he deserved them and a lot worse, for what he wrote here.take care, Linda "F"
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [04-08-2010]

hi peter! good to "see" you on here. we need more east GTNers. the '68 CD football squad was definitely a powerhouse. with an enrollment at just about 6,000, how could the team have NOT been good, right? smile. we need to play some wiffle ball in the driveway between rittenhouse and price. i'm takin' you deep onto somebody's porch, my man! all the best, peter! -- ted
Ted Silary [04-08-2010]

J Bruce your story about Rev. PJ McGarrity ( Monsignor McGarrity when I attended St. Francis class of 64) hasn't changed a bit. On first Fridays we all had to go to confession in the bottom church and everyone knew where McGarrity was so there was no one in his line but all the other confessionals were full, with long lines, that when the nuns evened out the lines making some unlucky confessors go in McGarrity's line and just as you said here comes the "YOU DID WHAT" from the confessional. When I was forced into that line I lied said my penance then went to confession again to someone else and confessed that I lied.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [04-08-2010]

Gregory Striano, You should be outraged by the obscene language. What would your mother,wife,daughter, and granddaughter say about that language? Children and women read this site. Talk to your friend and try to be a good teacher about decency and civility.
anonymous [04-08-2010]

I need some help, I worte way back in "08" and never got a anyone to answer. Is there anyone alive out there that worked at Hassis Bakery on Queen La. W. Germantown. Or if there is anyone that knows the receipe for Hassis Bakery's famous cinnamon buns. I just can't believe that there is know one out there that doesn't know the receipe. I love reading all the blogs I lived on Morris St. and use to climb the Germantown Cricket Club Walls. We weren't suppose to but we did. I remember the Seafood Take Out next to Volpe's Market. What ever happen to the Volpe Family? I too remember JFK's ride throught Germantown and many of the other things that are mentioned. Please let me know
Rita Smith, Now live in South Carolina, age 68 [04-08-2010]

To Rosmarie Rinaldi, I'm glad you enjoyed the post about resigninf from aduthood but part of the last line got cut off it should read,"because...TAG YOUR IT!."
Pax Vobiscum [04-08-2010]

Jim, I knew about potters field.. The Pulaski Town Projects playground was built over the graves. Because it was a potter’s field the people buried there were poor, people of color, or travelers through Germantown. No grave markers. Some people who lived in the neighborhood claimed the playground became haunted after the building of the projects. Could be! Who Known’s?? Pulaski town was there before the projects.. I believe the official name for the city projects is Queen Lane Housing Authority. The neighborhood was not very happy about the city building in Pulaski town. I also read that Pulaski was a first because it was not a neighborhood of people from the same ethnic background. It was a mix of immigrants and freed slaves working as either domestics or labors. The homes for the most part where owned by the wealthy in the surrounding neighborhoods. Rent was cheap and they did not seem to care who lived next to them. I remember it being a mixed neighborhood when I was growing up boarding Pulaski Town... We went to church on Penn Street at St Catherine’s (it was a neat little church) the church was founded by St. Mother Katharine Drexel. Her order of Nuns “the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament” was founded by her to teach American Indians and Negros. St. Catherine’s Masses always had standing room only with the families who lived on the west side from the three surrounding parish’s, St. Vincent’s, St. Francis’s and St Bridget’s in East Falls.. In fact Grace Kelly’s family frequented Mass at St. Catherine’s.
Erda, From the westside of Germantown [04-08-2010]

John Burke: Big John! I'm glad that Easter went well for you and your family. I read that Brother Ed was doing his thing in The Burbs-drinking that top-shelf stuff. I'm glad that you confirmed my take on Nicky's fight with Junior K. The storm-trooper was no Robin Hood as the journalists wrote in the obituary. Being a clean-cut guy like Tom Cusack,I was not at Nora's bar on that evening. This was Nicky's turf and he defended himself proudly against an imposing big dude with a rep. Nobody intimidated Nicky Lazaro-he drank that Germantown water which was stronger than The Water in Fairmount where Junior hung out. After dinner with my family and mother[Marguerite] on Easter, I did head to Fairmount for a little relaxation at a place next to the prison. I like Fairmount but it will never be Germantown and Hansberry Street. Tom Cusack mentioned Goony Walsh whom your father[Ed Burke SR.] knew from union work. Back in the day, Gonney tended bar at The Eagle,Gtn.&Erie. Tom Cusack,the altar boy from St. Francis was an underage drinker. If he had gone to The Eagle under age,no age cards but he would not have gotten his money back-Tommy would have been fined. I think Goony tolerated the guys from The Prep over LaSalle-Goony went to Roman,not far from The Prep. He might have been related to John Patrick Walsh,The Famous Criminal Attorney,-that was the buzz on the street. I knew your dad,a very rugged guy from The Continental,and I am glad that I never had an encounter with him-Sonny Kennedy and I knew not to mess with older guys-especially big guys who grew up at K&A. That corner is infamous,after the book by the Temple Professor. John Berkery,The Legendary St. Francis guy, did not like the book. I would be afraid to tell him that I read the book eventhough he went to the Prep for a short period of time. It is amazing that a school that produced Gentleman Lou Pauzano had so many characters go there-including some who died in gang violence. I believe in redemption and I do'nt like to diss people. There is enough trouble in the world-Why Look For It? John! Let's try our luck at The Buck on the 30th. Between you and Capt. Ballard,I will feel safe.
JBS [04-08-2010]

Tom Cusack: The guys from your St. Francis Class[1954] are posting great stories-you, Jack Brogan and Sonny Kennedy. I enjoyed your story about Thomas "Goony"Walsh,a legendary character and union-organizer. It was one guy that you did not want to look at the wrong way eventhough he was not that big. I knew a bar-owner who had to flag a tough roofer and he was lucky that he was friends with Goony. Dan Hartnett mentioned that Junior Kripplebauer was tough as nails-he was being charitable. Goony was friends with Michael Mangini and he was also tough as nails-his nickname was"NailS". You were hanging out in The Dunes with The Boys-Some of them might have been on the walls of the Post Office if you know what I mean. Paul Borian hung out at The Dunes and I hope that he liked The Irish if he talked to Goony. Those tough Irish guys were big suppoters of Irish causes and it was imperative that you made generous donations. It could be expensive to hang out in IRA Bars. I liked Sonny Kennedy's story where he had the confontation with The Goo[not Boo] at The Hollow-Sonny would respect The Older Folk after that experience. Not far from The Dunes in Somers Point was a joint called Tony Mart's. I knew a guy who was using vulgarity and a middle-aged guy asked him to watch his language. The younger guy who went to a private catholic school in North Philly challenged the older dude to a conversation in the parking lot. The older guy was smaller but a former heavyweight boxer. He hit the younger guy with a left-jab and a right cross and the fight ended quickly-the boxer was Billy Conn who had fought Joe Lewis. I do appreciate you intervening for me when I had that encounter with the drunk. When I took off my classes,he needed a urinal but he had to change his underwear after you confronted him-you sounded like Goony and looked like Joe Pesci. My driver has been around the block and he was cool but he was observant. I am meeting with your buddy,Al Petrezi on the 30th at The Buck-possibly,you can join us. One of Jack Brogan's players remembered you being a nice guy and he remembered your days on the alter with Rev. PJ McGarrity. How did you go to confession with him-You Did What? It was a good thing that you were only 12 or 13- he could get upset with a little gambling before you were old enough to do a little rambling. I was friends with Bob Campbell at St. Francis[1955] and he was a good altar boy unlike me. He was a great golfer and Al Petrizi and he could have been a good team and made some money. I hope that you had a nice Easter Dinner and Seder-you are so cosmopolitan. Tom! Keep posting and hanging out with those characters from Germantown including those husky cats with the jackets.
J.Bruce [04-07-2010]

JBS: Easter was spent on Hansberry st. No seder dinner this year. Five of my seven siblings were in attendance. Edna cooked a large meal, she is still going strong at 89. Big brother Ed stayed in the burbs. As far as the K & A book, Dan is right, i couldnt put it down either. As you know Ed Burke senior was a K & A guy. I was told by an East Gtn guy that at the bar at Chew and Chelten, Nicky was getting the better of Junior, thats why pistols were drawn. Looking forward to seeing everybody at the Buck.
John Burke, 56 NE Philly [04-07-2010]

great to hear from sonny and jay kelly.thanks dom raff
dom raff, same [04-07-2010]

Rosemarie Rinaldi....Love your story about Bob O'Donnell,a Hollow guy.For awhile,he was into the Philly scene.I remember Bob as one of the few reserved members of the Hollow.Kind of a normal guy who enjoyed socializing with the cast of characters in Hollow land.Does anyone know what he is up to these days?.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-07-2010]

Sonny Kennedy.....Your story about Goo and his hemorrhoids brings back many,many funny memories.Goo referred to them as "Piles"They were disabling to him for a period in time.I can still see him applying Preparation H to his "Piles" in broad daylight at Wayne and Logan.You were one of the few fools who tried to take advantage of him at that time.What were you thinking? You are lucky that Goo did not "cave your Chest","smash your face",and bar you from his playground forever.The Big Bopper was intelligent,entertaining,fun loving guy,but he had one hell of a temper.Fortunately,you learned that taking advantage of the Goo could be dangerous to your health.....Bor
Paul Borian [04-07-2010]

Jim McK, an apology is nice, but when you spill a glass of milk, you can never un- spill it. I bet you never read that in college.
G-man, from the old school [04-07-2010]

tom cusack and ed (sonny) kennedy i just loved these stories ... i dont know any of you but i feel as though i do just a little from all of these posts that i enjoy reading ... goo sounds like a very colorful person and you guys sure make him and everything come alive in the way you write and share your memories of those moments ... thanks. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-07-2010]

wow!dr chas really made me feel good. we don't all agree on everything but one thing we do "we love germantown". i don't care what kind of education you've had. i respect and love everyone from germantown.
MIKE [04-07-2010]

to anonymous jim mc kernan has inflamed lots of us with his with his rants but atleast he useses hih name and leaves himself open to your comments you hide behind the anonymous banner,have the guts to use your name and stop hiding your identity.jim is a long time friend and he has the right to his oppinion the same as you, expose your self or keep your comments to your self(chicken)
GREGG STRIANO [04-07-2010]

A story called “How I Met Gooney” also called “Being Young and Stupid.” I used to hang out in Margate in the early sixties, partying and chasing women. It’s 2 in the morning and me and Jerry McKeon are coming out of Moylan’s bar and I yell out “Anybody going to the Dunes?” For those of you that never heard of the Dunes let me explain. It was a night club located in the middle of nowhere out on the causeway between Longport and Somers Point. It was open 23.5 hours a day .. closed only from 6 to 6:30 AM. It got very crowded there around 2 AM, after all the bars and clubs in the surrounding towns closed. As you can imagine, it was a very edgy place with lots of very edgy people. After I yell out for a ride to the Dunes, a red Olds convertible stops with four guys in it and says hop in. So being young and stupid (as well as half lit and fearless), Jerry and I hop in the back seat with a guy on each side of us. On the drive out to the Dunes, the guy next to me asks me my name. When he hears the name Cusack he asks what kind of name that is, and I tell him Irish. He starts to kid with me saying his name, Gooney Walsh, is Irish but no way is mine Irish. I proceed to tell him my family roots in Counties Mayo, Cork, and Clare and that convinces him and he was very sociable. We get to the Dunes, park the car, and then the four guys proceed to put their guns in the trunk. That move sure got my attention. We then go inside and Gooney says to me “Irish .. I’m going to by you a drink.” So we stood and talked for a while and when I tried to buy him a drink, he laughed and said “Very polite of you but you go grab one of these lovelies (girls) … nice talking to you.” I go to work the following Monday and happen to mention who I was with and that was when I found out who Gooney Walsh was. Without knowing it, I was in the fast lane ... really fast lane. Nothing like being young and stupid.
Tom Cusack [04-06-2010]

Ted Silary, Dennis McGlinchey: Theodore as always you are correct,one ever used the terminology that is post on the left side of this website. Dennis, let me introduce you to Ted. He is from the 900 block of Rittenhouse and you are from the 900 block of Price. Your brother, John, would have known him, he is about 6 to 7 years older than you. Ted: The '68 Doughtery team may have been the best high school team ever. Eleven division one players on that team,two were drafted into the NFL and one played for four years.
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [04-06-2010]

WOW, I am just now 'catching up' with some of the writings here, and I must say, I am very surprised. Prof. "J" what an awful slur against "D.H." You should really refrain from writing anything for awhile. Back in the good old days, your mom would have washed your mouth out with soap, for using the "C" word.. maybe you should do some soul searching..and reflect. Happy Easter,to all, Most respectfully, Linda "F".
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [04-06-2010]

Jack Brogan & Dom Raff: Can't get over your wonderful memories...looking back to both your postings, Trout and i, spent soooo much time with Goo, over the years, we knew what "buttons' to push and how often... When we were young, as you know, we worshipped him, because he was our "Tony Soprano", during the early 50's, who taught us everything, especially, about life, girls, sports and survival... In the late 50's, I was lucky, playing my best basketball, on a championship HS team, looking for college scholarships, gaining strength and growing to 6'3, 185lbs... Goo, on the other hand, was 8-9 years older and getting, a bit slow & "flabby" and his pain from his constant Hemorrhoids, were getting worse & were at an all time high!.. Somedays, he could hardly walk, without a tube of "preporation H", bulging from his back pocket... This was a good thing for me and brother Trout!.. Goo having Hemorrholds, slow and getting old was an opportune time to test "THE MAN".... Now, I'm 18, feeling my testosterone kicking in, by the minute, feeling invincible, for the first time in my life, I had no fear of Goo, ......So naturally, Trout and I, one late night, pushed that magical, "special button", we knew so well, and I didn't back down, because I knew.... if we saw the prep H....we were safe!.. WRONG!.... Instead of "flying like a butterfly, stinging a bee",( which was my plan), I got caught between him and the Happy Hollow steel bars and no where to escape!...He, like a skilled cat, pushed my head, which fit perfectly, between the steel bars and was ready to "crush' my skull, with one blow... By this time, brother Trout was a full block away!... He was so much wiser than me! Through a true Miracle, he somehow regained his sanity and backed off... That day, I learned another life's lesson from my teacher...."Always respect and fear older people, especially with Hemor rhoids".... Thank you Jack and Dom for the memories.. Ed. (Sonny) kennedy 4/5/10
Ed. (Sonny) Kennedy [04-06-2010]

Jack Brogan ... what a great set of stories in your post of 3-31. As an outsider to the Hollow crowd, it gave me some insight into some of the craziness that Goo's inner crowd had going for them. I think every corner had their "Fonz" and Goo was ours ... now "The Goo" but simply "Goo" ... to this day I still tell stories about him. The last story about Goo calling the police on you guys at Curnan's is priceless .. I laughed out loud. You can really put it into words, Jack. Thanks for bringing some of the old neighborhood alive in your stories. p.s. Bor is just busting on you about your basketball skills ... as I recall you were the captain of the LaSalle High basketball team in 1958 .. not too shabby.
Tom Cusack [04-06-2010]

Jay Kelly....It took a long time for another Hollow story to arrive from Blue Hawaii to Clapier St.But it was worth the wait.The Goo was the great Intimidator.This site is very educational.I learned for the first time that you lifted weights.I always remember you as a punk (only kidding).You were always your own man until the Goo did you in.You were one of the real cool Hollow guys because you idolized Elvis,Brando and Dean.Meanwhile,Goo and I would argue who was the best baseball player;Musial(Goo's favorite)or my hero Ted Williams.Of course all the Italians were in love with Joe DiMaggio. There were a lot of Kelly's in Germantown/East Falls,including the John B Kelly clan related to you,but you and brother Bill were my favorite Kelly's.Good health to you and your family.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-06-2010]

Not once in the mere 35 years that I've known FFK has he ceased to amaze and delight me.
Sue( McCartney)Henigan [04-06-2010]

Gomba Dom Raffaelle...Great to have you back on the site after a long cold snowy winter in Wildwood. I believe about one-half of the Hollow(including our fearless leader)migrated to Wildwood by the sea when our great neighborhood turned into a jungle.Always enjoy reading your stories/memories of one of the many great Philly neighborhoods.Love him or hate him,both of which you could do in one day,the Big Bopper owned the Hollow.We were his flock just like all the birds at Joe Procopo's Waterview playground.Today they call it leadership;back then it was all about control.We all had our say from time to time but it was Goo's world.We were lucky to be a part of it.Keep on posting Dom,and look for me in Wildwood to pick up a free meal at Westy's.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-06-2010]

Erda - Looking a little further into the question on neighborhood and place names within Germantown, I did find two references to “Pulaski Town” in the on-line version of the book, Ancient and Modern Germantown, Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill by Rev. S.F. Hotchkin. MA, published in Philadelphia by P.W. Ziegler & Company in 1889. Hotchkin (p.62) describes the neighborhood during the time of the Battle of Germantown during the Revolutionary War: “Watson says all the British infantry were located about where Col. John Morgan Price's seat was, i. e. Manheim street, west of Wayne. " On the -north side of Indian Queen Lane is a Potter's Field." It was bought in 1755 for £5, 10s. It contained 140 perches. It lies, west of Wayne street, about where Pulaski crosses, and the region about it is called ' Pulaski Town.'" It was cut out of John Blicker's lot, No. 6. On the same lot on the Main street is a double house built by Christopher Sauer. It was Joseph Bullock's residence and afterward used by his son, Dr. Bullock. It is said that the foundations of a former house underlie this one, and that here Christopher Sauer did some of his work in preparing type. Trinity Lutheran church owns it. It is a parsonage, and the Rev. Luther E. Albert, D. D., the minister of the parish, dwells in it. Formerly Dr. Justus Fox's house was north of it. His son, Emmanuel, manufactured lampblack. Emmanuel's son George was in the same business, and was a bee fancier. Their conscientious work made" Germantown lamp-black " the highest grade in commerce. The second reference by Hotchkin (p.203) reads: “Lord Stirling, who was thought by many the rightful heir to a Scotch title, and the brave Pulaski, who loved a foreign nation in its trouble must not be forgotten as we number the worthies of Germantown. We have the letter, which announced Agnew's death: How many such missives carried sad news to homes on both sides of the Atlantic. Let us pray for the time when “They hang the trumpet in the hall, And study war no more“. This old text is crammed with great information about our old neighborhood. It is very easy to search the 551-page text online using Google Books. There is a detailed index and lots of illustrations, especially of old houses. There are references to other neighborhood names, such as “Manheim” and Beggerstown”, and to the origins of many street names in our town. For some highbrow fun, use your Google and search for the text by its title. If nothing else, it is a relief to know that the neighborhood was NOT names for that awful high-rise public housing project at Queen Lane and Pulaski. - Jim Smith from Coulter Street
Jim Smith [04-06-2010]

Thank you Dan Hartnett for the kind words about my mom and sister. I'm fortunate to have my mom still around at 92. Yes, she still is alert and fairly healthy. Believe it or not, she had two older sisters until 3 years ago. Her sister Anne was 96 at the time of her death and her sister Jean died just last year at the age of 94. She still has two "younger" sisters; Mary and Nancy, both approaching 90. Unfortunately, Ron's mom died in 1977 at the age of 62. I'm hoping I inherited the Guarnino sisters genes. Thanks again!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and Cardinal Dougherty Grad [04-06-2010]

I may not be in Germantown but my heart is still there. Playing basketball at East Germantown, Waterview and where they just had a shooting, Happy Hollow, will be with me until I die.
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [04-06-2010]

do any of you remember dr chas? i know he didn't participate often. he has since passed away. he was one of the most intelligent men i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. i would like to share a comment he made about all of us. "it is very obvious that our roots are deeply implanted in gtn. imagine that all those roots were flowers and they all sprung up at one time. germantown would look like the garden of eden. just beautiful! no matter where they (gtn) are, their roots are still there". he really appreciated all of us. one man in a million!
ANNE [04-06-2010]

John Burke: I trust that Easter went well with you and your family. Possibly,you even had a Seder Dinner. Tom Cusack,your cousin's[John Murray] classmate from St. Francis visits various dance-venues and he meets Jewish Ladies-he likes Seder Dinners and that comes with excellent desserts. I know that you were not pleased with The Professor's blog but Dan Hartnett and I are satisfied that he gave an apology.I do have to laugh that he called Goo Guarinello from The Hollow-Boo. The Goo was an imposing guy-Junior Kripplebauer might have gotten away with it. You are aware that Junior K. passed away recently. The journalists glorified him as a"Robin Hood" and that he never packed heat. Tell that to Nicky Lazaro when he had a hook-out at Chew&Chelten with Junior. You read the book about The K&A Gang. I wondered if that famous fight was accurately described in the book. Junior was a bad actor in and out of prison. He did not have to travel with Smith&Wesson. Dan Hartnett will give me that book to read. I heard that a lot of good people were outed in that book. I am looking forward to seeing you at The Buck on The 30th-possibly with some of your buddies from The Brickyard. I hope that I recognize you-after your operation,you are probaly under 300. John! Keep trucking and give my regards to your family-including Big Ed.
J.Bruce [04-06-2010]

To Professor McKernan: The saying is that profanity is a sign of ignorance. Keep that in mind next time you brag about all your degrees. Guess they never taught you respect for women in your universities. How dumb is that?
Rosemarie Rinaldi [04-06-2010]

The May 1994 issue of Philadelphia Magazine had an article on Bob O'Donnell, who was then running for governor. Bobby O'Donnell was a Hollow guy and a good part of the article had his recollection of Happy Hollow and the corner of Wayne and Logan. He brought the columnist to the corner and the article is full of his stories about the kids there and especially Bob Guarinello (Goo). O'Donnell's nickname was Ode, but he also immortalized all the others: Hokey, Shangy, Trout, McGeehan, who were all "Laters". Also quoted in the article was Dave Glancey (Judge), a Later who, at the time of the article, was running Philly's Board of Revision of Taxes. Glancy was quoted as saying that the sessions on the corner were, in effect, a night school where the Laters learned how to talk their way through the world. And the main Professor (forgive me, McKernan) was Goo, who was so well-read he could discourse about anything and was usually always right. This article became more of a tribute to Goo than an article about Bob O'Donnell. I know this, because I saved this issue and still have it.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [04-06-2010]

I too am more conservative in my political and social views. I am not wealthy, but I have a roof over my head and good food to eat...and most of all I am blessed to have been born and live life in this great country. I see nothing wrong in being the type of person who knows what they want and goes after it, perhaps gaining wealth in the process. That is what is amazing in this country. We have that opportunity if we want to go after it. Sadly I think Jim McK. is confused about why some people are (as in his words) "oppressed". In the USA people make choices to be successful or to not be successful. Success isn't just about being lucky enough to be born to wealth. Success is obtained by desire and hard work. Everybody has this opportunity, but it won't come a knockin' at your door. But even for the so called (by Jim) "oppressed", there is opportunity if they want to grab it. Once again, choice is the key word. It is human nature for some people to be easily satisfied with what they have or with not having anything, while others keep climbing until they have much more. Let's not knock those who have climbed to meet their potential, or even those who were charmed enough to be born into a comfortable life. They are often the most charitable and sharing people. I don't resent their success or wealth or for not being willing to give it all up so the less fortunate feel better. If you want a piece of the pie, you have to get up and cut it and then enjoy it.
anonymous [04-06-2010]

Dan, you've just earned tons of respect from this Germantown Gal. You put it all out there with enormous eloquence.
anonymous [04-06-2010]

helen leone deangelo i hope your easter was wonderful ... im sure your family got to enjoy some very delicious food prepared by you .... i hope to see you on the 16th ... love rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-06-2010]

jim mckernan love you and im sorry for your loss.. apology accepted and i have you in my prayers... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-06-2010]

TO PAX VOBISCUM: Beautiful sentiments! I hear you, brother, and would like to join you in tendering my resignation as an adult. Your post is a keeper!
Rosemarie Rinaldi [04-06-2010]


Because I was a sinner
Christ delivered me
To the BUDDAH for instruction.

Under Fear and Terror
Beneath the Twin-Moored Heavens
BUDDAH stood and said,
"From manure the plant
Yields delectable fruit---
How much more you as Spirit
Should turn Evils
Into Blessedness."

To the count of Seven
Buddah instructed me,
Until CHRIST returned
To conduct me home.

As I said my Good-Bye,
BUDDAH reminded me,
"Each Moral Deed
Will Sound a Tone,
And I shall remember YOU."

Later, as I slipped
Into my Mother's Womb,
The ANGEL whispered,

FFK [04-04-2010]

JBS: I noted your comment on Junior Krippelbauer dying. While he came from the upstate coal region he became a Kensington guy, tough as nails. I don't know what it is about city working class neighborhoods that breeds them like that. You have to grow up in one to understand it. Kensington, Germantown, Brewerytown, Swampoodle, Port Richmond, South Philly, Roxborough and many other ethnic working class neighorhoods bred characters and stories that are almost unbelievable. Everyone knows the local legends and characters who starred in them. You will never find this stuff in the suburbs. Maybe its something in the water. In any case, if anyone wants to read probably the best book ever written on a colorful gang who happen to be from a Philly neighorbood, it is called "Confessions of a Second Story Man - Junior Krippelbauer and the K & A gang". It is about the wildest bunch of burglars who ever existed. The stories and characters are real and if you are a neighborhood person, which all real Germantowners are, you won't be able to put it down. As Bruce noted, Junior Krippelbauer died but he was interviewed for the book and was at the center of it. Bruce, the next time we get together for lunch, I will bring you a copy. Outdoor dining is starting up and maybe a couple of Malbecs are in order.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [04-04-2010]

A short Happy Hollow story.... Back in the early 50's,during the month of June,my leg was in a cast.This happened while I was catching an Ollie Powers fastball on my right knee.I usually caught baseballs with my glove,but that ball thrown by Ollie was very lively so I inadvertently caught it with my Knee.The timing was great because I got out of a junior high school performance of the opera,Carmen.I was one of the soldiers in Carmen,a very small role.My leg was in a cast for six weeks,the weather was hot and humid,and I was at my miserable worst.Every day I would hobble three blocks to the Hollow to be with my friends.Two of my so-called friends,Trout and Mike Masterson,would taunt me from time to time.They would poke me,smack me from behind,throw water at me,etc.They would laugh like crazy when I hobbled after them in vain.It took awhile,like six weeks,but when that cast came,I finally caught up with them and got my revenge.Nothing harmful,mind you,since they were my friends,after all......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-04-2010]

happy easter everyone
RICH, huntingdon valley [04-04-2010]

Bill Cupo, reminded me of Easter shopping trips to Chelten Avenue for my annual Easter suit. I believe it was the Howard's Mens Clothing store. Also included was as stop at Flagg Brothers at Germantown and Chelten. I had the Flagg Flyer's, and they looked like umpire shoes LOL, after them I started getting their "swirl" style, which was made popular by their advertising on Bandstand, before it became "American" Bandstand.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [04-04-2010]

I could tolerate the apology from Professor McKernan, but the last rant was only slightly more inflamed than his previous rantings. Your talk is cheap professor. You are just a mean, angry man with book knowledge. That doesn't give you the right so righteous. Frankly, if I received the same information you claimed to have received, I wouldn't think of logging onto the computer, then onto this site and pontificate about how others here are of less stature than you. No, professor, that wouldn't have entered most peoples mind, but hey, you're always happy to tell us how different you are.
anonymous [04-04-2010]

I didn't know that all the rich people were right wing conservatives, give us a break Jim McK and keep all that garbage to yourself.
G-Man [04-04-2010]

This appeared in The City Paperon Thus. am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult. I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of an 8 year old again. I want to go to McDonald's and think that it's a four star restaurant. I want to sail sticks across a fresh mud puddle and make ripples with rocks. I want to think M&M's are better than money because you can eat them. I want to lie under a big oak tree and run a lemonade stand with my friends on a hot summer's day. I want to return to a time when life was simple. When all you knew were colors, multiplication tables, and nursery rhymes, but that didn't bother you, because you didn't know what you didn't know and you didn't care. All you knew was to be happy because you were blissfully unaware of the things that should make you worried or upset. I want to think the world is fair. That everyone is honest and good. I want to believe that anything is possible. I want to be oblivious to the complexities of life and be overly excited by the little things again. I want to live simple again. I don't want my day to consist of computer crashes, mountains of paperwork, depressing news, how to survive more days in the month than there is money in the bank, doctor bills, gossip, illness, and loss of loved ones. I want to believe in the power of smiles, hugs, a kind word, truth, justice, peace, dreams, the imagination, mankind and making angels in the snow. So, here's my checkbook and my car keys, my credit card bills and my RRSP statements. I am officially resigning from adulthood. And if you want to discuss this further, you'll have to catch me first, 'cause...
Pax Vobiscum [04-04-2010]

FFK. Well done with the limerick.
anonymous [04-04-2010]

why are some of us trying to outdo each other in the intelligence field? we all come from germantown. isn't that enough to be proud of????? i am and always will be. it doesn't matter what and where we are now. we are still germantownites and always will be. so just enjoy all the memories that are being shared. that's what its all about.
RICHARD [04-04-2010]

Kevin McKernan: You are a very reasonable and objective person. You must have read Thomas Payne-Common Sense. I believe in Redemption and Professor Jim's post did not resonate with me. I have been called many things,audacious,bodacious,tempermental,and and implosive but this was the first time that I was called a Ragina-I do know how to spell. This noun came from left-field-pardon the pun.Being a lover of art,this part of a woman's anatomy can be very beautiful on a work of sculpture. I do have some nudes in my art-collection. I do not like the word used in an improper context. My family owned bars for 50+ years and I heard that word used misogynystically-that fudging Ragina left me since she thought that I drank too much-"Hello". I am interested in the comments from the wonderful women on this site who were outraged-rightly so. My wife[RIP]was a Professor of Foreign Languages and she and her colleagues along with the union would have been very upset with this misogynystic language. Rosemarie Rinaldi is very sensitive to discrimatory and prejudicial remarks of all types. Her Husband Larry,an outstanding athlete was friends with Goo Guarinello-not Boo. Did the Professor combine the two first names-Bobby and Goo. Many people from The Hollow thought this- condescending.I played ball at The Hollow but I was not a Hollow guy. When one attacks Goo,The whole Hollow Community is being challenged-they love one another. FFK was one of Goo's guys-a poet and a very good poker player like Paul Borian,another friend of The Goo. FFK had a great critique of that horrific post with a satirical poem.FFK did not think the Professor's post was logical but really inundated with non-sequitors. His scatological reference meant that the post was full of crap.With his theological theme,he was looking for compassion and Christianity. FFK is no right-winger,if you read his poem about Bobby Sands,you and Professor Jim would understand. Many bright guys were really offended by the text in the post. It all started because I jested with Dan Harnett about being a Professor. Dan is extremely intelligent who is a voracious reader and steeped in theology and politics. He could have been a Theology Progessor if he so desired. He has strong opinions about his Faith and Religious Doctrine and he entitled to his opinion. I believe that you and he would get along well since he is a Connoisseur of Wine. You live not far from one of the great wine regions in the world-Santa Barbara.You live in one of the great cities in The US. Bernie MCKernan picked Annapolis and you picked Santa Barbara-oustanding choices. I am looking forward to reading positive blogs in the future from The McKernans. You have a great family,St. Vincent's,Cardinal Dougherty and especially Germantown-we all loved it.
JBS [04-04-2010]

Now I get the Prof: He earned his degrees in Irish and British universities. Typical of Europe - more America-bashing. Maybe we should just mind our business and let the rest of the world take care of themselves. Them we'll have more tax dollars to spend on our own citizens, instead of permitting them to fuel more anti-American sentiment.
anonymous [04-04-2010]

All of us wish we could go back in time to our youth in Philadelphia - all of you from Germantown and me from Overbrook. (My intro to Germantown was by way of going steady with Larry and I enjoyed it almost as much as the rest of you.) However, the current news stories are a rude awakening. My old neighborhood had a wonderful Italian-American Social Club which had a beautiful gated courtyard with a large fountain in the middle. Many members dined out there or in the lovely facilities inside. It was so nice they hosted weddings, luncheons, etc. It was a quiet refined atmosphere with no rowdiness spilling into the surrounding neighborhood. Times have changed - witness the Harumbi Charter School fiasco with its "private" club located right in the school on the site of this Italian-American Club. Hard to believe but they are the new owners of what was once an oasis in the city. The courtyard is gone and the school buts right up to the sidewalk. Neighbors are inundated with noise, drunkenness and vandalism. Also in the news is the recent police chase and subsequent shooting of an armed suspect who ran into Happy Hollow to escape, thereby endangering the kids playing there. Back in the day, there were some oldsters who complained about the kids hanging out on the corner (Sal's) or at the Hollow. Bet they would love to see them back again. What is it Tom Wolfe said - you can't go home again?
Rosemarie Rinaldi [04-04-2010]

I hear you Jim. Please take care of yourself.

john brogan great blog the word's won't flow that easily for me but i remember part 2 of that story.at the hollow sunday was renown for movie night.the best movie of night pick by goo not boo (apology up for grabs let's move on)was at esquire on broad street. it was me (dom) trout,sonny,with goo driving. for their ressons sonny and trout decided to give goo the silent treatment.we were earlyfor the movieso we stop at liton's for a bite.after repeated attemps by goo for sonny and trout to answer his questions were metwith silence goo went crazy.like a hollwood movie he began turning over tables,breaking glasses, f this f that,you guys are not going to play s with me and with that said he jump on sonny.trout and i try intervenne but sonny was not afraidandwas fighting back,only a voice saying the cops are coming stop the action.it's vague but i think we did go to the movies that night.although goo was about ten years older he wanted to hang out with sonny and trout so that he was always in the loop.the reason goo was a legend was his ability to be in every age group at the hollow.i felt reasos goo went ballistic was because his friedship was denied andhe was hurt. goo was very entertaining and for most part likeable,i though.paul thanks for the heads up.it would be great to get a shout out from anybody in the group or a short antidote.my thanks to website happy easter dom raff
dom raff, same [04-04-2010]

If Christ forgave the thieves on good Friday I guess one Germantowner can forgive another for being such a jackass. Professor you should put that pride of yours in your back pocket and leave it their. I think you taught yourself a good lesson this time and shouldnt forget it. My Father taught me to forgive but if you do, never forget.
germantowner [04-04-2010]

Bill Cupo: Hi Bill. Like you, I loved my six button benny, together with "one button roll" sports jacket, pegged pants with high rises, skinny belt, flag brothers brick towed shoes with cleats and skinny tie to round out the dress ensemble. All of this together with a "DA" and an attitude. Oops, I forgot the cleats! A pea coat was different. As I remember it, it was a navy coat, dark blue and much shorter than a Benny. Good trivia! I enjoyed having lunch with you, your mother and Lorraine last week. I had not seen your mother in about 50 years. What a great lady, sharp as a tack and as good natured as ever. She cooks a mean pasta e fagiole ( fazool in dialect) and sausage and peppers. Kudos Bill; you have a really nice family.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [04-04-2010]

Jim McKernan: Apology accepted. It comes on Good Friday which is an especially appropriate time for me, being an orthodox committed Catholic. Public apologies are difficult to make and require a dose of humility which is often a rare commodity. Like you, I too came from lower working class family with roots in Happy Hollow (Wyneva St., Coulter St. but I was too young to remember), then Tioga and then Germantown when I was 14. Like you, I have done volunteer work with those in need, both in North Philly (had my photo featured on the front page of the North Philly Tribune) and elsewhere. Not looking for accolades so I will omit the details. While I am conservative (not the country club variety, but constitutionally and socially), I am not even close to being rich and were none of my conservative friends and I have had many. They are not greedy oppressors but hard working decent people who raise families, have successes and failures and love their God and their country, in that order. Much could be said about the rich of the left just as well as of the right, but I will leave it out because I don't want to turn this blog into a political debating forum. Also, I am truly sorry for your loss. I think that many if not most of us on this blog, because of our ages, have had some experience and can relate to that and the emotionally gut wrenching loss of loved ones. Like you, as we both know, I don't shy away from discussing politics, culture or religion as long as the atmosphere is cool, reasoned and respectful. If you ever want to do it, let's shake hands and adjourn to the bar. Wishing you a happy Easter! Slainte
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [04-04-2010]

Chopper 3 HD was over the 4900 block of Wayne Avenue in Germantown after reports of shots fired at about 12:15 p.m. According to investigators, the incident began when plain clothes officers spotted a man allegedly wanted on warrants. The officers identified themselves to the suspect who then fled in the Happy Hollow playground at Wayne Avenue and Clapier Street. "Once inside the playground, the male pulled a handgun from his waistband and pointed at the officers and then fired several times at the officers," Chief Inspector Scott Small explained. Several officers discharged their weapons, striking the suspect in his body and legs. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and a semi-automatic handgun was found at the scene.
Hollow Guy, Old Neighborhood [04-04-2010]

I must say that as children growing up in Germantown, we were wealthy. It wasn't a material wealth, nor was it a monetary wealth...but it was the most fulfilling wealth of all. There was a different view on wealth in those days. Our wealth was in having friends, finding old soda bottles to redeem for Saturday movie money, playing freely in the open air and loving every minute of it. I never once felt oppressed. My world was the only world I knew or desired.
anonymous [04-04-2010]

Jim, now we may carry on as friends, perhaps of differing political views...but hey, this would be a boring place to be if we all agreed!
anonymous [04-04-2010]

Here is another club name from the Blvd De'Scene.Mike should remember this one we worked together there.It was open for 4 yrs. from 68-71 when it went up in flames
rich, huntingdon valley [04-04-2010]

Great story, Brogan. I laughed until the tears came into my eyes - another Irish affliction. Your story brought to mind a night when the usual packed Goomobile was cruising the dark streets and some patriotic music was playing on the radio and, suddenly, Goo stopped the car at Broad and Erie, and jumped out of the car and began conducting the music. Trout was laughing so hard, he fell out of the car onto the street. Yes, Goo was an intimidating figure at 6' 1", 240 lbs. of pure muscle. Wonder what it's like to have Goo hit you? I'll tell you. As I wrote about before, I had an ongoing dispute with Goo about his using my weights. Goo had banned me from the playground because I wouldn't let him borrow them. One day during this time, Cisco and I were playing PIG and Goo came up and said, "I told you that you are not allowed on my playground!" Whereupon, I told him that I could go anywhere I wanted. He rushed me and shoved me hard, somehow I kept my balance. Since it was getting dark, Cisco and I decided to leave. I was exiting the playground through Goo's bent bars and Goo cut me off and pushed me aside so he could go through first. I then followed and went across the street to Palo's and Goo ordered me, once again, to stay out his playground. I, also once again, told him I would go anywhere I wanted and next thing I knew he rushed me and slugged me in the arm. Hard. I was just about to tell him I was still going to go into the playground, and bracing myself for the next hit, when suddenly, thanks to my guardian angels, his aunt yelled out, "Robert! Stop that!" I could hear Goo growl in frustration, but he did stop and left me alone. It was then that I knew I would be loaning my weights to Goo. And, it then after that Goo seemed to treat me with more respect.
Jay Kelly [04-04-2010]

Jay Kelly [04-02-2010]

Anger, fueled by drink, poor syntax and bad spelling makes for a bad post. Such a combination makes only for a Molotov cocktail that further polarize all of us that contribute our thoughts here. I hope to never see another regrettable posting like this again. I think some apology is in order here.
Kevin Mckernan, Santa Barbara, age 65 [04-02-2010]

I write to apologize to all readers of this website for using a most rude and inappropriate word to degrade Dan Hartnett, John Bruce Scmidt and Boo (whoever he is). I also offended others, some who are chidhood friends. Please accept my sincere apology. Explanations for such behaviour are feeble I realize. Truth of it is that earlier in the day that I wrote this message I had received devastating news of a death of a much loved member of my extended family in Ireland. I was in deep emotional pain and was "not myself" nor in 'good form' and I should not have written that message. I do not apologize for the right to express my political beliefs nor use of my title/rank which I earned in Irish and British universities, and where professors are greeted as such by students and faculty alike, as is the custom in many, but not all, American universities. I am from a working class Germantown family and most of my life I witnessed the homeless, poor and working classes be oppressed by the rich right wing conservatives here and abroad. I have worked hard to help the disadvantaged and will continue to do so. But this letter is not about my political ideology it is about apologizing for my language/behaviour. I am sorry and hope you will understand even if you cannot forgive me. I am simply a man with a weakness that sometimes gets the best of him. To all, I am truly sorry. Jim McKernan.
Jim McKernan, Professor, eastern NC [04-02-2010]

Happy Easter to all the guys and gals who grew up in Germantown especially to you Rosemarie M. May we all be blessed with renewed hope and enthusiasm for this precious life we have been given.

Though your thoughts
Were ordered and logical,
And stayed a safe distance
From anything theological,
Still your argument was lost
For that cheapest of costs,
The use of the scatological.

FFK [04-02-2010]

hi everybody .... another friendly reminder that we are meeting at lafantana's on may 16th at 1pm ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-02-2010]

Professor Dan: In all fairness, you have an unfair advantage over Professor Jim. Your mind has not been addled by the left-wing propaganda of a brain-laundry calling itself a university. There is no fool like an educated fool or, should I say, a miseducated one. As you and Cardinal Newman have well said; the idea behind education is for us to rise out of our natural darkness to seek truth about ourselves and the world around us. Professor Jim has learned enough, evidently, for him to believe himself to be educated and, it seems, like those who taught him, has become an elitist ­ above we unlettered ones. Unfortunately, there are students who have come under the influence of his tutelage. How many of them never learned the truth that his hero Che Guevara was, in reality, a vicious Communist thug who died a coward’s death pleading for the mercy he denied his many victims. His image still adorns tee shirts worn by the ill-informed taught by the likes of our learned professor. Most revealingly, in an earlier blog on this site, Professor Jim deigned to inform us that “Thomas Jefferson was the father of our Constitution”. I beg to differ with you, O Learned One, but, “as every school boy once knew”, it is James Madison who has been given this title. How is it that a History Professor does not even know that Jefferson was not in attendance at the Constitutional Convention of 1787? As great a man that he was, he had nothing to do with the actual writing of our Constitution. He was performing his duties as Minister to France (under the Articles of Confederation) thousands of miles away. How fortunate indeed is Mr. McKernan to have made a good living and have a comfortable retirement based on the credentials he has so proudly displayed to us. I wonder what would have been the worth of those credentials in another time or place (or in the educational forum we called The Proper Place)? The professor’s narcissism has caused him to reveal more about himself than he intended. Res Ipsa Loquitur!
Joe McCormick, East Germantown - Cardinal Dougherty First Class, 1959 [04-02-2010]

Just trying to be nice to an old Professor who doesn't know didley-do about life. Just watched a episode of Seinfeld where this guy Bob wanted to be called Maestro.
Blue Collar Guy, from Geramntown [04-02-2010]

To One and All "G"towners..Have a very Blessed Easter with your families. I remember on Holy Thursday always keeping a tradition of "Walking' to '3' churches or more with my family...I wonder who still does that today? anyone? I am going tonight. God bless you all.Linda Fontana.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [04-02-2010]

Well, another Easter season is upon us and I can remember how important it was to me because it meant that I would get a new sport coat or dress coat and a new pair of shoes for Easter Sunday. I remember one year getting a "six-button Benny", my favorite coat of all time. Navy blue with clear buttons. It might be called a "pea coat" also, but I might be wrong on that. I also remember getting a pair of "white bucks". Man, they were so cool! Pat Boone used to always wear them. The one thing bad about them(o.k maybe more than one), was that they got dirty on the first day I wore them. I would usually scuff them on the curb or step in some mud and get them dirty. I actually remember taking them off in the car so that when I got to church, they were as clean as possible. Getting a new sport coat was pretty easy; just get me a tweed with patches on the elbow, and a clip on tie for my new white shirt; no tying ties in my youth. I also remember getting a pair of "Flag Flyers"; no shoe laces, just put your feet in and snap the tongue in place. Wow! How cool was that? If you got those, I had to stop into my Uncle Vic's shoe repair shop on Price st. to get a pair of cleats put on. To go into Immaculate with a pair of cleats on the bottom of your shoe on that marble floor; now you're making some noise and everyone knows your coming and how cool you are. Maybe to top things off, a "Jeff" cap. Big fad one Easter. Of course, once you wore all that, pictures had to be taken in front of the church or in a flowery setting to make sure everyone knew it was an Easter picture. Every kid, no matter what their economic status, seemed to go all out for that day. I think our parents were ashamed if they didn't get their children new Easter outfits. Is it still a big deal today for the kids? When my kids were little, they got new outfits but that was over 20 years ago. Well, I'm sure we all have some of our old Easter pictures in a shoebox somewhere; it's supposed to be warm this Sunday, maybe I'll look for them and remember how it used to be so nice to live in Germantown on an Easter Sunday morning. Better yet, maybe I'll take a ride and see if I can find a Robert Hall store and treat myself to some new duds. Take care everyone!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and Cardinal Dougherty Grad [04-02-2010]

Dan Hartnett: You knew Nicky L. well from your days at The Proper Place. The old-timers on this site might remember a big fight Nicky had with Junior[Louis Kripplebauer] at Chew&Chelten where he was shot but continued to fight bravely. Louis Kripplebauer just passed away. Junior was a member of The K&A Gang but he was from Fairmount. Nicky& John Berkery[St. Francis] were not particularly fond of Junior. In the spirit of Easter,"May Louis Junior Kripplebauer Rest In Eternal Peace".
JBS [04-02-2010]

hi marie happy easter to you too .... i hope you can make the lunch at fantana on may 16th at 1pm .... take care rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-02-2010]

Excellent photos of Germantown and Phila late 1800s early 1900s. You can Google Maps and find many of the buildings still standing today. http://www.brynmawr.edu/iconog/king/main.html
Ed, Chester, VA [04-02-2010]

To the Anonymous that responded to Jim McKernan on 4/1/2010, I applaud you, standing up. Very well put, and so right.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-02-2010]

As we get older and are on the back-nine of life wouldn't it be great to have one giant get together at a park, maybe Mermaid Lake where each Germantown neighborhood would have their own pavilion. We could have some good oldie music and mingle with our old friends and rehash the days of fun and glory.
anonymous [04-02-2010]

I never subscribed to the old saw that said, "those who can, do, and those who can't, teach". But I wonder if Prof Jim was the prime example of that. It's a shame that other good professors/teachers have to be painted with the same brush. Hopefully, we know better. He is a pompous, arrogant ass and as such, is not as smart as he thinks he is. As to the x-ray machines that we used in the shoe departments, they were all over the city in most shoe and department stores. I was from Overbrook and I remember them well in our area. We just loved to see the bones in our feet and used them constantly. Then we found out about too much radiation - oh well ...
Rosemarie Rinaldi [04-02-2010]

Mike Power: Good to hear from you, I feel your message hit the nail on the head as they say. What we had in Germantown I have never found elsewhere. The best to you on whatever you are doing nowadays and would like to hear more from you.
Jack McHugh [04-01-2010]

Accountant Dennis...I hope you were taught that a debit was on the window side of the classroom.Otherwise,your Balance Sheet would never be in balance unless you plugged it....Accountant Paul Borian(when in doubt,plug it)
Paul Borian [04-01-2010]

Blue Collar Guy from Germantown, You are way too kind in assuming that's where Jim McKernan's head is.... (under the books). I would have suggested that he take it out from somewhere else....but this is a family blog, so I'll leave that to your imagination. Sometimes, in reading Jim McKernan's entries, I get the feeling he should place the initials "DUI" after his name....."doctor under the influence". "White Collar" (IC & CDHS School) Gal
anonymous [04-01-2010]

Mister John Brogan, You are a great writer and storyteller. You write better than some of the guys who profess to be educated and your langauge is clean and not full of vitriol and vulgarity. I learned the word, vitriol, from Dan Hartnett. The guys from Happy Hollow tell good stories and their teachers must have been decent. Tom Cusack tells some good stories and I am surprised that he hung out with Goony and JBS who marched to a different drum. I thought that he was a nice kid who was a good student and went to LaSalle. Another one of your friends,Paul Borian,must have been crazy to hide Goo's shoes. He is lucky that he is rounding third base today. Mr. Borian thinks that you had a bad shot. You were a good basketball coach and taught the guys how to shoot foul shots with good techniques. You must have character to have stayed out of trouble with all of the characters that you knew from Happy Hollow. I like your posts which would impress an English teacher. Jay Kelley and those smart types from the Hollow liked your last post.
anonymous [04-01-2010]

Yoo, Uncle Greg where you been and how you doin, how are my cousins and my Aunt Donna? Richie just chillin in Florida. And yes Johnny Maestro was one of the good ones and I believe he died of colon cancer.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [04-01-2010]

Hey, Pat. Didn't Barbara giaquindo used to be called " BB ". She was the sister of Bucky and Donny "ears"
John DiRenzo [04-01-2010]

Gene's on the blvd. what a great place that used to be. The Kit Kats also used to play down the shore.
john DiRenzo [04-01-2010]

Sorry! I should have researched my answer before giving it. I guess 7 days does make a differance.
John DiRenzo [04-01-2010]

Maryanne G,I remember you and your family,my Aunt lived up the street from you the Rossi's I knew Dolly who lived next to you,how are you doing,fine I hope Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [04-01-2010]

APB to all Dormant Boys of the Hollow....Get off your duffs and get back on this site with some interesting and exciting stories.Do you hear me Sonny,Sharpy,Cisco,Kelly,Masterson,Schmitty,Dom,D'Angelo,Fasano,Sal,Razzan o brothers(Pop would be pleased),Larry Rinaldi,Lou and Peanut Pauzanno,Bonnie,Duncan,Brogan's cousin(Joe Lynch),etc.etc.This invitation also applies to all you young Happy Hollow Heads.Last Call!....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-01-2010]

It seems like this web site is starting to mirror the mood and unrest in the country. Its amazing how a couple of so called educated people can poison such a wonderful place to share thoughts and renew old friendships. Some would say they have a hidden agenda with their political and foul rhetoric. The good professor need not respond.
Rich Rizzo [04-01-2010]

Jack Brogan...You are indeed the Master of Happy Hollow stories.I really enjoyed reading your 3/31 story,that includes Goo and Trout,two Happy Hollow icons(may they rest in peace).As Larry Rinaldi once said;" It takes a full house to beat that pair". I remember every incident in your marvelous story.Do you remember the midnight drives in Goo's car to Camac Baths steam rooms(center city)to lose weight and purify our dirty Hollow bodies.At the time I believe Goo was aspiring to be a place kicker for the Cleveland Browns.His idol was Lou,the toe,Groza.The many trips to the New Lyric and other movie houses with the Goo and his posse were classic.Did you know that I convinced Ben Hom to drive up to the Boston Garden to see the Warriors play the Celtics.We drove up on a Sunday morning,watched the game Sunday afternoon,drove back to the Corner to hang out by 11 p.m. Wilt and the Warriors lost to Russell and the Celtics(as always).Goo was a big time Cousy fan.By the way,I prayed to God that Goo would never find out that I was the guy(M.F.)who hid his shoe.Believe me when I say I was scared to death.Thank God he never found out......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-01-2010]

Jim McKernan, Shame on you! I don't want to believe that a "professor" would use such foul language to express himself. In obtaining all of your "degrees", did you SKIP English classes? I don't believe that you couldn't have chosen a more appropriate and/or acceptable word than the one you used to describe those who do not agree with you. I visit this site for the enjoyment of sharing memories with other Germantown residents, past & present; NOT to be subjected to the vulgar remarks you submit without considering the good people on this site. I worked as an administrative assistant, at a state university, for 10 yrs. The professors, for whom I worked, would never think of using inappropriate language...either in the work place or in every-day conversation. These were not only "professors" (Ph.D's), they were gentlemen. Straighten up & fly "right"! Thank you.
anonymous [04-01-2010]

germantown girl yes! i am disgusted and offended and would have appreciated it if the webmaster would have blocked it out... i am not a prude by any means but i know that children do come on this site and we the "adults" are suppose to set a better example ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-01-2010]

thank you one and all for the update on johnny maestro ... he was one of the best ... and ... im sorry i missed the special ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-01-2010]

Professor, I can only hope you did not injure yourself in carrying your bully pulpit to the lofty spire of your ivory tower. I can only imagine how small we all must look to you from your vastly superior perspective. Please check back on us at this site in a few decades to determine if we have advanced enough to merit the presence of your eminence. Lastly, your proctologist did call and wanted you to know your head has been located. Extrication pending. Warmest regards.
Mike Buchanan, Kennett Township, Chester County, PA [04-01-2010]

Kevin, A few weeks back I had lunch with Ginny, Donny Bollards Widow.. You are right it was a large family but spread out in age.. If I remember 4 girl and 2 boys.. The boys and youngest girl Debbie are the ones I know from Yearsley Drum & Bugle Corps on Chelten Ave... When I was seeing Tom (I think I was 14 or 15 ­ A life time ago. HaHa) they lived on Chew Ave between the Bridge and Haines Street.. They also had a cousin known as Buddy Bollard (real name Edward) who also went to St Vincent de Paul with my sister Maryalice and your brother Jim. My husband and his sisters still keeps in touch with him (Buddy) or Gabby as we also call him. He is retired from the Marine Corps and lives in Kentucky I think. His mother lived on the corner of Bayton and Penn until he moved her down with him in the 90’s.
Erda, Lived on the Westside [04-01-2010]

happy easter and happy spring to all. marie
Marie Bommentre [04-01-2010]

Dear Maryann G.McFarland, sorry for the miss spellings & missing words. Well a Happy Easter to you & your family.Marie Rose Bommentre
Marie Rose Bommentre [04-01-2010]

To Charlie Herrmann, I went to the shoe horn armat st, they also had a xray machine.Marie
Marie Bommentre [04-01-2010]

what about happy hollow playground wayne ave and logan st/pulaski ave and logan st the city's oldest playground april 29, 1911 celebrating 100 years. donated to the city by the ew clark family, proclaimed to be one of the finest play centers in the us.
a weiss [04-01-2010]

Jim McKernan., I respect that you are a professor. That is quite an accomplishment. However, one is rarely respected when using their title to make others feel inferior. Nobody on this site is inferior to you or anybody else. There are subjects that some of us have knowledge of that you may not. I commend you on pursuing higher education, but some equally intelligent people may not have been able to afford the time or money to do the same. That my friend, does not take anything away from their intelligence. I suggest that instead of repelling people that you join the good time we have here, connecting with old friends, making new friends and just sharing memories. Had you just said that you are a professor, we all would share your pride. Being an in your face with it sort of guy is not the way to be included. In past posts on this site you mentioned issues you have from your past. I undestand how those issues have hurt you. But it is today and today would be a good time to try to push those issues aside and enjoy life! Enjoyment and fun is partly circumstantial and the rest is up to you. If you didn't want to be a part of this site you wouldn't even come to it. So come with the attitude that you want to be friendly and see how different the reaction will be. Remember Jim, that accomplishments feel much better when you can feel others patting you on the back. Hearing others tooting your horn is a real accomplishment! That's when you know you've done something great! Continue being proud, but allow and sometimes help people at other levels of life feel proud too.
anonymous [04-01-2010]

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