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March 17-31, 2010

According to Wikipedia, "Johnny Maestro died on March 24, 2010 from cancer in Cape Coral, Florida at age 70". I have no advanced degrees or tenure, just a Bachelor of Science from an accredited university.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [03-31-2010]

Germantown was a super place to grow up.It was a giant neighborhood filled with real people. I miss the camaraderie. All the best to those that may remember me.
Mike Power, St Francis 58,NECH 62,LaSalle 75 [03-31-2010]

Yes! Johnny Maestro is still alive and singing very well. Every once in a while you can catch him on PBS with the DOO WOP concerts that keep updating.
john DiRenzo [03-31-2010]

Hey Cheryl Raffle, if you're out there, email me at my new address. I'm at a different university now.
John DiRenzo [03-31-2010]

Who of us kids used the xray foot machine at Allens? Who remembers the soft pretzel guy who hung at LaSalle college when we got outat 10:10PM? Moose
Charlie herrmann, Hung at P&M with many others. [03-31-2010]

According to Wikipedia, "Johnny Maestro died on March 24, 2010 from cancer in Cape Coral, Florida at age 70". I have no advanced degrees or tenure, just a Bachelor of Science from an accredited university.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [03-31-2010]

Whoa Nellie ! Is anyone bothered by the derogatory and unappropriate word used when referring to Boo, JBS and Dan Hartnet in the posting from Jim McKernan ? This was completely uncalled for, and while I thank the Webmaster for his information directing us to the various meanings of the word "professor", I also hope that he will delete this unacceptable slur from a website that is used by school children when researching Germantown. Mr. McKernan, (not worthy of the professor part) you have apparently listed your email address on the site, so why don't you save your unwelcome, moronic outbursts for the few, if any, people who want to engage you in your style of discussion. You are unprofessional and uninteresting and I hope that Boo, JBS and Dan will disregard this tasteless display of ignorance. We may not always agree with, or even read what everyone has to say, but the main focus has always been on listening, learning, reminiscing, sharing and engaging in some good natured bantering, with pride in who we are and where we grew up. You must not have much going on in your life if this is how you react to someone who merely is stating their own observations. I think I remember you being on this site in the past trying to get your point across in an equally infantile way. You apparently crawled back under your rock for a period of time, so feel free to do so again.
Disgusted G-town Gal [03-31-2010]

Good post, Jim Smith, about the names of the different sections of Germantown. Now that is what this site should be about.
anthonyg [03-31-2010]

I worked, as an administrative assistant, at a state university for 10 years. I saw many degrees bestowed upon students...BS, MS, Ph.D. I am not the least bit impressed by someone holding a college/university degree. I saw many students OBTAIN, NOT EARN their degrees by "petitioning" the university & using the system to their advantage. I, personally, put more value on a degree earned in the "school of hard knocks" (life) than the degrees bestowed on some of those students graduating from an accredited university. So, congratulation to you, Dan Hartnett, for not "petitioning" yourself through a recognized institute of higher learning; but for graduating "cum laude" from one of the best schools.....the "school of hard knocks".
anonymous [03-31-2010]

Johnny Maestro died of cancer at age 70. He lived in Florida.
Don Barrella [03-31-2010]

I talked to my friend DJ Lou Costello from wtvl in NJ,yes JOHNNY MAESTRO has passed from a long bout with cancer he was living in Fla.
gregg striano [03-31-2010]

Bud Ballard--I think anonymous may be confusing your name with a BOLLARD family that did indeed live in a large home at the bottom of Lena hill. One son, Donald was in my class at St Vincent's. I know the father was a painter because I once persuaded the son to "borrow" some of his ladders, brushes etc. as we went into the painting business ourselves over the summer. How else could we have afforded a weekend in Wildwood?
kevin mckernan, Santa Barbara, age 65 [03-31-2010]

This site is getting to be world wide. Now we have gone beyond the limits of Germantown into Mexico and Cuba. Now I know why I haven't been here for a while. I guess next will be Iraq.
anthonyg [03-31-2010]

Hey, Jean there was a bar at the Pennypack Circle called Pinups. Years ago, and back in the day, it was Gene's. The Kit Kats used to be there every Wednesday night. They were the days.
anthonyg [03-31-2010]

Marie Floria, of Cape May, I remember Floria Decorators.
anthonyg [03-31-2010]

Hey, Rosmarie M, I heard it was cancer that Johnny Maestro died of. Yes he was a good one. They were playing all of his hits on the 50's station on XM on Saturday. It brought back a lot of memories.
anthonyg [03-31-2010]

If you take a moron and give him an education, What do you have? An educated moron.
anonymous [03-31-2010]

to the Professor--you are a bore and and a snob. I taught at the University of Georgia and, except for the snobs in the Law School, none of us were called professor even though many reached that level. In my classes and in my colleages classes it was usually Doctor or 1st name. Personally, I was Joe & I told them to call me such. Titles DO NOT make the man or the teacher(professor). We don't' care about your job or your title. We are here to comment on and relieve our childhood days in Germantown. Personally, I get sick of your diatribes. Save them for your elitist professor friends. Joe Taylor
joe tayor [03-31-2010]

Tom Cusack, great age card story. It brought this memory to mind. Sorry it’s so long. I’m Irish and love words, especially my own. The summer after high school I hung around with Jimmy Raffaele (Trout), Ed Kennedy (Sonny) and the famous Goo Goo as well as other corner loungers, juvenile delinquents and people with no direction, like myself. To a kid like me who never saw his father drive a car, a trip downtown with Goo driving, to see an all night double feature at the Trans Lux on Market Street, was real adventure. I remember seeing Last Train from Gun Hill and The Magnificent Seven double feature on at least two different trips. (Goo liked those two) Really, it made no difference what the movie was. Anybody who ever went to a movie with Goo Goo knows that Goo was the real entertainment. Once a guy with a cough sat four or five rows back when the Goo was concentrating on the film. After a few long coughs by the guy, Goo yelled back, over his shoulder, “Take a ****en’ pill, will ya’ buddy?” We made several road trips that summer. We swam at Spring Lake on the other side of the Tacony Bridge, and played pool at Allenger’s pool hall downtown. One time we drove up the New Jersey Turnpike to New York City. Goo felt like a hot dog on Times Square. But the best times for me were just sitting in the back seat of Goo’s 49’ Olds on warm summer nights after The Playground closed. He talked at us about everything and everybody. He solved the world’s problems. He taught us right from wrong, history and all about sex. He was seven years older and a big, strong guy with a big, strong imagination. We believed every word he said. Hey, he was the Goo, the only man in the history with all five vowels in his last name. I can picture him pushing his glasses up on his nose making that story important. “Count em’,” he said. Then he spelled his last name emphatically. G U A R I N E L L O. Then he shook his head at us as if we should appreciate the miracle of his name. Trout, Sonny and I and were like soldiers in Goo’s army. The big guy was the General, Trout and Sonny were captains and I was one of many privates in that army. A private was called a runner, as in “Runner, get me a Yoo Hoo, well shook!” sending one of us through The Playground’s bars to Moe’s for the drink. The Goo would grab the bottle and shake a little out of the top, sort cleaning it I guess. At the beginning of August, the two captains got bored with Goo’s stories I think, because whenever he wasn’t with us, the two of them plotted against him. I was uneasy about their plans but kept quiet. Their goal was to drive Goo Goo crazy. The planning was just something to liven up the summer at first. He’d convinced us that the only people who worked for a living were jerks, so we had lots of time on our hands. “I gotta’ plan,” said Trout. Trout always had a plan. He always had a Lucky Strike in his mouth too. He was a thin, dark haired kid with bright, intelligent eyes. The three of us were down by the kiddie pool under the porch roof. Let’s stop talking to him! I said, “****en’ A, Man! Sounds like a good plan to me,” I said that before I even knew the details. The two of them decided we would talk to Goo Goo every other ten minutes, which would be timed by the clock on the wall in Sal’s Steak Shop where we met up with the Goo. Ten minutes talk, ten minutes complete silence. Now, Goo had a lot to say at all times on all subjects. He quoted Shakespeare, General Patton, Joe the Nut, Ben Hom and other great philosophers like Plato, Endy, Hoakie, Nicky Abbernizio, Rocky and Shakespeare. When the clock game started the three of us talked back and forth with the Goo from say 12:00 noon until 12:10. We were crammed into one of Sal’s green plastic booths sipping cherry Cokes. At 12:10 the three of us just stopped talking to him for ten long minutes. Then we started talking again ten minutes later. The first few times Goo Goo didn’t seem to notice. When we started talking to him again, acting like nothing happened, he only stared at us a bit, like he was wondering what the hell was going on. For me staying completely silent when addressed by a man with huge muscles and a tattoo on his bicep that said, “Mother,” was difficult, particularly since I’d seen him in action more than once. Goo could have killed the three of us in seconds. Trout and Sonny seemed unfazed. The three of us howled with laughter about the trick after the Goo left that day, but secretly, I was relieved that we escaped alive. The danger involved with “nutting,” the Goo was adventure for us at Happy Hollow, sort of like putting our heads in a lion’s mouth. I’d seen the Goo made the fool only a very few times before that, like the time Paul Borian took his shoes from under a bench in the old gym and stuck them in the boys’ end urinal. “If I catch the ******er ******er who took my shoes, I’ll snap his ****en’ back. Furthermore, whoever took them shoes ain’t got a mom.” That’s what the barefoot Goo screamed at a packed gym before he stepped through the door in his stocking feet. He never found out who pulled that one. I bet Bor worried a bit about being found out for years. Trout came up with a new plan. “Tonight, as soon as they turn the lights out at the Hollow, we won’t say one word to him.” He looked at me, sensing my fear. “You got that, Brogan, you chicken’ **** punk?” Trout said? “Yeah,” said Sonny. “Not talking at all will put Goo in the loony bin for sure,” his Irish, altar boy’s face brimming with the mischief of the idea. Then he too looked at me hard, “Not one word, Brogan.” At that moment the thought occurred to me that Sonny’s sister was Joan Kennedy, the most beautiful girl in our world and the girlfriend of Ollie Powers, the Goo Goo’s first cousin. Goo would never do a thing to Sonny. Trout had older brothers who were scary tough guys. Even the Goo would never think of laying a hand on Trout. Nobody messed with Trout anyway. The problem for me was, I had no protection, but what did I say? “****en’ A”, I’m in. What a cool plan.” It worked perfectly while we were in Sal’s. Goo didn’t seem to notice at first. Then, following Trout’s directions to the letter, the three of us stood up and walked out Sal’s door without saying a word turned the corner and headed up Logan Street. We walked with purpose. Trout’s plan was to go to Curnan’s bar on Germantown Avenue across the street from Logan Park where we could get served. I was 17. As we crossed Knox Street the Goo trailed us. “Where you guys goin’?” Nobody said a word to him. We kept on walking, in a hurry to get away. He followed us up to Green Street where, finally he grabbed me from behind and put his mouth up to my ear. We were right in front of Gillespie’s Funeral Home. “Where you goin’, Brogan?” I said nothing for a long, pregnant minute. Then, in a rage, he whispered. “Brogan, if you don’t answer this question I’m gonna’ put your ****en’ head through that wall. I asked you, where are you guys goin’?” Trout and Sonny had stopped and turned toward the two of us. I looked at the wall in front of the funeral home. Head through the wall he’d said. I said, “Goo, we’re going to Curnan’s.” He let me go. I think he was shocked, but he immediately turned back and let us go on. Trout and Sonny didn’t say one word to me about my cowardice. I loved those guys for that. Now, I’m guessing they weren’t surprised at all that I caved in. I can’t remember anybody ever being in Curnan’s Bar. I guess that’s why they severed kids. They needed the business. We walked in and ordered three Schmidt’s. The bartender didn’t blink. He served up three cold ones. We were working on our second round when the bartender stepped up and said, “I got a call. The cops are on the way. If you kids don’t have age cards you might want to beat it.” We beat it quickly, out the door, across Germantown Avenue and into the wilds of Logan Park. We made our escape with no problem and neither Trout nor Sonny ever mentioned my breaking the plan. They were great kids. We found out later that Goo Goo called the cops and told them under-aged kids were drinking at Curnan’s Bar. Result in Goo’s world. He won.
Jack Brogan, Getting near a scary birthday [03-31-2010]

johnny maestro passed away from cancer
rich, huntingdon valley [03-31-2010]

Dan Hartnett[Political Scientist]: Dan,My Man,you may not be a Full Professor but you are full of knowledge about the world and politics-I would pay big bucks to be in your class. My wife was a Full Professor and An Ivy Leaguer to boot but she liked Temple the best since the students had their feet on the ground. She was no leftist since her parents suffered under communist and fascist tyranny. I never knew leftists when I grew up in Germantown. I knew Liberals who now are labeled "progressives. Leftists think that they are good and everybody who does not think like them are stupid. I always liked the dialogue that I had with smart working-class folks-Eric Hofer comes to mind. He was a longshoreman who was a brilliant guy and writer. He was anti-communist and a centrist-he was my working-class hero[John Lennon]. Saul Alinsky was anathema to Eric Hofer unlike our president. I am not a Professor or an Intellectual but I have an open-mind and I always respect your point of view like many smart people on this great Germantown-site.
JBS [03-31-2010]

Rosemarie,Johnny Maestro died of Liver Cancer,Harevy Hoilday had a special on last night all about him it was great,he played all his songs he was 70 years old,he was one of those great guys,a so down to earth,he will surely be miss.Sandy
anonymous [03-31-2010]

To Maryanne Gioguindo McFarland,I lived on rittenhouse st,I went to OLR not your class how is Shelly & HOW ARE YOU & family.It is nice to names that you know. Have aHppy Easter.Marie Rose
Marie Rose Bommentre [03-31-2010]

Well, if the good professor gets to be called by his righteous title by virtue of his years of education, service, pain and dues paid, then I feel I too am deserving of such an honor, right and dignity. From this point forward, no one shall call me Dennis. I am to be called Accountant Dennis. And, furthermore, please refrain from calling anyone by the esteemed title, "Accountant", unless you know full well that person has actually endured the full rigors and hardships and educational qualifications that goes with being, an Accountant. Thank you.....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-31-2010]

Dan H. no apology needed - a little vitriolic dialogue never hurt anyone.

I read that Johnny Maestro died of cancer in Florida. He was 70 years old.
Helen Leone D'Angelo [03-31-2010]

Yo Jim McKernan - lighten up and get that major chip off your shoulder!
anonymous [03-31-2010]

Bill James - I loved the Prof. Irwin Corey reference - I remember when he used to be on the old Merv Griffin show - he was hilarious.
Anon., Ex Brickyarder [03-31-2010]

holy rosary around 1957 -1961 with i think a barbera gioquindo
pat sirianni [03-31-2010]

Maryalice.....My grandmother grew grape vines,not for making wine or jelly,but using the grape leaves to wrap around ground lamb,rice,parsley,tomatoes,etc.We Armenians called it Sarma/Dolma(stuffed grape leaves)I don't remember what grandmom did with the grapes.We had a very small concrete back yard(at Wayne and Apsley)with a very small vegetable garden where grandmom planted the grape vines.The vines grew and were directed to our second floor back bedroom.My job was to collect horse manure from Apsley street and fertilize our tiny garden. As I grew older,I quit my job to hang out at the Hollow.Still remember eating those delicious stuffed grape leaves with a glass of Thunderbird ( just kidding)..............Prof Jim..One of my friends,a loyal Germantowner who grew up near you,has nicknamed you PROFESSOR STRAP.How appropriate !....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [03-31-2010]

Hello Maryanne,I lived on RITTENHOUSE ST.went OLR BUT 1960.I played with your sister Shelly how is she & how are you & family>Marie ROSE BAUCCO BOMMENTRE.
Maryann Gioguindo McFaeland [03-31-2010]

Yes, Johnnie Maestro died last Wednesday, March 24th. To Bill, Professor Irwin Corey made more sense then Prof. Jim, what a wacko!
Germantown Guy [03-31-2010]

TO PROF McKERNAN: There are other ways to become "educated", including avid reading and keeping your mind open to new ideas. Obviously, that doesn't work for you, but don't disparage those of us who are 'self-educated'. My, how your ignorance is showing!
anonymous [03-31-2010]

mary alice, my uncle had grape vines growing in his back yard and made his own wine for years and it was the best wine i have ever tasted and have yet to find a wine that equals it ....he lived on price street not far from st vincents.... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-29-2010]

germantown guy, i love the oldies as well and was very sad to hear of the passing of johnny maestro ... he was one of my favoirte singers for sure! however, i dont know what caused his death ... do you? just curious since to my knowledge nothing was said or i just wasnt listening to the news when it was announced. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-29-2010]

To the good people of this blog: I apologize for being partner to a dialogue which subjected you to the vitriol and foul language directed to me by Professor McKernan. I did try to engage in a civil dialogue in reaction to controversial remarks made by the Professor. He made some assertions; I made some rebutting remarks and backed them up with facts. He replied ad hominem against my person without provocation. That is how I see it. After this post I won't address this issue or reply to it again. I only thank God that I didn't pay good money to attend one of his classes. I thank JBS for his honorary bestowal on me of the title "professor". Bruce, I kind of like it. Comrade McKernan: When you speak about education you should consider the definition. The word comes from Latin and means to lead us out of darkness. Despite your credentials which you felt the narcissistic need to play out to all, you still need a flashlight. Your style of engagement is right out of the left wing radical Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals", e.g. Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personality It, and Polarize It. What ever happened to the "tolerance" that the left is always lecturing us on? Get a life!
Honorary Professor Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown and aspiring protege of JBS [03-29-2010]

Dan Hartnett[Intellectual]: The Professor takes umbrage with the fact that I like your professorial and scholarly blogs. It is obvious to me that you understand the history and theology of Latin America. You are also steeped in Irish History and Culture. I recommend that you read The Book-God's Irishmen. I do not think that it would be a good idea to have cocktails with some of the guys that we knew back in the day. Nicky and the storm-trooper would not approve of the misogynystic language that might be used. John Berkery and Nicky were not particularly fond of the storm-trooper. As you remember,Nicky L. was shot by the storm-trooper when they had a slight altercation at Chew&Chelten. I am not mentioning any name since I can not even jest and call you The Professor since your compass points to the right. Dan! Keep posting and I do not always agree with you but you are a deep thinker- you even had rapport with Nicky L. and Bob LaValle who were 2 tough and feisty guys.
JBS [03-29-2010]

johnny maestro is still alive isn't he?
anonymous [03-29-2010]

Having only a high school education, I'm confused. Am I to believe now that Professor Irwin Corey was NOT a real professor?
Bill James, North Catholic '67 [03-29-2010]

Hey Prof. Jim, get your head out of those books and see the real world of today. No wonder the students of today are so one sided and tilted left. I bet you want your friends to call you professor too.
Blue Collar Guy, from Germantown [03-29-2010]

Yo Prof. Jim - lighten up dude ! Everyone on here knows how smart you are and guess what buddy - nobody cares!
Anon., 61 - Brickyarder [03-29-2010]

anyone from Holy Rosary class of 1956
maryann gioquindo mcfarland, from 5800 magnolia st. [03-28-2010]

I hear ya, Dennis. At least among my buddies, I guess "Lower Germantown" always wound up being called "the part down by Wayne Junction." I hope all is well!
Ted Silary [03-28-2010]

Does anyone remember Floria Decorators?
Marie Floria, Cape May [03-28-2010]

John Bruce Schmidt. JBSchmidt..You do great dis-service to academe,,,by suggesting Dan Hartnett-a wallowing right wing guy who favors "Reagan Contra Killers" as a way of clearing Latin America.......as a "professor". the PhD is the senior degree and the title of "Professor" is the senior rank-awarded to only those of that position. Dan Hartnett warrants nothing. and and it takes all of your belief to get the next level-this is what I know. and how it works-all over the world...... So please don't ever enter some buddy, like Goo, Dan, or someone from the neighborhooud, as "professors:". You do not understand, or do justice, to those of us who have attained that rank. I know i worked and earned it. Please respect that a Full Professor goes through many stages of education...the first of which is the Doctor of Philosophy degree --then after many years of proving oneself is one granted the title of Assistant or later Associate degree, is one granted the title of Professor-meaning one has attained Full rank. Iam there for 19 years. Most of the Priests you mention are not "professors" but merely holders of some not valued Vatican degree.(not exteranlly validated) Dr James Mc Kernan Bsc. Temple MA ((Honours)National University of Ireland Doctor of Philsoposhy Ulster University Professor at Limerick and NC University since 1991. Let me infuse a few ideas as a "professor". It will nver be. Junglejim McKernan PhD, Professor, (Ireland) I enjoy your usual posts detailing GTN culture. This time I protest. Your entoutrage-including a post named Dan-Hartenett is noteworthy-. Dan Hartnett cannot be made by you or any website as a "professor" thank god. We have to pass through many rational tests before being granted that title/rank, Just so the open public understands... First one, as an aspiring academic univresity teacher one must gain is a good "honours degree" Usually a first or second class honors in your discipline-this allows students in Europe to proceed to a Masters Degree in their subjcet... After this one is a doctoral student... and it will take at least three to five years working with a PhD Mentor before gaining the PhD degree I think these [.....]1 like Boo and JBS and Dan Hartnett dfo not qualify. junglejim the Grandmaster of Gtn academics My ladd Ross, born of Irish Valerie is to be married here in Carolina in May...Anyone from GTN who wants to be a party can contact me... UP THE REPUBLIC!
Prof. Jim McKernan, professor [03-28-2010]

Click here for guidance
1 Offensive word removed by request (4/12/10) of the author

God Bless Johnie Maestro, who was with the Crests and the Brooklyn Bridge, he was a legendary singer.
Germanton Guy, Love those Oldies [03-28-2010]

Erda, Granddaddy told me that the area where we lived was called Vinegar Hill. That is Morris Street between Chelten and Schoolhouse Lane. Reason being that almost everyone had a grape vine in their backyard and tried to make wine. I remember our next door neighbor, Bill Boylan, making wine and usually the the corks popped out of the bottles before the wine was aged enough. Our mother made lots of grape jelly or jam. I think that is the reason I don't eat grape jelly now.
Maryalice, Atill in G'town [03-28-2010]

ANONYMOUS,No one in my family lived in the 5300 block of Lena street. I was born and raised at 4603 Germantown Avenue. My grand father and my uncles were from Gratz street, in Nicetown.
BUD BALLARD [03-28-2010]

I think from walnut lane to johnson st was called dog town
rich, huntingdon valley [03-27-2010]

Sometimes we called our neighborhood "West Clapier" which went from Morris st to Wissahickon ave. In the 70s there were sometimes up to 30 kids at a time "hanging out" or playing. Remember playing wire ball, dodgeball, half ball, hide the belt, reform school, sledding over fernhill park, which by the way has been ruined by (the park service I guess)allowing trees to grow on both sledding hills, one on each side of the expressway. The hill on the Roberts ave side was probably a couple hundred yards long.
Joe DePero, levittown 52, st mikes 70 [03-27-2010]

Erda - Your posting on neighborhood names in Germantown made me curious, so I cheated and went online. The City of Philadelphia’s official web site has an interesting list of neighborhood and district names. Here are a few in Germantown:
• Armentown: Derogatory name for early settlement in Germantown. [Translates to “Town of the poor”, owing to the poverty of the original German settlers back in the late 1600's.]
• Bebberstown: Vicinity of Mennonite Church on Germantown Avenue between Gorgas Lane to Cliveden Street. Named for the Rev. Mathias van Bebber. Also known as Beggarstown, Franklinville or Dogtown. [Arf!]
• Belfield: Vicinity of Chelten and Olney Avenues, Wister Street and Ogontz Avenue. Named for the Belfield Mansion.
• Blue Bell Hill: Vicinity of Walnut Lane and Johnson Street, north of Wissahickon Creek.
• Frog Hollow: Site of Wister and Smith Mills, near Central High. [Ribbitt!]
• Sawdust Village: On a hill south of the present site of Central High School.
• Wister: Bounded by Germantown Avenue, Belfield Avenue, Wister Street, and Chelten Avenue. [Sounds like the Brickyard.]
• Harpers Hollow: Vicinity of 18th Street and Olney Avenue.
• Cowtown: Also known as Kellyville. Vicinity of Chelten Avenue and Morton Street, in the Wingohocking Valley. [Mooo]
• Fenian Hill: Section of Somerville in the vicinity of Church Lane and Limekiln Pike. Goat Hill was the area just east of Fenian Hill. Somerville was also known as Irishtown and was in the vicinity of Church Lane and Limekiln Pike.
• Smearsburg: Vicinity of Manheim and Wister Streets in Germantown.
• Queen Lane Manor: Vicinity of the campus of William Penn Charter School.
• Fern Hill: Vicinity of Wissahickon and Wayne Avenues from Manheim Street to Roosevelt Boulevard.
• All they had to say about Brickyard was that it was “An Irish section of Germantown”. No mention at all of Happy Hollow, Wayne Junction, Wister Woods, Haines Street, Morton or Pulaskitown.

For more info go to: www.phila.gov/PHILS/Docs/otherinfo/placname.htm Also for Germantown history go to http://www.ulib.iupui.edu/kade/germantown.html
Jim Smith [03-27-2010]

Erda, there is also Belfield RC, 21st & Chew Sts.
Mike Bresnan, germantown Belfield [03-27-2010]

ERDA from west Germantown go to www.vpike.com. enter 300 E. Queen Lane, Phila. Pa. 19144. The web-site will show you a 360 degree photo of the Queen Lane and Bayton intersection.
Bud Ballard [03-27-2010]

Talking about climbing the rocks at Happy Hollow, us kids from Hansberry & Knox always used to go down there and play on those rocks where I had one of the most scariest experiences of my life. Feeling as sure- footed as a mountain goat at the top of those rocks, one day I teetered on the edge. As I hedged there for a few seconds I finally lost my balance. I thought I was toast. I was very high up at the time. I Climbed those rocks a million times, never a problem. Maybe this time I was over confident. Anyway, as I was tipping over the edge I looked down to the ground and remember thinking when I finally hit the bottom, "will this hurt?" You bet it will! Suddenly, I felt a hand grab my shoulder and pull me back. The hand belonged to a guy named Hughie Halligan (I'm pretty sure that was his last name, or close to it). If not for him, a guy I did not know very well, I think I'd have "bought it." A guy I really did not know that well risked his life for me by reaching over and pulling me back from the fall. I probably wouldn't be here now if not for Hughie. Hughie had a brother Tom, I think. I think they were from Brickyard. Anyone know what happened to the Halligan brothers? From time to time when I think of it I pray for them to this very day.
Wayne Doneker, Red Lion Pa., 59, loved the G-town Boys Club [03-27-2010]

bud ballard ! did you have any family that lived on lena street 53oo red brick hill during the late 40;s and 50's.i remember the ballards that lived on the coner. was a big family.i think maybe 7 or 8 children . frank margiotti .
anonymous [03-27-2010]

Bor[Paul Borian]: I see that The Bear[GHS] is out of hibernation and ready to do some good posting. Some of your old buddies from The Hollow have been dormant but others have taken up the slack. Bud Simon's daughter[Paula] informed us about Sabina Cunnungham's passing and that must have been very sad for you and all The Hollow Folks. You must have noticed the interesting dialogue between John Payne[Junior] and Frank Klock[FFK]-2 Hollow Guys. You remember Goo's nicknames and FFK is The Hollow Poet-Goo would be very happy. I remember when you were defending the educational standards of GHS on this site. GHS Graduates are contributing great posts on this site-Mike Polin,Dan Hartnett,and Jack McHugh. Your buddy,Mike Polin, made some great comments about Jack Smith. You and I thought that he was a great athlete and a good guy. Jack S. was friends with Mike Masterson whose sister[Jean] was a great basketball player. I believe that Jean posted recently on this site. Goo's neighbor[Tom Cusack] did a nice piece about Herb's on Wayne Ave- I do know that you hung out at Nick's across from The Hollow. Sharpy[Frank Felice] probaly spent some time there. Goo probaly gave that name to Frank since he was one sharp dresser. I always wore a jacket and it caused me problems in various venues if you know what I mean. Tom Cusack intervened for me once eventhough I outweighed him about 100 pounds. Tom C. has a gravely voice and it souunds like that he is connected. Ted Silary,The Sports-writer,made some interesting comments about the vertical geography of Germantown-I always thought horizontally-East&West. You met my friend[George Bur [S.J.] who had to make a tough decision-Gil Brooks[football coach] left the Prep. You and Ted S. are the experts on high-school sports on this site. You were prescient about The Phillies when you were concerned about the pitching. This year could be even better. Paul! It's great to see you posting again. What happened to Gerry?
Schmitty: [03-27-2010]

To comment on Ted Silary comment about Germantown.. He is right Always just the Westside or Eastside.. But we did pinpoint neighborhoods’, Such as Brickyard, Pulaskitown, Cowtown, P&M, and Happy Hollow. Does anyone know the nick of other neighborhoods within Germantown?? It would be fun to see the posting of you called the few blocks you grew up in.. Erda
Erda, From the westside of Germantown [03-26-2010]

Tom Cusack: I loved your story about age cards. Rites of passage were great, were they not? When I was in my late teens it was considered a triumph if you had a set of "matched" cards, which I did (social security, draft card, driver's license, etc). My stupid story is as follows: I went into a bar downtown, McGlinchey's on 15th St. (still there) with a few older co-workers when I was about 19. Like you I looked like I was no more than 15. When the bartender asked what I wanted, I asked for a draft and a shot of "Kentucky Club". I had to impress my friends. The bartender replied that he never heard of Kentucky Club so I ordered something else and I got it (can't remember what). In any case, Kentucky Club turned out to be a brand of pipe tobacco but it sounded like bourbon. I should have been flagged and thrown out on that one but I got away with it. The bartender obviously wasn't too smart. Later, on my 21st birthday, I was in a bar called Rotzell's at Haines and Limekiln. I had been drinking there for about 2 years and got to know the bartender. My friends started toasting my birthday and the bartender asked how old I was. My friends told him it was my 21st birthday. He threw me out. He had been serving me for about 2 years. No Justice!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [03-26-2010]

JBS: I am always up for a Malbec, a fine grape which thrives in Argentinian soil and produces some excellent wines. Also, I am familiar with Gustavo Gutierrez and his liberation theology writings, basically the kingdom of heaven on earth. I am also familiar with several of his theological brethren, namely Leonardo Boff and Miguel D'escoto (aka Father Miguel D'escoto), a member of the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolutionary Council and protege of the Ortega brothers. I could never figure out how anyone could attempt to synthesize Christianity and Marxism, i.e. the dictatorship of the proletariat vs. those influenced by "the opiate of the masses" (to quote Marx). In any case Bruce, I liked your imagination of the "eclectic" gathering of lively souls at the Proper Place bar in the good old days with you as moderator overseeing the debating and punching (and participating in it)while consuming voluminous libations of the drink of choice. Now that would be real Germantown! I am sure Professor Jim and I would do well at the bar. A salud!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [03-26-2010]

FFK: Thanks for the birthday wishes. I climbed those rocks, as did many fools; but he who was born on April 1st rules. :) Happy Birthday to you to my friend.
John Payne [03-26-2010]

Theresa Kurtz and Pat Finkenhofer - Would like to get in touch with both of you. Let me know how via this site. For some reason I cannot use classmates.com any more.
joyce radocaj ruggero, livingn in Central Bucks County, Pa. [03-26-2010]

Attention Germantown Guy. I am one hund- red percent sure the name of the bar the ROOFERS hung out at Roosevelt Blvd and Solly Ave. was the WAITING ROOM BAR.
Bud Ballard [03-26-2010]

Bonnie. Bill GRANT was the police officer who worked radio patrol car 144. One day in the summer of 1959, i was working at D'Angelo's Esso gas station. Officer pulled a car for a traffic viol- ation. The driver was getting loud and upset when he was told he was getting a traffic ticcket. Officer GRANT called for a backup over the police car radio. 1400 pulled up about two minutes later. One of the two officers on 1400 wagon was vince MC GOWAN. Officer GRANT proceeded to conduct a search of the subjects car. Officer GRANT started by having the subject open the engine com- partment hood. Officer GRANT had the subject remove the air cleaner and place it on thr ground in front of the car. Officer GRANT then had the subject take everything out of the glove compartment, and place it on the hood of the car. Officer GRANT had the subject remove the back seat from the car. Officer GRANT then searched the passanger compartment of the car. Officer GRANT then proceeded to have the subject empty the trunk of the car. Officer grant even had the subject take out the trunk floor mat. Officer GRANT checked everything that was taken out of trunk. Officer GRANT then finished writing his ticket. Officer GRANT gave the subject his ticket and proceded to tell him he was free to go and to have a nice daay. The police car and wagon pulled away. It took the subject atleast one half hour to put everything back in- to car and drive away. Bill GRANT would treat you with respect just as long as you returned the respect.
Bud Ballard [03-26-2010]

The benches up on the top of the hill at Happy Hollow - great make-out spot when we were young kids - sweet memories - now you would want to carry your 9mm -
Jim Smith [03-26-2010]

Bonnie Gatto...I'll bet that your dad would take all the proceeds from the sale of the best Italian water ice in all of Germantown,and double his profits pitching pennies.There was no need for a 401 K back in those days. Your dad was a master in pitching pennies,and a great debater.He very seldom lost an argument pitching pennies.The guys really put on a show,and it was entertainment at its best. Nice to hear from you and hope all is well with you and your loved ones......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [03-26-2010]

Hello, Does anyone remember a brewery on the corner of Queen Lane and Bayton.. Someone I work with just found out that her Great Grandfather owned it the Matual Brewing Co and his name was Lorenz Leiling.. It was first listed as location on the corner of Queen and Baird Streets and then later Queen Lane and Bayton.. She is wondering if there would be anything left there for her to see.. Please let me know what I can tell her if anything.. Her Grandfather owned it in the late 1800 to early 1900.. Thanks, Erda
Erda, From the westside of Germantown [03-26-2010]

Tom Cusack...That is a one in a kind story about making your debut in the bar scene.We never had problems like that because we went to Nicks.It was our bar and everyone was welcomed.It is where I drowned myself in beers when the Phillies blew the pennant in the last week of the season in 1964. Goo was ecstatic because he was Cardinal fan and idolized Stan Musial.What a great place to live.All you needed was foot transportation to obtain all of life's necessities.From the Wayne Junction Dinner,Herbs Bar,Etores barber shop,Mikes general store(bookie operation),Pats barber shop,Martins tailor shop(my father),the grocery store at Wayne and Apsley,Stepanian's rug cleaning,Wyneva Pharmacy(the Friedberg family),Nick's bar,Sal's,Moe's,Fasano's,Palo,s,Wayne Ave Playhouse,Mulvey's bar,D'Angelo's blacksmith,Siani's barbershop,Dougherty's barbership,etc,etc,etc.There was something for everyone,all within a few blocks radius on Wayne Ave. Most of all,we had Goo's playground( Happy Hollow). By the way,for a little guy you had some spring in your legs and a pretty good jump shot.If only Jack Brogan's jump shot was as accurate as yours,LaSalle could have gone a little bit further in the Catholic League. Keep on posting Tom......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [03-26-2010]

Yes Buddy, I had my car out last week. Yo Ronny M. There was a historic house next to the Acme there was two in a row.Give me call or e-mail me my new e-mail is garv27@verizon.net GTN.GUY,Breens was at Bridge and the Blvd.A nice Irish bar and the owner was a great man.
mike garvey [03-26-2010]

Tom Cusack, thanks for the laugh with that story! Reminded me of a time being down in Sea Isle, trying to get into the Dolphin Bar. I was 16yo. My brother was 19yo and had a house there for the summer with his buddies. The drinking age then was 18yo. My brother gave me his id's, including a photo id saying, "you won't have a problem, they never check". Well, they checked. The bouncer at the door asked for my id, looked at the cards, then asked me my name and I told him very confidently "John McGlinchey".... He looked at me, narrowed his eyes and said, "Get the hell out of here. You're not John. I know John. He's in here every night. I'll give these to John when he comes in later tonight". And, sure enough,he got his cards back that night. I never tried to get over that guy again but was able to get by the other bouncers at the door. Back then, they were less strict with the checking. Not so today....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-26-2010]

Ted, being from the east side, I always called the area around Brickyard, St. Francis and Happy Hollow, Lower Germantown. I suppose I got that from hearing it from others. Only now, since coming to this website do I call those areas Brickyard, Happy Hollow area and "over by St. Francis", and less so do I call them Lower Germantown. So, to me, there was an East Germantown, West Germantown and Lower Germantown. I never, ever used the term Upper Germantown.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-26-2010]

Breen's Bar was at Oxford Circle
anonymous [03-26-2010]

JOHN PAYNE: I know it's the 24TH. I posted it on the 23RD but it didn't appear until the 25TH. GOO GOO'S BEST SHOOTER, FFK.
FFK [03-26-2010]

To Patti Mitchell Valverde and Kathy Morris Caldarelli.....Both of you expressed interest in hearing from Happy Hollowers. For some reason,the Hollow is dead at the present time.Perhaps we have run out of stories? Maybe we have turned into followers instead of leaders? Could it be that we have lost interest? Perhaps the recession has done us in? Some of us are lamenting our new Healthcare program ! However,at one time the Hollow dominated this site,to a point where some bloggers were sick and tired of us. If you want to read some good time Happy Hollow stories,go back to the Archives Index to Nov. 2008,and go forward for about a year. LONG LIVE THE HOLLOW !......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [03-25-2010]

I was telling this story to some friends the other day and I thought I would share it with my Germantown friends. Remember when you finally got “age cards” … and how you were ready to got out with “the crowd.” Let me tell the story of the first time I used my age cards. I was 18 or 19, but looked like I was 14. I was 5 foot nothin’ and weighted 100 and nothin’ but I had my new age cards that I just bought and I was ready to go out on the town. I memorized the name and address on the fake cards and I was ready to go. So I went to Herb’s Bar, on the corner of Berkley and Wayne Avenue … adjacent to the Wayne Junction Diner. I was meeting the guys there that night and we were going to hit a few clubs. I stepped up to the bar and ordered the traditional 7 & 7 from the bartender, who was really big and had shoulders like a linebacker. He hovered over the bar and asked if I have any identification and was I ready. I laid out my cards on the bar, told him my phony name and address and even the phony social security number, and I thought I was home free. He asked me for my name and I told him .. the phony name … then he leaned over the bar right in my face and said I was full of @#$%% and that I was Tommy Cusack from Knox Street. Needless to stay I was floored. I asked him how did he know that and he said “Because I am your cousin you dip #$%%&..” All the guys in the bar were laughing hysterically at what happened and the dopey look on my face. I thought the ballgame was over. Instead my cousin that I had heard of but never met, Buddy Reynolds the bartender, got my 7 & 7 and told me I had a lot to learn. He then taught me how to present my age cards so I didn’t look like some dope who just bought age cards and didn’t know what he was doing … like reciting the social security number .. kind of an overkill one would say. Fond, but goofy recollections of growing up in Germantown.
Tom Cusack [03-25-2010]

Does anyone find it strange that right to the left of these comments are links for places in Upper Germantown and Lower Germantown. I know the terms are correct, but have you ever heard anyone use them? It was always East or West (if anything specific), but never Upper or Lower. Oddities fascinate me. Just like you always hear Southern for South Philly High, but no one EVER has referred to West Philly as Western. Oh well . .
Ted Silary [03-25-2010]

lwould like to connect with some one with tranverse myelitis
louis f giorno, north wales pa 74 yrs old [03-25-2010]

Professor Dan Hartnett: I want to commend you on your extraordinary essay on Latin-America. You and Jack McHugh,2 GHS Graduates have a vast knowledge of Latin-America. I will not reiterate your accurate analysis of Cuba and the sad story of Castro and Che Guevara. You knew many Cubans when you worked for The Scatton Brothers who were my neighbors in Germantown and played football with my Cousin Joe in Hazelton,Pa. If Castro and Che is mentioned around most Cuban-Americans,they go ballistic. Che Guevara was from Argentina and he was a hero to the leftists in Argentina. In the 80's,I frequented a Cafe in Buenos Aires on Corriente called " La Paz" and this was a hangout for leftist writers,artists and Professors. Obviously,Che was a hero at this venue. I did see the film-Motorcycle Diaries. This was a film about Che driving La Poderosa[His Big Bike] across South America. The leftists are taking over Latin-America and Che must be happy wherever he is. Chavez is ruining Venezuela and nationalizing the farms and buisinesses-his hero is Castro. Dan! I gave you the title of Professor-this should not to be confused with the famous Jesuit Philosophy Professor from Chicago. Rev. Dan Hartnett S.J. was friends with Gustavo Gutierrez a Peruvian Priest-The Father of Liberation Theology. I would surmise that you and The Irish Professor do not agree on "Liberation Theology". I find it interesting that you suggested having a cocktail with Professor Jim. Can you only imagine,back in the day at "The Proper Place"-Dan Hartnett,Professor Jim,Goony,Nicky L.,Junior K.,Jack Farrell,Bob LaValle and yours truly as arbiter. It would have been interesting conversation until the whiskey flowed. Dan! Keep posting and let's have some Malbec.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-25-2010]

I want to thank Dennis M.from this site for given me infomation of who to speak to about St. Joseph Gonzaga orphanage on Church Lane...I just posted here last night & this morning Dennis emailed with a of photo of the orphanage with another person's info. to receive more news about the place my twin sister & I was raised in...thank ever so much for what you did Dennis...I was so happy for all that you did for us & our married childen & grand childen & God bless you a million times over!
annette Frances [03-25-2010]

to Bud Ballard. On friday I will be 67. Iwas a year behind you class of 57 St Francis.will try to make it to the buck hotel this time. I have not contacted Denney or John who is in California according to his sister Tina who post on this site from time to time.
Ray Dawes, Oreland Pa . [03-25-2010]

On the southeast corner of Shedaker street and Wakefield there was a lot with a barn type building on it. It was used by a motorcycle gang as there club house. what was the name of the motor- cycle gang? (Time frame was 1950 to 1960 Bud Ballard
BUD BALLARD [03-25-2010]

Mike Garvey with all the nice weather last week did you have your Pontiac convertable out of the road? Bud Ballard
BUD BALLARD [03-25-2010]

Susie Bretz Martin: I don’t know if this is the house that you are thinking about but I have this old book called Guide Book to Historic Germantown and it lists 5214 as the Hacker House saying that it was occupied by Isaiah Hacker for a long period and before that it was the home of David Hayfield Conyngham during the revolution---the second line of the British flanked the area around this house during the battle of Germantown. This address would be near the Acme
Jack mchugh [03-25-2010]

Annette Francis: Look at website friendsofimmaculate.com there is a photo album with many old pictures. The one you are looking for is in the album that has 137 photos. B.McCarty
anonymous [03-25-2010]

JOHN PAYNE--------- Here's wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Holy Anniversary of Your Entrance Into The Material Consciousness.
Get your kicks on "Rte.66"
Love always, FFK
FFK [03-25-2010]

Susie Bretz Martin: You may be refering to the Historic House called Grumblethorpe but it was two doors from the old Famous Store and not the Acme, I could be wrong but I don't remember an Historic house near the Acme on Germantown Ave
Ron Majka [03-25-2010]

Bud Ballard, Are you sure the bar at the circle was not called BREENS ?
Germantown Guy [03-25-2010]

Paul Borean: we'll never run out of stories. I remember one day when my dad (Bonnie, senior) was pitching pennies, nickels and dimes in front of the playground. We all pichted at sometime or other. We'd toss the coin agaist the bottom of the wall that was below the wrought iron fence. Anyway, one day the cop on the beat, I think his name was Officer Grant, broke up one of those games and when my dad said something back to him, he threatened to arrest my dad for 'illegal gambling.
Bonnie [03-25-2010]

gillian anderson i remember going to that woolworths with my mother ... we would go there occasionally on a thursday evening . my mother got paid on thursday and she and her co workers would go to woolworths for a coffee and on those occasions that she would take me with her i would get a dish of ice cream. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-23-2010]

ANNETTE FRANCES, I was an orphan raised in st. joseph's at 910 church lane but it burned down ..when ? but I would do any thing to have a photo of the place i spent 13 years of my life..can someone help me? Thank you & God bless...Annette 65 years old now! [03-23-2010]

is there anyone out there that lived in st. joseph's orphagefrom 1948 to 1958??my twin sister carol & i was there those years...would love to hear from anyone from there before i died..thank you annette in alabama
ANNETTE FRANCES, my twin sister & i grow up in the 50's at st. joseph's home on 910 church st...germantown [03-23-2010]

Jean Mike Garvey is correct. The roofers bar was the WAITING ROOM BAR. It was located in the shopping center on the northwest corner of the Pennypack Circle Bud Ballard
Bud Ballard [03-23-2010]

Jim McKernan: My comments regarding your post referencing the Alamo were actually done in gest. I knew it was an oversight and that it is universally understood that the Alamo was a lost American battle. Regarding Che Guevara I couldn't disagree with you more. And Jim, I do know quite a bit of history which is not kind to Che Guevara or his former boss Fidel Castro. In the late 50s during the Cuban insurrection against Batista (and I am not defending Batista)I worked at Scatton Brothers on Midvale Avenue, basically a sweat shop. I was a young guy able to do hard work. Many of the employees were refugees from Castro's Cuba, some of who were old and tired, and who spoke little or no English. Like me, they earned $50 per week which was the best they could do under the circumstances. I remember some of them very well. They were fine people, but driven out by a brutal dictator who shot down all his opposition. The Phrase "al pared" was in the news daily and it meant "to the wall", where resistors were shot down like dogs every day for wanting nothing more than human rights and freedom. Guevara was part of it all. He may have been a doctor but so was the infamous Nazi Joseph Mengele, so much for the Hippocratic oath. The legacy of Castro and Guevara is the massive exodus of millions of boat people who escaped to America with the clothes on their back in the middle of the night under penalty of death or imprisonment if caught. The only ones who went in the other direction were airline hijackers and little Elian Gonzalez, snatched from his bed in the middle of the night by submachine gun toting thugs working for Janet Reno and returned to Castro. Che worked with the KGB mentored secret police and executed more political prisoners than Hitler did in his first three years. This all took place under the direction of GRU agent Angel Ciutah, Che's chief mentor and houseguest in Che's luxurious mansion which he took from its owner at gunpoint. So much for due process. Batista was an authoritarian dictator. Castro is a totalitarian dictator. The cure was worse than the disease. Jim, it is obvious that we probably won't agree on much. Discussion would probably best be done in the bar where the Irish (I am one also) excel. Let's declare a truce and drink to "justice" although our conceptions of it may differ. Slainte!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantow [03-23-2010]

Ray Dawes How old will you be on friday? Have a happy birthday. Did you ever get intouch with Dennis Dolan? Bud Ballard
BUD BALLARD [03-23-2010]

There is a bar there called The Roosevelt. The topless place was called Pin Ups
anonymous [03-23-2010]

Jean: I am happy to see you posting on this site. I believe that you are my classmate from St. Francis[1955]. I am still saddened by the loss of Sabina Cunningham-your good friend. Paul Borian and I agree that you had the best jump-shot of those great basketball players from Little Flower. Back in the day, I spent some time on Pennypack Circle where I frequented various venues-watering holes and The Nazareth Hospital when I needed a few stitches since Doctor John Flaherty was not around to stitch me up. Mike Garvey is correct that the name of the bar where the roofers hung out was " The Waiting Room". The Waiting Room was in the shopping center. However,Mike Garvey's boss[John McCulloug] also hung out in The Open Hearth[Sheraton] which was located on Pennypack Circle. One day,there was a problem in the bar area and The Sheraton made the decision to close the bar. As you probaly know,The Legendary John McCullough was shot and killed before Christmas in 1980. Jean! We should have a cocktail.
Schmitty [03-23-2010]

Jean, Re: Bar on Pennypack circle Possibly the Restaurant, "The Open Hearth". Used to be on the circle.
George C. [03-22-2010]

Hi Jean, Coming from a broken home, I spent time growing up in Germantown & Winchester Park so I know the area . There were 3 Bars I can remember in the vicinity of the Pennypack area you mention . Closest to Roosevelt Blvd., was the Circle Pub, then there was Pennypack Pub just past Nazareth Hospital, then there was the Par 3 Sports bar it was just past the woods across from the end of the old Housing Project .
Dolly, NE Philly [03-22-2010]

Jean, if you are talking about the bars at the Blvd., Solly & Holme Aves., I remember Binny & Flinn's on the corner of Solly. There was a bar in the shopping center where Acme is, but the name of that one escapes me. Then there was a topless bar on the other corner at Holme Ave., and the name of t hat escapes me too. Before it was topless, I think it was Sciolli's.
anonymous [03-22-2010]

Does anyone remember the old F.W. Woolworth on Germantown Ave. (right below Chelton)? I still have some of those photo strips that I took in the little photo booth they had in there. .25 for four photos. My first meal out by myself was at that lunch counter in there; I had pumpkin pie and hot chocolate. I remember their banana splits, and the balloon deal (pop a balloon and the paper inside told you whether you would pay a penny or 99 cents for a split. I got one for a quarter once; I thought it was the best thing in the world. I especially remember that the same people worked there all the time. Not like today where there are different clerks almost everytime you look around.
Gillian Andersen [03-22-2010]

Dan Hartnett: I stand corrected. Santa Anna was not beaten at the Alamo-every school child knows this story. But that foul war was was nothing but a sheer land grab by the US taking half of Mexican territory. Che Guevarra is a hero around the world. Your comments are wrongheaded. He is loved by the Irish people-he was of the Lynch family of Galway for your information. Nelson Mandela called him the most complete man of the 20th century. He was a doctor and cared deeply about ridding Latin/South America of foreign (USA) domination. When i was a young merchant mariner my ship SS Mormacisle..would skirt these ports-I learned how the United Fruit Company controlled everything happening in these places-Batista was a US backed thug and he ran Cuba like a criminal-Che and the lads like Castro got them gone. My hat is off to Che-he was a real man who helped people. You really do not know history Dan. Dr Jim McKernan
Dr Jim McKernan, East Carolina University [03-22-2010]

Greetings to one and all. Have not posted recently,but continue to enjoy reading all the comments from G-towners.The young heads are full of life,but the old heads like me are fading into the sunset. Come on you Happy Hollowers and get back on this site.Have you run out of stories and thoughts,or have you lost your enthusiasm? Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio,the Hollow crowd misses you oh so much,yea,yea,yea! Get back on Sonny,Brog,Sharpy,Cisco,Jay Bird,Mugsy,Schmitty,Dom Raff,Joe Razz,Tom Razz,Matty,Sal,Tony D'Angelo,Lou Pauzano,Joe lynch,etc,etc,etc.We are all rounding third base and huffing and puffing to home plate. Put on your thinking caps and let the young heads know that we still have some great untold stories and memories of the good old Hollow days of the 50's and 60's. The days of Little Richard,Fats Domino(my main man),Elvis,Chuck Berry(making merry),The Platters,Gerry Lee Lewis,Goo,Rocky,Joe Breeze,Shangi,Fasano's,Sal's,Palo's.Moe's,Nicky Abber,Ben Lim Tom Hom,Jap,Ollie,and last but not least,the girls of the Hollow;Sabina(R.I.P.),Moody,Connie,Marge,Jeanne,Patsy(R.I.P.),Mollie,Pat Kirk (long tall Sallie),and Goo's mom. Hurry up and respond before we all take a Seven..... Paul Borian,a proud Happy Hollow graduate with a Masters in Street Smarts.
Paul borian [03-22-2010]

FFK: Sister Grace of St. Francis would be so happy with you,Jack McHugh,and John Payne-your comments and poem were so great on St. Paddy's Day. I did not get the correlation between credit and one's sex life. Frank! With your expansive mind, are you saying that there is no free lunch? We will be waiting for your Easter Poem.
JBS [03-22-2010]

Jean, are you talking about Gene's on the Boulevard at the Circle across from Nazareth Hospital?
NE Philly guy [03-22-2010]

To Patti Mitchell Valverde. Hi Patti, I lived on Apsley St. too. Where on Apsley St. did you live? Maybe you know my siblings. My sister Cathy used to hang with Steve's sister Rosie McWilliams on Zeralda St. I used to go over there. I remember Mrs. McWilliams.
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in g-town 1960-1970 [03-22-2010]

Jean, The name was The Waiting Room on Pennypack circle Mike g.
Mike Garvey [03-22-2010]

Notice for GBC and Hollow people. Jack Smith will be inducted into the City All Star Chapter of the Pa Sports HOF on April 8th. Jack is deceased but his entire family will be on hand. For those who don't know, Jack has been the only person in city history who made All League teams in all three city high school leagues. Cath, Pub, Inter-Ac. He started at GA--moved to North Catholic and then Germantown High. After High School Jack became highly successful soccor coach at Dougherty. Also being honored that night is ex Germantown High and Olympic track star Herman Frazier. For more info on the event contact me at BJ6204@aol.
mike polin [03-19-2010]

I am trying to remember the name of the bar at the Pennypack Circle where the roofers went. It is so vivid but the name escapes me.
Jean, resident of Bustleton [03-19-2010]

The 40 yr reunion of the 1970 class of St Mikes will be at the Manayunk Brewery on 5/08/10. Coctail hr will start promptly at 6:30 pm. Joe DePero
Joe DePero, 52 levittown, st mikes 70 [03-19-2010]

FFK: nice poem. I told an Irish lady I know, "top of the morning to you", and she replied, "and the rest of the day to you sir". (She is an octogenarian, and spend her first twenty or thirty years in Ireland. Sadly, some of it was in an orphanage, but she's all the stronger for it.) Anyway, I had never heard that response before, but she told me that was a very traditional response in Ireland. Nice to learn new things from first hand sources; and there you have it lads and lasses.
John Payne [03-19-2010]

Jack McHugh:I really enjoyed your St. Patrick's Day Blog- it was rich with information and very interesting-you are steeped in Irish and Mexican Culture. Your comments about The San Patricio Battalion resonated with Bruce Marshall from your old neighborbood and Professor Mckerman. I spent some time in San Antonio and The San Patricio Battalion is honored on March 17th at The Alamo. I was a big fan of Ry Cooder and he produced a song about The San Patricio Battalion. Ry Cooder is very much connected with The Mexican Culture. I heard a talk about Ry Cooder 's song-Chavez Ravine. The Mexican people were removed from this canyon to make room for Dodger Stadium. Ry Cooder also worked with The Buena Vista Social Club-A Cuban Musical Group. He did a lot of songs about disenfranchised people-including "Down In Missisippi". I had an unusual St. Paddy's Day. Brother Rick and I went to Dublin Square in Bordentown NJ for lunch. There was a 2 hour wait and we headed to The Famous Mastori's and had Corn-Beef&Cabbage-The Greeks know what they are doing. Later,I attended a Funeral-Mass in Princeton in Spanish. We had dinner in a private home where most of The People were from Latin America-you could have been my translator. Professor McKerman mentioned Simon Bolivar who was The Revolutionary Leader from Venezuela. There is a town in West Virginia which is named after Bolivar. It is so ironic that you and I,2 kids from Germantown are so connected with Latin-American Culture.Jack! Stay with your great blogs.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-19-2010]

Anyone know the whereabouts of the following people? I'd like to get in touch with them. If you have info please email me. Thanks. Stevie McWilliams from Zeralda St. the Widmaier's (Stacey and Pamela, their brothers were Brian and Gary. Manheim St I think.) Appreciate any help. Thanks.
Patti, Patti Mitchell Valverde [03-19-2010]

Jim McKernan: The U.S. did not beat Santa Ana at the Alamo. It lost that engagement but did beat him under Sam Houston at the battle of San Jacinto. I would like to believe that Che Guavara (bloody murderer that he was) didn't have any Irish blood in him but unfortunately he did. He was Argentinian and Irish.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [03-19-2010]

In my 50's now, but memories of Happy Hollow and Germantown in general are fresh in my mind. I lived on Apsley St.
Patti Mitchell Valverde [03-19-2010]

hi linda im looking forward to seeing you too and cant wait to get together with everyone ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-19-2010]

does anyone remember mike mckeon and winnie.
louoldies [03-19-2010]

Would love to hear from anyone from Happy Hollow.
Kathy Morris Caldarelli, Still live in Philadelphia 55 years old would love to hear from anyone from the hollow [03-17-2010]

Jack McHugh and JBS - There is also the San Patricio Regiment, who were Irish immigrants conscripted right off the boat to fight for the USA in the Mexican-American War, and basically deserted to fight on the side of Mexico because they didn't want to be killing fellow Catholics. Happy Green Day to all!
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [03-17-2010]

Dave Byrne: I know that you are celebrating The Great Saint Of Ireland-Saint Patrick. I will be going to an Irish Pub in Bordentown,NJ where Joseph Bonaparte lived-Napolean's Brother.We will get together at The Irish Pub in Ambler. Your Irish classmate from St.Francis,Jack McHugh. knows a lot about the Irish culture in Argentina.Incidentally,a movie is being made about that tough Irishman from MBS-Frank Sheeran who was friends with your grandfather. I think that Gerry Quarry would have called them,"SIR".
JBS [03-17-2010]

Anne Hess Tither & Anonymous, The name of the pizzeria just north of Tampa is: Pizza Mania 1744 Bruce B Downs Blvd Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 (813) 907-0005 Its located in the strip mall, next to the recently opened shopping center, called "The Shops at Wiregrass" Give me a shout when you are in the area, I am always free to enjoy a cheese steak with other Philly folks. Speaking of Ft. Myers have you gone to Amici's down there? It's a long story, but I knew the owner some 35 years ago, when he lived in Kensington, and was a teenager. Eventually we are going to be headed down that way.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [03-17-2010]

Hey Richie, I KNOW I'm right about Mrs Barnes. She was my neighbor when we lived on e abbottsford (well kind of). She lived between Puddy Manor and Joe Rizzo on stenton ave. I got my memory back ( and every thing else)about 22 years ago. lol. I won't say any more.
Joe DePero, 52 levittown, st mikes [03-17-2010]

Jack McHugh ... Loved your tale of Argentinian Navy founder and the St Patrick's tune. Interestingly, Commodore Barry, of Wexford is the father of the US Navy! When I was Dean at Limerick University in Ireland we hosted the richest man in Mexico one evening-a senor Farell on St Patrick's eve he gave a toast-and seven million Irish pounds, at a dinner I attended at the university and told the story of how the Irish soldiers of the St Patrick's Brigade(the Sgt was a Ryan from Clifden, County Galway-portrayed in a Hollywood film starring Tom Berenger called I think 'One Man's War') who were being discriminated against by their US Army WASP officers The Irish guys defected over to Mexico a few days before the Mexican War broke out so they could go to Mass, pray, drink and be merry like all Irishmen..... They fought valiantly for Mexico winning several engagements-they were christened the St Patrick's Brigade by Mexicans and they are honoured twice a year at the highest levels in Mexico--on St Patrick's Day and in Septemebr. They were all hanged by the American General when the US beat Santa Anna at the Alamo...the general who could not understand their wronged treatment. This man, Senor Farell is descended from one of the executed soldiers who took a wife while serving Mexico. (I also understand that Che Guevarra is descended from Irish stock,and Simon Bolivar, founder of Bolivia, was of Irish parentage) Anyroad I want to wish a mighty St. Patrick's Day to all Germantowners-Irish or not. I have a home in Dublin and will be heading back at end of semester.May ye drown your shamrock tomorrow with many happy returns. Jim McKernan
Jim McKernan, East Carolina University, Greenville NC [03-17-2010]

Jack McHugh I never saw that sign at the Cricket Club saying it was private property, my friends and I always stopped in for a dip and some diving practice on the way home from the boys club every night during the summer staying until the cops came to chase us. We made them get out of their cars and come down the steps before we hightailed it foe the back wall on Hansberry St.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-17-2010]

i remember Jimmy Scully uses to give pony rides on his pony Commanche and the kids in the neighborhood used to help him..when Rizzo was running for mayor he had the posters on the buggy..Iremember the Manzos Barbara,Pat,Ronnie and i think there were other kids too,i remeber the Prestons,Dunphys,McMonigles Eddie,Michael and Stevie,McGowans,Faulls,Scullys,Leahys,Reeves I could go on and on
gtn girl, gtn [03-17-2010]

LAMENT FOR BOBBY SANDS (Northern Irish Hunger Striker---
(Changed Consciousness 5/10/81)

Sound the Pibroch*,Muffle the drums,
The stormy silence stirs and hums,
Will there be none that this way comes?

In shriveled death contented now.
He lives forever more,
Drawing the lads of the neighborhood,
Through the rain's unceasing pour,
All behind, and he before.

Somber they pass,trailing grim delight,
Emotions at the full,
Horror at its height;
The gloom is warm, a cry doth brood,
To him they swarm in vengeful mood.

He is gone without
Seeing the Spring arise,
He is gone without
Even a tear in his eyes;
Ah,but what gallant Heart he bore,
All behind,and he before.

(Voice of BOBBY SANDS)
"To whom do I speak?
To the waters at flood?
To the cow that drinks of IRISH BLOOD?
Alone I tell it as before,
My SPIRIT as Sole Auditor."

Sound the PIBROCH*,muffle the drums,
The stormy silence stirs and hums,
Will there be none that this way comes?

The keening sound of a solitary piper
Leading either into Battle
Or a Burial Site.

FFK [03-17-2010]

Happy St. Pat's day, (and fri.the 19th) is St.Joseph's feast day. My Mom used to make such a huge deal out of that one. My dad's name being Joseph, she would always have a big meal and invite the family to celebrate.So, that having been said, Happy Saints Days to you one and all this week.and may God Bless you "G"towners. P>S>Rosemarie looking forward to seeing you soon at LaFontana's..xo, Linda "F".
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [03-17-2010]

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