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March 1-16, 2010

hi everybody just another one of those pesty reminders ! dont forget lafatana restaurant on may 16th at 1pm ...
rosemarie hite malageri [03-16-2010]

hi bernadette remember those days at baileys ...we had a lot of fun didnt we ... do you remember the night we "girls" went bowling ... what great memories! your still the only one who did my hair just the way i like it ! i hope you and your family are well ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-16-2010]

hi sandy ... how are you doing ... i hope you are well ! how is harry ... geez havnt thought of him in ages ... ha ... and how about georgie and of course marty ? hope all are doing well ! take sandy it is soooo good to hear from you, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-16-2010]

JBS: Just a note to say that March 17, is a special day in Argentina for the navy. At the Escuela Naval Militar at Rio Santiago, Buenos Aires and on the various naval vessels they start the day playing the song “Saint Patrick’s Day in the Morning” but all this has nothing to do with St. Patrick, it is for Guillermo (William) Brown, a man born in Ireland who is a naval hero and called the “Father of the Navy” in Argentina. The reason goes back to March 17,1814 when Brown attacked the island of Martín García and the Spanish Warships anchor there, he used both a land and naval attack, having the fife and drum corps on the ships and the military bands on land play “Saint Patrick’s Day in the Morning” to booster the spirit of the troops, so to this day you can still hear their military units play this song. JBS, you were talking about the Germantown Cricket Club---I remember the first time I was there. We had a neighbor, Sam Brown who was the local politician. He was one of those distinguish looking men who at a younger age had a full head of solid white hair and his wife was very elegant in the way she carried herself and in her dress. He asked me to take a letter to the Club----I don’t know how old I was but I was able to read because when I entered the front gate off of Manheim, I saw a sign which read Private Property Members Only---- since I wasn’t a member I returned home with the letter, Mr Brown and my father had a good laugh. He was one of the first in the area to move out to the suburbs, becoming a Justice of the Peace in Horsham Township, Bonfilio’s moved into their house after he left. Not long after I started to cut thru the Cricket Club, for some reason I thought it was a great short cut to go to the Bond Bread day old shop on Pulaski, I would enter on Manheim and go out the side on Morris---now if you can picture this in you mind it’s not a short cut at all, funny how we found adventure in the smallest of things. At the Bond Bread store you would bring your own bag to help them out as they were alway short of bags. My favorite items to buy were the lemon meringue pie, cinnamon buns and the coconut macaroons. I told you before how I climbed the wall in front of your house and as you know the end of the Cricket Club is at this point, well on the side next to Hansberry was a field where private girls schools played field hockey. I spend many an afternoon here in what I called my private viewing area watching their games. I thought I was the only one who knew about this viewing area until one time the Germantown Cricket Club had a tournament on the Davis Cup eliminations, going up to my viewing fence to see the matches, I found the wire fence full with people watching the events, so you can see I wasn’t the only one who knew this spot.
Jack mchugh [03-16-2010]

Just saw this and thought all you North Catholic alumni might be interested. Looks like there is hope for the school. http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20100315_North_Catholic_High_reopening_delayed_a_year.html
Maryalice, Still in g'town [03-16-2010]

my father had given me a copy of a painting of jesus christ looking down upon all different people and according to him this was painted on a wall at a hospital or nursing home in germantown,pa. where my grandmother was a nurse and is in the painting as a nurse pushing a man in a wheelchair i am wondering if its still there and where it is located, might have been in the 30s,40s early 50s thank you
robert c. williams, grandson of the late grace balliet-williams [03-16-2010]

I have been researching Hamers which included both English and Germans of that name. Many who setteled in Germantown were Quakers.
Natalie Burrows, Brooklyn, NY [03-16-2010]

May you always have these blessings...A soft breeze when summer comes...a warm fireside in winter...and always the warm,soft smile of a friend. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [03-16-2010]

whatever happened to dr chas? i know he only wrote a couple of times, but i kind of liked the things he brought to our attention.
ANNE [03-16-2010]

Does anyone remember the name of the historic house that was right next door to Acme on Germantown Ave? I knew a family that lived as caretakers there around 1968-69. It doesn't seem to be on the list of historic homes listed to the left.
Susie Bretz Martin, Grew up in Gtn, Went to Gtn High [03-16-2010]

Joe DePero you must be right about the crossing guard because Margis says it was Mrs. Barns also. As far as working at Manny's it was more like putting in time for you than working ha ha. You did a great job putting the refrigeration in after the fire.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-16-2010]

Bob Boyle my mother still lives on Clapier St won't leave but comparing our old west side neighborhood to the old days isn't fair but compared to some areas in the northeast it still looks pretty good.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-16-2010]

John Fleming we have a couple of dsecent steak shops in Crystal River but the best pizza I have had since I have been in Florida is at an Italian Restaurant called Omas on Anna Maria Island, they are from NY and make a good pizza. I also found a very good stesk shop in Port Orange just south of Daytona on US 1.
anonymous [03-16-2010]

Rich Patrizi Dave lives in Richboro, Bucks Co. but I haven't seen him in 15 years. All is well here hope the same is true for you.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-16-2010]

Yo Shay send me down a couple of those pies, I haven't had any since last November.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-16-2010]

Dave Linn Ft. Lauderdale is about four hours from me it is south and east on the east coast I am on the central west coast but keep in touch as I am always looking for a reason to take a ride on my motorcycle.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-16-2010]

With the recent discussion here on Crane's, Hank Crane provided me with some photos of the old Queen Lane tavern. I posted them (there are 3) out on the FriendsofImmaculate.com website. Go into the Photo Albums, go to the "Germantown Yesterday" photo album to see these. http://friendsofimmaculate.com/
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-16-2010]

Hey Shay, I think you got cheated out of 4 slices of tomato pie at Gaeta's. There should have been 24 slices, maybe Columbus ate them. Hope you and Sandy are doing well in Somers Point. Take care.
Dave Linn, G-town/ Northeast Tomato Pies [03-16-2010]

Yo Lorraine Cupo Kelly...,haven't checked this site for a month or so, and I may not remember much these days, but I do remember what we made in JA - it was white milkglass hurricane lamps. As a matter of fact, my mom still had hers almost up until she died. Love ya, Anne
Anne Hess Tither [03-16-2010]

John Fleming - where in the Tampa area is the Pizzeria that makes the great cheesesteaks? My brother, Ed Hess, lives in Temple Terrace and I'm down here in Ft. Myers 6 or 7 months of the year. I run up to Tampa to visit Ed and we'd love to check the place out. I can still taste the wonderful steaks that we got at Mary's on Chelten Avenue when we were teens. Haven't had one that good since!
Anne Hess Tither [03-16-2010]

Richard Pio: You have been truly blessed with a rich life-a wonderful marriage and a loving wife with good kids. These are essential elements of happiness. Money and materialism pale next to these aforementioned ingredients to happiness. In my college days, I studied Aquinas and The Beatific Vision Of Christ was the ultimate happiness for him. Happiness for Augustine was his relationship with God-he reached this conclusion after years of wildness to say it mildly. Rich! You are blessed-Keep The Faith.
JBS [03-16-2010]

To Gtn Girl, yes I have many great memories. I hung out on Portico st. with Ernie Scalzo, Joe Moretta,Joe Funaro, and Max. We played ball in the parking lot, running bases, wall ball,wireball,hide the belt and a thousand other great games. Everyone of the neighbors kept and eye out for us even when we did not want them to and it always got back to our parents. I remember the Scullys used to sell pony rides and would put the sprinkler on the hydrant so the cops would not bother us. We would still turn the hydrant on at Reger St until we found out that Aunt Pauline would get water in her basement. I few of us worked for Kenny Preston and Joe Calabro in high school to make drinking money. Yes many of great days spent there I moved after I got out of the service in the 70's.
William, Doc from Portico St [03-16-2010]

Hi Bernadette,,I had forgotten that all of you went there,did Bobby D.go there also? Hope you and your fanily are well. Marie Bommentre
Marie [03-16-2010]

Gtn girl, I have many memories of Seymore & Portico. We hung out at the Reeve's house. Bobby, Richie and Ronnie Reeves, Ronnie Manzo, Toad Lynch, Charlie Agger, Eddie O'neil to name a few.
joe Leone [03-16-2010]

To John Burke. I got your message. It is great to hear you are feeling better. When you are up to it. Stop down the Post and we will have a few.
PAUL AMENDOLIA [03-13-2010]

I think the crossing Guard at Logan & Germantown Ave was Mrs. Anderson? Hi to all. Living in "Somers, Whats the Point " NJ. Just picked up 20 slices of Tomato Pie from Geata's (Roxboro) (Scalas)
Seamus Mc Williams, GBC Alumn, Royal St Alumn Germantown Always [03-13-2010]

Tom Cusack[Cueball]. You are absolutely correct that Cousin Dr. John Flaherty was a character. I knew him from Crane's Tavern and I went to his office next to The Hollow. His entourage at Crane's was very interesting to say the least. I made sure that I was not sarcastic and I let them do all the talking. When we were hanging out in Cherry Hill and had an encounter with an obnoxious drunk,there would have been big trouble with Doc and his pals if you know what I mean. Tom! Keep dancing and tall blondes have more fun-especially when they dance with you.
Bruce S. [03-13-2010]

My sister and cousins went to Bailey's.I had the son as a teacher at Montgomery County Voc.tech school.Him and his wife both taught there
anonymous [03-13-2010]

Hey, John Burke, glad to hear you are back to work. If you are going out on St. Patricks day stop at the Continental. Ham ad Cabbage will be served. Post will be open at noon all are welcome!
Bernie Green, youthful and humorous [03-13-2010]

I was looking over the posts and saw mention of the Walton Movie Theatre. I remember going there with my brother to see the movie Thierteen Ghosts in 1960-1961. I also remember walking up Chelten Avenue with the whole school to see Song of Bernadette and another religious movie ther in second grade. I can still remember Fr. Flaherty, the pastor of Immaculate Conception getting on the loud speaker in school and telling all of the children that they were not allowed to walk on the Chelten Avenue Block in front of the Waltron. He advised everyone to crosss the street and walk on the other side. I think that was like 1961 or so. ANd no, I never went to the Walton Art, though I remember guys in high school going there for pervesion excursions.
Bob Mc Creight, 56 Havertown PA [03-13-2010]

bud i think the name of the crossing guard you are refering to was nancy moule but i am not sure. has anyone out there heard anything more about sabina?/
Louis F Pauzano Sr, south phila . age 68 [03-13-2010]

Hi Rosemarie,me and my cousin Harry Adam took a tour of our old neighborhood a few weeks ago,I really Heiskell Street looked not bad at all better then it was the last time we were down their,we rode up and down the ave not bad at all,also Chew Ave up by Chelten no bad at all,hope you and Lily are fine take care Sandy
anonymous [03-13-2010]

John Bruce Schmitt sounds like you did everything right, saving for your retirement and all and you still got screwed, its not fair, me I will never be financially wealthy but I am still a rich man, had a great childhood growing up in germantown and believe me those memories have carried me over some troubled times but I still feel fortunate to have survived. I have five children and they all turned out good as they too grew up in germantown. I got married young, had two children before I was twenty and just celebrated my forty first anniversary, she was a germantown and St. Francis girl we actually went to first grade together. My wifes name was Margie McAnally, her mother was a Gillespie. Just remember JBS money can't buy happiness but it don't hurt.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-13-2010]

I worked for Manny too! On and off for 14 years (mostly on)1970 to 1984.
Joe DePero, 52, levittown, st mikes [03-13-2010]

Hey Bud, the school crossing guard that you are refering to was Mrs. Barns.
Joe DePero, 52, levittown, st mikes [03-13-2010]

Marie..I attended Baileys beauty school in 1963. Some of the people in my class were Jamesie Criniti, Brother Prozillo, Sam Pellizeri, Rosemarie Hite, Bernadette Mangino, Mildred O'Brien, Gloria Cashan just to name a few. It was a good beauty school and we did all of the latest styles of the day and then some. Boy did we ever give those teachers a class to remember. It seemed like there were many Germantown guys and girls that became successful hair stylists and Barbers at that time and are still doing hair today. What a great profession and memory. I will never forget the lunches at Fats and Franks and going down the Avenue after school to Littons and shopping at Pat Page.
Bernadette Iannuzzi Rizzo [03-13-2010]

Nick, I went to Holy Rosary but after 1956 umm 1958 I started I think. You might know my older brothers Fran and Bobby Raffle?
Cheryl Raffle [03-13-2010]

what about the people from portico st seymour st gtn ave garfield st manheim st? anyone out there? any memories from there?
gtn girl, gtn [03-13-2010]

Hi Richard Pio, Yes, the area around downtown is usually congested, especially the Interstates, I-75 and I-4. Most times it's like the Schuylkill Expressway at rush hour. I live about 20 miles North of Tampa, and being retired the congestion really isn't a problem for me, unless I want to do something in the Tampa area, which is not often LOL. The area I live in is very convenient. Its close to all shopping and a couple of great medical centers, including one of the best hospitals in central area, plus all my doctors went to school in Philly, which made me feel real good. My eye doctor went to the Eye Institute on Godfrey Avenue, my foot doctor to the School of Podiatry in center city, and my dentist went to UP. Added to all this, we have a Pizzeria, where the owners are from the Philly area, Trenton.....yes I know its a stretch, but they make the best cheese steaks south of Philly, not to mention their great pizza. Since being here, we have gone to most of the major beaches in the area. Ft. Desoto was the first beach we went to, and loved the fact there was no hassle parking and all the conveniences. We also like Clearwater Beach, Siesta Key Beach, which has some of the best sand in the world. Another favorite is Anderson Park, in Tarpon Springs. Of course they aren't like the Jersey Beaches, but then again, these days, the Jersey Beaches aren't like the Jersey Beaches we remember.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [03-13-2010]

hi marie i remember baileys ... actually i attended that school way back when ... if i recall brother was there also as well as gloria cashion and bernadette iannuzzi rizzo ... we had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it ..rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-13-2010]

JBS, By God you are correct! You do look like Gerry Quarry! How have you been? Did you make it thru the winter OK? Is it time to have another lunch at the Irish place? Let me know.
Dave Byrne [03-13-2010]

Rich Pio, are you retired now or are you still in the Deli business in Florida? Skippy Jay and I are going to Ft. Lauderdale March 22nd, is that near you? Keep in touch.
Dave Linn, Westside of town/ GBC [03-13-2010]

Rich Pio your giving way to much info.HaHa. My dad's dego red wasn't to bad either.forgot all about the elect. tape balls.we had some good time when we would go to shwenksviile( not sure spelled right)get some beer and go down by the creek. How is Margie doing, we had some crazy time back in the day. Did you ever figure out what went on in the corner store across the street from your house.(our own private tavern) do you ever here from Dave Phillips? Say hi to Margie for Bev and myself. Take care.
RichPatrizi, south jersey g-town -proud of it [03-13-2010]

Over a year ago, Alice and I revisted West Clapier and the surrounding community of Germantown. Boy, how somethings have changed, yet others are still the same. I would not visit the old neighborhood if you want to have fond memories. Bob Boyle
Bob Boyle, Married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren living in Chesapeake, VA. At age 61, I am semi retired from being owner of a commercial construction company. [03-13-2010]

John Fleming tou said you have been a floridan for four years isn't it a little congested in the Tampa Bay area? Have you been to Fort DeSoto state park yet its really great also Anna Maria Island down by Bradenton, its one of Floridas best kept secrets no commerical resorts or fast food stores just mom and pop resorts and restaurants with great food great beaches and beautiful blue water where you can see your feet in about shoulder deep water and peace and quiet. Don't even need your car once your there because a free trolly runs up and down the island keeping traffic to a minimum. What a place.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-11-2010]

Yoo Rich Patrizi your right about growing up on west clapier st when we did. How many hours did we spend down the park playing baseball wondering whose father had black electical tape to fix our baseballs when we knocked the cover off. How many days did we spend at your house senior year drinking beer when we had early dismissal, it worked out good that you had Tonys drivers license so we could buy the beer. Ahh the good old days, no worries just fun.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-11-2010]

tOM C. I loved my 6 button benny -my girlfriends and I all had one, some were navy and some were tan. Nice coats!

Richard Pio:I appreciate the heads-up on The Horse Farms in Marion County,Fl. My family had horses for many years when we owned The Jarrettown Hotel-we had a big barn with stalls for the horses. Being a seasoned citizen, I have no desire to own horses,ride them, or bet on them. I do own equestrian sculptures by Peter Kapschutschenko and Frederick Remmington. Like many retired folks,2008 was a bad year for me financially. I have studied finance and economics for many years and there were no good venues for money-Blue Chips,International Stocks,Commodities,Real Estate etc. Being single, I need money for entertainment-I look like Gerry Quarry and not Robert Redford,so I need cash if you know what I mean. Last weekend,I was invited by a Femme Fatale to attend The Armory Art Show[Major] in NYC. Her family owned horse-farms in South America. However,our focus was on art,The Lovely Latin-Lady had a penchant for modern-art and I dabble in sculpture. We stopped at my favorite Hotel,The Alonquin Hotel,and discussed art and life-Pura Vida.Being a regular guy from G-town,Horse-farms and ranches are too expensive to own and operate. I need my few dollars for art,sculpture and hanging out with The Femme Fatales. I learned about Femme Fatales from The Velvet Underground when Nico[A Fraulein] sang Femme Fatale. Rich! There will not be a Brinks Truck at my funeral and I hope that I have a smile on my face.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-11-2010]

Hello Dan Hartnett! All of that hard work on that beautiful 53 Mercury that you and Rod did and then what happened. I remember the night he totaled it in an accident. I thought his dad was going to kill him. My dad had to seperate the two of them or he might have. Were you with him that night? That was such a beautiful car. My uncle Joe Morrone used to own it I believe and sold it my uncle Dom. Eventually, my dad gave Ronnie that car he won and we got a new Rambler in its place. What a piece of junk that was. I got to drive it to my prom and we were on the Lincoln drive with all it's twists and turns and headed to City Line Ave. I thought the car was going to end up in the river; the handling was awful. The whole back end would sway everytime we hit one of those curves. What an adventure that was. By the way, the car my dad won was built with Japanese steel because U.S.Steel had a major strike that year and had to import what at that time was inferior steel. That car rusted so bad that one night when Ronnie was driving, the transmission fell out from underneath the car and that was the end of that. Take care Dan!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and C.D. grad/Chalfont,Pa. [03-11-2010]

Does anyone remember the Baileys beauty school on germantown ave.? You could get your hair done cheap, Hairdos like the beehive,flip,the bubble? Marie
Marie [03-11-2010]

Speaking of car options: I remember that Ben Hom had a brand new T-Bird convertible (4-seater) in the late '50s WITH air conditioning! Boy, was that special, altho' Larry felt that if the car was a convertible, air conditioning wasn't necessary. Tell that to the car buyers of today ...
Rosemarie Rinaldi [03-11-2010]

to all ... i went on the street view provided by the web master and what an adventure. i loved going up and down germantown ave and going through the neighborhood i grew up in (cowtown)... of course some places still look the same but many donot and i was somewhat sad to see this ... but, the memories were so vivid as i visited my uncles homes and the house where my grandmother lived as well and the house where i grew up with my cousins ... their houses are still standing and looked almost the same as i remember them when i would visit these family members ...i have to be honest i even became filled with emotion something i dont do often seeing these houses and remembering those days gone by i went to st vincents on price street where i attended school and where my husband and i were married ... then to stafford st where helen leone lived and i lived too for a while .. helen's house is still there but my mothers is not .... it was something to see yearsley post which brought even more memories of marching with the corp and remembering all of the friends that i shared those moments with ...and wondering what has happened to them ... seeing so many buildings on chelten ave that i past so many time throughout my childhood .... and trying to remember exactally what and who those buildings held at one time ... as i said it was quite an experience and i loved it. thank you web master
rosemarie hite malageri [03-11-2010]

I have been trying to track down your brother Bob for quite some time. We used to have dinner a few times a year but fell out of touch. hope you are well. west clapier st. was a fun place to grow up. I would appreciate it if you could have Bob email me so we could catch up with each other. recently spoke to Bruce McDowell, if you remember him. Glad to see you found this web site. Rich Patrizi South Jersey NC '68
Alice Boyle Nemetz [03-10-2010]

John Bruce Schmitt you say your older so you must have some extra $ socked away, threr are many horse farms and academis and training centers for sale, just thought you might be interested.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-10-2010]

Alice Boyle Nemetz its great to hear from you, how is Bobby? Your right I think almost everyone worked at Mannys at one time or another. I worked at Mannys till I was almost 40, then I opened my own store with partners in Mt. Airy left in '93 moved to Florida's west coast in Citrus county in '95, have been lovin it ever since. JBS Dr. Daly was our family doctor and Dr. Flaherty was my wifes family doctor, we went to him to grt our blood tests for our wedding. Linda Fontana our next bikefest is in Leesberg April23,24,25. Its not as big as Daytona but more biker friendly. Come on down and I'll ride you on my harley, my wife won't mind she'll ride her own,ha ha. All stay well.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-10-2010]

Bill Cupo: I enjoyed your post about your uncle Dominic (Ronnie's father) being a chauffeur for a CEO. Funny the strange twists of the mind as I even remember the name of his boss even though I never met him. How's this? Mr. Delaplane. I also remember Ronnie telling me that his father got a safe driving award. In those days there were people who followed others anonymously while driving and would note people who were courteous and safe drivers and he got an award from one of them. I think they worked for the insurance industry. I also remember when your father won the car. That is a great story and it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. I also remember, as you also noted, when the only options on a car were radio and heater. When you went to a used car lot you would see signs in some of the windows of cars for sale "R and H". Compare that to today's fully loaded cars with a list of options a mile long. I had the unpleasant experience of riding around in many of those heaps that didn't have a heater and froze my butt off but we didn't seem to mind. And you may also remember that when radios became more common (before FM) it was a big deal if you got one with push buttons instead of just a dial. Your uncle also had a sharp orange and black 1953 Mercury hardtop. I worked on the engine when Ronnie and I rebuilt it in Carol's sister's garage in Upper Darby. We would travel out there every night for weeks and then degrease ourselves with "gunk" when finished for the night but we stripped the engine and put new rings and bearings in along with a valve job. It worked out well. Today I look under a car hood and don't have a clue as to what is going on and I don't want to. Those Ford flathead V8 engines were something else and a joy to work on. Seems like yesterday.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [03-10-2010]

Does anyone remenber the name of the school crossing guard at Germantown and Logan. She also worked at the New Lyric Movie as a usher and sales person at the candy stand. She lived in the 4600 block of stenton avenue. She worked both thru the 1950's and part of the 1960's
Bud Ballard [03-10-2010]

I read this site/blog almost every day and really enjoy it. My first cousin was Doc Flaherty, his office was on Wayne Avenue down the street from the Hollow. He was a competent physician, but he was also quite a character and "man about town". Our neighborhood had quite a lot of local industries that employed a large number of our families .. as with Brown Instrument and Budd. Vicks (a division of Richardson Merrill) on Roberts Avenue was the place of employment for many of my mother's side of the family (Dooney & Flaherty), including my mother, two uncles (one was Doc Flaherty's father), two aunts, and my grandfather. Lastly a bit of mummer trivia ... Dick Crean was a wealthy person who liked celebrity status .. so he formed & financed the Dick Crean String Band and led it up Broad Street riding a horse and wearing a western costume .. he owned the department store on Allegheny Avenue ... home of the six button benny ... remember those? Keep blogging, folks .. all your memories are special.
Tom Cusack [03-10-2010]

I lived on west Clapier st. in west Germatown, close to Wissahickon Ave.. I have a brother one year older and living in Va. (Bobby Boyle). I remember Ritchie Pio and his family lived further down the street. I think your mom's name was Gloria. We were in St. Francis of Assisi Parish at Greene and Logan Sts. Ritchie, I think you worked for a long time at Manny's market. My brother, my mom,Eddie Marx and I think Gene Lalli all worked for him at some time. I trained for Nursing at Germatown Hospital(now closed) I remember Dr. Daly and his family. Billy worked as a lab tech. with me,when he was going to LaSalle College. I had a great childhood and loved living in Germatown. It was a good place to grow up and hard to leave. --Love to hear from old neighbors and friends--Alice Nemetz
Alice Boyle Nemetz, Age 60 --living in Bucks County --working as a nurse at SMMC [03-09-2010]

Gillian - the Boswell House was at the corner of Greene and W. Haines St. (between Rittenhouse and Harvey). I have posted some related material about that place in the past (see archives) and don't want to repeat here. The place was most recently opersted as Maya's, and the inside was pretty much intact as of three years ago or so, but it has subsequently bought the farm. Different thread: In the Small World Dept., I'm presently visiting DC and went to the National Archives to do some genealogical research in the 1930 census. Some of my Nicetown peeps were listed as "Clerk" and their place of employment as "Instrument Co." (they don't get more specific than that in those fields of the census), so surely it was Brown Instruments where they were working; just a timely little blast from the past, as that topic is current on this board.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [03-09-2010]

sorry to hear about Bill Daly.So young to pass. Had a few good times with Bill at his house on Manhiem st. R Patrizi g-town NC 68
RichPatrizi [03-09-2010]

Mary WIXted the boundaries of Brickyard are Germmantown Ave. on the west. Rufe street on the east. Wister street on the south. Penn street on the north.
Bud Ballard [03-09-2010]

To Ed, they showed reg. movies until the late 1960. My brother & I would go on sat.or sun. The last price i think was 25 cents. Marie
Marie [03-09-2010]

Richard Pio: I appreciate your blog about Ocala,FL which is one of the great venues for horses in the world. One of The Greatest Race-Horses of all time was bred there-Affirmed in Fellowship which is in that area. The rivalry between Affirmed and Alydar was exciting and unbelievable-I get pumped up,just thinking about it. Affirmed had extraordinary Pedigree-Man O' War-Need I say more. John Travolta lives near you,be careful that you do'nt get hooked on planes,bull-riding and scientology-only kidding. My sister[Joan] who is a pharmacist worked with Bill Daley at Lou's Pharmacy at Wayne&Manheim-Billy died much too young. I knew Dr. Daley and Flaherty as patients-John Flaherty was a character and never boring. Rich! I enjoy your blogs and no horsing around-if you do,I am jealous since I am older but I do visit NYC.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-09-2010]

Small world story-- started a converstion with the lady next to me while we waited at the Eye Dr.'s office.We both had gone to school in Phila --she moved to Phoenixville and I to Va where she later moved and now we live about a mile apart -- Her granddaughter has just moved to GTN. Meeting a new friend in such an unlikely place with such a common background made it a wonderful Dr's appointment !
Bette Begley, Dumfries,Va [03-09-2010]

Thoughts on a couple of recent posts here, that I’ll combine here. From what I understand, Dick Crean, who also founded Crean’s String Band, was eccentric and very wealthy. Supposedly, his house on Henry Avenue was lavishly personalized with marble and solid gold bathroom fixtures. Yet, when you look at that split-level house from the outside, while nice, doesn’t look anything special. But, from what I hear, the inside reflected his wealth, status and tastes. Regarding the Boswell House, that was a wonderful, very reasonably-priced, down-home type of restaurant, in a mansion setting on Greene Street, near High St. My grandfather lived out his last years in West Germantown and ate there often. My family had Sunday night dinners there every so often. I really enjoyed that place. There is a picture of what the Boswell House looks like today on the FriendsofImmaculate.com website, in the photo album called “Germantown Today”. Ah, the Walton….. It was a legitimate movie theatre for most of its theatre life. With new ownership, they started showing XXX movies in the early 1960s. There was fierce community and IC parish opposition, but the zoning didn’t control content. So, they were within their right to show those films, and did so until around 1974. That was my neighborhood theatre, and was never in it because I grew up during the time the XXX films were being played there. I later met a really obnoxious guy through Classmates, older than me, that boasted of patronizing the Walton and those films. He probably single-handedly kept the Walton in business during its “art theatre” phase!
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-09-2010]

bill james my husband lou and his father alphonso both worked for the budd company down near fox street ... my father in law worked there for many years before retirement ... my husband quit to go into the teaching profession... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-09-2010]

"As far as Ocala is concerned you should see some of the horse farms they are beautiful" I have only been a "Floridian" for 4 years, and recently attended a car show in the Ocala area, was surprised to find out what a great horse country Florida is, especially in the Ocala area. I guess like many Northerns, I thought Kentucky would be the horse capital of the US.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [03-09-2010]

*Speaking of the Crane's were they any relation to Dick Crane that had the retail store on Allegheny ave? Do you mean Dick Creans? Dick Creans was a retail store on Allegheny Avenue, and remember my parents frequently taking me there for school clothing. I believe he used to have a Mummers band also.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [03-09-2010]

Paula: Cherry's sister Helene passed away a few years ago. Michael now lives in Ocala, Fl. Liz and Tony both live up in Glenside. Actually, Liz is a little further up 309, possibly Ambler? Moody lives in VA, near one of her daughters, and some grandchildren. On my side, I'm not sure how familiar you are with my sibs, but recently lost Pat as you know, and lost my sister Flo decades ago. She died young. Otherwise, my oldest sister Rosemarie, and my brothers are all still in the general area of Philadelphia and South "Jersey".
John Payne [03-09-2010]

Dave and Spider come on down and I'll golf with you even though I'm still working. Right now you can golf for about $40.00 around including a cart. I started golfing about 14 years ago don't golf much anymore though. I only had two goals when I started, beating my little brother Stephen one time and breaking 90 in 18 holes once. I now kill my little brother and have broken 90 about 8 times.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [03-09-2010]

Richard Pio: Wow, lucky you..Daytona, bike week.. I would have loved to have seen that..This girl has been on a 'Harley' in her day..not that long ago, either....talk about free spirited. I am sure that you enjoyed yourself, God bless you, Linda "F"
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [03-09-2010]

It's interesting to see so many people on this site mention the Brown instrument co.. My cousin Albert Cupo worked there for many years and then for Honeywell in Ft. Washington. I was familiar with the TastyKake and Bud plants in Hunting Park; my dad worked for the Welsbach Corp right across the street from the Bud plant. The Welsbach Corp. made the gas street lamps that you see on the sidewalks of Philly that later converted to electric of course. The Welsbach co. also had a division called Kitson. They made plubming supplies of all sorts and my dad was the forman on the loading dock. He would take me there on Saturday sometimes when he had to take care of some things and we would also park there for some Phillies games at Connie Mack stadium and take the trolley because of the lack of parking at the site. His twin brother, Dominick Cupo, worked as a personal driver for the CEO of the Welsbach corp, and he would bring home the Lincoln Continental he drove him around in. He sometimes took us to Immaculate in that car, before he had to pick up the boss, and all the kids would be amazed at that thing. It looked like we had a personal chauffer dropping us off. I remember playing with the electric windows in the Lincoln; amazed that there could be such a thing in a car; now they are practically standard in every car. Speaking of neat cars, one night we got a phone call, informing us that our ticket was drawn in the raffle of the Immaculate church and we had won the 1958 Ford Fairlane that they were giving away as the grand prize. My dad had just gotten rid of his old car and didn't have any transportation, when all of a sudden we won a brand new one. We had to pick up the car at Pletcher Ford on Stenton Ave around the corner from us. The car had no radio or heater; they were optional equipment. Of course he had to buy those things and it wound up costing a couple of hundred dollars. It had a 3 speed stick shift on the column and the total list price on the car was $1,500. I remember him picking me up from school the day he got it showing it off to all my friends. A new car in those days was not an every day occurance in the neighborhood. Take care eveyone!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and Cardinal Dougherty Grad [03-09-2010]

BIll James, You are SO right, I don't think any of us know anyone who works for Yokogama???? Honeywell really took care of their employees..my dad retired and enjoyed it for yrs. to come, & they didn't starve, either. Nowadays, with this new economic status, things are much more difficult to make ends meet, capish? Love the "G"towners and the memories (we are all) making here, Linda. "F"
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [03-09-2010]

To Kevin McKernan, please e-mail me, I have some news from Madeline. Thanks! :-)
Carol, (nee Walsh) [03-09-2010]

Bob D'Angelo, Let's get out on the links soon, don't give us that work excuse again. Fore!
Dave & Spider, Retired and Golfing [03-08-2010]

Marie, interesting the Walton Theater played religious movies. It went to the other extreme in the late 60-70s
Ed, Chester, VA [03-08-2010]

Hi Bruce - Tell me where the "Boswell House" was? I understand about the "Green Hedges," we never went there (my grandmother did). Every now and then we went to "Franks Pizzaria and Family Restuarant" (I imagine that is long gone, too). Our favorite place was "Felotico's" on Chelton; a family run place, and that Frank Felitco was one great guy. Both of my brothers were in wheelchairs, and Mr. Felotico would let us come into the place through his kitchen because Larry and Tad's wheelchairs couldn't fit through the front door.
Gillian Andersen [03-08-2010]

Paula: Your blog to John Howard Payne,Cherry,and me resonated since it was full of information and pithy.It was also bitter-sweet since you wrote about Sabina,The Final Destination and Bob's medical problems. You are right that I thought it is comical that Sister Linda is riding horses at an advanced age. If I reall,she was a serious rider in Arkansas. I am impressed that she purchased a Tennesee Walker-an alegant and beautiful horse which would be great for riding the hills of New Hampshire. I do'nt know if Linda lives near Faconia,New Hampshire but that is where The Old Man of The Mountain was located and I understand that it finally collapsed. I learned about that figure at St. Francis when we were reading poems. I see that one of your kids lives in Tennessee where a Tennessee Walker Convention is held-Shelbyville around Labor Day. It would be great for the two Simons Sisters to meet there. I know that you picked a good location on The West Coast of Florida. I attend church in Princeton,NJ and many of the parishoners go to Naples,Boca Grande and Bonita Springs. My wife liked Naples but many of her Hispanic friends from Cuba lived in the Miami area-Coconut Grove.Living in Florida would be good for Bob's health and wonderful during winter. Mike Garvey from Brickyard likes snow,but our last winter was over the top. Your dad[Bud] told me your son[Bob?] was a decent baseball player. Did he play in high-school or college? Your step-mother[Joy] taught Reuben Amaro of The Phillies. Bud Simons[father] brought Ted Williams[Red Sox] into The Continental[Post 263]. We had our eighth-grade graduation[1955] at The Continental by dint of your father's influence. Paula! we go way back- I was friends with Joe Dolan who was Linda's first boy friend. I was at a Hollow Reunion and I met 2 of your classmates from St. Francis-Joe Razzano and Joe Lynch. Jim Razzno was in Linda's class and he passed away. Many on this site are still mourning the loss of Sabina. She was so smart and pretty but she was so friendly and down to earth. I thought about that tee-shirt party in Medford and Linda had a wild shirt. I got nervous when some of the people asked,"Are You The One?" The Simons always had a great sense of humor. Paula! Good luck with the family and I am very happy that you found this site.
Bruce S. [03-08-2010]

It seems like most of us from Germantown knew someone who at one time worked at Brown Instrument/ Honeywell (and Midvale, Budds and Tastykake). I remember when it moved from Wayne Junction. I had a 'uncle' or two who never had a car because they didn't need one to get to work, but now they had to get one because the trolley didn't go to Fort Washington. Business was good there at that time. Honeywell made a reliable product that lasted. I know because I've worked in Power Plants where our control rooms and control panels used to be populated with Brown Instrument/Honeywell recorders, controls and other instruments. Now I look and see Yokogama. Know anybody who works for them?
Bill James, (sunday editorial) [03-08-2010]

Anyone remember Dr. Flarety, His office was the stool on the corner in Zarr's Bar. Would write you a script right there. Another round for everybody.
Hollow Guy, 65 yrs old [03-08-2010]

Thanks to all who offered condolences or attended the funeral of our sister, Carol Grande. We appreciate your kind thoughts and wishes.
Rosemarie & Larry Rinaldi [03-08-2010]

nancy byrne boyle, I still live in the area. I'm 60 and my brother told me check this site out. [03-08-2010]

Just a note about Brown Instrument/ Honeywell. I had a wonderful uncle who was deaf due to menningitis when he was a child. He got a very good job at Honeywell in a specific department with other deaf men. The machinery was supposedly so loud it could damage your hearing so they were hired at premium pay to take these jobs. I think it was during the 40's or 50's.
Lynne [03-08-2010]

Shaver, Big John, Bones, Spankey, Sonny, Bugsy, Dolly, Googs, Big Head, Canz...fill in any nicknames you can remember from 1956 @ Holy Rosary. We always said we would always win the fight after the game. Sister John ruled...Mother Anna Threresa dictated and Sister Cip was our saviour. ..Vince C and Shaver still haven't owned up to what they did to Bocci... I could go on forever...would not give back one minute...still love every memory and would support anyone I grew up with...they were the real thing...friends.
Nick, en, pa [03-08-2010]

RE: Bill James' question to Richie Pio about using blank 'scripts from Dr. Daly to write a sick excuse for school. What a different and innocent generation we were - today they would be used to write 'scripts for drugs!
Rosemarie Rinaldi [03-08-2010]

bill james, you asked the question, does anyone know a doctor who makes house calls? yes, i do. the doctor will make house calls for a special service fee. the special service fee can be paid in one lump sum or in monthly payments. when you agree to the special service fee you are given the doctors special cell phone number. you call any day or time and the doctor comes.
BUD BALLARD [03-08-2010]

Speaking of the Crane's were they any relation to Dick Crane that had the retail store on Allegeny ave? My dad knew him from when he grew up in east falls. From what I understand, he (Dick Crane) was quite an eccentric and very wealthy at that. I used to hear stories about how he would come around in his limo with a pet goat in the back seat and would treat the neighborhood kids.
Joe DePero, 52, levittownn, st mikes 70 [03-08-2010]

Linda Fontana I am good I am writing this on my return from Daytona after spending the day there celebrating "BIKE WEEK" what a sight to see. My two cousins still work for Honeywell, my dad was a bricklayer originaly from Nicetown, then Church Lane and Belfield were I was brought home to. Hope all is well with you.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-08-2010]

John Bruce Schmitt you could be right about my uncle Horace because he lived in Ambler for many years. As far as Vic DeFerdinard, my mother and Vics wife Aunt Mack as we called her were good friends. As far as Ocala is concerned you should see some of the horse farms they are beautiful and we can claim John Travoltta as our neighbor as he lives in Anthony, Fl. Bill James aka head yes Billy and I were best friends but he went to LaSalle and we kind of drifted apart during our sophmore year. His dad became a brain surgeon and he became a urologist. Sorry to say but Billy passed away about 12years ago from cancer.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-08-2010]

Raymond Dawes, Thanks for remembering. I sure do remember you. But if they ever called you Ray, you will always be Raymond to your grammer school buddies. Paula
Paula Simons Carney [03-08-2010]

Rich Pio: Thanks for your kind words. Im going back to work on monday. I was very lucky. I start my 32nd year with the PPD in May. Im laying low till St Pattys Day. Im meeting up with Mike Garvey and Jack Brennan for ham and cabbage and a few cocktails. My uncle Eddie Eldridge who was married to my aunt Catherine who lived on Abbottsford Rd was also an employee of honeywell for years. Take care Rich.
John Burke, 55 NE Philly [03-08-2010]

I want to thak all of you who sent me the website. I appreciate your kindness, but I found the correct website. It is " phillyhistory.org "
John DiRenzo [03-08-2010]

I attended the funeral services for Carol Grande the other day. What a lovely, loving family. And such wonderful sisters, Davey, Rae and Eleanor. Carol and my gumba Phil (her husband) were very close to my mom and my family. I have many fond memories of Carol.
Bonnie Gatto [03-08-2010]

So Sorry to hear about Sabina. She was among the crowd my brother, Ralph, hung around with.
Bonnie Gatto [03-08-2010]

where was bricktown located thank you
mary wixted, born in germantown on herman street at chew - 1936 [03-08-2010]

Bobby, what joy to see Dr. Hartung's name on this site. He was our family physician until retiring. I too remember, his o/v & h/c at $2. In addition,I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. H when he made h/c to my Grandparents home. What a proper indivudual/professional. After Dr. Hartung, we had the honor and pleasure of Dr.Emanuel Flegelmen becoming our family doctor, until specializing OB/GYN. Other icons were Dr. Aseto, Dr. Anastasi, and, Dr. De Bernadetis. Enjoying viewing the GYT's website from time-to-time and seeing names from the past, known and unknown. Keep the dialogues going everyone! I count it all joy! Best always and respectfully, Linda
anonymous [03-08-2010]

i remember dr Hartung well. He would charge two dollars for an office visit in the late 60's but only after asking if you were working. He charged the same for the blood tests for my marriage license.Always a gentleman and caring Dr.
G. Chatburn [03-08-2010]

Richie Pio, speaking of Dr. Daly - you hung around with Billy at times didn't you? Did you ever talk Billy into giving you some blank scripts so you could write a sick excuse or two to hand it at North after you bagged school the day before.........or am I the only one.
Bill James, nechs '67 [03-05-2010]

Dr. Hartung had an office on Greene and School House Lane, diagonal from what was Germantown Academy. It was a small medical building that had a couple other doctors. His office had a showcase of stuffed animals that for some reason I doubt he shot. He used to charge $1 for an office visit and $2 for a house call. Does ANYONE know a doctor who makes housecalls nowadays? Were they banned? I also remember him as an impeccable dresser. He was a great doctor and person. He was my doctor from when I was born until he retired. I always enjoyed seeing him when he stopped in at Lou's. His son commented on this site a couple years ago.
Bill James [03-05-2010]

Jack Brennan good o hear from you, are you still on the job? I saw Jimmy Dougherty a couple of years ago while visiting Philly for my mothers birthday, he is still in Homocide working for a task force tracking down illegal guns on the street.Big John Burke sorry to hear of your health problems and am glad to hear you are doing well and are on the mend.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-05-2010]

Bruce, You have a fantastic memory. I recall the party you referenced in you e-mail. I beleive it was an "elegant dirty tee-shirt party" What class we had in the 70's. I'm sorry to hear about yor wife. We've been through some major heart problems with Bob but they keep on patching him up and he keeps on kicking.. Ican't imagine what it must be like for you. I updated Linda's whereabouts in John and Cherrys note but you would probably get a kick out of hearing she is still horse crazy and just bought a new Tennessee Walker. Just what she needs at 68. Got to love her! We were all heartsick to learn about Sabinas passing. Wish I had more details to add but the only other thing I know is that her married name was Sauer. Stay well..Love this site Paula
Paula Simons Carney [03-05-2010]

John and Cherry, Thanks for responding. We are on the west coast of Fl. and still go back and forth. Bob is ready to stay year round. I don't know. We have six grandkids in Medford. Two each for three of our kids. And..one in Atlanta. And..two in Nashville. 5 kids-9 grandkids. We are very blessed. Linda is in New Hampshire with two of her three girls. I only get to see her every year or so. Where are your sibs?I was sorry to read about Pat. So so hard to lose a brother or sister. I have such wonderful memories of your home on Greene St. How about sun-tanning on the third foor roof.take care Paula
Paula Simons Carney [03-05-2010]

Richard Pio: I blieve that your Uncle Horace came into the Jarrettown Hotel when he worked for Honeywell in Fort Washington-my family owned that bar-restaurant for 50+years. Hank Crane owned Crane's in Ambler which is near Ft. Washington. I knew Victor DeFerdinand and Mario[brother] from Crane's on Queen Lane and Andorra. If I remember,The DeFerdinand Brothers were from East Germantown and they were friendly with Joe Coll who owns The Glenside Pub. Rich! I see that you live in Ocala,Fla-that is great horse- country. In my callow youth,I loved those creatures and I even made a few wagers on them-they could be very fickle.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-05-2010]

My cousins Mario and Victor DeFerdinando were bartenders at Cranes on Queen lane and Ambler. They were brothers of Webby and John who owned Webbys bar on Price st. The jelly factory was the last building on Mechanic st next to Awbury park The entrance to the famous sewer was just past that. Its a wonder we all werent killed going down into that hell hole but many of us still did it. I think doing those things were better than sitting in a room playing computer games each and every day.
Rich Rizzo [03-05-2010]

I went to OLR & once a yr. we walked to the Walton to see Lady of Fatima or Song of BERNADETTE.It was very exciting to us kids,Marie
Marie Bommentre [03-05-2010]

JBS: Yes, very sad about Sabina. My wife, Cherry gets some publication from Little Flower alumni, and we first saw the notice in there. She was much too young. Que bonita.
John Payne [03-05-2010]

Richard Pio: My dad ended up at the Ft.Washington plant,too. How are you? Linda "F"
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [03-05-2010]

J. BRUCE SHCMITT: Thank you so much for your condolences on the passing of Larry's sister, Carol Grande. She was a great lady and touched so many lives. We will really miss her.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [03-05-2010]

Dom Raffaele: Your comments about Sabina Cunningham was moving-she was a class-act. We were lucky to have so many wonderful ladies in our 1955 St. Francis Class. Kathleen McCurdy from Florida posts on this site and she was also a friend of Sabina. Her sister Kathy was in the St. Francis Class behind us. Possibly, Bor and I could visit you in Wildwood. Dom! Keep posting those beautiful comments-you were one of my favorite classmates.
Schmitty [03-05-2010]

My uncle, Horace Striano worked at Minneapolis Honeywell and ended up in Fort Washington when he retired years ago. My cousin his son Mark still works for them. One of the bartenders at Cranes was Vic DeFerdinand, I think on Queen Lane and at Andora.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-03-2010]

John Howard Payne: Only FFK,The Hollow Poet, would know your middle-name. The Bor only uses your nickname from The Hollow Days. I was so saddened by The Loss of Sabina- she and her friends were wonderful ladies as you know so well.
JBS [03-03-2010]

John Di Renzo One of the web-sites that you are referring to is www.vpike.com thrn list address street,city,state,zip code and enter.
BUD BALLARD [03-03-2010]

does anyone remember jackie valrose from wayne ave &manheim .her step dad had a drug store on wayne ave
anonymous, 68 [03-03-2010]

Friends of Germantown. I write an unusual request today to ask for your support to lobby the Germantown Congressman Chaka Fattah on behalf of a long overdue action. My friend Joe Flanagan of 200 block Rittenhouse Street, Germantown,died of Agent Orange within months of returning from Vietnam. His family are certain that his being sprayed and handling the agent caused his death. The medical biopsies report the same. I have been asked to help to do what I can for him. I contacted the Department of Defense and they tell me -as did the founder of the Vietnam Wall Memorial, Jan Scruggs, that those who died of Agent Orange or PTSD are not eligible to be named on the WALL. My friend,Joe Flanagan of Rittenhouse street (brother to the world class Yo_Yo champ, Jimmy and my dear close friend, Larry)served and was killed by the materials of war. What I am asking you is to petition Congressman Chaka Fattah (tel 215-387-6404 or 202-225-4001 or email his rep in the Congress email: william.cooper2@mail.house.gov)ask that those who died from Agent Orange be recognized as casualties of the war. Joey Flanagan deserves to be honoured like all those who were killed by the Vietnam War by at least having his name up there with the 58,261 who are there. I played ball with this lovely guy-he looked up to us for leadership-I am lookng up to our leadership to set the record straight. Help his family by petitioning the Congressman so that all those who died as a result of the injuries/diseases they occured fighting a war that I fought in -and in which i did not then-nor do I now believe-can at least give healing to his loving famly. Jim McKernan, Professor, Greenville NC 27858
Dr. Jim McKernan [03-03-2010]

Marie B- you are correct .It is Dr. Francis Hartung. I remember him from his visits to Louis Pharmacy ( Froemerly Lane Collins) where I worked in HS. He was a meticulous dresser and a very refined gentlemean. His shoes were always polished, and he wore very starched white shirts. The epitome of a doctor. Another excellent doctor on Manheim Street was Dr. Daly. He was also a fine man.
Bob D'Angelo [03-03-2010]

Linda Fontana; my dad worked at Honeywell, Brown Instrument division too on the night shift from 1949 to 1973. He was a machinist and he worked with his cousin, Orville (skinny) Ballard for most of those years. In the summer I can remember walking down Wayne Ave with my mom and brothers from Seymour St. all the way to Wayne junction. It seemed like miles and miles at that age. We used to watch him work through the windows on the lower level. It was quite a thrill for us as kids to watch him at work.
Bill Honnen, 60, Olney [03-03-2010]

Hey Rich Pio, glad to see you on the site hope all is well with you in FLA.
jack brennan [03-03-2010]

Big John Burke, glad to hear you are at home and doing better see you at the Egg Nest on St. Patricks Day.
jack brennan [03-03-2010]

Thanks for all the replies, all. Jack McHugh: - you were close, I went to St. Timothy's, an Episcopal parochial school in Roxborough across from the hospital, and I'm glad my Mom's recipe worked out for you; I eat her lentils a couple times a week. I have to weigh in with Rich Pio about the doc- Dr, Hunter was where he said, and definitely drove the little Metropolitan, smoked cigars down to the stub, and definitely made house calls; he was our family MD (there was also Dr. Daly up on Manheim near Erringer, with all his kids). Gillian A - Green Hedges is now an architect firm, and it was too pricey for my family; we occasionally went to the Boswell House further south for Sunday dinner. John Burke, glad you're on the mend; keep fighting! Linda F, my Dad worked down there before the war, not at Brown Instruments, but at a nearby plate glass factory; there was so much industry down there back then; the building was always referred to as Brown Instruments, long after it became Honeywell; the 75 trackless trolley made its turnaround loop around the block there. My Dad used to take me for walks to watch the trains at Wayne Junction and below ground in that cut along Windrim.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [03-03-2010]

mike g i read my response to you about the snow etc and your being a snow bunny but for some reason my name was cut off ... just so ya know that was from me. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-03-2010]

John DiRenzo, the Philly website you are looking for is as follows: www.vpike.com
Joe Melchiorre [03-03-2010]

linda f im happy to see you back .... good for you kid. :>)
rosemarie hite malageri [03-03-2010]

Good to hear John see you there.Mike G.
mike garvey [03-03-2010]

sad to read of the passing of sabina cunningham another inner circle friend and classmate from st. francis and happy hollow.she was as nice as she was pretty,and she was very,very,pretty. i offer my prayers and sincere sympathy to her family.seeing the names paula and linda simons also brings back nice memories for me.hello to them and my thanks to the site for this opportunity.dominic raff
dom raff, same [03-03-2010]

To Steve Donohoe the name of the DR.was Hartong.It took me all day,but i recalled his name.Marie Bommentre
Marie Bommentre [03-02-2010]

linda fontana, my father,orville(skinny) ballard worked at minneapolis honeywell, brown instrument division, which was located on the west side of 4400 block of greene street. he was a machine oper- ator. he worked the night shift (4x12). my mothers parients lived at 4405 greene street. the family name was cosgrove. in the summer time my mother and i would walk down to "little greene street" and bring my father his lunch. we would sit on my grand parients steps while he ate his lunch. sometime in the earley 1960's minneapolis honeywell moved to the fort washington industrial park. my father moved with the company to fort washington. when the move occurred my father changed over to the day shift. my father worked there until 1970, when he retired.
BUD BALLARD [03-02-2010]

Steve Donohoe there was Dr. Hunter an Osteopath who had an office in his basement at Clapier and Schuyler during the 60's. I lived right down the street from him in the 500 block of Clapier St.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [03-02-2010]

Mike Deely: It is intriuiging that you gave up diving and eating but not drinking. Diving is much healthier than drinking and there is a lot of water near you-and it is not imperative that you do deep diving since the ocean is not for everybody. There is a new blogger from Florida who met her husband at Crane's in Germantown. Many of my friends met their wives at Crane's and some of them lost them because they spent too much time there. When you see Tom Crane in Hilton Head Isle, I am the reserved guy from The Jarretown Hotel,notwithstanding the fact that my physiognomy belies my intrinsic nature.
JBS [03-02-2010]

Larry& Rosemarie Rinaldi: I send my wholehearted condoences for the passing of Carol. My prayers will be with you and Carol at Mass on Sunday. "May Carol Grande Rest In Eternal Peace"
J.Bruce Schmitt [03-02-2010]

To Steve Donahue -could the Dr you are refering to be Dr Kent -- he was our Dr and an Osteopath -- GREAT guy and came to our house for all sorts of ailments.Could make a headache dissappear with one twist of the neck ! Going to his office was $5.00 a visit --OH MY!
Bette Begley, GHS grad -'47 [03-02-2010]

Steve Donohoe, There was a Dr. Hunter on Manheim near Wissahicken Ave.
Dorothy (Hodges) DrolsbaughLived in Germantown, Born in Germantown. Moved away in 1971 [03-02-2010]

Bruce Marshall: I think your grandfathers answer was great. I’m sure if he told the story in the club the president felt very honored. I also wanted to say that one of the first images I have of you is--- you were riding in one of those medal pedal cars-- I don’t know if it was yours or someone in the new houses at the top of Copley, also for some reason I thought you went to Penn Charter. I may be wrong on this but I‘ll leave you with this---I made one of you Italian recipes that you put in the blogs---and as you said “It was great”
Jack McHugh [03-02-2010]

Anonymous: I know it's you Frank..and by the way...you owe Me MONEY!
John Payne [03-02-2010]

To Steve Donahue -could the Dr you are refering to be Dr Kent -- he was our Dr and an Osteopath -- GREAT guy and came to our house for all sorts of ailments.Could make a headache dissappear with one twist of the neck ! Going to his office was $5.00 a visit --OH MY!
Bette Begley, GHS grad -'47 [03-02-2010]

That's the spirit Linda - good to have you back!

Mike G: Im planning on going back to work soon, so im in for the Eggs Nest on St Pattys Day. Save me a seat.
John Burke, 55 NE Philly [03-02-2010]

Billy James - It would be an honor
Bob D'Angelo [03-02-2010]

Does anyone know the website called Phila.( something or another ). Where you could type in an address or cross streets and a picture of it would come up and if you click on it you could do a virtual walk up and down the streets by using your mouse.
John DiRenzo [03-02-2010]

Click here (Google Streetview)

My good friend Kathy who lived on Morris Street between Coulter and Penn was raised by her Uncle Ed.. Uncle Ed as we all called him, was the main bartender at Crane's when it was still on Queen Lane and worked in Andora's Crane's until he retired.. I was surprised to find another family owned Crane's on Trooper Road after we moved out here, a Beef and Ale.. Now the building is Valley Forge Beef and Ale I think.. It was not the same quality we enjoyed in Germantown..
Erda [03-02-2010]

Cranes Bartenders: Vinnie Kelly, Dan Gallagher, also related to the Crane family a Mrs. Brant who was a school teacher at Fitler public school in Gtn.
Patron, Cranes on Queen Lane [03-02-2010]

To,S.Donohoe I knew him can not think of his name.My mother in law had him for doc,You called him gave symtoms & he would tell you p/u meds.Very nice
Marie Bommentre [03-02-2010]

Hey Ted Silary ! I didn't go to the Walton theatre as much as I did the Orpheum, because the Orpheum had a balcony that you could throw your popcorn on people down below. The Walton may have had a balcony but I don't remember. I saw the "13 Ghosts" at the Walton in 3D. You had to wear the glasses to see the ghosts. The Walton did, however, play a role in my childhood. The students at Immaculate would be marched down Chelten Ave every Spring to see a "religious" movie. I think the whole school had to go, although I don't think all at once. However, to see hundreds of kids marching in order to the theatre was a site to see. The nuns of course kept order as much as possible. They wouldn't let us buy popcorn, we just had to sit and watch. They did play a 3 stooges short film, just so we didn't fall asleep before the main movie started. I remember seeing "The Song of Bernadette" there, and a film about St.Francis of Assisi, but I don't remember the title. Anyway, that tradition didn't continue because the Walton became the "Walton Art" and started showing XXX movies. You could only imagine as a young kid what images that sparked in your imagination. I remember the "Mother Superior" making the announcement on the PA system, forbidding any of us from ever going there again and we had to say a prayer that the owners would change their mind. Didn't work! Oh well, I think it's gone now, but not forgotten. Take Care ! Coop
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and Cardinal Dougherty Grad [03-02-2010]

mike g i thank god every day that im around to see the snow ...actually that im still around for anything but, i would prefer not to see so much of it ..i know being the snow bunny that you are that this season has been a heaven sent to you but to those of us who can only take so much of it ... wellllll it just aint pretty anymore ...
anonymous [03-02-2010]

JOHN & CHERRY PAYNE: Thanks so much for your condolences on the passing of Larry's sister, Carol Grande. She was like a 2nd mother to him and will be sorely missed.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [03-02-2010]

Bruce - I remember those white gloves that the elvator operators wore - boy what a different time! Does anyone remember the Green Hedges? It was a high class place on Green Street (I guess they are long gone). Thanks for such a great place to post and talk about old times. As I have said before, I love it that there are so many ages represented here. What a joy it is to remember with all of you!
Gillian Andersen [03-02-2010]

Larry & Rosemarie Rinaldi: Sorry to hear about the passing of Larry's sister, Carol. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. John & Cherry (Doyle) Payne.
John Payne [03-02-2010]

Chas, There is no need to apologize for spelling, typos, grammer, etc. We have all done it at one time or another. It's no big deal and shouldn't have even been mentioned. We are interested in all of the recollections and contributions of those who have been lucky enough to grow up in Germantown, so please continue to add any of your stories or comments. Welcome.
Lynne [03-02-2010]

Paula Carney Simons: It has been many years since I went to your lovely home in Medford Lakes for a great party that was hosted by you and Bob[your husband. Like Sonny Kennedy,and Paul Borian, I am so saddened by the loss of Sabina Cunningham who was such a close friend of Linda[your sister]. Sabina was so nice and friendly,smart, and I might add-knocked out gorgeous. Linda and Sabina were in that great class of St. Francis[1955] with me and Frank Felice who reads this site. Everything in life pales next to the loss of a loved one. During the summer,my wonderful wife Ludmila passed away. Back in the 70's, I was friendly with Linda and your father [Bud]. Your father and I graduated from The Prep. He graduated with my uncle in 1932 and my father graduated in 1931. Bud Simon was a great pitcher and he threw a nasty curve which I could never hit-as you know,he was a professional baseball player and a great raconteur. I had a girl friend[Marlene] in Medford lakes and your dad and Joy invited us for dinner in Philly-we had a great time. Marlene had lived in Argentina and my wife Ludmila had grown up in Argentina-Yes! I like the Tango. I hope that your children turned out well- Rebecca was so pretty and Heather[niece was so nice. You and Linda had such great personalities and were a lot of fun. Give my regards to everybody in the family and my prayers and thoughts are with Linda's very good friend-The Lovely Sabina.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-02-2010]

JBS:In re the "Lenten Season" I think I get a "pass' on some of the strictures imposed by the Church (because of age),,,Afterall, I've given up sky-diving,eating watermelons and a host of other activities. Please keep passing the "info" on in re Crane's...When I go in there to the bar and don't get seated. I'd like to have some "ammo" to bargain with (e.g,the Crane Family Tree, etc.)..then maybe they'd let me rest my tired old "butt" at the bar...(I wish to God my Dad were alive to read this "homepage" for as President of the Letter Carriers Union in Phila, (Branch 157) he knew just about everything about G-Town (he carried out of Germantown Station on Coulter),,He'd be absolutely flabbergasted to know that, via this homepage, I've met the son of his best friends,the Lyons Brothers..I've also met a man who lived 2 doors up from his old "homestead" on Shedaker St...My God, would he love this chatter and most of all the humor of this "page'..(Liquid Libation", indeed)..Please keep the Crane info coming and thanks again for your note...My best to all on this great "homepage"...
mike deely, St. Benedict's Grad of 1951 [03-02-2010]

JOHN HOWARD PAYNE---------- Wasn't your drink,"...J.T.S.BROWN--- NO ICE,NO GLASS,"?
A Pool Hustler gets to keep
The teeth in his gums,
But as Fast Eddie says,
ANONYMOUS [03-02-2010]

does anyone here remember a doctor, an ostopath I believe that had offices on Manheim Street near Wissahickon Ave. He made house calls and drove a little Nash Rambler manheim Street
steve donohoe, 61 [03-02-2010]

Hi, Ted Silary, I thought you dropped off this planet..How the heck are you? Your bud in Phila. Linda "F"
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [03-02-2010]

Bruce Marshall: My dad worked in 'Nicetown'...at a place called Brown Instruments. which became Minneapolis Honeywell,eventually..He was employed there for over 42 yrs. which is 'unheard of in today's world, for the most part.Did anyone else from this site have relatives who worked there? My dad's name was Joseph Kulik/ his bro, Leon worked there,too. Also, my uncle David Ventresca ...I could mention many more.. thanks, Linda "F">
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [03-02-2010]

Helen and Rosemarie: As you can see "The Scarlet Woman" is back on this site. I just couldn't bring myself to stay away from all of the nice postings here from the great people of "G" town..Looking forward to seeing you BOTH at LaFontana's really soon. Love, Linda.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [03-02-2010]

Bill Cupo: Hello....what a small world, as you mentioned 'Peter Magliocco'. My family and his family were very good friends.I am so glad that you all had a nice night out, talking about the good old days.You're a great guy. Respectfully, Linda "F".
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [03-02-2010]

It seems the prices at Cranes have gone up in Hilton Head SC. I think the people there have $$$$$.
Patron, Cranes on Queen Lane [03-02-2010]

shiela and everyone on this wonderful site .... just a reminder (shiela) ha, and an invitation to everyone else ... we are meeting once again at la fontana on may 16th at 1:00 pm ... please join us! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-02-2010]

I have the best memories of growing up in Germantown. Fern Hill park was my backyard. Wayne Junction took you anywhere in the world you wanted to go. Trains, trolleys, track-less trolleys (the old 75), it was all there for us. My brothers and Dad were very involved in the Boys Club and Scouting. There wasn't as much for us girls to do back then, but swim for one hour each day at the Boys Club on Penn St. It was the best of times. Susie Bretz Martin
Susie Bretz Martin, Grew up in Germantown during the 50s & 60s. [03-02-2010]

Ed, we walked the tracks from waterview to chestnut hill and another time we went to reading terminal. there was a fence when we arrived there. a worker opened it so we could get off the tracks.
louoldies [03-02-2010]

dennis i worked with a woman named dar crane whose husbands family owned cranes down the shore ... if i remember correctly it was either in or near ocean city ... dont know if this is the same crane family who your speaking of .rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-02-2010]

Anyone remember who the bartenders were at Cranes on Queen lane and Ambler???
anonymous [03-02-2010]

John Burke, How are you doing buddy? I hope you are well.And hope to see you on St.Patrick Day at the Egg Nest.GET WELL Mike Garvey
Mike G. [03-02-2010]

Mike Deely: You claim to be older than dirt. Does that mean that you can not get down and dirty? Lenten Season must be difficult for a lad who likes a little liquid libation. You are close to Crane's in Hilton Head Isle which is operated by Hank Crane and his daughter. Give my regards to Hank from The Schmitt Brothers. Mike!" Keep The Faith"
JBS [03-01-2010]

I just wanted to share a nice evening on Saturday the 27th with fellow g-towners. Some of the 8th grade class from Immaculate, class of 1965, had dinner and drinks at "Quigs" in Hatboro, Pa. The restaurant is owned by Bobby Quigley from I.C. and a fellow classmate of mine from that year. Also in attendance was Diane Jacoby, Janet Kubiak, Gertie Lyons, Mary Kelly, Anne Fitzpatrick, Ray Crawford, Pete Magliacco, and Fr. Tim Lyons. Bobby Quigley generously provided wine and beer for us as well as some great appetizers. The food there is absolutely delicious. Some of us brought our old pictures and report cards from those years and of course the stories we told about ourselves and the nuns that taught us, made us laugh out loud. It was a special time to grow up in Germantown. We started first grade in 1957 and spent 8 great years at Immaculate. We are all so grateful to the nuns and lay teachers who taught us even though at the time we did not realize what they had to deal with. We had an average of 50-60 kids in each class and there were 3 classes of each grade right through 1965. Imagine a teacher today trying to handle that many kids in their classes today. We are looking forward to attending the I.C. reunion on October 10, 2010 at Williamson's in Horsham. We talked about doing something next year to celebrate our 60th birthdays and we're looking to connect with even more of our classmates in the next few months. It turns out that a few of us are on Facebook and that we're starting to contact other graduates. I always look forward to seeing them whether it's at an I.C. or Dougherty reunion. The ladies are as beautiful as ever; the guys, well, we do our best to keep up with them. As we get older, it's nice to look back and remember what it was like to live in Germantown and how special our neighborhood was. I know most of us think our neighborhood or school was special, but I really believe we had something that so many people missed in their lives. So, a toast to my fellow classmates from I.C. that I'll borrow from Frank Sinatra: "May you live to be 100, and the last voice you hear is mine". Can't wait to see all of you again. Coop
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and C.D. grad/Chalfont,Pa. [03-01-2010]

bruce schmitt please contact me at oballard89@aol.com regards to next luncheon. bud ballard
BUD BALLARD [03-01-2010]

Rosemarie&Sheila, Thanks God we are around to see the snow. LET IT SNOW!
Mike G. [03-01-2010]

We just wanted to let everyone know that Larry's sister, Carol Grande, passed away yesterday (2/27). She was the wife of the late Phil Grande and leaves a son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren, as well as her brother, Larry, and her sisters, Eleanor Nocito, Rae Dugan and Betty Calbot, all from Happy Hollow.
Larry & Rosemarie Rinaldi [03-01-2010]

Bruce M., I always thought that the Bandbox was a great theatre to go to. There was a very good article written about Mr. Carduner in the Chestnut Hill Local a few years ago. What a fascinating life story. In looking up the obit you mentioned I found that his daughter Robin has a website-robincarduner.com-where she has photos of her father posted. Gillian A.-I don't remember if there were elevator operators at Allens. I spent plenty of money at that store though. I do remember that the saleswomen would come to your changing room and ask if you needed them to get you a different size, color or style. I believe they may have worked on commission then because when you came out to look in the mirror, they would always tell you how great the outfit looked.
Lynne [03-01-2010]

Paula Simons Great to see you appear on this site. One always wonder where their classmates wind up. I have a copy of the class picture both boys and girls. I saw David Lynch and Joe Razzano during the Happy Hollow lunch in July. Joe taylor come on every once and a while.
RAYMOND EDWARD DAWES, 66 years old lived on clapier st 1948 to 1964 graduated st francis in 57. germantown in 61< nicolleties in 64 when i got married. [03-01-2010]

Does anyone remember the Germantown Supper Club on Germantown Ave. just below Chelton (I am thinking that it was almost right next to Vernon Park). I have a good story about the Vernon Sandwich Shop (just accross from the park). My dad took me there for a birthday breakfast when I was 6 (1962). I didn't want oatmeal, and so my dad slipped the guy behind the counter a few extra bucks to open the grill and make me a burger. A burger and fries for breakfast, just me with my dad. I will never forget that.
Gillian Andersen [03-01-2010]

Paula Simons Carney: Great to hear from you, and such a compliment. It's nice to think I brightened someone's day. I just called Cherry in to see your message. We too are living in FLorida now. We are in The Villages, in Central Florida. Our daughter Lezlie, and our grandson Jack, also live here in Florida; and our son Josh and his wife Tara Lynn live up in New York, and are expecting their first child. Keep in touch. Great hearing from you. We have fond memories.
John Payne [03-01-2010]

to anon retired germantowner - i apologize for my inaccurate spelling. you are absolutely correct. in my past i got so use to abreviate while taking notes that i lost my concentration on the actual spelling. it won't happen again. thank you
CHAS [03-01-2010]

Two contributions to two recent threads: as I recall, the elevator operators wore white gloves, in addition / as part of the uniforms. My grandfather, who was "off the boat" and lived on Cayuga street in Nicetown in what was the Italian ghetto, when he went for his citizenship exam, when they asked who the president was, boldly gave the name of the president of the Italian club, not the USA; (I can't remember the actual name any more), but it was a standing joke in the family for years. Such was the importance of those clubs to the ethnic experience here.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [03-01-2010]

Here is a link to find out more about Crane's: www.hiltonheadisland.com/cranestavern/
anonymous [03-01-2010]

To: Paula Simons Camey.. Saw comments to John Payne re Sabina..Can y give any details/background on Sabina(family, address, sister, kathy, etc) Thanks, Sonny K
Ed. (Sonny) Kennedy [03-01-2010]

Cranes in Ambler was on Bethlehem Pike below Butler Pike, and is not there anymore.
G-towner [03-01-2010]

i saw lynne's note about movie theaters and it made me think about the walton, basically at chew and chelten. still have a VIVID memory of a movie i saw there called "horrors of the black museum." can't remember whether i went there with parents or buddies, but the opening scene was quite jarring for an 8-year-old (movie was released in 1959, according to internet info). in opening scene, a woman received binoculars as a gift and when she tried to adjust the focus to look at something far away out a window . . . spikes went through her eyes! talk about shocking! phew! also saw "the blob" in that theater. no fear of jello through the years, but the next time i pick up binoculars will be the first. ha ha ha. g-town 4-ever!
Ted Silary [03-01-2010]

Crane's in Germantown were famouse for the prime rib---strong drinks--whiskey sours looked like ice tea-bar had no seats-seats you stood till you could not-they had a bar in Audubon Pa. in the 80---not the same you can't duplicate germantown!
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [03-01-2010]

Bonnie Gatto, I saw Ronnie Fasano about 5 years ago at Pippo's (not there anymore). He was the DJ once a week playing Doo-wop. I think he lives in Montgomery County.
Kathy DiFeo [03-01-2010]

Bud Ballard: I had great time at The Buck Hotel and I hope to be there again on April 30th. The Catholic Guys will have to eat fish-some of us might forget.
JBS [03-01-2010]

Lorraine Cupo Kelly: You brought back a lot of memories in your last post. As you know, your cousin Ronnie and I kicked around together and I remember his famiy well as I do yours. I was one of the guys who used to travel the sewer system with him. There was an entrance in Aubury Park near Mechanic St. We would pry off the lid and climbed down and go exploring. I also remember the jelly factory which I believe bordered the park around High St. We knew the park like the back of our hand which always helped us to get away from the cops who could never catch us if we made it to the woods. Yes, Ronnie was part of that stuff too; just ask him. We would get our used flowers from outside of Zeigler's flowers on Ardsley St. in the park and bring them home to our mothers. Lots of gladiolas and yes they were well received. By the way, you just missed another snow storm. I was out shoveling today and we are just two days from March. Enjoy the Florida sunshine and beaches. I'm jealous but in a benign way. Ciao!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [03-01-2010]

Did anyone ever walk the Railroad Tracks in Gernamtown? We use to walk the tracks from Waterview to Gernamtown Station.
Ed, CHester, VA [03-01-2010]

Anonymous: Maybe he's a doctor of Psychology? Turn on your Spell Check.
Another Anonymous [03-01-2010]

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