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December 21-31, 2010

Helen Leone D' Angelo and Rosemarie Hite Malageri-I want to express my feelings of gratitude for your words of site positvity (is this ok?) and presence. We men, who have had harm in our time, need the pleasure of such women in our time throughout the years. You have always been lovely. Jim
jim mckernan, professor nc [12-31-2010]

The Jungleman(Prof) has had a few drinks-Happy New Year! There has been some chat here about good athletes-base-ballers from the town. There have been many in my brief stay i with my Da.s cannonball he showed me how to use a heavy ball to used my arm strength- and pitch better-I was helped by Herb Adderley as a child-he went on to NFL stardom with the Green Bay packers...in Germantown I learned from Herb Adderley -he could demonstrate with a throw or a stance-Billy Haas was a few years ahead of me and I did see him play at the Germantown Boys Club and saw immediately his talent. He was very good. He had above the local talent I went to the Catholic Schoolboys at CD High-he to that Private line at Germantown Academy--and then when I was playing at Temple (I was also working at Midvale) I heard he was signed to the Biggs!-well this was big news. Go Billy ! We were happy. I was on what I consider the best Temple Team ever from 1967-1969.Check it out Borian. Anyroad check it out.Don't Think Villanova ever had a 26-4 season?? Look baseball was not like college football today with 64 schools each 4 year scholarships for each team team in DIV 1. We had, I believe, two scholarships each year -which were ardently given to a pitcher and a fielder. Coach Skip Wilson, our Temple baseball coach, would give the pitcher scholarship to a Southern Mountain Man-a mule - guy who could throw almost the 95 mile per hour fast ball-fire and he knew they would only last one semester- because these guys could not get grades-- but they could throw crazy fast balls and the other to a hitter-. We did have Ted Frett and Hal Werntz-big Leaguers, as pitchers at that time. And Ted was a funny guy who nicknamed me "fumes' cause of me farts in locker room...During what I call the "Perfect Season"-when Temple produced its best record ever: 26-4 and we did not advance to the College World Series. Kiss my ass! Strange, but that is how it is if you lose a game at the end like we did its over.. Endgame. I was there as a pitcher-a baserunner-i stole a lot-was fast then.... watching this drama loving and hurting but thank you Temple, I was alive.!. In the dugout the guys talked a lot about pussy and cars and baseball-once in awhile they talked about the war in Vietnam. I sat in silence and heard that a former player-a Lieutenant, Marine, was killed like a few minutes after he led a charge of grunts in an action in some God forsaken hamlet in Nam..a wakeup moment. I never forgot that conversation.I understand the life of a Marine Officer was 11 minutes in battle charges in Nam. That has been calculated as they have to lead their men. The officer who was killed was stationed at the US Navy base-he played b-ball for the team- -he was a Marine,I met him, saluted him, knew his face- a south philly Italian guy-a handsome officer. At the shipyard when I enlisted. he interviwed me. I remember him and his enthusiasm -I was still a student at Temple-working at the Midvale steel mill-I was married to my chilhood love, Kathleen O Brien, i of the grand large Stafford Street family of O'Briens-and i was trying to pay it off my debt-and become a teacher...that year 1968-Temple Owls registered their best ever record at 26-4 as a baseball team -we won the Middle Atlantic Conference Title! That was woww!I lost all that year. I mean all.I wanted my love. She was gone.I was in hospital when Robert Kennedy was killed. I was on the team. We didn't have a lot of snacks/food and books as a scholarhip which is what I had. We played and we won.Sorry I had this bad knowledge that it was the last play before the killing and madness. I was right. I understand that Temple a few years later like early 1970's went on to the College World Series..I actually got this news from Navy Intelligece reports when i was on station in North Vietnam picking up dead guys shot down in the sea-and pilots alive. I did some unexplicable things in the navy. We were in a search and rescue operation all that time.We all talked about sports, pussy and cars....but no guys had the baseball record we had from 1967-1969 at at Temple-. I am an Owl (HOOT)pitcher who can throw a cruve from eye to toe. Not a hanging "meat" pitch any little leaguer can hit. But you have to throw that pitch with craft--My curve taught me at Watreview was a "Drop" from head to tow-never the roundhouse curve which a batter can line up. They used to call my pitch a "Drop" and later I think a "Sinker" but it was a curve. I think only a few hitters ever hit it safely at 2-2 count. Just had to tell you all this stuff. I wrote to a professor in Ireland and he welcomed me to help gypsies gain housing-i loved that work and i loved being able to work for peace in Northern Ireland. It is good to help another. That is how I came to set in my father's land for 22 years. Ireland is more lovely than america in my humble opinion as a place of natural beauty-and i hope to get back to help and love the people there.It is sincere and true as I recall. I am back with a new class of would be teachers in January 2011. I am.of course always a GTN guy and an owl perhapsn someime a professor. Jim McKern Prof still mighty in Leopardstown County Dublin in Barony of Rathdown PS I am home at last in my home that I came to after i was in the civil war peace work. My son Ross, who was born here, has taken his new bride home to Ireland-I know my da-a native of Monaghan would smile. Love ye all Junglejim 205 East Church Lne Germantown Junglejim Happy new year Junglejim-205 East Church Lnae youngest of Barneys Childer.
Jim McKernan, Ex Philly Baseballer [12-31-2010]

Lou Giorno, I was at the Red Hill to hear Della Reese sing "Don't You Know" (I have fallen in love with you for the rest of my whole live through) and recall a rather small dimly lit night club with a small stage. Wow that's been a long time ago but I can still smell the cigarette smoke and hear her singing that song.

There has been some chat here about good base-ballers from the town. Billy Haas was a few years ahead of me and I did see him play at the Germantown Boys Club and saw immediately his talent. He was very good. I heard a story of why he was sent down but will not repeat gossip here. I went with the Catholic Schoolboys at CD High-he to that Private line-and then when I was playing at Temple (I was also workin at Midvale) I heard he was signed-well this was big news. I was on what I consider the best Temple Team ever from 1967-1969.Check it out Bor. anyman check it out. We had I believe two scholarships each year -which were ardently given to a pitcher and a fielder. Skip Wilson, our coach, would give the pitcher schol to a Southern Mountain Man-a guy who could throw almost the 95 mile fast ball-fire and crazy balls and the other to a hitter-. During what I call the "Perfect Season"-when Temple produced its best record ever: 26-4 and we did did not advance to the College World Series. Kiss my arse ! Strange but that is how it is if you lose a game at the end. I was there as a pitcher watching this drama. In the dugout the guys talked a lot about pussy and cars and baseball-once in awhile they talked about the war in Vietnam. I sat in silence and heard that a former player-a Lieutenant Marine was killed like a few minutes after he led a charge of grunts in an action in some God forsaken hamlet in Nam..a wakeup moment. I never forgot that conversation. I understand the life of a Marine Officer was 11 minutes in battles charges in Nam. That has been calculated as they have to lead their men. The guy who was killed was stationed at the US Navy base -he was a Marine, a south philly Italian guy-a handsome officer. At the shipyard when I enlisted. he interviwed me. I remember him and his enthusiasm I was still a student-working at the Midvale steel mill-I was married to my chilhood love, Kathleen O Brien- and i was trying to pay it off my debt-and become a teacher...that year 1968-Temple Owls registered their best ever record at 26-4 as a baseball team -we won the Middle Atlantic Conference Title! That was woww!and I was on the team. We didn't have a lot of snacks/food and books as a scholarhip which is what I had. We played and we won.Sorry I had this bad knowledge that it was the last play before the killing and madness. I was right. I understand that Temple a few years later like early 1970's went on to the College World Series..I actually got this news from Navy Intelligece reports when i was on station in North Vietnam picking up dead guys shot down in the sea-and pilots alive. We were in a search and rescue operation all that time.We all talked about sports, pussy and cars....but no guys had the baseball record we had from 1967-1969 at at Temple-. I am an Owl (HOOT)pitcher who can throw a cruve from eye to toe. Not a hanging "meat" pitch any little leaguer can hit. But you have to throw that pitch with craft--My curve taught me at Watreview was a "Drop" from head to tow-never the roundhouse curve which a batter can line up. They used to call my pitch a "Drop" and later I think a "Sinker" but it was a curve. I think only a few hitters ever hit it safely at 2-2 count. Just had to tell you all this stuff. It is sincere and true as I recall. I am back with a new class of would be teachers in January 2011. AI am.of course. their Professor. Jim McKernan 205 East Church Lne Germantown Junglejim Happy new year Junglejim-205 East Church Lnae youngest of Barneys Childer.
Jim McKernan, Ex Philly Baseballer [12-31-2010]

Hello Joe Leone- Are you the same Joe who was a good friend of my sister Betty Vitelli-Ambrose. She always spoke of the best of times with you!
Naomi Vitelli [12-31-2010]

I went to whitepages.com and found William Haas in Brigintine which is just outside of Atlantic City. It had his street address & I think a phone number. Through some links there, I also found some info which you have to pay for listing him in Absecon - also just outside of Atlantic City. Anyone interested could probably track him through this info.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [12-31-2010]

Hi John DiRenzo- I used to live at 632 E. Stafford St. How is your sister, Phyllis? How many years did you live on Stafford St? Best wishes for a great 2011. naomi v.
Naomi Vitelli [12-31-2010]

Erda & Mary Alice--I remember you -like it was yesterday! I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! My sisters are Pat, Eileen, Betty and of course Butchie (Pete). Do you remember Sally O'Connell and Paul Ginty?
Naomi Vitelli, Live in Montg. Co. PA used to live in WGtn & EGtn [12-31-2010]

yo bill Haas-you did good. sorry these guys try to strip you down on this site asking stupid questions abut why you didnt emerge as the Metman...they can SMD! .... Back in 1961-3 you were the man.I always believed in your ability. Bless you.Good luck big guy.
anon b-ball [12-31-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. Please, watch your language. No response required.

Paul Borian:I send my heartfelt condolences to you and all The Nova People on this site for the passing of The Legendary Baseball Coach and Athletic Director of Villanova,Art Mahan. Dave Montgomery,General Manager of The Phillies,from Roxborough and Penn Charter said beautiful words about Art and how he reached so many players and people. You were so fortunate to have him as a mentor and coach. How many players have a former professional player from The Phillies as a coach. He even gave you a scholarship after seeing you gambling with some of the characters from The Hollow. The guys that you mentioned were not only characters but great athletes. Bobby Goo Guarinello was the best shooter in basketball that Jack Brogan ever saw and he saw thousands. Rocky Raffaele was a great baseball player and should have been a Pro and kids liked him. Larry Rinaldi was a talent,speed and power in all sports. You also mentioned Mugsy,Mike Masterson,whose family was athletic including Sister Jean,a great jump-shot. I played in a game with Mugsy against Big Brothers and he had 40+ points. All those guys could have played in college. Recently on this site,we talked about Bill Haas and the talent that he had in baseball,he probaly needed a coach and mentor like Art Mahan or Skip Wilson who coached Professor McKernan at Temple. You and Bill Haas would have gotten along with Skip-Great athlete[The A's],street-smarts with a colorful vocabulary,educated at both Georgetown and Temple. Skip lived in Ambler and not far from a stadium named after him. Many good athletes became great coaches like Skip Wilson-Jack Smith,Duncan Hubley,Bob Harrington and I would venture to say that your friend from The Hollow,Jack Brogan, was a good coach. Bor! Happy 2011 and enjoy the Poconos with a little liquid libation-Old Grand Dad.
Schmitty: [12-31-2010]

Lou Giorno: The Red Hill. I went many times on Sunday afternoon when I was 18 or 19. One time I saw the Gene Krupa quintet. Lots of famous players but the thing I remember is at break, Gene came and sat down at our table. It was me, Goo Goo and maybe Ed Kennedy. We start talking to Gene and I said, "Is it true you smoke marijuana?" He'd been arrested. I never knew anybody who smoked weed. He said, "Man, when I was a kid in the 30s, everybody smoked weed." I thought to myself, "Not at Happy Hollow."
jack brogan, Looking at my grandchildren and wondering. [12-31-2010]

CMM: You just brought back a 'flood' of memories to me...My Junior Class trip at Cecilian Acad. was to Williamsburg, Va... I don't even remember which teachers/nuns accompanied us....but, some did, of course. We were watched very carefully, our every step monitored in a good way, though. I do hope that you get your wish for one last Christmas visit to that delightful and historic place...Most Respectfully,Linda "F". P>S> Happy New Year "2011" to you and your family.
anonymous [12-31-2010]

John Payne:It's great that you are posting again and you honored us with a Christmas-poem. It must have been good since Frank Klock,a Hawk, and The Bor,A Nova Guy, liked it. Recently,The Hollow and The Fernhill People have been making comments about Bill Haas,the great hitter,who played basketball with you on that super SFA Team[1957]. You must have taken a lot of psychology courses,read a lot of psyche-books or just had emotional intelligence from hanging with a lot of street-smart guys from The Hollow since your take on Bill Haas was astute. As I get older, I have come to the conclusion that God put all those neurons in our heads and that people are complex. I knew Bill Haas for many years and I never knew him if you know what I mean. I played baseball and basketball with him at Fernhill,football at GCC,went to the same barber at Morris&Coulter and saw him in church at St. Catherine's and it was always a blank. We all appreciated his talent for hitting a baseball but as you suggested something was missing in his rapport with managers and team-mates. Paul Borian,Jack Brogan,Joe Lynch,and Jim McIntyre used their athletic talent to secure scholarships and be well educated. Bill H. went to GA and he could have gone to a great college on scholarship. You had to love Bor's post on Art Mahan when he recruited him and visited the Hollow with all the boys doing their thing-gambling,Yes! Poker is gambling. I would never play poker with Frank Klock or Paul Borian-they are both intelligent with street-smarts. I had Xmas-dinner with your old SFA classmate,Ken Schmitt. We both like to hangout in Fairmount. He likes to nut me since I don't like to shoot pool in Hispanic-bars which he frequents. He tells me that I wasted all that time on the speed-bag,getting doctors and dentists rich and I am afraid to shoot pool in a bar called "Cobra". John! People are so complex,especially men after 50. Your brain seems to be working fine and making the decision to retire in sunny Florida. With this cold weather and heavy snow, I'm ready to go. You and Cherry have a prosperous and healthy 2011 and the bank will be always open when you play your favorite game.
Schmitty: [12-31-2010]

Dom Raff> When it comes to baseball, I would trust your memory MORE than Google.
John Payne [12-31-2010]

Since I never had much to do with Happy Hollow I had never heard of the man nor the name Goo before reading it on this website. So when people write about Goo because of name association I think of Evonne Goolagong the famous tennis champ of the 1970’s & 1980’s, she was a child from an Australian Aboriginal family. Today she works with indigenous youngsters and nurtures them in the sport of tennis down under.
Jack McHugh [12-31-2010]

Does anyone out there remember a jazz venue in N.J. called THE RED HILL?? I caught George Shering & Maynard Fergeson there many times -Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [12-30-2010]

While you are under 2 feet of snow, the NE corner of Australia (most of the state of Queensland, an area the size of France and Germany combined) is under water. Worst floods in history. Houses, shopping centers, everything under water. Sewage treatment and water treatment stopped; venomous snakes swimming down the streets; ambulances, trucks everything bogged; hundreds of families evacuated; the worst still to come. Anyone who doesn't believe in climate change is simply not paying attention! Here in the Outback, it's hot, as in HOT, and sunny, no problems here.
CMM [12-30-2010]

Linda F: don't be jealous! I miss snow, just not so much of it as you've been getting lately. Here it's desert-hot, 94F/32C (approx) in the shade. So dry and hot I can't bring in the washing off the line until the sun goes down; so hot and dry I have to water my veggie garden twice a day. I want a snowy Christmas again before I die, hopefully in Williamsburg VA, one of my favorite places, where I can walk to all the great restaurants and historic sights and not have to drive! Maybe next year. Happy New Year/Selamat Tahun Baru 2011 to you and yours.
CMM [12-30-2010]

on bill Haas, this is from memory. i don't remember the exact year, early sixties bill led all organize baseball in hitting with a average of 363 or 383 (not googled). when he came up the mets Casey Stengel was indeed the manager. they already had two first basement. Carl furillo a ex dodger super star and a kid name ed kranepool. both i think are in the hall of fame. no room for bill at that position. i don't what happen but bill came home. billy was a great hitter and i hope he is doing well today. that's the way i remember the story. happy, happy, to everyone. dom raff
dom raff [12-30-2010]

Here is a page with Bill Haas's stats CLICK
anonymous [12-30-2010]

CMM: At Fernhill,you knew some great athletes,Bill J. Haas and Joe Lynch. They both played for The Great SFA Team that Jack Brogan talked about and was coached by Mr. Bobby Goo Guarinello. St. Francis had many good basketball teams and I played on a SFA[1955] team with 3 good shooters,Glib Pat McIlhinney, Sharpy Frank Felice,and the shooting- guard. The flow-offense was set up by Hughie Mooney and enabled the shooting-guard to take outside shots,both floaters and jump-shots,he was not as good-looking as your friends but he paid his dues and listened to the Blues just like you-Eric Clapton. I was a reserved guy but I could party Just A Little Bit[Ry Cooder] and I could try just a little harder[Janis Joplin]. I liked many of Clapton's songs since he was one of the greatet Brithish Blues-Rockers. However,I had a problem with one of his big hits,"Cocaine". A lot of the wild and crazy dudes at South Beach liked that number and product but that scene and atmosphere was not my bag. I liked his number,"Double Trouble",which was a band formed by Stevie Ray Vaughan,the great Texas Blues-Rocker. I also liked his version of "It Hurts Me Too" which was covered by Karen Dalton who was a fantastic folk-singer in The Village[NYC] back in the day[60's]. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty,check out "John Lee Hooker". I know a guy who was a triple-threat and did a 3-pack of John Lee. With beverage,he would play John Lee's,"One Scotch,One Bourbon,One Beer. This would put him in the mood and he would listen to Bonnie Raitt&John Lee's "In The Mood". The final rock-musical denouement would be "Boom! Boom!" by John Lee Hooker. Incidentally, John Lee Hooker owned and played at The Boom Boom Room in the Filmore district of San Francisco. Your literary-colleague on this site,Kevin McKernan,might have chilled out there since he is living in Califronia. There is a Boom Boom Room at The Standard in NYC but that venue is for High Rollers and not essentially Rockers. Catherine! You are so eclectic with so much on your cultural-plate. Keep posting,writing,reading and listening to all kinds of cool-sounds. Happy 2011 to you,your family and all your cool friends Down-Under.
JBS [12-30-2010]

Schmitty...That Nova baseball coach was Art Mahan,who recently passed away.Art was in his 90's,and lived a good life.After retiring as the baseball coach in the early 60's,he became the Athletic Director until the mid 70's.He was from the Frankford area and a real family man(10 kids,I believe)Perhaps a couple of his kids were like me and my Hollow buddies.The first time he met me was at the Hollow where I was playing poker and smoking Lucky Strikes.Imagine offering me a full baseball scholarship under those circumstances.I would like to believe that Mr Mahan had vision,but I know better.I think he was amused with Goo,Rocky,Trout,Mugsy,Larry,etc,etc.Mr Mahan was born in Mass,and never lost his New England accent.I would always "Nut" him by calling him AARTY,and saying and doing other playfull things to him.Thank God that he liked me.BTW,the full value(room,board,tuition,books)of my baseball scholarship from 1956-1960 was $10,000.IMAGINE THAT!.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Instead of grappling with all the things I'm trying to forget,I'm grappling with all the things I'm trying to remember. [12-30-2010]

Last sighting of Bill Haas was about 10 yrs. ago working in a Dept. Store outside AC. I think he went from a fastball to a fast talker. (salesman)
GCC Neighbor [12-30-2010]

Here's Bill Haas on a baseball card CLICK
anonymous [12-29-2010]

CMM: OMG, I am 'so' jealous of your weather right now....Happy Birthday and also Happy New year...Linda "F".
L.Fontana [12-29-2010]

J.Stephen Reed, GBC member in 1960's. Also counsler at Camp Indiandale.Now retired at 65 for 5 months. Live in Newmanstown,Pa [12-29-2010]

RE: Washington Crossing the Delaware and the terrible winter at Valley Forge -- I learned way back when that while Washington and his troops were freezing and hungry, most of their countrymen, who were after all Englishmen/women at the time, were snug and warm in their homes. It is estimated that 1/3 of the population opposed the revolution, 1/3 were in favor and 1/3 couldn't care less, meaning that GW etc were bucking public opinion big time. Also, the American custom of eating with the fork in the right hand dates from the time of the revolution when pro-independence supporters made the conscious decision to stop eating in the English way, i.e. with the fork in the left hand and knife in the right hand, and swapped hands as an outward display of support. Here in Oz, being part of the British Commonwealth, Aussies eat with the fork in the left hand. I tried it but never could get the knack and then decided, what the hell, I'm American and may as well eat like one! And a few years ago I realized that my language was being 'colonized'; I couldn't remember what the American terms for the 'bonnet' and 'boot' of the car were and had to think before I remembered 'hood' and 'trunk'. Then and there I decided to stick with American terminology. Most of my translation work is for a US firm, so my MS Word spell checker is set to US English. When I work for European and British clients, however, I have to remember to change the 'z' to 's' (as in realize/realise) and the 'o' to 'ou' (as in flavor/flavour). The most absurd differences are in medical terminology, where 'pediatric' is 'paediatric', 'anesthesia' is 'anaesthesia', etc. My Jakarta publisher uses US English; makes books much shorter without all those extra vowels. So, when you pick up your fork, think of George Washington and his compatriots and their sacrifices to free us from the tyranny of the Poms!
CMM [12-29-2010]

Analysis of Bill Haas' demise: CLICK
CMM [12-29-2010]

There are several 'Bill Haas' in cyberspace: one is a pro golfer, one is a politician and one is a preacher. None is 'our' Bill Haas. Whatever the cause, external or internal, something certainly caused his batting average to plummet and he was soon out of pro ball. Posted on METSCENTRIC blog: "And who was Bill Haas? Well, he was a first baseman in the Dodger organization, who had hit over .300 with power at both the A and AA levels in 1963 and was considered a future star. There was even some speculation that Haas would start the 1964 season for the Mets at first base. But Haas never made the majors, hit in the low .200's in AAA ball for the Mets, hit around .250 with middling power in AAA the following year and was soon out of baseball. Not the first failed prospect for the Mets, nor the last, but other than seeing his face on a Topps rookie card, I never saw or heard about Haas again." I'm told he was working at the Sands Casino in the 80s; maybe still in the AC area. Godspeed, Bill, wherever you are.
CMM [12-29-2010]

Erda - very funny story of the drunk Santa. Thanks for sharing that. Lorraine - nice memories too. I only have vague memories of those shops along Chelten Avenue, "around the bend". But, I passed that way a lot on my way to my grandparents house on Garnet Street, across from St. Benedict. I remember Jacobson's Pharmacy. I remember a wonderful bakery that was there for many, many years, called Schneider's Bakery. I remember the Chelten Grille. My doctor was along there, Dr. Hockstein. He taught me how to take a needle - hold your breathe and count to 10. It worked for me.... I remember the Acme. I do recall Sutter's 5&10. I remember being in there and my Mom saying she worked there as a teenager. That would have been in the mid 1940s. Further down at Ogontz Avenue, Bradley's Menswear and Tuxedos was there well into the 1980s. I found an ad for that store from the 1930s. Amazing longevity.... The list of stores along there can go on and on, but my memory can't. But, I do remember there was a lot of life to that several block stretch of stores along Chelten Avenue, from Wister to Ogontz, beyond "the bend". Today, there are many vacant lots along that stretch, a couple real stores and a few storefront churches. The times have certainly changed over there....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [12-29-2010]

I've been away from this site for a couple weeks, so just getting caught up.... JBS, the Showboat that you mentioned on Lombard, did that later become the Bijoe Cafe? I heard of the Showboat being a legendary jazz club, but that is all I know about it. The Bijou I knew.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [12-29-2010]

The McKernan Brothers: I want to thank all of you Lads for your kind words and beautiful blogs. Professor Jim was the pitcher but Bernie and Kevin have really stepped up to the plate during this Christmas Season. Professor Jim knows his baseball and he threw a nasty curve but I saw Paul Borian hit a hanging-curve out of The Hollow over the fence into a house on Clapier St. Jim's coach at Temple was Skip Wilson and he was a great athlete from G-town and St. John's. Bor almost played for Temple but The Villanova coach came to The Hollow looking for Bor. He asked a kid,"Where Is Paul Borian?",he's down at the sandbox. The coach thinks the kid is goofy and heads for the sandbox. He finds Bor playing poker with The Old-heads from The Hollow and was so impressed,Paul Borian from GHS went to Nova. Bernie never really hung out at the Hollow but he did hang at Gtn.&Manheim. Everybody in G-town knew that corner. On one side of the corner was The Lyric and the dog-house and on the other side was the drug-store and the bar,not far away was the liquor-store at Wister St. Further down on Wister St.at Wakefield,the boys from The Yard hung there,including Ray Dawes who posts on this site. I knew many of the Kats who hung in this area near The Dog-house. Bernie mentioned Ed O'Neil who knew my brother[Urban] and Bob laValle from SFA[1953]. These 3 guys were characters but my brother[Cactus Jack] and Bobby L. posessed greater hand-speed and strength when they encountered various opponents. My brother was good friends with these men in his youth and they were all warriors. Ronnie Manzo's name was mentioned and he was a good friend of Joe Leone who posts on this site. These guys went to St. Francis and they were not heavyweights but they had quick hands and were excellent boxers. Frank Murphy had to hang on that corner since he hung on every corner in G-town. Chris and Frank Maher had to hang there also. Let's leave Gtn.&Manheim and head north on Gtn. Ave. to Vernon Park where Kevin Mckernan posted great comments about the library and Andrew Carnegie,the famous philanthropist and industrialist. Kevin made beautiful commentary about Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow which really resonates around Halloween. The great writer spent time in Granada and consequently wrote "The Alhambra". My wife Ludmila and my mother whom you knew always talked about Granada. I recommend that people visit Sunnyside in Tarrytown where Washington Irving lived and also The Cloisters in NYC. McKernan Brothers! Keep posting and May 2011 be productive,fruitful,and healthy.
JBS [12-29-2010]

anonymous [12-29-2010]

CMM: Happy Birthday! Throw a few shrimp on the barbi, and have a wonderful day down under! ;)
John Payne [12-29-2010]

Remember going to the Orpheum in mid 60s to see the "Saddist" and "Fate is the Hunter" Both scarey and thrilling for a 9 year old. A lot of Three Stooges Shorts.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [12-29-2010]

RE: Thones Kunders House -- it was the site in 1688 of the writing of the first-ever petition against slavery. For a fine account of the founding of Germantown and two early maps, as well as the story of the petition, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1688_Germantown_Quaker_Petition_Against_Slavery
Catherine Manning Muir [12-29-2010]

JBS: Your reference to Bill Haas possibly being a preacher piqued my interest. I went surfing Bill Hass the preacher, but the picture shown did not resemble the Bill I remember. That may have been a "changeling". These discussions about Bill have been interesting though. In a strange way I hope he didn't go any further in the Pro leages because, albeit his skills were awesome against us, they just didn't hold up against the pro ranks, rather than, his skills were fine and the ego derailed him. That would be a sad outcome.
John Payne [12-28-2010]

This is a turnabout, because usually at this time of year I'm homesick for the USA, especially Christmas in Philadelphia or on the beach at Waimanalo (where our Prez and family are now vacationing). However, watching the news reports of the terrible weather there, I am pleased to report it is a lovely 78 degrees F. here in the Outback, sunny and breezy. Spent an hour in my veggie patch this morning. BTW, I didn't know JL at SFA, I think we met at Fernhill Park but I can't remember. Today's my birthday. Because I've been counting backwards for many years, I will soon be younger than my son! Happy New Year, everyone.
Catherine Manning Muir [12-28-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: I saw the movie where Jeff Daniels portrayed Geo. Washington. You are correct, it was thoughtfully done & well acted. Jeff Daniels is a much underrated actor who has done countless films & has turned in a true thespian performance for years. The last time I visited the area where Washington crossed the Delaware it was in December two years ago with my elder brother patrick. We looked out on the icy waters & shivering like a thief before a judge awaiting sentencing, I can't imagine the real sacrifice Washington & his troops made that eventful night for our freedoms. God love & help all the military in uniform who serve to protect us.
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [12-28-2010]

You gotta love these Christmas posts about the old G-town athletes,the movies and the characters in these films. I applaud Jack Brogan's comparison of Bill Haas to Terry Malloy From On The Waterfront-"I could've bin a contender". Some of the bloggers on this site should have been the actors in"On The Waterfront". We have Bill Haas as Terry Malloy[Marlon Brando],of course,Billy was better looking,Jack Brogan as Terry's brother[Rod Steiger]. Jack B. heard that famous line in the cab from Terry Malloy. Terry's girl-friend[Edie] has to be Catherine Manning Muir[Eva Marie Saint]. Jack Brogan's cousin,Joe Lynch,can be the priest[Karl Molden]. Bobby Goo Guarinello could have played the mob-boss but Goo's protege[Paul Borian] would play the role well since he was a movie-buff,especially when he hung out in The Brickyard on Sunday-night at The Lyric and so close to being in the Dog-house-Bor!You get it. All The Germantowners who loved the movies-Happy 2011!
JBS: [12-28-2010]

Helene Leone D'Angelo: I too went to Washington's Crossing to watch the reenactment. It was back in the mid-nineties. It was a cold day, and we were wrapped in very warm, high tech garments, with warm socks, well serviced shoes, and nich thick gloves. (mind you, a "cold day" means no wind, the sun shinning, and it was probably in the twenties, LOL, and I was still stamping my feet on the ground, and wondering if I would make it to the end of the "show"). While watching the actors get into the boats, and hearing that this occurred throughout the night with many, many boats and crews, and that the weather was precipitous, with sleet, wind and snow, and the water was ice cold, and of course, lanterns were out of the question) Then, learning, (and watching),that one cannot just row across the river, but that it is necessary to row facing up river, against the flow, just to keep the boats on a relatively straight line across the river, with the large truck sized wooden boats, I was awed. Keep in mind that contrary to my sartorial splendor and comfort, many of these men had only rags wrapped around their feet, and much of their clothing was worn and threadbare. As if that was not enough; once reaching the other side they then had to march several miles to Trenton to engage a well fed, clothed and rested army. Simply amazing. I agree with you that anyone living in the area, who has the ability to go to the annual reenactment, should put it on their bucket list. Finally, the next time someone says we are lucky to live in this country, remind them, it wasn't luck.
John Payne [12-28-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: I saw "The Crossing" also and totally agree with you that it should have been big screen, It was that well done. Stai bene!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [12-28-2010]

Jimmy mc It was a great game and as always it was good to see you again too ... Take care and be well, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-27-2010]

Frank Klock, Thank you for your very kind words. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-27-2010]

Bernie mc As always you make me laugh with your very wonderful sense of humor ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-27-2010]

Germantown guys from Brooksville, I sometimes work in Spring Hill on Rt.50 at the Lifesouth Community Blood Center. I am usually work at the Lecanto center in Citrus County. I ride a lot in Hernando county, know a lot of the back roads down there. I grew up at 523 W.Clapier St.right up thr street from Fernhill park. Richie Pio SFA 64, NC68.
Richard Pio, Born and bred in G-town 1950-1995. Ocala Fl. [12-27-2010]

Watching the news about the blizzard up North, I ALMOST feel guilty about whining about how cold it is here, but I'm doing it anyway because it's not supposed to be cold here, and it is up there. That was the purpose of the move.
John Payne [12-27-2010]

Catharine Manning Muir: On this site, I am learning so much about former Germantowners including Bill Haas. I clicked on a Mets Website and there was info about Bill Haas. There was a comment that Bill Haas was a spiritual leader. In the Gospel, Matthew said,"I Do Not Know You". This would apply to me in my understanding of Bill Haas. I met Bill Haas in 1952 in a very strange manner. His uncle was George Johnson and he lived next-door at 517 Hansberry. Billy was shooting his cap-gun in front of our house and my Irish-mother asked me to tell him to stop shooting his cap-gun and cut out the noise. I was a nice,clean-cut kid from SFA and I had not yet acquired my chieseled face which has been sculpted by various Germantowners. I asked Billy to stop shooting since my mother did want to hear the constant noice. He looked at me like I was some kind of fudging sissy. I was not tough but I was not a sissy and everything is relative. God is fair and He bestows different talents to individuals, I was given good hand-speed which helped me defensively in various sports. I was a reserved kid but I told Billy to stop making noise. Billy was tall, and he thought he was good-looking,smart,a great athlete and good with his hands. I had a dilemma-disappoint my mother or get in a hook-out where I might be forced to throw a sucker-punch to gain an advantage. However,I simply pushed him and Frontier-Playhouse began. My mother thanked me for honoring her request although my shirt needed some work. With this history, I never had good rapport with him. It was ironic that Joe Lynch always picked me when we competed in pick-up games at Fernhill Park against Haas's team. Your friend,Joe Lynch, was intelligent and he had to know what he was doing. At Fernhill,we played with Harold Pat Kelly,a professional baseball player and an outstanding athlete. Harold played many years for The Baltimore Orioles and became an minister. One year,he was having a religious huddle with his team-mates and Earl Weaver was ticked off. Harold replies,"Coach!Don't You Want Us To Walk With The Lord?" Earl Weaver retorts,"I Only Want You To Walk When The Bases Are Loaded". Again! I do not know you,I played ball with these great athletes and they had these spiritual souls. Paul Borian became a philosopher,John Fries became a philanthropist,and Frank Klock is our Bard which does not surprise me. Low and Behold, Joe Lynch's SFA friend,Catherine,is a blogger and writer from Down-Under,Australia.
JBS [12-27-2010]

Sad to see that Thones Kunder's house has been pulled down. From the illustration it appears almost identical to 6112 Germantown Ave which we did stabilization work on in 1990, but there doesn't seem to be much info on. The rear of 6112 appears to be the original house and faces south like the Wyck. Can anyone share any insight?
J Ferrier, Spring Mill, Whitemarsh, Pa [12-27-2010]

Thanks to this site I am reunited with a friend from years past...Thank you!
Sheila [12-27-2010]

To all my old friends who I grew up with in Germantown and to all the new ones I've made on this bright gathering place, I send fond wishes for good health, good friends, a shoulder to lean on when you need it, a place to go to laugh and sing, and most of all, peace and joy which comes to us if we open our hearts. Happy New Year!

What a grand spectacle! Saw the re-enactment of Washington crossing the Delaware with his troups on Christmas Day - a sight to behold as the uniformed soldiers manned the boats to make their way across the icy river just as they did long ago. One of the best movies depicting this moment in history is "The Crossing" with actor Jeff Daniels as George Washington made in 2000 for TV but should have been on the big screen. I highly recommend it.

Jane Holt Rauscher > Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Your mention of John brings warm thoughts to my mind. May he rest in peace. I think of him often, as I know you do also.
John Payne [12-27-2010]

DEAR FRIENDS: Anyone whose name I omitted from my "CHRISTMAS LIST", please check in and I'll rectify it. And a thank you goes out to my "reviewers": JOHN PAYNE(with a neat poem of his own),J.BRUCE SCHMITT (supportive,as always,in grand style), JACK BROGAN(who always tells it straight),PAUL BORIAN(official guardian of all things "GOO"),and the charming ROSEMARY HITE MALAGERI(who speaks right from the heart.) Off to me dreams, good night.
FRANK KLOCK [12-25-2010]

g-gtowner high & magnolia -i think we better just leave sonny alone, everything i found out makes me very uncomfortable. he knows where you guys are if he wants to see you. have a merry christmas and happy new year to everyone.
ANNAMARIE [12-25-2010]

Bill Leo: I want to wish you a prosperous and healthy 2011 since you were a gladiator who tamed many lions back in the day and one of the Oldtime Germantowners on this site. You mentioned "Mr. Harris",The Director of The GBC. He was a fine gentleman and truly a class-act. We were so fortunate to have mentors at The GBC to develop our goals and character. Today,we are so fortunate to have you on this site who has so much knowledge about boxing and the art of pugilism. You knew one of the greatest boxers and trainers to come out of Germantown,Mickey Grandinetti. He and Gil Turner were probaly the best fighters from Germantown. Harold Johnson from Manayunk was an awesome fighter and he fought JImmy Binns from Mount Airy who did not hang in the dairy-[Queen]. I did not like to hang on corners but I did like to have lunch at Kellis's[K&A]. My car was parked in a lot at Jasper&Clearfield and I was heading up Kensinton Ave. towards K&A when I bumped into a boxer who was into a slow jog. He barks out,"Are You Blind?". I joke,"Do You Want Bang With A Heavyweight?" Being from Kensington, The dude retorts,"I Knock Them All Out". Champ! I tell him,"Hurry To The Gym". The gym was Henley's Gym at Frankford&Clearfield and operated by Mickey Grandinetti of Germantown. Mickey also trained fighters at The Old Cambria. Mickey was loved by fighters of all races. Great people came from Germantown. Ed Loughran lived in Germantown and Brother Tom was the greatest boxer to come out of Philly. Back in the day, I liked Butcher Boy,Dan Buccoroni, who was from South Philly. There were many tough Jewish fighters from South Philly including Lew Tendler who had a restaurant at Broad&Locust. He was connected with Boo-Boo Hoff,a fight-promoter and legendary businessman of various activities if you know what I mean. I heard these stories from oldtimers who worked with Lew Tendler,the greatest southpaw fighter of that generation-better than Chuck Davey. Bill! The years are passing and we must get together at Jo-Jo's in Hamilton.
J.Bruce Schmitt [12-25-2010]

Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year to all. A special wish to any family members of John J. Holt, may the peace of the season fill your hearts and minds. You are always in my heart and mind. Jane
Jane Holt Rauscher [12-25-2010]

Bill Leonardo - Great to see you still on-line. Mr. Harris was still at GBC through the early Seventies when he retired and Paul A. "Bud" Alexander, who had been the Athletic Director and then Program Director, was promoted to Executive Director. I belonged to Troop #7 when Mr. Gottsabend passed away, about 1959. Auggie Petrucci, took over the troop. You may remember Auggie from his own scouting days - I spoke to him on the phone recently and he is doing well in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Like you and a lot of other Germantown guys, I owe a lot to the GBC. Merry Christmas and all the best to you in 2011.
Jim Smith [12-25-2010]

Webmaster; Why do some names come up in red and others remain black? Don't care, just curious.
John Payne [12-25-2010]

When the name is shown in red, it is hyperlinked to the author's email. Click to write privately to the author of the message.

Did anyone see Santa climb the ladder and enter Allens Dept. store this year? Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
Santa's Helper, from G-town [12-25-2010]

Merry Christmas to all who blog here. It's been a fun year posting and reading on this blog.
John Payne [12-25-2010]

merry christmas and a happy new year from a few germantown guys all living in brooksville fl.bud conaway-bob conaway from 221 zeralda st john medycki from 327 milain st jim colman from 6233 wister st bud curran from 259 w.clapier st
bud curran [12-25-2010]

JBS, Merry Christmas to you and your Mum and family-I enjoy your intelligent writings and rapport throughout the year! My brothers Patrick, Bernard and Kevin and sisters Mary and Sarah send best wishes to all from Germantown! January, 2011, will mark my 36th year of university teaching. I have the most rewarding work and a good son who is home from Ireland for the holidays and a fine dog. Life is good. Bless all!
Jim McKernan, Prof, NC St VDePaul 59' [12-25-2010]

John Fleming...Thanks so much for the introduction to the Theatres of Germantown webb site.Kudos to Dennis McGlinchey on his excellent research of our beloved Germantown movie houses.I saw many movies at the Vernon,Orpheum,Colonial,New Lyric,Wayne Ave. Playhouse,Bandbox,and Cayuga.Our favorite was the New Lyric.We hooligans from Happy Hollow owned the New Lyric on Sunday nights.Led by our movie critic,Bob Guarinello,the Happy Hollow invasion drove poor Mr Lewis crazy.He had no chance.Even the Russians could not stop us.We were bad!It was all because of Goo's influence on his family(Sonny,Brogan,Felice,Cisco,Jay and Billy Kelly,Monk,Trout,Joe and Tommy Razz,Dom Raff,Sal,Mike Masterson,Bor,Larry Rinaldi,Ollie,etc,etc,etc).Normal,non-disruptive,people would visit Mr Lewis's wonderful movie house on most days.But Sunday night,it was our movie!The bad boys of the Hollow gave no respect to other Germantowners.Mr Lewis did it all.I remember as a young,shy little boy,Mr Lewis would deliver posters of the weekly movies and place them in the front window of my fathers tailor shop.For that,we would receive two free passes.What a nice little man with white hair,glasses and a gentle personality.He did not deserve us.......Paul Borian(no longer goes to movies)
Paul Borian, Please accept a long overdue apology Mr Lewis. [12-25-2010]

I believe Ray Dawes was inferring that BOTH so-called "sports" (boxing and dog-fighting) were equally vicious, voluntary or not. And I agree.
anonymous [12-25-2010]

More about Bill Haas, the 1964 Mets and what might have been: CLICK Casey Stengel was Manager of the Mets then, so maybe Jack Brogan's memory is correct.
Catherine Manning Muir [12-25-2010]

Bud Ballard:....I have enjoyed your review of Germantown as you knew it. It is obvious you have a deep fondness & also apparent that this was a tight knit Homogeneous neighborhood. I resided for a short period of time on Wade st & I knew a Eddie O'Neil from Portico st. Eddie was a tall slim-Jim kind of guy with curly blond hair & a wicked sense of humor if you know what I mean. By that statement I mean fast Eddie would just as soon punch out your lights than shake hands. Recently I was researching Ed O'Neil's whereabouts & a person who shall remain nameless said Eddie was murdered unjustly back in the 70's or eighties. If true, I am very sad for the his family if he had any & for his reposed soul. If you might know of any further information concerning this O'Neil friend of yours & could share it with me along with the late Ron Manszo who I also knew from my days at Gtn ave & Manheim st's. I would be indebted to you & thank you......... Frank Klock:.....Thank you for your kind words & credits, Re: Three kings & the star. Following the McKernan's back in the day would ultimately lead to the 14th district at Haines st. Our magnetic north compass somehow was always fluttering between Brill's pool hall next to Flagg Bros shoe store & Tom McAnn's shoes @ Germantown & Chelten ave's., Linton's or many other of the unsavory places that were known to later produce a mix of writers, poets, alcoholics & thugs. I would like to think I took some of Momma's advice & chose the former. Nevertheless, thank you & Merry Christmas to you & yours along with the "High Priest" & esteemed court master of this site John Bruce Schmidt. Schmitty, you give us far too much credit & never any of the blame. A true gentlemen with a soft side for history & nostalgia. thank you for befriending me......... I will be spending Christmas with several of my beautiful nine grandchildren including a set of twin boys. Funny how as the curtain begins to drop in our lives we shift our allegiances & priorities. Children as it should be, always represent what is right & virtuous about Christmas. Whether it be our own as young fathers or grandchildren in the Fall of our lives. Jesus was a child, in keeping with that spirit we then should always remain true to our faith & family at Christmastime.......... It was recently learned by this writer that several of my ex's were looking for something new & shiny that went from 0 to 150 in less than three seconds.....I think I'll buy them both scales.........Merry Christmas to all!
Bernard f mc kernan, Annapolis Md. [12-25-2010]

I had planned to extend to all the readers and contributors to this wonderful site, a greeting in the words of Dicken's little character, young "Tiny Tim Cratchit"-- "God bless us, every one!"-- but the Hollow Barb, Frank Kloch, did such a fine job that I'll settle for a big ditto under his greeting. Well done, Frank. I would especially like to single out JBS's contributions over the past year, the most recent being his confirmation that our little jewel of a library in Vernon Park was a Carnegie contribution. I suspected as much as many of his libraries across the country and around the world (more than 3000) were of similar design. I'm pleased to learn that he is resting in Sleepy Hollow under a Celtic Cross. Perhaps some Halloween eve that elusive and mysterious "Headless Horseman" will toss onto his grave a flaming pumpkin head and remind the Scottish immigrant what he did with molten steel in those old, open-hearth steel mills, a century ago. He was a giant, the likes of which I wish we had more of today. When his beloved younger brother died at age 43 and reporters asked Andrew why Thomas had not also achieved the promethean leaps He had made, Andrew answered simply: "My brother was born tired." I can relate to that.
Kevin McKernan, Merry Christmas and a joyous Noel to all... [12-25-2010]

Frank Klock....Thank you for the Seasons Greetings and for thinking of my family. Wishing you Peace, and a Joyful New year...we need to get together soon.Teri
teri evans ireland [12-25-2010]

For those of you that absolutely, positively need another nostalgic fix (Erda?), I submit two remembrances' of things past and dedicate them to Helen's gatto, Mr James Tailer--a fine name for a furball. Back in the day (1950s), before we were taken to the "Big Show" (Downtown), so wonderfully described by Bill Cupo recently on this site, we did our Christmas shopping at the center of our universe: Germantown and Chelten, and specifically, @ the old Woolworth's 5&10 (RIP). With five dollars it was possible to purchase seven gifts for my family and still leave me with a few coins. Those days are gone! On one occasion, outside the store, there was an old gentleman with an accordion and a monkey dressed up in a little red and white Santa suit, on an approx. 6 ft leash. The old man would play Christmas tunes and the little monkey would move in a semi-circle, collecting coins offered by those that stopped to listen. The monkey was really cool! It would take a coin, tip its little red and white cap, display its little yellow teeth and then emit some monkey noise before it grabbed its crotch?? and dropped the coin into a cigar box in front of the old man. I just thought this was hilarious and kept feeding it pennies (monkey didn't know the difference between a penny and a dime)...but the old man did and told me to "piss-off" before I wore out his monkey with pennies. My good childhood friend, JB, was with me and he swore that when he grew up he was getting a monkey--a crotch grabbing monkey! Several years would pass until I was home on Christmas leave and asked him if he had ever gotten that monkey. "Yes!" he nodded. And, 'how is that working out?', I asked. Well...he gives me the most "evil-eye" I've ever seen, and spits out: "The filthy little bugger" "I keep it in a cage hanging in the dinning room and it throws its waste on those eating at the table"...and he belonged to a large family. 'Not good,' I said. "You got that right, pal," he replied. The monkey was never mentioned again. Merry Christmas, Germantowners! Be careful what you ask for...you might get it...and it may throw things at you.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA., St Vincent's '58, CD '62 [12-25-2010]

And a Merry Christmas to you too Frank.
Joe DePero, 53, levittown, st mikes 70. [12-25-2010]

Hey Bud, to continue where you left off. Helen and Bob Brown's kids were Bob Jr also a fireman, Linda, Thomas and I think maybe Helen. Next to them going north was Grace, that's how we knew her, she played the organ at st Mikes church services. Next there was the corner bar. Make a right down Abbottsford rd. the first home there (which was a single home) was occupied by us the DePero's. My parents Betty and Joe, myself Joe jr, Karen and John. Next house down were the Abbotts (and maybe the Lawerence's). The next two I'm not sure but next were the Procopio's, I'm blank on the next house. Next was Billy Phillips, then Mr Moore, not sure of the next but after that were the Shugarts, then McDonnel's (?) restaurant. The first home on Stenton were the Manors, then two doors down was Mrs Barns the crossing guard. Next to her were the Grainors, then Joe Rizzo, and his neighbors were the McCloskeys. That's about all I remember from about 63 to 70. However I do remember some different families in the homes that you mentioned. The Baders later lived in the Richards home, The Davenports I think lived one door down fron Mr Young (in the 60s), And My grand parents, Joe and Hannah Stead and my uncle Gene Pugh, previously occupied the home that my parents raised us in. Also in the 60's down on Sylvania, were the O'neals, and the Rosenthalls.
Joe DePero, 52, levittown, st mikes [12-25-2010]

JBS: what your mum did was carry culture to the citizens of the town... that is a wonderful feat and effort and I appalud her here today!. The library in Germatown is where I learnt of culture, cowboys, and America...wow.! Bless her for her work. My toast to all is also given in sincerity and i learned it from a Colombian national that I served with in the Vietnam War he said "Salute, denaro,y-amor y-tiempo, paragastorlos" I don't speak Spanish but it is lovely meaning "health wealth, and the time to enjoy it all". Thankyou Radioman first class Mike Espriella from Miami now living in a log cabin in Appalachia. Ernest Hemingway would have approved.Mike and i went to a bull fight once in Mexico.We, but many, others would not have approved. We were about to go to war. I am happy to have known such well educated men. I too have enjoyed the wonderful blogs from all on the site and I love Catherine Muir's take on Germantown and the poems from that ol bard - hack Klock-keep them coming Frank your '12 days' really sucks compared to some i have heard Frank.... And i am so happy my son Ross, the kicker, now appointed as a Football Association of Ireland (FAI)referee... is home here in Carolina for the Christmas!Tis not our football but the real football you know as "Soccer" Ross holds NCAA records for kicking footballs...and he did it for the love of kicking. He tells me he found my 9 lb steel ball i was given to improve my pitching at Germantown Boys Club (my da gave it to me- from the Midvale steelworks) when I was about 10 ...I'd .walk around with it throw it a few times and throw it and pick up along with a baseball-it was like hurling a pimple ball--Skippy Wilson (temple coach) said" good stuff Mac" there has been a lot of talk about good athletes on here. We always played to win.My hat is off to Bill Haas wherever he is-my first-baseman at Cardinal Douherty,George Paull (rip) and to the coach who taught me that attitude was more important to winning than anyting -when I pitched for the Philadelphia Black Bombers (a semi pro team) in the PenDel League at East Anderson Rec field...as a 17 year old high school player. Happy and Joyous and Spiritual Christmas to all there back in the holy old ground. I didn't play with the Hollow guys-I have liked to throw my best at Borian. Happy New Year
jim mckernan, professor NC [12-25-2010]

Merry Christmas to all and their families on this site and a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Richie Pio, SFA 64, NC 68.
Richard Pio, Born and bred in G-town 1950-1995. Ocala Fl. [12-25-2010]

JL: It's wonderful to connect with you after so many years. Re Sid Mark: he'ss been playing Sinatra for 55 years but is winding down to a finish on New Year's Eve, I believe. An insightful interview done last year can be viewed at CLICK Sid has always been compassionate, overlooking Sinatra's human failings and seeing only his great talent. When he signs off, another great musical tradition will be lost.
CMM [12-25-2010]

IT was The Night before Cliffmas and all through the Park,
Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels embark,
on a new training session to start off the day
and attempt to erase the memory of the black, orange and gray.

The rest of the Phillies asleep in their beds,
with visions of Championships playing in their heads.
The Phanatic on his ...4 wheeler and Charlie in his cap,
looks down his line-up, and batting 5th there's a gap.

When all of a sudden, there arose such a chatter,
ESPN was on the scene to see what’s the matter!
Away from the Rangers he flew like a flash!
Flipped off the Yankees and told them "keep your cash!"

When what to our wondering eyes should appear!?
A familiar face of a man who was just here!
With a nasty curve ball and a fastball that's quick,
an addition to a rotation that's already sick!

The most powerful rotation that's ever been seen!
The Big 3 is now 4, cause Cliffs back on the team!
Now Halladay,Hamels,Oswalt and Lee!
Victorino,Howard,Rollins and Utley!

From the NLCS to the World Series we'll go!
100 win season? Ask Rollins he'll know!
Cliff came to our team cause he said it felt right,
Merry Cliffmas to All and to all a good night!

Merry Cliffmas and Happy Halladays to all my Phillies friends, and Roy to
the world because baby it's Cole outside!

Frank Klock - I hope this isn't plagiarized. It was sent to me by a friend.
Vince Sesso, West Deptford NJ [12-25-2010]

Wishing all who prowl this blog a very blessed and merry Christmas. Some I know personally and some I know only by name but I feel a bond with them also as we are all linked by times years ago to a place called Germantown, but what a place.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [12-25-2010]

Frank Klock: Kudos on your Happy Hollow Christmas poem. Well done! And thanks for the Christmas wishes in your enumeration of names of Germantown blog posters. That surely took some time and research on your part unless you have a photographic memory like JBS. Merry Christmas to you!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [12-25-2010]

Annamarie, You're asking the right question, but there was no answer from T.M. She supposedly has the answer, but isn't sharing.We will have to keep our eyes & ears open to maybe find out sometime down the road what really did happen to Sonny. He was never considered a lucky person so maybe life just got harder & harder for him as time went on.Merry Christmas old friend where ever he may be.....
G-Towner- High & Magnolia [12-25-2010]

Frank Klock: thanks for the mention in your poem. I like your work. I don't think I was ever in a poem before. New Subject: Twain said, "When I was younger I could remember anything, wether it happened or not." I think this happened The mention of Bill Haas reminded me of one of the best 8th grade basketball teams I ever saw. Bill, Joe Lynch, John Payne and others who contribute here were parts of something special. Goo Goo was the coach. Now for the memory, wether it happened or not. I think this is what happened. Bill Haas was selected first from the available players when the Mets were formed. He won the silver bat for best average in professional baseball the year before. Rocky Raffaele had a hand in helping him hit. He had wonderful potential as a hitter. In late March, after the beginning of spring training the first year of the Mets, I was driving south on Wayne Avenue in my '56 Plymouth Savoy 6. I looked over at Sal's and there stood Bill Haas. Puzzled, I parked in front of Happy Hollow. It was raining as I approached Sal's. "Billy, you hurt?" "Nah," he said. "I left the team." "You left the Mets? What was the problem?" He said, "They had this old guy down there and he was messin' with my swing." I believe the old guy Bill Haas was referring to was Casey Stengel. I hope that is close to the truth, but I'm open to revisions. Bill Haas coulda' bin' a contender. Merry Christmas.
Jack Brogan, Looking out at my driveway. I plowed it. [12-23-2010]

Ray Dawes, The difference between boxing and dog fighting, Boxers make a concious choice to enter the ring, not so the dogs.
G. Chatburn [12-23-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

JBS: If there is a heaven, John Coltrane is the house muso. I adore his sound and have stacks of his CDs. My other all-time favorite is Eric Clapton. I didn't know about "The Underground" or the jazz club in Armat Street that Bernie McKernan mentioned. Here is Oz, in Sydney, jazz is very, very popular and there are great jazz bands and clubs in every capital city. Not out here in the Outback, sadly, except on the radio!
CMM [12-23-2010]

The Continueing story of Germantown. Next to SLAVENS store was the home of the RICHARDS family. The mother name was MARY. She had two children Marty and Mary. They both attended Saint Francis of Assisi. Couple of houses north of the RICHARDS was the VANEVERY family. Mr and Mrs, and two sons David and Jerrry. They with twins. They attended the Public School at Germantown and Abbotsford Road. I often wounder what happened to the RICHARDS and VANEVERY families. The next family that lived in the 4600 block was Jim and Kenny CLARK. The CLARKS attended Saint Michael of theSaints. When we were in the first year of High School the CLARKS moved to 88 East Seymoure street. The CLARKS new house turned into our hangout. Notes Kenny CLARKE just died on December 2nd,2010. Ken was living in Florida. Next to the CLARKS was Mr. and Mrs William YOUNG. Mr. YOUNG was a house painter. He ran his bussiness from his house. His house was the only house in the block that had a garage. Then there was Jim BELSON. The next family I remember was the MANSZO family. Then there was the CUPO family. They had a store front house. The CUPO's had a barber shop. Then they opened a steake shop. AL's Steake Shop. Next to the CUPOs was Helen BROWN. Her husband was a fireman. They had a group of children, mostly girls. The 4600 block of Germantown Ave. has changed over the years. It looks like a war zone. Five houses are completely leveled to the ground, beginning with 4605 and ending with 4613. All of the houses in the block had large porches. All of the porches have been knocked down. This is the worst looking block in Germantown. SLAVENS store burned down to the ground It is now a vacant lot. TO BE CONTINUED'
Bud BALLARD [12-23-2010]

Bill Leonardo, I'm 82 yrs. old belonged to the GTN boys club!from 1936 till 1940.Belonged to troop 7 boy scouts Charlie Gottsebend was the scout Master. Also boxed & wresteled in tournmentsthere. Bill Harris was the directer. Anyone out there remember any of this Regards Bill Leo [12-23-2010]

Frank, the bard, poetic,
Writes of places and times frenetic;
He makes us all smile,
And relax for a while,
The achievement is more than synthetic.
John Payne [12-23-2010]

Paul Borian and The Hollow Nation: Frank Klock posted such a beautiful poem to you and The Hollow Family. Frank was not the hitter that you and Bill Haas were but he knocked that Hollow-Xmas poem out of the park. He met your challenge to create more beautiful poetry. Bor! Never forget that Frank is a "Hawk". The Goo is smiling with tears in his eyes looking down from heaven. Rocky and Trout Raffaele must also be quite pleased. You and The Hollow guys are making Moe's Store immortal and "Good Golly Miss Molly". Now,you and Mike Buchanan[SFA] must deliver the goods-some good Germantown poetry. You and Goo knew Bill Haas well and he was mentioned by a friend of Joe Lynch,Catherine Manning Muir. Bill H. was coached by Goo at St. Francis and he was your team-mate at Loudenslager with Ken Twiford,Duncan Hubley's friend. Catherine mentioned that he was a good-looking slugger.I wonder how Goo handled him since some of the bloggers suggested that he had a touch of arrogance. I know that Goo did not like arrogant kids and that is why he got along so well with you. Everybody thought Bill Haas was a good athlete and dynamite hitter. In the 50's,I thought that you and Bill were the best hitters in Germantown but Leroy Kelly and Herb Adderly could also hit the long-ball. In 1957,I had a friend,Bill lawler,and he threw a fast-ball at Bill Haas at Gratz Field on Hunting-Park. You knew this field well since you had a police-escort out of there after a GHS-Gratz football-game. Haas hit the ball out of the park over Larissa into The Burpee Seed Company. You,Ken Twiford,and Bill H. were awesome hitters for Loudenslager under the tutelage of Jack Turner[GA]. Of the three,who batted 3-4-5 in the line-up? I also wonder how Jack Turner handled Billy? You and Ken Twiford should have been good mentors for Haas since you and Ken did well after your athletic careers were over,you took advantage of your education at two good institutions-Villanova&LaSalle. Bor! I know that you,Fran,and the Family will have a joyous Christmas and 2011 will bring some snow and away you will go-The Poconos.
JBS [12-23-2010]

Dear Rosemarie Hite Malageri-bless ye and yours this Christmas. And all germatown persons. Special wishes to Helen Leone and her peaceful comments this past year. Rosemarie you were the first person from Germantown to welcome me back to Philly when my son played in that semi pro game in Frankfurt when the black farmers of NC played superior football against the "Celtics" of Philly that day. I have to take each match as it comes-and do not relish in beating the Celts. But it is what is is and fair play to your Philly Iggles. They are playing with an artistic QB....they will do well. Up the Republic! Jim McKernan, whose son is home from Dublin for the holidays-!
jim mckernan, professor NC [12-23-2010]

as my grandfather would say happy christmas and merry new year
anonymous [12-23-2010]

my dear friends---ooops! on my previous best wishes list, i failed to list the following names: susan henigan and the whole henigan family--the recuperating lou giorno--denise duckworth tumelty-- vera carey canavan-helen leone d'angelo linda chiarolanza-raven--jim burke--- shay mc williams--gary donnelly----- joe de pero--jim coleman---mike rose-- louis and "p" pausano---michael and teri evans. god bless us all.
FRANK KLOCK [12-23-2010]

my dear friends------- merry christmas and happy new year! to those of you whose names don't appear----please forgive me and know that you share in this cheer. john bruce schmitt--john payne-- paul borian--john brogan-----edward mc caulley--edward kennedy ------bonnie gatto--joe graber-- jack mc hugh--dom raffaele--kevin mc carthy--john miglionico--robert terranova--lou fondi--thomas and joseph razzano--the masterson family-- butch pickett--joseph and robert d'angelo--bill obst--joseph di pasquale the kehan family--cathy manning muir-- joseph and thomas lynch--david byrne-- duncan hubley--david linn--richard pio- john and maureen fries--ray duffy---- thomas cusack--pat mc ilhenny----- ted silary---kenneth schmitt--orville ballard--raymond dawes--james breen-- joseph leone--bruce marshall--bill cupo lorraine cupo kelly--dan hartnett-- michael buchanan--sheila martinelli-- rosemarie rinaldi--dennis mc glinchey- linda fontana--rosemarie hite malageri erda armstrong graham--and finally ! (a drum roll here) we three kings of east germantown are: bernard,kevin and james---following the mc kernan star. and most of all to our blessed webmaster, who has to read every last one! of our postings, and true to his handle, does a masterful job. we're all grateful members of your conducted orchestra. bravo! sir!
FRANK KLOCK [12-23-2010]

R.Dawes: Boxers CHOOSE to fight; dogs are made/forced to fight.A huge difference,don't you think.
Monk [12-23-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

CMM: Jean Williams,Dan Rodden, then Brother Gene Graham (at LaSalle High)ran the dancing operation in NW Philly (Gtn.) for at least a decade. Kim, Jean's daughter, still teaches football players at LaSalle how to dance like Luther Billis in South Pacific. Take it easy on Sid Marks, else we'd have to buy or steal every Sinatra tune; Friday with Frank and Sunday with Sinatra. You performed in Guys and Dolls at the College and around Philly, pro bobo. Jean was always looking for a stage. She always said she was too tall for Broadway, so she channeled her art into young people. The old Dell East is dead. The days of free tickets and blankets in Fairmount Park with the Philadelphia Orchestra died a death long ago. (I just downloaded an app on the IPhone and can get a R/R station in Perth, 'Stralia. Do they take requests for "Diana" the way Joe Niagara did on WIBG? Strange world to talk 50 years later and 10,000 miles apart. JBS,that ex-basketball half-court, full-martial arts-jump shooter, is the sheriff in Gtn. now, at least on this blog. (Kim still remembers when we babysat her for her mother!) Joe Lynch
anonymous [12-23-2010]

Frank Klock...Loved your modern version of a Christmas classic.Goo would be proud of you.He taught you well,or was it the Jesuits? Merry Christmas to one and all from Paul. P.S. Happy,Healthy New Year too. Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Skiing as well as Jean Claude Killey in the 1968 Olympics [12-23-2010]

Ray Dawes, Humans(boxers) are usually given the choice to fight or not to fight ... however, dogs are not ... they are thrown into the mix and are just trying to survive and protect themselves. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-23-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Frank Klock, So good! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-23-2010]

The McKernan Brothers[Bernie,Kevin,Jim]:I applaud all of you for your great blogs during this Christmas season. Bernie and Jim made salient and rich comments about music and Kevin's comments about Carnegie Libraries really resonated with me since my parents were librarians. Kevin! Vernon Park was a Carnegie Library and Andrew Carnegie,A Scottish-American,was one of the greatest philanthropists of all-time, decades before Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Like many rich people,Carnegie was not a scrooge. He supported not only libraries but also Educational Institutions including Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburg. There were numerous libraries in Philadelphia which had been funded by Carnegie. My mother,Marguerite, whom you knew,admired Carnegie. I know that one of you, read Washinton Irving who lived in Tarrytown NY, and Carnegie is buried in Sleepy Hollow near Samuel Gompers,The great Union-Organizer. I do not have to be academic and explain the connection between Sleepy Hollow and Washington Irving but I did see the movie,"The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow", played by Johnny Depp. Bernie! Kevin! Jim! Have a Joyous Christmas and partake of some Irish Egg-Nog if you know what I mean.
J. Bruce Schmitt [12-23-2010]

Ray Dawes: The difference between boxing and dog fighting is that the human fighters choose to box; the dogs are forced to fight to the death.
anonymous [12-23-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Here is every thing you would ever want to know about the Theaters of Germantown. http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com/Germantown%27s%20Theatres.htm
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [12-23-2010]

Can anyone tell me why or how dog fighting is any worse then boxing. Look at the damage to their brains RAYMOND DAWES, 67 years old S.F. class of 1957 [12-22-2010] Ray the quick answer is that at least with boxing, the participants enter the ring, voluntarily, while the dogs are not only forced to fight, but trained with inhumane training to make them more fierce.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [12-23-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

For Raymond Dawes, the answer is that men make a CHOICE to fight the dogs are forced to it.
William Dougherty, Doc from Portico St [12-23-2010]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

During the 1950’s I recall that every picture of a christmas tree had a circular train track at the base of the tree, it was like Muff & Jeff, they were always together. Toy trains were one of the main modes of enjoyment at that time, the three principal companies being Lionel, American Flyer and Marx. In the early 1950’s my father saw an ad in the newspaper for a Lionel set that he wanted to buy for the family, it was at Gimbels and it had the smoke unit and the bell build into the engine. So since he worked in center city, during his lunch he went down to Gimbels to get the set. Like many popular things, they were sold out but they did take his name telling him they will be getting a shipment in right before Christmas. Well you can guess what happen, 2 days before Christmas they let him know that they didn’t get any more. The next day was Christmas Eve and he just had to work a half day, he used the rest of the time going to the stores in Germantown that he felt might have trains, by this time he would buy any train set but all the stores he went to were sold out of all train sets. Time was almost over and the stores were closing, as a last resort he went to Pep Boys because he knew at Christmas they sold some toys. My dad didn’t see any trains when he walked in, but he asked the man at the counter if they had any train sets---the man said that they had one set left and that he would take $5 off the price since it was the last one. The man went into the back and came out with the very set my dad wanted to get at Gimbels, the set with the smoke and bell unit in the engine. In future years like many families, we constructed a platform with a small Plasticville town. One of my brothers still has the train and it runs great even after all the falls from the train platform when taking those curves too fast.
Jack McHugh [12-23-2010]

Erda, The Rialto, I believe Tulpehocken St. just east of G-town ave. Great Saturdays spent at any of those listed usually a feature 2 shorts and cartoons! With 5-6 kids from the block.
George Chatburn [12-22-2010]

Erda--you missed these movie houses-The Vernon-Cayuga-Wayne Logan-Sedgewick-Rialto--THANKS TO ALL WHO WISHED ME A QUICK RECOVERY LOU GIORNO
lou giorno, lou from burbs [12-22-2010]









To all of my Germantown friends, I tell you nothing new, in saying that a year has passed since I last wished you MERRY CHRISTMAS!,but I do add to this Holy Season's greetings, the sparkling newness of another year's appreciation of your most cherished friendships. And that every day in the New Year of 2011 may be radiant with rosy health and singing joy for you and your loved ones is the Christmas- Blessed Wish of your loving friend, FRANK KLOCK.
FRANK KLOCK [12-22-2010]

Catherine Manning Muir: You are The Renaissance Lady on this site-travel,books,literature,music and an eye for good-looking men such as Joe Lynch,Bill Haas and those other handsome lads in your SFA Class,John Fries and Joe Razzano. You certainly had a penchant for music,especially Jazz. Like Kool Bernie McKernan,I knew most of The Jazz Musicians that you cited. I attended high-school in North Philly and I passed through Strawberry Mansion where one of the greatest jazz-musicians of all time lived at 33rd&Oxford-JOHN COLTRANE. The Train was awesome. Back in the day,I introduced your handsome friend,Joe Lynch,to some jazz and blues in a dark,subterrean-joint called "The Underground". Joe was a cleancut guy from LaSalle and I was the reserved lad from St. Joe and we were grooving to the music of The Great Lonnie Johnson. This Joint was not far from The Showboat on Lombard St. which you frequented and listened to some cool sounds. John Coltrane also performed at The Showboat. I heard Doc Watson perform at The Showboat and he was one of the great folk-singers of the 60's although he was blind. Around the corner from The Showboat on Broad St. was Pep's and that was a cool stop and one could hang out with the brothers and just enjoy some cool Jazz. Joe Lynch was friendly with Pat McIlhinney and he liked it there-those Preppers could be eclectic. You are a person of the world and I can conjecture that you visited Piccadilly Circus in London where I heard great jazz back in the 60's. You mentioned Dave Brubeck and "Take Five" which I heard in a joint in Glasgow. You are so correct that there was Great Jazz in Philadelphia and I liked to hang in Billy Ketchmer's Club. Not too long ago,I heard some good jazz in Buenos Aires which is known for The Famous Opera House,"The Colon". Catherine! Have a joyous Christmas and I hope that you can groove to some cool music in Sydney.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-22-2010]

Erda Graham: Very recently, there was a thread about movie theaters in Germantown. Check the archives for the details. BTW, the New Lyric was on Gtn Ave, not on Wayne Ave.
CMM [12-22-2010]

ve. Edward and Theresa Oneil had 5 children. Theresa mother lived at 4605 Germantown Ave. I always knew her as Mrs.Daley. The neighbor who lived at 4607 Germantown Ave was the "German Lady" During the second world War she would display the German Flay in first floor front window. I don't remember the name of the people who lived at 4609 Germantown. Mr. and Mrs. ONeil lived at 4611 Germantown. These were the paarents of Edward ONeil at 4601 Germantown. The CROHNON'S lived at 4613 Germantown. Mister was a plumber. During the Summer I would water their flowers when they went on vacation. A woman I only knew as MAYE lived at 4615 Germantown. When I was 16yrs old I worked for a Construction Contractor who lived at 4627 Germantown Ave' Joseph VASSALO and Sons Contractor was painted on the side of his pickup and dump truck. Mr. VASSALO rented out the rear of the Italian Club on the east side of Germantown Ave just north of LOgan Street,next to the Cementary. Joseph VASSALO was a good man to work for. The WORETZS lived at 4629 Germantown Ave. There was always a card game in the cellar on the weekend. SLAVENS Food Store was loacted on the north/east corner of sylvania and Germantown. Billy SLAVEN was the same age and we both attended Staint Francis Of Assisi. To be continued......Bud BALLARD.
Orville T. Ballard [12-22-2010]

Can anyone tell me why or how dog fighting is any worse then boxing. Look at the damage to their brains
RAYMOND DAWES, 67 years old S.F. class of 1957 [12-22-2010]

Orville T. Ballard, Sugggestion To Increase Activity On GERMANTOWN, BRICKYARD, YOUR [12-22-2010]

Denise Duckworth Tumelty> re: Bill Haas; yes, he was a tall blond. He was the center for Saint Francis' basketball team, along with Joe Lynch who was the alternate center. That was about 1957-58 (they were eighth graders at that time. Bill was an excellent athlete in baseball, basketball, and soccer. If anyone doubted that, they would only have to ask him. LOL. He really was quite a formidable teammate, or opponent should you have been on the other team.
anonymous [12-22-2010]

G-towner -Hgh & NAGNOLIA = just one question. Why did Theresa tell Linda that funny story? Seems to me that the person to talk to is Theresa.
ANNAMARIE [12-22-2010]

Denise Tumelty: Yes, Bill Haas was quite tall, maybe 6'4" and very blond.
CMM [12-22-2010]

JBS: Funny thing is I don't ever recall discussing a book with JL. He was/is a very bright guy and I suppose we could have had our own little book club. Just goes to show you can know someone for years but know so little about him. My reading these days is all Indonesian/Malay, all of it heavy. No time for 'easy reading', i.e. anything in English. I made a vow a few years ago to read all the classics and started reading Jane Austen but found it very slow going and, besides, I felt it was distracting me from the reading I 'should' be doing. As for the tone of the blog, I agree it has been elevated to a civil level. Hope it stays this way. We must all remember that a cross word uttered is tempered by time and fades from memory but a 'nastygram' stays in the archives.
Catherine Manning Muir, SFA'57, CA'61, Temple'73, translator, now in Outback Oz [12-22-2010]

CMM: The case file is MIA? Now that really does peak my insatiable curiosity a lot...I wonder how that could have possibly happened? Negligence? One day down the line, if it surfaces, again.......perhaps you will get the answers you so deserve to have.....amen Have a Blessed Christmas with your family. Linda "F">
L.Fontana [12-22-2010]

Erda (Armstrong)Graham: The New Lyric theater was at Germantown and Manheim, on the West side of Germantown, next to the Dog House coffee shop. The "Wayne" Theater was the movie house on Wayne avenue at Happy Hollow. It was across from Palo's and Fasano's markets, on the same side of the street at Moe's candy/cigarette/cigar store. I first saw the Wizard of Oz at the Wayne when it cost ten cents. I was around six years old. I bolted from the theater when the old lady who took Toto was peddaling across the screen, and turned into a witch (or was it a senator?), anyway, my sister Pat, RIP, had to chase after me down Wayne Avenue. We both missed the movie. Pat was really miffed. Strange, the memories that are locked in our gourdes.
anonymous [12-22-2010]

G-towner-High & Magnolia - i'm really sorry tohear this about Sonny. I have a very bad feeling for him. i wish we ciuld help him. Thanks for letting me know. I WILL KEEP LOOKING FOR HIM.
ANNAMARIE, rehoboth beach, de [12-22-2010]

Dave Linn: Bill Haas lived on Erringer Place where Bill West lived and was John West's brother and a real nice guy with strong convictions. Leroy and Harold[Pat] lived on Deacon Street off of Wissahickon and not far from Roberts Ave. Bill Haas and The Kelly brothers were great athletes. In our youth, Leroy would hit the ball over the trees in left-field at Fernhill and Bill Haas would send the ball over first,400 feet and I am not exaggerating. I wondered what happened to him? In the 70's,I saw his father at a Germantown reunion at The Continental which you know well. Dave! Have a joyous Christmas and tell John West,"Bull and Horse Said,"Hello".
Bruce Schmitt [12-22-2010]

Erda Armstrong, Hi & Merry Christmas. In reference to the question: "How many movie theaters were in the Germantown area". That can depend on where you lived & within walking distance. For example the McKernan's lived on church lane off of the 5600 block of Germantown ave & I can recall walking to all the theaters you mentioned & a couple of more. The Rialto which was located @ Tulpehocken & Gtn ave or was it Walnut lane? I should remember because I wore out several pairs of shoes "hoofing" it to a girlfriends house. There was also a small theatre on Gtn ave @ School House lane called: The Vernon. This was one of the first movie houses to disappear from the scene due to most likely, competition. The Colonial @ Gtn ave & Maplewood always featured special discounts & prizes on Saturday matinees that the Vernon couldn't match. I know because Mom who doled out the dimes would tell me. There was another movie house but that was in or very close to Nicetown. I think it was called the Cuyahoga. I don't remember the Colonial having a roller rink during my time in Gtn: 1947-65. I knew every nook & cranny in that place for on many an occasion I would envision myself as the Phantom of the opera. Yes, even back then that story was dear to my heart. Well, that's my contribution for the day Boys & Girls because this backward poet writes inverse.
bernard f mc kernan, annapolis Md. [12-22-2010]

Anna Marie, It looks like the Grinch has come early this year. Despite information a few months ago, that Sonny "Hat" Brett was indeed alive & kicking and that he would be returning to this area soon, there hasn't been one word about him since then.I guess the reliable info. wasn't so reliable, & the older guys from the old corner were right. Sonny is either dead or does not want to get back in touch with his old friends, if he is in fact still breathing.You know there was a reunion of the High & Magnolia crowd a couple of months ago & there were hopes Sonny would be a surprise visitor. Did not happen, so naturally this was a major topic for discussion. I guess we just let sleeping dogs lie & hope that he has a Merry Christmas where ever he may be & put the whole matter on the furthest back burner. We will just have to remember him when he was a good friend & leave it at that.
G-towner- High& Magnolia, High & Magnolia [12-21-2010]

How many movies theaters where there in Germantown?? I can remember the Orpheum,(Chelten Ave Between Germantown and Green) Band Box,(Armat St.) Lyric, (Wayne Ave Happy Hollow), and Walton (Chew and Chelten) I heard about the Colonial (On Germantown Ave with a roller skating rink on the second floor) but I am too young to remember it. HaHa... Anyone know of other that may have existed?? Would love to read you memories of the movies..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, Grew up on the West Side [12-21-2010]

Bruce or Duncan, I know Bill Hass lived in Erringer Place, where did Leroy Kelly live? I believe Bill now lives down in South Jersey, outside AC.
Dave Linn, Manheim Street [12-21-2010]

Was Bill Haas a tall blonde?
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [12-21-2010]

Thomas Jeffeson wrote to John Adamas"Nights of rest to you and days of tranquility are the wishes I tender with my affectionate respects" MERRY CHRISTMAS!
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [12-21-2010]

In defence of Bill Haas: Bill was in my class at SFA and I saw him occasionally during my high school years. He was very handsome, a fabulous baseball player and had an ego that was even larger than his talent. What seemed to be lacking was humility. I found this entry on baseballlibrary.com: "Oct 10, 1963 - The Mets take 1B Bill Haas from the Dodgers and P Jack Fisher from the Giants‚ while Houston grabs P Claude Raymond from the Braves in a supplemental draft for the expansion teams. In the draft‚ each of the 8 original clubs was required to make available 4 players from their roster of August 31st (the Reds list 5 players). Houston and the Mets can pay $30‚000 for each of the players chosen. Haas will never reach the majors‚ and the two pitchers chosen will make contributions: the other players go unchosen. Paul Richards‚ Houston GM‚ who had originated the idea of the draft‚ had second thoughts after seeing the players made available." If Bill is still out there, I wish him well and hope his life post-baseball has been fulfilling and happy.
Catherine Manning Muir [12-21-2010]

RE MURDER OF MIKE MCGEEHAN: Not the news I'd like to report but it's all we're likely ever to know. Following my request to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ramsey, a detective was assigned to look into the case. After a thorough search, it was determined that the case file was missing and could not be found. Therefore, the only available record of the event was a cursory entry in the homicide log for 1974, noting that Mike "had been found badly beaten about his head on Monday Dec. 17th, 1973 at approx. 11:00PM inside Gillespie's Bar by Mr Dessert. Mr. McGeehan was then taken to Germantown Hospital where he was being treated until he passed away on Jan. 11. 1974 at 10:00AM." It has been ascertained that Mr. Dessert died in 1987. With the case file gone and the only witness dead, we've come to the end of the road. I am, however, grateful to the Commissioner for allocating the resources to reinvestigate the case and am very grateful to Det. Jim Griffin for pursuing the matter to its conclusion, albeit not the conclusion I had hoped for. I was assured that, had the case file been found, the department would have pursued the investigation wherever it might lead and maybe justice could have been done, or at least some of the unanswered questions answered. Now we will never know what really happened and who was responsible. A murderer has gone scot free and a good man has been denied posthumous justice. I tell you this because there are many out there who knew and loved Mike McGeehan and who share my grief, no less sharp even after 37 years. I ask that any comments posted to this blog be positive, loving and charitable, in Mike's memory. He would not have wanted recriminations or hurtful accusations. RIP Mike McGeehan.
Catherine Manning Muir, SFA'57, CA'61, Temple'73, now in Outback Oz [12-21-2010]

Catharine Manning Muir: You have certainly ratcheted up the discourse on this site. I liked your comments on the libraries and books that occupied much of your time during your childhood in Germantown. I applaud your comparative analysis between the two libraries on Germantown Ave.,The Friends and Vernon Park which those McKernan Bibliophiles frequented. You mentioned that you had a love of books and that you were a prolific reader. Your old friend,Joe Lynch,was a voracious reader and I can simply state that you chewed books and Joe L. digested them,you were a good team. Like The Mckernans,you are a bibliophile and a person steeped in literature. For mental calisthentics and edificattion,I would recommend that you read the works of BORGES,the great Argentine-Intellectual,writer,and former Director of The National Library of Argentina. Borges wrote about unreality in literature and magical realism. Borges was the iconic librarian and former athletes,like Joe Lynch, should not only go the gym but they should also engage in the aforementioned mental calisthentics. Forgive my pedantry,but it is not very facile to respond to your high level posts. My mother and step-father spent many years in libraries in Philadelphia and New York and they always talked about The Carnegie Libraries which Kevin Mckernan cited in one of his posts. Incidentally,The Vernon Park Library was A Carnegie Library if I recall. Back in the day,you and Joe Lynch must have had some interestig dialogue. Destiny! You are an Australian and Joe is a Main-Liner.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-21-2010]

Bernard McKernan, I believe it was Bob Horn who initially hosted Bandstand. I also believe that his involvement in the "payola" scandal lead to his termination as host of that show. Enter, Dick Clark! I attended Cardinal Dougherty ('59); and along with a few classmates would take the "El" to the studio at 46th & Market. We were not permitted to be seen in our school uniform on Bandstand; so we would wear a cardigan over it to conceal the school emblem. We thought we were so "cool" being on the dance floor with all the "regulars". I also remember a panel of judges, selected from the studio audience, who would rate the song of the week. Traveling on the El and dancing on Bandstand were "something to talk about" for a parochial high school student "back then"!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [12-21-2010]

Show Troll Posting from Bernard f mc kernan

helen leone deangelo i love your cat's name ... very very cute ... i had a cat name nicholas ... i just loved that little guy ... he had a lot of spirit and he gave me a lot of happiness with his antics alone. my son actually had to nail our x mas tree to the ceiling one year since that little guy thought it was there just for him to swing from and to knock off all of the decorations. :>) rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-21-2010]

lou giorno, so happy to see you back ... i hope you are better and will stay this way ... enjoy your christmas and a very happy healthy new year to you and your family, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-21-2010]

jimmy mckernan you brought back some great memories of the boys on the corners making wonderful harmony ... have a great christmas and a health new year jimmy .... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-21-2010]

Merry Christmas and a Peaceful, Blessed New Year.......to all of the "G" towner's who post on this site.From Linda "F">....
L.Fontana [12-21-2010]

KEVIN from Santa Barbara--Thanks for your blog-Still recuperating--How bout them EAGLES?-What a game! I almost went back to the hospital after watching that miracle comeback. Lou Giorno.
lou giorno, lou from burbs [12-21-2010]

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