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February 16-28, 2010

bob deangelo well said .... rosemarie
rmalageri@amh.org [02-26-2010]

Dennis, Hank Crane had a restaurant in Ambler. I'm not sure of the exact location or if it is even still there. He also had a restaurant in Beach Haven.
Sheila's pics [02-26-2010]

Mike Garvey, I agree with Rosemarie...NO MORE SNOW PLEASE!
Sheila [02-26-2010]

Jane West: You must me be an Irish Lass to visualize a snow storm as lace Curtain. I gather that a snow storm in SC can not be labeled as Shanty. During St. Patrick's Day,you can travel to Crane's Irish Tavern in Hilton Head Isle, which is operated by Hank Crane from Germantown. John West and I knew him well. Tom Crane and I were friendly since we both loved horses. John McShane[Prepper] owned many Irish Race[Horses. His daughter[Polly] became a nun. My Irish Mother would be pleased that you frequent Brookgreen Gardens. I visit The Sculpture Grounds in Hamilton,NJ which is owned by Seward Johnson who is a member of The Johnson Pharmeceutical Family. Like you,I attend a community church[Aquinas] in Princeton,NJ. The Homilies are at a very high-level and the dialogue after Mass, can be very stimulating. I am very intriqued by the bi-lingual Mass in Loris,Sc. I had visited Kiawah,SC with Ludmila[An Argentine] and she would have connected with An Hispanic Mass. Argentines like steak and I hope you do not sruggle with Fish on Friday during Lenten Season. Keep Posting!-My Lace Curtain Friend.
Bruce Schmitt [02-26-2010]

I'm proud of the warm feelings I can feel going back and forth between the people on this site, especially lately. It seems that distance and age has mellowed some of us. Back in the day, you couldn't have this many Germantown people interacting without name calling, arguing, fighting, or at least, 'good humored' busting. I'm just kidding....being truthful, I mean, busting. :) [see the smiley face?] Bobby D, after reading your words to CHAS about Germantown, I'd like you to write my eulogy. No rush.
bill James [02-26-2010]

Hi to John Payne & Cherry..found this sight looking for obit for Sabina Cunningham. Can't believe I found your name here. With every year..Germantown becomes more precious to me..Bitners Bakery..Pedes Bakery..Sals and of course "The Hollow" Hope your great..just seeing your name was an amazing high for me. Paula Simons Carney
Paula Simons Carney, Now in Fl. [02-26-2010]

CHAS From 1929 until 1950 I accumulated all sorts of memories in Germantown--from Haasis Bakery to the Victory Gardens at the Germantown Cricket Club --So here's a comment from a member of the "older group"---We made up our own games and we were never without a friend to do something with --Perfect place to grow up during THAT era --
Bette Boyer Begley, Dumfries Va. [02-25-2010]

My cousin Ron Cupo & his wife, Carol recently visited me in Florida. They came with a boxful of goodies that included green tomatoes, chou chou, a wonderful pepper salad, and a variety of home- made jellies. As we sat around the kitchen table indulging ourselves with apple fritter bread (which they also brought) spread thick with their home-made jelly; we began to reminisce about the "jelly factory". I don't remember the exact location (somewhere behind the park), but I do recall the discarded jars of jelly that dotted the area. We also laughed about the gladiolas we used to gather at the quarry/dump (also somehwere in/behind the park). I believe they were discarded at that location by the local undertakers. Ron & I would take the flowers home to our mothers (who always "acted" delighted to get them). I'm sure they knew the source of our gift; but they never let on that they did. To this day, as much as I love flowers; I would never choose gladiolas as a centerpiece for my table. Ron also unveiled some "never before revealed" tales about his travels through the sewer system "undergound". Apparently he, along with some of his buddies, would remove the man-hole cover located down the street (Haines), climb down the ladder to the labyrinth below & exit at the Howard Johnson's. Ron will be 69 on 2/26; but when he relates some of the stories of his youthful days, he has that devilish grin of a teenager. Happy birthday, Ron. Love ya! "Cuz" Lorraine
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [02-25-2010]

YO Chas - are you a doctor of phycology or pyschology ???
anonymous, Retired Germantowner [02-25-2010]

To Chas, The Doctor of Psychology. It makes me very happy that you have received some pleasure from reading the comments of a diverse group of people who all share a common bond.... our home. Germantown was what many would call a true "neighborhood", with the word neighbor emphasized. People had a connection to one another,either through blood, church, school, organizations, or merely sharing the same street. It was a time when people looked out for one another and cared.When neighbors protected not just their own children,but all children.When trust was expected and never waivered and love was abundant.It was a neighborhood....and that is what is lacking today. A small town within a big city, that has style,grace and above all personality. I think that is why so many remember Germantown so fondly. It is the happiness and security of being from a special place!
Bob D'Angelo [02-25-2010]

JBS: Just received an e-mail from Fr. John in Dublin..He's leading a group of hearing impaired students from Sophia on the annual trip to Ireland..While the Celtic Women were nowhere to be seen he and the group met with the Madam President of the Republic for about an hour..He meets with her every year that he's lead the "tour"..As for Crane's, our Family has a long-standing relationship with that establishment on Queen Lane..My Dad and his brothers visited and partook often of the Crane's libations.Crane's also had a place on LBI, N.J. called the Surf City hotel..Last August Fr. John and I were scheduled to visit the Old G-Town watering hole, but something came up that kept us from there..Crane's is on the to-do list this Easter Week..I've got some family scheduled to visit and Crane's is a "must do"...Take care and thanks for your note...Mike Deely
mike deely, older than dirt, living in s.c. [02-25-2010]

John Burke: Hey Big John! Germantowners are survivors.You made it through the night when Dynamite Bill[Your neighbor] lived next door. You even could hang with Jim Wilkins who was very concerned about your medical situation. The Wilkins Brothers and I would like to visit you when your condition warrants it. The Burke Family were always tough when things got rough and I mean that in a positive sense. John! "Keep Hanging Tough".
JBS: [02-25-2010]

st. francis of assisi class of 1956. the next luncheon is scheduled for friday april 30th, 2010, 12 noon at the buck hotel. bud ballard
BUD BALLARD [02-25-2010]

john burke, i am happy to hear you are out hospital. i hope you will be able to attend our next luncheon. the luncheon is going to be on friday april 30, 2010. john get well soon. bud ballard
BUD BALLARD [02-25-2010]

John Burke, my wife wants to know if you're the JB from Hansbury St., she knows your sisters. Thanks.
Gtn. Guy, McKean Ave. [02-25-2010]

Ahhhh! Bruce I remember the Coulston brothers well, those crazy bastards.Especially Bobby with his motorcycle and his girlfriend on the back flying over the hill on Hansberry St.,at very high rates of speed. I remember the day he put the yellowjacket in his mouth and said he was going to swallow it.But only the good die young.He proved that a fallesy, didn't he???
Bruce Schmitt [02-25-2010]

Looking for information family tree,My mothers madien name isenhart
david e stark, age 62-611 s rockin chair rd paragould ar 72450 [02-25-2010]

To Chas: You might not be as old as you think; my sister Elizabeth (who is also from g-town) turned 68 yrs. old on 2/17. She has fond memories too of g-town although I'm trying to get her to post messages here. To Lynn and Gillian: Yes, I remember the elevators in both Allen's and Wanamaker's; they were really cool. I have a good story for you when I was 3 yrs. old. It was Christmas season in 1963 and my sister Elizabeth and her husband Bill Gatter took me to Wanamaker's to see the light show, Santa, and to ride the monorail on the ceiling; after my ride on the monorail I got lost and went on the elevators at Wanamaker's; I went up and down a few floors and then started screaming because I was lost and could not find my sister; suddenly, I was back on the 8th floor toy dept. and the elevator doors swung open and there was my sister and her husband so I found them after getting lost in Wanamaker elevators. I distinctly remember that incident. So that's my story about Wanamaker elevators!
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in g-town 1960-1970 [02-25-2010]

Crane's has been mentioned here many times. I only knew it when it was in the Andorra Shopping Center, and liked it. When did they move from Queen Lane to Andorra? Is the Queen Lane building still there?.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-25-2010]

Jack McHugh: I so enjoyed your ruminations of passing through a place as a casual observer and the impressions it leaves. As a young girl I road the 23 trolley all the way down Germantown Ave. on my way to work and can still see the shop owners opening up for the day, the street cleaners finishing their morning rituals, people on foot to their destinations, people on corners in all weather waiting for the trolley to arrive and always, the smells of rain, summer, car exhaust and trolley riders wearing heavy perfume. I even got through all of Crime and Punishment on these long daily rides down Germantown Ave.

Dr. Chas: Most of us are not t h a t young. Perhaps you grew up in the depression which would color your perception of the Germantown of your youth.

mike g. please please please ... no more snow! will you wish for something like maybe sunshine and 75 degrees ... ha :>) rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-25-2010]

Jack McHugh - - I enjoyed reading your observations and thoughts on the clubs. The Italian Club at Chew & Chelten, I'm sure many here know it and maybe even went there. Whether true or not, I heard growing up that, when the Italian Club closed, it re-opened as a private club for gays. But, from readings, when it was the Italian Sons and Daughters of America (ULISDA) club, it was a major social center for the large Italian community of East Germantown. Today, it is a Chinese restaurant.... A block and a half away, there was a British-American Club, an Irish Hibernian Club and the Italian Bocce Club (another social club for the Italian community of East Germantown). Like the Italian Club you mention, all are now gone, the buildings still there but now used for another purpose. While those clubs were before my time and not a part of my life, it's easy to see the special role they played in the lives of Germantowners back in the day. In a way, you can say the same thing about the corner taproom. You didn't have to go far to find one, as there were many. They were a socializing oasis within the neighborhoods. Funny how, back then, there was a seperate "Ladies Entrance". You don't find that anymore....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-25-2010]

jack mchugh ... such a nice description of that area and so well written ... i was actually picturing it in my own mind ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-25-2010]

Chas, I don't know your age, but please share some of your thoughts with us. I'm sure some of us will be able to relate. I'm glad you find us to be a balanced group and you're right that it has to do with our upbringing. We were fortunate to have been raised by good parents and a community as well.
Sheila [02-25-2010]

It's important to read each post with the knowledge that what is missing is the expression of the writer. if we keep in mind that this is what is missing, we might not get upset so easily. I'm sure there was no negative intention on the part of Linda when she wrote her post. If she made the same remark in person it would probably be received as humorous. Let's not bicker over misunderstandings. This is a great site and such bickering could very well ruin it for all.
S [02-25-2010]

i just wanted to point out that i have been observing your messages for about a year. i am retired and am a doctor of phycology. i want to complement most of you in having such wonderful memories. your parents are to be congratulated. i was born and raised in germantown. i am much older than most of you. it seems like the people from my era do not have the same fondness for the town. i haven't read one comment from the older group. either we didn't have so much fun or most of us have passed on? its a pleasure to read your memories! bravo
CHAS [02-25-2010]

Mike Russo, next trip to Philly eat at Geno's Steaks across the street from Pat's, the owner is a true American hero, look for the sign in the window and you'll know why.
Philly Guy, South Philly Steaks [02-25-2010]

Hey Lynne, That's a great link for the theaters. Seemingly every one in the country is included, some with pictures. Lots of commentary by Dennis McGlinchy on the Germantown movie houses, and some have links to photos. I see that Art Carduner, who owned the Bandbox and the Hill, and lived down the street from me on Maplewood Avenue in the 70's, just died in December - he was 90. There's a link to his amusing obit.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [02-25-2010]

To Lynne - Yes, I do remember the elevator operators and their fancy outfits. Those were the days! We even had that at Allen's Dept. Store in Germantown. Do you remember that?
Gillian Andersen [02-25-2010]

One nice aspect of using public transportation is that you become a passive observer of the world that you are passing through. When I was going to work at the Acme in West Oak Lane in the 1960’s using the PTC---this was in the evenings and on Saturday---the bus would pass the Italian Club on Chelten Ave. at Chew. Here I would see bits of the world of other people going to or leaving the various events taking place in the club. Interesting how for a brief time are worlds were together and yet I did not realize it at the time, even forgetting about the club and what I saw. Then within the last year or two it all came back to me, slowly the pieces fitting themselves together in the same fashion as they did originally. Why? well my mother lives in the western part of Pennsylvania now and when I go to visit her I take her for drives around the countryside. It was on these drives that I notice in various old coal towns the remnants of old Italian clubs---some had the name in english and others in italian, most were either boarded up or changed into something else----but it was not until I saw this one place that I started to ponder on the changes of these clubs. One time while driving along a small road, one side was rolling fields with farm houses dotting the land and the other side of the road was the base of a small mountain, then at a point of clearing along this base was a lone well made old brick building with the name of the place in Italian telling you that it was the local Italian club and made in the 1920’s. I stopped to look at it, as was it was all boarded up just sitting by itself with nothing else around. There was plenty of room on this clearing for a small town---which I figured was long gone, I couldn’t even tell where the entrance to a mine might have been, all I could do was create my own images of what might have been, since nobody was around to ask questions or get some form of enlightenment. Reading some of the old “Germantown Thoughts”, various people have talked about their memories of clubs in Germantown---and then I think, there will be a time when these events and places will be forgotten just as these places in the western part of the state, but then again someone may write about the rich histories of these places to save them for posterity.
Jack McHugh [02-25-2010]

JBS: Im home and expecting a full recovery. Its tough to keep us gtn people down.
John Burke, 55 NE Philly [02-25-2010]

Linda Fontana: I don't even know you, yet even I knew you were just kidding. Maybe you should insert little smiley faces or :) for those who just don't get it. "Been there, done that"
Rosemarie Rinaldi [02-25-2010]

Ed Burke: I am very saddened to hear Brother John had a stroke. I hope that they caught it early. Sister Joan had a stroke and she went to the hospital early and she is recovering well. John has my E-Mail and I would like to visit him. Ed! Life is not easy. Life was so good in G-town when we only had to worry about whether your neighbor had dynamite in his bike.
Bruce Schmitt [02-25-2010]

Mike Deely: I thank you for the information about churches in South Carolina. I spent time in SC when I did military-trainging in the 60's and there were not many catholic churches. It pleases me that you do not have a long trip to attend Mass. You live near Hilton Head and I wonder if you ever have dinner at Crane's which was a famous Irish Tavern at 333 W. Queen Lane in Germantown. I spent a few Friday nights there in my callow youth-where did all the years go? Dublin is a great venue for Father John- I know that James Joyce had a place in his heart for that beautiful Irish city. It would be wonderful if The Celtic Women had a concert during this time-Amazing Grace,Danny Boy, etc.
JBS [02-25-2010]

Mike Garvey: Mike, I used to work with your brother Joe at ROR. I was wondering how he is doing. I know he lost his wife early on, and I was wondering if he ever remarried, and if he stayed with the city.
John Payne [02-25-2010]

linda fontana dont stay away too long ... you will be missed ... it is ashame that someone would take your teasing so seriously ... but then if someone doesnt know a person ... i can see where things can be taken in the wrong way ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-25-2010]

Mike Russo, did you ever visit the first White House on Germantown Ave. & Church Lane
History Buff, G-town [02-25-2010]

Hi Bruce, as you know we had a magnificent snow storm (the second in twenty years). It was like looking at lace curtains. Only a few traces of snow by evening. Little River is north of NMBeach. There is a beautiful big church in NMB but for the last eighteen years I have been going to Loris (twenty miles inland) to a small mission church. When Bill and I first started going, there were only fifty parishners. A hundred and fifty now. We also have a large Latino community. They have their own Mass in Spanish. On big feast days we have a bi-lingual Mass. It is a warm, friendly, caring community. You mentioned Brookgreen Gardens - I go there often. During April when the azaelias are in bloom the gardens are awash with color. A great time to visit.
Jane West, Little River, SC [02-25-2010]

There is a website that has information on the old movie theatres and drive-ins. The list of closed and demolished venues is lengthy. it's www.cinematreasures.org. Click on the Theatre Guide at the top, then Location and USA to get to any state. A little addition to Wanamakers. They used to tie your packages with string and attach a wooden handle so it was easier to carry. Also, you could have pretty much any purchase sent to your home. Rember how ornate the elevators were? I think the operator wore a fitted brown uniform.
Lynne [02-22-2010]

Linda Fontana: Please don't stay away too long - we'll miss your humorous comments and keen observations.

Bill Cupo - Loved your description of your trips to Wanamaker's and the C. Tea Room. One of my brothers was in a wheelchair all of his life, and and especially wonderful trip was going there. I absolutely love hearing the stories on here! We have people of varying ages, and so the perspective is also varied. Kind of neat I think!
gillian andersen [02-22-2010]

To JBS: SC has changed dramatically..Went to our Parish here in Bluffton for Ash Wed. Mass & services...The place was packed.More & more are moving south for a lot of reasons (a lot of it snow-related)..I expect the same reasons are causing a similar happening in Myrtle Beach (The Grand Strand) about 2 hours north of here.( Isaw your posting to another ex-GTowner)..Hope all's well...My brother Fr.John should be arriving in Dublin even as I write...Take care...Mike Deely
mike deely [02-22-2010]

I left East Germantown in 1973 to live in Bristol, Langhorne, Levittown, Browns Mills, NJ and then off to Winter Park, Florida, Orlando, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Kissimmee and then Poinciana. I had the pleasure of spending 4 days in Philadelphia in early December, 2009. I visited the old neighborhood and it was interesting that it looks like someone has begun to care again. Houses were seeing some improvements, not as run down as I have seen in previous visits. We had brunch at Valley Green Inn, it was wonderful, we had lunch at Pat's steaks twice. The first trip it was 30 degrees with 25 mph winds AAAHHHHHHHH! It brought back many fond memories... like why I ever moved to Florida. The second trip to Pat's, it was about 47 degrees, much more pleasant. We saw the PA Ballet perform the Nutcraker at the Academy of Music, visited Wanamakers (Macy's), things have really changed but the trip brought back so manay memories. Mostly of people, many of places, some returned the memory of why I moved to Florida. As a kid I would cut school and visit historic sites but I missed one until this trip. The first US Post Office, founded by Ben Franklin on Market street between 3rd and 4th streets. As I had lunch a few months prior at the brassiere "aux tours de Notre Dame" in Paris, I noted so many similarities between the two cities and surmised that since Ben Franklin was the ambassador to France, perhaps he was responsible for the many sames. I often recall the quote by W.C. Fields "I'd like to see Paris before I die, but Philadelphia would do". In my many visits to Philadelphia and to Paris, I feel at home in both cities. The similarieties are uncanny. I expect anopther trip to Philly in July when hopefully it wil be a little warmer. My neice is getting married so we are looking at another 4 day excursion. I hope to visit some in the Amish county, sharing the sights with my wife and son. As always, looking forward to the home town. Thanx, Mike
Mike Russo, 60, Poinciana Fl [02-22-2010]

Rosemarie hite Malageri: I look forward to seeing you on May 16th at 1:00 (LaFontana's). I will NOT, however, be on this site for awhile. Seems as if I am being 'mis-read'/as a person. I don't appreciate that. So, as the time for the reunion draws closer, I'll contact you here..in the meantime, you have my personal email, feel free to use it/anytime you like. Love, Linda Fontana
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [02-22-2010]

Hey it was all good in Germantown. It was all that I knew
steve donohoe, 61 [02-22-2010]

Hey Bruce Schmitt, How are you doing? I don't know if you heard about my bother John, He had a a stroke on the 14th and he has been in ICU since that time.Also, Bud Ballard was asking me for your E mail address. I couldn't give it to him since I do not have it. Maybe you could blog him on this site. Thanks
ED BURKE [02-22-2010]

All you Yo-yo champs. The man who was the Champion Yo-Yo player was Jimmy Flanagan of Rittenhouse Street. He worked for all the big companies (Duncan, Cheerio etc) and travelled the world as their representative and trickster) He passed a few years ago-lived in Manayunk. I saw him do five hundred loop-de-loops with four yo-yos simulataneously He often performed on the Orpheum stage in 50's. His,brother Larry, was my best man always.I am off to Alabama(Talk about how socialism impacted education theory in England, Germany and USA) with me guitar not on me knee..Bless all in the town. Jimmy McKernan, Prof. East Carolina
Jim McKernan, Greenville NC [02-22-2010]

Marie Bommentre: I totally forgot about the dry cleaners and hat blockers at Wanamaker's! I don't remember the drug store, but then again, I was young and didn't need meds as much then. My father, however, ALWAYS wore a hat and, since he worked in center city, frequently had it blocked at Wanamaker's. The fact that my mother worked for Wanamaker's in Wynnewood and was entitled to an employee discount probably helped. Thanks for bringing back those memories.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [02-22-2010]

I lived at 829 East Rittenhouse. Honeysuckel was rampant all up the alleyway behind the semi-detached twin houses. I used to tear the flower open to taste the sap. Wild blackberries were also present in the alleyway between Price and Rittenhouse. I also collected cherry seeds along the curbs of Rittenhouse and sharpened wooden popsicle sticks on the same curb. I would ride my bike to Awbury Park and play for hours up there.
Jacqueline Lanigan Jacobson, Davie Florida [02-22-2010]

John Payne: I enjoyed your coments about pool and the characters who can be found in pool and bar venues. One might look like a farmer but he might be a player. I knew an athlete who was using profanity at Tony Marts in Somer Points NJ. An older guy asked him to watch his language. The feisty fellow retorted,"Do you want to talk about it in the parking lot. The older man hit him with a left jab and a quick right-cross. The altercation was over and this former boxer had fought Joe Lewis-Billy Conn. I am not sure who the anonymous guy is. I thought it was The Bor since he shot pool. I never knew FFK was a pool-guy. I did know that he played in some big poker-games when he was in college. I can only state,"The Hollow Guy was very Creative". John! We knew many interesting people from Germantown.
JBS [02-22-2010]

Anyone know the wherabouts of Ronnie Fasano. He is the som of the Fasano's who owned the grocery store across the street from Happy Hollow.
Bonnie Gatto [02-22-2010]

Jane Murphy West: I was moved that Bill converted to catholicism a week before he passed away. Unlike Dave McNulty, I never talked religion with Bill. I did talk Religion with Dave and obviously,he preferred The Oblates over The Jebbies-I do'nt have to tell you where that conversation went since the old Oblate Seminarian was quite glib. I see that you live on The Grand Strand of South Carolina. That is a great area for retirement-many folks like to golf there. My mother always raved about Brookgreen Gardens in SC. I know that St. Patrick's Day is a big event in parts of SC. I wonder if there will be many people going to church for Ash wednesday in The Myrtle-Beach area. I am very happy that you are retired in such a great place.
Bruce Schmitt [02-17-2010]

Mike Garvey: I and some Germantowners are happy that you did not ask The Lord to send an avalanche of snow on The Delaware Valley. You[Mr. Brickyard] and Mr. Hollow[The Bor] like snow but everything in moderation is best including snow. I know that you and other business agents drove Lincoln-Town cars and snow was not a problem for those big tanks. Back in the day, I only wish that Altemose had used some common-sense when he saw all those buses and Lincolns at Valley Forge. I know that you and the boys still talk about and reflect on that famous encounter.
Bruce Schmitt [02-17-2010]

To those looking for classmates or anyone for that matter, try www.whitepages.com. You might just find who you're looking for.
Friend from Germantown [02-17-2010]

Thinking aboult wanamakers,I recall the drug store,dry cleaners,you could have your hat blocked.Also sales person would send thank you cards.Marie
Marie Bommentre [02-17-2010]

To Mary Alice,there is a tea room in Warminster,Pa.It is called Karen Anns tea room,The address 1535 W. Street rd.Warminster Pa.,ph.#2157739300,Marie
Marie Bommentre [02-17-2010]

linda fontana sounds like we have a plan in motion see you on the 16th, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-17-2010]

lorraine cupo kelly what memories you have brought to me of those wonderful days of sweet smells and safe, fun days ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-17-2010]

helen leone deangelo i am so happy you can make it on the 16th and i hope your sister will be able to join us as well this time around. i will be happy too to see your cousins again ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-17-2010]

joe depero my sister and i took a ride to the sonic and had to try it out for ourselves ... what a right on target description of the food ... but, im still glad we gave it a try ... rosemarie ps i did need a lot of alka seltzer when i got home ... ha!
rosemarie hite malageri [02-17-2010]

hi sheila ... ha ... yes, i did dig out barely ... of course i cant see the street from the mounds of snow ... god, i cant wait untill spring and warm weather. i will keep reminding you about may 16th at la fatana ... i want you to be there it will be good to see you again, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-17-2010]

Dan Hartnett: Thanks for your 'warm hearted' comments,they're greatly appreciated.While others are posting negative 'vibes' you are being kind.I hope you are allright in this weather. It has been very nasty out, lately.Yes, please do give my best regards to the Merlino's a wonderful family/ it's a pleasure to say that I know them. Linda P>S> Hope to see you at LaFontana's this time, for sure.
LInda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [02-17-2010]

Lorraine: OMG -I was totally joking about your brother. And, I do know him. He is a super great man, with a wonderful sense of humor, and he would have known that I was kidding/You, on the other hand, do NOT know me, and judged me harshly, I am refraining from this site/ for awhile..because people read (what they want) into other peoples thoughts/ I meant NO harm at all towards Bill, and he knows that. I am done apologizing.Thank you.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-17-2010]

The upcoming class of 70 st mike's reunion is getting closer to reality. However I am still looking for about ten more people. I'll post a list in the near future. st mike's 70, levittown, 53
Joe DePero [02-16-2010]

attemtiom ed burke back on 1-28-2010 i sent a letter to john hanejko, the president of north catholic alumini assoc. the letter listed 20 classmates john was able to supply me with 13 current addresses, five had no listed addresses. two were deceased. norman geiger and edward hines. i found to other classmates in the telephone book. thry are richard serano and edward brinkos. the remaining eleven classmated i am in the process of sending them a letter bud ballard
BUD BALLARD [02-16-2010]

JBS: Thanks for the anecdote about pool players.(by the way, my suspicion is that Mr. Hollow in your story is none other than the poet, FFK). He and I used to run those exact lines from the movie when we were in playful moods. Here's another anecdote for you, and a true story. A nine ball hustler I was acquainteed with in California, but the real thing, I mean this guy was as good as any pro I've ever observed, and to his advantage, he looked like Richie Cunningham from the TV show with Fonzie. One day a garden variety type hustler came in to Rack 'n Snack (a favorite haunt)and he sees Ritchie playing alone at a table. He asks if he would like to shoot some 9 ball. Richie says sure, why not. The guy says, you want to put 5 bucks on the nine, and (spider to the fly), Richie says, okay, but only $2 on the five ball. This way a real "you had to be there" moment. The split second look on the guy face must have resembled what a first time bungee jumper looks like just as his feet leave terra firma.
John Payne [02-16-2010]

Lorraine youi bring back memories of my youth talking about the sweet smell and taste of the honeysuckle, we had them alond the fence going down the driveway at our house. Now I have the sweet smell of the orange blossems when I drive over to Daytona for bike week, it coinsides with the picking season for the oranges, as I pass grove after grove. It immediately brings back the memories of growing up in G-town WITHOUT the SNOW. I also played in Awbury Park when visiting my cousin Jimmy Bongiovanni who lived on Devon Circle. Ahh what great memories.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fla. area 59,born and bred in G-town [02-16-2010]

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