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February 1-15, 2010

As an aside to the tea sandwiches at Wanamaker's: I remember following that up with a dip of rum raisin ice cream. There weren't many places at the time that you could get rum raisin, so it was a pretty exotic flavor to me. Also, does anyone remember that there was a stand on the first floor that sold soft ice cream. Again, in those days, there weren't all the ice cream stores that are available today and I remember that Wanny's was the only place I could get soft ice cream at the time. Sure miss Wanamaker's with its eagle, the organ, Toyland with the monorail and the Christmas show.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [02-15-2010]

Linda Fontana, Please refrain from "analyzing" my thoughts. My entry re my mother taking my brother Bill to Wanamakers vs me to Woolworth's was meant for those readers with a sense of humor. & to bring a smile to their face. Apparently, you don't have a sense of humor & don't know my brother Bill very well, either. He is a responsible adult with a beautiful family. I take offense to your comment that he's a mama's boy. Please think before you submit "your thoughts" for everyone to read. As far as his trip to WDW, it had been planned well in advance (a yr.) of the snowstorm. I'm glad that he & his family have arrived safely in FL where the weather today is warm (70) & sunny. Thank you. Thank you.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic 55; cdhs 59 [02-15-2010]

Lorraine Kelly I so enjoyed your reminiscence on growing up near Aubury park. I too long for the smells of spring and the sweet aroma of honeysuckle. Please Sun shine brightly overhead and melt the snow.

Linda Fontana: Got your message about Michael and Marianne. Small world isn't it? I met Marianne through Michael in their business in Warminster. I also know their son, Michael who just got married. My connection with them and how I met them is unusual. Amusing story. If I make the lunch at La Fontana I'll give you the details. I'll also give your best to the Merlinos. I just saw Michael two days ago and will probably catch him next week when I pick up my dry cleaning. Michael was also friends with my brother John. Best to you and don't let the snow get to you. Spring is close. I am waiting to put away the skis and get out the golf clubs! Pace e gioia a te!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [02-15-2010]

Bruce Schmitt Thank you for all the great things you said about Bill. He was special. A few things I thought you would like to know about him. Fr. Leser baptized Bill before we got married. Thirty two years later Bill became a Catholic on Easter Sunday and died the following Sunday. Thought you would like to know that info about Bill.
Jane Murphy West, Little River SC [02-15-2010]

Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly. You mentioned playing in Awbury Park and living on Haines Street. My friend from Beechwood St. Belfield, John Greaser moved from Beechwood to Haines St. in 1955/56 or 57. I believe there home was between Ardleigh and Anderson St. I remember the alley behind their home ran parallel with Haines. Did you know them. They had a son John and daughter Maryland (I think that is her name) ? Charlie
Charlie Peterson, IC '54 NC '58 LaSalle '71 Belfield [02-15-2010]

John Payne[Johnny]:I enjoyed the witty exhange between you and the anonymous guy from The Hollow. This old-timer from The Hollow could put a curve on the cueball and hit the curve in baseball. He is aging gracefully and very creative. Obviously,both of you enjoyed "The Hustler" with Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman. You and Mr. Hollow were much better shooters than I since I was a banger[pool-shooting speaking]. However,in my callow youth,I did frequent a few establishments which had pool tables. I was in Allinger's in center-city and an old hustler approaches me,a Jackie Gleason wannabe, and says,"Kid! Do You Want To Run Some 9-ball for some loose change." Another time, I was in a watering-hole in Montco where the owner liked to gamble-ponies,dogs,etc. A guy with a Felice type suit[expensive] comes into the place looking for the owner who was not there. The well dressed gentleman heads to the table and starts banging some balls on the pool-table. A younger guy[hustler] recommends that they run a game for some paper. Consequently,the kid had his butt kicked[financially speaking]. He tells Dapper Don," I Know Karate and I Should Chop Your Head Off-You Fudging Hustler. Dapper Don,with his European-accent from Palermo,Sicily retorts,"Sissy,It wo'nt Help You-Buzz Off Quick". Throw in some expletives and colorful languge and you get the drift. This gentleman was traveling with some friends-Smith&Wesson. The kid was smarter than I thought and he rushed home to change his underwear. The owner of the establishment returned and the dapper businessman says,"Give Me Some Vig and Make It Big". Everthing worked out and I attempted to shoot pool only at safer venues. In Buenos Aires,there are beautiful billiard parlors but I only sat and observed since I did not know the lay of the land. The gentlemen wear nice suits and they are characters and very flamboyant with their femme fatales. I would recommend that you and Cheryl visit Buenos Aires-one of the great cities of the world. As Chuck Berry would say,"Johnny Be Good".
JBS [02-15-2010]

Lorraine - you jogged a memory with the mention of the honeysukle bushes in Awbury Park that stretched along Haines Street. I remember being younger, playing up in Awbury Park, we used those bushes along Haines Street as forts. I don't know if they were the honeysuckles you mention or if they were those yellow-flowered forsythia bushes, but they were closer to Ardleigh Street. They were viney, but you could easily sit or stand under them, which is how we were able to use them as forts. Awbury Park was about 2-1/2 blocks from my house. Playing in those forts with friends, I had to be young. It amazes me that we were all allowed to go off like that, for hours at a time, without fear and worry. True, we were in a group and your parents had to know where you were or where you were going. They were different times back then. Today, parents have to be more cautious. Back then too, there were more Moms at home, who looked after each others' kids on the street. I'm glad that I experienced that, a seemingly carefree childhood where we could go off and make our fun without fear and worry.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-15-2010]

I agree with Richie, the sonics are sub-sonic...greasy burgers ech. Try the Stewarts root beer stands in Jersey. Joe DePero, st mikes 70, levittown,53.
Joe DePero [02-15-2010]

Hey Bud, I just got some chances to seel from the Alumni assoc. at NC. I was wondering if you ever tried the Alumni assoc for names and/or addresses of NC grads from SFA??Might be worth a try. The letter said it will pay up your dues for the alumnis.Hope everything is OK with you and yours.
ed rke [02-15-2010]

To everyone trying to find those "Tea Sandwiches". If there is a Tea Room or near you they would have those sandwiches. There use to be one in Chestnut Hill but it moved. There is or was one in the Four Seasons Hotel in town. I have been looking for one because I love tea.
Maryalice, Still in G'town [02-15-2010]

Anne yes that was my fathers name here is my email ralphromano@bellsouth.net and thank you u so much
marie [02-15-2010]

to marie - give me your e-mail address and i will forward it to one of your relatives. is your father's name billy spagnolia?
ANNE [02-14-2010]

I just read that Bullet Bill Dudley of Pittsburgh Steelers fame died. His greatest fan was Joe Bova, known as Pittsburgh on The Corner. Does anybody know what became of Pitts? I lost touch with him about 1963. I remember a night after leaving Nick's, Pittsburgh, Dom, Bobby Compton and I decided to walk up Wayne Avenue and over to Hom's for some excellent food. There was laughter and joy in that group, just tramping over the snow, raising all the way over Coulter Street to get some fried rice. What days we had.
Jack Brogan, No snow in Maine. Lots on Happy Hollow [02-14-2010]

to rosemary Deem i think you were in 58 class i forget wether it was billy or Arthur who was in my class.
RAYMOND DAWES, class of 57 St. Francis [02-14-2010]

Sevveral bloggers have said they worked in the crystel tea room . Do you remember a Lucy Smith she was in her 70ts and watressed there 40ts and50ts retiring in the early sixties she was a very short lady.
RAYMOND DAWES, St. Francis class of 57 [02-14-2010]

I'll be there Roe and I'll tell all my cousins. May 16th 1:00 LaFontana

I'm sure, by now, everyone has seen & shoveled enough snow; so let's fast forward to spring! The fragrance of the honeysuckle vines that dressed the stone wall in Awbury Park along Haines Street was always a strong indicator that spring had arrived. I can still recall the sweet smell of the flowers & the delicious taste of honey as it fell onto my tongue when I would separate the blossom. I lived on Haines Street (1300 block). The park was my playground. In the winter, my friends & I would spend hours sledding down its' hills. In the spring, we would climb the trees to pick sickle pears, mulberries, green apples & wild cherries. My grandmother would take me with her to pick dandelions, always being on the look-out for the smallest ones. They were tender & made for a delicious salad. The larger dandelions were "tough", as my grandmother would say; but they made a wonderful side-dish (cooked w/garlic & oil & thickened w/four). In summer, the park was our meeting place for playing ball, taking hikes, & exploring the park's hidden trails. In fall, the park was always alive with color & fallen leaves that we would pile high & jump into. As I write this entry, I can visualize myself as I was as a child. It's nice to have such fond memories to reflect upon & I hope as I grow older, they will remain as clear as the blue sky I remember above Awbury Park. Thanks for the memories!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic 55; cdhs 59 [02-14-2010]

Mark Bambrick: Everything you said about Wanamaker's was so true. I used to schlep my kids to the Center City Wanamaker's even tho' the Wynnewood store was closer, because they had the greatest Christmas displays, realistic Santas and, of course, Toyland with the monorail. I, too, loved those tea sandwiches and would love to know where we can get them today. However, in my neighborhood of Overbrook, we went "in town" (not downtown). Downtown was what they called South Philly. When we bought our first house in Overbrook (late '50s), my next door neighbors were originally from South Philly and they called their old neighborhood "downtown" and center city "in town". I do also remember that a lot of people called it "center city" even then. But it's all semantics, anyway. We all know what you mean. And thanks for the memories.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [02-14-2010]

Rosemarie,I see you dug your way out of the snow that Mike G. wished for! I'd love to make it on May 16th. Hopefully nothing comes up that will prevent it. Keep the reminders coming!
Sheila, grew up on Wingohocking Terrace at Penn & Magnolia [02-14-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: Thanks for the update on Jackie. If you communicate with her at all, tell her I said hello, and so does may wife, Cherry Doyle. We all went through SF together. Thanks again.
John Payne [02-14-2010]

Anthony G. I hope 'house- hunting' doesn't get in the way of this event at LaFontana..you promised me you'd come. Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [02-14-2010]

Rosemarie Hite Malageri: Yes, I will see you at La Fontana's on the 16th & I hope we have a bigger crowd this time around, right? Love, Linda
Linda Fontama, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-14-2010]

Lorraine "C", yes,your bro, Bill is a Mamma's boy, and loves it/ He is headed to Disney World about now, eh? Guess he doesn't like Blizzards right?
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-14-2010]

Dan Hartnett: Michael Merlino married my (then) best friend, Marianne Borza, her dad owned the Chew Tavern along with Rocco DiPompeo. Marianne and Michael have a beautiful home in Feasterville/& own the cleaner/tailor shop in Warminster across from the Eagle diner at Street Rd.and York Rd.It's near to T.J.Max. I remember the very day that Michael met Marianne, because I was WITH her/She was only '13' at the time. amazing they became boyfriend/girlfriend/ dated/married/ & are still together. Tell Marianne that Linda Fontana said I hope she is okay...she's a great person, you are right. Linda "F" P>S> Talk about a small world, eh? They both came to my mother's funeral a few years back.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-14-2010]

John Payne Jackie, Joe, and Sue Leone are my first cousins. Jackie is now living down under in Australia where she is married and has lived for the last five years. She came home for a visit last year and is always a pleasure to be with. Be well, Helen

to everyone on this site ... please come and join us at the la fantana restaurant on may 16th at 1:00pm ... we would love to see you ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-12-2010]

shiela i hope you can make the 16th of may at lafantana ... at1:00 pm, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-12-2010]

helen leone deangelo i hope you can make the lunch on the 16th of may at 1:00 pm at la fantana i am also hoping that your sister and your cousins can make it as well ...let me know ... helen, you brought tears to my eyes when you mentioned your wedding and dancing to that beautiful song ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-12-2010]

richard pio im so sorry to hear this ... i was really excited that perhaps a bit of ole germantown would be found in sonic. i guess these places just cant compete with what was the best ... darn! thanks for the input, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-12-2010]

linda fantan may 16th works for me at 1:00pm unless i hear otherwise from you ... i hope everyone who joined us last time can make it again and i hope everyone else who would like to join us will too rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-12-2010]

mike g i hope your very very happy snow boy! ha rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-12-2010]

Hello Everyone. I have fond memories of Wanamaker's. Any time of the year but especially at Christmas I would go downtown (yes, it was called downtown then and not center city) with my Mom, Grandmother and siblings and stop at Wanamaker's. We would take a train from Wayne Junction into Reading Terminal. What an adventure. We would see the Xmas light show, see Santa, and go up to the 8th floor toy dept. to ride the monorail on the ceiling. But the biggest memory;we would either stop in the Crystal Tea Room or the lunch counter down the basement store and have Wanamaker tea sandwiches. Does anyone remember them? I can still taste them today. It was called the Tea Room Sampler and it came with a bowl of soup along with several varieties of tea sandwiches (egg salad, watercress,chicken, ham and tuna). I loved these sandwiches and can't get them today. They did still have them when the store was Hecht's at the balcony dining room on the 3rd floor as late as 1994-1995 but since then Macey's took over and there are no more tea sandwiches. I tried several times to troll the internet to come up with the recipe for Wanamaker's tea sandwiches but haven't had any luck. Those are my memeroies of the Crystal Tea Room at Wanamaker's.
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in g-town 1960-1970 [02-12-2010]

There was a Merlinos store on Woodlawn Ave. and a Merlinos dry cleaners on Boyer Street. They were owned by brothers.
Bob Mc. [02-12-2010]

Yo, Bill, Mom must have liked you more than she liked me. I don't remember ever having lunch at Wanamakers; but I do remember having lunch at the Woolworth's lunch counter in center city. In fact, I remember mom buying you a Davy Crockett pistol and/or racoon (imitation, I think) cap at the Woolworth's "downtown" on one of our shopping trips. Boy, does that bring back some memories! Love ya!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic 55; cdhs 59 [02-12-2010]

Pani Phyllis Doherty: I welcome you to this great Germantown Web-site. I knew Maestro Peter Kapschutschenko,the Renowned Ukrainian and International Sculptor for many years. I was married to his daughter Ludmila who was a Latin-American Scholar,Artist, and an elegant and gracious lady. I was very connected to The Ukrainian Art world,culture and traditions. I am a Roman Catholic but I still attend Ukrainian Catholic and Othodox Churches. As you know,Maestro Petro Kapschutschenko was one of the great sculptors of the 20th century. The Melnychuk,Bedrig and The Salak Families are three of The great collectors of Kapschutschenko Sculptures. President Yuschenko of Ukraine is also a great collector of The Maestro-His main sculpture is Hetman Mazepa. Kapschutschenko's sculptures are in 9 museums in Ukraine and his many collectors reside in Europe,South America,Canada,and United States. Like you,I am a Kapschutschenko Collector but I will give my works to myriad museums in our country.In my youth, I dabbled in clay and I always had a thing for sculpture-I also have works of Rodin and Remington. However,I must tell you that Kapschutschenko was one of the great sculptors of our generation and nobody could model like him. I always feel that his figures are talking to the observer. Many Germantowners saw Kapschutschenko's Monuments at Boundbrook when they attended Ludmila's Funeral. The Melnychuk Family are truly blessed to have such an extraordinary collection of The Maestro's Works. There will be an exhibit of Kapschutschenko at The Ukrainian Academy of Art&Sciences in New York. Professor Walter Karpinich will be the moderator.In the future,we could have an exhibit. Tamara Cornelison from Germantown, is an Ukrainian Writer and Jouralist who has written articles about Kapschutschenko. I grew up in Germantown and knew many Ukrainians from High School and College-they lived in Fairmount and Logan which borders Germantown. I have enjoyed The Ukrainian Traditions and Culture in Kiev,Buenos Aires,New York and Phiiladelphia. You are part of a great culture and ethnic group. "Slava Ukrainini"
John Bruce Schmitt [02-12-2010]

Hey guys grab your sleds and lets go to tommie's hill. On Johnson street.
rich, huntingdon valley [02-12-2010]

In reply to "anonymous" who inquired about Merlino's Market in East Germantown. You are probably talking about Merlino's grocery store on Woodland right off of Boyer. My family used to do our grocery shopping there. Mr. Merlino had a brother who had a tailor shop right around the corner on Boyer St. We did business there also. The folks with the tailor shop had two sons, Anthony (pronounced Ant'ny) and Michael. I still see them. Michael still does tailoring in a shop in Warminster owned by his son. I go there frequently and we tell Germantown stories. They are really nice folks.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [02-12-2010]

Mike G...Is this enough snow to keep you happy for a while? hahaha
Sheila Milligan DeNardo [02-11-2010]

does anyone remember Betty, claire, and virginia murphy of 955 e. locust ave. in germantown? we lived right next store to them.
mary storey [02-11-2010]

Attn: Palmer Paist, Jr. Hi Palmer, I am fairly new on this site and was reading all the past entries. I see that you had one from 02-14-2002 where you mentioned being a former photographer. I was wondering if you could help me if it's possible. There was a picture of my grandmother taken in germantown around 1920 I think. I was wondering if there is anyplace where I might find old negatives or whatever they used at the time that were taken by photographers. This was a large 2 ft. picture of her that has been lost in time. Are there any such places for me to research? Does anyone remember who were the photographers in g-town at that time. Thank you so much.
Bette Joan Steltz, G-town girl [02-11-2010]

Hi frank; how are you doing,fine i hope its always good to here from people from my old neigborhood. I always liked going to your dads and getting my haircut when I was a kid. He always gave me a nickel after and I go to sam's drugstore buy some penny candy.As for the garage that was my brother eddie's,he lives in cape may court house. Once again good talking to you.gg
george greene, retired in gilbertsville [02-11-2010]

I found this site on-line while searching for information about Peter Kapschutschenko. Several people mentioned that they knew him. My father, Andrew Melnychuk had sponsored Peter and his family in the late 60's and in return, received the work that Peter produced. My sister and I have inherited the sculptures (30?) pieces and are looking to have them appraised and sold. If anyone has any information that would be helpful, we would love to hear from you. Phyllis Doherty
Phyllis (Melnychuk) Doherty, retired art teacher [02-11-2010]

Hey Chris Catalano, I knew your father well. We went all through grade school together at St. Vincent's. He was a great guy. Always had a smile on his face. From what I hear he was a heck of a dancer also. We kind of lost touch in the high school years, but I would see him on the avenue or at the Hotte Shoppe at Broad and Stenton. It was like we were still in school. Always laughing and smiling. He was a something. I will never forget the Father & Son Communion mass at St. Vincent's. I got my father to go and your dad got your grandfather to go. I remember because my father and your grandfather commented to each other, "what we do for our kids." I never forgot that. I must also say that after that my father became an usher at St Vincent's and he did more for the church than I did. Some memories never go away.
anthonyg [02-11-2010]

Ok, Rosemarie, looks like you and I will plan this one, again,too. Let's shoot for May 16th as of right now.Sun. at 1:00 Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-11-2010]

Bette Stelz--Do you remember the water display with the organ music at Christmas ? I was majorette for Wanamakers Drum & Bugle Corp and when we'd performed by the Eagle for special occasions -- the accoustics were amazing! Dennis sent a web site of the tea room as it is now for wedding receptions -- AMAZING ! As a waitress I must admit -- we ate well !
anonymous [02-11-2010]

Dennis --Thank you SO much for the web site that showed the Crystal Tea room as it is today --What a turn around!They always gave the part time gals the stations farthest from the kitchen -- It just looks so HUGE now --
Bette Begley [02-11-2010]

Anne thank you ! yes... i would love to know more about my grandparents:)
Marie [02-11-2010]

Clicked on the site for the Tea Room at Wanamaker's. What a beautiful venue for a wedding! Only problem - parking. Did bring back memories of a great department store, 'tho.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [02-11-2010]

Does anyone remember a Merlino's market in east Gtn?
anonymous [02-11-2010]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: I'm not sure you know me. You probably knew my sister Pat, or Flo, or one of my brothers, Frank (Cisco), Gene, or Tom. Anyway, I was wondering how your sister Jackie is doing. She was in my class at SF. I always liked Jackie. She was a very nice person.
John Payne [02-11-2010]

Hey Mike.. That's great that you & Bobby got together over a few beers. He's a funny guy.
Sheila [02-11-2010]

To Anonymous: Change Johnny to Eddie of course, and that's a great line delivered by Jackie Gleason, as Minnesota Fats, to Paul Newman as Eddie Felson in the Movie, The Hustler. Still one of my all time favorites. Since you know that line, and how use it, I suspect I know who you are, and that you were also a pretty good shooter at one time.
John Payne [02-11-2010]

Jane West. It was great to see your post on this site. It has been many years and many tears. You and I and Tom Boyle have lost our wonderful spouses. You and your beloved Bill were a dear couple-I always enjoyed your company. Bill was a good model for me-he was a strong person -both physically and morally. He was a good man and everybody at The Continental liked and respected him. Bill always showed women repect and he did not tolerate vulgarity in their presence. I was not surprised that he fell in love with the refined lady from Logan-Jane Murphy of Holy Child and Little Flower. We had great times at The Continental and The Wissahickon Club. Both of you even tolerated the convoluted conversation between me and David McNulty which might seem confabulated to an observer. Dave[The Professor] and I went to the Prep and he was not a big fan of The Black Robes and often we went for the intellectual jugler. We all miss David-he was never boring. He was The Richard Burton of The Continental and he was always encouraged to perform by John West[your brother-in-law]. I went to Hughie Cannon's Funeral and sat with John W. and his friend Dave Linn[fireman]. John W. and I talked fondly of our brother veterans from The Continental. Tom Boyle,Tom Wilkins,and I visited Post 263 recently and it looked great with A !02 Airborne Presence. The pool-room is not there- I had many free drinks there because my partner[Bill West] really knew the run of the table. I am still friends with Dave Heil whose brother was Jim.All the aforementioned folks were Germantown People but Jane Murphy West will always be a Germantowner in my eyes-Belfield Avenue is no big deal. Big John told me that you are still living in South Carolina. There is nothing mediocre[Happy Hollow word] about South Carolina. I spent some time in S.C.-Charleston,Georgetown and Fort Jackson where I had miltary training. You picked a great state to retire-I hope there is a Catholic Church near you.At your wedding,there were many nuns and I am going to hear Sister Mary Scullin speak at The Prep. She is such a great advocate for The Homeless-she is so admired and compassionate and friends with Bon Jovi. Jane! Keep posting and your old friends from G-town will appreciate it.
Bruce [02-11-2010]

Rosemarie, the Sonic's don't compare to the Hot Shoppes, I've tried them a couple of times they are all over down here in Florida.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [02-11-2010]

Johnny Mathis is my all time favorite too Marie B. All my romantic memories have his voice as a backdrop. I still get nostalgic when I hear Misty which was what we danced to at our wedding in 1965. I think I'll play it now!

The Crystal Tea Room at the former Wanamakers is still in existance; only it's not open to the public, it's used for various events and you must reserve it. I attended a wedding reception there about 2 years ago, and my wife and I made a weekend out of it by staying at the Marriott Courtyard, right behind City Hall. The Crystal Tea Room brings back a lot of nice memories of lunches that my mom and I had there when we lived in Germantown. We would get the "L" bus at the top of Stenton and Haines and take it to the Broad & Olney subway stop. We would then get on the subway to Center City and she would then go shopping in town. We would especially go to Wannies for the Christmas light show, and then up to the Tea room for lunch. It looked so expensive to eat there, but I guess it wasn't because we wouldn't have eaten there. I do remember getting a hamburger or a patty melt, along with a chocolate ice cream soda or milkshake. The room looked like something out of the Titanic dinning room with all the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It's still very nice and we enjoyed the wedding reception there, but it isn't as opulent looking as it was then in my opinion. The area outside the Tea room was very eloquent; it is used for the cocktail hour before a reception. The service was quite good along with the food; I just wish I could have gotten a hamburger and milkshake. Take care !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and Cardinal Dougherty Grad [02-11-2010]

YO! JOHN PAYNE! "...You like to shoot pool, Johnny---Do you like to shoot pool for money,Johnny?"
Anonymous [02-08-2010]

Hi Sheila, Iam doing well. I had a few beers with Bobby Evans last week talking about old times at p&m great times back in the 60's LET IT SNOW ON WED. MIKE G.
MIKE GARVEY [02-08-2010]

Helen "D".. yes, I made a Type "O"/I know mom's day is on the 9th...so let's all shoot for the 16th of May ..or maybe sooner, in April? Can't wait to see you all again, Linda. "F"
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [02-08-2010]

WOW, what a snowstorm this past sat. It reminds me of blizzards gone by in "G" town..many moons ago. I'll bet there will be lots of babies born this coming Nov. ha ha...being stranded in/ does have it's rewards, remember?????
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-08-2010]

The Crystal Tea Room is not open to the public anymore. But, it is still around. It is available for weddings and such banquets. Here is a link that has a couple of pictures of it today. If anyone here ever worked there, do you remember a Mrs. Flood who worked there? http://www.weddings-delval.com/crystaltearoom/
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-08-2010]

Paul Borian: The Lord listened to Mike Garvey from The Brickyard and it snowed and snowed-The Bor is in heaven in The White Poconos. I have enjoyed the repartee with you and Goo's players from St. Francis-Joe Taylor and John Payne. I used that French word since you always used French on the cueball when you executed your Masse shot on the velvet. If you head to Florida to shoot pool,I know that you are cognizant of the alligators who live there but one must be be very aware of the sharks if you know what I mean. You and John P. really like another French word [Mediocre] and you used that word to jest about Atlanta. You appear to know a little about Georgia and you must agree with me that there are venues in Georgia that are Extraordinare. I believe that John Taylor is from Athens and one does not have to be Greek to appreciate that great college town-art,culture,music, bistros and myriad retaurants. In the 50's,many guys from The Hollow went to The Acme Bowl where Villanova[great school] played Georgia. Georgia had The Original Polish Rifle at quarterback-Zeke Bratkowski before Jaws played for The Eagles. Zeke later played for The Packers with your Fitler buddy[Herb Adderly] and Bart Starr. The University of Georgia is located in Athens and Joe Taylor is living in a wonderful city. I also recommend that you visit the Cloisters in The Sea Islands with Joe and Sonny Kennedy and shoot a round of golf. After the match,you can do your Old-Fashion thing or imbibe in a little Southern-Comfort at that beautiful location. As you know, I have a special connection with Saint Joseph-I was taught by The St. Joe nuns at St. Francis,went to St. Joseph Prep and College. There is a St. Joseph Church in Athens-it is special and Cuban-Americans praise the work and the mission of the congregation there. I had many good times in Georgia but I did not enjoy Fort Gordan where I did learn cryptography. I did find Kansas mediocre and boring. Wilt Chamberlain from Overbrook who scored 100 points at Hershey and had 10,000 encounters got his start at Lawrence,Kansas where there was nothing to do but slam,jam,and dunk. Bor! Enjoy The Poconos and Ski,Ski,and Ski.
Schmitty: [02-08-2010]

Hey Rosemarie and Sheila, thanks so much for getting back to me. Yes I am Charlie's (Chops) youngest of 3 sons. I did receive your email rosemarie and cant wait to hear more. thanks again for replying.
Chris V. Catalano [02-08-2010]

hey linda any date is good for me ... i will make it work ... i enjoyed the last time we met very much and cant wait to do it again rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-08-2010]

bruce marshall i loved loved loved those might moes' and the hot shoppe ... i think a place named sonic is similar to the hot shoppe in as far as you are served in your car ... but, since i have not eaten there (yet, ha) i dont know if the food is good ... thanks for another great memory, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-08-2010]

anonymous, oballard89@aol.com [02-08-2010]

If anyone on this site is from NE Catholic HS from class of 1956. Do you remember John O'Neil (he was on the football team) Married a gal named Gerri, Hung around with Jack Smith same class? If so, does anyone know where they moved to? I remember, my Dad, Jack Hemple and his cousin Bud Curly had a car repair shop on Pastorius Street, right down the road from the Rialto Movie Theatre. Funny the things that come back to you as different people mention certain streets and buildings. I remember Rowell's Dept. Store, and also remember Imhof's Restaurant were they served delicious steaks even though I was quite young. Thanks for the memories. Bette Joan
bette joan steltz, g-town gal [02-08-2010]

Dear Sandy, I hope that you & Eillen come to the lunch in May at LaFanta.I missed the last one I am going to this one.Hope your family is well? Marie
Marie Bommentre [02-08-2010]

BUD BALLARD [02-08-2010]

Hi Bette Begley I remember the tea room in Wanamaker's. My family and I used to have a type of eclair with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. It was so yummy. Whenever we would shop there, my mom and aunts would say, when your finished shopping meet me at the eagle. Yes the eagle is still there joining in on today's Christmas festivities in the store. I remember when I worked downtown as a young girl, it was spring time and I went in by the eagle. They had a beautiful display of L'Aire Du Temp perfume pumping out of a lovely fountain. Huge Butterflys hung overhead from the enormous ceilings. Very impressive, if only today's shopping weren't more of the same.
Bette Joan Steltz, g-town girl from way way back [02-08-2010]

ToHelen Leone D'Angelo, you are going to see my favorite of all time J.Mathis.Ihave see him at least 20 times.Well I would not give that up.But I want to go to the lunch to.Hope to see you there.Marie Bommentre.
Marie [02-08-2010]

Once someone told me that the home of the mayor of Germantown was located on the site of Allen's Dept. Store. Does anyone know whether or not this is true? Also, I am wondering if anyone remembers the Douglas Family who resided at 6116 McCallum St. through approximately 1959. It was a brother, Walter, and two sisters, Gertrude (I cannot remember the name of the other). I grew up in that house, and have always wondered about the family who lived there. With the exception of a family who rented the home for one year, they were the only family who lived there before us.
Gillian Andersen [02-08-2010]

to marie-- your grandfather's name was ralph. i have a relative who was related to him. let me know if you would like to hook up with them. i'm sure they could tell you all about them
ANNE [02-08-2010]

Bud, Charles (Bucky) Durney lives in Northern New Jersey. Do not know what town.
Friend, of Germantown [02-08-2010]

H e l p! 18 inches of snow!I feel caged in!

To Skip,Ocean City,NJ....I just finished eating six slices of french toast..YUM,YUM! Going out to shovel a foot of snow,and burn off the calories. Be ready for another snowstorm next Tues. night and Wed. Might be an ice storm in Ocean City? Go across the bridge to Summers Point,get a couple of six packs,and FORGET ABOUT the milk,eggs and bread......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [02-08-2010]

george greene i wanted to say hello. iam the guy that rented your garage back in the day for 5 dollars a month. frank d joe the barbers son. best of health to you and your family.
anonymous [02-08-2010]

YO! What's happened to BOB TERRANOVA and the D'Angelo Brothers?? Let's hear from youse guys.
Anonymous [02-08-2010]

Hi Gillian --I chaired the 60th reunion of the GHS class of 1947 three years ago and reviewing the 438 folks in the class we didn't have a Mary Cleland -- sorry -- I haven't been back to the old Wanamakers since maybe 1965--they closed down but the organ stayed and the eagle never left -- but the tea room?? Anybody know if that is still there ??So many memories !
Bette boyer Begley [02-06-2010]

Chris, we were confused as to which Catalano you are the son of. Now we know that Chops was your dad. I knew him, but Rosemarie probably knew him better than all of us as she was his cousin. I know she'll be glad to be in touch with you. Your dad was a very nice guy and a great dancer.
Sheila [02-06-2010]

Hey, Mike Garvey! How have you been? Enjoy this snow storm because I'm hoping it is the last snow we get this winter! :)
Sheila Denardo [02-06-2010]

Rosemarie, no I don't know Chris. I thought he might be your cousin's son too. I've been good. How about you?
Sheila [02-06-2010]

I remember the news stand on the nw corner of Germantown and Chelten, diagonal from Rowells. My mother, every sunday after church (1st Pres), would buy the sunday new york times - a paper I still read. Then we would walk to the Horn and Hardart - not the closed one on Sundays near Armat St, but the older one on the northside of and on Germantown Avenue across from Sterns Furniture, near School House Lane. There we had our Sunday afternoon lunch.
robert kellner, 60 years old now in florida [02-06-2010]

Linda, I have tickets to a Johnny Mathis concert for Sun. May 2nd so that date is not good for me. The 9th is Mothers Day not the 16th. Any other date will be good for me. Thanks, Helen

OMG! I just had a flashback! That's right......a flashback......not a hot flash! It occurred when I read the entry about Junior Achievement. I, along with Anne Hess, belonged to JA. I don't recall all of the items we made; but I do remember & still have in my possession, a piece of costume jewelry (necklace) made by me as a member of JA. It's a multi-colored,jeweled, round pendant on a silver chain. I haven't worn it in many, many years; but it hangs in my jewelry chest as a reminder of the fun-filled days of my youth. Thanks for the memories!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic 55; cdhs 59 [02-06-2010]

Jim McKernan, Yes the buildings that were there are gone but it looked like they are preparing to build something else there. Just didn't see a sign telling us what. I did leave Germantown for 6 years while married. Lived in San Diego, Charleston, SC, and Millington, Tenn. during that time. Returned home when the marriage ended. Had 2 tots and my mother was huge help in raising them, while I went back to school and then to work as an RN. Will move once I retire. South to NC mountains or North Georgia mountains. Anyhow how are you doing. je-mail me. Maryalice
Maryalice, still in G'town [02-06-2010]

Gillian, The Crystal Room is no more. In Dec I met a friend in town for lunch. We were going to eat there and discovered that the only place you can get food in Macy's (use to be Wanamaker's) is a Starbucks which in on the Chestnut Street side of the building on the first floor.
Maryalice, still in G'town [02-06-2010]

Does anyone here remember the call of the wild at Rittenhouse Mill- eee-ock eee ri8t5tenhouse Mill
steve donohoe, 61 always and forever germantown [02-06-2010]

Entered this web-cite by accident. Saw your name Bruce and many places and people that I knew through Bill. Just had to say Hello.
Jane Murphy West, Logan girl married a Germantown fellow [02-06-2010]

Paul Borian: I have lived 65 miles from Atlanta for 44 years & I CANNOT stand to go there. Just had to rag you some. :) And you are right--Germantown in our day was better than Atlanta is now. However, I'll bet Atlanta in our day was better then Atlanta is now. For me, ALL things were better back then. We just never realized how good. Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor [02-06-2010]

With the snow closing in on us, I thought I better hit the grocery store. I could not find any selection of bread on the shelves so I asked the clerk. The clerk said that when it snows the bread, milk, eggs go quickly. What the hell are they making "French Toast"
Skip, Ocean City NJ [02-06-2010]

Bud Ballard---would love to get in touch with Pat Higgins ---class of 56-if you have any information would you pass it on?Thanks
vera carey canavan [02-06-2010]

Belated addition to JBS's recap of Wissahickon & Hunting Park vicinity: the Hot Shoppes had the Mighty Mo, similar to what's now the Big Mac (there's a recipe on-line for it). Right on Hunting Park on the NW corner of Wissahickon was a Linton's, in a tudor-style building that's still there (now a church or funeral parlor). More importantly, for those in the vicinity, directly across the street in the old Lincoln Bank building, is the Tastykake Outlet, which sells seconds / nearly out of date stuff for a song, similar to the old Bond Bread Day-Old store at Pulaski and Hansberry back in the day. You can get a box of six three-pack cupcakes, etc. for a buck, and pies six for a buck, among many other things. They freeze! This has been a public service announcement.
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [02-05-2010]

Since I wrote the story of my experience at the Slinky factory, one person emailed me asking what year it was that I was talking about. It was in the early 50ís when I found them in the trash---- since they did not advertise on TV until a later date I did not know that it was a slinky---but I did let it coil from hand to hand but never thinking about letting it walk down steps--------Oh the power of TV
Jack McHugh [02-05-2010]

hi shiela do you know this person (chris) i did send a post to him thinking he was my cousins son but only to find out last night that he isnt ... i cant wait to have a converstion with him to find out more about him ... how are you doing? good i hope. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-05-2010]

Let it snow, let it snow,let it snow. I love it. Mike G.
Mike Garvey [02-05-2010]

Dear Mary Alice. Thank you my school mate and beautiful woman for describing a place in Germantown I loved as a child. Sorry to learn it is all "fenced in-destroyed" Thank you for staying there-when all of us left-in Germantown. Fair play to you ...you are grand.Your heart, I know, is there. Your description of the old site at Chelton/Baynton Idyle-hour Bar-next door today is heart-breaking. I recall driving the Penn-Radio Taxi as a Temple College student and stopping for fares at the Idle-Hour and taking guys and gals home in my "radio cab". The thing I recall about the 'Idyl-hour' Bar was that there were these quotations about Shakespeare's literature written around the lighted ceiling area of the bar ..which aroused my curiosity-I never witnessed that in another bar in the world. I have travelled widely and so I am wondering who in the owners' family painted those literary gems on the ceiling? I met friends there and knew the place well. Next door was the Italian Ice business when the weather was right and up above was the Gisiueppe Garibaldi Club for Italian Americans...they did the fun stuff in there. It does not surprize me that none of these buildings exist today. It is a place we had to leave.Tell me your stories about Why you had to leave Germantown....??tell me... What do you think? Jim McKernan One said.."men are free...after work". I agree
Jim McKernan, Professor, East Carolina University, Greenville NC [02-05-2010]

helen leone deangelo i remember sony hat ... he was a nice guy ... so sorry to hear of his death. my condolences to his family, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-05-2010]

do you remember in the 1960s junior achievement,i think it was above lintons,we made jewlery and some groups made spice cabinets,different companies help us make products and than sell them. also yes,Slinky was on portico st but the convent was not behind slinky.the convent was on logan st.FYI
gtn girl, gtn,pa. [02-05-2010]

Just attended a lunch reunion of people from different parts of Germantown,(West Side, Fernhill Park, Brickyard, Cowtown) in Flourtown. Everyone there also attended the Germantown Boys Club.
Dave Linn, Germantown Boys Club [02-05-2010]

i'm very sorry to hear about sonny hat. i used to hang around with his older sister eleanor. i just heard that she passed away also.
ANNAMARIE [02-05-2010]

chris v catalano i am on this site from time to time but if you are sammys son ... i speak to your grandmother at least every other day ... i am confused as to why you cant reach me ... ha! whats up and what would you like to talk about? rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-05-2010]

Chris V. Catalano: I have Anthony 'G's email address...but, I think he is on this site again, and can give it to you, personally...Linda "F"
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-05-2010]

Rosemarie H-M, & Helen D....what about sun. afternoon May 2nd or the 16th? Doeds this sound ok, for your schedules? May 16, is OUT, because it is Mother's Day & we should be with our families. This is for the LaFontana reunion luncheon. Let me know asap/ so I will make my plans around all of you. xo,Linda P>S> Bill Cupo, have fun on your vacation in Fla. so good to hear from you, 'personally', again. LAF
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-05-2010]

Hey George thanks for getting back to my post. You are actually one of the people I was looking for. I am related to all the Catalano's you just named particularly one of the them. Charlie (Chops) was my father. I saw in posts dating back to 2007 that yourself, Anthony G and Rosemarie knew him from when you guys were younger. I was really hoping to get in touch with Rosemarie because she seemed to know him best, maybe even related to him. He passed away back in 83 and I was just hoping some of you guys could help me learn about him. I was only 3 when he passed, so I didn't get the chance to know him. I was very excited when I heard about this blog and saw you guys talking about him and Sammy. anyway thanks so much for listening. I tried to email each of you individually but all 3 emails would not go through.
Chris V. Catalano [02-05-2010]

Friend of Germantown, yes Joanne Durney had a brother named Charlie, he was a pretty good scccer player. I think they lived on Ashmade place off of Germantown Ave.
anonymous [02-05-2010]

Does anyone remember "Slotnick's" on Germantown ave.? They sold candy, soda pop, and tobacco products.
Gillian Andersen [02-05-2010]

Hey Bette - thanks for responding. I am guessing from your answer that you did not know Mary Cleland. I do think it is cool that you worked at the Chrystal Tea Room in Wannamaker's. Is the tea room still there?
Gillian Andersen [02-05-2010]

Chris, Rosemarie and Anthony G always post here. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon.
Sheila [02-04-2010]

John Bruce Scmitt; I just returned from my eldest grandson's Confirmation on LBI.N.J,Your letter of 1/28/10 was special...An absolute enjoyment...My brother Fr. John is an absolute genius...(Because of that, we think he may have been adopted)..Next month he'll lead a group of Sophia students (who are hearing & vocally impaired)to Ireland (John is also fluent in the "Irish",since our roots are from the West Coast (Galway),,...He's a special person, but to borrow from Kipling, he does more than retain the common touch...Each Christmas and Easter while on vacation he heads for Gotemba where the "lepers" are and helps the Nuns in anyway he can...."He's a better man than I Dunga Din"....Thanks again for you posting of 1/28/10..When you get a chance please say a prayer for Fr. John Kevin Deely (a product of Germantown)...Thank you, Mike Deely
mike deely, I;m older than "dirt" [02-04-2010]



BUD BALLARD [02-04-2010]

"friend of germantown" i do not know if charles durney is the brother of joanne durney. thank you for help. bud ballard
BUD BALLARD [02-04-2010]

Linda Fontana, thanks for the invite. If I am free that day I will make it. I have had lunch several times with JBS courtesy of this blog. Great conversations.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [02-04-2010]

Helen "D", you are so nice. I think a lot more people will come to lunch this time around, now that they know we all had a good time at the last one. Take care and have a great day, Linda "F".
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [02-04-2010]

Hi Chris; I don't know if I am the person your trying to contact. I know some friends named catalino I may have the spelling wrong. But they were; sammy, vicky, mike, joey. chops and linda cousins. Areyou related. GG
george greene, retired living in gilbertsville pa [02-04-2010]

There have been a few topics that started bringing back memories. Yo-Yos...I remember a "team" of yo-yo professionals gave a demonstration ant the lyric Theater before the Saturday Matinee(.25 for a double feature, newsreel, a serial and cartoons. Factories....I lived on Stenton Ave and lived directly across The Whitman Chocolate Factory and once in a GREAT while My mother would break down and buy a 3lb box for 1.00! The only problem was that the pieces were "seconds" and NOT coded correctly, you could not tell what you were going to bite into...LOL
Anthony Pizzuti, 56, Pompano Beach, FL. [02-03-2010]

Hello all..Please help! Can anyone get me in touch with Rosemarie Malageri, Anthony Giordano, or George Green.... via this site or email. my email is cvcatalano@gmail.com Thanks so much for any help!
Chris V. Catalano [02-03-2010]

Dan Hartnett or anyone who keeps in touch with him....please let him know about this upcoming luncheon at LaFontana's -I think he'd want to come to it. Bill Cupo are you game,too? You can bring (your) 'Sandy' with you..Love, Linda "F". PS> Donna Padova, how about you> Your mom and Aunt Carol DiTomaso-Toth may come,too.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-03-2010]

Bud, #13. Joanne Durney, did she have a brother Charles (Bucky) Durney?
Friend, from Germantown [02-03-2010]

Does anyone know a Salvatore Scarpello who lived on McMahon St. His mom use to sponsor a little league baseball team at waterview.
Ed, Chester, VA [02-03-2010]

Lynda F. Springtime is perfect for the get-together at LaFontana. God willing I'll be there. Thanks for co-ordinating it. I'm looking forward to seeing you too!

Sonny Hat was a really nice fellow. He was a little older than us but he had a nice car and was always sweet and gentlemanly to the girls. He went with Theresa M. and we had some good times. Sorry to hear of his passing. RIP dear Sonny.

attention "friend from germantown" denny dolan worked for license and inspections denny retired 3 months ago. denny lives 5500 block wissahickon ave. i sent him a e-mail today. waiting for reply. thank you friend from germantown. bud ballard.
BUD BALLARD [02-02-2010]

BUD BALLARD [02-02-2010]

Still looking for Ed Sweitzer. He lived in appartment above the barber shop on Gtn Ave, just below Windrim Ave. He hung at Logan Park and then Happy Hollow.
Bonie Gatto [02-02-2010]

Gillian Anderson -- I am a 1947 grad of GHS and a 1950 grad of Chestnut Hill Hospital -- lived on West Bringhurst St between Manheim and Queen Lane --and worked at the tea room at Wannamakers --
Bette Boyer Begley [02-02-2010]

anonymous (Sandy)thank you for your time can u give any more info on my grand-parents that owned the idle hour i did not get to know them i was to young
Marie [02-02-2010]

Linda and Rosemarie, just let me know when and I'll be there. No excuses this time. Sorry I missed the last one.
anthonyg [02-02-2010]

Hi, Everybody: How does this sound, lunch at LaFontana's again, one sun. afternoon, when the Springtime is here. April or May? Both nice months, weather-wise...And, Anthony "G" you better come this time, ha ha no excuses that someone popped into your house...Respectfully, Linda p.s. Helen and Rosemarie, can't wait to see you again...everyone is welcome to this, both male and females (young and old alike.)LAF << "G" town memories are the best, still.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-01-2010]

Bud, try 5500 Wissahickon Ave.? not sure
Friend, from Germantown [02-01-2010]

Bud, not sure what Dept. Denny Dolan works, I think they have a directory in alphabetical order, also he must live in city.
Friend, from Germantown [02-01-2010]

hi lorraine cupo kelly - tell your mom to stay down there. it is freezing up here. this weather is not good for her.
ANNAMARIE [02-01-2010]

anthony g im holding ya to it buddy ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-01-2010]

helen leone deangelo i am sooooo happy you will be joining us again for lunch ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-01-2010]

i was born 1951, lived at 955 e. locust ave. till i turned eleven. my two aunts, betty and clare murphy lived next to us . my mom was virginia murphy. does anyone remember Aunt Kit, she was a lovely elderly women around the corner that would give all of the children candy, also anyone remember mrs. durkin, an irish women to lived across the street from us.
mary storey [02-01-2010]

Jack McHugh: You might be getting older but your blogs are getting better and tastier especially when you talk about those Philly Tastykakes. I liked your take on the inluence Midvale Steel had on The Hunting-Park Company. Many of the parents of our friends worked at Midvale. Dave Byrne's[your classmate] father worked there as did Bob Campbell's[friend]. My two brothers[Ken&Rick] had the paper-stand in front of Midvale and sold 200 papers every afternoon. They walked home and stopped at Manny's on Wissahickon for lunch-meat and you got it- tastykakes. As you know,Ken and I went to the Prep and we were brownbaggers with those great sandwiches and Tastykakes.Germantowners were lucky to have great delicatessens and The Tastykake Company so close to us. Next to Tastykake was The Hot Shoppe and for The East Germantowners,there was another Hot Shoppe at Broad&Stenton. There was always something happening there. Texas is an interesting state with The Alamo in San Antonio and Jimmie Dale Gilmore performing in venues like Austin but how does one get their fix on cheese-steaks and tastykakes. Jack! Brother Rick sends his regards to you and the math wizard[Brother Joe].
John Bruce Schmitt [02-01-2010]

To BETTE - I saw your post about being a 1950 graduate of GTHS. Did you know Mary Cleland (sp.?)? She lived on McCallum St. with her parents Mr. & Mrs. Ed Cleland for many years. I would be interested to know if you knew ayone on McCallum St.
gillian andersen [02-01-2010]

Vera, it will be fun if you can make the get-together, and you too Anthony. Rosemarie H.M., can't wait to see you again. Helen

the spagnolias owned the idle hour bar. i think their kids were sissy and chipper.
anonymous [02-01-2010]

to bud ballard;I worked for the city from 1970-2004 for fairmount park I knew a Danny dolan ? he worked there too. I believe he lives in East falls or Rox. gg
george greene, retired in gilbertsville [02-01-2010]

Marie,the Idle Hour was owned by Ralaph Spagnolia,and later his son Jr,I knew the family well.Sandy
anonymous [02-01-2010]

Bud Ballard: Denny Dolan lives in gtn, in the area of wissahickon and chelten . His sister Tina has posted on this website occasionally. Ill let her know that you are trying to get in touch with him. Sorry i missed your get together at the Buck last week, ill try to make the next one.
John Burke, 55 NE philly [02-01-2010]

Marie, as far as I know Benny lived in town and was doing hair but that was years ago,he was a nice guy.Sandy
anonymous [02-01-2010]

Drove past Chelten and Bayton last night. There is a big fenced in empty lot where the Idol Bar, the water ice and the rest of buildings to the train station use to be. Didn't see any signs as to what is going in. Was dark and we weren't stopping.
Maryalice, still in gtown [02-01-2010]

Did anyone here that Al Brett, nickname Sonny Hat from High st passed away?
anonymous [02-01-2010]

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