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January 16-30, 2010

I sent an email 20 mins,ago regarding the Idle hour bar the nic name of Frank Scarpello was shock not snake,Marie,also I not the Marie that asked aboult the bar on 1]28 thanks
marie [01-30-2010]

Does anyone know the where Bermard Ben Rizzo from magnolia or rittenhouse st?Marie
marie [01-30-2010]

Hey Joe Taylor......Just Kidding! Atlanta is only mediocre when compared to the Germantown of the 50's and 60's....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [01-30-2010]

I thought the idle hr,was owened by the Scarpellos? I knew their son Frankie Snake Scarpello,he was so nice.he passed away a long time ago.Marie
marie [01-30-2010]

As a child, my Grandmom Muller would take me downtown Germantown to a shop that she called 'Aunt Mit's'. To the best of my recollection it was a junk store / second hand shop/ perhaps even an antique store. My dad would always joke about her going there to buy junk. I just discovered from my cousin in Florida that her mom, my aunt, used to tease her girls that they looked like Aunt Mit when they dressed up like little old ladies. My cousin was thrilled to hear the reference to Aunt Mit, and now understands why her mom would call them by such a silly name. Has anyone ever heard of such a place?
Patricia Carr [01-30-2010]

I hear you, Rosemarie. I'll be there.
anthonyg [01-30-2010]

Helen Leone, I also remember the Idle Hour bar and the Lemonade stand. I too stood on the corner in front of the Garibaldi club, which I later hung out and played in a band a couple of weekends with Joe Cutri and Vinny Dinardo, waiting for the K bus for CD. What great memories. And Linda F, I will do my best to be at the next luncheon.
anthonyg [01-30-2010]

Information on lunch atLa Fontana---love to try to go
vera carey canavan [01-30-2010]

Having founded the Friends of Wister Woods while living in Germantown, and now living far way, can anyone give me an update on the status of this historic woods?
Lonnie Fogel, San Francisco [01-30-2010]

BUD BALLARD [01-30-2010]

Pete Schurr, happy birthday you old buzzard. Get your but in gear and come down to see me, its nice n warm. We can go riding I have a 2005 Harley Sporster custom 1200. See what you started in 1971.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-30-2010]

George, thank you for taking the time to write. I don't know to much about my family history so any info would be great so that I can share the history with my children.
Marie [01-30-2010]

Helen, thank you so much for writing back and sharing your memories. I have 5 children and want to gather any info on my family history to share with them :)
Marie [01-30-2010]

marie i remember the idle hour bar ...and the water ice stand ... the people were always so nice to us ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-30-2010]

helen leone d'angelo i was hoping to hear from you about the next lunch and am happy that your in ... i hope more of your cousins and your sister will come as well ... hope you and your family are well, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-30-2010]

Bruce Marshall: I want to thank you for the information about Rev. Leser's wife[Betty]. As you know,Rev. Leser was on the altar with Father Bogart at St. Catherine's when my mother[Marguerite] married F.Gordan Bradley who had been a member of Cavalry. The neighborhood around Cavalry Church on Manheim St. was a great place to grow up-you were blessed. I read your post about Jerry Blavett having a dance-party at The Buck and I went there with my brother Rick who had worked at Chet-Wayne on King St- I believe that you knew that food-market well. Tom Cusack[Joe Pisci] was a dancing machine and he could have done his thing on the dance-floor. I had met Jerry in the 60's when The Geator had a dance-party at East Falls on East River Drive. I thought that I was in a time-capsule. In the 60's,I was also impacted by Vatican II and I developed an Ecumenical Spirit. I recently attended a Funeral Service at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Princeton and The Eulogy was given by an Episcopal Bishop. He talked about St. Augustine and quoted Father Aruppe who had been The Jesuit General.The 60's were a great time for me-living in Germantown,going to St. Joe,hanging out in the playgrounds and some serious partying and letting the good times roll.
Bruce Schmitt [01-30-2010]

I'm in too for lunch at LaFontana.

Marie, I remember the Idle Hour Bar in Chelten and Baynton Sts. When I was a wee girl my grandfather would take me with him when he went for a short one and sit me up on the bar while he talked with his buddies. I guess I learned young just how cozy and friendly these gathering places could be and wound up owning one myself on Main St. in Manayunk. I also remember the Spagnolias who owned the waterice stand next to the bar. We all waited every morning on that corner for the 26 bus that took us to 10th and Lycoming (Little Flower) Dolly DiFrancesco, Susan O'Brien, Phylis Gairo, Bonnie McAllister, Eleanor Vasallo, Millie O'Brien, Mary O'brien, -good memories.

To Marie, I grew up in that area. My best friend is domic spags(dee dee)he lives in N.east phila.His brother Tacky is retired i think. butchy died along time ago very young in a car accident.Irene is still around I'm not sure where.I see domic from time to time.I think a cousin own it I am not sure. domic father Nails was a bartender. He and Mildred passed away some years ago.They are great people,I have great memories of those times. GG
george greene, retired in gilbertsville pa [01-29-2010]

To Lorraine (Cupo)Kelly. Hi Lorraine. The Vicks factory was located on Roberts Ave. a little past Wayne Ave. adjacent to the railroad tracks at Wayne Junction. The factory had a water tower on the roof that said "Vicks, Home of Vicks Vapors". The Vicks factory was right next to a coal company called Craig. Hope this helps.
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in g-town 1960-1970 [01-29-2010]

marie bommentre we hope you will join us this time around ...we look forward to that. we hope a lot of the germantowners will hook up with us when we meet again ... linda will be choosing the date, place, and, time soooo keep your eye on this site ... cant wait to meet you! rosemarie
anonymous [01-29-2010]

Hi Philomena. Joe DePero
Joe DePero [01-28-2010]

Bruce Schmitt: in reply to your post of 1-26, my nickname of Cueball originated with my friends at Fernhill Park .. Pat McIlhinney, Al Patrizi, Jerry McKeon, and Bob Kephart .. it is a take off on the first syllable of my last name (Cusack).. it has nothing to do with my pool skills, which are none ... you mentioned LeRoy Kelly (Fernhill Park Bball, Browns, NFL Hall of Fame) .. remember his younger brother Harold ... he made the majors and played for several years with the Orioles and White Sox .. both nice guys and very good athletes ... I heard that when they signed their pro contracts, they put together and bought their parents a nice home on Haines Street off of Chew, next to where Chubby Checker lived .. lastly, I have heard for years about my resembling and sounding like Joe Pesci ... personally I thought I looked more like Brad Pitt, only shorter, and heavier, and older ...
Tom Cusack [01-28-2010]

To Jack McHugh. Thanks for the update on the Slinky. Very interesting. Who knew?!
John Payne [01-28-2010]

6. Denny Dolan, works for City of Phila.
Friend, from Germantown [01-28-2010]

I love reading this site and am always amazed at what surfaces --Apparently there was a party for Rev Leser's wife Betty ---Calvary was my church --Betty and I are the same age -- hence Jack Leser must have been in the group with Roger Dietrich and Bill Whitlock and Al Bishop --What ever happened to them all ??
Bette Boyer Begley, Now live in Dumfries Va --born in Germantown-- CHH grad in 1950 [01-28-2010]

Mike Deely: I appreciate the edifying and salient comments about the great work that The Company[The Jesuits] and Father John[brother] are doing at Sophia University in Japan. Father John must be endowed with Uber-intellect to engage in cerebral and erudite dialogue with so many scholars and intellectuals-including Peter Milward S.J.,The Renowned Shakespearean Scholar. At SJU,we were fortunate to have Dr. Francis Olley who was also a Shakespearean Scholar and The Director of The Cap&Bells Society which produced so many great Shakespearean Plays. Many people on this site from both reading and posting were connected with Cap&Bells-Dr. Joseph D'Angelo,Frank Klock[poet] and Dave Glancey[Thespian]. I studied Shakespeare at The Prep with Aloysius Kelley S.J. who later became The President of Fairfield University and was mentor to George Bur S.J. who is now the President of The Prep and is doing an outstanding job. I am totally impressed with the effort of Sophia University in still teaching The Classics. Many Educational Institutions are bowing to The Cultural materialists and curtailing their classical offerings. Under my Jesuit mentors I was fortunate to study English&German Literature which gave me insight into the Human-dimension and emotional-intelligence. I studied Goethe's "Faust' and consequently,I never made a pack with the Devil. I attend church in Princeton at Thomas Mann's old home and he wrote Docktor Faustus. If Tiger Wood's had read this great work,he would have realized the consequences of his behaviour and kept his putter on the Green and not wandered into the rough where there can be big trouble. Mike! I am so pleased that Father John and his colleagues are instilling Moral and Ethical Principles in their students at Sophia-we need it so much in this challenging world.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-28-2010]

Richard Pio,I spoke with Pete on the 25th his 59th "B"day.He is looking at these postings now.He has sold his home in Glenside to his son and is living with his daughter,Jennifer,in Gilbertsville.He is very content.
George Schurr [01-28-2010]

does anyone have more info on the idle hour bar with the spagnolias being the owners ?
Marie [01-28-2010]

To Paul Borian: Where do you get off calling Atlanta, GA a mediocre city?? Joe Taylor
joe taylor [01-28-2010]

My mom, Frances (Guarino) Cupo, (ageless) will soon be leaving the cold climate of PA to be with me in the warm climate of southeast Florida. I am hoping that she will stay with me through mid-April when I will take her back to her home in Newtown (Bucks Co.) PA. My mom has told me & my family many stories of her growing up during the "Depression Years" in Gtn. (Nicetown section). Her father & mother were Italian immigrants who loved the United States....not only for its freedom, but also for its opportunities. Her parents, Giuseppe (Joseph) & Sarafina (Sarah) Guarino owned & operated "Joe's Diner" on Gtn. Avenue. There, they loved & nutured 6 daughters & provided not only for themselves; but countless others who could not afford the price of a breakfast ($.25 avg. cost....usually egg, toast & coffee). My mom also tells about Happy Hollow Rec. Ctr. & how she & her sisters would go there, after school, & sometimes perform in plays in which they made their own costumes from paper. Some of my mom's older sisters worked in the "Plants", as they called them on Chelten Avenue. I believe there were Dernley's (sp?) a yarn processing factory & Vicks, not sure of its location. In later years, my dad worked at Welsbach Lighting & I began my working career at the Army Corps of Engineers (Abbottsford Rd.) I haven't visited Gtn., other than for IC's 100th yr. anniv. celebration; but I imagine most, if not all of these places have been either vacated or razed. I look forward to my mother's visit and to her stories. There are many lessons to be learned from a generation who lived through a Great Depression & a WW. Let's hope we've learned them well. Take care.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl, ic 55, cdhs 59 [01-28-2010]

Bud Ballard and others looking to track people down: try Peoplefinders.com. I live on Copley Rd and knew Rich Serano (as did Jack McHugh, the Slinky devotee (nice story Jack), so I looked up that name. There are a few hits for Philadelphia, PA, and and e-mail address for one in Fort Washington - on the right are possible relative names that help narrow the possibilities. You can pay for a month and run all the names you're seeking and probably find most of the folks without too much trouble, especially the ones with uncommon names. Good luck!
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [01-28-2010]

My first job was at Schenk's bakery at Clapier & Wayne. The 5 & 10 was across Wayne Ave, next to Paul Old's. Next to the car lot was Joe's Steaks. Across Clapier St. was a butcher, but in the 60's changed to a barber. There was a tailor on the same side of Wayne Ave a few doors up, then "B"s grocery store then the beer distributor on the corner of Wayne & Seymore. Mr. Kodner's pharmacy was on Wayne, across Seymore on the corner. It didn't get much better. The BEST steak sandwiches at Joe's, the BEST baked goods at Schenk's, candy from "B"s and then onto Kodner's just to annoy him. He never liked us kids in his store! We always stared in the window at the shoe maker across Wayne Ave from "B"s and watched the cobbler work his magic. And the mechanic shop next to Moes! I think it was originally a cave that was converted. What a cool place to have grown up. What a complete world within a two block area. Places to eat, places to play, places to buy a car or have one repaired, a place to buy every school supply needed, a place to have our only pair of shoes resoled or "cleated" to help save the soles. Does such a place even exist anymore? Or, have we chosen to replace walkable neighborhoods for the big box store? I'll take Germantown anyday. It was "green" way ahead of it's time.
anonymous [01-28-2010]

Does anyone remember the Epperson family? They were a large family (8 kids I think), and their father Archie died in approximately 1965. I will never forget that funeral at 2nd presby. Church at Tulpehocken and Green. Anyone attend 2nd pres. from about 1960 - 1967? Also, does anyone remember the Colseys? Hamp and Arnella Colsey?
Gillian Andersen [01-28-2010]

Jack McHugh, What a great story about the slinky, as well as your experience of finding them in the dumpster. I love historical information concerning Germantown and I couldn't resist reading more about it. I found out that Mrs. James said that her husband lost interest in the company (as well as his family) and left the family in 1960. He went to Bolivia to join what she claims was a religious cult and never returned. She moved to Hollidaysburg so her family and friends could help her take care of her children. She moved in 1961, commuting back and forth to Germantown for a year and a half, until the equipment was actually moved to Hollidaysville. You're right about all of the little factories on many of the residential streets. When you look up a G-town street on google maps you often see a factory. I never even realized what a mix of all kinds of houses, factories, stores and/or parks there were on a single street. Thanks again for sharing this slinky story with us.
Lynne [01-28-2010]

idle hour bar on Chelten and Baynton used to be owed by my grandparents i have been searching the web for family history and came across this web site looking under the name Spagnolia i said wow just to read about the water ice was pretty exciting! i knew they owed a bar.. i did not get to know them though so if anyone can tell me more about them it would be great !
Marie, I'm Ralph's grandaughter [01-28-2010]

If you ladies are going to lunch in apr.at LaFatona i would love to come?I missed the last one i was in hosp.Just need time & DATE, Thanking You.MARIE BOMM
Marie B ommentre [01-28-2010]

St. Fracis Class 56' 1. Ed Anskis, lives in Delaware 22. Stanley Wink, Phila. area
Friend, from Gtn. [01-28-2010]

bill james went on the site you suggested to view pretzel pete's grave and found it very easily ... thanks, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-27-2010]

Bill James: Thanks for the tip of finding a photo of Pretzel Pete's grave. I remember him selling pretzels at St. Vincent's (1946-1951) at recess and lunch times. But I also remember that when it turned hot in May and early June Pete would sell Italian ices. Or, am I getting Pete mixed up with someone else?
Jim Lyons [01-27-2010]

linda fontana hey good to hear from you and hope all is well with you and your family. it is very good to hear you are no longer hoppalongcassidy and your leg is healed ... i would love to get together again and hopefully more people on this site will be able to join us no matter what area of germantown they come from ...we are all germantowners ... anthony g ... you better make it this time mister ... you sure have enough time to make time for it (no sports this time anthony ya hear) ha! happy new year to you linda and as always it is good to hear from you. keep me posted on a date, time and place . rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-27-2010]

Bill James, thanks for posting Pete the Pretzel Man's info. Funny what you remember, when he pushed that cart up and down the streets, he would call out in his broken English, "Hot Pretzels, Cold Mustard". The pretzels were neither hot nor the mustard cold, but who cared...... May he rest in peace....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-27-2010]

In the mid 90’s, the Slinky Co. (remember--it’s a slinky, it’s a slinky, it’s fun for a girl and a boy) had it’s 50th anniversary. At first I didn’t pay much attention to the news on it, then one day while looking through a magazine I saw an ad for a toy truck with a mini slinky on it and the ad read---- toy truck with the original address of the 1st factory of the slinky printed on the door. Looking at the picture of the truck I saw the name Portico St. Now what former student of St. Francis of Assisi in Germantown did not know this street. Reading on to make sure it was not another Portico St., the truck read James Industries, 4930 Portico St. (well I knew this was our hundred block because I knew the numbers of Wayne Ave. which ran parallel to Portico St. plus it said Phila. 44 Pa.,) so there it was Germantown Wow! I couldn’t believe it--- Now let me explain about the factory, it is one of the factories and Germantown had many that were surrounded by homes, the factory was in the center of the block right behind where the Sisters of St. Joseph lived across from the school on Logan St. Up to that point in time until reading this ad I did not know that the slinky was made there, which is funny considering the fact that when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade another boy in the class told me about the neat coils of wire they had in the trash-- -so we climbed down to the area they had the trash, which was behind Gillespie’s ---- they had a number of metal barrels with the coils laying every which way in the barrels, these coils were all a mess but it was still half or 3/4 of a slinky. Still I did not know what I had in my hand and never thought about it again until reading that ad in the magazine. I don’t even know if the plant was still being used when we were going through the trash barrels since I don’t remember seeing anybody around, I don’t know when they moved out of this plant and moved to Hollidaysburg Penna. When I found out that the slinky plant was behind the nuns convent and because of my adventure into their trash, I became very interested in reading everything about the 50th anniversary. I made a trip to the library and went thru every newspaper and magazine that might say something about Slinky. I found many articles but only 2 or 3 mentioned the Germantown Plant. All of the others said about the same words “ Today the slinky is made on the very same machines that were used from the very beginning at their plant in Hollidaysburg Pa.” This makes you think they were always made there. My guess is that all of the other newspapers and magazines got this info from the same wire service who in turn cut the article to make it smaller, sad to say that when telling about the machines that were used in the beginning in Germantown the articles make you think that they are talking about Hollidaysburg all this time. I did read one interesting article with an interview with Mrs. James and she talked about Germantown but she never said when she moved the plant to Hollidaysburg her home town. She was the one who made the Slinky Company what it became, after seeing what she did with the company I give her a lot of credit since her husband left her and a large family plus a company in debt--she build it into the famous company it became.
Jack McHugh [01-27-2010]

Steve Donohoe, How can anyone answer that question? Maybe you're from Germantown, Maryland and just on the wrong website. (Just kidding - couldn't resist).
Mike Buchanan, Kennett Township, Chester County [01-27-2010]

the guys that hung out at eddies steak shop jim murphy john donnelly danny shaw jack mccullough charles dougherty fred voginetz phil altare aka pee wee john shields pat bolger leroy powell nick & joe sperduto all great guys
anonymous, age 68 [01-27-2010]

reunion staint francis of assisi class of 1956. wanted information on the below listed persons:
001. edward anskis, 5147 keyser st.
002. rechard brinkos, 4939 pulaski ave.
003. patrick cashman, 5018 germantown av
004. peter collemacine, 304 w. apsley st
005. james curran, 259 w. clapoer st.
006. dennis dolan, 71 e. clapier st.
007. robert durkin, 4918 pulaski ave.
008. norman geiger, 3753 n. 7th st.
009. john gregory, 4434 n. bancroft
010. thomas heake, 4814 stenton ave.
011. edward hines, 5126 keyser st.
012. thomas husack, 4463 n. 20th st.
013. robert kephart, 4552 wayne ave.
014. james mcintyre, 356 shedaker st.
015. charles mcklosky, 5120 marion
016. joseph moore, 4350 wayne avenue.
017. michael peale, 4543 green st.
018. james romano, 5037 pulaski ave.
019. richard serano, 5046 copley rd
020. john suder, 362 milne st.
021. francis welsh, 5215 morris st.
022. stanley wink, 4672 stenton ave.
note...if you know the whereabouts of any of these person, please contact me or have the individual me at oballard89@ aol.com. thank you bud ballard.
bud ballard [01-26-2010]

Tony. Tony Klimp moved to Willow Grove and worked at the Vicks co. And married a girl from Willow Grove. Jackie Fellense was her name he had about 4-5 kids last time I seen him about 20 yrs ago.I lived at 30 w. washington ln the Osbornes lived at 32 and my aunt was at 34 West Washington ln 2nd house from the atlantic station
rich, huntingdon valley [01-26-2010]

Joe Melchiorre: I don't know what happened to Joe Phillips but I still keep in touch with his cousin, Cathy. Cathy and Margaret Moynihan lived next door on Logan. Cathy lives in Phoenix. Unfortunately, Margaret passed away a few year ago due to heart failure.
Peg McGeehan Johnson [01-26-2010]

To Bruce Marshall, Thanks for the information on WXPM radio station. Jerry Blavatt is also on "Crusin 92.1 WXPM" in Vineland, NJ for two hours every night. He's not the only DJ playing do-wop on this station. It's great to listen to in the car. I don't think the signal can be received in all areas though, but it's worth checking out. Also internet radio station "Pandora Radio" can be set up to play oldies (or anything else you pick), while you're working on your computer. You get 40 hours free per month or you can suscribe per year for a small fee.
Lynne [01-26-2010]

How come after all these years I have not seen the name of one person on here that was in my one of my school classes.
steve donohoe, 61 [01-26-2010]

Rosemarie hite Malageri: How the heck are you? Happy belated New Year.I miss you --we have to plan another LaFontana asap/ Anthony G. will come this time,too and many others. How about in the Spring, like April? Let me know, if you like this idea. My leg is much better, no hobbling this time. ha ha..Love, Linda F
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [01-26-2010]

bill marshall my friends and i have gone to the buck many many times and most of them still do ... the oldies are wonderful to hear and the geater is the same .. however, if your there listen to the music your good but, if you want to dance think again it is so crowded you cant move usually and i mean this in the literal sense and i hope you like to stand since getting a seat or better yet keeping your seat if you get up from it is a nightmare ... but, again the music is wonderful to listen to ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-26-2010]

bill james thank you for the info on pretzel pete ... i remember the pretzel man from st vincents ... he was always very nice and although it doesnt sound as though he had a real home in his last years i am happy to hear that he did get a final resting place with a tribute to his life inscribed on the tomb stone .. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-26-2010]

Bill James, many thanks for updating us on Pete the Pretzel Man. You filled in many gaps that I had on him. Interesting perspective from someone who knew of him in his Germantown days and then in his Roxborough days. I only knew him from his Roxborough days. I remember he would break out into a song and dance, like he was in some sort of trance. I imagine that didn’t happen in his Germantown days. I didn’t know about the lashing out. I do remember in his later years of being a fixture on the Ridge, more so than walking up and down the streets. I knew of his death and burial in Leverington Cemetery from an article at the time in the Roxborough Review. I go to Roxborough often enough and will stop by the cemetery and pay a visit. Thanks for finding out that there is a marker and then finding the location. This man was a fixture in two communities for all those years, who had nothing but the clothes he wore and his cart. It is good to see the Review and community came together and honored him with a proper burial and a marker.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-26-2010]

we thank you! from continental post 263. the continental post would like to thank everyone who donated to our holiday fund this year. we were able to raise $5000. thank you for opening up your hearts and wallets. we would especially like to thank wee john walsh and everyone who attended the annual germantown beach party. they raised $1000. kudos to all. $3400 was donated to the adam conboy memorial fund "operation bedding". operation bedding enhances the quality of life of our military personnel serving in iraq and afghanistan by sending some of the comforts of home to their remote locations. $800 was donated to "usa together". usa together provides assistance to injured service members. $800 was donated to the "lakeshore foundation". the lakeshore foundation provides comprehensive programs of fitness, recreation and transition support for severely injured military personnel. it is due to the generosity of the membership and friends of the continental post that allows us to share with others during the holiday season. we at the continental post thank you and wish you a happy new year.

Oops - in my post yesterday I said Bobby Colesbury's "wife" - I meant "sister".
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [01-26-2010]

about steak sandwiches, pat's was probably the first to introduce the steak sandwiche,which the meat was cooked flat on the grill and still is.joe's in germantown was the first to chopped the meat. almostall beef and chicken steaks are made by chopping the meat today.thank you dom raff
dom raff, same [01-26-2010]

Tom Cusack: I hope that you did not take umbrage with the characterization of your voice and posting your old nickname on this site. At Fernhill Park, you and Duncan Hubley had unique speaking voices-both of you should have been Actors albeit you would have played different roles. You could have played Joe Pisci's parts in many of his movies-there is even a slight resemblance. I also trust that you did not mind the use of your old nickname-cueball which might have been given to you by one of your friends,possibly, Jerry McKewon.Unlike The Hollow,most guys at Fernhill had regular names-Joe, Pat,John,Jim etc. I did call Leroy Kelly[Gratz,Morgan State,The Browns] Kilroy and you remember The Old Saw,"Kilroy Was Here. Leroy's buddy[Irv] had the nickname Nikita since he wore that crazy hat. I also did not want to denigrate your pool-shooting skills since our paths never crossed in pool-halls or bars. I shot a little pool in my time and I was only mediocre since I put too much English&French on the cueball to get position for the second shot-I was often conflicted in decisions about focusing and thinking outside the box. Back in the day, it would have been cool to shoot 8-ball or 9-ball with Cueball for a Highball. Tom! Keep posting since you were always a good talker and raconteur.
J. Bruce [01-26-2010]

ken hook ! i lived on lena street 5331 middle of the block . we moved there 1939 i was 4 years old . we were there till 1958 my parents moved to new jersey . my mom lived to 97 years old dad was 77 . we were 3 children me(frank ) dorthy, and domenick . went to the boys club every night for a long time . hung out on miller steps on germantown and penn street took over from the old bringhurst boys whity roberts and the yearsley post guys .when i came back from the services we hung out at duvas restaurant,great life in those days . frank north wales
FRANK MARGIOTTI, north wales [01-26-2010]

To Paul Borian: Paul, I'm not really a pool shark as such. I just play in a league on a weekly basis. I'm probably in the top quintile of the average amateur league, maybe the top quartile. I just really like the game.
John Payne [01-26-2010]

Jack McHugh....Great story on the growth of the TastyKake Co. Still remember buying the three chocolate cupcakes for six cents(my favorite)I would wash them down with a large glass of milk in less than a minute.If I had to do it over again,I would pause a moment or two for some air!Today,I am still eating Tastykakes at a much slower pace,and enjoying it more.During the first year of our marriage,Fran invited some friends over for dinner,and baked a delicious cake.I was very sincere when I told everyone that the cake was ALMOST as good as a Tastykake.To this day,I have never lived that down.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [01-26-2010]

I just discovered through a friend that if you goggle CHOBAN HOXHA (Pretzel Pete) or just go directly to findagrave.com, you can actually get his info and see a photo of his marker in Leverington cemetary.
Bill James, with mustard, please [01-26-2010]

Bill James, that was a nice story about the pretzel man and the fact that he got a decent burial and a marker. Obviously some good hearted soul looked after him. You mentioned that his name was odd, "Hoxha". That name is Albanian. The late communist dictator of Albania was Enver Hoxha, which is how I know but then again Mother Teresa came from Albania also. A little trivia.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [01-26-2010]

I remember Pete the pretzel 9 if its same guy) when he came into the recess yard at st. vincents on price st. the kids would mob him. I remember paying a nickle. I lived on lena (red brick hill) as did my parents and grandparents before me. Greta sledding
Ken Hook [01-25-2010]

anyone from little flower? graduated in 1956.
ANNE [01-25-2010]

To Jack Brogan. Great story about Joe's. I used to go to Joe's Pizza and Steak shop on Wayne Ave. all the time. He was right accross the street from Shenck's Bakery Shop at Wayne & Clapier. Joe made great pizza and steaks. Can still taste them today.
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in g-town 1960-1970 [01-25-2010]

hey linda ... not all of the old ones ... ha, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-25-2010]

I agree there is no better Cheese Steak than one made in the City of Brotherly Love. I too have been around and found Philly Cheese Steaks and Hoagies the best all around. I was told it’s all in the bread. Something tells me it’s more than that.
Ed, Chester, VA [01-25-2010]

Gillian, I knew joe Schorley but that was way back when I was 13 or younger, Haven't seen or heard of him since, actually thought he may have moved from G-town. A few years later I used to run into your brother and sister, Pete and Becky at Wagners on Sunday afternoons. Anyone out there that used to hang out at Rice's gas station, Mayland and Belfield?
Geo. Chatburn, Chew &Belfield [01-25-2010]

Schmitty: Today I went to the 80th birthday party for Betty Leser, the wife of Reverend Leser, the pastor of Calvary Church in the 60s and 70s; she's doing great, living alone in Roxborough - still drives, loves life. I sat next to Chris Colesbury, Bobby's wife. Also, the Buck Hotel where you just convened has the Geator on Thursday nights, for the folks who were reminiscing about Wagner's, Chez Vous, etc. Plus, he's on WXPN 88.5 FM every Saturday at 6:00
Bruce Marshall, 58, still in Gtn [01-25-2010]

Does anyone remember Joe Phillips? He lived on Logan Street betwen Keyser & Knoz. He had 2 female cousins who lived right next door to him. Does anyone remember them? I believe he went to St Francis of Assisi. He would have graduated from there in 1962.
Joe Melchiorre, 62 years young, live in Phoenixville, PA [01-25-2010]

Jack Brogan: I enjoyed your story on the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and the Raffaele’s. In a way the Midvale Steel workers were responsible for the rapid success of the Tastykake Company. The story was when Tastykake opened up their bakery in Nicetown not far from the Midvale Steel Works, the target market of the product was the affluent people of Germantown. What happen was many workers of Midvale started to buy the cakes and also take some home to the different areas of the city that they lived in. (remember at this time Midvale had a huge work force)---well you know what happened, almost overnight a great demand was created for Tastykake thanks to the people of Midvale.
Jack McHugh [01-25-2010]

Dennis McGlinchey and all, Being from Germantown for my first 30 years and then moving to Roxborough for 30 more, I remember Pretzel Pete very well. I was surprised when I moved here that he had moved up here too. It was sad seeing him before he died as he had 'lost it' somewhat and used to yell at no one in particular like he was on a soapbox, while standing at Ridge and Leverington. Back then I had heard he was living in a storage shed or garage out of the kindness of someone's heart. I didn't know any details about his burial until you mentioned it, Dennis. Today I was across the street in Coyle's Cafe eating bunch (that's a plug for wife's family's place) and I asked her sister if she ever heard that Pretzel Pete was buried there. She said he is. I said I guess he doesn't have a marker, but she told me that he does and that he has an odd name and has a pretzel on his headstone. I took a walk across the street and went in. I found it right away. It's right inside the gate, on the right, near the first tree. It reads, CHOBAN HOXHA Pretzel Pete 1913 1995 and there's a pretzel inscribed between the dates. A nice tribute to a nice man from the old neighborhood.
Bill James, The Hollow [01-25-2010]

anyone from HS class 69,70,71,72 ?
kath dawes, Oreland, PA [01-25-2010]

Jack, I don't doubt that the story you told actually happened about the steak sandwiches. But, hold off saying the Raffaelles invented the cheesesteak. The cheesesteak was around for at least 30 years before that. Pat Olivieri is generally regarded as having invented it in the early 1930s. He is also the founder of the South Philly landmark, Pat's King of Steaks.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-25-2010]

Ed Burke[Ned]:We had a great time at "The Buck" with your buddies from G-town-you and Bud Ballard did a great job in bringing us together and selecting that great Watering-Hole. Capt. Bud Ballard reminded me of Clarence Ferguson whom he might have remembered from his days in The PPD. I was surprised that I knew so many of the guys-Joe Leone from GBC where we knew the old Pug and trainer,Mickey G. who had a gym in Kensington[Fkd.&Clearfield] and Tom McINtyre whose cousin[John] graduated with me from St.Francis. One saturday,I took Tom's brother[Jimmy] and the brother-in-law[Tony Shields]into the Hi-dee-Hoe bar[Pulaski&Coulter] for a few pops-naturally,we integrated the joint. It was great to see Al Patrizi-he is a survivor and he recovered from the terrible crash back in the 50's. George B. and I knew the driver-we also had bad experiences when he was behind the wheel. I was talking to Brother John's buddy[Mike Garvey] and he was one of John McCullough's guys back in the day[30+ years]. In my callow youth,I would stop on The Boulevard for a quick drink after a hard day at the office. Joe Crossley[Local 30] had a gin-mill on the boulevard where the roofers and other famous luminaries hung out. I wanted to tell him the story where a couple of dudes pulled out their inferior weapons to rob the place-the roofers started to laugh and the dumb motor scooters said,This Is A Real Stick-up-"OK". Tom Cusack crossed paths with some of Joe Crossley's buddies and many times they traveled with Smith& Wesson. The patrons of Joe Crossley's Shrine pulled out their cannons and the 2 brothers were faced with overwhelming firepower-they had made a mistake since they did not case this sacred place.The weapon was confiscated and the robbers were sent out in the winter night in their birthday-suits. The Park-guard comes into the bar and wanted to know why these 2 punks were sent out into the cold,bare-ass naked-they could have frozen their toes off. These gentleman believed in The Old Testament-"An Eye For An Eye And A Tooth For A Tooth".These bad guys were attempting to rob a Holy Place-A Local 30 Hangout. Mike Garvey was there. I wanted to tell him about the riot at 4th&Berks[Local 30 hangout] where there was a problem with some of the roofers and the local residents who came from a different ethnic backgrounds. Needless to say,I enjoyed all the great stories about Germanton and the wonderful people and families who lived there-including The Burkes from Hansberry Street. Ned! I'm ready to do it again.
J.Bruce [01-25-2010]

To Schmitty and Irish Jack Brogan....As always,I enjoy reading your comments and stories about the fun times in the 50's and 60's....Schmitty,better watch your weight during this winter's luncheon campaign with all the Germantown celeberties.The spring drinking season begins in a couple of months.Irish Jack,please use your natural powers to export some of that Maine snow and cold to Doylestown.We need to cover up the grass which is greening up and starting to grow.I promised my lawnmower a long vacation until the middle of April....Last,but not least,to the second greatest Happy Hollow pool shark,Junior Payne; You need to come north to your roots and hold a pool clinic for your old Hollow buddies,in desperate need to sharpen their once mediocre skills.We will recruit brother Cisco to be referee....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [01-25-2010]

Jim Lyons: I was very young during the yo-yo contest days, so I never really did get to compete. One of the "instructors" (salesmen I guess), did give us a patch one day outside of that little candy store on Wyneva, just before Green street (west of Greene, across from Harkins cleaners). I still have that patch today. I took it to an achaival company, and they treated it so it could not corrode, and then put it in a vacuum sealed glass case that....LOL, okay, you are following this? You've just been had. LOL...I love the Hollow.
John Payne [01-25-2010]

George Schurr, went to 12 years of school with Pete {St. Francis anD North} we were good friends then I moved to Florida in August of 95 haven't seen or talked to him much since. I know about Patty as Margie and her were good friends.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-25-2010]

to richard Huntington, Tony Klimp was hisreal name he lived for a while at our house at 64 west washington lane, then later moved to calafornia i think,and to Kieth McCabe i"ll ask peter if he will get back on this site
tony braspennincx [01-25-2010]

JACK,hello,i love the way you embellish a story. keep posting. also a hello to paul,sonny,and john. dominic
dominic raff, same [01-25-2010]

To Keith If you were standing in front of he house looking at it. My house was to the left of the Osbornes and my GrandMother house was to the right.Julio was one of the foster kids my aunt and grandmother took care of. His brother also lived there with them.I heard not long after they left the house he died from a drug over dose. His brother went into the army. we never heard from them again.Susan Osborne became a nurse. And had worked at germantown hospital.Tony Klemp lived in the same house or next to the Brasspennincs.
anonymous [01-25-2010]

Hello Linda F. Since you mentioned it today I just checked it out and saw your name looking for a few of us. Just wanted to say hello again. And since it is still January I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year.
anthonyg [01-25-2010]

good time fellow grads of the classes of 1956 and 1960 at the buck. let's do it again soon. hopefully more can come next time
ED BURKE [01-22-2010]

WOW, what happened to Bill Cupo, Ted Sillary, Anthony 'G", etc.etc. so many new names on here..and the old ones dropped off? L A F
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [01-22-2010]

Does anyone remember Joe Schorley (spelling may be wrong), Jane Bertholf, or people who hung around with them? These are people who have 6 - 7 years on me (they hung around with my brother, Pete Peters, and my sister, Becky Peters. I would love to hear from some of you!
Gillian Andersen [01-22-2010]

Paul Borian: I liked your last blog-it was well crafted and very creative. Goo would have been happy how you talked about The Payne Brothers,Frank and John-notwithstanding the fact that you used anachronistic language in talking about the aforementioned Hollow Guys. You are wondering why Sonny Kennedy moved to Georgia-the answer is to be close to Savannah which has one of the greatest St. Patrick's Parades in the country. Your blog was nuanced and I do'nt know why Tom Cueball Cusack got that nickname-he had a gravelly voice and bowled and danced his butt off. Great pool-shooters needed a lot on time on their hands. Today,I was hanging out in Bucks County with a bunch of Falcons from North and a couple of bears from GHS. Most of the guys were from The Hollow or The Brickyard-Ed Burke and I were from Pulaski-Town. I was talking with Joe Leone whose cousin was Pat Sarnese whom you knew well from The Hollow and was a great Temple Football Player. I was also talking to Ann Lee's nephew[Ralph Brickhouse] and you knew Uncle Joe Rossi who stole a few hits from you with his great defense in baseball. I was also talking with Mike Garvey from The Legendary Brickyard Family. He will be setting up a Germantown Reunion in the future and some of your friends might come-from Maine to Georgia and from the Main Line to Hawaii. We also talked about the Tailor-shop on Wayne Avenue where Pop Borian worked so hard so his kids could have The American Dream. The server and bartender liked us and told us to come back- Germantowners know how to hit the mahogany. If it had been The Celebrity Room in the old days, Tiger Lil would have said,"Drink Up Boys".
schmitty [01-22-2010]

Historic Germantown: I have been in restaurants all over the country, and everywhere they serve “Philly” cheese-steaks One bite let me know that cook never tasted a real steak sandwich like one cooked at Joe’s Steak Shop located on that short stretch of Wayne Avenue just north of Logan Street that we called “The Corner.” The Philly cheese steak was invented by Rocky Raffaele one morning in 1961 or maybe it was 1962. My good friend Dom Raffaele, Rocky’s assistant at the time, told me the story one night over beers in the 1895 House on Beacon Hill in Boston. It went like this. “After we opened up, Rocky looked for the steak. We had a large order to deliver to Midvale. All steaks. But somebody forgot to take the steak out of the freezer. So, Rocky ran down the basement and got a chisel and hammer out of Joe’s toolbox. Then he started pounding and chipping on that huge mound of frozen, shaved steak. He chopped out piece after piece for over an hour. Finally, we had enough to fill the Midvale order. Later that afternoon all these guys who worked at Midvale were in Nick’s and over beers they told us what great steaks we sent down for their lunches. We made the steak sandwiches like that from then on.” Everybody knows the hoagie was invented by some Italian workmen at the iron works on Hog Island (Hoagie) down near Marcus Hook, but when you see a Philly steak on the menu, remember that it was invented by Rocky, Joe and Dom Raffaele who grew up on Manheim Street. Maybe we should put a historical plaque on the front of that house just west of Wayne Avenue.
Jack Brogan, Frozen solid in the snow [01-22-2010]

Bor: A point of clarification. I love shooting pool, but I wouldn't classify myself as a great player. Probably an A or B player in most recognized amateur leagues. Regarding Willie Mosconi: I'm not sure if I mentioned it on this site, but in the late 1960's, when Willie was a promotional person for Brunswick, I had the pleasure of being the referee of a game wherein he played one of the local talents of a newly opened billard room called Rack 'n Snack. A pretty easy job as I recall. About every two or three minutes, you get to tell the rack person to rack the balls. He was amazing to watch. More recently, I was second row at a promotional show by Allison Fisher here in The Villages. She, too, is an amazing talent.
John Payne [01-22-2010]

To Rich Huntington Valley. I don't recall Tony Klemp. The house you're talking about, was it to the right of the Osborne's? Their father died more than five years ago and their mom passed away this past September. Do you recall a boy named Julio? Did he live in the same house that you're talking about? He went to St Vincents and was a couple of years behind me.
Keith McCabe [01-22-2010]

Tony, yes, after my father passed away in '02 I began staying with my mother off and on and eventually decided to move back when she took ill. During her last weeks I had decided to sell my house in Olney and move back here to Moylan St to watch over her in case she needed me. I haven't any brothers or sisters so it was the best thing to do. Two weeks after she died I made settlement on my house in Olney, I had been planning this anyway as I had been spending most of my time at her house. So yes, I am in G-twn and living in my childhood home. Perhaps you can convince Peter to get back on here. It would be great to heard from him. He came he once back in the '80's I believe and stopped at the Osborne's funeral home to see Robert but I don't think he was home though I think Peter spoke to Roberts then wife. I believe I was in Montana at the time.
Keith McCabe [01-22-2010]

JBSchmitt: Fr. John wanted me to pass this along to you; The Jebbies hold an annual Christmas party @ Sophia and he and Fr. Milward had a lengthy discussion..Seems the latter is scheduled for another year @ Sophia teaching all things Shakesperean...Take, Mike Deely
mike deely [01-22-2010]

John Payne, I sure do remember Duncan and Cherrio yo-yo contests. I was fairly good and competed on Saturdays at the Colonial theater on Germantown Ave. Won a couple patches but never achieved sweater status. I still keep a yo-yo in my office and every now and then I'll pull it out and do a few "walk the dogs" and loop the loops.
Jim Lyons [01-22-2010]

Interesting that Pete the Pretzel Man continues to surface here from time to time. I never knew of his connection to Germantown, except as mentioned on this board. I assume he worked Lower Germantown and Brickyard in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. He was working the streets of Roxborough in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, pushing his cart up and down the streets. That is where I know of him. I don't think he spoke any English. I heard he was homeless, but if true, he always looked clean. He would break out into a song and dance every now and then. Kids used to make fun of him. He was known to give pretzels free to young kids. He was a fixture in Roxborough. I forget when he died, either the 1980s or 1990s. He is buried in Leverington Cemetery, supposedly right inside the gate. Having no family or money, either the plot was donated or funds were raised in the community. He seemed like a harmless, kindly, good old soul.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-22-2010]

Ray Dawes. I know Pam is your wife so just wanted you to mention to her that a few of GHS girls (women) are getting together some time in Feb. Carol Waterhouse, Cheryl Fieldmeier, Marion Hoar and possibly Doris Fallows. I spoke to Marion yesterday & she would like to see Pam again.
Wilma, 66 Bucks Co. [01-22-2010]

John Abbamondi: Furthermore. You mentioned Miss Nevins but missed Jean and Roe Symenitas from the same block on Rockland St.Living closer to the park were Cathy Lynch, Eileen McSherry,and Cathy Burke. With the number of remembered Fern Hill Fillies approaching a dozen of said very 'petty girls' it would seem to bring into question the motivation, maturity, or intelligence of those running around out on that football field. [D.] All of the above?
anonymous [01-22-2010]

John Abbamondi: Furthermore. You mentioned Miss Nevins but missed Jean and Roe Symenitas from the same block on Rockland St.Living closer to the park were Cathy Lynch, Eileen McSherry
anonymous [01-22-2010]

Erda, I knew both Glenn and Charlie but at the time there seemed to be an unwritten rule, oldheads did not hang out with the youngheads. My brother Joe and I eventually hung out at the same spots and knew a lot of the same people. Often I was with the younger brothers and sisters of the same crowd my older brother was with. Lots of big families back then.
Geo. Chatburn, Still in Philly [01-21-2010]

Joe Melchiorre: Larry says "hi". He does remember your parents and enjoyed your memories of Tacoma Street. Pop Rinaldi did have a great garden; he also made excellent homemade pasta on his "guitar". For you non-Italians, it wasn't a real guitar, but a contraption that sliced the sheet of pasta into strips (for fettucine or spaghetti). I believe he also made homemade wine. A real multi-talented guy. Sad to say, Larry does not know how to do any of these things and neither do I.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-21-2010]

Joseph in Mt. Airy, I hope your class gets to see the wonderful historical places that Germantown has to offer. From the first settlers until now, it has continuously evolved and been the home to thousands of people who have taken a part of it with them wherever they ended up.
anonymous [01-21-2010]

To Carol, I usually spent my time at Happy Hollow and Gtn.& Chelten so I didn't hang out at Greene & Wyneva. However I was married to Mike Donatelli (whose family had the drugstore on that corner) for 37 years until he passed away a few years ago. I do remember some of his friends names though. Aside from his brother Joe, there was Butchie Heimbach, Dukie Capatano, Rusty King, Jimmy Bones and Ronnie DeLucrezia. I think I got the names right and sorry for any incorrect spellings. Gillian, I remember those small record players and the 45 boxes. Almost everybody had a basement which was either paneled or just had the original stone or cement walls (sometimes whitewashed). Not very attractive places for the most part, but a great place for parties and dancing. I remember my mother always yelling for us to turn the music down. For my 8th grade graduation I got a huge box of a record player that played 45's, 78's and 33 1/3 records. Wow! It was ugly red and shiny metal and you got an electric shock every time you touched it, but you could hear it a mile away. That was great.
Lynne [01-21-2010]

Schmitty....Always enjoy reading your posts,especially when it is written in Germantownese.Even some of your old Prep buddies no longer preach the Gospel of the Prep.Did not know that Junior Payne was such a great pool shooter.Who taught him his game?It wasn't Willie,and certainly was not Cisco.Could it have been Tom Cusack?? Mosconi was the greatest pool player in the World during our era,but he will always be remembered as the guy who indirectly introduced Sonny Kennedy to Mary Jane Gentlis.MJ rescued Sonny from a deteriorating Happy Hollow,and transformed a washed up basketball player to an Irish icon in the mediocre city of Atlanta,Ga.Willie and Sonny are a couple of great memories from our golden days at the Hollow back in the 50's and early 60's....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [01-21-2010]

John Payne, Ah yes the annual yo-yo contest. I was in the neighborhood/parish next to ICC, Logan/Holy Child,and the contest were held every Saturday, during the Children's afternoon matinées at the Logan theater on Broad Street. First prize was brand new Schwinn bicycle, that the manager would bring out at the beginning of each weekly contest, and the winners each week would come back for the final contest. As I remember the contests were usually during the Lenten season, and according to some of the nuns that taught at Holy Child, they were used as a temptation for those that wanted to give up going to the movies for Lent. On a personal note, I was never in contention, as I could never do "rock the baby". Not sure but I think the Cheerio was the most popular brand of yo-yo back then.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [01-21-2010]

Bette, I emailed you directly so let me know if you received the email. Wilma
Wilma, 66 Bucks Co. [01-21-2010]

Carol,Hi,some of the guys from greene and wyneva were jimmy scully,jimmy hodges,mike martin,duke capitano jimmy, jackie,billy riffitts,mikey donatelli,mickey kobel,drainpipe,laurence,ronnie delcruzio,vince leone,bruce mitchell, these are some that I can remember.Everyone would meet at donatelli's drugstore than go there separate way. Those were the days!
gtn girl, gtwn [01-21-2010]

Joseph, I hope you enjoy your tour of the all the wonderful houses in Germantown.. There is a lot of history in your neighborhood. What school do you attend?? My son Went to Houston on Allen Lane
Erda [01-21-2010]

What about the teepee diner on gtn ave,across from st michaels on gtn ave,donatellis corner greene and wyneva st,the kids from the area jackie billy and jimmy riffitts,mikey donatelli,vince leone,drainpipe,mickey kobel,ronnie delcruzio,kitty and jimmy scully,maureen rowan,lisa magner,mike martin,kenny preston,cragie middleton,marie and charlie joe scanzello,jimmy hodges,laurence,tommy joe murphy,connie scafidi,how about pete the pretzelman,teddy the toad.i could go on and on.
gtn girl, gtn [01-21-2010]

does anyone remember the guys that hungout at Green & Wyneva sts in the early 60s ? Who were they?
Carol [01-20-2010]

attended st. michaels of the saints remember fr. anthany rossi and the sisters of st. francis. what ever happened to the churches left ther around 1972 with my parents and 6 brothers and sisters. would love to hear from people who remember us.
michael prisco, 48 w. wyneva st. age 48 [01-20-2010]

Paul Borian:I appreciate the E-Mail about Willie Mosconi and the connection with some of The Hollow Guys-you,Tom Razzano,and Sonny Kennedy. You knew two of the greatest pool-shooters from Philly,Willie Mosconi and John Payne[Cisco's brother. You were the best Armenian pool-shooter from The Hollow and possibly the 2d best after John Payne. Recently,I was hanging out with Tom Cusack[cueball-old nickname] and he still has some good dance-moves with the lovely ladies. We talked about the City-Championship game between Northeast and LaSalle without your Fitler Classmate[Herb Adderly] who was injured after the game with Gratz. It reminded me of the time when you had a police escort after the Germantown-Gratz football game. Back in the day,Gratz-fans could be tough on opposing athletes. Tom Cusack did not know that the greatest athlete to come out of Germantown went to Fitler with his friend Jessie Turner[Gil"s cousin]. Jessie was from Pulaski-town and he was a very good boxer and he threw some mean elbows on the asphalt-court-some tough players came from Fitler including The Bor. Talking about tough players,I loved the story that Willie Mosconi Jr.[Bill] from The Prep introduced Sonny Kennedy to his wife and that their marriage is so long lasting. It is wonderful that so many folks from The Hollow have long and happy marriages.
Schmitty: [01-20-2010]

Still wonder if anyone remembers the Bertholfs of Walnut Lane? They were a family with 8 kids (we had 10, and the Bartelts had 8 - they lived up near Wyck).
Gillian Andersen [01-20-2010]

This is a great website because my grade is about to do a germantown tour and these facts will help a lot!
Joseph, Mt. Airy age 12 [01-20-2010]

It i9s really great seeing the message of someone new on this site. It seems that a revelation comes about. The new person says more or less I really was from Germantown and it was really as great as I thought it was . That bit of reenforcement brings it all back and reminds us all of how great it was to be young and growing up in Germantown
steve donohoe, 61 all ways germantown [01-19-2010]

Anonymous: About Eddie's steak shop I can only imagine that siome of my former classmates hung around there..Reardon, Hunt, Campbell, Darragh, Cullen, Sweeney, Schwinn et al..We lived right behing the Chelten Grille (Joe Vare's) pkace @21 & Chelten.Eddie's was a few doors up, closer to Nifelds' deli..Where did you hang your hat?
mike deely, hhi, s.c. [01-19-2010]

Hello George and Rich.. I am surprised to here that some people knew Glenn and others new Charlie.. I thought they always traveled together.. Ha! I have some fond memories
Erda, West Norriton PA [01-19-2010]

Hi Wilma I was just reading one of your entries from 09/09/08 regarding Richard J. Coleman (Born 1855, Died Feb. 22, 1928) and Mary O'Connell (Born 1857, Died March 18, 1896). My grandmother told me they were from County Cork, Ireland; but not sure if they were both from that town in Ireland. Anyway, you sure helped me, now I know my grt grandmom's maiden name. Thanks
Bette [01-19-2010]

Okay...just to get everybody going on some more memories, how about...Yo-Yo contests sponsored by Dunkin Yo-Yo, and Cherios Yo-Yo. They were held outside of candy stores, and I even remember one on the stage at the Orpheum Movie on a Saturday afternoon. You could win yo-yo's, patches, and even sweaters, if you were really good.
John Payne [01-19-2010]

Hi Wilma! What a surprise to learn that we both had the same great grandpop. You know he built the steeples on the churchs in G-town. Yes he passed away in 1928. His wife Mary was only 39. He eventually retired and moved to 2090-65th Ave. He bought the house and two of his daughters lived with him. (Bess (Elizabeth) and Julia) The lots at Holy Sepulchre cem. is Section B Range 4 Lot 12. Richard, Mary his wife, Aunt Julia, Anna Hart, Mary Sands, Mary Kane and all of her children, and 5 yr old Charles Sands are there. How ironic to talk to someone from my family who lived in G-town after nearly 60 yrs. I thought everyone was gone. I went to 1st grade at St. Vincents, and then to Little Flower grammar school. I graduated from St. Hubert's in 1957 and now live in the N.E. Anyway, I don't want to tie up all the space here so someone else can squeeze in. Hope to talk to you soon. Bette Joan Steltz
bette, northeast philly [01-19-2010]

Mike Deely: I really enjoyed your last blog and to learn that Father John Deely is connected and affiliated with The great Jesuit Institution,Sophia University in The Land Of The Rising Sun. Sophia means "Holy Wisdom" and Father John must be Holy and Wise to work with "The Black Robes" in Japan. A famous Jesuit Scholar taught there for many years-Peter Milward S.J. My Jesuit teachers had a penchant for Shakespeare and liked the poetry of Gerald Manley Hopkins S. J. Your brother's colleague,Peter Milward S.J. was a scholar of both Shakespeare and Gerald Manley Hopkins. I learned about Gerald Manley Hopkins from my mother[Marguerite] who liked his poetry and naturally from many Jesuits. My step-father was Episcopalian and Gerald Manley Hopkins was a convert to Catholicism and The Jesuit Order from his Anglican Religion. Cardinal Avery Dulles,The Son of John Foster Dulles, was also a convert to Catholicism and The Jesuits. Father John is an OBlate and I wonder if he knows "Father Tom Hagan" from Philly who is doing great work in Haiti. Mike! I hope that you and Father John keep doing great things with Your Faith and Religious Principles and Doctrine. I studied Comparative Religions in College and developed into an Ecumenical person. My wife[Ludmila] was an Orthodox-Christian and also interested in Iter-Cultural Dialogue. I regret that we never visited Sophia University which is an Iconic-Cultural Institution. We did visit The Beautiful St. Sophia Church in Kiev where Bill Clinton visited and talked. Constatine also built the beautiful St. Sophia Church in Istanbul when it was called Constantinople. Mike! Obviously,your blog resonated with me.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-19-2010]

Hi Rosemarie: Say hello to Larry for me. His mom & dad were friendly with my parents. Pop Rinaldi had the best tomato patch around. I loved him like an uncle. I can still picture them sitting on the steps.
Joe Melchiorre, 62 years young, Phoenixville, PA. [01-19-2010]

To Keith i lived right next door to the Osborne. I seen jimmie about 10 yrs ago he had moved to flowertown. I know there mom died about 5 yrs ago And I have not seen any of the familey in years.Do you also remember Tony Klemp.? He lived in the same house or right next door i cant remember.
RICH, huntingdon valley [01-19-2010]

Ed Burke: I will be attending the mini-reunion at The Buck Hotel on Thursday-Harry Truman would say that The Buck stops there. I sent an E-Mail to Big John and I hope that he can make it. I have not been there in many years and I heard that it is a nice place. Germantowners always pick nice places to hang out-especially when they are enjoying The Golden Years. Good Food,Top-Shelf Liquor&Wine and friendly conversation is an exellent combination-I'm ready Brother!
Bruce Schmitt [01-19-2010]

To Lynne - Hey, thanks for the memories about Woolworth's record department (I had kinda forgotten that). What I DO remember is how kids used to get those 45-record cases, a little portable record player, and take those to parties. I remember the parties at our house with Jane Bertholf, Joe Schorley, and Becky and Pete (my older brother and sister). All the dancing to the hit songs - what fun! My foster brother, Larry, who was confined to a wheelchair, hung out and sang to the music; he loved Dianna Ross and the Supremes!
Gillian Andersen [01-19-2010]

To anonymous regarding Eddie's steak Shop at 2st and Chelten. I remember several guys from there. Our friendship only lasted for a short time. They were about 3 blocks from our corner. I remember PeeWee, Freddy Vogenitz (not sure of spelling) and Doc who, I believe, died of lung cancer.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [01-19-2010]

Hello Kieth, i remember Robert Osborn they lived just up the street, my brother Peter was on this site a few years ago,do you stil live in Germantown?
tony braspennincx [01-19-2010]

Richio Pio,Do you know my brother Peter Schurr?
George Schurr [01-19-2010]

JBS, You are welcome.I also had to look up SAGACITY.They did not teach me that word at SJP.Then I realized it is not something you learn,But something you inherently possess.I am constantly amassed at your wealth of knowledge.Thanks for the info.
George Schurr [01-19-2010]

John Abbamondi:Counsellor,you are remiss. Right around the corner from you were the Princesses of Zerelda St. Mary Sweeney,Diane Paskowski,and Eileen Becaria who also spent a lot of time at Fern Hill while waiting for their Prince to arrive. Perhaps you were only remembering Eileens brother in his black fastback[Pontiac or Olds?]as he drove around with that gorgeous [Wha was her name?]friend of his.
anonymous [01-19-2010]

Hi Tony Braspennincx, I don't think you will remember me and I only have a couple memories of you, however, I was good friends with your younger brother, Peter, when you guys lived on Washington Lane. I remember your dad had the VW repair garage. Peter was also friends with someone who became my best friend at high school, Robert Osborne, though he and I didn't know one another when Peter and I were classmates at St. Vincents. It seems Peter was sent to St. Vincents from St. Madeleine's. Please send my regards to Peter. Obviously, I haven't had any contact with him since 1969 or 1970 when he left the states. I hope this finds you and and your family in good health.
Keith McCabe, 54 (Feb) living again in G-twn. [01-18-2010]

Home fries at H+H--what a wonderful memory---I can make Salisbury Steaks that taste ALMOST as good as H+H--could never master the home fries
vera carey canavan, St. Vincents ''56'' [01-18-2010]

Sally Torrence was the hottest girl in the neighborhood. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [01-18-2010]

to Bob McCreight; Lum's was good. Great roast beef. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [01-18-2010]

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and thank you to the Webmaster for the New Year wishes. Same to you and your co-workers. I don't remember the record store at Wayne and Manheim. When was it there? I just remember the tiny store at Germantown and Chelten. Woolworth's on Chelten also had a record department at the front of the store. No one really worked in that department, but they had a record player on the counter. You actually could take a 45 out of its jacket, play it to see if you liked it, and either put it back or buy it. I find it funny that the "new" thing in music now is vinyl.
Lynne [01-18-2010]

To Tony - Thanks for responding. There are no hard feelings. I just want to remember the good times (there are certainly plenty of bad times, but I think it is better not to focus on those. It is okay, though. Don't worry, Tony. I never hold grudges, and because I make so many mistakes, I try my best to understand when other people do! To Mark: You took me back a few years when you mentioned Dairy Maid! Before they tore that building down, they turned it into a youth center for a while. I remember seeing Billy Bertholf in there (one of my first crushes); unfortunately, he is gone now, too.
Gillian Andersen [01-18-2010]

does anyone remember the guys that hung out at eddies steak shop.back east germantown.at21st.& chelten ave.from 1955 to 1962
anonymous, age 68 [01-18-2010]

Hi Bruce Schmitt, I sent a blog on Thursday, but I don't see, so I'm repeating it. The Buck Hotel on Jan 21st at noon .Let me know if u r coming. Bud needs a number to tell them thanks Hopeto see u there!
ed burke [01-18-2010]

Joe Melchiorre: Oh yeah, I'm related to Larry from Tacoma Street by marriage. Isn't he the lucky one?
anonymous [01-18-2010]

Hi Rosemarie: Are you related to Larry, from Tacoma Street, in Germantown?
Joe Melchiorre, 62 years young, live in Phoenixville, PA [01-16-2010]

Hey hello Gillian now i remember you, im sorry i mentioned the car bieng stolen, i didnt mean to hurt anybodys fellings, yes you were the pretty girl around the block,i,ve heard you had some contact with my younger brother Peter, a few years ago.i really had some good times in Germantown with my friends, at school,swimming in the wisohicon river,or playing basketbal in the courtyard behind our house,
Tony Braspennincx [01-16-2010]

philomena citro, 52 yrs old-lived at 5218 marion st [01-16-2010]

To Gillian Andersen. Yes, I remember Horn & Hardart's on Chelten Ave. Used to go there all the time. There was also Hanscomb's and Linton's. Also, I used to go have ice cream at a place called DairyMaid located at GTN Ave & Maplewood, accross the street from Woolworth's. Chelten Ave. was a great place to go; a lot of eateries, stores, hobby shops, record stores, etc. I used to buy 45rpm records at a record store on Wayne Ave. just below Manheim St. Does anyone remember that record shop?
Mark L. Bambrick, raised in g-town 1960-1970 [01-16-2010]

Geo charlie also had a brother gary and 2 sisters.His other brother Mike. passed away about 6 years ago.Charlie lives in upper Roxboro.Goldners was right behind my house on washingdon lane. they always left the keys in the cars back than. At night we used to hop the wall and drive around the back lot.I would not trade growing up in the 50-or-60 in germantown for anything. great time and a great place to grow up.
rich, huntingdon valley [01-16-2010]

Bette, Stelz, Richard was also my gg grandfather. I am the daughter of John. Of course I did not know him but knew he lived I believe in St. Benny's parish and died in 1928. My father mentioned Julia and took me to Holy Sepluchre to see the tombstone many years ago.
Wilma, 66 - Bucks Co. [01-16-2010]

Bruce Schmitt, Our luncheon is January 21st at noon,at the Buck hotel. I told Bud Ballard that you're interested in attending. Please blog if you are coming, so he can include you in the number! Hope to see you there.
Ed Burke [01-16-2010]

To Gillian. Yes indeed, I remember the Horn and Hardart's on Germantown Ave., several blocks south of Chelton Ave. I and a few of my classmates at St. Vincent's would walk to H&H for lunch in the late 40s and early 50s. I can still remember my favorite lunch: home fried potatoes with gravey, boiled cabbage, a fresh baked hard roll with butter, ice tea and a piece of spice cake. The price: twenty-five cents, a quarter and I did you not. Does anyone remember the headline of the Bulletin that read the "saddest day in Philadelphia, when H&H raised the price of a cup of coffee from a nickel to a dime." Jim Lyons
Jim Lyons [01-16-2010]

Does anyone remember my foster brother, Larry Kelly (no kin to Mike Kelly's family)? He is also deceased (2002). My mother Elsa Peters died last summer, and my father Hugh is also gone now. I guess part of getting along in life is developing the ability to handle change. The loss of people and places is just never easy. There are times when I look to this little discussion board to remember the good things; it brings a smile, or a laugh. Thanks for letting me part of it.
Gillian Andersen [01-16-2010]

JBS & Anon, I swam at the Y naked and I heard the boys club did back then also. No one ever told us the reason. Cookie Rodreguiz lived across from Waterview on McMahon ave and had 2 brothers, Chico and Poncho who played tennis, one was a pro player in Cuba. Waterview had a great sports program and had many star football and baseball players in it.
rich Rizzo [01-16-2010]

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