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January 1-15, 2010

Joe Taylor and John Fleming, I have to laugh about your mentioning Lums. On my desk behind the computer screen is a large soda glass with LUMS on it. We used to go to the LUMS up in Abington on Easton Road, across the street from the Miniature Golf near Susguehanna and Easton Roads. The glass has wheat pennies (before 1959) in it since before I was married and that is thirty years. Bob Mc Creight, Havertown PA
Bob Mc Creight, 56 Havertown, PA [01-15-2010]

John's discussion of Lum's also reminded me of Horn and Hardart's. Does anyone remember the Horn's on Chelton Ave.? I think there was also another one on upper Germantown Ave. On a different topic, does anyone remember when Christmas trees were sold in Vernon Park?
Gillian Andersen [01-15-2010]

Hi to John Fleming - I do remember Lum's (I think it was on City Line Ave.). When I was a teen, we used to go there for pizza. I have good memories of that place.
Gillian Andersen [01-15-2010]

I remember the Garvey's who lived on Bringhurst St. I remember the Glenmar Apartments on Penn St.
Millie Buchanan, I currently live in the Northeast Philadelphia area. [01-15-2010]

Hi Wilma 66 Bucks Co. Did you see my message from January 9th? I was just curious how you know the Coleman's. That was my great grandfather Richard. Have a great day! Bette Joan Steltz
bette joan steltz, germantown memories [01-15-2010]

JBS: Thank you for your response to my earlier note..My brother, Fr. John Kevin Deely is an Oblate of the Immaculate Conception, but he does teach and has taught for many years @ Sophia University (a Jesuit school )in Tokyo..A more brilliant mind I've never seen. I checked with my brother Brian and he remembers the Sweenys, as do I...But I can't put a "mug" to the face...(It's a bitch getting old.)I've met some great people on this cite (e.g. Taylor, Lyons, McGlinchely)..How fortuitous my Mom & Dad moved to St. Benedict's Parish..The Padres were great (save for Fr. Chuck Malin who cursed me out on the altar when I was a "rookie" altar boy...(Not during Mass,however.)Then there were the "good Sisters" who used to beat the hell out of me..I remember once the good Sister said that there would be no "weekend" homework...I jumped for joy, and she beat the mortal crap out of me.....I do have an an enduring question about NECHS, i.e., what was the name of the Padre who'd rather beat the crap out of a student than say hello? I've asked that ? but what I get back is "Black John", Knobby Walsh", etc..I think this Padre's name was "Quayle"...Do any of you North Graduates remember that name?...It's been a pleasure...Thank you, Mike Deely (St, Benedict's 1951)
mike deely, Too old, too nasty [01-15-2010]

I have thought about it and remember Gary Kelly.. Did not know him well.. he was the oldes brother.. Glenn and Charlie I knew.. Would see Charlie in the neighborhood often in the 80's and 90's Have not seen anyone since I moved.. Also would see Chuck somtimes before Darrow's closed..
Erda, West Norriton PA [01-15-2010]

Tony,Gillian,Erda and Rich, Thanks for the response. I was sorry to here of glenn Kelly's passing, he was just a tad older than me, but I know my brother joe was afriend of his. It was charlie we hung around with, didn't know he went on to be PPD I did the same to the surprise of many. As for stolen cars and anyone involved I'm not aware of the incuident mentioned. I do know that growing up in G-town through the 60's was certainly interestng, I'll leave it at that. Good to hear from you all!
Geo. Chatburn [01-15-2010]

Joe Taylor. My memory of LUM's was that there a fast food chain, mainly in the Florida area, where they began. My parents lived in Florida and remember going to them, and I believe, their house specialty was hot dogs steamed in beer. The only one I remember in the Philly area, was one that was round the Conshocken/Norristown area. I checked with Wikipedia, and there is only one left running.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [01-14-2010]

hi sheila any saturday or sunday works for me ! let me know when and where, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-14-2010]

Paul Borian: You are correct that I threw that Jesuit word on The Old Prepper-George Schurr. One Jesuit had told me that I was too audacious to be sagacious-The Bor is BORDACIOUS which is an offshoot of bodacious. However,you must have used some beautiful words to win over your charming and lovely wife-your Prep competition did not have a chance. You must have seen Kathy's post when she remembered The Cisco Kid-Frank Payne. For me,it is always great to see people from The Hollow post on this site. I just heard a great story by Tom Cusack when he and Sonny Kennedy played a basketball game at Watertower in Chestnut-Hill. The team was coached by Goo and he told the team to elbow everybody at the start of the game because the brothers jumped too high and they were great rebounders. Everybody followed Goo's command and Tom Cusack received a foul since he knocked his opponent to the ground. I'm sure that this guy was not as big as the guy that Sonny Kennedy or Charlie Lightcap guarded-they won the game by dint of Goo's coaching. Tom C. also told me some Goony stories when they were hanging out at The Dune's-A Watering Hole that you frequented in your youth. I never knew Tom C. to be pugnacious but if he were hanging out with Goony,he was well protected. I hope that you partook of the ski-slopes and did your Old-Fashion Thing-that or Cognac.
Schmitty [01-14-2010]

Kathleen McCurdy Kobie: Many people are very saddened that Frank and John Payne's sister passed away-the beloved Pat. Obviously,you were very close with The Payne Family. You went to The Prom with Frank and he also dated Moody Doyle and I surmise that John Payne married Cheryl Doyle-Moody's sister. I went to The Prep with Tony Bateman and he thought Moody was very nice. I also remember when Bob Campbell thought that you were a special girl. Today,I was talking with Tom Cusack and we mentioned how great the girls from The Hollow and St. Francis were-great athletes and character. Kathy! Our 1955 St. Francis was a great class and I was fortunate to have known you and your wonderful friends-the Florida weather will get better.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-14-2010]

BUD BALLARD [01-14-2010]

To Tony B: Yes, I was a Peters. If my brother, Pete stole a car, I am not aware of it. I guess it would be nice if we could stick with good memories here (rather than accusing people of things). As I explained to you in response to the email you sent, I was once named Sophia (not Sophie) Peters, I legally changed my name to "Gillian" in 1981, and I am married to an Andersen. I enjoy talking to people here, but I am not interested in any exchanges that are hurtful (I think that doesn't help anyone, and there is enough sadness in the world).
Gillian Andersen [01-14-2010]

Rosemarie,I'd like to do breakfast some morning, maybe in a couple of weeks. Let me know a good day for you and if it's good for me too, we'll meet somewhere.
Sheila [01-13-2010]

Joe DAgostino you talk about hitting a halfball I used to throw pebbles into the air and hit them with a broomstick. I would have loved to have played you in halfball evev with the age difference I would have given you a run for your money. There was nothing I liked better when I was young than hitting a ball. Richie
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-13-2010]

Jack Brogan you were a good coach to us just because you were there, teaching us every day, showing up for practice. I know that I appreciated it and looked forward to practice every day as I was just starting to play basketball. You sent me to the other end of the gym so i could learn to do layups, I thing Goo and someone else was with me. I really felt lucky to have someone who cared that much to help me with my game, it was the start of a pretty good career, I whipped a lot of but at the hollow, up the boys club and at fern hill park abd other playgrounds, I had a pretty good game thanks to people like you and my high school coaches, unfortunately I didn't get much taller than I was in eighth grade.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-13-2010]

Anyone remember billy Swan from Seamore st ?
rich, huntingdon valley [01-13-2010]

Hi Bruce Schmidt, we are getting together sometime next (week of jan. 17-23.) We're having lunch at the Buck Hotel. I'll let u know buddy. Ed Burke
ed burke [01-13-2010]

Ritchie Pio: Thanks for reminding me of that great group of kids from 1964. What a run we had. That season made me think I was a great coach. I mean, sure, the kids could play, but it was Wooden’s offense, Ramsey’s press, and my coaching that made us so tough Funny thing about that. I used that same press and offense as a high school coach in New Hampshire a few years later. Didn’t work as well as when I had you, Tommy Keehan and Soley playing. Good athletes make good coaches. I met the head coach from Morgan State at a conference in 1968. He was an old man. He said, “You know about five years ago when I had Willis Reed they was writin’ in all the papers how I was a genius. Ever since Willis left, I bin’ less and less a genius every year.” Goo Goo was a genius when he coached Joe Lynch, Bill Haas, John Payne and that group. Do you remember that I drove everybody to the games in that 1956 Plymouth Savor 6 with the driver side’s window out? We had to push it to get it going. Thanks again, Ritchie for reminding me of those great days.
Jack Brogan, Coaching legend in my own mind. [01-13-2010]

dave byyrne i would like to get intouch with your brother mike. i purchased a 51 mercury on a saturday. saturday night i went to the lincoln drivein. the stopped running just as i was about to pull out of the drivein. the car would not start again. i had to leave the car there. the next day i called mike. mike drove me back to the mercury's location. we checked car out. the fuel pump was pumping gas to the carbs. mike with his olds pushed my car home from the lincoln drivein movie. in those days no stores we open on sunday. it was the law. mike was concerned if i left the mercury there it would be stripped. it took about 3 hours to get home. the problem turned out to be a broken gas guage that nrver went below a half tank of gas..when i got married and moved out germantown, had children we lost touch with mike. i sure would like to talk to him. bud ballard
BUD BALLARD [01-13-2010]

Mike Deely: It is good to have a person from St. Benny's and East Germantown appear on this site. You had a conversation with Dennis McGlinchey who is a great commentator on Catholic Schools and religious matters on this site. He should meet with Dan Hartnet who is steeped in religious doctrine. I was intrigued that your Brother John is a priest in The Land of The Rising Sun[Japan]. Many of my Jesuit Teachers were intersted in Asia and Japan. Francis Xavier S.J. did some great work in Japan in the 16th Century. Pedro Arrupe S.J. was admired by The Japanese after WW-Two. I went to The Prep with Pat and Ed Sweeney from St. Benney's and you might know Charles Sweeney who is your age. Ed! Have a prosperous and spiritual 2010 and it will be great to read your and Father John's Posts[from Japan].
JBS [01-13-2010]

The roots of the Hollow run deep, and cling tightly. You said it, John.

bet that he still thinks Brother Frank's name is Cisco. I believe that The Cisco Kid was a friend of his. HE WAS MY JUNIOR PROM DATE

A St Francis, Little Flower, Happy Hollow Diamond of a girl, will miss her!
KATHLEEN MCCURDY KOBIE, Fort Myers, Fl [01-13-2010]

Bud B. Good memory. My brother Mike had a 50 olds 2 door in gray primer. never did get the cash together for the new paint job. He is doing fine. Retired with a new motorhome and getting ready to travel to Florida for several months. Hope all is well with you and yours!
Dave Byrne [01-13-2010]

hi shiela how did the holidays treat you ? i hope santa was good to you ! how about we try and do breakfast one of these saturdays ... or if you prefer lunch let me know ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-13-2010]

hi bud ballard, you name the time and place and i'll be there, as long as there's no blizzard. lol
ED BURKE [01-13-2010]

I am looking for Joe Bracken or Charles Tretola, who were foster brothers living with the Prozzillos on Mechanic Street in the 60s.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [01-13-2010]

George . I think you mean Mike Challie Glen and Gary kelley from Johnson.ST.Glen and Mike passed away about 5-8 years ago.
rich, huntingdon valley [01-13-2010]

dave byrne your brother mike was a good friend. i had just purchased a 1951 mercury on saturday. i went to the lincoln drivein movie. just as i pulled out of the movies driveway the car died. i had call my uncle who lived close to the drivein. he took us home. the next day i called your brother. he drove me up to the lincoln drivein. the car would not start. it was not getting gas. bad fuel pump. mike pushed my car to d'angelos garage at 4700 germantown ave. the turned out tobe a bad gas gage. the car was out of gas, but the gas gage al- ways read atleast a half tank of gas. mike was a friend in deed. dave can you get me intouch with mike. bud ballard
BUD BALLARD [01-13-2010]

Ed Burke,"The Great"- It appears that you are getting a group from St. Francis-"56" for a good time and a few brews. I was going to meet Al Petresi[your clasmate],and Pat McIlhinney and Tom Cusack on January 7, but I went to Orthodox Christmas-I still practice my mother's religion which is Roman-Cathoicism. Your cousin Joe Murray always talked religion,theology and philosophy with me and during the 60's,many of us were ecumenical.It will be great to hang out with the guys from your class and your little brother[Big John]. Recently,I was talking to the Fighting Fireman[Ralph O'Neil] and he and I will be going to The Boxing Event at The German Club on Academy Rd. to support The Police and Fire Organizations. Brother John might attend this worthy event. His Buddy Mike Garvey knew the Traitz Family and The Traitz Family were a great boxing family. Steve Traitz's son might have beaten Ralph O'Neil in a bout since he hardly ever lost. Ed! Have a prosperous 2010 and count me on attending this event-my dart days are over and I would never shoot against Ed Burke's children since your father was so good that the priest would beg him not to shoot at church carnivals.
Bruce Schmitt [01-13-2010]

Jim Lyons: Thanks Jim about Nedicks. I loved the place. Great food, cheap price. Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor [01-13-2010]

John Fleming: Thanks. Glad you remember Nedick's. I loved them. Hot dogs were good--orange drink even better. Wonder why they shut down? Also, does anyone remember Lum's sandwich shop?? Was there any in Philly? Joe Taylor
joe Taylor [01-13-2010]

My mother grew up in Germantown on the West side. Her name is Maryann Durkin-DiPietro. My uncle Tom Durkin still lives there!?? I lived there when I was a babe and also remeber swimming at The Cricket Club as I was older.
Deb Teti-Zakrzewski, Warminster, PA (30 was a good age!) [01-13-2010]

Rich Pio: I started laughing when you talked about chink and half ball. I really think that the reason I could hit was because of half ball. If you could hit half a ball with a broom stick, a hard ball looked like a basketball. I coached baseball for many years and I had my players play half ball. I had some tryouts with the Orioles and Dodgers, but never made it. It will always be a game I love.
Joe DAgostino [01-13-2010]

I swam at the G-town Y in the 50s and attended summer camp. The boys had to swim naked and I never found out why. Did they swim naked at the Boys club? What a memory for a young kid. There was a great tennis player their from Cuba named Chico Rodriguez. He lived near the Walton movie. I heard he went back to Cuba and played. Germantown had many good sports programs and athletes back then.
anonymous [01-13-2010]

As spring approaches and Logan Park will begin its slow change toward prettier colors I thought I might come out of hibernation. I see my old next door neighbor has said hello to this site. I appreciated his mom Nell and his dad Mr Ballard (Bud).They kept me in line as did most of the neighbors in the early 60's. Seems like the snow storms were more frequent in Germantown back then. Plenty of times the trolleys would get stuck coming up the Germantown Avenue at Negley's Hill (4600 block of Germantown Ave) in bad snowstorms. They almost looked alive with one eye in the middle and their green and yellowish colors and the widged PTC logo and that big tail that shot out of the back glancing the wires that kept her alive. It was always fun seeing the older kids pick up their pancaked faceless buffalo nickles from the tracks. Only a trolley could wreak such damage to money until I discovered what credit sardscould do. . I remember the Slavins well. We rented their vacation bungalow in North Wildwood till 1965. Sometimes I would go to the S Jersey farms with Mr Slavin and bring the fresh vegetables back. Noce to see your name again Buddy. Maybe I'll stop in at the park and see if the park guard shows up to give us the dickens for hitting one too close to the Louden Mansion. Billy Phillips and Marty Richards were the long ball hitters. Maybe they will show up for spring training. Eddie O'Neill
Ed O'Neill, 56 St Francis 1967 [01-13-2010]

JBS....It is a new year,but the same old SCHMITTY!There you go again throwing out those big words you learned from the Prep.Ludmilla was easier to understand than you.Good thing I kept my Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary.Looked up the definition of SAGACITY and will now add the word to my ever expanding vocabulary(101 words).....Your sagacious Hollow buddy,The Bor
Paul Borian [01-13-2010]

Hi to Georgfe Chatburn! I know your note was to Tony, but I noticed that you had been a friend of my brother, Pete. Did you also know my sister, Becky? I am wondering if you were among the crowd who sometimes came to our house for parties (people brought their 45s - gosh that is hard to imagine in today's world of CDs!). Becky and Pete are 5 and 6 years older than I; both are grandparents now. Our father died in 2002, and our mother died last summer. I would love to hear some of your memories of those days.
Gillian Andersen [01-13-2010]

Hey Goerge thanks for the message, yeh i remember Pete Peters and Boris, they did some crazy things toghether, i remember one time my brother Jhon and Pete Peters stole a car and where driving it around Goldners lot,when i saw Jhon my Brother driving it i called him, he turned aroung and drove into a truck,boy they jumped out of that car and ran like hell. i used hang out around washington lane. I dont remember any of the Peters, familly named Gillian, only rebbeca and and Sophie.
tony braspennincx [01-13-2010]

George Chatburn, I hung out with Glenn and Charley Kelly.. they came over to the Westside in the 60's Glenn married a good friend of mine Benita.. We all hung at Darrow's on Chelten and Morris.. Charley became one of Pillies Finest I think he is retired.. Heard that Glenn Passed.. The Kelly's had a large family.. Older brother Mike is the only other name that comes to mine.. Thanks sharing..
Erda [01-13-2010]

Tony Braspennincx, new your bro. John, also Gillian Andersen's Bro Pete. We hung around a bit together with Boris and one of the kelly Bros, might have been John, younger bro to Glenn they also had a younger bro. but it's been a few years and names sometimes escape me. I spent sometime on the church steps on High St across from the schoool I should have been in, mid to late sixties. Also Hi To Cheryl Raffle Happy New Year To All!
George Chatburn, not quite 60 Still in Philly [01-11-2010]

ed burke, i would like to get together how about lunch? using this web-site i have been intouch with joe leone,al patrizi, george beccara by e-mail and/or telephone. maybe we can get all together lets talk it over. bud ballard.
BUD BALLARD [01-11-2010]

George Schurr: I want to wish you and Sue a happy and prosperous 2010 and to thank you for passing on the information about Joe Foering-my classmate from The Prep. You and Joe had a lot in common-you played ball at The Hollow and he played ball not far from there at The Holy Child Rec at Belfield&Windrim. Both of you went to The Prep and LaSalle College. You and he both swam for The Prep. I know that you swam at GBC and I swam at The Gtn.YMCA with Tom Bonfield from St.Francis. You probaly knew about Joe Verdeur-The great LaSalle Olympic swimmer who also swam at "The GTN. Y". The young people on this site would not remember Joe Verdeur or Bill Tilden who had lived at my house on Hansberry St. Bill Tilden was The Babe Ruth of Tennis and he played at "The Germantown Cricket Club". Duncan Hubley played for The Cricket Club and he was at The Hollow Reunion which you attended. Paul Borian sent me photographs taken by Rosemarie Rinaldi at Scoogi's and your picture is included. The Bor also sent photographs to the great Hollow basketball player-Sonny Kennedy. He hopes that Sonny comes up from Georgia for the next reunion with a couple bottles of Vino from his extensive collection. George! It was great to see you at that 2009 Reunion and I appreciate your profound comments and sagacity.
JBS [01-11-2010]

Hey, Bud Ballard: In your "apology" to Ed Burke, do I detect a hint of sarcasm aimed at me? Had you answered Ed Burke's question as to whether you wanted his last name or nickname, you could have saved all this angst. As it is, you obviously used the right term, since you wanted his last name. Ed Burke: Thanks for the kind words. In my last e-mail to you, I asked if you were Ed Burke the Great or Ed Burke the Terrible (lol). What was I thinking? As a G-towner, you are obviously Ed Burke the Great. In homage to our "Great Debate", I will sign without my surname ...
Rosemarie R. [01-11-2010]

Thanks Anthony G to everybody for their good wishes for the New Year. May the New Year be good to all of us!
Sheila [01-10-2010]

dave byrne, i got carried away with the good old days. your brother mike dave i got carried away. if i remember correctly, mike had a 1949 or 1950 olds, 2 door coupe, painted in gray primer. bud ballard
BUD BALLARD [01-10-2010]

dave byrne i had 2 olds, a 50 olds,green with a white top. a 53 olds blue with a white top, this car was 3 speed stick with was 430 rear and 2 four barrels carbs. a typical night drag racing i would start out at hot shop, at broad godfrey. then drive to big boys blvd & st. vincent. then i would check out decator rd, the meadows, then the hot shop on hunting park ave, next to tasty cake. then start all over again. i belonged to the 'phila. elimators'car club. the club had 30 car garage just behind st. francis of assisi convent. the entrance to the garage was royal st. they were the old days. then i gave up drag racing on the street. i would go to hatfield race-way on saturday night and actco sunday afternoon. sunday night i go to the hot shop broad street and sell my trophies for ten dollars each. i could not take the home or my parents would find out i was racing. in 2008, i purchased a 2009 dodge challenger r/t, hemi. the first thing i did was to re- place the mufflers with flowmaster mufflers. the car is painted black with red stripe on the rear quarter panel in the shape of a hockey stick. the same markings as on the 1970 dodge challenger all the windows are blackened. dave igot little carried away. how is your brother ? good to here from you dave. bud ballard
BUD BALLARD [01-10-2010]

Hi Rosemarie Rinaldi, I don't remember you, but you sound like a very nice gal.Happy New Year to your and yours! Ed Burke
ED BURKE [01-10-2010]

Hey Bud Ballard, Good to hear from you. There was no trouble caused between that young lady and myself. Just a slight misunderstanding I would like to get together with you and whoever,for a couple of brews sometime. I am free now that the holidays are over, Let's scare up Joe leone and anyone else who'd like to join us.Bruce Schmidt and old friend and possibly my younger brother john and whoever. Let's set a time and place and we can blog it .I will call you .Take care ED BURKE
ed burke [01-10-2010]

Hey all you good people. Haven't been on for awhile, with all the Holiday rush. Just wanted to thank everyone for the happy holiday wishes and the New Year best of luck and wish the same back to everyone on this site.
anthonyg [01-09-2010]

Hi Folks, does anyone remember the Steltz family who lived on Champlost St. Phila, Pa back in the 1930's? Norman & Mary. I remember so many things about Germantown.My Aunt Mae Sands played piano in the early 1915-1916 at a hall across and up the street from La Salle College. Greatgrandpop Sands had a butcher shop in G-town. I remember downtown g-town. I went to 1st grade at St. Vincent's and Little Flower grammar school in 2nd grade.My grandmother and I used to go to the park at Germantown & Chelton. I remember so much more & it brings back memories as more people write their entries about the lovely g-town. Have a great day!
Bette Joan Steltz Zink [01-09-2010]

Attn: Wilma 66 Bucks Co. Yes, my grandmother Peg (Margaret) Sands maiden name was Coleman and her father was Richard J. Coleman and her mother was Mary Coleman. Their children were Margaret, Richard, Bess (Elizabeth), Julia, Anna. Richard Jr. had children that I believe were Richard, Michael Francis & John. Francis had a bar over by La Salle College and eventually moved to Florida. Thank you for the response.
Bette Joan Steltz Zink, Lived in Germantown around 1939-1950 [01-09-2010]

I remember Franks Pizza they had the best pizzas around we used to wait up late to see horror films on tv we would run up and get a pizza or a shrimp plater
tony braspennincx, tony lived on 66 west washington lane early sixties [01-09-2010]

I am wondering if anyone remembers Mary McArdle who lived on Walnut Lane for many years with her husband James, and their children Bob and Helen? Also, did anyone know the Douglas family (the names I know are Walter and Gerturde, who were brother and sister) who lived at 6116 McCallum? They would have resided their through the late 1950s (although Gertrude, who was the last of the family, died in 1960)? We owned that house after them, and I have always wondered about that family.
Gillian Andersen [01-09-2010]

Bud Ballard: Your comments to Ed Burke really resonated with me since I knew The Burke Brothers[Ed&John] from Hansberry St. when we lived in W. Germantown.I found the dialogue between Ed and Rosemarie Rinaldi very interesting. At the time,I wondered what Ed Burke Sr. and Larry Rinaldi would have said. Larry R.[Rosemarie's husband] went to North at K&T[Kensinton&Torresdale] and Ed. Burke Sr. knew the Good Old Boys from K&A where the legendary John Berkery ran Molly Maguire's. Larry R.was a great athlete and he hung out at The Hollow with Paul Borian,The Cisco Kid[John Payne's brother-this was across the street from John Berkery's store on Wayne Ave. In my callow youth,I knew Ed. Burke Sr. from my days and nights at The Continental in G-town. Ed Burke Sr.,to put it mildly was a rugged guy who was friendy with Joe Slugger Boyle and Thomas Goony Walsh. Ed Burke Jr. was a tall and soft-spoken guy and Rosemarie is a gracious and classy lady but the conversation might have been different if The Old Athlete[Larry] and The Union-organizer[Ed Burke Sr.] had been involved. We should get together with The Burke Brothers-Big John Burke must have fallen off a cliff or shooting darts since The Burke Family were great dart shooters. Bud! Happy New Year and keep posting Brother.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-09-2010]

Hi, Does anyone remember two pretty girls who lived on Rittenhouse Blvd. right off of Price & Anderson..One was named Mary Lavin, she had long dark hair, and her friend two doors down was a blonde who I can't remember the name of right now? Anyone know them? They belonged to the Immac. Concep. Church.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [01-09-2010]

As I remember, Nedicks was sort of like the White Towers, except they featured hot dogs instead of hamburgers, and as noted had their signature orange juice, which was usually being sprayed in a large glass or plastic sphere that was usually in the front of the store. There were very small places, usually just a store front, and were found primarily in large shopping districts such as Germantown and Center City.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida [01-09-2010]

For Tony Braspennincx - sure remember you! I was a Peters (we lived at 6116 McCallum Street, a home where I think your family once lived). You were probably friends with Becky and Pete. Pete is a grandfather now (he will be 60 in June - how time marches on). He still lives in PA, just not in Philly. I would love to hear your memories of growing up there (I think your family lived on Washington Lane). Do you remember the Bertholfs (a family of eight, they lived on Walnut Lane). A belated Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you, Tony. I hope life is good!
Gillian Andersen [01-09-2010]

Uncle Greg how are Aunt Louise and the boys doing, we lost a great man on THanksgiving. I hope all is well.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-09-2010]

John as you are the youngest in your family I am the oldrst in mine. I look like we were at St. Francis together for a couple of years. I am still working but would love to get together with you for lunch or dinner.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-09-2010]

Paul having an eight year old now is beyond my realm of comprehension. Heather turned 40 last August 29th. My oldest grandchild is 14 I have two grandsons that are eight so my prayers are with you now and for anothertan years. Margie will be 60 on March 6 and we will be married 41 years on March 8. Stay in touch.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-09-2010]

John Brogan,these were the guys on the '64'St. Francis basketball team tha tthat you coached and came in second in the North tournament.Billy Swan,Paul Harkins,Tom Kehan GA varsity baseball, basketball and soccer, Bobby Solley GA varsity basketball and soccer,Dave Phillips NC varsity football,ALL Catholic running back,Pete Simanaitis, Butch Brennan{RIP}, Al Woods{RIP}, Billy Daly{RIP},Billy Houser, John Posusney NC varsity football,and myself NC freshman basketball varsity soccer. I don't know if you remember but we started off ten and o then lost to OMC at watertower in overtime and the next week at practice we must have been fooling around and you sat us down and gave us a lecture and said get serious you have a one game losing streak. I still remember that and crack up every time I think of it.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-09-2010]

To JBS:My younger brother, Fr. John K. Deely, O.M.I.(stationed in Japan since 1965, alerted me to your note...I think you called me Mr. Feely rather than Deely, but as the old adage goes just make sure you call me for dinner...This is the greatest homepage I've ever encountered...I've met Messrs: Lyons, McGlinchey, you snd a guy 2 doors up from my Dad's place on Shedaker St....The world is getting smaller and smaller...My best to you and yours, Mike Deely
mike deely, Too old, too cold and too indebited to the G'Town Homepage [01-09-2010]

BUD BALLARD [01-09-2010]

Buddy Ballard: Did you have a slightly modified Olds, early 50's? Seems to me you used to race my brother Mike in his Olds.
Dave Byrne [01-09-2010]

thank you webmaster and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you too ... you do a great job! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-09-2010]

Richie Pio: Sure I know you. I might not recogonize you today, and visa versa, but you worked at Manny's Market if I'm not mistaken. In the early 70's I used to live on the 400 block of Abbottsford Avenue, right across from Fernhill Park. We were in Manny's all the time. Also, Cherry's brother Michael and his family lived even closer to Manny'y, in the 500 block. I'd be happy to get together to swap some stories, although, I didn't realize I was that much older than you, (about six years). Being the youngest in my family, it seems strange to know someone actually saw me as one of the old heads. :) You mentioned Liz. She is doing well. She lives in Glenside, and has three children. Her oldest, a daughter named Erin, recently became a doctor.
John Payne [01-07-2010]

In answer to Joe's question about Nedicks, yes I remember the Nedicks that was located on the southwest corner of Chelten and Germantown Aves. In the late 40s and early 50s I lived in the Delmar Morris Apartments on Morris and Chelton. I would get on the 26 trolley at Pulaski and Chelten in the morning and get off at Germantown Ave. to walk to St. Vincents. When I got off the trolley I would walk a few steps to Nedicks and order a cup of coffee, a powered donut, and a small glass of their famous orange drink. The total for this wonderful breakfast was ten cents, one dime. There were several Nedicks in downtown Philly in those days.
Jim Lyons [01-07-2010]

Mark Bambrick PLease ask your sister Liz to signon this web-site. I would like to locate some of our classmates. She may have some informantion. Bud Ballard
Bud Ballard [01-07-2010]

John Payne, you don't know me but as I just found this web site a couple of weeks ago I was reading earlier postings and saw that you live in the Villages and I thought I would drop you a line to see if you wanted to get together sometime to swap stories about the old neighborhood as I live in Marion Oaks in Marion county about twenty to thirty minutes from the Villages. Tom show you what a small world it is as I continued to read earlier postings I saw that you are married to Cherry Doyle, I went to St.Francis with Liz . Liz was my wifes (Margie McAnnaly) best friend and her maid of honor. Jack McHugh was my neighbor on clapier st. and your story about Sleepy Charlie hit home with me as I had him as the class moderator for our final exam as a freshman in world history. To my amasement he gave out the exam sat at his desk opened his missal and never looked up, we left our seats walked up and down the isle and he never looked or said a word. I played in fern hill park, happy hollow the GBC and graduated from North In '68'. Played freshman basketball and varsity soccer two years.You sound like one of the oldheads, I was a younghead.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-07-2010]

Does anyone remember Nedick's?? Think this is what it is called Joe T
Joe [01-07-2010]

Attention Ed Burke on 12-15-09 Ed you told the story about jacque Senechal coming to St. Francis Of Assisi school on first day after moving here from Canada. He only was wearing a sweater on a very cold day. You signed the message 'ED'. No last name. I was not sure who I was communiting with. On 12-16-2009 I sent you a e-mail asking you, ED what is your sir-name? Ed Burke I am sorry all the trouble I have caused you. Ed I will never use that OTHER WORD again Sorry all the trouble I caused. Note.... Ed this was the first time as far as I can see you did not sign your full name. Sorry Ed Burke all the trouble I caused. Bud Ballard
Bud Ballard [01-07-2010]

Hi to Liz McCarthy - I loved the story about your brothers selling Christmas trees! We moved to Germantown in 1960 (I was one of ten). We lived on McCallum between Tulpehocken and Walnut Lane. Do you know what was in the Allen's Department Store location before Allen's? I am also wondering if anyone ever saw the Ross House (I am sure many of you have heard the story of the Charlie Ross Kidnapping). Also to Liz - do you (or does anyone) remember the Gaquinto (spelling?) brothers who sold Christmas trees in Vernon Park? Their brother, Frank owned "Frank's Pizza" up on Germantown ave (just off of Walnut Lane). I am enjoying this so much, and look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to write. Hope everyone is having a fantastic new year - new decade! Wow!
Gillian Andersen [01-07-2010]

JBS: Good grief! I just saw my thank you post to you. There were enough typing and spelling errors in that missive to earn me a full on assault and battery from St. Grace. I'm glad she didn't get to see that one. LOl
John Payne [01-07-2010]

Dave Byrne, Lou Fondi, Jack Mchugh, Paul Borian: Many thanks for your kind words regarding my sister Pat. It would mean a lot to her to know she was remembered by so many friends and acquaintances from our past. While I know she is now at rest, it is great to know she also lives on in the hearts of so many good people. If I have overlooked acknowledging anyone's condolences, please know that your words were read and appreciated, and that any oversight was unintentional.
John Payne [01-07-2010]

Hey butch it is me, so you decided to get on this website I am also looking for some friends/Doris Halamar/Jackie Givens/Francis Tucker/Maryann Budzillo
mary (murt) burns, 59 3/4 - ca [01-07-2010]

Michalla Gaun Miletto. I was reviewing the achives, refer to 3-24-08 and 3-26-08, and found that you lived at 4627 Germantown Avenue. I lived at 4603 Ger- mantown Avenue from 1941 to June 1962. Michelle when did you move to 4627 Ger- mantown ave. You mentioned that your brother was a police officer. What was his name? You mentioned the Point Tavern which was located at Germantown and Stenton avenues. The Point Tavern was owned by Charlie thhe Greek. He lived in 4800 block of Stenton Avenue. Charlie walked to and from bar. He waould carry the days take home in a brown lunch. He was never robbed. The Point Tavern was robbed several times. Slavins Grocery Store was located at Germantown and Sylvania. The store was run by Bill and Emily Slaven. THey had one son. His name was bill Slaven. He attended St. Francis of Assisi School. Graduating class of 1956. Bill Slaven lives in Pit- man N.J. HIs parents are deceased. Bud Ballard
Orville T. Ballard, aka Bud Ballard [01-07-2010]

To E.A. Graham - Thanks so much for this wonderful link! I so appreciate the kindness that people have shown in steering me to information about Philly (I love pictures). It was sweet of you to take the time to get this to me.
Gillian Andersen [01-07-2010]

Thank you & HAPPY NEW YEAR to the WEB=MASTER
marie [01-07-2010]

Happy New Year everyone!

Hey hello Gillian i remember the Peters family just around the corner,maybe you know me or my brothers Peter and Jhon, went to lingelbach,Henry H. Houston, Leeds and Germantown High school. we Moved to the Netherlands in the early 70s
Tony Braspennincx, Tony living in Holland the Netherlands, lived on wqashington lane in the sixties [01-07-2010]

Jim C. Just heard your old trumpet solo on the radio, "Once in love with Amy". Didn't have the pizzaz your's had. Happy New Year !
Dave Byrne [01-07-2010]

Rosemarie R. Many thanks to you and Larry for your kind words, and rememberance of our sister, Pat.
john payne [01-07-2010]

John Payne: I thank you for the kind remarks about Brother Ken-you and he were in that great St. Francis Class of "58". You and he were also on their basketball team. I see also the Old Skier[Paul Borian] made some nice remarks and comments about your wonderful Sister-Pat. He also mentioned some of Pat's friends including etc. You probaly remember some of the etc. ladies-Kathleen and Eileen McLaughlin and Kathleen McCurdy. Eileen was in my St. Francis Class and married Butch Pickett from The Hollow. You are probaly a better pool-shooter than me and Paul Borian. We both shot pool at Mosconi's-Broad&Windrim. Lou Pauzano and I went to the Prep with Willie Mosconi Jr. Old willie was the best-one time,he ran 523 balls which is a lot of racks. It sounds like you are having a good life in The Florida Villages. I think The Bor would be better off with his skis in the Florida Water than freezing his toes off in The Pocanos. His memory is still good-he remembers your name when you were shootin hoops with Goo. I bet that he still thinks Brother Frank's name is Cisco. I believe that The Cisco Kid was a friend of his. John! Hang in there and keep posting.
JBS [01-07-2010]

Richie, I am doing well. Living in cinnaminson, NJ. I am married. I have 8yr old twin boys(Vincent and Anthony). Everyone else i know are trying to get their kids through college. I am trying to help mine with their second grade home work. They are a lot of fun at that age. My sisters and brother Mike are doing well. It is sad to report my brother Bill passed away last year. I see Mike, Gerry and Steven at the Post from time to time. Many of us are still hanging in Gtown at the post. Because of the web site more people are getting together and coming back. It has been a lot of fun seeing people you have not seen in a long time. I was talking to Steve McMonagle on saturday. We laughing about how we used to hang at your house on Royal st. Margie loved drinking her warm pepsi. Take care Richie and stay in touch.
PAUL AMENDOLIA [01-07-2010]

Bette Joan Steltz, The Colemand family was related to a family named Sands. Was your family related to a Richard, Michael, Francis or John Coleman They were originally from Brickyard Colum St. and later Immaculate?
Wilma, 66 Bucks Co. [01-07-2010]

Dunc I was the only ringer you needed you never called anyone else your only other alternative was to get rid of those GA boys and get all GBC boys then you would have never lost.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-07-2010]

Yo Dunc tell me about Manhiem U. I was pretty good at chink and I could beat just about anybody in half ball, I was the champ of Clapier st. my e-mail is thepioseven@netzero.net. I saw in some earlier thoughts that Charlie Solley passed away,I was sorry to hear that . He was a tough son of agun I had a few battles with him almost comming to blows a couple of times because neither of us would back down.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-07-2010]

Jach McHugh I have been in Florida for about fifteen years and I don't live that far from the Villages, I actually pass by them when I ride to Datona Beach on my motorcycle. one of my best memories of growing up in our back driveway was that all you older guys always included us young guy in most of the activities going on in the driveway,wire ball,handball and hide and seek. Concerning that wall that my dad replaced I thought I found my calling in demolation. I was using a crow bar and was ripping chunks of the wall down thinking this was fun when a chunk almost broke the window in the dinning room that was the end of demolition for me mt dad made me bring all the broken bricks up the driveway. My dad died while he was seting those arches on Independence Mall, he will be forty three years gone this month. It was sure a great place to grow up, I tell people I sure had a great childhood and it has carried me through some of the tough times but all is good now I have five children and ten grandchildren all happy and healthy and it doesn' get any better than that.
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town 1950-1995 [01-07-2010]

Here is wishing everyone a very Happy New Year may it be your best one yet
Joe Garvey, Still philly [01-07-2010]

I loved Jack McHugh's story about Christmas of 1949; although that was a few years before my time (I was not born until '56), it is so cool to hear about this wonderful memory. I love this site!
Gillian Andersen [01-04-2010]

TO THE PAYNE BROTHERS: Larry and I extend sincere condolences on the loss of your sister, Pat. I don't think I ever knew her, but Larry remembers her well. So sad at any time, but especially at this time of year.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-04-2010]

Gillian, You asked to see some old pictures of Germantown.. Try this web site.. http://www.phillyhistory.org/PhotoArchive/Search.aspx If you put in an address pictures of the neighborhood will come up.. You can also try stree names and such .. Just play with it you will have fun.. seeing all the old pictures from around the city of Philadelphia..
Erda Armstrong Graham, West norriton PA [01-04-2010]

I am also interested in Mordacai Gearhard/Gerhard who according to my family Gearhart records from Monroe County, Pa. arrived early 1700's from Switzerland and settled first in Frankford Creek, Germantown, had 8 sons, youngest Philip, born about 1765, my descendant, came to the Blue Mountains. We get him associated to a Johann Nicholas Gearhard of Whitpain Township. Any information appreciated.
Dee Clemmer, Gearhart/Gerhard....Mordacai researcher [01-04-2010]

This is for Aileen Rizzo - Are you by any chance related to Frank Rizzo (one time mayor of Philly)? He came into the Union League of Philadelphia back in the 1970s when I was a waitress there. Nice guy. Happy New Year to you! Gillian
Gillian Andersen [01-04-2010]

Hey Rich! Thanks so much for writing back! Pete and Becky were my older brother and sister. We all played baseball in the Rhodes' yard - oh what memories. I, too remember sledding Tomeys Hill. Please write again - I would love to hear some of your memories! Gillian
Gillian Andersen [01-04-2010]

hi george, this bud ballard. i lived at 44603 germantown avenue. we went to st. francis of assisi class of 1956. the last time i seen or talked to you was when we had our grade school reunion in 1979. good to here from you. joe leone and ed burke are regulars on this web-site. we are thinking of getting toogether in the near future. if your interested. george my e-mail is oballard89@aol.com good to here from you. bud ballard
orville t. ballard aka bud ballard [01-04-2010]

John Payne: John I am very sorry to hear of Pat's passing and want to offer my condolences to you and your family. Take Care!
Dave Byrne [01-04-2010]

To all graduates and potential graduates of the class of 1970 at st mikes. Mike Rose and I are interested in having a reunion/gathering of us all at the Manayunk Brewery sometime between now and the summer. By potential we mean anyone that spent a year or more in our class. You may have moved away or left our class for some reason or another. No Matter. Get in touch with me if you are interested. There is a class photo of most of us on the Germantown Brickyard site labeled 4th or 5th grade 1967 with Vincent G. in the front row. Dsprdo95@aol.com
Joe DePero, 52, St Mikes, levittown [01-04-2010]

JBS..As always, you have a great memory for details. Thanks for your kind words regarding my sister Pat. Please pass along my best wishes for 2010 to your brother Ken. I always liked him in school. A brighter, quieter (if that's a word), and friendlier guy, one could not find. Also, I too still love to shoot pool, and am in a BCA eitht bal league here at The Villages, in Florida. He would love it hear. There are hundreds of shooters, male and female, and top notch competition. In addition there are nine ball, and straight pool leagues. The tables are plentiful, regulation size, and well maintained. It's a pool shooters heaven...and golf, and bowling, and archery, etc. Sorry to Paul (Borian)...no skiing.:)
John Payne [01-04-2010]

I lived at Chew and Chelten in Germantown right next store to Mickley Maguires Bar we sold Christmas trees every Christmas in front of our house my older brothers sold them. We had a large family there were nine of us/ Mr Edward Fitszerald was our next door neighbor and my girl friend Mart Killeen lives a couple of door down.Does anybody remember the horrible accident at Chew and Chelten on Halloween in about 1943-45 where four fire trucks collidded and a lady went thru the window of the ajax cleaners on the other corner I remember all the noise and commotion I was very young at the time and my brother and sister had just left to go trick and treating down Chew St. minutes before that happened and they had to cross at that intersection it was horrible .I remember the Halloween Dance that wa held at the Social Hall a couple doors down from my home.I remember the long cold walks to school from Chew & Chelten to Immaculate Conception I remember Pastorious School on the other corner the public school the drug store across from it and the candy store right across from school as you left the school yard penny candy and crowds of kids all at once. The May Procession around the school starting from the convent and all around the street down ARDLEIGH AND UP THE WINDING STARIES to the church. I remember waiting for my sister to walk home with from the 9:15 mass downstaires they were memories I will never forget lining up for children's mass on sunday and if you weren't there God help youthe library in the little house next to the school on chelten avenue right next to the iron fencethe lavatories outside for boys and girls that you hated to use in the winter because it was freezing cold and the fire escape that we had to use they were also freezing cold.boys and girls seperated in the school yard and the commercial building in the girls school yard for the high school girls.I was married from that Church and that aisle were long and beautiful and the altars and paintings in the church were gorgeous I plan to take my children back to visit these sights before I pass away. Liz McCarthy McGuigan
Liz McCarthy, Widow live in Levittown Pa great memories of Germantown Immaculate Conception School and Classmates [01-04-2010]

My tree fell to the floor this year but I all I did was laugh because I remember my Dad nailing the tree to the carpet living room floor when ours fell ' Mean Cuss he was but I miss him ever so much.
Cheryl Raffle, Grew up on Cosgrove St 1950's -1960's [01-04-2010]

George Chatburn. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Old Friend
Cheryl Raffle [01-04-2010]

a very special Happy New year to all the folks from G'town. Frank K, I loved your adapted lyrics.....Dave B, I'll call ya
Jim Cossetti [01-04-2010]

John Payne, sorry to read of you loss. I remember your sister from the Saturday morning girls basketball games at old gym at the Hollow.
Lou Fondi [01-04-2010]

Looking for past nicetown friends.
butch burns, NE Philly 63, [01-04-2010]

John Payne-After writing about the 1960 St Francis of Assisi picture on the Germantown Brickyard site, I was going to write you on 2 items. First I did not notice until reading your earlier blogs again just recently, that your live in The Villages in Florida--- I forgot that my sister lived & worked there briefly about 3 years ago and had my mother with her. I called her and asked her if this was the place and she said Oh yes and they have a lot of golf taking place there---so now I know what your doing with your time. The second item is the basketball picture of you at St Francis, I guess it’s about 7th grade--- the T. Lynch--was he the Lynch in our class because from the picture nothing in my mind rings a bell? I loved your addendum to my Santa story--- every time I think of it I get a good laugh--- Reading about your sister I know many people in Germantown did not know her personally but knew of her and to all of us she will be forever in our hearts.
Jack McHugh [01-04-2010]

Richard Pio--I had no idea that you were living in Florida considering the fact that I was at your Mom’s house several times over the last several years taking my mother to Germantown to visit old friends and your Mom never said anything about it- --I guess she felt it was old news. It is funny the way the mind thinks, when I first read Richard Pio from Florida, I thought to myself there’s another Richie Pio from Germantown but as I read down and saw Manny’s, I knew it was you------Great to see you on this site. Do you remember playing stick ball over the wires in the driveway that ran from Freeman’s to Jurgaitis, or hide-n-seek from the light pole behind your house next to the spot your father parked his car. I used to enjoy your dog (I believe it was Lady) she was great with all the kids but when a service man came around, they were always intimidated by her, even when we said that she was friendly. A few years ago I was up in Phila. and I went down to the Liberty Bell---I remembered that you father worked on the brick work in the garden area that was put in so years ago---I thought “What a Great Memorial to his Memory”---but I see that it’s all changed, I don’t even know if any of the same brick work is there. Talking about your father, I do remember the time he put in the back wall of the house between our house and Freeman’s---I was wondering how he was going to remove those old bricks from a row house without disturbing the bricks of the other houses---but to him it was like cutting out a slice of birthday cake---clean and fast. It was neat looking at the floors of the house open to the all seeing eyes just like the back of a doll house. Best of Luck to you Richie and maybe one time we will run into each other on one of our trips up to Germantown.
Jack McHugh [01-04-2010]

Oops - in my e-mail wishing all a Happy New Year, I addressed our out-of-town G-towners as ex-patriots. As soon as I hit "send", I knew it was the wrong term. Should have been expatriates. (Even Spell-Check wouldn't have caught this one.) Sorry to have cast doubts on your loyalty to country, guys. Anyway, the Mummers Parade was its usual awesome self. Sorry you missed it.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-04-2010]

Happy New Year! To those ex-patriots living far from Philly, sorry you will be missing the Mummers Parade today.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-04-2010]

I wish everyone from Germantown a Happy New YEAR, I still miss the old neighbor and all my friends.
Bruce lawless [01-04-2010]

JBS, Dom, Charlie and Bonnie, thank you all for your kind remembrances of my sister Pat. She would be flattered to be remembered so well by everyone. She was still in touch with Margie T., Jean M. and Sally W, and all three were able to make it to the services for Pat. The roots of the Hollow run deep, and cling tightly.
John Payne [01-04-2010]

Jerry Murphy are you from Wakefield and Clapier st father Rex all the way Navy and brother Rick.
RAYMOND DAWES [01-04-2010]

Paul everyoneis doing fine, as you know Margie, Rachel and myself are in Florida Heather is in Bluebell doing good little Richie is in Lansdowne with his wife and four kids Michael is in Fort Washington and Peanut {Cassandra} is in Elkins Park. They are all doing good and because of them I have ten grandchildren{who would have ever thunk it} eight grandsons and two grand daughters. How is everyone in your family doing? what are you up to?
Richard Pio, Ocala, Fl. area. 59 born and bred in G-Town [01-04-2010]

Junior...My condolences to you and your family on the much to soon loss of Patsy.Sonny Kennedy advised me of Patsy's untimely death a few weeks ago,after being notified by Ray MCough.I did pass on my regrets to bother Frank. I remember Patsy as a fun loving sweet girl with an always big smile on her face.She was one hell of a basketball player along with the Tippett sisters,Jean Masterson,Pat Kirk,Moody Doyle,Sabina Cunningham,etc,etc,etc.May she rest in peace,God rest her soul.Happy,Healthy and Prosperous New year to you and your love ones.......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [01-04-2010]

Happy New Year to everyone! My only Germantown memory from New Year's Eve in the 50s is everyone on Stockton Road going onto their front porches to bang their pots and pans at midnight.
Patricia Carr [01-04-2010]

Frank Klock: glad to see you posting here. Gtn was truly a Camelot. I seem to recall you once wrote (and maybe sang, accompanied by your guitar) the Ballad of Happy Hollow. Or is that just something from my imagination.
Bonnie Gatto [01-04-2010]

happy new year to all of germantown and especially to all you lovely ladies. i am your biggest fan and always will be. stay as charming as you always were.
MICHAEL [01-04-2010]

Linda Fontana...I think I know you too. I know everyone you mentioned in your blog. My cousin Ann Casey is Rosaria sister in law. Thanks for remembering, maybe someday we can get together. with some of the girls.
Bernadette Iannuzzi Rizzo [01-04-2010]

Marie..Its great to here from you after so many years. Thank you for your kind words about my mom. If their is a reunion please let me know, it would be good to see you again. Happy New Year.
Bernadette Iannuzzi Rizzo [01-04-2010]

Mary, that would be wagners ballroom
rich, huntingdon valley [01-04-2010]

OK, Ed Burke: Here's what Your Dictionary.com says about "surnames": 1) the family name, or last name, as distinguised from a given name; 2) a name or epithet added to a person's given name; i.e., Ivan the Terrible (Peter the Great, Joan of Arc). I do think that Bud was looking for your nickname, since you always sign your blogs with both your first and last name; so which are you: Ed Burke, the Terrible or Ed Burke, the Great? (Just kidding, but isn't the internet great? Don't need big fat dictionaries or bookcases full of encyclopedias.)
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-04-2010]

Hey Rich Pio, I need more than one ringer at the Gtn Cricket Club now that the Soley's have left the scene.send me your E-jmail so I can try to see youse in Florida. Mine is Dunkiverson@verizon.net.
Duncan Hubley, Now 70 Grew older in Germantown [01-04-2010]

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