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November 16-30, 2009

Bob D'Angelo: I don't know you, but you really 'hit the nail on the head'. We are all just trying to get through this life 'healthy and happy", hopefully. I enjoyed reading what you wrote, continue to converse here, and thanks for your endearing comments."Wishing it were 1969", again, Respectfully, Linda "F". p>S I have been on vacation since last tues. or I'd have wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...sooner.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [11-30-2009]

carol walsh mike married erda armstrong ... i remember sister matthew marie too boy what a pooh face ... i dont think i saw her smile more than a handful of times ... she wasnt too happy thats for sure and we got the brunt of her feelings ... im sure we didnt always behave ourselves but we sure werent the worse kids either. im sorry your first husband forgot that he was married and continued living the single life but i guess seeing that you found the true love of your life ...he did you a favor ... i was suppose to join you guys last year when we were all supposed to meet ... if i remember correctly ... werent we suppose to meet at michelle's house and for some reason that fell through ...it would be great if we could try to do something before the christmas holiday. maybe ill give neaty a call and see what hers and bunny(eileen's) thoughts are on this ... would you be up for something even if its at somebody's house? rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-30-2009]

helen leone deangelo i hope thanksgiving found you and your family in good health and full of good food and especially an abundance of blessings .... your right ... we are resiliant and resourceful ... ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-30-2009]

g-west girl well said, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-30-2009]

Gerry: I totally disagree with your characterization of my friends from Germantown-Paul Borian and Dan Hartnett,two quintessential gentlemen. I have been around the block and crossed the tracks a few times and I would not break bed with these aforementioned Germantowners if I thought they were devoid of moral fiber and fortitude. Dan Hartnett is a very engaging conversationalist and I thoroughly enjoy our polemical discussions about religion,the gospel and moral ethics.You and he are probaly of the same ethnic-background[Irish] but he is anamored with the Italian Culture. You learn a lot from him when he discusses the architecture of Rome,the sculpture of Florence,the industrial-might of Milan and magnificent Dolomites in Northern Italy. There is more to Paul Borian than an aging athlete.He was always multi-cultural before it was cool-At GHS and The Hollow,he was friends with folks from different ethnicities,religions,races and class. He and I are ecumenical,connecting with two Great World Religions-Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity. We do appreciate Great Religious Patriarchs. I had an unique connection with The Renowned Ukrainian Sculptor,Peter Kapschutschenko. He had been selected by The Patriarch of The Ukrainian Orthodox Church to create Monuments to Archbishop Lypynsky who was murdered by the Bolsheviks and also to Princess Olga who brought Christianity to Ukraine. Cardinal Husar from Ukraine should be a Patriarch-he deserves it. I would recommend that you visit Boundbrook NJ, and The Ukrainian Cultural Center and view these Monuments and The Tomb to Patriarch Mstyslav Skrypnyk. Bruce Marshall and I knew a Germantown-gentleman by the name of Larry Durrell Sr.[a veteran] and I will quote him,"May God Love You".
JBS [11-30-2009]

erda boy did you bring back memories of marching in the parade on thanksgiving what a lot of fun ... i loved yearsley ... the marching the friends and now the memories, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-30-2009]

What draws me back to this site is a combination of things. One is to hear the blogs of folk who lived in my neighborhood, or attended the same school as I did. Another is to read the blogs of those who tell their individual stories of Gtown, even before I arrived on the scene. Happy Holidays to all you Gtowners; past, present, and future.
Ed, Chester, VA [11-30-2009]

Bob McCreight, a photo of the British American Social Club has been added to “Germantown Today” photo album on the Friends of Immaculate website. The AOH Hall, the Italian Bocci Club and the British American Club were all within a block or two of one another. There are photos of all three are out there now. I never knew any of them, only hearing about them from others. Odd about the Italian Bocci Club because that is one I passed by daily for a year or two in the 1960s to pickup newspapers at Wister & Devon, and never knew of it.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-30-2009]

Gerry, you’re coming off much too like this Logan guy used to do over at Classmates. Same stuff went on there. Got to a point where all the insults and arrogance got too much and he was booted from Classmates for life under threat of legal action should he ever try to return. He comes to this site, posting under his real name as recently as two weeks ago. He lives for this drama, and loves creating it. Gerry, if you are one and the same, that certainly explains it, and the drama won’t be ending anytime soon. If you are not, maybe take a step back and take a hard look at what you are doing here, and how you are coming across.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-30-2009]

St. Vincents school yard, now there's a memory! An acre of blacktop surrounded by the church and school is where we spent many hours venting some of that childhood energy. I can still hear the bell that always came too soon signaling the end of our outdoor break. How about the pretzel man that was always there. I heard he sent his kids through college selling those fresh hot treats. Ohhh, there's the bell - gotta go or Miss Catherine will be angry!
Helen Leone D'Angelo [11-30-2009]

The last thing a wrote on here will be the last.I lve your thoughts its fun & brings happy thoughts.Thank You Marie
MARIE [11-30-2009]

I went to Incarnation school for a few mon. their were four of us (Italians)we,were not welcome,I went back OLR & stayed with my Nana.It was great,Marie
marie [11-30-2009]

I was wondering if any one on this list knows if Dr. John D. Godman b.1794/ d.April 17 1830 is buried in either the upper or lower burying ground in historic Georgetown?
Susan Cohen, From Pasadena, Maryland [11-30-2009]

Gerry...You pompous twit. I dont know why the webmaster continues to allow you on here with your vile remarks. You are so full of yourself you dont realize how stupid you sound to us. I truly doubt if you are from germantown, but if you are you must not have any friends. You dont have a clue what your talking about or who your audience is. This is the only forum you can get away with spouting your twisted comments.
Rizzo [11-30-2009]

I live in Sacramento so the following request would really be appreciated. Does anyone frequent Mennonite graveyards (or the Mennonite archives) in Lower Salford Township, Montgomery County or Germantown and if so, I am looking for the wife who was married to Jacob Shoemaker (Schuhmacher)ABT 1676-1751 (supposedly born in Canton Berne Switzerland). Her name supposedly was Mary Kunder so I need correct name (even a first name, place of birth, dob,dod and any other ancestry info). Please help if you can. Thank you, Patty
Patty Shoemaker [11-30-2009]

I haven't been on for a while and I can't believe that this your school vs. my school argument is still going on. I went back to the beginning of it and from what I can tell, the only thing that Gerry has succeeded in doing was to bring Germantowners closer together, so I guess we can thank him for that. This is a wonderful website and it has enabled us, through the many large and small reunions that have taken place over the last couple of years, to not only catch up with old friends but to make new ones. Our common bond is Germantown. That's it. Anyway, on to more important things. Helen Leone D'Angelo--Your mention of hearing your mother giving you cooking advice was priceless. I am glad that I inherited the family (grandmother and mother) serving dishes, which I use for the same items they did. A little crazy perhaps, and the memories are bittersweet but wonderful. Joe D'Agostino--American Graffiti was a great movie of the era, that I've watched several times. If you ever get the chance (or can find it), watch "The In Crowd". directed by Mark Rosenthal, a Philly native. I have never met anyone else who has seen it, but trust me, it's out there somewhere. It was released in the 80's but it is about high school kids in the 60's. I believe it was filmed at Cheltenham High School. The train station in the movie was Allens Lane, but it's a dead ringer for the Queen Lane Station. It was filmed all over the city of Philadelphia. While it most likely was made to mimic many different neighborhoods in Philly, the houses, dances, music, and the interaction of the kids all have a Germantown vibe. There's even a Jerry Blavat type guy in it and a dance in Wildwood. Try to find it though. I'm pretty sure you'll like it. In fact, I think I'm going to go see if my VCR still works and watch it today. Happy Holidays to everyone who was lucky enough to grow up in Germantown.
Lynne, [11-30-2009]

Methinks this site should be renamed Historic "Gerry"town. Can we please get beyond this petty bickering? Let's face it, the basic statement is a generalization that may or may not be true. Who really cares? It only matters what each individual is able to acheive regardless of whether their school was public or private. I have no doubt some Catholic school alumss have gone on to lives of crime and debauchery, or even worse, become infinitive splitters and participle danglers. (Oh, the shame!). Conversely, I bet there are a few public school graduates who have become Rhodes scholars, doctors of philosophy and even, in extreme cases, civic minded philanthropists. So please, please, please for the sake of peace, love and understanding will this "gerry"atric group allow this to be the last word and move to more "ger"maine discussion points. Because, frankly, this is not punny anymore.
Mike Buchanan, Kennett Township, PA [11-30-2009]

I have been following this site now for a little less than a year but I've read all the archives and it seem to go in cycles.Happy Hollow, Brickyard, East Germantown and so on.Germantown is a pretty big area and is composed of many pockets or neighborhoods. When I read some of these blogs I can recognize some of the names and that brings back memories, mostly fond and some sad.My kids and my grandson get a kick out of the stories I tell about some of the things we did as kids. I'd like to thank the person who started this site and whoever maintains it. I think Germantown your thoughts was to bring memories of your past and to reacquaint each other but somewhere along the way we seem to be using it as a forum for race,religion and so far no political issues.We seem to have blogs from all over the State and some other States as well. I know whenever I hear someone speak about Germantown my attention is peeked and I'm ready to defend it no matter what part they are talking about. Remember you can always take the person out of Germantown but you can't take the Germantown out of the person. To me anyone who writes a blog on this site should have the guts to sign off with their own name and not anonymous.
Joe Leone, 67 and a Brickyard boy [11-30-2009]

Kids are kids regardless of what school they attend. I went to public schools and half of my friends went to Catholic. I remember playing hooky and calling CD to call one of my friends out absent for the day. So Gerry, there's no contest. I learned some of my best tricks from my Catholic school friends and taught them a few of my own. Gerry, I also confirm the prejudices that existed in those days. Learning is limited when you refuse to open your mind to all possibilities.
anonymous [11-30-2009]

I can't believe that Gerry is still at it with his vitriol. I find Paul Borian to be fairminded and open to all opinions, but Gerry still insists that his view is the only right one. No one should diss anybody else's school or their experience in same. Gerry still cannot accept the fact that the clergy back in the day were prejudiced against Italians. As I said, if you haven't lived it, you can't say it didn't happen. It's like the Holocaust during WW II. Just because you weren't caught up in the Holocaust doesn't mean that it didn't happen. So accept that some of us experienced it first hand and that it happened. (Just like the pedophile priests, is Gerry going to say that that didn't happen either?)
Rosemarie Rinaldi [11-28-2009]

Thanksgiving in Germantown is a great memory. Grandparents, parents, cousins, siblings, and neighbors sat down to a huge meal that had been started days ahead and cooked from early Thanksgiving morning. Every family had at least one crazy relative who was loved by all. It would get loud with people trying to talk at the same time. In our family someone would play the piano and we would all sing and we laughed a lot. The following days (and nights) would find us walking to friends houses, kicking through piles of leaves in the crisp clean air with a hint of the leaves that people had burned during the day. Thankfully, the distraction of video games, cell phones, etc. were not yet in our lives. I want to weigh in on the school controversy. I went to Gtn. HS in the 60's and got a great education. I learned morals at home, as did most people. We never had police in the building in those days. In three years I only remember two fights and after one of them the boys became friends. Aside from my closest girlfriends I had no idea what school anyone went to. What I did find interesting about this heated discussion is that mostly everyone did exactly what Germantown people usually did. They rallied together behind Anthony G. That's what we were all about. Gerry, you are backpedaling now and are even contradicting what you said. All of a sudden you are the one who is being abused by insults. Paul isn't trying to engage in a discussion that he cannot win. He's just trying to let you know how we all feel, and by the way, if winning is how you are measuring this ridiculous debate, Paul has certainly won on all fronts. Let's end this because it is a complete waste of time. Gerry, we know your thoughts by now and you are entitled to whatever you think, but this is getting ridiculous. Many people do not and will never agree with you so please stop the bantering and bickering. It isn't productive nor is it solving anything. We get it! your school was better and we're completely oblivious of how horrible our school, education and morals were. We didn't realize that we were having such a horrible time, so leave us in our fantasy world where we all got along, had fun, and didn't give a damn what school anyone went to.
G-West Girl [11-28-2009]

Dennis, I don't remember the AOH house but I do remember the GBA club on the 900 block of Locust. IT was the Germantwon British American Club, next to the Yellow Cab Garage.
Bob Mc Creight, Havertown, PA [11-28-2009]

I'm sadden to pass on the news of the passing of my brother in law john (bissy) bisacquino bissy was from brickyard and has lived in roslyn since the Sixties.he will be sorley missed. R.I.P.bis.
gregg striano [11-27-2009]

Happy Thanksgiving to all who formerly lived in Germantown, especially those who lived around Seymour & up Portico St. I remember The Reeves, the Breslins, Mcgowans, Skully's, Jordans, Walsh, McStravock, Duffy, Fitzpatricks, Aggar, Dumphy, Dougherty, McCarthy, Jeffreys, O'Neils, Smiths, Rosannos, Bloomers, Polaneczskys, Garoppo, Walt & Rita (McGowan)Graham, Christophers, Howleys, Seitz, Michael, Declan and Tom Power, Ed & Nancy (McStravock) Hill, Catherine & Martin Howley with Marty, Johnny and Michael. I remmeber Bernie, Margaret & Paul Howley. I remember Mary Himsworth, Eddie Himsworth, Mrs. Melody who had the store and Patsy Melody - all in the 50's and 60's.
Arlene (Bloomer)McMahon [11-27-2009]

Has everyone seen the friends of Immaculate site? Great pics. My Dad,Jim Robinson, is 88 and still kicking.he lived on Matthew Street with Jim and Margaret Sweeney. Anyone remember them-Sweeney's and Mary Robinson lived there until about 1960.
Mary Robinson Kelly, family from Matthew St [11-27-2009]

Erda, No worries on any confusion. I'm sorry to hear about Header, he was larger than life! I did know about Billy Revell though. I was married to his brother Jim for 6 years. Unfortuntly he didn't give up dating! LOL! We divorced while we were still living in Hawaii, he stayed and I came back home a couple years later. I got lucky and married my Ralphie who is truly a good man. We're very happy and have been together for 31 years. Please give my best to Mary Jo next time you see her and tell her that I will keep her husband in my prayers. Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving!
Carol (neeWalsh), age 61 [11-27-2009]

I remember marching with Yearsley in the Gimbels Thanksgiving parade.
Sheila [11-27-2009]

Erda - Yes, I remember marching with the Yearsley Blackhawks in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. You were so popular as a Guidon. I remember the weekly practices and the competitions. The bus rides were always fun - singing the old doo-wop songs and shouting the cheers. There were always some members paired-off and making out on the bus. I remember the big Memorial Day parade that went up Greene Street and ended at Vernon Park. We sure had some good times back then. Too bad the junior drum corps are all gone from the Philadelphia area. But there is a group trying to get a drumline started again from the Charles Young Post in Germantown. I hope they are successful.
Jim Smith [11-27-2009]

I want to wish all the kind folks that i have talked to on this site over the past yr a very "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" ! This site has helped me so much on my looking for relatives on my "O'Donnell"side of the family. It all started about a yr ago,and i have come far thanks to you folks. Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, Upper desert in Mojave,Ca. [11-27-2009]

It is Thanksgiving and I remember all of the traditions that we experienced in East Germantown. I, like Bill Cupo remember the parade on Haines Street and seeing Sally Starr and trying to get one of the whistles thrown from the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. How Santa would climb up the Ladder from Ladder 8 into Allen's. How the decorations were strung over Germantown and Chelten Avenues, the Bells swinging in the wind. Every year my dad would take us out to the Reading Train at Bayton Street and on a Monday, his day off, we would ride the train into Market Street. I would get my shoes shined by the guys in the stand by the mens room and we would meet my mom as she got off from work and go over to Wanamakers and watch the dancing fountains and the light show, while listening to John Facenda. Then we would ride up to the toy section, get a ride in the train around the ceiling of Wanamakers, and then get in line to meet Santa. Then a few days later your picture would come in the mail. We would walk the long blocks down to Strawbridge's and Lit Brothers and see the decorations and window displays. A Santa on every block ringing his bell. What fond memories. I took a few of my children (3 or 4 of the seven) to center city a few times and they too got to experience the train in the ceiling and Wanamakers light show. Christmas is my favorite time of year. Everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember all of the good times we experienced as little guys.
Bob Mc Creight, 56 Havertown, PA [11-27-2009]

Bob D'Angelo, Amen brother! You said it all.
Dave Linn, Westside of G-town [11-27-2009]

HAPPY THANKSGIVING To all.And also thanks for the memories.I was very blessed to grow up in Germantown.And at times miss it very much.But this site brings back so many great times.No matter where we are in life there will never be another Germantown.
rich, Huntingdon Valley [11-27-2009]

bob d'angelo. your blog was right on. we are very fortunate group of people.It made me think back to the holidays when were young. your brother joe, ed dinatale, frogie,ed kohlmier. i have photos on my office wall of xmas and remember tony and sal and virginia and george with us.maybe im just a sentimental fool but i will always carry the memories in my heart. thank you for your comments.thank God for all that we 've been given especialy our loyal friends from the old neighborhood.wishing all a happy thanksgiving and the coming holidays. bob terranova.
bob terranova [11-27-2009]

Paul Borian, boring old jock seeking communal support for his standing here but that is lost due to his, and others disrespect of this blogger with stated insults. It is pathetic still, at the hour of our Thanksgiving, abusing me with insults.Still calling me a "strap" with insults. Why? Becaused he cannot engage in a discussion that he cannot win. He is an ignorant man. Because he does not know the difference between a Catholic moral high schools education and the police hall monitored public school state curriculum. And JBS, the patriarch here says he is "honorable" man and also embraces Dan--I am sorry honor is reserved for pure conduct. Honorable men do not insult others online when THEY have not been insulted. Paul give it up its over. Insults are not the way to redeem yourself. I wish all and truly do, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. EAT THE BIRD!I am sure you can handle that. Just like the bums on the Reading Railway. But Paul needs a leaf out of that page. Peace.... Gerry
Gerry [11-27-2009]

Bill Cupo, nice memories of Thanksgiving in Germantown. I heard about those parades on Haines Street, but if my parents took me up there, I was too young to rememebr. I do remember the Memorial Day parades to the National Cemetery. What I most remember about them though is how solumn and respectful it was when you went through the cemetery gates. Not a peep could be heard. We were kids and my Dad brought us and some friends. You didn't dare act up once you went through those gates. Anyone remember the AOH (all (aka Hibernian Hall) that was on the 900 block of Woodlawn St from, I believe, the 1920s into the 1970s. A "today" picture of it has been added to the "Germantown Today" photo album ion the FriendsofImmaculate.com website.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-27-2009]

Happy Thanksgiving Remember the Parade??Yearsley Blackhawk’s marched in the Germantown Parade that brought Santa to Allen’s every year.. If I remember correctly it was the Miss Philadelphia Pageant Parade.. I remember seeing the trophies at Yeasley Post.. It was a fun Parade with Sally Star, Chief Halftown, Germantown High Band, The floats and most of all Santa on the Hook and Ladder.. The day after the parade Germantown would be all decorated for the Holidays.. What memories Erda
Erda, West Norriton PA [11-25-2009]

Happy Thanksgiving to all the great Germantown folks on this site.No matter from Happy Hollow, Fern Hill, East Germantown or other parts,we are forever bonded together. We are all aware that we have many things to be thankful for.So, I respectfully submit that our grandparents, parents, aunts,uncles, cousins,priests,ministers,rabbis, good teachers and bad, eccentric and unusual people and everyone else that graced our lives, have shaped us in to what we are today. Regardless of Public or Catholic education, social status of our youth,whether we were good or mediocre athletes or students, we all seem to be doing well. This is all because we had the unique experience of growing up in a very interesting area of Phila. and in very interesting times. If, like I, you are in good health, that is the greatest blessing of all. I will forever remember parents saying "if you have your health you have it all ".As I got older, I realized just how true that was. So, let us be thankful for all that we have, all that we have become and the wonderful experiences ahead of us. Let us also remember the family and friends that have passed,but left us with such wonderful memories, and be thankful for having known them. And please remember to give thanks to all the brave Americans who fought for our freedom and continue to do so. WE all have a lot to cherish and be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving !
Bob D'Angelo [11-25-2009]

Hello Carol, Sorry for the confusion. That is what I get for trying to communicate on this site while at work. .Great to hear from you.. I remember you fondly. I am now Mary Jo's sister in law Married to her brother Mike. You and Madeline both where in girl scouts, my mother was one of the leaders Mrs. Armstrong. How are you and your sister doing?? We all miss Mom Graham.. She was the best.. Mary Jo is fine but her husband Paul is going thought treatment for cancer. I was in the grade between you and your sister.. In Yearsley with Mary Jo and spent many a day at 317 Church Lane.. Good times we had.. Header (Dave Hall) has passed on and so has Billy Revell, Fude.. Until Later Erda
Erda (Armstring) Graham, West Norriton PA [11-25-2009]

I remember seeing "American Graffiti" and thinking that my times growing up in Germantown were funnier than this movie.What great memories.....
Joe DAgostino, Live in Soth Jersey, 62 years old. [11-25-2009]

anonymous i remember jasper ... i believe he lived on stafford street if my memory is correct ... or the sacco family did. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-25-2009]

Rosemarie, sure I remember the fireplug on those sizzling July afternoons - it was a Stafford St. tradition. Just as we were cooling off the cops would come up the street and pull out that big wrench to turn it off. Five minutes after they'd leave one of the adults would turn it on again for us. Life in the city - no wonder our generation is resourceful and resiliant.

Rest In Peace, sweet Marlena, your life was taken too early and you will be missed dearly. Your family and friends are being prayed for. "GERMANTOWN - November 22, 2009 (WPVI) -- A woman was found shot multiple times inside her car in Germantown Saturday night. 27-year-old Marlena Green was found on the 500 block of West Clapier Street just before midnight. She was rushed to Einstein Medical Center where she died from her wounds. At this hour, police have no motives or suspects in the shooting. G. Town Guy [11-23-2009]"
Lex, NW Philly [11-25-2009]

Whoo hoo,, Turkey day is almost here. But, let's not forget the true meaning-and give thanks for all that we have in the good old USA. Enjoy your families most respected "G"towners..and have a Blessed Day. Linda
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [11-25-2009]

Gerry, why don't you post your last name? If you are so proud to be intellectually stimulating, then stimulate all of us>> with your name? There's nothing to be scared of here? We are all just good people trying to see where you are coming from and why?
L Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [11-25-2009]

Hi Marian, I left holy rosary in Nov. 1966 and went to St. Anselm in Parkwood Manor in the far northeast. graduated in 1967. I also live out west. Mesa, Arizona
John DiRenzo [11-25-2009]

Hey Cheryl. I don't know why you've not heard of the " Green Man ". Everyone who lived in our area new of him. It was Joe Russo. Johnny Russo"s older brother. If you know Greg Striano, ask him about the Green man. Or even your brother Frankie.
John DiRenzo [11-25-2009]

l.fontana i think we miss our parents especially during the holidays - it is so much a part of who we are and our past comes flooding back at this time. here i am making my stuffing and i can hear my mother telling me to cu the celery smaller and add a little graded cheese for taste. in my italian family great pride and care went into the preparation of these dinners and carrying the torch is an honor bestowed upon me.

Let's give Gerry a chance to redeem himself and start out on a new foot. How about it Gerry? You can post even your personal opinion if you don't get insulting, and we won't jump all over you.
anonymous [11-25-2009]

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from old germantown,Remenber the turkey bowl at bluebell park? take care GG
george greene, retired gilbertsville pa [11-25-2009]

to all germantowners .... i wish you a great thanksgiving and make sure you leave room for dessert! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-25-2009]

Rosemarie Hite! I had Mathew Marie too. I laugh now when I remember how she called us all snot noses! LOL! But now I'm confused, is Mikey married to a girl named Carol of Erda? Elaine Westerfield, Needy, Joanne and I were supposed to hook up last year, but it never happened. None of us could decide on a place or date. Talk about indecision! LOL! But I do get to see Joanne at least once a year. She comes & stays with me for a few days and we have the best time! I'm living in Delaware County now and am married to a sweet guy. It's so nice to touch base with you!
Carol (nee Walsh), age 61 [11-25-2009]

Hi Carol (West Norriton)! I remember girl scouts and getting kicked out for smoking! LOL! Madeline is doing well as am I. So you married Mikey! How is he and the rest of the family? Let's see, there's Rita, Roberta, Linda & Ameilia and of course, Mary Jo. We were really tight way back then. I'm sorry to hear that Mrs Graham passed away. I remember how she used to stand on the porch waiting for Mr. Graham to come home and how her face would light up when she spotted him. I remember her tomato pies on Friday nights.But mostly I remember how kind she was to me after I lost my Mom. Wow, this makes the memories come flooding back!
Carol (nee Walsh), age 61 [11-25-2009]

I want to wish The Germantowners on this site,"Happy Thanksgiving". It has been a tough year for many of us,especially North and Cd graduates. Most of my classmates from St. Francis[1955] went to North but 2 of them went to CD which was a great school. Mike Smith and John Ondik were the aforementioned classmates; they did well in life and have great families. My former classmate[Joe Leibrandt] from the Prep, had a great teaching career at CD. The DEAngelo brothers[Tony&Joe] taught there also-smart and classy guys. Bonnie Gatto taught Big John Burke there-both appear on this site. I was friends with Bob Harrington[RIP] who was a great Basketball-player and coach at CD. Roger Harrington was a good baseball player at CD and later played for St.Joe. The Harrington family were friends with Jack Boyle who played football for CD and Nova.Larry Bolger was a track-star for CD and St. Joe and died a brave Marine-Officer-serving our country in Vietnam. Bob Terranova mentioned Joe Quenan from CD who is a famous satirist and writer. The Hollow guys met at Scoogi's in Flourtown-this establishment was formerly owned by Steve Brennan from East Germantown. CD produced many great people from Germantown-both men and women who made our country and Philadelphia safe. Let's have a good Thanksgiving and salute the wonderful guys and ladies on our Germantown site.
JBS [11-25-2009]

Gerry,Gerry,Gerry....You are a persistent chap.You just don't get it!We ordinary folks on this site aren't good enough for you.SHAME ON YOU!The good news is that this is my final response to you.My final comment;you were and will always be a STRAP!....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [11-25-2009]

Joe Melchiorre...Next time you have contact with Richie Rossi,ask him how his older brother,Joe(BeBe)Rossi is doing.We old timers will always remember BeBe as a Happy Hollow Legend.He belongs in the Hollow Hall of Fame.I Hope he is doing well and in good health........Paul Borian
Paul Borian [11-25-2009]

Happy Thanksgiving to all G-towners! This was always a great week when I was growing up on Haines st near Awbury Park. I remember a Thanksgiving Day parade on Haines st. but I don't remember who sponsored it. I can recall Sally Starr making an appearance, along with the Oscar Meyer weiner whistle mobile. Oscar would stand up in the middle of the big hot dog and throw little hot dog whistles out to the kids. We would all run to get one. The horses in the parade would line up in the park and deposit their special gifts along the dirt road that seperated the ball fields. I also remember the new cars that would make their way up Haines toward Chew st. Does anyone remember the big Dodge DeSoto's with the large rear fins? They also had push button transmissions, which at the time was a big feature on the car. Of course they were always convertibles, so we could see the celebraties. I would always sit on the wall that lined Awbury Park to get the best seat. Unfortunately, the parade ended in the early sixties, and my memory of it is very limited. In anyone can help me out with some info on this, please feel free to do so. The best part of Thanksgiving day was the huge feast that my mom would serve up for our family. She would stay up the all night just making the ravioli and braciole and all the home made cookies, using the hand held cookie presses in the shape of Christmas trees or Angels and other Christmas decorations. My favorite cookies were the anise cookies made by my Aunt Josephine, covered in jimmies with a vanilla coating. Yum ! It seemed as though the turkey was an afterthougt; the pasta being the main course. Of course, we had to have red wine; I think my dad was the only one able to drink whatever it was, because it was so strong. Anyway, that's what I remember most about Thanksgiving week in Germantown. What a great neighborhood to grow up in. Take care everyone and enjoy your Thanksgiving!
Bill Cupo, Chalfont [11-25-2009]

Carol Walsh! Hello ! great to hear from you.. I remember you.. I am now Mary Jo's sister in law.. Married to her brother Mike..You and Madeline both was girl scouts, my mother was one of the leaders.. How are you and your sister doing?? We all miss Mom Graham.. She was the best..
Carol, West Norriton PA [11-23-2009]

Trying to find out if anyone has any documentation or sources my relative Jacob Shoemaker (Schuhmacher? 1676-1751), who according to Ezra Eby in her book "A biographical history of Waterloo Township..." (1895/k896)lived in Germantown from May 1737 and then later moved to Lower Salford Township, Montgomery County Pa. He had sons Peter, Jacob, George & John. I am also needing some info and/or sources on that the book reported that Jacob Shoemaker(Schuhmacher)was married to Mary Kunder(s?)(perhaps a daughter/relative of Thones Kunder) and need some information on her too including parents/grandparents etc. I cannot seem to locate her name anywhere so maybe it's a middle name? I appreciate any help you can provide.
Patricia Shoemaker, Sacramento, Ca, Age 52; descendent of Jacob Shoemaker 1767; Jacob Shoemaker 1708; Jacob Shoemaker 1754; George Shoemaker 1778; Daniel Shoemaker 1811 [11-23-2009]

Gerry: You may have said you will be 'out', but, I personally feel that you will be back on this site under the name 'Anon", as before. Reason -because you have an insatiable curiosity. Most educated people do possess that trait.OK, CD "Grad".see YA,,yes, I typed Ya, not (you.) ha ha.
Anon Fem [11-23-2009]

Helen D'Angelo: I agree with you ...my mom always told me that when she first moved into "G" town, it was frowned upon....because she was Italian, and my dad was Polish, and the neighborhood was mostly Irish back then.However, my parents were the 'salt of this earth', & once people saw their goodness, they made many new friends of various ethnic backgrounds....too bad the schools didn't act this way, also. I love and miss my parents very much. Wish they were still around to tell me those stories and more. Missing my childhood days of "G" town. Joseph and Angelina Kulik are remembered with fondness now,though..Respectfully, Linda "F"
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [11-23-2009]

Hmmmmm, I am wondering, "Gerry", do you sometimes go by the name of "ANON" on this site? That would make sense given some of the comments made on 11/20/09. L>A>F>
Anon Fem [11-23-2009]

i hope everyone has a great thanksgiving (even you gerry). happy gobble, gobble!
DREAMER [11-23-2009]

Gerry: I am sad to say that you have made this once "Happy go lucky" website, into a battleground for chess players...who keep going one move ahead of each other with ethnic or other types of slurs. Who needs this, let's all go back to being 'HAPPY", & not allow one rotten apple,to spoil the entire (bunch) of good "G" towner's..ok? Linda, sorry Gerry, but I feel sorry for you...............
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [11-23-2009]

It is a shame that some people on this site get Paul Borian and Dan Hartnett so upset and pissed off-they are decent and honorable men. It is understandable why they get angry when their Alma-Mater[GHS] is attacked. Like most Hollow guys, Paul Borian was a fierce competitor on the athletic field and I am glad that I never had to put the tag on 2d-base when he was stretching that single into a double with his great Armenian speed-he admired Pete Rose if you know what I mean. Dan Hartnett went to Holy Souls[Tioga] and Roman[North Philly] before he transferred to GHS with classmate Bob LaValle from the Hollow. Thomas Walsh,who was called "Goony" by his friends,traveled that same educational path-Holy Souls and Roman. Trust me-Goony struck fear in the hearts of men on Venago St. and Columbia Ave. in North Philly.Goony had a few problems with some priests and teachers at Roman but I would never make negative comments about Roman in his presence-you would be in need of a doctor and a dentist. Not far from Holy Souls was St. Mary's[22d&Allegheny] where Michael[Nails] Mangini attended. Michael N. had this name for a reason. Nails would have been pissed off if anybody berated St. Mary's. Incidentally,Goony and Nails,different Ethic-backgrounds got along well-Thank The Lord. St. Colomba which was located near Shibe Park[23d&Lehigh] has been mentioned on this site. Frank Phelan[Birdman] went to St. Colomba and I do'nt know how he did with religion. Frank was nicknamed "Birdman] after he saw the movie-Birdman of Alcatraz with Burt Lancaster. The old-timers will remember that he wasted two people at Dante's back in the 60's.One was the lovely Judy Lopinson of Logan. John Patrick Walsh represented Birdman but quit the case when Frank P. told him that he was nuts and John Patrick did not believe him.Richard Sprague prosecuted the case and naturally won. It is ironic that Richard Sprague quit representing Vince Fumo. I will not mention on this site where Vince F. went to high school. The priests with the black-robes did their best.These bright priests tried to instill morality and ethics in their teaching- but Vince made different choices. Goony Walsh,John Patrick Walsh,and Vince Fumo and Birdman Phelan went to good schools-their choices in life were individual.Let's not blame the schools. Digest the words of The Hollow Poet and Philosopher[Bill James]-"Love,Love,Love".
JBS [11-23-2009]

If you want to take a virtual tour of Germantown just enter a street address in Google (or other search engine). Make sure you have “Maps Google.com”. If you click on your location it normally brings up a picture location of the address or residence. Not all locations have this picture feature. You can virtually advance street by street with a 360 panoramic view. Funny, as I advanced down one street there were about eight kids with brown bags in their hands. They watched in total amazement as this funny looking GPS truck went by them. These trucks have funny markings and other radar/antenna equipment on them. I wonder if they are armored vehicles.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [11-23-2009]

It's been a while since I've perused this site & was slightly disappointed when reading some of the submissions. I'm an American of Italian descent who married an Irish man (born in County Cork). We raised four American children of Irish/Italian descent. "They" say Irish/Italian marriages produce good results and beautiful children. I agree! I "grew up" in the 50's; and I don't recall witnessing any prejudice among the Irish and the Italian communities. I think this was because my parents felt as though they had been discriminated against when they were growing up in the early 1920's and 30's and didn't want their children experiencing the same. I've had the pleasure & privilege of visiting Italy and Ireland on more than one occasion and have enjoyed the beauty of the landscape and have experienced the friendliness, sincerity and warmth of the people of both countries. We are all God's children, born in His likeness and image no matter our ethnic origin. So, may you enjoy a blessed, bountiful and beautiful Thanksgiving whether your dinner be turkey, lasagna or a delicious Irish stew!
Lorraine Kelly, fl; cdhs '59; ic '55 [11-23-2009]

Happy Thanksgiving all you old Germantown Turkeys!

hi helen leone deangelo what nice things to say ... you are and always were such a kind and endearing person ... talk about being pretty .. you have not changed ... that smile of yours with those dimples just light up your face... we had a good time didnt we and it was so nice just being able to catch up on whats been going on in our lives ... needless to say you know how much i loved your mom ... she was just so nice and soooo funny too! your aunt millie was another kind and loving person and i always liked her so much as i did your aunt mary .... it was a great street to live on and spend time with friends ... do you remember those hot summer days when we would turn on the fire plug and do you remember hyfena and her son whose name escapes me ... lots of good memories. take care helen and i hope we can get together again ... have a great thanksgiving, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-23-2009]

hi marie so sorry to hear you have been ill ! i was wondering what happened to you since you were pretty definite about joining us for lunch ... well i hope your feeling better and of course i hope you make the next get together ... we had fun and i know we will the next time around as well! have a great thanksgiving ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-23-2009]

hi erda i loved both of those teachers but i remember that most of the boys had a hugh crush on miss eileen ... she was very pretty that i recall ... i dont remember that boy who was he ... how funny ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-23-2009]

carol walsh ha ... you remember that incident with the gum ... god! it will forever burn in my brain! good to hear form you and your right mrs graham was one of the nicest ladys' as was mr graham ... i spent many a happy hour playing in their house ... i had sr florine too ...she was so nice and of course miss catherine but thank god i didnt have to deal with sister edward anthony .. ha .. sister matthew marie was enough ! i still keep in touch with neaty too shes a doll and elaine westerfield from time to time too .. i dont have any interaction with mary jo but i do speak to her sister in law erda and her brother via e mail from time to time ... take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-23-2009]

To Anonymous: Why don't you crawl out from under your rock and let us know who you are. I suspect that you are the infamous "Gerry". Wow! You went to the archives to see if you could dig up a little dirt on me. Good luck with your neurosis. See a therapist and get a life!
Dan Hartnett, Former EastGermantown [11-23-2009]

GERMANTOWN - November 22, 2009 (WPVI) -- A woman was found shot multiple times inside her car in Germantown Saturday night. 27-year-old Marlena Green was found on the 500 block of West Clapier Street just before midnight. She was rushed to Einstein Medical Center where she died from her wounds. At this hour, police have no motives or suspects in the shooting.
G. Town Guy [11-23-2009]

How come I don't remember the green man?
Cheryl Raffle [11-23-2009]

Marion. I graduated from Holy Rosary, 1966, I am a older then you. Did you have any siblings? My sister Vicky was probably your age. Cheryl Raffle
Cheryl Raffle [11-23-2009]

bonnie gatto. it wasn't a reunion. it was bodie howard's daughter Erin's wedding in Berlin Nj. How are you?? how is your grandson's migraine headaches? I sent you an email.Bob terranova
bob terranova [11-23-2009]

Paul Borian, Shame on you for lashing out with insults, that is not worthy of you. Just as you and Dan Hartnett and others have done calling me a "strap" "ignoramus" and "pimplehead" All of you need to check what I have writ-I have never insulted anyone here. Cannot you see how irrational these threats and statements are to your own credibility? You feel so offended that the public schools are questioned-why should they not be? They are accountable. They are not and have not performed well. Catholic schools do not have policemen patrolling the halls. You clearly are a man of mature years but juvenile in rationality and unwilling to discuss ideas when you are challenged on this site. You and the others who resort to name calling, stereotyping-calling him a "mc" and insults are pathetic. I engaged you with a legitimate question about school comparability and demanding discussion, not abuse. You gang up and say "get out of this website" and insults are your collective response. Little seems to have changed in Germantown. People were prejudiced there-and seemingly wish to promote those views on this site. When will you ever learn? Don't resort to insults -discuss these issues as a rationally educated person. You can do it I hope. Gerry
Gerry [11-23-2009]

Anybody remember Jasper Sacco from Germantown & Chelten?
anonymous [11-23-2009]

It seems like we are reenacting the BATTLE OF GERMANTOWN!
anonymous [11-23-2009]

Mole {zanine}just had some 8mm movies converted to cvd,was that you taking my sister honey to her prom.also Lisa E mail me I believe I Have You Also and plenty of video of your dad.Georgedo you have any 8"s Have loads of stuff of Billy and Bobby some of your Mom talk about going back.
N.Lazaro [11-23-2009]

Bonnie, sorry to hear about Ralph.Where are you living now? I see Richie Rossi once in awhile. He lives about a mile or so from me, out in Phoenixville.
Joe Melchiorre [11-23-2009]

I haven't seen any mention of the passing of Richie Barba. Richie was a super nice guy, and he passed away a week or so ago.
carolermurray@comcast.net, Villanova. St. Vincent's '54 [11-23-2009]

Hey, Gerry, who got such a great Catholic School education - are you dyslexic or what? You mention some of us who defended Anthony G. If you would double-check, you will find that my name is Rosemarie, not Rosemary. But, then again, you're so smart ...
Rosemarie Rinaldi [11-23-2009]

Seems to be some ethnic fighting here and some my church vs your church too. The ethnic churches were set up for just that, to serve the people who were of the same background. Usually the priests and nuns spoke the language. Look at Manayunk, there is the Polish Church, Italian, Church, German Church all within a few blocks of each other. In regards to the Shrine vs the Immaculate Church and who supported what. When I was in high school I worked at the rectory and every Sunday at 1PM I would get to drive the rectory car to the Shrine at St. Vincents Seminary to pick up the collection. I bought a bag back to Immaculate with all the loose change, which we counted and credited back to them, and all of the parish envelopes with money in them. They kept all the loose bills at the Shrine. SO the Immaculate People who went to the Shrine and used their envelopes supported their Parish. Just wanted to keep the recoed straight
Bob Mc Creight, 56 Havertown [11-23-2009]

Gerry: You still don't believe that ethnic (read: Italian) prejudice was practiced by some clergy in the Catholic Church - possibly because you never experienced it (and aren't you the lucky one). But please don't disparage those of us who did. You know what they say about "walking in our shoes". Unless you've been there, you can't say it wasn't true. 'Nuff said.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [11-23-2009]

Hey Hello Pat, thank you for responding on my message.yes i remember mr Yankawitz he was the sports teacher and healthclass or something, i think we sat in the same classroom.nice to hear from you . I am living in Holland Europe for the last 38years, came across this website and i'm looking for old friends, but havent got any response exept this one. thanks
Tony Braspennincx [11-21-2009]

Just found this site via my sister Madeline. She was looking for Kevin MrKeirnan, all those boys were so handsome! I had Sr. Florine, Miss Catherine, & the dreaded Sr. Edward Anthony. She was one scary nun! My most cherished memories of school friends were with Joanne Vassalo who I still keep in touch with. I also remember "Needy" Kelly, Karen Turner, (Good afternoooooooooon, sister!) Mary Jo Graham (her Mom was so kind to us!) Maryann Malegeri, Elaine Westerfield I could go on and one. Rosemarie Hite, I remember you! Especially the incident with the gum on your nose!
Carol (nee Walsh), age 61 [11-21-2009]

Gerry.....Do you have a last name?We are all getting tired of your b.......! This site was great before you came on with all your negative crap,and will continue to flourish as you exit.I don't know Anthony nor you.But,I do know that you are a strap. This is a very nice site which has enabled hundred's of us to reconnect with old friends from Germantown,and re-live many,many pleasant past memories.Buzz off Gerry.Good Riddance....Paul Borian.....
Paul Borian [11-21-2009]

Gerry, you just go on and on with this argument...you don't know to when to stop. You continue to criticize the public school system that many of us attended, almost equating us as morons and our parents as negligent for sending us there. I received a good education in public schools and I resent your remarks about morality. I learned my morals at home from my parents. They did not expect the school to teach them to me..only to reinforce them. I did not need excessive punishment to make me learn. I learned because the teachers did not waste valuable learning time tempting me to do something that would allow them to show their dominance over me. So, stop comparing and realize that you are not superior over anybody. Try to enjoy the good things written here and understand that the negative things may not have happened to YOU, but did to somebody else.
Gtn. Gal [11-21-2009]

to JOHN DiRenzo i still live in phila. in roxbrough at bells mill rd and ridge ave. every now and then i think about the kids i knew back then and wonder what became of them.
pat sirianni, still thinking of germantown [11-21-2009]

Gerry, by me using the prefix to name I was not throwing any ethic slur out there, just as you have now done. You are the attacking one here and you need to be careful.
anthonyg [11-21-2009]

Yea, Ron we did great. I know I messed up, but I straightened myself out, got my diploma and became a court reporter for the City of Phila and put in over forty years in that position. I saw you many times in the district and now have contact with you again. I learned from my mistakes.
anthonyg [11-21-2009]

Helen Leone D'angelo, way to write it, about your mom. It was so prevelant back then. That is where my father ended up at Fulton. He too could not attend St Vincent's.
anthonyg [11-21-2009]

Anonymous, when attacking Dan Hartnett why didn't you sign your name? Gerry brought it all on himself and Dan is not the only one who fired back at him. And there is no need for me to write about the prejudice acts against certain ehnic groups because I already stated my situation and am not beating a dead horse. And if I remember correctly didn't Germantown High beat CD in the '65 basketball city title? Just pointing out that there were quality students back then, no matter what school you attended.
anthonyg [11-21-2009]

Hi - I graduated from Our lady of the Rosary (Holy Rosary) in 1969 and lived in Germantown through the 1980's. I am trying to locate anyone who attended that school on Haines St from 1960-1969. And Sister Concepta Marie is one nun who will never leave my memory (for a variety of reasons). Hopefully, I'l hear from someone.
Marion, Minneapolis MN [11-21-2009]

Hey Pat. what part of philly do you live in now? what are the major cross sts. I live in Mesa, Az.
John DiRenzo [11-20-2009]

Hey Pat between the giant and the green man we could have made one helluva horror flick.
John DiRenzo [11-20-2009]

To Ed in Chester Va. Sister Concepta Marie.( are you sure she wasn't an offensive lineman ) we disliked each other from day 1. and it continued throughout the year. We butted heads constantly and neither one of us backed down. ( my mother was always waiting for me with the wooden spoon when I got home ).it got to be that whenever she was ready to say something to me, she would choose her words carefully and I the same.Oh the battles we used to have. I was in Mother John Madeline's office twice a week.Towards the end of the year we gained a certain respect for one another and by the time I left Holy Rosary, we were actually friends. Weird Huh!
John DiRenzo [11-20-2009]

to Paul Borian. Bill Cosby was my counselor at " Camp Happy ". What a great and funny guy. He also went to Temple with my cousin Franny Greco, Billy the Butcher's daughter.
John DiRenzo [11-20-2009]

Chalie McGeehan....Hope you are doing well and enjoying retirement.How could any Phila.basketball fan forget Bobby McNeill.In my opinion,he is the greatest player that North ever produced.Ramsey,McNeil and Company from Hawk Hill,more often than not,upseat the heavily favorite Cats from Villanova.I still have nightmares from all those St.Joe's wins that ruined my beloved Villanova seasons.McNeil was a smooth southpaw who controlled many a game....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [11-20-2009]

Rosemarie, I was one of the lucky ones that did not get Miss Katherine.. But I did have Miss Eileen in the third grade and Mrs Campbell in the 4th grade.. I also remember the boy made up a song for Miss Eileen to the tune of Wyatt Eurpe and would sing it in the school yard....
Erda [11-20-2009]

Sorry I missed the lunch 11/15.I was in the hosp'from 11/8 to 11/17.Hope you have another,I wanted to go.But will next time.MARIE
marie [11-20-2009]

Dan Hartnett, your remarks are insulting to Gerry-calling him a pimplehead and an ignoramus.Simply because you disagree with him. That is low life behavior. There is no place here for insults. Just as there is no place for the dangerous domain of ethnic prejudice which several persons here of Italian heritage seem to favor. I would also add that Catholic CD High provided a 'moral education' whereas Germantown HS did not; that makes a BIG difference in school quality. And please keep on hold your "fighting tough guy" stories-I looked at the archives-they do not enhance your character which needs some work I would say. Hold the insults please.
anonymous [11-20-2009]

Bob Terranova: Was the reunion you mentioned with Mizzy, Bodie, Dave Clancey posted on this site. I haven't been fof sometime.
Bonnie Gatto [11-20-2009]

Joe Melchiorre: Ralph passed away on October 18 last year.
Bonnie Gatto [11-20-2009]

tommy collela my sentiments exactally !
rosemarie hite malageri [11-20-2009]

Paul Borian mentions that Bill Cosby also went to Germantown HS, altho he seems to only mention Central. I know this for a fact because our late, great friend, Ben Hom, was his sub on the Germantown HS basketball team. Said that at the time the Cos was a goof-off. He finally got smart late in life and now has the degrees to prove it. (Better late than never.)
Rosemarie Rinaldi [11-20-2009]

Charlie McGeehan: The Hawks had great teams back in the day. Nova had great talent but The Jesuits hired superior coaches-Dr. Jack Ramsey,Jack McKinney, Paul Westhead,Jimmy Lynam[all NBA coaches and now Phil Martelli. George Raveling would tell Al Severance what to do. Paul Boring was probaly at Providence-Hawk game in the 60'when Lenny Wilkins stripped Bob McNeil 2x and went coast to coast for lay-ups to win the game-naturally,he was inspired by the fans from Nova. John Thompson was on the Providence team and he was inspired by the great coaching of Dr. Jack that he went into coaching for Georgetown and beating Nova frequently. Bor will bring up the big game. When I went to The Hollow in the 50's,you were younger and hung with Peanut and that crowd. I remember your brother John well-he was friends with Ralph Gatto,Bob Compton,Ken Schenk,Allen Goode,Jim Razzano and Al Paris. They were a good group of guys and their football team played well because they had Ralph Gatto. I also remember your dad stopping in the Continental once or 2x. As you know,Wayne Ave. was his real territory. You started to follow basketball at an early age. Paul Borian liked basketball but he always played with guys who thought a basketball was a hot potato- Cal Gore comes to mind who was a great shooter for the Germantown Bears. Cal Gore and Bob McNeil were the same generation. I hope that your astute comments resonated with Bor-the old Germantown Bear.
JBS [11-20-2009]

My mother, Mary Gairo Leone and her 6 siblings were not welcome at St. Vincents School in the 1920's because they were Italian. They then went to Fulton, Roosevelt and Germantown for their education and to Holy Rosary for religious training. My mother always told us this story.

rosemarie, i don't remember the other lay teachers at st. vincents, just miss catherine. you are much younger than me and things did change as time went on. when i saw you at lunch on sunday roe, i still saw the pretty little blond girl that lived up the street from me when we were kids and you are as nice and delightful as ever.

Jack Brogan...What the hell are you doing in Freeport Maine!You should have never left the Hollow.You must be living in a different world.I admire you for making such a major adjustment to move on from your Hollow days to the great state of Maine.Life must be dull compared to your wild days in Phila.back in the 50's and 60's. I sure do remember Mt.Airy George.He had the hot's for me.Told him that it would cost him $100.He told me to pound sound.Cisco was there at the time,and he called me;"Bor the paid whore".With all those attractive guys at the Hollow,I don't know why he had his eyes on me.......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [11-20-2009]

Dennis McGlinchey....So sorry to hear about Gerry Distel passing away.He was a real nice guy who spent some time at Happy Hollow. I remember him fondly.I worked at Blue Cross from 1969 to 1976 in the Provider Reimbursement Dept. At that time it was called Blue Cross of Greater Phila. Paul Borian
Paul Borian [11-20-2009]

Anyone who grew up in Germantown in the 50s and 60s should only look back and see how lucky they were to have done so. It really didn't matter what school you attended, because you enjoyed all the friends you made back then and the memories that were made with them. The games we played back then included; buck-buck, red rover red rover, dead man's box, half ball, stick ball, wall ball- the list could go on and on.... and it certainly didn't matter what nationality you were. I was taught by the likes of Miss Catherine, Sister Jane Elizabeth, Sister Edward Anthony etc. at St. Vincent De Paul and Graduated in '64 from CD. My wife graduated in '66 from Germantown High....so there's no feud there either. Remember we all have a path to follow so lets not judge others for the paths they might have taken, be it the right one or wrong one. Just let past memories be the good memories and look beyond the bitter memories. To Anthony G: looking back, we did alright didn't we? and to Jim McKernan: My brother Tony says you had one of the best fast balls any school baseball team could have wanted back in the day.....
Ron Majka, Happily married 41 Years, living in Mayfair [11-20-2009]

Jack Brogan .... regarding your comments ... well said ... and I do remember Mount Airy George ....
Tom Cusack [11-20-2009]

Anthony G. You are the person who needs to be careful about your accusations of discrimination against a reputable educationalist, principal and priest-administrator at CDHS. You made an ethnic slur against what you assumed was my nationality and now you deny this in your blog to Dennis. I see you wish some of your pals to support you in this claim—the claim of an avowed teenage rule-breaker versus that of a priest and principal. I'll take the priests' interpretation and decision any day. There has been way too much priest-bashing on this site, and the comments are indeed very prejudiced. You also try to dispel any ethnic slurs but there is no other interpretation of you assuming I am a “Mc”. To call an Irish person a “Mick” or “Mc” is no different than referring to an Italian as a “Wop”. It is derisive.Interesting that WOP was the message attached to some Italian immigrants passing through Ellis Island meaning “Without Papers” they did not have proper paper documentation like many of our below the border Mexicans today. I am from neither of these ethnic heritages. You are on shaky ground here because you say that “little David Mc” was treated more favorably than me by the priest. Stop whining. It is your pals’ blogs that are aggressive, angry and hurl insults at me. They (Rich, Anon Fem, Paul, Dan Hartnett, Rosemary R etc) descend to personal insults and they are the ones who need a lesson in intergroup tolerance and education. I am out. Be cool is the best advice I can offer. Gerry.
Gerry, CD Graduate [11-20-2009]

Dennis McGlinchey: My Catholic orientation is also traditional. I just thought you might like to know that St. Paul' on Christian St. near Passyunk in South Philly just started a Tridentine Mass every week at noon.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [11-20-2009]

to john direnzo yes that was the house behind the bocci club. the back of the club faced mechanic st. there was a swing made up of rope and an old tire on a tree behind the club. we would swing from the roof of the club. it was only one story. but when you are eight years old its the top of the world
pat sirianni [11-20-2009]

It would be nice to have someone update these blogs daily
John Direnzo [11-20-2009]

do john direnzo yes i do remember the story of the gaint.it was a great place to grow up.i also remember those nuns at holy rosery and how well could handle a ruler. in todays world they would be in jail.
pat sirianni, loved germentown [11-19-2009]

jbs I can't believe that someone other than myself remembers Bobby Mc Neill . He is the reason that I been a Hawk fan for the last 53 years. Paul the HAWK will never die
Chalie MC Geehan [11-19-2009]

Dennis McGlinchey, I meant no ethnic slur at all, just pointing out the way Gerry reacted. It was uncalled for and am so glad to see all the comebacks at him. That will give him somehting to think about. Haven't heard from him lately. And also very well put Paul B. And Sheila thanks so much for your wanting me to keep checking in.
anthonyg [11-19-2009]

Helen,Erda,Susan,RoseMarie,BettyAnn, Carol,Lynn,Linda C,Linda F, both Jimmy K's. Its was great having lunch with you at LaFontana on Sunday. Some I know growing up in G-town, other's I just met for the firs time. Anyway its hard to understand but it feels like we've all been frinds forever. Looking forward to seeing my old and new friends, and maybe some that couldn't be there this times soon!
Tommy Colella, East Side: Wister Playground [11-19-2009]

Name your school if it was located in Germantown. (Grade, Jr.High, and High School: 1- Fitler, Seymour & Knox Sts.
Germantowner, Fitler Grad [11-19-2009]

JBS - you mentioned Gerry Distel in one of your posts. I worked with a Gerry Distel at Independence Blue Cross. He retired a few years back and then passed away. Wondering if he might be the one and the same. I never knew Gerry was from Germantown, but I know his wife Mary is an IC alum. They lived in Fox Chase before moving to North Wales. Gerry was a really good guy.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-19-2009]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: The older guys from The Hollow[Rocky,Goo,Joe,- etc] were honorable and they were selective about who tossed the bones.Larry[your husband],Ollie Powers,and Matt Fasano were great shooters and they liked the Bor[Paul] to play defense,rebound and pass the ball. Poker was a big game at the Hollow,it was a serious game and that was not the place for shooting your mouth. You are correct that there was always action at the Hollow if you know what I mean- Larry and Paul were 2 of the actors and they always held their own.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-19-2009]

by now, we have all been out of school for a very long time. isn't it more important to be what we are now?
MICHAEL [11-19-2009]

I noticed several e-mail about Miss Catherine, who taught 2nd grade at St. Vincent's. I entered St. Vincent's in third grade and graduated in 1951 so I missed having Miss Catherine as a teacher but I remember her well. Does anyone have memories of some of the nuns who taught during this time period, e.g., Sister Hortense (7th), Sister Edmond (3rd) and Sister Gabriel (4th) and Sister Marie Francis (8th). Jim Lyons
Jim Lyons, St. Vincent's 1951 [11-19-2009]

Rosemary, I agree, that Monsignor’s actions in denying confession to your husband, telling him to go to St. Mike’s, was shameful, sad and just plain wrong. There is no defending his actions. I have heard a lot about that monsignor, none of it positive or good. I’m still a Catholic, and a traditionalist one in that I still prefer the traditional ways, though I’m in the minority on that. But, traditionalist or not, I will be first to speak out and criticize the Catholic Church and its priests for their errors. If there was any good to come out of the priest sex abuse scandals, it was that we no longer put these priests on pedestals. They never belonged on those pedestals in the first place because they are human and just as prone to error and mistakes like the rest of us. That monsignor was a bad seed and an embarrassment to the Catholic Church. The same is true for Fr. Benonis of CD and Fr Donahoe from NC. The same for all those priests that did that to those kids. There were, and still are, quite a few bad apples in the bunch. There is a lot of anger at the Catholic Church by many, rightfully so because of the actions of its administrators and priests. But, there is a lot of good there too and its overall mission is one of good, not evil. Catholicism isn’t for everyone but just don’t let the sins of a few cloud your opinion of the whole.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-19-2009]

Rosemary, you are wrong with your statement, “The ethnic churches were only necessary because these new immigrants were not welcome in the already established "American" parishes.”. National parishes were established out of compassion, not prejudice and discrimination. They were created to help an ethnic group of non-English speaking people assimilate, to provide for their spiritual, social, cultural and even economic needs. Case in point is Holy Rosary, The growing, mostly non-English Italian community in East Germantown were free to join IC and St. Vincent’s. But, they felt lost and isolated because of the language barrier. Before Holy Rosary was established, there was a special Mass in the Shrine basement chapel said in Italian for their benefit. The archdiocese would only create a national parish when petitioned to do so. In the case of St. Mike’s and Holy Rosary, that petition came from members of the Italian community living in that immediate area. There had to be a need and a growing ethnic population for the archdiocese to agree to it. There are national parishes for Italians, Germans, Polish, Spanish, Slovacs, Lithuanian, etc. Ever notice there were never any Irish-national parishes in the archdiocese? That’s because the Irish came over already speaking English. Sure, there were churches built in areas that were staunchly Irish, named after an Irish saint and built with strong Irish motifs. Case in point, St. Columba over in Swampoodle. An absolutely beautiful church built by the mostly Irish parishioners and has many statues of Irish saints, Irish motifs, green-laden marble, etc. But, that church was always open to all, though it was mostly attended by the Irish because that was who lived in that area at the time. I have heard it often that when it came to membership, Italians in Germantown were directed to St. Mike’s and Holy Rosary. But, I also know there were Italian parishioners at IC and in my class, so that wasn’t always the case at IC. I also know pastors were very territorial back then. To belong to the parish, you had to live within the boundaries. But, as I said in an earlier post, I myself have to stop short of calling the practice of sending Italian families over to join Holy Rosary or St. Mike’s as being discriminatory. Knowing how territorial these pastors were, it could very well have been that the pastors of St. Mike’s and Holy Rosary could have been angry if another parish accepted an Italian family for membership. I don’t know, but its possible…
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-19-2009]

Three words: Sister Concepta Marie. For those who had her in Seventh Grade OLR; chills run down our spines.
Ed, Chester, VA [11-19-2009]

Hey Pat Sirianni, I remember you now, and I think I even know the house that you lived in.My cousin franny and my uncle Caesar lived a couple of doors down from you.Remember the story about the Giant that lived on High st. and we were careful when we went up the alley behind chenza's house?
John DiRenzo [11-19-2009]

RoseMarie Rinaldi: I appreciated your comments on some of the prejudices that went before us and I could sit down with you or others from this site and swap stories all day about it. Some would be sad, some would be ironic and some would be funny. However I respectfully disagree for the most part with your assertion that the ethnic churches were only necessary because these new immigrants were not welcome in the already established "American" parishes. While it is true that discrimination existed, the national parishes were formed primarily to serve the unique needs of their respective people. They provided support, helped them find living quarters and helped them find jobs and in many cases provided financial support. This was natural because they understood the respective cultures and languages and were uniquely situated to provide the necessary support required. Some, although not all of the prejudice that existed, arose because of cultural differences that existed and people just didn't understand their new neighbors. Growing up Irish, I heard many Italians being called Wops or degos both by Irish and by others. I would like to note that this was not permitted in my house, but it was ignorance in many case, not malice, that fostered this behavior. Bear in mind that today's kids don't know these words. They died a natural death as they should have once people came together on their jobs, in their schools and in the streets and each found that the other wasn't really so bad after all. The beauty of the melting pot. Personally, I absolute love Italy having been there seven times and ready to go back this year for more, but I couldn't have done this sixty years ago. I can speak Italian fairly well also, self taught and it is not easy. In any case, I don't mean to be lecturish but I have spent a lot of time over the years thinking about our past and wishing that we could go back to the simpler years like we all had in Germantown. Please don't take anything that I said as criticism because it is not. It is just a different perspective. Thanks for your thoughtful post.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [11-19-2009]

The question about academics in a particular high school would not have been discussed at Happy Hollow. I can’t remember a single time when a kid’s studies mattered to anybody. Goo went to Gratz, Paul Borian, Sonny Kennedy and Bobby Compton went to Germantown, Dom and Trout Raffaele, Ralph Gatto, Charles Durkin and Larry Rinaldi went to North Catholic and Ollie Powers went to Penn Charter. Tom Gillespie, Vince Higgins, Joe Lynch and I went to La Salle. Most of us put up with school and the schools did a pretty good job of educating us. I was an awful student as a kid. Each day of school was a waiting period until I got to The Hollow. Sure, I can remember kids who did get expelled from some of the Catholic schools, friends of mine. Every one of them went on to have successful careers. For a Happy Hollow kid, the academic part of school was pretty much irrelevant. All the schools mentioned during this recent bickering did an amazing job of educating the kids from Happy Hollow. We were first generation Irish, Italian, Armenian, even Chinese kids. Most of us learned much more from Goo Goo, Joe Raffaele, Tom Flannery, Bee Bee Rossi, Bob Lejewski, Apples Keehan, Moe Speen, Nick Czar, Orly Pultrone, Howard Payne and all the other, older guys than we ever learned at school. One other thing that more important than schools was our moms. We had great moms. Our moms were interested in us, rooting for us. Think about my mom, Mrs. Borian, Mrs. Guarinello (Mrs. Goo), her sister Mrs. Powers, and Mrs. Raffaele. Strong women. They were much more important to our development than any school. I say we should put this nonsense about schools behind us and get back to the stories. We should tell Conan the Grammarian to take a chill pill, and start in on enjoying one another’s memories, no matter how they are told. I want to hear more about Brick Yard, Fernhill Park, Chew and Chelton, East Germantown and Mt. Airy. Who remembers Mt. Airy George?
Jack Brogan, I remember Mr. Dutton. [11-19-2009]

Hey Pat Sirianni, when you said you lived next to a junk yard, was that the one behind the Bocci club ?
John DiRenzo [11-19-2009]

Regarding CD lowering their standards, I think it all depends on who you speak to. Those of us that went in the 50's,60's and 70's have a much different opinion that those that went in the last 20 or so years. Those that have gone in recent years feel as though CD is far more superior then those of that went back in the beginning. There are a few "sites" devoted to CD on Face book, and one is attempt to "save" CD. I usually don't get too emotional about posts made on the Internet, but one remark made by a present day teacher, literally through the first 2 decades of grads under the proverbial bus, strike that, she threw us under a runaway Broad Street Subway Train! She did it ala Joe Queenan in his book "Closing Time", as she said that CD was nothing more then something along the lines of "student mill"! This really got my Irish up, and I let her have it with all I had, and told her how dare she be so self serving and arrogant.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay Florida. [11-19-2009]

JBS(Schmitty) As always,I enjoyed reading your 11/17 post. You have a way with words,and always something POSITIVE to say.I know that you thoroughly enjoy this site,and many others look forward to your comments. Regarding my recent post that "The Hawk is Dead",it was said with tongue in cheek.Nevertheless,as you know,the Holy War has been going on for at least 60 years.It is what it is!It was part of my catholic education.Before I received my degree,I had to recite "The Hawk is Dead" every day in class during basketball season.Of course,at St.Joe's,the response was "The Hawk will never Die".....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [11-19-2009]

helen leone deangelo correct me if im wrong but i thought there were two other lay teachers in st vincents besides miss katherine ... mrs. campbell and miss eileen ... i believe mrs campbell taught 4th grade and miss eileen taught 3rd grade .. perhaps they came after you graduated from st vincents ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-19-2009]

Update on Bill Cosby..Several months ago,on this site,several comments were made that the "Cos" seldom acknowledged that he atttended Germantown High School.Earlier this month,there was a tribute to Cosby on PBS.Once again,he talked about Central High School,not GHS. Bill Fleischman,my friend and classmate from GHS,pursued this matter with Al Shrier,sports information director for Temple(how about the Owls football team)The story is that Cosby received his GED,which means he never graduated from GHS.Shrier spoke with Cosby on 11/16 and asked him if had any "falling out" with GHS.Cosby stated that he had no problems with GHS and,in fact,visited the school twice the last couple of years to speak with the students. My advice to Bill is the next time the subject comes up,mention that you played football,basketball,and ran track at Germantown High school.He should never forget the fun times we had at GHS! The "Cos" was one funny guy in the classroom and on the playing fields.HEY,HEY,HEY......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [11-19-2009]

linda fontana you are so nice ...but i do have to agree with you.. the people who i grew up with were and are a great group of people but so were the others there too ..... yourself included ... ha! what else could we be we are from germantown. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-19-2009]

to the "old germantowner" yes ... spider was there from the boys club ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-19-2009]

Thank you to Dan Hartnett for pointing out that discrimination in Germantown was not solely directed at the Italian community. It was first directed at the Irish, then later the Italians, then the African Americans.... I know this doesn't make it any less wrong, but it happened, in Germantown and elsewhere. While I don't have firsthand knowledge that they did, but I would bet my Irish ancestors met with discrimination when they came over. You accept what happened, remember it, move on with our lives and hope we learn from mistakes in history and never repeat.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-17-2009]

Bill James, there is really no "my school was better than your school" rivalry going on here. Sometimes though, someone will come across with such a remark.... But, I remember back in the day, one of the way the nuns at IC would keep us in line is to threaten to send us to "that school across the street" (Pastorius). Like it was a punishment, like it was the to worse place to be. Even the label, "the publics", sounded derogeratory. I remember some teachers at CD referring to Olney HS along those lines as well. So, I had sort of a conceived notion that public schools were inferior to Catholic schools because of that. But the truth prevailed. While I will not defend any of those schools today, as they are a mess, I met enough of those schools' alums from back in the day to know they received as solid an education as I did. Dan Hartnett hit the nail on the head when he said that CD lowered their standards to stay open and aloat. I said something along those lines a few years back on the CD message board on Classmates and the alums posting there then came back at me with boths barrels. I wasn't about to back off of my opinion. Plus, seeing those two mentioned You-Tube videos showed me it is a different world over there than what I knew in the early 1970s. Still, it was my school and I am as sad as any of the other 40,000 CD alumni to now see it being closed.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-17-2009]

Dan Hartnett and Dennis McGlinchey: Yes, there was discrimination back in the day - first, the Irish, then the Italians, then anyone who followed. However, most of what is being discussed here is not the discrimination practiced by ignorant laymen, but by the Catholic Church thru their clergy, which put a stamp of legitimacy on it and which flies in the face of Christ's teachings. Obviously, the priests and the hierarchy should have known better and should have combatted this prejudice instead of contributing to it. See the previous blogs in the archives re: the Monsignor at St. Francis. Territory had nothing to do with it. The church is supposed to be open to all, whether for confession or mass. The ethnic churches were only necessary because these new immigrants were not welcome in the already established "American" parishes. Hopefully, we have all gotten past that and those guilty unchristian priests received their just dues in the afterlife.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [11-17-2009]

Hey, Paul Borian - As to the shootings at the Hollow 50 years ago, in addition to shooting your mouths and shooting craps, you also shot baskets. It was an innocent time back in the day, wasn't it?
Rosemarie Rinaldi [11-17-2009]

I heard of Rosemary Punishment by some nuns; what is it?
Lee Hoyle, From South Africa, 31 [11-17-2009]

turbulent my daughter and I thanks,dominic
dominic, same [11-17-2009]

Paul Borian[Bor]: Tom Pyne was a legendary character at the Prep in the 50's. He was not only tall but he was well-built since he pumped iron. If I had used your tactics which you probaly used against the dudes from Gratz when you had a police escort after the football game, I would have been taken by an ambulance to the nearest hospital.If I had kicked him like some d-backs,I think that he would have broken my leg and my dancing days would have never begun. You talked about Gerry on this site-he provoked a lot of comments. I do'nt know him but I believe he and Anthony must have known each-other from the East Side. I knew Gerry Distal from St. Francis and possibly,you remembred his 2 good-looking sisters-Jean and Pat.They lived across from Mole Adamoli on W. Ashmead St. I knew a Gerry McKewon who was friends with Tom Cusack-they went to LaSalle. I looked a little like Gerry Quarry and that was a mixed blessing if you know what I mean. Gerry Quarry was a great counter-puncher and Germantown Gerry hit Anthony with a great counter-punch.Anthony unloaded with some powerful overhand rights. I say,"Let's Call It A Draw",and move on. I do'nt know Anthony but I do'nt want to lose 1 of your bear-friends from GHS.Some people might think that you are serious about knocking the Hawks of St. Joe-this could start another controversy. Fran[your wife] went to St. Joe. At the Hollow,you were friendly with Big Bob Lojewski and his son[Bob Jr.] was a big star with the Hawks. You were probaly at the St. Joe-Providence game in the 60's when Providence had Len Wilkins and the Hawks had Bob McNeil-Villanova fans cheered for Providence. I did not like the disloyalty towards a Philly team. I always rooted for Nova against The Irish from South Bend. The brothers called me "Home Boy" for a reason. Incidentally,some good ball-players from CD went to Nova.
JBS[Schmitty] [11-17-2009]

To those at the mini Gtn. Reunion: Was there anyone there from the Germantown Boys Club? If so, who?
Old Germantowner, Over 60 [11-17-2009]

Tothe Nov.15th LaFontana "G" crowd: So glad that you all enjoyed yourselves,too. I am so sorry that I had to leave a little bit early, but the next time, I promise to stay and enjoy desert. Nice to get out like that once in awhile.Rosemarie, you have great friends. Hugs to all of you, Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [11-17-2009]

mary alice i had many a skinned knee from that darn surface in that school yard ... and your right in todays world we would never have been on it ... and if we were it wouldnt have been for long. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-17-2009]

joe taylor sorry if you thought there really was a picture ... but, just one in my mind .. ha! miss katherine if you remember her and granny from the beverly hillbillies are very similar in stature and personalities ...except granny was a fictious character where miss katherine was the "real mccoy" . too bad you didnt make the lunch yesterday at the cafe la fontana in hatboro ... it was a very nice time and good to be able to place a face with the name ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-17-2009]

tommy collela good to see you and your wonderful wife lin yesterday ... i hope we can do that again ... it was fun and the memories were great ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-17-2009]

hi anonymous, i was born and raised on mechanic st., in the 30s. went to holy rosary and little flower. i may be a dreamer but they're all good memories. two words to gerry. "grow up".
DREAMER [11-17-2009]

helen leone deangelo it was soooooo good to see you and jimmy and susan ... what good memories when we spoke yesterday of days gone by ... you all look great ... really! i hope we can do that again .. my hat is off to linda fontana this was her idea and a good one for sure and it was nice meeting her after have so many conversations with her ... in fact it was nice to match the faces with the all of people who i interact with via this site and e mails ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-17-2009]

Does anyone remember the little store next to Holy Rosary school? I think it was called Bambine's. They had great tomato pies, and meatball sanwiches, and the best hoagie's you ever tasted.
John DiRenzo [11-17-2009]

hi mary alice i fully agree with you ... miss katherine was definitely sadistic and even though i fared better than most in her class i was sincere when i said before that i would tremble whenever she would walk down the aisles. i was scared of her thats for sure not only because of what she did to my sister but what she did to most of the children in that classroom ... and i was not totally left out when it came to her wrath .. believe me i got it from her quite a few times but not as much as most of my classmates did ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-17-2009]

S.Zimmerman...you were so kind, and sweet on sunday at LaFontana's. I hope I get to chat with you in the future. I am so glad that I had the chance to sit next to you. Linda "F"
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [11-16-2009]

Gerry, I think everyone on this site just wishes you'd give it 'a rest'..God bless anyone who completed high school at all, no matter where they went. Back in those days most schools were comparable. take care/ and have a nice life, Anon. Fem.
anonymous [11-16-2009]

Okay, let's all stop, take a deep breath, and reflect on the nicer things in life...I had an awesome time this past sun. at LaFontana's with some of the most wonderful people of 'G"town/ whom I didn't know before entering that place for lunch. Rosemarie, Erda, Helen, Susan, and so many others, inc. Jim Kulick..were all attractive, and very congenial... we talked about those 'good old day's in the fifties/ sixties, etc. the movie theaters that we could remember and all the fine walks to "G" town and Chelten to shop. Who cares if we went to public or Cathoic High's? The most important thing was getting together for a great time, and we did JUST that. Thank you all for welcoming me to your table, and hopefully we can do it again, for the Holidays. Ciao for now, Linda Fontana P>S> Anthony "G" you missed out on this one.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [11-16-2009]

Hatboro's LaFontana restaurant was the place to be on Sunday afternoon for a mini Germantown reunion. The delightful 11 that showed up had a nice lunch and met or reaquainted with old friends. I was especially happy to meet Linda and Rosemarie. God bless you all.

linda fontana just want to say what a wonderful time i had yesterday (sunday) everyone there brought back such great memories of growing up in germantown ... it was nice to see the hollow, brickyard, east germantown, nicetown and cowtown represented .... all good and all happy i hope we can do this again at some point in time ... take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-16-2009]

dreamer, who are you, i don't answer to anyone, who cannot give his or her name.
anonymous [11-16-2009]

Peggy James Servay ---In my mother’s album at home in Penna., we still have a few photos of the boy scout camps with your father in the camp wearing his campaign hat (type like State Troopers) I still see that image often. Under your fathers leadership, I felt that Troop 170 was the best and the sharpest group around. As a group we used the troop neckerchief of blue with a white trim, then each patrol had neckerchiefs in their own colors--all these gotten from Canada to make us unique. At camp, each scout had a patrol color hiking staff, the patrol leaders and assistants also wore the campaign hats. Your father was a quiet and effective leader, who by his talks and example was instilling morals, good manners and citizenship to all of us in the troop. One time at camp he told the story of another group of scouts walking past a motorist on the road who had a flat tire on his car---it turned out that this was a set up by the camp leaders to see which group would help someone in distress and by so doing get points for prizes ---but your father added that we should be helping people who need our help all the time, not just for rewards---but because it is the right thing to do.
Jack McHugh [11-16-2009]

To the Hollow Guy....There was a lot of shootings at the Hollow 50 years ago;not with guns,but with our mouths.Also,a lot of shooting craps....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [11-16-2009]

"You are taking this so personal I bet your last name begins with "Mc". It's probably Gerald Mc".. Anthomy Q, I hope this isn't intended as an ethnic slur. Is it necessry to resort to that??? St. Mike's and Holy Rosary were established as Italian national parishes. With parishes back then, geographical boundaries were strictly enforced by the pastors (not so today). Seems they also enforced that ethnic rule, directing Italian families to join Holy Rosary or St. Mike's. I also heard a similar story with IC, directing Italian families to HR, which surprised me as there were Italians-decents in the parish and school. Me personally, I stop at calling that discriminatory. Back in the day, pastors were territorial. Maybe the pastors of Holy Rosary and St. Mike's would have been angry if those other parishes accepted that Italian family as members. You just don't know.... Along the territorial lines, I remember hearing there was friction back then between IC and the Shrine. The Shrine is within IC boundaries. It was just more convenient for many living near the Shrine to attend Mass there, contributing to the Shrine's collection basket rather than IC's. All about money..... True or not, that is what I heard.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-16-2009]

Steve Donahoe - you can only go back in your memories. Sounds like you have not been back to Germantown in quite awhile. It is very different..... Yo posted some nice memories though.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-16-2009]

I didn't realize until just now that there was a serious public/parochial school match in progress on this site, with some ethnic barbs thrown in. As far as which education was superior, it must be parochial because anyone can spell 'public' but I had to look in the dictionary to see why my original spelling of 'parachiol' didn't look right. Got it?! Harder word to spell means better education. As far as the ethnic stuff.....sing along with me, "All you need is love; love is all you need, love is all you need, love is all you need..."
Bill James, NC son of a GHS mother & South Philly High father [11-16-2009]

Paul Borian[Bor]: I connected with your laudable comments about Germantown High. You and Sonny Kennedy went to GHS and went to Villanova and Rider respectively-very good Universities. I knew many guys who went to GHS-Eric Wiener,Packard Boxley,Allen Turner etc. and they turned out well. You were friendly with Bill Cosby- I heard that he did well. Dan Hartnett graduated from GHS and he is very profound and literate. The McHugh brothers graduated from GHS,and Joe McHugh had one of the finest homes in Chestnut Hill. Jack Smith,the only guy to make All-Inter-Ac,All-Catholic and ALL-Public and one of the greatest soccer-coaches in Philadelphia graduated from that great school on High Street. My aunt[Marguerite Schmitt] was in the first graduating class and she loved GHS and remained friends with her classmates for nearly 80 years-she did not smoke or drink and avoided stress. I am fortunate to have many friends from CD and GHS-including you. Off the court and athletic field,you were a friendly and decent guy and have done well in life-GHS had a positive impact on you.
JBS[Schmitty] [11-16-2009]

What does it matter what school any of us attended? We all turned out pretty good. Anthony G, please don't stop sharing your thoughts. Everybody has so much to contribute to this site and should feel free to do so.
Sheila [11-16-2009]

Hey Gerry,this one's for you;Fight on fight on for Germantown,plunge forward with that ball,just dig right in,we're going to win,our bears will never fall,beat CD!.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [11-16-2009]

JBS(Schmitty).....Too bad your illegal block on Tom Pyne did not tear up his ACL.Perhaps,you should have kicked his gulyones. By the way,who is this Gerry guy? He appears to be a real strap.Most of us received a good education from the public,catholic and private schools.We had a lot of good times and great friendships.I do think that the private schools such as St.Joe's,LaSalle,GA,Penn Charter,etc had a slight edge in the academics.Also,back in my days,in the 50's,the catholic and private schools had better athletic teams.But,we public leaguers fought hard and kicked some ass. Most importantly,many of us have been successful in game of life.By the way,being a Nova grad,the Jesuits were the bad guys.The Hawk is dead!
Paul Borian [11-16-2009]

Joe Taylor, It was an imaginary visual in our minds. Rosemarie said that Miss Katherine reminded her of Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies. Rosemarie, You and Jimmy McKernan were lucky. It is because of her treatment of people like your sister and my brother that I disliked her so. I felt she was very sadistic. One memory I do have about playing in St Vincent's schoolyard is playing with the mercury that was in the crevices of the grounds. The yard was like stones covered in a black tar, except it was was hard. Today people would be having a fit if they saw that mercury. Maryalice
Maryalice, Still in G'town [11-16-2009]

to JOHN DIRNNZO we lived on mechanic st between morten and magnolia we were in the same class at holy rosery.
pat sirianni, responce to john [11-16-2009]

JBS: Bruce, I never did get back to you, my apology. If you still would like to get together at the Porterhouse, how is next Friday 11/20 about 1pm? Maybe some other good Germantown folks will show up.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [11-16-2009]

Gerry: I am both of Irish descent and Catholic and am embarrassed by self righteous ignoramuses like you. I hope AnthonyG is broadminded enough to see you for the pimplehead that you are. By the way, how much time did you spend in Germantown High School to get such a bad opinion? I bet none. I went to both Catholic (Roman Catholic)and public schools, to be specific, Germantown High School and have lots of good things to say about both of them as a first hand witness. As Dennis McGlinchey put it so well, in those days Germantown was a very good school. Other than not having religion classes, the chief difference was that academic was optional in Germantown and not force fed, but it was there for any student who wanted to take it. They offered languages including Latin, excellent English classes as well as high level math and history and the teaching quality was high with mostly dedicated people. Believe it or not, they even offered a prayer and sometimes a scripture reading in home room and no one complained about it, not even the Jewish students. In case you hadn't noticed, Cardinal Dougherty went down hill very far in its later years. Dennis got that right too. Discipline and enforcement were very much in decline. This is because they bent over backwards to retain (by not offending) students in order to keep body count up so as to stay open. It didn't work. Many of the students weren't Catholic as most of the Catholics had moved away. How do I know all of this? My sister taught there and we had many discussions on exactly that. On another note, the Irish were persecuted and discriminated against in very bad ways early in the century. My mother told me stories of signs being posted outside of some companies that said "no Irish need apply". A good Italian friend of mine told me stories about the NINA signs. I didn't know what he was talking about. He explained it was "No Italians need apply". The point? Both went through the same thing only the Italians got it later because they came later. Thank God, those days are behind us and I hope we all know better. I can understand why Anthony feels the way he does because that stuff was around. Tell you what Gerry, go to an Italian language free translator website and look up "Tu sei un stronzo" because it applies to you.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [11-16-2009]

to tony braspennincx i whent to leeds in 1968 to 1969 and germantown high 1969 to 1970 and leeds the homeroom teacher was mr yankawitz class 911
pat sirianni, responce to tony [11-16-2009]

Just want to say "way to post your thoughts," Rich, Rosemarie R, Dennis, Paul and anyone I may have missed and the responses you made to Gerry. Way to go. See if he has the time to address all of you. That will give him something to do and think long and hard about.
anthonyg [11-16-2009]

Steve D. did you want to hold those reunions on Wayne Ave. or Logan St.? The reunion at Williamsons had about 250 people and the Brickyard reunion had 175 in Wildwood. Besides the GCC which is private, where you going to have a reunion at in Gtn.
Germantown Outa Here, West Side [11-16-2009]

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