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October 2009

was anybody at the keswick theatre thursday night to see the brian wilson band make some wonderful music? the 11 piece band was in top form and wilsons innovative songs had the audience remembering a time when the world was young and we could find solace "in our room." it was good to see brian back on stage and able to do his music again.

Dennis McGlinchey.....No need for an apology from you and others regarding our comments about our fun times at our beloved Happy Hollow. I am a Germantown High School grad(class of 56),and am familiar with all the great sections of our beloved Germantown.It just so happened that my greatest pleasures and happiness took place at Happy Hollow.For that I am forever grateful.I check the site on an almost daily basis and really enjoy reading all the comments from the Germantown folks.My Happy Hollow buddies are taking a breather for now,but I am certain that they will be back with more stories and memories.If necessary,we will make them up to get a few laughs.To me,Happy Hollow was a fantasy place with characters galore.........Dom Raffaele..Nice to hear from you once again.Thought for a moment that you hit the lottery,went to Vegas,lost all your winnings,returned to Wildwood,back to Westy's,and buying lottery tickets.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [10-30-2009]

Advance warning: North Catholic story but with a Germantown connection. Bobby D, I hope you're feeling better. I didn't have Black John but one day I walked into the classroom he was vacating and I was talking, so he grabbed me, threw me against the wall and banged my head up against the blackboard a couple times, then took my ID to be returned to me after school. The year before that was the year they removed him from teaching and put him in the bookstore. The reason for that was that he broke the nose of one of our neighborhood boys. I don't remember who it was other than he was from St. Francis or St. Mike's. He got hit with a ruler across the nose. For that one year I thought of him as taking one for the team. But the next year, Father John Donahue was back with a vengence. I guess on the plus side, looking back, we probably didn't have to be concerned with Black John being one of the 'overly affectionate' priests that has cost the church millions, which is one reason that North is closing, which will ensure there will never be another Black John there. Funny how that worked out.
Bill James, North '67 [10-30-2009]

The only other thing I wanted to say was that in my junior year at CD I got booted out and it was by my own goofing off. We heard they let someone else back in and we went to meet the principle to try to get back in, which was my late father's wish. They refused and I told the principle to his face "you let the other boy back because of his ethnic background and not me becasue my name ends in a vowel." He looked at me and his chin dropped and he couln't answer. I told him he was prejudiced and what he could do with his school. I finished at Germantown and loved it. No more standing on corners for the bus and the mean priests waiting for you and counting your books when you went in and got detention if you had desert boots on. I was not going to write about this until a person on here brought my attention to Bob D' story. Tnat principle did me a favor.
anthonyg [10-30-2009]

Hey Bob D. we had Father Foster at CD with his big wooden paddle and Father Stec with his drum stick. Foster was really mean and beat guys with the big wide paddle. One day he hit a kid in the spine, while he was standing, and the boy fell to the ground and couldn't move. Scared the hell out of Foster. I won't even call him father anymore. Stec would wack you with the drum stick, but he wasn't as mean as Foster, who was also a disciplinarian and had charge of detention or jug. He would keep us way passed the hour that it was. Sometimes almost three hours. The parents finally complained and he backed off. I'll write what persoanlly happened to me in a bit, how I ended up at Germantown my senior year. Don't want to take up too much space.
anthonyg [10-30-2009]

Bob D'Angelo; I also feel your pain. What was the need for a Catholic priest to beat the snot out of a student attending his school? Did they think it was a divine right? Remember when the nuns used to tell us that if we saw an angel and a priest walking together down the street, we would acknowledge the priest first because they were the image of Jesus himself? Really! I don't remember any passages in the bible where Jesus struck a child for interupting his sermon or misbehaving in his presence. Yet, it was all to common behavior in Catholic High Schools. We had our share of abusers at Dougherty. Fortunately, many of them have died or been punished in our court system for their sins. I know of many of my former classmates who still can't let go of their memories of the abuse they took at the hands of a Catholic priest. I have moved on with my life but I will also never forget some of those monsters who roamed the halls of our school. I would like to, however, take the time to thank those priests who molded and shaped our lives for the better. Genuinely loving and caring priests who tried to live up to the name "Father". I personally had the opportunity to thank Fr.James Dorr of Immaculate, at our parrish reunion a few years back. I never thought I would see him again. He was in charge of the altar boys at Immaculate and gave his all for us. He was later transfered to St.Vincent's. Shortly afterward, my dad died suddenly. He came back to say my dad's funeral Mass and comfort our family. I got the opportunity to thank him for being such an inspiration in my life. He truly was a man trying to do God's work. He is still alive and well and teaching at St.John's in N.Y.. I would also like to point out, that lay teachers like your brother Joe, who I had for English class, (or is it whom?), more than made up for the creeps who wore a collar. They worked for less money than their counterparts in public shcools but were as dedicated as any teacher could be. So, lets hope that the priests like Black Jack have received their just rewards when they met their maker. That gives me reason to smile. Take care Bob!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and Cardinal Dougherty Grad [10-30-2009]

WOW, and the Catholic church wonders why they have had so many people turn away from them????? Just reading what a couple of guys wrote, e.g. that you experienced back in the day.....from 'so- called' men of the cloth turns my stomach. This was an abominable situation for all of you who had to witness it/ or live through it. And to think I went to Confession back then, telling my 'sins" to "some" of these perverted priests, who probably were panting in the confessional as they asked me very personal questions? I only hope that the few good ones who are still around can pray for the other lously ones, who have impacted so many intelligent and obviously educated young male lives with negativeness. Nowadays, I just confess to Jesus, who would never have HIT any of you...amen
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [10-30-2009]

I had many of dealings with father benonise at C.D. as far as I know he wasn't drinking when he wacked me around which most of the times I deserved.I believe that physical punishment is necessary in school and would help in this out of control age we are living in with sue happy parents being much of the problem. Most of the parents that I knew would have beat you had they heard a teacher,police officer or even a neighbor had to correct you. Some teachers were a bit excessive but honestly dealing with kids like me all day pushed them to it. There is absolutely NO excuse for them drinking at school and anyone who did should have been sent to rehab. I think most of those mean teachers did care aboout us. When I went to bootcamp I waskicked around pretty good butI know they were preparing me for much worse to come. I spoke to a couple of Drill Instructers after I graduated and they were all good guys.
William Dougherty, Doc from Portico St [10-30-2009]

Ed Farrar - Isn't it amazing to think of the effect those priest could have had on kids and how a few just made it such an unpleasant experience? You said it so well that some of them now live a life of retirement and ease and probably give little thought to how they drove people away from the church. Dennis McGlinchey- that is an amazing story about Fr.Benonis, the CD version of Black John. We can only hope that he recognizes some of the damages that he did. Not physical or psychological but damage to our faith and religion. I am sorry that my experience eas so similar to yours. It just turned me off to my alma mater and to some degree, I lost my respect for the church. God is just though and Black John and Benonis will find His justice
Bob D'Angelo [10-30-2009]

Paul Borian{Bor]: I still read the blogs and I guess that you are right when you talk about the old dudes. Years ago,we were just a couple hard-nosed kids,trying to play ball at the Hollow and other venues. However, I do member Paul Borian,the kid, playing poker with the old-heads-Rocky Raffaele and Bobby Goo who were unforgettable characters whose books would be best sellers and you knew their Damon Runyan history. I went to lunch recently at the Germantown Cricket Club where Duncan Hubley and Jim Murray[Prep AD] played soccer. I also remember when you practiced kicking field goals there in the 50's. After lunch,I headed to the Continental for some liquid refreshment. Sam, from the Italian Club on Wayne Avenue was tending bar. I talked with Hank Hennigan's son-they were a big family in Germantown. I also talked with Tom Durkin whose Uncle Bob was a tough dude from the Brickyard. I was with Tom Boyle and Tom Wilkins who were good patrons of the Continental back in the day. Tom Boyle's uncle was the legendary slugger Boyle who hung out with Ed Burke Sr. whose sons Ed and John post on this site. They are mourning over the closure of North and CD. Many of our friends from the Hollow, went to North- Dom Raffaele just made some salient comments about North and the Hollow on this site. The Raffaele Family was truly a legendary family from the Hollow. Paul! We should have breakfast at Charlene's[50's diner] with Dennis McGlinchey who lives near you in beautiful Bucks County-we can talk about Germantown and Phillies baseball. You were a good hitter but you would have a problem with Cliff Lee-fatball,cutter,change-up curve. He stuck out A-Rod 3x-awesome.What happened to the Godfathers[Matt Fasano and Tony DeAngelo]-they should be calling a meeting. Paul!Keep posting and get ready for ski-season.
JBS[Schmitty] [10-30-2009]

To Dave Byrne,Bob Terranova,Tom Razzano and all other NC grads, I know that the Black John's of the world existed in other schools like CD. I also believe that his ilk had a very negative effect on the Archdiocese of Phila and catholic education and led to the day that a school like NC and CD would no longer exist. Who would want to see their kids or grandkids going to a school and putting up with those types of "educators and priests". I truly believe that people like him turned a lot of us off to our alma maters and our HS years. Looking back I can honestly say that I thought NC was a prison when I attended from 61-65.There were several good priests and lay teachers, but unfortunately we remember the jackasses like Black John. All I wanted was to get the hell out of there and move on with my life. I really did not let him "scar " me for life, but he is a very big reason I never went back to NC after I graduated, never gave a dime to the school and never will. I'll send money to my college every year because it was then that I was educated. NC did not hold any fond memories for me, as I could never believe a miserable human like John Donahue was allowed to teach young catholic boys. He was not alone either, as sevral of these priests love to whack kids around more than teach them. It was all about controlling the numbers wnd discipline. As Dennis McGlinchey said, how could these men "say mass in the morning and beat up kids during the day". They knew we would not fight back out of respect for the collar and the way we were raised. Truly a bunch of sickos ! .I challendge anyone from NC to tell me a good story about Black John. I never saw him smile or say a nice word to a kid in all 3+ years that I was cursed with him. Hope he is toasting marshmallows in hell....he earned it. BTW Dennis,I also knew Benonis, as both my brother Tony and brother Joe taught at CD. Amazing anyone remained Catholic after those experiences.
Bob D'Angelo [10-30-2009]

Linda Fontana. Sorry to say that I do not recall your prom date, John Botto. Wish I could have helped you find him. Maybe try the NC alumni site.
Bob D'Angelo [10-30-2009]

Yo Bob, you need therapy, lets go golfing with Spider and friends. You also could have left North and went to Germantown HS and also saved some money too. I'm kind of glad I was a Public now.
Dave Linn, Dobbins Mustangs [10-29-2009]

A purge, a rant, a cleansing, a cathartic expression, and finally closure! Way to go, Bobby D.
Tom Razzano [10-29-2009]

Evidently NC had a heartless priest just like CD. Although we teenagers of the late 60s and early 70s were a challenge, no servant of God had the right to smack us around bloody, or rear our heads into wall lockers just because we did not pick up Latin or drifted off in class. Maybe this is another reason Catholic Schools are in peril. Unlike the Religion Priest from NC, our Priest from CD is still alive and living the good life in some parish or retirement home. I will omit his name this time out of respect for family, faith, and all the good Catholic Priests and Sisters.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [10-29-2009]

Paul Borian, I guess I could be included in the list of critics, but meant no personal offense or to drive anyone from the board. At least I always signed my name, never posting anonymously! It wasn’t really the Happy Hollow discussions and the tales of the various nicknamed characters and exploits that bothered me though. Germantown was sectional. Those good times you were reporting on, we had similar on the east side, on the west side, etc. We had our recs, parks and playgrounds too, and our memories are similar to yours. It is not what you say, but the way you say it. You would say things like, this is a blog for Happy Hollowers, a great place for Hollow guys, stuff like that. It seemed like you were trying to make the site “Your Thoughts on Happy Hollow”. That bothered me because it is a site for Germantown, all of Germantown. For what its worth, I hope you and JBS do come back. I first skim the posts. If I can ’t relate to it, I just skip over it. With Germantown being sectional, every post here will not be of interest to everyone. I’m sure my long-winded posts get ignored, and my feelings aren’t hurt by that. If I added to the reasons for your leaving, I apologize for that. That wasn’t my intent.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-29-2009]

The vice principal at Germantown High used to disguise himself and try to catch kids smoking or sneaking down the avenue for lunch. Everybody knew it was him!
anonymous [10-29-2009]

Paul D’Angelo, what a post! I could feel your pain and the dread you felt. CD had its own version of Black Jack Donahue. It was Fr. Benonis, who first was a religion teacher, then the disciplinarian. He instilled fear in all. When he walked the halls, it was like the parting of the Red Sea. Didn’t matter because he always managed to get some poor, unfortunate kid on some minor infraction. Always started with the words, “Where’s your ID, lad?”. Then what happened next could be grabbing the kid by the hair and banging his head against a locker, swinging him around by the tie, punching him, slapping him, pushing him, kneeing him, the list could go on. I never experienced his wrath myself, but I saw a lot of it. I know that went on back then. Even though I lived it, I never understood, then or now, how they could get away with it. Physical abuse was acceptable in our schools. I can’t speak for everyone, but if I was ever disciplined like that, I didn’t tell my parents because their response would have been, what did you do to deserve it. My kids went to Catholic schools. Needless to say, that does not go on today. Speaking of Fr. Benonis, he has been the topic of much discussion on Classmates and elsewhere. A few years back, he lived in the next parish over from me. I decided to try to get his side of the story. I called, then sent a letter, requesting to meet with him to sort of interview him to get his side of it, to give him a chance to defend himself against all the criticism. I was going to post his side of the story out on Classmates. Needless to say, he never responded and his side of the story hasn’t been told (to me anyway). I interpreted that he may be embarrassed by his actions back in the day. That was someone, a priest of God, who got up each day, celebrated Mass and distributed Communion, then went off to school and beat on kids. There is a disconnect there where I just don’t understand how you can go from one to the other….
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-29-2009]

what a site i never get tire of happy hollow stories.did the north catholic.thing had black john as soph. was at john brogan's la salle,north game.john's agood friend so i had mix emotions.i though father knobby walsh gave excellent pep rally speechs 10.15 friday's during activity period. he really premoted sundays football game .always good to hear blogs from john and paul. thanks dominic
dom raffaele, same [10-29-2009]

Bobby D'angelo. Bravo..bravo.your recall of that pri..k was right on.Guess what??? I never had the pleasure of having Black John as my religion teacher but many of our gtn brothers had him. He was infamous. Funny thing, inspite of Knobbie's reputation, i was never afraid of him and never felt his wrath.I actually thought he was funny and in some perverted way,that he cared about us.My rage and fear was directed at Father Kinniry.I think I had him twice and he slapped me so hard i thought i was going to pass out.He was a major influence on me. He helped me to quit the catholic church.Bob Terranova
bob terranova, lbi,nj [10-29-2009]

Dougherty almost certainly will play its final football game Friday night. The opponent in a CL AA playoff will be West Catholic and Dougherty got trounced the first time around. The coach was hoping to play another game or two beyond the playoffs, but was told no deal. This is CD's 52nd season of CL football (and I'm guessing at least a patchwork schedule was played in '57). Still can't believe it's all coming to an end. Also can't believe the archdiocese never bothered to put a true football stadium on CD's campus back in the day. The CL is likely the only league in the country with NO home fields (though O'Hara is about to change that; Bonner also has one now but is not permitted to play varsity games on it). Imagine how much money has been wasted on stadium rental fees all these years . . . My thoughts are with all current/former Dougherty players as something they loved disappears.
Ted Silary [10-29-2009]

Paul B - To hell with the complainers, your thoughts and those of JBS are always welcome on this site. I'm an East Germantowner from the Chew/Chelten area but always enjoy the blogs of those from other neighborhoods. Bill Cupo - the eloquence of your 10/26 post touched my heart more than once as I read through your piece. My late Dad was a NC grad and all 3 of his children graduated from CD. My heart has been heavy ever since the announcement. Thank you for heartfelt commentary. On a brighter note, I just fulfilled a boyhood dream by visiting South Bend, Indiana for 4 days. Got to see the Fighting Irish beat BC 20-16. Miserable weather but a great game. The campus is breath-taking and a visit to the grotto at night is a spiritual experience that is indescribable. The campus is "sacred ground" and I had either goose bumps or a lump in my throat (sometimes both at the same time) during my entire visit. One more item off the bucket list. Saw the Phillies in the WS in Tampa last year - now if only I could see the Eagles win the SB - I'm beginning to think that will never happen. Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone - and thanks for the "candy apple" memories from Carol's on Chelten Ave. We called them "apple taffies" back then. Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL, ICS '58 - CDHS '62 [10-29-2009]

Bob DAngelo, Just read your entry and I,m still laughing. I had that fine upstanding example of a teacher for two years and still remember when his cigar exited via the window when he left the room for his medicine. We barely survived that day. What a character !
Dave Byrne, North "62" [10-29-2009]

Bob D'Angelo..I don't know you, but I'm sincerely sorry that you had to have such a crappy man as a Religion Teacher and yes that does affect our lives over time. I know, because I,too had some 'Yulky' nuns at Cecilian Acad. all (twelve) yrs.>> I went to No.Catholic's prom in 1964/65, Were you in the same class with a guy named John Botto,Jr.? I figure his last name starts with "B" and yours with "D", that's pretty close. You may have sat near to one another..He is probably in your yearbook. I dated him all four yrs. then went to that prom. I still wish there was some way to track him down to say, Hi/ Respectfully, Linda Fontana.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [10-29-2009]

Drunken priests must have been an epidemic back in the day. There was a priest who taught Biology at North in the early 50s who was always drunk and never taught a thing - just sat at his desk. His modus operandi was to have his students read silently from their text book for the whole period. Anybody else remember him?
Anonymous [10-29-2009]

A story for all who knew Black John Donahue and remember him from their North Catholic days. My freshman year, I had the great misfortune to be introduced to this rotten excuse of a man as my Religion teacher. During that year he proceeded to beat the living crap out of any kid who remotely stepped out of line or did not bring rosary beads to class. A fine example of molding young men in the religion. I survived him that first year but grew to hate him. My sophomore year, first day of Religion class and Black John walks in, and is again my Religion teacher I nearly fainted, and could not believe my rotten luck. He proceeds to live up to expectations by beating up kids more regularly, and this time bloodying many more noses than the year before. I survived the year,barely, but by now I actually hated him more. Junior year, first day of Religion class and you guessed it, Black John again. I was depressed for 6 months,thinking I had to survive him another year. He was meaner and nastier than ever.Now I actually loathed him. 1964-65 rolls around and it is Senior year. I am confident that God would never put anyone on earth through 4 years of that miserable bastard. I tell my buddy Tom Razzano, that if Black John walks in the door and is my Religion teacher four years in a row, I will actually kill myself ! The odds had to be stacked heavily in my favor this time! Unbelieveably, the bell rings to start Religion class and that miserable SOB walks in announcing he is our Religion teacher. After 4 years, he still didn't even know my name, and I wanted to keep it that way. There must have been a God, because 2 weeks into the year he was moved to the bookstore and I was finally free of him. Many years later,I was actually very happy to read his obituary many years ago. He was one of the worst example of a human being I ever knew, especially for a priest.Not much more than a drunk that the Oblate order left teaching instead of sending to rehab. Today,a parent would have sued his ass off and owned the school. But it was different times and he got away with a lot of crap.I'm very sure other NC grads have "fond" memories of Black John and would bet my life that none of the memories are fond ones. To this day the mention of his name disturbs me. I probably still need therapy because of that bastard.
Bob D'Angelo [10-28-2009]

hi everyone ... just a reminder that linda fantana and i will be meeting for lunch on november 15 at the la fantana restaurant in hatboro on york rd ... we hope that whoever can join us will ... it should be a nice time, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-28-2009]

Anthony G-I have a cousin Ralph Barrella who went to Immaculate and I think CD so that's probably him. I haven't spoken to him for awhile since I no longer live in Philly. I also have other Barrella cousins who went to Immaculate.
Barbara Barrella Webb, Louisville Kentucky [10-28-2009]

glad to hear from helen,I found out from Rosemary about the site, glad I got to talk to her, I hear several oldies have answered. I remember the dances at TI at the Y on germantown ave,great fun anybody else remember??
Dottie Fenwick [10-28-2009]

Another North Catholic legend - don't know if it's true or not - but the story is that Father Butler (circa 1967) would dress up like a bum - overcoat and hat pulled down - and try to catch kids smoking on the Erie and Torresdale El stop. Can anyone confirm this story ? I also remember Black John always leaving Religion class for a few minutes so he could go get his "medicine". I sat in the front and remember that "medicine" smelled a lot like Four Roses. Go Falcons !
Bill, 60 [10-28-2009]

To Anon....Schmitty and I are very sensitive old dudes,and are still trying to recover from past remarks about our monopolizing this site.To all the anonymous and other bloggers who got sick and tired of our Happy Hollow stories,this is your time.I continue to enjoy reading ALL the comments from Brickyarders and others.I am thrilled that so many people have fond memories of our once great Germantown.Like the rest of the World,Germantown has gone through many changes;some of which are negative.As we grow older,we often think about the good old days,as will our kids and grandkids......To all you Germantowners,BEWARE.Happy Hollow shall return with more exciting stories.I have a dream that our leader,Goo,will soon return to Wayne and Logan to lead his flock.Do you hear me Goo,I have a round trip ticket to heaven to bring you back to the Hollow and let the good times roll.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [10-28-2009]

Where the heck are John Bruce Schmitt and Paul Borian ??? Let's hear from you guys !
anon. [10-27-2009]

Bill Cupo, those priests sure taught you how to write at CD. Closing North Catholic is a sad one. I didn't go to North, but most of my best friends did and I knew the stories. Once, Joe Gallagher had to go to a parent teacher meeting. Somehow I tagged along with Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher and found myself in a hallway at North with lots of kids and parents shuffling by the classrooms. This was 1956 and I believe there were 4,000 boys at North at that time. As we passed a priest reached out and grabbed my arm. "Hey, you. What are you doing here? You don't go to this school." 4,000 kids. I'm here with my friend, Father, said I. I looked at Joe Gallagher and he had turned white I swear. It was Father Knobby Walsh. How in God's name he knew me I have no idea. Joe said, "Lucky it wasn't Black John. He'd a' killed ya'" Five years ago I went to a wedding in South Jersey. At the reception I spied an old North Catholic ball player named Josh Keenan. For those of you who remember "the shot," that beat La Salle in the Catholic League Championship you'll enjoy what Josh said. I came up and said, "Josh, the tap was after the buzzer." Josh said, "Oh, no, not another La Salle idiot."
Jack Brogan, Born in [10-27-2009]

Bill Cupo....very well said. Sad, but so true......
Dennis McGlinchey [10-27-2009]

Tim O'Connell, nice story! Your father was/is a man of conviction. Glad he got the diploma due him and that he didn't give in and pay what he didn't owe. BTW, they archdiocesan high school's still use those strong-arm tactics today. Any unpaid fees, you cannot go through graduation or get your diploma. Not sure, but you might not be able to go to your prom either.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-27-2009]

My sister Kathleen McCurdy Kobie emailed me a photo of herself and prom date Frank Payne and another couple (I don't know who they are) It's on Germantown Brickyard site in last album, just put on today. Any one know Frank? let him know it's on there
Ginny Clark [10-27-2009]

Bill Cupo: Thanks for your long paragraph of 'truth' telling about CD. You nailed it. Neighborhoods changed, and the schools enrollments eventually did,too. May your good memories live on forever. Respectfully, Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [10-27-2009]

dottie fenwick-welcome to the germantown site. it's good to hear from you after all this time.
HELEN LEONE D'ANGELO, st. vincents, little flower [10-27-2009]

anthony g thank you for your kind words of my aunt rosie ... she was special thats for sure ... i loved staying with her during summer breaks from school every year ... i hated to leave her at the end of summer ... she was very good to me and i love her very much, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-27-2009]

So, this is how it ends ! We just close one of the most famous Catholic high schools in the country and sell the property to try and continue Catholic education in the city of Philadelphia. The closing does not come as a surprise at all to me. There have been rumors of the closing for months but it still shocking to hear the news. It's funny you know; I'm not a practicing Catholic anymore, but that school and it's teachers hold so many great memories for me. It isn't their fault that I'm not a Catholic, it was my decision a long time ago. All I know is that there was a dedicated group of priests and lay teachers who gave their all for that school and for us. I certaintly benefited from their dedication, and they created a big desire among employers to go after Catholic school students for their companies because they knew what kind of character we had. Next month, I will attend my 40th reunion of the class of "69". I would imagine that the talk that night will be about the closing and then the memories will start flowing from everyone. That class had 2 city champions; football and baseball. They had 2 Catholic titles in soccer and track. The band won the world championship in Europe the year before and led the Macy's day parade in New York. The year I graduated, we had something like 1400 graduates, one of the biggest ever if not the biggest. The senior prom was held at the old Philadelphia Convention Center; I'll bet their were 1000 grads that night. Now, the school holds only 600 plus students because the city has changed over those 40 years. No longer are there sprawling parrishes like Immaculate and St.Helena's or St. Ambrose or St. A's or for that matter, St.Martin's. Not that long ago, I attended a grade school reunion in Mr.Airy and before I went, I took a ride through my old neighborhood at Haines and Stenton. Sad, very sad. My house was taken to build MLK High School; it no longer stands near the entrance to Awbury park. Those endless hours of playing baseball are gone; you would take your life in your hands if you tried. A neighborhood that once produced endless bags of candy at Halloween, no longer accepts strangers into their home. Now, the final assult to my childhood memories; CD is closing for good. I think our first 5 reunions were held at the school, but then we needed a change of venue so we could attract more grads. I loved every minute in CD; too bad I didn't know that at the time I attended. My thanks go out to all the teachers who put in their time to help make me the person I am. Teachers like Joe D'Angelo, Fr. Fox, Fr. Feret, Fr. Cullen, Joe Leibrandt the best science teacher ever, and even Fr. Howard, my principal, who gave me detention a couple of times. I met him several times since I left at the Cathedral in Center City and he's as dedicated as ever in keeping that place running. Too bad priests like him had to be dragged down with others who took advantage of young boys or girls. So it is now, that the school will only exist in my memory. It's just a building; it can be torn down, but the memories can never be swept away. I salute all the graduates of CD who still love that place, not for the physical structure, but for al the hard work and dedication they gave it, even after they left. Take care everyone!
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [10-26-2009]

My father lived at 911 E Woodlawn, Immaculate Conceptin 1943, North Catholic 1947. I heard many great Germantown stories and would appreciate any memories anyone could share about my father or his family.
Jean Jeffers, daughter of Michael "Jack" Meers [10-26-2009]

just interested in any old pals,just found out about it from a very old friend,from st Vincent de paul
Dottie Fenwick, 5200 Germantown ave Bringhurst St age 67 [10-26-2009]

Barbara Barella, I went to CD with a Ralph Barella. Could he be related to you? And Rosemarie, I could not have said it any better about the O'Brien family. Then again, Germantown was just one big happy family. I remember Saturday afternoons just hanging out at Gtn and Chelten. And also, Rosemarie, everytime I see your name or hear from you I think of your aunt Rose. What a nice lady. She was always so kind to me. My mom and her were very friendly.
anthonyg [10-26-2009]

We had a neighbor who made candy apples and gave them only to the neighborhood kids she knew. Her house was always the first trick or treat stop! We also went to the neighborhood bar where the patrons gave us money, sometimes making us sing or dance for it. We didn't have adults escorting us around on Halloween night either, and never would we go out before it was dark like some kids do now.
Sheila [10-26-2009]

I've been reading "your thoughts" about candy apples & it brought back another good memory. One Halloween, at our home, (1333 E. Haines St.), my mom (Frances Cupo) distributed candy applies that she had made. I recall my mom had made quite a few (mostly for the neighborhood kids); but when "word got out" that Mrs. Cupo was giving out candy apples, the supply was quickly depleted. I recall my mom making several "trial" batches before she got the candy consistency "just right". I never was a big fan of these "treats"; maybe it was because I sampled so many of them while trying to help my mom get them "just right". Thanks for the memories & thanks to my mom, who toiled so hard in the kitchen that Halloween eve, to make not only the candy apples, but to make still another good memory. P.S. My mom recently celebrated her 92nd birthday (Oct. 15th). If I were to ask her to make us some candy apples, she would; and in doing so, she would most likely tell the same story as I have above. Love you, mom!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl, cdhs 59 [10-26-2009]

To; Fred Benner---Have seen some of your posts .Good to find an old allumni friend on here. The last time I saw you was at the GHS class reunion in 2000, at which time you signed my yearbook under your picture with the soccer team.Remember? I tried to reach you the link to your e-mail address, but it was returned. I have re-connected with many old childhood friends thru this site. Have been living in South Jersey since 1961. Would love to hear from you. Drop a few lines when you can.... Mary Jane (Lightcap)Garvis-age 72--born and raised in east Gtn(Brickyard)
Mary Jane (Lightcap) Garvis [10-26-2009]

With the announced closing of North Catholic I thought I would relate a story about my father, Frank O’Connell, a Germantown resident and NC alum. When he graduated in 1950 he was told that in order to get his diploma he would have to pay something like $3.00 for a lost book. He insisted that he did not lose the book and in fact had turned it in. His mother was prepared to pay for the book but again he insisted that she shouldn’t and that they could keep the diploma because he had in fact graduated. After graduation, he went off to the Marines and on to raise a family and had a successful career and likely never gave it another thought. He did relate the story to my step-mother who decided that he should finally get his diploma. Secretly, she contacted the school and they said they would look into it and get back to her. A week later she received a call saying that indeed his diploma was still there in an old storage closet. They mailed the diploma to her and for Christmas 2000 she gave it to him and told him how she got it. He turned to her and said firmly “You didn’t pay for that book now did you?” She laughed and assured him that she did not pay for the book. Truly, a stubborn Irishman.
Tim O'Connell [10-26-2009]

i was wondering if anyone remembers a row home fire on east tulpehocken street back in 1978? i was about 6 yrs old at the time so i do not remember the exact address. all i remember is that there were people with the name Tancredi that lived across the street from me. i tried searching the Evening Bulletin archives and all of the net to no avail.
Lisa, age 38 (bucks county currently) [10-26-2009]

Bob Garand.. Are you from Blue Bell Hill?? Daniel Street.. I have a good friend Ray from that neighborhood.. I also knew Howie and Nancy... If you are from that family I am so sorry to hear about your sisters... Erda
Erda, From the west side of Germantown [10-26-2009]

It is a sad event that CD is closing. Mr Dumphy, Mr. Archebolt, and Mr. Fitzsimmons. But did anybody really miss Father Benonis? I still have dents in my head from being drilled into the wall lockers. Okay.. think happy thoughts! Great education.
Ed Farrar, Chester [10-26-2009]

I also grew up near Chew and Chelten. I don’t recall the candy apples but I do remember Knab’s giving out their Washington cake. You were right, Wilma, it was heavy, but very good. The candy stores gave out great candy too. We also used to stop at the neighborhood bars. There, the patrons gave money. They were probably less than thrilled but it was lucrative for us! Even though apples, Washington cake and stuff like that weighed down your bag, that was nothing compared to when I brought my kids trick-or-treating when they were little. Still can’t believe all the folks who gave canned soda and drink boxes. I did the carrying but that got heavy quick….
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-22-2009]

barbara barrella webb i loved those candy apples and still do ... i am worse than a kid at halloween when it comes to those candy apples ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-22-2009]

To Jim Coleman. I'm still interested in getting in touch with Barbara Kehan. When you talk to her brother, Tom, would you give him my email address, "optimist34@hotmail.com." Maybe he could email me and I could reconnect with Barbara through him and get the pictures to her. Thanks very much. Genny IC '56, CD '60
Genevieve Welsh Bottorff [10-22-2009]

BOB GARAND, went to roxborough high 1958-1962 [10-22-2009]

CDHS Class of 59 - Oct. 10, 2009 Our 50th CDHS reunion was bittersweet. It was a wonderful event thanks to the dedication & hard work of the alumni committee. It was also a sad event as two nights prior to the reunion, the announcement that CDHS, along with NE Catholic would be closing at the end of this school year. Most of the 8th grade graduating class ('55) of Immaculate Conception attended CDHS; so the 50th reunion was also a reunion for us. The occasion rekindled old friendships; brought back fond memories of our childhood; and celebrated our past & present achievements. Reminiscing about IC & Sister Constance's 8th grade class reminded all of us of a simpler life lived in a simpler world. I informed some of my classmates about this site; so I'm hoping to see their "your thoughts" posted soon. Thanks for the memories & for maintaining this site. I have been able to reconnect with several people through it. Take Care.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, 67, cdhs '59; ic 55; fl [10-22-2009]

For those into genealogy or just want to check up on old relatives or where they lived or what kind of work they did, go to http://www.philageohistory.org/rdic-images/index2.cfm you will find the Phila. City Directory for 1856, 1857, 1858, 1861 and 1866. These will give you the head of household, the address and what kind of work they do. To see the old street names and lay outs go to 1871 and 1889 Ward 22. The streets with the dash edges did not exist only projections. You may be able to find a diagram of the company they work for by checking 1866-1896 Hexamer General Surveys
Jack McHugh [10-22-2009]

Ralph--John Clark, my cousin, is living outside Philly--can't remember the town--he is doing well--retired. The others I can't help you with. Only know about John because he we are related. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [10-20-2009]

Barbara Barrella Webb - I do remember the candy apples and do you remember Knabbs bakery used to give out Washington Cake? It was just dropped into your bag and they had great bakery items but the Washington cake was like lead.
Wilma, 66 - Bucks Co. [10-20-2009]

anonymous my mother lived up the street from the o'briens and i have to agree with anthony ... a nicer group of people you will never find ... they are a good family and just good people . i agree with you and anthony ... susan was very pretty and always very friendly but then i thought all of the girls were pretty in their own way ... and always very warm and friendly ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-19-2009]

My brother Don recently told me about this site. We grew up on McMahon St. near Chew and Chelten. My brothers Don and Bob went to Immaculate and I went to Ancilla Domini. I was thinking about Halloween (I'm an elementary school teacher in Louisville and holidays are important to my students!) and I remember the red candy apples we would get from Carol's (sp) Candy Shop on Chelten Avenue when we went trick-or-treating. In today's litigious society, I don't think any person or store would dare pass these out now. Those apples were so good, and how those ladies remembered who had already been in the store and made sure you didn't get a second one, I'll never know!
Barbara Barrella Webb, Louisville Kentucky [10-19-2009]

i believe that the answer to your question is that the north kids can go to ryan and the doughtery kids can go to father judge. i heard this but i am not positive of my source. kennedy kenrick and pius schools are closing this year and the new school in limerick is openeing scheduled in 2010 and is called pope john paul on township line.
ed burke [10-17-2009]

anonymous, whoever you are, I remember Susan O'Brien and all the rest the that family. Kathleen was in my class. Susan certainly was pretty and what made her even prettier was her personality. Even though she was older than me she always took the time to give me a true hello and smile and always had something nice to say. All of the O'Briens were very nice people. In fact that was just the way of the Germantown residents. That is what is so sadly missed.
anthonyg [10-17-2009]

Rosemarie M., haven't heard from you in a while and keep getting e mails back that I send to you. They are markedd undeliverable. Is something going on with you address. Hope all is well.
anthonyg [10-17-2009]

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Denny Dollan, John McIntyre, and Andy Gleason who lived on E. Clapier St. Also john Burk, John Clark, and Jack McGann who resided on the 4900 block of Wakefield St. and Jim (Sugar) Kane who lived at 33 E. Seymour. If so please drop me a line. Thanks
Ralph Benner, retired, (68) Florida [10-16-2009]

Bill - Almost forgot that, used to wait in front of the ?Eagle bar? and let the 23 go by until the 56 unloaded a bunch of Little Flower girls.
John Krause, St Vincent's (54) - NC (58) [10-15-2009]

What school(s) are the NC & CD students going to attend?? Joe Taylor, NC '61
joe taylor [10-15-2009]

Who would have thought Little Flower out lasted CD.. Sad about our brother School North.. Well I guess an whole era is gone now! Kenndey Kendrick in Norristown is also closeing .. But they are building another Catholic High in somewhere off 422 I think Royisford (Spelling) Combinding several high school in the county... But we will never have what we had in the Philly ... Free Catholic Schools again..
Erda Armstrong Graham, West Norriton [10-15-2009]

anonymous - I went to school with her brother Jimmy. Used to occassionaly play at his house, but have no idea what happened to the family.
John Krause, St Vincent's (54) - NC (58) [10-15-2009]

Lou Browmholtz, My sister went to high school with a Joe Brownholtz. Is he related to you?
Dot Drolsbaugh, Grew up in Germantown [10-14-2009]

anybody remember a really pretty girl that lived on east stafford near price and bayton named susan o'brien. she had pretty sisters and came from a big family.
anonymous [10-14-2009]

John Krause, I guess I have a pretty good memory or that car made an impression on me. Glad to hear the family is okay. Make sure you tell them "hello" for me and wish them well. I remeber those days like they were yesterday.
anthonyg [10-14-2009]

To all you Falcons out there - do you remember Sleepy Charlie, Black John, and Knobby Walsh ??? How about catching the 23 and the 56 to get to school and hoping you would run in to some Little Flower girls at Broad and Erie ?
Bill [10-14-2009]

I am a decendant. My grandmothers portrait, "Portrait of a Woman" by Warren Ludwig, was lent to the Museum by my grandmother (Mrs. John Lodwick). I have her portrait. She was a stunningly beautiful woman. I feel that she should possibly be displayed so that others can enjoy her and her heritage. My mother, Eugenie Keating Lodwick Armstrong, would be very happy to have her mothers portrait returned. My Grandmother, (Nana), married John Delmage Lodwick. After WWI, they settled in St.Louis, Mo.
Eugenie Atwood Armstrong Lynch, Grand daughter of Vietta Keating Rittenhouse Lodwick [10-13-2009]

Looking for anyone familiar with the Jewish orphans Home that was located at 700 Church Lane, next to the Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged. It closed in 1950, later to become Ancilla Domini Academy. The name was the Foster Home for Hebrew Orphans and before that, was called the Jewish Foster Home and Orphans Asylum.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-13-2009]

dennis mcglinchey. i agree with you that joe queenan's book had some very angry comments about his family especially his dad which is easy to understand since he was a mean drunk and loser but i was relating more to the times and neighborhood upbringing rather than his tragic life. it was not humorous. i agree. but i could definitely relate to some of his experiences when it comes to relatives and high school. he is a good writer in my opinion. bob terranova
BOB TERRANOVA, beach haven nj [10-13-2009]

To the friends and Alumni of NC and CD it all comes down to the almighty buck. $$$$
Cardinal Doc & the Falcon [10-13-2009]

Freddy Bender: Tried to contact you but your stated email address is not correct: benner22@verizon.net
Lou Brownholtz [10-13-2009]

does anyone know where some of the class of 1952 from holy rosary are? its been a long, long time.
TONY [10-13-2009]

To all the former students of either CD. or No.Cath. High. this was really sad news...last wk, to learn of their closings for (GOOD)..I am not too surprised, as I heard awhile back that enrollments were down. Tuition is high, for those who are now facing unemployment or harsh economic times..I guess they felt they wouldn't be able to make ends meet, especially if you have two + children in high/school. The 'higher ups' should have had a huge party to raise funds & maybe something could have been done prior to this announcement of total closings. Again, it's sad. I went to North Catholic's Sr. Prom with my>> then<< boyfriend, John Botto,Jr. and it was a blast. Respectfully, Linda Fontana
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [10-13-2009]

Rosemarie hite Malageri: Sure it's ok, for people to let 'us' know who is coming and who cannot make the get together..on Nov. 15th @ LaFontana in HATBORO/ (it's a sun.afternoon at 1:30)We can take a final head count about one wk. prior, ok? Linda
Lin Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [10-13-2009]

Mark Schaefer. Did Butch Sarassi have a sister Ginny ? I went to St.Mike's with her and I think they lived on Zeralda St. Was Gary Gardsey the brother of Jane ? He was a friend in HS.Do you know where these people are today?
Bob D'Angelo [10-12-2009]

Joe Queenen, author of Closing Time, is supposed to be a humnorist, but is also an angry soul. That is what really comes out in Closing Time. He is angry at his parents, especially his father, his upbringing, etc. In his book, he trashes them, Philly neighborhoods, Cardinal Dougherty, its rules, its teachers, students. He is where is is in life because of all the help, support and breaks given to him. An agry soul, but a lucky one too. Read that book if you want but know it is not a telltale story of growing up in rowhouse Philly.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-12-2009]

anthonyg - Yea, it was 1952 green buick roadmaster (aka the tank). The family is great. We are all over then place, but get together eveny Christmas.
John Krause, St Vincent's (54) - NC (58) [10-12-2009]

It is sad news that CD is closing. I graduated in 1960 in a class of 2,000 -- just my class alone. No one would have ever dreamed 50 years ago that this great school would close. I wish the "powers that be" would have contacted the alumni before deciding to close. Maybe something could have been done in the line of scholarships or fundraisers. We will still have reunions; they just won't be at the school. It is very sad news. Genny, IC '56, CD '60
Genevieve Welsh Bottorff [10-12-2009]

Steve Belcak. Wouldn't a reunion of that magnitude be a blast. According to NC's Alumni website, there are over 30,000 alumnus and 5,000 active members. To pull off a gathering of this nature, you would need a "village" to plan and execute. Love to see it happen, however.
Charlie Peterson, Belfield, IC 54, NC 58, LaSalle 71 [10-12-2009]

NC closing - a real shame. My father graduated in '31, I graduated in '58. Still remember Knobby the disciplinarian and hanging out and playing pin pall in the store under the Torresdale and Kensington El stop.
John Krause, St Vincent's (54) - NC (58) [10-12-2009]

There was an Annette Tecce from Immaculate Conception. Did you live on Woodlawn Avenue in the early 50's?
Anne Camp, IC, 1943, age 80 [10-11-2009]

for all GTNers. just read a wonderful book to recommend for philly kids. CLOSING TIME by Joe Queenan. really captured life in philly neighboods in the 50's and 60's. He grew up in East Falls and went to cardinal Dougherty(RIP) the st joes college. you'll love it.Bob Terranova
bob terranova, beach haven nj [10-11-2009]

Announcement: There will be no 25th Reunion in 2036 for either North or Cardinal Dougherty.
Bill James, North '67 [10-11-2009]

I was saddened to read about Cardinal Dougherty and Northeast Catholic closing at the end of the school year. My Dad graduated from North and all 3 of his children graduated from CD. ICS gone, CDHS gone, North Catholic gone -- it seems that little by little, pieces of my youth are fading to black. I have a heavy heart today.
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL - Age 65 -- ICS '58/CDHS [10-11-2009]

linda fantana whenever i tell somebody of our meet and greet lunch on the 15th i tell them to let you know if they will be joining us ... in order for you to have somewhat of an idea of all who are coming i hope this is ok with you ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-11-2009]

Sad News, Cardinal Dougherty & North Cathlic are going to close. They both have long traditions.
C.D. Dad & North Opponent [10-11-2009]

If u haven't heard, at the end of this school year, they are closing Cardinal Dougherty and Northeast Catholic. I was the class of 61 at Dougherty. Lots of great memories and friends.....can you imagine how big the alumni is from these two schools. It would be interesting to know that number. My brother and I grew up on Milne St. by Fernhill Park in Germantown. Have to believe lots of you other Germantown folks went to these schools. I wonder how many people would show up for a last time alumni gathering and dinner. It could be a great event.
Steve Belcak, Retired - Rock Hall, MD [10-11-2009]

Sad news..... The archdiocese announced they will be closing Cardinal Dougherty HS and North Catholic HS in June 2010. We knew something was going to happen, but I thought it would be a merger, not outright closing. What sad news.... I graduated CD in 1974.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-11-2009]

fred benner i remember you going by freddie on clapier st I visited your harvey steet house John Mcintire abd ralph ran around together
RAYMOND EDWARD DAWES, United States [10-11-2009]

ken Clark are you from Seymour street.

I grew up on Zeralda St. and went to Fitler Elementary School in the 1950's. Stanley Pekarick, Gary Slobodzian, Nicholas Patti, Butchi Sarassi, Robert Valenti and Billy Cook lived on my street. Later I met kids on other streets who went to Fitler, like Mark McGeeny, Phillip Van Briggle, Ollie Rotzell, Gary Lavin, Tommy Rudolph, Billy Miller. Girls I remember were Glenda Waller, Susan Powers, Jane Gardsey, Patty Conti, Rita Lawson, Marion Christ.
Mark Schaefer, 58, zeralda st. [10-11-2009]

I grew up on Zeralda St. and went to Fitler Elementary School in the 1950's. Stanley Pekarick, Gary Slobodzian, Nicholas Patti, Butchi Sarassi, Robert Valenti and Billy Cook lived on my street. Later I met kids on other streets who went to Fitler, like Mark McGeeny, Phillip Van Briggle, Ollie Rotzell, Gary Lavin, Tommy Rudolph, Billy Miller. Girls I remember were Glenda Waller, Susan Powers, Jane Gardsey, Patty Conti, Rita Lawson, Marion Christ.
Mark Schaefer, 58, zeralda st. [10-11-2009]

To Jim Coleman. Thanks for getting back to me about Barbara Kehan. If you could get her address from her brother, Tom, that would be great. I'd like to reconnect with her along with sending the pictures. I don't think Tom would remember my mom. Thanks, Genny
anonymous [10-11-2009]

Hey John K, I also remembered Mary and then just read where somebody mentioned her hame. I still remember when your dad came home with a new car. I think it was a Buick and the color was green. Is my memory correct. Hope all is well with you and your family and please give my regards. Thanks.
anthonyg [10-11-2009]

Susan Powell Class President Germantown Hi early 60's Anyone know where she is ?
Ken Clark, Sculptor, 68, Sarasota Florida [10-08-2009]

Mary now lives in Fenwick Island, Delaware and works as a consultant for one of the big elementary school reading program companies. Her husband passed away in the late 1990s. She has a daughter who lives in Virginia.
FannyB:, St Vincent's (54) - NC (58) [10-08-2009]

marie im glad to hear you will be there ! it should be fun .... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-08-2009]

Raymond Raymond Dawes Yes I have a brother Ralph,lives in Fla.,just saw him last week he was up here for a wedding. Looks good I will give him the web site and maybe he will comtact you
Frederick Benner [10-08-2009]

To Rosemarie Hite Malageri,I will be at the lunch Nov. 15th. Looking forward to meeting & everyone.you made me feel welcomed. Marie
Marie [10-07-2009]

to Genevieve Welsh Bottorff, Immaculate Conception, Gtn,1956; Cardinal Dougherty, 1960 [09-29-2009] I see Barbara Kehan's brother Tom and could pass the pictures, send me a e-mail. Former Manheim st neighbor of the Kehan's.
Jim Coleman, Manhiem St resident [10-07-2009]

fred benner do you have a brother ralph.I lived at 33 e clapier. I am 66 years old and live in Oreland pa. 19075
RAYMOND EDWARD DAWES, United States [10-07-2009]

John Krause, Mary Krause was a classmate all thru school at St. Vincent's. Also had a class or two with her at Little Flower. How is she? I remember your family. I lived on Wakefield St. and then moved to Morton and Chelten.
FrannyB [10-07-2009]

To Raymond Dawes I lived at 64 E Clapier till about 1950 then moved to Harvey St.I have a brother Ralph who lives in Fl. Lived across the street from the Greens,and next store to the MacIntyres
Frederick Benner [10-07-2009]

marie i wont know many people either but am looking forward to meeting everyone and you too ... hope to see you on the 15th, rosemarie

"Anon" I stand corrected, although I stated LaFontana's in the Horsham 'area', meaning (vicinity.)..not exact....you are right, it's located in Hatboro,on York Rd., thank you. L
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [10-07-2009]

anthonyg - yes it was Regina, better know as Jeanie. Marian now lives in Maryland near me.
John Krause, St Vincent's (54) - NC (58) [10-07-2009]

I am looking for some old friends of mijn,we went to school toghether and spend a lot of time outside we were really a close bunch, i lived on 66 west washington lane in the sixties went to lingelbach,henry h. houston,leeds junior high and germantown high for 1 year. my friends were James jones Audrey williams,barry miles just to mention a few, does any of these names ring a bel.my brothers were peter and jhon Braspennincx, my father had a volkswagon repair shop on washington lane. i would like to get in cotact with any one of these friends thank you
tony Braspennincx, i am 55 years of age [10-07-2009]

neaty i hope you and your sisters can make this lunch on november 15th at 1:30 the restaurant is la fantana and is located on york rd in hatboro .... love to see you, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-07-2009]

marie thanks for the info ... hopefully everybody will see your post and know now that la fatana is in hatboro not horsham ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-07-2009]

linda fantana i just got the message below from anonymous and am being told the restaurant is in hatboro not horsham will you please confirm this ... i thought you said horsham and this is what i have been saying to people dont want to have people going to the wrong area ... and most importantly not have them join us because of the incorrect information on my part ... thanks, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-07-2009]

anonymous ... uttt ohhh ... i thought linda said horsham ... oh my gosh thanks for the heads up ... i hope everybody is reading this ...
rosemarie hite malageri [10-07-2009]

Rosemarie, for the sake of avoiding a mistake, LaFontana is in Hatboro, not Horsham.
anonymous [10-06-2009]

was a sub on the champion soccer team at Germantown High in the 50ths. father was born and raised in brickyard. Germantown was a great place to live when I was a kid would not change my childhood for anything
Frederick Benner, 71 downingtown Pa [10-06-2009]

71 years old played soccer Germantown High School,spent a lot of time at germantown boys club. live on clapier st till I was 16 then moved to harvey st
Frederick Benner [10-06-2009]

John Krause I vaguely remember you, but I remember Marian was friends with my sister Georgina, aks gigi. I remember Michael and your mom and dad. I believe I was in your sister's class. Was it Regina? I'm afraid I can't make the lunch, although I would love to. I am an avid football fan and watch the pro's all day Sunday.
anthonyg [10-06-2009]

I want to share with you all my visit to Germantown on Saturday Oct 3rd for the celebration of Germantown Day. We took 2 of the grandchildren so they could experience the history and reenactment of the Battle at the Cliveden house.. It was fun.. Police had Germantown Ave blocked off to traffic so you could walk across to the Upsala house with no worries.. They has crafts and lots for the kids to do.All Free except the tour of the Clivenden but that was only 2 dollars that included a book with the history. After touring several houses and the battle was lost, we took them to St Vincent’s.. Went into the school yard! It is much smaller then it was in the 50’s & 60’s. (HaHa) could be everything seemed bigger when we are children.. The wall around the yard is now replaced with an iron fence.. The school is still in good shape but no more fire escapes.. I believe they use it as a senior center.. Also the boys rest room door is no longer on the outside of the school.. St Vincent de Paul still stand tall in front of the rectory.. We went into the church.. The kids thought it was the most beautiful church they have ever seen even with the paint on the ceiling chipping.. The marble alters all 5 of them and the pews.. The pipe organ on the balcony.. I remember Miss Joan who played it she was also a Girl Scout Leader.. They do not build anything like that today. Then I showed the grandkids the plaque attached to the side of the church dedicated to the men who served in WWII, pointed out my father and two uncles names engraved on the plaque. It was great seeing the Church and remembering what it was like as a child..
Erda, West Norriton PA [10-06-2009]

Rosemarie hite Malageri: Boy, you sure are quite the PR lady.. I love the way you get people 'together'...you're awesome.I am really looking forward to seeing people from the old neighborhood and swapping memories of when we were younger. take care and keep in touch, one way or another. thank you so much, Linda Fontana
Linda Fontana-Faragalli, Montgomeryville, Pa. [10-06-2009]

Jungle Jane now goes by the name "Angeline Jolie". The Botex Lips gave her away.
Ed, Chester, VA [10-06-2009]

god willin' i'll be there rosemarie and hopefully with my sister and the o'brien cousins. helen

helen leone deangelo i hope you can make the lunch on november 15th at 1:30 ... la fantana restaurant in horsham on york rd i hope to see you there ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-05-2009]

tommy colella what dont you and your wife join the lunch meet and greet on the 15th at 1:30 ... la fantana restaurant in horsham pa ... york rd ... bring some of your buddies from the neighborhood rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-05-2009]

john krause the name is familiar ... but im really not sure ... my aunt and uncle lived directly across from the convent i believe their address was 109 e price st. i spent a lot of time there especially during the summer months so it is possible that i played with your sister from time to time ... yes i do know anthong g and his sister i believe is or was called g g when she was a kid ... anthony and his family lived next door to the convent ... it is nice to hear from you and hopefully you and anthony who i hope is reading this can make it to the lunch that linda fantana is putting together at the la fontana restaurant on november 15, at 1:30 ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-05-2009]

linda fantana november 15th looks good for me and 1:30 is just fine as well .... i look forward to meeting you ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-05-2009]

My older Sister Went to Wister Schoo[ I think it was at Germantown ave and Abbotsford ave
Carol Drakely McFeetera, grew up in Germantown [10-05-2009]

Rosemarie...if I am free I'd love to join all of you. Thanks for the invite.
Sheila [10-05-2009]

Just to let you know La Fontana is on york rd. in Hatboro.I hope to be their all though I do not know every one.Marie
Marie [10-05-2009]

thanks jim for solving the mystery of the mother and daughter's boy they were the talk of g- town back in the day,i thought they lived in oak lane,now i can tell my cousins who they were thanks again,sandy
anonymous [10-05-2009]

Hi George Greene,hope you are fine,the summer went way to fast I guess as we grow older everything go faster,hope your family is fine,how is fast Eddie doing??take care an old neighbor,Sandy
anonymous [10-05-2009]

The condition of the Pastorius statue is a shame. Plants are beginning to grow out of it, and portions of it are crumbling. I am hoping to come across or to start an effort to save this monument to the father of the Pennsylvania German nation.
Robert Lusch, Bristol, PA [10-05-2009]

Dennis, I remember a couple of years ago when NC played for the Catholic league championship in basketball .The team was composed of 5 or 6 black kids who had there tuition paid just to play. Never found out for sure, but I don't believe any of them were even catholic. Roman has been doing the same thing for years, but I never thought North would I was actually routing for Ryan to beat them.
ed burke [10-05-2009]

thanks roe, i'll watch for the date of the get-together. helen
anonymous [10-05-2009]

On saturday, October 17th at 2pm the Continental post will have a service to honor KEVIN DEACON. DEAC was a proud Germantowner and a great friend and person to many of us. We will be planting a tree on the grounds in his name. Also, we will have an open mike to tell many of the great stories about Deac. Hopefully, this will help bring a few laughs to such a tragic situation. All are welcome! Continental post 263 5151 Wissakickon ave phila. pa. 19144
PAUL AMENDOLIA [10-05-2009]

The famous "Jungle Jane" was in my class at Germantown High (1964). Her real name was Ellen Rosenthal, and she lived in West Oak Lane on the 1600 block of East Middleton Street. What a nut. She called herself "Brigitte" and had the pouty Botox lips before they were high style, and liked to wear leopard fur. "Anonymous" is right - she never spoke to anyone, and her goofy mother drove her to school every day. She had a rats' nest for a hairdo and would still have last week's volley of spitballs stuck in her teased and sprayed mess of a head. I hope that if she didn't find a career in film that she at least found a bathtub. My sympathies were always to Tarzan and the chimp.
Jim Smith [10-03-2009]

To all Germantowners, Continental Post is still open and Sunday is a good day to see the Eagles on their big screen TV's. Good food & Brews too.
Continental Post, Wissahickon & Hansberry [10-03-2009]

Rosemarie - Saw some of your posts. Are you the one who was friends with my sister, Marian. We lived at 128 E Price St. Also saw several exchanges with anthonyg. I'm guesing but Marian also had a good frend GG who hade a brother Anthony. They lived on the corner of Price and Wakefield.
John Krause, St Vincent's (54) - NC (58) [10-03-2009]

george greene my summer was good but toooooo fast! i guess i was having a lot of fun ha! how was your summer i hope it was good ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-03-2009]

Does anyone remember the Charles Schaeffer School in the 4800 or 4700 blk of Germantown Ave? Jean
Jean [10-03-2009]

Lived on Price St, across from the parish hall. Graduated from St Vincent's in 1954. Don't remeber to many people, but do remeber Donald White, Robert Powers, the McPeak twins (?Patrica and Marcella), Jim O'Brien, (somebody) Calvanesse, Judith Reeves, (somebody) Larkin. Left Germantown in 1961 when I joined the Air Force. Saw the post from Bob Powers (the same one I knew?) about the school yard, the prizel man, Mom's store, etc. How about Benediction every Friday after school, the nun's clickers to get every one to knee, stand up, and sit at the 9:00 Mass on Sundays, the "lines", climbing the fence to play basket ball behind the Kindergarten building, Haven't been in touch, but often wondered about people I went to St Vincent's with.
John Krause, Maryland, 68 and counting (bailey) [10-03-2009]

shiela mid november for lunch at the la fontana rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-03-2009]

erda mid november lunch at la fontana rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-03-2009]

helen leone deangelo keep you eyes on this site for the lunch in mid november at the restaurant la fontana, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-03-2009]

Jack McHugh: Thanks for the recollections. I've never seen any image of the estate on the other side of that wall, but the wall itself is still in perfect condition these many (>60, probably 90) years later, with no maintenance or repointing. We used to have a game to see how far we could creep along on the ledges without falling off. I have a memory of playing in the Dodge Mansion site during the demolition, being on one of the bulldozers with your brother Joey, and getting yelled at be a lady across the street. Joey let it roll off, saying "it's not her bulldozer; she probably doesn't even own her her house." As far as I know, Asher's Candy continues to sponsor the re-enactment - it's at noon and 3; sorry you'll miss it - better luck next year.
Bruce Marshall, 58, Still in Gtown [10-03-2009]

Rosemarie hite "Malageri" thanks for responding so quickly. Let's say LaFontana in Horsham area on York Rd. for sure, how about Nov. 15th? A sunday at 1:30 or 2:00 for a nice brunch/luncheon..Whoever can make it that will be great. I will keep checking with you,( Marie,) to see how many people can actually come/Then, I'll set up a reservation. Men, Women, east or west "G" town, wherever you live this place isn't that far from you.. Respectfully, Linda Fontana.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [10-03-2009]

Sandy & Eillen,Are you going to this nov.lunch if so let me know,The restaurat La fontana is 5 mins.from my house.Would love to see both of you.marie
MARIE [10-01-2009]

Just droping a line to everbody from germantown, hope everyone had a great summer and safe one.Take care. GG
george greene, retired in gilbertsville pa [10-01-2009]

linda fontana it works for me ... mid november also sounds just fine ... im good with anywhere and anytime you just let me know when you deceide on a date and time ... i love italian food .... rosemarie actually ... i love all food ... ha!
rosemarie hite malageri [10-01-2009]

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