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Sept. 16-Sept. 31, 2009

Bruce Marshall---I had plans to go to the Battle of Germantown this year but something came up, I’ve never seen it but ever since going into Asher’s on Germantown years ago and seeing the pictures of it I’ve wanted to go. Just a little bit I remember of Eringer Place. In 1948 or 49 my grandmother took me for a walk over there---I thought it was a city park as it had benches in it, no house but people were walking around the walkways in the park. The wall was around it and the park did have a huge water fountain shooting out water---at least it was big to a little guy like me---I thought it was a beautiful park, I don’t know if it was part of the city system or converted like that by the owners of the mansion that was knocked down and this was the fountain belonging to the house. In 1949 and 1950 Plotknick (sp) bought up all these old properties and build all those brick apartments that you see around, down to the ones along Fernhill park--- which were the last to be build. The story I had heard was in the early 1950’s his wife was taking a bath in the tub and a radio fell in and she was electrocuted. The big house that was behind the Manheim Gardens that you talked about--- someone bought it in the late 50’s and in the back put in a swimming pool and ran a summer camp for 2 years there. What I would like to see is a picture of the property behind your house that had the big wall from Manheim to Pio’s. JBS---You wrote that Che Guevara was part of the Irish Colony in Argentina, I had read somewhere that his father used to joke with him that he was the way he was because of the Irish Rebel Blood he had. Argentine has the oldest continuous Irish newspaper outside Ireland, The Southern Cross(La Cruz Del Sur) started in 1875---you can find it on the internet---it’s in Spanish, but you can find some ads for authentic Irish-Argentine bar in the Buenos Aires area. I read one of your “thoughts” where you talk about the woman killed at Alden Park Manor in the 1950’s---I remember the account very well---but what I heard and I don’t know if it was true is: they had the account on TV. There was a true crime show on TV in the 50’s called the Big Story, I believe it was on at 10:00 p.m. Friday, anyway what I heard was that this crime was the last one on TV before the program went off the air.
Jack McHugh [09-30-2009]

Bruce, My sister is bringing her grandkids down to the events. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it. Have a family committment that I must attend. That schedule looks very interesting. In the past there were the events at Cliveden but not all the other fun things to do. Hope you have fun.
Maryalice, still in Gtown [09-30-2009]

Rosemarie hite-Malageri: I was driving through the Warminster/Horsham area on sunday/and saw a nice Italian restaurant called "La Fontana"-not related to me, either. But,I have eaten the food there, and it is really delicious. It's on York Rd. just before County Line Rd. on the left if you are coming up from the Willow Grove area. I was thinking of lunch there around mid-Nov.? are you game? It's a big place with a piano and a bar,too. Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-30-2009]

Andy Anderson: I remember the Kit Kats too, but we used to see them at Gene's on Roosevelt Blvd. I still have a couple of their albums. Ed Burke: There was an article last month (I think) in the Daily News. Bishop Joseph McFadden did say that the Archdiocese of Phila. is planning to close and consolidate some schools. He did mention Little Flower and Cardinal Dougherty, among others, but wasn't specific as to what the plans might be, if any. He said there might be 3 or 4 schools instead of 6 or 7 in the north Philadelphia area. It was pretty vague. I don't know if there has been an update on this since then.
Lynne [09-29-2009]

This was mentioned recently, and I've plugged it in past years, but here's a reminder about the big day in Germantown this Saturday: the battle re-enactment is stunning, and very informative for all ages. There are a lot of things going on - note especially the Octoberfest at Grumblethorpe at the end of the day. Here's the link to the schedule: http://www.revolutionarygermantown.org/web/events.htm Also, same day, there will be the second of two clean ups in Fernhill Park, which I also promoted in the Spring. Locals (Friends of Fernhill Park), the Junior League and Fairmount Park staffers will be cleaning, planting and mural painting. The mural is being installed on the entrances and inside the tunnel going under the Expressway and connecting the two sides of the park. It goes from 9 to 3. Spend the whole day, or only an hour, whatever you can. Refreshments and full lunch are being donated by the Junior League. Bring your kids and friends - hit both events!
Bruce Marshall, 58, Still in Gtown [09-29-2009]

I remember the girl they called Jungle Jane fron GHS. I've often wondered what ever came of her.
anonymous [09-29-2009]

Andy i also went to the 19 hole dated a girl that lived right up the street. I remember seeing Ricky and the Rockets there
RICH, huntingdon valley [09-29-2009]

Does anyone know how I can get inn touch with Barbara Kehan from Manheim St, St. Francis Parish? My mom, Marie Welsh, recently passed away. Her mom and my mom were good friends. I have some pictures I'd like her to have of her mother. I tried the Warminister number to no avail. Any info I would greatly appreciate. Thanks, Genny
Genevieve Welsh Bottorff, Immaculate Conception, Gtn,1956; Cardinal Dougherty, 1960 [09-29-2009]

Ed, merging CD, LF and NC is just one option the archiocese is considering. Another option mentioned is merging LF and Hallahan, and merging CD and NC. All of those schools have a rich history, so it will be a sad day when that happens. But, something definitely will happen..... Too many city schools and not enough kids to fill them. Every time they raise tuition, which is every year, puts Catholic education out of affordable reach of some parents who want to send their kids there. Sad.....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-29-2009]

anyone that lived on e mechanic back in the 40s,& 50s? love to hear from you.
CHARLIE [09-29-2009]

shiela martinelli roos my husband lou malageri has an aunt fee fee but i am not sure about a micky ... or if these people are the same ones your mother knew ... these relatives are on my husbands fathers side of his family and i didnot have very much interaction with them ... did your mother know alphonso malageri this is my husbands fathers name and one of his sisters (i believe) was named fee fee, rosemarie

Hello to all germantowners! I just heard a stupid rumor and was wondering if anyone else heard it? The Catholic church is going to merge North Catholic, Cardinal Dougherty and Little Flower High schools in Cardinal Dougherty.Can anybody add any credence to, or dispell this ????
ed burke [09-28-2009]

Happy about plans to see some Morris St. neighbors in Oct.---I plan to work on finding more old friends -good time in life to do this
vera carey canavan [09-28-2009]

Rosemarie Hite Malageri. Are you related to Mickey and FeeFee? If so my mom was good friends with them. Rose Granozio.
Sheila Martinelli Roos [09-28-2009]

At least in its early years, Sunken Gardens was a restaurant with banquet facilities. It was located at Cheltenham Avenue & Limekiln Pike. My parents had their "wedding breakfast" there in 1950. I passed this place often, making the trek from Cheltenham Mall and Cedarbrook Mall, and vice versa. That would have been in the 1960s/1970s. Looked like an English cottage with multi-colored windows. I do remember signs saying "dancing" back at that time. It was closed by the mid 1970s. Here is a link to a drawing of the Sunken Gardens. LINK
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-28-2009]

Does anyone know anything about Michael Stason(spelling?). He lived on Seymour St near Germantown Ave. He would be about 62. His Dad was a bus driver for SEPTA .
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Grew up in Germantown [09-28-2009]

Jack Brogan: thanks for your kind words about my brother, Ralph. I remember you guys playing basketball together. I think I was even on your team occasionally on some of those Saturday afternoons in the gym; that was a big time for me since I was one of the ‘younger guys’. Ralph was a very good athlete just like you and so many others at the Hollow.
Bonnie Gatto [09-28-2009]

They called the girls with the big hair that rode around the neighborhood, Jungle Jane. It was a mom and 2 daughters that lived in WOLane. The girls went to Gtown HS, early 60s, and were not groomed very well. They never spoke to anyone as I remember. They drove very slowly and if anyone approached the car they would blow the horn loudly.
anonymous [09-28-2009]

shiela i will keep you posted and i hope you can make it ... if you read the post from linda fontana it looks like late fall ... so that will be a nice pick me up before we head into winter and the x mas holidays rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-28-2009]

linda fantana sounds like a plan ...i look forward to it ... i will keep watching for your date and place ... take care and thanks, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-28-2009]

raymond dawes i believe that my husband lou malageri has a cousin named mary lou malageri i think (i can be wrong ) that she was from brick yard ...rosemarie
anonymous [09-28-2009]

Just found an album on the internet by the Kit Kats. Does anyone remember going to see them at the 19th hole in Ardsley? or any of the other clubs in the area for that matter. They were one of the best bar bands ever. It's nice to hear "Let's Get Lost On A Country Road" again. One of the members died within the last year. The CD is a 2 disc set and they sound great. Happy weekend everybody! Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL - IC '58 CDHS '62 [09-28-2009]

Tom good to hear from you and welcome to the site. I thought of you often when I read the postings. Hope you are well. Give me an e-mail as to your whereabouts.
Louis F Pauzano Sr, South Phila. [09-25-2009]

Rosemarie-hite Malageri: Sounds good that 'others' are interested in coming to this get together. Let's shoot for the late Fall into the Holidays, as it's a beautiful time of the year. I will try to come up with something. Anyone from "G" town, who wants to join in feel free..we will have a lot to catch up on..Like I said before from the East or West side, it doesn't matter, just as long as you once lived in "G" town/ I grew up there/ and loved it.Linda "F"(> I will look into places in Ambler. & even the Plymouth Meeting or Willow Grove area(s), since the Tpke. entrance is right there.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-25-2009]

Ed I really do not? I think they were from east or west Mt,Airy.But they wore a lot of make up.Always wondered what the story was. Marie
Marie [09-25-2009]

Greg, thanks for responding.Lynn, Lee and my daughter Tina are doing well. Tony, good to hear from you. Somtimes the littlest things about you and the rest of my neighbors I still recall. The game with Amodeo escapes me, but I remember you talking to my Dad sometimes about a long-defunct nightclub called the Sunken Gardens which I believe was on Cheltenham Ave. You would always say to my Dad, "Man, it was mobbed there last night!" What kind of a nightclub was it? Were there bands,DJ? I liked all the neighbors(you,the Fulforths, McCanns, Connellys, Cardones, LoStraccos . . . I could go on and on. My father was angry at the prospect of moving out of our house . . .it bothered him for a long time long after we moved to Warminster. Great memories all in all.
Don Barrella, Warwick Twp Bucks Co [09-25-2009]

linda chairolanza-raven hi linda, i sent you an e mail using the address you gave me but dont know if you received it ... hope you are well ... and hope to hear back from you ..., rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-25-2009]

helen leone deangelo i hope so too ....it should be a good time. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-25-2009]

Rosemarie, let me know the date you decide for the lunch and if its a good one for me I'll be happy to join you. You know my email address. Thanks for the invitation!
Sheila [09-25-2009]

to rosemarie hite malageri I knew a Marylo Malgeri from thr the 4900 block of Wakefield St. next to the Murphy family Ricky amd Jerry. I live at 33 E Clapier. brother roy and sister kathy.
RAYMOND DAWES, st francis 1957 66 living in oreland pa [09-25-2009]

Tom Cusack: It's great to see you on this site after so many years ago at Fernhill Park-you were one of the few guys who passed the ball. I remembered many of your friends-Pat McIlhinney,Jerry McKewon,Al Patrizi,Bob Kephart,Frank Crawford,and Jimmy Flynn. I see our mutual friend[Pat Mack] frequently. You should join us if you have time- I understand that you are still active professionally. Your old neighbor[Bobby Goo] is frequently mentioned on this site. I learned a lot from Goo-never shoot against a guy who has a better shot but I was never a runner for him if you know what I mean. I am sure that you bought a lot of candy and groceries at his mother's store on Logan. A lot of your classmates from LaSalle High and St. Francis also post on this site. Give my regards to Al Patrizi- I saw him at Pat's 50th birthday,a few years ago.
J.Bruce Schmitt [09-25-2009]

Dave Byrne: I still have my copy of the photo you are talking about. I also have a photo taken in 1955 by a woman named McGinley---it is a shot of the whole area from Logan to Germantown taken from the air, it was taken in June of that year. The school gates are open so I guess we are still in school. My Mother got it over 20 years ago at a garage sale the new priests had getting rid of all the old things from the convent and rectory. How I wish I was at that one. I'm finish with work now and spending some time reading all of the old "Your Thoughts" along with other things. When I read that you and JBS got together---I wished I was there to join you.
Jack McHugh [09-23-2009]

hay Don it is good to hear from you how, is your family donna talkes to your mother in law from time to time,i hope all is well Gregg
gregg striano [09-23-2009]

shburn rd in Elkins park
gregg striano [09-23-2009]

Don Barrella - Nice to see you on this site. I remember when I was young teen and you were a rug rat; I would talk baby talk to you on the front porch for hours on end. Eventually, your mom asked me to stop. She was afraid you would never learn to talk if I kept up the jibberish dialouge. Your mom, dad, and grandma were fine folks, and, great neighbors. I had a great relationship with your dad. One summer day, your dad and my father challenged Amedeo Lo Stracco and me to a stick ball game. The losers would have to drink a quart of milk. This was a frightening thought to both Amedeo and myself. The old farts beat us one to zip. The entire neighborhood gathered to watch the pain of the two macho teens trying to swallow the feared milk. Your mom and dad passed way to soon. I'll be looking for you on this great site........Tony Risi
Tony Risi, Lancaster County, Pa. [09-23-2009]

Just checked into this site ... Al Patrizi told me about it .. it's like a reunion ... saw a lot of familiar names and read about some fond memories ... hanging out at the park ... trying to keep up with the big guys in bball ... nites at the Junction Diner ... trying to get lucky at the dances ... heading to Wildwood (Perry House, Pine Rooms) with a lot of good friends ... sometimes you never know when you are in the middle of a special time .. but I think I did .. and so did a lot of my old friends . best wishes to all.
Tom Cusack, Saint Francis 1954 .. La Salle High .. 1958 ... LaSalle College 1965 .. Fernhill Park ... The Hollow [09-23-2009]

i'll keep posted roe and hope we can all get together soon. helen
helen leone d'angelo [09-23-2009]

marie. we called them the 3 witches.
rich, huntingdon valley [09-23-2009]

Anyone know the where abouts of Rosemary Davis, from Wyneva St. Should be about 65 yrs. old
Michael [09-23-2009]

I found this fun site http://www.phillyhistory.org/PhotoArchive/ If you type in a street name you get some real neat old pictures of the neighborhood.. I typed in "Chelten" and pictures from 1964 of buildings, streets, houses.. I then tried "Wayne" and got some more great old pictures.. Try it out.. It will bring back great memories of Germantown the way it use to be.. Erda
Erda [09-23-2009]

shiela and erda if linda fontana sets a date and place to meet for lunch will you guys be interested in joining us it will be fun ! rosemarie

Hi Marie,boy me and Eileen was just talking about them,they were Mother and 2 daughters,they had long blonde hair and all that make-up on,the Mother drove a light blue convertible,they were always driving up and down Chelten Ave,they were still around in the 1980"s,but I never knew who they were,good memory Marie,hope you are fine,my daughter said she met you when you visited your Mom,take care Sandy
anonymous [09-23-2009]

Not sure how much longer Dougherty's football team (or even the school) will be around, but it's off to a 3-0 start and owns its first three-game winning streak since '96. As of Labor Day weekend, the roster featured only nine sophs/juniors TOTAL, and there are only about 60 boys in the freshman class (and about 100 girls). Hard to believe CD once had 6,000-plus kids. With many from Germantown, of course. In the early '60s, if I remember from old Bulletin Almanacs, Immaculate and MBS, in West Philly, were the city's two largest grammar schools. (I'm guessing many people remember the three blonds. In a convertible, right? It seemed as if they were everywhere! Ha, ha.)
Ted Silary [09-23-2009]

Jack Brogan: Your comments about Ralph Gatto really resonated with me-he was a good guy and a super athlete. In that North-LaSalle football game in 1957,Ralph threw a strike to Joe Gallagher who was your classmate at St. Francis[1954]. Joe G. was also a good guy but I learned from this site that he had also passed away. Joe Gallagher was the cousin of John Fries and I wondered what happened to Jack Gallagher[Joe's brother. In that 1957 game,another Germantown guy played a good game-Tom Yanessa. I knew him from the neighborhood and he became a FBI agent. Tom and Frank Yanessa were All-Catholic football players-Tom Y. was All-State if you recall.Your 1958 LaSalle Class had great athletes. I will be having lunch with a mutual friend[Paul Borian]-he was a pretty good baseball player and we will discuss the Phillies. I know that you follow the Red Sox but do'nt forget your roots.
J.Bruce Schmitt [09-23-2009]

Were the Three Blondes from the family "Spanos?" Did not remember Red Lipstick.
Ed, Chester, VA [09-23-2009]

Good Day anonymous, Re: Fred Chiarlanza/Charlanza as I have seen it spelled in other messages. I do not believe that we are related; however, there may be a slight possibility. My Grandfather Joseph, God bless him, came to America from Avellino, Italy. His first residence here in the Great USA was in Norristown, PA. He later moved to Germantown. Also, he was an only chid. He did have a first cousin who lived in New Jersey. My name is spelled Chiarolanza. Best regards,
Linda M. Chiarolanza-Raven [09-23-2009]

raymond edward dawes i love cracker barrel ... not only do i like the food but their store is always nice to walk through too ! oh .. i dont know if the watresses are pretty or not but their waiters sure are handsome ... ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-23-2009]

My father was Norman Dale Sower, and a direct descendent of Christopher Saur. I have thoroughly enjoyed your website, and learning more about my ancestry. Thank you!
Cindy Sower Johnson, Salt Lake City, 55 years old [09-22-2009]

Does anyone recall 3 blonds with way out hair,I think it was a mother & 2 daughters always had new car,they wore very red lipstick . Just wondered.
Marie [09-22-2009]

sandy thanks for the e mail ... i will give it a try ... hope things are better . how about you ... would you be up for a g town get together lunch one sunday rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-22-2009]

linda fontana i live in penndel bucks county but anywhere is good for me ... if it is a weekend ... sooo plan where ever ....i am excited about this and hope more people will join us ... it should be great . i hope anybody from cowtown who is on or just reads this site will respond and join us too ... and anybody from g town will try and join us .. it should be fun! christmas would be good too ... a small or large (ha) type of reunion of just g towners .... thats a good thought you have there ... hope to hear from you soon about a sunday get together ... as you can see somebody already has expressed a desire to join us .. helen leone deangelo ... take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-22-2009]

helen leone deangelo i would love it if you would join us gosh that would be great ... i would love to see you again ... i am hoping that linda will come up with a date and we can get more people for all of germantown to join us ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-22-2009]

In response to Jimmy Foley - my mother was his godmother and she sometimes talked about the day he was found dead in a house on little Wister Street. His father had just walked down Portico Street shortly before that. Before they moved to Seymour Street, they lived at 5046 Portico Street - long time ago. Maryann died and Cass is living in the DC area. Mary Foley was one of the kindest women I knew in my young life. Patsy Melody
anonymous [09-22-2009]

Bonnie Gatto: When I read on this website that Ralph died I couldn't respond. What a great kid. I played hoop with him, laughed with him, tried to catch his passes, and just believed he was one of the best and brightest guys at "The Playground." I saw him play well against LaSalle my senior year and I think I remember a long touchdown to Joe Gallagher from Berkley Street. Ralph was a fine guy who always had a sense of humor and always a humble, honest way about himself.
Jack Brogan, Old enough to remember Joe's Smoke Shop [09-20-2009]

Does anyone know whatever became of Mrs. Foley, of the Foleys that lived in the middle of the 800 block of Price Street? Mr. Foley was a partner of Foley & Kurtz Roofing. He died in the mid-1960s of a heart attack. Their daughter and only child, Patricia, died of leukemia a year later. I was an altar boy and served at the funeral of Patricia Foley, who was a classmate at IC. I'll always remember the look on Mrs. Foley's face as she was leaving the church behind the casket. She was trying to be so strong but her great sadness was apparent. She moved off of Price Street probably within the year and I always wondered what became of her. Anybody know?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-20-2009]

Thanks Erda. I am aware of the website. We're getting our P&M friends together for a reunion and I am hoping to hear from people who we haven't been able to locate. But I do appreciate your response...thanks.
Sheila [09-20-2009]

TO JACK BROGAN & all the Moe's hangers-onners: (Is that a word? Well, you know what I mean.) Sure, Larry remembers the half pints of ice cream from Moe's and his favorite - Yoo Hoo (shake well). He also remembers with fondness the "runners" who made his life easy. Moe was a nice guy and generous with the ice cream - his wife, not so much. But your heart breaks when you remember that they lost their only child, a son, in a one-car crash shortly after he graduated medical school. What a tragedy. As for Monk, so he's now in Maine? As far removed from his beloved California as you can get, don't you think? If you see him again, tell him we said "Hi".
Rosemarie Rinaldi [09-20-2009]

Bonnie Gatto.....Only once a week at Moe's for a half pint of Breyers ice cream???I would put aside my poker winnings for DAILY visits to Moe's for my Breyers during the summer.Moe would always pack in the Ice cream,but Mollie was far less generous.One day I refused to accept Mollie's serving,and was about to leave the store until Moe came to the rescue.From that moment on,I would only buy my Breyers when Moe was on duty.To this day I am still a Breyers freak,and usually eat more than a half pint at each serving.Always looking for "buy one get one free".However,I miss the ambience of Moe's and sitting on the TOP steps and scarfing the half pint in two or three minutes.(can't do that anymore)......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [09-20-2009]

linda chiarlanza......any relation to fred chiarlanza?
anonymous [09-20-2009]

just found this site . . .our family lived at 5634 McMahon ST(Tony Risi, we were neighbors)went to Immaculate Conception graduated 1970. My memories are even larger than the ones I've been reading for the last hour. Hey Greg Striano! Last time I saw you maybe was at my wedding in 1997. Sure like to hear from you folks!
Don Barrella, 54 Warwick Township,PA [09-20-2009]

rosemarie, if you get together in chestnut hill sometime i'd love to come too. helen

just read that tony bateman's brother james aka henry gibson the actor died at age 73. an interesting family and st. vincents alum.
HELEN LEONE D'ANGELO, germantown girl [09-18-2009]

a Milligan DeNardo.. the the above is a Penn and Mgnolia website.. hope you enjoy it.. I did not grow up there but have many good memories of all Germantown Milligan DeNardo.. the the above is a Penn and Mgnolia website.. hope you enjoy it.. I did not grow up there but have many good memories of all Germantown
Erda [09-18-2009]

Rosemarie hite-Malageri: Yep, we will plan to meet really soon for lunch on a sunday afternoon. I can bring my friend, Jeanne, who also grew up in "G"town/ and anyone else I can think of. I don't know where you live, but, if it's anywhere close to Ambler we could meet somewhere around there. My 'beau' lives in that area.And, I like it, too. Just let me know what's more convenient for you, & I'll work with that info. take care, Respectfully, Linda Fontana P>S> Everyone should plan on a 'get together around Christmas, that's a beautiful time of year. thanks
anonymous [09-18-2009]

some one had asked about jimmy foley,,he was my cousin and passed away in 1973 . I had heard many stories of him,I know as a kid he was a lot of fun to be around,He had two sisters cass and maryann,cass is the lone survivor of the foleys,his mother, my aunt mary was a great and true hearted person she sufferred many times but always smiled,,she came here at age 16 from county mayo, and was the corner stone of this family,, the howleys and devaneys,many a great time was had on seymour st,i had heard one story,never knew if it was true about jimmy and tommy murphy stealing the 23 trolley after drinking in the wistar bar,,i enjoy this site and was happy to see his name brought up
jfd, gtn still [09-18-2009]

Henry Gibson (September 21, 1935 ­ September 14, 2009[1]) was an American actor and songwriter, best known as a cast member of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In and for his recurring role as Judge Clark Brown on Boston Legal. Gibson was born James Bateman[2] in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Dorothy (née Cassidy) and Edmund Albert Bateman. He attended Saint Joseph's Preparatory School, where he was President of the Drama Club.[3] Graduating from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., he served in the U.S. Air Force as an intelligence officer.[2] After his discharge, he developed an act in which he portrayed a Southern accented poet. His stage name was a play on dramatist Henrik Ibsen,[2] and he often pronounced his name as if it were "Ibsen", particularly when performing as "The Poet".[citation needed]
anonymous [09-18-2009]

Jack Brogan, Paul Borian and all Haapy Hollow: A half pint at Moe's was my weekly treat. There was also a 'Yahoo, Shake it Well' and 'One of These, One of Those' for the candy in the glass case. Molly always had her hand out for the money. I remember the steps outside Moe's store. The older guys on the top step and the younger guys at the bottom.
Bonnie Gatto [09-18-2009]

hi anonymous, good to know that the 40s, 50s and sixty people are still around. we really do have great memories from back then.
FREDDIE [09-18-2009]

Freddie, yes we're here. Born in 1946 and grew up in Germantown. I can't think of a better place to grow up during those times.
anonymous [09-17-2009]

linda fontana i would love to meet you and whoever else would like to join us for a meet and remember get together ... i loved those oldie but goodie too ! i was just watching a public televion broadcast that actually was showing those very songs you just mentioned .. i also love those doo wop shows that are broadcasted on this pbc ... i am up for chestnut hill one sunday just let me know ... i look forward to it, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-17-2009]

Please contact me if you grew up at Penn & Magnolia.
Sheila Milligan DeNardo, from Penn & Magnolia [09-17-2009]

Jeannie, contact me at this email address....Hello Germantown! The beach party was great! You gotta love G'Town people who are the best of the best! 40 years, now that is tradition. Hope to see many more next year.
Seamus McWilliams [09-17-2009]

Jack McHugh, thanks for the amplified Dodge Mansion memories, and it was great to hear that the yellow bricks (which I remembered vividly) are still on your old house's patio; I walked down this afternoon to take a look. Joe DePero: I'm at 5035 - just built a two-tier dry stone wall out front (7 tons of stone), so you can't miss it. Stop any time!
Bruce Marshall, 57, Still in Gtown [09-17-2009]

anonymous [09-17-2009]

to all. anyone heard the where abouts of chucky( charles) lubking(aka Lubby) from abbottsford st near wayne ave. we went to temple u together and live in jersey near eachother in the 70's and 80's. email if you know anything. bob terranova
bob terranova, lbi. nj [09-17-2009]

Everyone, Oct 3rd is a good day visit Germantown. We are going to takeing our Grandchildren.. The Cliveden house is going the Battle of Germantown, Rittenhousetown will also have events..Check the website http://www.revolutionarygermantown.org/
Erda, West Norriton PA [09-17-2009]

Nice site here. I grew up in Logan 13th & Fisher in the 50s and 60s. Saw posts here about CD. Graduated in 1964. Parents moved out of Logan in 1965. Logan, like germantown was a great place to grow up. But it changed.
anonymous [09-17-2009]

I know most of the regulars here are/were from other parishes in G-town but just some info. to pass on. St Francis of Assisi is holding their reunion mass on Oct. 4th. They have a luncheon in the school cafeteria and choir concert back in the church following mass.
Jim McGinley, NE Philly [09-17-2009]

Dave Byrne: It was great hanging out with you and The Folk Singer at an Irish Pub-it brought back old memories for me.Set a date and a spot in Bucks County and some lads from that area might show up. Dan Hartnett is in London now and when he comes back,we can talk about our days in East Germantown- St. Francis guys walked on both sides of the tracks. Paul Borian from The Hollow might honor us with his presence now that he returned from The Irish Riviera[Sea Isle].We will see you down the road-263,611,202.
JBS [09-17-2009]

hello john brogan,your recent writing,bring back nice and funny also happy memories for all of us that were there.27 cents for a half pint, not always easy to come up with. iwa a runner for many of the older guys requests from moe's candy store and hangout. keep it coming maybe we'll from others,that we love from happy hollowand hung out with.thanks dominic
dom raff, same [09-17-2009]

Jack Brogan....Got a call from Monk Mccaulley at work about 15-20 years ago,much to my surprise.We had a long conversation about life after Happy Hollow.Rufus(another nickname)was in the area for awhile and told me that he had gone through three or four wives.Monk was a TRUE Happy Hollower;an original.....How I remember the half pints of Breyers vanila and orange ice ice cream from Moe's.My poker winnings were sufficient enough to support my summer treat on an almost daily basis.Only 25 cents plus interaction with Moe and Mollie.It can't get much better than that.
Paul Borian [09-17-2009]

John Brogan: You just made my mouth water. You mentioned Pierogies and Goumpkies. yum yum, my dad was Polish/ and my mom was Italiano...so I had the best of BOTH food worlds, 'growing up'...Homemade spaghetti from my mother's machine with her delicious sausages, meatballs, home baked breads, etc.etc. and then all of the slovak foods, too. God, I'm so hungry now, glad I am going straight home from work to eat. ha ha..thanks a bunch for the 'food memories'. Respectfully, Linda Kulik-Fontana
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-17-2009]

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