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August 15-Sept 15, 2009

JBS: Nice to tilt a few. We should try to do it on a regular basis and add a few guys.
Dave B. [09-14-2009]

Anonymous: I’ve seen Monk McCaulley here in Maine twice in the last three or four years. He is doing well and living in Boyertown. He plays a lot of golf. I bet he’s a great golfer. He could play anything well except basketball. I saw him bowl a 300 game. I saw him play semi-pro football for Roxborough; I saw him pole vault. But he was in no way tough. Tommy Murphy, (Bah Bah) was tough. He was a boxer. I wrote here about his last fight in the Air Force a few months ago. He now lives in Florida with Rocky Raffaele. Another, really tough guy. Rosemarie: Ask Larry about a half pint of Moe’s Bryers Ice Cream. Moe packed it. Also, a Yoo Hoo, well shook, as in “Runner! Get me a Yoo Hoo.” Just below Wayne Junction on Germantown Avenue was the Cauga movie. We’d buy an onion sandwich (cooked onions on an Italian roll) for a nickel and head into the Cauga on a Friday night to watch the Wolfman. Heaven. The Oaks on a Sunday morning. Nickel beers and darts when we should have been at mass. The Slovak club on Sunday nights for Pierogi’s and Goumpki’s with our beers.
John Brpgan, Fernhill Road. Same block as the Durkins, Byrnes and Lavelle's [09-14-2009]

I missed the event listed below, but could Seamus Mc Williams contact me? I will send you my e-mail. Thank You. On September 6th (Labor Day Weekend) we will be holding the 40th Germantown Beach Party in Strathmere, NJ. (North of 1st Street in Sea Isle City) 40 Years! A little history: On Labor Day Weekend 1969 a group of “old heads” some would say “medium heads” from G Town decided to have some fun on the beach. Excuse me if I leave anyone out or if I misspell some names but that crowd consisted of the following: Bonzo McGinly(has made all 40), Bobby McGinly,Tommy Turner, Hughie McInaw, Jack Yoskowitz, Michael Pannula, Billy Fagen, Donald Peterson, Sonny Stevenson, Burt and Billy Ryan, Johnny Logue,Jim "Milk Duds" Wilkins(Still a fixture), Seamus Mc Williams, Pete Siminitis(sp?), Eddie and Moon Lavin, Jimmy McGlynn, Billy Houser, Paul Duddy, Eddie Tutro(sp). Many of the Gtown ladies were also present including Diane, Eileen, and Jeannie Duddy, Michelle Turner, and Sandy Mc Williams. Now there are some great Germantown Names! I know there were others and it would be great if all of them showed up for the 40th and told us about it. Over the years Beach Party attendees have included as many as 100 G-towners at a time. We used to carry 2 or 3 kegs over the dunes but now it is much easier for us old folks to bring coolers. There is plenty of beer for all but bring your own if you like. It is always a blast and we have done it for all those years RAIN OR SHINE. Please mark your calendar and come on down. Wee John [07-19-2009]
Regina (Jeannie) Sprissler Davidson [09-14-2009]

isn't anyone from germantown that lived there in the 40's, 50's & sixty's? I hope some of us are still around.
freddie [09-14-2009]

Hey JoDina, just read your blog from 06/03/2005 whenI was browsing. I used to live at 620 E. Stafford st. Right near Waterview. Years ago my uncle Tony ( Finnegan ) Milione and Lenny Angelone used to work for your dad. My Mom's name was Sadie, Tony's sister. I remember always playing around near your house and I always remember your dollhouse there.We moved from Gtown in 1966 to the far northeast. I miss Gtown so much. Anyway, the reason I responded to your post is because I live in Mesa,AZ.with my wife whom I met out here and we got married in '04 in Vegas.Please respond as we are once again neighbors.
John DiRenzo [09-14-2009]

The last we heard from Monk McCaulley, he was living in Columbus, Ohio. He had always wanted to live in California, so we used to tease him that at least he was heading in the right direction - west. Never got past Columbus, so far as we know. We haven't heard from him in a long time, tho', so maybe he did make it to California after all.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [09-14-2009]

Sorry all but had a very nice dinner at cracker barrel tonight, the waitress was a pretty young girl. You have to try their home fries casserole. Good food at reasonal prices.
RAYMOND EDWARD DAWES, United States [09-14-2009]

I grew up (b 1943) in Germantown on Pastorius St. and went to St, Vincent de Paul. Anyone know of the family of an italian imigrant named John Barber who was a mason and had a son named John who became a lawyer and clerked for Judge Hoffman in the late 50s?
joe wood, schuyler va [09-14-2009]

Anyone know what ever happened to some of these Germantown tough guys who would be about 65 now. Billy Durkin, John Lawless, Jimmy Foley, Monk McCaulley, Tommy Murphy.
Anonymous 2 [09-11-2009]

John Burke: I saw Jeanne last eve, and she will tell her bro, Bobby that you remembered him..She remembered YOU as well, and said your backyards almost joined...she and her sis will now be on this site, soon,too. P>S> Bobby has '4' children and is doing well. respectfully, Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-11-2009]

Rosemarie - Beware of Cracker Barrel! They have a habit of sucking you in even when you intend to remain upfront. Rumor has it that Cracker Barrel management purposely hires ugly waitresses. They claim they make the food look better! Sorry, but I couldn't resist. Andy
Andy Anderson, ICS 58' - CDHS '62 - Longwood, FL [09-11-2009]

MARYALICE: You made my mouth water recalling all those old-time candies! You have some memory. Still, I will probably have to stick to Cracker Barrel since we have one nearby and Conshohocken is quite a haul for those of us in NJ.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [09-11-2009]

John Burke: THANKS SO MUCH -that's a big help. Do you know how to contact John Botto, now? I know he lives in Voorhees,N>J. & was working for Cent.#21,as a Real Est.Agt. Jeanne is my best friend. I will see her tonight, we were 'all' afraid of her dad, and his huge German Shep. dog.> I dated John for awhile. amen to that.Nice to hear from so many "G"towners, I am loving this.I don't care if you were from the East or the West, to me you're " superfine."
Linda Kulik-Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-11-2009]

Rosemarie & Andy: The spiraling cost was caused by a domino effect. During the 60's fewer people were going to Mass on Sunday, resulting in less cash flow in the collection baskets, as the collections dwindled, the tuitions rose, and as the tuitions rose, fewer families sent their children to Catholic school, which further exacerbated the situation, which resulted in a school such as CD charging $5,000 for tuition, plus other fees, and the enrollment dropping from the 5500+ level in the past, to the present day number of less then 700.
anonymous [09-11-2009]

ANDY ANDERSON: We were never assessed any tuition during my school years (50s); however, I think it was because our parish paid it for all the students they sent to West Catholic or St. Tommy More. (My parish was St. Callistus in Overbrook.) I can't imagine that that system lasted too long as tuition costs got atronomical. Still, even at $15 to $20 a year, still a bargain!
Rosemarie Rinaldi [09-10-2009]

Linda Fontana:I remember Jeannie Seifert and Johnny Botto, they were older then me. Jeannie had a younger brother Bobby who was closer to my age. I ran into him at a funeral about seven years ago. He was working for the funeral parlor. Their father worked for a glass company and drove the big glass truck home every night. We were all afraid of him. I lived on hansberry st, but i spent a lot of time on bringhurst. The Hickmans and the Wilkins lived on that block also. Maybe JB Schmitt could give you more info. He was also friends with the Wilkins family.
John Burke, 55 NE Philly [09-10-2009]

If you want to find any of the candy we ate as kids go to Freeman's Nut Co. 441 E Hector St Conshohocken, PA 19428 (610) 828-7441 www.edwardsfreeman.com My husband took me there and talk about a kid in a candy store. Mary Janes, Licorice, red hots, candy cigarettes, waxed bottles with juice in them. If it is still made they have it. Enjoy
Maryalice, Still in G'town [09-10-2009]

TO ANDY ANDERSON: Who said I was going to EAT at Cracker Barrel? The shop is in the front of the restaurant, so I can just pop in and pick up those old time treats and never enter the restaurant.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [09-10-2009]

Actually Rosemarie was correct about the tuition at CD back in the early days. The $20.00 fee was called a "book bill". The tuitions were paid by the different parishes that sent their students to CD.
anonymous [09-10-2009]

JBS: 1 PM, I'll be wearing a green golf shirt with a gold clover, See ya then. Dave B.
Dave B. [09-10-2009]

hatboro-horsham.org [09-09-2009]

Rosemarie - My annual tuition at Dougherty was $20.00. If more than one child was attending from the same family, the tuition was reduced to $15.00 each. What a bargain! You're on your own as far as Crackel Barrel is concerned. Too many old people and rocking chairs for my liking. I hate the sound of eggs being "gummed" in the morning! I love Turkish Taffy but going to Cracker Barrel is too stiff a price! Have fun! Andy
Andy Anderson, ICS '58, CDHS'62 - Longwood, FL [09-09-2009]

Does anybody remember a Miss Sandy. She was the Crossing Guard at Our Lady of the Rosary School in the 60s. I am trying to locate her Son, Whom I went to school with. His name is Shelton Burke.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [09-09-2009]

Rosemarie hite Malageri:Yep, maybe one day our paths will cross. It would be nice if we all could plan to meet one sunday afternoon at a restaurant close to where we(all) 'USED' to live in "G"-town.like maybe a place in Chestnut Hill> it is still nice around there.What do you think? Let's go back in time with records..Does anyone remember Perry Como? I think my mother was in love with him, secretly. ha ha He sang a song called Hot Diggity Dog, which would NEVER make it on today's charts. I loved Elvis, and It's now or never. Which of course is really O 'Sole Mio for my Italiano friends. Let's go people, name that tune..which may be a fav or yours.. thanks, Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-08-2009]

Someone mentioned the spiraling tuition costs at Catholic schools nowadays. Back in the day (pre-70s), there was no tuition charged to the parents, because the various parishes paid the tuition for their students. (It was probably comparatively small then.) However, you have to remember that the teachers were all nuns back then - no lay people, so labor costs were pretty miniscule. It was a great education at a great "price".
Rosemarie Rinaldi [09-08-2009]

DENNIS.I lived next to the Osbornes on Washington Lane for many years. My grandmother lived on the outher side of them.I remember when there dad died very sad than too.Great people to live next door to.
RICH, huntingdon valley [09-08-2009]

Lucille, watch for an email from me...:)
Sheila Milligan DeNardo [09-08-2009]

sandy i have sent both you and joanne a couple of messages on your personal site but have not received responses from you guys ... i have been having problems with my computer ... i will send you a new e mail address .. hopefully i will hear from you guys ..i'm sorry to hear your dad isn't well ... please call me or contact me at my new e mail address ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-08-2009]

shiela martinelli roos my husband is a malageri and i am by marriage ... i do believe he has an aunt fee fee but am not really sure. i don't know of a mickey though ... the malageri's are my father in laws side of my husbands family and i was in their company only a few times during my marriage ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-08-2009]

Back to Bonomo's Turkish Taffy: Someone gave me a heads-up that the Cracker Barrel Restaurants have some of our old favorites, including French Chew (similar to Bonomo's), plus red wax lips, pink bubble gum cigars and a lot of "old time" candy. Now I know where I'm shopping for my grandkids' Halloween candy.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [09-07-2009]

Someone was asking about the name of the baseball team that played at the Ardleight St. rec. I think it was called The Bombers and the white guy who played with them (I think) was Eddie Kettell who lived on Ardleigh St and then Boyer St. I think they used to call him T Kettell. He had a brother Jack and sister Marie.
Arlene (Bloomer)McMahon [09-07-2009]

Randolph Bell, baker supreme Hungry people came from miles around to sample the butter rolls, sweet-potato fritters and sweet-potato pie turned out by Mom's Bakery, in Germantown. The fragrant scents of fresh-baked goods wafted well beyond the precincts of Mom's, irresistibly drawing customers - as it had for 32 years - to the store at 6321 Stenton Ave. And there in the back, listening to Sam Cooke songs, would be Randolph Bell, the master baker who was a community legend, always giving of himself and his products wherever needed. He died Saturday, collapsing in the store as he made doughnuts, his family said. He was 68 and lived in Mount Airy. Mom's was so popular that on holidays lines stretched around Stenton Avenue and Duval Street as customers waited to get their rolls and pies. His goods were shipped all over the country and the world, and he received many testimonials from far and wide. Customers would come into the store just to say thank you. He donated baked goods to the needy and to nonprofit organizations, churches and local businesses. Rudolph Bell was born in Virginia to Addie Brooks and Dotson Bell. He came to Philadelphia at an early age and was educated in the public schools. He started working at age 10, in supermarkets, then at Dunkin' Donuts and a couple of bakeries, where he learned to love the trade. He determined to open his own shop, and eventually did. Rudolph loved the singing of Sam Cooke, the late soul singer, and played his CDs all day long. He was also a big fan of boxing and wrestling, which he watched on TV. His first marriage to Saye Williams ended in divorce. He married the late Marian Wyche in 1978. He is survived by his daughter, Doris Bell; two adopted daughters, Keisha Davis and Yolanda Sanders; an adopted son, Collie Landers; two sisters, Minnie Beauford and Mary Wilson, and two grandchildren.
anonymous [09-07-2009]

Rosemarie malageri. are you related to Mickey and FeeFee. My mother was good friend of theirs. she was Rose Granozio Sheila martinelli
sheila martinelli roos [09-07-2009]

Well, I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I recently posted, not one, but two items about a website that lists crime in G-town-along with access to the neighborhood streets. At the time I thought it was more current than Google maps, however, my daughter informed me that they were exactly the same. So please disregard that link (unless you are interested in the crimes). Next time I'll check with my more computer savy children or grandchildren before posting another website.
Lynne [09-07-2009]

Hi Beverly Cipriano,so sorry for not writing sooner,but I lost your e-mail,hope you are fine,here is my new e-mail Sandy1225@verizon.net
anonymous [09-07-2009]

Lucille Catalano, United States [09-07-2009]

Bruce Marshall: I appreciate you letting me know about Jackie Glenn, my prayers are with him and his family. In your last thoughts write up, you talked about some of the old big homes in Germantown. That was one of the great things about the town, seeing these beautiful homes. I remember the Dodge family well from halloween, they were alway very nice to the children at this time. They left the house to Penn Charter or Germantown Academy, well when they started to knock the house down many items were left in the house, old military uniforms personal items, letters, books there was even an old standard gauge toy train---I found out about this after all the good things were gotten, but I did get some of the track for the train, magazines etc., I remember letters with the name Dodge Coal Storage Company from 1907 from the father to the son Kern (the man that we knew) I did take many of the cream/yellow color brick from the house in my wagon to our house at Clapier & Copley and made a patio under the big Himalayan pine that was in our yard then--I see now that the pine tree is gone so are the gardens and the hedge around the house but those bricks are still there. I don’t remember how many trips I took to bring them over. This leads me to tell of another time I was walking down School House La. behind Penn Charter in the mid 1960’s, they were knocking down a huge old place-----because the walls were gone on my side I could see the beautiful wooden staircase and the wood and stone used to decorate the house---I wished then I had an warehouse to store these items---at that time it was unimportant to save and use these things, of course that is all changed now but less of these items are about.
Jack McHugh [09-07-2009]

Did anyone on this site, grow up near Bringhurst St. (west side of "G"town.)?Does anyone remember these names: Kathy Crowley/ Jeanne Seifert/ Johnny Botto, Jr.? Let me know..I am trying to locate "JOHN">He went to North Catholic HighSchool,& would have graduated in '1964 or 1965'? thanks, LF
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [09-07-2009]

Hey Bruce thanks for the info about Jackie Glen. I was friends with Joanne way back when and knew Jackie from Stop N Shop. Sorry I missed his services. By the way give me your house number and I'll stop by some time. I know the street.
Joe DePero [09-07-2009]

Emmett McGown, Hi this is Cheryl Raffle. Please email me at dustydooh@msn.com. My brother saw you yesterday and you said I did not write back to you in here. I did, you missed it. lol :)
Cheryl Hucek [09-07-2009]

Mary Toomey-McLaughlin, yes, by all means contact that L.Tursi, in Phila. that would be "Loretta", I am sure of it. I'll just bet she would love hearing from an old neighbor, we are afterall, still connected in many ways. And,that's a good thing. I used to think Ricky Gallagher was good looking & nice.I was a scrawney Cecilian Academy girl back then, and not part of the 'regular's' on the block, But, I'll bet they wouldn't recognize me now. For the better. Glad everyone is doing fine, & tell Madeleine Dougherty I said 'hello', next time you see her. My old address was 5811 Anderson.St. take care, Summer's over, everyone, boo hoo. I'm sad. Linda Kulik-Fontana
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [09-07-2009]

Chalie McGeehan, What do you hear about Nicky Criniti? If he is the same person, he was best friends with an old flame of mine, Jimmy O'Brien aka Suede. D Belson, are you Dickie Belson, friends with my cousin, Brucie Lawless?
Sheila Martinelli Roos [09-07-2009]

Lynne: I tried accesssing the outside.in........... site you mentioned it said it was not a good address As to the cost of Catholic Education. If I remember correctly my parents did not pay a dime. If they did it was a pittance. I live in Athens, GA & was talking to a woman who sends her daughter to the Catholic School here & she said costs are spiraling up & up & the incidentals are just crazy. What a shame. But the church is not the church we know. You don't know anymore if a nun is a nun--she dresses like my wife or daughter. They are changing the rules to suit the moment. The church is not the church we knew when we grew up Just going to mass & especially Communion is a scary thing. I was taught no hands but consecrated hands--the priest--could touch the host--not these days. Things change & not always for the good. What is it they say?? "You Can't Go Home" Sure as heck can't. Joe Taylor Athens, GA St Francis, '67 NC, '61
joe taylor [09-07-2009]

Hi everyone. I posted a website on the 28th pertaining to areas in Germantown you can access. What I didn't realize at the time was that you can virtually move up the various streets by clicking on the directional arrow. Unfortunately, it is a one click at a time process but you can go from whatever screen you start at to your own house or practically anywhere else in Germantown after that. What a nostalgic trip it was - and I didn't have to waste my gas. The only downside was seeing what has happened to the neighborhood. There are quite a few empty lots mixed with very overgrown shrubs and trees, not to mention all of the closed or boarded-up stores. Anyway, it's still worth a look. the website again is http://outside.in/Germantown_Philadelphia_PA
Lynne [09-07-2009]

Hi Rosemarie,hope you and Lily are fine,I e-mail you awhile back for some reason no one getting my e-mails,I have been busy taking care of my Dad,hope you both had a great summer,I talk to Joanne last night she hanging in their,well take care Love Sandy
anonymous [09-07-2009]

Rosemarie, I am fine and thanks for asking, but you know that by our e mails to each other. Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. Which one was it? It's so sad that people can't live in peace, where ever they choose to without being subjected to beatings and robberies and burglaries. The even sadder part is that we remember what it once was and this site has brought back a lot of great memories.
anthonyg [09-07-2009]

On the Friends of Immaculate website, in the photo albums, in the photo album titled "Germantown Memories", there are 3 pictures of a beautiful Italian woman, looks to be from the 1930s. She was a friend of Wilma Taylor McFarland's mother (Kerns), but not sure of her name. The name "Fasano" comes to mind but, again, not sure if this was her. As she was from Germantown, does anyone have any idea who this lady might be? http://pub3.bravenet.com/photocenter/album.php?usernum=199947123#bn-photocenter-1-1-199947123
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-07-2009]

shiela, same here i would have loved to continue to enjoy germantown and raise my son there and live out my life there with my husband, son and grandchildren .... it was my home ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-07-2009]

linda fontana thank you again for your kind words and i feel the same about you ... you sound like a nice person and a pretty fun one too ... as they say one never knows whats around that corner and we just may cross paths one day ... in the mean time i do wish you and your family well and look forward to interacting with you through this site ..and sharing memories! god bless, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-07-2009]

Rich - thank you so much for passing on here that Mrs. Osborne passed on. I didn't know. What a nice and spirited lady she was. A few years back, when I was still in real estate, I handled the sale of the Osborne Funeral Home for her and her family. All very nice people. Though it needed some work, what a gem that building was. She was just a very nice lady and one that will be missed by many. May she rest in peace.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-07-2009]

Jack McHugh: Re: Hi...back at you. I've been watching posts between you and others and was wondering if you would remember who I was. I remember you well (never knew you as Jack, always thought of you as John), I guess that's how you were addressed in class. It appears that all is well with you. That is good to see. If I recall correctly, there was a post where you referenced being in TX. It really is amazing how we spread out. Take care Jack. Good hearing from you.
john payne [09-07-2009]

Dave Byrne: I will be hanging out at Shenachie in Ambler-9-10-09,starting at 1 P.M. You will probaly recognize me from our days at Fernhill- I am still the typical 200+ Germantowner with a few lumps from the days on the court. I always wear a jacket at an Irish Pubs so that The Lads and I communicate in a respectful manner. I've been to many beautiful Irish Pubs- including Molly Maguire's at K&A which was owned by a guy from St. Francis[Mr. John Berkery]. It would be great if your 2 classmates from St. Fran[John Payne& Jack McHugh] flew in from California &Texas and had a few pops with us. Possibly, a couple of Irishmen from East Germantown might show up-1st round is on the Brewster.
JBS [09-07-2009]

JBS, Let's go for 9-10-09, Thurs.,1PM for lunch. Any problems, let me know. Take care, Dave
Dave Byrne [08-28-2009]

Rosemarie hite Malageri: Wish I could have known you back 'in the day', but I think we were at opposite ends of "G"/town. You sound like such a nice person. And, just for the record to those who think we abandoned our beloved neighborhood, we did NOT. I would love to have inherited my parents home, and lived 'mortgage free' for the rest of my days,& had it financially easier.But, as you so aptly stated, the 'animals' who attacked your elderly mom, basically forced us to flee. take care, and have a great rest of your life. Love, Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-28-2009]

Sad News on 8-20-09 Jane Osborne passed away she was a long time resident of Germantown she lived on the west side of Washington Lane. And had Osbornes Funeral home on Wayne Avenue. For many years.
rich, Huntingdon valley [08-28-2009]

If Germantown had stayed as it was chances are that I never would have left. My parents moved out in 1966, and with good reason. I was married and still lived in Germantown until 1968. It wasn't abandoning Germantown that had us leave. It was common sense.
Sheila Denardo [08-28-2009]

Peggy (McGee) McAleer - It has come to my attention, that Today is Your Birthday, so I am hoping that Mike Smith and other Germantown Friends, give You a call or send a note"Wishing You a Happy Birthday". My recent visit to Your Vacation Resort along the Jersey Coast was most Enjoyable and my Family has commented on Your Youthful Looks and Spirit. My brother Dan McAleer really picked a GEM when he took Your Hand in Marriage on September 2,1968. To Dan, I Say, You are "One Lucky Guy".
Tom McAleer, Immaculate Conception - Class of '59 [08-28-2009]

Dear Germantown Frinds, I am a member of Calvary Church, Germantown and I would like to inform you of a few events, services happenings at the Church for the Church's 150th Anniversary. I know Bruce Marshall who writes here. On Sun, October 4 10AM Worship Service Sunday, October 4 3 PM Choir Concert with Reception to follow Friday, October 23 7:30 PM Celebration Banquet in the Parish House $75.00 Contribution (Deadline Sept. 27) Kitty Leech plans to attend in case some of you know her. Sunday, October 25 3:00 PM (one Service only today) Homecoming with Katrina Browne "Traces of the Trade" guest speaker. Reception will follow in the Parish House. Is there anyone out there that has a photo of Isabel Reynolds Krauth (Godmother). We have added photos to the Memorial Altar area and I would like to include her because she did ministry for God and Calvary for 39 years. Our regular Sunday Worship is 10 AM with The Rev. Dr. Lula Grace Smart, Rector. If you wish any more information, have a photo, have stories to share, would like to come to the Banquet, please contact me at braceypam@aol.com. Thank you very much. Pamela Bracey
Pamela Bracey, Calvary Church, Germantown Member [08-28-2009]

I found a very odd website that lists recent crime in various areas. On several of the items you can see a 360 degree visual of the area. I'm not interested in the crimes but the pictures are of the current state of these areas in Germantown. Among several others there are pictures of Greene & Logan, Wayne Ave. & Abbotsford, and Bringhurst & Wakefield. Here's the site. "outside.in/Germantown_Philadelphia_PA" While the pictures can be depressing, they are also kind of a nice memory remembering walking those streets. Check it out.
Lynne [08-28-2009]

John Payne===Just wanted to say hi, we were at St. Francis together, then NE Catholic and then Germantown---I was at Textile but at a different time.It is amazing how we landed all over the place. Well best of luck and take it easy.
Jack McHugh [08-28-2009]

To the SW Gtn folks (Rich Patrezi, Jack McHugh, Jim Howard, Joe DePero, etc.) You may have heard that Jackie Glenn died about two weeks ago, age 64. His mom is 90 and in poor health but mentally sharp, and his sister JoAnne is still in the area.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Still in Gtown [08-28-2009]

Linda Kulick/Fontana-I tried to find Loretta Pizzotti thru FB to no avail! I did see an L. Tursi in the Phili whitepages we recently got, do I dare make a call? I'm thinking on that one HA-HA! My brother Joe remembered you from Anderson St. probably 5805 at the bottomm near Price. You must have lived near Madeline Dougherty! We saw her at the recent Imm. Con. reunion in Oct. She looked great. Oh, I also see Ricky Gallagher and the Sivels on a regular basis. They're also doing great. Mary Toomey
Mary Toomey-McLaughlin, 59 retired nurse Fox Chase [08-28-2009]

anthony g how are you ? i know that my family and i didnot abandon germantown .. especially my mother ... she would have never left germantown if not for the robberies and the beating she went through .. its pretty sad that (3) grown men attacked an elderly woman walking alone to her home in broad daylight too! the people who want to accuse us of abandonment ... apparently have never been attacked by the likes of the animals who attacked my mother ... my sister in law is one of those people who believed she is safe and lives still in germantown but it was just a couple of months ago that a man forced his way into her home and beat her and robbed her ... she (according to her) cant even have a car in her driveway because it will be broken into for anything that can be used to get money ...the last time i had contact with her she was making her decision to move ... is she abandoning germantown ... no way but she is trying to protect herself from the animals who stalk the streets of germantown and attack the good people who have chosen to continue to live there, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-27-2009]

linda fontana thank you for your kind words and i too am sorry for what your parents went through before they were forced to leave their beloved germantown and their home. i love reading about everyones good memories of a better germantown... and take comfort in remembering my own days gone by living and growing up there ... they were wonderful times! love, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-27-2009]

lou fondi. i'm sorry to hear that ralph caliendo died.his mom and yours as you now were close friends with my Mom, Virginia. i think his Mom, Anna grew up with my Mom at the Hollow. I saw Mary louise last summer at a brickyard reunion in Wildwood.My mom loved you and your family very much. I miss Mom, and agnes and all the old school parents that raised us in GTN and St Mike's. hope you and your family are well. Bob Terranova
bob terranova, lbi,nj [08-27-2009]

Sue Henigan Thanks for the info on Scalea's they are relatives of mine from along time ago .Do you have any other info.Theywiilbe going crazy once word gets out --Thank You
Al Pauzano [08-27-2009]

Patricia Glass-Carr: WOW, I forgot about Maureen Marrin, and the O'hara sisters.They were pretty girls. Again, I have not seen Loretta in a few yrs., but she was doing well. She came to my mom's viewing in "2002". If you want/ try her on face-book, under Loretta Pizotti-TURSI, you may find her. Although she's been divorced a long time, she's fine. I don't know about Carol Ann? Loretta lived in Northeast Phila. for a very long time. take care, & keep in touch via this site:Linda
Linda Kulik-Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [08-27-2009]

Dave Byrne: Give a date for lunch at Shenachie in Ambler. I was at this location when it was owned by other people. I heard that is the spot to go in Ambler. Many people on this site live in that area. I know the old-bartender[Dan Hartnett] would like this place. I hope that Dan knows that I am kidding-I am a little bigger but he is tougher. Back in the day,I spent a lot of time in Ambler since my family owned The Jarrettown Hotel which is only a few miles away. Joe D'Angelo who appears on this site,is connected with the Theater across the street. It will be great to see you-a great choice." Erin Go Bragh"
JBS [08-27-2009]

Lou Fondi: So sorry to hear about Ralph. That really was much too young. You are correct. We were at Phila. Textiles at the same time. I am glad to hear you made it to retirement (from PSP) unscathed. Good luck with your retirement plans.
John Payne [08-27-2009]

Gaeta's(Scalea's) is opening a new store on 9/17 in Roxborough at 6072 Ridge Ave(across from Bob's Diner)
Sue Henigan, formerly Sue McCartney [08-25-2009]

Oh.. The great Cardinal Dougherty. Wish I had a dollar for every time Father Benonis racked my head against the wall lockers...My great Catholic Education...probably deserved most of it. All in all my Catholic education was tops!
Ed, Chester [08-25-2009]

It was great seeing a lot of old Germantowners at this years Doo Wop festival Growing up in Germanttown was great and my friends down here in Florida think I am crazy thinking that growing up there makes us special, since they didn't they don't get it! Vinnie
Vinnie Beatty, 315 East Shedaker St 64 [08-25-2009]

Mizzy, great to hear from you. yes, we are having fun down here. butz kohlmier is the real old man and the sea. neal just comes fishing with us a few times each season. It's amazing how we have all stayed friends for so long.Butz lives in Beach haven and retired but is doing real estate as well. tom lynch moved down full time this summer. I spent a wonderful sunday with bonnie gatto and joe d'angelo in june at carney's bar in cape may.he and i are emailing eachother often. Keep in touch. we're going fishing for the big ones this friday in the canyon off cape may. Maybe you could join us sometime.Hope all is wel with you and your family. Bob terranova
bob terranova, United States [08-25-2009]

Rosemarie, I totally agree with you on the reasons our families left Germantown. It was just horrible, what was and is still going on. It's good you let people know what happened to your family there, esepecially the ones that write we abandoned the neighborhood.
anthonyg [08-25-2009]

I just read my blog and I want you to know that there was a typo in the end of the message. I wasn't trying to stretch the facts by any means! I enjoy the fifties, but I certainly wouldn't lie, ya know???
Mary Toomey McLaughlin, Fox Chase 59, retired nurse [08-25-2009]

Mary Toomey/McLaughlin- I remember your family and some other Irish ones. Like Ricky Gallagher/ his brother and sister (Ginny)..and the Sivels/ Georgie, etc. they lived on Anderson St. You were on Stockton Rd. Loretta Pizotti-Tursi/ is fine..she has two sons. Her sister Carol is also married with children. Loretta's dad Frank Pizotti, died a few yrs. ago,but stayed married to his wife Antoinette until he died. As far as I know Loretta still lives in Northeast Phila. you should try Facebook, maybe you could reconnect that way. Respectfully, Linda Kulik-Fontana...
anonymous [08-25-2009]

Rosemarie hite Malageri; I am so very sorry for what happened to you mom in 'G"town. My parents> also, were two of the very last to leave, and almost got (zippo) for their beautiful home.Just a couple thousand. But, I begged them to move, as it wasn't safe for them anymore..so sad. They relocated to N.east Phila. I relocated to Montgomeryville,Pa. But, my mother "Angelina Pilotta -Kulik..was very friendly with lots of Malageri's. Had she lived, she'd be in her nineties now..I hope we can all just remember the great times we had/ growing up>> where it felt safe to play & go for walks and do 'our thing'...not anymore...Love, Linda Fontana
anonymous [08-25-2009]

John Payne good to hear from you. If I remember right in 1974 we both were taking evening classes at Phila Textile, you had moved back from California. My cousin Ralph Caliendo passed away Apr of 2001, much to young. I retired from the Pa State Police in 1992 after 25 yrs and then took a position with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals from which I probably will be retiring for good by Jan 2010.
Lou Fondi [08-25-2009]

Jack McHugh: Good to hear from you Jack. I still have the infamous 8th grade grad picture in front of the church with PJ McGarrity. Hope all is well with you and your's. Those May procession ties drove my father crazy. They were the ugliest thing known to man! My folks finally left Germantown a few months after I went into the Navy. I came home after boot camp to a new location in the Olney area. Are you retired yet? Take Care. Dave
Dave Byrne [08-25-2009]

JBS, Lunch sounds good to me. Would you like to try the Shanachie, in Ambler? 111 East Butler Ave. Irish pub with good food. Mid week would work best for me. Pick a day that fits for you guys and let me know.
Dave Byrne [08-25-2009]

Mary Toomey/Linda Fontana: I am also curious about the Pizotti girls, Carol in particular, as I grew up down the street from them on Stockton Rd. as well. I also wonder about Maureen Marrin (sp?), and the O'Hara sisters who also lived on Stockton Rd. As for Outlook Express....I use Comcast for my email/homepage. When I attempt to click and respond to an email from another site and Outlook Express pops up, I don't use it. You have to actually set it up as another email account for your computer....that's all I know of it and I've never bothered to set it up. This site is simply terrific and although there've only been a handful of names that were familiar, I still enjoy the many anecdotes and memories. Keep them coming!
Patricia Glass Carr [08-25-2009]

NEWS FLASH-Gaeta's (Scalea's) is opening a new place on 9/17 at 6072 Ridge Ave in Roxborough(across from Bob's Diner)!
Sue Henigan [08-25-2009]

Friends with Frank Gisondi, Elizabeth Clark, Barbara Drake, Lynne Rudolph, grew up on Wakefield st. Brother Edward (Butchie Tighe)
Kathy Tighe (Reale), age57, Graduated from Germantown High clas 1970 [08-23-2009]

d.belson I did not forget about request for my e.mail address i been out of the area on business.I'm a real estate developer/broker with weichert realtors,no retirement yet,i have two recent college grads,tuitions are a bitch,good thing they are employed that a feat in this economy.johnmig@weichertmccarthy.com
john[mizzy]miglionico, hollow [08-23-2009]

bob terranova, Iran into jim howard @ recent wedding reception.he told me about your relocation to long beach island doing the old man sea routine.with tom lynch,neil mac elroy.one of my real estate partners own a 58ft.motorize craft,equipped with all fishing gear.the boat was docked @seaview marina in ocean city/longport n.j.we would catch tuna,blues,weeks,he had a place in w.palm beach fl.fish around the keys, bahama island catching grouper,dolphin fish,marlin .how is neil doing !
john [mizzy]miglionico, hollow. [08-23-2009]

Linda Fontana- I tried to email you several times. I saw your blog about Loretta Pizotti. I haven't heard about her or her sister Carol (who I went to school with) in years! I guess my email did no get through. I don't understand the Outlook Express System. I'm not computer savvy. Loretta %Carol grew up across the stret from my family, The Toomeys, on Stockton Rd. Please contact me about them, how they are today, etc I'd certainly appreciate the update. Hello to everyone elso on the website. I'm not familiar with any of you, I'm from east G-town. Thanks for the memories!
MaryToomey McLaughlin, Fox Chase 50 retired nurse [08-23-2009]

Dottie Wilson Cummings, Read your blog in the archives(11-07) I went to st. francis with your brother Tom. Hope all your broth./sister are doing well. Had a lot of fun growing up in the old neiborhood!( w. clapier-abbotsford ave.) We all are doing ok. mom is 93 now! Take care send my regards to your family.
R Patrizi [08-22-2009]

Hey Rich P. How are you doing. You lived next to Bernie Hartley right? How is your sister Karen? Tell her Joe Depero said hello and to drop me a line. dsprdo95@aol.com.
Joe DePero, levittowv,52, stmikes 70 [08-22-2009]

Lou Fondi-I haven't seen any references to (your cousin?)Ralph Caliendo. I was wondering if he is well, and where he is living. Also, I heard you joined the PA State Police. Are you retired yet?
John Payne [08-22-2009]

Here are hollow guys we all know. Relocated to Frankford Ave. Question is which brother is the owner http://www.cheesesteaktown.com/restaurants/fruscos.html
Anomymous 2 [08-22-2009]

Rich P. - I played ball with your brother Tony and my brother, Ralph, did the same with Al.
Bonnie Gatto [08-22-2009]

Cardinal Dougherty HS was built to take some pressure off of North Catholic and Little Flower. It opened in 1956 and at one point had over 6,000 students itself. When I graduated in 1974, there were over 1,200 in my gradution class. Today, there is just under 700 students in the entire school. If I had to bet on it, I would not be surprised if they merged North Catholic, Little Flower and CD into one. Who'd have thought? But, who can afford it? I sent my two kids through Catholic HS. Tuition was in the mid $4,000s then, now over $5,000, and goes up every year. You start getting a break on tuition at 3 kids. What they never mention is the fees you have to pay on top of the tuition and all the incidentals you have to pay for that you don't have to pay for in a public school. So add a couple thousand on top at that for each student. What is killing the Catholic schools is affordability. Sending their kids to Catholic school is out of reach for many who would want to do so. Every tuition increase results in more kids leaving the Catholics school system. I read that article in the Daily News. What surprised me is not that there will probably be mergers, but that they haven't happened already. Sad really. I'm very happy with the education I got at Cardinal Dougherty and happy with the education that my kids got at Archbishop Carroll HS. But, the Catholics school system that we knew is dying off. There probably will always be Catholic schools. But, they will be like private schools just for those that can afford them.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & rasied in East Germantown [08-22-2009]

Rich Pio, I had dinner with Tom Kehan, Arthur Sweeney, and Hugh McInaw, about two months ago, and just last week I had dinner with Arthur and his wife Barbara in Skippack. Its different than Carvel's on Belmont Avenue some 43 years ago. Dunc from McKean Avenue.
Duncan Hubley [08-22-2009]

Rich Patrizi: It was great to hear about the Patrizi family. I saw your brother Al in 1982 when he was living in South Philly and working for Pep Boys. Our mutual friend Pat McIlhinney was having a party in Cherry Hill.There were other Germantown guys there-Lou Pauzano,and Jerry McKewon. His best friend was Bob Kephardt but he was hanging out in Florida with all the beautiful babes and partying on his boat- Bob liked to have a good time,most guys of his generation,can not hang with him. I remember visiting Al after he was in the car where Norman leinhauser died. I am having lunch with Pat Mack next week and I will mention that you appeared on this site. I knew a lot of guys from your neighborhood-Bob Charlanza and Jim Flyn,Lin Wilson but they were older than you. Give my regards to Tony and Al-they were good people.
John Bruce Schmitt [08-22-2009]

The Daily News recently reported that enrollment in the city's Catholic high schools continue to erode,and the Archdiocese of Phila.is planning to close and consolidate some in order to save others.It reported that North Catholic was known as the world's largest Catholic high school for boys in 1953,when it served 4,726 students.That dropped to 2,384 by 1977 and 516 by 2007.Can you believe it? Current tuition is $5,000 a year...... Paul Borian
Paul Borian [08-21-2009]

Lou Fondi -Thanks for the info on Fred Bowman.Sorry to hear of his passing.He was a good kid. Linda Chiarlanza Raven....glad to see you are on here and plugging our St.Mike's (Class of 1961) reunion.It would be nice to find more of our classmates from long ago..
Bob D'Angelo [08-21-2009]

Linda Chairolanza Raven, How are you doing?? And say hello to George for me.. It is nice to see Yearsly Blackhawks representive here.. Hope all is well for you and the family! Germantown was a great place to grow up in! Until Later.
Erda, West Norriton PA [08-21-2009]

Jack Focose I seen your e-mail and can't send you one, it won't go through. Mike bmbjbm@comcast.net
Mike Bresnan bmbjbm@comcast.net, from Belfield [08-21-2009]

hi my mother loved germantown as much as all of us did and she refused to leave because it had been her home for so many years ... i could see the change for the worse and the dangers around her but as much as i begged her to move she believed that it was still a safe neighborhood to live in but then she was robbed several times on the avenue but still she believed she was ok living there that is untill she was walking home from the grocery store and not (1) but (3) men followed her and knocked her to the ground took her groceries and her money and hit her a few times ... this not only scared her but broke her heart because she finally realized just what a changed neighborhood germantown became ..... she finally agreed to move not because she wanted to but because she was too scared to remain there ... she didn't leave after one incident but after several and it became obvious that she was no longer safe ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-21-2009]

Dear Rosemarie, I am doing fine, thank God! Hoping all is well with you and yours. I have fond memories of you and your Mother, God bless her. Also, many wonderful times, marching for Yearsley Blackhawks. My husband and I attended DCI-SW Drum & Bugle Corps Contest in Cypress, TX. Holy Name Cadets from Allentown, PA came in first place. There were the original Garfield Cadets. We were so proud! If you have the time, please contact me. My email address is listed in the previous message that you read. Until next time, be well and be happy! Along with this message comes a Big Hug! Warmest regards, Linda
Linda M. Chiarolanza-Raven [08-21-2009]

Jacqueline Jacobson: You mentioned Nina Gonella. I lived across Boyer St. from the Gonella family and knew them as fine, salt of the earth people. That brought back some memories. I lived at 901 E. Rittenhouse St. While I got married and moved, my mother and sister stayed there until the mid 70s. I was a nervous wreck but my mother was a hard headed Irish woman who said she would not be intimidated. One day, she and my sister came home to find the house burglarized. The ones who did it made torches out of newspaper to keep the dog away. They then ground them out with their heels into the carpets and burnt them. After that, the dog always growled at the paperboy but you know how it is. No proof, even though you know he was involved. In any case, it scared them so bad that they finally moved. Some years later when she died, we asked to have the funeral at Immaculate Conception. When we got there and saw all of the destruction and grafitti, my sister exclaimed, "look what they did; they stole our childhood". At least we have memories. I noted the stories from both you and Dennis McGlinchey and it all came pouring back.
Dan Hartnett [08-21-2009]

Dave Byrne: How’s everything old buddy, it is very nice to hear from you, I still remember the time in the 2nd or 3rd grade when we met in Fernhill park and I bought some little items from you---I don’t remember what they were but they made me happy. To this day if I meet anyone with the name Harrigan I think back to the song we sang in the Irish play in the 4th grade. I have a vivid memory of all the boys in our class but as far as the girls I only recall 10 or 12 of them such as Patricia Gillespie, and from Tacoma St. there was a girl named Bones that I believed became a nun and there was a girl named Waters that moved out of town in the 6th grade. They did mix us with the girls for various classes but I don’t remember which classes. On Valentine’s day in the 4th grade the girls were with us when we passed out the Valentine cards to one another. Do you remember how every year for the May procession they had us buy the same design tie to give a uniform appearance. I moved out of Germantown in the mid 60’s moving to Jenkintown, since 1975 I have been living in Houston (more time here than in Penna.) but my fondest memories are of Germantown. I do get up once in awhile to visit family and I still check out old Germantown. “58” was a great class with great people--I believe that because of our interaction with all these great people no matter how slight, this helped to formulate what we are today. Jack McHugh
Jack McHugh [08-21-2009]

Bob Terranova: I really connected with your blog to Dennis McGlichey-that was the time when many of us left Germantown which was the common sense thing to do. My sister Joan[Former Colleague] was robbed at gun-point in her drug store at Queen lane&Laurens. I was stopped by the cops when I was looking for one of the guys-the cops thought that I was one of those bruisers who worked for the unions.Joan sold her drug store and worked with you and Lou at his pharmacy. Doctor John Flaherty walks into your pharmacy and gets shot. Doc closed his office next to the Hollow and moved to Roxborough-you can identify with that drill. In the 80's, I walked into a variety store at Wash. Lane &Gtn. Ave with a tough G-Town guy[Eric Wiener] and a hold-up was taking place-we left fast. I gather from Bruce Marshall that there are some good parts remaining-possibly near Fernhill.Bruce M. must have a lot of street-smarts. I have enough problems trying to keep up with traffic in the burbs. Suburbia is boring but safe-I am old enough to enjoy it.
J. Bruce [08-21-2009]

Jack Focose. Hello from another Belfielder. Your name is not familiar. What street did you live on? We lived on the 5700 block of Beechwood. Our home backed up to the playground where the pavilion was located. I lived there from 1944 to 1961 or 62. Graduated from IC in 54; North in 58 and Navy from 58 to 61. Hope to hear from you Charlie
Charlie Peterson [08-21-2009]

John Bruce Schmitt:They are both my brothers.Al lives in Andorra and Tony lives in Serverna Park,Md. We all enjoyed w.clapier st. as well.
Rich P. [08-21-2009]

hi linda chairolanza raven it is good to see you on this site we spent many a nice time together when we were teens ... how are you doing ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-20-2009]

To anonymous yes I remember Budd's Luncheonette,and it was next to the Gulf gas station nextdoor I know because it was my Fathers and I did know BUDDY and his family very good
Bob Dean, I lived on the 500 block of Mayland St. [08-20-2009]

Jack Focose, Kenai, Alaska. [08-20-2009]

Thank you Dennis for the info on the Nickel funeral home. I remember Bernadette and all the kids. I had a crush on her older brother Joseph. We lived near them - they lived in a mansion on Haines St. I lived in the peon section at 829 East Rittenhouse St. I played with Donna Marino and Nina Gonella on Rittenhouse. Went to IMC from 1961-1969. My father Lawrence Lanigan was a fireman at Chelton and Bayton. He grew up in Gt. on Manheim St. I remember the neighboorhood kids opening up the hydrant at the corner of Rittenhouse and Price. I used to do "double dutch" and ride my bike into Awbury every day after school (had to wait for "Dark Shadows" first on TV!). I got "beat up" many times because I was was white. One time about 20 or 30 people ganged up on me - I barely escaped. Went to Girls High after Immaculate and graduated in 72. Went to Temple U for pre-med. Remember riding the subway every day.! I also remember the Turkish Taffy, dots, wax lips and bottles at Ann & Ed's across from IMC.
Jacqueline Lanigan Jacobson, Ft. Laud, Fla [08-20-2009]

Rich Patrizi? Are you related to Al and Tony Patrizi from W. Clapier. I knew both of them when that neighborhood was quiet and beautiful. It was not far from Fernhill Park which was a wonderful place. I was fortunate to spend my callow youth in both The Hollow and Fernhill- possibly you did the same.
John Bruce Schmitt [08-20-2009]

dennis mcGlinchey. i read your blog with great saddness. I leftGermantown in 1971. we lived on Marion St near Greene and Manheim. i spent much of my youth @ Happy Hollow and when i was older with the crew from Fern Hill. My parents had to leave that same year after my dad who was near 70 years old was robbed on the bus going up Greene st and then mugged walking home one night on Manheim St. I was angry and and hurt by these events and made them move to Roxborough into an apartment. They never got over this forced move and lost of their home for 40 years. of course they got screwed on the price. this si indeed the dark chapter in the history of Germantown. what preceeded these events were truly wonderful memories. thanks for your comments and honesty. Bob Terranova.St mike's 1959.North catholic 1963.
bob terranova [08-20-2009]

APB-looking for info on : ed kendra - bob boyle- paul velesik - ed marx-Eugene teti-dave phillips-gene lalli . rich pio
Rich P., Pennsauken [08-19-2009]

Ed - very well said. I grew up in Germantown before and as it was changing. While I have many good memories, I do have some not so good memories. To count the number of times I was jumped, I would need to borrow some fingers and toes. I served the Bulletin. To pick up my papers, I had to travel to Devon & Wister, a mile or so away from my home. Going there was mostly when I was jumped, usually by a gang, all because of the color of my skin. I was SOOO glad when the Bulletin moved the pickup place. Never once did I let on to my parents what was happening. Sometimes they found out though, like when I was jumped out trick-or-treating and a neighbor kid went and told them. I may have had a couple bruises from that one but they did not get my bag! So, I actually saw that one as my victory. My family moved out in 1976 to the Northeast. What prompted their decision to move was fear they had for my younger sisters in the neighborhood. When they bought that house in 1951, it was with the plan to live their entire lives there. I know full well they hated leaving Germantown, but they felt they had to. All that said, when I think of my growing up in Germantown, while I know it wasn't all good, for me, the good times far outweigh the bad times and I choose to focus on the good times. I am proud to have my roots in Germantown and Immaculate Conception. When I go over there these days, while I see the blight, I've become quite good at seeing through that blight and remembering that neighborhood and all those places of my youth in better times. The neighborhood may be very different these days, but you'll always have your memories of what it once was.....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-19-2009]

Anyone out there from St. Francis class of '64?
Rich Patrizi, Pennsauken, N.J. [08-19-2009]

This is to plug Scoogi's: though I wasn't a Happy Hollow veteran, I stopped in at the beginning of the reunion luncheon there a few weeks back just to meet people, but didn't stay to eat. Went there last night (Monday), and must rave about it! They have an all-you-can-eat pasta special every Monday 3:30 - 10:00, and it's BYOW (wine), even though they have a liquor license. They have 12 different pasta choices, but you have to stick with whatever you start with - we had spaghetti and meatballs, and salmon primavera, which was unbelievable: I got it on capellini, and there's plenty of fish, pesto, olives, tomatoes, in a white sauce, and the flavor is outstanding. It comes with great bread, soup or salad, and we brought wine, so the bill was 19.98 plus tax and tip for two. The place was bumpin'. I highly recommend this deal. About the ravages of time and culture in Gtown: this has been hashed out many times before on this board. True, it became a combat zone and went blighted, especially in the 70's, but it's got areas that are quite livable, with a lot of nice folks; personally, I enjoy it: the price is right, the location is convenient, and it still has the memories, although granted, it will never be what it used to be. But there's definitely a sense of community and a nice energy - but hey, it's not for everybody, I admit. Best wishes to all.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Still in Gtown [08-19-2009]

Dave Byrne: I see your classmate who lives in Texas is now posting-Jack McHugh. Another St. Francis guy sent me an E-Mail about a book that he is reading-I painted Houses which is about your grandfather's buddy-Frank Sheeran. I had lunch with Dan Hartnett at Claudine's on Highway 263. Give us a date and location in that area-there are great spots in that area. You can tell us about The Irishman-I loved your blog where grandpop asked Big Frank to keep his equipment in the trunk.
JBS [08-19-2009]

I was reading through a book "Remembering Germantown Sixty Years of the Germantown Crier." There are some interesting stories about Germantown, Mt Airy and chestnut Hill - I found the "Queen's House" at 9 West Tulpehocken Street an interesting story.
Tom Walsh [08-19-2009]

ED: Most of the memories on this site are pre-late 60s or early 70s. Nobody has good memories of Germantown after that. So you'll find most of the good memories posted here ocurred before the big exodus, because you are right that most everyone fled to safer areas.
Anonymous [08-19-2009]

Hello to Everyone! First and foremost, it has been such a joy reminicing with many of you about the days growing-up in Germantown to include all neighborhoods'. I was born and raised in Brickyard. For many of you who lived in Saint Vincent's Parish, my Great-Grandmother owned Mom and Pop's Store, next to the school. Like many, whenever my schedule allows, I view the site to find good dialogue. To those of you who I do know and, to those of you that I do not, I extend best wishes for life filled with many blessings. If anyone has been in contact with anyone from the Class of 1961, St. Michael of the Saints, I would appreciate the information being passed on. Thank you! UPDATE: St. Michael of the Saints Class of 1961 Reunion DATE: October 3, 2009 PLACE: Maggiano's Little Italy 205 Mall Blvd. King of Prussia, PA 19406 For further information regarding the reunion for the Class of 1961, I can be contacted via amtrave1@verizon.net Let us all hope that someone will pick-up the gauntlet for a mass reunion sometime in the near future. As some of you will recall, an idea was put out there to have the reunion on the beach. From time-to-time there are updates that can be viewed on the Germantown Brickyard Website. Kudos to the Garvey family! Frankie Margiotti and Lou Journo, I would be remiss if I did not mention your names, and thank the both of you for your esteemed efforts in trying to get a mass reunion organized. Best regards, Linda
Linda M. Chiarolanza-Raven [08-19-2009]

Bob D'Angelo Freddie Bowman passed away about 3yrs ago.
Lou Fondi, 65 retiring soon [08-19-2009]

I heard today that Jeanne Siminaitis passed away a few years ago. Can anyone verify that? If it is true I am deeply saddened.
Bob D'Angelo [08-19-2009]

Anyone who lived near Happy Hollow will remember Bonnie Gatto's mom and dad. They were wonderful people who made the most delicious water ice. The lemon was the best,and to this day, it is the only flavor lemon ice I will eat. But, sadly,I have never found one that came close to the Gatto's. It is one of my fondest Germantown childhood memories ! Dick Belson described it beautifully ! It is very sad to think of what happened to our neighborhood. I'm sure many of us would still be there had it not changed so drastically...for the very worse.
Bob D'Angelo [08-19-2009]

Jacqueline brings up a good point. In the later 60s and early 70s Gtown became crime ridden and overrun by gangs. I would get beat up just going to the store to buy a loaf of bread. It did not take much to overtake this 75 pound kid, especially when ambushed from all sides. We instinctively want to reminisce about the good old days in Gtown, that’s okay. But it’s good to get a wakeup call every now and then from someone who was terrorized or beaten up just because of their race or color. The truth is most Gtowners fled to sections of the Northeast, New Jersey, or further points south and west, just to get out of the city. For those folk who stuck it out I salute you. You deserve the Medal of Honor. Although you probably live in constant fear of being robbed, and living in a virtual prison with electrified chain linked bars over your windows and doors. That said, I prefer to blog about the good old days in Gtown. Signing off; Ed who fled to Virginia.
Ed, va [08-18-2009]

Bonnie Gatto, Hello my old friend. One of my best memories of the Gatto's is your mom. She had a genuine old Italian water ice maker and it was the BEST baby. I remember her cutting up fresh lemons and putting them in the hand cranked machine. WOW! D.Belson
D.Belson [08-18-2009]

Terry Large,of course Iremember you. Jackie S.,Pat Brett,Chickie and Clinton Regan,Blaise Stabilito,walking either up Chew to Chelton picking up kids on the way back to school after lunch. Sometimes we went the other way past the Gongaza Home with Marie Wakerman and to the Bretts. On to Pat Faino's, Madge Gallagher back to the P.M. sessions at Immaculate. I've retired after 45 years of teaching inspired by the early days of Immaculate.
Jane Malone, Immaculate Conception 1948-1956 [08-18-2009]

Jack McHugh, The St. Fran class of "58" was our class and the best class. How is the world treating you these days?
Dave Byrne [08-18-2009]

Charlie MCGeehan: My 'Ex' used to work at Ivy Hill Lunchmeat store. Early 1970's..he was young and off the boat from Italy...do you remember working with someone named Flavio? And, that's his first name...he is a very nice guy.
Linda Angela Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-18-2009]

Bonnie Gatto, I knew of an Anthony Criniti, but he lived in East. "G"town. My girlfriend, Loretta Pizotti, used to like him. Linda
L. Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [08-18-2009]

chalie mcgeehan ! i sure do remember you. you were just a kid when you were working for johnny abbmondia. john was some kind of a guy was he not ! we will never see the likes of him again . what a weel and dealer he was, so much fun to be around . he had a sest for liveing and doing things he had so much energey. he love makeing deals . you certainly had a good teacher .how about his buddy johny dee, he was another one who went righ along with johny a . we had so much fun in those days . i remember when i dyed his hair black, he hated it and washed it so much to try to get the dye out it strated to turn red.we called him reds for the longest time ! i allso dyed ralph the barber's hair once and his hair turn marrone . remember all the guys that came in john's store ? chalie im 74 years old now, when i was on wayne avenue i was around 27 or 28 years old . i loved wayne avenue. i was there from 1959 to 1968. hope all is well with you and your family . frank margiotti .
FRANK MARGIOTTI, north wales [08-18-2009]

To Bill & Bill Cupo, Bonomo's Turkish Taffy is alive and well and goes under the name of French Silk Taffy. I found it at Mr Bulky's candy store at Neshaminny Mall also up in a candy store in Lancaster. Sorry to say that they were the only two place I have found it so far. If I should find another source I will let you know.
Bill Tresnan [08-18-2009]

I am always interested in hearing about some of the people from the old Germantown neighborhood.Does anyone know the whereabouts of Fred Bowman,Rose and Jeanne Semanaitis ( little brother was Pete),Eileen Beccaria, Jim Berry, Joe Reese, Bart Sereni,Tommy Brooks,Tom Nevin and his sister Maryann ? I'd be interested in any other names people can come up with.
Bob D'Angelo [08-17-2009]

Bad childhood there (1961 - 1972). Lots of crime entered. My family was terrorized. I lived at 829 East Rittenhouse Street. We moved to Fla. (way late!) in 1976
Jacqueline Jacobson [08-17-2009]

Ann McMahon Coleman passed away on Saturday Aug 15, 2009. She is the sister of Billy (Chops), Buck, John (Nut), Eileen and the late Kathleen McMahon from Ashmead Street.
anonymous [08-17-2009]

D. Beslon - I seem to remember ringing doorbells with you in the Wyneva appartments. Hoakie was one of those great Hollow characters along with GooGoo, BeeBee, Pittsburg, Rocky and the rest. Tom Razzano and I loved driving him crazy by popping our bubble gum. Hoakie hated it.
Bonnie Gatto [08-17-2009]

Hey Chalie McGeehan - is Nick Criniti related to Rosanne Criniti?
Bonnie Gatto [08-17-2009]

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