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July 16-31, 2009

John P. Brothers and sisters are all fine and still kicking, all five of us. Thank you for the nice words about my folks. I am currently living in New Britain, just outside of Doylestown, Pa. Moved back to Pa. from Oregon after 22 years. One more memory, How about when the army took over the upper ball field at fernhill Park for an anti-aircraft gun location. Now we are really trying those dead brain cells !
Dave Byrne [07-31-2009]

John Bruce Schmitt, You are correct in your assessment of Annapolis. It is a fine town & especially inviting during the sailing season. You have an open invitation whenever in the area to come sailing with us on our forty ft. sailboat which we keep on one of the many surrounding creeks. Nearby, we can all enjoy some of the best Maryland hard shell crabs & some frosty brews. The late Walter Cronkite frequented this establishment when in Annapolis sailing. Fair winds at your back friend as you go forward. Bernie.
Bernard mc kernan, Church la, E. Gtn. St. Vincent's 54, N. Catholic 58. [07-31-2009]

Who remembers hanging out at Lintons after school? We used go there before school, have toast & tea, and after school we had fries & a coke. I'm sure the waitresses loved us!
Sheila [07-31-2009]

Mary Burns grew up on Rubicon Avenue and attended St. Francis and Little Flower. Her father was Paul Burns (Police Officer) and mother was Mildred Burns (nurse) her sister is Mildred Burns (Little Flower '47). She married Tom Kelly in 1948 and settled in Southern California. Would often return to Philly to celebrate their anniversary. Still loves Philly and Germantown, and has dreams of returning. Unable to travel this year, due to health reasonsthey will celebrate their 61st Wedding Anniversary in California. Since she can't come here, I thought we could send a little Philly to her. I would love for anyone who remembers her to please send a little bit of Philly to her. Mary Burns Kelly 330 El Camino Real Tustin, CA 92780 Or, you may contact me ( her 11th child) Frances McKenzie in Montgomery Co. PA fkmckenzie711@yahoo.com Thank you for all of your good wishes!
Mary Burns, St. Frances grad 1940, Married Tom Kelly there 1948 [07-30-2009]

to all of you who wrote in about germantown thank you,thank you
FRANK MARGIOTTI, north wales [07-30-2009]

JBS: See you at Claudine's on the 19th at ten. Looking forward to a good Germantown conversation. If your friends come also, all the merrier.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-30-2009]

Joe Gisondi, I remember you and your family on Rittehouse st. You were across the street from my grandparents and your yard was next to my late Aunt Rose's. People were always around back then, not like today. I remember your father was a very funny guy and your mom was such a nice person. Those were the days.
anthonyg [07-30-2009]

Dave Byrne: Bad manners on my part. I forgot to ask about your family. I remember your brother Mike, and your little sister Nancy. I cannot recall if you also had an older sister, although I think you did. Hopefully, all are well. I also remember your dad and mom. They were extremely kind and gentle people, who always treated me with kindness and care.
John Payne [07-29-2009]

Dave Byrne..good to hear from you. Not surprised that you remember the golf club incident, since your took the rough end of that incident. I am, however, surprised that you remember the monkey bars incident. I smashed my nose pretty bad on that one; serious blood followed. I dont' know if I officially broke it, but I sure did jam it pretty badly. The two ladies you referred to were the Davis sisters. The one sister was an insurance agent, and I'm not sure about the second one. My oldest brother, Tom, was their Sunday driver for a couple of years. I used to take out their ashes once a week on Sunday evenings (25 cents), a fortune in those days. The Lyric Theater was only 16 cents (21 cents after 4 PM), and the candy machine was 5 cents a box. Would love to get that beer with you Dave, but I'm in Fl, where are you? One more memory..."Baby in the air", a game we played in the street where a ball (tennis type) was tossed in the air as everone scattered, and the thrower called someone's number who had to come back and catch the ball, yell stop, and then peg someone with the ball. If hit, they became the new thrower. (Dead brain cells are coming to life :).
John Payne [07-29-2009]

Bonnie: It was great to see you after many years. You were really young when I stopped playing ball at the Hollow. It was a great range of people. The old heads really organized it-Tony D'Angelo,Matt Fasano,and Marty O'Gara. The Accountant[Bor] collected the money. I know that you agree,"Germantowners Are Good People"-Let's Do It Again.
JBS [07-29-2009]

Dan Hartnett: I want to thank you for your support-it is very helpful. I would like to meet you at Claudine's 50's Diner on August 10,on Monday,at 10 A.M. Claudine is an exotic babe-she could have ridden with Hell's Angels and the breakfast is great. I have not read the book about The K&A Gang but John Burke from this site was reading it. I understand John Berkery[G-Town&St. Francis] is not happy with the book. As you probaly know,John B. was a K&A guy and he moved to Kensington after his mother died. John B. was not a saint but I believe in redemption and he is extremely intelligent[Mensa] and trying to be a good family man in his golden years. He had a beautiful bar[Molly Maguire's] in Kesington. Possibly,some guys from Germantown might show up at Claudine's- Paul Borian lives in the area and I think that he remembers John Berkery's buddy [Jack Mrphy] from Germantown-another character.Looking forward to breakfast- I am a good listener and that is why I have survived so long.
JBS [07-29-2009]

Bernard McKernan: I appreciate your heartfelt comments-you are very kind. I knew many of your classmates from St. Vincent and North. I visited the Crimea with Ludmila where your relative fought so valiantly against the Russians-The Crimea is beautiful. I always enjoy your blogs-thoughtful and interesting-a true Germantowner. I would like to meet you someday-possibly in Annapolis,a great town.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-29-2009]

Lisa E maailed you.Rednecker Laz
Nicky Lazaro [07-29-2009]

i want to hang out with all you folks who grew up in g-town but i only moved there in the early 70's and raised my kids on Wister Street at the Maloumiams house, 313 e wister street. think i remember frank klock from dirty franks and g-town as well. perhaps this site can have a gathering of them what love g-town and this site?? your friend down south in maryland, carol
Carol L. Knight, rock hall md, pirates and wenches weekend coming up. [07-29-2009]

JBS: Sounds like we're on. Looking forward to a good conversation. Next week I have a guest coming to the U.S. and staying with us and am totally tied up, so how about the week after. I do work two days a week. Can you do Monday the 10th or thursday the 13th? I am good for both. I know the place you talked about "Back to the Fifties", owned be a tatooed lady named Claudine. I haven't been there in a while but had many breakfasts there. If you don't want to drive so far, The Landing in New Hope is fine and also the bar in Lambertville "The Boathouse", or "The Porterhouse" in Peddler's Village (great burgers). I am game for whatever. By the way, having seen your posts, like you I also read "Junior Krippelbauer and the K & A Gang". I also bought several copies for some Kensington buddies. I knew two of the characters in the book. Now here is a book that would be enjoyed by anyone from Philly's rowhouse neighborhoods because the culture is basically the same. You have to be a neighborhood person to really understand it. Truth is so much better than fiction; you couldn't make these stories up. In any case, pick a place and a time. "Back to the Fifties" is ok with me if you wish. If you can't make either of these days, give me some suggestions and we'll work it out. Looking forward to some Germantown stories and I have lot's of my own. In any case, hang in there. While you can't see it now, the sun will come out again even if some clouds remain. The fact that you are interacting with people every day in your time of sorrow, shows that you are a tough guy. Vaya con Dios! Dan Hartnett 7-28-09
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-28-2009]

miss that good life
joe gisondi, live in blue bell lived in gtn 1936 to 1965 rittenhouse st [07-28-2009]

FFK. Good to see you on this site. I hope all is well with you. Also, whoever, started, and is maintaining this site. Thank You. This is an enjoyable source of happy memories, and ways to connect with old friends.
John Payne [07-28-2009]

Dan Hartnet: Whoa, I thought I knew you, & I DO.. Buddy Taconelli/lived one door up from me. And the Sivel's lived up just a bit further. I remember Georgie Sivil.. he was older than me, and well... I won't go there. We were all little kids back then....having 'fun'..My mom was friends with Buddy's mom. Wonder what ever happened to all of those people. I am trying to remember what girl I knew in the neighborhood, who went out with your bro.Did you know Loretta Pizotti/ Madaleine Dougherty and Marie Maida? They all lived near me, or around me. Good luck to you, Linda P>S> My 'beau' lives in Ambler close to Flourtown..small world.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-28-2009]

There was a Cathy Lazaro who went to CD
Ed, va [07-28-2009]

Charlie McGeehan...Congratulations on your recent retirement.What took you so long?What line of work were you in? Start getting your arm in shape to once again pitch batting practice to me next Feb.at John Payne's house in Fla.We plan to have him visit his brother Cisco in Phila.while we use his house.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-28-2009]

Dom Raffaele...The list of Happy Hollowers who pitched batting practice to me keeps growing.That big black Buick was my Dad's 1949 Dynaflow,which was as large as a tank,and got about 8 miles to a gallon.No big deal back then since gas cost about 19 cents a gallon.All of you guys were on my payroll which nearly bankrupt me,paying for all those sodas,water ices,bottled Happy Hollow water(almost as expensive as Holy Water),etc.I have a suggestion;Let's all head down to John Payne's digs in Florida for spring training next winter and resume pitching batting practice to paul Borian.My compensation will be beer instead of sodas.John can leave his house and visit Cisco in Phila.for a few weeks.How's that sound?....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-28-2009]

Peg McGeehan: Good memory Peg, but that would be ex-wife, life goes the way it goes. Hope all is well with you and yours.
Dave Byrne [07-28-2009]

John Payne: Read your note and laughed for ten minutes. I do remember the golf incident and have been suffering brain damage ever since. Do you remember falling off the monkey bars at fernhill? Must have been 6 or 7 yrs old. Seems to me you broke your nose. How about the elderly sisters that lived next to us. New Buick every other year and a driver to get them around, since they did not drive. Or the retired Col. who lived the other side of Sonny Kennedy's place and always fought with my brother over a parking spot. An interesting assortment of people on our street. Hope this finds you happy and healthy. One of these days we should get together for a beer.
Dave Byrne [07-28-2009]

JBS: thanks for organizing the luncheon at Scoogies last week. There were friends I hadn't seen in 50 years. The stories and memories shared took me back to those special days at the Hollow.
Bonnie Gatto [07-28-2009]

Bruce S. I tried to get a response from the Fernhill Boys, but no luck. Maybe the Hollow boys were more successful, they have computors. I'll try again. Leroy Kelly, Denny Glancy, Ken Scott, Frank Connerly, Shep Messing, Ned Pomfret, Rich Pomfret, Dave Heil, Joe Palmer, Pat McIlheney, Bobby Charlanza, Karl Schaefer (R.I.P.)and Harry Brown,(He's a Prep Boy). Where is youse? Anwser up!
Duncan Hubley, 69-3/4 [07-28-2009]

Frank Klock: You have been friends with Ken[brother] and me for many years-your poem really touched me and Ludmila was not a poet but was a lover of poetry. I thank you so much for the heartfelt poetry and humanity-Ken and I always liked you. I hope to see you in the future-God Bless.
J. Bruce Schmitt [07-27-2009]

Dan Hartnett: In difficult times,our faith can be challenged but with faith,one can not be defeated. I like your idea of meeting on Highway 263. I live in Mercer County but I know that area fairly well-my brother had a restaurant in Buckingham where the Wawa is located. We are 50's guys-we should go to the 50's diner on 263,a little south of 313. You went to Germantown with Bob LaValle who was good friends with my Brother[Cactus Jack] who had short hair. Bob was at my house a lot and I liked him-he could be feisty but he was a good guy. He had a fight with my brother who was very strong and I was surprised that Bob did so well. Bob also knew Mike Masterson and Jack Smith and Sonny Kennedy from Germantown-they all went to Germantown High. Paul Boring also went to Germantown High-some people say that he was a fair baseball player- Bill Haas and Jack Brogan might dispute that. Paul lives in Doylestown but during the summer he hangs out in The Irish Riviera[Sea Isle] but his 2 Irish buddies live in Georgia and Maine. Dan! Set a date,I will be the guy with chiseled face-a product of some sharp elbows from the playgrounds.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-27-2009]

Duncan H.- I appreciate the compliment but Scoogi's was chosen by Tony D'Angelo and Matt Fasano-Being cosmopolitan guys,they chose a great place-I heard they have great cosmos' there. Being a Fernhill guy.possibly you and Joe Lynch can get a Fernhill Group-I'll get Dave Heil to come.
Bruce S. [07-27-2009]

John Payne....With your help,I now fondly remember Florence(R.I.P.)with her big smile,and Patsy.As time goes by,sometimes my memory is "messing with me".However,I do nor remember Rosemarie.The Payne's and the Raffael's were the largest families in our beloved Happy Hollow.How appropriate for a neighborhood evenly divided between the Irish and Italians(and one Armenian)Hope to meet up with you and your siblings one of these days......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-27-2009]

PAUL BORIAN how many times did me and bobby compton (r.i.p.) throw you batting?We went to the lower diamond at fernhill park.Transported in that BIG big BLACK BUICK.One pitcher, onebatter, one fielder, to chase the ball,allover theplace. You were very patient with our pitching skills.Iwas glad to get back to MOE'S for a soda, your treat.ALWAYS a enjoyable summer's day.thanks dom raff
dom raff, same [07-27-2009]

Chaery: Oh, thanks for responding - was hoping someone from the Lazaro family would be on these boards so I could touch base. I take it they had a large family? It would be interesting to find out about them! I moved when I was a baby and did not get to know them. Thanks again for the info!
Lisa, born in Germantown [07-27-2009]

John Payne: Now we have brother Frank on this site,possibly we will see him at the next gathering. Incidentally,I enjoyed your comment about tennis. One of the greatest tennis players of all time came from Germantown-Bill Tilden. He lived on Duncan Hubley's Street-5100 McKean. When his parents died,he lived at 519 W. Hansberry St. where your classmate[Ken Schmitt] lived with his 3 mild-mannered brothers. It was an interesting house with a big basement. Our friends would shoot pool,lift weights,shoot darts,hit the speed-bag,listen to music and have a few beverages on a hot summer-night. Ken still likes to shoot pool but the younger dudes have better eyes-he does'nt drink for nothing if you know what I mean. When you come East,we could get together but I can not hang with the big boys anymore.
JBS [07-27-2009]

Hey Bruce S. Thankx for crating the lunch at Scoogie's. I know your wife missed your joy of such an event. I can't imagine what I'd do if I were in your shoes. I hope all goes well for you, and I convey my condolances to you and your family.
Duncan Hubley [07-25-2009]

Bob D'Angelo: I aprreciate your heartfelt thoughts-you and your brothers are great guys. My father taught Brother Tony at The Prep and that is a special connection for me. You and your brothers rank highly in my eyes. I know that Tony will do well with his operation-he is a trooper from the Hollow. I hope to see you and your brothers in the future. I know that you will return from Florida-flush.I heard that you are the golfer in The D'Angelo Family.
JBS [07-25-2009]

Rosemarie Rinaldi:I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing Larry after 50+ years. Larry was truly one of the great athletes of the Hollow- Paul Borian was a very good defensive player[tenacious] but he even would admit that Larry was difficult to guard. Larry remembered the legendary John Berkery when back in the day,their venue was Wayne Avenue. I can assure you that John Berkery did not like going to confession at St. Francis if you know what I mean. John B. was at the Prep when my father taught there but he decided to leave for greener pastures-possibly Mexico. I could see that you and Larry were having a good time-Tony D'Angelo and Matt Fasano picked a great place.Personally,I also had a good time. I was with a bunch of good talkers-Paul Borian was listening. I hope to see both of you in the future.
JBS [07-25-2009]

A hello toJohn Payne.GOOD to see your name on site.I always thought you guys won the C.Y.O. CHAMPIONSHIP that year.Iremenber the GOO getting gold watch for his outstanding coaching. IWAS FRIENDS WITH YOUR FRANK AND YOUR SISTER PAT.aND ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION WENT TO THE RACETRACK WITH YOUR DAD,Good,Good people.thanks for the shoutout.dom raff
dom raff, same [07-25-2009]

Dorothy,Bobby Taylor lived on little Wister,then moved to Manheim.Years later i think he moved on Logan street,when we were teenagers Carol
Carol Drakely McFeeters, grew up in Germantown [07-25-2009]

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I just went to a Tredentine Mass (the old latin Mass) for the first time in many years and much of it came back to me quickly. Actually, I never went to IC school as I moved to Germantown when I was fourteen and was then attending Roman Catholic high. As events turned out, I got tossed out in junior year (difference in agendas plus lots of hooky) and then went to Germantown High. While there I met a guy named Bob LaVelle from Happy Hollow. He also got tossed from Catholic High school. We both used to sneak our the back door during double period history to have a smoke and play the pinball machine down the street. Never got caught. Maybe you know him. I lost track right after that. In any case, I haven't smoked in 35 years, read tons of history and do volunteer work in the Catholic Church teaching RCIA. How things change. I would like to meet you also sometime. I noted a week or so ago that you proposed the same to Dennis McGlinchey (who I havent' met) and suggested something around Rt. 263. I live about 100 yards from 263 in Jamison so if you would like to have a beer some time I am up, just post a suggestion. Here's a little Italian to sign off: Possa la benedizione del Dio rimanere con te sempre. (May the Lord's blessings remain with you always).
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-25-2009]

Linda, I do have a brother Bill, who now lives in Flourtown. He, as well as I, hung on the corner of Price and Crittenden. The people I knew on Anderson St. were Buddy Tacconelli and the Sivel brothers (not sure of the spelling).
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-25-2009]

Dave Byrne: I think I worked with your wife Maureen at a cc lawfirm and/or American Pulley on Wissahickon Av. What a fun job that was. We hated the work but there was a great group of young people who partied a lot: Maureen, Noreen, Ralph Gatto, Mel Viers, Bill Krause and myself. My husband Jim and I also lived in the apartments on Abbottsford Ave when Maureen lived with another girl we worked with at the lawfirm, Wanda. This is going back to the 60's.
Peg McGeehan Johnson [07-25-2009]

Dave Byrne. Good to hear from you, and that all is well. Dave you might not even remember this story, but I do...around 8 or 9 yrs of age, I found an old golf club and ball in a closet at home. You and I went to the Griffith Home grounds to give it a try. I stood over the ball, lined up my shot, and thwack!, hit a great shot almost the length of the grounds (50 yds?), but, it was the clunk that got my attention. Apparently, you were standing right behind me, and the follow through came around and caught you right across the neck. Ouch!. I really felt bad, and was scared at the time. I hope you are feeling better, and do not have any residual neck problems. :)
John Payne [07-25-2009]

JBS: Thank you for the kind words. It was a pleasure finally meeting you on Tuesday at Scoogi's. I know time does not heal all wounds, but I pray that you will get thru your loss and keep Ludmilla close to your heart always. I would have liked to have met her. It was a great get-together at Scoogi's and I hope we do it again soon. Larry really enjoyed it, especially the trips down memory lane. For some reason, Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" kept running thru my mind. :)
Rosemarie Rinaldi [07-24-2009]

Dan Hartnett: Your last blog really resonated with me-it was heartfelt and contained many religious and spiritual connotations. Your IC education was obvious. It means a lot to me to receive condolences from The East Side. I did go go to St. Vincent's and my mother was a librarian in Vernon Park where many kids from East Germantown took out books. I was friends with George McDemott,Frank Bonner,and John Blue-they were good guys from East Germantown but they departed at an early age. Incidentally,I was impressed with your Latin and my friend from The Prep[George Bur S.J.] will help me translate but I did have 4 years of Latin including Cicero and Virgil. Dan! I would like to meet you someday and I will end with some Spanish- PAX CON NOS TE.
JBS [07-24-2009]

Charlie McGeehan -Congratulations on your retirement.I wish you many great years of happiness and health.
Bob D'Angelo [07-24-2009]

JBS - I am on vacation at my home in Florida and somewhat out of the loop. I called my brother Tony the other day to wish him a Happy Birthday and of course, he told me of the latest get together. I also heard about your wife's passing and wanted you to know you have my deepest condolences. I am thinking of you in these difficult times.
Bob D'Angelo [07-24-2009]

It's good to see that the hollow is alive and well,even if it is in cyber space.The city put one of those blue and yellow signs up on the bars but they spelled the word hollow with one "l'.Goo,would have loved it.I did miss the gathering because I was not aware of it at SCOOGIE'S.I will try and make the next one.
frank payne, still in philly;71;aka;cisco [07-24-2009]

Carol Drakely McFeeters, The Bobby Taylor we knew lived on Manheim St near Portico St. Dorothy
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Grew up in Germantown [07-24-2009]

Lisa, I think everyone was related to Nicky Lazaro. He was best friends with my Dad Frank Raffle. Somehow everyone on our side of Germantown were either related or close to it. Italian Rednecks. lol lol. sorry had to say that.
Cheryl Raffle [07-24-2009]

E McGowan, yes I live on Cricket Ave in North Hills. right after we move up from Germantown. Are you relative to Joe McGowan?
Cheryl Raffle [07-24-2009]

Paul B.: Re: Monk (Ed)McCaulley, I didn't know he also played tennis, but he was another of the gifted athletes from Germantown. I recall Monk have notable talent in numerous sports indcluding football (place kicking), and basketball, and baseball, so I guess I'm not surprised to hear he also had some ability in tennis.
John Payne [07-24-2009]

Dan Hartnett: Do you have a brother? Your last name rings a bell, but not your first name..I seem to remember a Billy Harnett or Jimmy Harnett? I also lived in East Gtn. one block away from Immac. Concep. church on Anderson St. thanks ...Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-24-2009]

Paul B: I almost forgot to mention..re: the tennis courts-when they were put in, there was even an instructor for a short period (might have been a counsellor), and I remember thinking I'll take up this "new sport". I was at best adolescent or young teen. This guy blew about five or ten serves past our feet. We couldn't even get our rackets off first position. After taking a pass on tennis, I watched this guy, giving lessons to the somewhat "older" (probably 17) girls of the Hollow. I noticed a decidedly slower, and more instructive serve and return. That was what you might call an Aha moment. LOL
John Payne [07-24-2009]

Paul B: Good memory. I know everybody remembers Frank, but only "The Big Guys" like youself would remember Tom, (Woody), and Gene. Happlily, they are all still up and about. Tom stops in to see me down here every year. He is down at the Jersey shore. My sisters were Rosemarie (Tom's senior), I don't know if anyone knows Rose, she left the neighborhood around 1951; Florence (Flo) RIP, (died of Cancer at age 42), and Pat (Patsy). Joe Lynch was definitely the players player, and if I recall correctly, the team captain, however, it was the combo of Joe and Bill Haas that that team to the finals at LaSalle, (alas, only to lose to St.Matts). I think the full size courts, and glass ( a first for us)was a little daunting. Add to that, Jocko Collins Jr., Matt Gukas and Marty Marr, and we had to accept an honorable 2nd place.
John Payne [07-24-2009]

John Payne, Same guy John! How is the world treating you? This site hits a lot of lost brain cells. Spent most of my time in Fernhill Park playing whatever ball was in season at the time. Hope you are in good health.
Dave Byrne [07-24-2009]

JBS: That must have been a fun gathering on Saturday. Living in FL, and just learning of it recently, I couldn't make it up for this one, but I will keep my eye peeled for future events of that kind. Bruce, I am regularly amazed at your memory. Your recall in amazing. I know Frank (Cisco) would have enjoyed this event. Maybe on a future one, I will drive or fly up and drag his butt away from the grandkids for a day.
john payne [07-24-2009]

Dear Charlie,congrats on your retirement,it does not make you older,just wiser.I missed you on tues .at sssssssssssssScoogi's it was a great time,many memories.If you and Bonnie get together please let me know,I would love to tag along Al (peanuts ) pauzano, Lansdale 63yr.liver transplant [07-24-2009]

Anthony&John Payne: I really appreciate your last posts and kind thoughts. John Payne! It has been many years since I saw you shootings hoops on the playground of Happy Hollow. I did see you on Tuesday in a photograph of the great Saint Francis basketball team of 1957. I recognized the redhead[you] and I said that is Junior Payne-I was corrected by Joe Lynch,"The Name Is John". Paul Borian chimes in,"Cisco Payne is Frank. Joe Razzano was there and he mentioned that Joe Lynch was the glue that kept the team together. I wonder what Bill Haas would have said. You and your brother Frank[Cisco] would have enjoyed the gathering. Goo and Crazy Joe must have been smiling from heaven.
JBS [07-23-2009]

John Burke&Rosemarie: I want to thank you for your prayers and thoughts-I need them very much at this trying time in my life. I met Rosemarie Rinaldi at Scoogi's on Tuesday and she was a classy lady-it must be the name. John!I received a phone-call from your buddy Jim Wilkins and I felt better after the call. He learned how to shoot pool in my basement[the dungeon] on Hansberry St. Incidentally,I hoped that you finished the book on the K&A Gang and I talked a little about John Berkery with some of the old timers when he had his store on Wayne Avenue next to Sal's -we were discreet if you know what I mean. Give my regards to the whole family. I hope to meet Rosemarie Hite Malageri someday.
JBS [07-23-2009]

Bobby Taylor, Iguess your not the same one The Bobby Taylor I knew lived on little Wister street off of Portico,But it was nice to hear from you anyway.Carol Drakely McFeeters
Carol Drakely McFeeters, living at the Jersey shore [07-23-2009]

Hey John(junior)Payne,brother of Woody,Cisco,Beanie,and your sister(forgot her name).......Enjoyed reading your 7/22 blog,"Fleeting Thoughts"Monk McCaulley was arguably the best tennis player at the Hollow.We played each other several times on the courts at the top of of the hill.Did not care much about tennis.It was not a sport embraced by the Boys of the Hollow.We preferred basketball,football,baseball,poker,craps,ponies(and there off)to the sissy sport of tennis(at that time).I believe the counsellor that was run out of the Hollow was Vince DeFelice?? John,keep on posting......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-23-2009]

To Jodina Erichetti. My uncle tony ( Finnegan ) Milione, used to work for your father at the funeral home. I am his sister Sadie's son and we lived at 620 stafford street. Around the corner from Waterview.I loved that big beautiful house. Even though I don't know you, I hope you and your family are well. By the way, My wife and I live in Mesa,Az. I work for the University of Phoenix. You can email me at : john.direnzo@phoenix.edu
John DiRenzo [07-23-2009]

Charlie McGeehan - congratulations on your retirement. You'll love it. Let's get together to celebrate.
Bonnie Gatto [07-23-2009]

JBS - I am another one of the many that do not know you personally but have read your posts for many months. In those, I have seen you reference your wife in glowing terms, in much the same way I would do if I were writing about my own, on a pedestal. Like so many others,I offer my heartfelt condolences and prayers over your loss. Through your posts you come through as a passionate person who genuinely revels in the relationships you developed many years ago. May those friendships sustain you in this sad time of your life. Pax Domine sit semper vobiscum!
Dan Hartnett, Formerly East Germantown [07-23-2009]

Chalie McGeehan - Congratulations, heard you finally retired. Call me any time you want to go to the casinos. Peg
Peg McGeehan Johnson [07-22-2009]

Dom Raff: Just a quick hello. Good to see your name on this site. A very belated condolence for Johnny (Sach), and Jimmy. I last saw Jimmy when he came to CA to visit with my brother Frank (Cisco). We go to hit a few local pubs together. Yours was one of the friendliest families I encountered in my youth at Happy Hollow. I hope all is well with you.
John Payne [07-22-2009]

JBS. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your wife. Hopefully these blogs will help to heal the empty place left in your hear. All are here for you anytime you need someone to talk to about anything.
John Payne [07-22-2009]

jbs we don't know each other but i do want to extend my sincere sympathy to you during this most difficult time in your life .... my prayers are with you and your family rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-22-2009]

Hi Carol Drakely McFeeters sorry to say i don't remenber you and i my not even be the Bobbt you are talking about. I do have an older brother his name is Ed aka// Bozo we live on School house lane in 59 to 61 then move to Newhall st till 69
Bobby Taylor [07-22-2009]

JBS- I too do not know you, but want to say that I am sorry for your loss and will pray for you and your wife.
anthonyg [07-22-2009]

Dave Byrne: You are very profound that my misson should be the search for peace. The best things in life can be the most simple and basic. I talked on Tuesday to Joe Lynch and Duncan Hubley from Fernhill Park where you played basketball. Joe Razzano had a photograph of the basketball team of St. Francis["57"] and some of the 7th-grade class were on that team-John Fowler and John Payne come to mind. You would have enjoyed the gathering-Duncan Hubley and Joe Lynch are good story-tellers.
JBS [07-22-2009]

Linda Fontana: I really liked the way that you framed your comments about the ultimate destination and spirituality.With my Jesuit background,I was probaly more religious but Ludmila was very spiritual and very humane and compassionate. She liked reading the blogs on this site including yours. She was fascinated that we all loved Germantown so much-her old neighborhood was 5000 miles away in Buenos,Argentina. She was buried in beautiful Boundbrook NJ where the magnificent monuments were created by her father-Peter Kapschutschenko. Linda! Keep posting.
JBS [07-22-2009]

Bob Terranova: Your heartfelt comments mean so much to me and my sister Joan. I spent Tuesday with some of your friends from St. Mike's-Bonnie Gatto,Al Pauzano,Lou Fondi and Tony D'Angelo and it was a great time. Frank Felice was also there and he lived near you. I hope to see you and Joe D'Angelo in the future. I talked a lot to Joe D's friend and former colleague[Joe Lynch]. Joe L. looked great and showed his Irish Humor.I did not recognize Duncan Hubley but I knew his voice right away. I really enjoyed seeing all the guys and we all get along well.
J. Bruce [07-22-2009]

Bill Cupo: I want to thank you for your heartfelt comments during this difficult time in my life. I can connect with your Catholic-School education and I know the Chalfont area well. My family owned the Jarrettown Hotel on Limekiln Pike for over 50 years. I had many friends who went to Immaculate and CD. Michael Nasevich[CD-71] arranged the Funeral for Ludmila. My driver[PPD] was in that CD-Class of 71. It must be the Germantown-water since we all liked Germantown and the wonderful people who lived there.We had a luncheon on Tuesday and not everyone was a Hollow-Guy. Joe Lynch,Duncan Hubley and I played ball at the Hollow but we were not considered to be from the Hollow-we did not hang at Wayne&Logan. Paul Borian joked with Joe Lynch about being a Fernhill-Guy but Joe's cousin[Jack Brogan] was a Hollow guy. You are correct that we all loved Germantown.I walked to the parking-lot with Paul Borian and the final comment was,"There Was No Place Like Germantown".
John Bruce Schmitt [07-22-2009]

Charlie McGeehan: I really appreciate your kind words. I believe that you are John's younger brother. John McGeehan was a good guy and was a friend of Ralph Gatto[RIP]. Ralph's brother[Bonnie] was at Scoogie's and I recognized him right away. Another friend of yours was there-Peanuts Pauzano. He is not as big as some of us but he is one tough guy to survive what he went through. The Pauzano Brothers are good people. I hope to meet you in the future when we get together.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-22-2009]

I remember the racetrack at the corner of wayne and chelton. A friend of my dad worked there.. Bob something, wife and daughter, Mickey and Bonnie. I think there were two slot tracks, maybe six lanes? This was at least 40-45 yrs ago.
Joe DePero, 52 levittown, st mikes 70 [07-22-2009]

Fleeting Thoughts: The "Big Guys" (Goo, Cisco, Larry R., etc.) lifting weights in "the boys end" of the old gym; Looking in the roof windows at The Slow Club on Saturday nights; Red 57 ford cop cars #143, and #144. The cop named Grant; Square wire backboards on the outside courts, and their replacement with the metal ones; Climbing through "the bars" to get into The Hollow at the basketball courts; The "Big Guys" shooting crap against the wall next to the cellar entrance at the north end of the old gym, and being a runner for sodas for tips and free soda; Half ball; The installation of tennis courts "up the hill" (not much use); Night sledding on the red brick hill, and using fence planks to ride the gulley; Miss Ginder; Mrs. Herzog; Joe Schwartz (maint); Ike (maint); Clarence (maint); Bob Lujewski; Pat Saranese; Leaving collateral (a comb?) to check out a basketball; the time a counsellor was "run off" (I forget his name), touch football after school on the field next to the basketball court; Buck-Buck in the summer; and so it goes.
John Payne [07-22-2009]

Charlie Mc Geehan> Hey Charlie good to hear from you. I can't think of a better guy to be coaching. Sports is in the McGeehan blood. I even remember your dad and uncle being avid sports guys. The sp was me questioning my spelling of your name. It's left over from the nuns marking my papers. lol. Some things just stick with you. Glad to hear you are doing wll Charlie.
John Payne [07-22-2009]

c.raffle is your family from nothhills,cricket ave,?
e.mcgowan, family is from g.town [07-22-2009]

Dave Byrne..are you the Dave Byrne from the 200 block of Abbottsford Ave.?
John Payne [07-22-2009]

JBS: Wanted you to know how very sorry i am for your loss. You are in my prayers, hang in there.
John Burke, 55 NE Philly [07-22-2009]

To Jack Brogan,The Maine man....Please explain your RHMFCJOB sign off to your 7/20 post. Thank you.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-22-2009]

tony, i use to race a car there.yes it was the old sears store.
rich [07-22-2009]

Tony, I remember the raceway on Chelten Ave in the old Sears building.. between Pulaskie and Wayne Ave..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [07-21-2009]

JBS, I am very sorry to hear of your wife's passing and hope the future will bring peace to your heart.
Dave Byrne, St Fran. 58, North 62 [07-21-2009]

JBS- I do not know you, but I can feel your pain....in losing a loved one. I am so sorry that after so many years, to-gether "you've lost your soulmate". As a small consolation, know that she's in a better place (than this world) and she'll continue to LOVE YOU from there...spiritually. Most Respectfully, Linda Fontana
L. Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-21-2009]

Dennis McGlinchey: I appreciate your kind words during this very sad part of my life. I live in Mercer County and possibly we could meet on Highway 263 for lunch or breakfast-I like Germantown people-even Lou Pauzano and Paul Borian who I will be seeing today in Flourtown[Scoogi's].
JBS [07-21-2009]

Think maybe I'm related to the Lazaro family I've read about on here - possibly Nicky? Reading great stories and memories!
Lisa, born in Germantown [07-21-2009]

enjoyed catching up with the blogs, have a good luncheon tomorrow. first great grandaughter born tonight - kaylee kobie. my daughter beverly just back from peru, macchu pichu. all my children are alive and well. did my job! ha ha ha. hey jeannie m. - and cisco payne, been lazy but promise to blog back. hi to patsy and eileen. i remember the girls beating the boys at basketball at happy hollow when i was in grade school (50's) miss mckay was our teacher. played half girls rules, and half boys rules in basketball. we did ok with both rules. have a good summer.
KATHY KOBIE [07-21-2009]

on the record lou fondi great yo hear from you a short hollow story it's asaturday in august I come down the corner,date with agirl in west phila. no car,ask louie if I can borrow his car,sure he says.IT's about 100 degrees the heater in his car is broke and is biowing hot air,won't shut off. pick the girl,she's wants to go charlies lounge in N.J. o.K. WHY IS IT SO HOT IN THIS CAR. i DON'T KNOW if it was heater or my dancing .She decline a second date.I return the car to lou's house at 2A.M.HE NEVER GOT MAD.to MIZZY i REMENBERour days and nights delivering grocies for Fasano's.johnny McGeehan inherited the best order boy job from FRANK Payne at palo's.they were done every day 4.30 not 10Pm like us Great to hear from you two.P.s.I MET THAT NICE GIRL ON A TRIP TO THE POCONO'S with JOHN fowler and little EDDIE DURKIN .Now thats a menory of lto fun. mY THANKS TO THE SITE FOR THIS SPACE dom raff.
dom raff, same [07-21-2009]

jbs. I join all our germantown brothers and sisters in extending to you our heart felt condolences and prayers for you and your family.Bob terranova
bob terranova, United States [07-21-2009]

J.Bruce Schmitt. Every once in a while, I write about some memory of Germantown on this website. I don't know you at all, but I enjoy your enthusiam and love for Germantown and The Hollow. I'm very sorry to hear of the death of your wife and I wish you well and comfort. There seems to be plenty of friends that you can turn to in your sorrow. I would be devestated if I should lose my spouse, but I hope that I would have the same support that you seem to have. Take care of yourself! A proud graduate of Immaculate and Cardinal Dougherty.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont [07-21-2009]

jbs i know we don't know each other,but i will say a prayer for you. sorry about your loss. chalie mc geehan
Chalie MC Geehan [07-21-2009]

john(jr)payne hope all is well.glad you remember the foursome bonnie,richie,tommy and myself.throw in eddie sweitzer and jimmy gart and we could beat anybody in touch football. what was the (sp ?)after my name. if it was still playing the answer is no. i'am doing what you do when you can't play anymore. i coach hs baseball. we go to fla.every march to port st.lucie. talk to you again. chalie mc geehan
Chalie MC Geehan [07-21-2009]

bob terranova eddie sweitzer did go to north class of 63. same as you, bonnie and myself. eddie's picture is on page 92 your on 93 in the yearbook.bonnie and i would go to his local bar to see him . then he became mia. eddie and i were in jimmy garts wedding party and married the girls we walked with in the wedding.eddie's lasted 6 months mine 25 months. did better 2nd time 30 years and counting. chalie mc geehan
Chalie MC Geehan [07-21-2009]

hello friends from germantown, does anybody remember the model raceway on chelton, i used to go here a lot. still havent found a familliar name or somebody i hang out with in the sixties on west washington lane. how about some people who went to leeds jr, high school or henry h.houston in chesnut hill?
tony braspennincx [07-20-2009]

J. Bruce Schmitt, I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Joe D'Angelo [07-20-2009]

JBS - we don't know each other but just wanted to say I am saddened to read here of the passing of your wife. May you soon find comfort and peace after such a loss.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-20-2009]

I want to want to thank all my friends from Germantown for their support and love during this crisis in my life. We buried Ludmila on Saturday with the help of her friends from around the world-she was the nicest person that I have ever known. Paul Borian,Pat McIlhinney,Lou Pauzano,and Mike Smith,I sincerely appreciate your presence at the funeral-it meant so much to me. I also want to thank Bruce Marshall,Ed Burke,Joe DePero,Carol Knight,and Bonnie Gatto for their kind and profound words on this site. Ed Buke! You are a big guy with a big heart-my brother Rick said that you were always a nice person. Bruce Marshall: You are younger and lived on the opposite side of the Cricket Club but I will always remember your wonderful and kind words in my time of sorrow. Bonnie Gatto: You know what grief is-you lost your great brother,Ralph and your prayers are helping me. I will see you tomorrow at Scoogi's- you will be hanging out with the old cats. Carol Knight! I want to thank you for your profound comments-you are a decent person and I always enjoyed your blogs from the beautiful Eastern Shore. Joe DePero! I appreciate your warm comments-they gave me much solace. Any friend of John Burke is a friend of mine. I do'nt think that I can hang with you,John Burke and Jim Wilkins but back in the day,I could have carried my weight[200+].
John Bruce Schmitt [07-20-2009]

on therecord I like to say JBS that I AM very sorry to hear of your wife,LUDMILA passing no words dom raff
domraff, same [07-20-2009]

JBS: I am sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. Paul Borian: What a great memory. The Happy Hollow Band. I can remember sitting in the boy's end for a "jam session." I think they were on Friday nights. I'm just remembering how I felt as a kid. I never heard live music before those sessions. I thought Tommy Santoro was better than Gerry Mulligan. I got interested in jazz. To see Ollie Powers playing piano and Bee Bee on the drums, the two best athletes in the playground was astonishing. I remember they played "Intermission Riff," right before their break. I've always hated that song because it meant the music would be interrupted. I can't remember other members of the band. Help me out here, will ya'?
Jack Brogan, rhmfcjob [07-20-2009]

Is this the same Wayne and Marion Armstrong of Copely rd? Father's name Skeet's Armstrong?
Joe DePero, 52, levittown [07-19-2009]

To John Bruce Schmitt, my condolences on your wife's passing. To Johanna, the St. Mikes reunion has been called off due to logistical reasons. Hopefully someone else will pick it up. To Tony Grivnovics, I knew your uncle Curseword and look back at my memories of him with a smile and a laugh. st mikes, 70
Joe DePero, 52, levittown [07-19-2009]

Dom Raff, when are you going to bring my car back or maybe Joe Razz still has it. You must admit that car had good heat. Good to hear from you...
Lou Fondi, 65 in East Norriton Pa [07-19-2009]

JBS - Sincere condolences on your loss. My wife and I will be praying for your healing.
Bonnie Gatto [07-19-2009]

I know about the site. I'm just hoping to find some "not yet found people" from the neighborhood. But I appreciate you telling me about it. Thanks!
Sheila [07-19-2009]

JBS. So sorry to find out you have suffered the loss of your wife. My thoughts are with you. I am so sorry. There is no way around grief, only through it. Carol Knight
Carol Knight, rock hall md [07-19-2009]

DEAR JOHN BRUCE SCHMITT: Here is a Memorial Poem for Ludmila and you:




May the Light of The Living Christ forever shine into the Spirit of Ludmila and into your loving heart. Deepest sympathies, Your friend, FFK
FFK [07-19-2009]

On Sunday Sept 6th (Labor Day Weekend) we will be holding the 40th Germantown Beach Party in Strathmere, NJ. (North of 1st Street in Sea Isle City) 40 Years! A little history: On Labor Day Weekend 1969 a group of “old heads” some would say “medium heads” from G Town decided to have some fun on the beach. Excuse me if I leave anyone out or if I misspell some names but that crowd consisted of the following: Bonzo McGinly(has made all 40), Bobby McGinly,Tommy Turner, Hughie McInaw, Jack Yoskowitz, Michael Pannula, Billy Fagen, Donald Peterson, Sonny Stevenson, Burt and Billy Ryan, Johnny Logue,Jim "Milk Duds" Wilkins(Still a fixture), Seamus Mc Williams, Pete Siminitis(sp?), Eddie and Moon Lavin, Jimmy McGlynn, Billy Houser, Paul Duddy, Eddie Tutro(sp). Many of the Gtown ladies were also present including Diane, Eileen, and Jeannie Duddy, Michelle Turner, and Sandy Mc Williams. Now there are some great Germantown Names! I know there were others and it would be great if all of them showed up for the 40th and told us about it. Over the years Beach Party attendees have included as many as 100 G-towners at a time. We used to carry 2 or 3 kegs over the dunes but now it is much easier for us old folks to bring coolers. There is plenty of beer for all but bring your own if you like. It is always a blast and we have done it for all those years RAIN OR SHINE. Please mark your calendar and come on down.
Wee John [07-19-2009]

Paul B. I know I met you, maybe only once. I am coming with Joe Lynch. I called Scoogies and made the reservations for 18.
Duncan Hubley [07-19-2009]

Bruce Schmitt, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am truly sorry for your loss.
ed burke [07-19-2009]

to shiela there is a penn and magnolia site, i think you can access it from the brickyard site
RAYMOND EDWARD DAWES, United States [07-18-2009]

John Bruce Schmitt, I'm sure I speak for many who haven't yet spoken: sincere condolences on your great loss. Most of us haven't met you or your beloved wife, but losing a lifemate is something all can relate to. May the Almighty comfort you in your sorrow (along with your many good buds), and I'll pray for your healing. Deepest sympathies.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [07-18-2009]

Hi Rosemarie...I'm good. How are you doing? Been busy with the grandkids this summer?
Sheila [07-18-2009]

Photos needed: Bring as many photos as you can dig up of anybody (even yourself) from HH. I am bringing a few I found from the mid-50s. I had copies made at Target last week (you knew I was always ahead of the curve). Thanks, Tommy Razz, for your offer.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [07-18-2009]

Rich I am sorry I made the same mistake and put your name where mine should have been OMG! I cannot believe that both Glenn and Mike are gone.. I wonder what Benita is doing with herself?? We had our daughter within days of each other and for their first two birthdays we celebrated together.. Glenn and my husband where both overseas.. Yes Jim is still in Germantown.. Rich [07-17-2009]
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [07-18-2009]

dom raff:remember the days @fasano"with matt,jerry during the summer they works us 10/12 hours a day.I recall american store mccaulley market in the next block that was fasano stock room.
john mizzy miglionico [07-18-2009]

John Bruce Schmitt--I am sorry that this first posted with as the author.. I wanted to address it to youl Hello! Just ran down reading some of the posting.. Wayne was my 1st cousin.. He has two sisters Mimi and Marion.. I also spent some time at the corner of Queen Lane and King.. Friends with Tom Pinto, Taders, Kathy, Judy come to mind right now.. Old Abe’s and Thelma's store.. Wayne and Mimi are older then me and Marion was younger.. He was a good man.. Good to our Grandmother would visit her often.. He had a nice family Barbara and the girls.. He did marry again after loosing Barbara.. He had his own company in Plymouth “National Adjusters” . It always amazes me the reaction people have when they realized I was related to Wayne.. He seems to be a “Germantown Legion”. Many stories and most good! John Bruce Schmitt.. [07-17-2009]
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [07-18-2009]

Duncan Hubley.....Regarding the luncheon,Matt Fasano made reservations for about 16 people to be seated at two adjoining tables.Obviously,there will be more attendees with different seating arrangements.Looking forward to meeting you,perhaps for the first time???......Joe Lynch...Where the hell did you come up with the name of Bill MonbouQuette.You must be a long time Red Sox fan,like cousin Jack.Billy was an ace pitcher for my beloved Red Soxs,and a Yankee killer to boot.I am still reading box scores,but on the internet.Our local newspaper(Intellingencer)is so thin these days,and only includes a few box scores,other than the Phillies.....Dom Raffaelle..Don't forget Bee Bee was a great drummer for the Happy Hollow band.Tommy Santoro played a mean Sax.I loved the Saxaphone,and wish that I took the time to learn how to play that great instrument.I was too busy rounding up my Hollow buddies to pitch batting practice to me in my drive to the big leagues.Sorry guys for letting you down,but you should have thrown more curve balls and change ups.Not surprised that you got loaded at Larry and Rosemarie's wedding.There is nothing like an Italian wedding,with booze and food flowing freely.Sure beats the roast beef and beer weddings at the Fire Hall.Had I not been the driver for Larry and Ro,I would have accompanied you on the 23 Trolley....... Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-18-2009]

Sheila&Peanuts: I appreciate the kind words-everything pales next to our ultimate destination.Incidentally,it was mentioned on this site that I am a cousin of Wayne Armstong-we are not cousins,Wayne was much better looking since he never got into fights and he drove a big roaring bike.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-18-2009]

John B Schmitt, Other than reading your posts on this site, I don't know you. I just want to express how very sorry I am to learn of you wife's passing.
Sheila D. [07-17-2009]

hi shiela and sandy how are you girls doing, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-17-2009]

on the record larry rinaldi and bee bee rossi had extraordinary natural athletic ability. i believe they both would have exceled at college sports.larry had great speed for track and field . he had perfect physique a haifback. bee bee could throw and kick a football like a pro. i witness many 60 yard passes and punts.i was kid when my cousin eugene took me to spring lake n.j. swimming .I thing larry and rose had one of thier first dates.I remenber going to thier wedding,getting wasted,getting on the 23 trolley,waking up at 6a.m. on sosomebodies lawn in cHESTNUT hill,those were the days.glad you guys are well.great site for conversation and menories with the fraterity of happy hollow.I could/nt laud football arms at the hollow without mentioning RALPH GATTO.AMAZING thank you dom raff
dom raff, at the shore [07-17-2009]

Thirty years ago today, Curseword (John Grivnovics) was shot and killed while waiting for a bus. May he rest in peace. Curseword's nephew
Tony Grivnovics [07-17-2009]

Paul B., Bruce S, Rosemarie R. I called Scoogie's today and the girl I talked to knew nothing about the Tuesday July 21 lunch. I wonder if she knew what was up. Did anyone make a reservation?
Duncan Hubley, 69 [07-17-2009]

I am just now catching up with everyone on this site.. It seems like I have missed a lot of good stories.. Don’t feel sorry for those of us who grew up on the West Side.. We did have Clarks Park and it was a fun place to spend our summers when we were young kids.. Unlike most of the parks in Germantown in the 50s and 60s Clarks Park was already desegregated. We learned at a early age to get along with our neighbors.. I remember Mr. Barktail fondly, he was at the park every summer working with all us kids.. We did Volley Ball, went swimming at Gustine Lake at the bottom of School House Lane, played games and crafts. We did not have a Rec Center building but did have the pavilion in the middle of the park and the best trees to sit in and under. The house I grew up in you could sit on the porch and see the Del Mar.. It was fun to see the brides out front.. Well I guess that is enough for now.. Erda (Armstrong)Graham.
Erda, Erda (Armstrong) Graham [07-17-2009]

William Doughtery & Patty & Joe Razzano & The Garveys: Thanks for giving me the brickyard site. If I missed anyone, I apologize. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [07-17-2009]

OMG! I cannot believe that both Glenn and Mike are gone.. I wonder what Benita is doing with herself?? We had our daughter within days of each other and for their first two birthdays we celebrated together.. Glenn and my husband where both overseas.. Yes Jim is still in Germantown..
Rich [07-17-2009]

Hello! Just ran down reading some of the posting.. Wayne was my 1st cousin.. He has two sisters Mimi and Marion.. I also spent some time at the corner of Queen Lane and King.. Friends with Tom Pinto, Taders, Kathy, Judy come to mind right now.. Old Abe’s and Thelma's store.. Wayne and Mimi are older then me and Marion was younger.. He was a good man.. Good to our Grandmother would visit her often.. He had a nice family Barbara and the girls.. He did marry again after loosing Barbara.. He had his own company in Plymouth “National Adjusters” . It always amazes me the reaction people have when they realized I was related to Wayne.. He seems to be a “Germantown Legion”. Many stories and most good!
John Bruce Schmitt.. [07-17-2009]

I haven't been on this site for awhile.Anyone out there from Keyser and Seymour Streets.Justwondering if anyone heard if their is going to be a St. Michael's Reunion this fall.I know it was in the works. If anyone knows what is going on can you please let me know...Class of 67 at St. Michael's..thanks ...
Joanna Botella Ventresca, Warminster PA [07-17-2009]

peanuts:i had a conversation with joe razzano,he informed about your illness.i hope to see you at scozzi's.i recall your brother lou lived in qween village.
john mizzy miglionico [07-17-2009]

To Paul thank You for the invite,Iwill do my best to be there,I have a great idea that you and everyone else may be interested in .hope all is well -Peanuts
Al-peanuts -pauzano, Lansdale -63 _liver Transplant [07-17-2009]

Luncheon on 7/21,1 p.m. at Scoogi's.....Tom Razzano,the famous filmmaker from Happy Hollow,plans to attend the Boys of the Hollow,luncheon.He requests that we all bring an old photo of ourself to the luncheon.He will bring his laptop,portable scanner and extra hard drive to archive them.At a later date,he will post them on the site for all to download,and appreciate how great we looked fifty years ago.Also,we will be able to see how great we have aged over the years.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-17-2009]

Joe Lynch.....As always,I really enjoy your posts.The Fernhill guys have terrific memories.Hope you will attend the luncheon on the 21st.We will make room for you,even if you have to sit on Larry Rinaldi's lap.......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-17-2009]

To John Bruce Schmitt My Prayers and thoughts are with you my friend
Al (peanuts )pauzano, Lansdale 63yr.liver transplant [07-17-2009]

Carolyn, Sorry to hear of your dad's passing. He was the backbone of GBC in my day. I am in constant touch with you brother-in-law; Robert. Paul Borian, I hope you have room for me from Fernhill Park at Scoogies on the 21st; Duncan Hubley
anonymous [07-17-2009]

Hi Sandy! How are you? Yes, I knew Harry. He dated my friend Judy.I knew Nicky Lazaro, Boo, Pat Posimo, Mikie C.,Chops, the McDermott twins, all from Cowtown...just blocks from P&M!
Sheila [07-16-2009]

Peanuts: I hope to see you at Scoogi's. I will be seeing your Brother Lou and Paul Borian at Ludmila's[wife] Funeral Service this Saturday. I am devastated and it will be an elixir to see your smiling face and enjoy your engaging personality.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-16-2009]

If everybody shows up at Scoogi's on the 21st,we got trouble.The Hollow 4ths were such fun, ending with a dance on the courts. Bobby Lavelle (RIP) won a wallet in the races and gave it to me. He was so fast he won in shoes. He was just passing by and heard all the commotion. Bruce, I never wanted to take a charge against you. You were a truck and you used to spin the ball off the old wire backboards at the Hollow. Only a good looking girl walking by the fence at the Hollow would make Goo and Rocky and Trout (and Paul Borian) look up from their Daily News boxscores (Did Monbouquette get that loss last night?) Who worked in the summertime? Sal, Matt Fasano,Crazy Joe, Moe, Ellen O'Mara, that's who? The rest of us just hung around, impressing the girls, we thought. Did anyone ever go pool-hopping in Chestnut Hill? We'd play a basketball game or two, then find a house-with-a-pool-and-nobody- home. Cops in their "red cars" never caught on. Brogan/Kennedy/Billy Kelly/Goo--I owe them a lot for teaching me basketball. Father Magarity was one tough confessor at St. Francis.
joe lynch, Wayne Junction Diner [07-16-2009]

St.Francis Class oF,68
steve byrne (byrnes), Happy Hollow, Fern Hill Park [07-16-2009]

sandy...i told sheri and nicole to bring you over to my house one saturday to have lunch and visit with my mom...give my mom a call...let her know what saturday is good for you....denise
anonymous [07-16-2009]

Hey Vinny Lyons, you might not remember me but I think we bought your house on stafford st. Then you guys moved to Mc Mahon ave. next door to the Penhollow's. My Mother was Sadie DiRenzo ( nee Milione ), Harpo's sister. She passed in Dec '99. I was in 9th grade and cried my eyes out when I heard about tommy. He had just came up to Archbishop Ryan a couple of months before to visit with Mr. Quinn, the football coach. I hope your family is well. Tell them " little Harpo " says Hi.
John DiRenzo [07-16-2009]

Pat Siriani. I don't think " bad " is the word. Maybe " mischievous " or " clever ". HA! HA!
John DiRenzo [07-16-2009]

Al(peanuts)Pauzano.....Regarding the luncheon on the 21st at Scoogi's,it is NOT a closed affair.You are more than welcome,as is anyone else from our beloved Happy Hollow.Scoogi's advised that they would place two round tables side by side seating 16 people.With a larger gathering,we would not be able to be seated together as one group.The grouping of 14 include;Matt Fasano,Tony D'Angelo,Sal Boccella,Marty O'gara,Bruce Schmitt,Paul Borian,Larry(the king)Rinaldi,and the seven lucky ladies married to the boys of the Hollow.The luncheon is scheduled for 1:p.m.By the way,others who have expressed interest in this luncheon,via this site,include;Frank Felice,Bonny Gatto,Joe Lynch,Duncan Hubley,Joe Razzano,and probably a few more names that I missed.Hope to see you and your less handsome brother Lou....Paul Borian.......P.S. If need be,we can takesome chairs,find a nice shady spot outside the restuarant,and MANGE away,like in the old days.
Paul Borian [07-16-2009]

I found a picture of my father at a 1923 rally at the Germantown THeater for championship footbal team. Does anyone have any knowledge of these events?
Mary Ann Allen Cowherd, child of a Germantown resident, living in VA [07-16-2009]

HEY PAUL! If Scoogi's doesn't have enough room for all who want to come, let's find a place that does!
Rosemarie Rinaldi [07-16-2009]

Haven't been on here recently; just catching up. I believe that Scoogi's used to be the Whitemarsh Tavern long ago - they had a nice fireplace, and the best lamb chops I ever had in my life - my father's favorite. Jack McHugh: I remember you from the 50's growing up (I'm still on Copley up the street from your house). I well remember your mom (Mary?) with her thick brogue and good cheer, working in the great garden, replete with trellis, and your siblings. JBS mentioned Jim Howard, who lived at 5011, and you would have known the Primiano brothers up the street closer to me. Mrs. Pio still lives two or three doors down from your place (she just turned 85), her daughter Janet is on Copley across from me, and Vince Jurgaitis is still at 5007. Hope you're doing well!
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [07-16-2009]

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