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July 1-15, 2009

John Bruce Schmitt... on your post of 7/2/09 you mentioned you knew John Holt of Hansberry and Knox. He is my brother and I would like you to contact we with any information you may have as I have been trying to find him for a long time. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Jane Holt Rauscher, I lived at Hansberry and Knox and on Sheldon St. [07-15-2009]

I recently became aware of this sight (thanks Lou and Al P). Although I was born in Germantown, we moved to Olney several months after I was born. I found some references here to people I knew or heard about. My mother, Ann Rogers, is still with us and she was from Apsley Street. One of her brother's was known as Buck Rogers, a basketball player at Happy Hollow way back in the day. My Dad, known as Sleepy Walsh, was from Tacoma Street - he passed away in 1999. Mush Hart was a very close friend to my Dad, and I remember him well. The Gillespie's, from the funeral home, were close friends with both my parents, and I was married by Father Tom, who unfortunately passed away shortly before my 25th wedding aniversary in 1999.
Tom Walsh [07-15-2009]

Peanut: Never mind what Paul Borian says. There's always room at the inn for you. I'm sure Scoogi's can put a few more chairs around the table. Hope to see you on the 21st. John (Junior) Payne: "Trout" passed away about 20 years ago from a brain tumor. He was a great guy and died much too young. Rosemarie & Larry
Rosemarie Rinaldi [07-15-2009]

Dear Paul,I just read your Note,my question is how do you know if you are one of the 14 ?If you need my help just let me know.Hope all is well,I amdoing great!. Penn just took me off one of my anti-rejection drugs -great news
Al (peanuts )pauzano, 63 -Lansdale Liver Transplant [07-15-2009]

Hi Shelia,you said it all,let's hear from people from Chew and Chelten and Cowtown, where did they all go,hope you and your family are having a great summer,do you remember Harry Adams? Take Care Sandy
anonymous [07-15-2009]

ANNOUNCEMENT.....Scoogi's Italian restuarant cannot accomodate a moderate group of patrons at the July 21 luncheon.Accordingly,a small group of 14 will attend the luncheon,and discuss the possibility of a mini Happy Hollow reunion this coming fall.With proper planning and a more coordinated effort to accomodate a larger group,we believe will result in a more favorable outcome.....Sincerely,Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-14-2009]

For Joe Taylor here is the address germantownbrickyard.com
William Dougherty, Doc from Portico St [07-14-2009]

To Mizzy: Good to see you on this site. Thanks for you thoughts about my brother, Ralph. Did you see the postings about the luncheon on July 21 at ‘Scoogies’ in Flourtown?
Bonnie Gatto [07-14-2009]

To John (Junior) Payne: Good to see you on this site. Thanks for thoughts about my brother, Ralph. Joe Razz is living in Flourtown. He visits this site occasionally. Tommy Razz lives in Tenefly, NJ, just across the river from NYC; he was in the movie business until several years ago. Sadly, Jimmy Razz passed away several years ago. You’re exactly right about Bee-Bee playing left field at the Hollow. I remember seeing him climbing the left field hill and picking off fly balls amid the rocks, bushes and trees. I have a photo of a HH basket ball team with your brother, Cisco, my brother, Ralph, Goo Goo, Sonny Kennedy and many others.
Bonnie Gatto [07-14-2009]

Would like to hear from anybody who grew up at Penn & Magnolia.
Sheila, Phila. Pa. [07-14-2009]

Steve D'Ambrosio: It was great to see another old Germantown-Name appear on this site. My sister[Joan],your former colleague,will be pleased to know that you are retired and living in Columbus,Ohio-Buckeye-Country. I enjoyed the blogs about Lou's from 2 other colleagues-Bob Terranova&Bill James.Joan is retired from The Pharmacy Field. She lost her second daughter and is doing her best. She talks fondly of her days at Lou's.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-14-2009]

Paul Borian:I just arrived back from the hills and mountains of New Mexico where I was attempting to indulge in a little culture. I read your blog and you were doing a take on Dione Warwick-on the way to San Jose. If you had gone to San Jose,you might have attended Sant Clara where Kurt Rambis attended. Santa Clara is a Jesuit-School and Jesuit Schools produce great guards. While at Germantown,K.C. Jones was playing great defense for San Francisco[Jesuit] and he should have been a role- model for you. Jack Brogan suggests that being a points-guard was the ultimate -he is making a poignant point to you. He wanted you to be like John Stockton who went to Gonzaga[Jesuit]. Shooting&scoring are important but not the only thing. I did not practice at the Hollow-Gym which was very confined. I used weights to develop jumping-skills.I played at Queen-Lane Project where everybody jammed. It was thrilling to make a strip and go coast to coast with the ultimate goal-a dunk. You should have played there-your game would have been more fluid but you might have gotten into some hook-outs with your agressive defense. You were probaly destined to be a baseball-guy-your true love after Fran.
Schmitty [07-14-2009]

John Payne: I used to date someone named "John Holt" in the late 60's, we were both young. I heard he went into the military, after graduating from ValleyForge Mil. Acad.. don't know if this is the same 'John" or not, though. You could check with that school. Respectfully, Linda.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-14-2009]

Cheryl Raffle: Yep, Bobby and Rosaria did get married, and have one daughter, 'Gina Casey.' They're still married and living in. Ocean City, last I heard. Bobby's father in law passed away about a yr. or so ago.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-14-2009]

i'm still looking for that beautiful blond girl that lived on mechanic street. she was so much like a model. didn't get a chance to see much of her but she was a goddess. does anyone know who she was?
MICHAEL [07-14-2009]

Joe Taylor, the site is germantownbrickyard.com
patty [07-14-2009]

John Payne, Yes john I do remember you,the days at the Hollow were some of the happyiest days of my life .So many memories of Bonnie,Charlie Richie,Joe and tommy Raz,life was simple then .Thanks for the compliment,life has been a little rough over the past few years I am a recent liver transplant,I suffered from a liver diase called NASh,it comes from a fatty liver.But in Jan the good Lord came through for me after waiting for five years on the list .Hope to see you at Scoogi''s on the 21st.,take care Al -peanuts Pauzano
Al (peanuts ) pauzano, lansdale -63 -liver transplant [07-14-2009]

carmeela DiFerdinado are you related to a vincint lived . and joha DiRenzo did you go to holy rosary late 50s early 60s i think you and i where always bad in school,
pat sirianni [07-14-2009]

A bit of info----when I was at St. Francis in the 50's I went into the church one day and I found the side room to the left open, never being there before I entered and found a bulletin board with the names of all the members of St. Francis who had served in WWII. I told my father about it because I found his name on the board since he grew up up in the parish, He went to see it but the room was locked. At any rate 2 years ago when I was visiting the area I went into the church and the room was open---I went in and found the board with the 100's of names still there 50 years after. For those of you that had friends or family in the parish then--I hope the bulletin board is still there Jack McHugh
Jack McHugh [07-13-2009]

Would someone please give me the Brickyard site address. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [07-13-2009]

ERDA. i have seen Charlie he was working as a guard after he retired. he lives in upper roxboro.Glenn died about 3 years ago. I seen Chuck many years ago i think he still has the fence co? i dont remember Joe Cook Mike kelley died also about 5 yrs ago.I have not seen jimmie O'conell in years. i think he still lives in germantown.
RICH [07-13-2009]

Bill James. thank you for filling me in on Lou Cetrullo. If you find out anything about him, please let me know. I would love to connect with him if he is still with us. those were wonderful times that we spent in the Pharmacy.A relic of the past before CVS and Eckert drugs killed all the Mom and Pop pharmacists that were trained to compound prescriptions and were like family doctors in the neighborhoods in Philly and around the country. Keep in touch. Bob terranova
bob terranova [07-13-2009]

Carolyn- The boysclubbers are aware of Duff's passing. It was mentioned on the Germantown Brickyard website. I'll always remember how smoothly the sports leagues would run at the club with one adult and a bunch of teenagers in charge. Duff's speciality was fundamentals.I still remember him saying Get your glove on the ground or Control the ball then move. I also remember going to the club's library not to read but just to stare at pretty Miss Carolyn. Love to your family.
Eddie McMonagle, 52 Erdenheim [07-12-2009]

Dear Carolyn (Duff's daughter) I loved baseball. It was an every day joy in the summertime. While playing for the Braves at the Boys Club (with the likes if Jimmy Weston, Moe Sweeney and a second baseman named Dugan) as we were walking single file back to the Club for our shower after the game at the Acme lot your dad came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. Eddie if you don't play soccer you're not gonna play baseball next year. Of course I believed him and signed up. It took almost the whole season before I scored a goal. I think I was on Orange that year and finally finished on the winless Counts wearing a pair of wingtips much of the season . Without Duff's encouragement I wouldn't have been on Cardinal Dougherty's City championship team 1969-70. I believe it was the first time North Catholic was knocked off in 10 years. Jack Smith was our coach and what a leader he was. Dennis Beerley, Steve Smith, Joey DiDonato,Jimmy and Eddie Weston Frankie Gelespie and a bunch of other Duff Leavitt influenced players were on the team and I'm sure a number of others from North. God bless Duff. Good job good and and faithful servant.
Eddie O'Neill [07-12-2009]

Rich, Huntingdon Valley Sorry I did not answer you sooner.. I have not been on this site for awhile.. I have seen Paul and Sally in the past years… They live in Jersey and have a full life with the family.. Have not heard from Benita and Glenn in years.. They lived in the Levittown area the last I heard from them.. As for Chuck! When I still lived in the neighborhood he was like a bad penny you never knew when he would show up… He lives in Jersey and use to own his own fencing business.. He and Jim O’Connell put a new fence around our house on Morris Street..in the early 90's Charlie Kelly is retired from the Philadelphia police. And is was in real estate for awhile.. At one time he lived on Johnson Street Blue Bell Hill but again not sure where he is now. Sorry I do not remember you.. Oh did you ask about Joe Cook he was in Levittown area also..
Erda, West Side [07-12-2009]

We are looking for Margie Boylan who lived on Mcmahon ave. in Germantown. She is a graduate from Little Flower High School 1956 and went to Immaculate. any info would be appreciated.
Carmela Diferdinando Conklin [07-12-2009]

Peanuts. Not sure if you remember me, but I remember you. My memory is that you were always smiling. I cannot think of a time when you weren't smiling. Not a bad legacy.
John (junior) Payne [07-12-2009]

Bob Terranova, Lou's wife was Marley. (and the rest of this is making a short story long). I liked hearing Marley talk. She had a thick Swiss accent. I remember seeing her obit awhile back. Lou was still in Jersey then. I did hear that Lou was in Arizona but I didn't know he was there with Gina. I baby-sat her a couple times. Lou liked to throw money my way. I mowed his lawn once or twice too. He had a great house there on McKean. Lou had me go over there another time for Monica to help me prepare for the college boards. She was my age....and smart. She went to Girl's High. She planned to be a teacher but after that day, schooling me, maybe she changed her mind. Lou was a mentor to me also. I visited him at the store for years after I wasn't working there any more. He was always concerned. Years ago, my brother in Jersey started a home repair business with a friend of his who turned out to be Lou's nephew, Ned. The business is no more but they still hang together. The last I heard from Ned, Lou was still living and in Arizona. But that was a while ago. I'll have to catch up with Ned and ask how Lou is. Maybe he has a home address, phone number,or an e-mail address for Lou.
Bill James [07-12-2009]

Correction. While reading recent posts I saw that I gave Larry Rinaldi credit for shagging fly balls from the hillside/rocks at the hollow. While Larry was an awesome athlete, it was actually Joe (Bee-Bee) Rossi who was the gazelle on the hillside at the summer evening softball games. Many a visiting player hit a line drive into the rocks assuming he would have a safe hit, only to see BB go bounding across the gully, up the hillside, and, POP!, caught it. Amazing. Still burned into my memory.
John Payne [07-12-2009]

john direnzo iwent to Holy Rosary School.patty difrancesco marie joseph lino bambina miss all the good times i had in germantown.nice seeing names i remenber
patty garvey, mayfair [07-11-2009]

Tony.I remember the day your brother fell on the fence very scarey. I LIVED AT 30 W.WASHINGTON LN. next to the Osbornes.Your dad was the one who fixed the vw. I was in you yard a lot.
rich [07-11-2009]

Just to let all you Germantown Boys Club alumni know that Duff passed on June 10th. Any rememberances would be appreciated humorous or serious Thanks Carolyn
Carolyn Leavitt Soley, Duff's Daughter [07-11-2009]

Dear Mizzy so good to see you on this site,I don'tknow if you remember me but I also hung with Bonnie,Charlie,richie,& Tom & Joe Razz.Ilived on Wayne Ave.near Manhiem st.Hope you are Well,My older brother was Lou.
Al-peanuts -pauzano, 63 -Lansdale Liver Transplant [07-11-2009]

Hi Guy Cerrato. Remember me! Little Johnny DiRenzo. Sadie Milione's son. Mom passed away in Dec. 1999.
John DiRenzo [07-10-2009]

To Anonymous. I grew up with all the Jaquinto's. Bucky (Anthony) Donnie ( Ears ) ( Susan ) and Petey. Didn't know pete died. haven't been in touch for many years. We all went to holy rosary together. All of us almost a year or two apart from each other.
John DiRenzo [07-10-2009]

LFontana. Didn't Rosaria marry Bobby Casey. I didn't know her but I remember Bobby even though he was older than me. His family lived across the street from my grandparents. The Milione's and our friends the Marucci"s
John DiRenzo [07-10-2009]

Hello Rich, my brother was the one who got injured on a picked fence, i think the guy across the street was Phillip, he was my driving instructor. my sister was i think the blond girl you remember,we lived on 64 west washington lane.did you live on washington lane?
Tony Braspennincx [07-10-2009]

Hi John DeRenzo, I just emailed you. nice to hear from you. Your father was the butcher on the corner of Ross and Haines, if I remember right. I love going in there. Sawdust all over and hanging meat, YUCKY! I also loved going to Boo's candy store on the corner there. We got so much candy for a nickel. lol So great to hear from you.
Cheryl Raffle [07-10-2009]

Linda Fontana. Hi there. Rosairia married Bobby Casey. I loved Bobby up until he made me fall off the back of motorcycle. I never got on another one. Bobby and Rosaria were best friend with my brother Francis Raffle
Cheryl Raffle [07-10-2009]

mizzy great to see you on site still in the game you known what I mean johnny boy called me a couplemonths ago haven/t seen him in 30 years or so .and I/lltell you and him some of my most enjoyable years were all about hanging john mc geegan.hope to see you and john at the next 50s 60s hollow reunion.I appreciate and like the way bruceS AND PAULB KEEP THE BALL ROLLING on this site thanks dom raff
dom raff, the shore [07-10-2009]

Anybody from East Side know John Holt. St. Francis class of 58. John and I were in the same class, and were in Marine boot camp at the same time also. I know John went into the insurance business, but I married and moved to CA for about seven yrs. and lost track of him. Any info would be appreciated.
John Payne [07-10-2009]

Bonnie Gatto: So sorry to hear about Ralph. I just learned of his passing via this site. He was really a nice guy. Great sense of humor. I hope all is well with you. This site brings back so many memories.Lots of touch fb games at the hollow after school. I still remember you as part of an inseparable foursome of Charlie McGeehan (sp?), Tommy Razzano, and Richie Rossie, and of course you.I've seen references to Joe Razz on this site, and am wondering if he is still in Philly. I considered Joe a good friend. I have not seen any references to Jimmy Razz. At our age, I'm almost afraid to ask about people for fear of getting bad news. Hopefully he is doing well also. The last I heard of Tommy Razz was that he was doing site locating for the movie industry. I'm not sure how accurate that info was, but I'm sure you must stay in touch. Take care. I'll look forward to keeping up via this site.
John Payne [07-10-2009]

jbs and all. I worked a Louis pharmacy for many years.Lou Cetrullo was a great friend and mentor to me.He used to crack my Mother up when she came into get an RX because he would speak Italian to her. He also was quite the ladies man and bought the store from the infamous, Lane Collins, a man who went both ways and was a drunk but very smart professional. Funny how the world turns. I last saw Lou in the 80's when i was practicing in Turnersville nj.He developed diabetes and had painful feet from nerve damage.What a role reversal!he taught me how to fill prescriptions and read doctors handwriting when i was a teenager and college student. He moved to Arizona about then to live near his daughter Gina.He had another daughter, Monica and his wife was Swiss. I forget her name but Bob D'Angelo would remember since I taught him and Billy Daly the ropes. I fell in love with Dr.Daly's daughter Mary Kay at Lou's Pharmacy when she was 16 and I was 18. I wonder if Lou is still alive??? What great memories! What was the name of Scoogies before??? Flourtown tavernor something like that. I'm sure you will be able to answer that question with your photographic memory. Have fun with the Hollow crew.Bob Terranova
bob terranova [07-10-2009]

To the person who wrote that he remembers Bille the Butcher. What is your name?
John Direnzo [07-10-2009]

Elizabeth McCarthy. I'm a '54 classmate from Immaculate and co-organizer of our 50th reunion. I'm sorry you could not make the reunion. It was a special treat for all who attended. Another classmate, Tom McCarthy was there. Any relation to Tom? If you didn't do so already, go to www.friendsofimmaculate.com and click on Reunion and scan down to Class of '54 Reunion and see the many photos of this gala event. Jodina, Eileen, Tilda and Francis Murry were there. I'm sure you don't recognize me as the good Sisters kept me in the all boys class for all 8 years. Charlie Peterson - IC '54; NC '58
Charlie Peterson [07-10-2009]

Some of My Graduating class Jodina Errechetti- Eileen McIlhenny- Charlotte Rose-Tilda Testa -Alicia Burke-Francis Murray-. I have fond memories of Germantown I lived at 802 E.Chelten Avenue right next door to Mickey McGuires Tavern and right across the street at the corner a Ajax Cleaners then there was a drug store. I remember the night was Halloween about 1944 or 45 and there was a flse alarm pulled for a fire four trucks came from four different direction and they collided firemen were flying all over the place,my older brothers were stopping crs and putting firemen in them to run them to the Germantown hospital. There was a woman standing in front of the cleners waiting for troley the 52 and she was pushed right thru the plate glass window and of course she died. I was only about 4 at the time but my brother and sister had just cross the intersection to finish there trick and treating they were going to Erricchetti Funeral Home to boob for apples and we were so afraid they were involved in all that Oyr family sold Christmas tree every year in front of our house every year .I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters if anybody remembers any of them Mary Rita-Pat-LaRue-Charlie-Dan-Jack-Jim & Tim McCarthy. I remember warching the crowd coming back from the Novena every monday night what wonderful memories i had growing up in germantown I plane to make one last visit down there before I pass away not that I plan to but I want to relive my past with my children. If anyone wants to write please do I would love to hear from someone rom my past.
Elizabeth McCarthy, live in Levittown graduated in 1954 [07-09-2009]

Bruce Schmitt..thanks for the update. Yes, Cisco, became Frank many years ago. He is still living in Philly with his wife and family (some grown and married of course). Thanks for the update on your brother Ken. One of the really nice guys in my class. Glad to here he is doing well.The news probably did a job on the destruction at The Villages. Considering the size of the place, it really wasn't that bad, (unless of course, it was your home that got hit :)).Otherwise, it's a great place to live. Never thought I would like the heat, but central FL, is no worse for humidity in the summer than Philly was. I have been pleasantly surprised, and really do not mind shovelling the sunshine in February. Good to hear from you. PS My memories of Larry Rinaldi are watching him shag fly balls from the side of the hill/rocks at the hollow. An amazing athlete.
John Payne [07-09-2009]

bonnie gatto. sorry i could not attend ralph funeral I had previous committment. charlie mcgeehan.I had conversation with your cousin johnnie boy a few months ago ref real estate and ask about some of the hollow guys lives in conn. john fries. john fries is class act. he is involved in north catholic alumni ass.he raised funds for the school. mike rose of the roses of clapier street has a successful restaurant in manayunk called the brew house. all you scalea fans famous tomotoe pie located in n.e. phila. under the name of gaeto's 7616 castor ave. 2157452262 superior bakery nigros corner of keyser /logan sts. during the summer the smell of the bread 11:00pm every night.beebee rossie work for the bakery delivering bread i rembered A4;00 am whistle in the shower he was our alarm clock. corner guys the older guys,names of the past:hookie belson,pittsburgh,trout,jack caboo,sal onions bocella,goo,joe shankie,dom raffale,post time @garden state park. lot of memories,good old days.
john mizzy miglionico, happy hollow,sixty five, [07-09-2009]

tony are you the boy who fell on the spike fence.? do you remember the two guys who lived across the street from you. they lived right next to each other one was dave the other one was the captain of st joes basket ball team. he was older than us.than there was bill enderle he lived up the corner from you. than there was the girl who lived at 58 washington ln. cant remember her name.was your sister the blond or tony's sister every guy on the street went crazy for ? do you ever here from tony.
rich [07-09-2009]

To Gillian Anderson,yes i remember the Peters Famly .i remember franks pizza s they were really goed also the fried shrimp platters were really good.as i understand it you had some kontakt with my brother peter,We moved back to Holland in 1971,because my mother was so homesick,
tony Braspennincx [07-09-2009]

to John Bruce Schmitt: It was great to hear about Lou's pharmacy and Joan. We had a great time working together. How is Joan? Do you know where Lou is?
Steven D'Ambrosio, living in Columbus, Ohio, home of the Buckeyes. now retired. [07-09-2009]

John DiRenzo, Jr...you may have gone to school with my husband, Flavio's two nephews, Lucio and Danny Fontana..one of them should be your age and went to Holy Rosary, they lived right around the corner from that church. Respectfully, Linda Fontana-P>S> Their father, "Dioneggio" just passed away not long ago, and their sister Rosaria Fontana-Casey lives in >Ocean City.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-09-2009]

John Bruce Schmitt....I see that you are on your way to Santa Fe.Stay away from the drug stores as they can be very dangerous.I was smart enough to not stray very far from Wayne and logan;thus,avoiding the dangerous Germantown drug stores with all the robberies,shootings,etc.Instead of hanging out at the drug stores,you should have spent more time at the Hollow gym and PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE,like A.I. On your way home from Santa Fe,make a right,then a left to the front door of Scoogi's.A cold diet coke will be awaiting you......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-09-2009]

to rich: no we didnt live next door to the vw shop we were the vw shop, the family Klimp lived in our house at 64 washington lane later we moved to 66 washington lane. do you know any more people who lived in our street?
tony braspennincx [07-08-2009]

I remember billy the butcher. As a kid i used to kick the wood shavings he had all over the floor. Magnolia ave was a great hill for riding the carts we used to make out of wood and acme cart wheels and a piece of rope. it was dangerous riding into haines street but fun.
louoldies [07-08-2009]

To Dennis McGlinchey My name is Bob Dean. I grew up in Germantown with Wayne. -rode motoycycles with Barbara's brother George - so knowing Barbara - introduced Wayne to Barbara I was part of their Wedding Party. They were both, not only wonderful people and parents, but two of my best friends, who I will never forget and always miss.
Bob dean [07-08-2009]

Borian: All those years at The Hollow and I thought my position was points guard. One thing though, I only shot when I had the ball.
John Brogan, Dave's Drugstore, Morris and Apsley [07-08-2009]

Dennis McGlinchey: Your read on Wayne Armstrong was absolutely correct. I knew him when he was a young guy and he was a people-person. He knew how to get along with some bad actors. John Burke who posts on this site,knew one of those wild and crazy bikers-he lived next-door. John's father was a rugged guy but that did not prevent Billy C. from riding his bike up the steps. Wayne had good rapport with Billy C. Erda Armstrong might be related to Wayne and I am sure that she aprreciated your most kind remarks. Keep Posting- every neighborhood brings something to this wonderful site.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-08-2009]

Joe Razzano& Bor: This luncheon on July 21,at High-Noon is turning into a party or a "Happening". Tony D'Angelo and Matt Fasano selected this location-I have not been there in 25 years. Scoogi's will be happy for this good turnout-most restaurants are not doing well. Paul! I can only comment that Larry Rinaldi and Jack Brogan were excellent players-I do remember that you were not a gunner since nobody passed you the ball. It must have been frustrating that the only time that you shot was after the rebound.You are correct that I am losing my memory-only the short-term,my wife always reminds me when it is trash-day.However,I do remember the Catholic City-Championship Game of 1957 when North played LaSalle High. Jack Brogan was not gunning since Joe Heyer was burning up the nets and Obie O"Brien Jr. was passing-Joe Heyer had 30+ but North won when Big Zeke tapped in a missed shot with 1 second left. There was not enough time for Jack B.to make the winning shot since Joe Heyer would have been double-teamed. Joe Lynch might remember that game but he was playing for Bobby Goo at St. Francis in 1957. That was a great game and Sonny Kennedy played in a great game against Overbrook and a scout must have liked his all-around game since Rider gave him a scholarship. You were blessed to know so many great athletes-they had a good impact on you. Many guys are coming to this event-with this financial situation,you and Frank Felice will be asked about poker srategy and tips for the track. Everybody will be springing.BOB TERANOVA: I hope that you read that terrific blog by your former colleague and friend-Bill James. He really explained the culture of the old drug stores. Frank Felice will be coming to the party[luncheon] and he worked at Pepper's in Pulaskitown. You were friends with George Felice[brother].You have been a cultural inluence on me-especially the opera. Tomorrow,I am heading to Santa Fe and I will go to an Open-Air Opera-a lot different than a Grateful Dead Concert if you know what I mean.
JBS [07-08-2009]

yes my wife knows her from second baptist church at Johnson and germantown ave she is a lawyer.

Would like to hear from those people who went to Holy Rosary in the 60's
John DiRenzo Jr., Grew up on 600 E. stafford st. went to holy rosary school. My great uncle was " Billy The Butcher " who had his shop on Magnolia and Haines. I am 57 yrs old [07-07-2009]

Does anybody remember a girl named Donna Adelsburger, she used to sit in front of me at Henry H.Housten school.
Tony Braspennincx [07-07-2009]

Bill James: I commend you on your last blog which included an encyclopedic memory and knowledge of the drug-stores in West Germantown. Naturally,your favorite was Lou's Pharmacy where you gained so much knowledge and wisdom about life,business and interpersonal skills.My sister[Joan Schmitt]also worked there and liked and respected Lou and also her colleagues-Bob Terranova and Steve D'Ambrosio. Joan worked at Lou's after she and my brother[Rick] were held up at gun-point at her drug-store which was located at Queen&Laurens and was called,"Manor Drug".Ed Burke who posts on this site,worked there.I knew the guys who perpretrated the crime from playing basketball in Pulaskitown[The Project].I asked one of them,"Why Did You Rob My Sister? He replied,"He Had NO Idea THat My Sister Owned A Drug_Store and He Was Just Working". These could have been the same guys who shot Doc Flaherty when he was in your place[Lou's]. His street smarts saved his life since they shot him.I agreed with most of your comments about the various stores in G-town. Joan told me that Leedom&Wisler at Chelten&Pulaski was the class-store. Darrow's had a history-they might have been the first store in Philly to sell the Monoply-game.Kodner's at Wayn&Seymour was well known for their fountain and there was another Kodner's In East Falls. You played softball for Tilden Pharmacy and I knew a lot of guys who hung on that corner including my older brother[cactus Jack]. He knew older guys like The Taylor Brothers-Tommy Taylor had a rep and did some work for the teamsters but he was not a truck-driver. Tommy T. hung out at his younger brother's bar in The Falls and you might have had a few brews there after the game. Back in the day Murphy's on Henry Ave. was also popular and there might be a Murphy's Saloon on Bowman or Conrad-I heard that it is still nice back there. I will be seeing some of the old timers from Wayne Ave. whose parents owned stores-the grocery stores were Fasono's and O Gara's which were across from your beloved Hollow. Bill! We always enjoy your posts.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-07-2009]

Billy James -I have seen Jerry Funaro over the last few years and he is doing well. Still a great guy and in good shape He lives in NJ.
Bob D'Angelo [07-07-2009]

John McHugh:I remember you from St. Francis where you were in Brother Ken's class["58". I just posted a blog to John Payne who was also in your class. Jim Howard and Dave Glancey were also in your class and they lived near you-not far from the Gtn. Cricket Club on Manheim St. Sheila and Pat Kirk lived in that neighborhood. Pat Kirk was in my class at SFA["55"] and Married Bill Green[Mayor] at St.Fran. The altar-boy was Joe McHugh-your kid brother. Brother Joe had a beautiful house and was a neighbor of Mayor Green and his family. I knew Jack Scanlan[Morris St.] and his good friend Don Steele] from Gtn. Friends,was also Joe's neighbor. Joe was a pilot and owned an airplane with my Brother Rick. Your sister-in-law[Stephanie] was in a garden club with my cultured-mother[Marguerite] for many years. Joe and Stephanie were very friendly with my mother and step-father[F. Gordon Bradley].When my parents sold their lovely home in Ft. Washington,they wanted to give many beautiful things to Joe&Stephanie but they were very gracious and only accepted a few items. I see that you live in Houston but my wife and I hangout in San Antonio where we like to experience Hispanic-Culture-my wife comes from Argentina. You post that Houston is hot-Mark Sanford[Governor] thinks Argentina is hot,Wilbur Mills also thought Argentina was hot-Fanny Faye was from Argentina. John! Say "OLA" to the McHugh family and keep posting-Amigo,"Pura Vida".
John Bruce Schmitt [07-07-2009]

John[Junior] Payne: Another famous Happy Hollow name has posted from Florida. You and your brother[Cisco] were stalwarts at the Hollow. I see that you use John and did Brother Francis abandon Cisco. Paul Borian showed me a photo of the Hollow guys with Cisco and also Moodie Doyle. You were in my Brother Ken's class at St. Francis["58"].You were on the basketball team with him,John Fowler,Dick Masterson,Jim Kehan,and Frank Klock. You were taught by that wonderful nun-Sister Grace. I saw on your blog that you were married on the same as Sonny Kennedy at St. Fran- I know that Rev. PJ did not marry you.I hope that you are enjoying Florida-there was huge destruction at the Villages and with God's Grace,you might have been spared. Ken is living in Jenkintown-reading books,shooting pool and looking for Ms. Perfect.Our family had a restaurant in Montco and we all left the business. I will be meeting with a lot of The Hollow Guys on July 21. Being a Hollow Guy,you must enjoy the dialogue between Mr. Offense[Larry Rinaldi] and Mr. Defense[Paul Borian].So many of The Hollow People have passed away-Bobby Goo,many of the Raffaele Brothers,Ralph Gatto etc. I learned recently from Dom Raffaele that Bob LaValle died and he was friends with Cisco[brother]-Bob L. also spent time in Florida. Enjoy the Villages and play lots of golf where you can supplement your income-Goo will be watching.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-07-2009]

Peanuts....sorry to say that I do not remember the great Happy Hollow fourth of july events,especially the fireworks.I do remember the boys of the Hollow creating their own fireworks on other days with all the arguing,bickering,and sometimes fighting.Today,the gunshots could be mistaken for fireworks...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-07-2009]

jbs i am getting a lot of requests as to the time of the luncheon at scoogies on the 21st can you place it on the web site thanks joe razzano
anonymous [07-07-2009]

Larry Rinaldi...one of the Giants of the Hollow.It was your elbows,not your speed.I am still sporting welts all over my body from your sharp elbows.Looking forward to seeing you and your better half at the luncheon on the 21st.Sounds like it will be standing room only.I wonder if Scoogi's will survive the boys of the Hollow.Pity the poor spouses and the servers.Maybe we should bring our own brown bags and booze and have a block party at Wayne and Logan,send the ladies home,and B.S. the night away,as we did 50 years ago.I am ready to challenge you to a racer from Wayne and Logan to the Wayne Junction Diner.We can stop for a few minutes at apsley street to recharge with a Bud Light before we collapse at the diner..........Schmitty.....I sense a small hole in your remarkable memory;big Jack Brogan was a GUNNER.His next pass will be his first.When I saw him last month in the beautiful state of Maine,he could only use his left hand to drink his beer.His right arm is shot to hell from his Hollow "gunning" days.He took more shots in one game than Sonny did in a week..
Paul Borian [07-07-2009]

To Jhon Bruce Schmitt.We moved to the netherlands in december 1971 i am also a art lover,i used to spend a few days a week just drawing with my friend jimmy jones who later became a professional drummer, i remember that i could draw better than the art teacher at school.i started working hier in Holland as a apprentice car painter and later started my own business in custom spray painting.I am probebly more a dutchman than American at the moment.i do miss the old germantown. i,d hoped toreach some of my old school friends and my exchange memories on this website but have not seen any familiar names, but who knows
Tony Braspennincx [07-07-2009]

tony you lived next to tony klemp. and the guy that fixed vw motors. ?
rich [07-07-2009]

Interesting that the name of Wayne Armstrong continues to come up in Germantown discussions here. He and his wife Barbara were neighbors of mine in Plymouth Township for a few years, until their deaths a few years back. Both were the nicest, friendliest people you could ever meet. They were taken way too soon.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-07-2009]

does anypne remember the great 4th of July events at the Hollow ?they were fun times,my Dad aaaaaalways helped out .The age of innocence will never be forgotten.We would enjoy Bonie Gatto Dad lemonade and at night we would watch fireworks from his front porch.Ah,to be 10 again Hope everyone had a great 4th.
A;-Peanuts -Pauzano, Lansdale -63 _liver Transplant [07-06-2009]

To Rich Huntington. I lived on the same side as the Osbornes,4 houses away from the antiek shop. i remember them wel but we were not really vriends
tony braspennincx [07-06-2009]

Paul Borian: Your critique of Happy-Hollow basketball was excellent- a tough city game.I agree with you that Larry Rinaldi was impossible to guard when he drove towards the basket. I knew a guy from Kensington[Charlie Harkins] who played at North with him and he also thought that Larry played a tough game. Charlie knew the Berkery family-especially the brother who tended bar in Chestnut Hill-enough said if you know what I mean. You played against Angelo Coia And Herberly Adderly[NFL] and all three had explosive speed. Joe Lynch,Duncan Hubley and I played against Leroy Kelly and he had explosive speed in football and in basketball,he was quick and strong but not the powerful burst towards the basket like Larry R. and Ken Twiford. You are also correct that Joe Lynch played more at Fernhill and he picked up Sonny Kennedy and Jack Brogan's game which was pass and cut-get open. I would have liked to see a 2 on 2 with Borian&Rinaldi against Lynch&McIlhinney[Pat] for a decent wager.Pat MC had an Ollie Power's type-jumper but larry might have intmidated him. You might have matched up Ok against Joe L. but he was a little bigger and he would have released his jumper. You never came to Fernhill-it was pinochle-country and that was not your card-game of choice. I surmise that you played a better poker-game against the college-kids than the corner-boys who were older. I do know that the guy who recruited you,liked poker.It looks like we are going to have a good size group at Scoogi's-you and Larry can cut cards for the check. I am sorry to hear about your 401-k-it would be a tragedy if you had to give up the beach at Sea Isle or the ski-house. Remember your ace in the hole-those good friends[Dom&Frank],2 great handicappers.
Schmitty: [07-06-2009]

Tony Braspennicx: I hope that you enjoyed Independence Day in The Netherlands. This site is amazing that we get so many International Bloggers.When I lived in Europe and visited Holland,you were attending Lingelbach where my niece[Lynn Waxler] and her brother[Peter] were at school in the 60's. Amsterdam is a great city with wonderful museums,the Rijks-museum which probaly has the greatest collection of Rembrandts in the world. I was connected with an International Sculptor[Peter Kapschutschenko] who was impressed with Rembrandt's sensitivity to the human condition. The Dutch Painters were extraordinary-Van Gogh,Rembrandt and Vermeer. I saw the film,"The Girl With The Pearl Earings",which was about Vermeer. The boat rides on the canals were enjoyable where one could see the architecture of the old houses. I was in Holland at a wild and crazy time[the 60's]. You could fine anything that you wanted and one needed discipline to survive. There was a red-light district[De Wallen] and there were many shops with red-lights,with live samples in the windows. Being a straight-laced and clean-cut guy,I did not purchase any of the products,my German Fraulein would have cooked my goose or cut off my toe.Lautrec would have loved to paint those ladies of the night. We were fortunate to have only nice ladies in Germantown and not mercenary. Do you miss Germantown and Philadelphia or have you become a Dutchman? Keep us informed and you do'nt have to worry about putting your finger in the dike.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-06-2009]

Sorry just sent the message about 4th of July at Happy Hollow---forgot to add that the woman in question was doing the work in the 50's & 60's Jack
Jacs McHugh [07-06-2009]

I have been reading this web site for almost a year now and I find it very interesting but I have one question---any possibility of adding photos? 4th of July fact---in the late 1960's I worked for the IRS for a year, my supervisor was a woman & I sorry to say I can't remember her name---anyway she told me she lived on Clapier St. next to Happy Hollow and that she was in charge of organizing the games there for the children for the 4th----I do remember having a lot of fun during these events---we lived over on W. Clapier & Copley
Jack McHugh, living in Houston Texas area--too hot [07-06-2009]

Hey Paul Borian - it wasn't my elbows that took you down. It was my speed - I could leave you in the dust when driving for the basket.
Larry Rinaldi [07-06-2009]

I copied this from a newspaer in Oneonto NY newspaper; ONEONTA _ Dudley R. "Duff" Leavitt Jr., of Oneonta, and husband of the Rev. Cynthia Walton-Leavitt, passed away Wednesday, June 10, 2009, at Bassett Healthcare in Cooperstown. A full obituary with service times will appear in a later edition of The Daily Star. Arrangements are pending with the Lester R. Grummons Funeral Home, Oneonta. Published in The Daily Star on 6/12/2009 An additional obituary is in the Sunday Inquirer: LEAVITT Jr. Dudley R. "Duff", June 10, 2009, former Executive Director of the Germantown Boys Club. Survived by wife Cynthia Walton-Leavitt; children Carolyn Soley, Geoff Leavitt, Leslie Leavitt; 8 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Celebration of Life will be held at 1 P.M. July 18th at the First Presbyterian in Oneonto NY. Donations to Variety- The Childrens Charity
Bill [07-06-2009]

This is a great blog. I am the youngest of the Payne family who lived on Afbbottsford Ave, off Wayne Ave., across the street from Ed (Sonny) Kennedy. As a matter of fact, Sonny and I were both had our weddings on the same day at St. Francis. It's great seeing all the names from the past on this blog. A little sad to see some of the friends, acquaintances, and mentors who have left us.
John (Junior) Payne, 65 - The Villages, FL - [07-05-2009]

Bonnie Gatto.maybe we could search the web.the correct spelling of his last name Sweitzer, middle name charles. let me know if you come up with any info. Bob
bob terranova [07-05-2009]

JBS. I used to visit a lot of the drugstores in Germantown when I worked at Lou's. If we ran out of a particular drug and needed it to fill a prescription, he would call one of the other stores in the 'friendly' network (not Kodner's) and I'd go there to pick it up. I don't remember them all but to name a couple, Wyneva Pharmacy at Wayne Ave., Scarpello's (I think that was the name) at Gtn. & Clapier, and Leedom & Wissler at Chelton and Pulaski. I don't remember going to Darrow's to pick up anything for Lou but I always liked that store. The pharmacist's in those mentioned stores were all friendly, helpful people. Many people used them for medical advice rather than go to a M.D. You mentioned Tilden, I played on an East Falls softball team at McDevitt Rec in the late 80's that was sponsored by Tilden Drug Store. Did you say in a past post that your sister, Joan, owned that store at one time? Wayne and Manheim was a great place to work. A lot of names I read on this site, I would rub elbows with there. Peanut lived across the street, the Raffaeles lived around the corner. There was always something going on at Abbramondi's. Lou's was their first aid center for meat slicer cuts. I think Johnny Abbramondi had more people working for him than he had customers. I remember seeing Mrs. Raffaele frequently. She had a definite presence in that area. With respect, I say she was like the mayor around there. I used to eat at Sal's and then when her son, Joe opened his steak shop, I would eat there too. I was torn. Sal was always good to us. Same thing with Palo's and Fasano's. If I went to one, I felt like I was cheating on the other. I didn't have that problem between Lane Collins and Kodner's; Jacob Kodner wouldn't let me in his store. He had a great soda fountain though. Sometimes he wouldn't see me long enough for me to 'get a taste' before he threw me out. Lane Collins was a much more friendly drugstore anyway. And that continued with Lou. Lou turned out some pretty good people. Hello, Bob. Both of you. Ever hear from Jerry?
Bill James [07-05-2009]

to rich huntingdon valley---jim o'Connell and Sally are my cousins-sally and paul are married live in jersey and have 6 kids--jimmy still lives in Germantown
anonymous, vera --morris st. [07-05-2009]

Joe Leone,I also use to hang out at Seymore and Gtn Ave.I thing that i am three yrs older than you.
Carol Drakely McFeeters, use to live in Gtn [07-05-2009]

Tony sorry i dont remember you i also lived on washington lane. 30 west.I lived right next to the Osbournes 3rd house from the corner.I lived there 50 and 60.I left in 71.Did you live on the east side or west side ? i worked at doc reeses drug store and georges atlantic.when i was a kid.
rich [07-05-2009]

Joe Gatto-Bonnie Hope youare well.My brother and I are coming to Scoogi's on the 21st I continue to do well I was at Penn on Tues,They were happr sooooooooooo.Iam Happy!
Al peanuts Pauzano, Lansdale 63yr.liver transplant [07-05-2009]

Hello Schmity; Your 7/2 post has me pumped up! I am ready for a comeback at age 71.I would like to hire you as my agent,but the compensation will be meager because Wall Street has dealt me a cruel blow.Should have stayed with poker and the ponies.What do you think?I am working on my jump shot and am happy to report that I can now shoot it with my feet one inch off the floor.Also,I can now jump with all my might and touch the bottom of the net.After shooting a dozen jump shots,my right arm is sore.Are you still interested? By the way,nobody could stop Larry Rinaldi on his drive to the basket because he would always throw an elbow in your face.Larry,please attend the luncheon on the 21st because I am ready to challenge you to a best of three in game of Horse(where your elbows will be a non factor)......Now I know why Joe Lynch did not play that much basketball at the Hollow.There was no room for players who moved well wthout the ball,and who liked to pass.At the Hollow,if you were lucky to get the ball,you had better shoot and make it,or you would never see the ball again.Joe,all that unneccessary running around kept you in good shape......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-05-2009]

Bob Terranova: About Eddie Sweatzer ­ I posted a comment on this site about Ed’s whereabouts some time ago and never had anyone come back with any information. The last I heard of him he was hanging out in a bar in Juniata; that was sometime in the early 70’s. Ed had several attractive girlfriends. I believe one of them was a girl named Honey and I seem to recall she lived on your street. Eddie, Chalie McGeehan and I were close friends and played a lot of sports on the same teams. Ed was a very good basketball and football player.
Bonnie Gatto [07-03-2009]

To Rich Huntingdon. Reply: yes i lived on 66 washington lane in the 50s and 60s.do you remember me ore any of my friends?
Tony Brspennincx [07-03-2009]

To Erda Graham.Do you remember Jimmie O,Connor or his sister Salley. i think she married Paul Ginty how about challie kelley or Glenn Kelley. Chuck Livinston.Ricky Fries Joe Grason ? blast from the past.
rich, huntingdon valley [07-03-2009]

Erda [Armstrong] Graham: Your last blog resonated with me since you talked about a great neighborhood in West Germantown. You hung out at Darrow's which was a famous drug store at Morris&Chelten. At that time,I was hanging out at The Delmar-Morris which had a cool and dark ambiance-needless to say there were interesting conversations taking place- I gave you the best years of my life. There were many nice apartments in that area where great parties took place-The Hathaway House comes to mind. At The Hathaway House,there was cocktail-lounge which was operated by Apples Kelly-a former PPD Detective.There were other drug-store corner-hangouts not far from you-Manheim U at Wiss.&Manheim,Tilden Corner-Vaux&Tilden,Ridge&Midvale where JOe Queenan worked at the drug store there. Joe Queenan is a famous author,humorist,and satirist who lived in the East-Falls Project and graduated from CD where you might have graduated.The Armstrong name rings a bell with me. I knew a guy who liked fast cars and big bikes. One evening,I had an altercation with a biker and he smoothed things out. Wayne was an easygoing guy and not like some of the guys at Front&Spring Garden where there was a clubhouse. His father worked at Midvale and he liked to pump iron-I suspect that Wayne was a relative and his sister was younger and knew a lot of girls from St. Vincent including Sue Stasson.A lot of people from your neighborhod went to Mass at St. Catherine's on Sunday-Big Bill Dunfey went to Mass there with Bill Mulvey. You lived in a great neighborhood but there were no playgrounds but you had Clark Park which was given to Philadelphia by the Clark Family. The Clark Family had a Quarry on Wayne Ave. and also gave this ground to Philadelphia for Happy Hollow Playgroun. The Clark Family had a mansion next to The Continental Post on the 5100 block of Wissahickon Ave.Incidentally,Paul Borian had a good friend[Frank Felice] who worked at a drug store on Morris St.-it was'nt Darrow's but Pepper's. Germantown drugstores fascinated me since my sister had owned a drug store. Erda! I have enjoyed your posts.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-03-2009]

Bonnie[JG]&Peanuts[AL]: I am looking forward to seeing both of you on July 21 at Scoogi's-the group is getting bigger.Ray Dawes is coming and he knew Joe Lynch and Joe Razzano from ST. Francis where they were coached by the legendary Bobby Goo Guarinello. It would be great if Joe R. could make it but I have not seen him on this site for sometime. The group will encompass a large age-span and it will be a bunch of good folks.
Schmitty [07-03-2009]

Joe Leone,Bobby Taylor had a older brother but i dont know his name.Iremember Chris Oneal. As for Franny Earley, she married my brother Tommy and they had 5 kids.Franny now lives atAlden Park Manor.Franny was about ten yrs older than me. Carol
Carol Drakely McFeeters [07-03-2009]

does anyone remember jimmy mclaughlin from penn st, i think he became a policeman.
anonymous [07-03-2009]

Bob Terranova: I remember Eddie Schwitzer. He was in my class at St. Francis. I went to his wedding about 40 yrs ago,only saw him a few times after that. I will check with Chalie & let you know. Peg
Peg McGeehan Johnson [07-03-2009]

Paul Borian: I appreciate my admission into The Hollow Club. In your blog, I was also reminded of your great defensive skill in basketball. It was a shame that you did not pay more attention to the offensive side of the game. You always admired great jump-shot shooters-Ollie Powere[Penn Charter],Jean Masterson[Little Flower],and Cal Gore[Germantown] come to mind. You needed balance in your youth-you spent quality-time with baseball but your poker-playing took up too much time which could have been utilized shooting jump-shots and working on your form and follow-through. In those wasted poker-games,you were playing against seasoned players who were very good at shuffling and reading their cards. You were friends with Frank Felice and Dom Raffaele-two of the best handicappers in Germantown. With their tips and advice,you would have made more money with the ponies than poker. Being a student of the game,you were aware of the importance of being a 2-dimensional player. Getting back to defense,I was impressed with the ferocious nature of your game-especially againt jump-shooters. You played great defense against Ollie Powers who was the best jump-shooter from the Hollow. I was surprised that you did not do as well against power players like Larry Rinaldi. You had good speed,a centerfielder in baseball and d-back in football but larry R. would blow right past you when he drove towards the basket. I know that you will look at these comments in a positive sense because I am not trying to be pejorative but didactic. Beer drinking and poker are not good ingredients for athletes. Jack Brogan and Sonny Kennedy were mentors for Joe Lynch who will be at our luncheon. Joe L. was an expert on moving without the ball and passing-that also would have helped your game. A lot of folks from Wayne&Logan will be coming to this luncheon and I always enjoy your salient remarks about athletics.
J. Bruce [07-02-2009]

Ray Dawes class of 57 will attend Scoogies July 21.

Joe Leone: I read in your post that your corner was K&H-it reminds me of the Old K&A where the famous John Berkery used to hang-you had something in common with him,you both went to St. Francis. I knew both corners-your corner was more peaceful and no trains overhead.I am older than you and the dudes hung out at the candy store on Knox. I remember old guys like Hank Henigan and Bill Obst. The Henigan name is big in West Germantown. Your corner was across from Fred's where Gene Zacardi lived-a physician. I sent a post to Dom Raffaele and he was friends with the Murphys[Frank&Joe] who lived on Hansberry St. I knew John Holt from that neighborhood-he can not be found. My good friend[Pat McIlhinney] lived at Hansberry &Knox and possibly.you might have known his sister Joan. I passed that corner many times,coming from SFA and Gbc-it was great neighborhood.Now you live near that big corner-Frankford&Cottman and not far from the Mayfair Diner which was owned by Tom Hagan's parents-he is an Oblate priest who does great work in Haiti. Joe! Our paths never crossed but you're my man if you hung at K&H.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-02-2009]

to all: does anyone know what happened to eddie schweitzer. he played bb at the hollow and as recall was a very good player and a very nice guy. i thought he went to north with me and bonnie but i checked all my year books and couldn't find him.He was a very handsome guy and had a hot girlfriend whose name i don't recall. bonnie gatto probably will remember him since he has a much btter memory than me. Bob terranova
bob terranova [07-02-2009]

My great-grandfather died at age 34 in 1894. He lived at 33 Centre St. I have learned that Centre st. is now Rittenhouse St. Since nothing about him was ever shared within the family, it had taken me over twenty years to learn what had become of him. I am anxious to learn everything I can about his life in Germantown, especially the exact location of where his house stood. If anyone can help me with any information at all in this connection, no matter how trivial, I will be very grateful.
Lewis Walsh, Center city, philadelphia [07-02-2009]

Anybody from St. Francis, class of 1962 out there? We lived on the 4900 block of Greene Street, a block away from school.
joyce radocaj ruggero, bucks county [07-02-2009]

Carol. I think I remember Bobby taylor, did he have an older brother Tommy Taylor also known as TNT? I remember the McGettings and Franny Earley, I think she was a couple of years older than me.You must remember Chris O'neal who lived next to Spring alley.A bunch of us hung at the 5&10 store at Germantown & Seymore.If you ever see Franny Earley say hello for me.Take care.
joe Leone [07-02-2009]

To Erda(Armstrong)Graham.....I'll bet that you and your friends had a great time growing up in the West Side of Germantown.I agree that your neighborhood was a fine place to enjoy family and friends.Happy Hollow was a neighborhood consisting of many characters.But mostly,good people.You may not have liked hanging out on our street corners.Main thing is that you have fine memories growing up in one of the great GERMANTOWN neighborhoods...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-02-2009]

Hello Vera Carey Canavan! How are you! I grew up on Morris Street and went to St Vincent’s class of 61.. I remember you! I believe my sister Maryalice and I had the pleasure to wear your hand be down close.. Jim Dunfee was on this site for awhile and some others from the neighborhood.. I see Bill Boylan once in awhile and his little sister Helen.. My sister is still in the old neighborhood on Woodlawn Street. Hope to hear from you from you! The West Side of Germantown gets lost sometimes in this site.. I guess because we did not have a Happy Hollow, or Brickyard to hang in. We only had Darrow’s Drug store and the Paper Stand at Chelten and Morris.. But we had the good times also.. on the porches of our family and friends and the playing ball on Woodlawn St.. Playing games, skating, riding our bikes.. It was a good neighborhood to grow up in.. With all the grandparents nearby.. Your Grandparents right across from us and ours right around the corner.. Talk to later.. Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, Grew up on the West Side [07-01-2009]

Joe Lynch: It's great to see you posting again and hanging out in Maine with Cousin Jack B.-life is good. Our luncheon at Scoogi's on July 21 was called by Tony D'Angelo and Matt Fasano. You know Tony's brother[Joe] and possibly he could make it but he must be very busy. Matt Fasano was the hard-nosed basketball-player from the Hollow who went to LaSalle High-he knew Obie O'brien before you and classmate Joe Cunnane-a good player from St. John's. Sal Buccella will be there and he married Joe Walsh's sister[Kathy]. The old baseball player will be there and I am not talking about Bill Hass but Paul Borian. The old soccer-player[Duncan Hubley] will be there and we knew him from the Fernhill ASphalt. The Pauzano brothers migt show up-both the good-looking one and the friendly one. If you get tired of talking with the aforementioned characters,you can talk literature with my wife and existential angst with me. Joe! I am looking forward to seeing you and talk about the old days at GBC and Fernhill.
J,Bruce Schmitt [07-01-2009]

Dom Raff: I appreciate the info about the Old guys from Germantown. I am saddened to hear about the loss of Bob LaValle. I always got along with Bob- we accepted eachother's faults. Apparently,he did well in business. I hope that both his brothers are still around. You mentioned Tommy Joe Murphy-I knew his older brother better-Frank. He was a good guy and I am afraid to ask about him. It's great that you still hang out with your old buddied-Kevin and Chris. I saw Kevin in the 60's when he he was in the steak-shop-he might have been with Frank Murphy. Did You see the blog where somebody from our class at SFA went to the Hollow-it was problay Jeanie M. Jack Brogan talked about a rental car where Jeanie was a passanger with other people from the Hollow and they were prevented from crossing into Philly because of the smoke. It is wonderful for me to hear stories and comments about our classmates and old friends from Germantown.
Schmitty [07-01-2009]

Joe Leoni,Dolores is my cousin.I grew up on Reger st.my neighbors were the earleys,welshes Arman Manzo lived across the street,the bloomers the mcgettings and we cant forget tinker bell she talked all day and night.I knew ronnie reeves does anyone remember bobby taylor,he was my first boyfriend when i was in 3rd grade,so long ago.any more memories keep in touch Carol
carol drakely msfeeters [07-01-2009]

Marie, p.s. Sal Maida was my boyfriend, and yes, he did die much too young. Linda
anonymous [07-01-2009]

Marie Bommentre: did you know Teresa and Dioneggio Fontana from Holy Rosary church..or any of their children? Rosaria, Danny or Lucio?
Lin Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-01-2009]

Does anyone know a Gilda or Mike Dasconio or their daughter, 'Donna'? My parents were friendly with them a long time ago, and we all lost track.thanks.
Anon [07-01-2009]

To 'Anon", I figured maybe Ro & Bobby Casey went to the shore with their daughter, Gina? They're great people, and I wish them only the BEST. Ro was in my wedding. Thanks for the 'head's up'/Linda P>S> do you happen to know which ShorePoint?
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [07-01-2009]

JM, you could say "what a shame" for mostly all of Germantown, not just the lower end. Linda F, I didn't know you were cousins to Bobby Casey. I went to St. Vincent's with him and his brother Dennis and the rest of their family. Nice, nice people. I saw Denny and Ann a while back.
anthonyg [07-01-2009]

Hey Jack Brogan.....Great,funny story.How come I was not with you and the Hollow crew in that big black bomb? I guess I was wasting my time playing baseball,as usual.I missed out on a lot of fun times pursuing my dream,but am really enjoying the great stories from you and others.By the way,Sherman Lollar was a catcher for the White Soxs,I believe.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [07-01-2009]

To JBS: what is the date for the luncheon at Scoogi's in Flourtown?
Bonnie Gatto [07-01-2009]

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