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June 2009

If I remember correctly Rosaria & Bobby live down the shore.
anonymous [06-30-2009]

George Schurr: We welcome you and Sue to the Germantown-site-both of you are real Germantown people. You went to Saint Francis[52] and Sue to St. Mike[53]. I will be having lunch with a lot of folks from St. Fran and St. Mike's-including Sal Boccella who graduated with Sue from St. Mike's- Sal could make some steaks. I remember you from St. Francis and the Prep where we both graduated. You were an excllent swimmer and you were on The Prep's Champion Swimning Team of 1956. I knew Jim Nolan,Jack Riceman,and John Slawek who were on that team and they were only freshmen. Jim Higgins whose father had a bar at Queen Lane&Pulaski was also on that great team. Like you,I witnessed that great City Championship against Central when Brian McHugh edged out his opponent by 9 inches in the Medley Relay-I know that you have not forgotten that great evening. You were a few grades ahead of me at St. Francis and your former clasmate[St. Fran ["52"] posts on this site- George Jay Kelly. Jack Smith was in your class and he was an outstanding athlete and coach[CD]-he was All-Inter-AC,All-Catholic and All-Public. I knew him and Mike Masterson from GBC. Incidentally,I just read a post signed JM,St. Fran,"55" and was a Hollow-Person-that sounds like Jean Masterson to me. You knew the Masterson Family and possibly Jack M. was in your class. Pat Distal was also in your class and she was a beauty- I'm telling you that fact as a 5th grader. You are enjoying the peaceful life in Wernersville,Pa where many of my Jesuit-Friends studied-including George Bur S.J. who is the president of the Prep. I am sure many of the old-timers will remember you-Paul Borian posts frequently. I am looking forward to reading blogs from you and Sue.
John Bruce Schmitt [06-30-2009]

George Schurr. Lollar as we knew you. I thought about how your got that name and I suspect the Goo was at the center of it. I don't know what position Sherman Lollar played (catcher?) but the Sher and the Lollar were close enough to name you. Goo logic. If you didn't agree with him he might say, "You have the audacity to doubt my veracity or to insinuate that I am a prevaricator. You are one of the most low and despicable human beings I have ever had the misfortune to cast my optics upon." Like that. Goo memorized more than Shakespeare. George, do you remember when you went into the car rental business. You had one car, a huge black pre-war sedan. You rented it for $5.00 a day. Charles Durkin and I went to Atlantic City in that great car with Barbara Muir and Jean Masterson. We burned ourselves in the beach, danced at the Steele Pier. Saw the diving horse and then headed up the Blackhorse Pike toward home. That's when the smoke started billowing out of that old bomber. We didn't know what else to do so we kept on keepin' on right up the the Tacony Palymaria Bridge. We had our nickle ready and all when the guy in the toll booth said, "Hey, we can't let you on the bridge with that smoke bomb. Back it outta' here." We parked it about a mile from the bridge and waited until the smoke stopped. This time we got over the bridge and just made it up Germantown Avenue and Down the few houses on Logan Street right in front of your house. You weren't home, George, so we left the car. It belched at us once as the four of us passed in front of St. Francis of Assisi.
Jack Brogan, Happy Hollow Nation [06-30-2009]

JM(SF 55)So sorry to read about your recent blog about the sorry state of Lower Germantown.IT BREAKS MY HEART!I plan to visit my old Happy Hollow stomping grounds sometime soon........ Joe Lynch.....Had dinner with cousin Jack and Martha in Portland recently and had a great time.Brog looks like a typical Mainer until he begins to tell the great hollow stories of the past.Love to see you at Scoogi's on the 21st........jbs..I officially welcome you as a charter member of Happy Hollow.For a non Hollow guy(despite many appearances to the corner of Wayne and Logan),you remember more about our great neighborhood than I.Although I remember blocking one of your patented jump shots IN YOUR FACE......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [06-30-2009]

Paul boran and john bruce schmitt. i do remember the martins tailor shop . I lived on clapier street for a year 1959 a 3 rd floor apt when i first got married and to john Thanks for understanding the fustration Lou giorno and I had in trying to put together the st. michael's reunion .WE ARE STILL SIMMERING OVER THAT . The numbers got to us in the end!TIMEING WAS JUST BAD. we hope that things will get better and he and will try to go at it later (GOD WILLING ) FRANK MARGIOTTI
frank margiotti, north wales [06-30-2009]

Peanuts My Man...You are to young for me to remember you,but,I agree with you,you are better looking than brother Lou.I sincerely hope We can meet at Scoogi's on the 21st.Perhaps,I wiil recover from my loss of memory and recognize a really good Gomba from the Hollow....Sincerely,Paul Borian
Paul Borian [06-30-2009]

To Tony Braspennincx Did you live at 66 Washington Lane.?
Rich, Huntingdon Valley [06-30-2009]

Carol,do you have an older sister named Dolores? Yes, I remember all the places you mentioned.I lived on east Garfield st.Do you remember the Reeves bros,Maher brothers and the Manzo's.They're the guys I hung around with back in the late 50's.
joe leone [06-30-2009]

To L. Fontana I knew Sal Maida he died very young in grade sch.I also knew of Tommy Ward. I knew CHERYL Raffles parents. Marie
Marie Bommentre [06-30-2009]

I am now living in the netherlands(Holland). my brother peter told me of this website and i would really love to talk to some old friends that i went to school with.I attended the schools,lingelbach,Henry h.Houston,then one i cant remember its name,and finally 1 year of Germantown High school.some names of friends i can remember are James Jones,sidney Boatwhright,Audrie williams,Daryl cox,Barry Miles. and the Peters family.
Tony Braspennincx, Iived in Germantown when i was jong,on 66 washington lane,i am now 55 years of age. [06-30-2009]

Cheryl Raffle: Did you know Sonny Maida? Or Tommy Ward? They were from that part of Gtn. that you mentioned.Also, Rosaria Fontana and her now husband, Bobby Casey lived by Holy Rosary and WATERVIEW. I married Rosaria's cousin, Flavio. She got married in Holy Rosary church, and I got married in Immac. Concept.do these names ring any bells with you? Linda If anyone knows where Ro is today, please tell me, I'd love to keep in touch with her. I know her dad Dioneggio just passed away recently. He had two sons, too.....Danny and Lucio Fontana...thanks.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [06-29-2009]

I went to Fitler, Roosevelt and GTHS class of 64 does anyone remember Werners corner store at wade and manheim. the 5and 10 at seymore and germantown, the fruit store up the street Cashmans store,where we use to take soda bottles back.the junk yard was on the same strip there,bittners bakery, the doggie house, the lyric and the drugstore at manheimand gtm ave and flegamans store. gallergers bar,up the ave to trinty dance and we cant forget duvas and so much more.
carol drakely mcfeeters, grew up in germantown now lives at nj shore [06-29-2009]

Took a brief tour of lower Germantown last Thursday, including the Hollow. What a shame!
JM (SFA '55) [06-29-2009]

Hey, Bruce Schmitt,we played on the Little Kings together, neat uniforms at the Boys' Club. Ed O'Neill, I paid ten cents at the New Lyric theater on Saturday and also collected those yellow post cards for a free entry the next week. We used to take papers and old iron to the junk shop on Gtn. Ave. Monday was trash day for some people but treasure time for us kids. Who's going to Scoogi's on the 21st of July? Because of this blog, I heard from my 6th grade love from St. Francis, Veronica. She found out 50 years later I was in love with her! If I just told her, things might have been very different. Somebody get Sal (Steak Shop--across from the Hollow) to make some contributions. He must know where all the bodies are buried (literally).
joe lynch [06-29-2009]

Frank Margiotti: I empathize with your frustration concerning the St. Mike's event-I knew many people who attended that great school. I also applaud your last blog where you talked about the great stores on Wayne Avenue-Paul Borian commented about his father's tailor-shop. My mother never went to your shop but I know that she would have been pleased. I did buy suits from D'Ambrosio's on Wayne Avenue and they moved to Broad and Chelten. My sister worked at Lou's Pharmacy on Wayne Ave. and Steve D'Ambosio worked there-Bob Terranova and Bill James also worked there. You mentioned The Paris Flower Shop-Dom Raffaele and I were classmates with Al Paris at St. Francis. Lou Pauzano worked at Klock's butcher-shop and he spent a lot of money at Paris's because he was always going to Prom's. Al[Peanuts] Pauzano praised your beautiful car- you must have been a player-nice car,fine clothes,good music. Back in the day, you might have hung out in some of the great clubs in Hunting Park owned and operated by Italo_Americans- Scioli's[Pike St.] and East End Club[Rising Sun Ave.]. There was another club at Germantown&Venago[The Shamrock] where 2 guys from St. Francis[John Berkery& Jack Murphy] tended bar. An old Jewish-boxer was a doorman there and assisted them with unruly patrons. Bill Leonardo from The Brickyard might have remembered that boxer-Marv Edleman. Germantown and the old neighborhoods were exciting places to be back in the 50's. I want to thank you for the old memories. I will be meeting with some old-timers in July at Scoogi's.
John Bruce Schmitt [06-29-2009]

Arlene McMahon.... the older I get the more I realize there is no such thing as a coincidence..Somehow I accidently found myself on your very enjoyable site. I personally am from delaware county but have come to know many people who grew up in your area, and who speak fondly of their childhood years growing up in Germantown and that area. The reason I am writing is to respond to Arlene (Bloomer) Mcmahon... Phyllis (Palo) Roberts married Hugh Roberts who I believe is also from the area. Unfortunately, she passed away many years while she lived here in Warminster. She was my neighbor, her mother whom we remember fondly would sit around the table and speak of the years when she had the store. I haven't seen Hugh for several years now, since I moved away, but he was not in good health 3 years ago. Phyllis and Hugh had a son who may still live in the area (Warminster). I hope I was of some help to you.. If you need any further info...I will be watching this site. Coincidence???? I don't think so!
paula byard, bucks county,pa. friend of germantown past residents [06-29-2009]

Hello old friends, I used to live on 66 washington in Germantown, would like to chat with maybe old friends,or classmates from lingelbach,Henry H.HOUSTON,and Germantown High School.son of Peter Braspennincx
Tony Braspennincx, Tony Braspennincx age 55 living in Holland [06-29-2009]

Anyone that is not famliar with me I am David Scanlan and Tina Scanlan's nee Dolan daughter. I would like to thank everyone who has mentioned Ank Scanlan, my grandfather, and Emma Dolan, my grandmother. I am proud to say that I come from two of the most remembered families from Germantown. AND for those of you who were friends with my father, especially John Burke his best friend in the whole world, today is his 12th anniversary! I love you daddy!
Kerry Scanlan [06-29-2009]

for schmitty a update request tom murphy a.k.a. ba ba was in connect with me up until little while ago kevin mc carthy cris maher hang out all the time went to flordia last year together bobby lavalle (r.i.p) owns one biggest resturant the whart sons still mgr. the prorerty more later very glad you said hello dominic
dom raff, germantown [06-29-2009]

To Paul Borian-Thank you for your many kind wordsit means a lot.I was the short little round kid who always wanted to be a jock like you,but I never had the the tools.I am Lou "s younger brother,and I am still better looking.I hung around with Bonnie Joe & TommyRaz,Richie Rossie,Charlie M"cGehan,Wayne & Logan was My second Home.I also remember Your Special Bond with Ben Homhe was afunny guy.Ihope You are well Iam going To try and make the lunch at Scoogi"s in July.
Al Peanuts Pauzano, 63 Lansdale [06-29-2009]

Hello Joey Depero-You were one of the young bucks. We used to play half ball and many other variations against that factory wall including pimple ball across the street from you. Billy Phillips and Marty Richards were sort of baseball heroes in the neighborhood. They could throw the ball so far into the sky it looked like a dot before falling back to earth. Every once in awhile I would catch one. There are a million stories just on your street. I can update you on some of the guys you mentioned. You could easily fill a book about Puddie (Larry) Maener. He did die a few years back and had a pretty tough life but his sister Ellen married a lawyer and she does have 2 children. Some of the older guys in G Town might remember Eddie Smith. He was one of the most decorated soldiers not just out of Germantown but probably in the country ever. He got just about every medal except the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was one of 2 soldiers to survive an ambush in Vietnam. The newspapers ran a story saying everyone was feared dead. His younger brother Chris said to me Eddie is just too tough to die and six days later he found his way out after many challenges. He was rewarded towards the end of his career with an assignment guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. His brother Chris is also one of my heroes. I believe he just retired as a Colonel from the army and is teaching. Germantown a neighborhood of stories and characters. You were right I did live on Sylvania Street for a couple of years 9 E. Seven kids in a 2 bedroom house with my dad and a cantankerous grandfather who lovingly cooked breakfast for us then headed to the point for a drink. Many of us had guardian angels watching over us or we might not be here but I am glad Eddie fought his way out. And I'd like to thank all of the soldiers for their service even if they didn't live in Germantown God bless you all.
Eddie ONeill, webmaster I revised a similar post If you choose just delete the other one [06-27-2009]

Does anyone remember a fruit/vegetable store on Wayne Ave. a couple doors down from Joe's steak Shop, but before Logan St. It was called Palo's? The person who had it was my godmother - but sadly they moved away and my mom never told me my godmother's married name. My godmothers maidenname was Phyllis Palo. This was in the early 40's and 50's.
Arlene (Bloomer)McMahon [06-27-2009]

hi vera carey - so nice to hear from you after all these many many years. i went to st. vincents for sunday mass a few months ago and what good memories came flooding back. it was my uncle mickey leone that worked for davis buick. he was my dad's brother. i still see dolly difrancesco and susan o'brien and plylis gairo. maybe we can all get together sometime. be well, helen
HELEN LEONE D'ANGELO, st. vincents and little flower [06-27-2009]

Too many memories for now,will reveal as time goes on.Hope to hear from some of the players in those good old days.
George Schurr, Clapier St.1940-1952,Logan St.1952-58,Newhall St.58-60,Abbottsford65-71 [06-27-2009]

Frank Margiotii....Great post with the memories of all the fine mom and pop stores on Wayne Ave.Do you remember "Martin's tailor shop at 4560 Wayne Ave(my dads store).Surely you must have passed it a few times on your way to the Wayne Junction Diner.I don't remember you,but we must have metseveral times in the fifties and sixties since we have many mutual friends.Plus,I will be 71 in August,and you are probably one of the few Hollow guys alive older than me. Al Pauzano(Peanuts)I am so happy to hear that your liver transplant was successful.God Bless You,and may you have a long,healthy and prosperous life.I don't remember you(perhaps I should,but I could never break away from Goo).However,I do remember your great brother Lou,and recently exchanged e-mails with him.Glad that Domenic The Great has joined us on this wonderful site.I mostly remember Dom,not for all those tasty cheese steaks with sauce and onions,but because of his million dollar smile. Paul Borian
Paul Borian [06-27-2009]

Brother P. was still in Abington hosp.as of 6/25 but doing better. Marie
Marie [06-27-2009]

Glad to see Dom Rafaelle on this site. Dom is my cousin. His mom, Mary, was my mom's aunt. I worked at the steak shop for Dom while I was in college, along with cousins Joe and Tommy Razzano. Dom was a comfort to me when my brother, Ralph, was diagnosed with cancer. I was several years younger than Dom, but I knew all the people he mentioned at the hollow.
Bonnie Gatto [06-26-2009]

Dear Dom Raffle,Many a cheesTeak you made for me along with your brother Joe .Thank You for your kind words,I am doing Great,it is as if I have a whole new life,I was very sick for 5 years,Thenon cold snowey night in Jan27 I got the call the good Lord was looking out for me .I remember coming to the shop at 11:55 on a friday night to order a steak because in those days you could not eat meat on Fridays.I hope some of thee old guys remember me .Many Thanks to Binnie,Joe & tom Rar charlie The D'angelobrothers for thier love and concernduring,it meant so much to me,take care Dom my regards to the family.PEANUTS
Al Pauzano_Peanuts, LansdalePa-63 Liver Transplant [06-26-2009]

Would like to hear from anyone from Knox & Hansberry { K&H }between 1964 &1972. Crowd was originnaly know as the SHACK
Joe J. Leone, Mayfair 59 yrs old [06-26-2009]

Vera, It is so nice to see another person from Morris Street. Welcome to the Your Thoughts site.. Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [06-26-2009]

Hi, there, Ed (chester)..yes, the DiPompeo' did live "on" or "by" Magnolia street. You probably did go to school with Frankie DiPompeo. I remember a Joe Russo,too. I think he was friends with Joe DiPompeo.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [06-26-2009]

Am looking for anyone who hung out at K&H between 1964 and 1972. We were orginally know as the SHACK
Joe Leone, Mayfair, Phila. age 59 [06-26-2009]

Hey Cheryl, I wasn't far from you. I was at Price and Wakefield, but know and still am friendly with people from you neighborhood.
anthonyg [06-26-2009]

There was once a book that was printed in 1901 that contained sketched portaits of the President's from Washington to McKinley. The Title of the book was The white House Gallery of Official Portraits of the Presidents Published by The Gravure Company of America New York and Washington. 1901 AND 1906, does anyone know where a copy might be, and if there are any for sale. I have looked on the Web continuously I can not find any information on this book. Can anyone give me knowledge of where I might locate a copy of this book or about this book.
Donny Pena, Waco,Texas Education Administration [06-26-2009]

Donald E. Pena,Med Assistant Principal Fort Stockton Middle School 915-487-9386
Donny Pena, Fort Stockton,Texas [06-26-2009]

Hi Don ! yeah your mom and sister's came to my shop every week . your mom was a real italian lady she was a hard worker. I remember carol and i think your other sister was philis ? not sure . we use to get our lunch at joe's steak shop. I was there on wayne avenue from 1960 to 1968. I knew all the people on our block 5022 wayne avenus . bowmans and morells realator,paris flower shop, kane and browns hardwear store, kramer candy, kodners drug store,dambroso taylors marons don and mary .ralph's barber shop.On the conner of manheim and wayne avenue was john abbmondi's cold cut store and acrosed was klucks butcher's on the coner was a drug store the old man had it when I first got there his first name was Sal.before John took over the store it was called Gabers and they did the bar b q chickens . that area was such a great place to live and to me it was like every one was family . during the hollidays they use to bring so much food to my shop .we had so much fun .we sang songs and had lots of laugh's. ACROSE THE STREET FROM ME WAS RUDYS BEER DISTRIBUTER and of course they was Sals steak shop.I loved my time on wayne avenue,I learned a lot about runing a bussines,those people gave a young man a chance at being self enployed.AND WHEN THE AREA STARTED TO CHANGE and i moved to Roslyn i knew more about what i was doing and made it a very successfull bussiness. SOME THINGS WILL NEVER RETURNE, BUT THE MEMORIES OF HOW PEOPLE WERE IN THOSE DAYS I SHALL NEVER FORGET . we respected each other and we were so consideate and friendly . it was a different time and im glade i was apart of it . frank margiotti 74 year and still kicking .
frank margiottti, north wales [06-26-2009]

sorry for typos on first site entry some friends omitted by mistake they are connie t margie t jeanne m thanks more on germantown later
dom raff, germantown talk [06-25-2009]

Eddie O'Neal how the heck are you? I remember you and Maureen, and Timmy and it kind of gets foggy after that but I remember that there was a bunch of you guys. You lived down near the Smiths right, just above the point? Though, I kinda remember you living on Sylvania by Slavins at least for a little while. I used to live on E Abbottsford behind Bobby Brown's house and can remember playing baseball with you guys in the park with that old tree behind home plate. MacDonnell's restaurent, Puddy Manor, Andy Cortarelli(?), Billy Phillips, Jimmy and Joe Shugart, Joe Rizzo sound familiar? Yes they were great times. It's good seeing someone else from that corner of Gtn. Joe DePero
Joe Depero, st mikes, 70, levittown pa, 52 [06-25-2009]

Dom Raffaele: It's great to see you appear on this Germantown site-we have not seen each-other since the days at the Raffaele Steak-Shop on Wayne Ave in the 60's. If I recall,our former classmate Chris Maher ran the steak-shop for a period of time. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I knew most of the people that you mentioned. You always had a great personality and disposition and that is why you were friends with so many people. You even got along with me and Mole Adamoli who had a up-down relationship with me if you know what I mean. You also mentioned those great ladies from our "55" class[St. Fran]. You also mentioned Matt Fasano,Sal Boccella and Paul Borian-like you,their families owned stores on Wayne Ave. Sal B. married Kathy Walsh-Joe Walsh's sister[your friend].Life is much better for the Pauzano Brothers[Al&Lou] who lived near you. Do you remember John Berkery's friend[Jack Murphy] who lived near you and liked the ponies. Many of us from Germantown liked those 4-legged creautures and I hope that you still enjoy them and supplement your income. It must be great to live down the shore and enjoy the beach- I understand that a lot of The Hollow Guys lived there-including Goo[RIP].Many of our brothers were in classes at St. Francis. We were in a great class at St.Fran-Mike Smith and Frank Felice and Kathy McCurdy have popped-up on this site. You are still in contact with Kevin McCarthy[Dennis's brother].What happened to Allen Goode,Ken Shenk,Al Paris and Bob LaValle[Jack's brother]? Dom! You brought back many memories of Germantown,The Hollow, and many mutual friends-we were blessed to live in such a wonderful place.
Schmitty [06-25-2009]

Hello Dom Raffaele;Welcome to the webb site.So nice to hear from one of the really,really good guys from the Hollow.It's been almost fifty years since I last saw you,but I'll bet that you are still wearing that great smile of yours.Through this site,I have reconnected with several of our long time Hollow buddies.Had dinner with Sonny and Frank Felice,and with your buddy Jack Brogan in Maine.Had lunch with Matt Fasano,Sal Boccella,Tony D'Angelo,and Bruce Schmitt recently.Hope that I can catch up with you at Westy's sometime soon?Hope all is well with you,and you are in good health.Keep on posting because you have a lot of Hollow friends who are still kicking their heels,and think very highly of you.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [06-25-2009]

Hello fellow Germantowners. I haven't been on in a while. Not too many from my side of town seem to post. Haines, Ross St., Cosgrove St, Holy Rosary,Waterview Park Etc but I do enjoy reading the blogs all the same. Have a good day everyone
Cheryl Raffle, Lansdale PA [06-25-2009]

Led hear if I remenber was from Nice-Town
anonymous [06-25-2009]

Tom McAleer: It was so nice of you to make those kind remarks about Mike Smith for his 50th wedding anniversary. I went to St. Francis with Mike before he attended Norwood with your brother-Dan. Mike's mother also taught at Fitler where many of my friends attended and we played baseball in the schoolyard as Paul Borian and Herb Adderly did-2 great players. Dan and Mike also went to the Prep where many guys from Norwood went-I saw many of them at my 50th reunion. I am good friends with Tom Wilkins and Jerry Stewart[Norwood] and they always talk about Dan,Mike and Pat Magee who I knew from St. Joe College-a walking encyclopedia of history. Dan married Pat's sister. I remembered Dan when he went to the Prep and he was in class with my good friend Pat McIlhinney and John Slawek[Norwood]. John Slawek left the Prep and went to Roman where he played against the Prep and caught a 60 yard pass from Bob Kahana on Thanksgiving Day["58"]. John Ondik,Dan and Mike left the Prep and went to that great school-Cardinal Dougherty. I believe that you went there and Joe Coll from IC might have been in your class-he owns the Glenside Pub. I trust that you are enjoying life in Steeler's Country but you are still an Eagles's Guy. Tom!" Keep Posting"
John Bruce Schmitt [06-24-2009]

helen leone d'angelo----I remember when your father worked at DAVIS BUICK and you would bring the striped penciles to school-how are you
vera carey canavan [06-24-2009]

Hey Linda, Believe I went to school with Frankie DiPompeo at Holy Rosary. Did they live on Magnolia Street above High street? There was a crowd, The Russos, Gaberial, and others from that end of Magnolia.
Ed, Chester, VA [06-24-2009]

First I like to say hello to some of the guys mentioned on this site I grew up in german town at happy hollow. I attended St.Francis and was friends with other ghuys who didn't hang at the hollow. I knew Sonny Kennedy was a good friend watch him play basketball at the high school and Rider college. knew paul borman great baseball player went to Nova could have signed with minor league teams, chose school. Went to school with schmitty a tough kid who did very good wiht schoolwork and had nice little jumpshot. Al and Lou Pauzano lived around the corner from my parents house. Glad your health is improving (Peanuts). I knew the mantle girls. they lived next store to Fasano's market extremely nice people . I worked for thethe Fasanos during high school years. Hi matt! Sal Bocella had a steak shop across the street from the hollow. Hi Sal! Joes then become the landsman steak and hoagie shopof Gtn. I know the name joe leone but never hungout. i knew his cousin pat ssarnese when he worked at the hollow. Great guy I think he told me he played for the traveling team that opposes the Harlem Globetrotters. I am good friends with Cris Maher whos says hello joe leone. John brogan was and is a goood friend to m uch to write down years hanging with john. Frank Marsiotti Hi - My mom and sister went to your shop on wayne ave every week. at the hollow there weree several groups separated by three or four year of age and at times would come together for sportsLots of sports, the friendships were unbeatable.Like to give a shout out to some of the girls and guys from my group at the hollow. Maiden Names Pat P Eileen Me Elleno Helen H Sabrina C Linda S Sue M Csroloine Mc Rosie Sally W Pat C GracieS Lusha John Mc Charlie Mc Ralph G Bonnie G Richier Bobby Ar Bobby C Tommmy R Joe R Sonny K John B Jim K Joe W Jack La Mitzi M Kevin Mc Peter R Lou P Charlie D Eodie D Trout Cisco Chris M And Goo who was in everybodies group thanks to all on the Gtn site for allowing me this tine. Dom Raff
Dom Raff, Wildwood [06-24-2009]

Mike Smith: It is incredible you are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary and 50th high school graduation during 2009. I just spent a great time with some of your old buddies from St. Francis and Norwood-Pat McIlhinney,Jerry Stewart and Ed Donnelly and it was our 50th Prep Reunion. We all commend you and Jane for 50 wonderful years of marriage.
John Bruce Schmitt [06-23-2009]

what's the latest news about Brother Prozillo?
anonymous [06-23-2009]

St. VINCENT Class 0f 1956---anybody ---MORRIS ST.
vera carey canavan [06-23-2009]

MIKE SMITH: My brother Dan tells me that you and Jane just celebrated Your 50th Wedding Anniversary. Your Germantown Roots have served you well through Norwood Academy, St. Joe's Prep and Cardinal Dougherty. Little did You know 50 Years Ago, when you said "I Do" that, Your life would be filled with Joy and Happiness. Your Germantown Friends send "Best Wishes" to both Mike & Jane, a Truly Fantastic Couple!
Tom McAleer, Immaculate Conception '59 [06-22-2009]

Joe D'Angelo: I read in your last post that the folks from St. Mike's had a Mini-Reunion-your 50th. I just celebrated my 50th Prep Reunion with Lou Pauzano[The Hollow],Pat McIlhinney[Fernhill],and Jim Christy[The Playwright]. I will be meeting Brother Tony and The Happy Hollow Guys at Scoogi's in Flourtown,July 21. Many of these people attended the same educational institutions as you-St. Mike's,LaSalle High, St.Joe[The University],Villanova,and Penn.These are a fine group of people and my wife Ludmila was very impressed with The Hollow Guys and their Lovely Wives. Give my regards to your Fernhill Buddies. Whatever happened to that great talker and raconteur-Frank Klock?
J. Bruce [06-22-2009]

Rosemarie,John and Dennis thanks for the kind words. Art Mahaffey was my favorite Phillie and growing up in my house meant listening to the Phillies either with my dad or Uncle John(Daley). Yes I was from the absolute lower end of Germantown but I spent time with the Veasey and Margerum Families near Chew and Cheletn. There was some sort of tea house near Chelten and Baynton that played rock that I visited as a teen but I didn't spend too much time in that part of G town. I think it was the fire station that had Christmas parties with Santa and presents for the kids. The New Lyric Theatre was something else. It is something that even those outside of the area could relate to. In the 60's it was a quarter to get in and on the weekends they had a little gymick to get you to come back the next week. They had a chalkboard outside the entrence with lucky numbers on it from last weeks tickets and if you had one of the 30 or 40 lucky numbers you would get in for free. We used to ask kids for their tickets and usually had a winner or two in the batch. I wonder if any one else remembers this. One of the first movies I can remember seeing there was The Longest Day or was it The Audie Murphy Story or maybe "The Blob" or one of the Vincent Price scarathons. Somebody help me and what about the Orleans or was it the New Orleans.
Eddie O'Neill [06-22-2009]

To Rosemarie Rinaldi; This is not a good time to bring up the 1964 Phillies,since the current version is in the process of duplicating the great collapse of 1964.MEMORIES,who needs them.It still hurts 45 years later.I watched most of the losing games at Nicks,drowning in my draught beers.My boss at Children's Hospital was so proud of the World Series tickets that he was lucky to purchase through a lottery system.Art Mahaffey was a very good pitcher for the Phillies at that time,and I wish he was pitching today for the Phils.Tell Larry that I will be happy to autograph an old taped Happy Hollow baseball at no charge.In fact,I'll give him ten bucks.He can place my autograph ball next to Art Mahaffey's.Larry knows for sure that the hollow ball has a higher market value....Paul Borian (still hurting)
Paul Borian [06-22-2009]

TO EDDIE O'NEILL: Enjoyed your blog about Germantown and all your memories growing up. You mention listening to the Phillies games and the players of the day. Larry and I were married, had our first son and living in Overbrook when we got to know Art Mahaffey. At that time, players usually rented a place to live, since they never knew how long before they would be traded. Art Mahaffey rented a house from a cousin of mine and used to go to the Italian-American Social Club (sort of a larger Oaks Club)to hang out. He fit right in with the neighborhood guys and was a super nice down-to-earth guy. In 1964, when our son was 4 years old, Larry asked Art if he would get an autographed baseball for him. Sure enough, he did. In fact, it was signed by all the players and at that time, Dick Allen still called himself Richie Allen and that's the way he signed the ball. As you no doubt remember, that was the year that the Phillies blew it. They only had to win one game of the last 12 to cinch the pennant, but went on to lose all of them. My son still has that ball and it's now a collector's item, especially here in the Philadelphia area.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [06-21-2009]

Anyone remember these names.Louie the spick. Led head.OR Manfred Man ?
rich [06-21-2009]

Eddie O'Neil: I enjoyed your last post where you talked about Germantown and your old neighborhood-your comments really resonated with me and you let us know that Germantown was a special place. You really write well and you have the same last name of that famous playwright,Eugene O'Neil-The Iceman Cometh. I was a grade ahead of you at St. Francis["55"]. You probaly knew some of my classmates as I remembered some of yours-Ed Burke,Bob Durkin,Linn Wilson,Bill Leinheiser,Joe Walsh,Frank Walsh,Al Petresi,and Bob Kephart. I also knew a kid named Eddie O'Neil who was in the St. Francis class of "53"-possibly a cousin. I appreciate the fond memories that you brought to all of us-Keep Posting.
John Bruce Schmitt [06-20-2009]

No different Eddie O'Neill I had 6 brothers and sisters. Maureen, Eileen, Colleen and Kathleen as well as Timmy and Kevin. We lived at 4601 Germantown Ave. Be glad to answer anybodys questions directly at njfishingcreek@aol.com 609-849-6071 except for the guy I owe the money to.
Eddie O'Neill [06-20-2009]

I second Bonnie Gatto. We had a wonderful mini-reunion of the 1959 St. Michael's 8th grade class. Frankly, we all look pretty good too! I know there are a few more than the hearty eleven who showed up, and we will try to get together again. It's shocking to think that we left grade school 50 years ago!
Joe D'Angelo [06-20-2009]

Bob Dean: Chew & Chelten, did you go to school with any of the DiPompeo' brothers? There was Carmen, Joe, John and Frankie? They also had a sister named Mary Ann? There dad was Rocco DiPompeo who co-owned the Chew Tavern with a man named Herman Borza. He was the dad of my then best friend, Marianne Borza. Names ring any bells? I believe those guys went to Holy Rosary, then C.Dougherty High..nice to see someone post from Gtn. who is a new-comer. Respectfully, Linda Kulik-Fontana...from Anderson St. in Gtn. now living in Montgomeryville, Pa.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [06-18-2009]

Pat Lyons: I chose to use your personal email to respond about Chew st.
anonymous, Montg. [06-18-2009]

to pat lyons - did you go to little flower?
ANNE [06-18-2009]

I was also wondering if Eddie was brother of Chris, Aggie and Tommy. Tommy took my husbnad and Ronnie Reeves fishing many times in the past. I also remember your mom and dad. Didn't you once have a horse stabled in the back of the yard?
Arlene (Bloomer)McMahon [06-18-2009]

Had a terrific reunion on Sunday with some of the St. Michael's 1959 graduating 8th grade class. Sheila Martinelli organized it and she was the same bubbling beauty from the day we graduated. Also attending were (with their 1959 names): Bob Terranova, Joe D'Angelo, Frannie Rosenthal, Vicki Volpe, Cathy Pickett, Eileen Palazzi, Margaret and Louise Peterson (the Peterson twins). We shared some priceless memories.
Bonnie (Joe) Gatto [06-18-2009]

Does anyone have info on the Fitzpatrick's who were our next door neighbors on W. Abbottsford Ave. 50's, 60's era?
Dave Byrne [06-18-2009]

In the "obits" of the Phila. Inquirer today there's an item about a FR. Mazurchuk, a Vincentian padre once stationed @ Immaculate..For you GTWN folks who attended I.C., this may be of some interest.
mike deely, hhi, s.c. [06-17-2009]

Anyone who lived on Clearview St Next to Washington Lane station in the fifties? or went to Aubury Park? or lived on Chew St(6200) would like to hear from you...
Pat Lyons, Horsham,Pa [06-17-2009]

My name is Bob Dean. I grew up in G-town on the 500 block of Mayland St. I married Eleanor Henderson who also lived on Mayland St. We now live in Plymouth Meeting and have been for the last 43 years. I hung out at Kay's Luncheonette at Chew Street and Belfield Ave (at the point).Also hung at Betty & Bills at Belfield and Tulpehocken and on the railroad wall behind the Sunoco station at Chew & Clearview. Heard about this site from Jack Zanine (Mole). After checking it out I realized we're missing input from my area of Germantown, Chew & Chelten,Cowtown,Brickyard & Waterview. Now that we're all getting up in years, it would be nice to hear from old friends.
Bob Dean [06-17-2009]

To Wilma. Please post the next time there is going to be reunion of upper Germantown and MT/Airy.
rich, huntingdon valley [06-17-2009]

Eddie O’ Neill ­ nice post of memories. You were from a different area of Germantown than I, but I could totally relate to your memories. Thanks for that. Usually what happens here, the memories from the Hollow and Lower Germantown area guys, to get anything out of them, you would had to have lived them and had to have known the characters involved. Thanks for that great post.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-17-2009]

Teri, I knew a Joanie Smith Smith who I think lived on Bringhurst St.
joe Leone [06-17-2009]

Is this the Eddie O'Neill of Portico Street brother of Aggie,Tommy and Chris?
joe Leone [06-17-2009]

joe leone, thanks for the info. My Mom was from Brickyard, the Smith Family, as was my husband John Ireland. I went to st.francis as well,class of 1972.
teriirelandirelandta@aol.com [06-16-2009]

There was nothing like Good Old Germantown. The people the places the smells. A combination of fears, joy and exploration, not just of the neighborhood but of ourselves. It was a neighborhood of diversity while it was still all white. I lived down the street from the Italian parish of St Michaels. We played a lot of baseball there and took short cuts back to the paint factory. Loved Logan Park it was our Connie Mack Stadium. Chris Smith Bobby Brown and myself used to listen to the Phillies on the hill facing Apsley St and watch the lights of the Stasium come on as Art Mahaffey and Chris Short would pitch and Callison and Allen would crush home runs. Yes our dreams were crushed but it was the first time in our young lives we saw anything looking like a flicker of hope for the Phillies and of course we listened with our parents or with an earplug up our sleeve from the transister in our suit jacket pocket. Germantown nothing like it since. Ferrys and Bessies in Nicetown and Vic and Mary selling papers at Wayne Junction to Slavins, Chicks or Tom Pocknells repair shop beside the park. Or Donatellis and MacDonalds on Stenton Ave. Everybody who knew anybody, knew a hundred friends and knew which streets to avoid. And we walked or took bikes that only half worked. We took papers in to get 50 cents on our wagons usually with 3 or 4 friends by the time we got there. And boredom was not an option cause our parents would find something for us to do. Our parents and grandparents weren't alcoholics that was normal. It was always good for an extra dollar. We had a mix and everybody seemed ready to share. The best thing to come out of Germantown were friends real got your back friends. Not just people that say hello to you in church and it repeats itself every week but people with substance that won't go away even if you wanted them to. If you ever looked for something real in your life Germantown was a goldmine.
Eddie O'Neill, St Francis of Assisi 56 Gtn Boys Club [06-16-2009]

when visiting the shrine on chelten avenue be sure to visit the gift shop my sister who runs the gift shop would appreciate the business
anonymous [06-16-2009]

Duncan: I'm glad to see that you are still kicking-pun intended. The guys like to meet at High-Noon-12 0'clock. The two God-Fathers[Tony D'Angelo and Matt Fasano] chose Scoogio's and the date-July 21. Probaly, you remember Joe D'Angelo from Fernhill and he is the brother of Tony D. Sal Boccella graduated from North in "57" and Paul Borian from Germantown"56"-your generation. It would be great to see you-we have not seen each-other since the 60's.Maybe,some of the Fernhill guys would appear.
J Bruce [06-16-2009]

FOR JACK MOSCONY: FYI - info on Burrs at the Beach, 2009, which you requested. I took the liberty of copying and pasting my blurb of 6/3/09. Unfortunately, I didn't note the date of the reunion - I believe it's sometime in July. Anyway, here goes: On 5/31/09, I suggested that those planning the St. Mike's reunion check with West Catholic about how they do their Burrs at the Beach every year. Lo and behold, I received my Alumni "West Notes" which gave info on the 2009 Burrs at the Beach reunion. This is the 22nd year for the gathering and boasts the highest attendance among all other school reunions at the Jersey Shore. They use the proceeds to subsidize student tuition at West. This year's event will be held at Westy's Irish Pub in North Wildwood (air-conditioned) and tickets cost $20 in advance or $25 at the door. I don't know what you get for that money (perhaps it's a beef and beer, or a buffet with drinks on your own). But it's an economical way to get together. For more info, call George Light at West Catholic (215-386-2244, Ext. 260). I'm sure he'll be happy to share any suggestions so the St. Mike's Reunion can go forward.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [06-16-2009]

Just FYI - THere was a great reunion of West Oak Lane/Mt.Airy on 6/6. Most used to hang on the corner of Upsal Pharmacy in late 50's early 60's. It was held at Gavin's bar in Horsham. Unlike most reunions it included people from Germantown H.S., Cardinal Dougherty and McDevitt. Great time and it is held the first Saturday of June every year. a lot of the folks started in Germantown and moved to West Oak Lane & Mt. Airy. It was started with 9 people and grown to over 125.
Wilma, 66 Bucks Co. [06-16-2009]

To Ed Kennedy: Yes, I guess I am a Southern Gent altho I am still asked "where you from boy?" I have 3 degrees from UGA & was on the education faculty for years. Funny how things happen. I also had an export business & had an office in Saudi Arabia. As far as the memories of "up there" some are nice others not so nice. When I graduated from North Catholic I never looked back and would NEVER consider moving back. As far as breaking bread together I would like this. Best thing to do is set a time--just waiting for it to "happen" will not do it. Why don't you write me at brbluis@yahoo.com?? We can plan something. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [06-15-2009]

Please forward details on "Burrs at the Beach, 2009" Thanks, Jack Moscony
Jack Moscony, Lancaster, PA 17601 [06-15-2009]

Teri,I never hung at Happy Hollow I was from Brickyard but I knew a lot of guys frome there, I also went to St. Francis Of Assisi, I left in 1957 as a Freshman in North Catholic
joe leone [06-15-2009]

Joe Leone, sorry I missed you again? my phone number is 610-310-8753, give me a call and we can meet someplace for a beer.
ed burke [06-15-2009]

Hey Bruce, What is the date at Scoogi's for lunch. I moght be able to make it if it's after July 12. Duncan.
Duncan Hubley [06-15-2009]

Hey Joe Leone, Sorry to hear about your mishap. Got to be more careful at our age. Sorry I didn't answer sooner but I was away on a golf trip. I've been reading your blogs, and it sounds like you knew everybody on the East side. It was a great life growing up in Germantown, until all the Canadians moved in. I still go back and visit, because my Mom stills lives in the same house that I grew up in.Some yuppies have starting to restore some of the houses on the block I lived in way back then, but it's different now. Talk to you soon .Take care!
ed burke [06-15-2009]

to bill leanardo here is lou giorno's phone number . 215 699 2853 he is not on line .he would love to talk to you . frank
frank, north wales [06-15-2009]

Dear Linda`You have the right family but Helen & stanley were from GtAve side of the family.My aunt lived on Wayne Ave.with her sisters,Jean -my Mom Rose,carrie,Marie,& Antonitte.Helen had a bunch of sisters the only ones still living areCarrie & Muff,they also had a brother named Matt,who was brutally beaten during a robbery of there house.It was all one big happy family,I remember going to vist all of whenI was a little guy on christmas New Years etc.Icontiune to do well with my recoveryIt was a long wait for my organ-a liver,but it was allworth it.I hope this info helps Take Care Al Pauzano
Al Peanuts Pauzano, Lansdale,63 Liver transplant [06-13-2009]

Joe Leone, what years are you refering to hanging at Happy Hollow?
Teri Ireland [06-12-2009]

Joe Leone, I have the wrong guy, but thank you anyway.My brother Dave hung out with a guy named Joe Leone,I think he lived on Zerelda St. We were from St. Francis of Assissi Parish
Teri Ireland [06-12-2009]

Al Pauzano: Peanuts! The Old Guys will be meeting at Scoogi's in Flourtown in July.At the last luncheon,twelve people sat at a big table in a private room with Tony D'Angelo and Matt Fasano seated at the opposite ends-it could have been The Last Supper if Jesus had blessed the food. Possibly,you and Joe D'Angelo or some other Hollow Buddies could make it-Joe Razzano lives in the area. You also probaly remember Paul Borian and Marty OGara whose parents had stores on Wayne Ave.-you hung out near OGara's grocery store for years. It would be great to see you and some of your buddies at Scoogie's-a good Italian Restaurant but not as good as your mother.
JBS[Schmitty] [06-12-2009]

Bill Leonardo, For Louis Giorno I attened schaefer-Wistar school on E. Bringhurst st. and Mr Mc Allister was the princepal I was 13 yrs. in 1941.Belonged to gtn. boys club.I'm now 80 yrs. young and still going strong. would like to hear from you,maybe we know some of the same people. have a great day. [06-12-2009]

That postcard out on Ebay is of the Miraculous Medal Shrine on Chelten Avenue. It was, in fact, the "first" Immaculate Conception Church, until the current church, at Price & Ardleigh Sts., was built and replaced it in 1911.
Dennis McGlinchey [06-11-2009]

Looks like I had an extra zero in there in the IC postcard item (but what's 900 years among friends?), and that it's not the existing church, but what's now the Shrine. Oh well, hope some of you enjoy the nostalgia!
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [06-11-2009]

Thanks for the heads up Bruce but that is not the Immaculate Conception, it is The Shrine on the 500 block of Chelten Ave.
Nick [06-11-2009]

Terri, no sister named Dottie but I did have two sisters,Jackie and Sue.
joe leone [06-11-2009]

Joe leone, are you Dottie's brother ?
Teri Ireland [06-10-2009]

To all you Immaculate Conception devotees: there's a vintage postcard of the church from 1000 years ago being offered on eBay, and no one's bid on it. Even if you only want to look at it or save a jpeg of it, here's the link. The auction closes Wednesday night.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [06-10-2009]

Joe Leone, I know Stafford St. but don't remember any of our relatives living on it. My dad had a brother named Leon, they lived in Nicetown/and everyone worked for Brown-Instruments at that time. That> later was known as Minneapolis-Honeywell/ when they moved over to Ft. Washington area. Uncle Leon had a son named Eddie. He had two daughters Joan and Lorraine. My dad also has a sister, who is now deceased, named Victoria. She lived in Fla. with her hubby, Wallace Ziarko.They had one son, Cashmiere Ziarko. My mom was the Italian side, knowing everyone in Gtn.it seems. thanks for asking...I loved my dad so much, and miss him and "G" town a lot.Respectfully, Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [06-10-2009]

Linda, is your dad related to Jimmy Kulik from Stafford St. it's between Price and Chelten Ave??
joe leone [06-09-2009]

Dear Schmitty,thank you for your kind words,it means a lot.I was saddended to hear thatthe St,Mike "s reunion was called off,if I can help in any way please let me know.I enjojy your postings-boy what a memory.My liver diasease was called NASH it was a fatty liver I suffered for five years before the good Lord came through on a cold snowy night in Jan(28).it truly a miracle.I urgr everone to be a organ donor.Let me know where you are getting together.Take Care Peanuts
Al Pauzano [06-09-2009]

Joe Leone: My mother's maiden name was Angelina Marguerita Pilotta. What a mouthful, eh? She married my dad, Joseph Kulik..and they lived at Price and Anderson (with me) until 1968, when I moved. But, they stayed until the late 70's.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [06-08-2009]

Al (peanuts_ Pauzano....you said, that Antoinette Manzo just passed away, I am wondering,if she had a sister named Helen? If so, Helen was my mom's Maid of Honor, when she married my dad. Helen married a man named Stanley Gogola..they moved from Gtn. to Wildwood a long time, ago. just curious of I have the right Manzo?They also had a sis named Viola? Ring a bell? thanks, Linda
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [06-08-2009]

Ed, received the picture of the gang at Happy Hollow. I'm going to send it to Pat's son, I'M sure he heard stories from Pat about the guys and now he'll see them and his dad.I did recognize some of the guys in the picture. Thanks again.
joe leone [06-08-2009]

Al Pauzano[peanuts]: It's great to see you on this site which means to me that you are recovering from your medical condition. The Hollow guys were always tough and resilient and you had so much support from your family and loyal friends. I was hanging out with Brother Lou and Pat McIlhinney in Center-City and your generous brother picked up the check. The following day.we went to our 50th Prep Reunion and Lou gave a great speech-even the Jesuits were impressed and your former colleagues. Ray Dawes mentioned Ronnie Manzo in his last post and I believe that he was related to you.He was a tough little kid who liked to box and he would win bicycles from boxing on TV-Pee Wee Boxing. Many people are sad that St. Mike's Reunion was cancelled. I am meeting with some St. Mike guys next month- Tony D'Angelo,Matt Fasano and Sal Boccella. We are getting together at a restaurant on Bethlehem Pike in Flourtown. You probaly know all the D'Angelo Brothers. This site is wonderful for bringing Germantowners together. Peanuts! Keep posting and I hope to see you in the future-Lou can make it happen.
JBS[Schmitty] [06-08-2009]

Where's all of my generation. St Francis, would've been class of '71 but moved to Norristown in '69. Hung back the Lots.
Peggy (Gillespie) Berkey, Colorado Springs, CO 51 [06-08-2009]

Al (Peanut) Pausano: sorry to hear about Antoinette. My prayers are wirth her and her family. When I saw you not long ago you said she wasn't well. Like everyone else at the Hollow, I knew the Manzo sisters well.
Bonnie Gatto [06-08-2009]

To Arlene (Bloomer): I knew your corner well and even married one of your gang, Alice Boorse. Alice hasn't been looking at this blog, but I'll ask her to join in.
Bonnie Gatto [06-07-2009]

Re: Jimmy Dunphy Haven't seen Jimmy or his sisters Maryann or Patty for many years. Think they might still live in the same home.
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [06-07-2009]

FRANK MARGIOTTI, north wales [06-07-2009]

UPDATE: Saw Bob Terranova's name here and thought he was an old neighbor. Turns out I was right! Exchanged emails, it was so great catching up with old friends. And so the "next generation" continues the traditions...
Dana Eugene Creasy, Germantown resident birth (1957)-1971, presently Bloomsburg, PA [06-07-2009]

Hi All: While not of the same generation as so many of the contributors here, it is still amazing to read of the same places, activities and yes, familiar names of older neighbors. As part of the "next generation" of G'Towners in the sixties, I came of age on my block where we lived at the corner of Ashmead and Marion streets. My mother owned a beauty shop from 1959-1967 there. I went to school at Fitler, then the "expansion" Moore Hall Annex building at the old Germantown Academy, Roosevelt and finally J.S. Jenks before moving to NE PA in 1971. I returned to the old neighborhood while in grad school at Temple from 2000-2003 quite often, and was pleased to see people in the area taking pride again in this vibrant community. Nearly 20 years after leaving, as one of the early staffers at CNBC, I found myself working with a television director named Edison Concha, who lived around the corner from me at Greene & Manheim when we were both kids! It just goes to show you that G'Town is never far from our hearts or our souls, no matter how far away we go. Hope to meet up some of the gang from the neighborhood, Ernie Scalzo, Joey and Mike Furnaro, Andy Gillespie, Rob Waldeck, and others sometime! Keep up your posts, it's like music to the ears for my eyes!
Dana Eugene Creasy, Germantown resident birth (1957)-1971, presently Bloomsburg, PA [06-06-2009]

James Christopher, Daniel Witts,Ronnie Manzo were part of the class of 57.Ran into Manzo on the Cape May mall about 10 years ago.He looked the same as he did in the 50 tys.

It is with a sense of sadnessthat I must tell everyone fromWayne &Logan and the Hollow that Anntonette Manzo passed away today.She was the last of the Manzo sisters who was still alive.May she resy in peace.She was truly a saint-Peanut
Al Peanuts Pauzano, Lansdale,63 Liver transplant [06-06-2009]

MY NAME IS LOUIS F GIORNO IM SEARCHING FOR TWO FEMALE FRIENDS OF MINE FROM 69 YEARS AGO- CAROL FERRY WHO LIVED ON THE 4900 OR 5000 BLOCK OF BAYTON ST. AND LOIS LENTZ WHOSE FAMILY;S BUSSINESS WAS the ace diamon rug cleaners on the 48oo block of gtn ave. we attended the schaffer school (kgn )class 1940 -41 -mrs knopf was our teacher and mr.McCALLISTER WAS the peincipal - mrs porter was our first grade teacher 1941-42 . if any one knows of their whereabouts please contact me at frank's email site frankmm1@verizon.net. other class mates that i recall in those classes were - judson eric-patricia mccurdy-louis manzo-paul wall(wohl) william barci stanley maier and donald vial my phone number is 215 699 2853 thank you lou giorno .
LOU F GIORNO, north wales [06-06-2009]

TO FRANK MARGIOTTI AND LOU GIORNO: Thanks for the explanation re: St. Mike's Reunion. I understand your feelings about not wanting a beef and beer, but why not? I'm sure nobody would complain. The idea is to get together and socialize - who cares if it's not a sit-down dinner, especially at $79/person. Perhaps a nice buffet with a cash bar would do. If you check out the info on the West Catholic "Burrs at the Beach", we could probably get a cheaper rate in the off-season, like April or October, at Westy's Irish Pub in North Wildwood. If you think that's the way to go, see my previous blog as to who to call at West Catholic for info as to how they do it and how many they accommodate. Otherwise, thanks so much for all your effort and time. We really appreciate it.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [06-05-2009]

Arlene - what is Jimmy Dunphy up to these days ?
Anon. [06-05-2009]

Linda, thanks for the info on Ronnie Manzo. We were friends all through grade school. What was your mom's maiden name.
joe Leone [06-05-2009]

To all those people who are diapointed that we had to cancel the all time st. michael reunion. belive no one feels more disaponted then Lou Giorno and my self (frank margiotti . here is a email i sent to a bob who wanted to know what happen. hope it will explain to those of you who are as disappointed as we are.

hi bob! lou giorno and i did every thing possiable to pull of the all time st, michaels reunion. i can’t begin to tell you how manny places we looked at and tryed to fine the right place for the big reunion. what we are dealing with was number’s. when we started we put add’s in lots of parish’s and the stander & times paper and, all the germantown blogs. we ask for any one who would like to have a big st michaels all time reunion to please contact us. we got a tremondus response. we have 400 email address and some of those people told me they have 15 or 20 other people they are in contact with at the present time ., we reached out to all the school from 1943 to 1982 and, the people who were in the parish at that time and, even friends . we tried 15 different places. none could handel the numbers we thought we would have. one place did (west over country club) they could handle 1,000 but the food we wanted was high! 79 bucks a person and, we needed to tack on to that money we would need to have to pay for the entermantainment .we did not want a beef and beer party . truefully we thought we would pull close to a 1,000 people .we looked at what is going on in our country at the present time and just felt like out timeing is not good .it would cost a lot of money to put the type of reunion we wanted to have . we did a min reunion 2 years ago at the spring house tarven. lou giorno and my self put on a show and it went over big and all there told us to please do this again. lou and i are not in the best of health and while we felt like we could pull this big all time reunion off and make it work the number's were to great to over come. sorry for the long letter but you ask questions and i hope i answer some of them for you. frank margiotti .
FRANK MARGIOTTI, north wales [06-04-2009]

Did anyone hang on the corner of Keyser & Seymour St. in the 60's when Kelly's owned the grocery store or do you remember when Mrs. Geghan owned it way before that? There were so many people who passed through. What happened to Monty & Billy Van Horn? Where are the rest of you who sometimes dropped by? Remember Lee Harrison; sadly she passed away.
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon, Seymour & Keyser Corner Kids [06-04-2009]

Yes, I know Jimmy Dunphy from Portico St. Ronnie Reeves (was best man at our wedding) and my husband (Tom McMahon from East Germantown) would go to the Point occasionally in 70's.
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [06-04-2009]

Does anybody remember the terrible accident that occurred on Halloween Night. It was a false alarm but 4 fire engine came from four different directions and they all collided at Chew and Chelten Avenues. There was a Ajax cleaners on the corner and the lady standing waiting for the 52 trolley was pushed back into the cleaners and right through the window she died. People were putting firemen bodies in passengers cars to run them to the Germantown Hospital the area was so congested that ambulances could not get thru it was a horrible night i was probably about 4 or 5 at the time and my brother and sister had just returned home with my younger brother and me from trick and treating and they were on there way back out and had just passed that corner thank God they missed it/
Elizabeth McCarthy McGuigan, Levittown 69 Alive [06-04-2009]

Would like to share some fond memories with Germantown people in the late 40's AND 50'S
Elizabeth McCarthy McGuigan, Levittown 69 Alive [06-04-2009]

Attn. Joe Leone, you mentioned the name Manzo in your writings.They were friends of my mom's. They moved up into the Warminster area after Gtn. They lived on Rogers Road (last I heard.) I used to live on Valley Rd. in Warminster, before I moved into the Montgomeryville area. They're a nice family. Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [06-04-2009]

Ed, I heard from Lynn Brode and she said your daughter-in-law got pretty sick on the trip,I hope she recoups fast, such a shame to be in Bermuda and not be able to enjoy yourself but knowing how dynamic salesmen Mike and Ed are they'll probably win many more trips.
Joe Leone [06-04-2009]

Talk about coincidence! On 5/31/09, I suggested that those planning the St. Mike's reunion check with West Catholic about how they do their Burrs at the Beach every year. Lo and behold, I received my Alumni "West Notes" which gave info on the 2009 Burrs at the Beach reunion. This is the 22nd year for the gathering and boasts the highest attendance among all other school reunions at the Jersey Shore. They use the proceeds to subsidize student tuition at West. This year's event will be held at Westy's Irish Pub in North Wildwood (air-conditioned) and tickets cost $20 in advance or $25 at the door. I don't know what you get for that money (perhaps it's a beef and beer, or a buffet with drinks on your own). But it's an economical way to get together. For more info, call George Light at West Catholic (215-386-2244, Ext. 260). I'm sure he'll be happy to share any suggestions so the St. Mike's Reunion can go forward.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [06-03-2009]

To Joe Taylor blog 5/31.. By now, after 43 years in Athens, Ga., you must be a real "Southern Gentleman.. (I hope!).. "The Kennedy's were transferred to Atlanta in '74 from Philly, working for a Food Service Co., called The Compass Group, Hq'd out of Charlotte, NC with it's Parent Co. in London. I just retired, from Compass after 43 years in March 2007. Got restless, after a year, and started a new Company (Import products from China) and travel to Asia 5-6 times a year...Living in Athens. Ga., you must be a "Univ. of Ga. Bulldog" football fan!.. Athens comes alive during football season. Son, Ed., Jr. grad. from Ga.Tech, as y know, arch- rival of Ga...If you ever travel to Alpharetta, pls. e-mail me and we can "break bread" and catch up. Ed.(Sonny Kennedy 6/2/09
edward Kennedy Sr [06-03-2009]

Dave B : First,your grandfather was a brave man to joke with Frank S.-keep your paint-brush in the car. You know what happened to another tough Irishman,John McCullough,when he opened his front door without his two buddies-Smith&Wesson. It must have been very interesting to hear those Irishmen talking when they were drinking Jamison's-no Bushmill's. Being Teamsters,your family knew another tough Irishman-John Morris. It was quite an Irish Group-Frank Sheeran,John McCullough,and John Morris-legendary union organizers. Frank S. was friendly with many people from other ethnic-groups-he knew Old Russ and Angelo-they liked to eat on 9th st. at Villa Roma- I go there before a baseball-game and it has a history. Back in the day,Frank S. went to the Shanahan Catholic Club. Did your family go to many Irish Clubs-possibly Commodore Barry Club on Emlen St? The Irish have a fascinating history and culure. I enjoy your comments on this site.
JBS [06-03-2009]

To: Joe Leone, your request of 5/31.. I mailed picture of Happy Hollow gang in the 50's...including, and most importantly, Pat Sarnese...who was your cousin and owned a "small" piece of the Happy Hollow "legend" ...The picture will show what a "tough ass" he was!.. Don't think you knew any of the other dudes, except me, or possible Goo, but if you want, I will put a name with the faces...just let me know...Hurry, the memory is fading... Heard from the Brodes, who are attending a Sales Awards Week with my Son, Ed. Jr. in Bermuda with wives!.. Tough life!... Later.... Ed. (Sonny) Kennedy 6/2/09
Edward Kennedy Sr [06-03-2009]

Arlene - I hung with Jimmy Dumphy at The Point bar in the early 70's. Know anything about him ?
anonymous, Anon. [06-03-2009]

Hope to see old friends at the Immaculate Conception homecoming mass this Sunday, June 7th at 10 o'clock at the upper church. Hope its not too late of notice for everyone.
Nic Capozzi [06-03-2009]

Paul Borian: Interesting about the Turkish coffee... I just remembered that my grandmother would also read.....ready for this...the beer foam that was on the side of your glass! I had totally forgotten about that.
Patricia Carr [06-03-2009]

Yes Arlen, I remember the Breslins, Scullys, Jerry Mc Gowan the Reeves, Lynches, Charlie Aggar, Christophers the O'Neills and the Manzo's. Fond memories of growing up in the 50's going to St Francis.
joe leone [06-03-2009]

JBS, Frank S. came to our house numerous times in the 60's. My Grandfather lived with us in his last years and Frank would come down from New York with my Uncle Dave. He was also in the Teamsters and they were friends for years. I believe the reason Frank made the trip was to see old friends in Germantown. I overheard my Dad tell Frank he was always welcome in our house but leave the gear in the car, shoulder holster. He always brought a bottle of Irish wiskey for my Grandfather.
Dave B [06-02-2009]

Brother should be 64-65. He graduated from Dougherty in '62. Our thoughts are with his family and we pray for his full recovery. Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL, USA, ic '58; cd '62 [06-02-2009]

To anonymous, i think Brother is 65 yrs.old. Marie
marie [06-02-2009]

To anonymous I really don't if it has reached that stage.I have the same,heart problem it has been 10 yrs.I hope & pray for him.Marie
marie [06-02-2009]

Anyone a former neighbor around Portico St. Anybondy remember the Christophers, The Seitz, Marty, Michael, John Howley, or their cousin Paul Howley? How about Michael and Terry, or Declan and Tommy Power. Ed and Betty Bloomer, Delia Melody and Patsy Melody and the Melody grocery store at 5042? Nancy (McStravock) & Ed Hill, Rita & Walt Graham, Mamie Garoppo, Rosemary & Ed Polaneczsky and the brothers Bunny, Bobby, Tommy. Mrs Bloomer who lived next to the Rosanno's, Rosemary, Michelle, Vincent, Michael & Anthony. Does anyone remember Jack Smith, Joe Smith, Harry Smith, Michael, Mary and Stephen smith at 5043? Lower Portico st. had the Walsh's, McStravocks, Mc Carthy's, Jeffries, Buzzo Smith and Johnny Smith, then the Dougherty family next to the lot, the Dumphy family, the Fitzpatrick's the Duffy's. The Brezlins lived at the corner, then the Jordan's then the Mc Gowans and the Skully's lived at the corner of Portico and Seymour streets.
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon, Portico Street Neighbors [06-02-2009]

How old is Brother? Is he well enough to tolerate a heart transplant?
anonymous [06-01-2009]

To Marie Bommentre: Amazing that there's someone out there, other than family, who recalls my grandmom! She passed away in 1966, if I recall correctly. She never reached out to the dead, at least not around me, and I never heard about that...only the readings. She'd always tell my mom that 'a little boy wants to come to you'. (Mom always wanted more children.) Well, when my parents were 46 and I was 19, they had my precious brother, Jimmy. Grandmom also predicted that I'd walk on holy ground. Apparently she saw a cross on my foot at birth (wrinkles, of course). Anyway, I was terrified that when I grew up, I'd end up becoming a nun. That never happened, but in 1988, my husband and I went to Rome and I did indeed walk on holy ground: The Vatican, St. Peter's, etc.! Thanks for responding!
Patricia Carr [06-01-2009]