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May 1-15, 2009

John Brogan...Regarding your 5/13 post to Lady Anon;well said.Amen! Linda Fontana...Thank you for your kind words.We have a lot in common in how families were raised 50 years ago.The parents ruled in most cases and it was expected that we showed respect to the family.My how times have changed!I do have a confession to make.When I was 12 years old,I did something pretty bad(don't remember what it was)that angered my father.My dad was a tailor who had a fifteen inch solid wood board that he used to press clothing on the pressing machine.He pounded me with that board and it really hurt.But I never let him know.You see,at age 12,I was bigger and stronger than dad and I withstood his assault on me and laughed at him.He never hit me again.However,I was hurting for a week.By the way,I still have that board in my bedroom closet......JBS(Schmitty)Do not remember Buddy Ortman,but read his obit in our local newspaper.I always read the obits to make sure I am not included.Just got back from the Pocono's after three days of cutting down Birch trees'with a bow saw,and splitting them with a sledge hammer and a maul.I'm hurting.Call me Paul Bunyan or call me an idiot.Ronald Reagan would be proud of me.Finally,I ain't messing with Big John Burke.I don't know him,but he sounds like a tough irishman......Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-15-2009]

Rosemarie Rinaldi:My wife[Ludmila] and I are very pleased that you have returned to this site. Ludmila went to school in Philadelphia[Templ&Penn] but she never lived in Germantown. She always liked your blogs since you did not grow up in Germantown and have a woman's and an objective perspective. Both women and men enjoy your posts. Keep posting-Larry married a smart lady.
JBS [05-15-2009]

Rosemarie Rinaldi...To all of our delight,you are back on the site.Welcome back!I am impressed with your knowledge of high school basketball.If you had been a Hollow girl,you would have played on those great Little Flower teams that very seldom lost a game.In fact,you may have had a hard time breaking the starting line up.The players were thar good.Regarding cheese steaks,Sal's was one of the best in the area.Sometimes while hanging out on the corner very late at night,a group of us would drive down to Pat's in South Philly and scarf their delicious cheese steaks with homemade sauce and onions(no hot peppers for me.Gotta go because I am getting hungry.
Paul Borian [05-15-2009]

Three great stories from yesteryears;Patricia Carr--how wonderful to relate to the carousel at Hersey Park,and that your great grandfather was a master carver of carousel horses.Perhaps the talent did not rub off on you,but no one can take away your fond memories of the past;Bill Cupo---Arnone's Italian deli sounds like another great Germantown eatery.I wish I had discovered the deli,but I never ventured past Sal's at Happy Hollow.One of the regulars at Sal's would always order hot pepper hoagies,no meat,just lettuce and tomatoes.He would have been a good match for your father.The Kani Kai restaurant was first class and out of my reach(but I was there a couple of times;Jerry Murphy---what was a nice Irish lad doing at Pignataro's grocery store?Must have been the usual excellent Italian cuisine.I am willing to bet that your mom made the best homemade hamburgers in Germantown.Jay Kelly tells me that you were a bad influence on him....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-15-2009]

Phyllis Rosenthal-Hibberd, germantown,will be 61 in june [05-15-2009]

Cross-checked the '58 Gtn squad . . . Appears as if Dorsey was a mid-year graduate? He scored 25 points in his final game, a 91-69 win over Gratz, and seven more league games followed. Then the Edison & Overbrook playoff games. I'm wondering: Is Batts the father of ex-Penn Charter 3-sport star Courtney Batts, who played FB-base at Delaware and spent some time in the minors? GREAT athlete. I remember speaking with Courtney's dad at some games. Just not sure if I ever knew his first name, or made reference to HIS possible heroics in stories. That Overbrook team, of course, had three future pros (Highower, Hazzard, Jones) and a guy who, at THAT time, was considered to be the best player of the group (Ralph Heyward). A little trivia quiz, folks . . . Overbrook has produced, by far, the most NBA players among Philly high schools. Which has produced the most MLBers? Hint: Not Gtn, but not TOO far away. All the best . . . Ted
Ted Silary [05-15-2009]

Hello, Bill, I don't remember Arnone's Deli, but does anyone remember Trio's Deli? After mass each sun. morn at Immac. Church, my mom sent me there to buy our delicious lunchmeats for the wk. Trio's was right off of Stenton & Chelten Ave. I can still smell those good Italian foods, yum yum. Linda P.S. Bill, could this be the same place, only I call it by another name?
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [05-15-2009]

Lou..your comparison of JBS to the O-Man is a gem. Maybe you and he should have ran for pres & vp. The trips down town to Pats steaks was always memorable, no matter when you went or at what age. Then going around back to get a plug of watermelon after the steak was just as good. Also the trip up to Louigies across from Willow Grove Park to get one of their steaks was good too.
anonymous [05-15-2009]

Patricia Carr, fascinating story about the carousels and Philadelphia Tobaggan Company. Thanks for sharing that.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-15-2009]

Joe D'Angelo: The words about Jamie and Phillip[Keidel]by Dr. D'Angelo were so beautiful-I am paraphrasing the comments of Marie Keidel[mother] who was so pleased when she read your blog. Incidentally,I am attending a graduation-dinner at The Springhouse Tavern which will be attended by Marie Keidel. This event will take place on May 23-one day after lunch with Tony[brother]five miles away from The Springhouse. If you and Brother Bob are in the area-I'm buying first and third and after that,I punt since I am older than the 2 younger D'Angelo Brothers. I trust that things are going well at Notre Dame.
J,Bruce Schmitt [05-14-2009]

that is so cool about your family and the Hershey Park carousel.
Sheila Martinelli Roos [05-14-2009]

To the poster who credits Paul Borian with being articulate and pensive, I admit that I have crafted all of his intellectual pronouncements published on this site and elsewhere. Like Obama he has little knowledge of anything beyond his own biography and uses a teleprompter when speaking in public. These credentials qualify him to be a tenured college professor somewhere down south. NOT! Borian is brilliant and is the official chronicler of Southern Germantown, Happy Hollow precinct.
Lou Brownholtz, Havertown [05-14-2009]

Listed below is the obituary with arrangements for Kevin Deacon: DEACON KEVIN J., on May 11, 2009. Beloved husband of Donna M. (nee Bennett), devoted brother of James J. Jr. (Debbie) and the late Berenice "Bunny" and Kathleen, loving uncle of Erin. Relatives and friends are invited to his Viewing Friday 8 A.M. WACKERMAN FUNERAL HOME, 8060 Verree Rd., Fox Chase; followed by Funeral Mass 10 A.M. at St. Cecilia Church. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem. Donations in his memory to Fox Chase Cancer Center, 333 Cottman Ave., Phila. PA 19111 would be appreciated.
Tina Scanlan-Kleback [05-14-2009]

TO: JBSchmitt and Sonny Kennedy: I'm back by popular demand (yours). As you know, I stopped blogging here some time ago, but I do still read this site. Unlike some people, I enjoy ALL the comments and I'm not even from Germantown (people just have to lighten up). It was their negative attitude that chased me off. So if I can enjoy all the comments and stories (and I don't even know all the people and places mentioned), why can't everyone else just let it be. As it is, I will probably get a lot of flak for this. SONNY: Paul Borian told us to go back on this site and that you had a message for us. Of course Larry and I remember you and your sister, Joan. Tell her we said "hi". (You're probably right - Ollie probably wouldn't have lasted as long.) Larry is not computer-friendly. He'll tell you he can't even turn it on. So I'll have to be the go-between. He was happy to hear from you. We've also chatted with Paul Borian and John Brogan via e-mail. It's been a great walk down memory lane. Have Paul or John send you our e-mail address. TO: Patricia Carr: What a wonderful heritage you have! The Philadelphia Tobaggan Company was the premier carousel maker and they are still sought after by collectors. Great experience for you and your parents! Wish I could have been with you. RE: PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS AND HOAGIES: No disrespect to those that said there are no better cheesesteaks and hoagies than those from Germantown (especially Sal's). Come on now - what about South Philly where they all started? As many of you know, I'm from Overbrook and we had Jim's Steaks which made the best hoagies in the city. People from the TV stations on City Line would come in and get them, even those who went on to bigger and better things. Those old Germantowners living out of the area who are salivating for a good cheesesteak, hoagie or Tastykate are probably thinking - you people are so spoiled. Compared to what we have to eat, anything from anywhere in Philly is better, no matter what section of the city. We were all so lucky to live where we did when we did. As an old 50s Overbrook girl, I enjoyed the story of the old championship Overbrook basketball teams v. Germantown. At the time, I vaguely remember all the hoopla over Chamberlain and Hightower, but I was not really into athletics then. Then I married Larry and had two sons, so I learned real fast out of self-defense. What a line-up they had! I really had forgotten all the talent coming out of Overbrook. I do remember that when Larry was playing basketball at North Catholic, they were in contention for the Public/Catholic League Championship. Unfortunately, NC didn't make it, but I remember going to one of Larry's games when we were dating, and Wilt "the Stilt" came to scope them out with his entourage (today I guess they'd be called a "posse"). He was over 7' then and he towered over his "little buddies", so you couldn't miss him. I remember coaches saying that they'll have to run some plays standing on a table to defend against him. Shame he passed away so young. Anyway, sorry to be so long, but it's been a while and I had a lot of catching up to do. The Other Rosemarie
Rosemarie Rinaldi [05-14-2009]

Yes Ed I'm from Brickyard but I don't know about being famous,and yes I do know the Brodes they were my neighbors in Upper Gwynedd and have been friends for 20 yrs now. I did meet your son at a graduation function for one of the Brode kids and he's a fine young man. Somehow we got onto the conversation of sports and big guys and I told him about Lightcap and he knew the name instantly, from there it was you and Happy Hollow. Did you ever know a guy who was a athletic director at Happy Hollow named Pat Sarnese? He was my cousin and I thought I remember him talking about Goo Goo and the boys.Anyway it's nice to hear about all the old guys from the different neighborhoods, I know a lot of them have passed but their memories stay with you. Joey Leone (5/13/09)
Joey Leone [05-14-2009]

Jerry Murphy mentioned Piggy’s Market, aka Pignataro’s Market, later Al’s Market. I never knew this market but a couple of years ago, when over in Germantown, I was driving down Heiskell Street because they closed off Morton St. for some reason. Driving by that store stopped me in my tracks. That store probably has been long closed but it looks just as it did 40 years, only weathered, like it was frozen in time. Even the VI4---- telephone number was still on the window (they stopped using those alpha phone numbers in the late 1970s/early 1980s). I happened to have my camera and took a picture of that store, with the Al’s Market name still on the window. Since Jerry’s post seems to have invoked memories of that store, I posted that pic I took a couple years ago out on the FriendsofImmaculate.com website, in the “Germantown Today” photo album. Check it out. If you knew this store, seeing this pic will be like you never left.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-14-2009]

Joey Leone: Joey L from Brickyard??... Wow, been a long time since I saw y and Charley Lightcap walk down the street together.. You two were always together!... looking for girls!... I do communicate with the "Big Man" and I'm fully aware of his pain and health issues....Hopefully, he will recover to normal health soon. I do have a question for you. Do you know Mike and Lynn Brode??...Several years ago, I remember Mike mentioning your name in conversation, but I wasn't sure if that was the "famous" Joey Leone I knew.. Small world, Mike is best friends with my son, Ed. and they both work for Cardiac Science. The Brode's are the greatest!... If you know them, pls. give them my love...they are special friends of the Kennedy's....Good to hear from you... Ed.(Sonny) Kennedy (5/13/09)
Ed. (Sonny) Kennedy [05-13-2009]

To Smitty: It has been a very long time since I last saw you...Sounds like life has been good to you...Thank y for the kind words and your wonderful memory...and I'm impressed, most of it accurate, not like us old guys.. Forgive me, only one correction in the Germantown line up against Overbrook.. Johnny Batts was the other guard, not Bill Person. I believe we may have beaten Overbrook, if our starting Center, Jimmy Dorsey, wasn't nabbed before the last game by the "Draft Board" for being 20 or 21! (also with a few kids)... Gov.t has no sense of humor!.. Overbrooks's Center, Wayne Hightower, who replaced "Wilt" at Overbrook, had 28 pts. and nobody could stop him!..."except JD" who was as tough as they get and missed the "big game" of his life... Wasn't to be... Several years ago, I was in Philly on bus. and drove by HH. I sat in my rented car, parked outside Nick's bar, which, I believe is now a Mexican rest... I tried to visualize the "Characters" on the corner....What a great period in our lives!...Hard to tell my Southern friends... they'd never believe this Yankee Carpetbagger.. Good to be back with the HH crowd!... Ed.(Sonny) Kennedy (5/13/09)
ed. (Sonny) Kennedy [05-13-2009]

Since we're talking about springs--here's another one. Across Johnson St. from the Mayfair House about 50 yards in and down in the low ground. I lived at Mayfair House and carried many a jug up the hill. It was a long stones throw from the bottom of Tommys Hill.
mike polin [05-13-2009]

To Paul Borian: I never knew you liked "Vintage" wine!...I may have to go "deep" into my cellar to find a '58 or '59 "Thunderbird"..Ah yes,...Wasn't the Appellation Fernhill Park?...A wonderful Premier Crus(First Growth)... You and Fran Come to Atlanta and the wine will flow!...Maybe, I can even find an old Tastycake to go with it.... Sonny Kennedy (5/12/09)
Ed. (Sonny) Kennedy [05-13-2009]

Lady Anon got me thinking. I played with and against all of the Happy Hollow guys who post here. I played against the great Germantown team with Sonny Kennedy and Obie Snyder when I was at La Salle. They killed us. I saw Paul Borian hit long homeruns for the American Legion Post. I watched Ralph Gatto throw slingshot passes for North Catholic, some of them to Joe Gallagher from Berkley Street. I believe Goo Goo was the best pure shooter I ever saw. The thought I got from Lady Anon. was that, other than Ollie Powers Penn Charter teams, none of these guys won any championships as high school players. The Little Flower basketball team did nothing but win. Here are the great players I remember from those years, every member of the team came from St. Francis of Assisi and Happy Hollow: Marge Tippet, Micky McLaughlin, Pat Payne, Sally Walsh, Eileen McLaughlin, Jean Masterson, Sabina Cunningham, Kathy Mc Curdy and Connie Tippet. They won more championships than all the boys mentioned. If Little Flower ever lost a game between 1956 and 1960 I can't remember it. In 1958 they won the Pennsylvania CYO championship. I watched Little Flower play lots of times. Boys were forced to stand on the steps at the end of the gym Three nuns glowered at us the entire game. Those Happy Hollow girls could play that game.
John Brogan, Maine man [05-13-2009]

To Sheila Roos in response to your 1-25-04 inquiry about the carousel at Hershey Park: Having a little too much time on my hands this evening, I decided to read through the old posts in the archives and was surprised to see your inquiry about the carousel at Hershey Park. My great grandfather, Daniel C. Muller, was a master carver of carousel horses and did indeed work for the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in Germantown. He also worked for a man whose last name was Denzel (you can google Daniel C. Muller as well as Denzel to find out more info.) Anyway, I grew up hearing stories about D.C. Muller and how famous his horses had become. In the late 80s, a carousel in Forest Park, NY was restored and my mother was invited to the reopening ceremony. My great grandfather had carved many of the figures on the carousel. A limo was sent to my parents' home in Lancaster County, PA, and I accompanied my mom to the festivities. Mom had her picture taken with the then mayor, Ed Koch, while they were riding the carousel. While there, Denzel's elderly son who resided in Santa Barbara, CA, extended an invitation to anyone who was going to be in CA to visit him. Sure enough, my husband and I were planning a trip that summer. I informed him of that and he gave me his phone number! We called Mr. Denzel and were invited to tour his estate that overlooked the Pacific. As some folks display little figurines and such in their windows, he had about ten full size carousel horses on display around his home and in some of his bow windows. In his basement was a miniature carousel that he had carved. Each time I visit Hershey Park and ride the carousel, I am reminded of my familial ties to it. If only some of my ancestor's talent had rubbed off on me....
Patricia Carr [05-13-2009]

Wilma: I was very impressed with your salient observation of my blog where I discussed a few Feminist-writers. Obviously,you have a background in literature,and possibly steeped in etymology and comparative linguistics. If one uses dialectological methods,varios names can be discerned from a cultural perspective. Louisa is an off-shoot or variant of Louise which has a Germanic connection. If you attended St. Vincent's,you might know that Saint Louise founded The Sisters Of Charity with Vincent de Paul. Louise really means famous warrior and there is a connection with your famous name-"Wilma". Wilma Randolph was one of the great track&field athletes of the 50's and 60'sand truly a famous warrior since she overcame Polio. Being a member of the Literati,you probaly attend the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia.When you visit Boston,stay at The Charles St.Inn and ask for Room No.5 which is The Louisa May Alcott Room. If this room does not appeal to you,ask for the Emily Dickinson Room.Also,since you live in Bucks County,visit The Pearl Buck House in Hill Town which is built on"Good Earth"-if you know what I mean. Wilma! Keep Posting.
John Bruce Schmitt [05-13-2009]

the pignataro's store was about 50 feet from the house i grew up in on heiskell st. but at that time it was owned by mary & al
anonymous [05-12-2009]

PAul Borian, you must have had a great mother, too. You are articulate, pensive, and must be a great conversationalist in person. But, most of all you have respect for others,and that's a lesson well learned by all of us who had those strict Italiano mothers >>or Germantown mom(s)<< in general. Today if you ground or spank your child, it's abusive, but back then, it was simply 'lessons learned the hard way"/ which made us the people who we are,today,successful and respectful. P>S>Can't speak for you, but I miss my mother and father a lot.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [05-12-2009]

Very sad news has just come to me via John Burke. Kevin Deacon who we all knew and loved passed away yesterday, 05/11/09, after a long battle with cancer, he was approx. 52 or 53 yrs old. As of right now there is no word of services but we will post them as soon as they become available. Sadly, Tina DSK
Tina Scanlan-Kleback [05-12-2009]

Ed Sonny Kennedy: Welcome back to Germantown and your roots. I gather that you have adopted the role of a southern-gentleman well-you drink Fine Wine. Hanging out at the Cloister and Augusta is pretty good for a Hollow and Germantown Guy-The Goo would be impressed. I was a grade behind you at St. Francis[55]-I graduated with Frank Felice and Sabina Cunningham-old friends of yours. Sabina was a very impressive young-lady-very smart,very attractive and liked sports. That was great that you got together with Frank and Paul Borian since you came up for your 50th Reunion of Germantown High. I saw one of the great games in Philly High School Basketball when your 1958 Germantown Team played Overbrook. I hope Ted Silary[Daily News] reads this blog.On the Overbrook Team,the guards were Wally Jones&Walt Hazzard,the forwards were Ralph Heyward&Rich Richman,the Center was Wayne Hightower-what a team. Germantown had Sonny Kennedy,Obie Snyder,Earl Proctor.Bill Person[Bol] and a hispanic guy[Rodriquez?]who was a great tennis player. Germantown almost won until Wally Jones started hitting jumpers from the key. With your talent,you were able to get a free-ride to Rider which is a very good college. I drive by Rider and the campus looks great. Digger Phelps also went there. Goo went to Paul's games at Villanova;I wonder if he went to your games in Lawrenceville[Rider]. You mentioned Ray McGough who was in my brother's class at St.Fran. The last time that I saw Ray was at K&A in Kennsington where we had lunch at Kellis's and he was packing and not racking if you know what I mean. It has been 50 years since I've seen you and I am happy that life has turned out well for you-moderation with wine and plenty of peaches will serve you well.
John Bruce Schmitt [05-12-2009]

One of my favorite stores in Germantown was Arnone's Italian deli on Wistar st. between Stenton and Chelten Ave. Every Saturday, my dad and I would stop there for our weekly order. When you first walked into the store, you saw a pig hanging on a meat hook. As a young boy, that was a memorable sighting. Next, the aroma of provolone cheese was overpowering and at the same time delightful. Salami's were hanging all over the place and I especially loved the little piccolo salami made by Hormel. My dad would buy the big jar of hot peppers; peppers so hot that he would sit in the kitchen and eat some with a loaf of bread and a big glass of water. His eyes would water and his face would turn bright red, but he kept on buying those hot peppers. I went to school with Anthony Arnone and I took his sister to the Ancila Domini Acadamy senior prom at the Kana Kai restaurant on City Line Ave. Quite an adventure for a 17 year old to drive the Wissohickon drive to City Line ave with all the twists and turns in a 1962 Rambler with no horsepower whatsoever. The Kana Kai was a landmark in Philly for a long time and it had great food and a spectacular garden out back for the prom attendee's to walk through. I've never found another Italian deli to match the character of Arnone's deli; there used to be one in the Montgomeryville Mart on Rt.309 many years ago that was pretty good but it's now long gone. Of course that was out in God's country according to my dad so we didn't go there as much after Arnone's closed. I've never heard of Pignataro's on Woodlawn st because it was in a different section of Germantown, but we would venture once in a while to Scalea's Pizza for the best tomato pie ever. No matter what time of day or night you went in there, a little old lady with a large wooden spatula would be standing in front of the oven, turning the pizza and taking it out when it was done. She never said a word and I often wonder if she ever slept. Oh well, another couple of great memories of the best neighborhood ever. Take care everybody!
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [05-12-2009]

john bruce schmitt i appreciate your kind words but my dear mother passed on 2 years ago .. my mothers day was a very good one though and i trust that you spent an enjoyable day with your mother .... i enjoy reading your posts and hope you continue ... be well and thank you again, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-12-2009]

hi jerry murphy my uncle lived on heiskell st. and i remember the store very well ... i guess you knew raymond poli and the adams's too ... and how about the heads rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-12-2009]

Joe O'Donnell, You can get your Butterscotch Krimpets here: http://www.tastykake.com/ And anything else from Tastykake. Enjoy. Maryalice Armstrong Brennan
Maryalice, still in G'town [05-12-2009]

John Payne, Currently in The Villages in Florida [05-12-2009]

Jerry Murphy from Cowtown: You've got the gift, the gift of Blarney spilled out into words. I was right there with you in that alley of long ago! I nominate you as the one to write the story of Germantown, the Germantown of our time. Write some more.
Jay Kelly [05-12-2009]

J. Bruce Schmidt, I enjoyed reading about your running into Jamie Keidel! I did encourage him to go to St. John's, but I have to say that he was a naturally brilliant young man, the kind you try not to mess up too much if you're their teacher. As much as I'd like to take credit for him, he was (and I'm glad to hear still is) a very bright guy. I had his brother Phil too, and he was very bright also, and is now an attorney. Their mother is named Marie Ryan and was good friends with some of the girls from Germantown like Gloria Gill, now Rowley. Very small world isn't it? Hey and I understand you and Paul Borian are having lunch with my brother Tony, Matt Fasano, and Marty O'Gara. Tony, Matt and Marty have been friends for many, many years and now they are being joined at their lunches with more old friends. This site has reconnected a great number of people!
Joe D'Angelo [05-12-2009]

Kathleen Curcio, I was in your brother Paul's class at St. Vincents. You are right about Gtn. being a great place to grow up. I haven't heard anyone mention Duva"s steak shop on Gtn. Ave. near Coulter. Mr. and Mrs. Duva opened the shop after he retired from his long time job. Their steaks and hoagies were great. The guys at the Post Office around the corner really enjoyed them. Keep those memories coming.
Carole Redding Murray, Villanova, PA 68 yrs old [05-12-2009]

Paul Borian: I see another Goo prodigy has signed up on this site-Sonny Kennedy. Sonny was a very good basketball player and had very good taste in women if you know what I mean-Sabina. Did you remember Charles Buddy Ortman from GBC. He was a very good athlete-not big but tough. He excelled in football and coached Council Rock for many years where your kids went to school. I saw in the Inquirer that he had passed away.He had a brother named Bill who you might have remembered before they moved to Montco. Be careful with that yard-work,you are not 39 anymore-Big Guy.
J. Bruce [05-12-2009]

Hi Ed, glad to hear from you again.To answer your question I retired 10 yrs. ago and now work as a lunch monitor at a local Catholic school, a couple hours a week. I now live in Skippack Pa. just moved back from Fenwick Island Delaware,hated to leave but missed the family to much. I'm in contact with Charlie Lightcap all the time he lives in Virginia he's legs aren't so good and can't get around much without a cane, must be from all that basketball he played.It's always good to hear from old friends, it's a shame most of our old buddies don't know about this site.As I said before these blogs bring back some fond memories. Stay in touch Joey Leone
Joey Leone [05-12-2009]

Pignataro's grocery store was only about 150 yards from my house on Woodlawn Street in Germantown as the crow flies. The safer and longer route was to go down to Morton Street, hang a right up to Chelten, then slide down to Piggy's, a little Italian grocery store in the middle of Heiskell Street. There was a short cut, but it had some problems. Instead of making a right at Morton, I'd sidle on down the skinny alley next to Bobby Green's house on Morton. About halfway through the alley, a dog would lie in wait to bite off your head. He would leap above the five foot fence, and if you weren't careful, he might catch you good. Another dog, a big black one, was often chained up in the yard behind Dick Boyle's house on Heiskell. Sometimes he wasn't chained up. If he wasn't, you just turned around and took the long way. He wasn't a dog to mess around with. My little sister Peggy was cornered and bitten by him once and she never took the short cut again. If the dog was chained, you swung a left and made it safely to Piggy's, about halfway down the Heiskell alley. They had a fig tree in the backyard of Piggy's which they had to insulate with tar paper in the winter or it would freeze and die. It always seemed kind of dark when you came in the back door of the store, but the front was a bit brighter because of the big store window. My mother would always tell me to order a pound of round steak. Then, after Mr. Piggy handed it to me, I was instructed to make sure it was really a round steak, then hand it back to him and ask him to grind it into hamburger. My mother had a thing about hamburger only coming from round steak, never chuck, and she assumed Mr. Piggy would cheat a dumb kid, although no else doubted his honesty. Mr. Piggy had a son named Tony (I think). He had served in the army during the Battle of the Bulge. Because of his experience at Piggy's he was made a butcher for the troops. So, as the German army advanced on the little town of Bastogne, Tony kept our troops supplied with plenty of meat. Anyway, that about covers my memories of Piggy's.
Jerry Murphy, Former Cowtown resident [05-11-2009]

JBS — Just a little correction it is Louisa May Alcott not Louise Mary.
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [05-11-2009]

Hey Joey Leone, what are you doing with yourself these days? I remember you and Charlie Lightcap from grade school. W e sort of paretd ways in high school, since we were in diferent classes. I recently found my 1960 NC yearbook and did some reminiscing. I remember there were three first grade classes when we started at St. Francis back in 1947. We were in the boys only class for 9 years. They were special days.
ed burke [05-11-2009]

continental post 263 will be holding a memorial day service this sunday(5-17) at 1pm to honor our fallen hero's. special guest will be the 82nd airborne honor guard. food will be provided. everyone is welcome!
PAUL AMENDOLIA, Royal st, 48yrs old- now living in cinnaminson, nj [05-11-2009]

Brother Bill James, Do not despair,my bother. Do not walk down the path of darkness and negativity. Travel the highway of light and positive thinking. Search internally and you will be lifted up to a clear sky.
anonymous [05-11-2009]

Joe, even places in CA that claim they are authentic never are — all the ingredients but never like Philly. Are you a fan of Tasty Cakes? Paul, Cisco and I used to work for Palos Italian Grocery after school and on Saturdays. We would make home deliveries with Bob Woods, the driver. Some times Aggie Palos would make the most beautiful sandwiches for us, washed down with a quart of milk. Otherwise, I ate, everyday, at Sal's — but only straight coke, no cherry. Yeah, I would sure like to have a real hoagie or steak sandwich.
Jay Kelly [05-11-2009]

Joe O'Donnell....I have been a Tastykake fan forever.The butterscotch krimpets are really tasty,but my favorites are those three chocolate cupcakes.Still"scarfing"them today,going on 65 years.Back then they cost six cents.My next krimpet will be on you. Sonny Kennedy....Welcome to the site! The Happy Hollow/Germantown connection is almost complete.Nice to have you on board.To all you Sonny Kennedy fans from the hollow,Sonny is a big spender(well taught by Goo),and will pay for all expenses to visit him in Atlanta.The only condition is to bring your on wine since Sonny is still drinking thunderbird,which still cost $.99 a quart.Keep on posting my man...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-11-2009]

I grew up on Belfield Avenue and attended St. Vincent's school. Worked after school at Pepper's Drug Store at Baynton and Price Streets until I was 16 and then worked at the Penn Fruit at Broad and Lindley. Worked also at the Germantown Fire Insurance Co on Market Square while I was in High School. Graduated from Dobbins in June of 1956. Germantown was the best possible place to grow up!
Kathleen Curcio, nee Mergen, Now live in Alabama, 71 years old. [05-11-2009]

Rosemarie Hite Malageri: I trust that you had a nice Mother's Day with your good and kind mother. You,John Burke[our mutual friend] and I are fortunate that our dear mothers are still alive. A few months ago,I was hanging out with John B.,sampling wine,beer,and whiskey and talking about some of the characters and crazies that we had known in Germantown. We came to the conclusion that our self-less and supporting mothers saved us from the streets,the wolves and the snakes that kids can encounter and be chewed up. We all faced bumps on that Germantown road but we survived. When you post on this site with Paul Borian and me,you are a rose among two thorns. I hope the big-guy[Paul Borian] knows that I am only joking or I might have to ask Big John Burke to accompany me when I have a couple of drinks with Paul[Bor]. I also wish the other Rosemarie would blog once again. My wife is not a Germantown gal- but she reads the blogs-she especially likes reading the women's perspective. I frequently read your blogs-John B. and I enjoy them.
John Bruce Schmitt [05-11-2009]

to lady anon — even though some germantownites find your comments humorous, unfortunately it has always been that way in gtn. females were just about erased when it came to any sport or activity.
ANNE [05-10-2009]

To Jay Kelly: I've lived in the small town of Mojave,Ca. for the best part of 30 yrs.,and you are so right,i have never tasted any thing close to Philly steak sandwiches,pizza and there subs don't even come close to a Hoagie. I sure could eat a butterscotch krimpet about now too. Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, Living in the Mojave Desert [05-10-2009]

To Rosemarie Rinaldi: It's been a long time!...My best wishes to y and Larry. Paul Borian, Jack Brogan and Frank Felice have been telling me about this site, so, I just started to read some of the comments from Happy Hollow friends and how many people really remember the Hollow and it's characters in the 50's ..I guess I qualify, as I was one of HH (intercycle) boys that Goo "mentored" with life's lessons, along with many others. As you well know, Larry was also, one of the main characters, along with Goo, Rocky, Nicky, Baba, BeeBee, etc., etc... that played a significant role in "molding" us younger dudes as athlete's. Larry was a few years older, but was always considered one of the best, natural athlete's, along with Ollie and Paul.. Not sure you remember, Ollie was engaged to my sister, Joan...who lives in Doylestown and has been married to Bill Ciolko for the past 50 years...Not sure Ollie would have lasted that long!...but one never knows... I had the good luck to meet Paul B and his wife, Fran, along with Frank Felice for dinner last month, while I attended my 50th HS(Germantown) reunion in Philly.....We sat for hours, laughing and talking about the Hollow characters and naturally, embellished a bit!...And yes, Goo was the main character we all can relate to and remember the most as he was our "Tony Soprano" and, most likely, we will carry his memory with us forever... I always say, Goo prepared me for the "real world" and he contributed, significantly, to my success as an athlete and a business professional. I have keep in touch with my dear friends, Jack Brogan and Frank Felice and they keep me current on memories of the old days...Paul will be added to this list as he was in Goo's "Circle", as well... Also, recently, I "broke bread" with Cisco and Ray McGough in Philly several months ago... They both are doing well and haven't aged a bit!.. Probable should cut off, but will look at site from time to time..Again, give my best to Larry and if ever anyone from the Hollow travels to the Atlanta area, pls. let me know thru my e-mail..Would love to get together and tell Goo tales late into the evening... I'll bring the wine... Ed. (Sonny) Kennedy
Ed. (Sonny) Kennedy, Reside in Atlanta, Ga. for past 35 years, married to Mary Jane for 43 years with 2 grown chuldren and 6 granchildren. [05-10-2009]

Jay Kelly....How about a cheese steak with sauce and onions with a cherry coke at Sal's,followed by your favorite smokes(mine were kents,but I kicked that dirty habit in 1978) Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-10-2009]

Linda Fontana....Happy Mothers day to you and hope you had a day of rest.Enjoy because you will be back to work until next mothers day.My mom passed away in Sept.2007 at age 96.5.I know she has a smile on her face because she kind of gave up and threw in the towel when she turned 90.My mom worked hard all her life,at home and in factories.I don't know how she did it,but women somehow have that inner strength to work hard and keep families together.I know of many Germantown moms in the 50's and 60's who were the glue of the family.God bless them!By the way,I am not a golfer.To busy with yard work.I have a lot of grass to cut on mothers day....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-10-2009]

john bruce schmitt thank you and your right the mothers of germantown were and still are the best, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [05-09-2009]

Ted Silary: I appreciate all the info about Linda Page and Tony Coma. I am not surprised at all that Linda is running a shooting-clinic. She is the best woman-shooter out of Philly. In the fifties,Bobby Goo Guarinello[Gratz&The Hollow] was the best from a long-distance range. In the 60's,Herb Magee[West&Textile] was unbelievable and later Linda Hawkeye Page of Dobbins&NC State. I find it incredible that you were at that 100 point against Mastbaum. I was not there but I went to many Mastbaum Boys Games since I was friends with Bones Schneider[coach]. Bones coached against Tony Coma when he coached Bartram. As you know Tony coached Earl[Black Jesus] Monroe at Bartram. Earl The Pearl's nickname in the playground was "Black Jesus". Dr. Tony Coma coached Earl Monroe,Dawn Staley[Temple,Dobbins,Virginia etc] and Linda Page. Tony coached Linda P. but she learned her fundamentals of basketball from Jim McCabe Jr. whose father was a basketball referee. Forgive my rambling but I was thrilled to read your last blog-for me,it was rich with information. Tell Linda,"McCabe,Benz, and Schmitt still remember her".
John Bruce Schmitt [05-09-2009]

Speaking of great steak and sandwich shops, I have never had a decent Philly Steak sandwich or Hoagie outside of Germantown. You should see the things they serve in California! Forget about it.
Jay Kelly [05-09-2009]

Patti Glass: I will surely tell Loretta Pizotti-Tursi that you wish her well, whenever I have the good fortune to see her,again. Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [05-09-2009]

Replying to Paul Borian: Since you were kind enough to ans. my little comments on Germantown..I hope you have a good day on sun. no matter whom you spend it with. Hopefully, your mom may still be alive, Paul. Mine just died four yrs. ago. Italian wonder woman that she was,too. Kept a job, a home and her husband happy for over 50+ yrs. You are right, too, Doylestown is gorgeous. My daughter lives there with her husband and loves it. God bless this site and all of the good people who 'chat' on it, with their respective pro(s) and con(s). take care and have a great 'sunny' weekend, especially to those of you who play GOLF> ha, Respectfully, Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville [05-09-2009]

Ted Silary...I am trying to get your Daily News colleague Bill Fleischman on this site.As you know,Bill is a Germantown High School graduate,class of 56.Please bug him to utilize his writing skills and Germantown memories to this site.Thanks,Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-09-2009]

Mike Polin...You are a welcomed addition to this site.With your photographic memory,I am sure you have a lot of stories to tell.When Fran and I married in 1966,my dream was to purchase one of those fabulous stone homes on Lincoln Drive.However,our dream house was going for $38,000.FORGET ABOUT IT!So we settled for an apartment in Roxborough.When you have lunch next week with Ted Silary,remind him that I had a great two handed set shot(just ask me),but could never get it off playing with Cal Gore at Germantown High.Cal took more shots in one game than I did in a full season.That is why he led the Public League in scoring.By the way,you were a darn good hitter with lots of power to right center.If you weren't so damn slow,a scout would have signed you to a professional baseball contract....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-09-2009]

Hey Ted Silary ! I wish I had been with you at the East Gtn.Rec; I can still see the short right field porch and you're right, the neighbors behind that fence must spend a fortune on windows. What public school team plays there? I once heard the Freddy Winston hit a home run and it went through the window of the "K" bus that run up and down Chelten Ave. It was recorded as the longest home run on record as it finally stopped on Green st. O.K. it's an urban legend, but you have to admit, that would be a great story. Take care, Coop
Bill Cupo, Chalfont [05-08-2009]

Germantown Mothers: My wife[Ludmila] and I want to wish all of you a happy and warm Mother's day,whether you are celebrating with your mother,your children,or possibly your grand-mother. The mothers of Germantown were kind,friendly,hard-working and very devoted to their children. The decent and successful people on this site are the result of these dedicated and extraordinary mothers of Germantown.
John Bruce Schmitt [05-08-2009]

Was turned onto this site by Paul Borian last week. I was from the Lincoln Drive end of Gtown. Went to Henry, Wagner, and Gtown High. Read everything on here from Jan on. Many names of ex teammates, friends, opponents and brings back great memories. Played with Twiford and Haas in Legion ball--Borian and Jack Smith in High School, Ralph Gatto in fast pitch softball leagues and I'm sure many others that have been mentioned. Paul, myself, and Billy Katz had a lunch date this week--a renewal of our days as teammates at GHS. Billy hung at Waterview--he thought his name ended in a vowel. We intend to do it more often since we lost 3 of our former teammates in the past year. One of those some of you might know was Richie Schultz, the others Jim Lotka and Chuck Schick. Richie was a Wissahickon and Upsal guy. I won't bore you any more--its my first, probably not my last time to throw something in here. CYA
Mike Polin, Living in Conshohocken--age 70--living is the key word [05-08-2009]

To Linda Fontana 5/7/09 post...I echo your thoughts on how fortunate we are to have spent a part of our lives growing up in Germantown.I have been a resident of Doylestown for 36 years,a wonderful community.How lucky for me and my wife to discover this lovely town.Growing up at Happy Hollow,for all I knew,Doylestown was a place on the moon.But if my old neighborhood was still intact,we would move back in a heartbeat.How I miss my friends and their families,the stores,bars,Sal's,Fasano's,the comradery,etc.,etc.Everything you needed was right there,within walking distance.No need for automobiles and the high cost of auto insurance.No worries about DUI,but WUI(walking under the influence)could be a problem.However,time marches on but our memories will last forever.How fortunate we are.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-08-2009]

Thanks, JBS. I covered the game in which Linda Page scored 100 points (vs. Mastbaum, she then hustled down to the Spectrum for the Sixers' game and a picture featuring Linda and Dr. J appeared on the back page the next day) and the one a shade earlier in the season when she dropped 87 and coach Tony Coma said, in effect, "Make sure you come back. We're not finished yet." (They were trying to break Wilt's record of 90, of course). I've done several anniversary stories about Linda's feat and recently wrote the foreword for a book she's trying to get published. She's now a nationally recognized shooting coach. What a surprise, eh? (smile) . . . A Germantown sidenote: I recently drove past the store on Chew Street (I forget the cross street for sure; block or two below Chelten) that always had the "tin man" outside on the front step. It's still there! . . . Best wishes to all G-towners.
Ted Silary, South Jersey [05-08-2009]

To Linda Fontana, What a surprise to hear from someone who knew a former neighbor! I am so glad that you shared the info about Loretta with me. It's been 50 years....oh my, a half of a century... since my family moved away from Stockton Rd. I still have an old photo somewhere taken by my parents showing her sister, Carol Ann, and I in our first grade May procession. It is fun to reminisce and to read all of these comments in search of a familiar name or location. Immaculate's site is interesting as well. I actually convinced my husband to drive down Stockton Rd. on two occasions...the most recent being only about two years ago. I went up to my grandmom's old house and knocked on the door. When I told the folks who I was, they were sweet enough to invite me in and show me around (meanwhile, my husband was nearly choking in the car in disbelief that I'd do such a thing!) If you ever see Loretta again, ask her if she remembers Patti Glass (me). Thanks again!
Patricia Carr [05-08-2009]

Ted Silary: Many people on this site are happy that you talked about Anderson Rec and Immaculate-I knew many kids who played at that Rec and attended Immaculate. Many ladies on this site like sports and we are all fortunate that you have so much expertise and knowledge in this area. Paul Borian, Jack Brogan,Sonny Kennedy,and I knew many great female-athletes back in the day-this was during the 50's. The greatest woman-athlete of that generation was Babe Zaharias-golf,basketball,track&field. You covered high-school sports for many years.Did you remember Linda Page of Dobbins? She was one of the greatest pure-shooters that I ever saw. She scored 100 points in a high-school game. I traveled to NC State with her former coach to watch her play. Any comments about former Germantown athletes,will be appreciated.
John Bruce Schmitt [05-07-2009]

I was just thinking everytime i read in "your thoughts" about all those great steak shops,or pizza places that make great Hoagies too,that a lot of you folks remember,i'll walk around salivating thinking,"Oh,if i could only get one". Truely,to die for!
Joe O'Donnell, mojave,ca. [05-07-2009]

JBS: Thanks you so much for the Mother's Day shout out. Also I beleive we are talking about two different Bob Campbell's. Raymond Dawes hit the nail on the head, he lived across the street from us. The Bobbbie Campbel I am talking about had two younger brother's Billy and David and a younger sister Eileen. I believe all of the boys including their father worked for Vick's. I also see one of my siblings, Andrea Dolan Prado is posting now, pretty cool, just wish I could also get my brother's to blog here. Ray Dawes: spoke to my brother Dennie on Monday, was happy to hear your name. He said he does not go on to the computer very often and when he does it is for a specific item. Send me an email address or phone number and address and I'll see if I can get him to contact you, I forgot to tell him about the June reunion in Wildwood. That would be pretty cool if he would come to that. What about you? Will you be there? I am hoping to be. Talk to you soon. Tina DSK
Tina Scanlan-Kleback, 71 East Clapier [05-07-2009]

To Lady Anon....This old jock is back on the scene to reminisce the Germantown sports machine.....From Herb Adderly,Leroy Kelly,Pat Kelly,Jean Masterson,Connie Tippett,Marge Tippett,Ollie Powers,Larry Rinaldi,John Brogan,Sonny Kennedy,Frank Felice,Joe Lynch,Pat Kirk,Sabina Cunningham,Eileen McLaughlin,Bob Guarinello,Ken Twiford,Duncan Hubley,John Bruce Schmitt,Billy Haas,Tony D'Angelo,and the other Germantown athletes to numerous to mention on this site,it's been a lot of fun remembering our sporting events in the 50's and 60's.The hard fought games,competion,comradery,arguments,fights,etc.,followed by a few beers and smokes afterwards.Many of us are still around and have fond memories of the past in Germantown.I don't understand why you have a problem with this.Let the good times roll!....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [05-07-2009]

This is for Patricia Carr, you mentioned Loretta Pizotti, in your blog. She's my daughter, Gina's Godmother.& I was surprised that her sister Carol Anne was in your class. The last time I saw Loretta, was at Michael's up in Bensalem, on a sat. eve. We were both divorced then, but I actually met my 'significant other' at that place. Anyway Loretta looks great.Although we've not kept in contact that much, she is a supernice person.As the years go by, it seems like even, once good friends, lose touch...sad, but there are still those great Germantown memories, which will live on forever, right? My address was 5811 Anderson St.in Germantown, back then. Loved it, miss it/ and wish everything was still the same, & I would have remained there all my life.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-07-2009]

At the risk of boring the ladies (smile) . . . I saw a Public League baseball game last week at the ol' East Germantown RC (now Lonnie Young) and the memories came flooding back. Of course, the field is much smaller than it used to seem when I was a kid and, even though there's a high fence in right, I'd imagine the houses across Anderson Street have been BOMBARDED through the years because a very average high school player almost cleared the fence. Meanwhile, it was cool to stand near first base and look across beyond third and see Immaculate's church dominating the skyline. I'd better stop. Can see the ladies doing a slow burn. Sorry, gals. I promise to behave one of these days (smile).
Ted Silary, South Jersey [05-06-2009]

I'm sorry! Could we start over.....? I'm confused about whose side I'm on.
Bill James [05-06-2009]

Kudos to LadyAnon and Anne for their candor.
JoAnn [05-06-2009]

Germantown Ladies:In the spirit of Mother's Day,I want to commend and applaud all of you for your beautiful,creative,poetic and interesting blogs. You are so very important to this site. I read all your posts,I do not scroll. Some names come to my mind-The Dolan Sisters[Tina&Andrea],Rosemarie Rinaldi,Carol Knight,Carol Murray,Erda&Maryalice,Linda Fontana,Patricia Carr, Maureen Fries. Louisa May Alcott was born in Germantown and wrote "Little Women". I saw Little Women at the New Lyric with my sister[a Feminist]. My mother[a feminist] introduced me through books to many woman-writers-Harriet Beecher Stowe,Dorothy Parker,Edith Wharton,Emily Dickinson,Virginia Woolf. My wife[a feminist] taught me about Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz,a writer,a poet, and a nun. She discusses The House of The Spirits with me and my mother-this novel was written by Isabel Allende. I also like woman singers-Emmylou Harris[folk],Karen Dalton[The Village],Ella Fitzgerald[Jazz],Billie Holiday[blues],and Maria Callas[Opera]. Women can be athletes and good students at the same time. I went to St. Francis with many girls who were student-athletes-Jean Masterson,Eileen McLaughlin,Kathy McCurdy,Linda Simon,Pat Kirk,Sabina Cunningham,The Tippett Sisters[Connie&Margie]. Many of these ladies went to Little Flower where my former wife also attended. I have no problem with ladies who are members of Mensa-my former wife was a member of Mensa and played for Little Flower's Basketball Team. Most of these woman-athletes were also good dancers. I must be a closet-feminist by osmosis. Germantown Ladies! I love you all-"Keep Posting"
John Bruce Schmitt [05-06-2009]

QUOTED: Hey Lady Anon: In addition to not being sports-minded, you are also not computer-friendly. Blog space is infinite. No one is taking up all the room. There's room to spare, so blog on, ladies, if you have something to say. Your message will get on no matter how many people blog on this site. Anonymous [05-05-2009] Worry not, friend. You're mistaken on both counts. I am sports-minded if the subject is our PHILLIES, SIXERS, EAGLES. Have no interest in former, aging high school college athletes known only to few. I know, also, that "blog space" is infinite. I was being facetious about "leaving space" for the rest of us. My patience with name-dropping, condescending big-word users, however; unlike blog space, is finite. But thanks for your careful reading.
LadyAnon [05-06-2009]

Niki Taylor That salad sounds delicious — just the thought makes me want to make the greens and white beans topped with a good olive oil and a fresh loaf of bread. I think that's what I'll do right now! Helen D'Angelo
anonymous [05-05-2009]

anonymous [05-05-2009]

Update to my previously reported demise on the Germantown Courier: This week, we got the Germantown Chronicle, Volume 1, No. 1. It closely resembles the Courier, with Old English masthead, size, and format (ads, police blotter, featured photo from the old days, letters, editorials, but no person on the street interviews / pictures. Kinda slim, but that's to be expected for a premier issue — somebody has a vision, some capital, and is trying!
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [05-05-2009]

Hey Lady Anon: In addition to not being sports-minded, you are also not computer-friendly. Blog space is infinite. No one is taking up all the room. There's room to spare, so blog on, ladies, if you have something to say. Your message will get on no matter how many people blog on this site.
Anonymous [05-05-2009]

Joe D'Angelo: Your last blog really resonated with me when you talked about the various generations of students and children of friends that you taught. I am having lunch with Brother Tony who was taught by my father in 1952-just a few years ago. These were 2 Germantowners-one,a German- American,the other,an Italian-American connected in a Student-Teacher situation in a Jesuit Instititution in North Philly which was predominantly African-American. I found the comment by your fomer student,Bill Cupo,quite laudable and kind. I also wish to tell a Joe D' Angelo Story. I was at a luncheon in Oreland,Pa[Manny's] and I was speaking with a Professor of Neuroscience from Manchester,England who had attended St. John's College in Annapolis and has a branch in Sante Fe-2 of my favorite cities. He was an intellectual,a scientist and fluent in many languages. I found out that he was inspired by Dr. Joe D'Angelo of LaSalle High to attend this great Institution of Literature and Philosophy since he was in this area of learning at the time. His name was Dr. James Keidel. Joe! Congratulations! You must be an extraordinary teacher and educator.
J.Bruce [05-05-2009]

Lady Anon, you said it all and said it well!
anonymous [05-05-2009]

Just found this site on 5/4/09. Some more names-"hoot" gibson,Mike Weber,Rocky,Turner Bros.,BaaBaa Walker,Astor Diner,Frank Rizzo Jr.at Linton's.To name a few.
Bob Wisler, Age 71 Lived across from Italian club on Gtn. Ave. [05-05-2009]

Catherine Morton: If you count living on Stockton Rd (1951-1959) and attending Immaculate from 1st grade (1956) until the middle of 3rd grade (1/59), then I guess I'm from East Germantown. I would have been in the class of '64 at Immac. had my family remained. Sr.Mirium Irene, Sr. Joseph Alphonse, and Miss Walsh were my primary teachers. The only names I recall from my class, due to the alphabetical role call, were: Martha Gas and Patricia Glass (me). Others in my class were Carol Ann Pizzotti, Irene Pappas, Deborah Cofer, and Billy Fagan. Neighbor/ friends from Stockton Rd. were Mary and Kay O'Hara, Loretta Pizzotti, Maureen Marin, Carol Rambo, and Joey and Stevie Farrell. That about sums up
Patricia Carr [05-05-2009]

Bob Campill also graduated in 61 from St Francis and lived across the street from Tina on clapier st. He had a younger brother Billy.
Raymond Dawes [05-05-2009]

To LadyAnon entry 5/4/09- Believe me nothing you say will make a difference. These few just enjoy taking up space and looking at their own words in print. They are know-it-alls with an immature personality that makes them want to use a vocabulary that will make them appear extremely educated and intelligent (one blogger stands out). This site was not always like this. They changed it and that is ashame for the rest of us who were blogging here years before they were. Too bad it was taken over like this. I'm sure they will enjoy this because they will take this as WIN as any immature person would do instead of looking at it as it really is- a comment about extremely obnoxious, rude, individuals.
Anne [05-05-2009]

bittners ! what a grat place to get good donuts and cheese pies!i remember comeing home from school on a frid (st michaels ) my mom would give me a dime and i would get a creamed filled donut . mrs bittner would fill that donut with fresh cream from the fridg. they had so much good pastery. it was a childs delight to be able to get a goodie from the bitnerrs bakery surprised to know that she was still here at 100 ! may she rest in peace. frank .
FRANK MARGIOTTI, north wales [05-05-2009]

All of this talk about "Wissahickon" spring water, etc. really brought back some nice memories for me, personally. My mom & dad used to take me their while they filled up their gallon bottles of that nice water. Everything has changed so much, but NOT my great memories, so thanks for this site.amen
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [05-05-2009]

Was just reading many of the posts and I see my sister Tina on there. I must admit she is much better at names than I am. I am a face person, never forget them but just can not connect the names. I saw some stuff on Bob Campbell and I was friends with David, his younger brother. I physically left Philly 31 years ago but my heart is still there. I have 2 sons that live there and my mom just passed away recently. But they are all good reasons to come back and I hate to leave once there, but my family here always pulls me back. I will be checking in now that Tina sent me the link. Big Hi to all. adp
Andrea (Dolan) Prado, California, 55, grew up on Clapier St [05-05-2009]

This is for Lady "Anon"..I totally agree with everything you wrote..& it is too bad that more people don't speak up as you did. thank you, sister. Anon, Jr. ha
anonymous [05-05-2009]

I have a valid criticism about the bloggers who write so long. Since you guys love the ten-dollar words when a 25-cent word will do... can I say ESOTERIC? Webster's preferred: Intended for, or understood, only by a particular group. In the case of these wordy, though eloquent, bloggers: You have (with or without intention) excluded the female readers of Germantown Your Thoughts by your constant references to the athletic acumen of other guys, whom you knew from the boys club, the Hollow, high school, et al. Sheesh! Are you gray-haired guys STILL trying to please the coach? Does it never end? You leave almost no room for "give-and-take" with the gals who post here. I can site 12 posts in a row, all by guys... who respond to your mutual admiration society about your remembered standout sports guys you knew and loved... in and out of your preppy schools. Sports for girls was, um... let's see: 1) noncompetitive, as in jump-rope, jacks, tether ball... If we took up miles of bandwidth discussing our prowess, might you feel: bored? left-out? And girls surely didn't have the time (leisure) to devote to sports if there had been any opportunities in the fifties/sixties. Most of us were helping with domestic chores at home or with very little siblings. You have left us out of the conversations... which for as "cultured" as you portend to be, is a social faux pas, is it not? I agree you who have monopolized this forum need your own place to immortalize the boys who were good athletes. You need your own target audience, in fairness to the majority here. You have left no room for the true spirit of growing up in Germantown. I was one of 999 in my class at Little Flower; I can not name one gal known for athletic prowess. That leaves me with nothing to add to your epistles. I say, too, that there's a lot of mental muscle flexing going on that is often boring... Most of us are not Mensa Members. We're here for the sentimentality (you may think boring) and the "connection" we felt. I guess girls writing about the May Queen and Latin Choir doesn't compare to the stuff you expound on... Leave some room for the "restivus." LadyAnon
LadyAnon [05-04-2009]

Tina DSK: Bob Campbell graduated with me,Cousin Joe Dolan and Frank Felice-St. Francis"55". Kathleen Mc CUrdy[Florida] was friendly with him and has posted on this site. He lived near Portico&Reger on the West side of the tracks[Gtn]. Bob was a very good baseball player. He was an excellent fielder and he could hit into the gaps. He passed away in his 50's. Frank Felice who has posted here,went to St.Francis,North, and LaSalle College with Bob C. Is it possible that you know this side of the Campbell Family. He was good friends with Charlie Durkin. Bob Campbell was a very decent person.
JBS [05-04-2009]

Joe O'Donnell: Vernacularly speaking,your posts from Mojave can be both oracular and avuncular eventhough I am probaly older. I will be going to lunch with Paul Boring and his old buddies from the Hollow-I was told to show respect since I will be the youngest guy there. I am happy that you can appreciate my sense of humor-sometimes,it has gotten me in trouble. A young guy at the gym was looking at himself in the mirror. I asked him,"Are you trying to lose weight? He did not get it and I told him that he could get sick. He challenged my age,character and manhood. I told him that I would defend myself and that he might possibly be suffering the agony of defeat from a man-40 years older. Fortunately,for both of us,Frankie who drives a black Mercedes and goes to AC and Vegas intervened. Today,one must be discreet and politically correct.At this same gym,a character by the nickname,the excavator,told a guy who jumped into the pool with a work-shirt that this was not the freaking Ganges. He was thrown out for not being politically correct. I miss my days in Germantown when we could joke and be open with one another. Joe! Your point was well taken that we need to have a sense of levity on this site-life is too short.
J.Bruce [05-04-2009]

Hi Ray Dawes, I think it was Jack McGann (Jackie McGann's father( who used to run the picnic on 4th of July. Remember they would come around door to door and ask for donations, and you would get tickets for birch beer and hot dogs. There were games, and a hayride and a pie eating contest (My sister Kathleen won it a few times). They were good days, just spread your blanket on the ground, kids would run around and play and neighbors got to know each other and spend the holiday together in the park...... I can't be certain but I think big Jack McGann played a big part in the celebration (maybe even running it ) Remember how you had to climb up the hill to get the birch beer and hot dogs, and by the time you came back down again, most of the rootbeer got spilled out of your glass. Thanks for that memory. Ginny (McCurdy) Clark
Ginny Clark [05-04-2009]

Just a note to all... Anna K. Bittner, age 100 passed away April 30, 2009. She was the owner/operator of Bittner's Bakery in Germantown for many years. Many of us have fond memories of the wonderful pastries that came from that bakery. Her obituary is in Sundays Inquirer if anyone would like additional information. My thoughts and prayers are with the Bittner family.
Bill, Philly, 60 [05-04-2009]

The following is the death notice of a dear lady, Anna Bittner, who, along with her husband, George, ran Bittner's bakery on Germantown Ave in lower Germantown from before WWII until the late 60's or early 70's, I believe. My family lived on Duval St in Germantown. Anna and my mother, Edith Tyrrell, met when they were young and were lifetime friends. My mother passed away in 2005. Anna had celebrated her 100th birthday on March 15th this year.
Her death notice:
BITTNER, ANNA K. (nee Churchman), on April 30, 2009 age 100, of Horsham formerly of Germantown and owner of Bittner's Bakery. Beloved wife of the late George H., Daughter of the late Joseph and Elizabeth (nee Hoff) Churchman. Mother of George H. Jr. (Lillian) and Richard (Betsy). Grandmother of BethAnn Mazza, Dawn Brady, Lynn Hoyer, Christine Duffy, Tracy O'Neill, Katie Cook and the late George Bittner. Also survived by 12 Great grandchildren. Relatives and friends are invited to her viewing Wed. 10-11:30 A.M. at St. Catherine of Siena Church 321 Witmer Rd. Horsham Pa. 19044. Funeral Mass 11:30 A.M. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem. In Lieu of flowers contributions may be sent to Abington Memorial Hospital Hospice Program 225 Newtown Rd. Warminster Pa. 18974, St. Catherine of Siena Church at address above or Mass Cards.
Ed Tyrrell, Willow Grove, age 70 [05-04-2009]

Anyone out there from East Germantown? Wister St, Godfrey Ave,Ardley St. Beechwood St. Chelten Ave. Graduated from Immaculate Grade School 1963 & Cardinal Dougherty 1967. Hope to hear from anyone. Cassy
Catherine F. Morton, living in Jenkintown,Pa now [05-04-2009]

The spring at Wissahickon and Rittenhouse, as with all the other springs in the city was closed because, per the city, it was contaminated with sewage. This is very easy to believe since the Monoshone and Wissahickon Creeks were and still are contaminated. Saylor's Park which was the site of the spring has been converted into a "Wetlands" by the city. It is supposed to naturally filter out the contaminates from runoff before they enter the Monoshone and the Wissahickon. It is a pretty site no matter what time of year you go there. The plant life changes from season to season and so does the animal life. In the winter there are dozens of ducks and last summer I saw a Great Blue Heron there several times. The one thing that I have not run into during my walks is mosquitos. It is a pleasant introduction to Rittenhousetown and then the rest of the park. If ever any of you are in the area you should try to drive by or stop and take a walk on the path around the perimeter. Maryalice
Maryalice, still in G'town [05-04-2009]

Does anyone know what yr and why the park system springs were closed down? When my family moved to Olney my folks would go to "Fisher Park" for spring water.
Joe O'Donnell, Mojave,Ca. [05-04-2009]

In 1965, having graduated from I.C. school, I entered Cardinal Dougherty and I had an English teacher by the name of Joe D'Angelo. Unfortunately for Joe,or Mr.D as we called him, he had a bunch of Italian guys in his class purely by chance. Most of us were from Immaculate or Holy Rosary and we all knew each other and since our names were close alphabetically, we all sat near each other. Most of us sat in the rear of each row and we were given the name "the hot corner" by Mr.D.. Most of our time was spent laughing or joking or talking, and once in a while we would get caught by Joe D.. We never had a good excuse for him but he never lost his cool. I did get sent to detention once however, one of my only trips down to the cafeteria after school. Joe D'Angelo was a wonderful teacher and of course, one of our favorite at Dougherty. I see him on this site now and it's just great to be able to contact him now and appreciate his talent as a teacher. When you're 15 years old, it's hard to appreciate anyone but yourself. Now that I'm approaching 60, my thoughts go to all the people who dedicated their lives to teaching. I'm hoping that Joe is able to join the 40th reunion of the "class of 69", at either one of the final locations that will be chosen by the alumni committee. I will make sure to thank him once again for all his efforts in putting up with the "hot corner" and make sure that he is appreciated more than he knows in shaping this C.D. grad. P.S. If there are any spelling or gramatical errors in this blog, I was absent that day Joe.
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Conception School [05-04-2009]

bonnie Gatto.i heard from Joe D'angelo that he can't make it on the 13th. I asked sheila if we could do it on another date.Have'nt heard from her yet. fuuny you mentioned My Mom's easter pie that Lou Fondi blogged. she wrote it down for me as well but i have never duplicated hers and i try every Easter. Must be her golden touch that i lack. i will email it the recipe if would like. Bob
bob terranova [05-04-2009]

All this talking of the springs in Wister Woods and the Wisshy have made me teary eyed. We always visited both of these springs (we had no car and lived on Pastorius Street!) ... we were walkers. The Italians always went to Wister woods to get dandelion greens. I waited all year for that most wonderful springtime treat. Granny would make bread and we would have a salads dressed with olive oil and cider vinegar. The last crop (which would be harvested right about now) was cooked with white beans and again Olive oil. Dave Stoner's dad would make wine from the flowers. My mouth is watering for one of those salads. Thanks for the memory.
Niki Taylor, Holy rosary 1960, CD 1964, Temple U 1968 [05-04-2009]

Tina...Yes that's the ceramics place we're talking about. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.And inexpensive too. Many a Christmas, Mother's day and Father's day gift came from there with love.
Peggy Ann (Gillespie) Berkey, Colorado Springs [05-04-2009]

Dave Linn, I talked to your inlawas,Mary and Frank Morris at the UPS store in Phoenixville. They recognized me. They live in French Creek. They looked in good shape. George appeared to be able to go ninty minutes. They lived at 5066 McKean Avenue.
Duncan Hubley, 5068 McKean Avenue in Germantown. [05-01-2009]

Hello all! Those of us who grew up on the Westside of Germantown had a spring in the park across from What is now known as Rittenhousetown.. Just before you get to Blue Bell Hill..the spring was located in the park between Rittenhouse, Wissahickon Ave and Wissahickon Drive (Now Lincoln Drive all the way to Ridge).. I remember going down with a wagon to fill bottles with the spring water.. The big problem was getting the water back up to Morris Street..from the park Morris street is all up hill no matter how you go up either Rittenhouse or Wissahichon Ave to Chelten Ave.. Erda
Erda [05-01-2009]

Peggy Ann: Are you talking about the ceramics place at Germantown & Bringhurst, if so I loved that place and yes I too have some of those pieces, thanks to my mom who kept them all these years. I spent many a Saturday afternoon there. What I thought was so great that you can't get today is that they would lend you the utensils if you didn't have money to buy you own and you didn't have to buy a whole jar of paint you could just get what you needed. It was such a social event.
Tina Scanlan-Kleback, nee Dolan [05-01-2009]

To Chalie McGeehan: Glad to see you here. To Bob Terranova: Bob, I didn't know George was ill. He probably remembers my brother, Ralph, better than me, but tell him I'll keep him in my thoughts. By the way, I'd love to have your mom's Easter pie recipe. I look forward to seeing you on June 13.
Bonnie Gatto [05-01-2009]

In my own venacular,"keep them posts coming JBS". I can see a fabulous sense of humor in you J.Bruce.RIGHT ON. Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, living in mojave,ca. [05-01-2009]

Wister woods spring.the ciy closed down all the springs in the park systym. There was one Rittenhouse and Wissahicon ave,One on the drive near the Police station.Does any remember the fourth of July. Where they had hot dogs,Hamburgers,and the birch beer you could drink? I do not remember Who sponsered it. They had different games and sack races. w
RAYMOND EDWARD DAWES, Oreland Pa 66 St Francis class of 57 [05-01-2009]

Duncan Hubley:I enjoyed your last blog-4-24. You talked about our African-American Brothers from Deacon St. which ran into Wissahickon Ave. and across from our beloved Fernhill Park. They were good guys-Joe Palmer and Jim Harris went to St. Catherine's where I went to church with some of your corner-boys[Manheim U] on Sunday. Paul Borian[All-Public] would have helped the lineup with his hitting-prowess when Manheim U played Degan Street. This would have present a line-up decision-who would bat clean-up[4]-Bor[Paul B.] or Cochise[Chicky Downham]. I could have been your scout since I was friendly with Terry Collins[Prep "61] whose father was Jocko Collins-the great baseball scout. I would have recruited your friend,Ken Twiford[GA"58' who played for Loudenslager Post-obviously a professional talent. You also missed another GA talent-Bill Haas-a future professional player. I played baseball with Bill H. on that lower-field and at age 14-400 ft. shots took place. At Gratz Field,he hit one of those space shots into the Burpee Factory. Deacon St. should have had Leroy Kelly[NFL Hall of famer] on their team. At 15,he was hitting shots over the trees-a very long distance from 3rd base. He was a better hitter than Harold Kelly[RIP]who played for the Baltimore Orioles for many years. The post-game would have been interesting if Irv[Nikita Kruschev] had played-he would have brought Vodka to go with the beer.
J.Bruce Schmitt [05-01-2009]

JBS: The Bob Campbell you speak of, did he live in East Germantown, work for Vicks?
Tina Scanlan-Kleback [05-01-2009]

I was just doing my bi-weekly purusal of this site and it reminded me that when you're in education you never know what connections you can make. For example, while I was at La Salle High as a teacher/administrator, Jimmy Keehan's grandson was a student there. When I taught a Dougherty, John Fries' kid brother Kevin was a student there, though not mine. I taught with Bonnie Gatto at Dougherty and for the somewhat younger set, Tom Turner at La Salle. I guess we're all like plants; the roots run deep.
J. D'Angelo [05-01-2009]

A story about the spring on Wissahickon and Rittenhouse: back in the early 40's my Italian grandfather, who lived in Nicetown, used the water from that spring. When he got too old to get it himself, his son-in-law, a friend of my Dad's would make the run for him. My father, in order to get access to my Mom, who he wanted to meet, asked his buddy to let him tag along on the fetch and delivery one Saturday. His ploy worked, so I'll always have a fond recollection every time I pass that spot, which was still active when I was young, but has also been sealed off for half a century or so.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [05-01-2009]