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April 16-30, 2009

oh no, I am sorry to hear that Kenny Iriano died.
Sheila Martinelli [04-30-2009]

Anon: One never knows what anon will appear-one steeped in epistlemolgicalism or bibliophilism. Actually,my mother is the one in the family with the photographic-memory-she worked at the Germantown Library where she possibly assisted you in your appreciation for books and philosophy. You can also learn a lot from this site,where many of the bloggers from both sides of Gtn. Avenue are profound and seer-like. I surmise that you are a quick-study.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-30-2009]

Jack Brogan: I found your last blog to the anonymous-guy, didactic and not invective,persausive and not contumacious.This blog and theme was more commensurate with Christian-Brother Philosophy rather than some of the hard-nosed guys that we knew in our past.With sensible and decent bloggers like yourself,this wonderful site will maintain a spirit and aura of civility.
J. Bruce Schmitt [04-30-2009]

JO-JO: I honestly believe those signs were later posted at the spring to keep people away. That water was some of the best we ever had but I think it became a nusance to the city, who finally wanted and did close it down. Oh well, all good things must come to an end....so they say
Ron Majka, 62 YO living in Mayfair [04-30-2009]

Ahh, Wister Woods. The very name evokes fond memories of bygone days where my Mother,Father & siblings used to trek from home to the great spring to fill our glass bottles (not plastic). Later we would picnic along the grassy front that was Belfield ave. Quiet sundays spent together were simple but oh so important that is referred to as the "glue" in families. That cool spring water was quite a treat on a hot summers day regardless of it's origin (chuckle). Try that today & you're likely to get a bullet in the tookas or sneered at by passerby's who have no sense of family. Germantown, it's enviorns & growing up in that era will always be imbedded in our souls. Hi to bros. Kevin,the professor & the Patriarch.
bernard mc kernan, 68 y.o. lived on church la, down from Market sq. [04-30-2009]

Bob Terranova how are you doing, just catching up on the blogs here and read about your brother George being ill. The next time you talk to him tell him I was asking about him. Also just to let you know your mother's receipe for easter pie lives on. We realized this past Easter we have the orginal receipe your mother wrote down when she taught my wife how to make the Easter pie over 30 yrs ago.
Louis Fondi [04-30-2009]

Anthonyg: Yeah, sad about the bickering but everyone's entitled to use the site. Even with the bickering, you learn a little more about the Germantown you lived in each time you read a posting. The spring I spoke of was, I believe, was in Wister Woods, not to far from the Germantown Hospital area. My wife, Jackie, remembered it too. But, that too was closed up by the city, even before the era of the bottle water (ha ha). Good to see you back on
Ron Majka, 62 YO living in Mayfair [04-29-2009]

Ron, I loved going to the ceramics place on Gtn Ave. I still have some of the things I made as a child there. One of my favorite things on Christmas is unwrapping and haning th ornaments I made when pregnant with my first child.
Peggy Ann (Gillespie) Berkey, Colorado Springs [04-29-2009]

Bob Terranova: I knew your brother -both as George and Ernie. Many times in Germantown it was difficult to make the right choice,considering the puerility and the temptations at that stage in our lives. My older brother who was in class at St. Francis with Mugs Masterson knew some bad actors if you know what I mean. I asked him,Why are you hanging out with that bad cat? His retort was," Charlie is a good guy and he gets nasty only when he is drinking. Charlie drank everyday and he looked like Bobo Olson[the very tough boxer]. Charlie and my brother[cactus Jack] are drinking at Higgins Bar across from the Queen Lane Project; They did not drink at Crane's since the real guys drank at Higgin's. Charlie got into an argument with the former owner of Lane&Collins where you worked,Charlie roughed him up and paid the consequences.He was released and kept drinking-he had a tragic death which was the result of another bad choice-Russian Roulette.I saw too many kids make major mistakes which could not be repaired.I knew Greene-Lots well since I played baseball there with Tina's cousin[Joe Dolan],Pat McIlHinney and Bob Campbell[All-Catholic]. Besides the Acme,there was also a Post-office built there. Jerry Distal lived at Marian&Ashmead and he had 2 good-looking sisters-Jean and Pat. Mole Adamoli lived across the street-he had an unique personality,we even had a few scraps. Frank Felice,the impeccable dresser post on this site. If I recall,Pat McIlHinney's cousins[Chuck,Jack,Joe] lived on your street[Marian]. Bob! I have been longwinded but I really connected with your comments and the people of our beloved Germantown. Keep posting-your remarks are salient.
JBS [04-29-2009]

My Man Charlie McGeehan;so nice to hear from you.I hope you and your loved ones are in good health.I hope your 401k is not cut in half like John Bruce Schmitt's.After 50 some years it is is never to late to thank you for pitching batting practice to me on many occasions.Today,you can strike me out pitching underhand.Keep on posting Charlie
Paul Borian [04-29-2009]

Ron ... yes I remember the Spring down on Belfield Avenue in Wister Woods. We used to see people drive up and fill up their jugs. But, nobody I knew ever used the water from there. There was usually a warning sign posted from the city saying that it was unsafe to drink. Even so, a lot of people just ignored the sign and filled their containers. As for us, we just drank the good old chlorinated city water from the Schuylkill River, by way of the Queen Lane Reservoir. Ahhh... I can still smell the chlorine.
Jo-Jo [04-29-2009]

J Bruce Schmitt strikes again with his 4-27-09 & 4-28-09 epistles — does this guy have a photographic memory or does he do research in a Germantown library ?
Anonymous [04-29-2009]

Raymond Dawes: Yes I was talking about the pictures in the photo gallery on this site. I saw quite a few people that I knew, Bobbie Campbell, Vince Graul, Paul Jefford, Frankie Frascatore and Vinnie Kelly.
Tina Scanlan-Kleback [04-29-2009]

Ron, I remember the spring in Wistar Woods. After running around playing in the woods, it was the place to go to get a cool drink of really great water. I don't remember the other places you mentioned, but my grandmother lived on E. Bringhurst St. Her neighbors were the Gregorios and the Rays. We used to cut through the cemetery behind her house as a short cut to the New Lyric. Today, people would have thought we were a gang on the move, but we werte just 15 or so kids from E. Queen Lane off to the movies. Great memories. Carole
Carole Redding Murray, 68+ Villanova [04-29-2009]

Ron, I remember the spring in Wister Woods. It was near the statue. I lived at Penn & Magnolia and we'd often enjoy a nice cool drink while playing in the park or just walking through.
Sheila [04-29-2009]

To Jessica and others looking for info from the past: try the Germantown Historical Society library at Market Square (5501 Germantown Avenue). http://www.germantownhistory.org/ The hours are: Tuesdays 9 AM — 1 PM, Thursdays 1 PM — 5 PM, and Sundays 1 PM — 5 PM
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [04-28-2009]

Anonymous of 4/27, while I agree with you that Anonymous' (folks, aren't these Anonymous' getting rediculous????) continued criticism of the personal blog that this site has become is getting old, I think I can answer your question as to why he continues to come here. He does it for the same reason I do, because I remember when the discussions here were general in nature that all Germantowners, regardless of where you were from, could relate to and enjoy. Now, if you didn't live the experience with Gooch, Monk, Fish, Goo, Tuna and the other cast of characters at the Hallow or Fern Hill Park, those discussions mean nothing to you. But, I agree, the criticism is geting old..... Just skip over those posts and perhaps in time this site will return to what it was a year or two ago.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-28-2009]

Anthony[Tony] D'Angelo: I am very happy that Joe and Bob[your brothers] told you about this Germantown site.The day that my father[The Urb] talked to you on Newhall St. and told you to study,was one of the last personal contacts that he had with a student.That day was in June,1952 and class was over;he died on September 6,1952. I appreciate the kind words about that giant of a man-my father. The three of us had similar educational backgrounds;you and I spent 10 years with the Jesuits-Prep,St. Joe College-graduate- school.My father followed the same path,but he did his graduate work at The University of Berlin-he was born in The" US" but he was a native speaker.If I recall,he liked you, since you were a guy from the neighborhood. He was an educated man but he could be intimidating. He would have been impressed with your accomplishments and you were such a good role-model for your 2 kid brothers. Joe and Bob are excellent bloggers-very literate. I remembered most of your buddies from The Hollow. I would shoot hoops with Sal Boccella when he took a break from the steak-shop. If I recall,he was friends with Butch Pickett who married my classmate[Eileen McLaughlin]. I had lunch with Paul Borian-glib as ever. He even mentioned his baseball days with you at the Hollow. You probaly competed against him when St. Joe played Villanova-the two of you were very good players,you could even hit Ollie Powers[Penn Charter].Paul B. told me that he has been in contact with Larry Rinaldi and he was very happy about that. I am going to lunch tomorrow with a guy who was on North's basketball team with Larry R. He told me that Larry could really drive down the hole-my retort was,"Really". I would like to get together with the great athletes and good people from The Hollow-I will E-Mail You. Lake Placid is famous for skiing,I surmise that you must water-ski. For Paul Borian,there are only good skies-a play on words.I am looking forward to getting together with the distinguished gentlemen from Germantown-this is not redundancy but sincerity-AMDG[Jesuitical Code].
J,Bruce Schmitt [04-28-2009]

Hey Ron M, I don't remember the spring in Wister Woods, but I do remember the one in the Wissahickon right at Rittenhouse. We used to fill our gallon jugs there and take them home. I still remember taking my grandfather there to fill his. The city capped it up so we couldn'g get free water. It was the best.I haven't been on for a while and I can see all the bickering is starting up again.
anthonyg [04-28-2009]

Jessica: I found info on Rowland Johnson from Google using "Rowland Johnson" Germantown. The best source I found was: fttp://pdfhost.focus.nps.gov/docs/NHLS/Text/72001162.pdf Good luck with your project.
Yet AnotherAnonymous [04-28-2009]

I am one of the anonymous writers and have seen the light. You have convinced me that my attempts to stop your long blogs is wrong and I am sorry for it. Keep it going since this is truly a blessing to be able to connect with old friends.
anonymous [04-28-2009]

There will be a Roast Beef benifit this coming saturday May 2nd ($20.00) for Helen Lawton, youngest sister of Vern, Thelma, Bobby, and Franny at the Continental Post at 2 pm. Bring a folding chair. 215-844-1140. Our friend Helen is battling breast cancer and can use all the support she can get. Proceeds will go to pay her medical bills. Joe DePero st mike's 1970.
Joe Depero [04-28-2009]

It is very interesting(Henry Gibson) all the intellectual and memories that go over on this site. I have often thought my childhood in Germantown was special and a dream .Then I shook it off and thought all kid childhoods were dreams. However, now looking back it was very special and the only way you can appreciate really if you were there. i9 have spent a lot of shoe leather between Washington Lane and Wister Street. Also I was inbetween Wissahickon Ave and Chew St. Oh the sites the new and old post offices, the firehall on Bringhurst and Germantown ave, the Visiting Nurse Society of Philadelphia next to Fulton School, the Edsel dealership next to Walnut Lane on the Avenue,the Wissahickon Creek on Walnut Lane by the big bridge. All this and the 27 names i have known on this site. Aint life grand.You can take the boy out of Germantown, but Germantown always stays with the boy. You can say Germantown was a magical and spiritual place and it was not a dream but a reallity or as Poe said "A dream within a dream.
Steve Donohoe, 61 [04-28-2009]

Big John Burke: I am happy to see you posting again. Tina mentioned that you know people all over G-Town-both sides of the tracks[Gtn. Ave.]. In my blog to Tina DSK, I said that the Garveys were a prominent name in The Brickard and you tell me that you are hanging out with Mike Garvey-my classmate at St. Francis was John Garvey. I must thank you for the info about your good friend and Tina's husband-Dave Scanlan. I find it incredible that all the Scanlan brothers went to the Prep and both girls went to The Mount. Mike was the oldest boy and graduated from the Prep["51"] and Dave "71". Mr. Joe Gatto taught you and possibly Ed Scanlan taught Brother Dave at The Prep. A guy by the name of Frank Felice recently posted on this site; he lived near Dave Scanlan on Morris St. and worked at Pepper's Pharmacy[Queen Lane&Morris]-he looked like Dan Buccoroni-the South Philly Boxer whose Aka was "Butcher Boy'. Dan B. died last year and you knew Dan Buccoroni Jr. from "PPD'. Was Dan Jr. in Highway and have a motorcycle from the Jim Bins Foundation. Jim B. lived and grew up in Mt. Airy- a great boxer himself. We both knew the old Pug[Ferninand Eskridge]-AKA,"Cabbage" who had the candy store next to Peppers on Morris St. He always liked to talk to me about women and boxing-in my callow youth,I was a diletante in both areas. Tom Loughran who was one of the great boxers had a brother named Ed who came in Cabbage's to talk boxing-The Cabbage man loved Sugar Ray Robinson. I learned a lot from those Old-Time Pulaski-towners. You and I were a rarity to play B-ball at the Queen Lane Project if you know what I mean. In school,we were taught to cogitate and at the playground,everyother word was copulate[euphemism]. Our mothers were saints and we became concerned citizens-especially you.Keep posting and we all will be toasting.When you go the Glenside Pub,many of the silver-haired foxes grew up in G-town. The younger crowd went to McDevitt. Ask for Ann Lee- a great lady from Germantown. Joe Coll[Owner] is from East Germantown and the Pub reminds me of Crane's where Joe C. worked. "Salute"
J,Bruce Schmitt [04-27-2009]

Anonymous[AKA-Anonymous,Anonymous,Myriad Pseudonyms]: You are the epitome of obfuscation.You missed your true calling[Cryptography] where your obfuscatio-skills would make encrypted messages difficult to decipher and decrypt. I will eschew suffusage if you espouse elucidation and identification. If you are a thespian or a thespian-type,make a curtain-call-"Declare Thyself"
John Bruce Schmitt [04-27-2009]

Paul Borian I remember you taking me to the old GA to throw you BP.I think some of those balls are still going.I think I maybe able to throw one by you now. Chalie MC Geehan
Chalie MC Geehan, oreland pa. st.francis — north catholic [04-27-2009]

germantown is a great historic place!i have a project on the johnson house.i have to bring it in early in may.i want to know where i can have information about rowland johnson like a biography.i really need to know . its really important .my grade is gonna drop if i dont do it.i already got staright b's.
jessica lam, im 10 years old. [04-27-2009]

Bruce, My brothers Joe and Bob D'Angelo told me about this site. I told them I would contact you. I went to the Prep ('54) and was fortunate to have your Dad, Urb, for geometry in tenth grade. He was a great man and a great teacher. I had to laugh at your posting about the time he drove up Newhall Street and saw me playing half-ball rather than studying for my geometry exam. I made it through the Prep, graduated from St. Joe's College, went into the army for two years, and then spent 43 years in education. I retired from Delaware County Community College in 2003 where I was Dean of Business and Computer Information Systems. I now split my time between Willow Grove and Lake Placid, Florida (Yes, there really is a Lake Placid, Florida). It's in Central Florida. I would love to get together with you and some of the people from the old neighborhood, particularly Paul Borian and Larry Rinaldi. Once a month Marty O'Gara, Matt Fasano, Sal Boccella, and I together with our wives get together for lunch. I would like to invite anyone who wants to join us to contact me through my e-mail address, patony148@verizon.net. Our next lunch will be on May 28th. I enjoy reading about the old days and hearing that so many people are doing well. Keep in touch.
Anthony (Tony) D'Angelo [04-27-2009]

Paul Boring and J. Bull S. give it a rest. BTW is the hollow even in GTN? Be nice if someone could lay out the street boundaries.
anon [04-27-2009]

To anonymous and anonymous: I'm sure you are interesting guys. Both of you have stories. Tell us your stories instead of complaining about the length of other people's stories. Here's a tip. Writers know the secret of once. Tell a specific story from your memory, the more detailed the better. If you do that and risk the truth, we'll love the story. Paul Borian and Bruce Schmitt do that. I think many of us like that. But when I the lead tells me it is about Brickyard from ten years after I left Germantown, I SKIP THAT STORY AND GO ON TO THE NEXT. Paul and Bruce, keep on keepin' on. Your stories are starting to remind me of things that never happened.
Jack Brogan, Fernhill Road alum. [04-27-2009]

Duncan Hubley..Back in the spring of 56,I was afraid to play softball for fear it would screw up my swing hitting a baseball.Lifting weights was also taboo for a baseball player.If I had to do it all over again,playing softball and drinking beer with you guys was a missed opportunity to have a lot of fun(Win or lose)...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-27-2009]

Sheila Martinelli, hi, my name is Sheila too. I do remember Kenny. I'm sorry to say that I heard he passed away.
Sheila [04-27-2009]

jbs.you mentioned pat mcIlhenney. he was friends with my brother george and jerry Distall.i have a photo on my Germantown wall of fame with mole(roland) adamoli, pat, jerry. my brother and frank felice from 1954. it was taken in "greene lots" at hansbury and greene sts.the site became the first Acme super market in GTN. they used to call my brother "Ernie".never did know why. if you speak to pat, say high for me. my brother, george is very ill and in the VA hospital in Coatsville, Pa. he has made some bad choices in his life and is now paying the price. the cool thing about john fries is that he has been very successful in life but is still a GTN guy. he still owes me $$$ for my blog about him. ask hiw to pay up!.bob terranova
bob terranova [04-27-2009]

Anonymous: I beleive the bloggers that you keep attacking for going on this site so often and being longwinded are speaking about something that every Germantowner has in common and that is heart. I don't know if you know this but people are being acknowleged not necessarily on this site but through their own private emails. I am sure they would acknowledge you the same way if you would just reveal yourself. I am curious as to why you keep returning to the site if you are so bothered by the two or three that continually converse back and forth. I don't know most of the people they speak of including them but if you read their blogs you can learn some new scrabble words. Lighten up, life's too short.
anonymous [04-27-2009]

Okay, Anonymous [04-24-2009], you've made your point. Now move along, you're boring.
Jay Kelly [04-27-2009]

To John Fries: good to see you here. Your mention of North Catholic brings back a lot of great memories. How about Dirty Nick and Sleepy Charlie? How about the 53 loaded with Little Flower girls when we got on at 10th & Erie on the way home. I wasn't from Fern Hill but I did play some ball there and I knew most of the characters from up there, including all those you mentioned. I played basketball with many of those guys at the Hollow (although most were a year or two older than me). And I went to school with some, like Bob Terranova. I think the last time I saw you was about 25 years ago in the train concourse under center city, Philly.
Bonnie Gatto [04-27-2009]

Hi Everyone: Just a few things to help jog my memory banks: Anyone out there remember the spring in Wister Park where you'd fill jugs of spring water to take home. How about the Famous Food Market or Sam's Deli on Germantown Ave just north of Bringhurst Street. Or, one last place; the store where you could make ceramic figurines etc., also on Germantown ave near Bringhurst
Ron Majka, 62 YO living in Mayfair [04-27-2009]

John Fries[Fernhill]: Another guy from Fernhill,St.Francis,GBC and North pops up on this Germantown site. I connected with most of the people and places that you mentioned in your blog.Some of the guys from Fernhill have passed away-Charlie Solly,John Kohlmeyer,and Pat Kelly. I remember those days at Fernhill fondly. I was friendly with cousin[Joe Gallagher] who caddied with me and Bob Campbell at Manufacturer's Country Club in Montco[Dresher]. Sometimes,on a slow day,we would head to LaSalle and play basketball. He was on the St. Francis team["54"] with Jack Brogan and Sonny Kennedy. I recall that Joe's brother[Jack] had been in the seminary but left. I heard that Joe had passed away-he was good people. I saw that your brother-in-law had a gig at the old Mermaid-Inn. Did you go there with your buddies and their lovely wives? We hung out at Crane's in the 60's- we were clean-cut guys,we only drank whiskey,wine and beer,we did not dance with Mary-Jane or fly in the sky without a propeller. You and Joe Lynch mentioned Pat McIlhinney-I am still friends with him and he lives in Cherry Hill. We go out a lot-Marlton,Cherry Hill and that wonderful town of Moorestown. Many Preppers live there and that is an ideal place to live-you made a great choice. Do you still get downtown and I see your old friend from North[Bob T.]lives down the shore. Life is good-Enjoy the Golden Years.
J,Bruce Schmitt [04-24-2009]

The J. Bruce Schmitt website(aka Historic Germantown website)is epitomized in his epistle of 4/23/09.
Anonymous [04-24-2009]

To everyone: I'm enjoying reading all this stuff and finding out most people are mostly doing well. I have had sporadic contact with some old friends over the years, but this makes us all up to date. It's been great hearing from old friends and classmates like Bonnie Gatto, Sheila Martinelli Roos, and others. John and Maureen Fries are fondly remembered. I seem to recall somehow staying out of trouble while hanging around with Johnny Fries and many basketball games at Fern Hill where John was a favorite teammate because he would pass the ball. J. Bruce Schmidt, I spoke to my brother Tony today who promises he will try to connect with old friends like Paul Borian. He remembers your dad, Mr. Urban Schmidt, his tenth grade Geometry teacher at St. Joe's Prep. This Saturday a few of us are visiting our old friend Al Pauzano who is recovering from surgery. It will be great to see him. We were literally babies together, and our grandfathers were friends in the "old country." Joe D'Angelo
Joe D'Angelo [04-24-2009]

Tina you said that you enjoyed all the pictures. Where you talking about the Brickyard site or here.
Raymond Dawes [04-24-2009]

To Tina I know your family well. Your brother Denney was a year older than I and john was 1 or two years younger. Your father I remember he was a delivery driver for Robertson flowers for a long time. Spent a lot of time with jay and paul and vince. Do you remember Flowers Grocery store on the corner. Joey Leone and Charlie lightcap I remember thet we fondly called you two mutt and eff because of the difference in hight. And the two you went eveery where together. John Fries I was on all those teams with you and I can not rememeber goo. The only coaches I can rememeber are the ones for baseball Mr.Durney and Mr. Harkins. I also have the girls class picture. Capone went to prison here to hide out safley during one of His wars. The dance at trinty was on saturday night. And if your were from St Francis it was a major sin at the time. Happy Hollows dance was on friday nights. GBC did not matter what area you were from when you went thru the door or gate you were GBC. and I think that is why we swam with no bathing suites every one was equal. There are a lot of duplicate names because Families stayed close. To the wineers or wineys who complain about the long stories. Read trhem and then come up with you own. Look at Brickyard site very little conversation now a days. So be glad some one is keeping the memories alive. Heaven knows we need good stories now a days. Raymond (Droppey Draws) Dawes as i was known back then on E Clapier st
Raymond Dawes, St Francis 57 now 66 living in Oreland [04-24-2009]

JB Schmitt: Even though i havent posted in a while, i still read the site almost everyday. I was out having a few with Mike Garvey last night and we talked about both of the gtn websites. We were talking up a mini reunion down the shore in the near future, we'll see what happens. I see my brother Ed, and Tina (Dolan) have been posting, its good to see new faces. Im still working on a dart night, since the last one was cancelled. Ill give you a shout when we settle on a date. I see that Mr. Gatto posts on the site. He taught me at Dougherty, i think it was my sophomore year in 1970. I forget what subject though. You asked if Dave Scanlan went to Dougherty, Dave went to the Prep, class of 71. Im making a road trip to the Glenside Pub one night next week, im trying to branch out a little bit.Ill have one for you while im there.Well, maybe more then a few.
John Burke, 55 NE Philly [04-24-2009]

Ed, as far as I know there's nothing planned but I'm sure if there's something in the wind someone on this site will know and post it.Glad your enjoying the site and hope to hear from you again. Heard from Charlie Marinelli last week for the first time since we graduated.
joe Leone [04-24-2009]

Tina Scanian-Kleback Dolan, although I never knew you I was friends with Denny & Johnny and knew you mom & dad well.I lived on Garfield st. where your family lived when I knew them.I also remember all the places you mention and I remember when you dad worked for Robertson's flowers The next time you hear from your brothers tell them I said hello.
joe Leone [04-24-2009]

john fries. glad to see your ass on this site.i'll be needing that check you promised me for posting that praiseful blog about you and your NECH project.hope to see you ths summer.how about the Turk becoming butz and my new neighbor! take care and give maureen a hug.Bob
bob terranova [04-24-2009]

Any one from P $ M remember Kenny Iriano aka Ears
Sheila Martinelli [04-24-2009]

To Anonymous,Anonymous,and Anonymous(sounds like a law firm)I have good news for you,because you will be hearing less from me since I have pretty well run out of family oriented Happy Hollow stories.What's left in my memory bank are all rated XXX,which are suitable for this site.On the downside,my buddy JBS still has a lot to say.His Germantown memories are much broader than mine,so he won't go away anytime soon.I will still be around and continue to do my best to break your chops.I can't help it!You can take Paul Borian out of Happy Hollow,but not the Happy Hollow out of Paul Borian.Since there will be less verbose(a JBS word)from me,you will now have the opportunity to expand your blogs from one sentence to a whole paragraph...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-24-2009]

Paul Borian: I never played monopoly since I grew up in Germantown and not Chestnut Hill.If you did not like my take on Scarface,you can scroll down. I read your posts attentively and I block out that other nonsense. You"ve had some encounters with some tough guys and dudes,these intellectual elites are a piece of cake-Keep Posting.
J,Bruce Schmitt [04-24-2009]

Hey John Fries, I still say you could not dunk the ball @ Fernhill park! Only Kelly, Haas and Joe Lynch could do that. And definitely not Tommy Lynch! Ha, Ha.
Dave Byrne [04-24-2009]

Bill James[The Head]: I must commend you on your comments and analysis of the posts on this site. You are not quite an old-head but you have the street-smarts and common-sense of a sage. Lou from the pharmacy,Bobby Goo from the Hollow,and Sister Claire Eleanor from St. Francis would be happy and pleased with your logical thinking and literacy. St. Francis and that Happy Hollow water served you well. Head! Keep Posting-You're Good
John Bruce schmitt [04-24-2009]

Hi Tina. No I'm sorry but I don't rememther the seafood store you mentioned or Chic's. We got our seafood from Calvani's and then Mary's--Mary Tiffin--right at Germantown and Chelten. The only time I really got down gtn ave. was for the boys club or the Lyric movie theater. Anywasy thanks for acknowledging my post. It's nice to hear from someone when you write about something. And yes, I did love Young's ice cream and I had the weight as a kid to prove it. Thankfully I lost it before high school.
anthonyg [04-24-2009]

Paul Borian, where were you when you're needed? There was a number of softball games, maybe six,in the Spring of 1956. These games were played on Sundays at the lower field by Wissahickon Avenue in Fernhill Park. It was the "boys" from Manheim U. vs. the "men" from Deacon Street. I think the men from Deacon Street won six consecutive games, the winning prize being a case of beer. Tired of losing I recruited Hugh Wyatt from G.A. and Mount Airy, Chickie Downham also from G.A. and Frankford to play for Manheim U. With Chick at third,(Quarterback for Temple), and Hugh at shortstop (Quarteback at Yale) We won this seventh game like 9-7. It was the last game played between Manheim U. and the men from Deacon Street. The umpire was a self apointed gentleman from Deacon Street, who actually has a few beers with us, because of his umpiring was not allowed on the street for several days following this game. "Honey Babe" was their pitcher and Joe Palmer was their center fielder. The Kelly brothers were only 13 and 15 and were not on the scene yet. Come on you Manheim U boys, Dave Heil, Rich and Ned Pomfret, Ken Scott, Frank Connerly, Harry Brown, Dave Glancey, Shep Tipping, aome of you must remember these softball games.
Duncan Hubley, 5068 McKean Avenue G.A. 57 [04-24-2009]

To Bill James, No wonder Ace Connelly took off his rings and thru you out the door at North. You were just one of the germantown, happy hollow, wimps HaHa. Now this got you thinking I bet.
ACE [04-23-2009]

Hi Joe Leone and Charlie Lightgap. I remember you guys also. We spent many days together at St. Francis. Glad to hear that you guys are still kicking. I haven't seen anyone from our class for a long time. Next year is our 50th, and I was wondering if you had heard of any get together planned? I could go on and on,but for now I will sign off, so I don't offend anybody by being long winded. Let's talk again soon.
ed burke, old fart [04-23-2009]

Paul Borian: The anonymous intellectual guy[AIG] must have read Paul's Epistle to the Romans and was mesermized by your words about the Roman Gladiator-Alphonse Scarface Capone. This Epistle was influenced by Hellenistic Philosophy and he might possibly think that since we have a connection to Orthodox-Christianity,we are interested in these Epistles. I must comment that Western Civilization was impacted by the 3 great Greek Philosophers-Plato,Socrates and Aristotle. I will leave this world of Philosophy and Theology and Abstractness and devolve into the concrete world of street-culture which we learned on the hard streets of G-town. I do not think that Scarface would have hung out at Happy Hollow Playground since he could not have competed with the guys in sports and the Craps and Poker games were too light and paltry. He might have held court at Nick"s[Wayne&Logan] but you and Frank Felice might be able to conjecture on that. He would not want to live in The Hollow neighborhood since the homes were too small for him. I went to school at 17th&Girard-not far from Fairmount where Capone lived. He lived in a Penthouse at Corinthian&Fairmount-Eastern State Penitentiary which is not far from Vince Fumo's Mansion. He did time at this location for carrying a concealed weapon. You and I must find this interesting because many dudes in the pool-hall carried Derringers back in the day. We shot pool in Mosconi's which was located in Logan where Sonny Kane was the guy. I believe some people in Logan&G-town might have paid some tribute[VIG} to Scarface but Germantown was much different than Cicero,Illinois which was his base of operation. Mugs[Mike Masterson] lives near Cicero and he might have known Cicero when it was an ethnic-town. Paul! That's my take on Scarface,the Hollow and the old days in G-town-it was never dull. This site is great for you,being labelled an athlete,charismatic and now Epistlemological.
J,Bruce Schmitt [04-23-2009]

What great memories these blogs evoke! Thanks to Bob T. and Bruce Schmitt for your kind words about myself and North Catholic H.S. I fondly remember football games at Fernhill with Jimmy Mac, Tom Lynch, Neil McIlroy and basketball with Leroy Kelly, his brother Pat, Pat McIlhenny and some the older guys like Jack Brogan, my cousin Joey Gallagher and big Bill Molvey. Who could forget riding to school on the 53 snd 56 trollies? Knobby Walsh, Black John, Chet the Jet and Flunken Dan.(Is this a vaudeville act or the Oblates??? Friday nights at Cranes', summer weekends at Mrs. Mac's Hope everyone saw the article on North in the Daily News on Monday. The student body is much smaller (635) compared to when most of us graduated but it is a great group of hard working and talented kids! My first memories of Germantown involve biddy basketball at the Boy's Club. I think we were in the 3rd grade. Friday nights meant soccer at the club with Bud, T-Ball, Hughie Mooney and Duff. Summers were spent swimming naked at the boy's club pool morning sessions and later in the afternoon after the girls had their turn.(they wore bathing suits)! My best memory was in eighth grade when we played on the championship basketball team coached by the infamous Goo Goo. The team included such stellar stars as: Joe Lynch, Bill Haas, Joe Razzano, John(don't call me Jr.) Payne, Jimmy Keehan, Frank Klock, Emmitt Harkins, Charlie Soley Walter Heileman, John Fowler, Joe DiPasquale and myself.
john Fries, went to St. Francis of Assisi graduated North 1961 [04-23-2009]

The reason it seems that only certain people are blogging is because they're the only ones doing it. If you want to see others add to this glorious site, encourage your friends or write about something that all Germantowners might have in common. It would also be helpful if someone does add to a blog that they be acknowledged.
anonymous [04-23-2009]

Erda: Thanks for the kind words, Trinity Dances were held, I believe, on Saturday nights. But, it always took most of the night to get the courage to ask someone to dance. At least for me it did.
Ron Majka, 62 YO living in Mayfair [04-23-2009]

Anthony Q: Although I don't know you you struck a nerve with Young's candy Store, my oldest sister Kate Dolan used to work there after school when she went to Little Flower. They had the best black raspberry ice cream. Do you remember Al Brother's the seafood restaurant. We used to get their fried flounder every Friday night. I used to love to go and pick it up with my father because they would put it on a paper plate of some sort, wrap it in white paper and tie it up with string. It was still crispy when you took it home, not like today, they put things in styrofoam containers and it soggy by the time you reach your destination. There was also Chic's candy store btwn Clapier and Logan Sts. My first husband David used to tell me that Chic kept Playboy mags in plastic for sale. I don't know, I was interested in the candy. I used to love to go to Chic's on Sunday mornings after the children's mass at St. Francis. For the rest of you bloggers especially J Bruce Schmidt, Bruce Marshall and Paul Borian, keep on posting your long blogs. I enjoy reading them eventhough I don't know a lot of the people you are talking about. It's just nice to see the memories go back and forth. I don't think Mr/Mrs anonymous realizes that Germantown is Germantown, east or west. It was just an awesome place to grow and it is so nice that you can revert back to those days of old and remember soooo much.
Tina Scanlan-Kleback, (Dolan) East Clapier St., 50 yrs. of age [04-23-2009]

Tina Scanlan Kieback: I appreciate your blog with so much information about Germantown and the people who grew up there and the people who still live there. I mostly knew Joe Dolan and his little brother[Raymond] who would be running around the house. Joe's girl-friend[Linda Simon] lived next to the church at Greene&Seymour] but he never married her. I do find it interesting that he married a lady named Linda-she must have been bubbly. I knew many people from East and West Germantown due to Saint Francis and Germantown Boy's Club. Saint Francis had many students from the Brickyard-Durkins,Garveys etc. GBC was one of the great institutions in Germantown and a real melting pot. I lived on Hansberry St. down the hill from John Burke-we both lived across the street from the Gtn. Cricket Club. Dave Scanlan lived around the corner on Morris St. and also opposite the Cricket Club where the Scanlans were members and some of the boys were good squash players. I surmise that you met Dave when he lived on Queen Lane across from the Reservoir. I know that Dave went to Norwood Academy. Did he go to Cardinal Dougherty with John Burke? Ed Burke[brother] has posted recently. I knew the Burke Family from my childhood and I was shocked to see the size of Big John. In the 60's,he was only 6 ft. tall and I was the big guy. You mentioned that Dave Linn is your cousin. He lived across from the Cricket Club on Manheim St. around the corner from Dave Scanlan. I sat with Dave Linn at a Funeral Luncheon and all my buddies liked him-he is friendly and very glib. He and I were members of the Continental Post where Ank Scanlan and Ed Burke Sr. went. I might add that Mrs. Scanlan and Mrs. Burke were very nice ladies. John Burke has been quiet with his posting-he is probaly busy at work. I thank you for your inciteful comments and bringing back so many fond memories for me.
J.Bruce Schmitt [04-23-2009]

Patricia Carr: I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your recent blog-it was powerful,rich,and pithy. The size of the composition was not too long or short-perfect. Your vocabulary and choice of words really resonated with me- pungent and spicy,not bland or insipid. There are many literate people on this site who really appreciated this post. I only hope that the anonymous liberal posters do not take umbrage that you mentioned Bill O'Reilly. He is anathema to the liberals who prefer Keith Oberman.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-23-2009]

Tina Scanlan Kieback: I appreciate your blog with so much information about Germantown and the people who grew up there and the people who still live there. I mostly knew Joe Dolan and his little brother[Raymond] who would be running around the house. Joe's girl-friend[Linda Simon] lived next to the church at Greene&Seymour] but he never married her. I do find it interesting that he married a lady named Linda-she must have been bubbly. I knew many people from East and West Germantown due to Saint Francis and Germantown Boy's Club. Saint Francis had many students from the Brickyard-Durkins,Garveys etc. GBC was one of the great institutions in Germantown and a real melting pot. I lived on Hansberry St. down the hill from John Burke-we both lived across the street from the Gtn. Cricket Club. Dave Scanlan lived around the corner on Morris St. and also opposite the Cricket Club where the Scanlans were members and some of the boys were good squash players. I surmise that you met Dave when he lived on Queen Lane across from the Reservoir. I know that Dave went to Norwood Academy. Did he go to Cardinal Dougherty with John Burke? Ed Burke[brother] has posted recently. I knew the Burke Family from my childhood and I was shocked to see the size of Big John. In the 60's,he was only 6 ft. tall and I was the big guy. You mentioned that Dave Linn is your cousin. He lived across from the Cricket Club on Manheim St. around the corner from Dave Scanlan. I sat with Dave Linn at a Funeral Luncheon and all my buddies liked him-he is friendly and very glib. He and I were members of the Continental Post where Ank Scanlan and Ed Burke Sr. went. I might add that Mrs. Scanlan and Mrs. Burke were very nice ladies. John Burke has been quiet with his posting-he is probaly busy at work. I thank you for your inciteful comments and bringing back so many fond memories for me.
J.Bruce Schmitt [04-23-2009]

"I make a motion that John Bruce and Paul get their own web site. That way they can express themselves in greater detail. We can all still visit them when we want. All in favor ... Up yours! Jo-Jo, Rubican Street [04-22-2009]"
GTownKickAzz [04-23-2009]

JOHN BRUCE SCHMITT...Please be advised that you are monopolizing this webb site with your long winded blogs.I would appreciate it very much if you would give me a chance.Thank you,Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-23-2009]

To Jo-Jo from Rubican St..I don't know you,but I commend you for signing your name.I am not in favor of a separate Paul and Bruce webb site.Did you know of a Lynn Remalley who lived on Rubican St.and went to Gtw.High School? That's it,short and sweet...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-23-2009]

Hi, I haven't been on this site in awhile. I'm the Bill Frith from West Oak Lane not G-Town but I spent a lot of time in G-town both as a youth & adult. Anybody remember the Commadore Barry $2 nights (when it rains my bones do). I was a cop in Germantown in the mid 70's. I used to drive around on 'last out' shift (11pm-7am)just reminising. Any other cops out there remember Dougie Melansin, Joe Brace, Jack Quirk. I still see Vince Flynn & sadly Pete Jaquinto & Phil Bruno (Heiskell St) passed away recently. Anybody remember Jackie Mayfield?
Bill Frith, 64 & Still in Philly [04-22-2009]

How can something this innocent be controversial. You open the site or you don't. You read every entry or you don't. You write an entry or you don't. You acknowledge who you are or you don't. You slam others who don't follow your rules on how you think this site should be used or you don't. It's that simple. I am sorry for one thing, I do apologize if I took up so much space with this nonsense that I made someone with a really good past entry become an archive (not really). As a matter of fact, my last entry became archived awhile back and I felt like I died. Seeing this with the current submissions will make me feel so alive again. Thank you anonymouses for spurring me on. And since my words can go all the way down to that line below........I want to take up more space with just one more thing - Sister Claire Eleanor, thank you.
Bill James [04-22-2009]

Mr&Mrs. John Fries: We trust that The North Catholic Event on Saturday Night went well. It is uplifthing that the guys from Fernhill Park still support their alma-mater[North]. Bob Terranova mentioned the generosity and philanthropic efforts of The Fries Family to North Catholic in this age of modern technology. Personally,I also applaud both of you-notwithstanding the fact that we live in a world of materialism,narcissism,and greed. John! I remember talking to you at Mace Thompson's Bistro on the Parkway-25+ years ago. We talked about a summer-league basketball game where you and Ron Ebert[All-Catholic] took me to lunch. Mike Sweeney[Marine&Referee] tried to foul me out. You were shooting out the lights like your friend and classmate from St. Francis[Joe Lynch]. You were the high scorer in that game and I commend you but most importantly,you should be congratulated for your contribution to education and society.
J.Bruce Schmitt [04-22-2009]

Let's hear from Brickyard, Cowtown,and P&M!
anonymous [04-22-2009]

I have been reading this site for a while.I really dont know anyone on here lately Went to Fitler,Roosevelt and GTHS Class of 64.I lived on Reger street. Carol Drakely McFeeters
CMcFee, from germantown brickyard [04-22-2009]

I must say that as I peruse this site, I simply skim through some of the blogs looking for a famliar name or location.....it's a rather simple skill. Here and there, something jogs my memories and takes me back to a time when I lived on Stockton Road (from birth in '51 till we moved in '59 to Lancaster County). It warms my heart especially since I no longer have my parents who probably would have loved hearing so many memories. It seems as though anyone may submit with brevity not being a prerequisite. It also seems as though some are offended and are pejorative with their flapdoodle. So, to the pettifoggers who nitpick and are obviously poltroons in their anonimity, just scroll through the longer blogs. Life's too short to be annoyed by such pettiness. In the true spirit of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, let's enjoy what everyone has to say. P.S. thanks to Bill O'Reilly's site for the vocabulary lessons:)
Patricia Carr [04-22-2009]

I make a motion that John Bruce and Paul get their own web site. That way they can express themselves in greater detail. We can all still visit them when we want. All in favor ...
Jo-Jo, Rubican Street [04-22-2009]

Joe O'Donnell: I appreciate your generous comments- you are one of the truly kind bloggers on this site. I might add that you must be very intelligent to marry a woman whose memory and cognitive skills are at a very high level. Memory is such an important element of cognitive thinking which is so important in life. My memory was developed by the Jesuits who believed in mental calisthenics which included foreign languages and a plethora of vocabulary. My long term-memory is better than my short-term and it is probaly because I liked Germantown and the people so much. I envy you that you enjoy California so much- I never really adjusted to life in suburbia but I only drove through the Mojave Desert when I was cruising on Highway 66 back in the day. The West and the Southwest are beautiful- I especially liked Sedona and Sante Fe. Joe! Keep posting and never lose that kind demeanor.
JBS [04-22-2009]

anyone out there from Fernhill in 70 or 71?
ann [04-22-2009]

This web is starting to get like the movie groundhog day. The same stories, same people, same happy hollow jingle over and over unending is the pits. Its starting to sound like Mr Rogers neighborhood or its a small world at disneyworld.
anonymous [04-22-2009]

To Ann and Al,Chestnut Hill...You got it right by ignoring my long winded messages,of very little interest,by scrolling down to the next messages.Very easy to do,and have done it myself.In my day,the Chestnut Hill folks were more elite than we Germantowners.I have to admit that the Happy Hollow/Fernhill Park folks always had a lot to say and were very active;thus,many fond memories,and stories to tell.We can't help it!Just keep on scrolling...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-22-2009]

To Anonymous and Anonymous...this will be short and sweet;have a nice day,and keep on posting because your comments are very informative.Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-22-2009]

anonymous.you should have the courtesy to add your name to your critical remarks.maybe you don't have anything else to contribute other than complaints about the length of the blogs.it's not a contest. it's just a blog about GTN not a popularity competition.don't read if you don't like it.Bob terranova
bob terranova [04-22-2009]

Ron, I remember all those places you talked about.. We had some good times as kids.. We also had Trinity dance on Friday nights?? or was is Saturday?? The great parties held in your basement.. Your mom and dad where great hosts!
Erda [04-22-2009]

Yes Ed there are some of us around and sure I remember you.Charlie Lightcap also remembers you.Glad to have you on the site.
joe Leone [04-22-2009]

to Joseph Gatto, kids in our class were: Joanne Oliver, Eileen Palossi, Roseanne Criniti, Margaret and Lucille Peterson, Augie Gisondi, Joanne Sereni, Sheila Martinelli (which you know now), Vickie Volpe, Connie DiVergilis, Conchetta Scafidi, Franny Rosenthal, Eddie DiNatale, Robert Terranova, Joseph DiAngelo, Louise Yaskowitz.etc - Remember some of our nuns used to put is in order according to our smarts. LOL Cathy Pickett Townsend
anonymous [04-22-2009]

I had heard there was going to be a St. Michael of the Saints reunion in April. Did it ever happen. Cathy Pickett Townsend
Cathy Pickett Townsend, lived in Gtn above Wayne Junction went to St Michael of the Saints from 1951 to 1959 [04-22-2009]

Hey Ron Majka, you mentioned a lot of good things from Germantown. How about Young's candy store with the homemade ice cream? We used to stop there after the swimming at the boys club.
anthonyg [04-22-2009]

I agree with anonymous who has stated that this has become the Paul and Bruce show.....longggggg emails/ taking up so much space, is that really necessary?
anonymous [04-21-2009]

For the Fernhill Park folks: Saturday was the clean-up day, and it was a glorious one, with the weather cooperating and many nice folks helping out. It was the first time I was within the perimeter in 40 years. The trees aren’t leafed in yet, so it wasn’t as shady as in full Summer ­ many of the old tress that stood there when we were young are still there, but many are gone or past their life cycle. The road that bisects the park from Wissahickon Avenue goes under the Boulevard Extension; those walls are covered with graffiti, and they’re planning a mural, which people helped paint. My memories came back as I strolled from Wissahickon inward. The posts at the road entrance are now attractively mosaiced. That wall along there was where my pals and I once played Army men with our rifles and homemade C-rations. Then the diamonds, one being used for a game, where my dad would take me for catch or to shag balls, and we’d have our own games in the Summer, and sled down the various hills in the Winter, the main one down from the expressway all overgrown. When older, we’d sled all the way down Abbottsford, piling onto each others’ sleds for the relatively long ride. When they put the expressway in, we could ride bikes all the way down over the twin bridges at the Schuylkill before it opened for traffic, then after it was in use, we’d stand along the road in the park and try to get the rigs to blow their airhorns by making the overhead pulling gesture. The stone pavilion with fireplace is still there, and there’s a playground with the high swings and tame sliding board. No seesaw, from which I got slammed to the ground from the top, the first time I had the wind knocked out of me. The courts were there, and a b-ball game was in progress. Quite a blast from the ancient past, but still very much a part of the present.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [04-21-2009]

Wow - Must have touched a nerve Paul ? Please keep writing we all wait with bated breath for the "J Bruce & Paul" very long epistles.
Anonymous [04-21-2009]

Are there any people who graduated from St. FRANCIS IN 1956 on this web site?
ed burke [04-21-2009]

Are there any north catholic graduates from the class of 1960 that blog on this site? I would like to find out if there is going to be a 50th for us in 2010?
ed burke, retired and 66 yrs old [04-21-2009]

I like the posts from those old dudes. They are just a few street kids from G-town who are trying to be nice in their golden years. Germantown and this site have a good mix of people.
anonymous [04-21-2009]

anybody out there ?
joe gisondi, lived on rittenhouse st [04-21-2009]

Looking for Johney Davis lived on west side of Germantown ave.Washington lane and Cherokee ? Went to saint Madilins. on green st
rich, huntingdon valley [04-21-2009]

Ken Twiford..welcome aboard!You are a survivor;from Gtw.,to GA,to Bucknell,Bay Shores(I challenge you to a race from the bay to Ocean City)and your current place in Mennonite country.I seem to remember that you had a quick fuse,and hope you are kind to the very gentile mennonite folks.Rumor has it that you have traded in your sports car for a horse and buggy.With your bad knees,you must be DH in the old mens softball league.All that walking To GA and Fernhill has taken a toll on the old knees(a few hits on the football field did not help)Anyway,better to replace the knees instead of the brain.Great to hear from you and hope all is going well with you and your loved ones.I hope you stay on the site often because some folks are getting tired of my blogs.We need to hear from other great Germantowners from the past.Surely,with all the characters that I knew from GA,you have a story or two to tell.
Paul Borian [04-21-2009]

Yes we have to agree with anonymous that this site is very different from a few years ago. Long winded posts from the same few people over and over again. Yes you long winded few can respond negatively and defensively to this but all we have to do is scroll down and see the truth. Sometimes less is more.
Anne and Al, Chestnut Hill [04-21-2009]

Ken Twiford: I am one of those guys who remembered you from Fernhill Park.You are one of the great athletes to come out of Germantown in the 50's. I recall that you made an explosive[quick&hard] move towards the basket at Fernhill and I was totally impressed.I asked Duncan Hubley,"Who is your friend?"-Ken Twiford.Duncan did not tell me that you were the football player from Germantown Academy-most people knew that. Too bad that Ted Silary was not around to cover those great teams of GA in the 50's under that great coach-Ed lawless. You were in that great backfield with Cochise[Chickie Downham] and the super lineman[Connie DeSantis] and a very good End who could block and catch. Your plays were run with precision and great execution-the players were also smart.Your coach[Ed Lawless] ran the single-wing and then change to T-formation-a defensive nightmare. As you probaly remembered,your team humbled the guys from the Prep.There were 3 great athletes from GA who played basketball at Fernhill who also excelled in other sports-Ken Twiford[football],Duncan Hubley[soccer] and Bill Haas[baseball]. I know that you were also an outstanding baseball player-if Paul Borian says you are good in baseball,that is a real recommendation. Only the best players,could be on the Loudenslager Post Team. Duncan Hubley,Paul Borian,Fernhill Park Guys and many Germantowners are happy to see you on this site-Keep Posting.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-21-2009]

John Bruce Schmitt: I read your blog and I know my cousin Joe's wife's name was Linda, I wonder is it the same one that you speak of. You probably know that, it seems to me you know just about everything there is to know about everybody in East and West Germantown. I can't even remeber name of people I met last week let alone 30 - 40 years ago. That must have been that Prep education that exercised and expanded your mind. I know since Dave died I have had to rely on John Burke for my memories of G'town. I lived in G'town for 25 years. Dave and I were married in '83 and lived with my mother until I was 8 mo. pregnant and then moved to Roxborough and I have to say although Roxborough is nice, I never quite felt at home as much as I did in Germantown. I hated selling my mother's house eventhough I knew it was the right thing to do. SInce you know the Scanlan's and the Dolan's you probably know Linn's and Jakeman's that was my mother's side of the family. I just recently touched base with a David Linn, my mother's cousin who I found out is married to a Morris from McKean ave. I am not sure which Morris although I doubt it's Nancy because she is younger than me. It was nice to receive an email from him because I don't really know any of the Linn's, I guess my mother didn't really keep in close contact with her family much after her mother died in 1960. I really enjoyed looking at all of the pictures on this site, ther are pictures of Paul Jefford and Vince Graul who were close friends with my brother Jay (John) and even after Jay moved to CA some 30yrs ago thay still continued to come to our house to visit with my mother or have Monday night dinner with us. You may remember my father Tom Dolan, he had developed throat cance when I was two and had his second operation when I was three. His face was disfigured and he used to do odd jobs around the area for people. I know for awhile he helped out at The Lang-Mc Cann when I was little, I guess cleaning up from the night before and stocking up or perhaps you know my brother Dennis, just trying to see just how many people you know. It sounds to me as though you are from the West side, are you? Talk to you soon.
Tina Scanlan-Kleback [04-21-2009]

Amen, lets add Terranava and Marshall to that list.
anonymous [04-21-2009]

I got the same feeling. Its either Borian or Schmitt. On and On and On....
anonymous [04-21-2009]

To anonymous on your 4/20 post.My,you are a curious little fella.As long as you keep responding to the site,you are part of the troika(JBS and PB being the other two thirds)posting frequently to the site.Who are you Kimasabi?I will be posting again pretty soon,and look forward to your usual comment.Have a good day.Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-20-2009]

TED SILARY...Do I Know Bill Fleischman?I love Bill Fleischman.We graduated from From Germantown High School,class of 56.I am still in touch,after all these years,with Bill and his lovely wife Barb.They live in Wilmington,De.Bill is covering NASTAR races for the Daily News.There are two such races each year in Long Pond,Pa.,in the Pocono's.Bill and Barb stay at my vacation home,which is only about five miles from the track,while he reports on the races.This years Braces will be on 6/7 and 8/2.Bill was not aware of this webb site,so I passed on the info.to him a couple of days ago.I hope he follows up and introduces himself to the site. Bill played baseball and basketball with me at Germantown High School.I also played basketball and baseball with Charlie Janerette at Germantown.Charlie was a great guy,well educated,and went on to play football at Penn State and New York Giants.He died a tragic death in the 90's,which Bill reported on,and sent me the article.Ted,keep on posting...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-20-2009]

Tina Scanlan-Kieback: Welcome back to the site and I want to thank you for the info about your cousins-Joe and Ray Dolan. Back in the day I was good friends with Joe D. We played on the basketball team at St. Francis["55"] and our classmate[Frank Felice] recently posted on this site. Joe D. had a great personality and was very funny. We both had Germantown personalities which meant that we did our own thing. We went to Philadelphia Warrior games at at the old "Arena" which was located at 46th&Market-Band-Stand started there and Sid Payne from Gtn. went there. Getting to the Arena was no problem but getting home could present problems. We took the El at Market and then caught the Sub at Broad and took The "H" to G-Town from Broad&Erie. Being from Philly&G-Town,one can imagine what we saw on public-transportation-drunks,hookers,gang-bangers,street-people and a few normal people,coming home from work. Cousin Joe kept me laughing with his humorous and crazy comments about our fellow passengers. Joe would have been a great blogger and I am unhappy that he left G-Town early and never saw each other again. He had a good-looking girl-friend[Linda Simon] whose father[Bud] pitched in the minor-leagues and knew Ted Williams. Bud brought Ted Williams into the "Continental" where they had a few brews. Two of the great left-hand handers[Paul Borian&Ted Williams] had a few bears in Germantown. You married into the Scanlan Family when you married David. I met Dave's good-friend[John Burke] for a few drinks and he reflected on the great times that he had with both of you. I had good times with Joe Scanlan and we both went to school in North Philly[Prep] and we even went to watering-holes where Herb Adderly[good football-player] stopped. Jack and Joe Scanlan could really talk football-Joe played for Holy Cross. Alice Scanlan should have graduated from the Prep instead of the Mount. The Mounties always get their man-she married two guys from the Prep-John Bateman and Mike Doyle. My father[The Urb] taught them and many of the Scanlan Brothers. My father did not teach Ed Scanlan at the Prep since he had passed away. Mike Doyle lived next-door to my mother in Ft. Washington. I have not seen Jack Scanlan in 40+ years-he was good friends with Don Steele from Germantown Friends which was another great school in Germantown. You were connected with 2 famous Germantown families. I knew Tony Bateman from the Prep and his classmate[Bernie Mckernan] from St. Vincent's has recently posted on this site. Jim Bateman[Henry Gibson]went to the Prep["53] with Mike Doyle and Cardinal Foley-a great class. As you can discern,your blog really resonated with me. Tina! Keep posting and tell Jack that Urb's kid is still walking but not kicking.
J. Bruce Schmitt [04-20-2009]

Has this become the Paul Borian & J. Bruce Schmitt website ? Just Curious ?
Anonymous [04-20-2009]

Ken, I grew up on Wingohocking Terrace. Most of us from the area keep in touch.
Sheila Milligan DeNardo [04-19-2009]

To all proud Germantown Italians....Did you know that Al Capone,while serving his prison sentence in Alcatraz,wrote a love song that is being recorded and released on CD.The title is "Madonna Mia",and it goes like this; In a quaint Italian garden while the stars were all aglow,once I heard a lover singing to the one he loved so.In that quaint Italian garden neath the starry sky above,every night he'd serenade her with his tendor song of love.MADONNA MIA.You're the bloom of the roses,you're the charm that reposes,in the heart of a song.MADONNA MIA.With your true love to guide me,let whatever betide me.I will never go wrong.There's only one moon above,one golden sun,there's only one that I love.you are the one.MADONNA MIA.This I vow here before you,till the end I'll adore you.MADONNA MIA.Once again I see that garden,many years have hurried by,I can see that sweet Madonna,there's a teardrop in her eye.For her soldier has departed,left his loved one with a sigh,she said"I will wait forever",as he sang this last goodbye.MADONNA MIA. As you can see,Alphonse Capone had a soft,sentimental side.It is believed that the song was Capone's valentine to his wife. Paul Borian P.S.I wonder if Mr Capone ever spent anytime in his youth at Happy Hollow?
Paul Borian [04-19-2009]

To JBS: Thanks for the kind words. I have a website, http://www.tedsilary.com, that goes hand in hand with my long-time job of covering Philly high school sports for the Daily News. There is LOTS of back-in-the-day stuff in the research section (though baseball is spotty before the late '50s; apologies to Paul; I haven't been able to find any coaches' All-Pub teams before '59). I see that one of Paul's basketball teammates was future NFLer Charlie Janerette (or maybe a brother?). Paul, maybe you know Bill Fleischman, one of our long-time DN sports writers? He went to Gtn, but lived up near Temple Stadium. One thing people tell me over and over: the research about playoff recaps/all-star teams cuts down on the telling of a LOT of tall tales in bars. Best wishes to all (even those not from East Gtn, a k a The Best Part -- ha ha).
Ted Silary, South Jersey (not that I'm happy about that) [04-19-2009]

John Elsworth, I had dinner and drinks with young (Compared to me) Germantown Boys Clubbers, Tom Kehan,McKean Avenue, Arthur Sweeney, Fernhill Road, and Hugh McInaw, Ashmead Street. Hugh and I agreed you could put the ball in the net. "Mo" and Tom, extremely skilled at verbal foils kept us and our wives on our toes.
Duncan Hubley, McKean Avenue [04-18-2009]

To Shiela MArtinelli: Do you remember any other names from our class. I can recall Jeanette Siemprelli, Fred Bostwick and Geno Primus, but that's all.
Joe Gatto [04-18-2009]

To all Germantowners;I am still inspired by the poem "Twenty Years Ago" by the late, great Bob(Goo)Guarinello.In spite of limited writing skills,this is my attempt to echo his thoughts.It goes like this: FIFTY YEARS SINCE One day recently my son sends me an e-mail about a Germantown webb site,so I click on,and to my joy,many familiar names come to light. From Bobby Guarinello,Jay Kelly,Mike Masterson,Frank Felice,John Brogan,Ed Kennedy,Joe Lynch,Frank Payne Bruce Schmitt to all the others to many to list,I find myself full of nostalgia,even a little mist. The names and stories bring back many memories,most of happinest,some of sadness.Buy after fifty years,I treasure all the pleasantries. Through the marvels of the internet,I have connected with many of my Happy Hollow friends of the past,and just like the old days I am having a blast. So,after nearly twenty years of growing up in Happy Hollow,and fifty years later,how blessed I am to still be here and able to banter. That's it folks.I gave it my best shot.A lot of talented and educated people from ALL of Germantown have connected to this site.I challenge you to write a poem of your neighborhood days.Surely,you can do better than me,since I am more well known for mouthing off than writing poetry. Three prizes will be given to the best poems; First Prize;an all expense week-end for two at the beautiful Happy Hollow. Second Prize;a family week at Happy Hollow(BYOB) Third Prize;unlimited access to all amenities offered at Happy Hollow or another playgroung of your choice. Note to John Bruce Schmitt and all you brainy Preppers...NO BIG WORDS. Sincerely,Anonymous(an Armenian fro the Hollow)
Paul Borian [04-18-2009]

is anybody out there?
Dave Micklosky, Knox&Hansberry St. Francis 64 [04-18-2009]

I enjoy reading everyone's blogs regarding Germantown. Not many are from East Germantown where I grew up in the 50s and early 60s. So...I would like to share some of my memories, although they may be somewhat distorted since so many years have passed: Many a dime was spent at the Lyric Theatre (later to be renamed-The New Lyric Theatre) or for the biggest ice cream cone ever at Genny's Store near the corner of Bringhurst & Wakefield. I can remember the area of Wister School once being Mr. Socco's farm. I recall playing half ball, stick ball and wall ball outside our homes on East Bringhurst till the sun went down. At the corner of Bringhurst and Germantown was the old firehouse where some of us kids would sneak into and slide down the fire pole. I recall Duvas Steak shop (playing the pinball machine) and if anyone can remember just across the street at Germantown and Coulter was what was probably the first indoor miniature golf course on the second floor above what I think was then the Jones shoe store. I remember the great fairs at Vernon Park each year and the store murals at Halloween. I could probably go on and on but wouldn't want to bore anyone. To all who participate with their memories, I thank you for sharing them
Ron Majka, 62 YO living in Mayfair [04-18-2009]

Ted Silary: You do have a life which is steeped in research and statistical analysis of sporting events. Paul Borian was a hardnosed and defensive basketball player for Germantown High. Cal Gore was the star and prolific scorer. He was usually fed the ball and it blows my mind that he had such a horrific game against Gratz. Paul's game was baseball-check out his stats in baseball and you will be impressed. Another great hitter out of Germantown was Bill Haas and he played for Germantown Academy in the early 60's. Bill Haas was in the Mets Farm System and Paul Borian was with the Twins Farm System. Keep Posting- You know your stuff.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-18-2009]

Bob D'Angelo, I am going to email Greg and let him know I am in touch with you.
Sheila Martinelli Roos [04-18-2009]

anonymous the place your referring was called DEMAYOS
joe dollinger [04-18-2009]

Grew up on Wingohocking Terrace and Church Lane in Germantown. Used to walk to GA as well as Fern Hill Park to play BB. Played for Chelten Hills and Laudenslager Post, Legion baseball. Over two summers we won 64 consecutive games losing to Coplay (Allentown area) before winning the PA State Legion Championship for the 2nd time in 1958. As I reall, Paul Borian hit some awesome line shots. I am happy we were on the same team. This is an amazing blog and allows us to relive our youth without hurting ourselves. Hi to all from the area and the Park.
Ken Twiford, Have lived in Lancaster, PA after service time in the U S Coast Guard primarily playing football. I am old but still trying to play some modified softball in a 60 and over league in Lancaster County. I have one knee replacement and expect at least one half replacement witl be needed by Xmas. [04-18-2009]

JBS.thank you for comments.always cogent and heart felt.I see that maureen fries has joined the blog. the guys that you mentioned and i have kept in touch after fits and starts for 47 years plus or minus. the event that you at NECH is interesting and i want to share. john fries has become a true philanthropist in his mid-life and we are very proud of him and his beautiful wife, maureen(duffy)fries. when north catholic was going under, he donated major time and money to try to turn north into a hi tech special school with the help of Bill Gates and sysco systems.they were trying to recruit kids from the neighborhood to enroll in a special program of information tech. he was a great fund raiser and one of the most dedicated alumni from north. he was involved in this red tie gala on saturday to raise money for several years. in the end though, he was disallusioned because of politics within the Oblates hierarchy but he still attends these events and contributes financially. john fries deserves an award for being so kind and loyal to north. i am so proud to be his friend.it just goes to show that we were raised well in old gtn. by the way, i'm Italian as you know, so that Vivaldi is my one of my genetic ancestors. he brightens up our home during the dreary winters on long beach island. you are this best.Bob terranova
bob terranova [04-18-2009]

this is a great site only problem is .there are only a handful of people who talk to each other. where is everyone else. anonymous.
sue smith, lived in germantown [04-18-2009]

Hi JBS,I really enjoy reading your posts.I have never encountered another person other then my wife with a photographic memory which you also have.I think that over your life when ever you saw something that looked even slightly interesting,your mind would never let you just move on.I know that you have covered a lot of interesting things in your life. I think it's great. Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, Living in the Mojave desert and have loved the contrast! [04-18-2009]

Joe Lynch[Fernhill Guy]: It's great to see you posting since you have so much to present at this Germantown forum. I appreciate your comments about my vocabulary but I only wish that I could write like those Hollow Guys-The Warrior Athlete[Paul Borian],your mentor and cousin[Jack Brogan],and the raconteur[Jay Kelly]-Bobby Goo would be proud of all of you. Joe D'Angelo and Bob Terranova from Fernhill Park,write well. Possibly,if I had studied with The Christian Brothers instead of drinking their wine,I would create better anecdotes and posts. I can connect with many of your comments in your recent blog. I recall a game at GBC where your basketball team was competing against Bill Haas's team and Mr. Haas was watching his games as usual. You put a Sonny Kennedy move on the bigger Billy and I went nuts. Old-Man Haas went crazy and wanted to hit me. After the game,Bill H. was asked to punch me. Everything worked out well;Billy vented his anger from the game and I had a nice workout. You and your team-mate[Joe Cunnane] from LaSalle[both institutions] were very good players.You mentioned your 2 0n 2 games with Pat McIlhinney against all opponents. I will submit some teams that you should have faced-The Hollow[Paul Borian&Larry Rinaldi],GA[Duncan Hubley& Ken Twiford],Gratz[Leroy&Pat Kelly],The Prep[Brutus Schmitt&Bill Mulvey]. These games would be interesting-defense&power against sharp-shooting and agility. The referee would be Bobby Goo Guarinello-your old coach from St. Francis. The guys on this site,loved Goo. Paul Borian told me,"Goo was bigger than life. Jay Kelly was inspired by Goo to pursue literature-now,we can read Jay's great posts. I learned a valuable lesson from Goo,cut your loses and there are people in life who are better and have more talent. I never won a game of PIg against Goo,He took PI and then hardly ever missed. He could make 20 shots in a row from the key. After I lost,I never went to Moe's to buy him a soda.There so many guys from Germantown who you know on this site. I am waiting to see Brother Tom on this site. I am still friends with Pat McIlhinney- he is still glib but not so fast. We will be going to The Prep-Reunion at The Union-League in May. Your 50th is coming up soon. Are you still teaching?-LaSalle or George Washington. Keep Posting!-You and Cousin Jack write some good stuff.
J.Bruce Schmitt [04-18-2009]

John Brogan and Jay Kelly...Great stories about Bah Bah Murphy and the North Catholic smoking incident.I was caught smoking once in the firetower at Gillespie Junior High.Here is another Murphy story as I remember it;Bah Bah lived on Tacoma St with his parents.When both parents passed away,Bah Bah sold the house for about ten grand.He always carried that money with him,and for awhile,nearly doubled his investment at the race tracks.However,over time,he lost it all despite his vast knowledge of horses.Without a house to live in,I wonder where he got his shelter???The Irish are noted for their gift of gab,storytelling,and writing skills.Is it any wonder that Brogan and Kelly are great Happy Hollow storytellers! Ted Silary...Nice job researching the Germantown High School basketball statistics.I didn't realize that Gratz beat us by 26 points.They were very intimidating on their court,backed by their threating fans.I believe Cal Gore led the Public League in scoring either in 54-55 or 55-56(our senior year??? To all Germantowners who know J.Bruce Schmitt.If you get a chance,invite Schmitty out to lunch.Guaranteed to have a great time.He is entertaining,knowledgeable,uses big words,and more importantly,he will pick up the tab. Payl Borian
Paul Borian [04-18-2009]

To all the North Catholic grads class of 59", I salute you & happy to hear that you've come this far. I attended my 50th last year & it was a sort of a bittersweet experience. Like watching your Mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new Porsche. Anyway, we had some seventy five attendees & while some looked like they needed a pulse, still others represented vintage wine & had aged well. I came away that evening thoroughly having enjoyed myself. Fifty years take a toll on ones bodies but the minds, the experiences & joy surely made up for any preconceived notions i harbored. Hat's off to the wives who accompanied their husbands. Women always keep things from getting out of hand but with this crowd all being Medicare recipients, the former was highly unlikely. "Go North go". On a side note, Maureen Fries, I don't know you personally but i believe i worked for a brief time with your husband John at the old venerable "Vicks" factory off of wayne Ave. in the early sixties. We suffered through long days on a production line boxing up the infamous Vapor-Rub & Lavoris mouth wash. That stuff tasted like monkey p....s. Thanks all, this is a warm site. Bernie Mc Kernan Chesapeake bay, Maryland. class of 58" N. Catholic.
bernard mc kernan, 68yrs, retired, lived on church la, East Germantown [04-18-2009]

Maureen Fries: Joe Taylor here. I went to school @ St. Francis & NC w/ your husband. Hope he is doing well. He might not remember me but tell him I said hello. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [04-16-2009]

Bob Terranova: I mentioned to your old buddy[Joe D'Angelo] that a lot of guys from Fernhill Park are appearing on this site. Consequently,I read that many of you from there,are going to a North Reunion-John Fries,Tom Lynch,Dave Glancey,Jim Howard and Neal McElroy. I remember all of them; it would be great to see some of them posting on this site. I recall some of Neal's soccer moves on the basketball court. My brother[Ken] also knew those guys well. I saw John Fries many years ago at my classmates's bar-Mace's Crossing on the Parkway. I appreciate the Easter Greeting-I celebrate Easter twice- I also do Orthodox Easter which will be this Sunday. I like the choral music at the Othodox Church. I observed that you like Mozart-nothing wrong with the Magic Flute. Being a seasoned citizen,I thought Vivaldi might interest you-I know that you get my drift. Personally,now that I am rounding third with no spikes and heading home-Bach appeals to me with the religious themes. Bob! Enjoy one of Vivaldi's favorite seasons[[spring] and soar high with those Falcons on Saturday-Night.
J,Bruce Schmitt [04-16-2009]

What happened to the GTN-Brickyard website? I am missing all the pictures.
Sally Torrence, St Fran's class of '58; LF class of '62 [04-16-2009]

After a fifty year break, we're back! Yes, Michael (Mugs) Masterson, Frank (Cisco) Payne, Jack Brogan, and Frank Felice are reunited. The Hollow boys ride again and maybe we'll have a reunion back at the Hollow and terrorize the neighborhood for old times' sake. Cisco, I don't know if you were there the day Father O'Neil finally outsmarted us? We used to smoke at N.E. Catholic during lunch out on the football field. We placed ourselves strategically so that we could see the priests and by the time they got to us, we had put out our smokes. This went on for some time. One lovely day, there was a gardener slowly making his way near to us, but no one paid him any mind since we were on the lookout for the fathers. As he got within six feet of us, he pulled off his gardeners' hat, and it was Father O'Neil and he busted us.
Jay Kelly [04-16-2009]

Bah Bah Murphy was a wonderful character for a 15-year-old kid like I was when he came home from the Air Force. Bah Bah was shifty on his feet, always moving from one foot to the other, sort of like a boxer staying warmed up. Bah Bah was a boxer. He had great hair. All blond and curls. To see him getting ready to go out on a Saturday night was an event He oiled the blond hair and it hung down on his forehead. He was dressed perfectly for Happy Hollow. The Mr. B roll over collar and the high rise pants, barrel knee and 12 inch peg. These pants were powder blue with the black saddle stitching. He wore the Flagg Brothers box toed loafers. Bah Bah boxed in the Air Force as a middleweight and his story about his last fight was one of the best I ever heard. I learned about how to be from guys like Bah Bah. Here is how I remember the story. "So I'm doin' real good ya' know. I kicked some ass all the way through the Western Air Force Championship. I won six fights and got to the championship. I figured I was a winner. At the beginning of the All Air force championship fight they had a ring announcer. This guy introduced the other fighter. 'Golden Gloves Champion of New York State, AAU gold medal winner, Pan American Games Champion let’s hear it for Spider Webb.’ The place went nuts. Then the announcer turns toward me and says, 'and in this corner we have Tommy Murphy from Happy Hollow Playground. I'll tell ya', I might of landed a punch in that fight, but I don't think so. That guy hit me so many times in the first round that I was out before two minutes. That was the end of Kid Murphy." I loved that story and I loved Bah Bah,
John Brpgan, Happy Hollow [04-16-2009]

Joe Gatto, You are absolutely correct. We were all in the same class for 8 years. so happy to hear from you. sheila
Sheila Martinelli Roos [04-16-2009]

Duncan Hubley (my long lost buddy from Fernhill/Happy Hollow) If I had been a left footed kicker, I would have played soccer with you at the Germantown Boys Club.While playing baseball at the Club, and batting left handed, Bud Alexander and Hugh Mooney assumed I was a left footed kicker, which I wasn't, and invited me to try out for the always talented Boys Club soccer teams. I didn't know diddly about soccer, but they were looking for a lefty. My try out lasted one day. Tell Ken Twiford that I found our Legion team pictures for Loudenslager and Chelten Hills, and that he does not take a good picture. But he could sure play baseball. I am willing to bet that he is one of the stars in the old mens softball league. Also, tell Ken that I got my last base hit around 1980 in a Villanova Alumni vs Varsity baseball game. It was a hump back liner to center field and I almost got thrown out at first base. It was time to retire for good.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-16-2009]

Sheila Martinelli-Roos. I know Greg from when he worked at Mactac in Scranton.We were good friends while he was there, but have lost touch.
Bob D'Angelo [04-16-2009]

J. Bruce Schmitt: I have not been on this site since November. I don't know if I ever answered you but my cousin Joe Dolan died about 3-4 years ago. You asked about his younger brother but I didn't know whether you meant Marty or Paul(The mentally challenged ones or Raymond or Brian. Raymond died probably 8 years ago. As for my brother in law Jack Scanlan he is doing well. He just turned 74 this month and is still working. He works at Fairmount Behavorial Hospital in Roxborough. His older brother Mike died about 7 years ago and Jopie(Joe) I'm sure you know died in the 70's. I saw someone's blog from Novemebr that was talking about Henry Gibson aka Jimmy Bateman who happens to be my sister in law Alice Bateman Doyle's cousin by marriage, she was married to John Bateman who died in April 1984. I will pass your regards along to Jack the next time I talk to him.
Tina Scanlan-Kleback, 50, East Clapier Street (Dolan) [04-16-2009]

Found this on the Brickyard blog site: www.germantownbrickyard.com/ "There have been some misconception's being published about Scalea’s Bakery and their Tomatoe pies. Here is the REAL story: Mary and Buscalene were sisters, Buscalene married Ralph Scalea, and Mary was married to Jimmy Gaeta they had a son Jo-Jo and twin daughters Carol and Mimi. Ralph and Buscalene first started making tomatoe pies in their basement on Ashamed St. after awhile they relocated to a location in the Wayne and Chilton Avenue area. As the business grew they moved to the Wakefield St. (Brickyard)*. After a long time when the lease was not renewed in searching Jo-Jo found a place on 7616 Castor Avenue. They renamed the business Gaeta’s Pizza the receipt was maintained which was patented in Italy. Jo-Jo worked the location for some time decided it wasn ’t for him and went to work for Magio’s Cheese. The business was taken over by his son Vincent who then gave the business to his aunt Carol and her husband, he got sick and Carol sold the business to the present owner Frank from East Falls".
anonymous [04-16-2009]

Dave Byrne: I will surely pass your name along to my brother John (Jay). He lives in California and has for the past 30 yrs. or more. I wish he could make it home for one of the brickyard reunions, he would probably love it. I am quite sure I ate a meatball sandwich or two or Scalea's tomatoe pie with you in our house, but being the youngest I don't really remember a lot of the names or faces.
Tina Scanlan-Kleback, Maiden name Dolan (from East Clapier St) [04-16-2009]

Hi Bob D'Angelo...As Tony's younger brother, you have to be a good guy.It runs in the family.No way could Tony, on his own, stuff you in a trash can.Growing up with Larry, I know he was a bad influence on your brother.In typical Hollow fashion, he was an instigator(one of the best)I had a great telephone conversation with Larry a few weeks ago.He is doing well in retirement, and has conned his beautiful wife Rosemarie to continue working.While talking to Larry, I thought we were back on the corner of wayne and Logan.Thank God we weren't because he would have led me to perform a prank on someone(bad influence)Regards to all, Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-16-2009]

Research shows that Germantown lost to Gratz, 65-39, in the 1954-55 season. Borian had four points. So did Calvin Gore, the team's leading scorer that season. Gore did have 36 vs. Roxborough (Wilt scored 90 against them that same season.) Paul's high game was 10. Germantown didn't play Gratz in the '56 season. Paul scored 93 points in 12 league games and 34 more in non-league play. Gore averaged 27.1 with three games of 35 or more. (One of these days, I'll get a life -- smile.)
Ted Silary, South Jersey [04-16-2009]

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