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April 1-15, 2009

John Brogan, Your memory is good. Tom and Ed Kehan lived next door to me on McKean Avenue. Tom Kehan did go to Germantown Academy where he played soccer, basketball and baseball, along with another St. Francis grad, Robert Soley. Arthur "Mo" Sweeney (Holy Child, Cardinal Dougherty) also played soccer in those years at G.A. Ed played goalie, with me at Germantown Boy's Club coached by Joe D'Angelo the contractor. Tom was captain of all three sports at G.A. and later played on a very good Penn State team that beat us (Penn) in an NCAA tournament game. Tom worked for IBM as the head computor installer on the East coast. He had both knees replaced several months ago. I know all this because I'm going to dinner this Friday with Tom, Mo, and Hugh McInaw, and wives. Paul Borian, I going to E-mail Ken Twiford your blog. He was playing over 65 softball last year in Lancaster PA.
Duncan Hubley [04-15-2009]

Germantown proper extended (and still does) well beyond the Gtn. Ave. corridor. To the east it extends to Chew (and only then becomes East Gtn) and there is no mention of it in your list of links. True this part is not as old and mightbe not as historical, but many have great memories of the Germantown Settlement and its area, Waterview Playground, the Roosevelt Jr. High area, and the Shrine with its environs. All of those who grew up east of Gtn. Ave have memories of these that will always be with us. They are not East Gtn and should be listed with the "Upper" entries.
Richard Giantisco [04-15-2009]

Joe D'Angelo: You are absolutely correct that this site is getting better by the day. I agree with Paul Borian that your brother[Anthony] was an outstanding baseball player-I think that he was a 3rd baseman.Anthony had an excellent education-he even attended the Jesuit Facility in North Philadelphia[The Prep]. He probaly was taught by my fatherThe Urb] when he went there["54"]. Back in the 50's, my father and I were in our car, heading up Keyser Street where Anthony was playing half-ball during exam-time. My gigantic father told him to get ready for his exams-this was in the early 50's. The Urb would have been pleased that Anthony has done so well in life. I remember some of Anthony's classmates from the Prep-Frank Deegan and Joe Scanlan[RIP]. Joe Scanlan was the son of the famous football coach[Ank Scanlan].You might have known Alice Scanlan[sister] who went out with Jim McIntyre back in the day. Frank Deegan lived in the house by the basketball court in Fernhill Park since his father was the Fairmount Park Commissioner. Frank was friends with Bill Mulvey whose father had a gin-mill on Wayne Avenue. It is incredible that so many people from Fernhill are now popping up on this site. I see that your former colleague[Joe Lynch] and his cousin[Jack Brogan] are also making some salient posts. I trust that some of the aforementioned info will connect with you.
J, Bruce Schmitt [04-15-2009]

Bob D'Angelo. You are right. Greg is my brother in law. How do you know each other?
Sheila Martinelli Roos [04-15-2009]

JBS(SCHMITTY)...Your 4/14/09 comments to Duncan, in reference to the Germantown/Gratz basketball game, brings back an unpleasant memory.I was a very competitive basketball player at the Hollow because if you would lose a three on three halfcourt game, you had about an hour wait before you got back on the court.Our Germantown High School game at Simon Gratz was a bad experience for me.I lost my cool!Those dudes at Gratz(before the great Kelly brothers)were mean, lean and dirty.The Gratz gym was a bandbox, like many high school gyms at the time.In the first quarter, the Gratz players would hold and grab me, jive talk, etc.etc.Being a Hollow guy, I fought back and had four personal fouls in the first quarter.Consequently, my playing time was limited from that point on.I don't remember the results of the game because I had completely lost my composure.However, I do remember the Gratz fans approaching me after the game and making some big time threats.Back in those days two cops were always present at most games.Thank God for that because the cops gave me an escort home while my father was standing outside his tailor shop, getting some fresh air.Gratz was only about a 5 minute drive from my house.My dad was relieved that I did not break the law(I did later playing poker at the Hollow and getting caught)
Paul Borian [04-15-2009]

John Brogan...I read with interest your 4/14/09 comments to Duncan Hubley regarding the decline in your basketball coaching skills in New Hampshire and Maine.I tried to help you out about 25 years ago when I last saw you in Maine.You were coaching at the time, and I offered to help you recruit an Philly inner city basketball player with playground skills, but you did not take me seriously.If you had, you could have easily won the state of Maine championship.Also, if your son had his priorities straight, basketball over academics, you could have had a great one-two punch(like Obie Snyder and Sonny Kennedy)....Paul Borian P.S.Duncan;I lived at Wayne and Apsley.With all of our connections, we had to know each other, even though I am a few years older than you;will be 71 in Aug.)
Paul Borian [04-15-2009]

Paul Borian- I am Tony's youngest brother, Bob and remember you from the many teams at the Hollow. You, BB, Joe Patti, Larry Renaldi, the Santoro brothers, Matt Fasano etc were all good athletes. I was even your batboy when I was a kid ( about age 7 ). If Larry Rinaldi reads this he may remember the time he and my brother Tony stuck me in a trash can on Seymour St, put the lid on and left me for what seemed like eternity. I was about 5 at the time, and I swear, to this day, it is the reason I am claustrophobic! Both Joe and I will send your regards on to Tony. Stay well. Bob D'Angelo
Bob D'Angelo [04-15-2009]

Maureen Duffy Fries - Great to see your name on this site. You need to get Ray on here. Please tell hime hello for me. We have drifted apart over the years, but were best friends for a long time. All the best to you and John. Hope to see you at the next Germantown reunion.
Bob D'Angelo [04-15-2009]

Tina Dolan, I am so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. Your brother John, (Jay) and I went thru St Francis and NECHS together. She was a super lady and I was in and out of her house many times. Take Care and if you talk with John tell him Hi for me.
Dave Byrne [04-15-2009]

Shiela Martinelli: I believe we were in the same class at St. Michael's with Joe D'Angelo, Bob Terranova, Ed DiNatale, Rich Rossi, Joanne Serini and others. We graduated in 1959.
Joe Gatto [04-15-2009]

On behalf of the Dolan family, I would like to thank all of you who sent cards, emails and came to call for my mother Emma Dolan's funeral. It was remarkable to see just how many lives she touched and also to listen to the stories that people remembered about her. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Tina
Tina Scanlan-Kleback, Maiden name Dolan (from East Clapier St) [04-14-2009]

looking for Anthony Marinelli and Billy Wagner from East Germantown.
anonymous [04-14-2009]

Bob, I don't know why Germantown is not promoted more for it's rich history. Could it be that the city is embarrassed by the nature of the neighborhood? Maybe it is because it is off the beaten path of the historical sites in center city and to promote Germantown would take a chunk of tourist revenue away from there. It seems to me that the Gemantown Historic Society would have or should have benefited by more promotion of Germantown's great past.
anonymous [04-14-2009]

Bob, I thought about your question on why the tours of GTN are not frequented. About 30 yrs ago I took my kids to St. Mikes to show them where I went to school and I just about cried at the way it looked. All boarded up etc. I thought about taking one of the Historical Society tours a few years ago but I did not want to be sad and disappointed on how the town has changed. I want to remember it the way it was. Safe, clean, friendly and home.
Sheila Martinelli Roos [04-14-2009]

Duncan Hubley: I also find it amazing that you never crossed paths with Paul Borian who went to Germantown about the same time that you went to GA. Paul turned down an athletic scholarship to Penn Charter where you would have played basketball against him and his buddy from the Hollow-Ollie Powers. He knew Jack Smith and Ken Twiford who you knew from GA. I saw that Bob Charlanza from your corner[ManheimU] posted recently. He mentioned how another corner-boy[Harry Brown] lost some teeth playing basketball at the Armory. The Armory was a tough place to play basketball-a concrete floor, a brick-wall not far from the basket and a cold and bleak setting. Fran Roberts[All-Catholic Football] set the tone. He would drive to the basket hard and quick similar to his moves as a football player. There was always contact and he would get thrown off his game which was good. Harry Brown was a good pool-shooter but he only played basketball for fun since he was a free-spirit and marched to his own drum. Possibly, Harry was influenced by Ken Twiford and Fran Roberts-a couple of mean and lean guys. One day, Harry drives down the lane and gets hit and he winds up in Elbow City and he gets hit with an errant elbow and loses a couple of teeth. He was upset and was angry for a very long time against the guy who allegedly caused the damage. Those things happened in urban-basketball. Paul Borian needed a police-escort to get home after playing a tough game against Gratz when he played for Germantown. I would have loved to see Paul B. guard either Ken Twiford or Fran Roberts when they made their power moves toward the basket. Germantown was a great place to play sports-with many tough and competitive athletes.
J, Bruce Schmitt [04-14-2009]

I ditto what MaryAlice said about the safety of Germantown. I live here, and it's definitely not one of the most dangerous sectors. Yes, there are ghetto areas, but there are also pockets where folks live in dignified surroundings that have a warm community spirit and are attractively maintained. Admittedly, it's not for everyone. MaryAlice, I checked out Woodlawn, and I really like the look of it.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [04-14-2009]

Hi Jim McKernan. You remember my dear brother Lou so fondly it touches my heart. He was a good man and we miss him every day. Jimmy Kulick is alive and well and still doing Sinatra music at small venues. My Mom and Dad have both passed on, Mom just last year at the age of 88. Lou loved you jim, you were an important part of his boyhood. Be well and God bless, Helen
Helen Leone D'Angelo [04-14-2009]

Is that you cousin Joe Leone? Fun site isn't it? Helen
Helen [04-14-2009]

Duncan Hubley; You got me thinking about the Keehans. In the back of my brain I have a memory of you coaching Tommy Keehan in soccer at G.A. I was fortunate to coach Tommy and Eddie Keehan at St. Francis in basketball and baseball. This was in the early 60s and St. Francis of Assisi had a run of really good athletes for about five or six years there. Goo Goo coached basketball with my cousin Joe Lynch and Billy Haas. The Goo won most of his games. I followed him as basketball coach and I had a kid named Conlin, Joe Shimph, who died in Vietnam and Tommy and Eddie Keehan and other good players who I'M ashamed to admit I can't remember. We won almost every game in basketball and baseball. We got to the final game in the North Catholic Tournament and lost to a team from North Philly with a center, about 6'6" in 8th grade who later played for Villanova. We almost won that game. In baseball I think we won them all. The major decision I made the entire baseball season happened in the third inning of the first game. I noticed that the catcher, Conlin was throwing the ball harder back to the pitcher, (Shimph) than the Joe was throwing to the catcher. I changed the two positions and that was it for the rest of the season. After coaching kids like Tommy Keehan I started to think of myself as a coaching genius. Later I coached several high school teams in New Hampshire and Maine and discovered that without Keehan, Shimph, and Conlin i was less and less a genius every year. I'd be interested in hearing how Tommy Keehan did after I lost touch. They were great kids.
John Brogan, St. Francis of Assisi [04-14-2009]

Sheila Martinelli - I think I know your brother in - law, Greg Roos. I am the younger brother of your classmate Joe
Bob D'Angelo [04-14-2009]

Hello Jom McKernan, I did not know that you marched with Yearsley.. I was with them until 1967.. When I joined some of the older guys where still with us.. Bollard brothers Tommy and Donny, Bob Akin, Howie Keebler, Sue Burg, Ann Croke.. to name a few.. Mike and I are with Reilly Raiders http://www.reillyraiders.org/ now and some of the old Yearsly gang is marching with us like Dave (Punky) Wise.. Hope you had a happy blessed Easter.. Erda
Erda [04-14-2009]

To Joe D'Angelo;I certainly remember Tony as a good guy and a damn good baseball player.I was a diehard Red Sox fan, and I believe Tony was also.Check with him on that.Give him my best for a happy, healthy retiremant. Regards to all, Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-14-2009]

To Duncan Hubley;We must have crossed paths, we just don't remember.I played baseball with Ken Twiford on a great Loudenslager american legion team.Several of Ken's teamates from GA were also on that team;Chickie Downham.Jack Turner, Bernie Dallas, Ted and Bobbie Sloan, Fred Stabini, Bill Harwie, to name a few.Ken was a great athlete and a real good guy.The coach was Wilber Harwie, who also coached GA. The summer days and nights at the shore were a lot of fun.After a night of Bay Shores, Tony Marts, and the Dunes, we would scarf a dozen ears of corn, and head to our bedroom under the boardwalk in Ocean City, We would stuff newspapers under our shirts to keep warm.We simply could not afford the five dollar a night flophouses. Paul Borian P.S. My swimming days are over.
Paul Borian [04-14-2009]

the steak shop on Ogontz ave I recall was a girls name. Example such as Carol's. It was near the movie theatre.
anonymous [04-14-2009]

This has been so much fun to read these messages from so many old friends from the Hollow. Someone on one of the blogs mentioned the Mermaid Inn. Just wanted to let you know that my brother Ray Duffy plays guitar and banjo there two or three nights a week. He would love to see you! John and I would love to hear from anyone...John and I are going to a North Catholic reunion this Saturday night with Terranova, Tom Lynch, Neal MacIlroy, Dave Glancy, Bodie and their lovely wives! Should be fun!
maureen duffy fries, living in Moorestown, N. J. age 62 attended St. Francis of Assisi and Little Flower High School married to John Fries also from St. Francis of Assisi and North Catholic [04-14-2009]

This is not completely on subject, but good for a laugh. I don't know Mike Mee of McDevitt (mentioned below by anonymous), but in the mid-'70s, North Catholic had a basketball player named Joe Mee. After he made some pretty good plays to win a game, the Bulletin headline read "North Catholic Wins All Because of Mee"
ted silary, south jersey [04-14-2009]

Blog is gettin' outta hand. Charlie Lightcap: We gave you 16 cents once for gas money to get to a bb game at the Hollow. 16 cents--got us there and back Bruce, I once met you on the 34 trolley early in the morning, and we both toured the underworld of center city. Now you are using big words. We played basketball together at GTN Boys Club. Goo-Goo was the glue that held us all together at the Hollow. Duncan Hubley, you went to GA and played basketball every night at Fernhill Park. Pat McIlhinney (sp.) and I ruled those courts in two on two. Germantown was a small world, boredered by Allen's and Rowell's on one side, and an occasional foray into Lit Brothers (to look at our toes in the new shoes under the x-ray machine!)For a buck--a club ticket-- you could spend every waking hour playing soccer or basketball (the CAGE) or swim (10 cents morning/15 cents afternoon)at the Boys Club. We never wore bathing suits. Hmmmm. Sal's, Moe's, Dave's Pharmacy, a walk up to Chelten Ave. to see the goldfish in Woolworth's window--this was a good Saturday. Joe Lynch, Fernhill Road.
joseph lynch [04-14-2009]

Paul Borian, Its amazing that we never crossed paths in Bay Shores or Tony Marts. Ken Twiford and I followed the exact same paths. Ken even dove out the back screen of Bay Shores on a raid, fearing his scholarship at Bucknell was in danger, but he just swam around the corner to avoid the law enforcement agents.
Duncan Hubley [04-13-2009]

Yes Marie I remember John Baucco, he use to hand out at the snack bar on Germantown ave. near Wister st.
joe leone, 65 [04-13-2009]

Growing up in Germantown was the best time of my life. I can't remember some of the people I've met in places I lived for years at a time but I remember almost all the people I grew up with in Germantown
joe leone [04-13-2009]

Happy Easter to All of Germantown. Hello, Helen Leone of Stafford Street. Wonderful to see that you are grand. I was a very close friend to your brother Lou, and I am deeply saddened by his passing.I loved Lou... Lou was gentle, smart, handsome, gifted with musical talent and a really nice guy. I enjoyed our time playing with the Yearsley Post Marching Drum and Bugle Corps; the Bell-Boys and the other rock band the Ambassadors-we did the St Vinny Dances on occasion in early 60's. Was wondering what happened to Jimmy Kulik-Lou's cousin, the drummer? Please say hello to your mum, Mary and "Pud" if you can-her Italian sauces & cooking were famous and I know you must have that recipe! God Bless all Dr. Jim McKernan, Greenville NC poeticprof@hotmail.com
Jim McKernan, Professor U of North Carolina system [04-13-2009]

Hi gang, I am so happy to have this site and be able to read all the posts. I have been in touch with people I have not seen or heard from since graduation from St. Mike's in 1958. If anyone remembers me please write. Germantown was the BEST
Sheila Martinelli, Born and raised in the Brickyard section of Germantown [04-13-2009]

great to see this site. hope to see some familar names
Marie Mcanally, 56 y.o. living in Bradenton florida [04-13-2009]

bob terranova I remember a jo jo patty I think he might have lived on portco street or somewhere around there carol drakely mcfeeters
carol drakely mcfeeters, grew up in germantown [04-13-2009]

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter All my friends and every on this site carol drakely mcfeeters
carol drakely mcfeeters, grew up in germantown [04-13-2009]

To Paul Borian: My brother Tony always says that you were the best baseball player in Germantown and one of the best he ever played with! He's retired from education and will return from Florida in about a week; I'll turn him on to this site.
Joe D'Angelo [04-13-2009]

To Bruce Schmidt: enough about the "culture commment." I was only kidding my old friend B. Terranova. This site is amazing. I just got an email from a girl with whom I went to St. Michael's, Sheila Martinelli. I haven't seen Sheila in like 45 years. It's is very cool to be able to have contact with people who are so much a part of your past. For some reason, I think about those old days more frequently during the Easter season, though I'm not sure why that is.
Joe D'Angelo [04-13-2009]

Ed Kennedy told me about a St.Francis of Assisi reunion Class of '53 he attended about a yr.ago.Can someone provide details?
Frank Felice, Happy Hollow SFA '55 North '59 La Salle'63 [04-13-2009]

Question.i received an email series of questions from Anna Conzelman a Temple student doing a paper on GTN. you all probably read her blog. i want to get anyone's perspective on her question about why historic tours to GTN sites are not advertized or visited by tourists? Safety?? the raw side of the city maybe??Just throwing it out for discussion. Bob Terranova
bob terranova [04-13-2009]

JBS.thank you your elequence and comments.yes, i was close friends with george felice and jerry funaro who lived a few doors away from me on Marion st. we were inseparable in grade school but drifted apart in high school. i started hangin out with the fern hill gang since i was close to butz kohlmier at north and we started to thumb our way to ocean city in the summer. Neal McElroy's Mom ran a guest house there and we began our hell raising in 1960 which would continue with starts and stops to the present day.butz lives in beach haven and tom lynch moved down full time in last month!tom's house directly across the street from a bar(Tucker's)which is open year round.yes, Joe d'angelo would approve of your visit to the opera. that is wonderful. enjoy. by the way, I'm a big fan of Mozart especially his operas. Happy Easter to you and your family. Bob terranova
bob terranova [04-13-2009]

HAPPY EASTER to all the wonderful people who have contributed to Germantown site.Did you know that the easter bunny originated from the top of the Happy Hollow hill. Anonymous(Paul Borian)
Paul Borian [04-13-2009]

Bill Cupo your two posts bring back lots of memories. My dad had a beer store at Chelten and Ardleigh and I spent lots of times playing basketball back near Woodlawn and Ardleigh side. Ther were two fields, a softball field and then the bigger field that was lower and was closer to Ardleigh Street. The bombers played and they ever turned on the lights for them. And you would see a ball hit out to Chelten Avenue or Anderson Street. I remember Danny Ellis and there were two other good baseball players from Woodlawn Avenue. Eddie and Jackie Kettell. Ed could hit the ball a mile and I remember seeing him play there and also as a little kid watching him on Immaculates team. Your memories of being an altar boy werre right on. On the Immaculate Web Site there is a picture of the altar boys, taken on the Price Street Side, between the entrance to the lower church and the rectory. I am in that picture and lots of familiar faces. I could name about half of them. I assume you are in that picture also as it was like 1964 or 1965, June.
Bob Mc Creight, 55 now in Havertown [04-13-2009]

Bob Teranova did you live on Marion St.and have a brother George?
Frank Felice, Happy Hollow [04-13-2009]

Sometimes the ordinary can be extraordinary. Consider how many of us begun our day, back in the day ('50's-'60's). Houses were small and families large. All of us had to meet that 8 A.M. school bell. There were six in my family meeting this deadline five times a week. And unless it was the first or last day of school, none of us awoke easily and said: "Oh, boy, another school day." If a snowfall (not likely in April) or a civil defense siren didn't save you, you had better be out of bed on Mom's third warning or "she was coming up to get you." Then the fun (chaos) started. I would liken it to the last two minutes of a football game. Outfits had to be selected (whatever was clean); lost socks located and matched; shirts ironed; breakfast devoured; lunches made and brown-bagged; homework finished and collected or a good excuse invented and a note or permission slip signed. However, the real battles occurred over time in our one, 19th century bathroom. Woe be the family that had several teenage girls in it. Smarter families may have done some of these chores the previous evening. We were not that smart. Somehow it all came together and we made our way to school (St Vincent's), joining all our friends along the way. I recall many more acts of random kindness than I do of the now ubiquitous acts of violence. But the truth be told, the real day for us started with Mother Superior ringing that beautiful, shining brass bell announcing the end of the school day and the real beginning of ours. That's how I remember it...back in the day. Happy Easter, all. P.S. I hope they are still planting those beautiful tulips along the side of the church. I always knew it was Easter when they appeared.
kevin, Santa Barbara, CA., 64yrs. old [04-13-2009]

Bob Terranova, The only thing I objected to was your saying that Germantown is "one of the MOST dangerous places to go in the city". I guess it is all relative. I think there are many more dangerous places in North Philly, South Phila., Nicetown, and West Philly. I too have read in the Inquirer and have seen on TV News the violence and murders identified as having taken place in Germantown. But when I check the addresses, it is usually Nicetown, North Philly, East Oak Lane, or even Mt Airy or Chestnut Hill. And counter to that, when something good is happening in Germantown it is identified as Mt Airy, Chestnut Hill or East Falls, not Germantown. An example of this, there are apts at Morris and Rittenhouse that were burned out a few years back from several fires. The buildings were bought and gutted and rebuilt into Condos. They were being advertised as in East Falls because the Real Estate Agent thought it was more attractive. I am not saying that where I live is the safest place in the city but then I don't know where that is. There was an attempted robbery and murder in Chestnut Hill in front of the Wawa a couple of years back. And someone managed to get to the penthouse at one of the most exclusive hotel buildings downtown to get to actor Jamie Foxx. And I definitely would not go walking by myself in certain sections of G'town after dark. That having been said there is much here to enjoy and I have seen a influx of young professionals in my immediate section. They are from all over the USA and the world. Lawyers, Doctors, College Professors, Businesspersons and Artists. There is also an increase in college students from Philadelphia University (use to be The College of Textiles and Sciences)in the apt buildings around here. And Drexel's Medical School is on Queen Lane between Wissahickon and Fox, which brings in more students and upwardly mobile young people. Like anyone who lives in any city you must be streetwise and cautious but there is much to enjoy here. Unfortunately I have no reason to go to the Happy Hollow area, so I cannot speak about that area. I hope that sometime you get to visit my area of Germantown. Maryalice Armstrong Brennan
Maryalicem.aliceb@comca, Still in G'town [04-13-2009]

Was it called the Chef's House?
anonymous [04-13-2009]

bob terranova i think joe patti lives in jersey my friend lou talk to him about last year .email me with your phone number and i will call you and give you his phone number .frank .
FRANK, northwales [04-13-2009]

Anonymous, I used to go to the Grove Diner on Ogontz which was not far from Simons skate rink. Don't know if that is the one you mean. The other popular diner was Littletons with the revolving sign (now torn down). That was much further up Ogontz near the Gimbels mall.
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [04-13-2009]

The steak shop at Ogontz & Haines was Gallos steaks.The Easter bread with the egg was great and the Spanada cake was too. Waterview had a black baseball team called the bombers back in the 50's. The guys who played on that team were great.
rich [04-13-2009]

Hi, I noticed Bishop McDevitt being mentioned. Does anyone remember going to that high school with a Ronald Spoltore, his dad had a barber shoppe in Jenkintown back then, he was my God Father. Another guy named Mike Mee went there, too. I went out with him. Anyone out there remember either of them?
anonymous [04-13-2009]

To Peg McGeehan Johnson: Hey Peg, glad to see you here.
Bonnie Gatto [04-09-2009]

would anyone remember the name of the luncheonette or steak shop on Ogontz ave.that everyone went to after going to Simons wreck ice skating ring.It was in walking distance.
anonymous [04-09-2009]

Bob Terranova: I do'nt know your cultural resume but your blogs are laudable and incitable. My sister[Joan] who worked at Lou's pharmacy with you, said that you were a sound thinker. I had lunch with an old-head from the Hollow-Paul Borian. Your former colleague from Lou's[Bill James] uses that term to describe the older guys. I find that scary since he must be 60. I am having lunch with Paul B. who is charismatic according to a poet on this site and the server gives us a quizzical look and Paul remarks that we are from Germantown. I was thinking before I arrived that Paul might be evangelistic since he was described as charismatic. Paul is a quintessential gentleman but he still has his street-smarts devoid of vulgarity. Both of us have become mellow and humble;we even admitted our defeats on the streets, on the playgrounds, and on the fields of athletic-war-Paul even had a police escort home from Simon Gratz. I thought those guys from Gratz were jive cats. Back in the day, Paul was friends with Frank Felice. Were you and Joe DeAngelo friends with Frank's brother[George]?It is great that so many people from Germantown are getting connected by dint of this site. I can get pedantic with you since you are so discerning and not living in an intellectual wasteland-I did read your last post. Personally, I am trying to be more cultured since I went to school with many Italian-Americans who were cultivated and loved the Opera. This summer, I will attend the Sante Fe Opera in New Mexico. I trust that your old buddy[Dr. Joe DeAngelo] will approve.Keep posting your salient comments and inciteful erudition. Bob! "Happy Easter"- not too much Egg-Nog.
J.Bruce Schmitt [04-09-2009]

The Germantown Historical Society at 5501 Germantown Ave. on the Market Square, Phila., PA 19144 is always looking for new members! Membership comes with a magazine that features past neighborhoods, historical sites, churches, etc., updates on what's happening today in Gtm., and passes to the historical museum!
Still interested in what's happening in Germantown [04-09-2009]

anybody know about joe patti?? his mom was also a close friend of my mom's. bob terranova
bob terranova [04-09-2009]

peggie mcGeehan johnson. nice to hear from you. hope you and your family are well.because of this tremendous website i'm back in touch with lots of our dear old friends. i'm on bonnie gatto's facebook. don'y you just reading these blogs about our childhood?? we were so unique in a sense. the kids from north catholic thought we were different and called us the "germantown boys"!one friend of mine and bonnie's from north told me that gtn guys taught him to drink! a dubious honor but true. take care and keep in touch. hugs. bob terranova
bob terranova [04-09-2009]

bill cupo.are you related to jennie cupo?she was a very close friend of my Mom, virginia terranova who grew up on Seymour st near happy hallow. when gtn went bad, she moved to domino lane apts. in roxborough. i went to st.mike's ( 1959)like the rest of all the Italians in GTN. bob terranova
bob terranova [04-09-2009]

To Bill Cupo: Joe Dollinger wound up being a basketball player at Bishop McDevitt. He didn't play baseball there for a pretty basic reason: there was no team. McDevitt was a track power then (and remained one for a long time) and the school was afraid that baseball would take away from track. They finally gave in and first fielded a baseball team in '72 (pretty sure; maybe '73?). Joe did sign a pro contract and at least went to spring training with the Padres. About the Bombers: One of the stars I remember was a slugger named Fred Winston, out of Germantown High. Made at least AA in the Yankees' system. Take care, Ted
Ted Silary, South Jersey [04-09-2009]

Mike Gravey, Thank you for the info on Harry the hat.There's a guy from South Philly with the same nick name. thought it might be him.lol
JoAnna Palmieri Benton, , lived @ gonzaga, 50's &60's Living in Boca Raton Fl. now [04-09-2009]

Bill Cupo, excellent blog about Easter and the Catholic events leading up. I had to guard the Eucharist as an Altar Boy...and many other events in our small church of Our Lady of the Rosary. It was great to do weddings or baptisms, as we got some good tips (cash). I remember the Easter candy, and eggs. Does anybody remember that bread which had hard boiled eggs in it. I can still smeel the scent of eggs and candy. Too much for this diabetic...cheers!
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [04-09-2009]

bob charlanza do you have a sister named linda ... if you do please say hello to her for me ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-08-2009]

To Mary Weaver, I lived at Gonzaga in the late 50's early 60's I have lot's of pictures from then, most dated 62'63 some earlier too, with the name's of all the girl's in them. I looked for your name there are a few Mary's but none w/the last name Weaver.Was that your name then? I would love to hear from you .My e-mail is bigkidjojo@yahoo.com I am 56yr's old. Hope to talk to you soon :)
JoAnna Palmieri Benton, lived @ gonzaga, 50's &60's [04-08-2009]

Bob Charlanza: It has been over 40+ years since we talked and banged heads and exchanged elbows under the backboards at the Armory-after all, you were a marine. Our paths crossed many times in Germantown and Philadelphia. We both went to St. Francis where you graduated with my brother[Urb] in 1953. Your classmate Mike Masterson posts on this site. I had lunch with Paul Borian[Hollow] and we talked about Ray McGough and Bob LaValle-other classmates.You and I both went to the Prep and St. Joe College. At the Prep, you studied Greek with Fr. Bradley, you always had an intellectual bent. I never remember you shooting Craps or gambling on the 2d floor of the Continental. I do remember you in the dart-room having heavy philosophical talks with a guy named Layton-possibly the first name was Eli.Your corner[Manheim U] has been mentioned on this site. Duncan Hubley[the great soccer guy] mentions Manheim U and the boys sometimes. I am still connected with Dave Heil-he has some health issues but he is a Germantowner and he can deal with it. I have not seen Harry Brown in years-that was a shame that he lost his teeth but Harry was better at pool. I am not surprised that you became a jounalist since you were into literature and writing early on. I remember bumping into you at the St. Joe library and you were reading Russian poetry. You must have inspired me and I have read Taras Schevshenko and a poen by Lord Byron about Mazepa who was a famous Ukrainian Hetman. I even bought a bust of Mazepa. I see that you live in Reading;I always took the lovely ladies to see the Pagoda. I went to a concert in Reading at the old theater and everybody was speaking Spanish. Back in the day, a lot of German was spoken. I will tell Dave that you are still standing tall and I hope Duncan reads your post. It's great to see a member of the literati appear on this wonderful site- you will be with your peers.
J, Bruce Schmitt [04-08-2009]

So you want some more posts from people that lived in East Germantown; o.k. then. Does anyone reading this site, remember the Phila. Bombers that played at the Anderson recreation field off Chelten and Anderson? They were a semi-pro baseball team and they played under the lights at night. When I was 9 or 10 years old, I used to go over there and watch their games. I couldn't believe the speed of the game and they were probably only A or AA players at best. I was so impressed at their power and speed and realized just how much I would have to practice just to reach that level. I thought I was a pretty good ball player in my teenage years but these guys were a step above. I played on the same field for the Atoms, a little league team that played in the Sandlot Sports Assoc. I was 9 years old playing in my first organized game and I was facing Ogontz Boys club and their pitcher, Joe Dollinger. He was a hard-throwing left hander, even at the age of 9, who had no idea where the ball was going. I led off and played second base, and in my very first at bat, he drilled me in the back with a fastball that I had no chance of avoiding. It knocked the wind out of me but I stayed in the game even though I had a big bruise in the middle of my back. Our team was coached by Mr. Ellis who had a son Danny, and they lived in a row home right near the entrance to the field. Danny Ellis was our star pitcher and he was pretty good but couldn't throw as hard as Dollinger but he could throw it under control. I'm 57 now and I still remember that game like it was yesterday. After that first year, our team merged with Ogontz boys club and we played our games at Simon's recreation center, sometimes known as Rodney playground. I got the thrill of my life in 1966 when I made the all-star team and we played in Connie Mack Stadium. A cathredal of baseball to me. I still have the team picture sitting under the Ballantine scoreboard in right field. Right behind me was Joe Dollinger, still throwing hard but now under control. Great memories of East Germantown are still with me; sadly, those days are gone forever.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont [04-08-2009]

Paul Borian mentioned the Germantown Courier. Those no longer around here may not know that the paper "folded" (pun intended) about two months ago. The Courier was one of the timeless, constant things about Germantown that has sadly outlived its commercial viability. My own claim to fame was when I was run over at Greene and Chelten in November '63, and they ran a photo of it from Allen's window. Of couse, they spelled my name wrong. RIP Germantown Courier. . .
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [04-08-2009]

Bill Cupo: My mom & dad were best friends with a Jeny & Albert Cupo.nice to see a familiar name on this site.I attended Mass each sunday at Immac. Concept. church.You just brought back some great memories to me, thanks, Linda
L.Fontana-Faragalli, Montgomeryville, Pa. [04-08-2009]

I went to St. Benedict`s school when I lived at St. Joseph`s Hall for Girls. I am sad to hear that it is closing. I was the May Queen in 8th grade in 1975.I have good memories of the school and the home.I also lived in the group home if anyone remembers me drop me a line.
Carol Orzechowski (Henry) [04-08-2009]

Hi Bob Terranova: Enjoy reading your blogs and the others. I see a lot of names that I knew a long time ago.
Peg McGeehan Johnson [04-08-2009]

A year ago, tuce Schmitt mentioned playing basketball with me and others of pour teen clan then in the Wissahicken armory. That's where (?) Brown lost two front teeth... hard to forget that tragedy, but it also brought back some nice memories. I am a retired journalist and still kicking at 71 now. Thanks for the memories... Bob Charlanza from Clapier Street.
bob charlanza, reading, pa. [04-07-2009]

To the complainers: Every neighborhood in GTN was unique and marvelous, including yours. Instead of griping about one or another hogging the site, why not share stories about your own neighborhood. I knew people from the Hollow, Brickyard, Logan Park, Fernhill, the Boys Club and other neighborhoods. I went to school with many of them in the 50's and 60's. I'd live to hear from all of them.
anonymous [04-07-2009]

To all you Germantowners, this is Paul Borian again, hogging this site once again. If you are tired of my blogs, just ignore them. Over the years, many people have ignored me, so I am used to it. I just want you to know that I am not a one dimensional Happy Hollower. During my three fun years at Germantown High School( class of 56), we use to spend parts of our summers hanging out at Ocean City/ Summers Point, NJ. We had many good times drinking and dancing at Tony Marts, Bay Shores, Steeles, and the Dunes ( after 2 am when the bars closed) We never had much money, so we would start our evening festivities at Gregories with their special seven draught beers for one dollar.With hundreds of beers on the bar counters, you were guaranteed a buzz for one dollar.I was never a good dancer, but after leaving Gregories, I thought I was Fred Astaire(you older folks remember him). Most of us were under age during those high school years.In fact when I was a student at Villanova and went to Tony Marts, I felt out of place because I felt out of place at age 21.One night at Bayshores, John Gale, a big guy who played on our football team, and employed as a bouncer, warned us of an imminent raid.Sure enough, the cops came, but several of us got away by jumping off the back deck into the bay and swam back to Ocean City.Michael Phelps would be proud of us if he knew how difficult it is to swim with a load on at 1.00 a.m. Another quick story and I will leave this site and give others a chance;One Sunday night as we were leaving Summers Point with a carload of happiness, heading towards the Tacony Bridge( the bridge of choice because it only cost 5 cents), we realized we were in trouble because we did not have a nickel amongst us to cross the bridge.We stopped at a gas station and told the owner of our dilemma.He could not believe it, laughing all the time, and gave us a dime, telling us to keep the changeÖ.Paul Borian, a Germantowner all the way. P.S.When I was about 25, and an old man, I made a visit to Sommers Point and my old stomping grounds.I really felt out of place, and remember seeing Bill Haley and the Comets playing Rock around the Clock at Steeles.There was Bill with his trademark curl over his forehead in the twilight of his career.(from Hollywood to Summers Point)
Paul Borian [04-07-2009]

Clarification to my rant about the subject matter: I was not implying anything about Dennis McGlinchy in my comments. We have communicated off-line about his work on the theatres and I just sent him some content. My choice of words needed to be clearer: I tried to say that the anonymous people are the ones who need to get a life, and did not in any way mean Dennis; he always signs his name. I do think that any single topic will fizzle out on its own after enough people chime in. I was basically trying to appeal about the uncharitable tone of the occasional anonymous critical postings and the reactions to them, like the San Francisco food comment and the storm that resulted - we can always just tune that stuff out. Thanks.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [04-07-2009]

Frank DiCondina, You can email me & I can let you know what group is having the reunion. Maybe you will recognize names.
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [04-07-2009]

Dennis, I was hoping also for some more postings about East Germantown. Hopefully some of you East Germantowners will start posting .
Wilma, 65 Bucks co. [04-07-2009]

We're all from various sections of Germantown but have the same great stories to tell. We all had our favorite corner to hang out, our favorite sledding hills, and lots memories of great friends and times. Some of us met people at school or dances from neighborhoods other than our own, and know people from those neighborhoods. They're all great memories regardless of whose they are. This site is a great place for getting back in touch with people we've wondered about but lost contact with.
Sheila [04-07-2009]

Frank Felice[Smarty]: I am the guy who lived on Hansberry St.in Bill Tilden's house-the famous tennis player. Bill Tilden had moved to Hansberry St. from McKean Ave. after his parents died. We both graduated from St. Francis["55"] where we played basketball. Our coach was Hughie Mooney-our team-mates were Joe Dolan, The Mole[Rowland Adamoli], Pat McIlhinney, Bob Campbell[RIP]. I went to the Prep with Pat Mack and Lou Pauzano and we are still in contact. On this site, I learned about tne nicknames from the Hollow- your's was "sharpy"-Goo thought you were a sharp talker, Paul said, "you were a sharp-shooter", I always thought that you were a sharp dresser. You lived On Morris Street next to David McNulty who went to North with you. I also remembered when you lived on Manheim next to the Nasef Brothers[Al&Bob]. It is ironic that you lived next to my father's house on Gypsy Lane in King of Prussia.The last time that I saw you was in Avalon in a restaurant across from the Golden Inn.It is fascinatingt that we are in contact after many years-we can thank this site and Paul Borian who has been labeled charismatic on this site. Incidentally, I will be meeting Paul Borian[Bor] for lunch at a upscale-restaurant on the Delaware in Lambertville-the Villanova guys go top-shelf.Keep posting and tell me about Brother George who stopped in the Jarrettown Hotel many years ago-the Old-Family Business.
J, Bruce Schmitt [04-07-2009]

Sally Torrence Are you related to Mickey Torrence Drakely If so she is my aunt by marriage Carol Drakely Mcfeeters
Carol Drakely Mcfeeters, From Germantown now I live at the jersey shore [04-07-2009]

Thanks for the kind responses to my last post. Two items of interest to those still around here: this past Saturday I went to Dahlak Restaurant on Germantown above School House Lane. Itís got Ethiopian / Indian cuisine and a nice atmosphere. They had a jazz trio (vibes, bass and drums) which was excellent, the food was good, and there was a decent crowd. I recommend it. Also, there is a Friends of Fernhill Park event April 18th: (quoting from what I was e-mailed): ďWe have the good fortune of having been chosen this year by the Fairmount Park Commission and the Junior League to host a park improvement day on April 18th. The Junior League has raised money for this event. They will be supplying 120 volunteers and have commissioned an artist to do a mural on and in the tunnel that connects the lower and upper park. They also have generously donated money for plantings and will be removing invasive growth. This is an all-ages event and should be great fun-- the artist projects the mural onto a cloth. 4 by 4 foot sections are put on a table and people can fill in the paint colors. He then takes it back to his studio and "fixes" it and will come back in June to install it. The inside of the tunnel will be done in a mosaic. The design is a work in progress-- we have sent him photos of past events-- so if you have any Fernhill photos that you would like to share, please pass them on to me. You might be immortalized (under the Roosevelt Boulevard). The Junior League is providing lunch. We will be out in the park from 9-5; come over and join us.Ē Anyone wishing to attend and who wants lunch can contact me and I will pass your name on to the Junior League folks for their head count.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [04-07-2009]

hi charlie lightcap i'm glad you joined in with your thoughts of germantown. i'm jackie and joey and sue leone's cousin and you came to my house on stafford st. once long ago. it's nice to hear you work as an artist.i'll check out your site. helen

I would like to thank all who came to my Fathers Mass this past Saturday. Most especially My Aunt Peggy and Uncle John and their families for welcoming me and including me in the Mass and into their home. I also want to thank Tom and Linda Colella for the picture and the great stories, Mike Garvey, Jackie Yeagal, Patty Desantis, Lila Donovan and of course Timmy for always being there for my Father, your now both back together, may you both Rest In Peace. I must especially thank my Mom Carol Drakely McFeeters, Mom without you I don't know how I would of made it through all of this, I love you. I have heard about Germantown all of my life, it was nice to meet you all and here the stories "straight from the horses mouth" as they say. That was some great neighborhood that you all grew up in and it was wonderful to see you all together, hopefully next time it will be under happier circumstances. I truly thank you all from the bottom of my heart, you are all good people and their aren't many of those left in this world. Take care and God Bless Everyone of you. Sharon "Though Leaves are many, the Root is One"
Sharon McHugh Rudolph, Cape May Conty N.J. [04-07-2009]

anonymous. who ever told you that i was "cultured"???? i'm a street kid from gtn and proud of it.you must have read the joe D'Angelo blog that accused be of moving the the "cultural wasteland" of new jersey!the only cultural thing i do is watch movies on Netflix. i did go to new york once and saw South Pacific on broadway. thanks for the compliment, though. love you whoever you are. bob terranova
bob terranova [04-07-2009]

maryalice. read your blog.i've been gone from gtn for 27 years but i still subscribe to the phila. inquirer and read it every day. i grew up at manheim and greene sts about the 5100 block of gtn ave and just a few blocks from wayne ave. as i vaguely recall from the newspaper there have been a major cluster of murders in this section. the last time that i drove thru this happy hollow section was around 2003. my mom was alive and lived in roxborough. it looked like hell.maybe you just live in a nicer neighborhood.i didn't mean to disparage where you live if that is how you took it but the gtn that i saw and the crime statistics that i read about seem to confirm my impression that gtn is not a safe place to love.maybe you just live in a nicer neighborhood. bob terranova.
bob terranova [04-07-2009]

to Vicki i was also born there in 1962..and i work down the street from it now..if i get a chance i will take a picture of the old wing for you..and to all who blog here keep the stories coming.i dont care if it's hollow, brickyard, chew and chelten..i love em
Dennis Garvey [04-07-2009]

Recently, Frank Felice made mention of Mike Macher, Germantown Courier reporter.Mike was a little man with a big camera who reported on many playground sporting events at the Hollow, Waterview, Water Tower, etc., and the Germantown Boys Club.We were always kind to Mike because we wanted him to take our picture and write about our games in the courier.Mike loved the Hollow because of Goo and all the other characters.One day, in a kidding way, Goo told mike that this is his playground and that he is always welcomed here as long as he covered the Goo in his sporting events.At the time, Goo was aspiring to be a field goal kicker in the NFL.He would practice kicking field goals day after day at the Hollow, and wanted Mike to write a story about him in order to get a lot of publicity.I don't believe Mike granted Goo his wish, but they remained friends.I truly believed that Mike loved the Goo, because he was always at Goo's playground.We all loved the Goo, at one time or another. Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-07-2009]

To Anonymous(4/6/09)Thank you for your very kind and gentle words about this site and the Germantown neighborhoods. I have been called many things over the years, but never charismatic.Those who know me, please stop laughing(including my wife).I do appreciate your comment about me, Goo, and the Hollow. To Frank Felice...Beacon and eggs at the Wayne Junction at 3:am always tasted better after a night of drinking.I remember one night we were so loaded that we all had a food fight and the cops were called.It was a miracle that the diner was open for business the next day.What a mess!We never had to worry about DUI because we staggered from the bars to the diner. Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-07-2009]

Welcome aboard Charley Lightcap from all your friends from Germantown.I think brickyard was your main digs, but you have several friends from the Hollow.I remember you coming to the Hollow to play some basketball.You and Bob Logeski were the only six foot ten inchers in Hollow history.You played a soft game initially, but we toughend you up during those three on three games in the old sacred gym.I was 6 foot two at the time(lost an inch in my old age), and could out rebound you for a while.Then one day I went up for a rebound and your elbows rattled my head.Your soft days were over, and I decided from that day on to guard players who were my size.Your later success on the basketball courts, including college, in my opinion, is related to developing basketball skills and smarts at yhe Hollow.Stay in touch on this site and your Germantown friends...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-07-2009]

Bruce Marshall: I concur with all the bloggers, Lou Pauzano, Rosemarie, Joe O'Donnell, Bill James who applauded your blog about the cultures and neighborhoods of Germantown. Your astute and comparative analysis was superb-your recall was also outstanding.My take on your blog was that Germantown was not simply monolithic but a mosaic of different ethnic groups and cultures.This site reflects that fact. You mentioned the brilliant Irish Professor who provokes dialogue about various topics-this is positive for this forum.I enjoyed his comments about the Crimean War and his uncle who fought in that great battle. There are many poetic and creative types emanating from the Hollow;I would like to see more blogs from East Germantown-in the past, there have been super posts about Awbury Park-a beautiful place for many Germantowners. Bruce! Keep Posting and I really appreciate your keen insight and observation of Germantown and those wonderful and unique people.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-07-2009]

Does any one know of John Baucco, he was born in Brick Yard but older then any one on this site he would be 91 if he had lived.
Marie [04-07-2009]

Hats off to Harry the Hat and Debbie in Las Vegas, NV who tied the knot. Congratulations to you both, hope to see you at the next G-town Reunion or maybe Vegas.
Dave & Terrie Linn, G-Town / 50's & 60's [04-07-2009]

Well, we are entering "Holy Week" and I must say that being an altar boy way back when at Immaculate was a trying time for most of us. Every Mass said from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday seemed to be at least 2 hours long and always at night. Good Friday was the longest it seemed. In most families, you weren't allowed to talk, watch t.v., eat, play ball, etc from Noon till 3:00. Later that day, every altar boy had to be at church for the Stations of the Cross and Mass. Holy Saturday was another day of "guarding" the Eucharist", kneeling at little benches with a seat for about an hour. Later that day, another High Mass. Then of course, Easter Sunday. Another High Mass, procession, and finally you got to go home and eat your Easter candy, starting with the hollow chocolate rabbit with the big ears and working your way to the big Chocolate covered coconut egg that tasted like a big Mounds candy bar. In between you ate all the jelly beans you could find in the Easter basket grass. I'm not sure if altar boys and now altar girls do this today, but if they do, get some sleep this week.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [04-07-2009]

Anonymous, sorry my post touched a nerve with you. That wasnít my intention. You are right, little discussion goes on here from folks from East Germantown. But, I wouldnít want this to become an East Germantown blog any more than I want it to become a Happy Hollow blog. Why I started coming to this site several years ago were for the discussions of Germantown. It seemed the discussions were all that everyone, regardless of what part of Germantown they came from, could relate to or enjoy. There wasn't a lot of the purely regionalizing that seems to be the case now, where to get anything out of it, you would have to have lived it. Sure, there were some personal discussions and, like others, I would just skip over the post. Now, I find I skip over most of the posts because I donít know any of the people Hollow folks are getting caught up on. Fire away if you will but I think this site was a lot better when Germantown was the main focus, with less regionalizing.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-07-2009]

When I looked at the areas in Upper and Lower Germantown I realized that I did not know the name of my section...but I always knew how to get home at dinner time. During my childhood milk was delivered in bottles with paper caps and television was just coming onto the scene; On Saturday's there was a matinee at The New Lyric Theater and the cost: ten cents. At the age of 15 yrs I was approximately 6'10" and ran the streets with Italians, Irish and Blacks who had little, or no interest in sport. I eventually got into Sport and that got me into college...Graduated from Roanoke College in 1970 and was in the Peace Corps, and yrs later coached Basketball in Nigeria. Before retiring in 2001 I spent the last 15 yrs in a maximum security facility..(Got cha).... as a counselor for difficult children. I now live in Salem, VA and continue to work as an artist..wood sculpting and pen and ink abstracts..My art can be seen by going to www.artspan.com and at this site you can follow the alphabet option to the L's; Find 'Lightcap' and there will be 12 pictures...Enjoy ! If interested in getting into contact then please do...by email: thewoodwizard@verizon.net I will respond! I am Charley Lightcap PS...Hello to John D'Ambrosio(deceased), Joseph Leone, Charlie McHugh, Ed 'Sonny' Kennedy, GooGoo Garnella, John Brogan, Sweeney, Joe Walsh, Scalea's Pizzaria, Paul Borian, charlie Agar, Bobby Reeves, Big Bean, Duva's, The Garabaldi Club, Jo Jo Gaita, Joey Ambrose, Sue & Jacquie Leone, Millie DiDonato and all that I can see in my mind but can not remember their names.....
Charley Lightcap, Salem, VA...67 yrs...artist (wood sculptor and pen & ink abstracts; Disabled ! [04-06-2009]

I to lived at st.joes in from 73 to 76 and would love to hear from any of the women i onced lived with Lori Erdman
Lori Erdman, single mom 45 living at the shore [04-06-2009]

Anna Conzelman, There is much that goes on in Germantown. Each October there is the re-enactment of the Battle of Germantown on Germantown Ave. and on the grounds of Cliveden. You can have a tour of the Historic homes by calling and requesting the same. I have seen the tour trolley at sites with groups of people going from house to house. Rittenhousetown, the site of the first paper mill in this country, has festivals and activities throughout the year including a 5 mile run. Just yesterday there was an Easter Egg hunt and face painting and more. And I take exception to Bob Terranova calling it one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. Maybe it depends on the part of Germantown you are in. I know that I cannot say that about my neighborhood at Chelten and Morris St. I do have a question for everyone here. Does any one know when Chelten Ave change it spelling to Chelton Ave??? And why? Maryalice
Maryalice, Still in G'town [04-06-2009]

bruce marshall ... good for you .. and well said! i find pleasure in reading the stories of the many different lives and experiences that are shared on this site some funny, some serious, some sad but all intertwined with the same bond ... we are all "germantowners" rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-06-2009]

To: Bruce Marshall; Well said in your most recent blog.
Louis F Pauzano Sr, 67, Souyh Phila. [04-06-2009]

I went to St. Vincents School, my sisters went to St Benadict's. My grand parent's name was Breen from Chew St. We were at the Conzaga in the 60's Would like to get e-mail from Donna Kennedy. Did anyone know Joanne Bross?
Mary Weaver, I live in Buck's County, I'm 67, Parent's and Grand Parent's were from Germantown [04-06-2009]

I try to read this sight every day or so, I find it to be as good as a good book. the stories are GREAT! I can relate to them and the people writing them. So I say "keep the Stories coming"
JoAnna (Palmieri ) Benton, Grew up @ Gonzaga Home back in the late 50's [04-06-2009]

helen leone d'angelo, I came across an old post you made asking about Vera Carey. She is my cousin and lives in Audubon, Montgomery County.
Tim O'Connell [04-06-2009]

To Dennis McGlinchy: I hope you to never tire of posting the valuable info that you keep everybody up to date on! Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, 65 in the Mojave Desert [04-06-2009]

I agree with what i just read about what Bruce Marshall posted. I have read everything that has been posted about the"Happy Hollow" area.They sort of remind me of the "South Philly "stories that i always heard spoken of while growing up in the "Olney"section! What i also remember hearing people talk about while growing up was "the Brickyard stories". I was also born in Philly and i'm sure that their are a lot of other fascinating stories waiting to be told. I for one hope that these stories will never stop.There is always a chance that someone will see something that will ring a bell and something else will be posted! Keep em coming Webmaster! Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, Joe O'D, Mojave, Ca. [04-06-2009]

To Vicki: I was also born there in Aug. of 1943.Great place to have been born at! Did you know that "Ellen Corby" was also born their, i think it was in 1923? Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, 65 yrs old and waiting for 66, living in the Mojave Desert [04-06-2009]

Bruce Marshall said it better than I can, about the Hollow thing. I will add that there was a time a while back when the talk was dominated by East Germantown, not Brickyard...but the area of St. Vincents, Gonzoga, Chew and Chelten; people and places I don't know about. I was OK with that. It was like reading a book. My mind saw my own version of what they were talking about. I didn't know the actual characters or the specific places in the stories but still, it was interesting. And I could feel they were happy writing about it. And isn't that what we're doing?! It's nice to hear people sharing good times. To be honest, I AM from the Hollow and I hung there since I was young but most of the Hollow people who are posting are not from when I hung there. I didn't know them, and their stories weren't passed down to me. I'm actually surprised that I never heard a lot of their names before. I guess they were (are) the old, old, old heads. Ten, fifteen years or so older then my crowd. So although I know the place, I do not know a lot of the Hollow people either who are posting. I haven't read one word in this site from anyone from my crowd.....the young heads. I don't hang with any of them anymore but since we're 60 now, I doubt that they're still smoking and watching cartoons all day, so I hope to someday read something from them. Hopefully, their blogs will be timely enough to be mixed in with blogs from all over Germantown. I'm sure they won't contain many words; and especially not big ones. But anyway, I like reading all those submissions you see below this and on previous pages. As long as we respect each other, this site is a good thing.
Bill James, The Head, from the Hollow [04-06-2009]

Bruce M. you ARE Right I have been to hyde park, it was great thiss site is like that I love it MARIE
Marie [04-06-2009]

JoAnn Benton, No Harry the hat is from brickyard. His real name is Harry DiToro. YO HAT! Good luck to you and Debbie Debbie you got a great guy and he from brickyard that all you need. Mike G.
Mike Garvey [04-06-2009]

Vicki, If you go to the webpage www.friendsofimmaculate.com then click on the photo album for Germantown yesterday, there is a postcard picture of Germantown Hospital. Hope this helps!
Judy R, Lambertville NJ [04-06-2009]

Dennis, Hey guy, you are a decent and honorable man but there are posts on this site which can be negative and mean-spirited. Read the posts of the charismatic Paul Borian, the creative writer, John Brogan of Maine, the very cultured Bob Terranova. These were good men ot the Hollow inspired by God and Goo. Robert Goo Guarinello was a dynamic person, an athlete, a poet and lover of people. Goo is in heaven, next to St. Peter and would be sad to see the people of the Hollow ridiculed and their nicknames and culture slighted.If one walks to Happy Hollow today, one can see the children playing, and look up to the rocks and Uncle Goo's presence can be seen. During Easter, we must rise above the shallow waters of anger and despair and breathe the fresh air of happiness and love. Swim with the Trout and other creatures of God in the rivers of spirituality. May the sun and God's grace shine upon you and Mister Anonymous and the people of Germantown.Happy Easter to all.
anonymous [04-06-2009]

Bruce S...Didn't you live on Hansbury St.across from Gtn.C.C.I lived @ 5143Morris St.(now location of Kelly sch.)& wasn't The Original name of GCC The Manheim Club, B4 we were born?
Frank Felice [04-06-2009]

Paul Borian...Surely you remember the Wayne Junction Diner story that involved Goo, Bob Endy, Mike Macher(Gtn.Courier reporter)and an un-named Athlete and a glass sugar server....if not call and I'll remind you, too exp.to divulge in an open forum.
Frank Felice, Happy Hollow [04-06-2009]

Dennis M. - Bravo ! - I support your comments and anyone saying otherwise is doing exactly what they claim is wrong, that is, trying to censor others point of view. The Happy Hollow comments are fine, but enought is enough !
Anonymous [04-06-2009]

Frank Felice...welcome aboard Sharpy.The Goo nicknamed you Sharpy because you were always a sharp.Haven't seen you in years(much to long), but I bet you are still a sharp dresser.Looking forward to your comments because you were an integral part of the Hollow for many years and should have a lot to say about our fun days.Many of the bloggers on this site know you andlook forward to your comments.Are you still shooting that deadly jump shot? John Brogan...your cop story reminds me of my one brush with the law.One hot Sunday, probably in 1957, we were hanging on the corner shooting the breeze next to Moes'.Not sure who was all there, perhaps Trout(RIP), Mike Masterson and a few others(?).All of a sudden a poker game started and we all got involved.I guess we were making a lot of noise and someone called the cops(I hope it was not Molly or Moe).Next thing you know a paddy wagon pulls up and we were apprehended.We were handcuffed behind our back, thrown into the wagon and driven to city hall.I remember people downtown staring at us as if we were criminals.Weeks later, we had our hearing in court.The judge interegated us one by one.When it was my turn, he asked me where I worked.I told him that I was a student at Villanova.With that, he asked me if so and so, and so and so were still instructers at Nova.We had a rather nice conversation and the judge liked me(amazing because I am not very likeable).He gave me a lecture and dismissed all charges against me.I believe the other guys were all minors, and don't remember their outcomes.My parents were not happy and blamed the Hollow as a bad influence on me.I remember defending Happy Hollow and telling them that they did not know what they were talking about.I deserved a good kick in the butt.but my father was a little man and I towered over him.I knew he would nor hit me. Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-06-2009]

Someone talked about Harry the hat was he from south philly? would like to know ty
JoAnna Benton [04-04-2009]

Any one have a picture of the "old" Germantown hospital that they are willing to share?
Vicki, born in 1962 at Germantown hospital [04-04-2009]

An observation about this site: itís like Hyde Park ≠ anyone who wants to speak on any topic can do so. Itís not solicited or edited by the webmaster. A certain idea will crop up and will resonate with certain folks, who will get whatever they have to say out of their system, and then move on ≠ such as the old threads about recipes, politics, Rizzo, various neighborhoods, urban blight, and remarkable people and common experiences and memories associated with sites, rituals, and ethnic groups and their cultures. They naturally run their course eventually. People who are reading these things may not relate directly to each post, but together, they form the tapestry of what Germantown has meant to all of us. I donít know much about the Hollow, but I find it enlightening to have its past and characters revealed by those whose lives were enriched there and who care about the others they knew and shared important times in their lives with, the same as with all the other specialized topics that crop up. There are always the anonymous snipers who lob in frag bombs at what others are posting, even though thereís no one stopping them from writing about whatever may interest them more, and no one preventing them from skipping over the content that annoys or bores them. Remember all the chatter with the Irish professor, for example. The personal attacks, disputes, and potshots donít help the spirit of the site at all, and those who are moved to do so are welcome to troll other sites instead. Thanks to all the folks who bring the past alive and who share their happiness with the folks who made Germantown the unique place itís always been.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [04-04-2009]

John Brogan...I am so happy that you are connected to this webb site.You have a great memory and many, many more stories to tell.I look forward to them. I lived on Wayne Ave.between Apsley and Zeralda Sts.I remember many years ago, after a night at Cranes, I came home with a load on, and tried to go to sleep.I really had problems because of all the comotions that now appear to be related to your march to the Wayne Junction diner and your run in with the cop.I forgive you, Sonny, and Trout(R.I.P.)because I made nmany a trip to the Dinner for beacon and eggs at 3.00 a.m.To all Happy Hollowers, surely you must have some Wayne Junction diner stories.Most of their income was made between 12.00 to 6.oo a.m. Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-04-2009]

Paul Borian told me about this blog.
Frank Felice, Radnor, PA [04-04-2009]

Wilma Where will the West Oak Lane, Mount Airy reunion be held. Any info would be helpful. Squeak DiCondina
Frank DiCondina, 5210 greene st [04-04-2009]

TO DENNIS McGLINCHY: You object to all the Happy Hollow stories, but nobody is saying that everybody and anybody from any part of Germantown can't post on this site. There is nobody monitoring or censoring it, so if you don't want to read about the Hollow, fine - don't read it. But nobody says you can't post your blogs about your section of Germantown. There are no censors on this site and we don't appreciate your trying to censor the Hollow bloggers. Get real! Can't we all get along?
Anonymous [04-04-2009]

The picture of Saturday afternoon at The Hollow is up and ready. Here's a story. The problem is when I was young I could remember everything wether it happened or not. Sonny will read it though, so I'll have to stay close to the truth. I was with Sonny and Trout and the three of us had been to a wedding I guess, because we were walking "slowly" down Wayne Avenue toward the Wayne Junction Diner. That's where you went when you had some beers in you. We were just at Wayne and Zarelda Streets and right up from the corner an apartment door opened and a really pretty young girl stepped out onto the steps. We we were full of courage and we sort of let her know we thought she was a pretty girls. Really good pickup lines we used too. Really original. "Hey, baby, where you bin' all my life." "I seen you before, sweetheart." "Hey, you look like Debbie Reynolds." The girl smiled. She was about 20 of 21 and way out of our 17 year old fantasy league. No sooner did we register the smile than out through the door he came. Her red faced boyfriend, or husband or whatever. He was pissed. I think we waved and started in on what a lucky bastard this guy was. He had no sense of humor and came up to us. With that he pulled out a gun and identified himself as a policeman and started with stuff like, "up against the wall and spread em'. You know the drill." Or the 1957 version of the drill. We got up against the wall and heard him tell the lady to go call the 14th and tell them to send a car "to pick these guys up." If you knew my mother you'd understand why I ran. I would rather have been shot dead than taken to jail on a Saturday afternoon. I just took off up Zarelda Street and ducked into the alley. Sonny and Trout told me later that the cop pointed the gun at me but thought better of shooting me. Terrified i ran up the alley between Zarelda and Apsley and over Pulaski, in througy the top of the Playground and down to the front steps of the old gym fronting on Wayne Avenue. Just as i got to the steps the cop car rolled past with Sonny and Trout in the back. They were screaming to the driver that it was me, the other pervert out there sitting on the steps but he didn't stop. Later the story got better. When they pulled up to the 14th, Trout walked down toward Germantown Avenue. He walked. That Trout was a funny guy, The cop turned to the last criminal he had and said, "Where's he going?" Sonny said, "He's escaping, I think." Well Trout made his gettaway on the 23 trolly car and that left Sonny on the hands of the cops. He told us they grilled him, threatened him. "...the finally put a gun to my head. Tell us who the other two were, " he told us later. "But I would tell them a thing. When the gun came out I said, the only one I know had name like fish or something." When he told that to Trout the kid's eyes got wide. Nothing ever came of it except I remember that story
John Brogan, Maine [04-03-2009]

anna conzelman. you are asking a very important question about gtn. i always wondered why the city rulers never promoted germantown historical sites like the city of boston. did you ever take the "duc" tour in boston??? it is a boat/vehicle that takes you on the charles river then goes on land to all the historical places in the city. i always thought that philly should organize such a trip to gtn.it is a treasure trove of american history. after years of thought, i realized the reason that this probably wont work. Germantown has become one of the most dangerous places to go in the city. i grew up there as all these folks on this website have. you would need a police escort or be heavily armed to go to some of the most historical sites in gtn. it is very sad since i recall going to these places as a kid or teenager without any fear.when i have traveled thru the city and gtn in the past 20 years or so, i was appalled at the deterioration of the neighborhoods and historical sites.i would be happy to help you in your research if i can. good luck. great idea for study. bob terranova
bob terranova [04-03-2009]

TRIBUTE TO ROBERT GUARINELLO Goo, Ihope you are resting comfortably in your new digs, many miles north of Wildwood and The Hollow.We sure miss you.Your first home was a fabulous place to live.It was a great blue-collar neighborhood and very family oriented.Most of us have moved on to other places, some nearby, and some far away.Some of us have done very well in life, others not so well.We will always remember you as THE KING.The Hollow was your sacred ground, and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.Your friends continue to share the many, many Goo stories.They get funnier and funnier.You deserve a Happy Hollow Oscar for all your great performances.Goo, you were the greatest. Now a confession;I was the guy who hid your shoes(not John Brogan, Mike Masterson, Billy Keene, etc.)It was me.I thought it was pretty funny at the time, and I had every intention to tell you where I hid your shoes after you were finished playing basketball.But your dramatic speech and incredible anger which, by the way, was worthy of another Happy Hollow Oscar terrified me.I am taking a chance confessing now because there is a ten percent chance that I may join you when my time is up.God help me if we meet again. May you rest in peace, God Bless. Bor(I was tempted to sign it anonymous)
Paul Borian [04-03-2009]

Well, for what its worth, I do understand Anonymousí point and frustration. This site has become a reunion for Happy Hollow. Discussions about Goo, Peanut, Smacky, Chicky, Ears, Monk, Fish, Porky, Gooch, etc, mean absolutely nothing to non-Hollow folks, yet that is what the site has become. Thereís no denying that Happy Hallow was a great hangout and important to many folks. But, Germantown had other great recs too, like Belfield, Waterview and East Germantown. There were some great hangout corners, like P&M, Price & Crittendon, Chew & Chelten, Awbury Park and many others. The constant focus here on Happy Hallow gives the impression these other places were any less important and special, which isnít the case. They were just as special as Happy Hallow. If you havení t already, check out the friendsofimmaculate.com website. Though it is IC-based, non-IC Germantowners are most welcomed. There is a discussion board there and over 500 IC, Germantown and memory lane pics in the photo albums.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-03-2009]

For anyone interested I know there is a West Oak Lane, Mt. Airy reunion in the works for June. Wilma
Wima, 65 Bucks Co. [04-03-2009]

My sister and I went to St. Benedict's when we were at St. Joseph's Gonzaga Hall for Girls in 1965. I'm sorry to hear that it is closing. Anyone else out there who went to St. Benny's while living at the home?
Donna Kennedy, 54, Roxborough (parents & grandparents from Germantown) [04-02-2009]

Hey, anonymous [03-31-2009], I'm naming you the Big Snore. You wish you were from the Hollow!
Jay Kelly [04-02-2009]

Anon Poster, Are you the smart little kid who was in Miss Catherine's class and who could really spell well. Write some thoughts and poetry about the good people of Church Lane which was a nice place to live.
anonymous [04-02-2009]

To Anonymous: Picture Question: If you send me your email address, I'll send the picture back as a JPEG file. If you can't open it, send your snail mail address and I'll put in the maill.
John Brogan, St. Francis of Assisi grad [04-02-2009]

This is probably a long shot but I am looking for some help and advice. I'm a senior journalism student at Temple University and am doing a story on Germantown's historical area. I plan on focusing on all the history that lies in the area, and figuring out why no one knows about it. Before researching, I had no idea what kind of area Germantown was or that any of the amazing history happened there. There is no light shed on the area and I want to figure out why people aren't populating the area and seeing all the historical sights. It is a product of the urbanization of the area? poor press? lack of interest? Anyway, I am looking for a few good answers and quotes to use in my story. If anyone would like to help or be part of a short interview, please contact me, either on this forum or by email - anna.conzelman@gmail.com
Anna Conzelman, Senior Journalism Student, Temple University [04-02-2009]

I am reaching out to all who love history. I hope you will check out my page or blog. On them, you will see that I request you write a letter to the First Lady. Please check it out and see if you can support the history in your community and across the country. ezhistory.com http://rebelworx.blogspot.com Please put my page or blog on your links page. Thanks, J. Carney
J. Carney [04-02-2009]

TO JOHN BROGAN: For the picture, do you want the e-mail address or the snail mail address?
Anonymous [04-01-2009]

To all followers of this site;Through this beautiful site I have connected with several of my old buddies from the Hollow. Recently had a great telephone conversation with Larry Rinaldi. He is doing well and gives his regards to all. I am Having lunch with John Bruce Schmitt next week. Schmitty is the number one blogger and his messages are interesting and very informative. Some of you bloggers are tired of Happy Hollowers monopolizing this site. Well, it is because we are passionate of our roots and owe much of our successes(and failures)to our Happy Hollow days. I am a Happy Hollower first, and a Germantowner second. I went to Germantown High School, Know all the neighborhoods, and some of the great history of Germantown. Brickyard and Chew and Chelten(were they one of the same?)were great neighborhoods with some real tough dudes. Joe Procopo comes to mind. He ruled Waterview. I remember, back in the 50's, we had a gang war with the Chew and Chelten gang. We were the home team, and as the gang marched to the Hollow, we assembled and hid our weapons(no guns or knives. Personally, I wish I was not there, because I was a ballplayer, not a fighter. The two leaders of the gangs duked, and I don, t remember who won. I do remember we Happy Hollowers did not have to resort to our hidden weapons(what a relief)Our passion was playing sports, gambling(poker, craps, horses), hanging on the corner and enjoying each other, and breaking chops (if you did not have thick skin, you would have never survived)We had some great athletes(boys and girls) who pursued their careers in college and the Pro's. In my opinion, Ollie Powers and Larry Rinaldi were natural athletes, and very gifted. Ollie was a great pitcher and basketball player. His jump shot was deadly and he could jump through the roof. Larry was all speed and strength and could have been a great football player in college and the Pro's. However, he met and married the beautiful Rosemarie, and 52 years later, they are still happily married. That's what is all about. Soooo, long live this Germantown webb site and the happy memories of the Hollow. I am ashamed to admit that I lost touch with many of my Happy Hollow friends over the last 40 some years, but this webb site has given me a second chance. Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-01-2009]

I found this site by happenstance today and I very much enjoyed the memories of others about G'town in years past, especially the comments about Darrow's Drug store and its environs. I lived at the Delmar Morris Hotel from 1945 to 1951 at the corner of Morris St. and Chelton Ave. and went to St. Vincents at Price and Lena. For several years I worked after school and on the weekends at the Manheim Riding Academy, which was on Wisc. Ave., not to far from the Delmar. We rented horses and buggies and I remember so well the rides in Fairmont Park. My first real job was washing dishes in Darrow's Drug Store. I remember the Acme and the A&P at Morris and Chelton. We use to ride the 26 trolley, which we boarded at Chelton and Pulaski and got off at Chelton and G'town Ave. There was a Nedick's at the intersection of Chelton and G'town and for a dime I would get a cup of coffee, a donut, and a small glass of Nedick's famous orange juice. After Mass on Sundays at St. Vincents we would all go to Linton's for breakfast. Are there any out there who remember the pretzel man who would sell pretzels during lunch break at St. Vincents. When the weather turned warm, he would change from pretzels to flavored ices. My teachers at St. Vincents were Sister Hortense, Sister Marie Francis, Sister Veronica, Sister Edmund, and Miss Catherine, who taught music. I remember Mr. and Mrs. Hassinger and their deli at Pulaski and Chelton very well. She made the best potato salad that I ever ate in my life. After school we would play ball and gather at Vernon Park. In those days you could walk through the park from G'town Ave. to Green Street without fear. The movie theaters in G'town that I remember were the Strand, the Vernon, and the Bandbox. Of course, I ate at the Toddle House many times. I see where the Delmar Hotel is undergoing rennovation. It was rather elegant when I was a kid living there. Gus Zernial, who played for the Athletics I believe, lived there for a time. Does anyone remember a sporting goods shop that opened on Chelton Ave., a blocks before you got to G'town Ave. I recall Steve Van Buren the Eagles famous running back giving autographs at the store. I will close for now and I look forward to hearing more about the good old days in G'town when things seemed a lot more simple than they do now. Jim
James L. Lyons, I am an attorney in Washington, D.C. [04-01-2009]

Hey East Germantown, you probably didn't have anybody with a nickname, you must be jealous. Everyone had a nickname in the 50's & 60's.
West Side of G-town, 50's & 60's in G-town [04-01-2009]

Jack Brogan[Maine]: It is great to see you on this site and living in the beautiful state of Maine. You were a grade ahead of me at St. Francis["54"] with Sonny Kennedy, Henry Mingle, John Murray etc. My older brother[Urb] was a grade ahead of you with classmates-Mike Masterson, Bob LaValle and Vince Higgins. There are many cosmopolitan guys from the Hollow on this site-Jack Brogan[Maine], Paul Borian[historic Bucks County], Mike Masterson[Chicago], and Jay Kelly[Hawaii]. I must ask you one question. Who stole Goo's fudging shoes[Goo's expressive language]. Was it you or Frank Felice? Was it Paul Borian or Mike Masterson? Your cousin[Joe Lynch] posted on this site and stated that you and Sonny Kennedy had a positive impact on his athletic career. I saw you at the great North-Lasalle game when you played for Obie O'Brien. I saw Sonny play for Germantown against Overbrook when they had Wally Jones, Walt Frazier, Wayne Hightower, Ralph Heyward, and Richie Richman. Your St. Fran class["54"] also had great girl's basketball players-Connie Tippett, Moody Doyle, Kathleen McLaughlin. You selected a wonderful state to live-beautiful Cadillac mountain near Bar Harbour where Ben Hom could have driven his convertible. You probaly shop in Freeport[LL Bean] and have Brunch at the Broad Arrow Tavern. Jack! Enjoy these golden years and give my regards to your cousins from Fernhill-Joe and Tom Lynch.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-01-2009]

Joanne VESCI Tkachuk, went to ST.francis ofASSISSI 56-64 [04-01-2009]

TO Sandy. Elaine could not think of her name. How is Bucky doing ? if he has e mail tell him to give me a buz. please tell him I said hi.
rich, huntingdon valley [04-01-2009]

To Emmet Harkins...your 11/26/08 blog brings back a pleasant memory.I have a picture of me(somewhere in the house)slam dunking a basketball in the old gym at the Hollow,elbows and head above the rim.Of course,I got a nice boost from my leg off the back wall.Only on rare occasions was I able to make a legitimate dunk.You see,I had white man's disease...Paul Borian
Paul Borian [04-01-2009]

JBS (Schmitty) What the heck is a raconteur? Remember I am from the Hollow. Regarding the other Raffaele nicknames; Dom (??? could name him good guy), John (Satch), Ed (do not remember an Ed, but one of the Raffaele' was nicknamed Del, after Del Ennis). I don't remember Tex Flannery's 12 plays, but his teams operated like the grear Army teams of yesteryear. In our Thanksgiving game, I was a defensive back. On every offensive play, at least two blockers nailed me. I remember throwing up in the huddle (probably because I had beacon and eggs for breakfast two hours before game time) I probably had a concussion, but nobody knew what that was back then. I don't remember to much more about that game. Went home and slept the rest of the day and missed thanksgiving dinner with my family. Pat Sarnese died about 10 years ago (?) I last saw him a couple of years before he died at a Home Depot. He was not feeling well at that time. I sure remember Herb Adderly. Played baseball and basketball against him in High School. What an athlete. In my senior year in baseball at GHS, we came within a misjudged fly ball in the last inning of winning the public league championship. Our star pitcher, Chuck Shick, was ill and I was called into service. With two on and two outs in Northeasts last at bat, Herb hit a towering fly ball to center field off me. Our center fielder misjudged the ball and it turned into a 3 run homer. Central won the league title. In basketball, we had some good players (Cal Gore, Charley Jannerette), but Northeast had the Parham Brothers, Adderly and several other really good players. They beat Chink Scott and West Philly in a Palestra playoff game. Regarding Chicky Downham ande Ken Twiford, they were great baseball players at GA. They were part of our great Loudenslager Post american legion team coached bt Wilber Harwi (he was also the GA coach) Other great players on that team (mostly from the Interac league were Ollie Powers, Lee Elia, Jack Turner. Bernie Dallas, Ted and Bobby Sloan, Don O'neil. Steve Miller, etc. We only lost one game that year, for the state championship. Not a good baseball year for me. As for the anonymous blogger, I hereby nickname you, STRAP. The Bor, proud of my nickname and my Happy Hollow heritage.
Paul Borian [04-01-2009]

Brogan, Nice to hear from someone on Fernhill Road.I have had recent conversations with your cousins, Joe and Tom Lynch. We lived on Fernhill Rd. prior to moving to Abbottsford Ave. Is this site a kick or what. Hope this finds you healthy and happy.
Dave Byrne [04-01-2009]

to sandy i hope you got my e mail and that all is well with you.marie
MARIE BOMMENTRE [04-01-2009]

Is anyone familiar with the area of Bringhurst St. in Germantown. It was up by where J.C.Penny's was and also closer to the Continental Hair place. I think Wayne & Chelten aves. were close to it,too. anyway does anyone know of John Botto's whereabouts? thank you. Linda
Lin Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [04-01-2009]

John Brogan, you mention Billy Obst. Was he related to Jimmy Obst? Thanks, Mike.
Mike Buchanan, Kennett Township, Chester County [04-01-2009]

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