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March 11-31, 2009

Dave Burkle, I got your e-mail and lost address. Lived at Knox&Hansberry Is anybody out there?
david micklosky, St Francis 64.sisters are Kathy and Carmel [03-31-2009]

To Family and Friends of Charles (Charlie) McHugh USMC There will be a Memorial Service in his honor this Saturday April 4 St. Eleanor Parish Church 647 Locust St. Collegeville, PA. 19426 At 1pm in the church chapel
Thomas Colella [03-31-2009]

Paul Borian: Recently,I was hanging out with Lou Pauzano[Hollow] and his brainy friends at the Jesuit Compound in North Philly. Lou stated,"Paul Borian Is a Real Raconteur". This aforementioned fact was confirmed by your recent blogs on this super site. Bonnie Gatto said,"Wow"-with your encyclopedic memory and potpourri of nicknames. I recall the nicknames from The Raffaele Brotthers-Rocky,Shangy,and Trout. Did the other brothers have nickname?-John,Dom and Ed. I went to St. Francis["55"] with Dom and Frank Felice was in our class. Back in the day,the three of us liked the ponies- what beautiful creatures. The last time that I saw Frank F. was in Avalon where we were with a couple of princesses-descriptive not pejorative. For distraction,we talked about basketball and horses. My former girlfriend[Lil Marlene] could not understand why two guys could talk about such boring topics when attractive babes are around. I will try to find out what's happening with Frank. You mentioned that you and Cos[Bill Cosby] played against LaSalle when Tex Flannery was coaching back in the 50's. Do you still remember the 12 plays Tex[RIP] used on offense? As you suggested,Tex was all about defense. Bill Bernardo was a legendary coach of GHS-he was friends with Charlie Martin[Northeast],Al Angelo[Frankford] and Pat Sarnese[Hollow,Mastbaum and Temple]. Did you play against Northeast with Herb Adderly[Packers] and Angelo Coia[Bears] in the backfieldd-the best backfied in Philly High-school Football.Herb Adderly and Bill Cosby played ball at Wissahickon Boy's Club in Pulaski-town. Herb A. should have gone to GBS but he wanted to start right away which took place at Northeast. I also liked the backfield at GA with Ken Twiford and Chickie Downham. You also wrote about those great girls' basketball players from the Hollow who went to St. Francis with me-they were also good-looking,smart and friendly. Jean Masterson's brother[Mugs] posts on this site. Pat Kirk married Bill Green[former mayor] and I think Sabina Cunningham was Miss Villanova. The Simon Sisters[Linda&Paula] were not hard to look at." Go Villanova" and I will E-Mail you.
J. Bruce[Schmitty] [03-31-2009]

To anonymous regarding Bill Cosby at Central and GHS... He might very well be ashamed of his time at Germantown High since he flunked 10th grade there and then dropped out of school. Years later he got his GED and ultimately attended Temple.
Another Anonymous from Gtn [03-31-2009]

Happy Hollow: I was there and have a great memory. I also have a picture you would want. These are the guys in the picture.Pat Sarnese, Vince Higgins, George "Ears," Joe Paddi, Mike Gleason, Paul Borian, Billy Obst, Bobby Gabache,Cisco Payne,Monk McCauley,Me (John Brogan, Ralph Gatto,lGoo Goo Guarinello, Ben Hom, Sonny Kennedy and....Moody Doyle. I also have lots of stuff to tell about the Goo. Mike Masterson. I was a basketball coach in Maine and took my team to K.C. Jones camp in Northern New York. I sat over beers and listened to a guy named Jules Grimindal talk about a player named Jimmy Masterson. Great connection for me. Jimmy was a player. I'll send the picture to anybody who sends their address. Brogan
John Brogan, Maine [03-31-2009]

To PAUL BORIAN-Talking about Bill Cosby, I too have often wondered why he has always avoided mentioning his time at GHS. I am a graduate of the class of June 1955, which I believe would have been his class, except he left in the 10th grade to join the navy. He was many times invited to our reunions, but always declined.Yes I guess we do feel rather insulted. To JOHN BRUCE SCHMITT-Sure do remember the Thanksgiving football games, especially the one you mentioned with Cos(1954). I still have the souvenir booklet from that game! Bill Bernardo was a great guy and he DID come to our reunions.Still love reading about good old Germantown, GHS and everyones memories.
Mary Jane (Lightcap) Garvis, still in South Jersey-age 71 [03-31-2009]

To Paul Borian: Great nicknames - remember most of them. However, one of them was not Gaboo, but Caboo. (Emphasis on the second syllable). He was Joe Calbot (RIP), married to Betty (Davey) Rinaldi and father of Cyndy (Dr. Calbot-Sczepanski at Lankenau). Thanks also for posting Goo's wedding invite. He was quite the poet. Heard there was a second poem other than Twenty Years Ago. Anybody know it. Please post. I would love to read it.
Anonymous [03-31-2009]

bucky zimmermans wife was bonnie mcallister wasn't she?
anonymous [03-31-2009]

BERNADETTE (nee McCreight) born on Sept. 28, 1936, died March 27, 2009 after a brief illness. Bernadette grew up in East Germantown, she was a parishoner of Immaculate Conception Church. Survived by her loving husband of 55 years, John Richard Benson of Largo, FL. and her cherished children John Richards, Jr. (Alie) of Colorado Springs, CO, Karen Gallacchi (William) of Marlton, NJ and Deborah Putze (Vincent) of Norman, OK. Beloved sister-in-law of Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Swank of Tampa, FL and Mr. and Mrs. James Benson of Huntingdon Valley, PA. Also survived by 6 granddaughters and one grandson. Dick and Bernie raised their 3 children in Roslyn, PA, and later retired to Somers Point, NJ, and then on to Largo, FL. Arrs. in Largo FL. Published in the Philadelphia Inquirer & Philadelphia Daily News on 3/29/2009 Notice • Guest Book •
Debi Benson Putze, My Mom grew up in Germantown [03-31-2009]

s My Mom's information Bernadette McCreight Benson My Mom's information Bernadette McCreight Benson
Debi Benson [03-31-2009]

To Bruce Marshall, Thanks so much, I really appreciate the response. It was interesting to hear that the mansion (formerly the Strawbridge house) that was on the property was open to the public for dining. I knew that originally the home was used for tenants to enjoy dining, shows, and recreation during the early years of Alden Park. I have been searching Ebay for Alden Park related items, but have had no luck yet. Currently, the building exteriors are being restored to some extent, but sadly, as a whole, Alden Park is deteriorating and the history is being lost. Thanks so much for sharing!
Laura Romano [03-31-2009]

To Bonnie Gatto.So nice to hear from you.I remember fondly The Gatto clan(brothers,sisters,cousins,aunts and uncles.You were an integral part of the fabulous Happy Hollow neighborhood.I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Ralph.I will always remember him first as a really nice person(good guy)and secondly a very good athlete.Regards to your friends and family.Paul(Bor)Borian
Paul Borian [03-31-2009]

Hi Rich,I was just talking to Bucky on thrusday,yes they had a beautiful home on Warden Drive an we had many of great parties their,yes Bucky ex wife name was Elaine,they have one daughter,he is doing good,I will mention your name to him .Sandy
anonymous [03-31-2009]

Same people posting all the time ! I'm so sick of the Happy Hollow references. Are there any folks from the east side of Germantown who can post since the former west side people are putting me to sleep ! By the way, who cares about nicknames ? Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnn !
anonymous [03-31-2009]

In reference to Paul Borian's recent post mentioning Bill Cosby: I have often wondered whether Germantown grads are insulted by the fact that Cosby always passes himself off as a Central grad (and even wore Central sweatshirts on his TV show) when he obviously did not finish there. Was he somehow ashamed that he wound up at Germantown?
anonymous [03-29-2009]

To Paul Borian: you were several years older than me, but I remember you well. Another great Hollow athlete. Wow, what an array of nicknames. I knew most of them. I remember some fantastic football games at the Hollow with Goo on one side of the ball and Rocky on the other. My brother, Ralph, often told the story of the day the field was widened out to the rocks and there were 20 guys on each team.
Bonnie Gatto [03-29-2009]

To anonymous. that is the Bucky i am talking about.We hung out for awhile back in the early 60. I remember when they moved to warden dr. In east falls i also knew Bucky wife. but i cant remember her name. she lived in Roxboro.
rich [03-29-2009]

JOHN BRUCE SCHMITT...You have an incredible memory.You remember more about my past than I do.I recently posted a large listing of Happy Hollow nicknames.Did you have a nickname?If not,from now on,your nickname is SCHMITTY.Do you know of Frank Felices whereabouts?Also,would like to contact Rosemary and Larry Rinaldi.Can you help me?My e-mail address is paulborian@comcast.net.So sorry to hear of Ben Hom's death.He was a good friend.Last time that I saw him was about 10-15 years ago at the Doylestown K-Mart where he was buying some fishing tackle.He did a lot of fishing in his retirement years.One day at Moe's,when Ben was a newcomer at the Hollow,Rocky asked him for his name.He replied,Ben Hom.Rocky replied,I didn't ask you where you been,I asked you for your name.Welcome to Happy Hollow,Ben.He became a regular after that introduction.Bill Bernardo was my baseball and football coach at GHS.He passed away about 20 years ago.People were lined up for blocks to attend his viewing.Bill Cosby,among other notables,attended his viewing.The Cos played football for GHS.We always played LaSalle on Thanksgiving day and got our butts kicked.In the 1954 game,Cos ran the opening kickoff for a touchdown.That was the only points allowed by LaSalle all season.They went through the entire catholic league unbeaten and unscored.By the way,they beat us 28-7(I believe that was the final score)Tom Flannery coached LaSalle which was a football machine back then.Finished ski season on 3/25.It was a great season with 51 ski days at camelback.Time to rest my 70 year old body.One final word aboutMARCH MADNESS.....GO NOVA(shades of 1985)Speaking of basketball,how about those great Hollow girls basketball players of the 50's.Pat kirk,Jean Masterson,Connie and Marge Tippet,Sabina Cunningham,Eileen McGlocklin,etc.They won a few championships at Little Flower.The girls basketball rules were restricted back then.There were six players on the starting team;three on defense and three on offense.You could only dribble twice and then had to pass the ball.We used to play the girls at the old gym,and they played very well against us.Other than our physical advantage,they held there own.Jean Masterson was the first girl at the hollow to shoot a jump shot(she was accurate)That it's for now.Paul Borian(Bor)
Paul Borian [03-27-2009]

Great to run into old friends from St. Michael's, St. Francis, NECHS, Little Flower, et ux, et al on this site. I got the feeling that all posters have a connection since there's a common experience.
Jim Cossetti, scenic Guthriesville.....xGreene Street [03-27-2009]

miss catherine st vincent de paul 2nd grade i cant believe other people still will never forget her i still to this day can not swallow the host to good you took first communion in her class she was a trip
anonymous [03-27-2009]

Helen, if you were in class with all those you might have known my brother. Joe Armstrong. He went to school with Mike and Joel Miles, and Bobby Chesco. Maryalice
Maryalice, still in G-town [03-27-2009]

Rich,yes Bucky does have a brother name Donnie,and also Pete who died 5 years ago,I see Donnie every day,did you go to Holy Rosary with him,I will mention your name to him,Sandy
anonymous [03-27-2009]

rich, are you referring to Donnie Jacquito, his nickname was Ears.
anonymous [03-27-2009]

This message is for all who fondly remember Mr Happy Hollow,the late,great Robert Guarinello(The Goo)The last time I saw the Goo was at his wedding in 1982.The following is the wedding invitation; Grab your calendar,circle it well to October twenty-three That's the day Bobby Goo puts Twiggy on his knee. Some folks marry at an early age,some folks wait forever The time has come for Robert Guarinello and Marion Hamilton to join their hands together Saturday,October twenty-third nineteen hundred and eighty-two Melrose Carmel United Presbyterian Church Melrose Park,Pennsylvania one o'clock p.m. BEAUTIFUL.VINTAGE GOO The following was also composed by Goo; A loving note can barely say all we feel this magic day, with loving friends at ever side to see the giving of the bride What words can say is very small and cannot go so far to tell about your smile that lit the place showing our love its mirrowed face Marion and Bob Finally,a listing of Happy Hollow famous nicknames,some coming from the Goo; Rocky,Goo,Boo,Magoo,Gaboo,Fish,Porky,,Bear,Abber,Shangy,Chink,Trout,Pittsb urg,New York Bill,Shaky,White Eye.Mississippi,Pears,Blackey,Slim,Chiece,Bouser,Sleepy,Shoey,Breeze,Gooch,Bee Bee,Lou Shoe,Spirit,Wimpy,Satch,Cisco,Energy,Hoot,Mizzy,,Bonny,Yolson,Hoaky,Father Gal,Yocum,Monk,,FBI,Bor,Sonny,Grampy,Apples,Moose,Cappy,Joe Mack,Zeke,Snapper,Snake,Boston,Ears,Torch,Combo,Woody,Charly,Pocket Book,Green Leaf,Cubby,Bizz,Dipper,Midvale Dom,Bloom,Lenny,Duck,Hunchback Mike,Mumbles,Sheey,Little Bob,Gaboo,Manyunk,Out Bob Sincerely, Paul(Bor)Borian,a Hollow regular during the 50's and most of the 60's
Paul Borian, A regular Happy Hollower now age 70 living in Doylestown [03-27-2009]

Rich, you talking about Bucky Z.? His younger brother (Tom) might be Ears.
GBC Alumus, 50's & 60's in G-town [03-27-2009]

To Laura Romano, I live up Wissahickon Avenue from Alden Park, near Manheim. Thirty years ago an prior to that, in the corner near Wissahickon and School House, there was a stately mansion that was called "Alden Park Manor". It had a bar and restaurant, and back in the day (my day, the 50s / 60s/ 70s), my uncle, Mario Iacampo, who lived across the street in the School Lane House Apartments and was a stockbroker by day, used to play the piano in the bar at night. When I graduated from Drexel in '72, my dinner party was there, and we'd go there as a family once in a while for special occasions. The place burned down sometime in the 70s. There is a postcard of the Manor, showing its former glory, that crops up on eBay periodically. I've also seen old-time aerial view postcards of the whole complex from when it was new. It really is a jewel and you're lucky to live there; hope you have many more enjoyable years there. To others in the area: this Saturday at Germantown Friends, from 9 to 5, is the annual Old House Fair, which is a great resource for those needing ideas, products and services for keeping the old properties up and improved; I highly recommend it.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [03-26-2009]

franny, ann marie conway was in my grade at st. vincents, also, peggy berg, rosemary christman, mary rowley, bobby chesco, mike miles, joel miles, phylis gairo, susan o'brien, dolly difrancesco, eleanor vasallo and on and on. i hope they are all well. helen
anonymous [03-26-2009]

Did Bucky have a brother named ears.?
rich, huntingdon valley [03-26-2009]

I knew Vicki & Fran JAQUINTO,SORRY TO HEAR THAT fRANNY PASSED AWAY. I did not'know Bunny. Marie Bommentre
Marie Bommentre [03-26-2009]

Hey Linda F, just got all the info about Vickie and her sisters from FrannyB and Sandy. Thank you, also. Seems like only yesterday we saw all these people in Germantown. Can't believe where the years have gone.
anthonyg [03-26-2009]

Hey Sandy I also thank you for the info. I didn't know Bucky was your cousin. I knew him very well. I am very well, Sandy and thanks for asking. I hope you are well also.
anthonyg [03-26-2009]

Hi Franny. I did not know either sister passed away. That is sad. They were such nice girls. I was pretty friendly with Franny. She used to come to the Hotte Shoppe, at Broad & Stenton, back in the day. We drove the same cars only different colors. Thanks for letting me know, even though it was sad news.
anthonyg [03-26-2009]

Hi Anthony,I remember you from Holy Rosary School,in fact when my Grandmon lived on Haines a few doors from you we would all play together,in your yard,do you remember the Merry go round broke down,we would all sing it,your Mom was always nice to me and my sister Eileen,she was in your grade an told me to say Hi to you,me an Rita were good friends,her son and my daughter were in Holy Rosary together till it close,it was so sad when Rita died,she was such a nice girl,hope you are fine .take care Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [03-26-2009]

Franny B,boy it would be great to hear from Joan,I seen Carol 2 years ago she doing fine,e-mail me,would love to hear from you.Sandy
anonymous [03-26-2009]

AnthonyG, Bunny was the eldest of the Jacquinto girls. She passed away as did her sister Franny.
FrannyB [03-25-2009]

Helen, Have not seen Joan in years. Ann Marie Conway's sister-in-law gave a hello on this site to Sandy from Joan. Hope she joins the site.
FrannyB [03-25-2009]

anthony diferdinando, jr. i don't know if you remember me but i remember you ... our mothers were friends when we were young and you would come over to my mom's house with your mom ... and the same with me going to your house with my mom .. we had some fun times playing together ... i remember rita too.. a pretty and very nice girl ... and ... a good dancer! how have you been ... i hope all is well with you ... hope to hear from you, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-25-2009]

I have lived at Alden Park Apartments in East Falls for about five years now and was always very interested in its history. In fact, that is why I chose to move here in the first place. Over the years I have been able to gather some information, but would appreciate any facts or tidbits anyone could share... no matter how small, seemingly dull, or recent they might be that relate to the history of the buildings.
Laura Romano, Philadelphia, 24 [03-25-2009]

Hi Anthony,Vickie J.sister Bunny she was the oldest girl,I think her name was Rita after her Mom,she died many years ago also Franny died I think over 5 years ago,and the youngest girl is named Theresa,they are my cousin Bucky cousins,hope you are fine .Sandy
anonymous [03-25-2009]

to linda f. you may be thinking of bunny grisbon ;marie
MARIE [03-25-2009]

Dot Hodges Droulsbaugh We Mostly Went To My Marys To Get A Pepsi Remember standing In Your Closet To Play Hookie The Very First Time We Were Scared As Crap After That It was A Breeze Go 60s That was The Best Time We All Turned Out Okay Carol Drakely McFeeters
Carol Drakely McFeeters, Grew up in Germantown Late 50 s And 60s [03-24-2009]

Thank you, anonymous, for taking the time to repost Goo's haunting poem. I just wish I could have met him one last time in the Hollow. On a happier note, I had a great talk with Cisco Payne today. My brother Bill sends his regards - he doesn't use a computer. He lives in LA and still plays basketball. No doubt about it, our times at the Hollow were magical and the Hollow lives on in each of us no matter how far away and how long ago we were last there.
Jay Kelly [03-24-2009]

Anthony 'g', yes, Vickie "J" did have a sister named Fran. I am not sure who had the nickname of Bunny, though? sorry...have a good day.
Linda F., Montgomeryville,Pa. [03-24-2009]

Yes, Sheila we had some great times in there. It was nice because Jake and Donny and Ben and Marion treated us royally. Jake would ask what were we in the mood to eat and he would take care of it for us. Even the waitresses were great, Roberta, Loroaine, Chickie, just to name a few. There were ccouple of others when I first started going in there and I can't remember their names. When all all the guys went in together we took up half the bar. Frank M all the names you mentioned you forgot Joe Barbiere and, once in a while, Don Rizzo.
anthonyg [03-24-2009]

i'm happy to hear some of you have fond memories of miss catherine mcgowen who tauht at st. vincents school. i went to st. vincents church for mass on sunday and it was a joy to see the old place is thriving with such a diverse congregation. it is the same church i was baptized in, made my first holy communion, confirmation, and where i walked down the aisle on my father's arm as a bride. i won't mention the friday afternoon confessions that still give me an anxiety attack when i see a confessional. helen .
HELEN D'ANGELO [03-24-2009]

Anthony DiFerdinando, did you work at Tommy DiLuca store. I use to call it Lucans. I remember going in there with Stump (Anthony Caparelli) and driving you crazy. remember the penny candy and peanut brittle sold at the counter and the italian stokie cigars the old italians would buy.
louoldies [03-23-2009]

Jay Kelly,go back to the archives of earlier summision for Goos poem of Twenty years ago,and you will fine it im sure ! Frank .
frank, north wales [03-23-2009]

Here it is again............ Twenty Years Ago
By Bob Guarinello

I took a trip to my home town
To see what changes bring
And greet the folks I used to know
And hear the church bells ring.

A place I used to go
But where were all the friends I knew
From twenty years ago?

I strolled the path and up the hill
And there I stopped to rest
I thought of all the fun we had
When we would laugh and jest.

I looked about and pondered
And I felt a little low
'cause I didn't see the friends I knew
From twenty years ago.

I looked at all the shops we knew
The ones we used to cherish.

Fasano's, Palo's and even Moe's
Now all of them have perished
I looked at Sal's where we would meet
And pass the hours slow
But where were all the friends I knew
From twenty years ago?

I thought of all the stories
The good ones we all know
And don't forget the fun we had
Throwing the girls in the snow.

I thought of Billy Kelly
And even crazy Joe
But where were all the friends I knew
From twenty years ago?

The buildings are worn, the swings are bare
The benches have been replaced
The many nights we sat and talked
And with our penknives did deface.

But the same old bricks are in the wall
The kids walk to and fro
But the music's gone, it's not the same
As twenty years ago.

Some boys were playing the same old game
As I watched, I looked quite humble
A bouncing ball came at my feet
I stopped it without a fumble.

Some kid said, "Mister, toss it here
Or can't you make the throw?"
I smiled and said, "I tossed it here
'bout twenty years ago."

I looked about and pondered
I kinda got some chills
As I thought about the games I played
That gave me many thrills.

I thought about the parties
And the girls I used to know
But all there were were memories
Of twenty years ago.

My lids have long been dry now
No tears come to my eyes
Or thoughts of my old loved one
And our broken ties.

I visit thee again sometime
It's somehow like a show
To reminisce about the friends
Of twenty years ago.

I guess a few have wandered
I guess a few have strayed
But when I die please lay me deep
'neath the fields where I have played.

And as the years go drifting by
I'll let my memory show
And remember all the friends I had
Twenty years ago.

anonymous [03-23-2009]

Paul Borian: It's great to see one of the great baseball players from the Hollow appear on this site. I remembered you from the Hollow,the Gtn. Cricket Club and Kendrick Rec. I was a little younger and I was the kid with the chiseled-face which was sculpted on the streets of G-town. I always associated you with baseball-the Hollow,Germantown High and Villanova.I recall you hitting spaceshots over the right-field into the porches on Clapier St. There were other great players from the Hollow-Rocky Raffaele,Ollie Powers,Phil Grandi and Bill Haas who played at the Hollow and also coached by Bobby Goo-basketball. By the way,I liked Ben Hom's convertible better than Goo's Buick. At Mo's,you would hang out with Larry Rinaldi,Ben Hom, and Matt Fasano when he was not working at the market. You knew so many guys from the Hollow-the Raffaele Brothers,Bobby Goo,the Nasef Brothers[Lebanese] who lived next-door to Frank Felice on Manheim St. I went to St. Francis "55" with Frank Felice and Mole Adamoli whom I had a love-hate friendship if you know what I mean. I remember kicking field-goals with you at Gtn. Cricket Club. Did Bill Benardo[Gtn. High] sign you up? Mike Masterson,Jack Smith,Sonny Kennedy and Ben Hom were at Gtn. High when you were there-all good guys. Mike[Mugs] and Jay Kelly are now on this site. Back in the day,you could have visited Mugs in Cicero,Illinois and thrown an eighter from Decatur-a little heavy but you are from the Hollow. The last time that I saw you was back in the 60's when you were working part-time at Kendrick with that androgenous-looking Director[Ms. Hahn] who intimidated everybody. We talked finance and my friends and I could have used your financial acumen recently. You picked a great place to live-Doylestown. I had a weekend-house in Carversville on the creek-I like that area. I am impressed that you and Larry Rinaldi are happily married for so many years. I finally got it right and married a classy lady from Argentina. During the summer,you can ski in Bariloche,Argentina which is a Swiss-Like town in the Andes where they speak Spanish and German. If you want to feel at home,head to Buenos Aires where there are many Italians and some Armenians-you know your favorite football coach has been there-Ara Parseghian. Paul! Go Villanova"
John Bruce Schmitt [03-23-2009]

sandy cipriano anastasia [03-23-2009]

Anthony, that's it, The Rascal's Roost. It was at Bustleton & Solly, and you're right, it did later become the Nutty Irishmen. It burned to ground and the entire building is gone now. I live near it and was supposed to take pictures of the burned out building for Jake but they tore it down before I could get to it.
Sheila [03-23-2009]

I also had Ms. Catherine in 2nd grade @ St. Vincent's School. Did a Mr. Swilley also teach there?? I left there & finished @ St Francis in '57, NC in '61. Ms. Catherine was a good one. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [03-23-2009]

TO A.DiFERDINADO,I was glad to see your name,how is Rita, & I will never forget Sr.MARIE Christine.MARIE Baucco married name Bommentre
MarieBommentre [03-23-2009]

anon. I used to swim at Waterview. I remember that it wasn't co-ed but can't remember if the girls swam every other day or at different hours of the day. My fondest memory is while waiting for the doors to open we'd sit there eating a pb&j sandwich and drinking a bottle of the best root beer ever (which we got at the store across the street). My worse memory is of the horrible case of athlete foot that I got there. Had to be treated by the Dr. for weeks and weeks and had to sleep in a bed by myself with my mother boiling the sheets and my socks.....yuck....I can still feel the pain.
anne hess tither, ic55, cd59 [03-22-2009]

This is for Nicky Lazaro. It was nice to see your post. I was in the same class. How could I forget Sr Christine . I have my my black graduation folder when we graduated from 8th grade. Mother Cypriana signed it.Also do you remember Joe Cutrie Charles Alander, Bernadete Mangino, Grace Beal,Marie Bosco? They were great days. I wish I could go back in time to Germantown. I loved it there. Vernon Park. Wolfmans Resturant,woolworths,, The Proper Store,& John's Bargains. My sister Rita and I used to go to the Orpheum Movie.They were great days.
Anthony DIferdinando Jr [03-22-2009]

Responce to: steven free about Crease /Lingleback elementary school. I was born and raised in that area called " Blue Bell Hill " between Germantown and Roxborough, on Walnut Lane and Wissahicon Ave. I remember the Blue Grantit walls and the four large class rooms and the small offices. My teacher was " Mrs. Petterson ". I remember the first day of my parents taking me to school...When my parents came home, I was already in the back yard of our house playing! I helped the costodain, Mr. Patterson, who maintained the school, not to mention shoveling coal and stooking the furnace to keep us warm. I will never forget this gentelman. I remember the red bricks that covered the out side area of the school and the black rawed iron fences. Next to Cooplands Drug store, converted into condos along with the school. Sad. This school is across from Tom's Hill, as mentioned earlier on this web site. I am from a family of nine and we all went to that school..Great memories.
Raymond Garand, Born and raised in Blue Bell Hill, Philly. Now in New Port Richey, Fla. [03-22-2009]

Anonymous,whoever you are, thanks for that site. I just checked it out.
anthonyg [03-22-2009]

Sheila, the Roost I'm talking about was on Bustleton Ave. right above Rhawn and next to a gas station. It was sold and became a Nutty Irishman pub or some name like that. And, Frank, yes, I remember all the names you mentioned. The last time I saw Pat was at his mom's viewing. And, of course we lost Alex at a young age. Linda F.you mentioned Vickie Jaquinto. I knew her very well and her sister Franny. Didn't she have an older sister nicked named Bunny? I wonder if I knew you back in the days in Germantown?
anthonyg [03-22-2009]

I'd like to thank the person who started this site and has made it possible for old friends to reunite. I had a great talk with Mike (Mugs) Masterson today, and heard from Paul Borian. Mike told me that Goo wrote a poem called "Twenty Years" and that it was read at his funeral. If anyone has a copy of that, I would like to see it. One more Goo story: A bunch of us would pile into Goo's Buick 88 for trips to New Jersey or New York. On one trip to New York, a guy named Ed McCaully complained about all the smoke in the car. Goo stops the car and tells Ed, "Then get the f..k in the trunk!" Ed climbs into the trunk and off we go. All the way into New York, cars are honking and people are pointing at us because Ed has been hanging his arm out of the trunk like he's a dead guy. Goo really laughed at that one. On a sad note, Mike told me Henny Klemmer passed away. He and I, when we were fourteen, broke into Summerton Springs and the police caught us.
Jay Kelly [03-22-2009]

marie rose how can IFORGET YOU iremember mom and dad IWAS A KID WEN i met your dad love guy
Guy Cerrato, willow grove [03-22-2009]

hi sandy how are you
joanneposimo [03-22-2009]

It's good to see my old second grade teacher, Ms. Catherine mentioned on this site. She truly left an indelible impression on all that passed through her capable hands. Being the only lay teacher @ St Vincent's during my tenure certainly made her stand out; she was very special. Not only did she teach one of the most important grades--second, but it fell on her to prepare us young pagans for our first holy communion. God forbid you chewed the practice waffer--you got wacked till your ears rang. Another task she had was teaching us how to tell time. While some claim the most important things they learned, they learned in kindergarden, I say it was in the second grade with Ms. Catherine for me. l remember she lived off Penn St and Germantown Ave. next to the pharmacy near the GBC. Sometimes on a Saturday I would stop by and do a chore for her, some small task she would make up to provide a young boy a quarter. Outside of class, she was a darling, a nicer person you couldn't meet. Inside her second grade domain, she was stern and demanding, the kind of teacher you remember...all your life.
kevin, Santa Barbara, CA. Age 64, St Vincents '58 [03-22-2009]

hi.sallielipan I REMEMBER BACK IN1953 WHEN WE BEAT THE GBC'THAT WAS a good race we made it look easy we were the best in the state for swimming guy
Guy Cerrato, willow grove [03-22-2009]

sandy cipriano anastasia, cowtown [03-22-2009]

To Rosemary Rinaldi,John Bruce Schmitt,and Louis F Pauzano Sr.Thanks for remembering me in your various blogs.If you have time send me an e-mail at paulborian@comcast.net.I live in Doylestown and have been happily married for 43 years.My wife Fran(good German,Irish Catholic)and me are avid skiers and just finished our 46th day on the slopes at camelback.I proudly represent the Hollow on ski slopes at all times.I am guessing that very guys and gals from the street corner gang took up skiing.Been at it for 43 years(started on our honeymoon in Mt.Snow,VT.)Have any of you been in touch with Frank Felice(nicknamed Sharpy by the late great Goo)Frank was best man at our weeding,and I would like to contact him.Here is a Hollow story;One Sat morning I was sitting on the top steps of Moes eating a hoagie from Sals(all by myself)In time a crap game started with players such as Shangy,Rocky,Goo,Murphy,etc.,etc.As the game progressed,the 53 trolly with several cops stopped at the Wayne Ave.Theater and raided the crap game.Being a young stud(probably 17 years old),I yelled cops,jumped off the top step,ran down Wayne Ave.at about 40 miles an hour,passed my father who was outside his tailor shop taking a breather and getting some fresh air.I was going so fast that he did not even see me.I finally ran out of gas and collapsed on the Nicetown side of Wayne Junction.A couple of the craps players were caught by the cops,but I don't who they were.I could write a book on the Hollow and it would be a best seller.Those outside the Hollow would believe it was fiction.Paul Borian
Paul Borian, The only Armenian at the Hollow [03-22-2009]

Bill James: I liked your last blog-it was interesting and informative-you know so much about the people from St. Michael's,St. Francis, and the Hollow.You also remmember the Small-Businesses in Germantown-the Dog House[next to the Lyric],Lou's Pharmacy[Wayne&Manheim],Lee's Variety Store[Manheim&Keyser]. In the same block with Lee's-store,there was Klock's butcher-shop where Lou Pauzano worked before he became a banker. Lou P. was friends with your old boss[Lou C.] and Dr. John Flaherty who came into Lou's Pharmacy. I wonder what happened to Doc? Did he move to Roxborough? I also see that you have paid your dues and you chill out with the blues. You should have a great time,listening to B.B. King at the Keswick. Your old neighbor[Ann Lee] works at the Glenside Pub which is near the Keswick. Were you surprised that Goo had an positive impact on Jay Kelly becoming a teacher of Shakespeare? Your beloved Hollow was quite a place with all those characters.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-20-2009]

helen miss catherine did have eyes in that bun .. she didn't miss a trick but i did like her inspite of her stern looks. i'll never forget the day we had picture day and my mom and i both forgot ... i wore my brownie uniform instead of the school one and boy was she not happy with me ... i thought she was going to stare me into oblivion but when the man came into the room to take our class picture she actually teased me about wanting to be noticed ...rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-20-2009]

My family lived on Hansberry street, attended St Francis School, and the girls went on to LF. I have wonderful memories of germantown. I currently work at a high school in NJ, and often tell the students what it was like graduating in 1970.
Cathy Donovan Dalton, Currently living in West Deptford, NJ [03-20-2009]

Did anyone here go to Crease School on Wissahickon Ave or linglebach school
steven free, age 60 [03-20-2009]

Long live the Hollow.Enjoyed the blog which was sent to me by my son.Rosemary and Larry....happy 50th.We hit #43 in Feb.
Paul Borian, Happily married,living in Doylestown.Avid skier [03-20-2009]

Dear Anonymous, I am the "Dave" you speak of, and she lived on School House Lane. And you are?
Dave Byrne [03-20-2009]

Franny b, Frankie Sherwood used to hang out at Buddy's Luncheonette on Green Street. across from Vernon Park and Green Street bowling alley where tommy martin worked.
anonymous [03-20-2009]

there is a book title Italians of Philadelphia. you can sample photos of this book on this web site. copy and paste this web site http://books.google.com/books?id=14P-KIJC4ZgC&pg=PA51&lpg=PA51&dq=holy+rosary+parish+germantown&source=web&ots=0RFDFWhq5L&sig=8s_mWvTCekw6wP0Mgi8_I_XJ3js&hl=en&ei=euueSaLoH9e4twfXvKD-DA&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=8&ct=result#PPA68,M1. this will bring you to holy rosary school, deluca's store, transilli water ice. etc.
anonymous [03-20-2009]

to guy,i guess you do not remember me?icame to your house a lot with my mom and grandmother.say hi to jimmy and burr.marie rose,rittenhouse st.
MARIE [03-20-2009]

H A P P Y ST. Joseph's Day to all of you men named Joseph. It's your Feast Day, & my mom was VERY Italian, & kept the tradition on March 19th of a big family dinner for my dad, who was obviously named, "Joseph." I'll never forget those days, or my mom, who is now deceased. Women like that are a dying breed, and hard to come by these days. Respectfully, Linda
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [03-20-2009]

WOW, someone just mentioned Vickie Jacquinto. I haven't heard that name in years.I knew her, & she was supernice. Gregg Striano and Tony Risi, I sent emails back to you, privately, Re: the DiPompeo's. Linda
Linda Fontana [03-20-2009]

Jay Kelly: I find it amazing that two guys from Germantown-one living in Chicago[Mugs] and another in Hawaii[Jay],are connected by dint of this site. You and Mike Masterson[Mugs] both knew Bobby Goo Guaranello and Bob LaValle. I remember one day,Bob L. got into an altercation with Goo and Bob got agressive. I thought that he was crazy-Goo is bigger-75 lbs. heavier and 5 years older. They get into a hook-out and I think that Mugs came to the aid of Bob. Goo did own the Hollow;but he listened to Pat Sarnese[a big dude]. I learned that Goo was a Poet from this site. At his funeral,two of his poems were read. I am also surprised that an Italian-American Poet and raconteur[Goo] inspired you to be a scholar and teacher of "Shakespeare". Being a city-guy and an Irish-American,I would have thought that you would have a penchant for James Joyce or Eugene O'Neil-The Ice man Cometh. Having said that, my ethnic background is German and Irish but I like hanging out in Kiev and Buenos Aires. I had a Czech girl-friend and we went into a Czech-restaurant[Chicago] where Mugs was a bartender-it was a cool place with Elk on the Wall. You lived on Clapier St.-probaly not far from Shenk's bakery-Wayne&Clapier. Do you remember Ken Shenk who was a friend of Ralph Gatto[RIP].Frank Gray lived on Clapier who was a friend of George Schurr[Logan]. The Durkin bothers also lived on Clapier-Charlie was your age. You probaly remember Bill Mulvey whose father had a bar on Wayne Avenue.One last thought,Joe Razzano informed you on this site that Goo had passed away;his cousin is Trout[Jim Raffaele]-an old buddy. Jay! Keep posting and looking forward to hear from Brother Bill.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-19-2009]

Anthony, if it's the Rascal's Roost you're talking about, the building burned to the ground about a year ago.
Sheila DeNardo [03-19-2009]

Hi everyone, I have been checking out the Germantown sites and I remember so many names. It has been a trip down memory lane for me. Thanks to all who have responded regarding my brother John. I've not had any luck yet but will continue looking for him.
Jane Holt Rauscher, Grew up in Germantown [03-19-2009]

andy i,heard your father was sick
Guy Cerrato, |\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ [03-19-2009]

yeah anthony !your right !i did hang out at the roost lots of friday nights when i got done work .i used to go there and hang out with pat bressi and alex daniela,and you . they were great times lots of laughting and kiding around.where did all the time go ?gess !i'll be 74 next month (god willing )i love reading all the blogs on here. stay well frank .
FRANK MARGIOTTI [03-19-2009]

miss catherine who taught 2nd grade at st. vincents used to tell the class that the bun in the back of her hair had an eye in it and she could see us when she wrote on the board. i wasn't sure that was true but it scared me enough to keep me quite when she turned her back. helen
anonymous [03-19-2009]

franny i remember those rides on the 26 bus on the way to little flower. all the kids going to dougherty would get on too. do you ever see joan campbell? helen
anonymous [03-19-2009]

Dorothy Hodges Drolsbaugh- What a memory you have! I haven't heard my Mom's Aunt Mary's name mentioned in a very long time, she was quite a character as I remember! I loved my Grandparents soo much. I have heard so many stories about you and my Mom and the whole gang all of my life, so much so that it feels as if you are part of the family. You, Mom, Lila and Muriel should really get together someday soon. Tom Colella is a very nice man, I am looking forward to meeting him soon. Everyone that I have met and talked to from Germantown since Charlie's death have all been so nice. You guys are lucky to have grown up in such a great neighborhood, with so many great friends and memories. Take care Dorothy, it's always nice to hear from you. Sharon
Sharon [03-19-2009]

Dave Byrne: Are you the Dave that was married to a Maureen. I cannot remember her last name. She lived on Hansberry or Queen Lane.
anonymous [03-19-2009]

LINDA I worked for rocco DiPompeo at the Chew tavern back in the 60's it was a fun place to work.
gregg striano [03-18-2009]

Duncan: I liked your last blog with comments about Germantown,North Philadelphia and Manheim U-your corner[Wiss.&Manheim]. I knew one of the corner-boys that you mentioned-Harry Brown.He and I went to the Prep.Harry was a character-Greek student and good pool-shooter. He and Frank C. would take an unauthorized Spring-Break and hang out at the Gtn. Cricket Club lower field.Harry and I spent a few years in North Philly and knew about the Uptown where Georgie Woods held court.There was a joint with dancing girls;it was at Broad&Ridge and was named,"The Wedge". There was a Club at Broad&Hunting Park-The Cadillac and it had great entertainment. Nobody could say that Germantowners were Provincial. I am still in contact with another corner-boy from Manheim U-Dave Heil. Duncan! The guys from G-Town had a lot of fun.
J. Bruce [03-18-2009]

Hello Linda Fontana, I was a good friend of Joe DiPompeo during high school years and for several years thereafter. I was best man at his first marriage. Unfortunetly, Joe passed away about 20 years ago. I don't know the wherebouts of the other four DiPompeo kids, but, you are right; the family were fine folks. Best Regards, Tony Risi
Tony Risi [03-18-2009]

Hi Sandy, I remember the name Frankie Sherwood but I cannot place him. Your right about Pete J.
FrannyB [03-18-2009]

Helen Leone, I remember you and the O'Brien girls. We traveled on the same bus going to LF. I was with Joan Campbell. I remember Dolly D. Millie worked after school at Capra Gem with me and Marilyn Higgins. My last name is Bruno.
FrannyB [03-18-2009]

Anon. I know that Frank Jacquinto owned a bar on Germantown Ave. near Rittenhouse and I think a pizza shop. He was Pete's uncle. Vickie's father.
FrannyB [03-18-2009]

john bruce schmitt I am amazed at your memory. I was rejected as a paratrooper because of my poor vision. I tended bar at the Cafe Bohemia in the mid seventies. Its been out of business for a good many years.
Mike Masterson [03-18-2009]

Madiane Patelmo.
Frank Surgner [03-18-2009]

Hey Deb, tell your cousin, Joe Cutri, I said hello. I haven't seen him for years. The last time I saw Jake was at Frank Lucci's viewing. What a shock that was. I used to hang with Frank. He was not only a great guy, but a fun person to hang out with. I would always see Jake and the rest of the Marucci's when we hung at the Roost back in the 80's and 90'. Frank Margiotti you joined the gang quite a few times there for dinner there. I'd love to have those days back.
anthonyg(giordano) [03-18-2009]

Hey Bobby Ingersoll, yes I do have a sister named Georgina. We called her Gi Gi for short. I knew I recognized your name and had heard it before. That's why when I saw it a bell went off. I remember all of the places you mentioned and Madiane's. Those hoagies had the cheapest lunch meat in them, but that bread and the shredded lettuce with the tomato just made it. I loved them and everything else about Germantown. As for the nuns and discipline, we should have more of that. I deserved everything I got frome them. Maybe we wouldn't have as much trouble today.
anthonyg [03-18-2009]

I am a decendent of Arnold Van Fossen who donated the ground for the Mennonite Meeting House in the early 1700s and was wondering if you have any info on Arnold Van Fossen. I am planning a visit...
Gregg watson, Ohio 49 yrs [03-18-2009]

My mistake in the info I gave about the Rossi's. I knew Donald was the one brother's name although I see I wrote Dominic. I am wrong in that I thought Donald was the oldest. And I read Jay Kelly's comment about Goo bending the Hollow's bars; in my time, it was Mike Rossi(Cheech) who kept them open for us. He also had the loudest whistle I ever heard...ear shattering.
Bill James [03-18-2009]

Kathy, gtn. The west side was the best side, we always said. We lived on W.Abbottsford Ave. Spent most of my time in Fernhill park playing basketball if I wasn't working. In retrospect there was an interesting grouping of people in germantown in those years.
Dave Byrne [03-18-2009]

the luck o' the irish to all on this fine st. patty's day!
anonymous [03-18-2009]

Bill, I was in Bob class between your moves to Levittown.. I told several of our classmates that I would find your brother Bob and they did not beleive me.. It took me about 3 yrs for Bob and I to catch up by email.. I remember the 5 smith brothers and all the fun we had on Morris Street.. Your Mom was great.. She always had the radio on working in the kitchen.. Good memories of the neighborhood.. and good neighbors.. I also love reading this site..
Erda [03-18-2009]

The Rossi's were my close neighbors on Logan St. The lived two doors down from me. BB was the oldest child. Then there was Donald (who Married Grace Santoro, my cousin), Elaine (who married Joe Pultone, also from Logan St.), Richard (I went to grammar and high school with him; we were close friends) and Michael. There mom's name was Mary. They are a great family.
B Gatto [03-17-2009]

Cisco Payne, where are you? Email me.
Jay Kelly [03-17-2009]

Anthony G. Do you have a sister Georgina Giordano. She was in my class at St. Vincents. She was short so I had a crush on her in third grade.I was the smallest kid in the class. Always first in line! Bill Smith, I do remember you and all the other classmates. I have the class picture on the wall in my classroom. I teach history in Santa Barbara. When I share stories about the wonderful nuns at St Vincents and their disciplinary methods they can't believe their ears. They do count their blessing that those methods are outlawed today. Though I don't miss all the nuns I did learn a lot from them. I do miss the Italian Deli/Hoagie shop across from St. Vincents. We called it Madianes? Anyone know the real name? I remember they sliced each tomato as they made your hoagie. That was a hoagie.I remember the M&S Army Surplus store on Germantown Ave, E&H Hobby Shop on Chelten and the YMCA On Greene Street and the bowling Alley with Big Ed behind the counter with the 5 cent pinball machines around the corner.
Bob Ingersoll, Germantown till 1970... Santa Barbara, Ca since [03-17-2009]

Burke Brothers[Ed&John]: May you Husky Hibernians from Hansberry Street have a Great St. Paddy's Day. Ed! As you drink your Jameson Irish Whiskey,chase it with Guinness-no Heineken on March 17. Ed Burke Sr. only drank Jameson.
J. Bruce [03-17-2009]

Nick : Joe Cutri is my cousin and Jake Marucci was my next door neighbor. Debbie
Debbie Spano O'Donnell, 53,Holy Roasry Class of 1969 [03-17-2009]

Planning a grade school reunion for class of 1969 from Holy Rosary School
Debbie Spano O'Donnell, 53 [03-17-2009]

jbs the rossi clan consisted of the following;joe who was known as bb .he was married to ann lee he now lives in florida. donald who married grace santoro, my cousin, elaine who married joe petrone richie and michael. joe razzano
anonymous [03-17-2009]

Hey, Nick Lazaro, I believe I was the first one to bring your name up on this site. I remember Joe Cutri, and I dated Sal Maida, way back when. I remember Bernadette Mangino,too. God, I can't believe it was so many years ago, Time flies. I know that one time my girlfriend Marianne and I snuck out of the Orpheum to meet you & Chops at the Bowling alley in "G"town. we had crushes on you two guys. But, then she met Mike, her boyfriend, who she ended up marrying. His dad owned the cleaners near Chew & Chelten. Her dad owned the Chew Tavern with his friend, Rocco DiPompeo. Does anyone keep in touch with any of the DiPompeo's or remember them. Carman, Joe, MaryAnn, Johnny and Frankie? Great family.. anyway have a good night, Nick.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [03-17-2009]

what about the neighbors from the west side of gtn ave. the knox family and preston,faulls,sheak,mcmonigle mcgown,scully,reeves,basmajian,cilio, larry wright,dunphy,deeny,metzer,witts.
kathy, gtn [03-17-2009]

Hi Guy, the Bomemtre brother that died was Albert,he was the oldest boy,I just met Allan about a month,and he is doing fine,hope you are and your family are fine,how is your brother Burr??it been many years since I seen all you guys.Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [03-17-2009]

Thanks, John Bruce Schmitt: For the update on Goo. May he rest in peace. One of my favorite Goo stories was how he would bend the fence bars apart, with his bare hands, at Happy Hollow playground, so he could just breeze through. The city would come and repair the bars, and he would just reopen them. He once told me, "The city thinks they own this place, but everyone around here knows I do." Goo was six years older than me, but he was a big influence in my life. He started reading Shakespeare on the street corner to us guys when he went back to school for a football scholarship and that set my course (unbeknownst to me at the time) for becoming a Shakespeare teacher. I hung around with Mike Masterson (Mugs), Jimmy Raffella (Trout),and Bobby Lavalle (from Logan). My brother, Billy and I lived on Clapier Street. I never played golf; I was more of street guy getting into trouble and running wild. Mike Masterson, email me: perridox@hawaii.rr.com
Jay Kelly [03-17-2009]

Mike Masterson[Mugs]: It has been over 50 years since I last saw you in Germantown.Our paths crossed at St. Francis,GBC and the Hollow. My brother[Urb] and you were claamates at St. Fran-1953. Here are some of your other classmates-Bob LaValle,Ray McGough,Bob Hanf,Tom McHale,Pat McCarthy[RIP],Gene Zacardi,Gene Dragonowsky etc. Your sister[Jean] and Eileen Mc Laughlin[cousin] were in St. Fran class of "55" with me. I even went to a dance with Jean at the Barclay and brother Urb told me to be on my good behavior.My brother Ken was in Dickie's class-"58". Many bloggers on this site remember your kid-brother[Dickie]. You had many friends at GBC and were a good friend of Jack Smith[Rip] who was a great athlete. At Gbc,you knew Bud Alexander,Hugh Mooney,Mike Gallagher and many others.The Masterson Family liked basketball and Mugs[you] played a good game. I remember in the 50's when we played Big Brothers and you had a high scoring game against future All-Catholic players from West Catholic.I also recall one night when a bunch of guys[black&white] left Gbc and headed south on Gtn. Ave. We headed into the parking-lot of Acme and you had a rumble with a dude from brickyard-Sam Chapell. I also recall that you and Jack Smith became Paratroopers. My favorite Paratrooper song was,"Please Help Me,I'm Falling"-Brenda Lee. I see that you are living in Chicago- a cool city. I knew some Ukrainians from Chicago and I always liked the Bohemian Cafe,near the Station-it was a Czech-restaurant. Cicero was a great ethnic-town but I understand that is largely Hispanic. I met a lady from Chicago[NW suburb] who married Victor Yuschenko[Ukrainian President] and they tried to poison him-Mike Ditka will tell you that Ukies are tough people. Her name was Kathy Chumachenko and now Kateryna Yuschenko is the First Lady of Ukraine. My brother Urb will be happy to hear about you. He always told me to behave myself but he always did his own thing. Presently,He is living in Roxborough with his honey-the daughter of his former girl-friend. Mike! Enjoy Chicago and drive carefully in the Loop.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-17-2009]

to nicky lazaro,i was in that class and recall all those kids,joe feola and billy fasino,cecila gardi,that is all i can think of. regards marie
MARIE BOMMENTRE, maiden name baucco [03-17-2009]

JBS and B. Terranova - although Bonnie and Ralph know better than I, since they lived by the Rossi's, from what I remember there was Dominic, Joe (BeeBee), Richie, Michael, and Elaine (I'm not sure where Elaine fit in that order of boys). Their mother was Mary. I was BeeBee's paperboy up on Fernhill rd. before I worked At Louis Pharmacy, and the Rossis lived next door to my cousins, the Castagnas. BB's wife, Ann Lee was the daughter of the Lee's that owned the corner store at Manheim and Keyser (I lived on Keyser). Both of them always seemed so happy. They had a bunch of little kids, close in age. I remember that he drove a delivery truck; maybe for Tastykake, that he used to park on Fernhill Rd. I think he may have worked at Superior too, like some of his brother's did. Michael (Cheech) was in my group. (the just-turning 60 group. )I used to run into Cheech up here in Roxborough; I think he still lives here, on Fountain St. If I remember right, BeeBee's son Michael got killed by a car, I think walking along side a road. Tragic. And since you mention the Glenside Pub, I haven't been there in years but I used to go there for their hot roast beef sandwiches. They had great sandwiches. They were across and down the street from a slot car racing place at the time, which is now a State Store. I pass it a lot on my way to the Keswick, where I've seen a lot of great performers in recent years. And coincidentally, the next time I'll be there will be in a couple weeks to see......BB King.
Bill James, the Head from the Hollow [03-17-2009]

Erda and Maryalice, yes I am the Bill Smith from Morris St (your neighbor). It was your cousin Betty who was in my and Bob Ingersoll class at St. Vincent, Maryalice was in my brother Mikes class 2 years ahead. I think the McCarthy moved to North Carolina somewhere around 1962. Yes I do remember my father taking us and other kids in the neighborhood (Lougrahns, Bob Dunphy etc.) to Connie Mack/Phillies by the train. Although both of you are closer to my brother Bob’s age, I have enjoyed reading your post on the site.
Bill Smith [03-17-2009]

Bob T. I just sent a post to Bonnie Gatto,stating that I was uncertain about the Rossi Family who went to St. Mike's.Ann Lee was 4 grades ahead of me at St. Francis and she married a Rossi from St. Mike's-her children are nice like their mother. I can give you better information about The Glenside Pub. It is located 1 block south of the Glenside Station on Easton Road. It reminds me of Crane's[Germantown] where Joe Coll[owner]worked. Your old friend[Jim McIntyre] from Fern Hill stops there with many guys from Germantown who love their sandwiches.I wish that there was a good Irish Pub in Mercer County where I could have a quiet St. Paddy's Day. Bob! Enjoy your St. Paddy's lunch at LBI.
J. Bruce [03-16-2009]

B Gatto[JG]:I only knew the Rossi Family were from St. Mike's and some went to GBC.Ann Lee went to St. Francis[51] and her husband did go to St. Mike's. Brother Ralph,Larry Rinaldi, and Ralph Siani would have known the older Rossi. I want to commend you and the guys from Wayne&Logan for your kind concern for Peanut[Al]-the Pauzanos are good people.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-16-2009]

st michaels all time reunion hi to all ! me (frank margiotti ) and lou giorno are doing our best to put together a all time st .michaels reunion of both the school and the parish and even friends of st michaels .we have run in to some problems and are trying to work them out at this time . we thought we could have it in the spring, but we are not sure if we will be able to pull that off because of some un for seen problems the (econmay for one thing)the price is geting out of hand and we are looking at other places that are willing to work with us on good food and a fair price !we do not and i will repeat that, do not want to have a run of the mill reunion ! we intend to have entertainment that will knock your socks off !we feel as thouht we can have maybe 5 or 6 or even 7 hundred people will atten this reunion ?sooo with that being said we are preparied to go to sept if we can not make a fair deal with any of the places we are working on at this time, belive me folks this is a big undertakeing we have faceing us,and we hope with your understanding and with the help of god we will pull it off for the all time st,michaels reunion . i will try to keep all up dated !thank you and blessings to all ! fran margiotti and lou giorno
FRANK MARGIOTTI [03-16-2009]

Hey Mugs! I'm in Hawii - come over this summer and we'll steal my wife's car. We have trees. Email me at perridox@hawaii.rr.com
Jay Kelly, Formerly of the Hollow [03-16-2009]

To anonymous: Thanks for the sad news about Goo. Yes, he was an unforgettable character. If you have any details, please PM me. Yes, I was from the Hollow, I told Billy about your post, so he will be posting soon.
Jay Kelly, Hawaii [03-16-2009]

Jay Kelly: It is nice to see another old Germantowner post on this site. We talked with John Fowler at John Uhland's Funeral.Joe Razzano,from the Hollow,answered the question concerning" Bob Goo Guaranello"[RIP]. I learned from this site that Bobby Goo had passed away when Joe Raffaele Jr. informed me that Goo had died and had been living in Wildwood. Joe Raffaele Sr. had the steak-shop on Wayne Ave. across from Moe's. When we were kids, we went to Sal's and later, we had 2 great choices-it was a difficult decision. Jay! Keep posting and give my regards to John Fowler and I know your favorite season is coming-Golf. Keep the head down and do'nt try to kill it-one drives for show but putts for dough.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-16-2009]

Going thru some old pictures and wow.my graduation pamphlet .1960 Holy Rosary,MY TEACHERS< Sister Mary Christine?SisterMary Alice.Sister Fabian.Sister Dinado. ClassMates.Charlie Allender,Anthony Alosi.Joe Cutri.Geusippi Defrancesco.Jake Marrucci.Sal Maida.Robert Peters.Joe Fela Mike Caruso.now the girls.Bernadett Mangino.Roberta Defrancesco.Carol Pier.Grace Beal.Marie Bancaro.Virginia Defrancesco.Fanny B.L.Depalo.Antonia?.June 12.1960. Mother M Cypriano.can;t believe this was found by accident after all these years.and the pamphlet is in excellent condition .seems like yesterday after school going to Pifanis for a chinese apple.
Nicky Lazaro [03-16-2009]

Ann Lee was married to BB Rossi of Logan St. Richard Rossi is BB's brother and lives in Phoenixville. BB now lives in Florida. They are my cousins.
anonymous [03-16-2009]

al bommentre passed away. he was a good guy
Guy Cerrato, willow grove [03-16-2009]

Hey Sue, I'm very suprised and sad to hear that Albert had also passed away he was a good guy a little ecentric but a good guy non the less. I am so fortunate to have met all of you guys and gals back in the 80's at "Takers" and later the "Rose Cafe". I can sit around all night and tell stories about that place. LOL Love and heartfelt wishes. Joey
Joe Depero, 52, levittown, st mikes 70 [03-16-2009]

Bill Smith are you the same Billy from wayne and clapier st in the 70's? Brother Jimmy?
Joe Depero, 52, levittown, st mikes 70 [03-16-2009]

Bill Smith are you the same Billy from wayne and clapier st in the 70's? Brother Jimmy?
Joe Depero, 52, levittown, st mikes 70 [03-16-2009]

The funeral home across from ours (Gillespie's) was originally Mary McElroy's. She then sold the business to Garzone's. This would have been in the late 60's because it was before my dad passed away. The Garzone that was in trouble was the son of the Funeral Director from Greene and Logan. I don't know the exact details of his legal troubles but I think it had to do with storage of ashes (not selling body parts). I would like to pass on that a friend here in Colorado told me that his brother passed away a few years ago and Garzone (the son) was instrumental in contacting him and helping him make long distance arrangements. He is eternally grateful to him. Sometimes news reports don't tell us much of the real truths.
Peggy (Gillespie) Berkey, Colorado Springs [03-15-2009]

Anthony G. - I was from Germantown Ave. and Seymour Street. We had our choice of quite a few movies to go to, but the Orpheum was my favorite.
Ginny [03-15-2009]

Sue[McCartney] Hennigan:It is surreal that the the 3 McCartney brothers have joined Gorgo[father] in eternal peace. I was also saddened to hear that Al had also passed away. Al was a friendly guy who never looked for trouble. I remembered that he had been married to an attractive teacher.Buddy had that tragic accident at North-I believe that he was in my brother's class at St. Francis. Gorgo was a fixture at the Contiental and a character. He was not unique;anybody who hung out there,was a character. We were veterans and accepted each-others' ecentricities. My prayers and thoughts are with you and the McCartney Family.
JBS [03-15-2009]

Sharon McHug Rudolph, Your Mom and I have been friends since 5th grade. I went over her house every day. I always knocked on the front door even though it was unlocked. One day your Grandmom told me not to knock on the door but to just walk in. She said I was there so much I was like family. Your Mom's Aunt Mary lived down the street. She had two dogs Sandy and Blackie. Blackie had several litters of puppies. Your Mom and I were always down there playing with the puppies. Ask your Mom if she remembers that. As for Tom Colella, he is a nice guy, always was.Dorothy
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Grew up in Germantown [03-15-2009]

Joe Razzano and I visited Peanut (Al Pauzano) today. He is looking and sounding better since his liver transplant. He's a guy with a lot of courage and a lot of class. And he has a wonderful family who loves and supports him.
B Gatto [03-15-2009]

To JBS: Ann Lee Rossi[St. Francis] was married to BB Rossi, is that correct.
B Gatto [03-15-2009]

jay kelly is your younger brother billy ?were you from the hollow ? goo died at least four + years ago. he was one of a kind. on another note bonnie gatto and i visited pnut [albert pauzano ] today he looks great after his liver transplant. lou i have not forgotten you i just cant locate those pics right now / joe razzano
anonymous [03-15-2009]

I know where the Orpheum Theatre was on Chelton Avenue. We freom Manheim and Wissahickon did one better. We went to the Uptown Theatre at Broad St.and Columbia Avenue to the Rock and Roll show featuring the Coasters, Isley Brothers, and who could forget Phil Phillips singing "Sea of Love" on his knees. Harry Brown,where are you? He got the tickets from someone in his class at the Prep.
Duncan Hubley, Duncan Hubley McKean Ave. [03-15-2009]

bruce. where exactly is the glenside pub. i don't recall. you mentioned jimmy McIntyre going there.is ann lee rossi related to the rossi's from the hollow??? richie rossi was in my class at st mike's.Bob terranova
bob terranova [03-15-2009]

Just saying thanks for the help with the name of the funeral home.
Frank [03-15-2009]

Jay Kelly, Would you like to go for a drive,I have improved my driving.
Mike Masterson, Chicago 70 SFA 53 [03-15-2009]

help help i cant see help
george, i am 11 year old and i cant see [03-15-2009]

Bill Smith, Did you grow up on Morris St? Took the train to the Phillies games? I am Maryalice Armstrong and grew up next door to you if you are who I think you are. Bob Ingersoll, I think my cousin Maryalice McCarthy was in your class for a couple of years at St Vincent's. And my mother went to your father for awhile. You are much younger then me. I graduated from St Vincent's in '59. Maryalice.
Maryalice, still in G-town [03-15-2009]

Bill Smith.. Would you be the the # 3 Smith brother from 5538 Morris St?? If so I remember your family fondly..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [03-15-2009]

Dennis Mc Glinchey: I was an alterboy for four years at the Good Shephard home on Chew St.1954 to 1958.Along with a fellow named John McGown. Vince Lyons
vince lyons, 64yrs. retired [03-15-2009]

hi guy, i lived down the street from 'you . i loved your dad he was so funny he always called me little girl.marie bommentre
MARIE BOMMENTRE [03-15-2009]

i know all the bommentre"s
Guy Cerrato, willow grove [03-13-2009]

jimmy cerrato is my brother
Guy Cerrato, willow grove [03-13-2009]

i know two joe procopio"s
Guy Cerrato, willow grove [03-13-2009]

Bob Ingersoll, I do remember you and of course your dad Dr. Ingersoll. I was in your class at St. Vincent up thru 7th grade and recall due to our size we were partners at the head of the boys line. Recognized most of the names on your list, some other to mention Paul Tucker, Kenny Smith, Fazzini twins, believe the Fazzini's also lived on Harvey St. I do check the site from time to time and have not noticed any posting from other classmates, however I do recognize quite a few friends I knew from the GBC sign in or are mentioned. It's a great site and brings back a lot great memories.
Bill Smith, Canyon Counry, CA [03-13-2009]

John Bruce Schmitt: Where's Goo Goo Guaranello these days? What has happened to him. Private email is you want. Jay Kelly
Jay Kelly [03-13-2009]

Dorothy Hodges Drolsbaugh and Carol Drakely McFeeters(Mom)- Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun growing up in Germantown! I can't wait to hear all of the stories that Tom Colella promised to tell me when he visits this spring! It's funny that Pop Pop sat in the middle of the living room when you guys were hanging out, he used to do the same thing to us when we had our friends over, I guess he never changed very much:) You 2 and Lila and Muriel better watch out, after I talk to Mr Colella you guys may be in trouble!:) Hello to you both. Love, Sharon
Sharon McHugh Rudolph [03-13-2009]

Lou Pauzano: You are correct that Jim Stabilito was your classmate at the Prep and he was from East Germantown. Jim was the neighbor of Chubby Checker[Haines&Chew]. Yes! Jim did the Twist and like many Germantowners,he liked to dance. Back in the day,we went to Pottstown where we went to ballroom-dances with some nice ladies-my favorite Big-Band Guy was Maynard Ferguson. Bob Terranova mentioned George Felice is his last post-we knew his older brother-Frank. I was hanging out with some guys from Germantown and Mt. Airy who knew Frank F. from Avalon where he tended bar. You know one of these guys[Tom Wilkins] who went to the Prep with us and he reads the posts on this site. Our luncheon was at the Glenside Pub which is owned by Joe Coll who is from East Germantown and "IC". Jim McIntyre[Fern Hill] stops at the Pub for a sandwich and converstion with some of the old-guys from G-town. Ann Lee Rossi[St. Francis] works there and still has that good Germantown personality. Lou! Keep posting and give my regards to the family-especially Peanut[Albert].
J. Bruce [03-13-2009]

JBS-Al passed away on November 4, 1999. David's Memorial Service is scheduled for Saturday, April 4 at noon at Keenan's Valley View Inn on Domino Lane in Roxborough.
Sue [03-13-2009]

Hey Ginny, I just saw your post about the show at the Orpheum theater. What part of Germantown were you from? Gregg, I'm sure you were there, too.
anthonyg [03-13-2009]

I too was at the show at the Orpheum with Bobby Darin singing Splish Splash, one of the other entertainers was Roland, who used to have Shock Theater on television on Friday nights. Lee Andrews and the Hearts were there as well, don't remember anymore though. We had a great time, and Bobby Darin was just terrific.
Ginny [03-12-2009]

Susan[McCartney] Henigan: Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of David. My brothers and I knew the McCartney brothers from Saint Francis. I graduated with Al from St. Fran-1955. I grieve for your family-there has been much sorrow over the years. I also knew Gorgo from the Continental where we played pinochle. My prayers are with you and Al-"MAY DAVID REST IN ETERNAL PEACE"
John Bruce Schmitt [03-12-2009]

Dot Hodges droulsbaugh I have so many stories about growing up that i could write foever germantown was great Carol Drakely Mcfeeters
carol drakely mcfeeters, grew up in germantown [03-12-2009]

Carol, I remember your dad being in the living room but I thought he just wanted to watch TV. I also remember him always telling you to do the dishes Dorothy
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Grew up in Germantown [03-12-2009]

I believe Victor Erichetti's daugher's first name was Jodina? Marriage name could be gorzone....her bro, Vic, Jr. took over that family business, last I heard. Does anyone know of Judy Pacifico-DePaul? thanks, Linda
Linda, Montgomeryville, Pa. [03-12-2009]

Harry the Hat, great talking to you and seeing you at the reunion in North Wildwood. Hope to visit you in Las Vegas someday. Black's Coach.
Dave Linn, GBC Alumni - 25 W. Penn St. [03-12-2009]

Marie, we left Germantown in '67 We moved to Roxborough, which I didn't like, but I got used to it. Besides I met my ex there and we now have a beautiful family.
anthonyg [03-12-2009]

Helen, The last name Morgan sounds familiar but names I remember are Ricky Breyer, Dottie Reynolds, Dick Custer, also a Roger a gymnast but can't remember his last name.. Wilma
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [03-12-2009]

Hey Bob Ingersoll, you left off Giordano, me. I must say I remember the name, but can't picture you. I guess you don't remember me, but I wanted to answer your question about Germantown and the sixties. I graduated from St. Vincent's in 60, so I guess that was a big difference in age back then.
anthonyg [03-12-2009]

there were procopios on chelten ave. also - betty, butchy and boo.
anonymous [03-12-2009]

Thanks Joey. David's(Zombie) older brothers were Buddy and Albert, both deceased. His younger sisters are Kathleen and Kimberly. His mother Sis was the crosssng guard at St. Francis. His father Hank (Gorgo), deceased was for years a fixture at the Continental Post.
Sue [03-12-2009]

David McCartney's older brother is Albert he also has a sister, Kathleen maybe? There may be more though. His nickname was Zomb (Zombie?). Sue my condolences to you and your girls. Joe DePero
Joe Depero [03-11-2009]

wilma, do you remember dave and richie morgan at tumble in dance? i thought they were so handsome.
HELEN [03-11-2009]

Dorothy i remember everyone at my house do you remember my dad would not move from the living room he wanted to see what was going on Carol Drakely Mcfee
Carol Drakely Mcfeeters, grew up in germantown [03-11-2009]

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