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February 16-March 10, 2009

Francis Lynch, Immaculate Conception 1953 Age 68 Now live in the Poconos [03-10-2009]

frank the name of the funeral home was McElroys not sure of the exact spelling-but mary was the funeral director, both of my grandparents were buried by her
anonymous [03-10-2009]

Sue, Was David McCartney the brother of George (Buddy) McCartney? I am very sorry for your loss. Please post the info on his pending services.
Dave Byrne [03-10-2009]

To Susan (McCartney) Henigan: Sorry to hear of David's death. I played football with him at Happy Hollow and at the old School for the Deaf on GTN. avenue in Mt. Airy. David was always a fun guy to be with.
B. Gatto [03-10-2009]

I just found this site and I noticed some info about Joe Procopio. I remember him from St. Vincents. I was a student there from Kindergarten to graduation in 1966. He helped Charlie Ansel the maintenance man in the mid sixties. I remember him taking on a pile of eighth graders in a wrestling match anytime. He always won. I lived on Harvey Street and my dad was Dr. Ingersoll. Any one here know him? Many memories of Germantown remind me of my times skiing through the woods on Tommy's Hill, hanging out at Lintons and Friday dances at Holy Child. Are there any St. Vincent people from the sixties? Malizia, DiCesare, Leone, O'Brien, Alessandro, Gaddis?
Bob Ingersoll, Germantown born 1952 to 1970 [03-10-2009]

The funeral home across the street was Garzone My sister went to school with his daughter. I just saw on Tv recently he is in trouble for selling body parts.
anonymous [03-10-2009]

hi helen, i am enjoying communicating with you like this too ... it is nice! i loved connie ... she was a lot of fun and always so good natured .. how are the o'brien girls doing .. gosh i haven't seen them in ages ... i saw your post to jimmy and bernie ... your right they sure do have the art of poetry ... ha! i occasionally hear from jimmy and he seems to be doing well ... what memories of those long ago days ...and ... dances at st. vincents .. what fun! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-10-2009]

The name of the funeral parlor across the street from Gillespie's was Mary McElroys (I think she was related to the Garzone's in some way)
Ginny Clark [03-10-2009]

sue.i'm very sorry to hear about dave's passing.is this the same dave that we called turk?? he was just a yera or two younger than me and his older brother died very young from an accident with chemicals. they lived on seymour st, i think. he was close friends with george felice and i saw him at the gtn reunion in 2005. my heartfelt condolences. what happened to him??bob terranova
BOB TERRANOVA [03-10-2009]

The funeral home at Green & Logan was Mary McElroy's.
anonymous [03-10-2009]

to anthony i guess we left germantown in 1971 or 72. my married name is bommentre marie
MARIE BOMMENTRE [03-10-2009]

Thanks to you, too, Erda. I can picture it now that you and Greg gave me the location. It seems like only yesterday.
anthonyg [03-10-2009]

Yo Gregg, thanks for the info. I couldn't remember where it was. We had a lot of fun there, me, you, Tom and Harry, rest his soul, Carr. And Helen I remember Bobby Darin singing splish splash at the Orpheum theater. Do you remeber who else was there? It was Lee Adndrews and the Hearts, The Monotones and that's all I remember. I was in the first or second row. I don't know how I got that seat. I do know we were standing and cheering and applauding like crazy. It was a good show. Those were the days. I haven't been on Chelten Ave since I don't know when.
anthonyg [03-10-2009]

Helen - I do remember TI or Tumble Inn. I went there almost every Friday night. My friends sister Dee Sullivan started us in 8th grade and I think we were too young but we went anyhow. Genevieve - Also I remember those summer nights and playing games. It was so disappointing when my mother called us in. It seems we had day games and night games. The reason my grandchildren would not be interested is probably TV and video games. They have no idea how much fun you can have without that.
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [03-10-2009]

frank, i think it was erichetti's daughter who had the funeral home across from st. francis and it was under her marriage name but i can't think of what is was----it might have been gorzone. helen
anonymous [03-09-2009]

David W. McCartney passed away on Saturday, March 7,2009. Memorial Service date/time/location pending and will be announced. Susan (McCartney) Henigan
Sue [03-09-2009]

roe, i haven't seen connie murray for 10 years or more. before that she always came to the o'brien get-togethers and was always so much fun. if i hear anything i'll let you know. i love hearing from you this way. helen

Carol Drakely McFeeters, Your mom and dad were really nice to let us pile into your house all the time. Remember the fun you and I and Lila and Muriel had growing up together? Dorothy
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Grew up on Germantown [03-09-2009]

Another thought about Tommy's Hill.. In the woods between the Ball Park and the House is a memorial stone dedicated to Raymond Smith who was taken from us on April 26th 1968, in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM. Ray Smith went to St Vincent's class of '62.. His Sister Connie was in my class of '61
Erda [03-09-2009]

Looking for anyone who lived at the House of the Good Shepherd on Chew Avenue.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-09-2009]

My family lived on West Sylvania Street until 1970. My sister and I attended St Franics and we were talking about the old neighborhood and are trying to remember the name of the funeral home that was on the corner of Greene and Logan across from St. Francis (but not Gillespie's). Can anyone help. Thanks.
Frank [03-09-2009]

Hi Lorraine. I remember all those things you mentioned and more. How about the rag man who went up and down the street calling, "Rags, anyone have rags," the organ grinder with his monkey, the ice man, the trucks that came in the summer with New Jersey produce, the trucks that brought the merry-go-round and the whip that we could ride for 10 cents and I could keep on going. Yes, they still have paper dolls and pick-up sticks. I've bought them for my grandchildren, but they don't love to play them the way we did. You are right; we would sit on our porches for hours playing cut-outs, dollhouse, jacks, cards (remember Knuckles), etc. One of my most vivid memories of summer nights was playing "Ghost" in the alley on Stafford St. It was too hot to sleep and out parents would let us stay up later until it cooled off a little. For anyone who doesn't know, "Ghost" was a game of girls against the boys. The boys would hide in the dark alley and the girls had to find them. If we didn't find them, they would capture us and "torture" us. Then the girls would hide and the boys had to find them. It was great fun, even the "torture" part. I read with a big smile on my face your tale of sledding in Aubury Park and how we would go up and down with our sleds the whole day. Suicide Hill was the best for sledding. Jim, my husband and your neighbor, got hit in the leg by another sled and just kept right on sledding. It wasn't until he got home that night, took off his boots and the blood gushed out that he found he had a deep cut in his leg. His mom took him to Germantown Hospital to get stiches in his leg. When we were sledding in Aubury, we didn't care what happened; we were having too much fun. You are also right about riding bikes in Aubury. It was like another world -- one just for us to discover. I've enjoy reading both yours and Dominick's thoughts. Thanks for the memories. We had a great childhood on the streets of Germantown and the halls of Immaculate and Cardinal Dougherty. By the way, Jim's mom, Mrs. Bottorff, died in Nov. at the age of 101! She was amazing. Nice talking to you. Genny IC '56, CD '60 3/6/09
Genevieve Welsh Bottorff [03-09-2009]

David W. McCartney passed away yesterday. Memorial Service to be determined at a later date. Susan (McCartney) Henigan
Sue [03-09-2009]

Igrew up on reger st in the brickyard during the late 50 s and 60 s went to fitler roosevelt gtm hs had great times anyone know me
Carol Drakely Mcfeeters, I now live in villas n.j. [03-09-2009]

Jean Rauscher: I remembered John Holt from St. Francis where he graduated with my brother[Ken]-"58''. Dave Byrne who posts on this site,graduated with John H. from St. Fran. John would hang out at Crane's[333 W. Queen Lane] with a lot of Germantown guys-including myself and Ken. There were a lot of good parties in the town-houses across from the Queen Lane Railroad Station which John would attend. In the 60's,John was a successful businessman[insurance]. I hope that John is rich,famous and most of all-healthy. By the way," What was that big house at at Hansberry&Wayne with all those ladies on the porch"?
John Bruce Schmitt [03-09-2009]

Jane: Knew John Holt & hung w// him for a time. If you get any feedback on your mail please let me know. Joe Taylor
joe taylor, athens, ga [03-09-2009]

Were you born in Germantown
steven free, 60 germantown forever [03-09-2009]

Does anyone remember; TI dance at the YWCA on Germantown Ave., Vernon Park, going to the library in the park on a hot summer day, 4th of July parade, Holly-Briggs drum and bugle corps, the day Bobby Darin sang Splish Splash at the Orpheum theater, the motorcade carrying John F. Kennedy up Chelten Ave. during his campaign for president.
Helen [03-09-2009]

Not to Webmaster - can you include the following website on your Links page? It is an alumni/former parishioner-based website for Immaculate Conception, but all and anyone with a love of Germantown are welcomed. There are photo albums of Germantown yesterday and today and other memories that folks may appreciate. Thanks http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com/
Dennis McGlinchey [03-09-2009]

the last i knew of john was when he came back from the service he decided to go into the insurance business in layfette hillthat was in the late 60 ties

jim and bernie mckernan how nice it is to know you are someone out there in the world. i remember you as beautiful irish boys with the souls of a poet. it certainly is nostalgic to read some of the collective memories and reflect back in time. does this mean we are getting old?

Duncan, that's not the Joe D'Angelo from Spring Mill Rd.
Dave, Manheim St. [03-09-2009]

yo ANT tommy's hill is off wisahicken and walnut la.just beyond the baal field.,
gregg striano [03-09-2009]

Hi Marie. You signed your name, but you still came up anonymous I guess because you didn't fill in the blanks. You wrote you lived in Gtn until 1970. What was or is your last name or your married name now?
anthonyg [03-09-2009]

Hey Georgie, whoever you are, I'm one of the babies from the 40's that had many great years in Germantown, both in the neighborhood and one year in the High School. Loved it.
anthonyg [03-09-2009]

FrannyB,I just saw your post about Pete Jaquinto and it is the first I am hearing about it. I am so sorry for his family. I will check the ob-its on philly.com for the posting. The last time I saw Pete was at Greg Stiano's mom's viewing--rest her soul.
anthonyg [03-09-2009]

Hey Bruce, If you remember Jim Stabilito was a classmate of ours at the Prep. I remember him well. Very funny guy, My brother Al continues to do well and sounds better every day. Many thanks to all for your prayers for him.
Louis F Pauzano Sr, South Phila, 67 [03-09-2009]

helen do you remember connie murray ... she was friends with mildred (i believe) i always liked her and wonder where she is ... and ... how she is doing rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-09-2009]

Reply to anthonyg about Tommy's Hill.... I grew up in that neighborhood called Blue Bell Hill. I have sledded the whole hill even the side trail that went threw the trees and down to the creek, not to mention the horse shoe about 1/3rd to the left of the hill for many years. The location is on Wisahicon avenue above the intersection at Walnut Lane. There was a granite stone elementary school just across the street from the entrance to Tommy's Hill. I have wonderful memories of that beautiful area. Hope that you get back to relive your childhood again!
Raymond Garand [03-09-2009]

Anthony, I went down Tommy’s Hill many times in my youth.. It is located off Wissahickon Ave in Blue Bell Hill Area of Germantown.. Blue Bell Hill is the Area from Lincoln Drive up Wissahickon Ave toward Johnson Street.. and again up Walnut Lane to the Circle.. Tommy’s Hill is just past the Walnut Lane Ball Field on the corner of Wissahickon Ave and Walnut Lane. It is on the property of the Thompson’ Estate you have to walk back the drive way to get to the hill.. It was one of those well kept secrets of the West Side of Germantown. I think it is now an historical estate.. It may have been that back then also but as a kid who paid attention to history.. Going down the hill is a thrill because it seems like you will go right into Lincoln Drive before stopping.. When we still lived in Gtown Mike and I would take the kids over there to sled.. I hope this helps you with the location of Tommy’s Hill Erda
Erda [03-09-2009]

Very interesting stories and a great site, but there are a LOT of typos, missing words, misspellings, etc. It damages how cool this site could be!
Jennifer [03-09-2009]

gillian, where in germatown did you live?
anonymous [03-09-2009]

anthonyg. I remember going to Tommy's Hill up Wissahickon past Walnut Lane toward MtAiry. It is on the right in the woods there. You have to go back a path and yes there is a Large house or building there. You can also get to it near Hotter and Lincoln Drive. Maryalice
Maryalice [03-09-2009]

Hi JBS,thank you for the kind words about Holy Rosary School,and Church it was a great place to go to school,it was a small school and it seemed like everyone was related,and our Church was beautiful,my daughter went their till it close I think she was in the third grade,it was a sad day for all.Sandy
anonymous [03-09-2009]

Franny B. Thank you for notifying readers of this site on the passing of Peter Jacquinto. While I haven't seen Pete in 44 years, we shared many laughs while attending St Vincent's and CDHS. My sincere condolences to his family. I hope he saves me a seat on that last celestial bus leaving G-town and Chelten. Adios, old friend.
kevin mckernan, Santa Barbara, CA. 64 yrs old [03-09-2009]

Jane: Know nothing about what happened to John Holt. Just wanted to say that for a long time he & I hung out. If u hear anything pleas elet me know. Thanks. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [03-09-2009]

Franny is Pete the brother of Frank who used to have the pizza shop on Get & Walnut Lane ?
anonymous [03-09-2009]

to anthony Tommys Hill is on Johnson ST and Lincoln Drive I spent many a day sledding there with the Kelleys Donna Shofler and Angie Fries and a lot of outhers from johnson st great times
rich, huntingdon valley [03-09-2009]

Lorraine, I had trouble finding my skate keys even back then when I was a kid. They were always lost somewhere around the house. I found that a clothespin worked well too. You can still find Pick Up Sticks in stores, but they are made of flimsy plastic..they're just not the same. The best jumping ropes were Mom's clothesline.
Sheila [03-09-2009]

did anybody go swimming at waterview playground in the summer? besides the fireplug that was it for summer sports.
anonymous [03-09-2009]

carole, we did not go on the bermuda trip but heard everyone had a good time. i have fond memories of those cold winter days when we were so young. good to hear from you, helen
HELEN LEONE D'ANGELO, little flower 60 [03-09-2009]

Hi Franny,it's so sad that Pete Jacqunito died he had M.S. for many years,also had Cancer,his 93 year old was taking care of him he was a very nice guy,do you remmeber Frankie Sherwood he was Pete good friend and my Prom Date back in the day,he also died a few years back,kept them both in your prayers.Sandy
anonymous [03-09-2009]

duncan, the joe d'angelo on this site is not frank's brother joe from spring mill rd. pity though because my brother in law joe is a font of germantown lore.

anthony, yes, there was a crew on stafford st. we were all related too! it was so good to have so many cousins and aunts and uncles all in one place. my brother lou died while piloting his plane about 10 years ago. he was only in his 50's. most of the others you mentioned are doing well - sometimes we still think we are teenagers. helen
HELEN LEONE D'ANGELO, little flower 60 [03-09-2009]

rosemarie, your mom angie was a dear also. she would sit in my mothers kitchen having coffee when i was on my way to work and i can still picture her there chatting. i was sorry to hear of her passing. rosemary and frankie are well and i see them frequently. be well and remember those days on stafford st. helen
HELEN LEONE D'ANGELO, went to st. vincents school [03-09-2009]

Jane Rauscher, I just sent you a private email about John Holt. I dated him,when he was going to Valley Forge Military Acad. but I liked his friend, better, Ben Zangara..read your email..
Liinda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [03-09-2009]

Anybody have any information regarding John Holt graduated North Catholic 62
Jane Rauscher, Lived on Sheldon St. and Hansbury near Wayne Ave. [03-03-2009]

Hi gang. Just saw the NBC10 news and the did a piece on Tommy's Hill for sledding. My late father said it used to be called Thompson's Hill and that is exactly what Mike Strug said it was formally known as. He said it was off of Linoln Drive. I always thought it was in Auberry Park. Does anyone remember that hill and where it is exactly. I still remember the stone building at the top and the side trail we used to walk up. I can't believe they featured that on the news tonight. It brought back a lot of great memeories of the days we had lots of snow and lots of sledding.
anthonyg [03-03-2009]

Bonnie, It was great to hear from you. I do remember how we met by chance at the Sinatra and Dean Martin impersonator show in Avalon. Thank you for the compliment about my dancing. My sisters and I were very sorry to hear about your brother in law Ralph's passing. We all have fond memories of him. In fact, I used to baby sit him. How is his wife doing? Please keep on touch. Davey Calbot (Germantown forever) 3/2/09
Elizabeth Calbot aka. Davey [03-03-2009]

I was sorry to hear of the death of Pete Jacquinto from Rittenhouse St. I'm sure some of you remember him.
FrannyB [03-03-2009]

where have all the babies from the 30, 40s & 50s gone? some to heaven but what of the others? it would be nice to hear from them.
GEORGIE [03-03-2009]

Sheila: You mentioned Joe Procopio in one of your posts. Back in the day,Jim Stabilito[Holy Rosary "55"] would tell about 2 great athletes[Procopio and Finnegan. There was another great football player from Holy Rosary-John Herrera. When Holy Rosary played Saint Francis[1954],John H. could not be stopped. Tom Wilkins and I went to Holy Rosary events when Jim Stabilito[Haines St.] invited us. We always had a good time there with our nice dates. Holy Rosary was one of the great churches and parishes in Germantown.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-03-2009]

Helen, I remember those days well. Jim and I went on our first date to a soccer game at Gtn Cricket. Did you and Frank go on the Bermuda trip? Talk with you soon. Carole Murray
Carole Redding Murray, Villanova, 68 years [03-03-2009]

bonnie. thanks for the update on peanut pauzano. it's great news.maybe he will be able to join us at the st.mike's re-union.hope all is well with you and your family. again, say hi to the razzano's and charlie mcgann etc. ps. happy st. patrick's day to all the irishmen from germantown. bob terranova
bob terranova [03-03-2009]

Helen, Certainly I remember playing against and with Frank. I played for Chestnut Hill S.C. at the Watertower recreation center. It was so cold that day, about 20 degrees with some snow on the field. Frank complained about the conditions but even though I was cold I told him I was hot.I had to do something to make up for his skill against my speed. I do have the picture of us at Germantown Cricket Club. It hangs today in my rec. room. I also remember you son Steven's visit to Cabrini. I covered for him because you said he visited there, and I know he was elsewhere. Ask him. I'm sorry that the school could only spell your name correctly on the bill. I see several blogs from a Joe D'Angelo. Thats not Frank's brother from Spring Mill Road is it? Duncan.
Duncan Hubley [03-03-2009]

Hi Helen. I just saw some of your notes and was going to ask if you were part of the Stafford st Leones. Then I read further down and saw you were. I lived next to the convent and was in Kathleen O'brien's class. I think Lou was a year ahead of me. Mildred worked for Muncipal Court, where I worked. She worked civil and I was in the criminal division,but I would see her in our office building where their courtrooms were. I can't say that I remember you, though, sorry. I do remember both families and I do remember all the good years we all spent in Germantown. I too loved the avenue and hung there on the corner. What a great neighborhood.
anthong [03-03-2009]

Oh, how times have changed! Does anyone remember the thrill of riding their bike to Aubury park & exploring it as if it were a far-away planet? How about skating on the newly tarred streets (after they were completed & set, but still off limits to auto traffic)? Whatever happened to skate keys? I never was able to get those skates to adhere to my shoes properly. Does anyone remember playing "red light/green light" after dark on a city street? Do they still make jump ropes? I remember jumping rope, (loved double dutch), reciting rhyming verses late into the evening on summer nights. Do they still make paper cut-out books filled with cut-out dolls & designer cut-out clothes? On a rainy, summer day, we would spend hours on the front porch cutting out the outfits & dressing the dolls (the tabs on the paper clothes enabled us to change the dolls' appearance in seconds). Does anyone remember Jack n' Jill ice cream trucks, the Good Humor Man, Gabriel, the snow-cone vendor, selling their treats on a hot, summer afternoon? Do they still make "pick-up" sticks? Dispersing these pointed sticks in a jumbled heap, on the front porch, then picking up one at a time, w/o touching another stick was always a challenge. Do they still make yo-yo's that we tried to "walk" and/or "sleep" and how about "jacks" with that very bouncy ball that you had to bounce, then pick up the jacks in ascending order? Remember when we collected marbles and comic books & then traded them with the other kids for the ones we wanted? Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to sit down with our grandchildren & introduce them to some of our childhood technology.....that is if they still make these memories of the past. Thanks for the memories
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, ic 55; cdhs 59, fl [03-03-2009]

helen, good to hear back from you ... continuing traditions are wonderful it is somewhat comforting to do and have things that we grew up with ! your mom was a neat lady and i liked her very much .. i hope your family is well! how are rosemary and frankie ? rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-03-2009]

Albert Pauzano, I'm so very glad you are recovering. I'm sorry I was no able to visit when my brother, B. Gatto, and others went to see you. Be well.
Joe D'Angelo [03-03-2009]

hi shiela ... i remember those saturdays on the ave. too ...hair up in curlers ... we thought we were cool ... ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-03-2009]

i love reading all these thoughts i don't known everyone, i have not lived in germantown since 1970 but it is still home to me marie
anonymous [03-03-2009]

I lived at my grandparents house on Gardenia St. Phila, Pa from 1939 to 1946. I use to play with Delphine and two Irish girls named Callahan I went to St. Vincent's in first grade and then moved on. I truly loved Germantown, Pa and really miss it.I love hearing stories about the old days. I use to go to the Rialto Theatre to the movies. Such nice memories are from Germantown. Good reading all about all of you.
Bette Joan Steltz (Grandparents named Sands), I was born in 1939 at Germantown Hospital [02-27-2009]

I spoke with Peanut (Al Pauzano) today. He is home and recovering from his transplant. He said that overall he is doing better, although there have been a few problems. They removed the stitches a few days ago and there has been some seepage, but his wife, Janet, has been able to manage that for him. He potassium level was irregular so the doctor’s have changed his diet. He said is feeling better and looking forward to returning to a better life. He is continuing his physical therapy and that helps improve his overall strength. There have been no issues with rejection and the longer that continues, the better the chances for recovery.
B Gatto [02-27-2009]

Duncan, Do you remember way way back when everyone was ver young playing at Germantown Cricket Club Soccer? My husband Frank, (Cicci) was on the team with you and I still have the picture.
Helen [02-27-2009]

rosemarie, how good it is to connect with you! now, i too make tomato pies on friday night just like my mother did and try to continue all the wonderful italian traditions that we knew growing up. we are all foodies, just can't help it. it's in the genes.
HELEN [02-27-2009]

To Donna Marino Lazaro..I saw your message and had to say hi. I do remember everything you mentioned and Kathy Crawford remembers Milton..haha...it has been a long time, we still get together about every 2 months, maybe you can join us next time. I'm sure you remember Debby, Patty, Kathy, Cathy C., Deb and Carol B.,It would be nice to see you again.
Marie Graber Amadio, IC alumni [02-27-2009]

Helen, in those days being able to go on the avenue on Saturday afternoon usually required girls to have to go with their hair set in rollers for Saturday nights. I remember that we would comb our bangs out and then use a scarf to cover the rollers. I used to use my babysitting money to buy a new skirt or shoes to wear to the dance that night. Lintons was also where we'd all congregate before and after school. In fact Lintons is where I first saw the guy I married.
Sheila [02-26-2009]

hello helen, how are you ... i remember your mother making those delicious tomator pies on friday nights ... i was always so happy when she would offer me a slice . rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-26-2009]

Duncan Hubley: I always enjoy your blogs about Germantown,the Inter-Ac,Manheim U[your corner] and our mutual friends and acquaintances. Duncan! Nobody is in your league; you are the legendary player and soccer coach from the Inter-Ac. I talked to Dave Linn about 2 of your great players from Ga- Tom Kehan and Bob Solly[Germantowners].You also played with another great soccer player-Charlie Solly. You knew so many people when you coached many schools in the Philadelpia area- including Penn where you had an extraordinary record. You mentioned Sid Barnes[Pc-55] who visited your corner occasionally. There was another Barnes[Merrick] who played for Penn Charter[59] and he was outstanding in football and basketball. I liked your GA Football Team[57] when Ken Twiford[your friend] and Chickie[Cochise] Downham were in the backfield and Connie DeSantis was the great blocker and lineman. Bernie Dallas,who was in Bill Haas's class[61] was another great GA player. GA and PC were 2 great educational institutions that were located in our beloved Germantown.
John Bruce Schmitt [02-26-2009]

Hi Bernadette,hope you are fine I heard your Dad had a stroke,my Dad had one too on Dec 5,your Uncle Jr called my Dad,and I was talking to him he said Chinny had a stroke I hope he coming along,it really wipe my Dad out he was in Moss Rehab for a month,please tell your Dad my Dad was asking for him,I will keep him in my prayers,take care Sandy
anonymous [02-26-2009]

I fondly remember walking the avenue on saturday afternoon, putting a dress on lay-away, having something to eat at Linton's and seeing all the handsome young boys who hung out there.
helen leone d'angelo, went to St. vincents school in the 50's [02-25-2009]

I too was a girl scout at St. Vincents. We met in the hall and earned badges and had fun. I wonder if Vera Carey is still in the area.
helen leone d'angelo, oreland, pa [02-25-2009]

Joe D'Angelo:You and your good friend[Bob Terranova] made comments about Bill Maule. I remembered Bill from St. Francis and St. Joe's College. I graduated from St. Fran with Regina Maule[sister]. You have a keen memory and recalled that Bill and Dave Glancey graduated from St. Joe's-1966. Dave and Bill were both in The Young Democat Club on campus. Bill liked to engage in politcal discussion- he was well informed. Bill and I were members of the Belloc International Club- Bill's 2d language was Spanish and mine was German. I hope Bill's medical problems will be cured. I also hope that you and Bob Terranova get connected with Ed DiNatale- he was one of those good guys that I remembered from Fernhill.
John Bruce Schmitt [02-25-2009]

Does anybody remember Peggy Lee Rittenhouse? She lived on Manhiem St. Her parents owned an apartment house in th 1950's - 1960's?
anonymous [02-25-2009]

Dorothy, OMG, I'm in that Hallmarks all the time. The next time I stop in I will ask for you. I usually go in after work. I have been at Roxborough Hospital for only 2 and 1/2 years. I worked at Medical College Hospital, the old Women's Medical Hospital, for 30 years until it closed. I was in the EPPI Building for most of that time. Maryalice
Maryalice, still in G-town [02-25-2009]

Hi Sheila sorry to hear about Joe Procopio passing. I do remember that my sister Mary Carr was the one who went to school with him and I do remember the fact that he was a great athlete. My sister Mary has also passed she was 8 years older than I. So for myself I just remember Joe from the neighborhood Thanks for replying.
Margie Carr Foster [02-25-2009]

I think that jimmy cerrato nick name was big head i thought he was handsome he is a disant cousin
marie bommentre [02-25-2009]

The big head I knew was Jimmy Cerrato. Im glad to see so many girls I knew from Holy Rosary posting lately. I feel lucky to have grown up in Germantown. We didnt have much then but were fortunate to be surrounded by family and so many good friends. Keep it going girls.
Bernadette Iannuzzi Rizzo [02-25-2009]

Margie, I think "Big Head" was Joe Procopio, a big guy who was a great athlete. He was my husband's baseball mentor. Joe passed away some years ago. He was a good friend.
Sheila [02-24-2009]

Lived on Stafford St. with my cousins the O'Briens. Hung with Dolly D and Susan and Phylis and Bonny and Maryann.
Helen Leone D'Angelo, oreland, pa [02-24-2009]

Maryalice I worked at Rox. Hosp. 8yrs ago. iworked in the gift shop. now I work in Candys Hallmark in Ivyridge Shopping center. Dorothy
anonymous [02-24-2009]

Hi Dave Burkle mail you soon.
Dave Micklosky, knox& hansberry st,s till1970 St. Francis school [02-24-2009]

Ifound this wonderful site that was bringing back many memories. I attended Holy Rosary in the 60. My Mom and Dad had a store at 318 E Haines Street, a stone throw away from Holy Rosary School. Would love to hear from anyone from the old neighborhood. I attended Holy Rosary from 1962 to 1967.
Dianna Rozen (maiden name Ciardullo), Living now in Venice, FL [02-24-2009]

Perhaps the anonymous poster meant well when they posted asking people for support for me. Perhaps they meant well when they asked "Where is the Friendly Germantown" I remember, but I must disagree. The people from Germantown that I have talked to and met since my father Charles McHugh died have all been wonderful and very supportive, so in my opinion, The Friendly people from Germantown are great! I posted on here a couple of times, once to announce that he had died, and I have posted my thanks to all who have helped me during this diffucult time back in November. I am very thankful for those who all hail from Germantown for the help and kind words of support, their are many to thank, but I'd especially like to thank my Mom- Carol Drakely McFeeters, she is a very strong woman who has withstood much that would make others fall, I love you Mom, thanks for always being here for me. I'd like to thank Lila Donovan, who along with her husband Timmy(R.I.P.) were Charlie's best friends. Lila helped me a great deal when Charlie was nearing the end of his life and I will never forget her for it, she's been through so much herself, yet was there to help me. Dorothy Drolsbaugh for her advice and kind words, thanks Dorothy, my Mom was lucky to grow up with such great friends. I'd like to thank Patty DeSanto for her efforts in trying to find Charlie's family and for her beautiful card- Thank you Patty, your words touched my heart- I wish he could have hung on a bit longer as well, but it was not meant to be I guess. Tommy Colella, Sir, I am looking forward to meeting you in the spring and hearing all of those stories you've promised to tell me about The Good Old Days back in Germantown with Charlie and my Mom. I also thank Frank Colella for his e mail and kind words. I thank Mike Garvey who runs the Germantown Brickyard site and has also been very kind. I thank you all. As most know this was a diffucult, sad and awkward situation for me and Charlies family, and I'll never forget how kind the people, who ALL come from Germantown have been to me. When Charlie's family makes the arrangements for his memorial Mass, I will again post. Take care All. Thanks Germantown! It's nice to know that there are still decent people out there. Anyone who feels that they must post on my behalf- I'll be fine with the help of my family and the Great People Who All Came from Germantown. Rest In Peace Charlie- Semper Fi. Sharon McHugh Rudolph (Daughter of Carol Drakely and Charles McHugh- Both From Germantown)
Sharon McHugh Rudolph, Cape May County N.J. [02-24-2009]

i knew the procopios well mary ellen was my god mother & jr played ball he could have played major ball & i loved mrs.procopios marie
marie [02-24-2009]

Mary Milione Wuillermin thanks for the memmories. I grew up on Morton street around the block from Mrs. Procopio. My sister Mary went to school with her son whos nickname was big head. Your name sounds so familiar but I can't place you; what year did you graduate from Holy Rosary. I had 4 brother Charles, Danny, Bernard and John and two sisters Mary and Kitty. I had to chuckle at your blog it really brought back the old neighborhood. Hope to hear from you and do some more reminiscing.
Margie Carr Foster, Holy Rosary 2/22/09 [02-23-2009]

Probably too late to clear the approval in time to make a difference, but Cunningham Piano has a display and reps at the Home Show that's at Valley Forge Convention Center (the free one, not the combined Home and Flower Show in Oaks). One of the guys told me they're doing OK. Two of the employees bought it from the owner a few years ago. They're below Market Square, as you may know.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [02-22-2009]

joe d'angelo thanks for the update and the correction.you and bruce schmitt have amazing memory function. i totally forgot that billy went to north and st joe's.i hope his son is safe in iraq and returns home soon. if you talk to him, give him my regards. and froggie dillion as well.can you email his address?? do you still see jimmmy mac intyre???hope all is well.bob terranova
bob terranova [02-22-2009]

bruce schmidt thanks for your kind words about my mom. she is the nicest woman God ever created, and 88 years old now. Sorry you can't make our next tea party, because you will be out of town. We have switched from the continental post to brother John's house in the nortest, since your are unable to attend. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Boston, and a toddie on us.
ed burke, old fart [02-22-2009]

Dorothy, I would not expect you to remember me. I am 5 to 6 years younger than you. Not much now but when we were young that was a lot of years. My name was Maryalice Armstrong. We lived on Morris St. next door to the Boylan's and 2 doors from the Dunphy's. I was best friends with Christine Jeutter. We went to St.Vincent de Paul Grade School together and were in Girl Scouts together. My Mom was a leader of our troop. Christine went on to Cecilian Academy for high school. I went to Little Flower. In the summer, I would go to the Alden Park swimming pool as Christine's guest. I did know Liz Dunphy and her sisters, Jean and Kathleen, though they are all older then me. Mrs. Dunphy would give my sister and me, her daughters' prom dresses to play with after they were done with them. Now I live on the 400 block of West Woodlawn St. in the house my grandparents bought in 1921 and I work at Roxborough Hospital. My brother was Joe Armstrong and my sister is Erda. Where is Roxborough do you live?. Hope all is well with you. Maryalice
Maryalice, still in G-town [02-21-2009]

Bob Terranova, Bill Maule went to North Catholic and graduated from St. Joe's in 1966 with Dave Glancey; he had taken a year off to work or he would have finished in 1965. Bill and his wife live in North Wales and I used to see him in church, but of late he has had some health issues. He has three grown sons and a couple of grandchildren. His eldest son, Billy, is serving in Iraq and is a captain, I believe. Bob Dillon lives in Souderton, I think and I have his business card somewhere; I got it from someone who worked with me at La Salle and met him. He asked if the person knew me. It has no email address or I'd have him write to this thing. I'm working on getting information on Ed DiNatale. His old friends still love him. Joe D'Angelo
anonymous [02-21-2009]

i last saw billy maul about 7 years ago at that time he was living in the lansdale area. in a not so long ago blog someone said he was having health problems. when we talked about how we both had the picture of blll haas, john powell, billy maul,paul jefford, and my self in our st francis basketball uniforms and trophy; them was the good times and fond memories
RAYMOND DAWES, st francis 1957 65 living in oreland pa [02-21-2009]

Joe O'Donnell, i remember in 1963/4, when i'd be home on leave from the navy, driving my dad to the navy yard where he worked, so i could have the family car(a '57 desoto)for the day. I recall seeing the Abbots horse drawn milk wagons lined up on Broad St., to deliver to folks in south Philly. I was very surprised at that even then. Thanks for reminding me.
W. Ray Hartman [02-21-2009]

Gillian Anderson, I never knew the girl from X files was from the neighborhood. Good going girl.
anonymous [02-21-2009]

Hello Jim D.. How are you?? Good to hear from the neighborhood of Chelten and Morris.. I saw Bill & Bing this past fall at Helen's son wedding.. They are both doing well.. Just wanted to say Hello and hope all is well for you and your family.. email me if you wish.. erda_g@yahoo.com
Erda [02-20-2009]

Bruce, It amazes me how many people you know. You are definately in my league. I thought of Franny Roberts, but I did't think anyone would know him. He and his buddy Sidney Barnes (Penn Charter)were only associate members of Manheim U. Your description of Fran was exactly correct. Hey! Mrs. Szaljecko. Let me know where Nick is going to school. How about College of Misericordia? Did coach Adkins contact him? Nick was one of the players on Carroll that I really appreciated. I loved him like a son. I didn't get to really know him until his senior year.
Duncan Hubley [02-20-2009]

Cathy Haussman McHugh - I lived at 5029 Newhall st. Between the Dueters and Stewards. I remember you. Your dad was the local Republican committeeman. I'm living in Phoenixville. Hope you are doing well.
Jim Logue [02-20-2009]

On the 900 block of Woodlawn Avenue we also had the lamplighter. When he came to light the lamp in front of our house, the rule was that we had to be home. Those were such great days in Germantown. Anyone else out there who remembers those days?
Anne Camp, ic 1943 [02-20-2009]

Hey everyone! Great site. Would enjoy hearing from people from the old neighborhood.
W. Ray Hartman, Frome upper Germantown, born and raised in the 40s and 50s. Lived around Green St. and Washington La. Attended St. Madeliene Sophy school at Green and Upsal St's, Cardinal Dougherty, and GHS. Now retired and living in NE Philly. [02-20-2009]

Ed Burke: I'm glad that you enjoyed our tea party. You had some good tea-fine whiskey with Heineken-Chaser. On your last post,you mentioned your classmates from St. Francis[56]. I remember some of them-Al Petresi,Bob Kephardt,Bill Lineheiser,Frank Walsh,Lin Wilson and Jack Walsh. In the 50's,there was a terrible car-accident in Alden-Park Manor where Bill Lineheiser's brother[Norman] was killed. Frank Walsh and Al Petresi was in that death-car. I played basketball with Jack Walsh at the Hollow- He had a good game. I remember bowling with Lin Wilson at Greene&Price. I understand that you and the guys will be hanging out at the Continental next week. John West will be there and he knew your father-back in the day. Ed[Ned]! Have a good time and give my regards to your mother- a nice lady.
J. Bruce [02-20-2009]

Mary Alice I'm sorry I can't recall you. Where in Gmt. do you live? I now live in Roxborough. Yes I did go swimming in Aldan Park pool. Do you remember any of the other names I mentioned? I lived on Chelten Ave. Dorothy
anonymous [02-20-2009]

anyone know where billy maule is? i think he graduated from laSalle high school and college around 1966. he lived on rockland st and his mom was our crossing guard. bobbie o'donalds mom crossed us at manheim and seymour sts in front of st francis church. also looking to hear about frogieRobert)dillon who lived a few doors away from billie maule.still waiting to for someone who knows where and how ed diNatale is. he was one of my dearest friends for many years until he became ill.we are hearing from a lot of folks from gtn but not much from the fern hill mob, fries, t lynch neal mac'elroy,bodie howard etc.bob terranova
bob terranova [02-20-2009]

Hi Marie,yes Carol lived about 5 doors down from me she was a good friend of me and my sister,I was with her a few years ago,she is doing okay,Eileen was in her wedding many years ago,here is my e-mail write me and I will e-mail you back.Sandy1225@verizon.net,hope to hear from you I remember your Mother Angie hope she is fine .take care Sandy
anonymous [02-20-2009]

Joe O'Donnell, The last of the Abbott's dairy horses was named Rudolph and he was retired to the "Farm School" in Roxborough back in 1966. I'm not sure just which route he worked. He was a big brown dray horse with the disposition of a large friendly dog. When the school board decided they no longer wanted to keep horses on the property he was donated to the Gtn YMCA Camp Carson. He never made it there as he couldn't be loaded into a single horse carrier but he did go to another youth facility in the state. We hitched him to a wagon at school but after so many years pulling a milk wagon Rudolph wouldn't pull faster than a walk and depending on his mood he'd walk a while then just stop. At that point the driver would have to leave his seat, walk around the wagon and get back in before old Rudolf would resume his walk. There were articles written about him and the Abbott's Dairy over the years that you may be able to get doing and online search of old newspaper articles in the Inquirer or Evening Bulletin.
Bill, 59 [02-20-2009]

Yo Bob, we hate to disturb a guy hard at work. Keep working, it's no fun unless you like doing anything you want everyday. Fore! Jim & I will call you next time.
Dave, Retired/Golfing/Fishing/ & Loafing [02-20-2009]

I think it is terrible what Charlie McHughs daughter is going through, I know this young lady and she is a wonderful girl. She had been left to make all arrangements for Charlie with no help from family at all. She was also called in to decide whether to end his life support or not. She has tried very hard to make sure her father whom she never even met was buried with dignity, only to have everything she planned canceled by Charlies family who haven't seen Charlie in 40yrs!She is also now receiving and paying for his bills. What happened to the "Friendly G-Town" I know? Someone help this girl, she is mourning a father she never knew and trying her best to have him buried with dignity although she never knew him. I think she is a brave and honorable girl, her father would have been proud of her had he ever took the time to know her. Come on G-Town lets support this poor girl who is suffering so badly, afterall she is "one of us" as both her parents were raised in G-Town. Write her a note, send a card, send a check, do something! This is a honest hardworking loving girl who has no support, she has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met, she could have ignored the call to help her father but she didn't, let's show her some G-Town support. Thanks.
Anonymous, Formerely G-Town. Now Wildwood N.J. [02-20-2009]

Looking for anyone who remembers me or my younger brothers Gordon and Paul Hatton.
Ernie Hatton, I'm 71 lived in Germantown, now living in Florida [02-19-2009]

I got a pic today from my Uncle Ron of my g'pop.It being when he was a milkman at the ''Abbott milk company'' I remember growing up and him telling me about his horse and wagon.I thought the stories he told were 'cool'. He deliver ed all thru the GTN area.I know that this all took place in the '30,s'.What i found interestiing was ''he always would tell me that his horse knew his route better than him''. ''He would nod and the horse had a way of waking him so he could deliver the milk''. When Abbott's changed to truck service delivery and retired the horses,g'pop told me that was when he changed jobs! Another bygone era! Joe O'Donnell.
Joe O'Donnell, Am waiting to be 66 this coming August [02-19-2009]

Duncan: For a guy,known for his prowess and expertise in soccer,you sure know a lot about basketball. I knew all your home-boys from Manheim U. I played those guys mostly at the Armory on 5100 Wissahickon Ave. You mentioned Shef Tipping and not Fran Roberts from St. John's. Fran Roberts was All_Catholic. I liked playing basketball against Fran since he was very competitive and I would put some tough D on him and he would get angry and his good game would be off. Incidentally,Ned Pomfret also went to LaSalle High when he lived on Midvale Ave. I played against Bob Charlanza[marines] when he was on leave at the Armory. He was using some of the moves on the court that he learned in boot-camp -it became very competitive if you know what I mean. Bob C. should have been a poet or a writer-at the Prep,he studied Greek in his sophmore year before he graduated from North[57].I remember Frank Conners and Ken Scott from Penn Charter. Ken's girl friend[Ruth-Ann] from Schuyler St. was gorgeous and very classy. I talked to Dave Heil a month ago and he has health-issues. Duncan! I liked those 2 guys[Larry Faust&Joe Walters] in your game against Joe Lynch's team. I do remember Big Larry Faust from South Catholic and LaSalle College- I was friends with John Gillespie[Prep&LaSalle College] of that generation. Larry F. lived near you in the 50's. Joe Walters played for Malvern with Fran Dunphy[Temple Coach] and they were coached by Dan Dougherty-Prep[53]&St. Joe Hawks[57]. He was 2 years ahead of Bill Mulvey[RIP] at the Prep. I had a blog and talked about Walt Chyzowych[super-star]. He is God with the Ukrainian soccer players. Did your paths ever cross? I did not know Eleanor Huffnagle but I did head over to St. Henry's [5th&Cayuga] for some pretty Frauleins. I was connected and disconnected-many years ago with one of those tall blonds. Germantown should have been my home-base but luckily I made a comeback with a nice lady from Argentina.
J.Bruce [02-19-2009]

Bob D'Angelo: Everybody wants to get together with you. Obviously,you are generous and give some strokes on the course. I saw Dave Facak at Hughie Cannon's funeral and I wonder if Dave Linn set up a match with him[5-handicap]. Bob! I'm ready to hang but only at the 19th Hole-golf is one tough game.
J. Bruce [02-19-2009]

Jim D. I must not have edited my last blog to you. My correct e-mail is m.aliceb@comcast.net Sorry about that. BTW I think I owe you an apology for having been such a brat as a kid. I know that I got you in trouble with my mother a few times. I am sorry about that. But then there were the times you and Betty D and I went to the movies together. I think I was helping you out there. LOL And I suffered greatly for that. Remember The House on Haunted Hill. I think I was under the seat. =;0 Maryalice
Maryalice [02-19-2009]

Dorothy Hebron Gensemer, I remember you. Were you were friends with Anita Jeutter, also. Did you use to go swimming back at Alden Park? How are you doing? BTW the Delmar is still there. Darrows is long gone. It is now a Hair Salon. What was the A&P is now a Dry Cleaners and a Tax office. I believe Jeutter's Meat Market is another Hair Salon. But the Alden Park still stand regally on Wissahickon at the end of Chelten Ave. Good to see you on here. Maryalice
Maryalice, Still in G'town [02-19-2009]

Just to let you know that there is now another good Germantown website, this one connected with the Immaculate Conception community: www.friendsofimmaculate.com The Friends of Immaculate website is for all with an interest in IC and/or Germantown. There are over 500 pictures out there of IC, Germantown, neighboring areas and other Memory Lane pics from back in the day. There is also a Message Board that you can post to. Just another Germantown option.
Judy [02-19-2009]

tom mcaleer, i have sent her your message & email regards marie
marie bommentre [02-19-2009]

sandy hope to talk to soon did carol maliza live near you thanks marie
marie bommentre [02-19-2009]

Duncan, drove by 5068 the other day, they have a 4' PVC fence around the whole front yard, boy how things change. Didn't see any turtles.
Dave, Manheim St. [02-19-2009]

Dave Linn - Thanks for the call letting me know you and Spider were playing golf at Macoby Run. I probably could have joined you.How about giving an old buddy a heads up next time. Not all of us are retired....yet !
Bob D'Angelo [02-19-2009]

Marie, Yes, I remember Dr. Taglionetti. His Son John and I were classmates and I played baseball in his backyard often. He later entered Phila politics, if I remember correctly. By the way, I never heard from your Sister-In-Law, is that not going to happen? Thanks for your note !
Tom McAleer, Immaculate Conception '59 [02-18-2009]

Thanks Marie about Dr. Tag. Yes, he wasn't too pleasant. And Gillian Anderson I lived in Germantown in the 60's. Went to Germantown High for my senior year and hung at gtn & chelten. Loved that neighborhood.
anthonyg [02-18-2009]

John Bruce Schmidt. Yes I knew Tony Bateman, we were classmates at St. Vincents. A group of us has been meeting for the last 10 years or so for dinner 3 or 4 xs a year, and Tony joined us for many of the dinners. He was an unusual guy, and we miss him. Dottie, I remembered you lived on Chelten Ave. when you and Skip were dating. My husband, Jim, lived around the corner on West Stafford Street. I always enjoyed going to Darrow's for a soda. Hope to see you and Skip soon at Brittingham's. Carole
Carole Redding Murray [02-18-2009]

Joe O'Donnell - We lived on Sylvania Street between Green and Wayne Ave. in the early 50's. I remember that we had a number of the street lights that you're referring to on our block. They were gas lights. A man lit them every evening and put them out every morning.
Anonymous [02-18-2009]

Denny, Please forgive me I left you off the list. Dennis Glancey North Catholic, the only one who had a job at 15; at Hermann's Food Market on Manheim Street.
Duncan Hubley [02-18-2009]

Hi Marie,so glad to here from you my sister said Hi,if you can send me your e-mail address so we can catch up on all these years pass,like to hear about Barbara and Tommy,take care Sandy
anonymous [02-18-2009]

Jim D Iread the note from Maryalice. I lived on Chelten Ave. My best girlfriend was liz Dunphy. She lived next store to the boylands. I allways went in Darrows Drug. I had a lot of friends on Woodlawn St. Across the street was the Del Mar Morris. To answer your note Maryalice I loved Germantown. Dorothy Hebron {Gensemer}
gensemer, rox. 69 [02-17-2009]

Joe O'Donnell - Yes I remember the street lamposts. Kids used to hang on the bars on either side. I do remember someone coming around & lighting them. The ones I remember were on the 700 block of Woodlawn Avenue..
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [02-17-2009]

Bob D'Angelo, Spider and I got out golfing again last week on Wednesday (68*) at Macoby Run. You'll be an old man and in a wheel chair by the time you can get out. Let's GO, Fore !
Dave Linn, Germantown / NE Philly Today [02-17-2009]

Carole Murray: I received a phone-call from Tom Wilkins On Saturday,telling me to read a blog from Carole Redding Murray on this site. I learned that I knew your husband[Jim Murray] for many years. Jim is the famous soccer-coach and athletic-director of St. Joseph's Prep-The Jesuit High-School in Philadelphia. He is a walking-encyclopedia of sports-information and not to shabby with differential equations. Jim played soccer at St. Joe's College with Gene Zyblikewycz in the early 60's. Gene and his father were connected with Tryzub Sports Club[Broad& Windrim] which produced the legendary players& coaches-Walter Chyzowych and brother Gene. Walter was an All_American at Temple and Gene Chyzowych along with Jim Murray are two of the winningest soccer-coaches in the U.S. The Prep has 3 of the best coaches in philadelphia- Gil Brooks[football],Speedy Morris[basketball] and Jim Murray[soccer]. I was recently talking to Dave Linn,the great soccer player from Dobbins who was on the championship team that beat North. On the Dobbins team, there were many Ukrainians and their hero was Walt Chyzowych who had gone to North. Dave and I talked about the 2 great soccer coaches from Germantown- Jim Murray and Jack Smith. Dave mentioned that Jack Smith was All-Inter-Ac[GA],All-Catholic[North],and All-Public[Germantown].Jack Smith coached Dougherty and Jim Murray-the Prep; those games must have been very competitive. Carole! You must have known Tony Bateman from St. Vincent's-he was a great guy and went to the Prep but graduated from North. You graduated from Little Flower with those great basketball players from St. Francis-Connie Tipett and Moody Doyle. I like the fact that Jim[400 W. Stafford] married a girl from[200 E. Queen Lane]-Gtn. togetherness. You live in Villanova where Notre Dame is located. Dr. Joseph D'Angelo from Germantown is the Principal and possibly children of friends went there. Give my regards to Jim and his boss-George Bur S.J
John Bruce Schmitt [02-17-2009]

to jb schmidt After our tea party i became interested in finding out some of the kids i went to grade school with, so I searched and found my North Catholic yearbook 1960. I graduated with 32 boys from St. francis. Thanks for wetting my appetite. ned burke
ejburke [02-17-2009]

I am interested in hearing from people who lived in Germantown during the 1960s and 1970s. I am particularly interested in anyone who may have known the Bertholf family, and/or the Peters family.
Gillian Andersen, Living in the SW [02-17-2009]

Remember Ann&Ed's candy store across from Immaculate;Sunray drug store and Herman the man that worked there;Errichetti's funeral parlor;the Italian store next to Sunrays;and who remembers MILTON???
Donna Marino Lazaro [02-17-2009]

Went to Immaculate Conception in Germantown from 1960-1967, went to Cardinal Dougherty from 68-72, then moved to Lawncrest. How's everybody doing??
Donna Marino [02-17-2009]

Hey Bruce Schmidt, I'am going to enter some new names into the already long list of Germantowners. I am the apparent link between the "Hollow" and Fernhill Park, so I will mention those who hung in front of Doc's at the corner of Manheim St. and Wissahickon Avenue in the fifties. They are Harry Brown, St. Joes Prep; Kenny Scott, Penn Charter, Frank Connerly, Penn Charter; Shep Tipping, St. Johns; Dave Heil, North Catholic; Richard Pomfret, LaSalle: Ned Pomfret, Springfield; and Bob Charlanza, North Catholic. Our basketball team was known as Manheim U., and we took all comers. We didn't alwayys win, but most of the time we did. At least until Joe Lynch brought Fowler, Brogan and Kilfeather we did. Then I countered with Larry Faust, and Joe Walters. You were to young to remember these boys. Oh and by the way I had previously mentioned some of my church mates who never responded, and nobody knew them. Well I have one other. Her name was Elenor Huffnagle from; Berkley Street?? Drop a line if you're out there. Duncan Hubley.
anonymous [02-17-2009]

Jim D. Bill B had told Erda and I that you retired in Fla. Good to hear from you. I just tried to send you an email and got an error. Please let me know if you got it. If you did not please send me your e-mail address to m.alice@comcast.net. Would love to catch up on you and your family. Maryalice
Maryalice, still in Gtown [02-17-2009]

anthony yes it it was dr taglionette he had no bed side manner most never went back a second time regards marie
marie bommentre [02-17-2009]

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