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February 1-15, 2009

Mary Jane Lightcap, Skip and Dottie Gensemer and all you other East Queen Laners. We lived in two houses on E. Queen Lane, 285 and 293. My parents moved in 1960 while I was away at College. I have so many great memories of those days. I've always felt that the best gift my parents ever gave me was Queen Lane. Skip, remember when a bunch of us would sit on your porch and play canista? On Halloween, we had to stop back at our houses two or three times to empty the candy from our bags. Mary Jane, Bernie saw The Schugarts at Betty Kehan's funeral a couple of months ago. He may remember where they are living. Carol Murray Spruance is still in Chestnut Hill as far as I know. I haven't see Billy or Charles Ricci since my mother's funeral 14 years ago. I think with Mrs. Kehan's death, all the old Queen Lane parents are gone. Joe O'Donnell, I remember the lamp lighters coming down our Street when I was young. I remember one of the Street lamps was in front of the Wall's and Muller's house. Do any of you who went to Holy Rosary remember Ronny and Bruce Beaver? They went there for a short while when their parents were moving back from Florida. The Malizias on Haines Street were their grand parents. Like Mary Jane, I've been reading the postings, but have not written anything because I didn't know anyone who was writing. Good to see familiar names. Lou Pauzino, Jim and I are glad your brother is doing well. Give our best to Ro. My husband Jim and I have been married for 43 years. We have 5 children and 13 grandchildren. St. Vincent's '54, Little Flower "58 and West Chester State Teachers College '62. Keep the memories coming.
Carole Redding Murray, 68 yrs old, living in Villanova [02-14-2009]

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I have my mom, Frances Cupo, visiting me in FL. My mom is from Germantown & lived on Wayne Ave. before moving to the 1300 block of Haines Street (where I was born & raised). I've introduced my mom to this Germantown website as well as the friendsofimmaculate website. My mom is 91 and remembers the Happy Hollow Recreation Center. As a child, after school, she & her sisters would spend time at HHRC. My mom tells me that she & her sisters would make paper costumes for the plays in which they would participate. She even remembers one of the songs they sung & performed it for me. I'm hoping to get my mom to stay in Florida with me until Spring arrives in PA. Of course I am doing this for a purely selfish reason.....that is I want to hear more stories of the Germantown "past". My grandparents, Joe & Sarah Guarino owned & operated "Joe's Restaurant" on Wayne Avenue. My mom, along with her five sisters worked in the restaurant as waitresses. My dad, Bill Cupo, (deceased), lived on Baynton (sp?) St. along with his 8 siblings. My mom has many stories to share; not only with me, but with her greatgrandchildren. They listen to her stories in disbelief; trying to imagine life, "back then", without today's technology; just as my mom tries to understand her greatgrandchildren's world with all of their high tech gadgets. Thanks for the memories.
Lorraine Kelly, 67, Deerfield Beach, FL, IC 55, CDHS 59 [02-14-2009]

Attended the funeral of Hughie Cannon yesterday who ran the Post for many years. There was an overflowing crowd who attened the viewing and Mass. There were many true stories told about Hughie, all I can say is he was a good friend and a gentleman to all who knew him. Rest in Peace.
Dave Linn, Continental Post Member/ Veteran [02-14-2009]

The funeral of Hughie Cannon of The Continental took place 2-12-09 at St. John Of The Cross In Roslyn. Hundreds of people came to the viewing and Mass,befitting a decent and generous man. Hughie's boys[4] gave moving eulogies and toasts. At the luncheon,I sat with John West[Pall-bearer] and Dave Linn- both Germantowners and Continental Guys. We were all honored to have known "HUGHIE". "May Hughie Rest In Eternal Peace"
John Bruce Schmitt [02-14-2009]

Ginny Clark - You mentioned Cunningham Piano Co. They're still there; I stopped in about two years ago, and I was given a tour of the whole place. It's a miracle it hasn't burned down twenty times. All wood floors, wood everywhere, solvents, they're shellacking the cabinetry, etc. What craftsmanship. Looks totally nondescript form the outside.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [02-14-2009]

hey nicky, so good to hear from you ... how are you doing ... hope good! how sweet that you named your son after mikey ... another one of my cousins who was taken too soon and too young! he was a doll! vicky is doing very well ...don't see him as much as i would like but we do keep in touch ... i will tell his mom to tell him you were asking for him ! take care and be well, rosemarie hi .. how are you doing ? hope all is well ! yes! chops was a great dancer .. i loved jitter bugging with him ! rosemarie your right skeeter is johns nickname lena and he are both doing well ... i see lena occasionally and she is as fun loving as ever and is just a great person ... i always love being around her .. she is full of vim and vigor and always makes me laugh ... chops last name is catalano ... take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-14-2009]

shiela hi .. how are you doing? hope all is well! yes! chops was a great dancer .. i loved jitter bugging with him ! Linda, you're right skeeter is johns nickname lena and he are both doing well ... i see lena occasionally and she is as fun loving as ever and is just a great person ... i always love being around her .. she is full of vim and vigor and always makes me laugh ... chops last name is catalano ... take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-14-2009]

Hughie Cannon of the Continental had his funeral -2-12-09. It was very dignified,fitting such an honorable and generous man. Hundreds of people came to the viewing and Mass at St. John of The Cross,Roslyn. At the luncheon,I sat with John West and Dave Linn-old time Germantowners and Continental Guys. John West was a pall-bearer. We were all honored to have known this decent and personable man. "May Hughie Rest In Eternal Peace"
John Bruce Schmitt [02-14-2009]

im pj
pj mcgarrity, Ireland [02-14-2009]

Marie, I remember Dr. Tag. Wasn't his name Taglionetti. I went to him one time and he didn't treat me very good. I never went back. That was a long time ago.
anthonyg [02-14-2009]

Nicky Lazaro, are the Nicky Lazaro that was at least one year behind me at St Vincent's? We also got busted one saturday night in germantown for a wild party we had in an apartment on Wayne ave. A dude named Tokay was too slow going out the window and the rest of us got caught. A bunch of us were in the same cell together at the 14th. My father came to get us out and I told the turnkey to let me stay in jail 'cause I knew what was waiting on the outside. My father said, "you're going to stay in there all night." I said, "fine." It was safer. Well needless to say he got us out and I got beat. We had to see the judge in the morning. Compare that to what goes on today.
anthonyg [02-14-2009]

Nick Lazaro, sorry that your friend, "Chops" died so young.Hope you are well. Linda
l.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [02-14-2009]

to franny d. yes i remember going to the shrine for mass. its good to hear from you.
FRANK D [02-14-2009]

Joe Gatto - Thanks for the great news about Albert.I hope our visit to him brought some good fortune his way.Sounds like things are going well. We will have to organize another visit when he is up to it. Bob Terranova - I remember Fliggemans too. I think my Mom bought a lot of our clothes there too.Great memories of the Lyric Theatre. We could go on a Saturday with 50 cents, watch 2-3 movies and have change leftover for candy. I'll always remember the Abbott and Costello horror films....the best ! Bruce Schmidt - let's get that meeting together sometime. My brother Joe is in Ambler and I am in Allentown, but will travel !
Bob D'Angelo [02-14-2009]

Nick Lazaro, how many years are you married now? It's been a long time.
anonymous [02-14-2009]

Mary Jane Lightcap you brought back a lot of memories. Ms. Tracy, the nurse from St. Francis Of Assisi used to take kids to the Dental Clinic at the Boys Club every other Wednesday. I used to go and I can remember it well. I got a lot of fillings on the second floor in that clinic! On the way home we would stop at Young's Candy Store and get an icecream to eat on the way home (imagine just coming from the dentist!) My mom used to shop at Fleigemanns Dept Store. We got all of our clothing there. The New Lyric on Saturday afternoon, you would spend the whole day there (Poor Mr. Lewis - we drove him crazy)the girls used to smoke in the bathroom and everytime you opened the door this cloud of smoke came wafting out. The Little Dog House,was a favorite too, my cousin Ruthie used to work in there at different times. I remember Al Brother's Restaurant on the avenue, Cashmans Grocery, the Laundromat, the State Store and the Wister Tap Room. Do you remember the jeweler that was tucked somewhere between the Lyric and Sam's Delicatessan? When I read your post it all came flooding back. Goodfriend and Kent's Drugstore, (they lived on our street- the Kent's)Cunningham Piano, thanks Mary Jane for bringing all back in my memory.
Ginny Clark [02-12-2009]

Skip & Dorothy Gensemer/MaryJane Lightcap/Bernie McKerenan/Carole Redding Murray; I remember you all so well. Skip, we sat on your porch many an evening with the boxer tied to the railing using the lightest string possible and it would always stay. That always impressed. I remember MaryJane lived across the street from the very wonderful Kehan Family. I spent some of the best times I can remember with Jack Kehan, Bernie McKernan, Carole Redding and the rest of the gang. Went into the Marine Corps in October/58 and traveled a great deal, but did spent 14 months as a Brig Warden at the Philadelphia Navy Yard; what an experience. Write when you can. Frank Owens, Germantown 40-58, St. Vincents, North Catholic & St. Joseph's franco1952@comcast.net
Frank Owens, Spokane, Wa, 68, St. Vincent's, North Catholic & St. Joseph's College [02-12-2009]

Can someone tell me about the street lights in 1940,s gtn.? I can remember somebody coming along at night lighting the corner streetlight and than again in the morning putting them out. I for one remember it as being kinda cool. What yr. was it when they quit doing that and was it coal oil? Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, 65 yrs old living in the Mojave desert,Ca. [02-12-2009]

mary jane lightcap.are you bobbie lightcaps sister? i don't know you but i knew dr. manny fleigelman very well. he became head of the ob-gyn department at phila. college of osteopathic medicine when i was a student there from 1967 to 1971.he was a great man and physician. we all loved him. he was my mother's family doc in gtn then went on to specialize in ob/gyn.i doubt that he is still alive but haven't been in philly for almost 30 years and he was in his 60's probably in my student days. his sister, loretta worked with my wife for a decorating company in bala cynwood until the 90s.she was married to sid mark the radio personality that played lot's of frank sinatra on WIP??station. they divorced so she went back to her maiden name.Fleigelman. his brother that owned the army/navy type store new my mom very well since she grew up on east ashmead st. i remember one time when my mom sent to his store to buy something and i came home with the wrong change so my mother marched me back to his store anf gave the clerk a piece of her mind. mr. fleigelman graciously returned the money. i will nevr forget that incident. iwas very embaressed but he was a nice man just like his brother. that stretch of germantown ave. had so many wonderful ethnic stores. truly, we had a multi-cultural upbringing in gtn. remember that there were german bakeries, italian delis, jewish bakeries, polish butchers. waspy businesses etc etc.wonderful memories.bob terranova
bob terranova [02-12-2009]

Re: Peanut (Al Pauzano) from the Hollow. I spoke with Peanut's wife, Janet, today. He is home from the hospital and has begun physical therapy to build up his strength. There has not been any problems with rejection. He had a fall while in the hospital, but that has not proven to cause any problems, except delaying his release.
Bonnie Gatto [02-12-2009]

Carol Knight:I am surprised that our paths have not crossed since we have had common venues-Germantown,Jarrettown,and the Eastern Shore. I always liked Market-Square in Germantown and that is the probable reason why I like the Historic Chestertown in the Eastern Shore. My mother[Old-Germantowner] liked the Historic Homes on the Chester River and I should have taken her to the Tea-Party which takes place there. Your mother had an Antique-shop in Galena and my mother likes Dogwood-trees-need I say more;this sounds like the charming town of Galena[Highway[Highway 213]. Incidentally,Baker's on 213 is a great place for a Crab-cake at a reasonable price but I am sure you already know that. The Granary on the Sassafras River is a good place but a little pricey. I believe our Germantown Backgroun helped us to appreciate other cultures in our vast country. I think that I remember Ray Price from football-joking. Carol! Keep up your unique blogs-you have a lot to say.
JBS [02-12-2009]

Rosemarie..Chops was a great dancer as I recall. Really nice guy. Hi Nicky L...I hear my brother in law Vinny dropped in to visit you last year.
Sheila (Milligan) DeNardo [02-12-2009]

bill leo! i remember fligamens my mom bought my close there every year when i went back to school. down futher was the lyric movies, the willens drug store,dog house, bittners bakery acroos the avenue was romanos store down futher was pideas bakery, chicks. across the street was the drugh store and goffredos shoe maker, up futher was cerrilies barber shop, and on the conner past the cementary was pastorius taylors. then st michaels church. i was friends with the abbmondi's i knew joe, mart and john. john was one of my best freinds. he died about 5 years and i still am friends with his wife and children. i remember knotts tarven, and i went to school at wister school. i lived on lena st from 1939 to 1957. i went to the boys club and played ball there,did lots of crafs in the club we made basket wickers and model airplanes, did carpentery in the wood shop. had my teeth fixed there! the club was a great place for kids. kept us out of trouble during our wild growing up years! germantown was a wonderfull place to grown up to fine yourself.i open a beauty shop on wayne avenue in 1960 to 1968. knew a lot of people and i am now in the process of trying to get a st michaels reunion together. lou giorno and my self are tring to put to gather the big'est st michaels reunion ever!we are includeing the total school and the people who went to the parish. we just don't want to have a plain reunion. we want to have enterment. ! we ran in to some problems and are working on trying to resolve them the date we were trying for might not happen, but we are still working on it but if we have to we will shoot for some time in sept. frank.
FRANK, brick yard 1939 to1957 [02-12-2009]

Hello Wilma, I remeber the Hari Krishna house at Chelten & McMahon. I think I remember you, also. I was at Price & Wakefield right next to the convent. Too bad for me. My father would be outside at dismissal getting a report from the nuns. There were more bad than good. You know what that meant. Lin, I also remember Sonny Maida-Salvatore-he was in my class at Dougherty. There were a lot of not so nice things that were said at the time and I rembember it like it was yesterday. It was very said.
anthonyg [02-11-2009]

Those of you from Holy Rosary, did you know that the Italians went to the Miraculous Medal Shrine's lower church for mass. This was before the little church was purchased for Holy Rosary.
FrannyB [02-11-2009]

Germantowners: Hughie Cannon recently passed away.A Mass will take place on Thursday at St. John of the Cross-11A.M. Hughie was the manager of the Continental in the 60's&70's. Hughie was a great guy with an extraordinary personity. The Continental was a great spot because of Hughie's personality and managerial skills. The Continental was located in an old mansion at Wissahickon&Hansberry. Hughie was from Tioga but he was friends with people from many different neighborhoods-Germantown,East Falls and Roxborough. He had people skills-He could get along with a rough and tumble guy like Goony Walsh and at the same time with former seminarian-David McNulty. Anybody who knew Hughie,will truly miss him.
John Bruce Schmitt [02-11-2009]

George cool pictures thanks.Rosemarie I named my son after Mikey Catalano.He was my main man.I also worked in the catalanos.sausage joint too. is Vicky still around.
Nicky Lazaro [02-11-2009]

i recall the hari krishna house it used'be dr,tags old house & office and i loved rowells
MARIE BOMMENTRE [02-11-2009]

To:Bill Leo, Yes I remember the boy's club. We moved from Shedaker St. to E. Queen Lane around 1945. My Mom used to take me to the boy's club as they had a dental clinic in there- I think. I was little at the time. We spent almost every Fri. nite at the New Lyric. That was our big "family treat". A hot dog at the "Dog House" and then the Lyric. Dinner and a movie! Of course Fliegelman's was a few doors away. But I sort of remember it as being men's clothing, and the 5 & 10 next to that. I could be wrong. The memory gets fuzzy. I particulary remember Fliegelmans because one of their brothers was our doctor. His name was Emanuel (Manny). I still remember his address (219 E. Wister St). What a great guy! I was going to post a blog about him one day to see of anyone else remembered him- or know what became of him. The last I heard (many years ago) he was the head of one of the hospitals in center city. Can't say I remember the other places you mentioned, although I was probably familar with them. Thanx for more great memories.
Mary Jane (Lightcap) Garvis, born and raised in g-town [02-11-2009]

i did know skeeter & lena i do not recall i fontano but i have sent her an e mail, marie
MARIE BOMMENTRE [02-11-2009]

ifontana i went to school with sal irember when he died it was very sad & i know chops he was a nice boy i think he has passed away.marie
marie bommentre [02-11-2009]

hi sandy i knew eillen hope all is well with both of you,barbara & i were freinds until she passed away i loved her & miss her it was nice to hear from you hi to eileen
marie bommentre [02-11-2009]

To: R. Malageri, that's sad about "Chops", his last name was Carolina as I remember... I knew Lena, she was really nice to me. But, I had a 'crush' on her brother, way back then. His name was Johnny, maybe Skeeter is his nickname, Are they both ok? John was older than me, but Lena was around my age...thanks for responding, Linda.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [02-11-2009]

belfield was a part of germantown, we all went to Immaculate on Price street, graduated in '48 and on to NC. WE HAVE A GOLF OUTING EVERY SEPTEMBER, THAT TOO IS GETTING THIN.
DON BRESNAN, belfield boy, 75, still some of us around [02-11-2009]

I don't know you Marie,
Dizzy, q&a [02-11-2009]

To Ron Fasano: If your the Ron from Fasano's grocery store at Wayne & Logan, I remember you well.
Bonnie Gatto [02-11-2009]

to l. fontano if you are talking about chops from cowtown he is my cousin. he passed away many years ago . he was in his early thirties ... also, lena manero is my cousin too ... she does have a brother (skeeter) if this is the same lena manero although you may be referring to someone else rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-10-2009]

Bruce Marshall: It was very nice of the gentleman from Chester County[Mike Buchanan] to make such kind comments about the 2 Bruces[the old-timers]. You are the sage and I have the age. You are the true conduit between the former Germantowners and the present-day G-towners. Possibly,between the decent and positive posts from you and Mike Buchanan, I might grow in age,wisdom and grace. Mike Buchanan: I really like the places that you live and have lived-Chester County and our beloved Germantown. My brother[Ken] lived in West Chester and had a restaurant on Gay St. We hung out in Chadds Ford and had breakfast at Hank's Place- Andrew Wyeth's favorite breakfast-spot. Ken and I knew many artists in our time-they come in many different varieties. We would visit the Brandywine Museum where real artists had their works-especially Andrew Wyeth[RIP]. Later,we would head to the bar at the Chadd's Ford Inn and hang out with those other artists-they called their favorite artist-"Andy". I am impressed that you and Carol Knight,after leaving G-town,settled in wonderful places-Chester County and The Eastern Shore. Your family lived near Tacoma&Manheim,that was an interesting neighborhood-Joe Razzano& Lou Pauzano will most likely agree. Mike! Keep Posting!
JBS [02-10-2009]

JBS, Thank you for your kind and encouraging words regarding my posting. I am very familiar w/ Kitty Knight house. My mom owned an antiques shop on the corner in Galena named Favorite Things, and when I first relocated here from Philly for good, 15 years ago, I spent time at the Kitty Knight house and found a real good group of folks there. My partner Raymond Lewis is from Dresher and says he worked for your uncle or brother at the Jarrettown in the 70's, and socialized there in the 80's. Small world isn't it?
Carol Knight [02-10-2009]

Hi Marie,how are you doing I sure do remember you from Holy Rosary School,you were in sister Eileen room,I see you mention Barbara name she was a freind of mine in school sorry to say she died many years ago don't know if you knew,she was a doll,nice to see your name on this site,hope to hear from you,Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [02-10-2009]

Was anyone around late 30's till 1946? Do you remember the boys club,on penn st.,Fliegamens 5&10 cent store that was close to the New Lyric movie house. How about abamondies grocery store on Gt. Ave. and Collum St.? Brickyard got it's name from a brick factory that was on ashmead st. off of wakefied st. ALSO ON THE CORNER OF aSHMEAD AND wakefield sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSt. there was a saloon called Knotts tavern.Well across the st. from there on Wakefield St. my Uncle Bill had a steak shop called b&L steak shop. He passed away in 1946 and his wife Della ran it.If anyone remembers any of this please respond Bill Leo
Bill Leo [02-10-2009]

Maryalice, Yes i lived on morris st. Haven't seen you or your younger sister in many years. Glad to hear that the neighbor hood is dong well.I retired & living in fla. Still miss Philly.
Jim D, jacksonville fl 66 [02-10-2009]

Marie Baucco, did you know any of the Fontana's from Holy Rosary? Like Dioneggio & Teresa?
anonymous [02-10-2009]

Marie Baucco. Did you know two guys that hung around together named, Tommy Ward/& Sonny Maida? Sonny died tragically at only 14, I dated him.He tripped up some cellar steps with a gun his parents gave him for Christmas, & the gun went off accidentally. It was sad. I went to that viewing at vICTOR Errichetti's funeral parlor. Anyone know Judy Pacifico/ or Marianne Borza from Chew & Chelten. Her dad owned the Chew Tavern. Familiar names?
Lin Fontana, I lived at Stenton & Anderson/Immac.Concep.Parrish. [02-10-2009]

FRANK [02-09-2009]

Charles I saw your inquiry regarding upper floors of Rowells Dept. store. What is now on street level? I haven't been there in years. I used to go to the ladies lounge when I was about 11 or 12 and we would lock all the doors from the inside. Really bad! Also does anyone remember the Hari Krishna house at McMahon & Chelten. It was painted red inside before it was fashionable and you could hear them chanting? Anyone else on site lately from Chew & Chelten?
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [02-09-2009]

Ron Fasano [02-09-2009]

does anyone know me
Marie Bommentre nee Baucco [02-09-2009]

Hello Carol, My time in Germantown in the 60's was during my my years in elementary school. I completed 7th grade at St. Francis in 1970. My family lived on Tacoma St. near Wayne and Mannheim. Those years in Germantown were a great experience. My family moved to NE PA which was another great place to live and grow. I can't say I recall the people and places you mention but I'm glad you also have great memories of the neighborhood.
Mike Buchanan, Kennett Township, Chester County [02-09-2009]

Duncan Hubley [02-09-2009]

Your Mom Was a very good lady,John beaver She made a great peanut butter and jelly sandwich, my regrets an old friend
anonymous [02-09-2009]

Marie Bommentre nee Baucco, 1960 grad HOLY ROSERY [02-09-2009]

Dorothy, I went to Roosevelt too. That's where I got to know Yvette and Michelle.
Sheila [02-09-2009]

John, thanks for your input concerning Yvette LeBoulch. I would really like to get in touch with her niece Micelle.
Sheila [02-09-2009]

I recall sandy, & i knew anthony diferdinando barbara icaullo was my best pal like my sister & i also recall chops& ginny from cow town
marie bommentre nee baucco [02-09-2009]

My condolences to the Ammendolia family on the recent news of the passing of Billy A. Joe DePero
Joe DePero [02-09-2009]

Hi, does anyone know of a brother sis team named Johnny & Lena Manero? They lived near Trio's Deli off of Stenton Av.? She worked at Vick's for years?
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [02-09-2009]

Nicky "Laz"& Chops lived close to my best friend, THEN,Marianne, we met these guys, walking around Chew & Chelten. Went bowling with them once or twice, we were younger than them, nothing came from it. But I remember Nick to be very handsome. Marianne went on to marry the owner of the neighborhood cleaners, (son)...& I married someone right from Italy.My maiden name was Polish. My mom's Italian, though. thanks for your response & I hope Nick, his wife, and Chops are all ok. "Sausage makers, eh?'I'll bet it was good, too. ha ha
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [02-09-2009]

JBS, You were correct about the walking route my Dad used on a daily basis regardless of the weather. No beets on the farm, raised beef, black angus steers. I intend to spend a portion of my retirement years back in Oregon, It is God's country for sure. A quick note on PJ McGarrity. The nuns would pull me out of class to be his alterboy almost every morning for several years. He would commence his vestments by inserting his glass eye which was stored overnite in a felt lined wooden box. He was in his 80's then but still mentally sharp. I could write a book on those eight years at St. Francis, but then I'm sure a number of people on this site could also. Take Care!
Dave Byrne [02-09-2009]

To Linda Fontana;I remenber Nicky Laz and Chops. Nicky is my cousin he lives in south NJ,works for a cable company and married to Donna Marino.Chops,I worked with him and his uncle Sammy. Sammy had a bussn. on armat st. we made italian sausage.It was one of my first jobs.I don't recall your name,I lived on 5600 morton st. I was a little younger then those guys.
george greene, george from gilbertsville pa [02-06-2009]

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Johnny Davis ? He married Maryanne Norrie he lived off the west side of Washington Lane
rich, huntingdon valley [02-06-2009]

Hello Mike Buchanan, So far you are the only person to step forward that lived in G-Town in the same time period I was there. Do you remember The stores at Germantown and Penn, Richard Brown health food store, The General Store and Stanley Levin's Ice Cream Parlor. Later Stan opened the plant shop on the other corner. He was killed years later on the E R Drive in a car accident. Where did you live in G-Town?? Just curious. I knew some of the paint up fix up guys like Richard Finch, Joe Schuman, Mark Wolcroft, Mark Muhley. Loved my time in this community. Belonged to the Food Co-op on G-Town Ave above Penn, that a guy named Tom Dougherty managed. Also Margaret and Rick Longo were good friends, he was an Electrician. . .Carol
Carol Knightc [02-06-2009]

Dave Byrne: I am happy to see you appear on this Germantown-site. Most of the names and places that you mentioned,resonated with me. You are correct that my brother Ken graduated with you from St. Francis["58'].He liked his classmates very much-Jim Kehan,John Fowler,Dave Glancey,Frank Klock and Jim Howard. He graduated from the Prep{"62] with Matt Goukas and Ed Scanlan[5100 Morris. Your father worked at Midvale Steel where Ken had a paper-stand and he probaly sold your father a newspaper. Your father could have walked to Midvale cutting through Fernhill Park since you lived on Abbottsford Rd. I liked your street-it had a good location between the Hollow and Fern Hill. I liked that big house on the corner of Morris&Abbottsford. I gather that we probaly knew each other from Fernhill Park. We played ball at the park-wind,rain,sleet or snow. Duncan Hubley and Joe Lynch[Fernhill guys post on this site. I just heard on this site that John Kohlmeir passed away.Duncan Hubley,Charlie Solly[RIP],Neil McElroy and John K. were all serious soccer players-also good. I was intrigued that a guy from Germantown operated a farm-cool. Did you grow beets? I spent time in Eastern-Europe and I got hooked on Borscht-no beets,no Borscht. It fascinates me how Germantowners spread their wings and have flown all over the U.S.-including beautiful Oregon. Good to hear from you and I will Ken your regards.
John Bruce SchmittD [02-06-2009]

hi john burke ... thanks for the kind words ... i really have nothing to share ... but am still enjoying all that is being shared by everyone else ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-06-2009]

Mary Jane: saw your note about the old gang. I have not heard from anyone since I moved away. married 50 yrs. next year, 3 chldren and 4 grands. any one else remember me or my wife dorothy please let me know.
skip gensemer, phila,70, gtown [02-06-2009]

Maryalice - Thanks for the intel about Germantown Style Pizza; in honor of their reopening, I celebrated with a mushroom pizza steak from there tonight. Mike Buchanan - thanks for the positive feedback. I'm humbled and flattered, especially to be mentioned with the other Bruce, JBS.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [02-06-2009]

Sheila, I remember Yvette LeBoulch from Roosevelt, she was in my class. Dorothy
anonymous [02-06-2009]

Who has been upstairs on sthe old Rowells store? I'd love to know what is on the upper floors. I wanted to go with a bunch of friends but they were afraid! Can you imagine?
charles herrmann, Czar of P&M [02-06-2009]

Sheila: I remember the LeBoulch family when they lived on the 400 block of West Queen Lane. My sister[Joan] had a drug-store at the corner of Laurens&Queen Lane and the LeBoulch Family lived in that block. Monseiur LeBoulch would come into the drug-store and buy cigarettes. He was a stocky man and worked in construction,he liked fromage. Ed Burke who worked in that store and posts on this site,might remember them. They mostly kept to themselves.One never knows what pops up on this wonderful site.
John Bruce Schmitt [02-06-2009]

Bob D. Hi Bob! How have you been ? Heard you moved across the driveway. Hope it is working out for you. I have not talked with John Finn in a few yrs. This is an interesting site with lots of memories. Take Care.
Dave Byrne [02-06-2009]

Carol Knight: I liked your last post which showed so much common sense and an understanding of human nature. Living in the Brickyard and tending bar have served you well. I went to St. Francis with kids from the Brickyard and they had unique personalities and resilience. Thomas Paine said,"Trying times will test our souls" and we need your type of attitude to navigate these rough waters. Like you,I have been a bartender since my family owned a restaurant in Montco. for many years. I have been to a few watering holes in my time and I went to a bar in Georgetown,Maryland with your last name-Knight. It was called,"The Kitty Knight" and it was located on the Sassafrass River.It was named after Kitty Knight who was a heroic and beautiful woman who survived the War of 1812. You probaly could connect with this valiant woman. Keep Posting and Long Live "Brickyard and Germantown".
John Bruce Schmitt [02-06-2009]

i so enjoyed reading the gtn. notes. i am never far away from gtn, st francis, happy hollow and little flower in my fondest memories. eileen mclaughlin who always ordered 2 cokes at sals because she knew i didn,t have the dime. jeannie masterson, the tibbets i could go on and on. dear friends good people all.i,ve lived in ft myers for 30 yr,s now.in the phone book our sons are in the a/c bus. by the way i rememember robert campbell.back in the days when the girls met the boys at the movies and held hands. a sweeter nicer time and robert was a school picture in my wallet @ the boy i held hands with at the orpheum theater on chelton ave many years ago. j gleason took me to my jr prom, nice boy one of 10 kids i believe.cisco payne took me to my senior prom another good egg, married my friend moody doyle. all exellant pinocelle players @ avid ball players.

Does anybody know Yvette LeBoulch and her niece Michelle who lived on Queen Lane near Haasis bakery? The family was from France. Michelle went back to France and we kept in touch for a couple of years but as it often happens we lost contact.
Sheila [02-05-2009]

Mary Jane, I am from Penn & Magnolia. I don't know any of the names from P&M that you mentioned, but I will ask around. We have a reunion every year and I see a lot of people from the neighborhood. You mentioned Ruthie Schuchardt. I remember her, but haven't heard anything about her. I see Moose all the time and sent this for him to check out.
Sheila [02-05-2009]

Joe Razz: You have a lot of buddies on this site; Joe Lynch[St. Fran-"57"] even appeared. Joe L. tossed out a few nicknames from the Hollow-Goo[your coach] Shangy and Trout[your cousins. I did a little blog on the Queen-Lane Apartments[the project] in Pulaskitown. I played cards in the firetower.These dudes also had nicknames-Smack,Tiger,Tank,Hammer,Squirrel and Trigger[scary guy. This is not Trigger who was friends with Nails Mangini[swamp-poodle]. At the Hollow, I played pinochle;these homeboys could not spell pinochle, so we played a game called Tonk. I could have used Goo to shuffle the cars and you to cut the deck,maybe Henry Derringer for protection. Back in the day,the guys in the pool-hall traveled with Mr. Derringer in their jackets when they were gambling. When I lost, I always thought that I was making a donation. You knew Pulaskitown because you lived on Newhall which is not far from the border. I played against Wissahickon Boy's Club at Pulaski&Coulter when I was with the GBC team. Wissahickon had great athletes-Herb Adderly and Bill Cosby but they were older. Joe Lynch mentioned Leroy Kelly from Fern Hill and he was great but Herb Adderly was probaly the greatest athlete to come out of Philly- I tried to sell him my house on Hansberry St. and I called him "Mr. Adderly".Across the street from the Wiss. Boy's Club was the "HI-De-Ho" and I took Joe D'Angelo's buddy[Jim McIntyre] for a few brews before he went off to college-I think Connecticut.Joe!I enjoyed your blog and I wish that I was incarnate,but I'm rounding 3rd base and I hope God does not send me to Dante's Inferno.Like many Germantowners,I did a little rambling and scrambling and most confessors gave me a break-but I did stay away from Greene&Logan. We will get together-I was just hanging out with the Burke Brothers- Ed was a year ahead of you at St. Fran. They want to shoot darts-Ed Burke Sr. was asked to stop shooting darts at church carnival.Brother Joe! Keep Posting!
JBS [02-05-2009]

To B Campbell, Maybe just maybe, Mr Schmitt likes writing to people here because he knows that his message will be read. And who are you to tell people to e-mail, when you block people when the e-mail you?
Bill Tresnan [02-05-2009]

Dave Byrne - Are you the guy I worked with at VFS a few years back? If so, as I recall, you saw Johnny Finn (Stenton Ave.)every once in a while. Did you ever tell him you knew me?
Bob D., Formerly of Stenton & Sheldon St. [02-05-2009]

Bruce, Germantown Pizza is open again.
Maryalice, Still in G'town [02-05-2009]

Carol Knight, I must agree with you. I enjoy the recollections of a Germantown that predates my personal experiences of the 60's. The posts of JB Schmitt, Bruce Marshall, et. al. are always informative. I appreciate the contributions they make and the opportunity to learn.
Mike Buchanan, Kennett Township, Chester County [02-05-2009]

Mr. Gene Stackhouse: I want to commend you on your historical and accurate update on Potter's Field where the Queen-Lane Apartments[301 West] are now located. It triggered many discussions and critical thinking. On that large block,there were only 2 buildings-the Queen-Lane High Rise[the Apartments] and Crane's Tavern[333]-both iconic institutions. I always found it interesting that the Apartments[mostly African_American] were sandwiched between 2 white-bars-Higgin's and Crane's. The black guys hung out at the Penn Bar[Penn St.] and the Hi-de- Ho on Coulter St. I surmise that you are a historian and I added some sociological elements. Incidentally,Bill O'Toole[LaSalle Historian] frequented Crane's and engaged us historical information. It is wonderful to have such intelligent and informed people like yourself on this site.
John Bruce Schmitt [02-05-2009]

Hello, again, I seem to remember some more names from Magnolia St. area/Nicky Lazzaro, and "Chops" Carolina. Anyone know of these two? And does anyone know J.Botto from >North Catholic? Still curious, Linda Fontana...
Linda Fontana, I was married in Immaculate Concep.Church, but am now divorced. [02-05-2009]

Hey Joe Razz: Thgough My Dad,s Cousin Caroline Manzo who occasionally posts here I had identified all but one of the people in that picture you sent me. Carrie says she will work on the unknown person and get back to me, but just E Mail me and I will fill you in. Brother Al is recovering quite well and will be released to a rehab facility on Friday. He has had some problems but we understand that they are associated with the surgery and will go away in time. His doctor is the Chief of liver transplant surgery at Penn so I think he knows what he is doing. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Hey Joe: If you could send me those other pictures we had at al's I would appreciate it very much. My wife follows this site also and I want to attach a face to the names. Many thanks.
Louis F Pauzano Sr, South Phila, 67 [02-05-2009]

What in the world happened to Bob Fry? He would be about 72 and lived someplace not far from Penn & magnolia. He took me down to Cityline avenue for my driver's licesne way back in 1952. (Of course I passed, my name isnt Ross Carfagno!)
charles herrmann (Moose), Czar of P&M [02-05-2009]

Maryjane Lightcap-- my old friend! I also have lost sight of Walsh and Delaney who used to belongto the P&M gang. Bobby Evans however is well known to us and recently went back to Logan with Judy Nizzardo, Sheila Milligan and me. We had a grand tour and almost nothing changed (Maryjane; dont say I didnt invite you!) Email me priately and I will give you Bobby's phone number.
charlie herrmann (moose), Czar of Penn & magnolia [02-05-2009]

I thought you would like to know, my mother Marie (Manzo) Beaver passed away this morning. She was along time resident of Clapier St.
John Beaver [02-05-2009]

TO B. Campbell: As I previously said: If JB Schmitt's blogs are too long for your limited attention span, don't read it. The rest of us enjoy those walks down memory lane. And isn't that what this blog is about? If you don't have too many memories to contribute, just shut up and enjoy ours. Besides, who made you editor-in-chief?
Anonymous [02-05-2009]

To-FRANK(?) on 2/2. I am one of the kids from the 40's and 50's. Several months ago there were a lot of us on here, but eventually we were overtaken by other generations...so we just kind of slipped away. I for one am still reading these blogs every day-just haven't been writing. I too was going to put out the same request you did. So where are "you guys"??? I know you must be there, so lets hear it from "Moose" Herrmann, Bernie McKernan, Carol (Redding)Murray, Frank Owens,Skip and Dot Gensemer and the Kehans. It was great for me re-connecting with these old friends, but I am still hoping to find more kids from E. Queen Lane and the brickyard. Does anyone know where the following are?... Carol and Ruthie Schuchardt, Michael & Joel Miles, Carol Murray(Spruance), Bill and Charles Ricci and Joe Reymer. And in the Penn & Magnolia group I was wondering if anyone knows what became of Clayton Walsh and George Delaney? (How about it Moose?) Also--I know my brother, Bob Lightcap, would like to know about some of his friends too-like Bob Evans(from Queen La.), Thor Jensen(from Shedaker St.) and Tony Raspanti. If anyone can help me locate any of these folks I sure would appreciate it if you would e-mail me. Until then I will still be reading about all the great folks in Germantown and all those great places!
Mary Jane (Lightcap) Garvis, 71 - in SOUTH Jersey since 1961 [02-04-2009]

I for one, like and enjoy all the detail spilled out here. Thank you all very much. I have rambled on once or twice myself. Carol Knight
Carol Knight, brickyard, 1971-1985, former green hedges bartended [02-04-2009]

To J.B. Schmitt - I GUESS NOT - based on my previous message - "have you ever considered E Mailing direct to individuals versus providing a litany of incredibly detailed information to everyone ? Just Curious."
B.Campbell [02-04-2009]

this site just gets better and better joe lynch joe d bobby d bonnie bob terranova and the one and only jbs john bruce don't ever stop posting- that little blog on the Queen Lane apartments had me thinking you were charles dickens reincarnate. and by the way i think its an excellent idea for all of us to get together this spring. maybe even a pickup game at the hollow. on a serious note just got off the phone with albert [peanut] he had his transplant and he sounds great. he will be coming home this weekend. thats all for now, my finger is tired. joe razz
anonymous [02-04-2009]

To Patti Mitchell I went to school with Patty Rogers and Kathey Morris one of the Blood boy's I also seem to remember Jeanette King I knew the Widmeir girls very well and married Gert Reily. It's been along time since I heard some of these names. I think I played trumpet with Kathey Morris at Fitler?
Bill "Doc" Dougherty, Portico St 55yrs [02-04-2009]

I went to st.francis of assisi and graduated in 1956, and spent freshman year there also. i am wondering if there are anybody on this site. I don't remember too many names from that era. if there is anyone who went to school with me, i would be glad to hear from you.
ed burke [02-04-2009]

I almost forgot in my last email to add that Johnny Botto, went to North Catholic High/& graduated in the 60's.He lived off of Gmtwn.& Chelton.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [02-04-2009]

Hello Germantown! John Schmitt, I believe your brother Ken was in our class at St. Francis. This site pulls cobwebs from my brain. I was out of ths area for many years. Had a farm in Oregon. The pull of family is very strong as the years pass. I was part of the Fernhill crew and we played BB rain or shine. A few times we brought shovels to the park to clear the court. Lived around the corner from the hollow on Abbottsford Rd. My Dad worked at Midvale for 40 years and passed away enroute to work one month prior to retirement.Nice to read the stories. Hope all are well and happy !
Dave Byrne, St Francis, 1958 North Cath. 1962 [02-04-2009]

B. Campbell, Amen brother.
rizzo [02-04-2009]

JBS, just wanted to let you know that John Kohlmeir passed away about six years ago in New Jersey. He was a great guy and a real good soccer player at Textile.
Friend of John, G-town on the West Side [02-04-2009]

B. Campbell: We all enjoy JB Schmitt's blogs, long or short. If it's too long for your limited attention span, don't read it. Let the rest of us enjoy it.
Anonymous [02-04-2009]

Joe Lynch: Joe! It's great to see you on this Germantown-site. It must have been over 40 years since we've seen one another. I recognized most of the names that you mentioned-Bobby Goo,Jack Brogan,Sonny Kennedy{Ed],Jack walsh and even Crazy Joe from the Hollow. Jack Brogan[Your Cousin]and Sonny Kennedy were a grade ahead of me at St. Francis-1954. I saw Sonny play for Germantown against Overbrook when they had Wally Jones and Walt Hazzard. Duncan Hubley posts on this site and mentioned your friend[Charlie Solly] had passed away. The guys from Fernhill Park were good people. We had great games at the Park and very competitive- I might add that you had a good game. Joe Razzano and Joe Taylor[St. Fran] post on this site. St. Francis[1957] had a great basketball team and they were your team-mates along with John Fries and Bill Haas-I think Bobby Goo was the coach and you won the LaSalle Tournament. You were kind to go to Moe's for Goo- I did one better,I paid for his sodas if you know what I mean. Joe D' Angelo mentioned that you are still at LaSalle High,you probaly could write a book on the Christian Brothers. I went to their winery in California. I remember when we were in college and went to a Blues-Joint called the Underground-it was subterranean. Are you and Brother Tom still friends with John Fries and John Kohlmeyer and Neil McElroy? I will be going to my 50th Reunion[The Prep] with Pat McIlhinney and Lou Pauzano. You graduated from Lasalle[1961] and your Reunion is not far away. I must be careful with my English&grammar now that you and Joe D'Angelo post on this site. Joe D. is a Culture-Aficionado but he lets me slide on my spelling. The guys from St. Francis,La Salle,The Hollow,Fernhill and The Brickyard[Wistar Woods] will look forward to your blogs. You can even talk about PJ MCGarrity[Our Pastor] and your favorite nun-Sister Grace. Say "Hello" to Everybody.
John Bruce Schmitt [02-03-2009]

JimmyD, I also went to St Vincent's and hung at gtn and Chelten. Went to Dougherty for three years and they asked me to leave. Had to finish at Germantown High and I loved it. They did me a favor. Walked to school. I wonder if you're the JimD I think you are. Maybe you don't want your last name on here, but I don't know. Did you also live in Roxborough and have a few card games?
anthonyg [02-03-2009]

To J.B. Schmitt - have you ever considered E Mailing direct to individuals versus providing a litany of incredibly detailed information to everyone ? Just Curious.
B. Campbell [02-03-2009]

Kem: I really enjoyed your blog about Pulaskitowm and Germantown-especially from a historical and sociological perspective.Last week,I was with the Burke Brothers[John&Ed] and Cousin John Murray and we all knew that Queen Lane neighborhood well.The Potter's Field was located at Quuen&Pulaski where the Queen-Lane Apartments[The Project] are located. In the 50's,my friend[Eric] and I were traveling by the lot,where we had a turf challenge. Eric lifted weights and it gave him false courage. We could have been shot,knifed or tossed into the sewer. We lived to breathe fresh air and wake up the next day and I always thought the angels saved us but maybe the ghosts and the virtuous dead spared us. I played basketball and cards at the Queen-Lane Apts. Cards were played in the firetower which was really a surreal-place- ghostly and macabre. The cinder-block walls were drab and bleak.The stairwell was cold and raw,the silence was deafening. The voices of the cardplayers were muddled and turbid. I should have been reading the Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens but I was experiencing the 20th century version of that book. After finishing the card-game, I would open the steel-door of the dungeon and enter paradise[the playground] eventhough it was full of broken glass and roaming dogs. You talked about the Chinese Restaurant near Queen Lane&Morris where Cabbage had his candy-store. I had a disagreement with 2 dudes in the store and we took it outside. At the same time, George Brookins[a Pulaskitowner] was sahaying down Morris St. with his strool and he jacked-up one of the guys against the wall so that I could have a Fair-one. With this group,I was a minority but Pulaskitowners were honorable men. You mentioned the gang-warring in the neighborhood during your time. I was fortunate that my encounters were with tough guys and not gangbangers;I would have wound up in Potter's Field.Kem! You write well;you must have done well at Kelly&Pickett Schools. John Burke played basketball at the Scanlan House[5100 Morris] where Kelly School is located. Back in the 50's, that was a beautiful block. I'm glad that you survived all that urban warfare and are having a productive and creative life. Germantown was an exciting place to grow-up and live.
John Bruce Schmitt [02-02-2009]

joe d'angelo i got plenty of that dhere kelture you was talking about down here in lbi nj. we have the surf light theater in beach haven where i saw the original platters perform and bobby rydell too. i read the national enquirer and watch the sports channel. for a real charge, i go bowling at the local alley and chew the fat with the vets at the vfw in manahawkin.like many of my patients they too have no teeth so i refer them to a local veterinarian who has very reasonable rates. life is sure good. aint it. just pulling your chain as usual. hope to see you at the st. mikes thing.bob terranova
bob terranova [02-02-2009]

Bruce Schmidt: There's loads of culture in Jersey, but at the shore not so much. I taught at La Salle with Joe Lynch for five years and was partly responsible for bringing him back. Working with him was a lot of fun, and now I have him looking at this site. I guarantee he will have a lot of stories. One old Germantown friend I forgot to mention in previous postings is Bill Maule. I used to see Bill at church, but he has not been well in recent months. I will have to put him onto this site while he recovers. Joe D'Angelo
anonymous [02-02-2009]

whatever happened to all the kids that were born and raised in the 40's & 50's? don't they know about this blog?
FRANK [02-02-2009]

To bruce schmidt. It was great seeing you and talking over old times.I would like to get together again, and maybe, like you say, old some kronies. take care.
ned burke [02-02-2009]

Jim D. I never really "hung out" at Chelten and Morris but I grew up there. The summer I turned 16 I even worked behind the soda counter in Darrow's. Did you grow up 2 doors from me with the Boylan's house in between? You were Best Friends with Billy Boylan? If so I had heard that you retired and moved to Fla. Good to see you on here. Hope you and your family are doing well? I am living in my grandparents house on Woodlawn St now. The neighborhood is doing great. There are 2 lawyers from the midwest living in your house. They love it. Anyhow would love to hear from you.
Maryalice, still in G'town [02-02-2009]

This website and the Germantown Brickyard websites are two really great websites on Germantown. There is now another Germantown website, this one connected with the Immaculate Conception community. Check it out: http://friendsofimmaculate.com The Friends of Immaculate website is open to all with an interest in IC and/or Germantown (you don't have to be from IC to enjoy this site). There are over 500 pictures out there of IC (yesterday and today), Germantown (yesterday and today), neighboring areas and other Memory Lane pics from back in the day. There is also a Message Board that you can post to. Check it out. Just another Germantown option. Check it out and hope you enjoy!
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-02-2009]

Bruce, I have eaten at Urban Cafe and like it. My husband isn't too fond of it though. So we don't go there ofter. Acouple up the street from me loves it and they eat there all the time. I love the food and service at House of Jin. It is always done just right. Will keep you posted on the G'town Pizza. J
Maryalice, Still in G'town [02-02-2009]

To Janet Pauzano; it's great to hear the news about Al (Peanut). When I met you for the first time on my recent visit to Al, it was obvious that you are a loving, caring, dedicated caretaker and wife. I look forward to visiting again as soon as it makes sense to do so. Until then, know that Alice and I continue to pray for Al and you.
Bonnie Gatto [02-02-2009]

To bobby.D to joe.d and Bob terr.I am married to a girl who"s brother is married to the DiNatale family. Will try to get info. on Eddie. YO BOB give a shout. ADP.
anthony dellaporta [02-01-2009]

I would like to invite all the St. Mike Grads to go to the attached web site (Germantown Brickyard). There is a St. Mike's reunion being planned for this spring. Go to the message board and see messages from Linda Raven (Chiarolanza). http://www.germantownbrickyard.com
Paul Rotondi [02-01-2009]

j.bruce schmitt. i can't thank you enough for giving us this blog. it's just so fantastic to be back in touch with all our childood friends with al the interesting stories and memories. you're the best.Bob terranova
bob terranova [02-01-2009]

I tried to be a Happy Hollow boy, but Goo-Goo saw right through me. I became his runner, one summer, and had to go get his Yoo-Hoo chocolate soda drinks from Mo's each day. He kind of ruled the Hollow. I learned how to play basketball, though, with Jack Brogan and Sonny Kennedy and Jack Walsh and sometimes Rocky and Shangi (sp?). Trout was always involved with football pools or other semi-legal games of chance. I never got beaten up at the Hollow as a kid, never had an argument, no drugs, no profanity in front of girfriends and no playin' wi' Crazy Joe around the building. We had our own thing at Fernhill Park wrapped around the basketball court and hot summer nights. Kids like Leroy and Pat Kelly, who went on to great athletic fame, would come up to the courts and play us. It was the best. I went to LaSalle and we walked through Wistar Woods to save 7 and a half cents on the school token. That saving went toward a cheese steak (35 cents?) at Sal's. We thought we were gods in 8th grade at St. Francis. More later. JLynch
joe lynch [02-01-2009]

Shot in the dark, did anyone on here graduate from St. Francis around '49 or '50? I am trying to see if any of my dad's old friends might be on here. His name is Frank Payne and his family (four boys and three girls) lived on Abbottsford growing up.
Meghan Payne, Philadelphia, PA [02-01-2009]

Miriam, I hung out with Pete Caldarelli's brother Andy. I guess I was in Germantown 1963 and later. Some other names of friends were: Kathy Morris, Patty Rodgers, Mike Conte, the Widmaiers (Brian, Stacy, Gary and Pamela) Jeanette King, The Takakjy's, Blood's, Joe Esposito from Zeralda St., "Chuckles" and his brother Jimmy from Pulaski Ave. Can't remember the last name drawling a blank but it started with a G. I lived on Apsley St.. So sad to drive through that area now. Happy Hollows was a great place. I remember always eating at Joe's on Wayne Ave. Fond memories.
Patti Mitchell [02-01-2009]

The Queen Lane Apartments were built over the Germantown Black Cemetery and Potters' Field.
Gene Stackhouse, Germantown, age 70 [02-01-2009]

Joe Razzano& Bob D'Angelo: Both of you are great organizers-we need a Germantown meeting in Montgomery County which is a Mecca of culture according to Joe D'Angelo.

Joe D'Angelo: You are concerned that your good friend [Bob Terranova] might be culturally deprived since he lives in New Jersey. My mother is a culture-junkie and she told me that Ambler is inundated with culture-Act II Playhouse, Ambler Symphony Orchestra, and Ambler Theater. It is too far for Bob T. to travel to Ambler Pa; I suggest Princeton NJ. From the LBI area,he could jump on Interstate 195 and be in Princeton in 45 minutes. He could enjoy the World Famous McCarter Theater, the Princeton Museum, Performances by the Westminster Choir College,Plays at Rider University and a hidden gem-Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. Joe! WE need a "Culture-Coach".
J,Bruce Schmitt [02-01-2009]

Many thanks to Charlie Mc Geehan, Bonnie Gatto, Lou Fondi,and Bob D' Angelo for the visit to Al's on Saturday. I know he appreciated it very Much. To those of you who want to know what Happpy Hollow was all about, that was a real good example. As for Al, he did have his transplant on Wednesday and it went well. I was with him today for a while and he was able to speak to me and recognized everyone there. The doctors said that he is better than they had anticipated. He is recovering in the Hospital of the Univ of Penna. and is currently in the ICU unit for another day or two. Many thanks for all of your prayers, looks loke they workrd. Lou
Louis F Pauzano Sr, South Phila. 67 [02-01-2009]

Rosemarie: Don't stop posting because of what someone said anonymously. We may have verbally sparred on this site, but we never hid who we were. Im looking forward to your posts.
John Burke, 54 NE Philly [02-01-2009]

JB Schmitt: I think everyone had a good time last sunday. We will do it again, maybe someplace with a dart board. If you are up for traveling, maybe a sunday afternoon at the continental, we could probably get John West to come out. Im sure that would make for a bigger crowd. Im meeting Jim Wilkins and Jerry Pio there one night next week, ill run it by Jim.
John Burke, 54 NE Philly [02-01-2009]

to jim d. i also hung at germantown and chelton. with johney davis. eddie davis. mike kelley.bill mc' donald donie bragg
rich, huntingdon valley [02-01-2009]

Thanks for the update, Maryalice, and for patronizing the local eateries - I love them both, and should have slowed down to see if there was an explanation for Gtown Style. I plugged this already, but give the Urban Cafe at Wayne and Rittenhouse a shot, if you haven't already.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [02-01-2009]

Wondering if John Botto from Bringhurst Street, Phila., Pa. is on here,too?
Linda Fontana-Faragalli, Graduate of Cecilian Acad. age 50+ now live in Montgomeryville, Pa. area. [02-01-2009]

JIM D.. When did you hang at Darrow's? Do I know you?
Erda [02-01-2009]

I hung with Glenn & Charley Kelly, Chuckie.. Jim O'Connell lived right across the street from me.. Did you know Frank Giolotte, Joe Cook?? Where did you live?? I think you may be a little younger then me.. If you had nothing to do just go to Darrows and buy a 10 cent coke and sit.. Someone whould show up sooner or later to hang out with and have a good time.
Erda [02-01-2009]

I grew up on Wister st. Played at the Paul Wall(i think) playground my big Bro Kenny known as 'white knoght played all the time with Gilbert and quay. They hadf twin sisters Kim and can't remember the other. I worked at Mr.Eddie's for a while.I scouped waterice then worked my way up to hoagies Whoa. I played with Juanita Jackson, Chyanne and Ezra. I went to Fitler A.Plus and Parkway Delta. Love Nicks hoagies on Chelton and Rittenhouse. Get the turkey! Some great times and some I'd like to forget. I love the mix of people and have met some great folks who I am still in touch with 800 miles away. Love you Pyeman and Choo-Choo and you too Young Till.
kim knight, St louis by way of Brickyard [02-01-2009]

Janet Pauzano - What wonderful news about Albert getting the new liver today. That surpasses anything I have heard in a long time. I will be thinking and praying for a successful result. Can't wait to see Al after he recovers. God Bless !
Bob D'Angelo [02-01-2009]

kim knight, St louis by way of Brickyard [02-01-2009]

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