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January 16-31, 2009

To Anon. I went to St.Vincents,GTN.& Chelton {Lintons}, Chelton & Morris {DARROWS]. Who are you? Jim D Jacksonville,Fl.
JIM D, jacksonville,fl. [01-29-2009]

Bob Terranova: I have not heard from Eddie DiNatale in a long time, but I do see Stephen Daly quite often; he goes to our church and his son, Nicholas, just started La Salle high school. He and his wife, Holly, are great people and their kids are very nice. I saw Mary Kay last summer, sadly when I dropped by at Mrs. Daly's wake. She looks great and is the same nice person she always was. It was nice to see her, though I would have preferred to see her under happier circumstances. Like you, I'd like to go to a St. Mike's reunion if the time works.
anonymous [01-29-2009]

Bruce Schmidt: I'm happy to hear from you and I'm glad I blogged on this site. As a result, not only to I get to chat with old friends like you, but I heard from a high school friend of mine whom I have not seen in years, so this whole thing is pretty cool. Yes it would be great to tip a few with the old G'town gang. I do hear from Bob Terranova, but years ago he decided to move to that cultural wasteland -- New Jersey, so we keep up via e-mail. I ran into Dave Glancey at the Wilma Theatre and he was working for the city, I think it was in L.and I. It was nice seeing him. I also have seen Jim (Bodie) Howard from time to time. He is friends with Frank Maher who is married to another cousin of mine Phil(Philamena). Yes, cousin Joe D'Angelo was an excellent soccer player. He did go to La Salle for a time but graduated from North. His sons and his brother Ceci's (Frank) sons went to La Salle and had good college and high school soccer careers. I don't know Jim Christy, except by reputation, but I know he's one of the best directors in Philadelphia and I have voted for him at awards time quite often. I almost did a second masters in theatre at Villanova after I did one in English; I guess he would have been one of my profs had I done so. Stay well. Joe D.
anonymous [01-29-2009]

to erda i also hung there with chuck livinston challie kelley and jim o'conell
anonymous [01-29-2009]

Rosemarie--yes--was saying u should not quit posting because soe bozzo attacked you. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [01-29-2009]

Bruce, I walked past Germantown Pizza the other night as my husband and walked over to the House of Jin for dinner, and yes it is temporarily closed due to a broken water pipe. They are planning to re open as soon as they get it fixed. I sure hope so as we give them a fair amount of business. Maryalice
Bruce Marshall, Maryalice still in Gtown [01-29-2009]

Hi Everyone! This is Jan, Al's wife. You brought him good luck on Saturday when you came to visit.. he is getting a liver today! Surgery started at 1 pm. We are at University of Pennslyvania Hospital. Say some prayers for him! Al and Janet Pauzano
Al Pauzano [01-29-2009]

Ed Burke Jr.-It's hard to believe that you are cruising on Highway 66.We were talking to that guy from Arizona in P-town New jersey about Flagstaff and Highway 66 went through that town.I enjoyed hanging out with Big John[brother] and John Murray[cousin] and you. Those suburbanities were wondering who we were.They probaly never saw guys drinking wine,whiskey, and beer and eating pies at the bar-we're from G-Town. We covered a lot of topics and neighborhoods. Brother John knew many of the old time Union guys-Steve Traitz,Joe Crosley and Frank Sheeran. Ed! You had some great insight into some of the characters of Germantown which can not be posted on this sight. I was having flash-back since our meeting reminded me of Sunday at the Continental with Ed Burke Sr.[your father],Slugger Boyle and Big John West who is small next to your little brother[John]. John looks like your father-only bigger. Your family is really into darts-you had a dart-board in the kitchen. Your smooth talking cousin[John] even was in a dart-league in Kensington-the major league.When I left the bar on the circle,it reminded me of the Pennypack Circle where the roofers hung out. It would have been nice if the Wilkins' Brothers had shown up.Ed! We will do it again-possibly with more actors if you know what I mean.
J.Bruce [01-29-2009]

To Joe D'Angelo: Good to hear from you. I remember a lot of fun times at St. Michael’s with you, Bob Terranova, Ed DiNatale, Richie Rossie and others. I think it was the late 60's when we taught together at Cardinal Dougherty. I saw your brother Bob at Al (Peanut) Pauzano's last Saturday. It was great to see Peanut, Bob, Lou Pauzano and Lou Fondi for the first time in many years. Bob told us you’re a HS principal now. He also shared some fond stories about your mom and dad and the neighborhood. We were all surprised, however, that he never heard of D’Angelo’s alley. To Bob Terranova: the names you mention from St. Michael’s are all familiar. Here are a few more: Augie Gisondi, Sheila Martinelli, Joanne Serini.
anonymous [01-29-2009]

Joe D'Angelo: I am happy that your persausive Brother Bob persauded you to submit a blog on this site-not surprising that it was quite pithy and informative.I congratulate you on your laudable and responsible position as Principal of Notre Dame High School in Villanova. I also commend you on your involvement with the Barrymore Awards-you must be a member of The Literati.Do you have any connection with Jim Christy[Theater Director at Villanova] who was a classmate of Lou Pauzano and me at the Prep. A few years ago, I bumped into Jim C.at the Wilma Theater where we watched a play based on a Argentinian Theme. I am into the Argentian-Culture since my wife is from Tango Country[Buenos Aires]. You were friendly with Dave Glancey and Frank Klock[St. Joe].Is Dave G. still a Thespian? You're right, I am being pedantic. We have you on the site,maybe we can get Dave G.& Frank K. Ken and I were always amused by Frank-he was a character. I also thank you clarifying the different elements of the D'Angelo Family. If I recall Joe D'Angelo[your cousin] was from the Brickyard and was a good soccer player.Did Cousin Joe go to LaSalle like you? Did you teach with Joe Lynch at LaSalle High.You had a broad and interesting education and career at Catholic Institutions-you even left the Christian Brothers for the Jesuits-What were you thinking? Many of my classmates[Prep] sent their kids to Notre Dame. You mentioned Jim McIntyre-Ken and I knew Jim well- I caught some missles from him at Fern Hill and Ralph Gatto sent some bullets your way. I have not seen Ed DiNatale since our days at Fernhill Park.It is hard to believe that the 3 Amigos are not traveling together-Joe D.,Bob Terranova and Eddie D. Nobdy mentions George Terranova[Bob's Brother] on the site-he was a friendly guy. I see you still live in Ambler;my mother[95] lives in Springhouse and went to your church-St. Anthony. My brothers and I kept my mother young and she was a librarian. It would be good to meet you and Bob and maybe Joe Razz and Jimmy Mack since they live in the area- I do know that you have a full plate. Joe! PURA Vida and VIVA GERMANTOWN!
J,Bruce Schmitt [01-28-2009]

Hello all, I grew up in Germantown, as well. I remember the Chinese restaurant near Queen Lane and Morris Street. It was called Hung Hing's (I think) back in the day. In fact, I remember there was a bakery, a barber and all kinds of goodies near there until the local boys started plundering and warring. Crazy days. Anyway, I have heard stories that the Queen Lane Projects were built over a graveyard. Does anyone know anything about this? My brother claims to have seen a Civil War era ghost in the projects when he was a child. I have seem more than my share of ghosts in the building, too. As a child I visited the old graveyards out of a strange concern that the occupants were lonely. Hey, I was just a 12 year old kid who was taught not to fear the dead. It was the living that bothered me. In any case, I think I picked up some spirits from Germantown who had literally followed me around for over 25 years. Gave me much good luck, too. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, but I kid you not. I went to Kelly Elementary on Pulaski, then Pickett(?) Middle School on Wayne Ave. I remember I first learned to play baseball in Brickyard with some classy gents from my middle school. I also remember seeing thousands of bats flying around Vernon Park. I mean thousands. At the time there was an old woman who used to sit it that park rocking back and forth clutching a bag or two while talking to herself. She was always in that park. He dubbed her Humpty Dumpty. I heard that when she later died $23,000 was discovered in her bag. Urban myth? Germantown rocks. That is for certain. The architecture is amazing. Even as a child, I had never really looked at Germantown as it was in the moment. My eyes were always fixed towards the past. I couldn't help it. Cheers
KEM, Parts Unknown [01-28-2009]

Mike Vozelli, I think you used to hang around with my brother Dan Carr;I remember you used to come around our house on Morton Street write back if you remember him.
anonymous [01-28-2009]

OMG. I just ate there friday. Great personal pan pies. Joe DePero 51, St Mike's 70
Joe DePero [01-28-2009]

st mike's grads. anyone hear from some really old friends. freddie boswick.carl siener, joanne oliver, richard rossi, sam maletto,gino primus, fred miller,jeanette siamprelli, roseanne criniti and several whose names i forget. i'm in touch with joe gatto now which is great. hope lots of st mike's people show up for the reunion that is being planned. bob terranova
bob terranova [01-28-2009]

joe d'angelo. great to see your posting.bobbie must have bugged you.also, thanks for your christmas card/update. hope you received mine. do you ever hear from eddie. does steven daly???? i've out of touch with mary kay for several years but hear from don and ellen scales occasionally. are you planning to attend the st mike's reunion??? bobbie said he's on and i'm too if the time is right. let me know if you've heard from ed. i think about him often especially now when reading all these wonderful comments from our germantown family. i'm in close contact with tom lynch,butz, clancey,bodie and klock.i know you are busy at school but it would be great if you could join us if we have another lunch in philly together.i will let you know if and when it happens. love to all. bob terranova
bob terranova [01-28-2009]

To Albert ( Peanut ) Pauzano It was my greatest pleasure to visit with you last Saturday.Thanks to Joe Gatto,Joe Razzano and your brother Lou for putting the visit together.It was great to see Charlie McGeehan,Louie Fondi too. Many,many thanks to your great wife Janet, who was such a wonderful hoostess and listened to all of our reminiscing.We all love you Al, and will stay in touch.

Bob Terranova - you are absolutely right, I will never forgive you for eating my lunch so many times at NC.I had to live on soft pretzels for 2 years!But you were like another brother since you practically lived at our house

Bruce Schmidt - I think I have talked my brother into logging on.We would love to meet up with you sometime at the Springhouse Tavern. We could probably get a few others to tip one or two with us.
Bob D'Angelo [01-28-2009]

On 1/15 Anoonymous asked if anyone was from Chenten and Morris.. I grew up in that area and spent many a day on the at Darrow's.. Do we know eachother??
Erda [01-28-2009]

About Nanette Mancini from Johnny's Dance Band - was her maiden name Nanette Nuzzi?
anonymous [01-27-2009]

For folks who were around through the 70's in SW Germantown: I just noticed tonight driving by "Germantown Style Pizza", which was a popular destination during the Maplewood Mall / Taker's etc. years up through the present (south side of Chelten between Morris and Pulaski) that it's closed. Alas, another casualty of the times.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [01-27-2009]

Ginny McCurdy Clark:It is a good feeling to see so many names from the past pop-up on this site and naturally the McCURDY NAME is one of them. Kathy McCurdy[your sister] and I graduated from St. Francis-1955.I knew all the girls that you mentioned but do'nt forget Jean Masterson who was on the basketball team with Kathy and the aforementioned classmates. Kathy and those girls had their act together-they were good-looking,smart,personable and were great athletes. I had a friend Bob Campbell[RIP] who thought Kathy was really cute and I might add that she had a great personality. I always felt blessed that there were some many nice girls in my St. Fran class. I am still friends with Pat McIlhinney and Paul Ondik[John's brother] posts on this site. Jim Razzano[RIP] has a brother Joe who also does some posting. Steve Kay also passed away. Kathy could have participated in the blogs about Monsignor Peter J. McGarrity-the legendary pastor from St. Francis. I must say that the comments about him were interesting and very profound. I was hanging out with some Germantowners and we had to talk about old PJ McGarrity. It sounds like life is good for Kathy-living in Fort Myers and enjoying the sunshine and the beach.I always liked Florida in the winter-but I spent more time on the East-Coast-Fort Lauderdale&Miami. I think that the West-Coast might be better now for seasoned citizens. Ginny! I appreciate your response and I am sure that I will see more blogs from the McCurdy Family in the future. Say Hello to Sister Kathy.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-27-2009]

Thanks to all the Hollow guys who came to visit me on Sat. It meant a lot to me. Would love to hear from anyone from Germantown anytime. Next visit the more the merrier. Thanks to Joe Razzano for putting it all together.
anonymous [01-27-2009]

Al (peanut)Pauzano [01-27-2009]

O.K. My brother, Bob, has finally shamed me into posting on this site. I have to admit it's pretty nice to know all of the old Germantowners are still around and, on the whole, doing pretty well. Yes, I'm the Joe D'Angelo who was friends with Ed DiNatale and Bob Terranova, not to mention Jim McIntyre, not to be confused with my second cousin Joe D'Angelo from Brickyard and D'Angelo Brothers contractors, who by the way is a very nice man. I have occasional contact with Bob Terranova and Jim McIntyre, but alas, I don't see Ed DiNatale. The last I heard he was living in Phoenixville. Bonnie Gatto was a childhood friend from St. Michael's, and I always remember he was a smart kid. We wound up teaching together for awhile at Cardinal Dougherty High School. I have enjoyed reading all the postings from Bruce Schmidt; he and Kenny were at St. Joe's when I was there and were always smart interesting guys to talk with. I saw Kenny back in the days when he owned the Jarrettown. Jim McIntyre and I were in there and said hello. Bonnie Gatto, I'm sorry to hear about Ralph. I can recall trying to catch his passes at the playground. I saw Charlie McGeehan a couple years ago; we were both waiting at Chestnut Hill for MRI's. I'm a high school principal and involved with the Philadelphia Theatre community through the Barrymore Awards. Life is busy, but good. Best regards to Al Pauzano, another of my cherished childhood friends. I frequently see Stephen Daly who goes to our church.
Joe D'Angelo, Living in Ambler area. [01-27-2009]

ed burke, 66 whatever [01-27-2009]

kim knight`, st louis by way of brickyard, 42 [01-26-2009]

I attended St. Vincents from 1971 (1st grade)until 1974. Most vivid memory was Sr. St. Anthony and Sr. Ann Immaculate...they should not have been teaching young children...they were scary and intimidating to me. My family then moved to suburbs and I finally enjoyed going to school.
anonymous [01-26-2009]

Hi Cip, so glad to see you on the site I just found out about it from a friend. Sorry to hear about your dad hope he start feeling better my prayers are with him. This site is neat I got an email from Joanne and she mentioned you and her were still in touch. I'll call you soon.
Margie(Carr)Foster [01-26-2009]

Susan, if you are still checking the messages on this site. there was a home for unwed mother(called Rosine Home)it was on Germantown Ave(3840 I think) I also wish I knew what happened to their records. I can tell you how to find it in the census records. Joy
Joy, I am in az, my mother was born in Germantown [01-26-2009]

hello, everyone from germantown; an update, a group of us went to see peanut [albert pauzano} on saturday. it was a great time. lou fondi, bonnie gatto, chalie mcgeehan, bob D'angelo, myself [joe razzano] and lou pauzano were the culprits. we talked for over 2hrs and had a great time. it was really fun to see everyone after so many years.Al looks great despite all his problems and he is blessed with a lovely wife and great children. by the way john bruce schmitt,i asked lou to bring your senior yearbook so i could revisit the past .didn't know you well but i recognized you as soon as i saw your picture it was pretty neat. also by way of coincidence my brother tom emailed me ca. 15 pictures from a st francis/germantown reunion that occurred about two years ago.it brought back some great memories. joe razzano
anonymous [01-26-2009]

joe taylor are you talking to me ? if you are.. not to worry ... i am not intimidated by somebody throwing stones from the cheap seats ... i have been enjoying reading the memories being shared by everyone ... if i'm notthe rosemarie your talking to ... i still feel the same ..ha! take care, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-26-2009]

Bob D'Angelo:Your last blog really resonated with me-concerning sibling-relationships and interaction with the older-brother's friends. I knew many of your mutual friends-sometimes tangentially since I was older. They were friendly and semmed like substantial kids. I had an older brother whose friends camped out at my house. They must have eaten nails for breakfast and raw meat for dinner and they came to our house for dessert-beer. They sat around the family-room and watched TV and drank beer. Ken and I went to our clubhouse in the basement and Ken shot pool and I worked on the speed-bag since I loved that sound.One guy liked to play Russian Roulette when he was drunk-he met his maker early. Another guy always had the munchies and he cleaned up on cookies,crackers and peanut-butter-this was the 50's and not the 60's.These guys got on my nerves and one dude pushed me and the conversation went down-hill with vulgar language and gender-preferrence. A donnybrook developed and it got ugly. My brother reprimanded me for throwing a cheapshot,getting into a fight with an older kid and that if I had gone to North that I would have a better understanding of a person having a bad day.It was not good for my relationship with my older brother but he should have broken it up.Older kids think that they should be treated with reverence.Ken is living in Jenkintown and I used a verb congruent with the past. Ken still likes to shoot pool,read books and is semi-retired. At one time,he was the principal owner of the Jarrettown Hotel. It has been renovated and lost much of it's old charm. I prefer the Springhouse Tavern On Bethlehem Pike. It would be nice to see Dr. Joe on this site,with his background, he could be an editor. It would be great to meet you,Joe and some of the guys from the old school-Germantown. Tell Joe,"I'm not yellow but very mellow".
J. Bruce [01-26-2009]

to lynne rich meitzler
rich, huntingdon valley pa [01-26-2009]

Rosemarie, don't let people in denial push you out of here.
anonymous [01-26-2009]

Ed DiNatale, Bob Terranova, Joe D'Angelo and I were close friends. We were in the same class at St. Michael's for eight years. I had heard that Ed was a teacher and had some problems after finihing college, but never heard what became of him. To Bob D'Angelo: I can't beleive anyone else remembers the 'tree lady'. Sometimes we'd follow her around to see if she had favorite trees, but she seemed to like touching them all.
Bonnie Gatto [01-26-2009]

bobbie d"angelo. really enjoyed your blog. i laughed my ass off about the lunch and locker story.you will never forget or forgive me.speaking of lou's pharmacy. anybody know if he is still alive. seems like every kid in germantown worked for him at sometime. i know that he moved out west to be his daughter,monica many years ago oh the memories of of our youth. so touching now to hear about our special neighborhood. so sad as well. i'm very interested to know if ed di'natale is still with us. before my mom died she was in touch with chrissie his sister and i heard he moved to florida.poor eddie,he developed schizophrenia in his 20's. if anyone knows anything about him please post it. he was my closest friend along with joe, your brother. steven daly may be still in touch with him. i haven't seen mary kay in years but keep informed by ellen scales.keep in touch bob. bob terranova
bob terranova [01-26-2009]

Johnny's Dance Band was a great outfit, and Nanette rocked ("My boy Alfredo got brains like potato, but his body is the genius of love. . "). They did a reunion tour about two years ago. Here's a relic site with some of their artifacts and shots on Nanette and the rest: http://www.geocities.com/trentonmusic/pages/jdb.htm Also, about the YMCA - it's been closed since last July: water damage from the sprinklers - it doesn't look too good for reopening any time soon (if ever).
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [01-26-2009]

Nanette Nuzzi! Wow, I lived catty=corner to her house. She lived on Seymour and I lived at 5013 Newhall Street. As children, we used to play together.
Cathy Haussmann McHugh [01-23-2009]

Hi Margie,so glad to see you on this site I try to e-mail but it didn't go through,thanks fo the beautiful Christmas card and letter,I have been very busy my Dad had a STROKE on Dec 5 so happy about your new grandchild have fun take care,Love Cip
anonymous [01-23-2009]

to rosemary--don't allow that person to chase you off -- let them get off. we don't need them.
ANNE [01-23-2009]

Bruce Schmidt - Ed DiNatale has kind of been "missing in action" for many years. Sadly he began to have some personal issues a few years after college and has never been the same. I think my brother Joe hears from him occasionally, but I am not sure whether Ed is still in the Phila.area. He and Bob Terranova were always at my house, so I sort of grew up with them too. I'm sure they thought I was a kid, since I was 2 years younger. Terranova let me share his locker at NC my freshman year, and he ate my lunch almost every day. I still kid him about that.He owes me a fortune in good sandwiches! Not sure if you remembered the day Joe and I ran into you at the Jarretown Hotel.We always respected you and your brother Kenny.You said "Had a brother Ken" in your last posting. Is he deceased?You were like legends in my mind along with Ralph Gatto and some of the guys that I considered much older than me then. I also fondly remember Jim Howard,Frank Klock,Dave Glancy,Lou Fondi and many others. We were very lucky to have a neighborhood full of good people and good families. I think we all agree that if the old neighborhood hadn't changed so much, we would still like to live there.The only downside was you had to behave most of the time, because everyone knew your family and would not hesitate to tell them if you did something wrong! I recall getting caught smoking 3 times in one week by people who knew my parents and told them they saw me puffing on a cigarette ! Keep posting Bruce, your blogs are great. I am getting my brother Joe to read them and encouraging him to sign on too.
Bob D'Angelo [01-23-2009]

Billy James- Good to hear from you. My God, I haven't thought of the Tree Lady in many years. She certainly was odd,to say the least. If you recall she loved Reese's cups. Your right,I had a special place in her heart. Wondering if she is still touching all the trees on Wayne Ave, Manheim St and parts unknown ! My musical ability was limited to playing the radio. Tell me what you are up to, my little protege. If you recall I got you your start at Lou's . By the way, did you know Billy Daly passed away a few years ago? By the way Bill, I could always talk you into anything !Even working Christmas Eve for me.What were you thinking?
Bob D'Angelo [01-23-2009]

JBS - you mentioned Kathy McCurdy in your post of people you remembered. Kathleen is my sister. She's married with 6 kids and living in Fort Myers, Floria. I just posted a picture of her on the Germantown Brickyard website, in albums of the present. It should be on in a couple days. Kathleen still as pretty as ever but is now a little, bitty, skinny thing. She's retired from Nursing. Is going to be great-grandmother pretty soon. When I talk to her next week, I'll ask her if she remembers you. She was friends with Eileen McLaughlin, Pat Kirk, Linda Simons, Sabina Cunningham. She hung out at Happy Hollow and loved to play basketball. Ginny McCurdy Clark
Ginny McCurdy Clark [01-23-2009]

Anonymous (1-15-09) There are plenty of people from St. Vincent's, Germantown & Chelten and Chelten & Morris on this site. Who are you?
Lynne [01-23-2009]

Bonie Gatto: I am happy to see you reappear on this site;I thought that you might have joined Rosemarie Gatto in a blogging hiatus. Joe Razz[your cousin] has a friend[Joe Taylor] who encouraged Rosemarie to keep posting on this site. It is wonderful to read such kind and heartfelt remarks about you and Brother Ralph-he was truly a great guy. Your last blog included many names that resonated with me. I recall watching Phil Grande play softball-many years ago and he was very good. I sent a blog to Joe Razz about Bob Kephardt since they both lived on Newhall St. Bob K. and I have a mutual friend[Pat McIlhinney]. Pat MC told me that Bob lives in Miami,has a boat and that he is never lonely eventhough he is single.Sometimes,he visits A.C. for some action. You mentioned Germantown YMCA in your last post. I went to the Gtn.-Y to swim and it was a great place.There was a guy who swam there by the name of Joe Verdeur. Joe Verdeur was an Olympic swimmer and one of the great swimmers of the 20th century. Joe V. and Ralph had something in common-they were 2 great athletes from North Catholic. A lot of Gtn. people went to LaSalle where Joe Verdeur graduated.Keep up your interesting blogging and I commend you for visiting Peanut[Al Pauzano]-another great guy.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-23-2009]

I was just told about this site and its great. I grew up in Germantown and have so many fond memories of it. Anybody here attend Fitler School?
Cathy Haussmann McHugh, Central New Jersey [01-23-2009]

Bob D'Angelo. It was good to see your name show up on this site. I thought about you from time to time over the years. I think you still owe me some time for coming in early to relieve you on Christmas Eve. You missed a good shift, Lou let me decorate the Tree Lady that night. You know you were always her favorite.
Bill James, Louis Pharmacy, 1962-67 [01-21-2009]

Bonnie, you asked about Nanette Nuzzi and someone asked about her earlier. My cousin, Charlie Foo, told me that she was the Nanette Mancini that was the singer in Johnny's Dance Band, a Philly group. I have one of their albums but I can't tell from the group photo if that's her. I don't know how accurate Chalie's info is but he's pretty good at still knowing a lot about people from our area of Germantown.....plus I remember him going out with her. I used to hang sometimes at her house with her brother, Tommy, when we were in grade school, both on lower Wayne ave. and on the corner of Newhall and Seymour. That would be pretty cool if that was her that was in that band. Bob D'Angelo, speaking of 'bands', I remember you performed at my 8th grade graduation at St. Francis. You had kind of a Chad Mitchell group. I forget who the other two guys were. Khaki pants and madras plaid shirt. Hang down your head, Tom Dooley.
Bill James, Head from the Hollow [01-21-2009]

Bob D.- Your recent blog clarified many questions and memories that I had about the D'Angelo Family and their friends.The guys from the Hollow also had many cousins-as you know. I remembered Brother Joe's friends-Bob Terranova and Ed DiNatale;they were good guys.This is the 1st time on this site that I saw Ed DiNatale's name. Ed. hung out at Fern Hill,back in the day and it is great that he still friends with Dr. Joe. Your memory is not too shabby; I did tend bar at the Jarretown Hotel near Ambler which was owned by my family for over 50 years. I believe Joe lived in Ambler where St. Anthony is located. My mother[95] went to St. Anthony when she lived in Ft. Washington. I had a brother Ken who knew the lads who lived near Manheim-Dave Glancey,Jim Howard Lou Fondi; I think you and Joe were friendly with them. I apologize for my mental lapse-confusing Marshall with F&M. I spent some time in West Virginia-especially Charlestown where there was a race-track in a cornfield. A word of advice, one can make more money on the golf course. I surmise that some of your old buddies want to play a couple of rounds.I enjoyed reading your comment about your father[Anthony Sr.] and how he worked with metal-sculpture.I have an interest in sculpture and I like to collect Equestian sculpture. It was super to read your blog-Give my regards to Dr. Joe and keep your head down when you are hitting that little white ball-Dave will tell you,"It's a tough game".
J. Bruce [01-21-2009]

The Mermaid Inn has been mentioned a few times lately, so for those who aren't in the area and may not know it, the place is still going strong, and is unchanged from whenever you were last in there, except they got rid of the upright piano. They have live music every night they're open, and a good selection of beers. I spent a very memorable New Year's Eve there three years ago, and it's always a great time and friendly folks. Those in the 'hood should check it out. Here's the URL: http://www.themermaidinn.net/home.html
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [01-21-2009]

To John Bruce Schmitt. Joe D'Angelo who is a friend of mine, though older, was assistant principal at La Salle College High School. He is now Principal of a girls Private High School, Notre Dame Academy, in Villanova. He is a class guy.
Bob Mc Creight, 55, living in Havertown PA [01-20-2009]

Dave Linn - I am still waiting for you and Spider to call me>I am always ready to find a reason to play golf. Maybe this spring?
Bob D'Angelo [01-20-2009]

To all Germantown folks: If you,your friends or family, are looking to escape winter, I have a home in Bradenton ( Sarasota) Florida that I rent .It is located in a country club development( Peridia Golf and CC ), and has swimming,golf,tennis,and dining available to visitors. I will only rent to people I know or who come recommended. My home has 3 bedrooms ( sleeps 6 people total)),2 baths and a 2 car garage.The interior has recently been remodeled with all new furniture, appliances,lighting,countertops,cabinets, a new lanai, etc. . All you have to bring is yourself.....everything else is provided ...sheets,towels etc. If you would like to see my home and get a description of the area, go to my website at www.bobhouse.homestead.com I have some openings for now. Bradenton is the training home of the Pirates and Sarasota hosts the Reds. Clearwater ( Phillies) is 45 mins. away,Tampa ( Yankees) is one hour, and Ft Meyers( Red sox) is one hour. Please contact me if you are interested.
Bob D'Angelo [01-20-2009]

JBS - yes I remember standing in line for confession and hearing old PJ's booming voice saying to some poor soul 'YOU DID WHAT". I also remember after he drank the wine duing mass him uttering aloud AHHHHHH ! I also recall being in the choir loft (man that was cool when you were a kid) and my friend Mooskie Beerley knocking a heavy book off the railing and it nailing some poor guy sitting in the back row. Suffice it to say Sister Rose Marie was none too happy.
Bill-NC [01-20-2009]

Ed Polanecsky: I knew so many of the people that you mentioned in your last blog-it was a long time ago.First,I must ask you,"Are you related to Ronnie Polanecsky[reporter"?You lived on Portico St.-You knew Bob CampbellRIP]. He was a great guy and altar-boy; he could have submitted some good remarks about St.Fran.Do you remember-Bill Duran.Dennis &Dan McGettigan,Kathy McCurdy from your old neighborhood? I remember the Nasef brothers-Al&Bob. Al was a big guy; I know that he did some heavy lifting. You knew Dave Loscalzo.Was he the former teacher[North] and Theater Director? There was a blogger who posted that Kathy Distal had passed away. We knew a Jerry Distal[St. Fran] who lived across the street from Mole Adamoli on Ashmead St. You and I went to Mole's house for a party back in 1955- a long time ago. We had some good times in OLDE GERMANTOWN. Ed! Thanks to this wonderful site,we are in contact after many years. Brother! Keep Blogging.
JBS [01-20-2009]

I haven’t been on this site for a while. To Davey Calbot: Remember that chance meeting a couple of years ago at the Sinatra impersonator show in Avalon. Ralph and I hadn’t seen you or your sisters for many years. It was great to see you all still together. And you’re still a great dancer. Ralph and I both enjoyed dancing with you that night. You were all married to good men. I remember Caboo and Jack Dugan well. And Phil Grande could hit a softball further than anyone at the Hollow. To Bob D’Angelo: Glad you found this site. Thanks for your thoughts about Ralph. There a lot of old timers here from all over Germantown with a lot of special stories and memories about all the different neighborhoods. I talked to Peanut about a week ago. We talked about some old friends, like Tommy Razz, Richie Rossi, Woody Colesbury and others. If you see your brother, Joe, tell him hello for me; we went to grammar school together and hung out together when we were kids. To Lou Pauzano: I remember all the Manzo’s and the Rinaldi’s. Larry Rinaldi was a magnificent athlete. Your brother, Peanut, and I were good friends. I keep him in my prayers every day. Does Butch Pickett have a younger sister named Kathy? I seem to remember going to grammar school with her. BTW: I think my brother Ralph went out with Eileen McLaughlin when they were teenagers. Ralph and Butch Pickett were good friends. Eileen’s sister, Peggy, married and old North Catholic friend of mine, Paul McGann. They are neighbors of my cousin, Joe Razzano, and I see them occasionally at Joe’s house. There are many familiar names and places that keep cropping up, like Paul Borian, Ben Hom, Bob and Joe D’Angelo, Bob Terranova, Jeannie Masterson, Dickey Masterson, Lou Fondi, Moe’s, Scalia's Pizza, Joe’s Pizza, North Catholic, St. Francis and St. Michael’s parishes, GBC, YMCA and others. Anyone know the whereabouts of Eddie Sweitzer, Bobby Kephart or Nanette Nuzzi?
Bonie Gatto [01-20-2009]

I now live in NJ. I have fond memories of growing up in Germantown and I can't think of a better experience to prepare you for life. Haines & Morton was our corner. Anyone who would like to share their stories of that time in history please write back.
Margie(Carr)Foster, Class of "57" Holy Rosary Parish [01-20-2009]

Thanks Wilma (01-14-09) for raising the issue of the "Philadelphia Bible Riots" of 1844. (Interesting to note Martin Scorcese's film "Gangs of New York" was based on the Philadelphia Bible Riots although he took great artistic license to place the Irish against the "Nativist" Prods in Civil War times)While these riots did not occur in Germantown the issue is important in understanding the ethnic hatred at that time by the "Nativists" (Protestants directed against Catholics (Irish in Kensington and Catholics in general in South Philadelphia's Southwark area). The riots were begun by Protestants who feared the multitude of emigrants to Philadelphia as a result of the Great Famine. The trigger was the use of the King James Bible in public schools to which not only Catholics but Jews objected, preferring the Douay version. Bishop John "Dagger" Hughes out of County Monaghan Ireland began a series of public debates trying to get state fuds for Catholic Schools. This man was individually responsible for the setting up of Catholic Parochial Schools in the USA. I woder how many on this site are aware of the origination of their schools? In May 1844 Nativists (Prods) burned St Augustines (4th and Vine) ;St. Michaels and the Sisters of Charity Seminary to the ground. A week of rioting ensued in which 9 were killed ad 20 wounded. State Militia stopped the riots eventually though they were late in arriving. In July, 1844, the rioting spread to South Philadelphia where a further 10 were killed by mob violence. It is estimated the damage was a quarter million dollars-a huge sum for that time. Bishop John "Dagger"Hughes sent armed guards (Irish Catholics) to surround the churches in New York and Baltimore as well as St. Louis and prevented attacks on churches. The Catholics then set up there own schools which did not, and still do not, receive state aid. It was the 'Dagger Hughes' who as Archbishop of New York, helped found the Catholic School system. In Philadelphia Bishops Kenrick and Dougherty played a huge role in developing the Catholic schools. Happy New Year Germantownians! (Prof.) Jim McKernan
Jim McKernan, Professor East carolina University NC [01-20-2009]

Bruce Schmidt- I remember you well from both the playground and FernHill park. You knew my older brother Joe, as he went to St.Joe's along with Ed Di Natale. They and Bob Terranova were great friends throughout the years.I recall you being a good athlete and a very tough guy,with a reputation for being able to handle yourself, but with a easy going personality. My brother Joe and I ran into you at a bar around Willow Grove many years ago. I think you were bartending, as I recall. You are correct about my older brother Anthony. He was a catcher and played a lot of ball with Paul Borian, Larry Rinaldi, Beebee Rossi, Joe Patti etc,He did become a teacher too ( I tried it a few years, then got into Sales and Sales Management)and he is now retired and living in Willow Grove and Florida.He was a pretty good ball player and played at St. Joe's. My brother Joe is Principle at Notre Dame Academy for Girls. He spent many many years at Dougherty, Carroll and LaSalle. The D'Ambrosio's were cousins that were in the clothing business. I am amazed that you remember all of this and you are dead accurate.You probably remember Joe D'Agostino too. He was my cousin also. I did not know your sister Joan, but I think you have a brother whose name I cannot recall. I worked at Louis Pharmacy from 1960-66, then went away to college at Marshall U in West Virginia( not F&M in Lancaster). I am proud to say that my family was part of Germantown for many many years. My Grandfather started the Blacksmith business in the early 1900's. I think around 1907. It stood on Wayne Ave. for many years until my Dad moved it to Armat St.around 1968. When he died in 1971 we closed the doors,as he never wanted me or my brothers to be involved. He wanted us to go to college and have an easier life. Isn't that what all parents want for their kids? PS- they never shoed a horse in their life...they were steel fabricators. I am proud to say that there is a steel sculpture behind the Art Museum that my Dad constructed for a local artist! His legacy lives on.
Bob D'Angelo [01-20-2009]

Bill-NC: I really connected with your blog about our old Pastor from St. Fran.I had flashback when you mentioned the light in his confessional-box. Did you ever get this one-" You did WHAT". We survived and I believe that we were better and stronger because of our experiences in G-Town.
JBS [01-19-2009]

Bob D'Angelo: I played ball at the Hollow when I was a kid and the D'Angelo name was highly respected. I remember Joe D'Angelo[cousin?] was friends with Bob Terranova who has posted on this site. I went to St. Joseph's College when Frank Klock and Joe D. were there- both of them were articulate.Lou Fondi[ST.Mike's] mentioned that Dr. JOseph D'Angelo is a principal of a high-school in Villanova. Your father's name was Anthony and had a black-smith shop on Wayne Ave;I remember that there was a black-smith shop diagonal from the Superior bakery on Keyser. I remember that there was an Anthony D. who played baseball with Paul Borian and Larry Rinaldi-he was pretty good and he might have become a teacher. You posted that you worked at Lou's Pharmacy. My sister[Joan] was a pharmacist and worked at Lou's in the late 60's.Bob Terranova,Joe D'Ambrosio and Bill James also worked there. I remember buying Tailor-made suits from the D'Ambrosio clothing store on Wayne and E. Chelten.I find it interesting that you went to school at F&M-This is not far from New Holland,Blue Ball and Intercourse where I went to horse auctions and where the blacksmiths shoed horses. Good-luck with your business and golf-possibly,you can make some money on the links if you can only get a few strokes.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-19-2009]

hello to my friends from Happy Hollow & the clas of 1947 from Saint Francis.
Joseph (olive) Allen, Joseph (olive) Allen 76 living in Fort Myers Fl [01-19-2009]

To Rosemarie. Don't let that guy/girl--another one of these anon folks who don't have the guts to state name just attack. Keep posting. Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor [01-19-2009]

to Ray Dawes: I don't know anything about John Weston--the one on Shedaker Street--than you do except he married a Mary Sue Kusek who lived in Manyuk (Sp). I had a big, big falling out w/ him many years ago. For a while the 2 of us were inseparable. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [01-19-2009]

WoW Michael. What a comment about this site. Joe Taylor
brbluis@yahoo.com [01-19-2009]

Greetings to all the gang at Happy Hollow, Fernhill Park, St.Francis anbd St. Mike's. Hello to Bonnie Gatto.... so sorry to hear about Ralph .He was an icon of NC and Germantown, a great guy. If a group is organized to visit Peanut, please count me in. Joe Razzano, drop me a line please. I see Tommy occasionally and would love to see you too.
Bob D'Angelo [01-18-2009]

First time reading these thoughts and its obvious that some of you have never grown up after all these years. I hope your children have,
michael [01-18-2009]

Bruce: Glad you Jogged my memory of Paul Borian abd his financial background. I now recall him being at the accounting dept at Children's Hospital when it was still located at 17th & Bainbridge. I do mot know what happened to him after that. I also remember Helen Harkins, I dated her a couple of times. There was also another Armenian family who lived down on Wayne Ave, The Demerjians, there were two sisters and a brother, one I Remember as Linda, and the other I do not recall. I met their brother Bob during my banking career, Bob was a currency trader at the old Girard Bank and then went on to open his own currency trading company. As I recall he was pretty high at Girard, I think he may have been an EVP. Take care see at our 50th, Lou Pauzano, South Phila.
Louis F Pauzano Sr, Souyh Philly [01-18-2009]

I don't think your joke was very funny John D. And I thought this site was about the memories of Germantown and not ethnic jokes. Now I know why I haven't been on here for a while.
anthonyg [01-18-2009]

Good health and a happy New Year to you, too, Gregg.
anthonyg [01-18-2009]

I haven't been on for a while and was just told about the term somebody used, "Greasers." I took it to mean greased back hair and T shirts with cigarette packs rolled up in the sleeve. Slick Rick just filled me in so I had to check it out. As far as anonymous looking for anyone from St. Vincent's, I was. I lived on the next block and gradutated from there in "60. So whoever you are if you want to say hello you have my e mail address.
anthonyg [01-18-2009]

JBS, My Brothers our converted our garage into a gym.Bill Bittner worked out there and at home. He went to school with my older brother. After lifting at home I joined Fritshes gym on Chelten ave. off Germantown Ave. Worked for about 5years. Ben Hom and Dave Loscalzo also worked there, but only about 3 months.Bittners Bakery on Germantown Ave near Wister St.They had two sons but not Bill and Gray.Last time I saw Dave Heil about 30 years ago and Al Nasef 10 years ago and Bill Bittner, this summer. I did not lived in Brickyard. lived on Portico St.Ed. Polaneczky
anonymous [01-18-2009]

To Greg Striano---I do remember the Mermain, and we did have some great times there. I was trying to remember the name the other day when I first saw your post. I hope all is well in your world. Do you know Joseph Criniti? If you do tell him that I said Hello. It was one helluva time Greg--------------Duke Belmonte
Duke Belmonte, South Lebanon Township, Pa. [01-18-2009]

Hey Bob D'Angelo, what happened to our golf outing at Macoby Run. Spider and I tee'd off and we had a great day, you gotta get rid of that job and become a retiree. Fore!
Dave Linn, G-town West [01-18-2009]

Lou Pauzano:Your blogs are always,pithy,rich and informative.I always enjoy the posts from the Hollow guys eventhoughI lived on the borders of Pulaski-Town and East-Falls-my older brother[Cactus-Jack] hung out at Ridge&Midvale. I met you first at the Hollow in the 50's.I had just finished shooting hoops for some chump change and I usually went to Moe's for a Champagne victory-drink- Frank's grape-soda. I had a bad day and I headed to the water-fountain and Lou P. was playing pinochle with 2 preety girls[better than pretty]-Eileen McLaughlin and Jean Masterson. I said to myself,"This guy is smart". I'm trying to beat some older guy on the court on a hot day and glib speaking Lou is relaxing with the lovely ladies-no brainer. I am surprised that you were not sure what street that Geraline lived. Back in the day,you had a photographic memory and you did not need a phone-book. You did not mention Helen Harkins who was in my class at St. Fran. Helen could have sung a song,"I'm a W O M A N". She was a very mature young lady. Lou! I'm only kidding,like most guys from the Hollow,you were a gentleman with an easygoing manner. Another nice guy from the Hollow was Paul Borian whom you mentioned in an earlier post. He was a great baseball player, I remember his shots over right-field into the backyards. He had a baseball scholarship to Villanova. In the 60's,I bumped into him at Kendrick Rec on the Ridge. He was working part-time with the Athletic Department. He was articulate and knew a lot about finance-your expertise.He was friends with Larry Rinaldi[Italian],Ben Hom[Chinese] and Paul was Armenian.They were cool guys from different ethnic backgrounds. This was the advantage of growing up in Germantown and the Hollow.I had a close connection with a famous Ukrainian Sculptor[Peter Kapschutschenko] and he identified with the Armenians since they both had been oppressed.I remember kicking field goals with Paul over the soccer Posts after a soccer game at the Gtn. Cricket Club. Paul probaly liked Ara Parseghian-the Notre Dame football coach-Ara was not catholic and belonged to the Armenian church. Those Hollow guys were good people eventhough I could never beat Goo in P I G-but who could.You had it right but did you do the Fox-Trot with Pat Kirk like Joe Razzano. I liked the Tango and 1-2 Cha-Cha-Cha. Robert Plant would love this rant. One of the bloggers takes umbrage with rants. CIAO-AUfwiedersehen
J. Bruce [01-16-2009]

I am the daughter of James Robinson who lived on Sprague and 5567 Matthew street in Gtn in the 1920-1940 time frame. He was raised by Jim and Margaret Sweeney.He attended Immaculate Concept and NE Catholic HS.He was an usher at the Allen Movie Theater. Sound familiar? He is still alive to discuss with anyone.
Mary Robinson Kelly, daughter of James Robinson raised by Sweeneys [01-16-2009]

do you spell greaser as" knuckle head" or maybe as "jerk" or maybe even as" loser". glad you spent so much time at the gbc but i feel bad for the people there who had to put up with the village idiot.this message is solely for anonymous 1/13/ 09. sorry but it had to be said!
anonymous [01-16-2009]

Most of us that grew up in Gtn. during the late '50's were GREASERS--this had nothing to do with Italians. Do you think we kept our duck-ass hair style in place with Breck shampoo or ivory soap? No way! So I would caution those breaking their water over this expression to lighten up, "If you know what I mean." Every playground during that time was filled with "Brylcream warriors" determined to remain permanently cool until they became eternally cold. Take a moment, please, and and re-watch the play/movie: "Grease."
kevin, Santa Barbara, CA. age 64 [01-16-2009]

Rosemary ­ I did see that comment from anonymous about the Hollow and greasers. Honestly, I did not take that to be an ethnic slur. I grew up in the 1960s, so I wasn’t part of the 50s culture. But, when I saw the post, I assumed that anonymous was referring to punk types with greased-back hair, regardless of ethnic background. Personally, I heard greaseball used as a derogatory ethnic term, but not greaser. With the comment on Happy Hollow, I just dismissed it off as a remark from someone from another area of Germantown who was tired of all the discussions here on Happy Hollow. I grew up in East Germantown. Happy Hollow wasn’t a part of my world so I look past those discussions. Anonymous should have as well.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in east Germantown [01-16-2009]

In my neighborhood and school greasers were guys who worked on cars and hung out in the garage and that was in the early 70's. We didn't think that was a negative word at all.
Sam [01-16-2009]

Rosemary R. Please don't go, you're amusing.
anonymous [01-16-2009]

I just found out about this site from Bernadine ( Logue) Marinari. It is great to see so many names from the past. As a refresher, I was the son of Tony D'Angelo the Blacksmith on Wayne Ave.next to Joe's Pizza and across from the Wayne Ave Theatre and Happy Hollow. Went to St Mikes and North Catholis ( 1965) worked at Louis Pharmacy thru HS. Left G'town for college and graduated from Marshall University. I was there during the plane crash, so I lived the movie "We are Marshall".By the time I graduated and came back home, Germantown had changed and everyone had moved to other areas. So I am sure I have not seen or heard from many of you since the very early 70's. I would love to hear from all of you, and hope you are well and happy.
Bob D'Angelo, Allentown Pa age 61 [01-16-2009]

I'm reading this site on a daily basis and you might get the impression that East Germantown was not part of the "real" Germantown. I lived on the border of East Germantown, West Oak Lane, and Mt. Airy. and we had something a lot of Germantowner's didn't have; Awbury park. Everytime it snows, I think back to that park that was filled with kids sledding there. It had 3 great hills; Dead Man's, Suicide, and Ski Jump. Deand Man's was the longest run from the top near the Army barracks all the way down to the ballfield on Haines st. across from Brush rd. You had to negotiate trees, curves, and then a small jump at the bottom to land on a level place. Near the bottom was a stone wall, and I saw a lot of kids come close to and go over that wall onto the sidewalk. You really came down at break neck speeds when that hill became slick from all the sledders. My cousin Dom and I didn't make it down one time when he lost control of our sled and told me to jump off. I didn't in time and went into a tree and split my head open. Needless to say my mom was horrified to see me bleeding when I got home. Suicide Hill was just a fast short ride down a narrow path that got faster as the day went on. Great for home made toboggans made from the sheet metal from the army barracks. Ski Jump was just a short distance away from Suicide that also went straight down, but it was bumpy and had a Willow tree at the end of the ride to avoid. Kids from everywhere spent the entire day there, caked in snow on their clothing and face and in their hair, and loving every minute of it. I understand that the park is now in bad shape and will never return to those days again, but when it snows, in my memory, it comes alive again. I think I'm going to get myself a cup of hot chocolate now; it's snowing outside today. Take care everybody.
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Conception School [01-16-2009]

Rosemarie: I'm saddened to hear you won't be posting anymore. I enjoy your posts and perspective on Germantown. Those that attacked you for telling about a situation that happened were the unacceptable ones. Don't let them run you off.
Peggy (Gillespie) Berkey, Colorado Springs [01-16-2009]

Hello again everyone. I"m trying to find someone. Her name is Gerry Powers (maiden), she lived on Parnell Place, up thre street from Penn & Magnolia. She attended Immaculate Conception and Cardinal Dougherty HS She would be around 49 or 50. I lost touch with her a long time ago and would really like to talk with her. If anyone should know how to reach her or contact her, you can forward my e-mail address. Her sister worked as a nurse at Germantown Hospital. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Duke Belmonte
Duke Belmonte, South Lebanon Township, Pa. [01-16-2009]

To Duke Belmonte i'm glad you're doing well hope your in good health do you remember the MERMAID Inn we all had good times in thate place. TO Franny B yes i also remember you and your family that was long ago good memeries. To Mike Garvey hope you and Sue are in good health,I talk to Tony criniti at least once a week. GOOD HEALTH TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS. gregg
Gregg Striano [01-16-2009]

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