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January 1-15, 2009

to fran if you go to germantownbrickyard.com and go to the in memory file there is a posting for eddie weston no other info but his daughter sign it. on the picture page is a picture of eddie or john weston from seymour st i knew the ones from shediker st john was a grade ahead of me and eddie was younger. they lived across the st from joe taylor,maybe he has so more info
RAYMOND DAWES [01-15-2009]

Anyone here from the top side of Germantown. ST Vincents or ST Madeline's.gt & chelten or chelten & morris
anonymous [01-15-2009]

Hi Cindy, yes you were certainly shy. I think you and I were the shortest kids in the class LOL. Miriam occasionally adds her two cents here also. Write to me so we can catch up and I'll give you Miriam's e-mail I'm sure she would like to hear from you. Also there is a St. Mike's whole parish/school reunion in the works for the near future(month or three) Joe DePero 51, St Mike's 70
Joe DePero [01-15-2009]

ok, maybe a bit of humor.An irish man and an italian man were drinking, the italian man was bragging of all the great things that the italians had invented or brought to the human race .the irish man remained silent and just as the italian man boasted, we even invented the art of love making, the irishman man smiled and answered, true, but we decided to include women .
john d [01-15-2009]

Ed Polaneczky: We went to St. Francis[55] together. Our Pastor was the legendary-PJ MCGarrity who has gotten a lot on ink on this site. You mentioned the different playgrounds on this site. Did you pump iron at the Hollow or GBC? You lifted weights with Dave Heil[our mutual friend] and Bill Bittner whose father had the bakery on Germantown Ave. We both knew Mole Adamoli who died in Vietnam[a brave Marine].Mole and I had a love-hate relationship if you know what I mean. I remember seeing you back in the 60's at Dave Heil's house near the Gtn. Cricket Club.If I recall, you lived in the Bricyard. There are a lot of bloggers on this site from the famous Brickyard. John Ondik's brother[Paul] had some posts on this site.Maybe, Jack will surprise us with some of his witty comments. A lot of the guys from the Hollow died and Jim Razzano from our class. Joe Razzano mentioned the McLaughlin sisters on this site- Eileen was in our class. I am now living in Central New Jersey with my wife-Ludmila. I am retired and I was doing ok until my 401-k turned into a 201-k. Ed! We still have our health and we still go to the gym with the young guys. We even blog on the net. I hope to see your Germantown Thoughts in the future." S T O L A T "
John Bruuce Schmitt [01-15-2009]

Okay, I lied - this will definitely be my final blog. Just thought I'd add as an aside re: the ethnic slur, "greasers", used in a blog by anonymous, the good news is it wasn't said by a Hollow guy; the bad news is that it was even said.
Rosemarie R [01-15-2009]

By popular request, this will be my last blog. I wonder how many of you saw the blog from "anonymous 1/13/09" who said: "The Hollow sucked. It was full of greasers. GBC and Wateview ruled." Last I heard, "greaser" was an insult directed to Italians. And just when you had me convinced that bigotry was dead in Germantown. How many of you will now be redirecting some of the slings and arrows you sent my way to "anonymous"?
Rosemarie R. [01-15-2009]

I wanted to say Hi to Greg Striano and let him know that I agree with him. This site really does need some new thoughts. I had the opportunity to meander between both the east and west sides of Germantown, both were very important to me as a child and as an adult. Greg, I wanted to let you know that my life has turned out wonderfully, I removed myself from the insanity. I hope all is well with you and God Bless. Duke Belmonte
Duke Belmonte, Lebanon County,Pa. [01-15-2009]

Oh no, someone just asked what happy hollow was. Now we have to endure the idle rant.
anonymous [01-15-2009]

I'm sure old P.J. McGarrity knew the kid in his confessional was not from St.Francis and had to be from some other parish. No kid in his right mind would ever go to that confessional at the front of the lower church when they saw the light on. If you were in line for one of the other priests and there was no one in McGarrity's line he would come out of the box and force kids to get in his line. Woe to you if you were one of the ones picked out - it was like being lead to the gallows.
Bill, 59 in N.C. [01-15-2009]

Raymond - Do I understand you correctly that there were two Eddie Westons? Someone previously indicated that Eddie Weston had passed away. If there were two, which one would that be?
Fran, Former G'towner [01-14-2009]

rinaldi, you had about 20 entries in 5 days. give it a break, we are not going away. try to pace yourself and let some others in.
anonymous [01-14-2009]

Dear Joe, Thank uou for remembering me.We had great times at Saint Michaels. It was such a small school where you could get to know everyone. Even though I was very shy I enjoyed my friends that I made there. I am currently a physician at Lankenau Hospital. Hope all is well with you. Are there any other members of the class of 1970 out there? Cyndy Calbot (Sczepanski)
anonymous [01-14-2009]

In refrence to mary and jack dugan,mrs gallagher was a great lady,i spent a lot of time at the house in tacony/n.e i belive they were related to jumpin joe dugan of the ny yankees,also acording to tom flannery of the old flannerys tavern in nice-town,babe ruth would drink at the speakeasys in g-town whenever they played the athletics, he was friends with a player from royal st off of manheim.i went to st francis with mike mcginley,his nickname was pixie,bill cosby does a routine about go carts and dead mans hill,I have heard 2 versions of which st it was,one states it was abbotsford ave which leads to the xpressway and the other that it was berkley st and to end on a sad note,on sunday a friend of my familys named kathy distel,who lived on ashmead place passed away at the young age of 57,she was married to mike keehan and they had two children
john d, 50 g-town [01-14-2009]

Bill Green the X Mayor is a BUM, ask any Cop or Firefighter.
D., Philly Guy - Gtn. 50's & 60's [01-14-2009]

Big John B.- We finally settled the case about the Hom-Family business which contained both a restaurant and a laundry on Queen Lane. I realize that the take-out was the former sea-food store which was next to Volpe's market at Queen Lane&Morris. I am impressed that your mother at 88,can still remember the laundry from so many years ago. You must be multi-cultural, having grown up in Germantown and having married a Jewish-Woman. I do'nt know if you were married in a synagogue but I married a Christian-Orthodox lady under the Golden-Dome. I do'nt think our Old Pastor[PJ McGarrity] would have approved. On this site, I just read a post which really upset me-it was an-ethnic slur. I know your girl-friend is an Italian-American and you must have been livid when you read that despicable remark.I had a friend from Darby named Pat Martin who was a husky Hibernian. Pat married a beautiful woman named Rose[Italian].At a club,a jerk[J unior O perator] made a ethnic slur about the Italian-Culture and Pat laid him out. Back in the day,these remarks could be disaterous if you know what I mean. I mentioned in a previous blog-a guy named Frank Sheeran who also came from Darby. Irish Frank Sheeran was very close with Russ Bufalino from Forty Fort[Scranton] Pa. Being in the business,I do'nt have to tell you about Old Russ[Rip]. My former girl friend was from Forty Fort and I must add that she was a teacher and not a bookeeper.Frank S. and Russ B. would not be happy with this comment. It always amazes me how people can make such fudging stupid remarks. I've known many ethnic people in my life,Irish,German,Polish,Jewish,Ukrainian,Hispanics and ASians and I only encountered that term in books. Big John! We can only pray for this shallow curmudgeon-it must be dementia.
J. Bruce [01-14-2009]

To Dennis McG: I guess I came on a little strong re: Larry's experience with (probably) Mon. McGarrity. I was just so mad that a priest could do that to a kid and, lets face it, he is my husband and I didn't like hearing he was treated like that. I can see now that it was just one priest and not the whole parish. As I've already said, this priest obviously did not negatively influence any of our generation at the time. Any prejudice was probably before our time. (I still think having two separate but equal parishes was divisive.) You will read on my subsequent blog, however, that I saw no prejudice on the corner, on the ballfield or in the playground, which speaks volumes for the Hollow kids.
Rosemarie R [01-14-2009]

I was doing research on my father's family the McGinns and Donohues from St. Michaels at 2nd & Jefferson and happened to look up the history and was amazed at the anti-Catholic riots . Very interesting to read . Most were Irish families that the violence was directed to. I do remember the divide with Immaculate & Holy Rosary. There was an article in Philadelphia magazine by a Bernie (last name escapes me) regarding the divide .
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [01-14-2009]

John Bruce Schmitt: Not from Cinnaminson and St. Charles Borromeo Parish anymore. We moved to Marlton almost 20 years ago. I've already said that it did my heart good to see that the old ethnic barriers were torn down and kids went to the school of their choice, whatever it was. Sad that St. Michael's is no more, 'tho.
Rosemarie R [01-14-2009]

John Burke: This isn't about the priest thing, but you reamed out Rosemarie for "living in the old days". Hey, isn't that what we're all doing on this website? Gotta take the bad with the good.
Anonymous [01-14-2009]

Lou Pauzano: You're probably right that it wasn't you that got the anonymous phone call. Somebody did, but that was way back on this blog; I forget who it was, but the story was told here. As for Paul Borian: Yes, he and Larry were close. He was the driver of the bridal car at our wedding. At the end of the evening, he drove us to the Bellevue where we were to leave for Miami the next day. I was dressed to the 9s and trying to be so cool and not let on I was a newlywed, but when Paul dropped us off in front of the hotel, he jumped out, opened the door for us and gave us just such a big sendoff, I figured, God, everybody's gonna know. But I forgive him - he's a great guy. I also remember you and your wife stopping my the shop in the Cherry Hill Mall many times. I remember you telling me that your kids got to go to your pre-school because they knew the owners! :)
Rosemarie R [01-14-2009]

to every body on this site, Google earth. zoom in on phila. Then you can see all the playgrounds and street you played and lived. Ed Polaneczky Class of 55 St. Franics
anonymous [01-14-2009]

Rosemarie - it was a lone incident that happened so long ago. As a Catholic, I really am sorry it happened. Let's move on from this.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & rasied in East Germantown. [01-14-2009]

What is Happy Hollow?
dkennedy, 53 years young [01-14-2009]

Mrs. Gallagher of Clapier Street was the sister of Jack Dugan, who married Larry's sister, Rae; therefore, I knew them well (the parents; the kids not so much). Which brings to mind another "Isn't it a small world" story. About a dozen years ago, I worked for a small law office in NJ and one of my attorney bosses was a young lawyer named Mike McGinly. I don't know how we got on the subject, but it seems he was originally from Germantown and was good buddies with the Gallagher boys. Said he spent a lot of time at the Gallagher home as a kid. So far as I know, he is still practicing law and is with a law firm in Mount Laurel. Someone also asked if Bill Cosby was from Germantown. Mike told me that he lived near the Cosby home (either in back of it or around the corner) and he used to see Bill Cosby many times when he returned to the neighborhood to visit his folks.
Rosemarie R. [01-13-2009]

John Beaver: We were so saddened by the news of your mother's diagnosis. I know what you're going thru - my mother suffered from Alzheimer's. It is such a great loss. I remember all the good times we had with your mom and dad, Betty and Joe and your mom's family. They are all great people. I wish science would find a cure for this horrible disease. Your mom didn't deserve this.
Rosemarie R [01-13-2009]

John Burke: No, I never said that my neighborhood was perfect - if it was, it wouldn't have been necessary for the nuns to do damage control. Jo-Jo: That was my point exactly. Every Catholic church should be open to every Catholic. No one should be denied Mass or confession on the basis of their heritage or parish. Too bad the priest, whoever he was, didn't believe that.
Rosemarie R [01-13-2009]

the weston brothers are very confusing we had johny and eddie weston on shedaker street. eddie and james from west seymour street. johny married mary lou malageria from wakefield street it is getting to keep them straight with out a score card. bob and bill campell were in my brother roy dawes (age 62) also vince dolan was in there class.

Bruce: Many thanks for the update on my former dating life. I do remember Eileen, but I think we used to call her Mickey and I believe she had a sister Kathy. They lived on Ashmead Place right off of Greene St. I was not aware that she married Buthch Oickett. As I recall from my St Michaels's days Butch has a sister Geraldine who was a classmate of mine at St .Michaals. I believe they lived on Stenton Ave. right behind the school. I also remember the girls that were metioned, Pat Kirk did marry Bill Green and for a while was the first lady of Phila. They then moved to the D.C area where Bill had some sort of consulting business. The Bill Green currently on city council is theur son. My fondest memory of that group of girls is that they were all very athletic. I believe Jeannie Masterson played for Little Flower. But then again don't count on my memory. we are going back over 50 years.
Louis F Pauzano Sr., louis pauzano south phila [01-13-2009]

I follow this blog almost every day and it is starting to look like a family reunion to me. Let me explain: John Beaver is my first cousine (our mothers were sisters Jeanie and Marie Manzo) Caroloine Manzo is a cousine of my father(Yes you read it righr Manzos on both sides. (Dont't ask). The only one who knows this lineage for sure is Caroline Manzo who has attempted to explain it to me on numerous occasions but I still can't get it right. So carrie if you are out there please put it writing and send it to me so I will have it once and for all. I also once heard that there was some kind of distant relationship between the Rinalddis and the Manzos. If anyone couls clarify that i would appreciate it vert much. I want to clarify something I saw on on this blog and I frankly do nor not know where it came from. I never received an annonymous phone call from anyone at any time. Don't know where this got off the ground but it is not true. When I was speaking abput my family above I forgot to mention Bruce Schmidt, who although he is not a family member was a classmate of mine at St Joseph's Prep,along with Pat McIlhinney from the 5100 block of Knox St. Paul McKee from the 100 block of Seymour St. and Steve Kay (Now deceased) from Milne St. I also remember Ben Holm, he was a real good person and very funny also, If my memory serves me correctly which it doesn't very often yjese days, I remember Ben playing baseball for Germantown High along with another fellow from the Hollow, Paul Borian, Paul was from the lower part of Wayne Ave and a good baseball player. Rosemarie' I remember Paul and Larry being close friends also. I always associated Ben with the laundry that was located in the the middle of the 4900 block of Wayne Ave. but there too the memory is a bit faded. Davey- Thanks for bringing back all of those names, I have to admit I forgot most of them but your list helped me recall them. I remember most of them through my aunts who spoke of them often. One fo them mentioned a guy they called Fizzle who gor fizzled when he was struck by a bolt of lightning right in the Hollow. Rosemarie: I remember when you had the heart shop in the Cherry Hill Mall, my wife Roseann used to pass by when we were shiooung there. I would guess that it would have bee at least 25 years ago. Lastly, let's just turn down the volume a little about the icident that Larry had. Rosemary was just relating an incident that occured. I currently reside in South Phila. and in speaking with some of the older people down here I can assure you that the ethnic divide was not limited to G-town.,
Louis F Pauzano Sr [01-13-2009]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: Mrs. Burke[88] of Hansberry St. saved me,folk thought that I was confabulating and having a senior-moment. Mrs. Burke remembered that Ben's parents had a laundry on Queen Lane. You were correct that the Hom family had another business[take-out] on the same street-Queen Lane. This business was next to the Volpe-Market. There were two Volpe brothers-Carmen and John. Forgive me but I must tell you this.These Italian-American guys could have gone to Holy Rosary or St. Mike's but they went to St. Francis.Germantown was multi-cultural before it was cool. Like you and Larry,I've been to Rome but I was married under a Golden-Dome-if you know what I mean.You have a relative with Polish-name and the Head[Bill James] from the Hollow, wishes you,"100 years-S T O L A T.You are from Cinnaminson and probaly St. Charles Borromeo[Great Italian Arch-Bishop]-"Pax Con Nos Te".
John bruce schmitt [01-13-2009]

TO JB Schmitt: Thank you for your support. You really seem to have "gotten it" when nobody else did. I certainly meant no harm. I enjoyed my days in Germantown and I was not dissing Germantown or the Catholic Church so much as dissing the arrogant "cantankerous" priest. But I doubt if old age had anything to do with his meanness. My sainted grandmother used to say - if they were miserable when they were old, chances are they were miserable when they were young. Those old grandmothers really had a handle on things sometimes, didn't they?
Rosemarie R [01-13-2009]

Sorry - I may have addressed my last e-mail incorrectly. The first part of the e-mail should be addressed to John Burke. The second part re: Ben Hom is to JB Schmitt and John Burke and I thank them both for trying to solve the mystery of the laundry v. Chinese take-out. See, John Burke, we CAN get along after all.
Rosemarie R [01-13-2009]

To John Burke: Yes, I thought this thread was over too. But I still keep getting flak that I'm forced to defend. I have no problem with being Catholic or your dual churches (even tho' they had outlived their usefulness in my time). If it was okay with you and your community, fine. That never affected my life and it seems that, thank God, it didn't affect the kids I knew at the Hollow. There wasn't any discrimination on the corner, on the ballfield or in the playground when I was there. But it seems that everyone has missed my point. To strip it down to the bare bones, my point was that a priest refused to administer the sacrament of Penance to a Catholic schoolboy merely because he was Italian and not from the parish. No more, no less. How anyone can justify that, I'll never know. Because he was a priest, he can do no wrong, but I'm the bad guy here. A priest should be for all people and if he can't be, he should be retired. It's worse if the bigotry is practiced by a man of God as opposed to a layman. I never said we Italians cornered the market on prejudice. Lord knows, there was plenty to go around and still is, but no priest should legitimize it as being the norm. You depend on the church to teach what's right and I'm glad you try to teach your children that everybody is the same - that's as it should be and that's what I would have expected from the priest. I have no chip on my shoulder; I didn't experience this myself. I was just responding to a previous experience posted by Lou Pauzano, which nobody seemed to have reacted to like they did to mine. And why should the fact that I wasn't from Germantown have anything to do with the truth? Again, don't shoot the messenger. 'Nuff said. To JB Schmitt and John Burke: I am still confused as to Ben's laundry v. Chinese take-out. I think they had both. I think early on, they just had the laundry and then Ben's oldest sister took it over when they opened the take-out. Does that ring a bell or have the senior moments returned? Larry remembers the restaurant too. Ben got him into some Chinese dishes that are still his favorites. Thanks for your help in trying to solve this mystery. By the way, Ben's youngest brother became a psychiatrist! Isn't that something?! Medical school and then on to the specialty of psychiatry. How smart is that?! Ben opened a Chinese take-out of his own in a strip center in the suburbs near his home, but eventually gave it up. He was a great guy and we miss him.
Rosemarie R [01-13-2009]

The Hollow sucked! It was full of greasers. GBC and Waterview ruled.
anonymous [01-13-2009]

Joe Razzano: I appreciate all the info about the Hollow and Germantown people. You left Logan St. and moved to Newhall. Did you know Bob Caphart[St. Fran-56? He runs comedy-shows and hung out with Al Petresi[Clapier St.] and he lived on Newhall-another character. He has parties on his yacht in Florida-need I say more. Goo would have enyoyed himself. I liked the story about you,Goo and Ben cruising in the chick-mobile-the Thunderbird. I can imagine the 3 of you pulling into the Hot-Shoppe-right out of American-Graffiti.This was before "John Travolta".I see your classmates from St. Fran on this blog-Joe Taylor and Ray Dawes and also your brother[Tom].Joe T. talked to you about Jimmy Hoffa but did he ever mention Irish Frank Sheeran, a buddy of Hoffa who was from Darby. Even the boys were afraid of him if you know what I mean. Joe T. asked you if you played for the 239 Cafe in the Brickyard. In the 50's& 60's, I was friends with Jim Stabilito[Holy Rosary] whose father owned it. I am impressed that you know so many people from Germantown of different generations. You danced with my classmate- Pat Kirk.She married Bill Green[The Mayor] and she lives in Chestnut Hill. I talked to Bill Green Jr. at a party. I have not seen Eileen in years and her classmates were good-looking but I might add that there are some foxes in your class- how about Paula Simon. I like Flourtown and I had some good-times on Bethlehem Pike. Brother! Keep Blogging!
JBSJ [01-13-2009]

Rosemarie, for the record, I didn't dump on you, as you say. If you re-read your first post on "St. Mike's vs St. Francis", there is a definite tone there that sort of admonishes priests and the parish of St. Francis as a whole. My point was, don't blame many for the actions of one cantankerous old priest. I totally agree, that priest, whether it was the mentioned Msgr McGarrity or not, was wrong to do that to your husband. I think if you told that story as it happened and left out your own feelings towards priests, St. Francis parish and discrimination, few if anyone would have felt a need to defend or explain.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germatown [01-13-2009]

To Erica D. Well, I don't know your grandparents, however, I had a wonderful elementary principal in the 80s whose name was quite similar to yours: Drop the a in your first name and that was him. He came to us from the middle school and was only at our elementary school a year or so. He was well liked by our faculty. Any relation? If so, what a small world. If not, what a coincidence that your name should be so similar!
Patricia Carr [01-13-2009]

J B Schmitt: I asked my mother about the chinese laundry and she remembered it, but she wasnt sure where on queen lane, 88yrs old you know. The chinese restaraunt was between morris and pulaski which would have been across the street from cranes. If it was on hassis' block it wasnt a chinese food place later. I remember Fr. Bogart well. I went to my first phillies game with Fr. Bogart and the alter boys from St Catherines, it was in 1963. The phils beat the braves, i was the only light skinned kid on the trip. I couldnt go to St Catherines at that time, but what did i know. I also remember the monsignor from St Francis, he wasnt very nice. I also had Sister Grace in 8th grade at St Francis. I think many of the 8 Burkes did. Our trip to p town, thats what i call it when im there with my friend, has gotten bigger, i was curious if that leonardo cat from up that way wanted to grace us with his appearance. See you in P Town.
John Burke, 54 NE Philly [01-12-2009]

Rosemarie Rinaldi, i thought that this thread was over, im judging by your comments that it is not. You seem to be living in the old days, with a chip on your shoulder. What would i know, you are right,i grew up in a neighborhood where everybody got along. Many different ethnic groups.My mother was German my father irish. Lord knows that neither one of those groups was ever discriminated against. You have cornered the market on that issue. You are not even from gtn as you have stated from numerous posts.I wish i could say i was from your neighborhood where everybody got along. A parish that was so perfect, but i wasnt and im damn proud to say im from gtn. I also have two children who are half jewish, their forfathers probably havent experienced discrimination either. But what would i know.I try to teach them that everybody is the same, judge people how they treat you, but what would i know, i am irish, german kid from gtn.
John Burke [01-12-2009]

Looking for anyone who may have known my grandfather and family. They lived at 5051 Portico St. in the late 1930's - early 1940's.
Erica Dreibelbis, Fort Washington, PA [01-12-2009]

In the mid-60's, I remember some older neighbors who were members of St. Francis, who occasionally went to Mass at St. Michael's (I believe that this had to do with what time the services were at both churches). I don't ever recall hearing any comments of problems doing that or not being welcome.
Jo-Jo, Rubican St. [01-12-2009]

The way I remember it,you had to have an Italian parent to join St Mike's orI guess even a grandparent that was a parishioner. This is evident in some of the last names... Hudson, Gleason, Rosenthal (hi Miriam)etc. St Mike's however,wasn't the only "missionary" school in our area though there was also St. Ladislaus on Hunting Park Ave near Germantown Ave. There were at least a half dozen kids from back West Clapier that attended St. Lad's, all of Polish decent. I am still puzzled at the,what I always thought useless, designation as a missionary school. None of us could speak italian and this really became evident when a handful of italian immigrant children came to school in the mid 60's. It took years to converse with these kids. Don't get me wrong though, it was great going to St. Mike's and I wouldn't trade my memories for anything. Hey John and Rose thanks, but John I don't recognize any of the names that Elizabeth wrote (except her daughter's). I guess they were all before my time. Joe DePero 51, St Mike's
Joe DePero [01-12-2009]

B.Campbell: I have never been a member of the chattering class-thanks for your inciteful comments. I will be chatting with a couple of homeboys from G-town in 2-weeks-Big John Burke and the Hansberry Huskies. We will be chatting about our glory in sports-I broke my tooth on the rim,going up for a rebound and John B. will tell me about all the preety ladies that got away. We will be drinking whiskey we but we wo'nt get friskey since we will chasing it with beer and wine. If it sounds good-join us and talk to us about Easr Germantown where you probaly lived. John B. and I were not confined to W. Germantown. However,I must disagree with you that Rosemarie Rinaldi is a chatter. Her blogs are very serious,powerful and compassionate. Her husband[Larry] had a horrific experience with the legendary and iconic St. Francis Pastor{PJ] who was at Greene&Logan for many years[40&].This blog connected with many people since he was such a large figure in our lives-bad and good.Rosemarie's comments stimulated our analytical and critical thinking which produced profound blogs from other people on this site. Dennis McG got it right when he described the old priest as cantankerous[curmudgeon]. It made me realize that PJ Mc was like other old people who enter a state of senescence.By the Grace of God,may we still have our mental faculties as we age. Brother! We're getting there.Incidentally,I knew a great guy from ST. Fran.-Bob Campbell who had a brother named Bill who was a priest.
john Bruce SchmittB [01-12-2009]

I find it interesting reading about what went on in gtn in the 50,s and 60,s and so on. I want to tell you that i give credit to gtn for my upbringing. The 1st 10 yrs of my life was at Sharpnack & Emblen sts. I used to hear all my life that i was born a catholic,but i've always said,no i was'nt,I was born into a Catholic family. Do you know all of ife people would tell me "us Irish has to stick together" and when i went in the Army,the 1st thing i heard from tholic priest who was separating men was "us Catholics have to stick together". It just might be the reason i'm not predjudice is because of having to hear that kinda stuff. I think that the 1st 10 yrs of my life being raised in gtn has given me a healthy outlook toward all nationality's and all color of skin. So,i say "thank God for germantown" I'm glad to be a part of the human race! Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, am 65 and loving it! [01-12-2009]

Rosemarie - You are right Jack and Marie are my parents. They are living in Hatboro. Mom is in very poor health, dimensia, but Dad is doing OK. I pass by Wayne Junction on my way to work in the morning. I've often wanted to hop off the train and walk up Wayne Ave to see what the old neighborhood looks like now.
John Beaver [01-12-2009]

To B. Campbell: Yes, I guess John Bruce Schmitt and I are very chatty people. I had posted a true story that many people dumped on and I just wanted to say, don't kill the messenger! However, if you don't like what JB Schmitt and I have to say, don't read it.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-12-2009]

well its 15 mins before game time,i have to type fast and sober lol.hey burke leave the eye talians alone lol. how are you,i was thinking of you last week i was in ewing n.j and pennington .eddie weston was that jimmy westons older brother if so they were great soccer players along with vinnie kelly and the dillions.i seem to remember that one of my parents were related to the westons and the dillions how i am not sure.joe depero how is your brother johnny i meant to ask for him last time,carmella 4 kids wow you mentioned mike kitell,he always had great cars,his dad was a mechanic i belive,the guy nicknamed head on clapier was danny gallagher,joes older brother.i was just up at joes house he has been promoted to sgt in the prison guards married an irish girl from belfast and has 2 great kids .st francis was quite a school 6th grade sister thomas suspended 14 of us from school complaining we were plotting to make her go insane,we had no clue what she was on about and sure enough she ended up in a hospital for a breakdown of some sort,poor lady .another time i read the godfather and wrote a book report on it,next thing you know my parents were hauled in by the mother superior to answer why i was allowed to read such things, my mom told them i read anything and everything from the back of bottles to comics to novels she never discouraged me from reading and expanding my horizions.does any one remember the sexton,maury scales,he would scare the sh***t out of me at the six o'clock mass in the sacntury by just popping in with out a sound lol,creepy .ok lets go eagles
john d, 50 g-town [01-12-2009]

Joe Razzano: See my last blog - yes, I finally figured out that you had signed your blog (talk about senior moments!) As to Ben's T-Bird convertible - we remember it well. That was back in the day. It was the model with the little round window if I remember it right. We couldn't get over that it had air conditioning (who had a/c then?) and Larry thought that if you had a convertible, you didn't need a/c. Now we wouldn't drive around the corner without it. Rosemarie
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-12-2009]

To Dave DiDonato ≠ Are you related to Johnny DiDonato? In the 60ís he worked at the Post Office on Greene St. He also worked, part time, at WAYNE COLD CUTS for his compare, Johnny Abbamondi.
Tom Razzano, The Hollow - Currently Living Bergen County, NJ [01-12-2009]

Joe DePero: Scroll down a little to read Elizabeth Calbot's blog and you will find out she is Cynthia Calbot's mother. You will also find out what Cyndy is doing now. As for John Beaver, if I'm right, John Beaver's dad is John (Jack) Beaver, Sr., and Marie (Manzo) Beaver is his mom.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-11-2009]

John Bruce Schmitt: As to Ben Hom - you remember the family having a Chinese laundry; we remember a Chinese take-out. Is it possible they had both? Rosemarie Rinaldi
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-11-2009]

Hey, Joe Razzano: Sorry I misread your last blog. I thought you signed it "anonymous", but after re-reading it, I noticed that you did sign your name. I showed it to Larry and, believe me, he knew it was you even if you had signed it "anonymous". You've heard of "The Oxbow Incident", this was "The Icebox Incident" and Larry remembers it well. He still gets a chuckle out of it and after we had a couple of boys of our own, we could see where your mom was coming from. Say "hi" to your dad for us. Rosemarie Rinaldi
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-11-2009]

To: Marlene Kennedy I too was a lost child of Dt joseph hall for girls me and my olde sister was there in the early 80's Iwent to Ada lewis middle school and Deitre went to Community high school i wanted to share that with you cause we been looking for old friends tooo well i just wanted to share that with you
April Smith, 39 yr north philadelphia [01-11-2009]

jbs yes she is. by the way i knew all the young ladies u mentioned. .they were all very lovely, in fact pat kirk taught me and some of the other "younger" guys how to slow dance using the boxstep method.I also believe she married bill green,the former mayor of philly i did know ben but i'm not sure what businesses they owned. my fondest memory is taking a ride with him and goo in his white thunderbird convertible, he even turned the ac on. rosemarie it was I[me] who said hello to larry.i just noticed that unless you place your name in the name box you come up as anonymous. joe taylor how could i ever forget you! you talked about jimmy hoffa and the teamsters 24/7. plus we we went to sfa and North together. by the way davey taught me how to jitterbug she could really dance .
joe razzano [01-11-2009]

Joe DePero - Cynthia Calbot is Elizabeth's daughter. She was always Cindy to me. If you read the posts, there is one there from Elizabeth. Probably some names you may recognize.
John Beaver [01-11-2009]

Hey Ray Dawes: Sad to hear about Sister Grace--I adored her--simply adored her--she was just the best. Don't know of anyone who did not like her. U are also right about Father McGarrity--he was something else. Someone said the Augustanian(sp) ran St. Fran. I thought it was just the parrish priest side & not an order. And you are right. I hung in Baynton Playground & we played the Hollow. As I recall, Hollow guys were not all that liked by us Baynton folks. Did you ever play ball for 239 Cafe?? Joe Taylor
joe taylor [01-11-2009]

John Burke: Hey! Big Guy! I hope 2009 is going fine. I need your help concerning a business on Queen Lane. When John Murray[your cousin] worked at Jess&Fred's,there was a Chinese-laundry across the street near Haasis's bakery.It was operated by the Hom family who had a son named Ben and Bruce Marshall knew another brother-i also remember a sister.I left G-town in the 60's. Did the Hom family convert the laundry into a restaurant. They came into the market to buy a lot of food and especially eggs.On another point,your brother[Ned] probaly told you about the mean-old pastor at St. Francis. There has been some interesting conversation on this site about this topic-I might add that is of a high level. I went to Fr. Bogart at St. Katharine's whom you knew well. You probaly do'nt know the expression from the older brothers[dudes],"Do,nt Bogart me,Homeboy".On this site,Joe Razzano,Joe Taylor and Ray Dawes praised Sister Grace of St. Francis. Your bother Ned and I were never lucky enough to have her.Did you or Jim Wilkins have her in class? I am looking forward to seeing the large guys from Hansberry St. at the Pennington Circle.
J.Bruce [01-11-2009]

To Anonymous: I remember a Mush Hart who was very active at St. Francis of Assisi. He hung out at Happy Hollow Playground and was well liked by all. He had a wonderful disposition. The guys he hung out with were Buck Rogers, Sleepy, Johhny Gillespi, Tom Welsh, Ed Lanagan, Whitey Odonald, Bobby End, Joe Bova, Shamus, Charlie Dougherty (known as pocketbook charlie for being very frugal). As I mentioned in my earlier blog everyone had a nickname. To mention a few there was pears, sleepy, cubby, lab, chink, moose, shanghai, rocky, nip, grampy, blackie, porky, slim, and pittsburgh. Bobby end always claimed being famous for his last name because it appeared at the end of all movies (Bob you are still famous). Elizabeth Calbot (Davey)
anonymous [01-11-2009]

First of all, I don't know why I'm getting all this meanness. Lou Pauzano didn't get one bit of flak when he posted his St. Fran's story about the anonymous phone call, but all of a sudden, I'm the bad guy for telling a true story. From what I've heard, this was not an isolated one-time thing.

John Burke: I believe the "rule" was that the child went to his father's parish, so if Eddie Weston's mother had been Irish and his father Italian, he would have gone to St. Mike's. You tell me to "get over it", but judging from your name, what would you know? You were not on the receiving end. Besides, I didn't have anything to get over. The parish where I was raised and went to school had a different way of handling that old prejudice. Most of my classmates didn't have a problem with what nationality you were, but some of them had parents or grandparents that did. The nuns at my school counteracted that by teaching us that it was wrong to discriminate or hate. They made a point of debunking all the old Italian stereotypes and misconceptions that were rampant at the time and emphasized all the great art, music, literature and history that the Italians contributed. That's how my parish handled any prejudice that may have existed. I think they were great to do that, but it saddens me that it was necessary. It reminds of the story several years ago where the Jewish community blamed Christians in general and Catholics in particular for antisemitism because they thought we were taught to hate Jews because they crucified Christ. All thru Catholic school, I remember just the opposite; even into high school, the nuns taught us that it was a sin to hate anyone and that the Jews of the present day were not to blame for Christ's death.

To Bill James: Glad to hear that in your time, anyone was welcome at St. Fran's, but that was not the case in my time. (BTW, now that you mention it, I think it was Mon. McGarrity.) Anyway, I always admired that most of the Germantown kids of my generation and those that came after us didn't buy into the prejudice thing and rose above all that "separate but equal" crap, given the "big divide" in the parishes. You were all great and good friends. More power to you all!

To JBSchmitt: Yes, there were good priests and bad priests, but since you brought it up, I could never understand why, in the 40s, 50s and 60s, there were two parishes serving essentially the same geographic area, but separated into Italian and Irish and that this system was permitted by the Archdiocese well into the mid-20th century. And I'm glad that eventually St. Fran's opened its doors to all, which is as it should be.

To Dennis McGlinchey: I did not deride priests in general or the entire parish of St. Francis. I deride the system that enabled this discrimination and the nasty priest that turned my husband away from confession. There was a time at the turn of the 20th century during the great immigration that it was necessary for there to be ethnic parishes (Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, etc.), because the new immigrants could not speak English and needed to have a priest that could speak their language. But as more immigrants learned the language, they were assimilated into the general population as "Americans" and the need for these parishes was over. So why were these two churches legitimized by the Archdiocese and allowed to discriminate? Before I started hanging at the Hollow with my future husband, I had never run into this before. By this time, all the other ethnic churches in the city were open to all if you wanted to go there. I have never been turned away from any church for mass or confession, whether I was a parishioner or not.

I hope this is the end of this, but I think it needed to be said.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-11-2009]

It's about time Msgr. Magarity made this board, and by the way, while everone liked her, I understand Sister Grace had some boxing experience.
Ed, St. Fran 1960 [01-11-2009]

Mush was my dad's (Frank Gillespie from the funeral home) cousin. His name was Frank Heart. He was a great guy.
Peggy (Gillespie) Berkey, Colorado Springs [01-11-2009]

Is it my imagination or are Rosemarie Rinaldi and John Bruce Schmitt two very chatty people ?
B. Campbell [01-11-2009]

Hey John Beaver, would Elizabeth Calbot be related to Cynthia Calbot? If so have her drop me a line at Dsprdo95@aol.com. We're old classmates. Can't place your dad's name I'll have to ask around. Thanks, Joe DePero. 51. ST Mike's, 70
Joe DePero [01-10-2009]

Hollow Guy[Flourtown]: You really know a lot of people from the Hollow-different generations. You know my classmate from St. Francis-Eileen Mclaughlin. I surmise that shi is still married to Butch P. I just spent some time with Lou Pauzano and mutual friends at 17th& Girard[The Prep]. Lou had gone to a dance at the Barclay with Eileen and I was with Jean Masterson[Eileen's cousin]. I wwonder how the Masterson family is doing-Jean,Mike,Dickie.I remember that Eileen had sisters- I gather that they are still good-looking. Eileen had attractive friends-Linda Simons,Sabina Cunningham,Pat Kirk. I think that it is wonderful that she has been married so many years-St. Mike's and St. Fran,wonderful together. I see that you live in Flourtown;that is a nice area. I just spent sometime visiting my mother[95] in Springhouse. Like me,you also lived on the border of Pulaski-Town. Newhall St. bumps into Hansberry which is the border of Pulaski-Town. Did you ever get over to Queen Lane where Ben Hom's parents had a business. In my time,it was a laundry-business. Rosemarie Rinaldi said it was a take-out restaurant. I suspect that they turned the laundry into a restaurant. I will ask John Burke[Hansberry St.] when I meet him for a couple drinks. He knew Pulaski-Town well, I played basketball with Billy[Bol] Person and John played softball-20 years apart. Have a great 2009 and you wo'nt go wrong hanging out with the McLaughlin sisters.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-10-2009]

the nun was sister grace winerfred she came to st francis in 1955. she was good because she was young and could relate to young people. l believe that she past away at mt st joe retirement home in flourtown a few years ago. The priest you refer to was Monsinior Magarity who did not relate to the young. about the long walk from st francis at the bottom of the hill to the top where st mikes was about 150 yards but it was uphill. i believe the requirment for st mikes was both of your parenrs had to be italian in the 50ts. i remember playing in the convent when it was being built. i was a classmate of joe rossano and bayton st playground would play football against the hollow.
raymond dawes [01-10-2009]

Sister Grace Winifred was the greatest--just the greatest. Had her in 5th grade. Her nephew, James O'Connor, was in my class. There was also another good one--Sister Albertine. Joe Taylor Joe Razzano--Do you remember me??
joe taylor [01-10-2009]

My name is Elizabeth Calbot (maiden name Rinaldi), nick name Davey. My sisters are Carol, Eleanor, Angeline and Rae and one brother Larry. Angeline passed away. We grew up in Germantown on Logan Street and were known as the "Rinaldi girls". we spent many days and nights at Happy Hollow playground with our friends and relatives. The guys would play baseball and basketball all day and then spend every night on the steps of Moe Sphene's candy store at 4900 Wayne avenue discussing their games. The guys to name a few were Rocky Rafaelle, Joe Calbot (whom i married) Jack Dugan (who my sister Rae married) Phil Grande (who my sister Carol married) and Eleanor married Vincent Nocito who was from southwest Philadelphia but turned into a regular Germantowner, who can now give you a whole history of it without missing a beat. (Well done Eleanor!) Most of us were not from affluent families and Moe Sphene would always give, not loan, the guys in the neighborhood money. We would go th the Wayne Avenue theater on tuesday nights for a double feature movie that cost only ten cents. I am the generation removed from most of you writing in. I was a teenager in the late forties, but my daughter went to Saint Michael of the Saints school on Germantown avenue and has many fond memeoies of that school and friends. She is now A physician at Lankenau Hospital specializing in internal medicine. (Cynthia Calbot Sczepanski MD) I am very happy to be sharing these wonderful memories with all of you. Germantown Forever! Elizabeth Calbot (Davey)
Elizabeth Calbot [01-10-2009]

Rich, they're all "Pod Heads" today with cell phones, no personal communication skills.
Ping Pong, G-Town / 50's & 60's [01-10-2009]

Rosemarie, Please please, no more wars. I represent the Backdated Southwest Germantown Peace Delegation. I was also a St. Francis kid. I know that priests aren't supposed to ask you your name at confession, but if, in Larry's case, that priest was the exception, it had to be Mon. McGarrity. I used to hear him yell in the confessional at some of the confessors who went to him. That and other things caused me to think that as a priest, he was not a good man. As far as the St. Francis of Assisi parish, we were more than him. It's funny how I had a different take on the St. Mike's / St. Francis thing. I always thought that St. Mike's was the exclusive school/parish, not St. Francis; you had to be Italian to go there. I couldn't have gotten in there, while in my time, anyone could go to St. Francis. I actually thought that it was a private Catholic school. I'm just giving you my take on it. I don't want to start a war. Half my friends went to St. Mike's. I don't remember any of us giving it a second thought where we went. I don't remember there being an Italian/non-Italian issue when I was growing up. If there was, I guess it was before my time. But still, I feel like I have to apologize for my old parish if they treated I-talians like that at any time. And by the way, my parish since leaving G-town has been St. Josaphat's in Manayunk...the Polish parish. Stolat!
Bill James, Bill James, the Head from the Hollow [01-10-2009]

OK all you old timers out there - does anyone remember a man with the nickname of "Mush". He was a portly fellow who was involved in the parish community at St. Francis in the 50's and was also active in the Irish community. He was a friend of my Dad's and my brothers and I were trying to remember his real name.
anonymous [01-10-2009]

TO Anonymous: I will be glad to tell Larry hello from you as soon as you tell me who you are. Are you the same "anonymous" that asked about Matt Fasano? Although,for all the flak I'm taking for the St. Mike's v St. Fran's blog, I guess I should have remained anonymous.
Rosemarie Rinaldi, Who Are You? [01-10-2009]

Dave DiDonato: Sorry for your bad experience at St. Michael's and your "friendly" public school, but from what I see of your spelling, you may have been better off sticking it out at Catholic school. The nuns may have been mean, but you sure learned.
Anonymous [01-10-2009]

Forgot to mention Cardinal Rigali, as well as Cardinal Bevilacqua.
Rosemarie Rinaldi, St. Mike's v St. Fran's [01-10-2009]

Sorry I touched a raw nerve with my story about: St. Mike's v. St. Fran's. Lou Pauzano also posted a story about the anonymous phone call his parents got when they registered him at St. Fran's that told them that "I-talians" were to go to St. Mike's. There were many such stories at that time. I'm not about to open a can of worms and tell them all. Perhaps it was just the one priest. He would probably turn in his grave if he knew that his present day superior would be a Cardinal named Bevilacqua. Fortunately, I think things got better with my husband's generation, so you young guys probably never experienced it. Oh well, thank God those days are over - or are they?
Rosemarie Rinaldi, St. Fran's [01-10-2009]

Also, back in the day, the Philadelphia archdiocese had national parishes intended to help folks from the same ethnic race and culture get assimilated while still maintaining their common culture and traditions. St. Michael's, like Holy Rosary, was an Italian national parish. Roxborough/Manayunk had them too, for the Germans, the Polish, the Italians, with St. Johns for eveyone else. Other areas had them too. To belong to these parishes, you had to be of that ethnicity or, at least, your ancestors did. And, they didn't make exceptions to that policy when it came to actual membership. But, to deny confession to a kid because he belonged to the nearby national parish, that had to be the action of that one cantankerous priest and not the policy of St. Francis or the Archdiocese. No doubt, they were different times, with different rules and different standards. And, the priests and nuns did exercise a level of discipline. But, overall, they were still compassionate and caring. Rosemarie, I have to believe that was an isolated case.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-10-2009]

JBS and Rosemary Rinaldi: I also recall the Hom's having a restaurant on Queen Lane near Volpe's - I was a contemporary of Billy Hom from Morris St., same family, but it's certainly possible they had a laundry also, but it's still impressive that all these memories are still so well preserved after 40 years and more.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [01-10-2009]

For John Bruce Schmitt: I could be wrong (as I said, I wasn't from Germantown), but my recollection is that Ben's parents had a Chinese Restaurant (specializing in take-out). Maybe they also had a laundry as well? Thanks to Ben and his parents, we learned to appreciate Chinese food.
Rosemarie Rinaldi, RE: Ben Hom [01-09-2009]

i went to st michaels until 5th grade when i left in the winter of 66.i remember going to happy hallow park,the learik movie theater.i know i spelled that wrong.any way the nuns at st mikes were mean as snakes and i was glad when we moved to the suberbs to a friendly publick school.i remember my mom taking us to a place called duveys for burgers and fries.all my memories of germentown on knox st were great. all but that dam school.
dave didonato [01-09-2009]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: It was very sad to hear the bad experience that your husband [larry] had at St. Francis where he went for a confession. At the least,it was insensitive and not Christ-Like. Mike Smith and I[St. Fran guys] talked about a mean-spirited priest who was not aging gracefully.The kids fron St. Fran[50's] liked Father Finlay who was nice,the football coach and a chaplain in the army. Larry and Tony Spagnola[ST. Mike's] would have been coached by him and we might have beaten Holy Rosary. Personally,I went to confession at the African-American[ST. Katherine's] on King St. In every basket,not every apple is DELICIOUS and that is the time to make applesauce if you know what I mean.My classmates at St. Francis had these names-Mole Adamoli,Dom Raffaele,Jim Razzano,Frank Felice-they were smart,tough[physically&mentally] and good people. I always considered them my classmates- not matter our ethnic background. I am not misogynistic and I even married a feminist from Argentina. However,I did not get along with all the nuns from St. Francis. Joe Razzano on this site talked about the wonderful nun from St.Francis-Sister Grace. He and my brother[Ken] were so lucky to have this beautiful nun who even tossed the ball with the students. In the basket of apples,she was better than DELICIOUS. I liked ST. Francis and all the other churches in Germantown. It was a great place to grow up and Larry had great friends-they were very human.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-09-2009]

Joe DePero - I called my Dad (John Beaver) and recognized your name as well as the Jimmy Galager and Mike Kettel. They were neighbors of ours on Clapier St. We also remember the Rinaldi name. My Godmother, Elizabeth (Rinaldi) Calbot lived up on Pulaski Ave. We lived at 229 W. Clapier. I also had Aunt's on Wayne ave (The Manzo's) right next to the old grocery store, an Aunt and Uncle further up on Wayne near Logan (The Pauzano's) and an Aunt and Uncle on Logan (The Frizziola's). I was just a kid when we left, but there is an awful lot of memories from the "Old neigborhood"
John Beaver, Willow Grove, PA. 46. [01-09-2009]

jbs nice to see you still monitor the site. i now live in flourtown and see butch and eileen often when eileen visits her sister peggy. they still look great, i will give him your regards when i see them. bill james glad to hear that your still kicking .i know bonnie will get a kick from your blog.and lastly rosemarie tell larry i said hello ask him how his ice box is doing.? joe razzano ps jbs i later moved to newhall st right next to pulaski town and better yet close to hassis bakery-hope i spelled it right
anonymous [01-09-2009]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: I had a good friend who pasted away 18 years ago, his name was Eddie Weston. His mothers maiden name was Manzo. Irish father, Italian mother. She took him to St Michaels Parish to regester him for first grade and the parish priest told her to take him to St Francis and register him with the rest of the Irish. That was then, this is now. Get over it.
John Burke, 54 NE Phila [01-09-2009]

Rosemarie ≠ it is a fact that Italians were discriminated at times in Germantown, just as the Irish were before them, and the African Americans after them. It happened. Priests are as human as the rest of us but, back in that day, folks tended to put them on pedestals. And sometimes, they acted accordingly. Some were just downright cantankerous, cranky and mean. There is always a bad apple in every bunch. Whether there was animosity between St. Mikeís and St. Francis, I donít know. Maybe it was a remnant of the discrimination that existed previously or maybe it wasnít animosity at all but just a parish rivalry. Iím just having a hard time believing that the incident with your husband was the norm at St. Francis because the Vincentians, who administer St. Francis to this day, hold to higher ideals set forth by their founder and are just not that way. I have to think that was an isolated case and not a cause to deride priests in general or the entire parish of St. Francis.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-09-2009]

As I've mentioned before, I was not from Germantown, but I remember the stories about the "I-talians" not being welcome at St. Francis. (How Christian is that?) Anyway, my husband, Larry, told me about the time it was getting too late to go to confession at St. Mike's because it was such a long walk from the Hollow, so he went to St. Francis. (A priest is a priest, right? Wrong!) The pastor there asked him his name and when he told him, he asked if he belonged to St. Mike's. When he said, yes, the priest told him to go to confession at his own parish. Needless to say, by the time Larry got to St. Mike's, confession was over. Shame on you, St. Francis of Assisi Parish (and yes, that is an Italian saint!).
Rosemarie Rinaldi, St. Mike's v. St. Fran's [01-08-2009]

I was not from Germantown, but I married a Happy Hollow guy (wasn't I lucky?). Anyway, we raised our sons in Cinnaminson, NJ. When our son, Larry Rinaldi, Jr., was in high school, he "adopted" his dad's old Happy Hollow shirt. He was at a buddy's house while wearing it and his buddy's dad recognized "Happy Hollow" on the shirt. He asked my son what his name was and when he told him, Larry Rinaldi, he flipped. Seems his buddy's dad was Harry Colella from Brickyard, who went to St. Mike's with Larry, Sr. Small world, isn't it?
Rosemarie Rinaldi, Larry Rinaldi's Wife [01-08-2009]

Rosemarie &Bill James: Eventhough I grew up near Pulaskitown,I enjoy the blogs about Happy Hollow- the people,the culture,their character and soul. Bill! You talked about those old heads-Bobby Goo Guarnello,Larry Rinaldi,Ollie Powers,Joe Raffaele[Joe Razzano,s cousin]-these guys were dynamic with bigger than life personalities. I think that it is OK for you to have respect for your homeboys from the Hollow. Rosemarie Rinaldi talked about the great people who were in her wedding-party and she also mentioned a Chinese-American by the name of Ben Hom. Ben H. was an interesting person who did not live near the Hollow but he hung out with guys from the Hollow. Ben's parents had a laundry near Pulaskitown[Queen-Lane& Morris] and Ben worked there while he went to school. He was a nice guy and nobody messed with him. I respected him and I was saddened to hear that he passed away. I wonder if you remembered another old- timer[Butch-Pickett] who went out with Eileen McLaughlin who was my classmate at St. Francis[1955].I am responding to blogs from Happy Hollow people but I have great admiration for all the other Germantown neighborhoods-including Pulaskitown where I would integrate the court at the Queen_Lane Apartments[the project].
John Bruce Schmitt [01-08-2009]

to ping pong. beacuse they are not as cool as we were
rich, huntingdon valley [01-08-2009]

Hey Head are you the same guy from little clapier st. Didn't you know Jimmy Galager and Mike Kettel and all those guys? Curseword... God rest his soul. Hey Miriam, someone at the reunion last May was talking about Andy Calderelli not being able to make it to the party. Can't remember who it was though. How have you been Mariam? Weren't the Davenport's behind you on stenton ave. The boys name was Pete and his father had a beatnic goatee and taught drumming there at their house. Joe DePero, 51, St Mikes 70.
Joe DePero [01-08-2009]

I do not remember Ben Hom, but vIremember John Hom, perhaps his brother. He coahed the girls team at George Mason University, and gave us a field to practice on(Cabrini College) on our way to North Carolina Wesleyan. This was probably in 1997.
Duncan Hubley [01-08-2009]

To Bill James: I do remember you and of course I remember Chalie 'Foo'. Thanks for your thoughts about Ralph. I miss him very much. Sorry that I busted your ****. I'm know you gave it back in kind. Do you keep in touch with 'Foo' or any of his old friends?
Bonnie Gatto [01-08-2009]

Anyone remember Pete "Butch" Calderelli? He was one of my brother Carmin's buddy's, they lived on G'twn ave. across from Logan park, we lived on Sylvania St.only house on the block.On 1 corner was Slaven's groc. store and on the other corner was Berndicci's garage.my older sisters are Franny and Phyllis. And also,Bobby Manzo's mom was my mom's best friend when we moved to Seymour st.(Florence), my dad's name was Lou.
Miriam Rosenthal Thompson, Evansville, In St.Mike's 70' [01-07-2009]

To Anonymous: I didn't mention Matt Fasano because we haven't seen him in quite some time, so we don't know what he's been up to. He is in our wedding album because he caught the garter at our reception. Ruthie Boelle (she later married Gene Raffaele) caught the bouquet, so she's in the picture with him. I only supplied info on Ollie because someone had asked about him. By the way, if anyone remembers Ben Hom, he passed away last year from lung cancer. He also was a good friend; Larry and I were godparents to his first child. A real loss of a great guy.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-07-2009]

Whatever happened to all those nicknames that kids had years ago like Bo-Bo, Butchie, Bucky, Che-Che, Monk, T-Ball, Skippy, Spider, Porp and many others? Todays kids just don't have any nicknames. Why is that?
Ping Pong, Germantown / GBC [01-07-2009]

Does anyone remember a girl name Doris Hellenmar (not sure if spelled correctly) She lived on Cleveland St, had a brother and her mother was ill, never saw her come out of her house..Doris was blonde and pretty, he brother was older...
Mary Christie, Simi Valley, CA, 58 yrs old, live on Cleveland Street [01-07-2009]

The posts on this web site are an education besides being fun to read. I know lately it's been a lot of Hollow stuff, and I don't want to overload this site with one area of Germantown but I have to add this: I was ignorant enough to think I knew everyone who ever hung at the Hollow until this site came along and I've seen many many names that I never heard before. I only thought of the Hollow as being inhabited by the group from my time, that went from Joe Razzano down to Curseword (Johnny Grivnovics). It's great to read about the people who came before 'my world'. And I want to thank the old heads that were there when I hung there. They taught me a lot about many things. I learned a lot while sitting on sitting on the wall, and on Moe's steps or standing across the street at Sal's. On a more personal note: I've been reading about Albert being sick. I remember watching Peanut play football. I used to think it was funny that he would always leave his feet (jump)to catch a pass, even if it wasn't high. My best to him. And to Bonnie. I'm sorry about your brother. You might not remember me by name. I'm Chalie Foo's cousin, on the Irish/German side. For some reason, you used to make it your job to bust my ***** everytime you saw me. I actually thank you for that. Our back and forth jawing prepared me for life. I credit you with the fact that I can verbally spar with anyone if I have to.....and get the last one in. I know, it was tough love...just a normal corner thing. I'm a lucky guy to have been around all those guys who hung there. And I'm sure an earlier earlier post was dead-on, that basically said every hangout in Germantown was a special place to those who grew up there.
Bill James, the Head from the Hollow [01-07-2009]

anyone out there no where joe or bob o'donald are they worked in the gas station for bill i think it was belifield ave anyone no anything post it please a friend
A FRIEND [01-06-2009]

Hey Anne, I appreciate your post, re/ you can't take the Germantown out of the person.I moved there in 1970, raised my kids there, Wister school, Fitler Academics plus. Parkway program and my time in Gtown was the BEST time I have spent in my life so far. Viva Germantown. Thanks, Carol Knight, Rock Hall Md.
Carol, older now, but still cute! [01-06-2009]

Rosemarie Rinaldi, We enjoyed all the information about the Hollow guys. Larry and Ollie were great buds and great athletes. You did not mention Matt Fasano. Those Hollow guys were interesting characers. You and Larry are so lucky to have 50 years together.
anonymous [01-06-2009]

Enjoyed the poem by Bob (Goo) Guarnello. I vaguely remember that he wrote another poem, which Jimmy Raffaele Trout) read at Bob's engagement party. I know that Jimmy had a copy and also Dolores Capone (Augie's wife), but they are both gone now and I would love to have a copy of it. Can anyone send?
Rosemarie Rinaldi, I'm back! [01-05-2009]

For those who asked about Ollie Powers: As you may know, Ollie and my husband, Larry, were best buds growing up and Ollie was the best man at our wedding. In September, 2007, we celebrated our 50th anniversary and our kids gave us a surprise party. They raided our albums and movies while we were on our anniversary trip to Italy and made a great DVD that they showed on a huge 12' screen at the party. (Our son, Chris, is an I.T. professional in his day job, but also is a DJ for parties and weddings, where he can prepare a video for any affair. Check out his website, CMR Entertainment, for all the good stuff he can do.) Anyway, at the end of the video, my son comes on screen and says they have a surprise for us. The screen fades away to an 8x10 photo of the wedding party which we had given to everyone in the wedding. The picture drops down and sitting there is Ollie Powers! He said he kept the picture for 50 years and wished he could be with us, but sent his congratulations. He said he would call us in a few days (he never did). My son then told us that they tracked him down via the internet. As you all know, Ollie did marry Pat and moved to Miami. They eventually divorced and he married again, but I don't know his marital status now. About 25 years ago, he came up north and showed up at our door in NJ. We were thrilled to see him and kept in touch with him for some time, but eventually we didn't hear from him anymore. We knew that he was on the Miami police force and retired on disability. So, our kids tried to track him down in Florida and found his ex-daughter-in-law instead. She said he was now living in Texas and they were able to get in touch with him. They offered him free round-trip air and a hotel room if he could come up for the party, but he wasn't able to. So Chris sent him a disposable video camera to record a greeting for the DVD, which he did. Sorry this is so long, but I know everyone wants to know about Ollie and this is the latest we have. Ro (1/4/09)
Rosemarie Rinaldi, Married to a Happy Hollow guy [01-05-2009]

even though we all remember different times and places, one thing we all know "you can take the person out of germantown but you definitely can't take germantown out of the person" happy new year to all
ANNE [01-05-2009]

yes I took my drivers test in Joels corvair.man boo had a bad 57 with 09 heads.posi .4 speedr.Hurst.mags.Hey you had the Fomoco Wino
anonymous [01-04-2009]

To Bob Terranova: Hey Bob, good to see you on this blog. I believe the St. Michael's reunion is being organized by Frank Margiotti. I'll send you his email address.
Bonnie Gatto [01-04-2009]

I like to take this time to wish everyone from the Hollow and G-town a safe and Happy New year
Bobby Taylor Aka: Bate [01-04-2009]

tacky-i remember joel m he hung on the corner of chelten & heiskell (sams drugstore) my dad was joe the barber on chelten av. frank d
anonymous [01-03-2009]

anybody remenber the guys that hung out at twenty first an chelten ave at eddies steak shop in the late fiftys early sixtys
anonymous, [01-02-2009]

does one rember joel or mike mckeon
tacky [01-01-2009]

may everyone have a safe and happy new year and good health for the comming year
rich meitzler, huntingdon valley [01-01-2009]

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