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December 1-14, 2008

Pat Kelly, the younger brother of Leroy Kelly by about three years, also came to Fernhill Park to play basketball at age 15. Appearing to be in the shadow of his older brother Leroy, Harold or "Pat" as he was known to all who didn't know him honed his skills on Baseball. Pat also played Basketball at Simon Gratz and followed his brother to Morgan State. Leroy had a tryout with the Phillies, but partied the night before and was not invited back to the next tryout. Pat told me the next day at the Park, that if he ever got a tryout for baseball he would sleep at the park the night before and be wide eyed the next morning for his chance. He must have done just that, because he signed with the Chicago Whitesox after one year at Morgan State, and was later traded to the Baltimore Orioles, where he played for about ten seasons. His claim to fame was a Pinch Hit Grand Slam Home Run in the world series, and it was his picture that hung in the living room of his mother's house. Pat passed away about three years ago at the age of 61.
Duncan Hubley, Duncan -69 McKean Ave. [12-15-2008]

Bill Leonardo: I am impressed with your blogs. Most old-timers do not have your computer skills. Bill! I've been hanging on Highway 66 and later this month-67. I still go to the gym and I get a kick out of these young kids-always looking at themselves in the mirror. Sometimes,the old guys remind this generation to watch their language. I do not live in Hamilton but I do live in Mercer County. I have friends in Hamilton and it is a nice place to live. From your blog, I see that you like sports and that you did some pugging. In Germantown, I was friendly with Ed Loughran[300 W. Penn] whose brother was one of the greatest boxers to come out of Philly. In Trenton,I knew a guy named Pat Walsh who was a good boxer and iron-worker. Ike williams was probaly the best boxer from Trenton. Did you know Bo Belinsky from Trenton? He was a good pitcher and a piece of work-a good pool-shooter too. It sounds like you are a good dancer; in the ring,I bet nobody could lay a glove on you. I like your resilience and how you bounced back from the sadness in your life. Everything in life pales next to the loss of a beloved spouse. You live near Jo- Jo's; that is near Our Lady of Sorrows. You probaly will go there for Christmas just like we did in the churches in Germantown.Bill! Merry Christmas to you and your sweetheart and give me a place to meet for lunch. I'll be springing if there is anything left in my pension. Who needs money when we both have such fond memories of Germantown.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-11-2008]

Joe Razzano: I really enjoyed your blog with all those names from Germantown and the "Hollow"-your stomping ground. I was two grades ahead of you at St. Francis-1955. I was in class with your brother[Jim],your cousin[Dominic], Rowland[Mole] Adomoli,a brave marine, and Frank Felice[the Hollow]. I knew Ralph Gatto[your cousin] from the Hollow. I played football against Ralph at the Hollow. On Ralph's team, there was John McGeehan,Ken Schenk, and your brother Jim. I remember that you lived on Logan St. across from Ollie Powers. I read your info about Ollie P.-in my time, he was a great pitcher. You must have been a good player to hit the curve-that pitch was too tough for me. You probaly had a good baseball team at St. Fran along with Bill Haas and Joe Taylor. Bill Haas always knew that he was good but I always got along with Harold[Pat] Kelly better- if you know what I mean. Joe! You also played basketball at St. Francis[1957] with Joe Lynch,Joe Taylor,Bill Haas. On this site,Joe Taylor mentioned that your team won the Lasalle Tournament. That class had great athletes. I went to your game against St. John's at GBC with Coach Bob Goo Guaranello. St. John's had a kid named Joe Cunnane who later played at LaSalle with Joe Lynch. I remember George from Gbc and Bud Alexander and also Carl Adomoli. I knew the Burke family from Hansberry St; John Burke is younger than me and I gather that you know him. I will be meeting John B. and his buddy[Jim Wilkins] in a gin-mill in Jersey. I knew the Pauzano brothers and that is kind of you to visit Peanut[Albert]. Peanut had a great personality and he always called me-Schmitty. As we get older, it is difficult to see old friends face the trials of life. You are still in contact with your old buddies and they are the ones that you can count on. At our age, we can only try to keep up with traffic-just like the trolley[53] on Wayne Ave. Joe! May you have a "Merry Christmas"-See you in church.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-11-2008]

frank, north wales [12-11-2008]

Anonymous: I do remember George "ears" . His last name was Jarcty or some variation of that spelling. As remember he lived in a small appt with his mom behind the jewelry store that was right on the alley that went to D'Angelo's blacksmith shop. If you recall, my Dad opeerated a machine shop out of a portion of the big garage that was beside the blacksmith shop. I also remember Bobby Arkay, I remember him as a pretty good baseball player and a real good guy, He lived on the 4900 block of Keyser St. and was related to the Arkay's who lived next door the to the Gattos. Ralph Caliendo also lived on that block as did the Santoro's, the Gairo's, the D'Angelo's.Does anyone recall Billy Kelly, real good basketball player and Jack Brogan also real good basketball player? Another F/Y/I for former St Michaels" people. My Cousine Lou, who used to live on Keyser St. and Now lives in Lansdale, sent me a note from his Parish bulletin that a Frank Margiotti is trying to organize a church/school reunion in the Spring of 09. For those interested Frank's E-Mail address is frankmm1@aol.com. Frank asks that you put St. Michaels in the subject box.. That's about it for now. Lou Pauzano,Sr 67
Louis F Pauzano Sr [12-11-2008]

bruce schmitt.great to hear from you after approx. 40 years.thank you for responding to my email. i am trying to keep up with all the dear friends that have posted thoughts and feelings on this wonderful web page. i want to send my heartfelt condolences to bonnie gatto. brother ralph was our hero in many ways. there are so many folks that i've read about that were dear friends of my family, like lou fondi and the pauzano's. mrs.scalia(the matron) came on the boat with my maternal grandmother and lived down the street on bringhurst st. as i recall her name was pasqualine(patricia in english). my cousins, the mitchell's live next door the Garvey clan who hosted a brickyard reunion this summer in north wildwood which i attended. they served scalia's pizza! i almost cried when i ate it. love to all our gtown family and happy holldays. bob terranova
bob terranova [12-11-2008]

Bill Leonardo: Ive been to the AOH in Hamilton on many occassions. I was a regular at Billy Briggs bar on hamilton ave in trenton for many years. I was just told that Billy died recently, i was sorry to hear it, i had a lot of good times at Tir Na Nog. Im also familiar with Pennington, ive been dating a girl from up there for over four years. Im a frequent shopper at Shoprite on the circle. Very nice area, don't know if ill ever relocate there. I always feel a little out of place, i guess ive lived in the city for too long.
John Burke, 54 NE Phila [12-11-2008]

Lisa Hackett: I knew your family well. I hung around with your uncle Chalie when we were kids. I think Tommy Pinto dated my sister Kathleen back in the 60's. They lived on morris st a couple of houses from the corner( coulter st). Their next store neighbors were the Browns, the fathers name was Chester, they had two sons Bear who was Chalie and my age and an older brother named June Bug. I went with Chalie to rekative of yours house up in the burbs somewhere. I remember it having woods out the back. Im going back over 40 years but i still remember the trip.
John burke, 54 NE Philla [12-11-2008]

I was reading the local obits (aka, the Irish Sport Pages) and came across of an obit for one Terrence Michael Canning, aged 64..The fact that he was from Germantown and a graduate of LaSalle prompted me to access this homepage..The fact that he "passed" @ the same hospital as my wife, also got my attention...His parents were John & Elizabeth Canning,,(Maybe that may ring a bell),In any event, please pray for the repose of his soul....Thanks, Mike Deely
Mike Deely, HHI, S.C. and an over-ripe 71 years of age [12-11-2008]

Hey Joe Rizzo don't know if you remember me Joe DePero I lived at 16 E. Abbottsford ave from 1960 till 1970 I remember you and your mother next to the McKloskeys and the Grainers. Mrs. Barns the crossing guard, lived two or three doors up from you. We had a good block of people then. The O'Neals Rosenthau's(?), Brown's, Bader's, Shugart's, Lawerence's, Abbott's, Maynor's,the Slaven's store and the McDonnell's Restaurant and many more. I'm living in Levittown with my wife, daughter and two granddaughters. I think I've seen your name mentioned in some older post not 100% sure though. It's nice to know you're doing well. Joe DePero 51, St Mikes, 1970
Joe DePero [12-11-2008]

lou/al pauzano. sorry to hear about albert's illness. i wish you and family well. do you keep in touch with joe d'angelo or bobbie??? we go back so long together. i remember your parents living across the street from louis pharmacy and being such old friends with my mom nd dad. my mom virgina terranova grew up in happy hallow with the gatto's,rossi's mcgan's etc. i think she even lived in bonnie gatto's house as a child. i remember cookie(lucia) came to my mom"s funeral when she died at 93 years in 2002. there is so much to say to our old friends from gtown. i just want to say have a merry christmas and a happy healthy new year for now. love you all. bob terranova
BOB TERRANOVA [12-11-2008]

duncan when i was getting out of basic training in fort knox kentucky, who do i see from gt / fernhill but leroy kelly mustering in, getting his uniforms etc., had a nice talk, they were scary times, later i met harold,pat kelly in virginia, also in the reserves. i think he was playing for the chicago white soxs at the time or he was in their minor league system . [ forgive the memory laps i just had to pick up my beagle, kobie [ can u imagine back in the day getting your dog groomed ] never in my life time, but hey, thats progress . but in any event i still have a lot of memories to share . god bless, J razz
anonymous [12-11-2008]

My mother who was born in 1919 Gtn.,was telling me the other day that she remembers when she was 11 or 12 yrs old about lots on fire and not knowing why until she was told by her parents that a lot of the lot burning in Gtn and other places in Philly was 'pot' fires.From what i'm told because of it being a weed and it growing wild in so many places at one time philly officials and i guess the fire dept.had quite a job in trying to get rid of it.That must have been something to watch! Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, Mojave,Ca. [12-11-2008]

To Lisa Hackett, I was just wondering if your mother is related to 'Joe Pinto' the beer distributer back in the 50,s maybe the 60,s somewhere in gtn..I only met him a few times but my dad thought the world of him. Joe O'Donnell-Mojave,Ca..
Joe O'Donnell [12-11-2008]

Like so many posts on this site I too remember Germantown fondly. I lived on Utah Street, Queen Lane and finally Keyser Street. I went to St. Francis of Assisi but only for one year 1969-1970. Both of my parents were from Germantown. My mother is Elizabeth Pinto, known as Betty Jean. She went to Little Flower. She had 5 siblings John, Jimmy, Tommy, Suzie, and Chalie. My dad is John Hackett. He had one brother Alex known as Ike. My mother was raised on Morris St. My grandparents lived at 414 Woodlawn Street. Like so many of the posts on this site I too remember Happy Hollow, Woolworth's counter, throwing used up PF Flyer's or converse over the phone wires. Superior Bakery for pizza slices and great bread. Hassis Bakery on Queen Lane for cinnamon buns. And, like many Germantown families we headed for the suburbs too. After my mother had several heart attacks and strokes she still volunteered at St. Vincent's heading up their adult literacy reading program. She loved Germantown. I am working on a family tree project at the moment and am searching for stories from Germantown during the 1940's, 1950:, 1960's thru to 1970. Thanks in advance.
Lisa Hackett, Philadelphia, 46 [12-10-2008]

Looking for old friends fm St Michaels, Germantown,etc. Learned to play Basketball at Happy Hollow! Question: Does anyone remember "Big Bob"at the Hollow? :His whereabouts? I have many fond memories of growing up in Gtn, you could walk and play anywhere...what a "melting-pot" of folks, and good times!
Joe Rizzo, age 58, Lived on Stenton Ave near Wayne Junction 50's, 60's, early 70's...Now living in Florida. Accountant.. Central HS, Phila Textile [12-10-2008]

I remember the bubble lights that looked like candles that we put on our xmas trees. My mother's godchild, one of the Leone's from Rittenhouse St.,always visited on xmas eve. We walked thru the neighborhood to visit friends and neighbors on xmas eve.
FrannyB [12-10-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, Regarding the exit of people out of Germantown. I cannot speak to that but I moved from Olney, place of my birth, to Germantown, Wister Street, in 1970. I Loved Germantown, still do, as you can see I monitor this site since being turned on to it. Germantown provided to me a wide range of diversity of people and was an epicenter for really cool folks. Raised my two children there and moved away maybe 20 years later. World class experience was had. Germantown had great music happening locally in Vernon Park and Takers Cafe, not to mention some awesome parties which took place weekly for years. Met friends I still have to this day, some still in G-town, others have moved on. Never did I experience any problems relating to race, money, politics. No issues with violence. My grandfather who was born in Germantown was a police officer in the 14th, and unknowingly I moved onto his beat, years after he had died. It all felt just right to me. Thanks to all who share on this site.
Carol Knight, Antiques dealer now, Rock Hall Md, on the Chesapeake Bay [12-10-2008]

Leroy Kelly was a quarterback on the football team at Simon Gratz Highschool. He first began to come to Fernhill Park to play pickup Basketball. Nothing eaxceptional until he entered his senior year at Gratz. At that time he returned kickoff and punts with reckless abandon. He went to Morgan State College on a football scholarship. He trained very hard, at developing his body. I played soccer, and once we played at the field off Roberts and Wissahickon Avenues. Leroy was running up and down the hill to the edge of the Roosevelt Expressway. I changed into my uniform, played a game of soccer, showered and dressed, and Leroy was still running up and down that hill. Its there today. Take a look at it. He was drafted?? by the Cleveland Browns, but at that time a player by the name of Jim Brown playrd halfback. So Leroy played on the special teams. On all kickoffs the camera man focused on him, and half the time he made the tackle. When Jim Brown retired, Leroy Kelly got his chance and was the leading ground gainer in the National Football League three straight years. He later was an assistant coach with the Philadelphia Bell, but his picture does not hang in his mothers living room, and he bought her the house on Cliveden Street in Mount Airy. Tomorrow Harold "Pat" Kelly.
Duncan Hubley, Duncan-69 McKean Ave. [12-10-2008]

lou i recently talked to peanut and janet the spirit is still ther e but you can tell he is having a tough go of it hopefully over the holidays myself tommy richie and chaly mc gheehan along with bonnie will get up to see him .recently spoke to lou fondi also some of your memories are right on.ollie powers married trish clemons and then moved to florida. by the way he was goos cousin,he was an excellent pitcher at penn charter until his arm gave out.the nasif brothers were quiet the crew bobby the younger and al the older . i knew them both well since i worked for johnny abbomondi's deli . you also mentioned johnny boy i wored with him at penneys he now is retired and lives in connecticut( i had to look that up ) i liked the guys from fern hill park, especially tommy lynches curve ball, i could hit it a mile. by the way dave lynn, it was at the gt boys club, does any one remember george" ears" or bobby arkay or kenny schenk or new york bill ? most of all, i like reading these blogs ..john bruce schmitt i wished i knew yee . you seem quite the seer ( probably the wrong choice of word ) in any event, we had much more than our children can ever imagine! regret the spelling . i regret the grammar .God bless the departed, especially my beloved cousin RALPH GATTO, who was also my protector. and who can ever forget sister Grace. happy holidays to everyone. hello joe taylor, hello john burke, it's been a very long time! God bless joe razzano!
anonymous [12-10-2008]

Paul Ondik: I am familiar with name but I never met you when I was a classmate of your smooth-talking older brother at St. Francis -1955. Brother Jack and I also went to the Prep. Mike Smith, Tom Wilkins,Lou Pauzano and I waiting to see him appear on this site. Jack can enlighten us with all his stories about Germantown,St. Francis and life on Rockland St. May all the Ondik Brothers[5] have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-10-2008]

JBS, I do remember a Bobby Von Deach (spelling). I believe he went with a girl named Sandy who worked at the ticket booth at the Walton. I just remember that he was tall with dark hair and rather dark complexion.
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [12-10-2008]

Duncan: You brought back fond memories when you mentioned the Kelly Brothers[Leroy&Harold] and the Nasef Brothers[Al&Bob]. We both played basketball with Harold and Leroy at Fern Hill Park. They were both great athletes and good guys. Were you at Fern Hill when Bill Haas had an altercation with Bill H? I was holding Leroy and saying," Calm down Kilroy". I always called him-"Kilroy". Bill was bigger but Leroy was good with his hands. Simon Gratz[Leroy] would have won that game over GA[Bill H.]. After Leroy went to Morgan State in Baltimore, I did not see much of him at Fern Hill. I saw him at his Burger King[Cheltenham& Easton]in the 80's. Leroy was the Hall of Famer in football but Harold was a great baseball player for the Orioles. He told me that he wish that he could hit like Bill H. but Harold had a better career. Harold was a minister and gave spiritual thoughts to his teamates[Orioles]. Once,he was preaching to the ballplayers and Earl Weaver[manager] reprimanded him. Harold replies," Do'nt you want me to walk with the Lord? Weaver retorts," I only want you walking when the bases are loaded". Duncan! I know that you liked Harold and Leroy as much as I did. From Fern Hill, we knew two All-Pro football players-Leroy Kelly and Jim Katcavage. Incidentally, Harold K. and Jim K. are both deceased. I also knew Al and Bob Nasef. Bob and Al were both husky but Al was huge. I went to St. Francis[55] and walking home from school, I would play football at Greene&Manheim where there was a mansion with a huge front-lawn. Al and Bob Nasef lived across the street in the same block with Frank Felice who played basketball with me at St. Fran. In the games, Al would only watch since he was too big. Lou Pauzano and I knew his cousin[also Al Nasef] from the Prep.The Nasefs were Lebanese-Americans and you would not want to fool around with these guys. Al N. was reserved and those were the guys that always got my attention. I would like to know what happened to the Nasef brothers from Germantown.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-10-2008]

for John B.Schmitt Hi JohnNice to hear from you.First off JoJo is around the corner from me.They have the best bar pies arond.Yes they are Eagle fans there,I am an eagle,phillies,sixers,and flyer fan also.Do you live in hamilton now?.As far as your question about comparing hamilton withgtn.I have so many fond memories growing up in brickyard and I stillget chocked up when I think of all the wonderful times there when I was a kid.I loved the boys club,spent a lot of time there.Looked foward every year to get in the boxing tournament.Was lucky to take home the trophy two years running.Fought the same kid in the fials two years also,his name was joey Hood.John I married a trenton girl in 1949 and moved here.we raised two fine boys.When I moved here I thought I moved to the country.I was married 54 years when I lost my wife.That was 5 years ago,you know John when something like that happens you can either mourn for the rest of yor life or choose to go on living.I'm happy to say I have been going with a wonderful girl.she is unbelivable person.I'm so lucky to have found her'We go dancing every fri.nite.Also we go to the Elks every Thur.and Play schuffle board,also we go to the Hibernians club on Tues.,to meet friends and have a few. Did I ask if you live in Hamilton and how old are you,if you dont mind my asking. hope to hear from you.Warm Regards Bill Leonardo
Bill Leonardo, forJ.B.Schmitt [12-10-2008]

Joe Gatto, Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my brother Al. Lou Pauzano. To Bruce Schmidt and Duncan Hubley. I remember the Naseef Brothers but very vaguely. I do remember Harold and Leroy Kelly. Leroy had an outstanding pro football career with the Cleveland Browns and I believe Leroy Kelly had a pro baseball career. John Mc Geehan did work for J>C>Penny for many years and I believe at one time managed a store for them. do not know of his current whereabouts. Does anyone remember the social club that was located on Logan St just beside Superior Bakery. I can still remember the members playing cards in the yard behind it. I could see them from my Uncle's yard who lived on the 4900 block of Keyser St. Lou Pauzano 67
Louis F Pauzano Sr [12-09-2008]

Joe O'donnell: Like most Americans,Christmas is a wonderful time for me. I am old-school and Christmas-Mass is important to me. I do celebrate Christmas twice-on Dec.25 and the Epiphany on Jan.6. My wife is Christian-Orthodox and that is their date for Christmas. My wife grew up in Latin-America and the Epiphany is big celebration in that part of the world. I took many classes in theology in the 60's and developed an ecumenical spirit. I am happy to have many friends of different religions and beliefs. I want to thank you for your interesting question. Germantown was diverse before it was cool. I will leave it to other people on this site to explain why so many Germantowners moved. Have a happy holiday and MERRY CHRISTMAS.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-09-2008]

Duncan Hubley: The Nasef brothers also played footall at Happy Hollow. Both were good athletes. Al looked like a tough guy, but he was really very nice. I'd like to hear stories about Leroy and Harold Kelly. Both were superb athletes.
anonymous [12-09-2008]

Bill Leonardo: It is always great to hear from an old-time Germantowner-especially from the "Brickyard. The Brickyard guys were tough but they had heart. You have a great biography-Brickyard,veteran,and now you live in Hamilton,NJ.I have spent some time in Trenton and Hamilton. I would take the train to New York from Trenton but it was a little scary at night. I would go to Rossi's in Chambersberg for a burger and something to wash it down. I also like Jo_Jo's in Hamilton and that place is an Eagles's hangout. They must have gone crazy when the Birds won. Hamilton is a cool place; I use your train-station when I go to NYC. I like the Sculpture-Grounds in Hamilton And it is a hidden gem.On the Grounds,Rat's is a fine restaurant in a beautiful setting but pricey. There are good Italian restaurants at Market-Square in Hamilton.How do you like Hamilton compared to G-town and Philly? Wildflowers in Pennington is near Shop-Rite.There is a Wildflowers in New Hope,Pa with the beautiful people.I knew many guys like you from Continental Post-263 in Germantown. You served our country during World-War-Two and came home and made the US a better place. You were a part of that great generation-Tom Brokaw wrote a book about you and your fellow-veterans.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-09-2008]

To Louis Pauzano Noticing that your great grandfather's name was Manzo caught my attention. As a young child living for a short time in Darby, we had neighbors who became life long friends of my parents. They were Norman Manzo and his wife (can't recall her name right now). They had three daughters, the oldest being Paula. They retired to Florida. Any relation? I believe Norm passed away.
Patricia carr [12-08-2008]

Paul Ondike, don't know if I would know you if Isaw you but I do remember you from the neighborhood, Oh so long ago. Joe DePero 51 st mikes 1970
Joe DePero [12-08-2008]

He Bruce Schmitt, I have one name for your memory-Al and his brother Bob Nasef.(spelling) they came to Fernhill park often. Long arms. Tough guys. Howabout other brothers Leroy and Harold (Pat) Kelly from Deacon Street. If you can't remember their stories I can fill you in.
Duncan Hubley, 69-- from McKean Avenue [12-08-2008]

Lou Pauzano: It was so good to see your blog on this Germantown-site. I have known you for many years-starting out at Happy Hollow in the 50's- what a connection you have with the Hollow. Your entire family are old Germantowners. Your blog was so informative. I liked your comments about the blacksmith-shop at Keyser&Logan where a family member worked. On this site, I learned Mrs. Gatto worked at Superior bakery near that corner. I wonder what happened to John McGheean who worked at JcPenney as did your brother Al. Nobody mentions Ollie Powers[Penn Charter] who lived in that neighborhood and was a great athlete. Our prayers are with you and your family during this holiday-season-especially Albert.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-08-2008]

Duncan:I enyoyed your dialogue with Lou Fondi about the Germantown Cricket Club and the Davis Club Match.Like you and Lou F.,I attended that great event with Eric Wiener[Gtn. High]. Eric lived on 5200 block of Wissahickon Ave. which is the same block that Herb Adderly[Packers] lived when he played in the NFL.Those Davis Cup games were great with players like Vic Sexias,Lou Hoad, and Ken Rosewell. I remeember seeing Bob Goo Guaranello[Happy Hollow] at the match;knowing Goo,he had a small wager on the match.Duncan! You had such a connection to Gtn. Cricket Club;you lived close to the Club on McKean,you played soccer for them,you even worked for them.The great tennis-player[Big Bill Tilden] lived on McKean and was also a member of Gtn.Cricket.You also both went to GA. After Big Bill's parents died,he moved to Hansberry St. with his aunt. In the 40's,the Schmitt-Family bought that home.I lived in that old-home for over 20 years.You and Bruce Marshall discussed Hermann's on Manheim.You both worked there and Bruce then worked at Chet-Wayne on King St. where my brother Rick also worked. You did not enjoy your job at Hermann's. I worked at Jess&Fred's]-Queen Lane&Morris.I delivered groceries to Queen-Lane Apartments[The Project]. It was a scary ride on the elevator if you know what I mean.My brothers and I knew a guy from St. Fran.[Jim Bradley-1960] who was a DEA agent. The dudes in the Bronx tried to rob him as he left the elevator in the Bronx;however,Jim pulled out a cannon.I also made deliveries to East Falls Projects for my sister[Joan] when she owned Manor Drug at Queen Lane& Laurens. Duncan! Germantown was never boring. Now we only have to worry about the economy,our pension and our taxes being raised to bailout financial institutions and failing companies.Germantowners will tough it out.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-08-2008]

To Michael/Albert Pauzano: I did not know of 'Peanut's' health problems until recently. My wife and I have added him to our prayer chain at church and we will continue to pray for him ourselves. We grew up together at Happy Hollow together and played a lot of sports together. Please tell him I said hello.
Joe Gatto [12-08-2008]

I told you all I was a computer klutz and now have a confession to make. I was the the annonymous poster on 12-6-08. Sorry for the error. Lou Pauzano 67
Louis F Pauzano Sr [12-08-2008]

Gtn. Kid [12-08-2008]

To Bill James: Thanks for reply. I was friendly with John D. & upset when I heard the bad news.Did not know Mitchell. Where was the Little Dog House? It sounds familiar. Mostly I was west of Gtn av but, I did commute over Wister St a few times. Did not know at the time a very historic house was near Gtn Ave & Wister Sts. It belonged to Tones Kunder who came here with Daniel Pastorius in 1683. It was the last house left from that group but, was torn down in 1976. Your story about Brickyard was interesting. I never knew exactly where Brickyard was. Heard that Bill Cosby grew up in Brickyard, not sure of it. Just sent a note to Lou that he should read your note about him. It was too good not to be known. Joan Schmitt
Joan Schmitt [12-06-2008]

Sorry for any errors but I am a complete computer klutz but could not resist the opportunity to discuss my old neighborhood with some old friends, Yes I remember Lou Fondi from Wayne and Logan and Duncan from Fern Hill, I was made aware of this blog by Bruce Schmidt when he called and asked about my brother Al. And unfortunately it is true that he does have liver disease and is not well. My mother's side of the family has been in G-town since I would estimate the turn of the cetury. My greatgrandfather worked at Happy Hollow when the used to mine slate there. He had four son's Frank Manzo(my grandfather)who wirked for many years at Tony D'Angelo's blacksmith shop at rear of 4917 Wayne Ave, Dominic (Chip) Manzo who lived on the 4900 block of Keyser St and worked (I think ) at the naval base, Sam Manzo who lived on the 100 block of Hansbury and worked at Honeywell down at Windrim Ave, and Tony Manzo (employment unknown) who lived on Price St in East G-town. My grandmother' maiden name was Scalea and was the sister of Raph Scalea the original owner of Scalea's on Wakefield St. At some futer posting I will outline how it became known as Gaeta's, but suffice it to say that up tp the time of ot's most recent sale the business was in the hands of the founding family. Thereare some missing names of people I knew in the area, among them bein the Mc Gheehans, the Rossi'sand the Santucci's all of Logan St. I do run into Regina who became a Sister of st Joseph and is now a very popular princial of Stella Maris grade school down here in Soth Phila.I was also very sorry to hear of the death of Ralph Gatto and my condolences go out to his brother Joe. I remember well the lemonade stand at Keyser and Logan. Many of you may remember Michael Dougan, the son Ray and Jack Dougan who live dn Clapier St. Michael also passed away from Leukemia about three years ago. He was residing in Cape May and was tending bar at the Lobster House in Cape may. I do have many fond memories of G-Town which I hope to shre with all of you on this blog as time goes by, Until then stay well and have a happy holiday season.
Louis F Pauzano Sr [12-06-2008]

I have enjoyed South Phila very much. It is the closest in the style to what we had in in G-Town that the city has to offer. We have the corner stores, the local bakeries and the kids still hang out on the corners. I worked through high school and college ffor Klock,s buther shop at 184 W Manheim St. I know the neighborhood very well . I was born and raised on the 50 hundred block of Wayne Ave. I lived right across the street from Lou s Pharmacy and knew Lou very well. In fact Lou, mysekf,and Doc Flaherty used to have season tickets to Eagles together and many a Sunday Lou used to close the the pharmacy early and all three of us would hop in Doc's old Volkswagon and make a bee line to Franklin Field for the Kickoff at 1Pm.I did see the Eagles 1960 Championship Game and I'm still waiting for the next one. Lou is in Arizona and I still exchange Christmas cards with him.
anonymous [12-06-2008]

Louis F Pauzano Sr, Age 67, Now residing In South Phila.where I Have lived since I married in 1975. Have three grown children 2 boys with Doctorates in Pharmacy and a girl will graduate this coming June from St Joseph's with a degree in education. I have been retired since 02 and my wife along with a partner operate two day cares in our area. I have enjoyed [12-06-2008]

john bruce Schmitt, you waxed eloquent,but said little or even less, reveal thy self my brother !
anonymous [12-06-2008]

sorry mary no idea
rich, rich huntingdon valley [12-06-2008]

Marty the foot sniffer. A personality to remember. Didn't have a nice car and money?
ananymous [12-06-2008]

To JBS,I think it cool that you celebrate Christmas 2wice,i just wanted to know why??. I've seen a house located in Lancaster,Ca.that Francis Gum,(i think that's how it spelled?)was born in . That lady must have lived in a lot of different places.You say she was also brought up in Gtn..That is fascinating. I hope you have a very merry Chistmas also (2wice). Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell [12-06-2008]

FrannyB I never knew your mom rented mom's at Wakefield and price. That doesn't surprise me about Lorraine locking all the customers out. I guess she wanted all the good stuff for herself.
anthonyg [12-06-2008]

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to you, too Rosemarie and everyone else on here.
anthonyg [12-06-2008]

for Frank/north wales Wow it was so nice to hear from you FrankYes Bob liscavage was one of my best friends.He was killed after I married a girl from Trenton nj.and moved there. I boxed at the boys cluband boxed a kid named Joey Hood. WE belonged to the boys scouts troop 7 at the club.I left to go into the Army in 46,and served in the occupation of Japan in 46 and 47.Upon my return to the states I settled in Jersey.I lived at 21e> Bringhurst et. I remember the kennedys.Remember Mr Riggs from the club, also swimming nude at the pool. Talk to you later BillLeo
Bill (Willie) Leonardo [12-06-2008]

Just an update on Al Pauzano: He currently is suffering from a liver disease, NASH. Al has been on the liver transplan list at U.Penn for over 5 years now. He is living in Lansdale with his wife, Janet. He has 3 children and 3 grandchildren with one on the way. He has been going through some very tough times lately and could use everyone's prayers.
Michael Pauzano / Albert Pauzano, Albert Pauzano / Germantown [12-06-2008]

jb Schmitt read where you met someone at wildflowers.Was that at the pennington circlein penn.?If so I used to work at the shoprite on the circle.I am from brickyard back in the early 40's.I think I am older than you. I just turned 80.wow I cant believe I'm that old,I dont feel old at all.Write me jbs.if you wish regards Bill Leo
Bill Leonardo, Now living in Hamilton nj [12-06-2008]

hi one and all germantowners ... a blessed christmas to you and your families and a healthy happy new year! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-05-2008]

Hey,I think that my father was born right in the house where his folks lived and that was somewhere on Washington Lane. I know that it was in 1917. As he grew up he went to Immaculate Conception and than he went on to North Catholic. I'm not sure of the yrs that he was there,but he was on the 2nd string football team. I know that he made the Phila.Inquirer sports page at least once. My Fathers father,my grandfather died at a young age.He was getting his car ready for his family to go to the shore(Atlantic City)and he accidently killed him self (asphixiation)i think that's how you spell it? But,because of this happening my dad had to quit school to help take care of his family.I know that he went to work for the PTC.,and then he turned down a job at the weaving mill or textile mills that were in Phila then to go to work at the Reading Railroad which he held till his retirement. While he was in N.Cathlic he was in the same grade with 'Dennis Patrick Harrison' who was taking acting lessons,who later down the road got fairly popular in that t.v. series "Barnaby Collins" and who also made a pretty big movie with Peter Boyle called "Joe".It was a shame that my grandfather O'Donnell died as young as he did,I really think that my dad would have gone on to graduate N.C.and become a football player for the Phila Eagles. OMT,another famous movie actress that was born in the germantown hospital was 'Irene Corby'. I don't know if Peter Boyle came from gtn or not,but he did come from Philly,and was good friends with Dennis Patric Harrison before they made that movie "Joe". That was a long time ago.As i have said previously that my mom is 89 yrs old and if dad had lived he would be 91,but he died in 1980. I still have a few people in our family living in philly. One lat thought,i wonder why so many that have lived in gtn moved on to Olney,Hatborro and Jamison,Bucks county? Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'donnell [12-05-2008]

Rich, do you know whatever happened for Marty
Mary Christie, Simi Valley, CA - 58 [12-05-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt: Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated. Frank: I was caught up in your story about your old army buddies. Here's mine. I was drafted in 1962 and went to basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. While there, I met a guy whose name on his fatigue shirt was Merlino. His first name was Anthony (pronounced Ant'ny). I never saw him before. He had a Philly accent and I asked him where he was from. He replied "Philly". Back and forth conversation as follows: I'm from Philly too, what part? Germantown! I'm from Germantown too but its a big place. What part? East Germantown. I'm from East Germantown too and by the way do you know any folks named Merlino who have a tailor/cleaner shop at Boyer and Locust and also a grocery store on Locust (Locust or Woodlawn, not sure) because we do business with them. Yeah, my mother and father have the tailor shop and my uncle has the store and by the way, I notice your name is Hartnett. Where do you live? I live at Boyer and Rittenhouse. Yeah? I deliver your clothes every week. So this is where I met him and didn't see him again until 11 years ago, but after I got out of the army I used to talk to his mother and father all the time, given our new relationship. When I moved to Jamison my wife went to the Frankford Cleaner in Warminster. The person working there, after getting her name, asked if her husband was from Germantown and she replied "yes". It was Antny's brother Michael. It turned out that the Merlinos have the Frankford cleaners there. Needless to say I was down there in a flash and now I see Ant'ny and Michael and we swap Germantown stories. I never did see Ant'ny in Germantown. While in the Army in Colorado I was stationed with a guy from somewhere around Chew and Locust named Bob Von Deitch (not sure of the spelling). He was one of our platoon machine gunners. I never knew him from Germantown and never saw him again after Colordo and wondere d how he made out. Moral of the story? Small world!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [12-05-2008]

Joan Schmitt: I remember you working at Louis Pharmacy and now that you mentioned John DiDonato, I remember that too. I don't know why I forgot about John working there. I think he worked there longer than Billy Daly. I don't know that John went in the service but if I remember correctly, he did died tragically. And you're right about Lou living in Arizona. My brother forgot to tell me that Lou moved. I thought he was still in South Jersey; I always intended to get together with him but never did. Was Lou 'Mitchell' (Tortano) still putting in hours there when you worked at Lou's. He was an older guy, studying to be a doctor. I always wondered where he ended up practicing. He used to send me to the Little Dog House every Saturday night to get him a Texas Tommy. I hated having to make that trip because there was a little Hollow/Brickyard thing going on at the time, and on a Saturday night, I didn't belong there. He was from upstate; he had no idea about 'corner' stuff so I had to go get him his sandwich anyway.
Bill James, The Head from the Hollow [12-05-2008]

Duncan Hubley, Thanks for the post about Hermann's grocery: I forgot that was the earlier owner; somewhere around 1960 it became Jerry's, which is when I worked there. Jerry was not the warmest guy, and his wife was even colder, but they employed a stock guy John, who was a full-blown alcoholic, and it was really a case of charity that he had a job at all. I later worked at Charlie's ChetWayne Superette next to the Queen Lane train station, and that was much better, and also worked at the Cricket Club, but that was in the mid -60's after your time there. The commercial row was the drug store (I think it was "Rose's") at Wissahickon, then Hermann's, and the two up by Schuyler: the cleaner/tailor's and Phil the Italian barber.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [12-05-2008]

Dr. Anon: Obviously,you are one of the anon-bloggers on this site who are steeped in history,literature,culture, and film.I will have to indulge you with my diminutive rant in order to answer your probing comments. You threw a lot of stuff out there.I was a student of Hunter Guthrie S.J. who was an intellectual and brilliant Professor of Philosophy. Father Guthrie admired the Greek Philosophers-especially Aristotle and Socrotes. However,I never even tangentially touched the Greek Oracle since I am neither saintly nor a seer. The Jesuits thought I was too sophomoric to become an Ignation Warrior.I was never prescient since the trackCharlestown] took more than it gave. We both enjoyed the Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland. Growing up in Germantown,I never walked down that Yellow Brick Road-Unlike Elton John.I did eat at the Yellow Brick Restaurant in Shepherstown,WV which is a charming little college-town. I also recommend the Bavarian-Inn there whose Wiener-Schnitzel was better than Imof's on Chelten Ave. in G-town. Most people in G-town did not believe in Santa Claus;back in the day, there was no free-lunch. We worked hard,had discipline and went for the American-dream. I do believe in Christmas- I celebrate it twice,on Dec.25 and in January. In G-town,we did not believe in fairy-tales; we always loked at the cold reality of life. I did study Chaucer's Canterbury Tales with Aloysius Kelley S.J. who was the former president of Fairfield. In the future, I will be meeting with 2 Germantowners-John Burke and Jim Wilkins.Our venue will be Wildflowers on Pennington Circle-that has a oxymoronic ring to it. This is a cool spot where carpenters,teachers,cops and corporate-people hang out. Now,you know who I am. Brother! Who are you and who are your good friends from G-town?
John Bruce Schmitt [12-05-2008]

During my visit to Germantown 11/15/08, I noticed a British cannon in the Civil War Monument in Market Square. As the author/history nut of www.ezhistory.com, its markings tell me its from King George era and possibly associated with the battle. Can you clarify please?
joe carney, writer [12-04-2008]

to mary burns. i think the the guy you are talking about was marty the foot snifer
rich, rich huntingdon valley [12-04-2008]

Dan Hartnett: I liked your blog saying how you missed G-town and the wonderful people who lived there eventhough you live in suburban or uxurban Bucks County{Jamison].I could not agree with you more.I spent some time in Bucks County and it is a beautiful place to live.There was an old country-bar [Duffy's] in Warminster[263] where I stopped for a quick taste.I liked the road to Buckingham from Warminster-Rt. 263. There was a 50's diner in Jamison.My point is that all these cool places in a beautiful area can't replace the old Germantown of our youth.Dan! Keep up these great blogs.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-04-2008]

Louie Fondi. The things you remember.I was one of the people who worked at Germantown Cricket Club during the Davis Cup matches. I also worked for Hermann's food Market at Manheim Street and Wissahickon avenue. I hated it. I remember the wall and John Witty. My father had 17 Buicks, so it must have been a Buick. Its a shame we can't go back and finish our games of wire,stick,and hose ball. I'm retired now and riding the wave of a pension plan.
B. Duncan Hubley, 69-McKean Avenue. [12-04-2008]

bill leanordo! gess i thought i was the older guy on here (73) but you got me by 7 years . good for you! there are not to many on here that go as far back as you and i .i joined the boys club around 1947 i was 11 years old . a kid by the name of russell lynch took me and i got a car punched out on a special machine by a mrs pollingerie it had my name and a big "m" on it to indicate mideget. i still have that card yeah i knew bob liscavage he was our milk man for a number of years . i remember all that when he got killed . sad time . i use to do his sisters hair when i had a beauty shop in germantown 5022 wayne avenue .i was there from 1961 to 1968 i tell my wife that there are so many good things that happen in germantown but the older people that remember them are not on the computer . i never thought i would be doing this but my children and grandchildren made me learn houw to use the computer and i have been on it now for 10 years, i was in the 11 th airborne from 1954 to 1957 and i thought i would never see any of my old army buddys again but in 2004 i decided to look for them on the computer and i found out of 135 men in the company i found 112 . we had a big reunion in atlantic city and 50 who were still liveing come and had a great time .germantown to me was the best place to grow up and learn about life . it had everything we were so lucky to be there at that time . i have fund memeries of people places and events that made me appreacate all the good things that happen in germantown . i use to go out with a girl that lived on bringhurst her name was joan kennedy she lived i think at 35 east bringhurst . she had 2 sisters and i think 4 brothers .(nice family )i remember the famous food market, sams dellie, the texco gas station, ryders drug store, youngs, joes barber shop, dr campble eye doctor right next to joes, goodmens old fur, boyds restaurant on the coner of penn and germantown ave. ave . miller steps, gus the barber later on duvas rest. down by coulter st. marrows hard weare store going north to market square horn & hardets all the 5& 10 stores, all those beautfull movies . germantown and chelton where i stood on top of the news stand when the war ended i was 10 years old and all the people were in the street screeming and shouting the war is over! the war is over !and those year after that were the best ! we never had to lock out doors . people were so nice to each other and help full all shared what ever little we had . remember borrowing a cup of sugar or milk on sunday when all the store's were closed ? man what great times those were . hope i did not bore any one . frank
frank, north wales [12-04-2008]

/Users/josephrazzano/Desktop/St Francis Basketball 1957.jpg
anonymous [12-03-2008]

Ed Farrar: Your blog and neat little essay about the streets,alleys, and the Environment of Germantown really resonated with me. I felt that I was listening to a fellow-traveleler who had roamed the streets of G-town like myself. The streets of G-town always fascinated me as a kid-especially Gtn. Ave. with the trolley tracks and Market-Square and all those historic houses-Clivden etc.During the holidays, I liked W. Chelten with all the stores like Allen's and many others.I liked walking along Wissahickon Ave.-from Manheim to Lincoln Drive. I would pass the Clark-Estate next to the Continental and crossover the railroad-tracks at Queen Lane Station.I spent a lot of time on these tracks;this was not smart and dangerous. After Queen Lane, the walk past the beautiful apartment-houses[Alden-Park] was quite enjoyable.The final destination was Fairmount Park-need I say more. West Queen Lane was an Interesting street. It had many apartments and stores;there could be trouble at Queen Lane& Pulaski where the huge project was located. Sometimes, I would head to Gbc passing the project. Eric Wiener[Fitler] and I had a turf-battle at that corner when passing through. Eric was a weight-lifter and fearless but we did not overwhelm the cornerboys during that encounter. As you intimated, the streets of Germantown could be mean. Marty Scorsese could have done a great film on these " Mean Streets". You even talked about alleys which surbanites do'nt know about-it's not up their alley. In the 50's,I would walk down the alley and see old-ladies with their nice gardens and cats. This all changed in the 60's when the backyards contained dogs- many of them mean. My older brother had guns but he also had to keep up with the Jones's and had a very big German-Shepherd[Nero]. Now we live in the burbs,with many driveways but no alleys- safe but bored stiff.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-03-2008]

FrankD, At the YWCA in Germantown, the girls had to wear suits provided by the Y. We couldn't wear our own suits. I think it had to do with the care of the pool. Did you know that my mom briefly rented Mom's store on Wakefield and Price St. This was just prior to my birth. My sister, Lorraine, was a tod and locked the customers out.
FrannyB [12-03-2008]

Patricia Carr: It was so strange for me to find this website.I was thinking a month or so ago about finding out more about my grandmom then i have ever before. It was thru a friend of mine that suggested to me 'you've got a computer' why not check out 'find a grave'? Well let me tell you Patricia,after about 2 hrs.of knocking myself out,looking for this and looking for that i was just about ready to shut this off,when i don't really know exactly what i did but 'Your Thoughts' popped up on the last part of 2007 and i started reading. I think that i asked the computer a question that i thought was unanswerable and you can guess my surprise when this popped up. I agree with you,when you realise i'm 3000 miles away from where you are it's mind boggling! My sister Anne and my mother both were just as surprised as you and i. Don't you think that the computer has made this world of ours seem like we're living in the same neighborhood? Simply amazing! Well,this is the season to be merry and i could'nt be happier than i am now. I pray that you and your loved ones have a safe and wonderful Holiday season too. That goes for all the wonderful people on this website also. Joe O'Donnell,65,Mojave,Ca.
Joe O'Donnell [12-03-2008]

Duncan Hubley, that's me I lived a house away from the Linns on Manheim St across from the Germantown Cricket Club. Do not know or can't remember a Judy Reeves. But I remember those turtles of yours, Lucky, speedy and the rest. Thinking back I was around six or seven riding my squeaking bike on McKean Ave. Your father stopped me, he was doing something with his car, 48 or 49 something. He takes the dip stick from the car and puts a couple of drops of oil on the axle, no more squeaks. Years later my 6 yr old son was complaining his bike squeaked. A couple of drops of oil from my truck, problem solved. Some things you never forget. Duncan, were you part of the crew when worked on the grounds of the Cricket Club for the Davis cup matches in 1958?
Lou Fondi [12-03-2008]

john bruce schmitt you seem to be the greek oracle of GT yet every one i talk to doesn't have a clue as to who u are, are you the wizard of oz ? santa claus? i love hearing your tales but just who are you??????
anonymous [12-03-2008]

Bonnie Gatto would you believe I just got off the phone with Joe Razzano, caught up on family and old times. Hopefully in the spring we can get together play a little golf have dinner and drink a little wine.
Lou Fondi, East Norriton, 64 still working [12-03-2008]

Does anyone remember the weird guy who used to lay on the floor at the movie theatre and ask you to put your feet on him, he was weird
Mary Burns, Simi Valley, CA, 58 yrs old, live on Cleveland Street [12-03-2008]

To Bill James I enjoyed your memories of Louis Pharmacy. It sounded like a good time for you. Lou C now lives in Arizona, have to look up the city.I had heard something very bad about John DiDonato & wanted to find out more. Think he went to LaSalle College & was also in the army. Were his parents Antoinette & John? John also worked at Louis Pharmacy. He was interested in Russia.
Joan Schmitt, Worked at Louis Pharmacy 1967-1969 [12-03-2008]

Lou Fondi & Duncan Hubley how are you both doing these days? Was back in G-town last week for a gathering at Continental Post on the Eve before Thanksgiving. Had a great time with Jim Kohlmeir and many friends from the old neighborhood. Lou, I ran into Bob, MaryLouise & Tom at the Reunion down the shore, you'll have to make the next one. Take care and stay healthy.
Dave Linn, Manheim Street - '47 to '64 [12-03-2008]

Lou Fondi: It is always great to hear from a " Hollow Guy. I was sad to hear the bad news about Al[Peanut] Pauzano. I've known the Pauzano family for many years and they are good folks. I connected to Lou Pauzano[brother] at Girard Estates[downtown] and he confirmed what you had mentioned on your blog. Al P. was always a good Germantown-kid and all our prayers are with him. I appreciate all the information that you provided about Al-peanut.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-02-2008]

To Joe O'Donnell: That's great that you are able to reminisce with your mother about your relatives. I am sure that she enjoys the memories. There are times, especially when I am reading all of the different blogs on this site, that I wish my parents were still alive. I am sure that there are some names and places that would be quite familiar to them. As it is, just finding a connection to Mom's dear friend is pretty amazing to me.I only knew Elaine and her immediate family, so the other names are unfamiliar. Perhaps, her daughter will check out this site and add a blog.... Take care and enjoy the holidays!
Patricia Carr [12-02-2008]

Bob Terranova: That must have been a great lunch. What a great bunch of familiar nemes.
Bonnie Gatto [12-02-2008]

Lou Fondi: Thanks for your condolences for Ralph. I had heard that Albert Pauzano had serious health problems, but I didn't know the full extent. Do you know where he is? Is he in a hospital. I talk to Tom & Joe Razz frequently and we all get together occasionally. I remember going to Woody's Chip & Putt with you on Friday nights. You had one of the few cars in the neighborhood.
Bonnie Gatto [12-02-2008]

To Frank North wales Frank I reamber a lot of the placses and people you mentioned to Ken. I lived at 21 e. Bringhurst st. from 1937 til 1944.I knew the turners,jimmy lawler whitie, and Frankie Hart lived across the st. from me.Went to youngs also for ice cream,also his deliousis chocolates. Boxed at the gtn. boys club and also wrestling.belonged to troop 7 scouts.I used to hang with Joe Ritz Bob Liscavage,who was later murdered one night.write me if any of this is familiar. Bill Leo
Bill (Willie) Leonardo, Im now 80years old [12-02-2008]

I have certainly a lot to be thankful for this year. I've been reading a lot of blogs about memories of Germantown, etc. This time last year I had a Rt. temporal lobectomy (to control seizures that I suffered for 28 yrs.) So I can tell you HELLO! I FEEL GOOD! I went through a lot of testing, etc, but so far so good. Thank God and the Drs. at Jefferson and my family and friends. Happy Holidays to everyone here. Mary Toomey McLaughlin
Mary Toomey McLaughlin, 58 former G-towner, now Fox Chase [12-02-2008]

One Wife, 4 Kids, Three Dogs, Two Cats, two mortgages and having a lot of fun
Paul David Ondik, St Francis Parish, Number 4 of the five Ondik boys from Rockland Street [12-02-2008]

Joan Schmitt / John Bruce Schmitt: I worked at Lou's from 1962 (8th grade) until I graduated from North in 1967. When I started there, I shared shifts with Bob Terranova, Bob D'Angelo, and Jerry Funaro. Billy Daly came along in my later years there. Throughout that time, we would have a Pharmacy student or two work there off and on also. Lou was a great guy. He was great to work for and he was a great influence in my personal life. He was much more than someone I worked for. He took me to a couple Phillies games, put me to work on some days when he saw me on the street when I should've been in school (senior year), I baby-sat his youngest daughter, Gina, at times and he had me over his house with his other daughter, Monica, to prepare for our college boards. She was a very smart Girl's High student. From discussions with Lou, I decided to pursue elementary education and go to a 'teachers' college (Trenton State). That lasted three months. But still, in addition to my parents, Lou gave me good direction. He always cared, even years later when I would stop in to visit. He even threw some hours (and money) my way when I wasn't officially working for him anymore, when I was in college. When I got out of and came home from the service, I actually stopped in to see him before I saw my parents. Louis Pharmacy was an interesting place to work. One of our daily customers was the Tree Lady, who always stopped in to eat Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Every now and then, we'd have one of Johnny Abbramondi's guys come in with a meat cutter slice, bleeding all over the place. Lou would fix him up. I thought about Lou recently on the 45th anniversary of JFK's assasination. When that happened, Lou let me decorate the store window in memory of Kennedy. Lou is still living, in South Jersey. Here's a small world story: Years ago,my brother, who grew up in Marlton, went into partners for awhile with his friend, Ned, in a home contracting business. When he showed me his new business card, I noticed that Ned's last name was Cetrullo. I never knew his last name before. When I asked him about that, I found out that Lou is his favorite uncle. Small world. Louis Pharmacy - dial GET WELL (Ge-8-9355).
Bill James, The Head, from the Hollow [12-02-2008]

Louis Fondi did you live on Manheim street, just East of the Linn's, Nile Phyllis, Joan, and Dave? I'll bet you did. Did you know Judt Reeves? She moved to Limekiln Pike, back then that was out of the country.
Duncan Hubley, 69-- from McKean Avenue [12-02-2008]

hey ken! i lived on lena street from 1939 t0 1957 . i knew the hines . john, joe and 2 sisters, kay and i forgot the other ones name ? i just saw ginny hines at the corpus christy turkey parish dinner. john use to direct trafic at the bottom of the hill for the kids to sled and go all the way to church lane .use to hang on the conner at wiles store and pennises. played block ball on that conner for a long time . i went to the boys club from 1940 till 1954 mr.harris .bud, hugie, cap arnold, mr price, ray sunderlin, johnny car, jim the door man, dan the locker room man .lots of good memries . use to go to youngs for ice cream or ryders drug store for a milk shake and crackers for 21 cents .when we got older we took over the millers steps and replaced the bringhurst guys . whitie, peewe, mole turner, monk ryder, jimmy lawler, boon tohmpson, frankie hart, those were the older guys . i moved to rosly in 1963 stayed there till 1979 . i had the beauty shop in roslyn from 1968 till 1992 germantown was a different place. one with have to have lived there in those times to really know how good we had it when our parents were in controll and we had respect for our elders, frank .
frank, north wales [12-01-2008]

Bob Terranova: I remember you from Fern Hill and you worked with my sister[Joan] who was a pharmacist at Lou's[Lane-Collins]-Manheim&Wayne. You might have remembered her from St. Christopher where you both had a professional connection.You probaly knew other colleagues from Lou's.-Steve DeAngelo,Tom Daley[Dr. Daley's son] and obviously Lou C. There were many DeAngelos in Germantown and they were in the construction-business and one family had a blacksmith-business on Keyser St. I knew your Brother George who was an easy-going kid. George went to St. Mike's with Lou Pauzano who was a classmate of mine-Prep[1959].I knew many of the names that you mentioned on your blog-Tom Lynch,John Fries,Dave Glancey,Ed Kohlmeyer[John's brother],Neil McElroy. It is terrific that you can connect with so many old Germantown-friends. Dave Glancey's old friend[Frank Klock] was mentioned on this site. My sister[Joan Schmitt had a short blog. I knew Doc Flagherty who you knew from Lou's;he had an unique personality. I had conversation with him at Crane's and he took care of some medical problems for me. I also remember many of your friends from Crane's. I also hung out at Crane's on LBI-where you live and have a practice.My clasmate[Tony Chiurco] is also a Neurosurgeon[Princeton]-possibly you know him.I am happy that you still have those golden hands and have not retired. The Jersey Shore is a wonderful place to live;I go to Spring Lake which is called the Irish Riviera.When you see John Fries,he will tell you about the great game that he had against my team at Fern Hill Park Give my regards to your guys and enjoy the interesting blogs on this site.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-01-2008]

Hi it was nice to hear from cousins franny and anthony also sandy c, gerry g, and gerald m. I would like to wish everyone a great holiday season. Would like someone to explain to me why the boys at gtn. boys club swam without and the girls with. frank d
anonymous [12-01-2008]

J B Schmitt: I know both of the places you mentioned. I have been to wildflowers on numerous occasions. Ill talk to Jim about a good date to do it. Ill drive, he'll be happy.
John Burke, 54 NE Phila [12-01-2008]

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