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November 2008

Happy Hollow was the best. How about gouch, shangy, mizzy, alan goodie, eddie sweitzer, peanut, bb, blacky, charlie foo toni gregoria, joe schimpf (killed in Viet Nam), eddie durkin, tony the barber.
anonymous [11-30-2008]

Hey, Grew up in germantown late 40's early 50' and moved to Roslyn. Went to St vincents on price st. Used to walk their everyday with the Lena St Gang. Lena was the steep red brick hill that everyone sleeded on. My mother was a Hines. She and all her brothers grew up on Lena. The Hok's ran tailor shops along germantown ave from the late 1880's thru the depression. Swam at the boys club, met my aunt at H&H everyday after school and she would give me a nickle. It went a long way. Movies at the bandbox. Played baseball at a field on a property at top of Lena on penn st. ken Hook
ken Hook, Pottstown, 61, [11-30-2008]

Hello KIm. I read your little note and just wanted to say Hi and thank you and everyone else on here for the holiday wishes. It's still Thanksgiving weekend with all the leftovers, so everyone enjoy it along with all the games. Now it's get ready for Christmas. I can still see all the lights and decorations at Gtn. and Chelten. Those were the days.
anthong [11-30-2008]

*-Spent a chunk of my life near Hansberry & Wissahickon & miss it. Any info on employees of Louis Pharmacy 1967-1671 at Wayne ave & Mamheim St.
Joan Schmitt, Phila 74 [11-30-2008]

I would be happy to hear from anybody who remembers me. I lived there untill 1970.Hung out "back the lots" Kathy and Carmel are my sisters.
Dave Micklosky, Lived at Knox /Hansberry went to St. Francis school 64 [11-30-2008]

As a child in Germantown I spent most of my time roaming the city streets, always playing some kind of kids games. This went on for hours every day. No one stayed in their homes. Organized sports consisted of hose ball, pimple ball, and half ball. The sewers were bases and the broomstick a bat. I remember, due to the lack of real drums, staging out in the dark singing Beatles songs with my neighbor Derek Workman. The drums were cans and the broomstick was Paul McCartney’s Bass. Everything you found outside could be put to some kind of use. Smacking old soda cans with a stick kept me busy for hours (Jolting Joe). We spent most of our times outside (both summer and winter) and always found something to do. We climbed the hills, scooted through alleys, and of course walked the railroad tracks. When I needed a nickel or two, I would go to the store for the neighbors. This was good for a coke and candy bar. I often think about the Watermelon, Clorox, and Charlie Chips trucks who visited the neighborhood. Also, the man with the block of ice on a cart who scrapped up one tasty snow cone. A bushel of crabs which cost nowhere what it costs today. Everybody grew tomatoes and vegetables in their garden, yes we would always sneak a few. Good with a little salt. The fire hydrant cooled us in those hot summers. There was always someone who had the wrench and opened it once the police were gone. You had to be careful driving your car through the water, and remember to keep those windows up. It was no longer fun when the city installed those sprinklers. A trip to Wissahicken Creek was a trip to the country. These are some of the fond memories of Germantown.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [11-30-2008]

Haven't checked this site in awhile. Took time and saw a lot of familiar names. Joe Gatto, my condolences on the death of you brother Ralph. I was shocked when I read it, fortunately I had the oppurtunity to speak with him and you & Dom Raffele, Joe & Tom Razzano a couple of years back. Unfortunately is was at Jimmy Razzano's funeral. Just got word the other day one of the Hollow guys is realy up against it. Al Pauzano is waiting for a liver transplant. I connected with Al back in the early '90s my son Michael had the good fortune to be one of his students at Lansdale Catholic High School. Al also taught at St. Joes, Bishop Kenrich in Norristown, St Pius in Pottstown. A couple of people mentioned Ed Scanlon, ran into him at Montgomery hospital last month, I was going in to meet my grandaughter for the first time. He was volunteering at the information desk. Happy Thanksgiving to all: Hollow, Brickyard, East & West Gemantown.
Lou Fondi [11-30-2008]

Hi Patricia, My mothers memory is now working on overtime.Since you came up with Elaine's and Nancy's names,she's remembering all kinds of things. I just found out last night that 'Jackie' and 'Bunny'and possibly a 3rd male 'Charles' were Elaines brothers,which would make all 5 of them my cousins too. And Elaine's daughter Elaine and did'nt you say she has a brother named Carl? They would be my cousins too,would'ny they? When it comes down to figuring out who's who,and what cousin does that make Elaine and Carl to me,i have no idea other than a friend of mine tells me that it would make for 3rd cousins.I've never known how to figure that all out,have you? I just got more word today that my mom says that their was also an Aunt 'Lizzy' to my dad,whether real or not she does'nt know,and more names that she came up with today. McKee or spelled McKey,one way or the other??? They'd be related to our O'Donnell family too. This is getting more and more interesting by the day Patricia. Does Elaine have a computer? I wonder if she'd like to get to know a 3rd cousin a little better(electronically)?Patricia,thank you very,very much for sharing your thoughts with me. I just had a great Thanksgiving dinner, I hope you did too. Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell [11-30-2008]

John Burke: It was great to read your blog on Thanksgiving Day. It was sad to hear about your Uncle Bob. At the same time,it was good to hear that Gene Drg. has had a good marriage and a successful medical career. Gene had gone to ST. Francis[1953] with my brother[Urb]. My brother was friends with another physician from that class-Pat Mc Carthy[deceased]. The Mc Carthy Family had Real Estate business in Germantown.I see that you are still friends with Jim Wilkins[our old neighbor]. I know Pennington well.Google Wildflowers on Pennington Circle or Amalfi's on Pennington Rd. in Lawrenceville and send a date to the Wilkins brothers and we will meet. It will be great to talk to you after many years.We could meet in Trenton but I never liked packing when it is not necessary.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-30-2008]

it might of been dick masterson that broke his leg. It was charles bodo, and billy mole who across the street from ST Francis also members of the class of 57 wrongly list on the brickyard site. others in the class paul and willian jefford cousins. Frank jamison, chester leskoski, john powell, john martin,danny witts.norman hartner,john gallegher there are more but i will need to look at the class picture. booth boys and girls I have booth.
Raymond Dawes, ray [11-30-2008]

happy thanksgiving to all the gtown folks. we have a lot to be thankful for growing up as we did. this past monday i met with tom lynch. john fries,neal macelroy,bodie howard,dave glancy,ed kohlmier and ray duffy for lunch at champs in south philly. what a trip. what a special thing we have.In 2 hours we covered 50 years of history together. Bob terranova 11-27-08
bob terranova, grew up on Marion st. went to north catholic '63. became a neurologist and now live on long beach island. still working after all these years [11-30-2008]

happy thanksgiving to the many germantowners out there ... many blessings to you and your families rosemarie hite malageri
rosemarie hite malagei [11-30-2008]

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Germantown was a great place to grow up. I am thankful for all my wonderful memories. Thank you, former Germantown friends and neighbors, also, for bringing back some great memories. Genny Welsh Bottorff
Genevieve Welsh Bottorff [11-27-2008]

joe taylor emmett bonnie goo goo shangi rocky nicky abber hokie joe dipasquell jimmy flynn ed sweeny babara bodo edna langjar paul jimenez bucky durney ronnie manzo joey and jackie leone billy haas all the kehans john burke johnny and bruce lawless the kolmyers and every one from st francis, lynches and fries happy thanksgiving joe razzano
anonymous [11-27-2008]

I beleve that i played soccer with frank klock at GBC we were on the same team. I remember the day he broke his leg very load sound.
Raymond Dawes, Oreland Pa 65 St Francis class of 57 [11-27-2008]

happy thanksgiving to all.
rich, huntingdon valley [11-27-2008]

To Joe O'Donnell My mother was Agnes Muller Glass (b. 1924 d. 2000)and I just found out that she and Elaine O'Donnell knew each other since 2nd grade when they both attended Immaculate Conception. They maintained their friendship over many, many years. My grandmom Muller was known around the area for her ability to 'read cards', tea leaves, and, yes, beer foam on a glass as well. She'd be invited to card parties and ladies' get togethers to read the ladies' fortunes. She always laughed and said that it was all in good fun. Her name was Agnes King Muller and she resided on Stockton Rd. I am sorry to say that I have no additional information on the folks that you mentioned, but I also recall hearing about a 'Bunny'. Having kept my parents' address book, I was able to find and call Elaine's daughter and share our communications. It's amazing what one's able to accomplish with just a little bit of time, a computer, and such an interesting site. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
Patricia Carr [11-27-2008]

J B Schmitt: Sorry it took so long to respond to your blogs, but we've had a tough couple of months here in the city on the dept. My cousin Nancy McSherry did marry Ron Ebert, but have been divorced many years. They have four sons ranging from 6' 6" to 6' 9" all b ball players, the three youngest played at Archbishop Wood. My cousin Mary Murray married Gene Dragonsky from greene st near St Francis. He has been an Dr. for over 40 years now. Uncle Bob Smith died from burns he suffered in a fire on hansberry st in 1977. Ill talk to you more about that when we finally get together for a few. You mention central nj in your last post, I spend a lot of time in Pennington NJ, maybe you are familiar with that area. Im heading off to meet Jimmy Wilkins at the Continental in about 20 minutes, we've both have been known to have a drink. Have a great Thankgiving.
John Burke, 54 NE Philly [11-26-2008]

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from Germantown!
Carl Stieffenhofer [11-26-2008]

Emmett Harkins: I remember you mostly from 333 W. Queen Lane[Crane's] where you worked with Hank Hennigan,Joe Coll,Ted Bateman,Mario and Victor and the Crane Family. I had good rapport with Tom Crane and I liked talking with him about the ponies. You were close with Hank H. and his daughter from Tennessee blogs on this site. If I recall,you married Nancy Crawford whose brother Frank went to St. Francis with me and your brother Joe-1955. The Crawford's lived on Morris St. next to the Morgan-family. Your brother-in- law loved pin-ball and I was with him when the machine ate 10-dollars which was big bucks back in the day. Your family liked basketball and I played on St. Fran with Joe[brother]. Your brother George was an excellent player.Like you, I spent time at the Hollow;it was an education. Bobby Goo took pennies from you and since I was older,he took quarters from me. We liked to call Goo-Goo among ourselves but we addressed him as Goo to his face.I see you dunked at an early age; I had to wait until I was older and with the help of weights.Bill[Bol] Person would jam in my face with 2 hands. I played pinochle in that card-room with the Hollow Girls. At the other end of the gym;I would box in that room and that is where I heard my first Italina-I found gold.Did you go to LaSalle like your brothers? If I remember you were in the St. Francis Class[1957] with Joe lynch and Joe Taylor, that class had great athletes.Your family had the tailor- shop on Wyneva St. When did the shop close and your family move out of Germantown?Emmett! Your blog brought back fond memories of G-town for me.Have a great Thanksgiving and taste some good wine.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-26-2008]

Mary/Elizabeth - Your points are well taken but I distinctly remember getting a "reprimand" so severe, it left welts on my back and behind. Guys have a tendency to use the word "beating" because it sounds much more macho than a "spanking". Regardless of semantics, what some of us got was probably somewhere in between a "reprimand" and a "beating". This is by no means to infer that we were abused by our parents in any way shape or form. I never got a "reprimand" that I didn't deserve and that's the way it was done back then. Some kids in our 'hood got spanked with a razor strop or belt - maybe we can call that a "belting". It's not my intent to make light of this subject but corporal punishment was a fact of life back then - both at home and in school. I remember receiving a few "reprimands" from the nuns that left a few marks as well. Anyway, just thought I would chime in with another POV. Take care. Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL, USA, IC '58/CD '62 [11-26-2008]

Does anyone know of anyone that is still alive that worked at Hassis Bakery on Queen Lane. Or is there another bakery that make the same type of Cinnamon Buns. I now live in South Carolina and no matter were I go I CAN'T FIND ANYONE THAT MAKES THEM LIKE Hassis did. I look forward to any info you have. Thanks Rita
Rita Smith, I lived at 5204 Morris St. -West Germantown [11-26-2008]

um...well since no one is talking to me i guess all i can do is wish you all a happy and Safe thanksgiving ^-^ I hope when i come back on tomorrow or next week someone will kindly speak to me, i find all this intresting and i'd like to know a lot about Germen towns history. Um..well Have a great safe and Happy thanks giving all, and god bless for letting us wake up for another day of life ^-^
Kim, G-town,16 [11-26-2008]

Kate Klock, I knew your Dad from the Germantown Boys Club, tell him I said hello and to have a great holiday.
Dave Linn, GBC Alumni - 25 W. Penn St. [11-26-2008]

Emmit Harkins: I remember the 'old gym' well, including all the things you mention. I also recall some great basketball games. How about the dances on Friday nights where we did 'the bug'.
jg [11-26-2008]

Happy Thanksgiving to all "old school" Germantowners out there. What a wonderful time of year it was on the 1300 block of Haines st. My mom and dad lived next door to my Aunt and Uncle Dominick Cupo, and my Aunt Josephine and Uncle Victor lived across the street from us. Naturally, it seemed as if all the rest of their families made their way over to all our homes on Thanksgiving day. My mom made home-made ravioli by the bucket it seemed. She started 2 days in advance and rolled out and cut the dough with her little cutter and crinkled all the edges and stuffed them with rigotta cheese. She also made meatballs and, my favorite, braciole. The turkey seemed to be an afterthought, although we always had a huge one of at least 18-20 lbs. The desserts were always home made and there were plenty of butter cookies in the shape of Xmas trees or Santa or Angels all cranked out by hand molds by my mom. My Aunt Josephine made anisette cookies with sprinkles and vanilla icing to die for. How so many people fit into our little row homes, not to mention finding a place to park, I'll never know. There was also a parade down Haines st that included mounted police, open air Dodge DeSotos with push button transmissions and huge fins, and the Oscar Myer Weiner Mobile with Oscar throwing whistles to the kids. Sally Starr was even in the parade one year along with different VIP'S from various professions. There was always a pick-up tackle football game in Awbury Park, the muddier the better. Those days are gone now but of course not forgotten. Here's to the greatest neighborhood a kid could ever want growing up, and here's to all the neighbors that made it so special. Happy Thanksgiving !
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [11-26-2008]

Patricia, My mom would like to know your mothers name. When my grandmom O'Donnell died in Apr of 1957,i was 14.My mother says when we went to the funeral home,that my dad introduced Elaine and Nancy to her then in 1957. She's lost touch with them over the yrs and would like to know how they are? Their was also a man named Jackie who drove the 26 bus who parked the bus accross the str from the funeral home. When he came in i remember him as being very effervescent saying he wanted to say goodbye to his Aunt Helen,my g'mom. Jackie was there for a good 1/2 hr before he remembered that he had a bus load of people,and that he'd better get back,but nobody was gonna stop him from saying goodbye to her. He was quite a character. Their was another relative their that they called Bunny. I hope nobody gets angry with me today. This is the 3rd time i've e-mailed in. Thank you,and happy thanksgiving. Joe O'Donnell
anonymous [11-26-2008]

who is the webmaster ? and do u accept photos from your readers?
anonymous [11-26-2008]

Hey Patricia, After i sent back an e-mail to you today,i e-mailed my sister Anne and told her what you said. It seems i spoke prematurely Patricia,my mom just told me that Elaine and Nancy are my dads cousins. It would seem to me that you know more about my O'Donnell family than i do. When i 1st e-mailed to this website I was hoping to find where my grandmom was buried.Her full name was Helen E.(nee)Bannon O'Donnell. I never even thought that my dad even had cousins. It was so thoughtful of you to email. Thank you very much! Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell [11-26-2008]

John Ondik- Ive been trying to locate your brother Paul for awhile. Would appreciate you letting him know.
Bo Smith [11-26-2008]

Hey Patricia,thanx for responding to my message. We are not related to Elaine or Nancy. I'll tell you something my mom told my sister yesterday who she lives with in Eden,N.C.. My mother name was Elynor R. Thackrah and was living at several str. address's as they (her) family grew, probably for more bedrooms. She's 1 of 10. She met my dad at,i guess a mutual friends "Halloween party". My mom and dad also use to hang out at Waterview Rec Center at E.Price and McMahon.From what i understand,they both loved dancing. My mom also told my sister yesterday,when she first married my dad,they lived with my G'mom Helen O'Donnell at 201 Price str.. My mom will be 90 on Sep.3rd,2009. Some of her early st. addresses were at 2130 Medary,6010 Norwood,Beechwood,another on Norwood and the one on Wister when she met my dad. On the O'Donnell side everything seems to be sketchy. I know of 2 addresses only,the one where she met my dad and i understand that his family lived on Washington Lane. The first place they lived together on their own was at was ii5 W.Sharpnack Str.,and that's where i was born. I myself are trying to find out as much as i can about their single life and some of the things they liked to do. I am filled with great feelings of knowing that i was born in the germantown hosp.and had some yrs of living in g-town. I could go on forever trying to learn more on my parents and g-parents. I should have done all this a long time ago. It would have been a lot easier! Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell [11-26-2008]

John Ondok: Jack! I have not seen you in over 50 years. You lived on Rockland St. next to St. Francis and that is the street where a red-haired kid[Dougherty] also lived and he had that tragic ending. We went to St. Francis together and then along with Pat McIlhinney,Paul McKee,Steve Kay[deceased] attended the Prep.You were always a good talker and I guess you emulated your father[a lawyer. Your family was religious and connected to St. Francis church and school.You probaly got tired of the Jesuit mantra and rant and left 17th&Girard for the greener pasture of 2d&Chelten[Dougherty]. I've been in contact with Mike Smith[St. Fran] who graduated with you from Cardinal Dougherty-59. Traveling to Olney must have been better than the trip to North Philly. I remember you sounding and busting on the dudes on the bus and then talking your way out of it. I know with that background you must have become a great salesman. I am still friends with Pat Mc.-another smooth talker. Pat lives in Cherry Hill and commiserates with me over our former 401 k's. I have another friend{Tom Wilkins] who lives in Cherry Hill and his brother[Jim] knows your kid brother.I understand that you live in King of Prussia. My family was about to move to King of Prussia in the 50's when my father died.I left Germantown in the late 60's and have never really acclimated myself to the burbs. I do like the Italian restaurants in Central Jersey and that reminds me of life in the big city.Jack! It was wonderful to see your blog on this site; Mike Smith and I will look forward to see your blogs in the future. Possibly, the three old dudes from St. Fran can meet-Philly,Millville,Cherry Hill or wherever. Have a Great Thanksgiving and a bottle of Opus.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-26-2008]

Elizabeth McDougall, Re: Your input dated 11/25/2008- Very well said, I couldn't agree more.
Mary [11-26-2008]

Anybody remember shooting set shots through the rafter in the old gym at Happy Hollow? Goo Goo would bet us pennies and usually won them all. Remember Goo's mother bringing him an umberilla and rubbers to the gym side door when it rained. How about the old guys playing cards in the side room you had to go through to get to the basketball court in the old gym who would curse us out in Italian. Did you ever take a jump step off the wall behind the basket so you could dunk the ball?
Emmett Harkins, Printing Business, St. Francis,lived@4800 Greene St. [11-26-2008]

happy thanksgiving to alll of the germantown people we have a lot to be thankful for
a Friend [11-26-2008]

John S. Ondok III, 66, St. Francis of Assisi '55, Lived @ 35 W. Rockland St., oldest of 5 brothers [11-25-2008]

Kate Klock: Your father Frank knew Ken and JB Schmitt way-back then[The 50's]. Frank graduated from ST. Francis with Ken-1958.They played basketball at St. Fran with John Fowler whose sister was a nun,Tom Lynch, Jim Kehan. Your father was good friends with Dave Glancey and they both went to North-1962.I believe they both performed in the school-play at North under the direction of Dave Loscalzo[deceased]. Ken and I also knew Frank K. and Dave G. from St. JOe's. I think your Dad was an English-Major and he was very articulate for a young lad. My brother Ken told me he was very intelligent and this came from a guy who was a National-Merit Finalist. In the sixties I bumped into Frank at various venues-Crane's,the Pub[29th& Allegheny[ and I think I saw him at a Cannonball Adderly Concert. At the Pub, he told me he was an intellectual and to me that meant, he did not want to talk sports which he knew a lot. I made provocative comments and he did not take umbrage with anything and that surprised me since your dad was witty and quick.Your dad knew many interesting people from the Hollow,GBC and Fern Hill. Hanging at the Hollow with people like Bobby Goo,he was a good player[cards]. I was impressed at St. Joe's that he played poker with the big boys from the Main-Line. Your dad had an unique personality and he reminded me of a guy named Tony Bateman who was from St. Vincent's. Wish your Dad," Happy Thanksgiving" and tell him the Schmitt boys are still mellow as ever and trying to keep up with traffic in the middle-lane.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-25-2008]

Hi Rick Rizzo: Great comment about going down the sewer in Awbury Park. It was a giant culvert. Probably had plenty of rats, who knows. I forgot all about it until you wrote. I don't even want to know what was "floating" by. You could probably have walked under large parts of the city if you were crazy enough to try it. If I had a kid that did what we did, I would kill him. Funny stuff!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [11-25-2008]

I think if we saw video footage of daily events that took place in our lives years ago we might be a little surprised. Things that seemed very LARGE to us were really very small. A reprimand from a parent might not have been a beating but a gesture to stop us from harming ourselves or others in the future. I know of many of the parents and children of these parents from Germantown and I can honestly say that I do not recall beatings but reprimands. I just think that we are insulting our parents who are mostly not here to defend themselves when we say these things. Beating is a very harsh and violent word. I know I would not want to be associated with that word and hope that we can respect our parents and not shine such a negative light on them. Just a thought and opinion.
Elizabeth McDougall [11-25-2008]

to mary milione - thank you for the memories. i remember all that you mentioned. wasn't it great!
ANNE [11-25-2008]

Mary, my husband went to Holy Rosary. Everything you wrote, he has told me about. Maybe you know the DeNardo family. I married Donnie, aka "Duck"
Sheila [11-25-2008]

To Joe O'Donnell If my memory serves me correctly, one of my mother's good friends not only at Germantown High, but also for many years after, was Elaine O'Donnell. She also had a sister, Nancy. Both would be in their 80s now. Are you, by chance, related to these ladies? Elaine also had a daughter Elaine who would be about 60 or so and a son Carl.
Patricia Carr [11-25-2008]

Those of you who are from Holy Rosary I think you remember many of these things. More if you lived on Haines St Magnolia Ave, Mechanic or High Sts.
Mary Milione, Holy Rosary Grad 1958 [11-24-2008]

Those of you Who are from Holy Rosary, I think you will remember many of these things. More if you lived on Haines, Magnolia, Mechanic or High sts. I went to Holy Rosary and remember the some of the nuns there: Sisters Celeste, John Madeline,Cypriana,miss Carmela the kindergarten teacher,some of the priests. Fr Sheehan, Dougherty, india and Keefe. Fr Keefe was called thew green hornet because he used to ride around at night in his green car and raid the pool hall to catch the underage guys there. The pool hall was under Petro's grocery in the basement. Going to Gtn Settlement after school for the story hour making things in clay and painting. And on Friday night Mr Diuti would show movies for a dime. We always stopped at Susie's store for our candy. The carnival's at HR were always great. The football games and the many championships they won. Some of the players were Finnegan, Julius LaRocca, Guy and Burr Sherrado, Louie Boop and many more. the coaches were Harry Bender and Sam Sherrado. The biggest star was Johnny Herrara the Cuban Flash. Aunt Annie Zach would ring her cowbell at every game, especially the years her Claude and Joey Procopio played. Hr had a dance on Sunday afternoon during Lent that were really great. Our class would walk down Haines St in line from school on Friday to go to Confession. The whole school once walked to the Walton movies to see The Miracle of Fatima. The spaghetti dinners were great to go to. I remember the minstrel shows with Frannie Greco and Joey Palermo. The Halloween parties we had were always won by the Ciardullo twins for the best costumes. And Mr Ben Marucci, who had a landscaping business with all his sons working and the neighborhood boys who needed jobs through the Summer.Before I was born my dad, Nucci,owned the gas station across from the Church. Many years later that same place became a water ice stand owned by Frisco Frank. How many remember attending weddings at the Guisti Lodge on Haines st.Joe Cashin's Pizza shop at High and Magnolia, Usteen's Rag shop, Menzanotte Bakery, Herb's cut rite store on Tulpehocken St, Paddula's bar at High and Magnolia,Billy the Butcher, Tommy Luken's grocery on Haines St., Rosie Criniti's beauty shop, Vernon Park for the parades and Fourth of July celebrations. Waterview water carnivals and only able to go swimming on your day (boy or girl). If you swam in the morning you couldn't go in the afternoon. They would check you suit to see if it was wet. We would always have a dry suit hidden so we could go again. The city yard on Magnolia ave. where they kept the horses and wagons used for picking up trash and ashes. All the Italian men would pick up the horse manure for their gardens. And if the horse dropped his load in front of your house don't anybody touch it! Sometimes there would be big fights over that load. Johnny the barber on Haines St.Johnny the huckster who would come at ten O'clock at night. We would call him Johnny the Midnight Rider. And the watermelon man Cozzi, who would go up and down the streets hollering WATERMELON RED RIPE...Walking down Magnolia Ave in the summer where everybody had their chairs on thew sidewalk because it was cooler than on the porch. And if you didn't say hello to everybody sitting out there, you heard it from your mother the next day. A great memory was when Chinny and Nipper Ianuzzi cam around with a big truck with hay in the floor and would take all us kids for hayrides. We all would be singing "On Top Of Old Smoky".I remember going to see Jamesy Criniti and cousin Bernadette at the Immaculate Conception Hall tap dancing in a show, for the Holy Rosary 50th year reunion. I remember Griffin's Mill, Hauser's Mill where just about everybody in the neighborhood worked. There was a bakery at the end of Mechanic st that would make waffles and donuts. I can't recall their name any more.I remember as a kid there was a water ice store on Haines st named Siovone's where they were two cents apiece. Some of you girls might remember that Mrs Procopio would display the Lady of Fatima statueand we would go to her house and pray the rosary for peace after our lunch hour.Love to all my old friends Mary M
Mary Milione Wuillermin, Holy Rosary Grad [11-24-2008]

Hi Neady,hope you and your family are fine,it's been so many years since we seen each other,say Hi to Terry for me,have a Happy Thanksgiving to all.and old neighbor,Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [11-24-2008]

I'm a city kid. I'll always be a city kid (Gtn.). At least, that's what I'm told. I currently reside in Deerfield Beach, FL, one block from the beach. It gets VERY quiet here in the summer. However, in "season", it gets very crowded with "snowbirds". Some nights, (especially at closing time for bars/restaurants), it also gets VERY noisy! However, having lived on Haines Street (1300 block) with two-way traffic, row homes, & corner "tappies", has helped me to adapt to Deerfield Beach, in "season". I guess living on Haines Street, w/o air conditioning; windows opened wide, to let the cool, summer air drift in with the city noise, prepared me to be able to sleep, with windows opened wide, to catch the gentle ocean breeze, even on the noisiest nights in "season". Thanks for the memories!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, ic 55; cdhs 59 [11-24-2008]

Hey FrannyB, I thought I remembered Catherine next to you, but I don't remember your neighbor before her. I guess that was before my time. Ha!
aanthonyg [11-24-2008]

Did anyone know my Dad--Frank Klock? He went to St. Francis Assisi '58, North Catholic '62 and St. Joe's College '67. He used to hang at Happy Hollow, Fernhill Park, and the Germantown Boy's Club. I'd like to get a few memories to gift him with at Christmas. Thanks in advance, Daughter Kate Klock.
Kate Klock, 25 yrs. old [11-24-2008]

jack & dan..i remember that fire in the park. we were gathering our own trees for a fire in the lot behind leechs junk yard. the cops came and questioned us and asked if we had anything to do with your fire. of course no one admitted anything. what great times and friends. do you remember going down the sewer in the park with candles and walking the ledge. if you went in the direction of the running water you hit the crap traps. the other way you could go to temple stadium and come out on the field. when my mom found out what we did my brother don and i got a beating. i guess this stuff is too dangerous for our kids to do now.
rick rizzo, 64 [11-24-2008]

are you able to accept photos of things gone past?
anonymous [11-21-2008]

Hello my name is Sharon McHugh Rudolph. Both of my parents grew up in Germantown and I have heard about the neighborhood all of my life. My Mom's name is Carol Drakely(now McFeeters). My Father's name is Charlie McHugh which is the reason I am writing. Last night my father passed away and I wanted to let those who knew him know. I would also like to thank so many from the Germantown Gang- First I must thank Lila Braden Donovan for all that she has done for me and most especially for what she did for him, she has been his friend since childhood and has helped me a great deal during his illness and passing. I would like to thank Dorothy Hodges Drolsbaugh for listening and the wonderful words of kindness and support. I would like to thank Patty DeSanto for her efforts in trying to find Charlie's family and posting that info on this site, thank you Patty, we have yet to find any of them but I do appreciate it from my heart. I would like to thank Tommy Cololla for the advice given through Lila, Mr. Cololla I do intend on calling you, I understand from my Mom that you came to visit when I was born, that's really cool and very sweet, I am looking forward to meeting you. Lastly I must thank my Mom, Carol Drakely McFeeters for everything, I know given the circumstances that all of this was very hard for you and I can never express how thankful I am to you- I love you Mom with all of my heart. I have been to Germantown, I have heard all of the stories and I look forward to meeting those who may attend my father's funeral services. The arrangements are not yet completed and I still have not located any family members, so if anyone knows where I can find them please let me know, I can be reached at Rudy5@comcast.net, please write something in the subject line so I don't think it's spam and delete it. God Bless all who have helped me, those who were friends with my Mom and Charlie, and God Bless Germantown and all those who's roots are there. Thank you so very much. Sharon McHugh-Rudolph daughter of Carol Drakely and Charles McHugh p.s. Sorry for any misspellings of names, I did my best:)
Sharon McHugh Rudolph, Cape May County N.J. [11-21-2008]

Like i was saying last wk about my G'mom O'Donnell,she was living on Chelton Ave when she died in 1957. I lived with my mom and dad at 115 W.Sharpnack st.and accross the st.at 122 W.Sharpnack the 1st 11 yrs of my life.I remember around the corner on Emlen st.there was a candy store owned by Lou Whip.Between going to school at St.Madeleine Sophie, whenever i was able i spent my time at Whips candy store and also at the Wissahicken park with my friend Larry Robideux who lived on the corner house of Sharpnack and Emlen sts.. I've often wonder what happened to my boyhood friends.Othen than Larry,their was Jimmy Moore,Binky Brodrick and Creamy Cochrane. I also remember meeting Gil Turner while he was training in g-town.He was always running,i think he lived on the block behind my house? My father Bill O'Donnell was working for the Reading Railroad when he was injured and due to the nature of his injury was able to get 5,000 dollars and we moved to Olney in 1954 or 1955. I lived in Olney till 1978,and than came to Mojave where i have lived since then. If their's anybody who remembers my family it would be interesting to hear about it. I'm hoping to read something soon on this website. Thank you! Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, I live in the Mojave desert for the last 30 yrs,and i'm 65. [11-21-2008]

Joe Taylor: I found it intriguing your comment how to address a Profeessor.I've known many professors and they come in all sizes and shapes.They march to their own drum once they get tenure.Europeans really like their titles-in Germany' Herr Professor is Modus Operandi.Most of my Jesuit Professors were called,"Father or Padre".My best Jesuit Professors were humble and were presidents of major Jesuit Universities.Many Professors can be narcissistic and arrogant and others are humble and erudite- a mixed bag.Personally,I address Full-Professors as "Professor".I have observed that younger Professors are cool and liked to be called by their first names.I do not know the protocol in Athens[UGA].I have no problems with my wife who has been a Full-Professor for many years;I simply call her-"Dear".
John Bruce Schmitt [11-21-2008]

To Jim Kiernan. Thank you very much for the address for Barbara Kehan. I will definitely try to get in touch with her. Genny Welsh Bottorff
Genevieve Welsh Bottorff [11-21-2008]

To Jack Lyons, Hi Jack. Nice to hear from you. I also did my bit in the Army courtesy of the draft. I got out at the end of 1963. Like you, I like to travel. I went to Italy for the seventh time this summer for 3 weeks and had a car. Italians are crazy drivers and you have to drive just like them or you are better off walking. There are rules but no one pays any attention to them. Wild!I learned the language some years ago. Love the place. I also did a one month consulting job in London in July after getting back from Italy so the passport has been getting a workout. I am very happily married and living in Jamison Bucks County. My wife teaches Catholic School and I do some volunteer work at our church. I have been in and out of retirement, working at the moment but not full time. I am a ski nut and took up golf late but I fell in love with that also. I worked in the IT field my whole life (other than bartending). When I retired I was directing Information Security for Delaware Investments. Keeping out hackers and thieves, that sort of thing. I think a lot about Germantown days. I had a lot of adventures and Germantowners to me are almost a breed apart. One thing the neighborhood did for me and probably plenty of others. You developed an ability to size up people quickly, almost like an extra sense. That has served me well. I love hashing out the old stories but most of them wouldn't cut it in this blog. Lot's of funny stuff, lot's of characters. Suburban born people dan't have a clue as to what neighborhood life was like and how friends and neighbors could band together. I live around people now, some of who don't even say hello when you pass them on the street. Strange! Hey it was nice to hear from you and I am glad that life has treated you well. Interestingly, I have reconnected with a number of people through this blog, Ron and Lorraine Cupo personally and several others by e-mail. Take care of your self.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [11-21-2008]

To Dan Hartnett...Haines Street Boy. You asked awhile ago what I've been doing and I apologize for taking so long to respond, but my wife and I have been doing some extensive traveling. I got drafted into the Army in 1964 and was assigned to Fort Shafter, Oahu, HI, served 2 T.D.Y. tours in Nam. Married Nancy Keane from St. A's (you might remember her) in 1968. Spent my entire career in the paper industry working in Phila., OH,MD, for both manufacturers and distributors in sales and mgt. I retired on 9/11/01 at the age of 59 (if I knew how much fun retirement was, I would have retired sooner.) I have 2 married daughters who live in SC and TN. Nancy and I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and life is a joy. I golf 2 days a week and fish in the Gulf of Mexico once a week, and volunteer at local nature preserves giving guided nature walks. Am very involved in the local ecology and preservation of the wonderful natural areas we have here in SW Fl. To change the subject, I enjoyed reading your article about the Christmas trees on fire at the end of Crittenden St. in the Park. I remember, I and and number of buddies in the neighborhood collected over 200 Christmas trees and had the largest fire on record. You were probably involved. What a site it was! I look forward to your input and always enjoyed your company. Your pal, Lyons
Jack Lyons [11-20-2008]

hi anita .... good to see you on here .... i remember your family very well but you most of all .... we have got to get together again .. lets do a girls night rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-20-2008]

Dsnny, Thanks for your condolences. It all happened very quickly. He was diagnosed with cancer in August and passed away in October. Are you in touch with anyone else from the Hollow.
JG [11-20-2008]

Todd Boyko, can you tell me more about Harry DellaPorte? Seems intresting, i'd like to know more if thats ok with you ^^. i was born in chestnut hill hospital and i still live in G-town. I'd like to know more about the history of G-town as it is ^^
Kimi, I'm 16, i attend science leadership academy [11-19-2008]

Dear Marie Welsh Botorf I haven't seen Barbara Kehan in many years-one day she turned up on my doorstep in Dublin years ago with her daughter Barbara Ann-my brother gave me this address-at which I understand you could reach Barbara: 554 8th Ave., Warminster Pa. 18974. Best of luck and God Bless. Jim
Jim McKernan, Professor, UNC, North Carolina [11-19-2008]

Both of my parents grew up in Germantown, My father was Wlliam Patrick Durkin born in 1924. I know he played ball at Belfield Playground. I am just reaching out to see if anyone knew him? My Mom is Anna Ronciglione.Her Dad had a shoe store on West Oak Lane.If anyone out there ever knew my Dad I would love to hear from you.
Annette Durkin, The Villages, Fl [11-19-2008]

Anita Kelly, I believe that your family lived next door to my grand parents, the Gaw's at 5618 Morton St. I remember your sister Peggy from the neighborhood and St. Vincents grade school. Do you remember the candies that the Gaw family made? How is Peggy? Probably met more of your family over the years of visiting Morton St., but can't say for certain.
Frank Owens, Spokane, Wa [11-18-2008]

This is going seem kind of random but my name is Todd Boyko (I live in Blue Berry Hill in Germantown and part of my family grew up in Germantown). I was looking around on a message board for Historic Germantown and noticed someone mentioned Harry DellaPorte from of Coupe’s Bar. Harry DellaPorte (Jr.) from Coupe’s was my Grand Uncle (John Dellaporte was my grandfather). I have been compiling some information, stories, pictures for my family history to get it published and I would be very excited if anyone had any potential stories or pictures of the Dellaporte’s or of Coupe’s. Any idea on where I can try to track down some more info about some of the older (closed) historic businesses in Germantown? Any info / help would be greatly appreciated. Nice to see that there are still people that care about the past.
Todd Boyko, 28, Blue Berry Hill [11-18-2008]

Hi anita kelly, I remember the kelly's,DiAmico's and the Malageries. I was born and raised on morton st.I also remenber bakers drug store.It was a great neighborhood.My brothers were bobby,billy and eddie.also have a sister donna. good to here from someone from the old neighborhood.
george greene, gilbertsville pa 59 [11-18-2008]

To Jim McKiernan. Thanks for letting us know of Mrs. Keehan's passing. She was a great friend of my mom, Marie Welsh, but we lost touch with her. My mom is 98 and she is still alive. She will be very sorry to hear of Betty's death. I'm glad I stopped by and read your note. They were a great family. Barbara was my age and we were friends. A visit from the Keehan's or to the Keehan's was always a happy time. I remember going to see Jack Keehan play his banjo in the old minstrel shows. Do you know how to get in touch with Barbara? If so, will you please let me know. I'll check this site for any info. Thanks. Genevieve Welsh Bottorff
Genevieve Welsh Bottorff [11-18-2008]

Anthonyg, you are right about the Capparelli's living next door to me. The lady I spoke of lived in the house before the Capparelli's moved in. I have a picture of the DiNardi girls, Maryann and Esther, in old tin washtubs we used for swimming pools back then. Our tubs were side by side, very funny. Your dad probably took our picture.
FrannyB [11-18-2008]

p/St Francis Basketball 1957.jpg
anonymous [11-18-2008]

Joe Taylor, Glad to hear you made it to retirement. I am still working and enjoy the teaching and research. I am not "bragging" when I designate my rank but I have been a (full) professor since 1992-first appointed in Ireland where there is only one full professor per department and there it is expected throughout Europe that one would be addressed as 'Professor'. I am proud of my rank/title because what I do is who I am. Would you call your Colonel "Jim" I don't think so. This is an historical type site and I have lent my learned experiences on various matters pertaining to Germantown-my views are understood accordingly as a professor. You should understand this if you have been a senior academic. Best wishes for the Holidays. Prof. Jim
Dr. Jim McKernan, Professor, UNC, Greenville NC [11-18-2008]

Never knew G-town had all this history up until now. when i walk home from school i look at Clivden and think to myself "Life back then would seem to be fun. i wiah i could go back in time to see our fathers and how life was" but, now i can just boringly go to the library and get a stupid book/movie on So called "life of George Washington". So boring, wouldn't it be better to actually go back in time and like, meet this man or something....oh wait...i might be a slave -.- Never mind. Anyway, I still think it's coo that these houses still stand but, i highly doubt that those are the real houses from back then. I mean, even today if you have a special bed, painting or something, it loses its color or creative style after about a centry. Why is it that after 200-400 years this stuff is still around? I mean I'm 16 right now and i remember when i was 6 or 7 my favorite picture i painted just like....basically died out. I also dont understand how people know all this. Like how do you people know what GW (George washington) looks like? Ever think that someone may be right but other people are twisting it around? I'm only asking these questions cause I'v always been and still am wondering how it's possible these houses still seem to stand. Last time i recall, those houses were moved from there original spots. might be possible that they were rebuilt as well. I know it's random but im a little upset that the people that work there simply tell us stuff like "Oh, this house has been around ever since it was built" WRONG! i think they were torn down and quickly rebuilt.
Kim [11-18-2008]

happy gooble, gooble to all the germantownites.
ANNE [11-18-2008]

the name of the drug store at morton and armat was called Bakers drug store. they were the nicest people. Some of you may remember some of my sisters and brothers. the Kelly family. There was Terry, Franny, peggy, Barbara, Kathy and I had 2 brothers, Joe and Danny. We lived a few doors down from the Malageries. and right next door to the DiAmicos. If anyone remembers, please respond.
Anita (Neaty) Kelly, lived on morton st. just turned 61. eeeeewwwww [11-17-2008]

John Burke:Did you read the blog Tom wilkins wrote about W. Bringhurst St?He wrote about the Ketterer family who lived at Bringhurst&Laurens;it was a cool house with statues,fountains and a garden.I wonder if your mother or brother Ned remembered that place in the 40's. I left G-town in the late 60's and a kid named Freddie lived there and he worked at Manor Drug.We were lucky to live in such an unique neighborhood.Did Ned remember Joe Mchale[boxer]?I read in Tom Wilkins blog that Joan Day passed away.Brother Ned probaly knew her.Is your Uncle Bob Smith still alive? Have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-17-2008]

Jim Smith [11-17-2008]

Just found out this week that"UPTHE" John Kenny passed away on Nov. 5th. He was a character from G-Town. I'm sure we all had some good stories about him. Always had a good time with him, mostly out the Yearsley Post.
Chas. Yeiter, 49 yrs. 21st & Nedro [11-17-2008]

JG: I recently heard about the passing of your brother Ralph. Please accept the DiFeo family's condolences. Danny
Danny DiFeo [11-17-2008]

JBS: Have not hooked up w/ Joe R. Maybe one day.
joe taylor [11-17-2008]

Jim Mc K Why do you find it necessary to tell eveyone you are a professor?? Are you bragging?? I am retired from UGA. Just be Jim
joe taylor [11-17-2008]

I was born in the G'town hospital in Aug of 1943. My father was born and raised in G'town. His name was Bill O'Donnell,born in July of 1917.He had 2 brothers.Hugh and Joe were their names and a younger sister named Helen The 4 of them are the children of my g'mother Helen E. O'Donnell,who worked for the PTC as a cashier. She died in April of 1957 at the age of 52 i believe,i was only 14 at the time. Anyway,i'm having trouble finding out anything about where she was buried. My mother who just turned 89 told me that she is either in "Holy Sepulchre" or "The New Cathedral" cementery's. Is their anybody who knew my father Bill,or anything about my people? Joe O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell, I'm 65 yrs old and i now live in Mojave,Ca. [11-17-2008]

Tom Wilkins--Wasn't your Mom a small petite lady ? I think she played bridge with my Mom --we were at 438 Bringhurst. I was born in that house in 1929 when it belonged to my grandparents The McAllisters-- when they died -- my parents moved there from Seymour St. Al Bishop has died I believe --as well as Ralph Schlichter who lived behind me on Hansberry.Don't remember the Day's. Sally Leonard is a widow and lives in Okla.Polly and Harry are in Pa. and NY.---Ezmee Whyte is a widow and lives in South West Va. -- Tony Ketterer was a friend of my Mother and "Sister" was her daughter I think -- You are right about that corner lot and those gardens -- an enchanted world to a child -- Tony was Gustav's daughter -- Guess it takes a few minds to jog all of these old memories to the surface
Bette Boyer Begley, Dumfries,Va [11-14-2008]

Hi FrannyB. I guess I got my house order mixed up. Oh well, that was a long time ago.
anthonyg [11-14-2008]

AnthonyG, The next door neighbor lived in the house prior to the Capparelli's. My mom use to fill the ice cube trays with Junket. It was an ice cream treat back in the 40's. I ordered it on line and the taste brought me back to those days.
FrannyB [11-13-2008]

Mike Vozzelli:I just blogged a guy from Cherry Hill-Tom Wilkins.He lived in Germantown and is your age.He knew many guys from Dougherty "59"-Mike Smith,Dan McAleer,John Ondik, and Mike Cattie. I wonder if your paths ever crossed.Good to hear from you.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-13-2008]

Tom Wilkins: I am happy to see your name appear on this Germantown site.We knew each other for many years-G-town and Jesuit Institutions.They were wonderful institutions but who wants to live in an institution.You still have your enclopedic memory-not bad for a guy your age.I knew many of the names that you mentioned on W. Bringhurst.A lot of those names were older people;possibly the gentle-lady from Virginia might remember them.I was fascinnated by the older couple from Bringhurst& Laurens who had that cool house with all the statues,sculptures, and fountains.I never knew that older gentleman was a famous artist.As you know I am interested in art-especially sculpture since I had known the sculptor&designer[Peter Kapschutschenko] for many years.You probaly saw my little blog about space which was a topic I discussed with Peter K. and how it related to form.Our class on Metaphysics helped me in this discussion. I was surprised that you did not mention Joe Mchale[the boxer] who lived on Bringhurst.Joe would kid me about my chiselled features and tell me to quit while I was ahead. He told me to take up dancing-it was more fun.Joe was a dandy,I liked him a lot.He was friends with Eddie Loughran whose brother was one of the greatest boxers[Light-Heavyweight] of all times.They both knew Pete Waxler[Jay's father] who worked for Bobo Hoff-boxing promoter& various business-adventures.Your blog is taking me back many years.I will try to meet you and your rich friends from Mt. Airy in the future-Phil's in Broadaxe would be cool.Does Brother Jim still read this site?
John Bruce Schmitt [11-13-2008]

Mike Vozzelli did you have sisters?
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [11-13-2008]

Hi FrannyB. wasn't that Catherine Capparelli next to you? She had a son Anthony and her husband, Tony, died when we were very young. But see what your mom, my aunt Jenny, told you to do. Today the parents would fight about that. She just knew best to avoid it. I think the one on the other side was Mrs Luckenbill. So I guess it depends on which direction you were going, who you are talking about.
anthonyg [11-12-2008]

I was from Belfied Playground, 21st & Chew Sts. My father, Art Vozzelli, was a Barber at Chelton & Blackemore. I graduated Dougherty "59". I now cut hair in Cherry Hill, NJ. Hi everybody.
Mike Vozzelli [11-12-2008]

Hi, Joe(Tookie)Gisondi,My Aunt Kit is a friend of Katie. Katie sister's name was Jenny Gisondi. Kit lived on Rittenhouse St. 226 E. By any chance is Katie your Aunt. If so, is she still living? Aunt Kit has not heard from her recently. I remember a Mary and Joan Gisondi.
FrannyB [11-12-2008]

Bette Boyer Begley: Your name somewhat rings a bell. my parents lived at 452 W Bringhurst st. (from the late '30s) I think you lived near the Tweed's, Cummings'(Crowley's) and Taylors. Do you remember Jean Day @ 442 Bringhurst and her daughter Joan. They both passed away recently. The Bishop's lived behind us on Hansberry St. Al was their son. Sally Leonard was our next door neighbor (450 Bringhurst). We called her "young" Sally, as her mother had the same name. She also had a sister, Polly and a brother, Harry. Their father, Harry was an executive w/ Phila Elec. Ezmee Whyte from McKean Av was very friendly with my mother. She used to babysit me in the mid '40's. She eventually married a gentleman by the name of Charles (Chuck) Rittenhouse. Gustav Ketterer who was a well known artist and his wife lived on the corner of Bringhurst and Laurens. I do not know if they were related to Tony Ketterer. Thanks for jogging my memory about old friends and neighbors.
Tom Wilkins, Cherry Hill, NJ [11-12-2008]

I'm the guy who lived next door to Butch,Larry,Clark and Carol. HELLO
Thomas R.Homolash, age 64 [11-12-2008]

Joe Taylor: I hope that you were able to have contact with Joe Razzano.I thought that I saw a blog from a J Razzano on this site.I was able to contact{Mike Smith] my classmate from St. Francis after 55 years.We mentioned many names and streets from G-town.Only old-Germantowners know streets like Portico and Reger.I want to commend you on your kind remarks about Charlie Solley. I knew Charlie from Fern Hill and St. Francis.He was a great soccer player and athlete and I thought he was self-effacing.I also thought Joe Lynch who was an outstanding basketball-player had that same quality.Another guy from Fern Hill[Duncan Hubley] played soccer with Charlie for Germantown Cricket Club.I liked watching those games on the beautiful green field and the Gtn. Cricket Club Clubhouse in the background.I think Duncan knew the Kehans from St. Francis. Joe! You were also a baseball player[catcher] and played for St. Francis with Bill Haas.I was friendly with a guy named Bill Lawler who pitched for St. Thersa.St. Fran and St. Therea had a game at Hunting Park and Clarissa in Nicetown.Bill L. throws an eight-grade fastball to Bill Haas and he cracks the pitch over Clariisa St. to the Burpee Seed Company.After that experience,Bill L. concentrated on basketball and swimming.Once,I said to Bill Haas, "You are a good hitter". He responded confidently, " I agree".Your classmates at St. Francis[57] were interesting guys.I really enyoy your blogs about the people from Germantown.My day is better after I read your positive and decent comments about these great guys from Germantown.You and your friends are the kind of guys that I want to be in the foxhole with.Incidentally, Joe Razzano's cousin[Rocky Raffaele] was a great catcher.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-12-2008]

Just asking -- anyone know the whereabouts of Al Bishop,Bill Whitlock, Roger Dietrick,Angela De Santis,Peggy McLaughlin,Sally Leonard,Ezmee Whyte,Tony Ketterer,Ralph Schlichter,or Belle Courtney ?
Bette Boyer Begley, GTN until 1950 --Dumfries Va. now [11-10-2008]

Anonymous Editor&Philosopher:I attempted to visualize your remarks about Space and Punctuation. Being a seasoned -citizen,I occasionally think about Space&time-the Space-Time Continuum if you will.Space is 3-dimensional and time is one-dimensional.I focus more on the one-dimensional and veer from three-dimensional constructs.I tried to punctuate your observation and I hope all this is not cant with my diminutive rant.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-10-2008]

Did anyone know my dad - Pete Hennessey? He used to hang out at Cranes 20-30 years ago?
rachel [11-08-2008]

My brother, Bernard informed today that Mrs. Betty Kehan-who once live on Mannheim Street has passed. She was a lovely woman and mother to her children--the house was always open and her husband Jack would entertain us with his Banjo playing--it was an exceptional treat for us young lads then. I reacll the skills of Tommy at soccer back in the hood...its been a lot of years. Jack Kehan got me a job on a Teamsters truck while I made my way through college. Rest In Peace dear departed. Jim
Dr Jim McKernan, Professor UNC East Carolina [11-08-2008]

Joe Rozzano, your message seems to have disappeared. Did you ride the 53 trolley to North Catholic? I think I know you. How are you doing? You can email me. Maryalice
Maryalice, 63 and still in Gtn [11-08-2008]

Once again I realize why I don't come on this site as often as I used to. This site is supposed to be about GERMANTOWN, no matter what part you were from. I guess people are running out of things to remember when they start attacking each other and talk about the Russian missile crisis. What does that have to do with GERMANTOWN???And why are so many people not signing their names?
anthonyg [11-08-2008]

Bernard McKernan were you married to Barbara K from St. Vincent's? I was a friend of Barbara; went all thru school with her.
FrannyB [11-08-2008]

Hi Anthonyg and Frank Surgner I remember our sidewalks were slate on Wakefield Street. I loved roller skating on the slate but our next door neighbor (forgot her name), did not want anyone skating on her sidewalk. I had to walk on the blocks in the street to pass her house. My mom's request.
FrannyB [11-08-2008]

Anyone familiar with Little Flower School (the grade school)alum? Look to remember two classmates from early sixties, Dominic ___ lived off Anderson and Upsal; Kevin ____ lived in big house on corner, across from Stenton? RR station.
coleman, Now in DC [11-08-2008]

I have not visited this site for some time and was disappointed to read that a fellow poster would insult another by suggesting they might be on assistance (welfare). I have been in that situation in the past due to unfortunate circumstances and am extremely hurt by these words. This is not Christ like in any way.The truth is that many people from GTN have been on some type of assistance at one time or another for reasons that are no business of ours. These are words from someone who writes that they are devout Roman Catholic. That is not the Catholic religion that I am a proud member of for over 70 years. The criticism from these posters to others who disagree with them is hurtful. We do not need our words analyzed either. Unless we know one another personally we should not assume anything. This is not the Jesuit teaching that I know of. I do not need to use BIG words to impress people. As they say Birds Of A Feather Flock Together. They write that it is a free country and any opinion can be written here but turn around and attack people that disagree with them. I just had to vent after reading all these back posts.
anonymous [11-08-2008]

To Anon: Thanks for the update & correct spelling for Charles Soley. He was a really nice guy & might have made pro soccer if he had lived today--he was a good one. Sorry to hear he has passed. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [11-07-2008]

Hey Folks, Please be careful of your comments because we don't want to upset Shelly or Marianne. And I will remain anonymous because I don't believe that is their real names anyway. I don't recall seeing any other posts from them.
anonymous [11-07-2008]

Thank you Wilma. Your uncle has a great memory. My uncle Mike was an MIA in WW2 for two years. He came home after the war and passed away shortly after at age 38. John Bruce, I'm sorry for not using your email for some of my responses. It's just that I don't like to give my email address out. You understand. I do enjoy all of your posts. They reflect your compassion and your intelligence.
Michael [11-07-2008]

JBS..You should remember to use your space after puncuation.It is so much easier to read when your rant is correctly written.Just an observation.
anonymous [11-07-2008]

Jimmy C. You asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of a DiLisio family who lived on Mechanic St. I don't know if we are referring to the same family; but I have been in contact with AnnaMarie DiLisio (thru email). She was one of 4 children. She had 3 older brothers. I believe their address was 458 E. Mechanic St. I believe she has an entry on this site.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly [11-07-2008]

I feel I must comment on recent blogs by "Michael" (no last name who is obviously only another 'anon'. And also the comments of John B Schmidt regarding blogs of Marianne and Shelley regarding the content of these men. Firstly, Michael you are a hypocrite-you tell folks to disregard and move on from comments they do not like-but I note you consistently attack people whose ideas you do not share. It was ungentlemanly of you to be rude to Marianne when you said she should not comment and must be 'bored' unemployed or on 'welfare'--that sir, is low class, and rude. If you do not like the fact that she says you talk too much-then "move on" and take your own advice. To JBS, I think it inappropriate that you find such comments "negative" I think she would be a grand student of Auguste Compte-the French father of the now discredited "positivist" social science who wanted only "social facts" I think she only declared a fact--check it for yourself--you guys probably have the most blogs on here-multiple ones on some days-and most of the church religious ideology is inappropriate here. Other persons have said that discussions of religion, etc do not belong here.I am not alone in this-check the archives. I agree. Sure we all saw that Fr. Sheen (actually a poorly regarded write/thinker on philosophy)ideologue on TV but I also saw the Lone Ranger and Howdy Doody and this topic has nought to do with Germantown. But I would ask both of you to be kind to other bloggers and especially women-as you are men-hopefully gentlemen. I doubt the gentleman charcater of some here. Your Christian education taught as much I assume.And in closing-Michael you have been rude and abusive of other bloggers here and NO ONE gets a free pass on internet Libel or Slander...if you impugn anyone's reputation on here you are destroying their "property" i.e reputation..and are liable to a legal lawsuit under PA statutes. I think you anonymous bloggers feel-as Michael-thinks-that you can say anything you like. Michael is often backed up by one who signs "anonymous"-she and he can be found out. The law says you cannot. Think about it again before you insult or abuse anyone verbally here. I say this in a Comptian fashion-as a 'social fact'. Keep the comments appropriate-and leave religion in your chapel and politics in the voting booth. I cannot resist saying Hooray for Obama! New social policies are coming and we all need these. Best wishes Jim.
Jim McKernan, Professor UNC, [11-07-2008]

what are everyone's thoughts on the russian missel threat today and do you think this could be the begining of a 2nd cold war not only with them but the countries they have relations with?
anonymous [11-07-2008]

Michael - My uncle did mention a Mike Dicriscio. He is still pretty sharp. He said he could picture him. I also remember my mother mentioning that last name. Our family name was Kerns . My uncle was Ray sometimes used Ralph. Wilma
anonymous [11-06-2008]

Does anybody know how to get in touch with Peggy or Johnny McHugh from Abbottsford Ave.? Their brother Chalie is very ill and in intensive care in a hospital down in Cape May. Please let me know ASAP. thanks
Patty DeSanto [11-06-2008]

Tina Dolan, I read your message from 10-30-08. Your brother John and i went to St. Franny's and North Cath. together. My Mom,a nurse,cared for your Dad in the final months before throat cancer finally took him. I was out of this area for years and lost touch with a lot of people. Where is Jay now and is your Mom alive. She was a great lady to all the kids who were in and out of her house. Take care!
Dave Byrne [11-06-2008]

Shelly:This is the first time that I have seen your name on this Germantown site.We all can not think the same and have the same beliefs.Your blog appears to have an element of provocation which would indicate to me that you are highly educated[Phd-type] with an expansive intellect.Your language is so incisive and nuanced.You must be familiar with Psychological Projection whereby one projects their inner- feelings on another as a defense of their internal conflicts.As a young-man,the Jesuits taught me to be concerned about our fellow-man and instilled in us altruism and humility.This is the reason that I so connected with Michael's blog about Bishop Fulton Sheen-a most humble and saintly priest.The term "Altruism" was coined by August Comte who was the Father of Positivism.In the future,I hope to read your positive blogs devoid of negative and invective comments which are characteristic of some blogs signed with anonymity or pseudonyms.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-06-2008]

Brice, Henry Gibson is Irish-American. His birth name is Jimmy Bateman.
Dave [11-06-2008]

Good morning, everyone. After returning from a month's travels, it's always good to get back home. I'm hoping that IC will have another reunion next year at the approx. time of this past year's. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend; but since CDHS class of 59 will be celebrating its 50th yr. in Oct. 09, I'm hoping that if IC does plan another event, it would be great to attend both. According to my brother, Bill, the IC celebration was a great success & he praised the organizers for all the time & energy they expended. I know it's a little early; but here's wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; cdhs 59; ic 55 [11-06-2008]

Joe Taylor, I don't know Joe R.,but I did know, Charles Soley, John Solly as you call him. He did play at Germantown Boys Clum and then later starred at N.C. He won a scholarship, at St. Joes College, now St Joes University. He later Played for Germantown Cricket Club with me. He moved to Chicago and dabbled with professional soccer there.He moved back to PA. probably 15 years ago. He lived in Barto. He passed away some 3 years ago,at the age of 60. His brother Robert, also excelled in soccer, and his 1967 Germantown Academy team will be inducted into the G.A. athletic hall of fame this Friday night. Other members of that team from Germantown are Tom Kehan, Richard Ingram, Arthur Sweeney, and Barry Pritchard.
anonymous [11-06-2008]

Yeah, We need to write posts to feel important. Haven't we put up with other long drawn out stories here about things that others can't relate to and that make NO SENSE to most of us? What about the idiotic battles that go on here? John Bruce and I were in keeping in line with the thoughts and people of Germantown and of past experiences. If you don't like it or don't agree, then read over it just like I read over some of the other things here that disinterest me. It's not rocket science.
Michael [11-06-2008]

Brice Kilian Wohlford, I would assume that James Bateman aka Henry Gibson was either all Irish or a mix of Irish and German based on his parent's surnames. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Gibson#Early_life
Michael [11-06-2008]

John Bruce Schmidt Could you leave your e-mail address at my e-mail address Mike Smith
Mike Smith [11-04-2008]

To: John Bruce Schmitt: Thanks for the update on the BB team. Joe R was a pretty good player as was Billy Hass. If mem serves me right we did win the LaSalle Tourney. Was was back then. I also played w/ Hass & Joe R on the St. Francis baseball team & we won a championship--Hass was the pitcher/1st baseme & I was the catcher. I think Joe R played short or 3rd--somewhere in the infield anyway. John Solly--WoW! forgot about him--he was a super guy and a great player--especially soccer. I think he went on to star @ NC. Was a great guy. I hope someone on here reads this & can put me in touch w/ Joe R. Thanks again for the update. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [11-04-2008]

Halloween made me think of this. Back in the 1930s and early 40s, living in Lower Germantown on South Ashmead Place - on Halloween night we didn't go out Trick-and-Treating. We never used that term. Instead we went out Begging. Was that just an Ashmead term, or Lower Germantown, or what?
Bill Steltzer, Ol Guy from Ashmead Place [11-04-2008]

Hi Franny,so glad to hear from you,I'am having a little trouble with my cp,if you could please e-mail so we can catch up with each other,take care old friend,Sandy Cipriano e-mail me at Sandy 1225 @comcast.net
anonymous [11-04-2008]

I was wondering what famous actor Henry Gibson's ethnic heritage is. From what i've read he was born there in Germantown, Pennsylvania
Brice Kilian Wohlford, Wichita, Ks. age: 32 ethnic heritage: German, French, Irish, Norwegian [11-04-2008]

To Wilma. There was a Kingston/Hook family across from us on Woodlawn Avenue. That was in the 30's or 40's. The boys were older - not in grade school.
Anne Camp [11-04-2008]

Marianne, I honestly have to agree with you- I can't understand why a long on going discussion between 2 people about religion, politics, or people they knew personally is written here. I would be using their email address.....but that's just me. I think some people just like to see their name and opinions written over and over again. I guess it makes them feel important.
Shelly [11-04-2008]

John Bruce, We have to watch our posts because God forbid, Marianne might get offended or upset. As as far as being Catholic and the saints, THAT WAS A BIG PART OF GROWING UP IN GERMANTOWN. In fact they just had the Mass at the Shrine and a dinner at North Hills country club yesterday. Yes, it is ironic baout Jarrettown. The place was like Mayberry RFD. Jarrettown was a great little place at one time, just like Germantown. Now the junk yard is a neighborhood and the good ole people are long gone. I met your uncle Roxy a long time ago when I was a kid. He would sometimes be in the bus(office) with Fred. The UD cops used to hang out there too. You know how it is. You lose touch with people as time passes. Freddy would come to dinner on Sunday and we would talk about shotguns and grouse hunting. It was one thing to socilaize with him, but something completely different to do business with him. I still think of him wearing the McLean Stevenson hat and running his German shorthair pointer. I've always liked Fred. His rough exterior never surpassed his good heart. I once attended a public meeting with him and he was the only person with a bull horn.
Michael [11-04-2008]

Hey Marianne...... If you don't like what people have to write here then LEAVE.
Michael [11-04-2008]

Marianne, Skip over it if you don't like it. People can talk about or write whatever they want.
anonymous [11-03-2008]

Michael:There is someone who does not like it when we blog about saints,God,church,guns and an Italian with red-hair[Fred].You and I knew Fred equally well.As you mentioned,"Fred was a piece of work";however,he was never boring.My uncle John[300+] would go to all-you-can-eat places with Fred and it was an amazing spectacle.Do you remember Roxy[My Uncle] who owned the Jarrettown Hotel.He worked in the scrap-iron business before he went into the bar-business;he and Fred were unforgettable dudes.I was a city-kid but Roxy took me to horse auctions and bought me Hot-dogs on Friday.He said it was OK because I did not remember the day.It is ironic that 2 Germantowners know that little village of Jarrettown so well?
John Bruce Schmitt [11-03-2008]

Tina Dolan Scanlan-Kleback:It was nice to hear from Joe Dolan's cousin[Tina] and Dave Scanlan's wife.Is Joe Dolan's younger brother alive?I am near that age where my friends and classmates are meeting their maker.Joe D. left G-town in the 50's and we lost track of one-another.I knew Dave Scanlan's older brothers much better.Dave S. left Morris St. and moved to Queen_lane;it was good that John Burke and Dave remained friends after he moved to East Falls.Are you still in contact with the Scanlan family?I saw Ed Scanlan at a funeral at the Gesu Church.The Scanlan Family was very interesting.I wonder how Jack Scanlan is doing.Good Luck in the future.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-03-2008]

Hey Frank D, just came back here and saw your name. Saw Franny's earlier. At first I didn't realize it was her. I was just thinking about your father and his shop the other day. How I used to stop in and see him when I picked up my shirts or went to Visco the taylor. Those were the days.I forgot he rented the apt to Gabe. He used to live next to my grandmother on wakefield, formerly Maplewood Ave. How are you and your family doing?
anthonyg [11-02-2008]

This site should be renamed the "Michael and JBS Site"..Give us a breather please.
Marianne, [11-02-2008]

Do you have any basketball leagues starting girls and boys thank you.
brinklea barnes, germantown 14 female [11-02-2008]

To Mary Toomey McLaughlin Thanks for your responses! I am so sorry to hear about your sister, but am glad to hear that she had such a full life! I do recall an old Mrs. Lipschitz who lived at my end of the street on the corner. Actually, I only recall her name (the second syllable always cracked me up even at that young age)and don't remember ever seeing her! Then there was a Cathy Bergen who lived up by Immac. Our families knew each other and my mother was the second or third bride to wear Mrs. Bergen's wedding dress which, by the way, was beautiful from the photos I've seen. Once when visiting them, I was horrified to discover that the daughter was wearing it for Halloween! Funny how a child's mind works! During the roll call in school, I always remember: Martha Gas...Patricia Glass. Then there were Deborah Cofer, Irene Pappas, and my first huge crush: Billy Fagan. That about sums up all of my personal recollections of my time spent there. Take care!
Patricia Glass Carr, 57 [11-02-2008]

I was so sorry to read of Ralph Gatto's death. I knew him from fernhill park. His then girl friend called me sir. I wasn't that old. We all gathered at the basketball court by Abbottsford Avenue,and McKean Avenue. Some of us were from Manheim Street. Ken Scott Penn Charter, Frank Connerly, Penn Charter, G.A., St Josephs Prep, Harry Brown, St. Joseph's Prep, Dave Heil, North Catholic, and on occasion, Ned and Rich Pomfret, LaSalle and Springfield High.
Duncan Hubley, lLmerick-69 [11-02-2008]

I am late with this message, but I wanted to say what a great time I had at the Immaculate Reunion. It was a welcome change to be a Mass in the Upper Church, for a celebration, instead of a funeral Mass. I asked if I could take up the collection at the 10 O'Clock Mass in memory of my dad, who was the Captain of the Ushers for over 35 years, and they said no problem. He loved the Immacualte and after he sold his beer store he was given the job as sexton until his death in 1973. The reception was great and I got to see a lot of people I knew, most of them older than me of course. Some friends of my parents and some friends of my brothers and sisters. The day bought back many memories for me, especially coming out of the side door of the church and looking 30 feet away to the house I grew up in. It was a little different and the back yard fence needed some repair (lots) I got to meet Bill Cupo, who I have written too on this site. We were altar boys with Fr. Jim Door. My sister Conmnie got to celebrate er 50 year reunion from 1958 and many of her friends had brothers and sisters my age. Jack Brenan, married to my cousin Tish Kelly, flew in from sunny California. Shame he could ot have stayed for a couple of weeks and had the chance to celebrate the Phillies World Series Victory. I am sure he would have loved the parade that my wife and I went to today.
Bob Mc Creight, 55 Havertown, PA [11-02-2008]

J. Rozzano - the real Gtn. was the Germantown Boys Club, sorry you couldn't make the grade Joe.
Dave Linn, Gtn. - Now in NE Philly [11-02-2008]

The Phillies winning the 2008 World Series certainly takes many of us back to our childhood in Germantown.Taking the 26 bus to Broad and Olney and then the subway to North Philly Station and walking 4 or 5 blocks to Connie Mack Stadium. Opening up a pack of TOPPS baseball cards and finding a Richie Allen or Johnny Callison card was a big thrill.My earliest memory was the heartbreak of the 1964 Phillies collapse. Those teams we rooted for in the late 1960's and early 70's growing up in Germantown were pretty bad but we loved them anyway. Now many of us can carry on the Phillies tradition with children of our own.Cheers
Rick Austin, Age 50 living in Lansdale [11-02-2008]

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