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October 14-31, 2008

hi everyone my name is j razzano from the real germantown, which was located at happy hollow playground. by the way joe taylor, they found jimmy hoffa buried behind scalea's bakery or was it up the hill at the hollow. any way hope everyone from st francis is alive and well. they were some good days
anonymous [10-31-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, I knew Freddie from the time I was born. He was the only Italian that I knew with red hair. Freddie started out in the city with his brother Pete in the scrap metal business. They would go into the houses and rip out the cast iron radiators. From there, they jumped into the used auto parts. Freddie, if I'm not mistaken, was the guy who invented the hot line...The red phone which went up and down the eastcoast. If someone needed a specific part, he would let all of the other "used auto parts dealers" know. What a character he was. His mother was a doll! I remember her wearing an apron all of the time and always planting seeds. She always spoke to me in Italian. Mary was a doll too and you couldn't meet a nicer guy than her late husband Charlie Winslow. Freddie, on the other hand, was a rough curmudgeon. He turned an old Navy bus into his office and wore a fishing hat like McLean Steveson (Col. Blake) in M.A.S.H. I saw him snatch a hub cap away from a customer and throw it like a frisbee because the guy thought that he was charging him too much. What a piece of work. Freddie is still around but has bad knees. Justice Beam was the owner of the farm on Jarrettown rd. behind the junk yard. His wife was Lillian. He was crippled and walked with two canes. They were the last working farm in Upper Dublin township. They're both deceased now. I know the entire Mele family and it looks like the restuarant is doing very well. I wish them the best of luck. Yes, I think that Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen will be canonized very soon. He was a man for all people. We could use another like him right now. Thanks John for your response and God bless you. Michael
Michael [10-31-2008]

Wilma, Ask your uncle if he remembered John or Mike Dicriscio. They were my great uncles from that area of Germantown. I know that they were baseball players and played at Waterview. Uncle Mike was a lefty and played first base.
Michael [10-31-2008]

How about the Phillies!
Sheila [10-30-2008]

To Patricia Glass Carr thanks for your response. The Maureen yuou recall is Marron and she had a sister Bettyanne. They ived across the st. from me. I also remember Carol (she was in my class) and Loretta Pizotti. I did have an older sister Jeannie. She passed away recently in May 2008. They feel it was from the Radiation Treatment she received when she was a teenager for Hodgkin's Disease. So, what cured her killed her eventually! She lead a wonderful life and has a family and grandchildren. I don't know the Agnes you refer to. Mary
Mary Toomey McLaughlin, 58 yr. old grew up on Stockton Rd now in Fox Chase [10-30-2008]

Michael:It would be laudable if Bishop Fulton Sheen became a Saint.I knew Fred Siriano very well.He owned the auto-parts business across from the Jarrettown Hotel which my family owned for many years-55.He would get upset[pissed] if one called the junk-yard a junk-yard.Incidentally,he was an excellent shooter.His specialty was birds.On his wedding-day,he came to the Jarrettown to drink some bourbon before he said,"I Do".Needless to say,Fred had an unique personality.If you talk to him,do not believe all the stories about me and my charismatic brothers.Mary Winslow[sister] might shake her head but she would be more objective.After growing up in Germantown,it was difficult to become acclimated to surburban-life.A kid took a carriage from the barn and put it on Limekiln Pike;I could never get along with weird people.I did know about a Judge Roy Bean who was the "Hanging Judge";I even have a real painting of Judge Roy Bean in front of his saloon.I must say that I am disappointed that the new owners[Meli Family] took out the antique-bar;it was an historical saloon.I think that growing up in Historic-Germantown had a good impact on me.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-30-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt: John Burke was David Scanlan's (my husband) best friend and over the years since David died I have kept in touch with him. He has been telling me so much about your blogs that I just had to pay a visit to this site. Wow! You know so much about the Scanlan's and the Dolan's I might add. I beleive the Joe Dolan you are speaking of was my cousin, my uncle Harp's oldest son, they moved to Maryland. Are we talking about the same one? If so he passed away this year, but seeing as you have kept tabs on everyone in Germantown, you probably know that. My brothers were Dennis and John. They may be a few years younger than you but not much. I am actually getting ready to leave work but if I get a chance tomorrow, I will get back to you. Tina
Tina Dolan Scanlan - KLeback, Brickyard, now in Roxborough, 50 yrs. old, was married to David Scanlan [10-30-2008]

Bruce Marshall:The Urban Cafe is a good recommendation when I stop in Germantown.I can have lunch at the Urban Cafe and an after-lunch drink at the Continental.Maybe,John Burke and I can do that some Sunday.I am sorry to hear about Father Lester,my step-father Gordan Bradley really liked him.It really resonated with me that you are an Episcopalian and you were married in the beautiful St. Francis Xavier Church.I was educated by the Jesuits at a school[Prep] not too far from that church.St. Francis Xavier was a good friend of Ignatius -the founder of the Jesuits.Xavier did great missionary work in Asia.Last Sunday,I happened to be in the Episcopal Church[Trinity] on Rittenhouse Square;I attended a concert which honored the Ukrainians who died and suffered during the famine-1932-1933.The Ukrainians call it Holodomor.Usually,when I am in center-city,I have lunch in the area where you were married-Fairmount.I'll have lunch or dinner at Rembrandt's and have a drink at the Club on the corner of 23rd&Brown.After Germantown,Fairmount was my favorite neighborhood.You mentioned how you've been connecting with many people on this site-"Amen Brother".
John Bruce schmitt [10-30-2008]

To Genny: I'll email you soon. To Danny Hartnett: Dan, I never worked for Magnuson Computer. Of course, I remember you and your rings in Aubury. Do you remember when I was standing behind you while you hitting golf balls into the park? I still have a little scare over my eye! When you're young, it takes forever to grow up. Once you're grown, it's where did the time go? Like Archie Bunker sang: "Those were the days....
Jim Bell, 65, ICS57, 1204 E. Price St [10-30-2008]

My uncle is 93 and played on a baseball team in Germantown called the Chew Cardinals. I wonder if anyone on here is old enought to remember. Also does anyone remember the Kingston/Hook family my cousins from Chelten Ave. who backed up to the side of Immaculate?
Wilma, 65 Bucks co. [10-29-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt and all in the area, as an afterthought, and at the risk of talking too much on here. . .but since you asked about restaurants, I don't know of any with flan or the more exotic varieties, but I must again plug The Urban Cafe at Wayne and Rittenhouse. I wrote about it perhaps a year ago, and in between they had a fire and rebuilt. The chef and the food are great, but since you asked about dessert, the bread pudding, which I ordinarily don't care for, is beyond belief there. So give them a shot if possible - you won't regret it. The site is UrbanCafe5815.com
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [10-29-2008]

Hey Duke, I saw your message, this is my first discovery of this web site. I love it. Your name was the first one I recognized. There can only be one Dukie. How are you? How is your family? I jsut called my mom, she said to say hello and tell yoou Bobby Nyce is working at LaSalle. I just heard about the reunion and was terribly disappointed I missed it. I would have loved to have seen everyone. Those Gtown days seem so long ago.
Diane McCaul, Grew up up on Crowson Street living in Fort Washington area [10-29-2008]

To Mary Toomey How nice to know that there are still some connections to old Stockton Road! The only Maureen whom I recall was Maureen Marin (sp?) who lived up the street from me and close to Carol and Loretta Pizzotti. I thought that you also had a big sister, Jeannie? I had an older cousin, Agnes, who lived briefly on Stockton and attended Immac. while her dad was in the military. I believe that she would have been your sister's age. Having only lived there until third grade when I was 8 years old then moving to Elizabethtown, I don't have nearly as many memories as so many folks on this site, but it's still fun to read the comments. Take care!
Patricia Glass Carr, 57 [10-29-2008]

To Jim Bell: I saw your name in this blog and remember you from the neighborhood. The last time I saw you, you were an engineer as I recall it for Magnuson Computer. My company was a customer and I worked very closely with those boxes. Nice stuff at the time. It was a shame what happened to that company. I hope all turned out for you in the aftermath.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [10-29-2008]

Joe Taylor:It was great to hear from an old-time basketball-player from St.Francis.You were on a great team and that was a great class[1957].I remember a lot of your classmates-Joe Lynch,Bill Haas,John Fries,Charlie Solly, and your friend-Joe Razzano.My brother[Ken] was in the class behind you]1958].He played on the team with John Fowler and Jim KeHoe.John Fowler saved my friend's[John Uhland] life on the golf-course by doing a mouth to mouth procedure.I learned on this site that Charlie Solly had died;he was such a great soccer player.Duncan Hubley,another great soccer-player bumped into Bill Haas down In Wildwood.I broke up a fight between Bill Haas and Leroy Kelly on the basketball-court at Fern Hill.Bill H. was bigger but football players are tough-especially Leroy who was an All-PRo for the Clevland Browns.Joe!The last basketball game that I saw your team play was against St. John's Manayunk at Gbc.Did your team win the LaSalle Tournament?I never knew what happened to the Razzano brothers[Jim&Joe] after you graduated from St.Francis-1957.Teresa Raffaele is a blogger on this site who is related to the Razzanos,possibly she might know about Joe Razzano.Her Uncle Dominic Raffaele went to St. Francis with Jim Razzano.Some of the Hollow Guys on this site might respond.I wish you luck.I just connected with a classmate[Mike Smith] after 55 years.It is hard to believe.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-29-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, Ths Catholic church is in the process of making Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen a saint. I am interested in anything that pertains to him.
Michael [10-29-2008]

Mike Smith:It was so great to hear from you but I also find it surreal to be in contact with you after all these years.Tom Wilkins called me to say that he had read our blogs and that he never knew that lived in the St. Francis Parish.Tom W. also read the blog from Dan McAleer's brother and recognized all those names from Norwood.We were in the 6th-grade class at St. Francis when my father died.Our mutual friend[Irv Ott] lost his mother during the same year-1952.Consequently,we had a special bond.Irv did not like Sister Miriam and I think you were in class when somebody yelled,"You-Witch.The old nun tried to get me,Irv and Ed Reynolds to confess or squeal and rat-out.Ed and I did not out Irv.You and Irv left St.Francis after 6th-grade.He moved in with Bill Durant's family on Reger St.Billy's mother was the crossing-guard at Green&Logan.Billy Durant was a nice kid,good athlete[football&baseball] but he died young.The last time that I saw Irv was in the late 50's when he,Bob Campbell and I were caddying at Manufacturer's Country-Club.Bob Campbell[our classmate]was a great golfer.Bob Campbell has passed away.BobCampbell,Tom Wilkins,and Pat McIlhinney were at my second-Wedding.I am still good friends with Tom W. and Pat Mc.We all must get together.Your old classmates from Norwood-Tom W. and Tom Boyle are still buddies.I married Tom Boyle's old girl-friend and he married a nice lady that I had dated.Tom B. is still happily married but that marriage for me was not successful.I am now happily married to a wonderful lady from Argentina.In the late 50's,I would be on the 52-bus on Midvale Ave. and I would see you and Dan McAleer near Warden Drive.I recognized Dan when he went to the Prep.Obviously,you must have been going to Pat McGee's house to get some of Mrs. McGee's great food.I knew Pat McGee from St. Joe's College.Pat Mc. was a history-buff.Did he ever tell you about Nathan Hale?Jim Nolen was a gentleman and his family owned the coal-yard on Belfield Ave.Our fathers were classmates at the Prep-1931.I just want to mention one more name-John Ondik.John[Jack] went to St.Francis with us and was at the Prep for 2-years.Did he go to Dougherty with you?That guy could really talk and joke.Did you have a relative in class with my older brother[Urb]?Urb[cactus-Jack] was a character who was friends with Bob LaValle and Tom McHale.Mike!All the guys-Tom Wilkins,Tom Boyle,Jerry Stewart,Pat McIlHinney and I would love to get together.We can cruise down highway 55 and have some Welch's grape-juice in Vineland.I hope Tom Wilkins responds to this Germantown blogosphere.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-29-2008]

Hi Frank Dicesar I remenber your father,he cut my hair when I was a youngster. He always gave me a nickel,then Spent it on penny candy at sam's drug store on the corner of morton st and heiskel st. He always called me Gigi. he was a good man I will always remeber him. You may not remeber me,but you could remeber my brothers; bobby,billy and eddie.
george greene, gilbertsville pa 59 [10-29-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, Loved your reference to the Hi-De-Ho, and you're right, Flan rocks! You can do it yourself,(similar to Jello ;-> ) by getting the box mix by Goya in the ethnic food aisle of the supermarket. Since you mentioned Larry Daurelle father and son, the dad would always say "God love you", usually followed by "Colonel" or "Governor". Thanks to John Burke and this board, I recently reunited with Larry the younger, and he bears a striking resemblance to his Dad; I hadn't seen him in about 25 years. Also thanks to this board, I was contacted by a "girl" I dated from back in Calvary Church days (about 40 years ago). You mentioned Father Leser from Calvary - he was also on the altar at my wedding at St. Francis Xavier across from the Art Museum (still operating, unlike St. Katherine of Siena). He died about seven or eightyears ago, but his wife is still alive. She helped me track down Lynne Rudolph, Carol's sister, now in Scranton, who Kathy Tighe was asking for assistance in reaching over a year ago. So that's three reconnections that I personally experienced due to this great site. Thanks to all for keeping those embers stoked.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [10-29-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, Did you know Fred...the guy who owned the junk yard in Jarrettown? What about Justice Beam? Did you know them? I know the people who own the hotel now. I can tell you that I used to go to the Jarrettown Hotel on a saturday afternoon for a class of soda and a cheesesteak. Tiramisu was unheard of in those days.
Michael [10-29-2008]

This message is for Jim Bell. I remember you. You lived around the corner from me and we were good friends "back in the day." I'm glad these remarks brought back good memories for you. I wish you had known about Immaculate's Reunion on 10/19/08. It was great; so many good friends were there and the reunion brought back so many great memories. I am on the Planning Committee. Send me your present address and I'll make sure you know of future events. I totally agree with your comment --"God bless Germantown and all those who have ever called it home." We were so lucky! It's nice to see your name again. Genny
Genevieve Welsh Bottorff, NJ now, 1211 Stafford St. then (10/27/08) [10-28-2008]

Bruce Marshall:My wife enjoyed your blog about your father's taste for desserts[Jello] at the Boswell House.She was also impressed how your own taste has ratcheted up-Tiramisu and Brulee.Tiramisu is the great Italian-dessert and the best way to judge an Italian-restaurant is the"Tiramisu.My family owned the Jarrettown Hotel in Upper Dublin for many years and we did not offer Tiramisu;it is now an Italian-restaurant and Tiramisu can be ordered.Ralph's[South-Philly] had a reputation for Tiramisu but when they opened a restaurant in Ambler it failed.Is there a place[restaurant or bakery] near Germantown where good Tiramisu can be found?I bet many of our Italian-Americans can answer that question.We have a blogger from San Fran,I wonder if he knows there is Cafe Tiramisu in that beutiful city.Not far from Cafe Tiramisu is the Palace Hotel where One can have a Creme Brulee.It is also a wonderful place for Brunch-a little pricey.Le Bec Fin was the place to go for Creme Brulee.I understand Le Bec Fin is no longer a 5-star place,but I would think that the Creme Brulee is still outstanding.I spend time in Latin-America and I got hooked on Flan.I wonder if there are Hispanic restaurants in G-Town that offer flan.Bruce!You are the expert on present-day Germantown-culture.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-28-2008]

Remember Piggy's store in cowtown. I remember Halloween in the late 40's; people walked up Germantown Ave. It looked like a parade with costumed adults having fun. One man wore a rubber girdle over his clothing. My mom had a good laugh.
franny [10-28-2008]

John Burke:You mentioned many Old-Germantown names in your lsat blog.As you know,I knew the Scanlan-Family well.I hung out a little with Joe[Jobie] Scanlan.In those days[60's],we were mavericks.Sometimes,when we were bored at 333 Queen Lane-Cranes;we would head to the Hi-Dee-Ho for a different cultural experience.Jack had an unique personality and marched to his own drum.Mike was a businessman and well-grounded.Incidentally,my father taught all these aforementioned gentlemen.You probaly knew Ed and David better.Ed S. went to the Prep with my brother-Ken.Ed taught at the Prep for many years.You were friends with David,I heard that he passed away.He married into the Dolan family.My good friend[Joe Dolan] lived at Green&Seymour but he moved out of G-Town in the 50's.Alice Scanlan married John Bateman who died.She is now married to Mike Doyle whom my father also taught.Their father[Ank] was a famous football coach who taught at the Prep and Holy Cross where the Scanlan boys attended.My father went to the Prep when Ank was coaching and his teeth were knocked out when he tried to tackle Jim Leonard in practice.Jim L. played for Notre Dame and coached Villanova.My father[Urb]should have focused on Latin and Greek.You mentioned that you were hanging out with your cousins and Ned[brother].I remember your family clearly.Does Ned remember when I had a confrontation with 3 dudes from Daniel Bonne?There was no Derringer in my jacket but I competitive.I remember Ron Ebert from Fern-Hill summer-league.He was a good player and his team won.John Fries was so happy to be on a team with Ron Ebert that he always reminded me who won that game.Ron was not a Fern-Hill guy,he probaly played more at Hunting-Park.I preferred Hunting-Park to sit in the car with the girls from St. Henry's.Back in the day,Tom Wilkins and I knew many ladies from that parish.Tom W. also knew Ron Ebert from Milton Shapp's company- Jerold's electronics across from North Philly-Station.Your cousins-John McSherry,Joe Murray and I are the same age.Did Ron E. marry John McSherry's sister?Did Gene Zacardi marry John Murray's sister.Gene Zacardi's sister was pretty,my friend [Pat McIlhinney] took her to a Prep-prom.John!Were you friends with Doctor Daley's kids.My sister Joan[pharmacist] worked with a Daley[Billy-?] at Lane-Collins.You also knew Larry Durell Jr. who Tom Wilkins and I knew well.Larry Sr. always told me"God Love You".There were great people from Germantown.I just tried to keep up with traffic-not necessarily the fast-lane.Presently,I am in the slow-lane but I liked Cheryl Raffle's blog when she said,"GO PHILLIES".
John Bruce Schmitt [10-28-2008]

To John Bruce Schmitt: Ralph Gatto was my brother. He was a class act. Mary Raffaele (Teresa Raffaele's grandmother) was my mom's aunt. So the Gatto's and Raffaele are blood relatives. My mom worked at Superior Bakery at the corner of Logan and Keyser streets.
jg [10-28-2008]

go phillies!
Cheryl Raffle, Gtown 52-66 [10-27-2008]

I had forgotten so much about my childhood, but reading these remarks, street names, names, even the names of the nuns at Immacualte, have bought back memories that I thought were gone forever. God bless Germantown and all those who have ever called it home!
Jim Bell, 65, Media now, 1204 E. Price St then [10-27-2008]

does anyone know what happened to a family that lived on mechanic st.? i think their last name was delicizio.(not to sure about the spelling)
JIMMY C [10-27-2008]

Bette Moyer Begley:You are truly a Germantowner wth all those sites that you mentioned in your blog.The Wilkins Brothers[Jim&Tom] lived on the 400 block of Bringhurst St.It was such a nice street between Laurens and McKean.My sister[Joan] owned Manor Drug at Queen Lane&Laurens.During your time,it was owned by Doc Levine.I always liked the ride to Center-City from Queen-Lane Station.The train was always crowded with people from the apartments-Wissahickon,Manheim,and Chet-Wayne.My friends from Fitler went to that same candy-store.My step-father[Gordan Bradley] went to Calvary Church.My mother's friend[Betty Derbyshire] also went to Calvary.Debby lived in Fern Hill since her father was Fairmount Park Commissioner.Reverend Lester of Calvary was on the alter at St. Katherine's when my mother was married by Father Bogart.I went to church at St.Katherine's and always stopped for goodies at Hassis-Bakery.Your blog was very intersting and brought back fond memories for me.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-27-2008]

MBichael:Your blog about Bishop Sheen was edifying.Bishop Sheen was truly a great human-being and priest.I was too young to discern the Bishop's humility and altruism that you pointed out.I was influenced by John xx111 and Vatican-two during the 6o's.Two of my readings during this period,were Summa Theologica by Aquinas and Does God Exist? by Hans Kung.I really admired Hans Kung-the Swiss Theologian who taught with Pope Benedict at Tubingen University in Germany.Hans K. was very Ecumenical and I shared his views on celibacy,marriage,woman'role in the church and the dominance of the Church-Hierarchy.Consequently,he was muzzled by the Church on his views on Church-Doctrine.He remained a catholic-priest and I must be content to digest the nutritional elements of City of God by Augustine-Tough Love.In these polarizing times,we must try to be human,ecumenical,tolerant and forgiving.Your blog helped our moral and ethical compass point to the right direction.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-27-2008]

Hi Frankie,good to see your name on this site,hope all is well with you an your family,I seen your Mother and Roseann up Willow Grove Mall a few years back,your Dad was a great man,everyone loved Joe The Barber,take care an old friend an neighbor,Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [10-27-2008]

John Bruce--Joe Taylor here. I played on that St. Francis team w/ Joe Razzano. Where is he now? If you see or talk to him tell him to get in touch. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [10-27-2008]

The I.C./Germantown reunion was a very nice day for me. Sadly, on my way to the hall, I had to pass some of the old neighborhood. I hadn't been back for a while and when I reached the intersection of Stenton Ave and Washington Lane, it was not what I remembered it to be. One of the most vibrant intersections I can remember growing up, was sadly not what it used to be. However, that didn't discourage me from going on to the reunion with sad feelings. I was looking forward to seeing some people I hadn't seen for a very long time. I ran into Dick Riegler from Brush rd., Jack Brennen from Stocton rd. the Claffey's, Ann and Richy, Mary and Joe Toomey, Joe and George McCartin, and Frank Ezokas, all friends of my cousin Dom that I hadn't seen since the late 60's. From Haines st, I met Ralph Barella, a very funny guy who lived up the street from me and whom I remember very well. Of course, I was looking for some my friends from the class of "65" and wasn't disappointed. Mary Kelly was there and looked as beautiful as ever. I hadn't seen here in 20-25 years since one of the C.D. reunions. Also looking as beautiful as ever were Gerti Lyons, and Diane Jacoby whom I hadn't seen in about 5-6 years. Also attending were Peter Coyle, a little thin on top, Bobby Quigley, who was one of the funniest guys in grade school, and Freddie Klotz from Rittenhouse st. who I hadn't seen since graduation. Some of these people are frozen in my mind at age 13 and it's always such a kick to see them again. I hadn't seen Bobby Quigley in about 20 years and he told me he owns a restaurant in Hatboro, not far from me, called "Quigs". I was told that on Thursday nights, some of the old crowd from Germantown stop in and have a few beers and tell a lot of stories about the neighborhood. I hope to stop there from now on and hopefully those who read this site will stop by and share some memories. To Dennis McGlinchy: A great job was done by you and Anne Claffey. A lot of hard work and effort goes into something like that and you are to be congratulated for your hard work. If we have similar reunions in the future, my only request is that we have it in the suburbs or in the northeast part of the city. Going back into that neighborhood was sad and shocking; but all in all a good time for everyone. Thanks again. P.S. Bobby Quigley told me his place is B.Y.O.B.. Hope to see you there.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [10-27-2008]

To Patricia Carr-Now I remember you, when you tell me your maiden name Glass. Of course. My brother Joe said, Oh,she had blonde hair I think. I was also speaking with Maureen Metzler (she lived nexed door to Mrs. Carroll and her Grandsons Stevie & Joey Farrell (the 2 red heads you spoke about) She remembers you also. You spoke of the Rambos. I forgot about them. My gosh, the daughter, Carol, was such a tomboy! HELLO! What memories. Also the Immaculate Conception reunion was a blast, I just wish there were more time. It was overwhelming to reconnect with everyone after 45-50 yrs. WOW! They did agreat job. I,m definitely going to the next one in Oct. of 2010 if I'm able.
Mary Toomey McLaughlin, 58 years live in Fox Chase [10-27-2008]

to Frank DiCesari, Your father was my husband's barber until he closed shop in the 80's if I am correct.. His shop was the only one I know of that you could get an hair cute and shot.. Mike has fund memories of you father.
Erda Graham [10-27-2008]

Mike Smith: I remember you from Norwood Academy. You were friends with my brother Dan McAleer (Fantastic Lawyer),Pat McGee, Purvis and John Meehan. Did you attend Cardinal Dougherty and play a Trombone in the School Orchastra? I heard that you married your very pretty childhood sweetheart named Jane. My brother Dan married Pat McGee's sister Peggy, what a Gal! Glad to see you on this site, for it brings back so many Great Memories of the Germantown Days! Since you live in Vineland, you might want to give my brother a visit, who lives in Ocean City, NJ! Hope to read more of your entries on this site in the future!
Tom McAleer, 62 Years Young,Living in Pittsburgh,PA Graduated Immaculate Conception '59 and Bishop McDevitt '63 [10-24-2008]

Terea Raffale:This a sad week for the Gatto family,the Raffaele family and the Germantown family since RALPH GATTO passed away.I did not know the Raffaele family was related to the Gatto family.I did know the Raffaeles were related to the Razzanos.I knew Jimmy Razzano[ST.Francis-55] and Joe Razzano[St.Francis-57].Joe Razzano played on a great St.Francis team with Joe Lynch,Bill Haas,John Fries, and coached by Bob GOO Guaranello.You know about Goo,Rocky, and Shangy.Rock was your uncle and a great baseball player.We all know who shangy was.There was a Raffaele called trout-possibly Uncle Jim.I unnderstand why you like Uncle Dom so much.Dominic Raffaele was my classmate at St.Francis[1955] and Dominic was very popular.He had a great personality and he got along with everybody-including some of the feisty guys.I learned about Italian-culture in Germantown and have experienced meccas of Italian-culture in Rome,Buenos-Aires,San Francisco and Brooklyn But I still mis-spelled your last name.I admire and like Italian-sculpture and art.Raphael along with Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were my favorite artists of the Renaissance.Raffaello[Italian] was a major contributor to St.Peter's Basilica.You have a famous name with various spellings but that is not why I mis-spelled your las name.There is a blogger on this site by the name of Cheryl Raffle and she had a recent blog and consequently,I made that error.My last name has various spellings-Schmitt,Schmidt,Schmitz and many bloggers mis-spell my name.I will attempt to correct these spelling errors in the future.More importantly,I will remember Ralph in my prayers.
John Bruce schmittT [10-24-2008]

i lived on morton st from 1943 to 1968. my father was the barber on chelten av. my father rented the apt. behind the shop to gabriel the water ice &pretzel man.i went to st vincents & cardinal doughtery 61.
frank di cesari, iam 65 living in southampton pa [10-24-2008]

Jg-[Gatto]:Again I offer you and your family my condolences.I never knew that the Gattos were related to the Raffaeles.I can not answer who were the women who worked at Superior Bakery.I passed the bakery when I came home from St.Francis on Logan St.It was a treat to get a piece of the pie.I do remember the DeAngelo brothers playing half-ball on Keyser St. near the bakery.Maybe,you knew them from ST. Mikes.Anthony DeAngelo was older than me and I was older than Joe.A younger DeAngelo[Steve?] worked at Lane Pharmacy with my sister who was a pharmacist.I also remember the Pauzanos[Lou,peanut] from St. Mikes.I believe Ralph also knew George Turnova who had a brother named Bob.These are the guys who would know the answer;this was their turf.JG!When did you graduate from St. Mikes?
John Bruce schmittJ [10-24-2008]

John Schmidt,I remember a John Schmidt from St.Francis I didn’t know the middle name was Bruce I believe john’s father was a professor at Saint Joe’s College when he passed the whole church was filled with students from the college I believe he also had an older brother that is the John Schmidt I remember. Most of the names I recognize Joseph Dolan Paul McKee from Saint Francis although I believe it was Larry Springer who was in our class Robert was his brother and they lived on apsley street. I have often wondered what happened to Irv Ott I heard one of his brothers was killed on an aircraft carrier accident not war related .Pat Milhennie spent some time with our family when we rented a place in Avalon one year his sister Ilene Mom and Dad joined us once or twice . I would like very much to hear or see Pat and Irv .I am sorry to hear of the passing of the Norwood boys . Jim Nolan was a very likeable guy and we had some good times together Jerry told a story about kid named Herman who had some strange eating habits I retell that story to my grandchildren “tell us about Herman” I tell them a classmate named Jerry Stewart is responsible. As I remember Tom Wilkens and Thomas Boyle were close friends hope they are both well Thank you for responding it is a pleasure to hear from old classmates. Mike Smith (Greene and Logan)
MIke Smith [10-24-2008]

Peggy (Gillespie)Berkey : It was my parents house on greene st I remember your Mom And Dad well Your grand parents lived next door to them on Logan st. their house was at one time the convent for the Nuns at Saint Michaels School . I remember your brother ad your sister were much younger than my sisters and I . Your Dad worked at the same place (Container Corp of America) at different times probably before he went to undertakers training. I remember him well and fondly.
Mike Smith [10-24-2008]

I hung both at Ashmeade and Marion and Price and Ardleigh this is my first visit to this amazing site and the thing that strikes me the most is how the people from Gtown dont forget where they come from Tony Rizzo
Tony Rizzo, 55yrs CD class of 71 [10-24-2008]

Bette Boyer Bigley - I was baptized there, also by Dr. Dietrich, who used to reward the best behaved boy in the choir each week with a model, a "gift certificate" to Kodner's Star Pharmacy at Wayne and Seymour for an ice cream soda, etc. I didn't get too many of those. I was busy carving my initials into the choir stall and cavorting with whoever was sitting next to me. I worship elsewhere now, but will keep stopping in when I can. The ivy's gone (better for the pointing of the stonework) and one of the big carved finials on top of the bell tower is missing, but it's intact otherwise. The Cricket Club's still going strong - as I posted a long time ago, I used to work there and get into mischief also, and it too is preserved in time: I was there for some swing dances a few Summers ago, and everything was just as I remembered it, 40 years later.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [10-24-2008]

The Immaculate Conception reunion was a great time. There was a great turnout, about 500 people. I was great seeing old friends who I had not seen in a long while. One such person was Bobby Quigley, who was a great inspiration to me when I saw him. He had recently lost part of his leg but was the most upbeat and positive person at the reunion and it was great to see him there. I just want to thank all of the people who worked so hard to put this together, you guys did a tremendous job. Hopefully for the next reunion, we can get a few more people from the early to mid 70's graduating class there. We need to have a better showing from our age group and hopefully next time we can do that. Thanks for listening..
Nick Capozzi, 48 Years Old Living in Towamencin Township [10-24-2008]

To Anne Camp, the IC Reunion was a great day. 480 folks turned out, far more than we ever expected. It started off with Mass in that beautiful old church, then an after-Mass social in the social hall, then on to the Irish Center for a banquet and entertainment. There was a slideshow running continuously, “Immaculate Then and Now­2008” that was a very big hit (some copies still available in DVD and VHS). There was a Chinese Auction with 43 donated prizes. This was a HUGE success and just a lot of fun. Not only was this a reunion of friends, alumni and former parishioners, it was also a fundraiser for the parish of today, who can sure use the help and they did VERY well that day. Some minor growing pains but it was a great day and folks seemed to be really enjoying themselves. We’ll be doing this again, either Oct 2010 or Oct 2011.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-24-2008]

patty burke, grew up in germantown [10-24-2008]

Mary Toomey Well, Carr's my married name. Back then it was Glass. My grandmom lived at 5813 Stockton Rd. The O'Haras (Mary and Kay) lived two doors down and the Carrolls lived across the street. Old Mrs. Carroll used to sit in her enclosed porch and watch everything. There were two boys in her family and they both were red heads. One was our age, Stevie, I believe, and a younger one. Also, the Rambos lived right beside us. At Immac., Sr. Mirium Irene was my first grade teacher; second grade is a blank; third grade teacher was a Miss Walsh. My parents and I moved to Elizabethtown in '59 but continued to visit until the mid 60s. I am so glad that you responded. Since I discovered this site several months ago, I have only discovered one other Stockton Rd. individual. As he was older, I didn't recognize the name. Take care!
Patricia Carr [10-23-2008]

Bill Marshall -- Thanks so much for the update on Calvary Episcopal Church --I was baptised there-- married there in 1950 by Rev, Dietrich and all 3 of our sons were baptised there by him . It was COVERED in ivy then -- is it still ? Is the Cricket Club still there ??We grew Victory gardens there during the war --
Bette Boyer Begley, Left Germantown in 1950 Navy wife at Camp LeJeuneNC and Quantico Va. [10-23-2008]

I am hoping to hear some experiences and news from the IC reunion of 10-19. I was personally disappointed that I could not be there; but distance and other circumstances mitigated against it. If you went, let us hear............
Anne Camp [10-23-2008]

Mike Smith:I rememember a kid who left St.Francis-June,1953.he lived on Green St.-down the street from Joe Dolan who played basketball on St. francis,s team with me.Around the corner on Seymour St. lived Paul Mckee.Down the street from Paul Mc. -there were the Simon sisters.They lived on your block-you left St.Francis too early if you know what I mean.Bob Springer lived on Green St. and Frank Felice lived at Manheim and Green.I remember the candy store at Green&logan well.After school, Frank Crawford had $10.00 to buy a pair of shoes at Gtn.&Chelten.He stopped to play a few games of pinball at the candy-store.He gave it all to the machine-5 games for a quarter.His parents cried for their little boy when they learned he was mugged in the woods where the post-office was built at Green&Hansberry.You probaly were in the Boy-Scouts with Irv Ott whose mother was a scout-master.I am still friends with Pat McIlhinney who lived on 5100 Knox-not far from Dennis McCarthy.I was down the shore{Avalon] with a guy named Tom Wilkins who lived 400 block of W.Bringhurst.Tom Wilkins, and Jerry Stewart were from Norward Academy;consequently,we had lunch at the Golden Inn.They a myriad of names from Norward Academy-Frank Bonner[deceased],David Mcnulty[deceased],Jim Nolen[Connie Mack's grandson,Jim Murray[Prep Athletic Director,Jack Riceman,Ed Donnelly,Pat McGhee[Judge's son] and Mike Smith who was a friend of Jim McIlvane who married the judge's daughter.Are you the guy who might know all these people.There are many Mike Smiths-I know a Mike smith who is a lawyer who worked in the DA's office.I remember wrestling with my classmate[Mike] and he pulled this scissors move on me.There were only 2 ways to break this hold-one was below the belt and the other was below the nose.Being a fair sportsman,I chose the agony of defeat.I preferred boxing after that-in spite of broken noses,scarr-tissue,lumps on my head and thousands of dollars to dentists.Mike!I want to thank you for guiding me away from that sweaty sport-wrestling.I think that you are the same guy that I knew 55 years ago.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-23-2008]

To Patricia Carr: I did live on Stockton Rd., but I do not remember you. There was a Carr family but there was 4 boys, no girls. Stockton Rd. was only 5800 block .My brothers don't recall you either. Sorry. Mary Toomet
Mary Toomey McLaughlin, 58 years old Live in Fox Chase [10-23-2008]

Mike Smith, I remember your grandparents and family. I'm one of the Gillespie's from the funeral home. Were you my ag (I'm 50)? Didn't you have sisters?
Peggy (Gillespie) Berkey [10-23-2008]

Hello Rudy, Your brother Joe and I went thru St. Franny's and NECHS together. I saw him last year this time at the high school reunion.Nice to hear your still kickin. This is an interesting site isn't it. Take Care!
Dave Byrne [10-23-2008]

Always like to hear from old friends.
Rudy Szewczak, I have been living in Dallas, TX for the last 41/2 yrs. and on 10-30 I will be 64 years young. I own/operate a Resume writing business here in Dallas, Use to live at 5114 1/2 Wakefield Street in Germantown and went to school at St. Francis of Assisi, Green/Logan and graduated from Northeast Catholic HS in 1963. [10-22-2008]

Great memories of Germantown St. Francis school 1 thru 6 Troop 170 Lived next to Gillespie Funeral Home Mary McElroy was caddy corner Candy store caddy corner from church Memories of Gtown Boys Club Happy Hollow New Lyric Movie House Now and again hear about classmates and old neighbors MIke 67 (10-23-08)vineland nj
Mike Smith, St.Francis parish Lived Greene above logan [10-22-2008]

j.g, I'm so sorry to here about Ralph, isn't it a GOd incidience when,a] my Dad is near the computer and I can ask him about people and b] that was because their were other blogs about Ralph c]Ralph was on peoples minds d]we just got to meet. e-mail me, I'd love to talk about my Granndmother and the rest of the family .God Watch Over You as You Go Thru This Trying Time.Shangy, is my Dad,JOE Raffaele!I'm in trouble now! lol Teresa
Teresa Raffaele [10-22-2008]

Hey Phillies Fans - If you tune in the game tomorrow night at 8:00 PM, look for me in Section 113, Row Z, Seat 8 - right behind the Rays dugout. I'll be wearing my Red Cap with the White "P" and my Cardinal Dougherty alumni shirt. I will be the one being pummeled around the head and shoulders by Tampa Bay Ray fans. Hope there will be some former G-towners to come to my rescue. This will be my first World Series experience - so, my bucket list is shorter by one item. Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL, USA - Age 64 [10-22-2008]

On Sunday Oct.19th Jack Smith and Frankie Gillespie who was one of his star soccer players from Cardinal Dougherty H.S. were inducted into the Hall of Fame at the school. Jack inspired many of players at CDHS and the Germantown Boys Club. He holds a Phila. record for High School Sports which NO other player in any sport has ever held. ??
GBC Alumus, Good Friend of Jack [10-22-2008]

Bette Boyer Begley, about Calvary Episcopal Church - as I mentioned re Bobby Colesbury a few weeks ago, I grew up there too: I hadn't been there since my mother's funeral seven years ago. I went there for the Sunday morning service about a year ago, and was most pleasantly surprised to find that absolutely nothing had changed from the heyday of the 60's and before - the church is still spotless, in good repair, the organ works perfectly with a good organist, all the pictures of the old Rectors are still hanging in the sacristy, etc. The congregation is small and mixed and warm and hospitable. It was really a pleasure and always brings back many beloved memories.
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [10-22-2008]

Patricia Carr I just read your post, yes I'm from Stockton Rd. I don't remember you. There was a Carr family on my street but they only had 4 boys. Stockton Rd. was one block only 5800 and that was it. I lived at 5832. Sorry, I don't recall you, I lived next door to the Toscano's and the Flanagan's. Mary
Mary Toomey, 58 years old live in Fox Chase [10-22-2008]

John Burke:I am very sad today after learning about the death of Ralph Gatto.Many people on this site graduated with Ralph from North Catholic- 1958.Your cousin[John Murray] and Ron Ebert were in that great class as you know.John Murray was at the 50th-reunion.Ralph was a great football player at North and was the Quarterback for the 1957-58 season.You probaly knew many of his cousins from Germantown and North.John! I will respond to your recent blog later.Today,I just want to do some silent relection and meditation.All Germantowners will miss RALPH GATTO.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-22-2008]

J Gatto:My prayers are with you and your family.I knew Ralph from the Hollow.Ralph was a good athlete who was always gracious in victory or defeat.I remember that he was good friends with John McGeehan.They were both good and decent people.Dominic Raffaele[classmate] knew Ralph quite well.Many of the bloggers on this site went to North with your brother.I have only fond memories of RALPH GATTO.May RALPH rest in eternal peace.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-22-2008]

Just saw the post from Mary Toomey and was wondering if you happen to have grown up on Stockton Rd. as I did.
Patricia Carr, 57 years old [10-21-2008]

John Bruce, You raise some very good points. We were writng about Bishop Sheen and I would like to say that he had many friends who were non Catholics too. People from all walks of life adored him and he adored them. We could use another like him, especially now. All he desired was to bring love to others. He was humble and he never sought fame in the first place. The plays of yesteryear were wholesome and never contained anything that would offend a general audience. People in those days were satisfied with that kind of entertainment,unlike the things that are placed before us now.
Michael [10-21-2008]

Many fond memories of GTN --Lived on 438 WEST Bringhurst St,took the train at the Queen Lane station to my job as waitress at Wannamaker's tea room before I became a nurse --Hassis on Queen Lane was a fabulous Bakery,Mrs.Gaghan's candy store across from the Fitler school, Happy Hallow Play ground -- The Lyric and Orpheum movie theaters--Calvary Episcopal Church was the hub for our social life --went back to GTN twice -- sorry I did -- my memories were so precious --
Bette Boyer Begley, GHS 1947--Chestnut Hill Hospital 1950--Navy wife [10-21-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, One follow-up to the Boswell House: Their desserts were the usual stuff from back then (no creme brulee, tiramisu, etc.) My father would order the Jello, which he could easily have at home and did, and the waitress would say "Are you sure you want Jello? We have rice pudding, tapioca, chocolate ice cream, pie," and so forth, but my father would stick to the Jello, to their amazement and dismay. . .
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [10-21-2008]

Teresa Raffaele: Your dad and I are second cousins. You and I are also cousins removed. Your Grandmother was my mother's Aunt Mary. I worked for your dad at the steak shop while I was in college. My mom was the woman who worked behind the counter at Superior Bakery. Ralph Gatto is my brother. He passed away the other day, October 18, 2008. I called your Uncle Domenic yesterday to tell him of the sad news.
jg, Happy Hollow [10-21-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt: Do you remember the woman who worked behind the counter at Superior Bakery on Logan St?
jg [10-21-2008]

John Bruce Schmidt: Ralph Gatto played basketball, football and baseball at Happy Hollow. He started at QB at North in 1957-1958. Johnny McGeehan was a good friend who lived down the street from Ralph on Logan St. Sal (Sal's Steak Shop) retired recently. He moved his store from Happy Hollow to Plymouth Meeting Mall and then to Warrington. Happy Hollow was the greatest. Rocky, Goo Goo, Shangy, Gouch,Turtle, Breeze, Curse Word - every age group.
st michael's grad 1959 [10-20-2008]

Am looking for information on Staton Art Shop 5409 Germantown Avenue, Germantown. Anyone know when the business was founded, when it went out of business? I found a framing label on the back of an old print and am trying to find out more about the business. thanks.
Virginia Whelan, other side of the river (Merion) [10-20-2008]

Ralph Gatto died on October 18, 2008.
st michael's grad 1959, North Catholic 1963 [10-20-2008]

Bruce Marshall:I enjoyed your blog about the Boswell House in Germantown.my family can really connect to this old Germatown-restaurant.My mother was a librarian in Vernon Park and she and her colleagues often ate there.The Boswell-family opened a restaurant in Buckingham[413&263],In the 80's,my brother[Rick] bought that restaurant.He later sold it to Wa-Wa who used it for a parking- lot.That is a nice area-not too far from the Delaware.It is a good place to go rafting and have a few pops at Apple Jack's in Pleasantville on River Road.Apple Jack's is a cool place where bikers,plumbers,painters[both kinds]and writers can hang out.Beware!Only use the word hog for the bikes outside and nobody at the bar-if you know what I mean.I know that my brother Rick and you have a lot of street-smarts from working for Charlie and Marshall at the Chet-Wayne.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-20-2008]

Michael:Your blog about Bishop Fulton Sheen and Henrik Ibsen takes me back to the day of my callow youth when I was taking courses in theology and reading the prose of Ibsen,O'Neil and Chekov.Sister Miriam in 6th grade at St. Francis, told us to watch Bishop Sheen on TV and write an essay on what we heard and understood.Years later in the 60's,I studied the works of Ibsen who challenged the idealism of the day and etablishment -principles.I was conflicted between the traditional Catholic- doctrine of Bishop Sheen and the ideas of the Intellectual-playwright[Henrik Ibsen].I asked my Theology-Professor what he thought of Dorothy Day-the Icon of the Catholic-left.He thought that I was confabulating.I transferred to another class.You mentioned that Martin Sheen adopted the name of Bishop Sheen.Martin Sheen was also a follower of Dorothy Day.Figure that one out.The actor[Henry Gibson] adopting Ibsen's name is an easy call-an actor and a playwright thinking outside the box.I am pleased that you like Ibsen's plays.In recent years,I went to the McCarter Theater in Princeton and saw Doll's House and Enemy Of the People.
john Bruce Schmitt [10-20-2008]

John, Gillespie Funeral Home was my father's business and then my mom ran it after he died. My brother was Frankie, and I had 2 sisters, Karen and Rosemary. We were all born in the 50's. Frankie and Karen are both deceased. We had other cousins in the neighborhood, another Frankie, Kathy, Carol and Connie (who were twins). The other Gillespies that you mentioned were not related to my family, but I knew many of them well. I remember that Cranes was our family's favorite restaurant for many years. We had lots of great times there. I also remember my dad always teasing Ted Bateman. My cousin Bill Fitzgerald was one of my heroes when I was a kid. (I don't know if he ever knew that) He helped me with a big school project when I was in 5th or 6th grade at St Francis and I always apprediated that. His mom, my aunt Nancy, was a great lady too.
Peggy (Gillespie) Berkey [10-20-2008]

frank, go to germantownbrickyard.com site, scroll down to visit the germantown brickyard message board, which is right above the picture of the trolley car.
Dave, gbc [10-20-2008]

Sandy Cipriano, It's great to hear from you. I'm fine and so is Lorraine. Remember Pat Flannery she passed a few years ago. I have a picture of Joan Campbell and me from the 5 & 10 not sure how old we were. Wish I had more pictures of all the kids. How is your sister?
franny [10-20-2008]

Great to read you! I just wanted to make a couple corrections. My Dad, Joseph Raffaele, had the steak shop down the street from Sal's Steak,, across from the Hollow. Dominic, my favorite uncle,out of 8, did work with my Dad,my Grandmother Raffaele, made the sauce,us kids helped with the pizza boxes or anything else we were told to do. My Dad had great pizza and sandwiches,but I have to agree,Superior Bakery had the best pie.I'll get to the point, our last name is Raffaele, not Raffle. I asked my Dad about Ralph Gatto,he said he ran into him down here, but didn't remember how long ago, they are cousins.My Uncle Dominic Raffaele is alive and well and enjoys cooking at Westy's in North Wildwood, where the reunion was held this year.Good typing to you all .God Bless, Teresa
Teresa Raffaele, Cape May,N.J. [10-20-2008]

Charlie Peterson:I knew Professor David Loscalzo well.He was my neighbor for many years on Hansberry St.I played high-stakes pinochle with his younger brother{George] who was a genius-type.In playing cards,never gamble with somebody who is smarter and richer.I got an education-playing cards with George L.Dave was probaly 5 years older than you.He graduated from the Prep-1948.My father Urban Schmitt taught him at the Prep in the 40's.Dave L. was literate and had a penchant for music.He left North Catholic and taught English at Trenton-State for many years.This university is now called College of New Jersey.Dave lived in Trenton,not far from the Delaware River.As you probaly have surmised,I am postponing the bad news.Professor David Loscalzo passed away a few years ago.He left behind brothers and sisters with many nieces and nephews.Dave was a dedicated teacher,refine and cultured,and a strong belief in God and his faith.Charlie!Dave really liked his students-especially at North Catholic.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-18-2008]

Peggy Ann[Gillespie] Berkey:Henry Gibson's brother[Ted Bateman] worked at Crane's [333 Queen Lane] with Bill Fitzgerald,Joe Coll[Glenside Pub],Victor and Mario[East Germantown],Hank Henigan[Knox St.],and Emmett Harkins[St.Francis].The people at Crane's were top shelf guys if you know what I mean.The Gillespies were well known at St.Francis.Helen Gillespie was a classmate at St.Francis[55] and her brotherTom graduated 53.I was friends with John Gillespie Jr. who was a cousin of the Gillespies who lived on Marion St.John Gillespie Sr. was the famous football coach of North in the 50's.The Gillespie Funeral Home was located at Green&Logan across from St. Francis Church.The viewing of Ed Burke Sr. took place there.Ed Burke's son[John] blogs on this site.Peggy Ann Gillespie-Berkey!You have located in a beautiful state-Colorado.In my other life,I spent some tme in the Rocky-mountain state.The Air-Force Academy has a beautiful location in Colorado Springs.I loved the old mining towns in Colorado.Ouray,with the old hotels-Beaumont and St.Elmo is a wonderful place to visit and chill.The Million-dollar ride through the mountain is exciting.I liked to hang out in the Diamond Belle Saloon in Durango.Lou L'Amour-the famous short- story writer stayed at the Strater Hotel every summer in the 80's and would write not far from the Diamond Belle Saloon.I always liked old saloons from my days and nights in Crane's of Germantown.Your blog about Crane's and Ted Bateman,along with your maiden-name really resonated with me.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-18-2008]

Can any one tell me what happen to the brick yard site ?I use to go there and check it out,but it looks like it is a whole new site and very complacated .what are you suppose to do to get on and check the logs .frank .
frank, north wales [10-18-2008]

Hope everyone had a great time at the Immaculate Conception re-union. A special hello to the Class of '58. Sorry I couldn't be with you. Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL, USA [10-18-2008]

Wow, Guys - you've brought memories flooding back with the JFK reference. I remember his motorcade stopped at the corner of Chelten Ave. & Musgrave St. My Dad and I were standing in front of the Knights of Columbus Building. When the motorcade stopped, my dad jumped out to shake JFK's hand and almost got clipped by a motorcycle cop who was escorting the motorcade. He escaped getting hit and did get his handshake. JFK was the most tanned and striking looking gentleman I had ever seen in my life up till then. Three years later, I was serving with the US Navy in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. I was assigned to the Base Commander's HQ (Flag Plot Ops). I was the first one to see the message that kept repeating over the tele-type machine: FLASH - PRESIDENT KENNEDY SHOT IN DALLAS. That simple message just kept repeating itself for about 20-30 lines. I finally tore off the page from the machine and ran full speed down to Admiral Davis' office. Just a few minutes later everyone member of the staff was walking around with tears in their eyes. The President's death had a special impact for those of us in GITMO at the time of the missile crisis. To this day, I still get a very sick feeling in my stomach around Nov. 23. Thanks for jogging the memories - both good and bad. Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL, USA [10-18-2008]

Hi Franny,I did live on Chelten Ave moved around the corner from Heiskell St,I think I know who you are is your last name Bruno,if so hope you are fine also your sister Lorraine like to here from you.Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [10-18-2008]

Didn't Henry Gibson's (Bateman) brother work at Cranes while in school? I'm pretty sure he worked their waiting tables at the same time as my cousin Billy Fitzgerald. My dad teased him a lot.
Peggy Ann (Gillespie) Berkey, Colorado Springs [10-17-2008]

To Joan Beck (10-7) about the Boswell House: That was one of the places we'd go on Sunday for dinner to give my Mom a break (usually it was one of the diners, especially the Wayne Junction). It was usually older people and you often had to wait to get seated. The prices were low, and the portions were small, which suited the clientele just fine. It was as if you were dining in someone's estate, since it was essentially a mansion. The woman who owned it / was the hostess was still around long after it closed- I saw her in the Hathaway House restaurant, which has also folded, about ten years ago, and she still missed the Boswell. It later became Ellen Rose Restaurant, which didn't make it, and not too long ago it was Maya's, an African-American place that was having live jazz. I went the about two years ago, while it was still functioning and it was great to be back in there and see the faded glory of the place; sadly, it went under too. The Greene Hedges was the other place up the road, which was a little more upscale; I remember waiting for hours outside there for a table on Mother's Day; it's now a professional office building (lawyer or architect).
Bruce Marshall, 57, Born, raised, still in Gtn [10-17-2008]

Sandy from Cowtown, did you live on Chelten Ave? I lived on Morton St. off Chelten.
franny [10-17-2008]

does anyone know cassie rowan or margie alwine from st joe's? or jack,bob lynn from chew st...
pat [10-17-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt (10-15) You mentioned Dave Loscalzo. He was my music director at North for Junior and Senior year. I was in band for all for years 55 - 58. Do you know where he is now. I'd like to contact him. Charlie Peterson
Charlie Peterson, IC '54 NC '58 LaSalle '71 [10-17-2008]

Hello Joe "Tookie" Gisondi. Your cousin, Joseph M. Gisondi, and I were just talking about you the other night at dinner. I am your cousin's son Frank. Dad tells me you were Uncle Marshall's son and he is the son of Anthony and Jennie. We also remember the stations in Glenside and Maple Glen. I remember visiting them with my father back in the 60's. Joe, I've always said that you should have ran for office. Every time someone see's my last name they always ask if I'm related to that guy with the gas station. And, they always have something nice to say about you.
Frank Gisondi [10-17-2008]

John Bruce .... Henrik Ibsen was a Norweigian playwright noted for his famous work " Ibsen's peer Gynt" of 1867. I didn't realize, until your post, that the actor James Bateman from Germantown(aka Henry Gibson) derived his stage name from him. I know that Martin Sheen (Estevez) derived his stage name from the famous Catholic...Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Thanks for the info.
Michael [10-17-2008]

When Kennedy came through G-town I shook his hand. I was 12 yrs old. It was on Chelten Ave. between Greene and Wayne Ave. His motorcade was travelling west. As his car aproached I pushed my way trough the crowd. As I reached his car a police motorcycle came up alongside and I had to either back up or lean over on the fender, I chose the fender. He was standing in the front leaning over the windshield and I remember someone in the car was holding him by the ankles. It really wasn't a hand shake so much as he grabed my fingertips and let go. He was doing that with both hands. Neat memory.
Mike Horn, cdhs '65 [10-17-2008]

My brother Steve and I were at Washington Lane and Germantown Ave. in 1960 when the Kennedy motorcade drove by, several hours late as I remember it. We had a sign (Kennedy for President) and JFK pointed at us as he drove by. A year or so later I was talking with Mrs. Huntsberger who lived on Tulpehocken St. and was born in 1856. She told me about her trip to the train station in 1860 to see Abraham Lincoln while he was running for president. She was 4 years old at the time but remembered it very well. So we had shared the experience of seeing a future president visit Philly, just 100 years apart.
Joe Breen, From Germantown. In N. Calif. since 1963. [10-17-2008]

J B Schmitt: I was out for a couple of cocktails last saturday night with a couple of the Scanlan grandchildren and their mother who is a Dolan from E. Clapier st (Daves wife). I was telling them stories about their grandfather Ank Scanlan. I told them to google him and they could read about his coaching career at the Prep and Holy Cross College. I also shot darts a couple of weeks ago with Ron Ebert, North, Class of 58, who was a pretty good B Ball player for Falcons. My cousin John McSherry was there along with my brother Ned, John Murray couldnt make it, he was at his North Catholic 50 year renioun They all remembered Bruce Schmitt. If you still shoot, they were talking about another dart night.
John Burke, NE Philly 54 [10-17-2008]

Bernard McKernan:We both knew Tony Bateman well.I met him at the Prep in the 50's.Tony and his family were interesting people from Germantown.Over the years,I bumped into Tony at parties,churches,bistros,and libraries.My mother was a librarian in Vernon Park and Tony took out books from that library.Incidentally,my mother was at the library when JFK came to Vernon Park;she was thrilled.Some people voted for JFK twice-if you know what I mean.Tony transferred from the Prep to North and he graduated with you in 1958.He took Physics at Villanova and subsequently graduated from Villanova Law School and became a lawyer.He also campaigned to become mayor.Everybody liked Tony Bateman;he was personable,glib,humorous and very friendly.Tony was a raconteur and an actor.He was involved with drama at the Prep and North.The Director of Drama at North was Dave Loscalzo who lived on the 500 block of Hansberry St. in Germantown.Dave Mcnulty,Dave Glancey,Frank Klock,and Jim McIntyre[Germantown guys] performed in North's School Play.Tony's brother[HENRY GIBSON] is the famous actor who was the poet in Laugh-In and is the judge in Boston-legal.Jim Bateman adopted the name Henry Gibson from the playwight-Henrik Ibsen.Jim Bateman graduated from the Prep[53[ with Cardinal Foley-they are very good friends.In the 60's,I hung out in Crane's and Ted Bateman[brother] was a waiter when he was not teaching.John Bateman[brother] married Alice Scanlan of 5100 Morris St.The Bateman and Scanlan families are renowned Germantown names.I miss the Batemans and Scanlans who died.Bernard!Our mutual friend"TONY BATEMAN" was a great guy.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-15-2008]

st.michael ot he saints to all st michael ot the saints parish and school.we are in the process of makeing plans for a combined parish and school reunion in the spring of 2009.in order to move forward with our plan, we must hear from you! if intrested . please contack frank or lou .frankmm1@aol.com if you reply put st michaels in the subject box . spread the word !
FRANK, north wales [10-15-2008]

Hey BERNADETTE D I remember your family well. My Dad Frank Raffle open the fire hyrdants all the time. Hey when there are 8 kids and one bathroom its became our outdoor shower. :) When you say you had a boyfriend then named JO JO was that my little brother Joe by any chance. You guys are the same age.
Cheryl Raffle, lived in GT 52-68 [10-15-2008]

Hi Fran. I still talk about your mom how she would tell my father to leave me alone when he woudl discipline me. She was always looking out for me. They were the good old days.
anthonyg [10-15-2008]

Steve Donohoe: What a memory of JFK's drive-by in 1960 you invoke. I recall scaling the Ave. stores from the back of Vernon Park, along with several friends, to obtain a "birds-eye" view of that memorable event. And then HE was there, standing in an open convertible, a mop of brown hair blowing in the breeze, a Palm Beach tan and that toothy grin all the Kennedy's shared. When we gave him that old Germantown shout: "Yooo Jack!" he flashed us a wave and smile atop our rooftop perch. Little did I know at that time that three short years later, I would be in charge of quarters, in an outpost on the Korean frontier, when a red alert came in on JFK's assassination. It fell on me to wake and inform over 200 G.I.'s about his death. While I had been too young to vote for him, I suddently found myself old enough to mourn. Even then I knew we had lost someone very special and that politics would never be the same in this country. Camelot died, perhaps in the back of that same open covertible we saw in Germantown in 1960, with a ten-cent bullet. What price Freedom?
kevin, Santa Barbara, CA. age 64 [10-14-2008]

To Steve Donohoe, no but I heard about it. In campaigning for the 1960 elections, he made a campaign stop in Germantown. He delievered a speech in front of the Orpheum. I understand there was a large crowd and the street was closed off.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in east germantown [10-14-2008]

Hello Joe Gisondie, I went to St Vincent for eight years.Do you remember me. Also you might remember my husband Frank, he lived around the corner from you on Wakefield st.A few of the girls from our class get together once a year. We would like to contact more classmates.
Kathleen (Bryner) Surgner, St Vincent De Paul Grade School [10-14-2008]

joe (tookie) how you doing since you closed the station ?are you still going every thurs morning for breakfast in horsham .let me know for sure and i will stop over one morning .are you doing any thing (working ? )or just takeing it easy . did mike and donnie get another job ?miss the station ! frank .
FRANK, north wales [10-14-2008]

Bill-[Philly];It was sad to hear that Sal's brother[John] died so young.It was good to hear that Sal has done well in life.Across from the Hollow,there were 2 steak shops-Sal's and Joe's.My classmate from St.Francis[Dominic Raffle] worked for his brother[Joe Raffle] at the steak-shop.I believe Cheryl Raffle who blogs on this site is a relative of Joe R.Michael responded to your blog and mentioned the tomato pies in Willow Grove.In Germantown,the place to get pies was Superior Bakery on Logan St.You were correct when you said that our eating-habits were so influenced by our culinary experiences in G-town.
John Bruce Schmitt [10-14-2008]

John, We went to Willow grove to see JFK. They held a rally where the Marshal's is today. Then we drove back home and when we were on Gtn. Ave, we saw his motorcade. Nobody was around but us, and he waved to us. Everybody must have been on Chelten Ave. waiting for him to arrive!
Sheila [10-14-2008]

Would love to hear from some old friends.
Joe ( Tookie) Gisondi, Lived at 138 Rittenhouse street until 1963 [10-14-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, If you are referring to Anthony,(Tony)Bateman of St. Vincent De Paul school who resided in the Gtn Chestnut Hill area, Tony passed away a few years ago. Tony was a gentleman & we lost touch after high school. He once told me as a child he did early commercials for the "Lumis peanut butter". No wonder he had such an easy manner about him. Tony is survived by his widow & a number of children. May he RIP.
bernard mc kernan, 67yrs, retired, Chesapeake bay Md. [10-14-2008]

did anyone here see john kennedy on chelten ave. in 1960 besides me?
steve donohoe, 60 [10-14-2008]

Billy The tomatoe pie guy in Willow Grove told me that he's been selling a lot of pies. You have to order one a half hour ahead of time. It tastes better as it sits. The Dublin bakery, on the other end of rt 63, makes an excellent George Washington cake. You have to order one of those ahead of time too.
Michael [10-14-2008]

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