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August 2008

living in germantown .and really prepaierd me for the service, street wise is the only school.said and done.
mike c [08-31-2008]

To Dan Hartnett: Millard Affleck used to live two doors down from me. His Dad was an avid stamp collector. I would go to his house after dinner to watch him work on his stamp collection. Tell me about Millard. I think he married a local gal from Brush or Stockton Road, and I think he had a parcel of children. We were good friends, but I haven't seen him in over 40 years.
Jack Lyons, Port Charlotte, Florida [08-31-2008]

anon your right on one issue great guys (murphs) the best but you should have been there when chico and the murphs set that squirrel on fire after dowsing it in lighter fluid how do they say that today pretty cool. bring back the old days lets kick some ass on some ones turf.
Nick Lazaro [08-31-2008]

Dave Linn - Sure, I remember Nancy Ziegler. What a nice girl. She lived on Greene Street near St. Francis of Assisi. She was quiet but very popular at Germantown igh. I also remember George Houston but sorry to say I can't remember Henry Cheeves or Janet White. Was Kenny Ott in our class at Fitler? At one time I had a class photo with all our classmates' "autographs" on the back of it. But sorry to say it was lost along with my Duncan yo- yo, baseball cards, pimple ball and other important stuff when we moved away from Germantown. But I still have my GBC "club ticket". Do you remember when we had a Fitler team that played at GBC after school against the CYO teams? So sorry to hear about "Porp" - what a great guy he was. He was my coach at the Club when I played on the Counts. Dorothy Hodges - Yes, my sis was in your class, and she still tells stories about some of the kids you mentioned. Do you remember Linda Chambers? Was there a Jocelyn? Ann Moskowitz? I think Walter Maxwell had a sister Charlotte who went to Fitler. I remember John Prentis maxing the SAT tests for college. It is fun remembering those days.
Jim Smith [08-31-2008]

Lizabeth..You mention swimming at Carsons Creek, that was a regular trip hitch hiking up Stenton Ave in the summer. We swam with the cows their and walked down to Weidners estate at Stenton and Crickett to swim with the black sheep. There was a rope swing to swing out into the creek. Once in awhile we would get chased and you had to jump the electric fence and split rail fence to get back to Carsons. The only unpleasant thing was the soft mud underfoot. I like to think it was mud. When we had some money you could go to Glenside or Fishers pool and Mermaid lake.
rick rizzo [08-31-2008]

Religion,rules, and respect, were the order of the day.Parents worked hard to teach us and provide us with life lessons that we use today. You had to learn to take care of yourself and not back down,we were also taught one on one,don't start it [a fight],but don't let them get the best of you, we were taught to fight for ourselves,not to be armed,not to jump someone, but one on one,if need be. The rules changed thru the sixities,rocks knives, stones,respect for elders, little kids, didn't tell thier neighbors f... off.We had a family neighborhood, and God invovled in our daily life, no one to make excuses for us if we were wrong.When we did something wrong we were held accountable.Maybe, when we reach out here, we find a lot of liked minded people who had more innocence,God and values,we knew, we were accountable for our actions.The real shame is society today with their not me mentally,not my kid,not my fault,no respect for God,not allowed to say God,constant lies from media and goverment,no hereos,no God to pray to. Here in this spot on the whole www is a place where family after family,just people [not black,white etc.] can connect to an place in time, that we in our lifetime,will never have again.Keep up the good work,opened minds,values that were instilled with us.
Teresa Raffaele, 50 yr. old female,St. Michaels,moved in 4th grade, cape may n.j. [08-31-2008]

Hi Rick, yes my Dad was Frank Raffle. I remember your Uncle Nick very well. Nice to hear from you. :)
Cheryl Raffle [08-31-2008]

Rich, Do I know you?? You named many of the people I grew up with on Morris street and hung out with. A few more names are the Falcon brothers Mike, Steve, Jean and Beany, Glen Kelley his wife Benita Nice, Joe Cook, Ginny Wood, The Smith Brothers, Bob, Mike, Bill, John, and Kevin. Bradley’s Bill, Jim, Albert, Rosely, and Ricky. Linda Dorf. So many we had the guys come over from Johnson Street Blue Bell Hill.. Frank Gelottie (Spelling)Kenny Rossi, Linda, Donna, and all the guys that went to St Pete's Dance on Wayne Ave.. Could go in Darrow’s Drug at any time and find some to hang with.. You are right great time and good memories..
Erda [08-31-2008]

Enrico S - HOW DARE YOU! How dare you judge and criticize people based on a 1 paragraph blog. Who in the hell do you think you are! Yours is the kind of hateful message that drove me away from this site for many months. I thought we had gotten past the worst part - but obviously not. As far as fighting in a war is concerned, you don't need to tell Vince Lyons about war. His younger brother made the ultimate sacrifice on May 1, 1968. I hope you crawl back into your hole and are never heard from on this site again. There are other places for you to preach your holier than thou gospel - this "ain't" the place. Take a hike! Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL - age 64 [08-31-2008]

You talk of all the good times in Germantown. I still live on chew st. and my repair shop is still at 5210 Green st. Stop in any time i am still having fun in Germantown. Squeak DiCondina
Frank DiCondina [08-31-2008]

enrico 8-29-08 As I said in my response to(anon frisco)he is entitled to his opinion, as are you, but he is most certainly not entitled to make condescending and insulting remarks about the folks enjoying their Gtn. memories on this web site, and that fellow you refer to as a peace negotiator, would be well advised not to refer to people as (assholes) if its peace your looking for, and trying to compare the 1950's Gtn. kids with automatic gun toting punk gangs of southern calif. is beyond goofy just as goofy as your entire submission.Did you grow up in Gtn.? I suspect you didn't, I think your some sort Frisco troll and I would now like you to crawl back into your hole and let the good folks enjoy their Gtn. memories in peace.
vince lyons, 63yrsold N.J. [08-31-2008]

Maybe I am wrong but does Anon sound like another person that is always preaching his rhetoric, and trying to stir up controversy? Maybe it sounded too familiar or is this another person with a large ego? Just thinking.
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [08-31-2008]

Fitler School Class of 1958. - Make that Ed Lavin, not Ed McLaughlin. Sorry, Ed.
Jim Smith [08-29-2008]

my dad ( dominick ) had a buddy named frankie raffle.uncle nick and uncle john knew him to. is this cheryl raffles dad ? i used to live on locust ave. across from the old yellow cab garage.
RICK LAZARO, lived in gtown 51-68 61 yrs.old [08-29-2008]

here are some names from the past bill mcdonald eddie davis johnie davis charlie kelley mike kelley shag hutch chuck livingston angie fries donna shofler jim o'connor donie bragg jimmie o'connor salley o'connor joe grayson david joseph billy swan jimmie grant and so many more i cant remember so many great times. spelling of these names may be wrong sorry. i hope some of these people names bring back good memories it did for me.
rich, rich huntingdon valley [08-29-2008]

To Jim Smith, I remember Mrs Brandt writing the agenda for the day on the blackboard every morning. She was my mothers cousin. I guess that would make her my second cousin. I also remember Robert Taylor,Charles Smith,Steven Wright,Gunther Jasper, Lloyd Kinzel, John Prentis, Joan Murry, Linda Mason, Cheryl Collins,RuthAnn Fry, Lila Braden, Sandy Houser, Donna Waldeck, Bettyann Bradley, Carol Drakley Walter Maxwell. I think you were a half year ahead of me and your sister Carol was a half year behind me. Ialso knew the Topham,s Bobby, Joan and Muriel.
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Graduated from Fitler in 1959 [08-29-2008]

PS- Eddie Lavin
Dave Linn, Fitler Class of 58' [08-29-2008]

Hey Jim, you named most of the class, Bob Taylor was a half year behind us, remember 6A and 6B days? How about George Houston and Henry Cheeves and Nancy Ziegler and Janet White. I think I still have the class picture somewhere.
Dave Linn, Fitler Class of 58' [08-29-2008]

I am puzzled at the messages of Vince Lyons and Dan Hartnett in response to their admonitions of ANON the artist from CALI. It is quite sad to see men talking about the macho deals they fought..when they were the violent youth of Germantown.. They rebuke a man who is a peace negotiator. It is poor enough that children - nay teens get into violent fights and gang behavior here - a sourge in California but when GROWN MEN LIKE VINCE LYONS AND DAN HARTNETT talk about it with bravoado - yes defending it as a "duty" of honor this is a disgraceful example for perosns who now are men.. it is in my opinion "unmanly" "cowardly" and above all "SAD" but more than that to glorify their youth by punching people out is also "PATHETIC". I am non-violent these men have learned nothing from the fine Christian nuns at their parish schools. But it was also my ancestor's belief that violence is useless. No one here said anything personal about the lives they have led.. but Dan and Vince reveal they are not real men by laughing at and adoring their "fighting days". I wish they fought in a war it might change them. Enrico, CA.
enrico s. [08-29-2008]

Anon-05-29-05 Oy yes the KOC mighty good times and all the girls were lovely as only a 12 yr old lad could know who went home happy..mighty indeed. Thanks and who was i dancing with? There were a few beauties from Holary Rosary and IMC....and very fine lads from St Vincent's. Jim McKernan 62 North Carolina East Carolina University Professor
Jim McKernan [08-29-2008]

Cheryl, You're right. The economy is very bad and I don't see it getting better any time soon NO MATTER who gets the keys to the Whitehouse. The country is failing miserably because it has left GOD by being greedy, selfish, and stupid. Every body is too damn busy reaching into every body else's pockets. What makes this site so special is that it brings us back to a time when people had nothing and were 1000 times better off. They didn't have money, Ipods, cell phones, PC's, and all of this unnecessary electronic stuff that we can't live without today. We're talking about a place in time that will never return where people were actually religious, sensible, humble, and hardworking. It's nice to have those memories which take our thoughts away from the lousy things that are going on now. As far as the remarks of the anonymous guy from San Francisco?, I would just simply ignore them. It's very apparent, by his own words that he has some problems. If the black people from Germantown want to post entries here, no one will stop them. They are much a part of Germantown as the Germans, the Irish and the Italian communities. You're also correct when you say that everything can vanish in a blink of an eye. It's all vanishing right now. Ignore it if you will, but that's exactly whats happening now. Are we to continue to sit back and do nothing while the politicians and the wealthy systematically destroy us? It makes me sick to think about it. Despite all of that, the memories that you have of your family in Germantown will always be treasures for you that no one will ever be able to take away.
Michael [08-29-2008]

Anon, this is not a political racial site at all. People in here say what they want and I don't see too many except those who are looking for an argument start up the racial card. WHY WHY WHY? We do have lives and successful lives in our own ways. Don't you think we have problems. My god, I went from being successful up until last year to bearly making it this year due to the economy today. I am losing everything but you know what bragging about being successful, black, white, Chinese, ETC is a great and wonderful thing for all RACES. But in a blink of a eye it can all be snatch away from you. So get over your bad self and skip over stories you don't want to read and let these good people no matter what RACE they are speak about all the old times. That's just what it is OLD TIMES!
Cheryl Raffle, Lived in Gtown from 52-66 [08-28-2008]

Jack I don't know much about the older guys who hung at Mom's. Will Hartnet, Lenny Ellis, Kelly, Weigand,Murry,and Ray King are still living as far as I know. On Oct. 19th I.C. is having a Mass and reunion, maybe I can get some more info. for you.Stay healthy.
vince lyons, 63yrs old N.J. [08-28-2008]

Dennis, Since Ed brought it up, did you try the TOMATO pie from the place in Willow Grove yet? The owner told me that they've experienced a surge in tomato pies since word got around. It's a pleasure to find a great homemade product, freshly made, at a REASONABLE price. I've been buying at least one every week and it usually gets eaten in a day or two. Someone suggested to fry it the next day in a small amount of olive oil. Try it.
Michael [08-28-2008]

I knew that once I got started I would remember some more kids from Fitler School's sixth grade Class of 1958. How could I forget Vernon Lawton from Queen Lane and Greene, and Mike Bretz from Milne Street by Fern Hill Park? Mike was a Germantown Boys' Club kid and played varsity soccer at Germantown High and later at West Chester State College He became a very popular high school teacher out in Chester County. Mike had an unusual hobby as a fowler - he raised, trained and hunted with falcons. He passed away a few years ago, but he will always be remembered by his friends from the old neighborhood. Can you help me remember any more classmates?
Jim Smith [08-28-2008]

When Holy Rosary church closed, my brother Chinney (Jerry Iannuzzi) gave me the four foot statue of St. Theresa (The little flower)that came from the side altar where the other statues were. I still have that statue of St. Theresa today.
Anna Iannuzzi Bielat [08-28-2008]

Trying to remember classmates from Edwin H. Fitler Elementary School who graduated from sixth grade in 1958 - fifty years ago! Most of us went on to Roosevelt Junior High but some went to Houston, Henry or Jenks. Here are a few from memory - can you add to the list? Old Ms. Brandt would be proud! In no particular order: Dave Linn, Bobby Taylor, Craig Middleton, Paul Linton, John Petty, Richard Conti, Jimmy Smith, Gunther Jaster, Eddie McLaughlin, James Marshall, Virgil Johnson, Leon Richardson, James Schaeffer, Carl Wiener, Billy Van Horn, David McCann, Nadine Sloan, Barbara Hartley, Barbara Carr, Cathy Williams...
Jim Smith [08-28-2008]

Loved living there until MId 60's Went to school at the Immaculate
Denny Gaw, Live in Horsham Pa. Age 53 Raised In Germantown [08-28-2008]

Anon - Frisco -08-26-2008 If you had taken the time to review the archives, you would have seen the Murphys mentioned there and many others along with their successes. You, on the other hand, chose to sneeringly demean many members of this website who truly enjoy sharing the good times in Germantown. Your described them as brutal fighters and in other more insulting words. Your true colors were revealed after attacking our site you failed to identify yourself by hiding behind "anon". You are entitled to your opinion, but so are all of the members who regularly contribute to this website.
vincent lyons, 63 years of age, resides in New Jersey [08-28-2008]

Pat Lyons, Hi. So many of your clan on this site it can be confusing. Yes i am the one who worked with Joe & bro, Mike back in 62'. We worked harder than rented mules but ate well if you know what i mean. Joe was a gentleman & Mike a good guy he was smart to go to the fire department. I am retired & living on the Chesapeake. I hope you & Joseph are well & happy in these "Golden years". Will be in Philly for Joe's & mine's graduating class of 1958 @ N. Catholic in September. I always appreciated your quiet demeanor. Bernie Mc Kernan
Bernard Mc Kernan, Baltimore, Md 67yrs [08-28-2008]

Tomato...not Tomatoe Pies, Cheese Steaks, and Hoagies are an important part of Phila and Germantown. My first stop when visiting is Pats, Steves, or Dellesandros; not the historic district..although that’s nice too!
Ed, Chester, VA [08-27-2008]

Would love to know why the Errichetti's kept the surname and we, the Richetti's went their separate way! When I was a little girl, my father would take me to Errichetti's funeral home and I played with my cousins' dollhouses and never, ever ventured away from that area of the house!
janet richetti, Errichetti-Richetti [08-27-2008]

Bernard Mckernan..are you the same guy that worked at Industrial Cold Storage with Joe Lyons, and have a wife named Barbara?...
Pat Lyons [08-27-2008]

This message is to the idiot who complained of those who wrote about neighborhood fights and tomato pies. I am one of those persons. I don't like to write about personal accomplishments but you don't know anything about me or others who contributed. My family didn't have money for college but I became a VP of my company anyway by hard work. I don't like bragging or bluster but I resent your snobby putdown. I put my time in the Infantry courtesy of the draft and never complained. In case you haven't noticed, most of the stories on this blog are reminiscences by people of a time and place that no longer exists. This is what binds them together. Defending yourself in those days was part of the culture, was not considered dishonorable and was expected if challenged whether you won or not. This was blue collar, working class, mostly religious America. I am Irish but knew and was fascinated by many of the Italians and I now speak their language fluently, self taught. I choose not to flaunt any of this but rather to deflate your presumed erudition and pomposity. One last word, while I would restrain myself today, if you talked down to me like that in the 50s or 60s I would have kicked your butt up and down Haines St. If you want Germantown history, stick to the Battle of Germantown and Cliveden. Please note that, unlike you, I signed my name and do not hide behind the mask of anonomity.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-27-2008]

Anonymous Intellectual:You appear to have a penchant for radical politics and an appreciation of writers and artists who lived in our beloved Germantown.The infamous Jeremiah Wright grew up in Germantown and graduated from Central High- 59.His father was the minister of"Grace Baptist Church".Mary Wright[mother] taught at Roosevelt Junior High and Germantown High.A graduate of Germantown High was Archie Shepp who was the great saxophonist.Archie was also a playwright and poet.There were political overtones in his work;his sounds were harsh,searing and strident which resonated the political tones of that period-60's.He and Bill Cosby both went to Germantown.Archie also knew John Coltrane who spent time in G- town.Trane lived in Strawberry-Mansion and his house on 33rd st. is a historical site.If you want to have a different type of evening;try listening to some jazz by Coltrane and Shepp and then chow up on some pizza and drink a few pints of Irish- beer-no reefers.I hope that these aforementioned comments titillated your cognitive capabilities and sensitivities.
john Bruce Schmitt [08-27-2008]

Tacky,do you mean Joe Snider who lived across from me on Heiskell,he was an only child,I often wonder what happen to him I think he might have been around 14 or 15 years old when they moved from Heiskell,tell Betty I send my Love,Sandy
anonymous [08-27-2008]

I didn't live in Germantown but had lots of cousins/friends there--enjoyed many wkd visits. Jack Lyons' post mentioning CARSONS CREEK in Flourtown jumped off the screen. My kids and grandkids ROFL when I tell them that was the extent of my swimming in the 50's. I tell them there were cows in the water at arm's length. Once in a while, we got to swim at Marble Hall in Barren Hill--a treat. We'd pack lunches (a baloney sandwich and a Tasty Cake or Tasty Pie) and eat in the grassy area. None of us had a car so not sure how we even got up there. The best memories of those days--the cows didn't phase us. And we wore our brand new swim suits from Patti Page at Gtn and Chelten--probably cost $4.98. Thanks for nudging the wonderful memory. Should mention: we got to swim at Marble Hall once-in-a-while and that was grand as well... can still smell the chlorine. Good wishes to all.
Lizabeth, Abington--Little Flower grad [08-27-2008]

Anon, why are you going to try to put a racist spin on this good web. How do you know who we are talking about because they are not in your circle of friends. How do you know Im not black or Latino or your brother. We are talking about ancestors that have come here from many places to make our neighborhood great. They are famous to us for many reasons. Just because they come from simple stock like a cop or fireman or city yard worker or pizza shop owner or plumber doesn't make them any less important to us who communicate here and know these people. Thats what makes a neighborhood great, the people. Obviously you want to dictate to us and tell us what to write about. Well brother it aint gona cut it. Go to one of your asshole San Fran places or the convention and preach on that soap box because you lost your creditability here. Who are you and what did you paint in Gtown, graffiti? By the way you forgot our good friends Big Frank Riz, Bill Bernado, Dr Augastine, Mr Krimmins, Lola Folana, Chubby, Mr D, Fr Napoti.
rick [08-27-2008]

Anon - talk about growing up in Germantown, even the fights, tomato pie, the accomplishments of those who grew up in Germantown, etc., it's all good here. There's room enough for all of that. It would make for a pretty boring discussion board if we only discussed what you like, what you want, what interests you. Skip over what doesn't interest you, like everyone else does here.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-27-2008]

Just saw the news about John (Porp) Gallagher. It's a sad day for ma and I'm sure many others who new Porp. He was a friend and someone I looked up too as an athlete. He was a classic fullback in his day. Porp I believe was also a great player for North as well as the travel teams for GBC. His very presence on the field was that of a player who instilled fear and respect. Porp was also a fun (in a GBC way) in the pool. I remember playing a gane called "alligator". You had to dive of the board and touch the wall before Porp would catch you. When he did it was to say the least not a good thing. I will remember Porp in hie Celtic Greeen & White Uniform standing there on the BGC soccer field. Porp, rest in peace. Seamus
Seamus McWilliams, Germantown/GBC Alum [08-26-2008]

Can anyone remember a fight with a gang from 11th & Ontario, Freddie Chicken with East germantown? What happened and what happened after? Who was involved?
Len [08-26-2008]

anyone out there from class of 53 @ Immaculate?..hey g lynch email me with info ..who do you see from gtown...
PAT LYONS [08-26-2008]

Hey, Vinnie, who were the others who hung at Mom's who died? Could it be Dempsey, Lenny Ellis, Jackie Farrell, Yickie Vogler, Eddie Kelly, Jerry Sutluff? Any body out there that know these guys, please bring me up to date.
Jack Lyons [08-26-2008]

Anonymous, Let's set the record straight about the most infamous intersection in Germantown during the 40's,50's & 60's. It is spelled: Germantown & Chelten, not Chelton....! Don't want the nuns turning over in their graves after all those spelling bee instructions.Then again maybe you were not a good student which explains the lapse in memory of spelling & leaving your name.
bernard mc kernan, Baltimore, md age 67 [08-26-2008]

Hey Ross. I told you before that your Mom Millie, save my life when I was a small child. According to my Mom, I was choking on a taffy and turning blue and your mom turned me upside down and out it popped . I owe her big time. :) Uncle Chickie die a couple years ago. But Aunt Pookie is alive and kicking . Not sure where Aunt Annie is now. Last I heard it was Florida. Uncle Junior or Pete whatever you guys call him is still alive and living with his daughter Nancy in Chalfont. So I guess when I was kid I must have bumped into you at one time or another. Love to hear stories. You can email if you like at dustydooh@msn.com.
Cheryl Raffle, Living in Lansdale. PA [08-26-2008]

Hi Andy, That is the one and only Aunt Pookie. But the drummer was Pete Cozzi her cousin who play the drums. He was the son of my Aunt Kelly. Are we related? Your Aunt Fran was my grandmother and my Dad was Frank Raffle. You can email me if you want at dustydooh@msn.com I love to hear the stories :)
Cheryl Raffle [08-26-2008]

This site is an excellent place of history--I would think that folks from Germantown would not still be talking about childhood fights and the best tomatoe pies--get a life! Who, when all is said and done are the good gals/guys? That's what you should salute--who has made something of their lives....like talk about your children...your success.... The two heroes i have in mind and who i knew after they left the area... are Jerry Murphy, writer playwright, from Woodlawn ave retired educator-California--way to go Moif! His plays have been played around the world! His brother Joe, who organized Majuro in Marshall Islands, and who lives there today with his black babies...as part of a Socialist Republic....good on Joe Gerry McConeghy--excellent Phila attorney--vietnam vet too. John Wetzel...sorry ass student who became a philly lawyer.....well done Baron Von Wetzel.... Lee Dixon..black baseball coach of the Bombers...east gtn team... Herb Adderly-of the Green Bay Packers...of Morris street area Micky O Brien (English professor)who helped viet vets... and his bro Billy-huge succeses but -Philly lawyer who lost the AIDS case played in film by Tom Hanks.... jungle jim from Church Lane who served USA as educator and Ireland.as educator and civil rights activist .and noted alsoas the man who nominated Mother Theresa for honors and welcomed Nelson Mandella to the first country after his release from prison in South Africa for an Irish Gold Medal while he was Dean in Ireland and with Irish Civil Rights. I've seen assholes rebuke his wise advice on this site... Nicole Taylor-who taught school in Diamond Street North Philly for forty years after Temple..Love to you Niki you gave it all to the kiddies... Where are the blacks from Germantown ??--seems this is a white only stop? When I visited Germantown in the 60's street was full of hispanics/blacks and a few micks ..seems yours was of waterview green men and guys who just wanted to brutalize and fight. We call those guys assholes and their gals.... so lets hear from those who made good contributions not just fighting and eating cheese and tomatoe pies... Someone who thought Gtn was good and it was....not just the parties and food. San Franciscan man who painted Philadelphia back then and still loves Germantown
anon [08-26-2008]

Hi Vince: Thanks for responding. My brother still sees Lenny Ellis and Mutt Murray occasionally. Rich Weigand? Lots of stories; can't tell them here. Yeah that was us and we did get into a fight with some guys from Bloyd and Locust. Not much of a fight since I think I was the only one on our side who actually was in it. Biggest black eye I ever had. I did get to know some of those guys afterwards. Cookie Schwartz and Teddy Gill. Here's one since lots of E.Gtn people probabaly knew Cookie Schwartz. I ran into him in a bar about 15 years later in glenside. He was the leader of a Country and Western band named "Dick Cook" and the Country boys. Imagine that. An amusing conversation followed. I still see Mill Affleck and met Ronnie Cupo again recently. That's a shame about Jimmy and the others. I had heard something but wasn't sure if it was true. Take care! Dan H.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-26-2008]

To Jack Lyons: Jack, that was me although I haven't had a cigarette in more than 30 years. I had a pair of gymnastic rings hung in a tree in Aubury Park and used to work out on them. I remember that I used to race you swimming every year at Carson's. Who remembers Carson's? We hitchhiked up and pratically lived there in the summer. I remember that you were on Cardinal Dougherty's swimming team. I also raced Harry Flynn. Remember our one year football team when we had jerseys made? You were the quarterback. We played one game at the rec on Walnut Lane and got beat. I still see Millard Affleck (had dinner with him last week) and Joe McCormick. We just met Ronnie Cupo and his cousin Lorraine and got together after many years as a result of this blog. They monitor this blog so maybe they will pick this up. Good to hear from you. What are you doing?
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-26-2008]

does anyone rember joe snively (snider)
tacky, from cowtown 67yrs old [08-26-2008]

Anonymous: The younger Russo brother is named Andrew aka Andy not Anthony.Who are you?
vince lyons, 63yrs. old N.J. [08-25-2008]

anthony Russo is still around?
Dominic Sarnese, 64 [08-25-2008]

Hi Danny: I remember the Aubury incident, your brother Will was there and a few of the other old head Lenny, Kelly,Mutt, and Weigand.Didn't you guys have a gang caled the Counts.You guys used to battle the Pontiacs I belive there were led by Lester Barry. Whatever happened to Miller Afleck, Ronnie and the others?I met your brother Will on a cons't job. Will's company had the generator contract.We later met and had afew drinks I always liked Will he is a good guy.I thought he was the coolest guy around when he went to Paris in the 60.sVery hip. Jim King died in 1995,heart attack.Five others that hung at Mom,s have also died.It was nice hearing from you, tell Will I said hi. Stay healthy. Vince
vince lyons, age 63 N.J, [08-25-2008]

Chelton and Morris? Any one home ?
anonymous [08-25-2008]

The Dan Hartnet I remember, from East Germantown, had red hair, freckles and a lean build. One day he hung gymnastic rings on a tree in the front of Auberry Park (Haines & Crittenden Sts.) to show us all the gymnastic tricks he learned at Germantown HS. He smoked like a chimney, talked like a diplomat and always challenged me to a race as we swam in Carson's Creek in Flourtown. He lived on Haines St. near "Mutt" Murray and had an older brother who was a "bookworm." Now, if you are the Danny I remember, what do you remember about me?
Jack Lyons, Port Charlotte, Florida [08-25-2008]

Cheryl - I think I saw your Aunt Pookie at my Aunt Marcella's funeral a few months ago. If she's the same Pookie, she was my first baby-sitter back in the mid-50's. I believe her brother Pete was a drummer and his band played all of our family weddings. Pookie is probably close to 70 now but she still is as pretty as ever. My Mom's aunts were named Frances, Rosie, Kelly and Millie. Aunt Fran was my favorite - what a hoot she was! Anyway, not sure if she's the same one but how many Pookies can there be - I think her last name is Lochetta now. I'd be interested in know if she's one and the same. If so, I have some stories to share! Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL, USA (still underwater from Fay) [08-25-2008]

Vinney Yea Nicky. Pat Posimo. And David Mc Glaughlin all worked for that company.every week that crew and I think your brother Marty would party at the scene on thursday"s (night).and Johnny Quartucci.and Billy Brennan I don"t know how we made work the next day.(yea okay) 70 "s thing)one of a million stories could sell some to the Soprano"s wouldn"t want to have it any other way.here"s a couple names from the Hood 55 cad.rat.huck.paul woods. rollie rat robbins .dickie osborne. billy brenan (MARTY .TOMMY LYONS)HARPO MARY MARLOW.RAY SMITH (BLUE BELL) DONNA SHOFFLER BOO SPAGS MIKEY CATALANO(MY MAN POTS AND PANS)JOHNNY MC DERMOTT THE LIST GOES ON BUT YOU NEVER FORGET THE MEMORIES .
anonymous [08-25-2008]

cheryle raffle ad i told you before my mother millie and your grand mother franny were good friends.they ran the kitchen at the garabladi c lub on chelten ave.made spigetti dinners and meat ball sandwitches.when ever my mother went to see franny on haines st she would take me. i knew your whole family.your uncle chickie was a yr. or 2 older than me and pookie was my age.i use to take all my junk that i collected on sat. down to cozzi junk yard whicj was right behind your grand mothaers house. i think i asked you if you ever see your aunt anna marie she was about 3 yrs old when i last saw her. you aut pookie was a good looking girl as i remember. ill be looking for your next reply, ross
ROSS.C [08-25-2008]

Anthony G, I remember my grandmother making pie crusts with chicken fat and cooking potatoes in home made lard. That generation didn't worry about cholesterol. Grandmom lived to be 93 years old. What killed most of her generation was smoking and not food. What's killing this generation is cancer because everything we eat contains chemicals that our bodies cannot assimilate. In grandmom's time, they didn't give the pigs, the chickens, and the cows growth hormones so that they can make a bigger profit. When you think of it, greed is killing our bodies as well as our economy. It's all catching up to us big time.
Michael [08-25-2008]

looking for any info about the Hook's, Hines (lena Street) or Jay family's from germantown. The Hook's operated tailor shops along germantown Ave. from late 1800's thru about 1930 Thanks Ken Hook I have old germantown stuff if anyone is interested
kenneth hook, age 61, pottstown pa. [08-22-2008]

Michael, you pretty much covered everything. My grandfather also made the home made wine every year. Boy to have that back again. Thanksgiving was ravioli, first then the bird.Dolly, my father used to string the peppers and I had to hang them out every day when I got home from school. Now, if you have a gas pilot oven you can place them on a pan and leave them in the oven and they will dry out. If you havd an electronic ignition or electric range you can set the oven on "warm"-only when you're home, of cours-and they will dry out. Love them fried in oil and poured over cut up boiled potatoes. WOW!
anthonyg [08-22-2008]

There has to be another Germantown in Heaven! Not like the one we hear about on the news every night.
Michael [08-22-2008]

Kenneth Ellis...are you or anyone out there (7th Grade 69) to verify the eraser in the mouth story! There were strict Nuns, but on a positive note I had a very good education at Our Lady of the Rosary. There was kindness shown, like the time Mother John Madeline forgave me for my poor accounting skills selling chocolate straws. Father India and Father Colbert; As a Altar Boy spending hours guarding the Holy Eucharist. Was that a wine stain on my Cassock! Did I eat the unblessed wafers? I would have never touched them if they were blessed. As an Altar Boy you would get twenty bucks for a wedding. A lot of money back then.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [08-22-2008]

It's true ! I told you......The green man was Bug Out Joe. Thanks Vince for backing us up. Gregg Striana, you'd better ask around again. Germantown could use another green man today in Waterview, but he had better be wearing Kevlar.
anonymous [08-22-2008]

Hey Vince Lyons Are you the Vinnie Lyons who used to hang around with Jimmy King, Jackie Gallagher (KIA Vietnam, may he rest in peace,)and Joe Gallager at Price and Crittenden? If so, I remember getting into a fight after I told Jimmy King that I could beat any five of them (him and his buddies). Lots of bluster on my part but not exactly smart. He agreed, rounded up some friends and we went at it in Awbury Park. It lasted about a minute and they were kind enough to not tune me up too badly. I think you were one of them. I am about six years older than you and there was some age stuff in there. In any case it was a Germantown moment that I still laugh about. You probably forgot about it. If you are who I think you are, my brother Bill tells me some good drinking stories where you and him got together downtown and hit some bars not many years ago. It had something to do with business. In any case I hope all is well with you.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Gtn Immaculate Conception [08-22-2008]

Hey Ross, how did you know my Aunt Pookie? I don't get to see her much, but the last time I did she was just as spunky as ever. Her brother my Uncle Pete is also alive and spunky! Mean Cuss. Just kidding I love them both dearly
Cheryl Raffle, raised in GT 52-65 [08-21-2008]

anonymous, yes I remember the slaps from the nuns very well from Holy Rosary. One in particular who's name escapes me at the moment (senior moment) anyways she held me around the neck just because I and one of my friends in the class laugh during religion. Still remember that like it happen yesterday. The nuns were slap happy back then. Although we did lived thru it,and learn a lot of respect, now today some of the kids in school need a good SMACK! Now all you peeps in here don't let my comments about being slap led into a major discussion of abuse. It was just a fact back then that the nuns were and did smack us when we needed it. That's it plain and simple.
Cheryl Raffle, grew up in Germantown 1952-1965 [08-21-2008]

Hi to all,i am looking for some old friends who i went to school with & also who i lived with,i lived at ST joes hall for girls& went to school at Holy Rosary would like to hear from anyone thanks Angela from NJ.
Angela, New Jersey [08-21-2008]

OK Kemosobie, do you still have your silver bullet?
Dave, GBC Alumnus [08-21-2008]

anonymous 8-20-08 The green man was Russo not Frank Diniello aka Wart man.Frank lived across. from the Haines St.entrance to Waterview Frank was to short, Russo was the taller of the two.I think Joe had two brothers, the younger,Anthony and the older Nails, who had his Fathers nickname. they lived on Belfield Ave. near Haines.On another subject, I would like to say hi to Dave Faino& Squeak DiCondina. both good guys from Chew&Chelten,also little Nicky Laz who taught me a great squirrel call while working for Utility line Cons't in the Northeast. Anonymous who are you?
vince lyons, age 63 N.j. [08-21-2008]

to anonymous. I grew up on Stafford st. and Mc MahonAve I was a Waterview&Boys Club kid. My younger brothers hung at Chew&Chelten.I was an alter boy at St.Vincents Seminary and a Boy Scout in troop 118I.C.My name is Vince Lyons.Who are you?
vince lyons, 63yrs.old [08-21-2008]

to anonymous, be thankful that she didn't stuff an eraser in your mouth. Read some of Ed F's stories.
anonymous [08-21-2008]

Dennis, the place is in Willow Grove. It's called Dolce Cafe Market located on Rt 63 (35 Moreland Rd) near the RR crossing at Cherry Street. 215 659 4736
Michael [08-21-2008]

hey I remember back in 58 or 59 I was in holy rosary.this nun god bless her. Sister marie Christine would smack me on the right side of my head for Gps so in turn my right ear was always swollen(i went through life with this one big ear ( nothing like Jaquintos )any how my parents came to school and asked if it would ever go away she said to wear a nylon stocking on that side of the head and over the ear .before you put it on put on some blue ointement your kid has cooties beside that big ear.
anonymous [08-20-2008]

You need your street address and mailing address if different PLUS zip along with your phone number on your site.
anonymous [08-20-2008]

hery cheryl how is your aunt pookie doing,havent seen her in ages. ross c.
ROSS C. [08-20-2008]

Paul, Karen,Barbie,Rich and families, please accept my condolences on Michelles death. Paul, please call if you need anything.Teri
Teri Ireland [08-20-2008]

would like to hear from people who hung around chew and chelten and waterview in early 50's ..know you're out there...
anonymous [08-20-2008]

What is the name of the place in Glenside again that is known for the tomato pie? I know there was a lot of recent discussion on it but the June & July discussions have not been archived yet, so I can't go back and look
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-20-2008]

John G, I'm glad that you like it. The owner Carlo is a nice guy. It's a family run operation and they seem to be doing very well, considering that they've only been there a short time. He told me that he's been making and selling a lot of tomato pies lately. I said to him "whatever you do, DON'T CHANGE THE RECIPE!" It's never been hit or miss and I haven't had a bad pie from him yet. It's been great every time.
Michael [08-20-2008]

Michael, I made it to that place in Willow Grove for the tomato pie. I have to agree with you when you say that it's the best in the area. It is. I couldn't stop eating it. Thanks for the tip.
John G., Floutown, Pa. [08-19-2008]

michelle marazas passed away this weekend-she will be missed!,my heartfelt condolences go out to rich,paul,michael,karen and barbie
anonymous [08-19-2008]

Hey Carol Knight I remember Larry one night are dog Baron got loose and went for Larry and he just stepped right over the porch railing with no effort. Are you the Carol that used to hang with my sister Janet and another girl Donna???
Doc, I am Bill "Doc" from portico St. [08-18-2008]

I swam backstroke on the Waterview 1953 Dept.of Recreation team. Some outstanding performances were turned in by Bernice Fletcher in the butterfly, breast stroke. Helen Campbell & Pat Butler in the medley relay. Esther Reiner, Grace Nocton,Patricia & Gerry LaRocca, Freddie & Julius LaRocca, Joe Chestnut & Guy Ciretto in the free style, paced the Waterview swimmers to victory against the Germantown Boys Club.
Sallie Lipan Callanen, I am a retired registered nurse with many fond memories of the infamous 'Rec Center'. [08-18-2008]

Dave ... the Masked Man shall remain anonymous for now....
anonymous, Anonymous, Another GBC Alumnus [08-18-2008]

played in aubery park..hung at waterview ..went to st vincent's annex of LFHS...ate marie's water ice on haines st, and fr nappoti heard my confessionsat holy rosary..
PAT WALSH LYONS, grew up in germantown..in the 50's.. [08-18-2008]

Sure I remember Bob Schaefer. He hit me in the head with a behind-the-back pass, that was perfect, but I didn't see it coming. He didn't come to Fernhill that much. Maybe twice. We can't claim him.
Duncan Hubley [08-18-2008]

I have enjoyed this site ALL DAY long, wouldn't trade my upbring in Germantown for anything, Happy Hollow, Wayne Junction Diner,ice cream from Carvel's, Wissahicken woods, love it all, still am best friends with someone from high school(she still lives in Philly) many good people, many great memories.
Miriam Rosenthal Thompson, I was born and raised in Germantown, startred out on Sylvania St.,moved to Seymour St., went to St. Michael of the Saints, graduated in '69, now live in Evansville IN, single, 2 grown kids, work on a riverboat casino, a dealer. [08-18-2008]

Phyllis Rosenthal-Hibberd, St.Micheal,east Seyour St.60yr.old [08-18-2008]

Erda The green man used to dress in a green cape and walk the wall at waterview. He would come up from the railroad tracks and scare the hell out of everyone. It wasn't Silvy and it wasn't wort man. It was Russo.... BUG OUT. My entire family confirmed it. Bug out is still in G-town and still has a sense of humor.
anonymous [08-18-2008]

Gregg .Graterford and not the joint.remember tommy Powers.whew
anonymous [08-18-2008]

I don't think it was Lawrence that was nicknamed Drainpipe -that was the oldest King (Debbie and Richie King's older brother)from Greene St
patty, Brickyard, now South Jersey [08-18-2008]

Hey Mole Did you ever make the chain bridge pick nicks. I have a 8 millimeter movie of one of them .I will have to check it out and see if its any good in fact I have several of the morton street guys (cowtown)easter movies.man last time I seen them.maybe 5 years ago more like 10 me and david Macglaughlin were going crazy .i have moved a lot and left them in boxes. maybe maybe not .willtry to check them out again.Man I gotta sneak down heiskell allys and get some of duvoullies ballantine out of his back yard maybe stop by and say hi to mary Dobbs hey Catalano you got Sammy's Olds tonight.
anonymous [08-18-2008]

one was jake Marrucci the other Charlie Beatty for a while I thought it was Chinney.thats because he loved grave yards.but I found out through my uncle pete why chinney spent a lot of time in them .and it was;t for snipe.
anonymous [08-18-2008]

Duncan Hubley, Were you a coach at Germantown Academy or a student when Tony Donatelli was there?. He's my nephew and he did play for the Kixx. His Dad Greg checks out this site so I'll let him know you're on it. He can tell you of the wonderful things happening to Tony now. He is a great kid. Anonymous. I remember Lawrence but I don't remember the nickname. I remember Rusty King from Greene Street being called Drainpipe. Anonomous regarding the Germans leaving Germantown. Go to www.workshopoftheworld.com/germantown for a timeline of how Germantown was settled. The site also has a lot of great information on the businesses that were started up and some which are still going strong. I especially like how there are many references to street names that anyone growing up in G-town would be familiar with.
Lynne [08-18-2008]

Gregg, For those who are not from the warterview area Please explane the Green Man and Wort Man to us.. Erda
Erda, West Norriton [08-15-2008]

it wasn't silvy. the green man of waterview was bug out Joe. Wart man and the green man were two different people. I knew both of them
anonymous [08-15-2008]

gregg was he silvy rossiolla (spelled wrong i'm sure), rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-15-2008]

The green man used to scare the hell out of people. He hung out in Waterview
anonymous [08-15-2008]

billy the green man was also WORT MAN if you were from warterview you know who that was.
gregg striano, still in philly [08-13-2008]

hi gregg ... i knew you weren't the green man ...ha! hope all is well, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-13-2008]

for Joe Graber,You mention Lawrence, tall and black. I am sure you mean Larry Wilson from Bringhurst street, a friend of Charlie Foo's. I moved to Wister Street around 1970, having bought the Malouminum Rug peoples house, and soon after Larry started living in the house as well and lived there for many years. He worked for the rug people. The last I heard, Larry was living on Bringhurts street again. He was a nice person, gentle soul. Not a native born, like most of you guys, but I loved my life in Germantown and raised my kids there. Many a good time at the Point with Betsy & Barbara. Takers Cafe anyone??
Carol Knight, Rock Hall Maryland [08-13-2008]

Gregg Striano, Was his name Silvy?
Les [08-13-2008]

hey joe, I remember the 6'11" black dude named Lawrence, his nickname was Drainpipe.
anonymous [08-13-2008]

Anonymous - I got news! Germantown didn't feel so "German" back in the 50's either. The Germans who left were replaced by either Irish, Italians or other European groups. No disrespect to the Germans, but the Irish and Italian contingents had better food and enjoyed a few more laughs as well. Thank goodness there was room for everybody. That's what made it great! I'm sure the German tourists are still welcome, it just takes a little longer to find somebody that looks like them these days! Your post gave me a chuckle, unintentional as it may have been. Thanks. Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL, - 63 - ICS/CDHS [08-13-2008]

To Mole and Ricky Rizzo: I got married at the 19th hole in 1970. They still had the go go poles and cages there. But my Dad Frank Raffle who like to party thought this was great place for a Italian wedding reception. Of course there was drunken fights, there always were. Thank goodness back then the bride got to leave right before things got out of hand. lol
Cheryl Raffle [08-13-2008]

umm maybe the Green Man was not a man but a woman? Just kidding, who the heck was the Green man anyways? I grew up in germantown in the 50's and late 60's never heard of a green man?
Cheryl Raffle [08-13-2008]

Charlie O'Brien, I see you found the website. I'll see you at the club.
John Burke, 54 NE Philly [08-13-2008]

hey mary christie burns i rememember you and your family! i lived at 4424 cleveland st. i walked to st. francis,4 times aday for 8 years, and walked to the germantown boys club every night of the week!i loved it! i also went to the new lyric movies! i hung around with your brother larry for awhile. man, those were some great times!as long as i live there will never be times like that again! kids today can have all those computer games and x-box, we made our own fun, and we didn`t have anything, just great friends, that`s all we needed!
Charlie O`Brien, age55 from roxborough now. [08-12-2008]

The green man was Lou Ferrigno. Sorry folks, I couldn't contain myself ha ha....... Michael
Michael [08-12-2008]

Greg Striano, who was the Green Man? Don't tell me that it was it you?
Billy [08-12-2008]

Nicely done website. It is ashame that the German people left the area and was not preserved so well. The historic areas are nice but Germantown itself doesn't feel so German. If the people preserved Germantown, I think it would have been more of a hot spot for German tourists....
anonymous [08-12-2008]

anthony yes i remember the green man and so far no one has named him and to deep throat it was not Joe Russo and to anonymous you sound like you were from chew & chelton,are you from cape may.
gregg striano, still in philly [08-11-2008]

grew up in g-town onwyniva st.moved to manheim st.enjoyed boys club&everything about it.
anonymous, st.francis 66 g.b.c. hollow age56 nice site [08-11-2008]

Sad news today, I received word that John (Porp) Gallagher formerly from Germantown and worked at the GBC passed away Friday at his home in Dallas, Texas. Rest in Peace John.
Dave Linn, Good Friend of John [08-11-2008]

For those of you who attended the Veterans tribute at Penn's Landing Saturday it was great seeing many of you again. We "Hollow people" weren't well represented there unfortunatly. But many of the guys and gals that spent time at the Boys Club and many friend from the Brickyard did attend. I want to give Kudo's once again to George Felice for his dedication to this event. Anybody know where Jimmy Russeling can be found? Anybody remember The 6'11 dude Lawrence? 6'11, black and had no idea what a basketball looked like. LOL Anyway, I've found this site and I'm hear to stay. BTW Hi Martah. Love you sis. !
Joe Graber, 61, Medford Lakes, Nj [08-11-2008]

Mole, yes I am Dominics son. Good to here from you. I remember when you were bartending at the 19th hole with Johnny and the Sole Survivors wrecked the place. It was packed and Louie was running around like crazy. Are you still hunting and fishing? I still keep in touch with some of the old gang.
rick rizzo [08-11-2008]

From a reliable source: The Green man was BUG OUT Joe Russo. End of Mystery.
Deep Throat [08-09-2008]

joe reily, a.k.a. muscles 56 [08-09-2008]

Rizzo, were you one of Dominic the Plumbers kids? Which brother are you. They were great times. Mole
Jack "Mole" [08-09-2008]

Anonymous, sounds like you knew the whole crew except you forgot Bobby Green and Aurther LaVechia. And don't forget the ever popular Fozz. I had a lot of fun with those guys. Scalia's Pizza was the best. Mole Zanine
Jack "Mole" Zanine [08-09-2008]

Dolly, that's because they've never had it. Italians hung up and dried much of their homemade foods. What cracks me up is how Italians were severely criticized when they came to America. Now everyone craves homemade Italian food more than any other. The truth is that it wasn't just the food that was great. It was the little old ladies who spoke broken English holding the mupines and wearing the aprons. They're long gone and so is their food. We're lucky because we have the memories and the recipes. That's the best thing that they gave us.
Michael [08-09-2008]

Duncan:That was a great blog about all those great people and athletes from Germantown.You drank the water because you have a reservoir of information and facts about the guys from Gtn.Bill Mulvy played basketball for the Prep-56.He was friends with Big Bill Dunfy[Blue-Bell_Gtn].Frank Deegan[Prep-54]lived in the house across from the basketball-court;his father was the Fairmount-Park commissioner.I remember George;he was a serious player and he really liked the game.I am not certain but his name could have been George Harkins.You mentioned Ed Kilfeather from Roman and how good that he was.Do you remember Bob Schafer from Roman and Villanova?He scored over 2000 points at Villanova and played professionally for the St.Louis hawks and the Syracuse Nationals.Bob S. came to Fern Hill with Jim Heil[Roman football],Jim Katcavage[Giants Football and John West[Roxborough football.Needless to say,they were a tough team.Jim Katcavage threw an elbow and gave Jim H. a bad cut which required 12 stiches.Neil McElroy was a soccer player who played basketball-soccer style.He was lucky that he never played against that group.I did remind Neal once that he was not playing soccer on the court.I was sorry to hear about Charley Soley and how you coached his brother[Bob].Did you know Jack Smith or Jim Riceman from GBC;they were great players back in the day-50's.I did not know Judge Bradley.My step-father's name was Gordan Bradley and he went to Calvary Church at Manheim and Pulaski;possibly you went to church there.You are heading for Oneonta N.Y.I surmise the game will be played at Suny.I spent some time in Central New York.However,I was at Saratoga Race- Track;watching those beautiful 4-legged creatures.I recommend that you either visit or re- visit Saratoga.There is one caveat;A GA-Guy[Tom Crane] will tell you that horses are very fickle.Duncan! Keep up these excellent blogs and enjoy the Olympics-especially soccer&basketball.
john Bruce Schmitt [08-08-2008]

ha ha .Rollie Hart could tell you.but he has passed away. and possibly anthony Crinniti . or steve billett or tweet granierie. or frankie payne and then theres Leggie porteror even Frankie beverly or Buggs scooter penn defintely knows.hell I bett Nails Russo really could tell you Billy Brennan always told me who it was and huck hansberry was right on the money.
anonymous [08-08-2008]

to anonymous, yes, that was skippy jay's mother who made out the membership cards. who is that masked man?
dave linn, gbc alumnus [08-08-2008]

People don't believe me when I tell them about the peppers drying on clothes line in the Attic or picking Dandelion greens to fry with eggs or make a salad . I still fry Escarole and Spinach in oil and garlic, my kids won't eat it boiled, and as for potatoes, is there any other way but fried ?
Dolly, NE Philly [08-08-2008]

I was born on May 8, 1968 in Lankenau Hospital. I was given up for adoption. The adoption was handled by Raymond and Estelle Rubens. I am a female. I know that my birthmother lived in Germantown, as my biological grandparents. If you are out there, please contact me at mtdesq@aol.com
Maria DeSimone, New York, New York [08-08-2008]

I remember the green man from Waterview. He scared the crap out of us many times. Does anyone know who he was?
Billy [08-07-2008]

Bruce, I remember Bill Molvey. How about Harry Bradley, He became a lawyer, then a judgein Media. Probably the best player to come to Fern Hill park, not as often as us McKean Avenue boys was Ed Kilfeather. He went to Roman Catholic. Remember "George" He wore out a pair of $10.95 low cut converse sneakers in three weeks at the "park".Charles Soley last lived in Barto PA. It is in the upper Perkiomen School District. He was only 60. His brother played for me a Germantown Academy from 1964-1967. He scored 80 goals which was the school and league record until it was broken by Silva from The Haverford School. Then a player from G.A. broke that. I think he was from the Germantown Boys Club. His name Anthony Donetelli. However games by then were eighty minutes, rather than the previous 60, Bob Soley never had more than 3 goals in any game for me. I know Donetelli had games as high as six, but he was a great player. He played for the Kixx. Silva went to Harvard and got an education. For you Germantown boys club guy Mrs. Soley, that right, is 94+ and lives on Barnett Street in North Philadelphia. I visited her on the same day as Sgt. Liczbinski was gunned down, and it took me an hour to go from there to UGH for a banquet. Well I have to go now. I'm coaching the Radnor Elite over 50 in Onieota New York this week end.
Duncan Hubley [08-07-2008]

Anthony, I can relate. I remember my grandmom cutting out circles of dough with a glass for ravioli. When I was a kid, my father would take me, my brother and sister to any of the near by golf courses to pick dandilions early Sunday morning before Mass. Grandmom made dandilion wine or would sometimes use them for salad. Whenever she would make gravy for Sunday she would always insist on the pork neck bone. That's what gave it "the taste". Grandpop would kill a pig every January. January was sausage month. They also made blood pudding and scrapple. Anything else was put in a glass jar and formed a gelatin. Cleaning the casings was a job. February was too cold to do anything. March we planted scallions and then came St. Joseph's day. April was Easter with a ton of all different foods. Holy Saturday was always eggs and asparagus (fritatta) and making rice/ meat pies and her pane di pasqua. May, the garden came to life. June, July and August was fire wood. August/ September was tomato and fruit canning season. September/ October was wine season. October/Novemeber the fig tree was bent in half, covered in straw and plastic and tied up like a sausage. Thanksgiving dinner was always Capon and Lasagna. Then December was deer season and Christmas eve. Great memories!
Michael [08-07-2008]

Jim, I know of this web site for Germantown High http://germantownhighschool.org/philadelphia-pa/ You may be able to get a year book from there Erda
Erda, West Norriton Pa [08-07-2008]

I thought you all might enjoy reading this. Its the 40 and over childhood story!
Black and White (Under age 40? You won't understand.)
You could hardly see for all the snow,
Spread the rabbit ears as far as they go.
Pull a chair up to the TV set,
'Good Night, David. Good Night, Chet.'

My Mom used to cut chicken, chop eggs and spread mayo on the same cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn't seem to get food poisoning.

My Mom used to defrost hamburger on the counter AND I used to eat it raw sometimes, too. Our school sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper in a brown paper bag, not in ice-pack coolers, but I can't remember getting e.coli.

Almost all of us would have rather gone swimming in the lake instead of a pristine pool (talk about boring), no beach closures then.

The term cell phone would have conjured up a phone in a jail cell, and a pager was the school PA system.

We all took gym, not PE, and risked permanent injury with a pair of high top Keds (only worn in gym) instead of having cross-training athletic shoes with air cushion soles and built-in light reflectors. I can't recall any injuries but they must have happened because they tell us how much safer we are now.

Flunking gym was not an option even for stupid kids! I guess PE must be much harder than gym.

Speaking of school, we all said prayers and sang the national anthem, and staying in detention after school caught all sorts of negative attention.

We must have had horribly damaged psyches. What an archaic health system we had then. Remember school nurses? Ours wore a hat and everything.

I thought that I was supposed to accomplish something before I was allowed to be proud of myself.

I just can't recall how bored we were without computers, Play Station, Nintendo, X-box or 270 digital TV cable stations.

Oh yeah ... and where was the Benadryl and sterilization kit when I got that bee sting? I could have been killed!

We played 'king of the hill' on piles of gravel left on vacant construction sites, and when we got hurt, Mom pulled out the 48-cent bottle of Mercurochrome (kids liked it better because it didn't sting like iodine did) and then we got our butt spanked. Now it's a trip to the emergency room, followed by a 10-day dose of a $49 bottle of antibiotics, and then Mom calls the attorney to sue the contractor for leaving a horribly vicious pile of gravel where it was such a threat.

We didn't act up at the neighbor's house either because if we did, we got our butt spanked there and then we got butt spanked again when we got home.

I recall Donny Reynolds from next door coming over and doing his tricks on the front stoop, just before he fell off. Little did his Mom know that she could have owned our house. Instead, she picked him up and swatted him for being such a goof. It was a neighborhood run amuck.

To top it off, not a single person I knew had ever been told that they were from a dysfunctional family. How could we possibly have known that?

We needed to get into group therapy and anger management classes? We were obviously so duped by so many societal ills that we didn't even notice that the entire country wasn't taking Prozac! How did we ever survive?

Cheryl Raffle, Living in Lansdale PA [08-07-2008]

Dave... Didn't Skippy Jay's mother work in the office at the Boy's Club? If I'm correct, she's the one who used that old fashioned machine to punch your name in your membership card.
Anonymous, Another GBC Alumnus [08-06-2008]

John Ellsworth Jr. [08-06-2008]

Michael, I reember all the things you mentioned. My grandmother and mother used to make home-made ravioli and cook them fresh that day. Also in September they would buy bushels of ripe tomatoes and cook them down to jar for the winter to make gravy. I loved them on bread when they were cooking down, but hated that time of year because it was back to school. Love it now, though. It's good to see people talking about good memeories of Germantown again.
anthonyg [08-06-2008]

Gregory, I remember the stories about the Greenman from Waterview. We used to look over our shoulder when we were watching your Brother-in-law Bizzie-if you're Greg Striano-and the rest of his friends play ball. Seems like it was only yesterday.
anthonyg [08-06-2008]

Zanine (mole)is that you. you use to hang out with binky. pinky tiffen.beetle Bailey'Johny Laz'tacky'joe Ogara;Joe Vitelli;Gormens ;flannery;s.anonymous
anonymous [08-06-2008]

Those of you that remember the Gaw family from 5618 Morton St, Germantown (Cowtown) please pass along the word that Lew Gaw passed away at approximatley 10:00pm, on 08/04/08. Arrangements are currently being made and will be published. The Gaw family consisted of 16 children and Lew was the youngest; Mom & Dad Gaw made and sold candy, with the help of the kids and friends, on all special occasions throughout the year from their home. Lew and his brother Frank (also deceased)served in the Navy during WWII) and were always part of the group that pitched pennies/nickels/quarters against the wall of Bakers Drug store at Armat & Morton. Sunday afternoons were spent shooting crap in the alley behind the Gaw house, at least until the red cars came. I use to make a decent wage as a lookout and picking up after the hasty departures the players made through my grandmother Gaw's house. The wonderful stories could go on and perhaps should, but on another day. Please remember Lew and his wife Bunny, their two boys, Lew and Denny and the grandchildren in your prayers. A tough week for another reason, lost an old germantown friend, Bob Powers. Bob and I attended St. Vincents (54), North Catholic (58)together and entered the Marines on the buddy program in October 1958. Will miss Bob as well. Old friends from St. Vincents, North or the neighborhood drop me a note when you can. You might also remember my sister Roberta (Bobbie), brother Dave or the baby of the family Irene.
Frank Owens, Frank Owens, Spokane, Washington [08-06-2008]

Any talk of a GBC alumni reunion this year? It has been while.
Jim Smith [08-06-2008]

Jim - if you don't get any responses to your yearbook request, check Ebay. Yearbooks come up from time to time. Maybe also check Gtn High's alumni association, they may be able to hook you up.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-06-2008]

To Anon - That's affirmative; I still live in my Ancestral Home (that sounds better than a row house in the 'hood).
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [08-05-2008]

Hi Carol my name is Angela i lived at St Joes also in the 60s,with my sister Betty here is my e-mail,angiecruz86@yahoo.com hope to hear from you soon.
Angela Cruz, New Jersey [08-05-2008]

I'm married to Jack Zanine who is not computer literate. However, he is very interested in this site and I thought I would say hi for him to his all of his old friends in Germmantown.
Sheila, Lewes, DE [08-05-2008]

Duncan:It was good to hear from you after many years.I told Pat McIlhinney about your blog;his comment -Duncan always went left.You refreshed my memory about our brothers from Fern Hill- Leroy,Harold,Joe P.,Moon,Irwin.You were correct that Ned Pomfret did not play for Louisiana Tech;I did get the right state-right church but wrong pew.I surmise that Bill Haas lives in Wildwood and Ken Twiford lives in Lancaster.Charlie Solly lived somewhere in Jersey but somebody on the blog mentioned that he died.You coached at Arch- bishop Carroll.Did you play the Prep?Jim Murray of Germantown has coached the Prep for many years.Duncan! I always thought that you went to Ocean City and Somers Point-Dave Heil would go there too.Dave Belcak had a blog about Fern Hill,he knew the Lynch brothers and John Fries.Did you remember Bill Mulvy ?Incidentally,some of us wore weights to strenghten our legs and jump higher- one had to be on the rim to get rebounds.I remember those games fondly.Duncan!Keep blogging and share with us your expertise about soccer,sports and worldly matters.
john Bruce Schmitt [08-05-2008]

I remember the easter bread. Sometimes it had a egg in it. I tell people this and they do not believe me. Was this Italian cuisine? Easter was a big event in Gtown.... Alter Boy, Our Lady of the Rosary.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [08-05-2008]

Jack Zanine, I remember you comming down the corner with that neat little car. We all would cut up and have fun with Ronnie, John, Yut, Levins, Donnie, Raymond and the rest. You said we were bad kids and would laugh. We had a lot of fun and I wish some of those days were back again.
Rizzo [08-05-2008]

GERMANTOWN HIGH CLASS OF 1963: Does anybody have a copy of the Germantown High School yearbook from the Class of 1963? Like a lot of neighborhood kids, my brother Hugh did not have the dough to pay his class dues, so he never got a yearbook. I would be interested in purchasing a copy for him, or at least borrowing one so I can copy some of the pages. Can it really be 45 years ago?
Jim Smith [08-05-2008]

A week without some new thoughts on Germantown has allowed some Roxborough to get into my system. I need help. I don't need no doctor, my prescription told me so. I need a dose of Germantown.
Bill James, the head from the hollow [08-04-2008]

Just visited my good friend Skippy Jay in Cleveland Ohio. If you remember Skip and his family they all went to the Germantown Boys Club on Penn St. We had a great time there and wouldn't change a thing about our growing up in Germantown. We all have great memories of those old days. Thanks Skip and Peg for a great visit to Ohio. WE ARE..... PENN STATE!
Dave Linn, Dave - GBC Alumni [08-04-2008]

Old girl friend graduated class of '42
Bob Mulford, Looking 4 Laura Lou Courtney [08-04-2008]

Bruce Marshall - Do you still live in Germantown?
Anon [08-04-2008]

I lived at St. Joseph`s Hall For Girls in the late 60`s. I would loved to talk with anyone who was there at that time.I have a lot of good memories.I also lived in the group home on high and morton st.If anyone remembers me let me know.
Carol Orzechowski ( Henry), I am 48 and I live in Glenside, Pa. I went to Cardinal Dougherty High School and graduated in 1979. [08-04-2008]

To the friends of Bob Powers, I am sorry to have to tell you that My Father, Bob Powers, passed away on Friday July 25. His death was sudden and a shock to us all. He passed surrounded by his family and all of our love. He is with our mother once again, and they are happy together. To his friends on this page he loved coming on here and remembering the people and places talkied about here. thank you.
Bob Powers Jr., Son of Bob Powers Sr. [08-04-2008]

For those of you who had been emailing and in touch with Bob Powers . Just wanted to let you know he passed away on Friday 7/25. He went to St. Vincents and North Catholic and I think he graduated from North in 58 or 59 and was on the football team. He did enjoy this site which I passed on to him and I think he made a lot of contacts so just wanted you who knew him to know. He was a great friend and a great story teller.
Wilma ., Bucks Co. 65 yrs [08-04-2008]

Dolly, I agree. Remember frying leftover macaroni's in olive oil? Sometimes we would also add breadcrumbs. Think of the old people from Germantown and other places. Most of them had large families to feed and had to do it on one paycheck. Feeding large families became an art unto itself. Turn of the century Italians ate more green foods i.e. Escarole, dandelions, broccoli rabe, string beans, you name it. Those people are long gone and so is their food. How many had a cantina (a cold room) in the basement with fruit,canned tomatoes,sopressata, wine, and cheese? They also dried their homemade macaroni on bamboo poles. Consider this generation and the billions of dollars that they waste anually eating out. The cost for two adults to eat a dinner out is a minimum of $40.00 or more. Think of all the food you can buy in the grocery or produce store for $40.00. I try to plan my meals the night before. Most foods usually tastes better the next day anyway. It's delicious and you can never get that in any restaurant. I think that most people are too busy to be concerned with cooking homemade foods. They prefer to snack on prepared foods in bags, whereas the old people would snack on fruits and vegetables. It was cheaper and healthier anyway.
Michael [08-04-2008]

I know that Bob Powers had been on this site not too long ago. We had been friends with he & his wife for 45 years (as early teens). a lot of his old friends from St. Vincents & North Catholic had been in touch with him. Just wanted to let you all know that he died this past Friday. A great friend to my husband & I and a lot of good memories. A great story teller. Wilma
Wilma, Bucks Co. [08-04-2008]

Jack Zanine [08-04-2008]

Bruce! I did remember you, but I could not remember your first name until I saw it. You always rolled your khaki pants up to show off your muscular thighs. Of course I remember Harold (deceased) and Leroy Kelly, and their athletic prowess.I also remember Joe Palmer, Moon, and Irvin. You did very well on such old facts. One correction- Ned Pomfret went to McNeese State for football after his four year stint in the army. I still coach to a degree at any where any one will take me. The last place being Arch Bishop Carroll in Radnor. The last time I saw Billy Haas he was working in an amusement park in Wildwood N.J. Ken Twiford was an exceptional athlete, and now plays in an over 65 Softball league in Lancaster PA.
Duncan Hubley [08-04-2008]

Hey Dunc, you got a pretty good memory for a oldtimer. Glad to hear you're still kicking (soccer ball), sorry you didn't make the reunion in Wildwood, it was a good time which was had by all. Didn't see you at the Spain vs Germany game.
Dave Linn, GBC Alumni [08-04-2008]

does anyone remember the Green Man from Waterview
Gregory [08-04-2008]

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