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July 2008

Hi All, I have been reading this site for a while and find it very interessting. I was raised on the 200 block of Zeralda St near Wayne Junction. Went to St. Francis and graduated in 66 then on to Little Flower til 70. Married Paul Rotondi from the brikyard, he went to St. Mike's til 64 then North til '68. We are married 34 years. I remember Scalea's, the Hollow, The Lyric movies, shopping on Chelten Ave at Allens, Woolworths, John's bargain store, eating at Duva's on Germantown Ave, Linton's, Vernon Park and so much more. It was a great time. We went to the Germantown/Brickyard reunion put together by the Garveys. It was great. Hope to go next time also. The pizza was terrific no matter the price. It's the memories that was priceless. Rose R.
Rosaleen McWilliams Rotond, Rockledge, PA [07-26-2008]

Mike Garvey, you can also try; Amuse03@comcast.net or phone 215-538-3171 or www.jukeboxmagazine.com/techs.htm
anonymous [07-26-2008]

My kids are always amazed, of the meals I make from left overs . I remember my Dad would fry everything up with eggs, what ever he pulled out of the " Ice Box " became a midnight snack ( he never did get the hang of calling it a Refrigerator ) Italian Men make the best cooks in my opinion .
Dolly [07-26-2008]

mary ann di nardi glaubrecht, ii now live in palm beach fl age 66 [07-25-2008]

Mike Garvey - We still have an old Seeburg jukebox at Junita Park American Legion Post 738 at Caster & Luzerne. In the past, we had repairs done by Bill Wunderlich 215-672-0566. Bill is a real oldtimer in his eighties, so I hope he is still around and tinkering with Seeburgs. A second possibility is "Tom" at 215-0721-7909. He was referred to us by TNT Amusements. I hope this helps you. Do you remember the old Seeburg that was in the downstairs gameroom at Germantown Boys' Club with the old 45s and the colored bubbles? - Jim Smith from Coulter Street
Jim Smith [07-25-2008]

would like to no how i could see some pictures,of Holy Rosary pics of the classmates i attend the school back in the 60 angie
Angela, New Jersey [07-25-2008]

I read in the Northeast Times two weeks ago about Gaeta Bakery (formerly Scalea's) and the guy who runs it now (a newer immigrant from Germantown, didn't say where in Germantown he grew up) claims that the Scalea's were not from Germantown. From everything I've heard, the children of the immigrants were born and raised in Germantown. Please clarify. Thanks to all in advance.
Donna Di Giacomo, Germantown [07-25-2008]

Yea, reck I remember Jimmy and how he was always late with the bread. Many nights before dinner I would walk to the corner store at price and baynton and had to wait for him. He was always late, but the bread was worth the wait.
anthonyg [07-25-2008]

Rosemarie, I remember the Leones and their cousins the O'Briens, but I never had any of Mary's pizza.
anthonygi [07-25-2008]

michael, ha ... i do know what you mean ... i loved everything my grandmother my aunts and my husbands aunts and grandmother made and you are so right about cleaning out the fridge and making something wonderful out of what they found ... you can't get that anywhere today ...and unless you had the foresight to learn how to make those wonderful meals they are gone forever with the people who made them ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-25-2008]

Duncan:I remember playing basketball at Fern-Hill Park with you.You were know for your soccer- Prowess but you played a decent game of basketball.Most of the named that you mentioned were from St.Francis.You did not mention Bill Haas or Ken Twiford from Germantown Academy -your alma-mater.Those 2 guys were good athletes;Ken was a great football player and Bill was one of the best hitters that I ever saw.Do you remember the Kelly brothers-Leroy and Harold[Pat]?We played basketball against them;but Leroy[Kilroy] became an All-Pro football player and Harold[Pat] played for the Baltimore Orioles for 15 Years.Do you remember Pat McIlhinney and me[Bruce S.]from the Prep.You probaly want to forget me;I would foul when you went left which was 95% of the time.You did not mention Joe Lynch's friend who was an outstanding soccer player Charlie Solly.The last time that I saw Ned Pomfret was in Kaiserslauten,Germany-1962.We were having a few pops at the K-bar when a German-bouncer was giving another American a hard time.We came to his defense and hit the bully with a 1-2 combo-left -hook and overhead-right.The American was quite pleased and happy to meet a couple of regular guys from Germantown.Ned later played football for Louisiana-Tech.Duncan!You did not talk about that famous corner [MANHEIM U] where you used to hang;from LaSalle[Pomfret brothers-Rich andNed],from North Catholic-Dennis Glacey and Dave Heil,from the Prep-Harry Brown,from Penn Charter-Frank Connors,and last but not least- Duncan Hubley from Germantown Academy.Did you remember Dick Clark fromGA?I remember when your class=ring was stolen from the locker-room at GA and you found it in the water-pipe of the wall of the Germantown Cricket Club on Morris St.I hope that you still have that ring;you told me that story over 50 years ago.Duncan!Are you still involved with soccer?Did you ever get involved with soccer at Tryzub in Horsham?I knew many Ukrainian players and I spent some time at Tryzub.I will be going to the World Cup when it is played in Poland and Ukraine.I wanted to attend some games in Argentina but a gun would be imperative.I went to the race-track.In your next blog tell us about GA and Manheim U.[Wissahickon&Manheim] and the old neighborhood around McKean and the Gtn,Cricket Club.I trust that you are enjoying these golden years and that life is good.
john Bruce Schmitt [07-25-2008]

Rosemarie, I agree. Nothing beats homemade. I'm a third generation Italian American. Remember when people used to criticize Italians for the way that they ate? My grandmother, in addition to making the absolute best tomato pie ever, also made pasta fagiole by the bucket for pennies. Now they're paying $14.00 for a tiny bowl in a restaurant and they couldn't shine grandmom's shoes with it. Grandmom cooked much like Lydia on PBS. She made homemade bread every day and her Easter bread (Pane de Pasqua) was second to none. I remember bringing a prosciutto and provolone on an Italian roll for lunch in the fourth grade while the "mer-i-gan" kids had PB& J. They would look at me and say "EWE, WHAT'S THAT SMELL AND WHAT ARE YOU EATING?" That didn't bother me one bit. Most non Italian Americans are oblivious to authentic Italian foods because what they're getting in these "Italian" restaurants doesn't even come close. What made the food great was the old people and most of them are long gone. They had a knack for cleaning out the "Ice-A-BOX" and turning out a gourmet meal.
Michael [07-23-2008]

Jack was born @ Penn & Manolia & later grew up in Cowtown on Utah St. We now live in Warminster, Bucks County.
Irene De Lellis Lennon, My husband's name is Jack Lennon [07-23-2008]

Hi I loved Germantown. When I moved up from S. Phila. @ age 7, I thought I had moved to paradise. This is because of all the trees & historic houses.
Irene De Lellis Lennon, 35 W. Sharpnack St. Off Grtn. Ave. St, Madeleine Sophie School. [07-23-2008]

Hey Dave Linn - I remember life on McKean Avenue playing halfball with you and your two sisters. I also remember Jack Brogan, Joe Lynch, Tom Lynch, John Fries, Ned Pomfret at Fern Hill Park. I also remember you at at Dobbins Tech along with Bobby Taylor and Josh Yunkow as the goalie.
Duncan Hubley, formerly lived on McKean Avenue, currently live in Limerick; age 68 [07-22-2008]

To Penn & Magnolia people and friends of P&M...Penn & Magnolia is having a reunion! For information about attending, email me at DDena25095@aol.com.
Sheila Milligan DeNardo [07-22-2008]

Dennis McGlinchey, wanted to let you that I saw you’re notice about Immaculate Conceptions reunion in my parish bulletin this past weekend.. Erda.
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [07-22-2008]

Hey Rickey,that was a great meal you cooked.It had to be for me to drive from East G-town to Bensalem.Thanks again for the good food and good company.Oh yea,I made it home ok. No ATV's. Sisie
anonymous [07-22-2008]

michael and anthony g. i don't know if either of you remember the leone's who lived on stafford st. but mary leone made her own home made pizza pie every friday and you are so right michael ... nothing taste like homemade. marys was the best ! when she would invite me in for dinner on fridays i was so happy since i knew she would be serving those delicious pies of hers, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-22-2008]

Hi Marion, if you go to the Central association for the Immaculate Conception Novena in Germantown, Phila. and click on History, you'll find info there.
Rosemary [07-22-2008]

Ant..great was that pie, especially with the fried hot peppers and oil on it. Was their anything left..NO. I remember Jimmy Scalea was a driver in 67. He would deliver bread and pizza daily in east Gtown. You were lucky to get your delivery by dark. He wanted to play cards under that tree in the front yard. Most people would just go there and walk past the sacks of flour and coal bin for their pickup.
rick rizzo [07-22-2008]

Hi Frank. I think I still have that baton. If I remember correctly you used to take the Carr's to Cape May. I was through the old neighborhood recently and it certainly did change. Good to hear from you, too, Frank.
anthonyg [07-22-2008]

Gilbert Stuart was born in Saunderstown (North Kingstown) Rhode Island. He was not born in Narragansett, which is located south of Saunderstown.
Barbara, Rhode Island Age: 50 [07-22-2008]

To P&M People and friends of P&M, Penn & Magnolia is having a reunion! If you'd like information about attending, you can email me at DDena25095@aol.com.
Sheila Milligan De Nardo [07-22-2008]

Mike Garvey, Sorry i couldnt attend the reunion. You gave a wonderful economic gastrological dissertation on tomato pies. Didn't a black guy, "Columbus" work as driver for Scaleas? Anyway, I stood in Garvey's Galway pub in Ireland for a few great pints on my recent trip. I know these are relatives of yours. Galway is always magic. Too bad we couldn't meet up there as planned. All best wishes Jim
Jim McKernan, Germantown born bred and reared now in NC [07-19-2008]

hi anthony. i remember you vaguely. i remember your father. i braided a thong on his baton for him.you lived across from mom's candy store. i remember the carrs. we used to take them and the kids to the shore sometime in the summer. i also used to shine mr carrs shoes. while i was on the police force, once in a while i would cover the 14th district, and i would stop and see mrs carr. she was the last original on wakefield st. my wife and i went back to see the house and the old neighborhood and it has changed quite a bit.good to hear from you. frank
anonymous, Frank Surgner [07-19-2008]

Regarding the tomato pie, nothing beats the old homemade pies baked at home. It's all about flavor, texture, and fresh ingredients. I know someone else that makes tomato pies too. He mixes raw tomato puree with raw tomato paste, pours it over a sheet of dough, and sells out every day. People don't know what they're eating because they never had the real deal. I've had every pie in the area. I'm sold on the place in Willow Grove. It's delicious and doesn't cause me to drink a gallon of water after I eat it. To me, their's is the closest to the best and the best was my grandmother's. Mike Garvey, did you ask Todd at TNT if he knows of anyone who can fix your jukebox? Maybe one of his guys moonlights.
Michael [07-19-2008]

Rick Rollie passed away ayear or two ago.hey are we related?
Nicky Lazaro [07-19-2008]

Rickey,I knew Rollie Hart well sorry to say he died I think around 8 years,he lived a hard life,he was a nice guy back in the day,Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [07-19-2008]

Rick Lazaro, I rember the name Rollie Hart, but I can't place him. Wasn't Freddie's steak shop on Chew ave?
anthong [07-19-2008]

Mike Garvey, regarding the tomato pie. I had it from there and the crust was like cardboard. There's no way I'm giving anyone $24.00 for a pizza, unless it has lobster on it.
Gail [07-19-2008]

Rick Rizzo, you can thank me for one of the times you ate Gaeta's pizza. Wasn't it good or should I say great?
anthonygi [07-19-2008]

does anyone remember rollie hart ???and the crew from freddies steak shop ?i went in the service in 1966 and lost track of everybody. i now live in bensalem.
RICKEY LAZARO [07-18-2008]

I use to work at Scaleas Bakery in Germantown on Wakefield St. My family are the original owners. I delivered bread door to door. And about Gaeta's Bakery in Rhawnhurst secton is the same recipe. I am glad the new owners of Gaetas is still keeping the name alive.
sam miletto sr, northeast philadelphia age 64 [07-18-2008]

Dennis, we just had a Brickyard reunion down in North Wildwood and brought down about 20 Gaeta (Scalea's) tomato pies. They taste just like the originals. A new guy bought the store and recipe and he makes it the same as in the old neighborhood (no scimping on ingredients). It costs $21 for 24 slices. No complaints from anyone at the reunion. I recently tried the tomato pies from the place in Willow Grove and there is no comparison. There were several people over my house from Germantown and no one liked it. In fact I threw most of it away. As far as cost, the slices are cut smaller giving you more but it was the same size as Gaeta's and it cost $26. Michael, Thanks for the info on the jukebox repair. I called and they do not work on jukeboxes anymore.
Mike Garvey [07-18-2008]

Frank Surgner we were neighbors. I was at the corner of Price and Wakefield. I remember your mom. Could really handle a car. In case you don't remember me my father was Angelo and he was on the force. Didn't you join the police force? For some reason I'm thinking you did. Let me know if I'm wrong and if you remeber me. I know you remember the Carr family right accross the street from you.
anthonyg [07-18-2008]

My family grew up in Germantown, my dad, Bill Magarity, grew up on Stafford St. and was at Immaculate as a student, alterboy, athlete (on the Alpha teams for Fr. Greg Campbell). He met my Mom there, Kathleen (Kass)Donnelly, in the 7th grade. They raised 8 of us (I am the youngest of - Bill, greag, Maureen, Joe, Mark, Michael, John/Jake, and Lizanne)and most went to Immaculate. I work for the Miraculous Medal Shrine now (at the Central Assoc. of the Miraculous Medal office across the street)as the Dir. of Communications. The Shrine Novenas are still going strong every Monday - 7 & 9 am, 12:05, 2,3,4,5, 6:30 & 7:30pm - we see over a thousand people on a Monday. We are putting offices in the lower shrine so the store will be open 5 days a week and there will be priests there all week long until 4pm. There are so many buses of pilgrimages coming from parishes all around us and local states that it has become a necessity. It is in the family blood to work here, my grandmother, Mary Donnelly worked at the Seminary for 40 years with her sister Kitty. Then my brother Bill also worked here on the phones for a summer as a kid. And of course the family came every Monday for Novena. We still celebrate the Solemn Novena every November the week prior to Thanksgiving for 9 days - this year it is from Nov.17th to Nov. 25th and it will follow with a Feast Day Mass on the 26th said by Bishop Thomas. Our website has all the details about the Novenas (and even has them taped each week), our gift items and Mass cards (that we also call remembrance cards), and the many details concerning the good works happening all over the world being done by the Priests founded by St. Vincent de Paul. Hope you can join us on a Monday or anyday. Stop by and ask for me and I will give you a tour of our Marian Art Museum. We put the stories of people's memories of the Shrine in our Magazine - and we are launching a "Show us your Miraculous Medal" campaign. So, "Show us your Miraculous Medal" and give one to another ;-). And/or send me your story - Lizanne@CAMMonline.org
Lizanne Magarity Pando, Blue Bell, Pa 44yrs old [07-18-2008]

I just had Gaetas pie twice in a week at 2 different homes, white and red. They were excellent and tasted very much like Scaleas. I dont think you will ever duplicate their taste exactly. They cooked in a giant coal fired brick oven then. But its as close as I have had. Just like no one can duplicate their mothers meatballs or gravy but I bet you can come close.
rick rizzo [07-18-2008]

Ed Farrar, did you go to Holy Rosary?
Cheryl Raffle [07-18-2008]

Mike Garvey, Sorry our travle dates did not concur. I waited for you in Garvey's pub -across from the railway station the day I arrived in Galway. I love that town and I knew that pub of old but did not realize it was in your family. Jasus the West is the Best and you come from good stock. The trip was mighty--I have a home in Dublin but plan to retire back to the West...it is the most beautiful part of the world and i have seen a lot of our world. God bless your good people there and you. Up the Republic! Jim
Jim McKernan, Jim McKernan, Church Lnae born bred & reared living in North Carolina [07-18-2008]

hey,iknow nicky,georgie,johnny,donna,sissy and the other lazaro's
RICKEY LAZARO, bensalem, iam old ! [07-17-2008]

Ed Ferrar, Go to the place in Willow Grove. It's 100% better and it's not as expensive
Rose [07-17-2008]

Can anybody help me out in looking for a Edward (Ed) O'Neil. Ed graduated from St. Francis in 1954 & North Catholic in "58". It's our 50th H.S. reunion & we're trying to round up all the old good souls from that era. Your help would be appreciated. On another matter, the greatest pizza, steak & hoagie shops were in Germantown. For less than a $1 you could get satisfied everytime. More than i can say for some errr, ladies of that day.
bernard mc kernan, 67yrs, Baltimore, Md. [07-17-2008]

Ginos bakery 7142 Frankford Ave makes pizza pie similar to Scaleas. Gives you a prertty large slice for dollar and a half.
Frank Surgner, Born 5836 Wakefield St, (Old Fairfax Ave) Mothers maiden name NEOPOLITAN.lived most of my life at 5817 Wakefield st. Married Kathleen Bryner. Live in Northeast Phila. [07-17-2008]

sam miletto [07-17-2008]

For Classmates, you need to register when you first go in. But, you don't have to actually join or pay anything. You can view the pics and even post to the message boards at the various schools. If you do go into Classmates, check out Immaculate Conception's site as well - lots of Germantown pics there as well as IC pics
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-17-2008]

For Mike Garvey, Did you try this place?http://www.tntamusements.com/ I would call them because they also deal with jukeboxes and they're close.
Michael [07-16-2008]

Okay next trip to Phila will include a stop by Gaetas for a Tomato Pie. I always went for the corners...
Ed Farrar, Chester VA [07-16-2008]

Do you have to be a member of Classmates to view PICs of Holy Rosary?
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [07-16-2008]

Dennis McGlinchey. thanks for posting old pics of Holy Rosary on Classmates. It was nice to bring back old memories of my old school.
Cheryl Raffe [07-15-2008]

Dennis, you need to try the place in Willow Grove. It's called the Dolce Cafe/Pizzeria located at 35 Moreland rd. Again, I'm not getting anything from this. I'm thrilled that there's a place close by that sells a great product. It's really that good. I've sent many friends and family there recently and all of them have gone back for more. That speaks for itself.
Michael [07-15-2008]

Although I was from St. A's parish, I read this site regularly. With reards to the Vincetians, At the shrine, my oldest son will be a senior at Niagara University in Western New York and runs into many priests who were stationed at the shrine. I loved my days in West Oak Lane and East Germantown. Playing for the Ogontz Boys Club and many a day at Simons playground. All my sisters went to Dougherty, 64, 68, and 70. I went to LaSalle High School. Used to work at The Acme at Germantown and Sedgewick during my high school and college years.
Jim Curtin, Sea Isle City, NJ Age 51 [07-14-2008]

Michael, That is great tomato pie and thank you for telling us about it. We ate it Saturday. I could taste that it was fresh. The dough wasn't soggy and it had a crisp to it.
Geri [07-14-2008]

does anybody know someone who repairs older seeberg jukeboxes? 1971 model. please email with info. thanks. mike g
MIKE GARVEY, feasterville [07-14-2008]

That was a nice story of Gaeta's and its relation to Scalea's. Looks like the new owners (from two years ago) are not family-related. I understand Gaeta was the married name of one of the Scalea sisters. Until they sold to the current owners, was the business still in the family? In the article, they reference "the recipe" a lot. That has been my problem with Gaeta's - they don't always adhere to the original recipe. I found it hit or miss. They cost more than other tomato pies but I don't mind if only they would adhere to the original Scalea recipe. Anyone been there lately? Are the tomato pies as we remember Scalea's or are they still hit or miss? The bakery is a bit of a distance for me. I'll gladly make the trip again for a Scalea-recipe tomato pie, but have been disappointed too many times.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-14-2008]

The tomato pie still doesn't taste the same as it did when we grew up in Germantown. The closest is the place in Willow Grove.
Rose Segal [07-14-2008]

to Mike deely: I lived on Shedaker St @ 312 since I was in the 3rd grade--10 I guess--graduated from St. Francis in '57, then NC graduating in '61--after graduating from there I went to Penn State & NEVER looked back. For years the Higgins family lived next door--I think it was 314. Son was Michael. Father was Marty. My sister--Rita and brother Jimmy lived there long after i left. my parents were there long after and i finally moved them to georgia where i have lived for 42 years. maybe i am a bit confused here. i remember the names you mention. btw--i see u live in hilton head--i have house there, joe taylor
joe taylor [07-12-2008]

to dotti reynolds i grew up at washington lane and germantown ave
rich [07-12-2008]

There is a story about Gaeta's in the Northeast Times this week (7/10 issue).
j. radocaj ruggero, Lived 4900 block Greene St., St. Francis Class of '58 [07-12-2008]

I worked at the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal before my marriage until I had my first child. It was a great place to work. I made $48.00 per week which was paid in cash. That pay was about normal for the times. When I worked there the person in charge was Father Doyle. He gave me crystal rosary beads to carry on my wedding day. We used to run across the street to the actual shrine to go to church on holy days. I remember the caretakers were a man and his wife and they lived in a little house right on the premises. I think their names were Hugh and Bridie. It was a really nice place to work, my mom ended up working there as well. She used to be the receptionist in the front as you came in. The Blessed Mother took great care of the both of us. I have many happy memories from my time there.
Ginny McCurdy Clark [07-12-2008]

Joe Taylor: What years are you talking about in re Shedaker St..My Dad was raised @308 Shedaker and after his Dad diedhis brother Tom & Family resided there..After them, the Conroys (my Aunt Mary)..I would say our family's connection with 308 ended in the early 1950's..Some names I remember are O'Connell, Carmody, Hansberry, Lyons...It's a small world and getting smaller....
mike deely, Hilton Head, SC --age 71 [07-11-2008]

Additional item about the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal: I've been using their Mass Cards for as long as I can remember. I couldn't find anything on their web site about them, although they do show Remembrance Cards, which aren't the same thing. The Mass Cards are silver foil stamped/ embossed with the image of the medal and they provide the small aluminum version of the medal with each. They also automatically send replacements after you mail in the contribution and name when you use them, so I always have a few in stock. Beautiful card and a great way to support the ministry. Calling them would probably get you connected if interested: 1-800-523-3674.
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [07-11-2008]

Ran upon this site. I enjoyed the information of the Rittenhouse family. I have Rittenhouse ancestors. Cornelia Rittenhouse and possibly Sam Rittenhouse whe owned a restaurant in Seymour Indiana.It was a very fascinating story of of Germantown. email me if you choose to share any Rittenhouse info. or stories. Linda
Linda Terrell, age 57 [07-11-2008]

sheila, i glad i made u happy
anonymous [07-11-2008]

This is the site for the Central association of the Miraculous Medal. You can subscribe to the weekly email reflections. The Vincentian brother in charge of their website is Bro. Carmen Ciardullo CM. He's a nice guy. God bless. http://www.cammonline.org/#
Michael [07-10-2008]

Jim McGinley: In your post you talk of Mike Higgins. Is this the same Mike Higgins who lived on Shedaker Street?? This is Joe Taylor. I lived @ 312 Shedaker. Higgins was 314--I think. Your post says his dad--Marty--is still alive. I remember my dad & Marty sitting on the porch & drinking beer & listening to the Phillies games. I also remember playing gin rummy w/ my dad & Marty--Mr. Higgins. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [07-10-2008]

Marian Reyes, Most people in Germantown remember the Miraculous Medal factory on Chelten Ave. near the Shrine. a lot of people worked there from Germantown. I went to a Novena and the booklet gave the story of a St. Catherine Labore` (spelling?) The Blessed mother appeared to her and gave her instructions on the design of the medal. She appeared to her in France and when I visited Paris I visited the convent where she is incased in glass. If anyone goes to Paris it is located at 144 Rue de bac.
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [07-10-2008]

Dottie Reynolds O'Donnell, I think I remember you from Tumble Inn at the Y on Vernon Park. If I remember correctly you had short red hair? Also I remember you dancing with a Ricky Breyer (spelling). Both of you were good dancers.
Wilma, 65 Bucks Co. [07-10-2008]

Anonymous, thank you for answering my question. I don't know why you want to be anonymous, but that's your business. It doesn't affect me one way or the other. I was just curious.
Sheila [07-09-2008]

Marian, The central association of the miraculous medal was founded by the late Rev. Joseph Skelly in devotion to our Mother Mary. i believe the association is still going strong internationally. My Mother, Mary Mc Kernan was Fr. Skelly's personal secretary for over twenty five years.Her pay was out of this world. RIP. That is just a thumbsketch & if you need more info., i'm sure there is a web site. Good luck. Bernard Mc Kernan 67yrs Maryland
bernard mc kernan [07-09-2008]

hey nicky, i am well and, happy to hear from you i hope your 4th was a good one ... be well .. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-08-2008]

we tried to visit the johnson house on saturday and found the place closed. The sign says they have saturday hours, the answering machine says they have saturday hours.
sheryl, johonson house [07-08-2008]

Nicky, Vinny DeNardo is my brother in law. You're right, he does have some great collectables and antiques.
Sheila [07-08-2008]

sheila, i am male.
anonymous [07-08-2008]

Hello, I have a medal that say " The Miraculous Medal Shrine, Germantown, Philla.,Pa." on one side with an image of our Lady. and on the other side it says " The central association of the Miraculous Medal". Can you tell me a little more about this Medal? Thanks, marian
marian reyes [07-08-2008]

Bill T, I'm glad you liked it. I've heard from the owner that he's been selling a lot of tomato pies lately. He's new to that location on 63 and has more exposure now. The pie is fantastic and the price is reasonable.
Michael [07-07-2008]

Hi rosemarie.did get your mail hope you are doing fine happy 4th.
Nicky Lazaro [07-07-2008]

yo george what is up my man .just heard from Ricky. just got in from pickeral fishing.my son Mikewas with me.caught some but I really miss fishjng with the crew .frankie who died recently dutch whos dead.are you still doing the antique thing I know vinny Dinardo is into it since he retired as a cop here from your sister donna time to time stopped by eddies acouple of times but he wasnt there call me or e mail. 609 861 2233. later .Laz
Nicky [07-07-2008]

Anonymous,you've made me curious. Are you a male or female? :)
Sheila [07-06-2008]

To anonymous;I know Nick (uncle) Johnny ( cousin) little Nicky (cousin).have not seen cousin Nicky for some time hope to here from him someday cousin. george
george greene, gilbertsville pa [07-06-2008]

hey anyone there from east germantown in the 50's? how about penn & magnolia sts? duke's sister here....
JUDY GARVIN, in n c now, looking back a lot [07-06-2008]

hi nicky ... how is everything going ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-06-2008]

Michael, The tomato pie from that place in Willow Grove is awesome! It tastes like it was made by an old generation Italian. The owner asked me if I knew you. Thanks for the recommendation. Bill
Bill T, Dresher, Pa. [07-06-2008]

Yes the Continental post is still going strong in Gtown. We are open 7 days a week. Monday thru Friday we open around 3pm. Saturday and Sunday at noon. Come to the top parking lot and enter through side door(ring bell). WE WELCOME ALL GERMANTOWNER'S.
Paul Amendolia, age 47, from Royal street [07-04-2008]

anonymous.who ever you are.how do you do Little Nicky Lazaro
Nicky Lazaro [07-04-2008]

I remember distinctly that the children's mass at Immaculate Conception was at 0900 each Sunday. You had to sit with your class from school and the nuns would take roll and then if you missed the children's mass, they would chastise you on Monday at school so you had better have been with your parents at a later mass.
Mike Russo, 59 Kissimmee, Fl [07-04-2008]

Smitty: I went to St. Francis[55] with John Ondik who was Paul's brother.John was a witty guy and a great talker.Jim wilkins of W. Bringhurst knew Paul Ondik.Possibly Jim W. or John Burke could help us locate the Ondik brothers.It has been over 50 years since I talked to John W.
john Bruce Schmitt [07-04-2008]

does anyone remember nick, johnny and little nicky lazaro also georgie lynch from chew and chelten ave . 1950s or 60s
anonymous [07-03-2008]

Dotti Reynolds O'Donnell, raised -Upper Germantown, Washington Lane & Baynton St., Age -65 [07-03-2008]

Me, me, I, I, me, me, I, me, my, me, I. Oh, I'm sorry, wrong website. I thought this was My Thoughts on Me.
Bill James, smile [07-03-2008]

Does anyone know the where abouts of Paul Ondik from Gtn. He lived behing St. Francis
Smitty [07-03-2008]

James Mckernan:Jim!You and your former coach[Skip wilson] have encyclopedic knowledge of baseball in Philadelphia.You mentioned the names of many former players of the Phillies.Many former Phillies lived at a house on the grounds of the Gtn. Cricket Club during the baseball season.This house was razed and is now a parking-plot.Your legendary coach[Skip Wilson] had over 900 wins when he was at the Helm for Temple-baseball.Skip W. graduated from St. John's of Manayunk in"48".HE played basketball and baseball;he had a scholarship to Georgetown which he attended for one year.My friend John Gillespie who went to St. Madeline's;was a great basketball-player for St.Joe Prep[47] but he opted for Lasalle;eventhough he had an offer from Georgetown.John Gillespie Sr. was the legendary football coach for North Catholic.I always thought Skip had gone to St. Vincent's;possibly he went to St. John's grade-school.Bill Haas was of my generation;he graduated from St. Francis-57.He did pitch for Germantown Academy and played basketball.I believe he had an encounter with a coach at G.A. and eventually graduated from North Catholic.On the professional level,he was an outstanding hitter and played first-base.It does not surprise me that he had a argument with another player or coach.He was feisty and had a penchant for altercations.We were playing basketball at Fern Hill Park when he got into a fight with Leroy Kelly who eventually became a Hall of Hame football player.I was able to break-up that fight.Personally,I had 3 altercations with Billy and none of them were simply verbal debates.Life on the battlefields of Germantown could be quite combative;it prepared us for our military service.You talked about taking the subway to Temple;that was a character- builder.I've been to Mexico and Eastern-Europe and their subways are cleaner and aesthetically nicer.Our politicians need to do more work for the masses.I am very concerned about the future of the younger generation.
john Bruce Schmitt [07-03-2008]

Michael, Wow! what a small world we're practically family. lol I exchanged a couple e-mails with my cousin Karen before the Germantown reunion and have been meaning to get back to her. Does your wife know the Higgins family? Jane, I saw you mentioned them in one of your previous posts. I just recently found out a friend of mine grew up near Penn & Magnolia, Mike Higgins III. I keep meaning to ask his exact address but he believes he knows your family Jane. His father is about 83/84 y/o. Dolly, I think your God father owned the R&F(Tavern,as the sign read) at Wayne and Logan across from Happy Hollow.
Jim McGinley, 45 Philly [07-01-2008]

Thanks Karen McNeal, Bill Cupo and John B. Schmidt for comments on Ballfield of Germantown. For Karen I do recall that cinder "pitch" and how mum would have to help pull them out of me arse after slidind hard. In,I think the first Little League game i pitched was on a cinder field in Rxborough and ironically the last game of my Temple career was played on a similar surface in New York where we lost to.. I think St John's University 2-1. Not ideal for baseball. For Bill Cupo my salute for making it into Connie Mack Stadium. It was a grand cathedral for us wee pagans. Look up and you could barely see the sky..and the field was a green velvet carper that would make an Irishman envious. Bill Cupo and I played there on all-star teams in the 1960's. I went with a Boy's Club Select team that carried two pitchers. We fipped a coin to see who would start and i lost and was designated as the "cathcher" never had caught before. So I was the backstop and with no cage...talk about fear! The next time was a tryout with the Phillies on June 23rd, 1961 I was 15 The Phillies picked me up at Cardinal Dougherty High to the gloating of all my classmates....and while i could run fast my fastball was too slow at that tender age. My coach at Temple was, indeed, the legendary Skip Wilson-but I think you are wrong about him being from Germantown. I believe Skip was from Manayayunk-then Roman Catholic. He wasn't of St Vincent's parish of that I am sure. He was a part-time coach at Temple and we had all of 2 baseball scholarships-no kidding. Another reason to be amazed at some of the seasonal achievments of the Owls. They did buy my books and lunch and after working at Midvale Steel from midnite til 8 am I would do my classes (teacher education student) and then travel from Broad and Montgomery out to the old football stadium area in Cheltenham-a real road trip. It took a deep love of the game and that's why all athletes really play for. 'For love of the game'. I was younger than Billy Haas, but watched him play. He was quite a pitcher as i recall-I didnt see him as a hitter and as rumour has it I think he didnt do himself well knocking Gil Hodges down at training camp I heard. Now you talk of legends-Ted Williams was the purest hitter i ever saw and he was way before my time but his 420 avg if i have it right will stand for some time to come. He also spent 5 years serving in the War-imagine the record book if we had peace? While playing with the North Philadelphia Cardinals (homefield was Hunting Park/22nd st.) I got to pitch against Whitey Ford of the famed Yankees. He was doing a demo with Magnolia who had Stan Lopata and Granny Hamner on the squad of the Whiz Kids 1950 Phils. I got Lopata out on a high hard chin music pitch followed by my drop curve first time up. Second time he hit one into the trees...at least 100 feet beyond the centerfielder. I expected he would get to the youngster who was having the time of his life that night. John Schmidt it takes special circumstances to educate a young man. I found myself on the killing fields of Northern Ireland and the rotten places Tinkers stopped to live to get a political education. The old Dem/Pepublican thing just cannot solve those sort of problems for me there in those days. I converted to socialism And by the way we did play teams full of fine scholars like Princeton and Penn while at Temple. But I was a working class student who rode the subway to class and i dont regret it.I hope you have rounded 3rd base and are safely home! I loved those Germantown 'hose ball 'days I'm sure they strengthened me for the fight that was to come. Bless all still there Jim McKernan, 62, Greenville North Carolina
Jim McKernan, Germantown born now in Greenville NC [07-01-2008]

Jane, I would love to see that picture you mentioned. I have an older picture somewhere on file in this PC of Bill's gas station down at the bottom of Wingohocking Terrace and where Belfield and Penn come together.
Sheila [07-01-2008]

Rosemarie, hi! Everything is good here with me. I hope everything's good with you too. :)
Sheila [07-01-2008]

Ed, Chester I believe at haines and magnolia was Billy the Butcher. Remember the saw dust on the floor. I was a safety on that corner.
louoldies [07-01-2008]

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