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June 2008

Jim McKernan:I really enjoyed your comments about baseball in Germantown.I am equally impressed that you played baseball for Temple.I find it oxymoronic that a serious intellectual and student could find time to play competitive sports.Now that I am experiencing existential angst,I wish that I had spent more time in the library and less time in the playgrounds.Your baseball-coach at Temple was Skip Wilson who was a Gtn, guy from ST. Vincent's.Skip was a walking encyclopedia of baseball knowledge.The boys at Crane's loved his stories.Connie Mack of the Philadelphia A's lived at Wayne & Lincoln Dr.Joe Coleman Sr. Of the A's,lived on the 5200 block of Schuyler and I would catch for his son-Joe Jr.I played ball with Leroy and Pat Kelly at Fernhill Park.At the lower field,Leroy would hit the ball over the trees as a teenager.However,Pat played for the Baltimore Orioles.I also played ball with Bill Haas at Fernhill Park.He was the best pure hitter that I ever saw.At the Gratz field on Hunting Park,he hit the ball over Clarissa St. into the Burpee Seed building;he was only in 8th-grade.From Happy Hollow,the great players were Rocky Raffle who was a catcher and Ollie Powers-the pitcher.Bud Simons[Seymour St.] came into the Contienental with Ted Williams who was the greatest hitter of all time according to Bob Goo Goo Guaranello of Happy Hollow.Jim! I just came back from Puebla,Mexico where I was a minority.I will soon be heading for the jungles of Costa Rica.I am rounding third-base and heading home wherever that might be.
john Bruce Schmitt [06-30-2008]

Yes, Shelia, I remember sledding at the hill actually have photos with the factory in the background and bringhurst in the background. Jim, I appreciate your comments about my dad. And I am actually working on a story about him and the volunteers at the club and their efforts to help the children in the neightborhood. I'm including the history of the club and it's long history.... with pictures.... and the people who made it all happen. Anyone with any insight or knowledge, I would greatly appreciate their input. Jane
jane nyce, germantown 60's 70's [06-30-2008]

hi shiela how are you .. hope all is well! i do agree with you .. germantown does have so many historic areas. just think ...we grew up surrounded by all of that .. we are sure lucky to have had the experience that we did ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-30-2008]

hi bruce marshall you are so right about marchiano's! my mom and sister lived right around the corner from there on ripka st. and we enjoyed many pies from marchiano's ... in fact whenever i would bring my mom to visit one of her friends we would always stop by marchiano's for one of those delicious pies .... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-30-2008]

Bruce, I've had Marchiano's pie as well as many others. Everyone from G-town tends to lean towards Scalea's/ Gaeta's for obvious reasons. The one in Willow Grove is up there too. My grandmom, who came from G-town then moved to Glenside, really made the best, as did many other Italian women from that era. She used her own garden tomatoes and seasonings. She also made a white pie with oil, garlic, grated cheese, black pepper, and pieces of pork mixed into the dough. Everyone from Edgehill/Glenside in those days killed their own pigs. When they would render the lard, little pieces of meat would filter out and grandmom would fry it then mixed it into the white pizza dough. The made their own scrapple too. She had a knack for cooking and baking. She could clean out her frig and make a gourmet meal. I remember when me and Joe (my twin) spent every weekend in August and September canning literally hundreds of jars of tomatoes. If we had a penny for every time we rotated that handle on the juicer, we'd be Donald Trump's neighbors. Joe came up with the idea to remove the handle and attach a heavy duty electric drill to it. That made life so much easier. For Boummie: Every time I see an eraser now, I think of your funny story. That was hysterical! They were all a little frustrated back then anyway. My wife told me that it was Billy the Butcher and not Benny. I asked my father-in-law about the man who was killed with a hammer and he said that happpened near St. Michael's church. The guy went to jail. Regarding the cat with the missing tail, my grandmother probably bought it from Billy and used it to make gravy. (just kidding) On another note, my wife wants to know if your brother Billy is still in Germany and if you remember Fly and the bunk?
Michael [06-30-2008]

Karen McNeal (Wilchinsky), 40 yrs old, born June 24 married, lives in Bordentown City, 1 dof [06-29-2008]

To Jim McKernan (and others) -- What I remember most about East Germantown RC (now called Lonnie Young RC) was that the smaller field, used by kids 12 and under, was comprised of cinders. At least up until 1963, when we moved. Hard to believe, but other rec center fields also featured cinders. Another field was inside Awbury Park, at Haines and Ardleigh. We were only 11-12 and almost reaching the tennis courts beyond LF, so the place wasn't very big. Don't remember that any "real" games were played there, but I could be wrong. It was more one of those places where we had maybe 6-7 kids on each team and you had to hit the ball to the left side (or when a lefty came up, everybody would move to the right side). Waterview still exists and now produces some of the city's top high school basketball players (back in our day, it produced future pros Willie and Mike Sojourner; pretty sure they lived right across the street.) Every so often, we would also walk up to Simons RC at the edge of West Oak Lane (a couple blocks from where King HS is now) and play baseball there. Oddly, most East Gtn kids just called it "Rodney" because that was one of the cross streets. The skating rink there is still in operation . . . Meanwhile, in reference to some earlier posts, any time I'm remotely near my childhood home (914 E. Rittenhouse), I make sure to drive past and let the memories come flooding back. Our old block still looks great and I've never felt the least bit uncomfortable there or anywhere else in Germantown. All the best to G-towners! (Especially those from East -- smile)
Ted S., South Jersey [06-29-2008]

Hey Jim McKernan! I certaintly remember the Bombers at the Rec at Chelten and Anderson. I used to go over and watch them under the lights. I remember the short right field fence and the home runs that used to crash into the houses over that fence. They were amazing. I played baseball with the East Germantown "Atoms" on that field coached by Mr. Ellis who lived right next door to the rec. We later merged with the Ozontz Boys Club around 1960-1961 and moved to Simon's playground on Rodney street. I stayed with that orginaztion for about 8 years. I made the 1965 and 1966 All-Star teams and played the 1966 game at Connie Mack Stadium. I still have the picture of our all-star team under the Ballantine scoreboard. We were a part of the Sandlot Sports Assoc. which no longer exsists. We traveled all over the city; Summerdale, Crescentville, West Oak Lane, Feltonville, etc. We won the senior city championship around 1968 and that was the last year I played. Anyway, I really enjoyed my nights over the Rec watching you guys; the speed of the game was amazing to me at that time. Great memories!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Conception School [06-29-2008]

Since there's interest in tomato pie again, another recommendation: Marchiano's Bakery, 4653 Ubmria in Manayunk, about a block west from Green Lane and Main St, has unbelievable tomato pie, and I've had Scalea's, Gaeta's, and about a year ago was plugging Cacia's in South Philly - this one beats them all by a long shot. So all you aficionados might want to give this a shot - their strombolis are top-notch also. I drove by the place for ten years without ever trying it, and that was my loss. This has been a public service announcement.
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [06-29-2008]

Anonymous Cousin of Donnie Jacquinto - My God Father was Frank Jacquinto, he had a Bar on Wayne Ave near Seymour St., and a Resturant at Walnut Lane and Germantown Ave., any relation ?
Dolly, NE Philly [06-29-2008]

Jim McKernan - The Ballfields of Germantown. Interesting read of Germantown ballfields but you should have stopped at line 23. No one cares beyond that point.
Charlie Peterson, IC '54 NC '58 LaSalle "71 [06-29-2008]

I am truly amazed that this site not only exists but contains so many sentiments that have been shared by me! It must have something to do with age as I notice many respondents are in their 50s. My Grandmom Muller lived at 5813 Stocton Rd. from the 1920s till the mid 60s and her three children, MaryJane, Al, and my mom, Agnes, all lived there and attended Immaculate Conception as well as Germantown High. My memories include Heller's, also known as Abe's....and their wonderful cheese cake/pies that my parents always bought when visiting. How about those 'Billy cups' named after one of the sons as they were supposedly his invention (frozen KoolAde in a little paper cup with a popcycle stick stuck in the middle)! I also recall sneaking into Imm.Con. church with my little friends and wandering around an area behing the alter (similar to what I imagine the catacombs would be like). I actually convinced my husband to drive back to Stockton Rd. twice; once was about 25 years ago. I went right up to the door and knocked and noone answered. Then about three years ago, I did the same. A teenaged boy answered and his sister popped her head up behind him. They were a bit surprised to find me there, but when I explained that I had lived there when I was a child, they invited me in! They were so sweet. I was thrilled to be able to see my grandmom's house again. Of course, my husband thought that I was a bit nuts to do such a thing. I truly enjoy this site and look forward to reading future entries. Patti Carr
Patricia carr, 57, lived on Stockton Rd. till '59 [06-29-2008]

Michael, Haines and MAgnolia, anybody remember Bennie the Butcher? Believe he had a black cat with no tail. What about the man who lived on Haines next to Magnolia, killed with a hammer?
Ed, Chester, VA [06-29-2008]

Sandy, Not that I get anything from it, I don't. It's a really nice cafe/pizzeria family owned and operated like the mom and pop stores of yesteryear. In addition to the sandwiches,pizza, tomato pie, and other types of Italian pastry and espresso, they make and sell fantastic homemade zeppole and ravioli dolce (sweet ravioli) which is a ravioli pastry deep fried. It tastes like a fried cannoli. There aren't too many places around where the owner produces all these types of food on the premises. I'm glad that Donnie liked it. God bless
Michael [06-29-2008]

Rosemarie, You're right, Germantown sure isn't what it used to be. My husband and I were just riding through the other night and so much has changed, but at the same time it is still so familiar. The area really deserves special attention because of it's historic value...It should be an area that is inviting to visitors...even local visitors.
Sheila [06-27-2008]

Mystery solved: thanks to John Burke, I made it to the Continental tonight and was warmly welcomed by all. Nice group of folks. What a nostalgic rush to see the inside of the place after about 33 years. The cars are parked in the back, so that was why I thought it was unattended.
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [06-27-2008]

The Ballfields of Germantown. I have been watching the College World Series with delight. I played on the best Temple Baseball Team ever-record-wise (26-4)in 1968 and we didnt even get through the Regionals. Temple did make it to the World Series twice in 1972 and later but were knocked out early. My point is Philly schools never have much of a chance with northern weather, small schedules, etc. But we all who played learnt on the fields of our hometown-mine was Germatown, and I am asking anyone if I miss any of the fields. I loved the Germantown Boys Club-Bud Alexander gave us wool pants if we bought our own T-shirts and he put us in a league of sorts above Little League. That field also was used for soccer-the world sport-no kidding. Just back from my home in Dublin the workers are given off every time their nation plays an international match.The pubs bursting with fans for the match on telly. Anyroad there was the Boys Club field on Penn Street and also Waterview-beside the railway line. Jerry Winters, of Immaculate once hit a shot off me that went into the swimming pool. Is Waterview Field/Rec Centre still there? I havent been back to the area since around 1985 when i was teaching at Penn. There was also the East Gtn rec park at Chelten and Anderson....I played a season there with the Philadelphia Brown Bombers--anyone remember that all black and one white kid team? We played semi pro teams like Midvale, Magnolia, (who had some of the 1950 Phillies Whiz Kids when they retired). Another unofficial field was the Vernon Park open space opposite the YMCA on Greene Street. Many a pick-up game after school at St Vincent De Paul in the 1950's. Also the field on Walnut Lane? near the Wissahickon....Other than these few we would have to go to Mt Airy or Nicetown.etc. Id love to hear from anyone who played baseball in Germantown 1958-1969. And hey guys-you dont have to attack everyone like they are a menace or a threat who holds political views different from yours-- tolerable discussion of diverse views is the strength of our Republic. I always felt elected officials were "accountable" held responsible for their decisions. And as a footnote I am not a Liberal or even a Conservative, I consider my views more equalitarian and a committed left-socialist. I fight for the poor and working classes-something our Dems seem to have forgotten. There aren't many of us around but the Socialists fight for an end to inequality (hey and FYI half of the Italian Parliament are socialists) and poverty and capitalist exploitation of our workers and natural resources.I just had the privledge and my son, to vote against the Lisbon Treaty so that Ireland's neutrality and right to national referendums may be preserved-Europe 26 Ireland 1. And The Treaty cannot proceed until all 27 countries agree it.Hooray for democracy! They will have to now incorporate our views to finally seal the EU future. Finally Greg Striano and Anthony Giordano I love you guys that doesnt change no matter what. You are always about 12 in my memory. Handsome happy lads. But show some respect for a man's considered views eh? All best wishes to all who are of Germantown and that includes those minorities that are feared and despised. Remember we are all ethnic minorities and immigrants in the USA. Cheers- Jim McKernan, Greenville North Carolina
Jim McKernan, Jim, Greenville North Carolina, East carolina University Professor [06-27-2008]

Hi Michael,thanks for the infro on the tomato pie,I send my cousin Donnie Jacquinto their he lives up by the cafe the pie was really good also he had a steak sandwich was great too,Thanks Michael Sandy
anonymous [06-27-2008]

hi i was just in germantown a few days ago .. to be exact on price street at st. vincents church ... i must admit i was somewhat uncomfortable driving those streets especially alone .. but, the memories that came to me as i drove down germantown ave remembering how many times i walked through that area when i was growing up were just wonderful ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-26-2008]

Hello Jim McGinley, Both my family and my wife's family originated from Germantown. She came from Haines and Magnolia and my grandparents lived on Rittenhouse st. then moved to Woodlawn ave. My wife's cousin (Joe) is married to your cousin (Karen). I'm glad that you like the tomato pie. I happen to be a tomato pie junkie and that's why I wanted to tell everyone about the place in Willow Grove. I'm sure that if things had remained the same, no one would have left Germantown. It was a great place at one time. Most of the people that came from there have great memories. Wouldn't it be nice to bring back the days when people actually put their neighbors before themselves? Those days are long gone, sadly. At least you have the memories which are real treasures. God bless.
Michael [06-26-2008]

Lou, I was a pre-schooler back in the early fifties. We lived several blocks away from Fernhill Park and my mom use to take me there to play. I do remember some Army buildings there. As I recall, my mom said that there were anti-aircraft batteries (guns and searchlights) there during the war. I remember thinking how exciting that was, having something like that in the middle of our neighborhood. That's my recollection.
Allen [06-25-2008]

OK, here's a memory you may share with me....let's see! I DON'T recall if "children's" Mass at Immaculate was 9:00 a.m. or 9:15 a.m.; however, I DO recall walking home after Mass & the glorious aroma of bacon emitting from the rectory. I was always ravenously hungry (former fasting rule before receing Holy Communion meant NO FOOD after midnight on Sat. evening). I could imagine Father Rooney in the rectory eating his bacon & eggs as I hurried home to enjoy my own delicious breakfast. When I visited IC on the occasion of its 100th anniv. celebration, I envisioned myself, once more a child, hurrying home, scurrying past the black wrought iron fence, in anticipation of enjoying 2 eggs, over ez, with bacon & a fresh "hoagie" roll (purchased from the big brown bags full of the same at Heller's corner store). When I attended the IC 100th anniv. celebration, I was aware that the neighborhood demographics had changed; however, I could still imagine the delicious aroma of bacon wafting from the rectory kitchen & Father Rooney smiling. It made me smile, also!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, ic 55, cdhs 59, fl [06-25-2008]

John, Thanks for the assist with the Continental. To Michael and others, I thought when I wrote the part about living in Gtn I might get hammered, but thanks for going easy. Let's face it, the whole world has changed since the 60's: my son just got broken into in Scottsdale, AZ of all places. I have to admit I'm a little bit spoiled, since I live in southwest Gtn, which is not as rugged as some pockets deeper into the heart of Gtn, and there definitely are some really ghetto sectors, hence the news items and some of the comments on this board.
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [06-25-2008]

John D, when my father passed we sold the house to Rev. Floyd. He is a former cop and used to deal with a lot of the gang's in the 60's and 70's.He went on to become a Rev. You might remember, he had a van with a coffin on the top and he used to be at Wayne ave. and Coulter sts. He does great work trying to turn lives around. Jane Nyce, I am sorry to hear of your dad's passing. Before some of the Germantown sites I hadn't really heard much news. I have great memories of your dad's commitment,guidance, and humor during my times playing soccer and being at GBC and a few of the reunion games as well. I'm not sure if anyone is "active" with GBC alumni but I'm sure those pictures would bring back soo many fond memories of all the people you dad's life touched. When things settle with your difficult tasks of going thru so many memories please keep us informed, I'm sure those like myself would love to have a way to remember him. There is a photo section on the GermantownBrickyard site and I'm sure their would be tons of stories that people have of your dad. Michael, You are a popular customer at Dolce Cafe. I recently have some work relativley close and made a stop to test your endorsement. While the sauce is comparible to Scalea's/Gaeta's the crust is not quite the same but I still give it a thumbs up. I might have a chance to sample more of their food in the coming weeks. I thought you might have been a different Michael when you had adressed me before on this site but I did not recognize your name as the owners(seem like very nice people)showed me your card. Did we know each other from G-town? My memory sometimes is jammed. lol
Jim McGinley, 45 philly [06-25-2008]

Bruce, the entire city is a combat zone and you're right about G-Town not being what it used to be. You still won't catch me there anytime soon. All I can say is that Germantown has made the 11:00 news a lot lately.
Michael [06-24-2008]

Bruce Marshall, i dont know the exact operating hours of the continental post, but i have been there on friday evenings and sunday afternoons in the last month. I know they are open on thursday and saturday nights also. Paul Amendolia posts on the gtn brickyard website and he is one of the people that runs the place so he could tell you better than me.
John Burke, John Burke 54 NE Philly [06-24-2008]

Hi Karen,if this gets through the site contact me at CU73DA@aol.com about Wlichinsky's Jack
Jack Barnes, 54yrs,south jersey [06-24-2008]

Lots of memories!
karen Rossi [06-24-2008]

Jane Nyce, I think we would all like to be able to go back into the house where we grew up. What an emotional experience, both happy & sad that must have been for you! I remember several of the people and places you mentioned at P&M. Do you remember sledding down the hill at Pebardy's Mill on Penn St.? John Altus...who could forget him? How about Joe Pinto? I certainly remember Joe's grocery store. There was also Tony's on the corner of Wingohocking Terr. and Penn. I saw Tony about a year ago. Feel free to email me!
Sheila [06-24-2008]

A little help here, please: since I live a block away from the Continental Post and haven't been inside there in roughly 30+ years, I thought I'd stop by for a cold one. It appears totally uninhabited, although the grass is cut, and flags were out for Memorial Day - I thought I saw chatter on this board about people going / bartending there, especially on Sundays, but there are no signs of life. I even asked a cop who was cooping there in the shade when it might be inhabited, and he replied that he didn't think it was ever open. Did I misunderstand, or is there a secret entrance and parking area that I somehow missed? I'd appreciate any assistance; thanks. BTW, the people who are fearful of coming into Gtn are probably better off not doing so - it takes a certain mindset to live in the inner city these days, and it has its charms and downsides, but I think that projecting bad outcomes can draw negativity. I haven't had any real problems living here most of my life, including the last dozen, although I admit there's risk in urban environments, and Gtn isn't what it used to be back in the 60s, but it's not a total combat zone, either.
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [06-23-2008]

My dad John Nyce pased in 2006. He had lived in the same house at 5322 Magnolia St. for fifty-five years. We went back to clean out and remember. I can't explain it, but I was so exited to be going home. I grew up with the neighborhood ever changing. But my Dad always held on, he never wanted to move. This was his Home. As we went through the house I found everything from my life as a child, there. He never threw anything away. My Aunt Mary's oak rocking chair and the bank I won at the the Germantown Hospital Rose Carnival. There were thouands of pictures from all his years at the Germantown Boys' Club and there were memories. Matty, who lived over Brady's store and Dolly Hires and Donna and David Rice and the Cleary's and the Carmendella's and the Garcia's and just behind us was Potterton Heights with the Ford's and the Herbert's and Billy Short and the Higgin's and Yes, I almost forgot, John's at Church Lane and Belfield where often Dad got food on credit.... This is what we all remember... John Altus' drugstore... Brady's corner store, where jelly beans in a jar were sold by a dime's worth or a quarter's worth. There was Goodwin's down on Penn Street and let no one forget the trek to Germantown Ave and the Veteran's thrift store. Where my Mom bought an oriental rug for $25. Going home was the best and worst. We can never go back. But every once in a while I can sit and feel like I am there in my home. I tell my husband how it use to be and sometimes I get my brothers and sister to remember.... It's all in the past...but very important.....Thanks Dad..... and thank you for listening.
Jane, Jane Nyce Penn and Magnolia 60's 70's [06-23-2008]

Sheila and Cheryl, I think that it's wise to be extra careful when venturing into any area of the city these days. We have poor innocents getting shot while sitting in car seats. Older people getting shot just sitting on their porches. The police commissioner and the mayor have their hands full. I think that people in Phiily need to stop being so scared and start ratting on the bad people in their neighborhoods. It could potentially help to save lives, including their own. They don't have to put up with it.
Michael [06-23-2008]

I've been back to my old neighborhood, Penn & Magnolia several times. I'm not afraid, but I am cautious. There are some good people living there who like us want to live in a nice area. It is a shame they have so much working against them. Cheryl is right, that it looks so familiar and you can actually see past the rundown houses and grafitti and start remembering little things that were so meaningful to us as kids.
Sheila [06-20-2008]

Hi Michael. I could have been scared you are right but people are people bad and good and for some reason I landed in the heart of Germantown and yes it can be dangerous with all the guns and violence that goes on there now but for some reason it looked so familar and I was not scared at all. Crazy but not scared.
Cheryl Raffle [06-19-2008]

I'm looking for Jack Reilly from Philadelphia. I met him in the Pocono"s 1968 or 1969. Promised Land State Park. My maiden name is Watson. Any info would be appreciated.
PATTI HAYES [06-19-2008]

Skip Gensemer, Queen Lane 69 years old [06-19-2008]

Cheryl, that was very brave of you. I have no desire to visit modern day Germantown, regardless of what it used to be like. My parents would always tell us to roll up the windows and lock the doors. Anyway, the people look at you like you don't belong there. Right! We usually take the Schuykill, then Lincoln drive to Mt. Airy.
Michael [06-18-2008]

This is interesting, I took my older son to the airport and my 19yr old drove us down and of course when we left the airport we got lost and I immediately plugged in my GPS and guess where it took me. Straight to Germantown, Germantown Avenue and Haines Street, right where I grew up sorta. Yes a lot of things have change but you know what the pools were out on the sidewalks the fire hydrants were all turned on and kids were having blast. Wow it brought back so many memories. Yes things do change but KIDS DO NOT!
Cheryl Raffle [06-17-2008]

Hello, I put my maiden name in the internet search and you were one of the names I found. Wilchinsky is not a popular name..especially spelled with a y instead of an I at the end.. I just wanted to say Hi and see if there is any connection. My parents... had family in Scranton Pa and trenton nj.. My greatgrandfather was from Poland
Karen McNeal (Wilchinsky), Bordentown, NJ USA near Princeton,40 yrs old, female, [06-17-2008]

Hi,Jimmy mcginley i thought you may get a laugh from this.I drove by your old house and it now is home to the rev floyd foundation,some type of inner city ministry.Joey depiro good to see your messages I still remember your el cameno and just cruising down thw x pressway or where ever the night and joey durkin took us lol.ever hear from carmella deanglo,i used to see walt but havent for years now.John burke how the hell are you,I havent seen you at the center for awhile,i hope everything is fine with yourself.carrol hardtopp,In st francis one day myself and gregory byrd slip out the back door during class and borrowed johhny byrds old chevy,which he had chained to a tree or pole i forget but greg stole the key and off we went .mind you we were only in the 7th grade so we werent even old enough to drive i forget where we went but it livened up the day instead sitting in class we never were caught lol.oh and to the lady that was interested in coming down to see the old sites .the side streets are a bit depressing,not much upkeep on the houses but the main streets and lil blocks are immucalute.I still do the novena on chelten ave on mondays John Burke was correct there sees to be an influx of college grads buying in the area I know quite a few as the now old man in the hood.They love the pricing and the size of he house and seem committed to staying,its funny the other families that moved in during the exodus of the sixties I now know close to 6 generations of the families .just one rizzo story,I was dating a blonde waitress and she told me everytime he came in she was amazed how he remembered her name,now here is why the blonde part was mentioned,I pointed out to her that she wore a name tag,enuff said
john d, john d [06-16-2008]

I find this a very interesting site. Brings back great memories of my youth. I practically lived at the Boys' Club,soccer, baseball,learned to swim there. Worked at GBC while in school as well as worked summers at Indiandale. Bud Alexander, Mario Adamoli, Duff Levitt,Mr. Harris, John Nyce, and all the rest, what a great dedicated group of adults. Passed by my old house on Marion Street a few weeks ago and stopped to speak with the woman who bought our home when we moved out in '69. Very sweet lady.
JG, age 56 pennsylvania countryside [06-16-2008]

philomena citro [06-14-2008]

Ed, that's true. Those old ladies could never throw a baseball, but they could nail you in the head with a shoe from across the room. They were rough
Michael [06-14-2008]

Bill James I believe the guy from Wister playground baseball that you're talking about was Johnny Bird and yes he did have fire engine red hair. My mother and his mother (Eleanor) were very close friends for many years. One of the nicest guys you'd ever want to know. Unfortunetly he passed on a couple of years ago. He was head dietician at Jeanes Hospital for many years. On a few occassions when I was in the hospital I made it a point to see him. He was still a character, funny and just an all around nice guy. Isn't it funny how the trolly tracks were like borderline to brickyard. I always lived on the so called "wrong" side of the tracks. But who cares it was a time that I wouldn't trade for the world. Carol Hartopp Randall (Fox Chase)
Carol ( Hartopp ) Randall [06-13-2008]

Dave Linn;It was great to hear that Hughie Cannon met with the good old buys from G-town.He not only ran the "Continental",but he also had a bar on Hunting-Park.He had the ability to get along with all kinds of people-with names like GOONIE Walsh and SLUGGER Boyle.The liberal intellectuals on this site,would call this skill-emotional intelligence.I also knew Hughie's son-John.WE called him "Doctor".He was very personable and quite a talker.He was a graduate of "Cardinal Dougherty- 60".He hung out with Bob Harrington[basketball] and Jack Boyle[football].Bob H. coached Dougherty for many years.I had good times with these guys in Germantown,center-city and the old Jarrettown Hotel in Montgomery County.Dave!Those were the "Good Olde Days".
John Bruce Schmitt [06-13-2008]

Ok Germantown Cave People stand up and be recognized. Time for some home made boat and other refreshments. Yes we were younger, but you brothers and sisters took us under your wing. A quick hop over the link fence, to the alley behind Woodlawn Street. Beware when entering 615 Woodlawn as Grandma Prillio was an excellent shot with both mop and broom. Then there was the jamming in the cellar. Wont forget the night we plugged into the alley light to power the guitars. We even placed a black light below the extension. The drain of the public juice made the black light pulsate. How cool was that. Yes there was the occasional thump on the floor as I went deep into my drum riff. Those were some of the days growing up in Germantown.
Ed (The Bom) [06-13-2008]

John, Hughie Cannon was in attendance and Apples Kelly name did come up in our conversations, it was a entertaining day.
Dave Linn, Good Ole' Days [06-12-2008]

This thing about Rizzo.I don't get it the man has pass away. Let it go talk about the fun you had at the Hollow or how sister Grace was so cool about the times we go to midnight mass at 13 14 15 and hang out til 3:00am. come on people. lets move on.
bob Taylor [06-12-2008]

Dave Linn:I used to hang out at"The Continental",in the 60's.I did the whole 9-yards-drink,shoot the breeze,play cards,shoot pool,play cards,shoot darts, and enjoy the picnics.There was a lot of booze that was flowing but there was never fights or brawls.We came from different ethnic backgrounds and religions and we respected one another.Most of us were veterans who honored "The U.S. and Germantown".It was no thrill to diss our fellow members.John West is a long-time and honored member.His brother[Bill] was also a good guy;these were the troopers that I wanted in my fox- hole.Was Apples Kelley's name mentioned?He was a former PPD-detective who had the Hathaway- House lounge at Wissahickon and Chelten.Did anybody talk about Hughie Cannon who ran the Continental.I bet it was a nice and interesting lunch with some liquid refreshments.
john Bruce Schmitt [06-11-2008]

Larry W -- you're almost right,,, it's not just Italian,,,,it's Germantown people! Don't leave us German/Irish people out! We love cold tomato pie and Frank Rizzo!
Martha, stuck in the swamps of Jersey... [06-11-2008]

For the Professor Ireland- heritage tourism Find out about Irish famous sites, Learn about what made them historic www.lonelyplanet.com
Brendan [06-11-2008]

Hi We have the same thing happen Only it was my wife of 6 year's. Want a Christian. My Mom And Dad are retirer preacher so I was brough up in Church and Still are. PLEASE E-MAIL MY BACK RON
Ron [06-11-2008]

I guess we have the nerve to write anything when we don't sign our name. We don't have to have the ethnic slurs, either. I guess that's the cowardly thing to do.
anthonygi [06-11-2008]

This is the only site in the world where you can jump from Frank Rizzo to tomato pie. NOW THAT'S ITALIAN! lol
Larry W. [06-10-2008]

OK Gregory Striano, so I "touched your hart" with Gil-Scott, but you're not sure who I am. Well, why don't you check your froggy e-mail. Hint: I'm not Ginny Crowne, Eileen Magee(although there is a question from her in the e-mail I sent you) I'm not Mary Jo, or Kathy Bennis. "THE BOTTLE" driving with Gugs down to Wildwood! Which of the SEVEN DWARFS are you??????
Abrissa [06-10-2008]

We just had lunch with John West, Ed Himsworth, Rich Benner, John McDonald, and Hugh Gannon, all were from Continental Post, Germantown, another great time to remember.
Dave Linn, Continental Post Member [06-10-2008]

Michael I will give it an honest chance, but I won't know till I eat it cold if it's as good as SCAELA'S .
Dolly, NE Philly [06-10-2008]

to anonymous [06-09-2008] Pee on the former Mayor's shoes? That's an intelligent thing to write. One look from Rizzo and you would have hauled ass crying, I'm sure. You can't even be honest enough or man enough to give your real name. Sorry, but I can't take you very seriously. You can go home to your mamma now because this playground is closed. Can we get back Germantown thoughts again?
Jim [06-10-2008]

John Burke:You had a lot of information about Germantown,Wildwood,and some interesting characters that I knew many years ago.Jim Wilkin's brother[Tom] reads this site.He enjoys your comments about Germantown.We both knew John West very well.We were with a guy [John Oldt] whom John W. saved from a beating in a bar in Avalon.Two guys were giving John O. a hard time when "Big John W" came over to mediate;he was suckered.John W. replies,"Is that all you have-sissy? He commenced to lay them the fudge out.I was friends with his brother{Bill],he married a former nun from Holy-Child.I always made sure that i was a gentleman when i was in their company.The West Brothers knew Jesse Richardson[Phila Eagles] and Jim Katcavage[Ny Giants].John West was an All- Public lineman from Roxborough.They both knew Ed Burke Sr.[Your father].By the way,I am happy that the liberals are moving into the old-neighborhood.I do find it scary that you go into Germantown with your faithful and trustworthy friend[Mr. Glock].If I went to 301 W. Queen Lane;I would only travel with Mr. Glock Sr.[machine-gun].I gather snubbies are passe.John! I only pray that the streets of Gtn. and Philly will be safe.When I get together with the Burke and Wilkins brothers,Mr.Henry Derringer will not be with me-if you know what I mean.
john Bruce Schmitt [06-09-2008]

Dolly, with all due respect...... don't knock it until you've tried it. It's really that good..... TRUST ME. NO, I'm not getting anything out of it either. I've tasted almost every pie around Philly and Montgomery county including the one that you've mentioned. Why don't you give it a shot?
Michael [06-09-2008]

To Anthony G & Jim. Shakespeare once said: "What's in a name"? If i signed my name what difference would it make in being attacked or if left anonymous. My point is made & frankly, knuckleheads that is the point.Jim, you're right, i could never shine Frank Rizzo's shoes. I would not only not do that dastardly deed, i wouldn't pee on him if he was on fire. I would suggest you yourself squeeze a little olive oil for a real nice shine. Frank, RIP with those shined shoes. Gtn, when it was good.
anonymous [06-09-2008]

Barbara P. - A lot has changed in 40 years. Pray that you don't get a flat tire. Safest time to take your tour would be 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning in January. Sad, but true.
Eugene, 50's & 60's Ex-Germantowner [06-08-2008]

Nice plug for Dolce Cafe Market Michael, BUT NO PIE will EVER be as good as SCAELA'S .
Dolly, NE Philly [06-08-2008]

For the women who graduated from St. Vincent's in 1954, and went on to Little Flower, June 8 is the 50th Anniversary of our graduation. For the guys who went to North Catholic, your 50th reunion is in Sept. If you are interested in making a weekend of it, and want to meet some St. Vincent's classmates, let me know via this website, or email, and we will set up a get together. Carole
Carole Redding Murray, 67 yrs old Villanova, Pa [06-08-2008]

Love rading these posts. Dont't know a lot of the people, but love reading about G-Town. Would love to go back. Is it safe? Just want to ride thru, visit the block, Wayne Ave., Happy Hollow, Fitler Elementary, all the places, anyone know?
barbara pacitti (dabritz), lived on fernhill road (1955 - 1968) [06-07-2008]

Attention Germantown Tomato Pie lovers! There's a place that just opened up in Willow Grove called Dolce Cafe Market on RT. 63 between 611 and the railroad tracks on 35 Moreland rd. Willow Grove. There' a notary public next door to it. They make the best Tomato Pie ever.
Michael [06-07-2008]

JB Schmitt: Seeing Jimmy Wilkins was one of the highlights of the reunion for me, we had a lot of good times growing up together We both went down on friday,so friday night was our mini reunion. You were one of the topics of our discussions. I saw John West last sunday and gave him your regards. He is at the continental every sunday. He remembers calling you bull. As for me being a liberal, i thought of many witty answers to that question, but lets just say im not.As far as 301 queen lane goes, my kids were at my mothers the sunday the woman was killed there, but we had left a few hours earlier. Whenever i make the trip mr. glock goes with me. It is sad to say my kids know what gunshots sound like from going to my mothers. Yuppies are starting to rehab the old big twins down there so i guess there is hope. Bruce, about 10 years ago they changed the boundaries of some of the districts. Our old neck of the woods is in the fighting 39th now, including 301 Queen Lane.
john burke, 54 NE Philly [06-07-2008]

This site has really taken a turn for the worst side. You who defends the good Prof JIm, why don't you sign your name?
anthonyg [06-07-2008]

to anonymous of 6/5... Be a real man and tell us who you are. You're another wuss that hides behind words. You could have never shined Frank Rizzo's shoes if you tried. He was as much a part of G-Town as anyone else. You can go back to your telemarketing job now.
Jim [06-07-2008]

Hey John Devaney how have you been? Send me an e-mail if you like we can catch up. Also, Ann Marie W. e-mail me, I think I have most of the faces figured out from the 5th grade st mike's photo that we talked about.Joe DePero
Joe DePero, 51,levittown,st.mike's, [06-07-2008]

Just ignore them, and they'll go away.
Bill James [06-07-2008]

Abrissa, How can you make statements like that about the former Mayor? You probably weren't even a gleam in your father's eye. Also, how can you hold anyone accountable for the mistakes of others. I'm sure that you've had your share throughout your life. Can you blame your parents? You can read about this modern day Frank Rizzo then respond about him too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Arpaio Yeah, it's true that Rizzo wasn't a Princeton grad, but he didn't need to be. He had more intelligence and common sense than most people. The people who voted for him twice had brains too. Had he not died, he would have been in for the third time.
Michael [06-07-2008]

To those who didn't make it to the Germantown/brickyard reunion in Wildwood last month, you missed a great time. The Germantown spirit and energy live on. Check out the http://germantownbrickyard.com site to see pictures and comments.
Peggy (Gillespie) Berkey, Colorado Springs [06-05-2008]

John Burke:I heard that you and Jim Wilkins had a good time at the Germantown-reunion at "The Shore".Did you see the news about 301 W. Queen L!ane?There have been 2 killings at that complex.It is hard to believe that we played ball in that playground.Your brothers[PPD] from the 14th must have a lot of calls there.JohnAre you a liberal?!
john Bruce Schmitt [06-05-2008]

Jim Griffin is that you.Laz
NickLazaro [06-05-2008]

There were Germantown Brickyard shirts given out at the reunion in may. It was a blast. The Garveys did an incredible job.Can't wait until next year.God Bless.Hey McGinley you are a known voice on both sites, you write a lot, why werent you or your family there?
mike [06-05-2008]

The Germantown Boys Club Soccer reunions were run by Frann Riely..there still is an alumini. Contact the Club or Frann, I think he lives in Roslyn
Mike [06-05-2008]

I haven't visited this site for a while. This morning I skimmed through and all I read was mainly about Frank Rizzo. Then I saw Gregg Striano wrote the last post. So all I could think of was "The Bottle" written by Gil Scott-Heron. By the way Gregory, I wanted to make you a CD of his songs, but I guess Ginny never told you. I have most downloaded. Now everybody lighten-up about Frank. Here is an excerpt from one of Gil Scott-Heron's songs (or poems whatever) from the early 70's.
Song: H20 Gate Blues
Artist: Gil Scott-Heron

"We leave America to ponder the image of justice from its new wave of leaders. Frank Rizzo, the high school graduate Mayor of Philadelphia whose ignorance is surpassed only by thoses who voted for him. Richard Daley, inperial Napoleonic Mayor of Chicago, who took over from Al Capone and continues to implement the same tactics. George Wallace, Lester Maddawg, Strom Thurmond, Ronald Reagan, an almost endless list that won't be missed when at last America is purged!

This was written about 35 years ago. These are not my sentiments. Congratulations Frank on a job well done,! He also has a very interesting son-in-law! GREGORY MADE ME DO IT!
Abrissa [06-05-2008]

Seems some of you wankers have your pantyhose too tight by way of expressing your vitrolic hatred for Prof. Jim. "Walk a mile in my shoes friend". Isn't that the way it goes in real life? Jim did several tours in Vietnam, saw more that most of you posters will ever see, came back to a country that had lied to this young man & was in a state of disary. So, to the person who called him out about his duty to country, what have you done son. to exemplfy yourself in service to America. Jim's a liberal, soooo? This whole furor about Frank Rizzo is sad. Rizzo had law & order under his watch but at a price. Many of you claim black & white cried at his funeral. I'll wager just as many said : Good ridance. He was a strong arm with a credit card (badge) The price you pay for authoritarian rule. The prof. was not attacking your patron saint Rizzo as much as he was questioning the man & his tactics! To the idiot who questions Jims grammar,Stay after school pimples & write on the blackboard i will not be a schmuck.....This forum has never been endowed or graced by literary experts. However, it's sole function is to make a point & communicate. If people get offended then perhaps they should also get over it or go to another site. As for Germantown life & the news, This is part of Gtn life & what we would all talk about. Forget the steak & pizza joints, that's yesterday & many calories we don't need. Thank you all. Anonymous
anonymous [06-05-2008]

There is no site to get GBC Alumni T-shirts. I ran the reunion for 20 years starting in 1973 and sold the shirts for $5. There hasn't been an Oldtimers game in many years. Franny Reilly took over the reunion duties 10 yrs. ago.
Dave Linn, GBC Alumni [06-05-2008]

If I were to ask 100 people who post on this site, “What does Thoughts of Germantown means to you”? I would get 100 different answers. My answer would go like this. I have an opportunity to reconnect to people that I have not seen or heard from in over 43 years. It also gives me insight into what impact growing up in Germantown has had on our adult lives. My fascination for big machinery, comes from the D’Angelo construction Co. Those big green Mack trucks with chain drive. What I am today and the things I believe are due in large part to the Brickyard Families and their values. The Germantown Boys Club, I believe saved me, it always gave me a place to go and kept me out of trouble. I still don’t understand why the boys had to swim naked and the girls didn’t. My point is that the name of this site is not “Happy Days” all of the postings are great insight about who we were and who we are now. Look what happens when Professor Jim posts his comments, this site comes alive. I know I came down hard on the Professor but I do not wish him any ill will. I only whish him the best and happiness a person can have. I have read some of the Professors works and I can tell you that he has done a lot of good, but a lot of his views are a little out there in my opinion. The Webmaster should be congratulated for his work on this site for he must be a student of Sociology
Ron [06-05-2008]

To all of you people that sign ANONYMOUS at least most of us sign our names and take resopnsabilty for our words.GROW A SET AND SIGN YOUR NAME>
Gregg Striano, 60 and still in philly [06-05-2008]

Yo jim put on a hard hat!i have known jim all of my life,he is realy a good person,somewhat misguided in his librial veues,that does not make him a bad guy,it just opens him up for people to take shots at him.Jim you have big shoulders you can stand the heat.
gregg striano, 60 still in philly [06-04-2008]

Wister playground, Waterview, East Germantown recreation center, Mt. Airy playground, Watertower, McDevitt, Kendrick. When I was a kid playing baseball on Happy Hollow's team, we traveled to those places to play their teams. And we walked (some biked)to all those places together, carrying our gloves and a couple bats. Looking back, we walked pretty far to 'foreign' places to play baseball. I can't imagine a team of young kids today walking that far to play on another team's field. We wouldn't let them; one of us would drive them there in the mini-van. Flashback! I just remembered a kid on Wister's team who's last name was Bird. I think he had red hair. Is he still out there? At that time, the Hollow playing in Brickyard was a touchy thing; Germantown Avenue being the 38th parallel, or something like that. We had to soften the area up with some artillery before we went in. When it was their turn to come over to the Hollow to play, they sent one or two of their older brothers over ahead of time, that was just as effective.
Bill James (the Head, from the Hollow), 59 [06-04-2008]

Commander Rizzo--R.I.P. And now back to those other inane and insane days in old Germantown. Question: Whose idea was it to have all the boys swim naked at the Boys Club? There was a real danger, especially in the deeper end of the pool, from sharks (underwater, willy-pullers) Bud Alexander always banished these sharks to those old wooden bleachers...with a scolding. Are you listening Mr. B? And, did anyone's old, hard, cardboard membership card ($1.00) a year, purchased in September as I recall, make it through swims and washings without turning up like a cheap shoe? I always saved them hoping they would repeat colors, but they never did.
kevin, Kevin, Santa Barbara, CA. age 63 [06-04-2008]

Lou Sprecher, I remember your brother Barrett, who was my age. There was some Army activity in the park - I have early memories of the rotating radar equipment that looked like a big olive drab mailbox, and maybe some quonset hut or related building.
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [06-04-2008]

People, we don't have to hate someone just because they might have a different view/memory of someone. Let's agree to disagree. No need to go attacking just because they might not see things as many do. It seems the webmaster has taken the position of allowing the free exchange of thoughts, sound familiar (which in my mind is correct if he/she doesn't mind the message/blog board discussions)Let's agree it has taken a more political tone then "Our thoughts on G-town". I actually never knew Rizzo was from Germantown,let's here any memories of that, I knew they lived in Chestnut Hill for a long time. To Jim D.: I don't know of any current GBC shirts. Most of the shirts came from the GBC Alumni reunion/soccer game which hasn't been held for some years now. I believe the guy who used to run it has posted on here a couple times. To Lou Sprecher: I'm too young to rememner a base in Fernhill but do recall at least 2 anti-aircraft guns on the grounds of Midvale-Heppinstall steel mill. My father worked there for many, many years but I forget most of the stories about it
Jim McGinley, 45 Philly [06-04-2008]

Who remembers when there was an Army or Reserve Base in Fernhill Park. I'm guessing it was operational in the 1950's and was removed a few years prior to the construction of the Extension (Expressway). Looking for any maps.
Lou Sprecher, Age 59 - Abbottsford Ave [06-03-2008]

page has turned into soap box.same three or four loose lippin got away from germantown.I agree with others.
anonymous [06-03-2008]

Haven;t been on for 2 months.same people run page.on and on especialy mgs.get back to germantown .get a life.
anonymousget [06-03-2008]

I played at Germantown Boys Club many years. I saw t shirts for the club but can't find the site where to buy them. Does anybody know what the site name is to but some t shirts.
jim d, St Vincent 56, Dougherty 60, 65 retired Fla [06-03-2008]

Bob, He puts his pants on the same way that I do. I'm not as analytical as some, but a liberal mind or liberal bias doesn't automatically make someone a genious. I've been visiting this site for some time. It seems like the professor always has to have the first place and the last word. Regarding the former Mayor, I think that if his surname had been O'Rizzo or McRizzo then the professor would have had all nice things to write about him. He references Irish history and Ireland all of the time on this site. It's obvious that he's proud of his heritage, so why is it so wrong for the Italians of Germantown and Italian visitors on this site to express their gratitude and thoughts about the former Italian Mayor? In this case, I think that silence would probably suit him a lot better. If we don't hear from him anymore, then we'll know if he let all of these responses roll of his back. Good post!
Michael [06-03-2008]

Frank Rizzo! He was either loved or hated him, no one ever expresses a “What Ever” attitude about him.. Either way you had the right to express yourself. But this is not the place to argue about the late Frank Rizzo. History will determine if he was bigger then life or not. Now! Get back to Germantown and your happy memories of the neighborhoods this site was built for, “Germantown Your Thought”.. The thought of the divide of the East and West Germantown.. You are right! Those of us who grew up no the West Side know very little about the people and places on the East Side.
Erda [06-02-2008]

Rick Rizzo - a majority of the members of academia like Professor Jim have a strong liberal bias. This is a well known fact, not just my opinion. What we think of as their "twisted thoughts and opinions", they view as enlightened thinking. They often tend to look down on the rest of us. I agree with you when you say it's people like the Professor that have ruined this great country and they have been doing it in an insidious manner, through our children, their students. I'm afraid that the remarks made on this website rebutting the Professor's derogatory description of Frank Rizzo, will roll off his back like water off of a duck. After all, he is a professor, and he "knows" he is right.
Bob [06-02-2008]

My Dad was a Rizzo Cop and he was as Irish as they come . When my Dad died Rizzo was a pallbarer and cried like a baby you would have thought they were brothers . When I was born my family moved out of Germantown so I was not grown up there, heard lot of stories and none of them led me to believe that it was a WHITE ITALIAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY ? hey my family came from Ireland, my Grandparents on both sides, they chose Germantown over all other neighborhoods . As for the Atilla the Hun quote ? unless you were Atilla the Hun or a Faggot, why would that remark bother you . Sorry folks, just thought I would get my 2 cents in . Irish J.Ryan not a RACIST from Trevose
Ryan [06-01-2008]

anonymous I thin it is time you tell all of us who you are you make remarks about people on here not leaving names or e-mail address what about you what are you hiding from we would like to know if you male or female so why don't you come fourth and let us know who you are and I bet I speak for a lot of people on here thank you and when you give up your name I will tell you who I am
Friends Of The Germantown Site [06-01-2008]

something to think about: why is the relationship between east germantown and west (regular) germantown nothing close, geographically speaking, to the relationship between east and west oak lane? just another of philly's goofy quirks. about chubby checker: i played a little basketball with another of his brothers, spencer evans (unless i'm really losing it -- always possible; ha ha)
ted s. [06-01-2008]

To anonymous about Rizzo. I agree this site is about Germantown and it's getting out of hand on here. That's why I don't visit as often as I used to. But about Frank Rizzo, we are only defending a man who can't speak for himseelf right now and should be allowed to "Rest In Peace." Why don't you sign your name?
anthonyg [06-01-2008]

Professor, be a man and apologize to all of us for your insidious remarks. Since Frank Rizzo had so many connections to Germantown, it's very appropriate to make comments about him on this site. Have you ever seen a man wear a tuxedo and carry a night stick? That was our beloved Frank Rizzo. These are his own words: "I'm gonna make Attila the Hun look like a faggot after this election." HE ALRREADY DID! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_L._Rizzo When you referenced WIKI, you conveniently left that out. And for Franny Rizzo, if you're reading this, THANK YOU for your help in removing that movie poster of a guy holding a machine gun in Manyunk last year. Just what the city needs, right? Your father must be smiling down from Heaven at you. God bless you and keep up the good work.
Michael [06-01-2008]

Judy [06-01-2008]

Enough Please, let's lay off the Professor ( myself included ) . Yesterday was not a good day for me, I really needed a Happy thought, I thought of growing up in Germantown, the longing was not so much to go back in time, but more of a longing to feel the safety & security of those days . Not safety of the environment or a safe neighborhood, more like a personal safety, safety of my soul . I grew up in a non bias, non prejudice atmosphere, it was an equal environment where we all had the same advantages, we were naive growing up in Germantown in the 1950s, but let's face it we're adults now and we know that the 1950s was not in reality " The Good Old Days " . Would I want to go back to the 1950s in Germantown ? You bet I would, but if that meant taking everyone, everywhere back to the 1950s, the thought of it horrifies me . We don't know what has taken the Professor to that dark place in his life, we have no right to criticize, we are now being as bad as he was, it has to stop . We all have our " Thoughts of Germantown " let's tell our favorite story, mention our favorite person, favorite place to eat . I'd like to start with an older couple who use to walk Gtn.,Ave. every night hand in hand, they would stop at Market Square and dance together, no music they would hum to each other . I asked them once how long they had been married, I forget what they told me, I only remember that they were an old Vaudeville team, and that they were still a lovely couple, small in stature, but huge in persona, they are to this day in my heart dancing in Market Square, I can still hear them humming .
Dolly, NE Philly [06-01-2008]

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