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April 2008

Ed,Chubby Checker live at the corner of Chew Ave and Haines St back in the 1960's Anonymous
anonymous [05-01-2008]

DId Chubby Checker live on Chew Street (where abouts on Chew). I was told his Grandmother lived on Haines, close to Magnolia. Dont know if it is true or not.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [04-30-2008]

Angela Cruz, check the archives I've seen earlier submissions from girls who lived there.I lived across the street from the home and remember some names Terry,Kathy,my brother's girlfriend Nellie and Kathy Bess who I played B-ball against.
anonymous [04-30-2008]

Anyone remember the Wagners on Devon Street near Chelten? There were two boys, Vic and Wayne, and a girl (don't remember her name). Vic was the oldest. I think he went into the Navy around 1966. I heard that Wayne became a minister. Anybody seen or heard from them over the years?
anonymous [04-30-2008]

To Bruce Marshall, It has just occured to me that I had you totally mixed up with Dave Scanlon. Sorry about that. I do remember you, but I think I remember your mom better, she used to come into Manny's where I worked on and off from 71 thru 84. Joe DePero
Joe DePero [04-30-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, thanks for the kind words about my dad Hank, he loved to play football and baseball. We heard many stories about Crane's, sounds like it was a fun place to hang out at. Keep writing those memories, i really enjoy reading them.
Patty (Henigan) Niedzielski, Nashville, TN [04-30-2008]

Hey Bruce Marshall! How the heck are you? I remember you. You were friends with Larry Daurelle I used to hang with his brother Dave down on Clapier st. I lived at the corner of Clapier and Copley on the west side. Didn,t you have a Camaro? I remember you let me drive it. I'll never forget it! That was the first time I ever drove a car. I drove up Clapier to Morris to Abbottsford up to Wissahickon and back to Pop's. I was scared s---less. I remember driving up Clapier st. like it was yesterday! Didn't you live in the Falls on Queen ln.? Good old 28B. Say hello to Janet for me. Joe DePero
Joe DePero [04-30-2008]

I by am looking for information on the Germantown Tool Works. I noticed an entry dated 1-28-04 Selsor and have not seen a reply. I have one of their tools and am researching the company.
ellen, maryland [04-30-2008]

Bruce Marshall:I enjoyed your comments about the "Cricket Club" and how the cars of the members were borrowed.I was walking down Hansbery St. when a kid who just got out of reform-school tells me to hop in his new Cutlass_Oldsmobile.Obviously,he had borrowed this car-maybe from the "Cricket- Club".When the cops nailed him with this stolen car, he winded up wearing solid-green pajamas.If I had been a jackass-hole,My showers could have been difficult,if you know what i mean.There was a major problem with cars in the 50's.A lady was killed in her car at "Alden-Park Manor.The pocket-book was found in the sewer at "Hansberry and Morris".The perpretrator of the crime was the of a football player.Kids used to climb over the fence at the armory and drive the jeeps.One boy turned over a jeep and the driving-school ended.One last car story,I knew a guy named Terry from East Germantown.One night,he was mugged on Chelten Ave.He ran into Nora's bar and asked for help to avenge the cowardy attack.They jump into this Guy's Cadillac.The driver was a legendary street- fighter.Terry was confident that vindication would be rendered.They spotted the bad-guys on the sidewalk on Chelten Ave.The good-guys could now retaliate.Terry says"Let's Get Those Motor_Scooters".The driver replys"Dem guys might have roscoes and blades".He commences to drive on the side-walk in the direction of these mean people.However,the Cadillac missed contact.Terry asks,"Were you trying to hit those evil people?"His retort,"what goes around,comes around."WE've all seen road-rage,it is scary.Bruce!,on a lighter note,where was your "Gig" at Henry and Hunting Park.Was the "PUB" there during your time?During the 50's,it was cars,music,Hot-Shops and ROCK and ROLL."LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL"
john Bruce Schmitt [04-30-2008]

Hello to everyone who grew up i Germantown i myself lived there.i am trying to find anyone who lived at St.Joe
Angela Cruz, New Jersey [04-30-2008]

To Erda: Thank you for the insightful post- "Phillyskyline.com" A refreshing change from the usual banter about "cheese steak places, pizza joints & who was dating who back in the day". Remember, it's always much better to say Hello....than to say goodbye.
bernard mc kernan, 67yrs, Annapolis, Md retired. [04-30-2008]

Hello to all of you from around Queen Land, Laurens.. I spent many of hours at the Luncheonette on “Abe’s” on the opposite corner of the Manor Drug store.. I have fond memories of the Abe. He would always yell at me and my girlfriends about the bums we dated.. He was right most of the time.. I am from the other side of Queen Lane and went to St Vincent’s but made friends with girls from that neighborhood in Little Flower. There is a picture of the apartment building on the island between Queen Lane, King and Laurens Strees http://phillyskyline.com/hoods/northwest/gtown/index5.htm. You can even see the remains of Abe's and down Queen Lane to the projects.
Erda [04-29-2008]

Patti-Henigan-niedzielski! I want to thank you for your response and your kind and generous comments. At my age,memory is a big issue."Precious Memories" by "Emmy Lou Harris and Chet Atkins resonates with me,viscerally.With your Polish name,you probaly learned how to make a good perogi.When i had breakfast in"Port Richmond",I loved kiebasy and eggs.I hoped I spelled it correctly because 2 polish guys[Steve Belcak and Tom Wilkins] read this "germantown-blog.I love your part of America- Virginia,North Carolina and Tennessee.I used to cruise down "Highway 81",I started in Carlisle,Pa and ended in Knoxville Tn.The ride was beautiful- mountains and scenery.The pit-stops were very interesting-Trust Me! "They were not your ordinary pit-stops.One good-thing,I acquired a taste for country and folk-music.The folkies were very mellow people.At these festivals,I was always an observer if you get my drift,I was even cautious with the drifts.I must thank the sculptors of Germantown for my deviated-sceptum,on these occasions,it was very helpful.Some of the songs that i remembered were "Boogie Woogie Country- Man by _Jerry Lee Lewis".Another classic was"Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page.Later on,Bonni Raitt and Norah Jones recorded this song and it is awesome.Back to Germantown,your dad[Hank H.] was a great guy.Everybody liked him.I basically met him on Knox street.He and Sammy Nunn were older than me but I played touch-football with them in thestreet.I will never forget one game where i was 20 yards behind the defense and Hank launches a 65 yard missle[perfect-spiral] to me.It was a NFL toss.A guy who went to Crane's,told what a nice Hank H. was and he had quite a presence.There was never trouble when Hank H. was there,notwithstanding the powerful juice that was being drunk.Your dad knew Emmett Harkins who married Nancy Crawford[Frank Crawford's sister.The Henigans,Garveys,Harkins were big names in "West Germantown".Tom Wilkins[W.bringhurst] met your brother[a plumber]at the"continental".Your uncle[jack Glemser] owned the Texaco at Green and Seymour. Did he buy it from the "Keho Family".My brother Ken played basketball with JIm K. at St.Francis-58. I met Ed Keho at Mace's Crossing on the "Parkway". He and his brother played soccer.One played for "GA".The Simon sisters lived at Seymour and Green,they were good-looking,one was hot.Bud Simon[father] was a character and a very good- pitcher.One afternoon,he walks into the "Continental" with "TED WILLIAMS".I kid You not,the greatest hitter of all-time went to the "Continental". Bob Goo Guaranello[Happy-Hollow legend] saw Ted Williams,in last time at bat in his life,hit the home- run at "Yankee Stadium".Forgive me for my rambling,I get intoxicated when I think about "Germantown".I never got acclimated to the"Burbs". I never met you but if you are Hank Henigan's daughter,you must be a nice person.
john Bruce Schmitt [04-29-2008]

Bruce S, I remember your sister and Jay Waxler very well, they lived in the house up the path off of schuyler st. I used to frequent the manor drug. When i was about 10 i stole a playboy magazine from the rack there. Me,and a few of the neighborhood boys went down to read it at the queen lane station.I never did read it. Ive been a hugh hefner fan ever since.
John Burke, 54 NE Philly [04-29-2008]

Patti-Henigan-Niedzielski! I want to thank you for response [04-29-2008]

John Ellsworth Jr. [04-28-2008]

Hi Carol,glad to see your name on this site,hope all is well in the Sunshine State,I know it's been a rough couple of years for you,give Colleen a kiss for me,hope to see you both next time you up for a visit,take care Love Sandy
anonymous [04-28-2008]

looking to see how many people are out there who was raised or who lived at St Joe;s hall for girls 910 Church Lane
Angela Cruz, New Jersey [04-28-2008]

John Burke! I do'nt where to start,you have posited so much data and info.Your sister was very smart to get away from that wolf-dog.We were very fortunate to have such bright sisters.Your family probaly remember my sister[Joan] when she owned "Manor Drug" at Queen Lane and Laurens.John! I love your use of language-urban,legendary and crossing my path.I am not the legendary brother.I am the regular Germantown -guy,6ft,-200+ with a chiseled face who just tried to keep up with traffic. My brother was called Urban [city] or "Cactus Jack". The cactus has died and he is now,"Jack.In our club-house in the basement,Urban drank Bourban, JB[me] drank scotch and Ken did beer.On the record player,we heard John Lee Hooker sing,"One bourban One Scotch,One Beer.As We would say,"Let the GOOD Times Roll".Brother Jack[CJ] had the legendary event.He was with his friend Charey[Bogart] Dunn at the corner of Broad and Chestnut.Willie Sutton said,"Hang Out Where the Cake is -4 banks at that location.Low and behold,the cops are chasing a bank-robber,he does a NFL-tackle and subdues the criminal.He was about to receive a reward from Frank Rizzo[mayor] for bravery,but he knew if it hit the newspaper,he could get whacked,hacked or drowned.Jack's philosophy was,"Street Smarts Counts the Most".I had to think quickly many times.I was in this beautiful Irish-bar at"K&A" owned by the legendary John Berkery.I order potato-juice[vodka].A guy in a husky-voice says,"where are you from?".I am wearing a jacket and I reply,"St. Francis".He asks,"Are You A Priest".I answer,"Sort OF''.John!Back in the day,At K&A,one was a burglar,cop or a priest.This 2d-story man wanted to know if i were the man[cop]. Five minutes later,a guy with wrinkled clothes asks with a polished voice,"Do YOU come Here Often?"I Reply,"3-6-9".He says nothing.He was probaly "FBI".I left and never came back.As a police-officer,you knew what was going down.John! I will give you the deal on the armory at a later date.Yes! Ilived in Bill Tilden's house.He lived with his aunt on Hansberry St. after his parents died.My family owned the entire corner[two houses].I also knew"Larry Durrell".As you were leaving,he would say,"May God Love You".John West is a good-guy,I always wanted John and brother- Bill on my-side.He called me "Bull" and my Legendary brother-"Horse".John West knew the legendary Ed Burke Sr. very well.There were many good and brave men who hung out at the"Continental".
john Bruce Schmitt [04-28-2008]

To John Burke, Please forgive my memory lapse - it's spotty at times, and I would need a visual to refresh it in this case, but I'm sure we knew each other since your name is familiar - yeah, Larry Daurelle and I were best buds all throught the 60's and 70's, when we had a falling out. This saddens me to this day. He and David lived at 28B Erringer Place, and I still have David's tennis reacket in my basement, oddly enough (don't know how I got it). Not sure what happened to him but both are still in the area. Thanks for chiming in!
Bruce Marshall, 56, Still in Gtn [04-28-2008]

Frank G. Maybe it was steve....my mind's not what it used.......what was I saying?....who broke their legs, at different times during one summer? The ionelli's(spelling) kids were Angela and she had a little brother. the dad had a room full of HAM radio equipment. as far as pimple ball are concerned, I will buy some once the ORIGINAL mold is produced. if anyone remembers "frenchy" the poodle that would get loose and go after anyone near immaculate conception?
anthony pizzuti, margate,FL [04-26-2008]

born and raised in g-town with lots of great memories.heiskell st,church lane,chelten ave,all good memories.love to hear from anyone.
carol colisto [sborlini], florida [04-26-2008]

John Schmitt: I think another guy in that car with Norman was Johnny Sutter....he lived across the street from myself and the Leinhauser's..... Steve
Steve Belcak [04-26-2008]

Bruce S, i have seen john west at the continental on sunday afternoon. The next time i see him ill tell him you were asking for him. He tells me he drank with my father back in the day. In 1975 sports illustrated did a front cover story on big bill tilden, he moved from mckean ave to hansberry st after one of his relatives died. The house was either the one you lived in or it was the house next store to yours. To bruce marshall, did you hang around with larry durrell when you were growing up. I think i remember you. I was friends with dave durrell, dont know whatever happened to them.
John Burke, NE Philly 54 [04-26-2008]

John Bruce Schmidt, thanks for the feedback. Besides the Patrezis you mentioned, I seem to remember a Richie also. I used to work at the Cricket Club in the 60's - Cleaning the pool and the club building, slopping plates in the kitchen at the big events, just maybe smuggling out some jumbo shrimp or a bottle of VO, and of course the guests would just leave their cars out in the lot wiht the keys in them, so we'd snag a convertible and go for a joy ride, miraculously never getting caught! I was cleaning the urinals one time and a rich patron offered me a summer job on the spot, since I was willing to get my hands dirty, and that got me a great gig all Summer at his business down at Hunting Park and Henry. I've been back to the Club for Swing Dances in the last few years, and it looks identical wo what I remember from 40 years ago, but there's no keys in the cars. Used to drink at the Continental (of course climbing up on the buzz-bombs and the howitzer when I was little) - it was a great after hours destination when the bars closed. My band played ther a few times also. Your assessment of Moose is accurate - he was a sweetheart. Thanks for the recollections and the eloquent descriptions!
Bruce Marshall, 56, Still in Gtn [04-26-2008]

Benson,are you B. Benson? I'm new at this so bare with me.If you are, I know you. I'm still in Gtown.I don't remember the store. If you're who I think you are, do you remember Sally Wagner? 911 Sis
anonymous [04-25-2008]

just a quick hi y'all...i have so missed all my magical g'town frtends..
MARY LOU MULHALL-JURGAITIS, 5009 cop;ey road [04-25-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, wow you have an amazing memory and lots of great stories. My parent were Hank and Marge Henigan and we lived on Knox St between Hansbury and Queen Lane. There are 12 of us and we went to St Francis. Our Uncle, Jack Glemser, owned the Texaco gas station at Greene and Seymour Sts. I enjoy reading all the stories.
Patty (Henigan) Niedzielski, Nashville, TN [04-25-2008]

Bruce Marshall!Thanks for the info about how to get and view the photographs.It was quite tri aesthetically speaking.I always liked that neighborhood where you lived.The streets of manheim,Morris,Abbottsford,and Wissahickon formed an interesting quadrangle.You gave me a heap of data to process.Let me start with the saddest.Bill Leinhauser Sr. had a son named Norman who died in a car accident.Steve Belcak reminded me of this,in a blog he sent OL.Bill Sr. was never the same.Everybody liked Norman.Yes! I knew George.I am not a psychologist but I would conjecture his problem was"Post-Traumatic-Stress" Many veterans have this condition-Vietnam and now Iraq.He was friends with Scotty who had the Gulf_station at Queen Lane and Green.Nobody dissed him or there would have been big trouble for the agitator.He was a nice man who reminded me of "Forest Gump" in the movie.I knew Manny. My brother[Ken] had a paper stand at MidvaleSteel on Wissahickon Ave. and he picked up lunchmeat every night on the way home to Hansberry Street.I knew many of the Glancey-family from Copley Road David G. was in my brother's class at St. Francis-55 and St.Joe's College-66.Dave was good friends with Frank Klock-St.Francis,North,St.Joe's.Dave was an intelligent guy-actor,lawyer,real-estate-assessor for Philadelphia.Brother Joe was the judge.I believe Bill G, had the beer_distributor at Wiss.&Roberts.His brother was in "Manheim U.I was at a fund-raiser for David G. when he ran for"Congress".At the event,your Neighbor[Pat Kirk Green],she lived on Schuyler Street.She married "Mayor William Green". Another neighborJoe McHugh] was the altar-boy at St.Francis.when they took their vows.Joe Mc Hugh had an airplane with my brother -Rick.I'll throw out a few names from Clapier St.-Bob Charlanza with whom I played basketball at the Army-Reserve on Wissahickon Ave.Another name would be the Petrisi boys-Al and Tony.Al was in the back-seat when Norman Leinhauser died. I do not have to tell you who was riding shot-gun.I lived on the other-side of the"Berlin-Wall-Germantown Cricket Club".I would scale the wall at Hansberry and Schuyler and cut through on my way to"Fernhill Park".I liked Mckean st.,a famous tennis-player lived there.His name was Bill Tilden.In the 20's,he was the Babe Ruth of tennis.He got himself in big trouble for liking young-men.Bruce!Do you go the Cricket Club?Do you go to the "Continental"?If you do on Sunday,tell John West that Bull from Hansberry St. said "Hello".
John Bruce Schmitt [04-25-2008]

Roy Bateman, opps, sorry. I put your last name by mistake as the person who is selling the half balls. His name is Marc Polish and you can reach him at mpolish@verizon.net for more information.
Lynne [04-24-2008]

does anyone know what happento the girl who lived next to the little store at devon and locustave?
benson [04-24-2008]

Bruce S, my sister kathleen remembers the dog. She said she and my sister patty babysat for the family that owned it. They lived on laurens st. She said on one occasion the dog chased her out of the house, leaving the children inside by themselves. She had to stay on the porch till the parents came home.She said the dog was huge, with a nasty disposition. On another topic,is it an urban legend or did you borrow a vehicle (tank or halftrack)from the army reserve on wissahickon ave and crash it into a wall. I think the statute of limitations is up, so you can discuss it.LOL
John Burke, ne philly 54 [04-24-2008]

Jazz-guy! It was so interesting to hear about Jimmy Smith.He really got off on the organ[jazz].I heard him at the "Cadillac Club on Broad street.He was really moaning,as you know,he had a big hit with "Moaning".He also did"Midnight Special".I liked Leadbelly's version too.Odette did "Midnight Special at the "keswick".The sister is awesome.There were a lot of jazz-clubs in philly.I went to Billy Ketchmer's which was downtown.Th Bynum's had a club at Broad and Germantown.Robert Bynum is friends with Michael Nutter.Other great clubs were the "Showboat and Pep's.Joe Lynch and I heard Lonnie Johnson at the "Underground".I liked the Jazz-clubs,the people were mellow and usually multi-cultural.The bathrooms occasionally had a funny odor,but I personally never did reefer.There was a big difference between a jazz-club and a bar with a juke-box.Allow me a moment to make the distinction.i had a brother whose good friends called him"Cactus Jack".He travled with a guy named-Charles Dunn[Germantown].Cholly was a muscular -man who looked like Humphrey Bogart talked like Bogart,had a hat like bogart and smoked Camels.They went to a bar for Chooly's birthday. CJ puts 3 dollars worth of quaters in the juke-box and plays 1 song-"Happy Birthday".A dude comes over and says"What the Huck is going On?".Cholly had paid his dues and dug the "Blues".He liked Muddy Water's two songs,"One Bourban,one scotch, one Beer,"and "I'm Bad Like Jesse James".Then Cholly says,"Are You Bogarting Me".Bars with juke- boxes can become "OK Corral".My point is that I like the ambience in jazz-clubs.Besides Jimmy Smith,Chubby Checker also lived in germantown. The folks from "Holy Rosary" probaly knew that.He lived across from Jim Stabilito on Chew street.John Coltrane lived in Tioga.I commend you fully on your 2 themes -good music and good food. I might add an additional item to the menu-"A Foxy lady". Jimmy Hendrix would approve.
john Bruce Schmitt [04-24-2008]

To Anonymous from Fernhill, Bill Hass was last seen in Pleasantville, NJ and I'm sad to say Charlie Solley passed away a few years ago. They were both good athletes!
Dave, G-town on the West Side [04-24-2008]

Anyone know the whereabouts of Joseph Bracken. He lived with the Prozillos on Mechanic Street in Germantown. There is also a Charles Tretola who might have moved to Ca.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [04-24-2008]

Mike Vozelli I remember you. Your father had a barber shop at the corner of Blakemore & Chelten and we were in "Big Connie's" 8th grade class at IC. Didn't you play the saxophone?
Anne (Hess) Tither [04-23-2008]

Dave Burkle, Yes my brother Joe worked for the sheriff back in the 70's.Later Mike
Mike Garvey [04-23-2008]

Steve Belcak! It is great to hear from you after all those years.Your blog was very comprehensive,it really resonated with me.Steve!Your memory is not too shabby,considering the fact that I went to the "Prep" with many smart Polish guys.John Domanski went to the Prep.By the way,thanks for remembering the names of John and Bob Domanski. They did not take basketball as seriously as we did. Joe Lynch would have been pleased with your sincere compliment.Like you,Joe was a nice guy.I do not think Bill Haas would agree that Joe L. was the best player on the court.I will say this,Bill H. was the best player on the field.That son of a gun could really hit.He should have done better with the Mets.We also played football at Fernhill Park.Jim MC Intyre became a college quaterback and hangs out a little-bit at the Glenside pub.I did know Norman and Bill leinheiser.There were not too many Germans at St.Francis.Norman was such a good guy,that was such a tragic accident at "Alden Park" after the Lasalle football game.I liked Billy also,I'm sure he did well in life.Steve!You retired in a great place-Rock Hall.The C. Bay is so beautiful there at the top of the Bay.Chestertown is such a nice,charming, and old town.I used to go to "Baker's in Elkton for crabs,and the price is right.I live in Central -Jersey and for the beach I go to the "Irish Riviera[Spring Lake].I go to South America frequently.I have been to Kiev many times and i will be going to Ukraine and Poland for the "World Cup" Maybe,Charlie SollyFernhill] will be there.Charlie S. was one good soccer player.I do remember the military site and the drug-store.After pinochle,we would buy soda there.After basketball,we bought soda at the grocery store on Abottsford.Steve! I really enjoyed sharing these memories with you. You were always a nice guy until you got on the court.I remember you boxing out and getting a lot of boards.Incidentally I played at A and Champlost. We'll stay in touch."FERNHILL RULES"
anonymous [04-23-2008]

Anthony, I'm drawing a blank on the dubious record at McDevitt (are you thinking of my brother Steve?). The families I remember at the bottom of E Clapier and Baynton were the Manadato's (my grandparents)and a guy named Joe Festa, I believe.
Frank G, Baynton and Shedaker [04-23-2008]

Just found this site and love it. Reading it I remember so many of the places - Axelrods was a couple of houses down from my grandparents and was there as long as I can remember; my Uncle Joe was a pharmacits at Jakobsons Drug Store; my initials are carved in a tree in Awbury Park; loved the candy apples from Carroll's; and ice skated at Simons. I Grew up on Blakemore St. from the 40's to '60. If Pat Doody is still reading this site, I remember that your family lived next to the McGuckin's and that your brother Jimmy was the one who had a wrench that would open the fireplut for us younger kids on a hot summer day. What great memories!
Anne (Hess) Tither, ic '55, cd '59 [04-23-2008]

Mike Garvey, I'm sorry about the misspelled word. I was typing on a wireless laptop. I meant your brother Joe. How's he doing? You wouldn't remember me we were all young but I use to live up the street from you on Bringhurst. We lived with the Turners(Philip,Tom and Martha). We then moved to Knox and Hansberry. I still hung out sometimes back there.
Dave Burkle [04-23-2008]

I lived on lena st. as my parents and grandparents beforeme. It was red hill because of the red bricks. What a sleding Hill. We would live for the winter and ice. Used to walk to the boys Club and meet a friend Mike McCormick. Walked to school everyday with all the kids in the neighborhood to St Vincents Always stopped at horn and hardicks on way home. Played baseball at top of Lena in the back yard of a home on Penn. Can still see the high wall in left field. Many fond memories of growing up on Lena Street ken Hook
Ken Hook, 60, Lena St., St vicents, Hines Boys, Bandbox etc [04-23-2008]

Hey, Jim Bell. I was on your first football, baseball, and basketball teams at the 'new' PAL center that you organized on Seymour St. If I remember right, you lived on W. Clapier then. You didn't mention PAL but what you did there had a positive affect on a lot of us. I still have our football team photo framed that was in the Courier way back in '64. We were lousy, but it was fun. Thanks for all you did for us.
Bill James, the head from the Hollow [04-22-2008]

Add-on to previous post: That PhillyHistory.org site has added a lot of shots since the last time I was on there. They have pix of virtually all of Chelten Avenue, Germantown Avenue to Morris Street, from 1964: Orphuem, Woolworth's, E&H, Penny's, Penn Fruit, Firestone, Food Town, Acme, Food Fair, Chelten Cleaner's, Manor Deli, etc. It rocks!
Bruce Marshall [04-22-2008]

I remember one day I had to make a delivery on a little street off of Lena St-I think it was called East Earlham St-, cause there was also one on the west side in "Pulaski town." The lady, a Mrs Cook, was baking pies, apple and sweet potatoe pies, and instead of tipping me she gave me a slice. I always wanted to make more deliveries there after that. And whenever I entered that street I usualy smelled the frangrance of freshly baked rolls and bisquits from another house nearby, and in that house there were also usually kids playing music, in the afternoon after school; a drummer, saxaphone player and someone trying to play the piano, although sometime the piano player must have been different cuz it sounded more professional. I guess the piano player was the youngest and just starting out. I later learnt that Jimmy Smith -the famous jazz organist who use to live on High street- often visited that home. There was also a guy on the street who play blues guitar ni the summer and also on the same street two trumpet players and a trombone player too. I wonder what ever became of those guys! I know Archie Shepp lived in the brick yard and later also -like jimmy Smith- produced recordings. I heard the drummer later regularly played and travelled with the late Carmen Macrae -the popular jazz singer - and Jimmy Smith- the jazz organist. There was another house on the street were I'd often hear a trumpet and alto sax and trombone player practicing scales. That was a noisy street, but the kids had a lot of fun things to do, and I never heard trhe neighbors complaining about the 'noise'. The guy there who played guitar and sang the blues in summer evenings for the neighbors was really good, I wonder if he ever recorded anything! I 've heard the Sax player later became a Composer and music Arranger and even even wrote for Patti La'belle. There was so much talent on that street! Cooks and Musicians too!
anonymous [04-22-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt: Thanks for the info on Manheim U. I grew up and still live there and never knew it was called that. The Gulf station was "Bill Leinhauser's" back then - there was a guy who worked there named George, nicknamed "Moose", who was supposedly "shell-shocked": talked very slow and wasn't real bright, but a great guy. I posted a long time ago that there's a shot of that Gulf station from 1953, before they built the strip mall that has Manny's Stop and Shop, at http://www.phillyhistory.org/PhotoArchive/Search.aspx If you go into the site, select "Neighborhoods" and then Southwest Germantown, you will be amazed at all the shots from all over. That particular one is on page 8 of the 33 pages of shots. There was a McHugh family that lived at the foot of my street: Copley and Clapier - the mother was right off the boat from Ireland, complete with thick brogue. The oldest was Jackie, and there was a Margaret, and about five other kids. They had a beautiful garden. Someone else mentioned "Pop's" store at that corner, (which I posted about a while ago) and the Pio's, who also lived there (Mrs. Pio still does and Janet lives across the street from me). I also remember Dennis Glancey - thanks for the recollections!
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [04-22-2008]

I temember being taken to Grumblethorpe with an elementary school class, where the house hostess served the best tasting "hot chocolazte" and Graham crackers i've ever to this day eatened! Down trhe street from the house on Germantown Avenue was "The Famous Market."
Ppump [04-22-2008]

Hey, my post was sent before I spell checked it! I was mentioning about sledding down 'red hill" at Lena & Coulter street, near wakefield in the winter; we'd have someone stationed at the "bottom of the hill" to tall us when it was safe to 'come down" on the sled, so we wouldn't get ploughede into by a passing car coming east on coulter to Lena from germantown Avenue, past the Germantown cemetary there -an area I usually avoided at night -or made sure I passed it on the other side of the street-. And after working after school at the Rice's delicatessen at the corner of Coulter & Lena -my brother and I both worked there, he passed his wand on to me when he left-, on the weekend I'd take my five cents [pay for the entire week] and go to the Colonial theatre and I think I even had enough to also buy some of that popcorn [which always either got stale the next day or was stale when we bought it but didn't notice while eating it watching the cartoons and newsreels about the 2nd world war that was being still waged. I remember one weekend they had a magician to visit "The Colonial" dressed as a "dracula" and I had nightmares for months afterward. Oh where was the Civil Liberties Union organization then :o}! Oh, and as for ice cream, the vanilla ice cream made by the shopholder at Queen lane and Germantown avenue, {I think the place was called "Youngies"} still has no equals. They used real vanilla beans. you sould see the specks of 'em in the ice cream! All natural and dipped out of the barrel fresh! We could see them filling our containers -and watched carefully to be sure they filled every crevice with it! It tasted so good nobody wanred to share theirs's, we had to buy our own! :o}
Pump, Vacation there with visiting parents [04-22-2008]

Pump, Parents visited for several years when I was a bit younger. i still remember the paades in vernon park and that 'ol 'tire swing' in wistar woods swung voer a tree limb. I tho't for sure I'd fall off it and break my neck. The real fun though was in winter sledding down "red hill" and down a neighbors steep driveway on "church lane" where we'd end up ssledding inot the street and cars that were passing by. We always had someone standing at the street to be sure it was safe to sled down the driveway. I've forgotten the guy who whose parents lived there. i thinmk his nanme was "Albert".' e were pm'd muyopunger [04-22-2008]

Mike Garvey, Didn't your brother Juiopqee work for the Sheriffs Dept at one time? I use to see him when I was out in the 19th District.
Dave Burkle [04-22-2008]

George Chatburn, I remember when we use to go to Wagners. Frank Conti had the sharpest 64 GTO. It was maroon. Good times
Dave Burkle [04-22-2008]

john Bruce Schmitt:Hello John, how nice to hear from you! Where are you living now? You have a great memory. Of course I remember Steve Kay, he lived about 10 houses down the block from me. I'm sorry to hear he has passed away. Between Steve & I were the Leinhauser brothers, Norman and Bill. Norman was about ready to start college and died in a car crash and I remember it was one of the biggest funerals that St. Francis had ever seen. I've lost track of Bill. Their father owned the Gulf station at the corner of Manheim and Wissahickon. Yes, I did go to St. Lad's and Dougherty. Joe Lynch was the best basketball player in Fernhill Park and I sure do remember Leroy, Bill and Harold. Let me tell you, some of the best basketball was played on those Fernhill Courts. Then we'd go play in the summer leagues at 5th and Chamberlain with all the other talent from around the city. Fernhill Park was everything: football, basketball, tennis, baseball. Do you remember in the early 50's when the put a missle site up on the top ball field. I used to go get soda's for the soldiers from Donnely's grocery store at Morris Rd. and Berkley St. The two guys whose father was a Doctor were John and Bob Domanski. They lived on Morris street just across from the basketball courts. Their father had a practice in Nicetown on Hunting Park Ave. avross the street from St. Lad's. There was a small drug store at the corner of Morris and Apsley St. I can't remember the name. My Bulletin paper route covered all of that down to Pulaski Ave and Zeralda St. Let's see - other guy's that lived on Milne St were Dick Siffkin, Phil Pajowka, John Snyder and across the back alley was Bobby Toppin who lived on Berkley St. Do you remember my brother ED? He's now in Atlanta. We like the Eastern Shore a lot. I'm living in a small town called Rock Hall, it's about 30 minutes south of Georgetown and the Sassafras River and as you suggested retirement and life is good. Thanks for waking up these memories. I wish you well and I'll keep checking back often hoping to share more with you and perhaps others that I may remember. Best Steve
Steve Belcak, Retired now in MD [04-22-2008]

John Burke!I can not believe that you remembered William Colston["THE BIKER"].Did you hear his engines roaring when he arrived home at night?He was a night rider.Late in the evening when he drove loudly up hansberry street,my mother would say"There goes that motor-cycle guy".John!You and I did not lead sheltered lives.I have been attacked in Europe and South America in attempted robberies and that suicide-ride with Billy C. was the scariest thing that I ever experienced.In Germantown,I was never attacked by a human,only by that German Shepherd who roamed your block.Probaly,your mother and brother[Ned] remembers him.That dirty motor- scooter attacked me at Laurens and Bringhurst.I found out what the owner fed him.He was a dirty fighter.I needed Billy C. with his bike.I should have crossed the street,being a kid,I was too macho.Why should I be afraid of a 125 pound dog?Being a terrible soccer-player,I should have known better. Yes!I have a problem with dogs.Billy C. had a problem with those little feline creatures. A black cat must have crossed his path.There was a guy on Penn street next to St.Katharine's church who had many cats.His house was not a cat-house but a house of cats.Wayne Armstrong would cruise down Penn street slowly and all creatures would be safe. Billy C. could never ride in this area.Billy C. was not a cruiser.Personally,I had a cat problem.I knew a pretty lady who lived in the pines where the sun never shines.The Pinelands of New Jersey is very dark and she had a long driveway.I hear a screeching sound.She comes out of the house and Yells"My Cat!My Cat!"All those squirrels,deer,and snakes and i hit the cat.To make a long story-short I went home with the "Inquirer and the bottle of Cabernet Savignon.John Burke![detective].When Billy C. drove up your steps,was there a cat near by?I have another question.Did anybody tell you what happened on his final ride on that highway?
john Bruce Schmitt [04-22-2008]

I'm looking for a guy named Mell Affleck. We used to sit on my porch and talk about life and things. He was intelligent and very serious about life - very mature for his age. He must be the president of a bank by now. Does anyone know of his where-a-bouts. He would be about 62 or 63 and still nice-looking I'm sure. I alsowould like to find Leonard Ellis. Anybody remember them? Eileen
anonymous [04-22-2008]

You might be interested in my article "My Germantown," if you've not already seen it. http://www.surekey.com/pm/penguin/DoctorStan/my_germantown.htm. Regards, Stanley Sandler, GHS 1955
Stanley Sandler, retired university historian [04-22-2008]

Hello Jim Bell how are you been awhile since I saw you
A Friend [04-21-2008]

I grew up living on top of Lisa's candy store at Bringhurst and Wakefield Sts. I went to St.Vincent's school, Roosevelt, and Germantown HS until I fell out and joined the Navy like the ret of the neighbor Hood. When I was 14 we moved and I lived over Dr Fligeman's office on Wister St. near Wakefield St. I married Inky's sister Midgie. We are still married. We had five children, 4 are Doctor's and my daughter pasted away and we raised her two children. I gained a college education after the Navy while spending 20 years on the Police Department and eventually retired from the Phila. School District as a Senior Career Teacher with 3 Master Degrees.
jim bell, northeast philadelphia, 68 years old [04-20-2008]

Cheryl, You made me laugh out loud!...I never did that but I did bug the hell out of my sisters carmel and cecile. FRANK GISONDI, you and I have dubious records we set at McDevitt. I remember, do you? LOL...Does anyone remember the Ionelli family (spelling) the dad was a shortwave (ham) radio operator and they lived at the bottom of E clapier st on Bayton ?
anthony, margate, FL. [04-20-2008]

Anthony Pizzuti and Roy Bateman. You can buy half balls from Marc Bateman on a website called streetplay.com. It is a great site which has all kinds of information on everything from ball games, bottlecap games and even those slapping clapping games all of us girls used to play in elementary school. You can contact Marc directly at mpolish@verizon.net. He doesn't sell them on the site, just through the mail. The website also says that he has the original molds for pimple balls and is planning to make them again. The streetplay website has all of the rules for the games in case your memory is a little sketchy. Lynne
Lynne [04-20-2008]

Hi Dave Burke, Ralph Rittenhouse is living in Feasterville and work in N.Y. I will be seeing him in May in Wildwood. Iwill tell him you were asking for him . Later Mike
MIKE GARVEY, feasterville [04-20-2008]

To anonymous 4-18-08 I think I got your first initial wrong in a recent posting. It is probably "J" instead of "G", female instead of male spelling, sorry. I am happily married with a terrific wife. Definitely not a "bad" boy. I can't complain. Recently retired. Life is good. I do see some old friends including the one with the sharp 53 Mercury. I helped him rebuild the engine in that car. I remember your sister "B" and your mother also. Nice lady. I also recall you and your family moving to Almonesson NJ and passing in the halls of Germantown High (after I got ejected from Roman Catholic High). Crazy days. Keep drinking that wine. Good stuff. Does wonders for the health. I definitely imbibe it and still ski, mountainbike and run. It beats healthfood. I hope you are well and that life is treating you good. Please tell your brother "C" I was asking for him. Really nice guy.
Dan Hartnett [04-20-2008]

Dave Burkle!There were many Mc Hughs in my high school[Prep] and Germantown.There were McHughs who lived off of Manheim near the "Cricket Club",they went to St.Francis.You mentioned,"Fred Z.,had a daughter named "Nancy".I wonder if John Burke had a family member named "Nancy' who married into the Zaccardi family.I don't know if John B. knew the family.I must confess there were some hot-looking women out of St.Francis,but I strayed from home and married an elegant lady from Buenos Aires.If YOU hunt,Argentina is a great place for wild boar and the billiard-parlors are beautiful.When you and John B[Philly-PD] retire,it is something to think about.I appreciate your comments and in the next war,I want you and John B. in my foxhole.There were many brave soldiers and police-officers who came out of Germantown and St.Francis.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-20-2008]

Roy Bateman!Half-ball and chink fascinates me.At happy-hollow,there were awesome half-ball games.I especilly enjoyed watching games between between Bob Goo Guaranello[All-Public basketball] and ollie Powers[All-Interac] in basketball and baseball.I am not exaggerating when i say "It was a battle".At the time,I said to myself "What the huck is going on.Now I've been in pool-halls including Argentina where the Adrenaline-Rush busts thermometers,and this was a half- ball game.Only a Happy-Hollow guy could understand this phenomenon.It has been fifty years since i played chink.When i go up to Canal-Street in New York,I do'nt even think about using that word. Saying that word can get you a quick ride in a "Hearst".Yes!I played that game and I do'nt remember if there was any action.We played behind the Gulf Station on Wissahickon and Manheim.The homeboys from the corner would come over and play.These were not your everyday homeboys like the ones that i knew from Penn and Pulaski.These were cosmopolitan dudes-Dennis glancey and Dave heil[North Duncan Hubley[GA],Frank Connors[PC],yes PC[school-house lane],Ned Pomfret[lasalle],Harry Brown[The Prep], and guests from Roman who lived across Wissahickon Avenue.Are you ready for this?They named their corner"MANHEIM U". Hanging on the corner was not my thing. I was a gym-rat and a playground-dog,but I knew the great corners of Philly in the fifties-[Gtn.&Chelten],[K&A],[Broad& Erie},[Fkd&Cottman].I even waited for the"61" at Ridge and Girard.I believe in fate.I bump into Ned Pomfret in a bistro in Kaiserslautern,Germany not far from Manheim.He introduces me to his friend as his cornerboy from "Germantown".I wanted to say"No! Manheim U".There is a moral to the story,there were two great corners in Germantown-[Gtn&Chelten],and "Manheim U".If you beg to differ,"Take it to the streets and dance your booties off.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-20-2008]

Dave Burkle, Like you I haven't seen john in at least fifteen yrs. used to run into him now and then when we were both working out on the streets. only person I see is D.A.(Tony D'Ambrosio) he went to C.D. probably class of 69, Used to see Frank Conti from P&M now and then but not recently. Glad to hear your'e doing well. Cheryl Raffle and Anthony Pizzuti, when we couldn't scrounge up a ball we would resort to a couyple of pieces of hose about 4 to 6 inches long got plenty of welts getting in front of them. Same rules as halfsies if I rember right
George chatburn, 56, still livin in philly. [04-20-2008]

Hey Anthony Pizzuti, you can do what my 6 brothers did to me as a child. If they could not find a pimple ball or even a half of a pimple ball they would yank off my doll's head and use that. I hated them doing that. lol lol
Cheryl Raffle, Lansdale, PA [04-18-2008]

Bruce S, I remember billy colston, when i was real young he used to ride his bike up his mothers front steps, both flights. It would scare the shi* out of me. They were our next store neighbors. Mrs colston lived there for years afterwards. I also know two of dan bucceronis sons, both from the philly pd. From what im told the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Both pretty good with their hands.
John Burke, NE Philly 54 [04-18-2008]

anonymous [04-17-2008] Sure do I used to play Ball for the Sons at Batoun Field & Dietz was our sponser as long as we came back to Sons of Italy to do our drinking
JC, NE Philly & Sarasota Florida [04-18-2008]

Dave, are you the Dave M that lived on Ashmead between Marion and Knox?
Dave Burkle [04-18-2008]

Has anybody heard from Mary Jane or Jack Sutcliffe? How about Ralph Rittenhouse? Let me know.
Dave Burkle [04-18-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt, Nice to hear from you. I don't know if you know my mother's family the Mchugh's from Queen Lane George, Charlie,Deacon etc. We moved back there when my parents split. I still would go back to the old neighborhood. Fred's daughter Nancy was nice.
Dave Burkle [04-18-2008]

George, That's me and I remember you. I haven't seen John in years. Have you seen him? I wonder if he still works for the Gas Company. I use to see him sometimes out in the 19th working. Do you remember Joe Kulick? He would hang around with John and myself.
Dave Burkle [04-18-2008]

John Burke, We probably did cross paths. I was in K9 when I retired in '97. I'm with Upper Moreland PD now. I started in the 19th. We probly met when we were growing up. We moved around all over Germantown.
Dave Burkle [04-18-2008]

Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, CD 59, Deerfield Beach, FL [03-04-2008], Lorraine do you have any point of contact for either one Nancy or Claire, Thank You Bob Powers [03-04-2008] new entry, same question,4/17/08
Bob Powers [04-18-2008]

Ron Cupo, Is Lorraine your cousin? If I rember right, you lived next door to each other. I remember you from east Germantown and Simon's skating rink. You used to skate with a cute girl with a pony tail. You and your friend tried to pick up me and my girlfriend in a beautiful, pinkish, two-door 1953 or 1954 Mercury. You were cute. Was that really your car? What ever happened to the girl with the pony-tail? Do you still have the Mercury? I'd go out with you now!Anonymous
Anonymous [04-18-2008]

Ron Cupo, Is Lorraine your cousin? If I rember right, you lived next door to each other. I remember you from east Germantown and Simon's skating rink. You used to skate with a cute girl with a pony tail. You and your friend tried to pick up me and my girlfriend in a beautiful, pinkish, two-door 1953 or 1954 Mercury. You were cute. Was that really your car? What ever happened to the girl with the pony-tail? Do you still have the Mercury? I'd go out with you now!Anonymous
anonymous [04-18-2008]

Danny boy, You remembered me. How sweet. You sound so thoughtful and kind. Are you married? My brother lives far,far away. I am not married any more. If we get to meet I will tell you all about it. You don't remember our bedrooms were directly across from each other? You bad,bad boy! Thank you for the compliment. I am told that I am still good-looking. I try to take care of myself. I don't drink except for, maybe a nice glass of wine. How are you doing, Dan? Are you happy?
Anonymous [04-18-2008]

Grew up by Belfield Rec. Ctr. 21st & Chew Sts.
Mike Vozzelli, age 67, living in Cherry Hill, NJ, Barber [04-18-2008]

Dave Burkle!Thanks for your response.I remember Fred's market.Fred Z. had a son Gene from St.Francis who became a doctor.Down the street{Knox] Pat Mc Carthy also became a physician.Yes!Old Dan from the candy store,John Burke{Philly Pd] went to Cabbage's candy store at Queen Lane and Morris. Brother Cabbage was a former pug who liked to talk about boxing with me.He loved Sugar Ray Robinson.I liked Danny Bucceroni[South Philly] and Harold Johnson[Philly great].Jimmy Binns [Mt.Airy] fought Harold.Jimmy B.was a brave man.John Burke said,"He probaly crossed paths with you.I crossed paths with his neighbor[William Colson] who lived on Hansberry St.John B. does not remember Billy C., he was too young.Bill Colson was tall and quiet and he loved BIKES[large ones].I hardly ever talked to Bill C.I did not know where he hung out,his girl friend's name and so forth.He rode with Bill Hickey whose father owned the hardware store on Queen Lane.Wayne Armstrong Jr.[West Penn St.] told me" Colsom was an awesome rider.He was not an{Easy Rider",he drove hard and fast.He drove by my house with his engine roaring and belching.I would wave with my four fingers,I did not want to diss him.Low and behold,I'm waiting for the K bus at Ridge and Midvale on a rainy day when Billy C. pulls over and tells me,"Hop On Partner".At 60 MPH we would reach Wissahickon and Midvale in 2 minutes.Ninety seconds later in the rain,we approach the corner of Wiss. and Midvale. Turning the corner,Billy C. does his LEMANS{90 degree] move.I fly off the bike,and he says with his Jack Nicholson-voice,"Are You OK -Kid?".i answer back that everything is cool.I lied!MY whole body was bruised and I had to go to the laundromat to clean my clothes,especially my underwear.My last words in my life to BILLY was,"Thanks for the Ride."Not much later, he met his final destiny on the highway. "May William Colsom Rest In Eternal Piece."Bill C. had an exciting life and nobody could handle a bike like William Colson.John B. and Dave B.,i aprreciate the information on hansberry st.If those high walls on Hansberry St. could only talk.
john Bruce Schmitt [04-17-2008]

Wow! Pimple balls.... There's a memory.... Playing Chink and Half Ball... I remember old man Hudson... "Keep your hands off the cards"... "I'll pick one out for you"... He would say... Roy B.
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa 54 [04-17-2008]

Fond memories of kind neighbors, St.Francis of Assisi, Little Flower, Loudoun, Wayne Junction, Germantown and Chelten, Leeds and Northrup, Honeywell. Fun to see old family names and read how they gave meaning to their lives. Thanks for this great website.
mary walsh orzechowski, i lived in lower Germantown, married a man from Nicetown, oldest of four children: Myself, Tom, Clare and Regina. [04-17-2008]

anyone remember the sons of Italy on germantown avenue the kids christmas parties and after the softball games go back to the club for some food and drink
anonymous [04-17-2008]

Worked in Germantown for old Bell Telephone of Penna. for 42 years. Resident of Chestnut Hill, W. Oak Lane and now Willow Grove.
George Gatenby, Retired; Willow Grove, PA.; age 85 [04-17-2008]

Anyone know where I can get a pimpleball?....no, I am not CLIMBING UP THE DRAINPIPE OR GOING INTO THE SEWER EITHER...lol
anthony pizzuti [04-16-2008]

Steve Belcak.I remember you well,although it has been over 40 years since we played ball at "Fern Hill Park". Your neighbor{Steve Kay] went to St.Francis{55] and the Prep[59] with me and Pat McIlhinney.Steve has passed away.He was a good guy[smart and decent]. You went to St.Lad's on Hunting Park.I think that you went to "Dougherty".You were friends with two brothers whose father was a doctor.Do you remember the Lynch brothers[Joe and Tom].Joe played ball for Lasalle both the high-school and the college.Do you remember when Bill Haas[GA] had an encounter with Leroy Kelly{Cleveland Brown] on the court.Leroy's boxing posture reminded me of Floyd Patterson[heavy-weight champion].Did you ever see Harold[Pat] Kelley play for the "Orioles".He became a minister and died.He never converted me. For me,the park was basketball and pinochle.The guys who hung-out at "Fern Hill" were good guys. However,one Saturday,Jim Heil received an elbow in the head from Jim Katcavage{Ny Giants] which required more than a few stiches at Woman's Medical.Steve!You live in an interesting state.I like the Eastern Shore of Maryland.I like to visit Georgetown on the Sassafras river.Crabcakes,boats, good-booze and friends,it does not get any better. Germantown and "The Eastern Shore",life is good.
john Bruce Schmitt [04-16-2008]

Dave Burkle, I grew up at hansberry and mckean. Ive been with philly pd 29 years. We probably crossed each others path many times.
John Burke, 54 NE Philly [04-16-2008]

To anonymous 4-10-08 from Dan. Yes, I was the hard working red haired guy (no longer red) but I worked at Dave's Unity Frankford store at Stenton and Narragansett St. I hung around with your brother also known as Elvis. Your father drove a PTC bus. I do know your first name. I don't own up to any "peek" incidents but you were good looking. Your initials were G.F. Please give your brother my regards and I hope you are doing well.
Dan Hartnett [04-16-2008]

Here's one! Does anyone remember Hudson's Card Shop on Germantown Ave? It was across the street from the Acme. Mr Hudson was so small and he would always walk around the neighborhood with that big German Shepherd. Dave Burkle
anonymous [04-16-2008]

Joe Raffaele Jr!Thanks for the information about Bobby Goo.It is sad to hear about "Goo and Rocky".I'm glad Rocky enjoyed Florida.I just came back from South Beach and I must be getting mellow because those folks party too hardy.Rocky was great and Bobby's Goo's buddy {Ollie Powers] was a good pitcher.He pitched for Penn Charter and used to strike all those Preppies out.Another Germantown guy played for the Mets but he did not get along with Casey Stengel.I used to shoot " H O R S E" with Bobby Goo for quaters.He started with "hors" but I always lost. The dude never missed.I hope he did ok at the Casinos.May Is coming and it's "kentucky Derby Time".Tell "Uncle Dom",the horse from California looks interesting.Joe R. Jr.,Enyoy the Beach".Life is good.
anonymous [04-16-2008]

John Bruce Schmitt!John, I remember the store it was Dan's store. He was a little old guy who rented the store from Fred, who owned the grocery store on the corner.I also remember the Hannigans Thanks for writing back. Dave Burkle
anonymous [04-16-2008]

Dave Burkle, pretty sure I knew you from Wagners dances, friends with mike and John Binacci(spelling is questionable) I married Marlaine from Lena street been together 38 yrs. 3 kids and 3 grandkids. If we could turn back the clock we'd definately mover back to G-town. Believe I came across you a few times in the P.D. maybe the 19th Dist or K-9?
George Chatburn, retired PPD 98 working at Uof P [04-16-2008]

Hey anonymous, Bobby Goo passed away a couple years ago. He was living in Wildwood and hitting the casinos all the time. My uncle Rocky passed away a few years back. He was living the good life in Florida. My dad Joe sr. always told me that Rocky was a great ballplayer. Anybody out there class of 67 from St Mikes.
Joe Raffaele Jr., Cape May Court House, NJ age 54 [04-15-2008]

Dave Burkle! When I was a kid in the fifties{rock&roll days],Knox and hansberry was a goog corner to hang out.There was a candy store to play pin-ball and Knox street for football.Hank Hannigan had the strong arm for quaterback.Hank worked at Crane's and was friends with the Crane brothers[Hank and Tom].Pat Mcilhinney also lived at Knox and Hansberry,maybe you knew Joan McIlhinney.She also went to St. Francis in the 60's.The Mc Carthy family[Knox&Manheim] who run the real estate business,went to St.Francis.I hope you are enjoying the"Burbs".There are some good places to hang out in MONT.County.Joe Coll from East Germantown runs the Glenside Pub.Not far from you is the Jarrettown Hotel on limekiln pike.Congradulations on your retirement and i hope you can still hang out on "Spring Garden" with Philladelphia's finest.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-15-2008]

I graduated from St Francis in '64. I hung out at Knox and Hansberry(good times).I retired from Phila PD in '97 and I'm now working in Upper Moreland.
Dave Burkle, doylestown,57yrs [04-14-2008]

Dennis, I think you're right that the hardware store was at Chew & Locust. Actually, as I recall, Chanes Drug store was across the street on the corner of Chew & Chelten.
Sheila [04-13-2008]

Hilton, The picture on the website you gave is from the book "Germantown, Mt. Airy, and Chestnut Hill. It's from the Germantown Historical Society but I got it from Barnes & Noble. It has pictures of the Orpheum, Germantown HS, Woolworth's 5&10, and great pictures of Happy Hollow around 1910. It originally was a quarry. It was turned into a playground by the owners after a boy drowned in the quarry. The recreation center opened in 1911. The pictures are fantastic. It's worth picking up a copy.
Lynne [04-13-2008]

I am re-running this link. There is a picture of Orpheum Theatre and many other memories of old Germantown . I found this site by accident surfing the net Hope you enjoy Hi Chas
Hilton DeWitt III, Age 50 [04-13-2008]

Teresa Raffaele Linney! I went to St. Francis "55" with your uncle[Dominick Raffaele}.We both liked the horses.Only God could have created these beautiful creatures so that man could enjoy them in the fields and at the track.Our classmate [Frank Felice} also liked the ponies.I always went to Crane's to get good tips from Tom Crane.Joe's Steak's was a great place.Earlier I had gone to Sal's.I used to shoot hoops with Sal B.I wonder what happened with an old time hollow-guy[Goo-Goo].Your dad [Joe R.] would probaly where Bobby[Goo] Guaranello is.I also remember your "Uncle Rocky".He was a great baseball player.I wished he had played for Connie Mack[The A's Manager] who was from Germantown. Give my regards to Dom and all of your family. "long Live Germantown and Viva The Villas".
anonymous [04-13-2008]

Joey DePero...OMG..you are too funny..how are you? I sent you an e-mail to your address. Hope all is well Teri
Teri [04-12-2008]

Thanks Sheila. I stand corrected. I go over to Germantown monthly for IC reunion meetings and will do a driveby to see the tin man once again. Speaking of reunions, Immaculate Conception is planning a reunion of former parishioners, alums, classmates, former neighbors and friends of the parish on October 19, 2008. a lot is planned. Email for more info or to be added to the mailing list, Please pass the word!
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-12-2008]

To anonymous, I never knew a hardware store on Chew, next to Chane's. The hardware store with the tin man is on the corner of Chew & Locust, a couple stores down from where Trio Cold Cuts used to be. I may be off on the name but I knew that to be Chew Hardware. Sheila
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-12-2008]

To the people who asked about the Orpheum Theatre picture, I came across this site by surfing the net .I'm not sure how I found it. I am reposting the link for anyone who missed it the first time the people who asked about the Orpheum Theatre picture" I came across this site by surfing the net .I'm not sure how I found it. I am reposting the link for anyone who missed it the first time
Hilton DeWitt III, Age 50 [04-12-2008]

Anonymus. I remember playing ball at Belfield and playing pinball at Cherry's steak shop. We would run around the Germantown Hospital until Ed the Guard would kick us out. Do you remember that older kid Richard Williams who had the picture of Elvis chalked on his front porch.Send me an email Anonymus
Hilton DeWitt III, Age 50 [04-12-2008]

Dennis, I was just down on Chew St.about a month ago and the Tin Man was there.
Sheila [04-11-2008]

Hey all I graduated from st Mikes in 1970 lived on E abbottsford and W Clapier Sts. Hey Terry Evans you still got my comb? Germantown was a great place sure beats the hell out of Levittown. I remember hanging out in front of Pops at clapier and little schuyler sts. with the Pio's and the Rosatti's and the D'Angelos, Larry Kelso, Louie Landis and Shook and about 30 others, needless to say the cops were always chasing us. All you 70 alumni from st mikes make sure to drop me a line at Dsprdo95@aol.com Joe depero
Joe DePero, Levittown, 51, [04-11-2008]

The Germantown Reunion in North Wildwood is SOLD OUT.
Dave, GBC member [04-11-2008]

John, The 400 blk of Hansberry is between what streets?
teri [04-11-2008]

John Burke! I knew your family well.Your cousin Joe Murray was my classmate and a philosopher.John Murray and I worked at Fred's and Jesse's market at Queen Lane and Morris.We delivered groceries to the the"Queen Lane Project".Today,I would only visit the project if I had my two friends[Smith and Wesson].I also knew your brother[Ned}He was on the"H"bus when I refused to give my seat to 3 dudes from Daniel Boone.What a ride?Your father originally was from Kensington and he used to hold court with "Slugger Boyle" at the continental post. Your father{Ed Burke} was a good looking,rugged Irishman.He was active with the union and knew John McCullough{Roofer's Pesident}.Big John met his demise in an unfortunate manner.It makes me sad just to think about it.He also knew Goony Walsh who was a union organizer.Ed Burke was well respected in union circles.There were many characters who frequented "The Continental" and your father could match stories with anybody.I used to shoot darts with your friend's brother[Tom Wilkins].That son of a gun was good.Guess who was getting the round?I understand jim Wilkins hangs up the mountains;hunting bears,deer,maybe wild boar and drinking some good beer.Tell the family"Hello",and tell "The Boys ON The Block",we are not getting any younger and that "Germantown Rules".
john Bruce Schmitt, retired teacher [04-11-2008]

dennis -i can't believe how much you remember about gtn. i also remember the chew hardware. the one at chew and chelten was called the chew hardware and my grandmother lived on top of it for about 40years. it was next to chanes drug store. i remember the tin man but was it at that hardware store.
anonymous [04-11-2008]

Would like to say hi to Bob Lightcap.No, I am not part of your "old gang", but I believe we are related. I know of your family's moving co. As a matter of fact they moved us to NJ. (around 1962) Would your father have been named Mickey? And grandfather named Charlie? I remember them well, and a lot the places you mentioned in your post. I was wondering about your wife's family-as my grandparents lived at 212 Shedaker St. However my grandmother passed away in 1961 and was wondering if her family was there during that time. We do remember the name Penderghest and there was a M/M Walter Penderghest at her funeral.My brother(also Bob Lightcap) who lives in Florida has done an extensive genealogy researh and found that there is a definte connection to Charlie Lightcap--so that does make us related. From reading these posts I understand that you have a brother named John and possibly a sister named Susan. Am I correct? Are any of you going to the "Brickyard" reunion? Always enjoy reading about that magical place called Germantown, and learning more about all the people. Hope I will hear from you so we can talk more about family connections. Regards, Mary Jane Garvis
Mary Jane (Lightcap) Garvis, Blackwood, N. J., age-70 [04-11-2008]

Hilton as for the pics, they were great and a lot of good memories. Where did you find them?
anthoyg [04-10-2008]

We took a ride through the old neighborhood and the tin man is still standing on Chew Street. Amazing, huh?
Sheila [04-10-2008]

a lot of memories are brought back reading the names and places. John lawless and i were in the same class. attended nicholetti school of learing from55 to 64. Lived on clapier st off gtn anve post office used to be on the corner. american store at seymour and Gnt ave. rmember goig to the fruit store for tomatoes 5lb for a dollar. jacks deli for three loafes of bread and three lb baloney and i think 3 lb of cheese for three dollars. Still have my 1957 boys club card.graduated st Francis in 57. spred my high school education around north for 2 years and germantown for 2 more class 61
raymond dawes, 65 live in oreland [04-10-2008]

Bruce Schmitt, if you lived at 503 hansberry st. you would know my brother ned and my cousins the murrays, joe and john. My mother is still living in the 400 blk of hansberry. The continental post is still open.
John Burke, 54 NE philly [04-10-2008]

The Tin Man is still there although there are new owners at the hardware store now.
Nick Capozzi, Montgomery County [04-10-2008]

Dan, I believe I lived next door to you on Haines Street for a awhile. Are you the hard-working, red-haired boy who used to delivere groceries in your little red wagon from the store at the corner of Stenton and Haines Streets? I believe you and my brother used to look at my father's naughty magazines. I think you tried to sneak a peek at me a couple of times. I knew you were looking - it was ok. If it is you, do you remember my first name?
Anonymous [04-10-2008]

I do remember that tin man. It was outside the Chew Hardware at Chew & Locust. I recall it from growing up in the 1960s and it was still there until fairly recently, maybe a few years ago. It is no longer there today.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-10-2008]

Hilton DeWitt(Dill-Pick) remember basketball and baseball at Belfield. Explorers Den,Cherries,Franks,LaSalle and Wister Woods.
anonymous [04-09-2008]

Dan, we must have been at St. Francis at the same time. My family moved away in 1970 or I would have graduated in 1971. e-mail me at mtbuchanan@comcast.net. All the best, Mike Buchanan
Mike Buchanan, Chester County [04-09-2008]

anyone out there know where bill or bob o'donald are please post and let me know I date bob when he pump gas at the gas station on belfield ave anyone knows anything let me know thanks a friend
anonymous [04-09-2008]

anyone remmber the tin man standing on chew ave
anonymous [04-09-2008]

Dan,thank you for name of the bar at Stenton and Haines St,I used to go their in the middle 60's also Ronnie Di Maria used to hang down the corner from my house at Chelten and Heiskell St in front of Sam's Drug Store with Johnny Christman many years ago,Sandy
sandy cipriano [04-09-2008]

Hilton De Witt 111, Thank you for the treasure trove of memories from that Gtn. site. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Orpheun theatre in all it's regal glory along with the other memorable scenes. I lived in Germantown from 1947 through 1963. That was a magical time.
bernard mc kernan, maryland 67yrs. [04-09-2008]

I went to St.Francis"55".I graduated from the "Prep in 59".I played basekball at the Hollow Fernhill Park and the boys club.I hung out at the Continental and Crane's.I am still friends with Pat McIlhinney.
John Bruce Schmitt, retired teacher [04-09-2008]

hey Bob, I think I went to St. Francis with your brother John Lightcap. I graduated from St.Francis in 1971.I also had a Linda Penderghest in my class.
dan [04-08-2008]

To Elaine Helsen, I saw your entry. I used to live at 1376 and hung around for a while with your cousin Ronnie DiMaria. I remember your mother Mary (nice Lady) and your family. I also remember the Pop Shop formally known as Sam's and Mungie Joe's. The first motorcycle people I ever saw hung out at that place. One of them was a guy named Clarkie who bacame a highway cop I think. I thought I remembered you as hanging around with MaryAnne Rota. not sure. We spent a lot of time hanging at Price and Crittenden, Aubery Park, and getting chased by the cops, generally for fun (unless you got caught). I tended bar for a few years at the Proper Place on Stenton Ave, formerly the Hiway. Your mother was a waitress there for a while and so was Adeline Giuliana. I hpe all is well. One other place I forgot, everyday at Carson's in the summer.
Dan Hartnett, From Haines near Stenton [04-08-2008]

Picture of the Orpheum Theatre Any good memories here?
Hilton DeWitt III, age 50 [04-08-2008]

David HAPPY BIRTHDAY you just joined the 60 CLUB.Gregg
gregg striano [04-08-2008]

My family owned the Lightcap Moving co. at 5017 Wakefield St. I attended St. Francis of Assis School. I then attended Northeast Catholic High School and graduated in 1962. When I was a kid in Germantown, I spent a lot of time at Bayton Playground & Happy Hollow. Went to the St. Francis of Assisi dances on Saturday nights. I used to spend a lot of time at Germantown Boys Club on Penn St. then on the way home, used to stop at Young's Candy Store and get candy from the penney tray(butterscotch lassies were my favorites). Who can forget places such as Duva's, Dairy Maid, the Orpheum, Bandbox, and New Lyric theaters. We used to sneak lightning bugs into the theater and let them loose after the movie started, used to drive Mr. Spiegle nuts. Also places like the Dog House & Bittner's Bakery and Niccoletti's at Wister and Wakefield Sts. We used to spend a lot of time in Mary Jane Gallaghers Backyard just generally messing around and having a good time. I would love to hear from of the old gang, so please get back to me. They can take a lot away from you but not the old memories, those wonderful old memories! Looking forward to hearing from some of You. Bob Lightcap rblsr.1@comcast.net
Bob Lightcap, Live in Northeast Phila. I am 63 yrs. old I married my High School Sweetheart, Ethel Penderghest from 210 Shedaker St. We will be celebrating Our 44th Wedding Anniversary on Sept 12th 2008. We have 2 Children, Twins, a boy, Robert Jr. & a girl, Michele. Both are Married. Our Daughter married a Lawyer, James Musial and have 3 wonderful children, Allison, 10 - Brian, 8, - and Caylee, 5. They live in Richboro, Penna. [04-07-2008]

yo tacky. how about a beer at the chew
Nicky L [04-06-2008]

George Washington, old friend [04-06-2008]

Bob D'Angelo, living in the Allentown area [04-06-2008]

Teresa..OMG..I am so happy to hear from you..I e-mailed you and sent you my phone @..please call..I can't wait to talk. Teri Ann
Teri Evans Ireland [04-06-2008]

Would it be possible to add directions, times & phone numbers? Was trying to find info on how to get there and find out when they are open for Germantown. Thanks.
Eileen Mercer, Bucks Cty [04-06-2008]

hey terri what's up I can't believe this going to be great,my uncle Dom R affaele works at Westy's, what happen to Maria Barrilli, linda Rogowski, carmella,stanley, remenber orange crates and roller skates,and chalk board games around the block and the mailman on wayne and logan who alaways gave out Wrigley gum,can't wait My Mom and Dad had Joe's Steak shop on wayne across from happy hallow man germantown was clean
Teresa Raffaele Linney, Villas, N.J. [04-05-2008]

we grew up together in cowtown at roses steak shop with your father I hung mostley with your uncle victor. We were at your fathers suprize partys.I herd your father had A stroke how is doing,good I hope. tell him Tacky&Betty were asking for him.
tacky&betty, levittown [04-05-2008]

Mike, I remember the chicken store at gtn and Rittenhouse. Do you remember the slogan across the top of the door? "A chicken is only a bird, but the wing is the thing." We used to stand at the back door, which was wide open in the summer and watch them kill those chickens. How sick were we? Today they would probably be sited by the city for no screen door. We could just go on and on with all the great places and things we did in Germantown. Loraine, the traveling farmer was Herr's, the same one who is adverting and very successful today. I can still see his face. How about the hucksters Harry "Coochie" Dambra and Louie Morning? We had all the conveniences.
anthonyg [04-05-2008]

Not sure how I found this site but I was born and raised on Milne Street and lived in Germatntown until about 1969....Fernhill Park was the place to be when growing up and I'm enjoying reading all the posts. Be well to all Steve
Steve Belcak, Retired now in MD [04-05-2008]

There's a nice article on the Asher Companies at the link below. Mike Russo, I've seen Asher products in a few of the resorts at Walt Disney World. I even got a small box of it, as a gift, when I bought my time share at Saratoga Springs Resort. Col. Chester A. Asher & the Asher Chocolate Co. were strong supporters of the GBC and Camp Indiandale. My brother and I first got to Camp on an Ashers scholarship too. He served on the board of directors there for a lot of years. http://www.workshopoftheworld.com/germantown/asher.html For all you Walt Disney World fans; There's a strong Germantown and Philly connection at WDW, including the steam engines that were made at the Baldwin Locomotive Works and the Carousel made by the Philadelphia Toboggan Co. The Carousel was made in 1917 and was bought by the Disney Co. in 1968 and refurbished for the park. Cinderella's horse was added to the carousel and the music was changed in the band organ. Look for her horse the next time you're there. Hint,it's the second row in and it's the only horse with a yellow ribbon on it's tail. The four steam locomotives were built between 1916 & 1928 by Baldwin Locomotive Works. The "Walter E. Disney", 1925, the "Lilly Belle", named after Walt's wife, built 1928, the "Roger E. Broggie", named after a Disney Imagineer, built 1925 and the "Roy O. Disney", named after Walt's brother, built 1916.
Bill [04-05-2008]

Tommy Rice, you lived upstairs from the Foxes next to our store. Your mom is Sophie, I believe, and your sister Patty was my first "Girlfriend". I have pictures of all the neighborhood kids at your house for a birthday party. How are you and your family?
Frank Gisondi, Baynton and Shedaker [04-05-2008]

Haasis bakery had a store in Feasterville on Bridgetown Pike I think in the 90's. They closed there and not sure if they opened anywhere else. Yes the sticky buns were the best.
cathy [04-04-2008]

Mike Russo, you're right..We stay at Disney Boardwalk Hotel and you can buy Ashers candy there and in the parks.
Sheila [04-04-2008]

To anonymous, the corner of morris and queen lane store names were volpe,s mkt, pioneer mkt, and the drug store was dr. peppers. There was a small candy store right off the corner on morris st called cabbages where you could also get a shoeshine.
john burke, 54 NE Philly [04-03-2008]

anonymous, Grew up in the Pulaskitown section of Germantown.. [04-01-2008] Hi, I still live off Morris St between Schoolhouse Lane and Chelten Ave. Crane's was still in business on Queen Lane until the 1990's It drew patrons from all over the city and outside of the city. I took my children to mass at St Catherine's until the Catholic church decided to close it for 2 reasonss. 1) "since the other parishes in the city were now integrated there was no longer a need for it" and 2) they said they could not afford staff and maintain it. This is still a good interracial neighborhood where people of all races and creeds live side by side and help each other and watch out for each other, and the kids all play together. A few years ago a woman was mugged on her way home from work. One of our black neighbors went out and bought whistles for all the women in the neighborhood and handed them out. When there is a problem it is from someone who does not live in the area. We loved Haasis Bakery. They did have a problem with their ice cream having too high a bacteria count at one time. They never did recover from it. But it was a sad day when they closed. I loved their sticky buns. Bernie, Asher's is still in existence but had to move away because they could not expand any further where they were. The sons are running it and were very committed to Germantown. They had already expanded across Armat Street and connected the buildings with a covered conveyor belt that was about 2 stories above the street. It was odd driving down the street and seeing this duct work going from a building on one side of the street to the building on the other side of the street. Actually one of the Asher's (I cannot remember his first name) was President of the Germantown Business Association prior to their moving. They were still selling the Germantown Poster and cups, shirts, etc., with the Germantown logo on them. You can still buy Asher's candy in a lot of places in Philadelphia. Reading terminal I think. Macy's that use to be John Wanamaker's in Plymouth Meeting use to and may still sell it. Candie's Hallmark store in Ivy Ridge Shopping Mall in Roxborough at Domino Lane and Ridge Has two display case full of Asher's candy. Mark Russo, That is a nice story about Mr Asher. Happy Spring Everyone.
Maryalice, Still in Germantown [04-03-2008]

Anita, I knew a Janet White from Germantown High. I haven't seen her since the mid 60's.
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh [04-03-2008]

Boy Sid Payne is a name I haven't heard of in over 45 years Bobby Durkin and him used to be on Bandstand back in the late 50's,hope they are both fine Sandy
anonymous [04-03-2008]

Haasis Bakery was still delivering rolls, cheese cakes, and the like, to corner stores in Germantown in the 60's.
Anonymous [04-02-2008]

Bernie, I remember Asher's Candies. I see them delivered to Disney's Boardwalk Resort and I recall Colonel Asher, who "sponsored" me at the Germantown Boy's Club to attend Camp Indiandale for $65.00 per week because I wanted to go and my parents couldn't afford it. I have fond memories of that man for the opportunity that otherwise would have eluded me. I am sure that he took care of other boys also since I recall him being at the Boy's Club very often. I remember him at camp as well providing information about certain buildings. He discovered my plight and approached me one evening and then met with my father about camp. Thanx, Mike
Mike Russo, 58 Central Florida [04-02-2008]

Sid Payne is having a dowop show down at WORLD CAFE 3025 WALNUT ST. UofP. Sat. April 12 at 7:30 until 1:30.Harvey Holiday is hosting - Acappella group The Norristones, Little Isidore and the Inquisitors.Sid Payne is a old brickyarder.It going to be a great time.
patty [04-02-2008]

bill, not sure how they are doing. we do not see the family as much as my father-law dose. hope they are well. how are you doing andyour family. geri
Geri (Mumenthaler) Vesci [04-02-2008]

Bob Powers, Thank's for remembering me. Yes i hope to re-unite with as many school chums as possible at N. Catholic's 50th reunion. I would feel most comfortable if the reunion were held in the cafeteria hall as this is where i spent most of my four yrs. Detention or better know as "Knobby's Jug". When i wasn't there, i was headed to "Bandstand". Stay well. Bernie Mc
bernie mckernan, maryland 67yrs. [04-02-2008]

Haasis Bakery, had the best donuts and home made Ice Cream! It was located on Queen Lane in the Pulaskitown section of Germantown.. It had a factory behind the shop that ran up Morris Street to Penn. The Bakery ran into hard time in the 50’s, I believe there was a food poisoning scare with one of there products. After that they lost customers and no longer disturbed to stores.. It ran as a neighborhood bakery until some time in the 70’s when all the white owned businesses where run our of Pulaskitown by the Black Panthers.. Some of the other businesses that left the neighborhood at that time were. Crane’s restaurant and bar, and small family owned grocery store on the corner of Morris and Queen Lane, several Mom and Pop drug and small convenience stores, Barber Shop and Cleaners, Abe’s dinette. Queen Lane between Pulaski and Wissahickon was an area of Germantown that had some nice little small businesses.. What a shame because up to that time the Pulaskitown section of Germantown was a good interracial neighborhood. Blacks and whites lived side by side and watched out for each other and where good neighbors to each others. Black and white kids where best friends. It was not white flight in Pulaski town it was “Whites Get Out or Else”. Whites Catholics went to and supported St Catherin’s of Sinai, located were Penn St. turns into King St., a church and school founded by “Saint Mother Katherine Drexel’’, for American Blacks and Indians.
anonymous, Grew up in the Pulaskitown section of Germantown.. [04-01-2008]

There are even some old catalogs (the "Iron Horse") from the 50's from E&H on eBay - (it stood for "Electronic and Hobbycraft"), along with some HO boxcars they made as advertising - just type in "E&H Hobby" and you'll find them.
Bruce Marshall [04-01-2008]

The hobby shop was "E&H Model Hobbies" - the sporting goods place across the street on the north side was "M&H". This has been discussed at greater length in the archives. There was a rotisserie chicken place on the south side of Chelten just east of Greene St. called Longacre's Poultry.
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [04-01-2008]

Once again, I find myself reading "your thoughts" on the Gtn. website & I would like to share remembering a few of my favorite things. I remember a travelling farmer who visited our home every wk. to sell us fresh eggs. At Easter, he would also sell brightly colored chicks & ducks (usually dyed blue and/or pink). I remember the Bond breadman (chocolate coated donuts were the BEST!) The Sealtest milkman would deliver milk several times a wk. (cream on top, & you could lick the cardboard lid). Back in "those days", the containers were not hermetically sealed & the milk actually tasted like milk. I remember Sam, the dress man & Tony, the huckster (who drove thru the neighborhood every Sat.) Frank, the tailor would pick up & deliver your dry cleaning & starched, white shirts. I remember red plaid, flannel- lined dungarees. My grandchildren asked me what dungarees were.....they call them jeans, now. I remember those "jeans" as being warm & the flannel lining was soft next to your chapped legs (which you got sledding down "suicide hill"). I remember going to the dances at LaSalle, skating at Simon's, biking thru Awbury park, picking up flowers, usually gladiolas, (from the "dump"). I think they were discarded by the local undertakers. I remember Heller's (original 7-11) on Price St. that sold everything from penny candy to toilet tissue. I remember Smitty's (located on Naragansett St.) I lived on the 1300 block of Haines St. (odd #'s). My aunt & uncle lived across the st. (even #'s). I would cross the st., go thru my aunt/uncle's house, cross their alley to Smitty's back door). Haines St. was a busy street with lots of traffic; but it was never too busy to be a good neighbor. Enjoy! Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, 66, fl, cdhs 59 [04-01-2008]

Geri. what is jeffrey vesci and joanne vesci up to?
bill mcginty [04-01-2008]

Here the the web page for Brickyard..http://www.germantownbrickyard.com/ The reunion information is posted there!
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [04-01-2008]

Is anybody aware of an institution in Gtn.: Ashers candy? They are still producing delicious confectionary? This company is now located in Lansdale Pa & is over 100 yrs old. If memory serves me correct, they were sanwiched between Woolworth's on Gtn ave & Armat st in a small street called appropriately...Asher st. This company contributed mightily to my cavatity situation along with Marquetand's on Chelten ave. It's a small wonder i didn't leave Gtn weighing 300lbs. My secret?? running from the cops of the 14th district.
bernie mc kernan, maryland land of hig taxes & low productivity. [04-01-2008]

The G'town reunion is May 17th in Wildwood. Here's the link: http://www.germantownbrickyard.com/id5.htm
Martha, stuck in the swamps of Jersey [04-01-2008]

That store on Chelten Avenue was Longacre's. I, too, remember the rotisserie chickens that were in the window. There is a picture of Longacre's from the early 1960s out on Classmates.com, on the Immaculate Conception (E. Chelten Ave.) site in the photo album called "Germantown - yesteryear". With Classmates, you will need to first register, but that does not require you to become a member and won't cost you anything. There are also many other pictures out there of Germantown back in the day, including of the majestic Orpheum back in the 1960s (with the familiar marquee). Back in the 1960s, the Orpheum was in a tired state. But, even in a tired state, the Orpheum outshone all other neighborhood theatres (except those in Center City). The Orpheum was a true gem.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-01-2008]

Hey Tommy,go to www.germantownbrickyard.com follow the link on the left for more reunion info chalie
Chalie Garvey [04-01-2008]

Tommy Rice, Go to http://germantownbrickyard.com
Kl [04-01-2008]

John Ducilli, I had to add this. I still have the peace medallion you acquired from that Lutheran church supply place; my son wore it on Halloween to go out as a 'Hippie'. And speaking of Hippies, I still tell everybody how you and me (and Beverly and Colleen) were just about ready to leave to go to a rock concert in New York, when I was on leave in August 1969, and your brother, Butchie was already there and he called you to tell us not to go because the roads were so backed up; so we went to Washington Crossing State park instead, for a picnic! No big deal, just a change of plans, right?! Except Butchie had called from Woodstock.
Bill James, the Hollow [04-01-2008]

John Ducilli, Do you me using that 55 Chevy to push your souped up Valient (I think it was) all the way back to the Hollow after it broke down in Roxborough where we went for a fight.They had beat up Cricket at the Scuttlebutt a few nights before. We couldn't find them and the fight didn't happen, which was OK by me. Although I didn't really know any, I didn't like those 'rich' kids from upper Roxborough. I guess that was probably jealousy but looking back I think we were the richer ones for growing up in Germantown. I also remember you having a dangerously fast Triumph motorcycle.
Bill James, raising 3 'rich' kids in upper roxborough [04-01-2008]

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