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March 2008

Bernard mc kernan [03-26-2008], I see your name in this site, quite often,Good to hear from you, Your are right about Tony Bateman, Class guy. He wouild have never did the things to Mr Rossi that you did, Lot;s of laughs. Are you going to try and make the NC 50th reunion ? I hope so. Keep in touch.
Bob Powers [04-01-2008]

Anthony, I remember a "chicken store" at Germantown and Rittenhouse, They sold live chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc. and killed to order. We would go and select the bird and come later to pick it up all cleaned and plucked. Yes, train fare was 20 cents back then.
Mike Russo, Central Florida [04-01-2008]

Kevin, we shopped at all the stores you mentioned in gtn, even the stores on south st., before south st became what it is today. How about the Arrow store right at the bottom of the steps of the reading terminal? I know it's not gtn. but we boarded the train on chelten ave. to get there. I'm still riding those first silver trains to center city. There are the newer ones, but they still use that first batch, the ones with the reversible seats. I think the fair back then was $.20 one way.
anthonyganthonyg@comcast.net [03-31-2008]

Hey Roy, I remember the chicken store with the rotisserie spits in the window. I just can't remember exactly where it was.
anthonygi [03-31-2008]

does anyone out there know when and where the brickyard reunion is being held
thomas j rice [03-31-2008]

Is John Lightcap going to the reunion
anonymous [03-31-2008]

Robert Steele ... Haasis Bakery moved from Germantown to Feasterville, PA (which is just outside Philadelphia). I don't know when they moved, but they were in Feasterville during part of the 70's. Yes, it was the bakery from Germantown. I have no idea if they are still in business today.
Rob [03-31-2008]

i used to work at scaleas bakery grew up in g-town and yes everyone is right about what a great place to grow up in those were the good old days
john freiling, church lane east g-town [03-30-2008]

Does anyone know what happened to Janet White ? She lived on Wayne Ave. near Chelten Ave.
Anita, 61 years old [03-30-2008]

Hi! John B, It was The M+H...
Roy Bateman, bellefonte Pa 54 still crying...poor chicken [03-30-2008]

Wow! Bernie, That is the sadist chicken story I've heard in a while.. Poor Chicken... Does anybody remember a shop on Chelten Ave., that had rotiserie chicken in the window? It was around 1964,near the Orpheum. I don't know the name, but the chickens were really good,
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa 54 crying [03-30-2008]

What happened to the postings from February on this site? Is it gone or has my computer gone haywire?
Lynne [03-30-2008] [The February archives are now posted. Sorry for the delay. -Webmaster]

To Robert Steele...I can't tell you when Haasis Bakery closed, but I remember it well. It was sure a good bakery. I particularly liked their French crullers.
Sheila [03-30-2008]

I was looking for information about the Haasis Bakery and came across these articles about Germantown. Actually I lived in Eas Falls (1939-1955). My uncle worked at a custom made furniture store (Feldencrist?) on Germantown Ave in the 30's, 40's and partly the 50's. I remember shopping the the FW Woolworth store on Germantown Ave.I went to Central High School and took the trolley and or bus thru parts of Germantown to Ogontz Ave and transferred. I was looking to see if the Haasis Bakery was still in existence or when it went out of business. I have so many many fond memories of the Falls and of Germantown. I worked at a Drug Store about 1050-51 on Greene St. (Kutchers Drug store). If anyone wants to go down memory lane I'd sure like to hear from you.
Robert Steele, San Diego, Ca 75 years old [03-28-2008]

Bernie in Maryland-- I forgive you but I think God is going to beat you with a big stick for stealing the sugar out of your siblings mouths. Get thee to the confessional.
kevin, Kevin, Santa Barbara, CA [03-28-2008]

Hey Kevin in Santa Barbara, did you ever know that i got up early, early on Easter morn stuffed my pie hole with all the candy i could get my hands on from yours & the other siblings baskets. Then i proceeded to swipe a few from my own so as not to look guilty. Your first clue should have been when i passed on Mom's special breakfast with a tummy ache. I remember "Chester" the chick we bought at Woolworth's. The bugger turned out to be a rooster & grew pretty big. Pop started looking at him as he saw some kind of meal. Chester aka "Chestie" ran away & got squished by the many vehicles that used church la as a speedway.
Bernie, maryland age 67, surprised i'm still alive [03-28-2008]

Hi Kevin,did you live on Church Lane I think I remember you an your brother hope you are fine I 'am going back to when we were in 8th grade I when to Holy Rosary but had a lot of friends from St Vincent Happy Spring Sandy from Cowtown
anonymous [03-28-2008]

March was a wonderful time in old Germantown. Our childish thoughts would turn to Easter and baskets full of buttercream eggs and jellybeans; new Easter outfits purchased after serious negotiations with the boss--Mom--after exhausting the inventory of the Vernon Shop, Robert Hall, Sears and even a quick run downtown to the Boyd and Globe shops. For real bargins, we ventured all the way to South St. Anyone remember Krass Bros.? We did do Easter Mass in style, even if we spent the rest of the year in Keds and jeans...bottoms rolled up, of course, to display the blue stripe. I can still recall the cock-a-doole -do our Easter chicken made at sunrise...its call drifting up over the factories and rowhouses of Gtn., and in the distance, someone yelling "Shut that damn bird up."
kevin, Kevin, 63 yrs old, Santa Barbara, CA. [03-28-2008]

Hi Bill, Yes Jimmy Vesci is my husbands third couson. Frank is from Mount Airy. geri
Geri (Mumenthaler) Vesci [03-28-2008]

Martha, The street you were referring to is either Tocoma St. 1 block West or Keyser St. 1 block East.
Dave, Still in Philly [03-28-2008]

Roy, im taking a guess here but was the hobby shop m&h or s&h?
john burke, 54 NE Philly [03-28-2008]

anita (neaty) Kelly, Lived on Morton Street, Germantown [05-31-2007]Where on Morton Street, And when did you go to StVincents? I lived 5847 Morton Street. between Haines and Rittenhuse, I Grad from St Vincents 6/54
Bob Powersw [03-27-2008]

Hi Martha, Good duck story...You quack me up...My mom would get mad at me for bringing home those little green turtles from the pet store.Do you remember the name of the Hobby Shop?
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa. 54 [03-27-2008]

Hi Bill Mcginty, That must be why my pennies would not stay on the trolley tracks. Too much greese Does anyone remember making quarters out of pennies?
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa 54 [03-27-2008]

Jean (Dougherty)Pisul-Sorry to say I am not the Lightcap you are looking for. Did not know of your group or your church-and I was never a teacher-nor a blonde.I am a bit older than you,70 to be exact,so I guess the timing would be right-but there were many Lightcaps in Gtn. and the Philly area.With luck maybe the right one will see these posts and contact you.Good luck with your hunt.
Mary Jane (Lightcap) Garvis [03-26-2008]

Mike Garvey-- This is Tony D's daughter, Valerie.. Betty Boob told him Johnny Lawless and Silvie both past away and he wants to know if Earl Fox is around? Is this for real? He was trying to get in touch with you for years. He tried to find you in the NE, someone told him you hang in Wissahicken VFW but he never found you there. He guesses little Mikey is all grown up.. and How's Sue doing? You can get back in touch with him at my email address RUD0330@aol.com He would like to see you and get in touch with you. He wants to know about the reunion? He said to take care and wants to see you soon.
Tony D, 59 [03-26-2008]

A few of my thoughts,hanging out in Wister Woods,played ball at Belfield Rec,and the Club.Was a Public so I went to school at Pastorius,Roosevelt,Wagner,and G-Town. Remember the Rose Carnival at G-town Hospital,Explorers Den,Kettles Market,K-Market,Bert the ice cream man,Knabs and Maryanns bakeries.Yearsley Post,Marlowes and the Democrat Club places were my dad drank.Climbing the fence with my brother to St.Joes/Gonzaga girls home and the fat ass guard chasing with his dogs.
Chas. Yeiter [03-26-2008]

Michelle, (Gaun )(Miletto), my Brother & I lives at 4644 Germatown Ave & remember Slavins & we also played in Louden park with our Dalmation, We knew about Little Willie also. moved to E. Seymour St(54) when the Young's (Painter) decided they wanted the house for thier sister Eva, also remeber The Slavin's. My Brother & I both went to St Michaels.
JC, NE Philly & Sarasota Florida 24 Yrs Phila PD. Nickname was Buffalo [03-26-2008]

Geri(Mumenthaler) Vesci. Are related to the Vescis who lived on Greene Street?
BILL MCGINTY, philly. pa [03-26-2008]

john burke and roy bateman. i remember sister concetta telling me and others that all we would do for a living was grease the trolly tracks.nyuk, nyuk,nyuk!
bill mcginty, philadelphia, pa [03-26-2008]

I have been reading and looking at this site for awhile..Does anyone remember the Burns Family, lived on Cleveland St in Nicetown.3 brothers-Butch, Clarke, Larry and one sister Carol...Lived next store to the barber shop on the corner, family by the name of Homolash nxt store
Mary Christie, Simi Valley, CA, 58 yrs old [03-26-2008]

Woolworth's also had the best hot dogs on toasted buns. My girlfriend and I used to walk up the Avenue every Saturday for that meal and to try for the 1 cent banana split. What was the name of the pet store on Chelten Avenue that used to have the dyed chicks & ducklings every year? I think it was a few doors away from the Orpheum. I used to smuggle one home every Easter only to have my parents take it from me to go live on the "farm". Does anyone remember the Raybolds duck? They lived near Fitler, on a small street between Manheim & Seymour, one block in from Wayne Ave. They used to walk their duck on a leash. Doesn't get much funnier than that for a city kid!
Martha, stuck in the swamps of Jersey [03-26-2008]

Hi Michelle, I do remember The Point,Ye olde Ale House,The R+F,and The Queene Lane Lounge...hick up! Do you remember the old bowed legged man with a cigar that would follow you through the 5+10 at Gtn.+Seymour...what do you want ?what are you looking for?,he would say.. Great Memories..... Great web site Mike....
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa. 54 thirsty [03-26-2008]

Mary Jane (Lightcap) Garvis [03-22-2008] MaryJane, Thanks for the memory. I do remember the windows being painted, And you did a good job also. And I also wish you could post pictures, Great Memory.We are close in age, I Grad from North Cath '58, Thanks
BOB POWERS [03-26-2008]

Anthony (Tony)Bateman passed away several years ago. He left a wife a quite a few children. I saw his obit in the Phila. Inquirer. I was in the same class with Tony but never in the same class if you know what i mean. A real nice guy.
Bernard mc kernan [03-26-2008]

Yes lots of fun with the ballons for a good banana split. And the photo both was fun to. Jane were did you lived in g-town. I lived at 15 e Clapier st. Do you live in the area. I live in Chalfont Pa geri
Geri (Mumenthaler) Vesci [03-26-2008]

Dorothy, I do think I remember you from Roosevelt. I didn't know Joey had another sister. I don't know why I am confused about the name of his sister. I'm pretty sure it is Ginger, but that could have been her nickname. You'd think I'd know better since I babysat for her kids almost every day one summer.
Sheila [03-26-2008]

I too remember Woolworths and popping the balloon for a 1 cent banana split and,Mom taking me there after school and the lemon merangie pie. This is such a great site. I was reading the memories and was so overwhelmed,it's definately a special place in time.
jane [03-25-2008]

Roy B, i remember the baloons, but not the hoagies. I can still see that store like it was yesterday.
John Burke [03-25-2008]

Robert Daley: Rod was the oldest. He and I are 10 years apart. Then Valerie, Gary, Mark and me... We lived at 5016 Gtn Ave. My mom was a Hairdresser and my dad did shows at the Gtn Thearter Guild, just past Logan Street.
Kim Falkenstein Dormann [03-25-2008]

Great to hear about a lot of g-town. Do remember a lot of names. Remember Georhe's Hoagie Shop and the 5+10 store on the corner of Seymour + g-town. geri
Geri (Mumenthaler) Vesci, I lived on Clapier st. [03-25-2008]

Mary Jane Lightcap, I remember having a "Lightcap" as a student teacher when I belonged to the "Girls Friendly Society" assoc with the Episcopal Church on Germantown Ave. By chance were you the pretty blonde girl that use to help us with projects. I'm 58 so it's going back a few years.
Jean "Dougherty" Pisut [03-25-2008]

Lila, It was great talking to you on Sunday. Do you realize we have known each other for about 51 years! Maybe you, Muriel, Carol and I can get together sometime.
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh [03-25-2008]

Sheila, Joey had two sisters and one was named Ginger. I don't remember the name of the other one. You miht remember me from Roosevelt or Germantown.
Dorothy ( Hodges) Drolsbaugh, lived on Germantown Ave. [03-25-2008]

So the baseball season will be with us next week and I remember fondly going to the Phillies games at Connie Mack Stadium. I would always look forward to it because it meant an adventure just getting there. I still remember my first ballgame in 1958 against the now L.A. Dodgers, who had just moved from Brooklyn. My Dad drove down and parked in some God-forsaken lot in the neighborhood and upon entering the ballpark, I couldn't believe how magnificent the grass looked. So green and manicured. After seeing it in black and white on T.V. it was a shock to see it in person. My dad bought me everything that a vendor was selling. A hot dog of course, cotton candy, soda, popcorn, and peanuts. Back then, a ticket to the game was just a couple of bucks and reserve tickets were just .50, so you didn't go broke if you wanted to go to a game. I don't remember all that much of the game, but I do remember that after the game was over, we went to the car (which was brand new)and just before we got in, I told my dad I had a "belly ache". He wouldn't let me get in the car which was a good thing, because I threw-up all over the front tire. After a couple minutes, we were on our way home. What a great ballpark that was. In 1964, my dad brought home two tickets to the World Series that he had gotten some how from work, and I couldn't believe we were going. Of course we never got to use them; the Phillies blew a 7.5 game lead with 10 games left in the season. I still have that ticket to this day. Little did I know that two years later, I would play in an all-star game at Connie Mack representing Ogontz Boys Club of the Sandlot Sports Assoc. I still have the photo of our team under that big Ballantine scoreboard. Here's hoping that the Phillies will win it all this year after such an exciting finish last year. I always try to go to a few games a year to support my favorite Philly team. PLAY BALL!
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [03-25-2008]

jackie saw you on your thoughts site get in touch with me hope your family is well
pat guiles [03-24-2008]

Does anyone remember The Old Ale House or The Pizza Pointby Wayne Junction, Slavin's Groceries. I played in the Loudoun House Park. went to St Michaels and St Francis of Assisi lived at 4623 and 4908 Germantown Ave moved around 1978, Loved to walk up the avenue to the 5 & 10, Joy Kiddie shoppe babytown usa, going to ceramics on G-town ave. I remember touring the Loudoun House for .25 cents and being scared of the manniquins in the kitchen and the story of Little Willie and the feeling of being watched while playing in the park.
Michelle, (Gaun )(Miletto) [03-24-2008]

I was watching on Easter morning, the boys on the road show. They went to Philidelphia and into a store I think called Franklin's. They made and sold clear hard candy made into horses, bunnies, castles and more. It is made from molds over a hundred years ago. I would like to know the email address to taht store, or the phone number. I am interested in purchasing some. Thanks, Dixie 760 922 0677
Dixie Frabasilio, I live in Blythe, CA, I am 58 and love the Deen's, especially Paula. Would love meeting her. [03-24-2008]

hi dorothy i am comming to the reunion may 17, will you be there? tommy c.is comming. can,t wait to see every one.
lila braden/donovan, lived on newhall st went to roosevelt/germantown [03-24-2008]

Mary Jane, I remember the murals, and some of your other great drawings. Carole
Carole Murray [03-24-2008]

Kim Falkenstein ... I lived on Stenton Ave. near Sheldon St. I think Rod and I were in the same Confirmation Class at church. You would have just been a baby at that time. I went to Fitler, then Logan School, Cooke Junior High, and then to GHS. I have a brother Bruce who is 5 years younger than me.
Robert Daley [03-24-2008]

Mike Garvey...I think I remembered Joey's sister's name wrong. Now I am thinking it was Ginger...or was it Carol? haha, maybe it was both.
Sheila [03-24-2008]

Hi Ron, I remember the Halloween mauls.. Chelten Ave was how we walked home from school so we could watch the progress and would pick our favorite.. Of course everyday the favorite changed.. They all where so good! Ron we just got back from our trip will contact you looking forward to seeing you.. Caught up with Ron Stoner in Vegas.. Great memories.. Mary Jane.. Love the work I know you must be proud.. I too wish you could post the pictures it would be great to some of them again.. Maybe on another site.. like the Germantownbrickyard or germantown P&M site.. Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, Living in West Norriton [03-24-2008]

hi everyone, i go back a little farther.anyone remember the pop shoppe,and also mungy joes at haines and wister sts.dances at waterview,and la salle.grad from immac in 1952 . hello to all the girls from belfield.let me know elaine

Hey Bob P. His name was Henry Gibson,not Mel...
Roy Bateman, 54 still hungry [03-24-2008]

Hey Martha And John, Do you remember the 36 cent hoagies at Woolworths? They were a whole lot better than the sandwiches I get around here...Remember popping balloons At woolworths for a banana split?
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa 54 and hungry [03-24-2008]

Hi Bob Powers, I amnot Anthony Bateman's brother,but I did meet him at Takers on Maplewood Ave. some years ago... I think he said his brother was the poet on "Laugh In">>> Mel Gibson was his stage name I think...
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa 54 [03-24-2008]

To Ron Majka- thanks for remembering the Halloween store windows. I was a little before your time, but was one of those who did those windows. I went to GHS from 52-55 with an art major.It was great fun doing them- but mighty cold most years! I can remember trying to keep my fingers warm. Wish there was some way to post photos on this site, as I still have pictures of some of them.We usually worked on them from after school until near dark.
Mary Jane (Lightcap) Garvis [03-22-2008]

hey paul, are you related to barbara marazas?
dan [03-22-2008]

bob powers oh my gosh .. i sure do remember that pretzel man .. ha, and that awlful mustard but it wasn't too awlful back then for some reason .. ha the place where you bought your sandwiches was i believe patelmo's not palermo's ... the school yard did seem so big back then but my friend and i went back there a couple of years ago and as we peered through the fence .. it suddenly didn't look quite so big afterall .. and we wondered how it held so many children at one time. it certainly put a lump in our throats as the memories of us children playing in that school yard and lineing up to go into school came rushing into our minds and hearts ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-22-2008]

ron majka ... i didn't remember those muals untill you just mentioned them and your right .. they were wonderful .. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-22-2008]

Paul, How are you? Teri
Teri Evans Ireland [03-22-2008]

Joanna, I am Dave Evans sister. Dave is alive and well in Florida...still sings dances and somehow doesn't age much.I will let him know you were asking.Teri
Teri Evans Ireland [03-22-2008]

Hi Ron Majka, Are you related to Tony Majka? I went to school with him. Yes, I do remember the Holloween windows and there was a contest to see who painted the best store windows. They were fun to see as we walked back and forth to St Vincent's.
maryalice, Still in Germantown [03-22-2008]

Hey Mousey, great to hear you are doing well.....we used to take the K bus to Cardinal Dougherty every day, I lived on Chelten Avenue, sprague & Chelten, my husband and I are still working in the area, we own a bar & restaurant supply co. @ Sprague & Chelten Aves. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary next month, you probably remember him Nick Capozzi, he also rode the K bus, he was in your grade, so was my brother Muscle (Mike Hendrie) take care! Nancie C.
Nancie Capozzi (Hendrie), East Germantown born & raised [03-22-2008]

So, John & Roy, Sr. Maria Concetta predicted all our futures! Long live the hoagies!
Martha, stuck in the swamps of Jersey [03-22-2008]

Hi John B., Me too! Remember no meat Fridays? Joe's Steak,across from Happy Hollow, had the best cheese hoagies...
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa [03-22-2008]

joey didonato is living in mayfair he married cathy McCarthy from porticio st. bob barilli is livivng in fox chase, Joe raffale is livivng in wildwood will se him and joe at the germantown reunion in may.
anonymous [03-22-2008]

Yo! Mouse how are you? how's the family?hope all is well with you.
DennisGarvey [03-22-2008]

Mike Garvey, thanks for the info about Joey Reid. It was always a mystery to me where he came from. Now I know. I knew him well enough to ask, but never did..haha I knew his sister, Carol well. I babysat her kids. Never knew Joey went into the service either. Have a Happy Easter! It's good to hear from you..
Sheila [03-22-2008]

This website is awesome.Again I'm Paul Marazas (Mouse) I will be in touch.
Paul Marazas, Roxborough,Pa.19128 [03-21-2008]

I grew up in Germantown in the late 50s and early 60s. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that can recall the beautiful halloween murals that were painted on store windows during the halloween season. I can still remember going past that stores each day on my way to school and watching the progress made each day until the murals were completed. What a great memory !
Ron Majka [03-21-2008]

Hi sheila, I see you and a few other girls were asking about Joey Reid. Joey lived on Germantown Ave, right below Ashmead St., on top of a store with his father. He hung out in Brickyard with me and then went over to P & M because his sister lived on Wingohocking Terrace. Last time I saw Joey was in the mid 60's when he was leaving for the army. I haven't heard anything about him since. Have a Happy Easter. Mike
Mike garvey [03-21-2008]

To all St.Vincent alumi, I grad 1954, Do remember the Prezel man outside the gate to schoolyard, the nasty mustand brush for your prezels. Sandwichs from the corner store Palarmo's Lena & Rittenhouse Sts. Mom's candy store Wakefield and Price Sts.The school ard of St Vincengts was like a prison yard, high cinder block wall. Bob Powers
Bob Powers [03-21-2008]

Roy, i have two ex's that probably wish i died in grade school, and ive eaten enough hoagies to make a couple of those stores rich LOL
john Burke, john burke 54 NE Philly [03-21-2008]

Rob... Yes, Rod went to Trinity Luthern Church. He is 58.... he and I are 10 years apart. You know when you go on the Germantownbrickyard.com site, if you scroll down, you can click on "View my Guestbook" and you can view comments moment by moment daily. Just in case you're interested. Where are you from?
Kim Falkenstein [03-21-2008]

It was great to grow up in Germantown. Have many great memories of going to the Boy's club just for the " girls" from 12 to 2 every day for $.50. Going to the Lyric movie on Saturday and shopping at Allen's and all the shoppes along Chelten Ave. and Germantown Ave. Are their any classmates out there from St. Michael's of the Saints Church on Germantown Ave from the class of 67. I grew up on Keyster Street. The kids from my neighborhood were Christine Famularo, Gloria Maieron, Joey Di Donato and Stephen DiDonato Bob Barrilli, Dorina Desiderio, Rosemary Zaccari and Maggie Nicoletti. Some of the people from my class have remain my friends through all these years. Also used to hang out with David Evans from Knox Street. Has anyone been in contact with him ? Does anyone know what ever happen to Joe Raffale. His Dad owned a steak shop on Wayne Ave. He also was from our class. Would love for all of the class of 67 to get together for this reunion. It would be a blast ! Please contact me ....hope to see again ! Joanna
Joanna Botella Ventresca, Warminster PA, Age 54 [03-21-2008]

Sheila, Yes Joey did have pretty blue eyes. And yes I did go to Roosevelt and also Germantown.
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh [03-21-2008]

ROY BATEMAN, Are you Anthony Bateman's brother ?
Bob Powers [03-21-2008]

Kim Falkenstein ... what church did your family go to? If I'm correct, I think I remember Rodney from Trinity. He was about my age. Am I correct?
Rob, 59 [03-19-2008]

Dorothy, that pretty well describes Joey. He had really pretty blue eyes too. Dorothy, did you go to Roosevelt? Your name seems familiar to me.
Sheila [03-19-2008]

Does anyone know Claire McGuire?? I think she lived on Wister Street. Would love to know. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [03-19-2008]

I loved Chick's store. I would go everyday after school and my father would buy me a magazine - Tiger Beat, etc. I loved going in the back room and see all the toys.
Kathy [03-19-2008]

remember pop's hung back the lot's with kehan,hennan, pio ears waynechet and every one else also wnet to holy child dances
anonymous [03-19-2008]

Yes! I do John. I am so glad to hear from you.I thought you had a heart attack, and passed away in grade school. I don't know where I got that misinformation. So how the heck are ya? Did you get rich making hoagies? Roy B.
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa 54 [03-19-2008]

For all former Immaculate Conception Graduates and Friends, SAVE THE DATE. A Mass in the Upper CHurch and a reception to follw t the Iris Center. Sunday, October 19th, 2008. E mail me an I will get you details as they become available. Fr. Rock will be the Guest Speaker. Cocktails, Hors D' Oeuvres, Buffet, Old Photos, Classmates, Teammates, a good time to see all your old friends. Bob Mc Creight rmccreight@comcast.net
Bob Mc Creight, 54, Havertown [03-17-2008]

Remember Chick's on Germantown Ave. When we got a good report card our Parents would let us get something from the toy/game room in the back. You could trade in your Barbie's for the latest model for just a few dollars. He sold penny candy and hand dipped icecream cones. Always wore a t-shirt
Peggy Berkey [03-17-2008]

Roy B, Do you remember Sister Concetta telling us that we were going to grow up and make hoagies for a living.
John Burke, NE Philly 54 [03-17-2008]

anyone remember Muscles? We remember the Prino's. Anyone remember Pop's or the Lots?( i lived on Haines St early 60's Immaculate Conception.)
anonymous, went to st.francis/holy child [03-17-2008]

To Kim: I remember your mom's hairdressing shop. My mom went there all the time. I do remember George's steakshop, Divolio's and Pat Cashman's store. I remember you dad was an actor and Valerie was much older than I. She was to go to California. Did she ever go?
Kathy [03-17-2008]

anonymous [03-14-2008]Cematery was at Haines & Limekile Pike,Across from Rotzels Bar, Up the Street from Frank's Collison. The Bar became the Claudia House named after one of Franks daughters,
Bob Powers [03-17-2008]

Immaculate Conception (Germantown) is having a reunion of alumni, classmates, former parishioners, former neighbors and friends on Sunday, October 19, 2008. All are welcome. a lot is being planned and promises to be a great time for all. Contact me for more information or to be put on the mailing list.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-17-2008]

Sheila, I remember a Joey Reid that lived on Wingohocking Terrace. He was kind of small with dark brown hair. Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh
Dorothy Hodges Drolsbaugh [03-17-2008]

Some mentioned tombstones here which reminded me of this. Does anyone remember the tombstone to the dog that was up at the Cope House in Awbury Park? I remember it from exploring up in the park when I was a kid, but no one I mention it to seems to remember it. Not important, just curious. On a trip back to Germantown and to Awbury Park recently, I actually looked for it and it is no longer there.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-17-2008]

Kim Falkenstein Dorman, I remember George's steak shop but we called it Marie's. I also remember Cashmen's. Was Divoli's down near Seymour? Do you remember Chick's candy store between Logan and Seymour? I moved from down there in 1966.
Dorothy Hodges Drolsbaugh [03-17-2008]

kim...i remember george's all to well..i still crave the chillie dogs.i also remember you and your brother mark was just a bit older? he trained me to take over his job at goodfriend and kent drug store.
dennis garvey [03-17-2008]

Hey Martha! It was the"Mother Cabrinnie Relic", that gave Sister Concetta her "Super Powers". Roy B.
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa. 54 [03-14-2008]

This is a more historic site you all should sign in to guestbook
Cathy Coleman Faulls, 52/jersey [03-14-2008]

sylvy,s steak shop at haines and belfield made a great cheese steak hoagie. owners were sylvy and marie rossiolli. across the street was Frisco Frank water ice. back then it either lemon or cherry water ice.
anonymous [03-14-2008]

remember squeezing thru the steel fence of waterview playground on musgrave ave next to the train overpass and Holy Rosary Church. If you were thin enough which I was you could just get thru the fence without going up the corner to the gate. seems not worthy of mentioning but I pass thru that small space hundreds of times.
anonymous [03-14-2008]

Mike Garvey: I assume you read thi site?? How do I access your page to add a comment?? Was able but can't seem to tonite. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [03-14-2008]

does anyone remember the haunted house in awbury park or also the toomstone in the cemetary at stenton and haines. I think it was a soldiers cemetary. across the street was Franks collision with a sign that had red lettering when lit. well it somehow reflected on one of the toomstones and everyone thought it was haunted.
anonymous [03-14-2008]

Anita, I'm not sure of when he married, but I am thinking that it might have been around 63 or 64. It must be the same person we're talking about. I used to babysit his sister's kids. I often wonder what happened to him.
Sheila [03-14-2008]

Hello. I'm the baby of the Falkenstein family. You all may remember Rodney & Valerie more than me... Anyone remember George's Steak shop on the corner of the Alley and Gtn Avenue, between Manheim & Seymour and Divoli's next to the church? How about Cashmen's candy store?
Kim Falkenstein Dormann, Gtn Ave, 48, my Mom was Bonnie the Hair Dresser [03-14-2008]

michael preno how the hell are you..how's your uncle billy,aunt dolly and donna.hope all is well with your family.hey mike remember the rag shop.send me an e-mail when you get a chance so we can go down memory lane.
Johnny Hendrie, n.e. 52. [03-13-2008]

kathy [03-13-2008]

Sheila, I think Joey's mother lived in Tioga and sometimes he lived with her and sometimes he stayed with his sister. I don't know who he married. Do you remember what year he married? Anita
Anita [03-13-2008]

the anonymous family seems to be growing. i wonder where they lived so we could say hello.
anonymous [03-12-2008]

Looking for classmates from I.C.Stop in and see me at 5210 greene st. Squeak
Frank DiCondina [03-12-2008]

dose any one know sonny preno .i remember him from brickyard he was friends with jack ralston and smitty.back in the early 50's
frank, north wales [03-12-2008]

Thanks for answering, Anita. It's funny, but Joey just seemed to appear out of nowhere. I remember when he got married, but I can't remember the girl's name.
Sheila [03-12-2008]

not Waynes daughter im his cousin RONALD LINDA DONNA MICHAEL CHARLES GLORIA GLENN ANNE TONY all brothers and sisters
Michael PRENO, cousin [03-12-2008]

Anonymous, of course I remember that old building, thats where we always took group pictures. lol And I remember hide the belt game very well. :) You can tell me your name if you want email me so I know who you are. I promise not to tell. lol :) I have pictures of us with that old building and the steps and we are lined up like naughty kids that we all were.
Cheryl Raffle, Lansdale PA age 55 [03-12-2008]

anyone graduate from St Francis 1977?
BG [03-11-2008]

TO JG, I lived on Manheim St. I went to school with Joe Didonto, Bob Barrilli, Rosemary Zacardi and use to hang out with the kids neigborhood. Went to Little Flower graduated in 1971 Remember hanging on the corner of Knox and Hansberry. Going to dances at Holy Child and then later at Cardinal Dougherty.
anonymous [03-11-2008]

Hi cheryl, Do you remember the building that was on Ross at Cosgrove. I remember the step in front of it. when ever playing a game that needed a home base where you would be Safe if you got there in time, we always used the steps there. games like "hide the belt" or "Costompo"
anonymous [03-11-2008]

does anyone remember frank graneri's grocery store on haines and mc mahan st. with the pin ball machines in the back and the two cent cigarettes. he would break open a pack and sell them for two cents each and make a extra 8 cents a pack. back then a pack of cigarettes cost 32 cents. also haines steet up the other way on the 400 block was Hunts grocery store. there wasn't much in there but they sold comic books cheap. they sold them with the corner torn off.
anonymous [03-11-2008]

preno hung out with Jackie, Wayne and Ronnie remember the whole family Bootsy, Gloria, Carol and Ozzie too! are you a daughter of Wayne?
pat [03-11-2008]

Dolly Billy was my uncle. my father was John Preno we all lived on Collom St. familys doing well. give more detail about what you know.
Michael Preno, Port Richmond [03-11-2008]

marlene, i got your email the picture of terry cracked me up.i will sit down and tell ytou whats been going on a little later as there are YEARS to cover.it was awesome to hear from you
kathy mcmonagle [03-11-2008]

Karen Fox (Siegmann) I really didn't know you I just remember seeing you around. I went to Roosevelt Jr High and Germantown.
Anita [03-11-2008]

To Erda and Sheila, The Joey Reid I knew went with a girl by the name of Sandy Day back around 1964 or 1965. I think he really lived in Tioga.
Anita [03-11-2008]

Art... When you say, when did Greenwood Dairy shutdown, I take it you mean the ice cream store/restaurant part of the business. The dairy itself was still operating in the late 70's, early 80's. As I remember it, in the 60's on summer nights when the place was packed, you had to park in a big field adjacent to their store parking lot. Well, I believe that when I95 was constructed through Langhorne, that field became part of the Route 1 interchange. This is a guess, but it may have been that additional parts of their property were also taken for that highway project. Without adequate parking, the restaurant probably could not survive. Most parts of I95 through PA (except for sections through Phila) were completed and operational by the 1976 Bicentenial. Your guess of 1970 or 1971 seems reasonable. The vacant restaurant building burned to the ground in 1990.
Fran [03-10-2008]

Hi Bruce, I grew up on Haines Street early 50's then Cosgrove Street near Ross St. near Germantown High. I went to Holy Rosary then my parents moved us up to North Hills in the late 60's and I hated it with a passion. Such snobs they were in the suburbs. I loved the city life and the way everyone protected everyone and knew everyone. Now you can drop dead and your neighbor doesnt even know ya. So sad.
Cheryl Hucek [03-10-2008]

Preno Family Post ; Any relation to Billy who worked at Family Court, he ran for office back in the late 1980s early 1990s ? He died a few years after that . My Uncle got him the job, he was also one of my Dads best friends before my Dad moved out of Philly . Billy had a nephew Jackie, who I use to get in trouble with all the time .
Dolly, NE Philly [03-10-2008]

Erda, where was this Joey Reid from in Germantown? I never really knew where the Joey I knew was from. His sister lived on my street on Wingohocking Terrace, and he lived there for a while in the 60's. It's a fairly common name, but my guess is we're talking about the same person.
Sheila [03-10-2008]

Hello Gtn. I grew up on Ashmead Place.I would love to hear from anyone...Marty and Kevin Ward,John wohlenberg,Jim Howard Kelly,Miguel and Jose,Frank and Mike Vacante,Bucky McMahon....
Roy Bateman, Bellefonte Pa 54 [03-10-2008]

Anita yes Iam the same one Loretta Mc gannis the loretta to be honest Idon't remember a Anita refresh my memory
karen fox(siegmann) [03-10-2008]

I am having a hard time coming up with the answer "when did Greenwood Dairy shut down"? I suspect 1970 or 71?! I was born in Germantown hospital in 1946. There most have been about 5 years later when I was brought up in the projects near Adams Ave, or closer to Anchor Ave near the railroad. I was just curious if anyone had known a Williamson? Maybe a sibling of a Charles that moved somewhere in Phila, maybe back to Germantown?!
Art Williamson, 61,class of 65 NHS [03-09-2008]

anthoyq, another property that was taken was the junk shop across from Lukens grocery store on 500 block of east haines st. that was own by Augustine,he was an older man with a big mustache. that lot stay vacant for years. It may still be vacant for all I know.
anonymous [03-09-2008]

anyone remember the PRENO FAMILY loved to hear from you
Preno, family [03-09-2008]

Hey Kathy McMonagle(Clayton)I remember you hon! I sent you a private email earlier today however I wanted to give a shout out to you here too. I remember you & your big sister from St Joe's(910 Church Lane) Please say hello to your sister for me. I cannot believe you are a grandmother now :) Congratulations! I guess I could be a grandmother myself if I wasn't such a late bloomer, LOL My little girl is just 5 so I have some time to go before I get that lovely title. Germantown was a great place in the 70's, I remember hanging out in Wister woods with the guys partying which was a BIG NO-NO for us girls from the Hall, LOL I remember the Vassallo's, John was the baby of the family, Maria was the oldest, and then there was Nick, Raymond, & my favorite Robert(what a cutie!) They use to have the water ice stand across the street from Immaculate Conception. I forgot all about you living at the Group Home, I actually lived there myself however I left after only a year to go back to the Hall. Mrs Chestersen & I didn't get along very well :( Carol Henry, Mary Mcnamee, Cathy Papalao, Katie Barth & Danielle Hennisey were all there back then. Cathy & I were sent back to the Hall in the spring of 76' after running away together(heck it was just to my uncle's house in Feltonville for a day), Katie was sent back to the Hall not long after our return. I believe that's when you might have gone to live there. My husband & I went by the Hall a few years back, the neighborhood was a bit more scarier looking then I remember but St Joe's looked the same. They did knock down the old barn/like structure that Jerry Redy stored his tools in, but other then that it was exactly the way I remember it. Do you remember Fat-Rat our night watchman, he use to sit in the front/hall at night with his german shepards? He stunk so bad no one wanted to go down there once his shift started :( Do you remember going to West Point Park or Soupy Island? Do you remember Ruth Mckee & Kathy Bess playing their guitars in the smoking/payphone room? Or taking that cranky old elevator down to the basement to get our dinners? Do you remember Father Rock saying mass for us on Sunday's? Or jumping double dutch in the back yard? Wow it all seems like yesterday however it was over 30 years ago! I'd love to catch up with you Kathy, and/or anyone who may remember these things too. Looking forward to hearing from you. Marlene Kennedy Djebara
Marlene Kennedy Djebara, Living in South Philly now (45) [03-09-2008]

I heard that Joey Reid is in Texas! Not sure it is the same Joe you are loking for Anita.. The Joe Reid I know would be about 63 years old,,
Erda [03-09-2008]

yes bob i got in touch with charlie had a long talk . he says hes in pretty good shape. will call him again thanks
ROSS C [03-09-2008]

Anyone out there who grew up during the 60's-70's in the Hansberry-Knox-Manheim-Marion-Ashmead street areas? What are your memories? Who were your friends?
J.G., Pennsylvania Countryside [03-09-2008]

Hey Ross, I still can't remember that bar. My grandmother lived a block away on Rittenhouse right before Baynton. She lived next door to the storage company. In the summer we used to sit by the open doors because of all the cool air that used to come out. Who had air conditioners back then? We had less and they were better times.
anthonyg [03-09-2008]

Anita, If it's the same Joey Reid I knew, that's a good question.
Sheila [03-09-2008]

Hey Billy James from the hollow, I remember your 55 chevy, you could lay wheels for a block,
john duccilli, grew up in brickyard [03-09-2008]

I played with an Eddie Stivick ? ( not sure if correct ) in the early 1950s we were about 5 or 6 yrs old, but I am sure he lived on Haines St, across from the 14th district . I know he moved in mid 50s and I only saw him a few times after that . Could he be the Ed. Stivets from Harvey St ?
Dolly, NE Philly [03-09-2008]

Sheila tell Duck Hi. just spent two great hours talking with Vinny about the neighborhood. some good some bad.he was down here on bis.Good to see him.
Nicky L [03-09-2008]

What happened to Joey Reid?
Anita [03-07-2008]

ROSS C, any up date on you contacting Charlie Bruno ? Bob Powers
Bob Powers [03-07-2008]

Sheila [02-25-2008]I don't think l'm the anonymous person, if so it's Bob POWERS
Bob Powers [03-07-2008]

Gregg, yours was one of the other properties I was going to mention. It is a shame.
anthoyg [03-07-2008]

anthony. i remeember the ajaax bar,it had an entrance on haines st. and one on the corner of haines and bayton. i think they were swinging door. there was a beer distributors on haines where bayton st ended and a grocery store on the other corner, the 2nd store from the grocery was stabilitos electric store. i remember buying oue first tv from that store it was an rca victor aniversary set with a 9 inch screen. cost me $200. i bought it on time for $3.oo a week.i had a bulliten paper route and made $3.75 a week. they let me take it home while i was paying for it. ross c.
ROSS C. [03-07-2008]

Anyone recall ed. stivets, from harvey st. Also a rock band named the purple flirp.
A.D.P., lived on hansberry st. till 1959 then on to newhall st. Went to ST.michaels. [03-07-2008]

I have responded in a separate e-mail to Cheryl, age 53, New Jersey, as have my Breen sisters; Margie A.B. Micaletti, Anne V.B.Connor; my Gagliardi cousin Beth, and our DeLellis cousin, Martha Kremer. I had no idea this site existed, but I am so greatful to Martha for letting us know about it! My sisters and cousins have lived in different states, etc., but have never encountered a group so garrulously eloquent as those who were born and raised in Germantown. To be sure, this site lends credence to this observation. I've often wondered about my classmates at St. Francis of Assisi, class of '69. I see one of them, John, Abbottsford/Fern Hill, but he could be one of several 'Johns' in that class. I am proud of my Germantown heritage, and the many people with whom I have been in touch over the years, namely, Tim Lawless George Bean Kathleen McGinley Susan Lightcap Celie Morris Madeline McIntyre John Howley [sic] The Duffy family of Knox Street The Weismillers of Knox Street Chrissy Knox and many, many more. Thanks for the memories.
Mary Ellen Breen-Kelly, Williamsport, PA [03-07-2008]

Looking for Ellen Rickel, lived on Walnut Lane near Baynton St, Went to Gtn HS, Grad approx 56 or 57.
Bob Powers [03-06-2008]

I lived at 131 E Rittenhouse St.we had to move but thay never bilt anything on that spot it is still a empty lot.such a shame.
gregg striano, 60 still in PHILLY [03-06-2008]

bob powers, oh my gosh ... well there you are ... as i said i lost touch with these families some years back and didnot know that helen sold that restaurant .. my mother and sister lived in manyunk and would see helen often ..however, my mother and sister moved from there almost 3 years ago and i guess this would be about the time that this restaurant was sold ... so sorry for the mis-information ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-05-2008]

new site to chat delfi formas germantown pahttp://forums.delphiforums.com/rich1147
rich meitzler, hatboro pa [03-05-2008]

Way to tell it Sandy. No, I don't remembet the Ajax bar, but I remember a lot of the other places, like the butcher shops for fresh meat and Italian bakeries for fresh rolls on Sunday morning. Yeah, we didn't want to leave. There was nothing left and you couldn't live in peace. They tore my grandmother's house down, next to Fulton school, and it's still an empty lot full of trash. So much for redevelopement.
anthonyg [03-05-2008]

Greek, my brother and I are doing well and live in Churchville. I remember the great times in the neighborhood, football in the street, wire ball and hose ball. the playground, skatos, awbury park, the lots, the parades in the cemetary, playing pinball, hanging on the corner, fixing cars. I dont see many of those guys around but Im shure most are still in the area.
rick rizzo, 63 [03-05-2008]

lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, Do have a point of contact for either Nancy or Claire ?
anonymous [03-05-2008]

Karen Fox Siegmann: Did you go around with a girl by the name of Penny? I also remember a girl named Loretta. Anita
Anita, Moved from Germantown in 1971 [03-05-2008]

rich1147, germantown chat room [03-05-2008]

does anyone remember Mary Hartley the dress lady who came to your home and sold clothing. On Christmas she would have a party and invite her clients. I don't remember where she lived but was a very nice house. also there was a insurance man that came every week to collect the premium due. His name may have been John.
anonymous [03-05-2008]

Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, CD 59, Deerfield Beach, FL [03-04-2008], Lorraine do you have any point of contact for either one Nancy or Claire, Thank You
Bob Powers [03-04-2008]

Well done Anthony,we were push out of our homes for the safety of our family,I left when Holy Rosary closed my daughter was in the third grade,my parents stay till 1988 where my Mother couldn't even walk out the Ave to pay her bills anymore it broke theirs hearts to leave plus then couldn't even sit on their beloved porch anymore,do you remember the Ajax Bar and Grill on Haines and Baynton that was my Aunt's place and she had a littl steak shop next door back in the 1950's before everything was torn down to make room for the project any story.Sandy
anonymous [03-04-2008]

Anonymous, I knew a Jerry Greenleaf who graduated from St. Vincent's in 1954. Never saw him after that.
Carole Redding Murray [03-04-2008]

Karen Siegmann! I have been looking for you too! I just sent an email to you!
Sheila [03-04-2008]

Greenwood Dairy ! Remember the " PIG dinner " ????????
anonymous [03-04-2008]

I grew up playing every summer on East Seymour Street while visiting my grandparents; my grandmother and grandfather lived at #73; my Uncle Clark lived at #71. My Grandparents were Howard and Madeleine McCormick. I would love to hear from the Breen Girls who lived up the street: Margie (who became a nurse, I think) Mary Ellen, and one more sister; (sorry, the name escapes me!) or anyone in the McGinley family who lived next door to my grandparents, or the Lawless Family. Would also like to find friends of my Grandmother's who, I believe, also lived on East Seymour St--- The Barbens, who summered in Guilford Park, NJ. Margie Breen and I would dance and listen to the new Beatles records on the sidewalk! Margie did visit my home once in Jersey City. My Uncle Clark had an old player piano and rolls of music lined the front parlor walls---and my brother and I would always listen to him play it as we fell asleep upstairs---all the windows were open---no air conditioning! I have very fond memories of my trips there by train from NJ. Both of my grandparents worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad, as did my Dad. Nana was the Head Clerk of the North Philadelphia Train Station, and my Uncle Clark worked at a florist's named "Pennock's" I believe. Anyone who knew my family, please feel free to write to me! And thank you!
Cheryl, age 53, New Jersey [03-04-2008]

Hi Cheryl - I live in SW G-town, near Wissahickon and Manheim, above Fernhill Park, the row house I grew up in. I also was on Maplewood Avenue back in the 70's (Taker's Cafe / Maplewood Cheese, etc. days). Where did you hail from?
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [03-04-2008]

Hello to anonymous. I graduated from CDHS in 59. I knew both Nancy Walsh & Claire Gallagher. I remember them being the best of friends. I met both Claire & Nancy at one of the CD reunions, but I can't recall which one it was. Maybe they will attend the 50th in 09.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, CD 59, Deerfield Beach, FL [03-04-2008]

rosemary christman polaneczky how are you ... judy and i were friends and we were neighbors when we were kids how is judy doing .. i hope she is well please say hello to her for me ... i would love to hear from her rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-04-2008]

I am looking for Sheila Milligan Use to live on Wininghocken terrace
karen fox (siegmann [03-04-2008]

I have a ton of German things from one of the families that settled Germantown. Does anyone have any interest? it is from the DeHaven Family and the Stoffler family.
CHERYL, married to a Penn and Magnolia person [03-04-2008]

The Hanrahan twins are my cousins. Joyce passed away around 1972. Judy is married and has children
anonymous [03-04-2008]

Does anyone remember Deac, Frask,Greenleaf,Gurate or Mickels?
anonymous [03-04-2008]

Rosemary, Thank You, I E Mailed you ref to your info, Thank You, Bob Powers
anonymous [03-04-2008]

Rosemarie hite malagen, Thanks for the info on O'briens Cousin Rest, FYI she sold that Rest 2 Yrs ago, Thanks Again, Bob Powers
anonymous [03-04-2008]

Once again Nick, we did not abandon Germantown. How about all the houses the Redevlopement Authority took and people were forced to move? My grandpaernts included, both sides. So we sucked it up and dealt with it. Then once the low housing project was built at Baynton and Rittenhouse there was no peace anymore. How about the time the man broke into St Vincent's convent and raped a nun? I will never forget those screams. No, my father was heart broken the day we had to move, but he did it for my mother and sisters. They couldn't even sit on our front porch anymore because of the foul language of the passersby and we lived right next to the convent, so there was no respect for the nuns, even when they were sitting out on their porch trying to say the rosary. So, please don't say we all abandoned Germantown. Do you still live there?
anthonyg [03-04-2008]

Help if anyone can. Does anyone know anything about the girl's school--St. John's--inManyunk??? If anyone does, I am wondering if anyone knew a Betty Crenny?? If so, I would appreciate any feedback. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [03-04-2008]

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