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February 2008

To Anonymous. You inquired if anyone knew the Hanrahan Twins, Penn St. I married into the family. Did you know them well? I'll try to email this website to family members... I'm not comfortable writing about others... hope you understand.
lizzie [02-28-2008]

I know that susan O'Brien still goes to Mass at St Vincent's and talks to my aunt who still lives on lena st.
rosemary christman polaneczky, Went to st.vincent and have two sister,peggy and Judy [02-28-2008]

Bruce, I am glad you enjoy the site. What part of germantown do you still live at.
Cheryl Raffle [02-28-2008]

bob powers yes, i do know that micky passed away some years back ... my sister occasionally would talk to their aunt "mary leone" ... but, as for me i lost touch with them many years ago ... they were a really nice family! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-27-2008]

bob powers i don't know where the o'brien girls are ... but i do know that helen their cousin has a restaurant in manyunk ... i think it is called the united states bar and grill ... perhaps the o'brien girls stop there occasionally for dinner ... give her a call rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-27-2008]

bob powers i called charlie today and got ans. service ill try again. ross c.
ROSS C. [02-27-2008]

Dorothy Hebron Gensemer:I knew Carol Bostock class of 58. Anita clss of 65
Anita, Moved from Gtn in 1971 [02-26-2008]

Did anyone go to CD and Grad in '59. Trying to find Nancy Walsh, maiden name, I do not know married name, she was friends with Clair Gallagher
anonymous [02-26-2008]

Iuse to hang back the lots with bottles,frankie henanan, joey d, kehan, and j pio
anonymous [02-26-2008]

Bob, if you hit Ctrl and F at once, a search box will appear, enter the word you want and it will go to that word, you don't have to search every message just every page . Hope this helps
Dolly [02-26-2008]

Joan Chatary haven't seen you since 69 how have you been, hope life's been good to you.are you going to the reunion.
Johnny Hendrie, brickyard,52 [02-26-2008]

Ellen, what side of K&H..Side of Freddies store or the house side?
dave [02-26-2008]

Ellen, what years at the lots. Did you know Ears?
Dave [02-26-2008]

I miss all my friends from K and H and the lots. We had some good times.
ellen [02-25-2008]

To Vinnie Beatty: Vinnie would you please send your contact details to me again?? I have misplaced them. Joe Taylor Pls use my e-mail address
joe taylor [02-25-2008]

Ross, Did you ever get in touch W/charlie Bruno? Let me know, Bob Powers
anonymous [02-25-2008]

Hi Anonymous,Harry Adams is my cousin through marriage,plus we been friends since we were kids,also I'am still good friends with boo sister Eileen Spags,and knew all the Hainey's all my life,me an Joanne are still friends,do I know you???Sandy Cipriano Cowtown
anonymous [02-25-2008]

Ross, Did you ever get in touch W/charlie Bruno? Let me know, Bob Powers
anonymous [02-25-2008]

annamarie, RobertPowers@Interbay.com I hope this helps
anonymous [02-25-2008]

rosemarie hite malageri, Thanks for writing, I was Jimmy's best friend, I think he lives in Allentown, In case you did not know Mickey Died several years ago.Do you know whereabouts of any of the girls. Rosemarie your younger than me, I grad from StVincents 1954. Bob Powers
anonymous [02-25-2008]

I wonder if any of us knows Anonymous, The Mystery Person. ;)
Sheila [02-25-2008]

searching for marie williamson lauria formerly of phila anyone know of marie or john one son I beleive danial my cousin mildred
anonymous [02-25-2008]

To anonymous... The name was Greenwood (not Greenwich) Dairy. What a place it was in the sixties. The parking lot was jammed every night during the summer. Their cones had about 2 pints of ice cream on them. We made the drive up the boulevard to Langhorne many times in those days.
Robert [02-25-2008]

Funny how all the "previous elders" wanna reminise about "their" old neighborhood that they and their families abandoned, yet where are they now, in keeping businesses, employment and education alive for the people who have been calling this their home now for the past 50 years! I am astonished to see Gilbert Stuart's painting studio abutted against an abandoned building with no windows. Very pathetic and sad I must say!
Nick [02-25-2008]

did anyone out ther go to germantown high in 1957? remember allens dept. store also falaicos resturanton chelten. saw bobby darin at the colonial.
dorothy hebron-gensemer, chelten ave. 68 [02-25-2008]

I Googled "Adiletto" and came up with a fragment of a thread on this site but I can't find it on the site. Is there any way to search the site's threads to isolate it? Bob
Bob Keeler, Born & raised in Germantown [02-25-2008]

Hey Cheryl: That "Cruisin' The Avenue" site you posted was great - really took me back. I recommend it to everybody. Thanks!
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [02-25-2008]

Anonymous,whoever you are, the O'Briens lived on Stafford st. along with their cousins, a couple doors down, the Leones. I'm surprised none of them has found this site yet.
anthonyg [02-24-2008]

hey here 's one for you .louie Malagrerie would take the the guys up to greenwich daires for the pig {ice cream} ha couldnt eat all groovin on the ride up and back to the oldies.
anonymous [02-24-2008]

yes Joanne you definetly know me.your brother told me to say hi.Your Dad and Mom were Pretty cool.WHEN WE WERE KIDS ME and boo and tooch were over your house all the time and the Haineys. and harry adams chopps too.
anonymous [02-24-2008]

I went to Christmas Parties at the Sandora Post .It was across the ST. from Waterview. The best thing about it was my brother and I would sing a Carol and recieved a silver Dollar. This was in the late fortys. So this was a btg deal. Signed Georges Big Sister
anonymous, lived in back of Roosevelt Jr. Highschool [02-24-2008]

it was a great time in gtown .how about the den who did not have a cheese steak from there.
catherine ann doyle duncan, doyles from penn street. for 30 years [02-24-2008]

Hello pastpeople of brickyard
Joan Chatary, 53 [02-23-2008]

joe stokes hung out at the texco station on queen lane and germantown ave.whitey marshel was the driver for rio brothers stock car that they ran at atco new jersey . joe stocks, whitey marshel, bobby rant, rocky kerby, jack and george sodlin, reese ganon,bob graino, bob crawford, fred lofferdo,jake lonsdale, red man (richard higgs)WERE ALL THE GUYS THAT WENT TO THE RACES TO WATCH WHITEY MARSHEL DRIVE THE STOCK CARS .I KNEW YOUR FATHER AND I REMEMBER YOUR MOM MARY ANN.THEY WERE THE FUN YEARS 1953 54 . YOU DAD WAS A GOOD AUTO MEC. FRANK.
frank, north wales [02-23-2008]

to anonymous, I am pat posimos sister, do I know you? I know both dave and marty
joanne posimo [02-23-2008]

what street did the o'briens live on... i remember my dad talking about a large family that lived in east gtn and i think he called them the o'brien family
anonymous [02-23-2008]

To Greek 2/19 entry. I lived at 6938 Wister St,above Gravina's Pizza. Igraduated from C.D. in 1966. I know some of the names you mentioned. I also told my sister to look at it. She eas friendly with Marilee Jensen, younger sister. I saw Henrei Cataldi at a St. A's reunion at Arthur Waerig's place in Warrinton
ABRISSA [02-23-2008]

bob powers i remember the o'briens ... they lived down the street from my mothers house bill, mary, jimmy, micky, susan, mildred, kathleen, fran, and joey hows that for remembering .. lol! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-22-2008]

bob powers i attended st. vincents from 1952 to 1961 ... grades g thru 8 rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-22-2008]

just talked to dave Mcgloughlin and pat (po) posimo:they are doing great and so is Marty Whalen.They say Hi To The Germantowners.
anonymous [02-22-2008]

Ok all you oldies but goodies go to this site, turn up the music and enjoy; You will love it watch it to the very end. Great music from the 50's and 60's. Just paste this address to your browser and sit back and watch the show :) http://cruzintheavenue.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm
Cheryl Raffle, Lansdale PA age 55 [02-22-2008]

does anyone remember the Hanrahan twins that lived near penn street or Winnie and Mike Mckeon, Frankie Sherwood?
anonymous [02-22-2008]

Debra and Liz Dunfy sounds familiar. I don't know where they are, but Catherine B. may have Debbie's brother Bill's contact information. See you next month. Carole
Carole Redding Murray, Villanova, PA [02-22-2008]

My dad, Joe Stokes used to hang out with a guy who's nickname and last name were Marshall. They used to go to the stock car races when I was a kid. Does anybody remember him? Thanks.
Donna Kennedy, 52, Roxborough [02-22-2008]

I'm just wondering if any of you knew my grandfather Anthony R. Rosa, a teacher who taught Italian, Spanish and French throughout the area. Would love to know more of his work! Mr. Rosa often spoke highly of one of his students in particular, Alfredo Cacozza. Alfredo changed his name in later years to Mario Lanza!
John Mangano, Hammonton, NJ, 54 [02-22-2008]

I remember the show at the Orpheum with Roland. It was really exciting seeing the performances right there in our neighborhood theater. Am I right that they showed horror movies too? For some reason I think the Teenaged Werewolf was one of the movies.
Sheila [02-22-2008]

Anyone remember those Krass Brothers Suit commercials. "If you are going to go; go in a Krass Brothers Suit." Also those Friday nights with Doctor Shock. TV channels 3, 6, 10, 12, and if you had a good UHF antenna, 17, 29, and 48. When you dialed a phone number it was preceded by VI (Victor) or GE (Germantown). And of course listening in on those local party lines. Not specifically G Town, but life in the big city.
Ed, Chester, VA [02-22-2008]

Bob Powers, My husband knows you. You coached him in baseball. I don't know if you'd know him by Donnie or Duck DeNardo. He remembers all the same things that you do from the neighborhood. He says hi!
Sheila [02-20-2008]

to Bob Powers - Can't get thru on your e-mail.
annamarie [02-20-2008]

Ginny, I remember the rock and roll shows at the Orpheum. I remember Bobby Darin singing Splish Splash. Lee Andrews and the Hearts were also there, as well and the Monotones, with Book of Love. I think Frankie Avalon sung Gingerbread or one of the early ones. I was right in the front row. To this day I don't know how I ended up there, but loved the show and still talk about it. And also remember Roland on Shock Theater on Friday and Saturday nights. Yes, he would be in the middle of different scenes. Wish they were still around.
anthonyg [02-20-2008]

Kathy - if clicking on my name doesn't doesn't show my email address, then it is: DMcG1956@aol.com. This is regarding Gonzaga. Thanks Thanks
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-20-2008]

Carole Redding Murray,Have you heard anything from Kay B in ref to a gettogher soon? Do remember from School Debra Dearing, Eliz Dunfy,Do you know there whereabouts? Bob Powers
anonymous [02-20-2008]

To Andy A: I don't remember the Orpheum shows you refer to, but I sure do remember Zacherle ("Zach"). He used to be a regular at my uncle's Grove Diner up at the top of Germantown Avenue, now the complex with the Barnes and Noble, where the trolleys turned around. I got his album of the Monster Mash and he autographed it for me; still have it. There's a lot of great spoofs of all the Cameo/Parkway songs of the early 60's on it: Hury Bury Baby, Weird Watusi, Gravy (With Some Cyanide), Let's Twist Again (Mummy Time Is Here), The Ghoul From Wolverton Mountain, Dinner With Drac, Popeye the Gravedigger, Limb From Limbo Rock, and a lot of others - it's a riot. Thanks for the recollection.
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, still in Gtn [02-19-2008]

Andy, I remember the Rock and Shock show at the Orpheum with Roland. My friend Peggy Gregor and I went to see it. I especially remember Bobby Darin doing "Splish Splash". Frankie Avalon wasn't that popular then, it wasn't until later that everyone knew him. I remember about the same as you do. Remember Roland on Friday night shows. He would suddenly appear in the scary movie? peeking behind a pole or stirring a pot of something or other. You are the only one that I know of that remembers the Rock and Shock Show. When I told people about it, they didn't remember, and thought I was nuts. Thanks for proving otherwise.
Ginny Clark [02-19-2008]

dennis mc,can you post your e-mail,i cant access it for some reason,and hopefully i can be of some help
kathy [02-19-2008]

Does any one remember a family on Stafford St, One block below Price, near Baynton Street. Family name O'Brien, Write BobPowers
anonymous [02-19-2008]

to anon: thanls for the response on John Weston--shame about his brother--he was so young--do you know if he was still married to a Mary Sue Kusek?? She was from Roxborough--Joe Taylor
joe taylor [02-19-2008]

Just a walk down memory lane, Any one can jump on, I remember the Cobble stone street I lived on 58oo Morton, Holy Rosary Rectory in the 40's across the strret from my house,My father drank wine with the Pastor in the back yard under the Arbor. I remember the Holy Rosary Carnival, Scale Pizza, Waterview playground. swimming at Waterview, Mr Dee, at Gtn Settlemnt House, Patsy the Butcher, Tino Drug Store, The Stable on Rittenhouse Street, I think Funsi was the man who ran that.The Gut, Walking to Waterview by the Railroad tracks, St Vincents my Alma, The Dances, Little Flower Freshmen in the Old School, where i went to Kindergarden. Vernon Park, Christmas Trees for Sale along the Pavement, I remember the Food Fair, Haines and Gtn Ave, With a convenyer belt in the rear to sent the orders up to the Parking Lot, Many a time my friends and me would ride that belt, which you were not allowed. Town Hall, Where I joined the Marine Corp,The Dept Store on Chelten Ave, Where thay had a machine to X Ray your foot for proper measurement.Barr's Jewlers, Calvanese Fish house. Gtn Boys Club. Tere is so much more hekp out, write back with more information or memories. Bob Powers
anonymous [02-19-2008]

what ever happened to the guys that lived at wister and haines across from gravinas pizza? mcglinchy, veto, henry cataldi, rizzo brothers, leonard, jensen, bud large, bob adams, yut.
greek [02-19-2008]

To anonymous re: pin setting @ the bowling alley. Playing the pin ball machine, Tommy my friend changed into the "Pinball Wizard", created a broadway play, made lot's of money & retired to "Wildwood by the sea". Ok,so i'm exaggerating a bit but what's with this anonymous sinage?? This is a chat room for people who want to re-live old memories, savor & share them so why hide in the dark about it. If anybody of my generation in Gtn 1947 through 1960's can remember setting ten pins, it was at St. Vincent's hall. There were about three lanes at most & a pin setter always got a ball in the ass while clamoring for safety after setting said pins. Always a wise guy on hand. Vernon Park? I shed a lot of sweat & blood as a teenager on the gridiron for the "Germantown Eagles" We were a Pop Warner team that was as sorry as the Pro team of the same name. Anyway, You go near Vernon Park now it's to do a drug deal, a hit or be the victim of the shooting gallery that makes up most of Germantown today. All the local politicans can take credit for turning this once proud venue that raised some very successfull citizens into a second rate crap hole so they could receive more Federal aid while displacing solid families.
bernard mc kernan, maryland [02-19-2008]

Ross C, Spoke to Charlie, OK to call him @ 215-673-2301 Bob Powers
anonymous [02-19-2008]

what ever happen to tommy who set pins at greene street bowling alley, and remember Buddy's luncheonette across from Vernon Park on Greene steet. I use to go in there and get a sandwich and play the pinball machine.
anonymous [02-18-2008]

to Douglas I used to go to stokesbury mansion It was also a popular lovers back then. joanne
joanne posimo [02-18-2008]

Does anyone remember attending a gig at the Orpheum called the "Rock and Shock" Show. It was hosted by Roland (John Zacherle) who did the weekend horror movies on WCAU. As I remember, Frankie Avalon did "De De Dinah", the Monotones did "Book of Love" and Bobby Darin did "Splish Spash" - I don't remember who the other acts were. It was a great show - the place was packed. I think it cost about .35 or .50. I think the year was '58. Hope somebody else remembers and can fill in my memory blanks. Thanks. Andy.
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [02-18-2008]

Kevin - I remember the dances at the Knights of Columbus. The very first dance I ever attended was held there. I couldn't have been more than 13 so the year would have been 1957. The building was on the corner of Chelten and Musgrave St. East side of Chelten and the Waterview side of Musgrave. I remember walking up an endless staircase - I think the dances were on the 3rd Fl. The girls did most of the dancing - most of the guys (nobody wanted to be the first) waited until the last dance so the abuse wasn't so bad if you were rejected. Girls even danced with girls on "ladies choice" numbers. I lived at the end of Musgrave so it was a very short walk to the dance. With my best suit and 6-button benny, I couldn't wait for the girls to dig me! Yeah, right! What a hoot! Thanks for the KofC dance memory! Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL - age 63 [02-18-2008]

did anyone ever go sledding at waterview playground. there was that small hill in front of the tennis court. there was that dirt walkway on an angle going down the hill that your sled would hop over it. how about shooting pool inside the building. I think Dee (our football coach) donated it and would charge 5 cents to play to pay for chalk. there were also ping pong tables. this all took place in the basement. the basketball court was upstairs. George was our baseball and basketball coach. I remember in this same building voting took place.
louoldies [02-18-2008]

Read "anonymous"(why??).Bobby,Andy and Al of The Classic Four, and George Young are friends and fellow P&Mers (Penn & Magnolia). There are several of us from P&M contributing to thoughts to the site.
Duke Garvin, North Wales PA [02-18-2008]

Anonymous is not Sandy Evans, it is her daughter Terri Evans/Bateman/Ireland
CB [02-18-2008]

Hi, Just found the site and at this moment BOTH my dad and I are looking at the thoughts. I am Anthony Pizzuti. We lived on clapier St. and went to St. Francis for '60 to '63. I have a twin brother Joe, two sisters Carmel and Cecile. I remember a few names, Frank Gisondi, (go on any more swings?) Lucy, Frankie Chatary,and Tommy Carmody. Angela Ironelli (spelling?) Uncle Bump!I lived next to the colella's (spelling again) Does anyone remember the diaper truck that crashed by Jens candy shop? (my bad) My brother Joe was hit by a car there too!. We moved to Stenton avenue for a year across for the whitman chocolate factory. we then tranferred to Imaculate Conception and lived on Stafford Street by price street. I attended I.C. with my cousins, the Altomares, Angela, Jenny, Emily, Johnny, Tony and Vince. I also had cousins Jenny, Tony and marian living on price street. Many more memories but for now this is enough..LOL
Anthony Pizzuti, 54, Florida [02-18-2008]

rosemarie hite malageri, When did you go to St Vincents, What years, Bob Powers
anonymous [02-18-2008]

ross c. [02-18-2008]

hey anonymous, montes and sylvis not as good as delasandros, frisco frank after he got out of jail for murder, john the barber deluca, boo and carmella lukens, classic 4 al buccini, georgie young with pete cozzi, the bunk and unca chinnys, back the yards and menzanaut bakery.
live on mechanic st [02-18-2008]

Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly,I don't know if someone aswered you already, Mills Bros was located on Wister Street, Your right the clothing was reasonable. Many a Easter suit my father bought me there, And the last I heard Simon's Skating Rink still there, I use to go there in 1956, 1957. Bob Powers
anonymous [02-18-2008]

Ross C, No word on Theresa Pocop from Magnolia Street yet? And thanks for your help I just got off the phone with RALPH LONGELLO
anonymous [02-18-2008]

The Classic Four were from Penn & Magnolia. One of the group, Andy, now sings with a Doo Wop group called the Norristones.
Sheila [02-18-2008]

Anonymous, I remeber the Classic IV. Al Bucini also sang in the group. Last time I saw him he ad a body shop on Umbria St., in Roxborough. The fourth singer I believe was John Delagog or a name similiar to that. I know I'm spelling it wrong. And yes, you are right it should have been a hit. It was very good.
anthonyg [02-18-2008]

Kathy - thanks for the info. I wasn't aware that the Holy Rosary rectory was later used as the Gonzaga Home for Girls. Could you email me? I have a couple questions regarding Gonzaga. Rather then clutter up this board with them, I'll take it offline. Thanks
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-18-2008]

dennis,how are you? i wasnt sure if you remembered me!steve and i are no longer together,but we are still friends.he's turning fifty(party at the post,you should come! im ok,girls are getting big,and im a grandmom!
kathy [02-18-2008]

Mike MicGinley is my husband's brother in law.. Would that be Joe's older brother
Erda [02-18-2008]

kathy [02-15-2008]

anyone know what happened to joe mcginley from green st?he hung around with us at Joe Colemans house /
anonymous [02-15-2008]

remember Montes steak shop and later it became Sylvi's at belfield and haines across from Fresco Franks water ice. also Johnny the barber, Lukens Unity grocery store and Gussie,s junk shop on the 500 block of Haines st. Is there anyone that remembers the singing group "The Classic Four" that sang Island of Paradise which should have been a hit. Bobby Camardello was in that group. Also Georgie Young and the Rocking Box was another group from the area.
anonymous [02-15-2008]

To Sandy; Ray Goehler was my cousin, and yes he a an officer in the 14th. Went to St. A's and Cardinal Dougherty. He married a girl named Eileen Cipriano, I beleive she was from germantown.
Jim Curtin [02-15-2008]

kathy...hey girl how are you? it's been awhile.how is steve?
dennis garvey [02-15-2008]

I found this on You Tube. Did any body hang out at or party at this place? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdoB9xpB46s The cops would always chase us out of there. That was probably their spot to kill time. Many a case and keg was guzzled there. Too bad it's all gone. Great story and great memories.
Douglas [02-15-2008]

Ross C, Did you know Jim Shannahan, Inspector, My first cousin Bob Powers
anonymous [02-15-2008]

bob powers. is he still living in mayfair? see if he will give me his address .rossc.
ROSS.C [02-15-2008]

hi dennis, stjosephs is the huge building at 910 church lane.the entrance is at the corner of church ln and wister.gonzaga was a group also run by the archdiocese it was a smaller setting(@8 girls max)where as st joes could house about 60(all those females in one place! ughhh!.the group is on the corner ofhigh and morton.i was by there a year or so ago and it was partially boarded up.it used to be holy rosary rectory and was incredible on the inside
kathy [02-15-2008]

ROSS C, I was not a cop. Charlie B is my best friend first and my middle sons Father in Law. Charlie is alive but a little lost of remebering things. I'll tell Charlie was in touch with you.
anonymous [02-14-2008]

to anonymous2-13.my maiden name is clayton.frankie was a close friend of mine and the godfather to one of my daughters,sadly,he passed away 3 years ago
kathy mcmonagle [02-14-2008]

Looking for Ellen Rickle lived on Walnit Ln, Near Baynton, Went to Gtn HS, grad in 56 or 57. Nancy Walsh lived on lAMBERT sT near LaSalle, When to CD, Grad in 59.
anonymous [02-14-2008]

Kathy / Jeannie - you both posted that you lived at St. Joseph's and at Gonzaga. I always thought they were one and the same. What is the difference and were they seperate buildings? Both located down around Chew and Wister?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-14-2008]

Does anyone remember the Stokes family from Wakefield Street? Or the Clements family from Crowson Street? Thanks.
Donna Kennedy, 52, Roxborough [02-13-2008]

hey little raffle most of the names you mentioned were a little younger than me.i knew all the cerrato bothers but they are 65 and older.madeline sicola is either the daughte of my cousin sammy or his grand daughter.sammy lived next door to me on 3oo blk of mechanic st. and moved to 300 blk of haines st when he got married sammy should be around eighty ross c.
ROSS C. [02-13-2008]

bob powers, charlie bruno was my sgt. when i wwas there. he was a great guy.hep guy sharp dresser. i hope hes still alive.were you a cop bob? ross c
ROSS C. [02-13-2008]

anthony: i retired in 88. ross c,
ROSS C. [02-13-2008]

I am trying to find anyone from Nicetown.Lived on Cleveland st at the end..Have 3 brothers, 1 sister..Went to St Francis and then to Nativity BVM...Last name Burns
Mary Burns (Christie), Simi Valley, CA 58 [02-13-2008]

jeannie,posted 2003,i lived in st joes for six years and gonzaga for another five.saint josephs is no longer an orphanage,and last year and went to gonzaga and it was boarded up,email me
Kathy [02-13-2008]

joe coleman is married for a few years now.
anonymous [02-13-2008]

Kathy you may find some of your friends on this Web site created by Mike Garvey http://www.germantownbrickyard.com/ What is your maiden name I may know you through my children my daughter is and friends hung with a crowd in the same neighborhoods.. She went to Frankie Colemans senior prom with him..
anonymous [02-13-2008]

when i was six,i lived in the orphanage on church lane.it was st josephs home for girls,the building behind it facing chew was gozaga(much smaller)i went to immaculate conception and remember hanging out at vassallos.john was a friend of mine.they were the best years of my childhood.fond memories of the,vassallos,mowrey,mccoys cerasis mike smith,and all the get togethers at each others houses.when i was 11.i moved to a group home(formerly holy rosary rectory)it was the coolest place to live in.i remeber joe and albert ianuzzi,tranzillis water ice,thecandy store on the corner of morton and mechanic.the yearsley and the lang mccann!takers cafe in maplewood mall.ilived with colemans for a while,on manheim street i remember the garveys,mostly steve and denny.i married steve mcmonagle,i remember parties at dee hennigans house on seymour. the lewiss(gary and tom) the viall family amendolia,fisher,and the people who lived closer to cricket club the walshes,pio.tom stanley,mannys stop and shop.giovannis pizza.i lived on portico street,next to pat ford and john(hardtop)ireland.the sborlinis,my girl,maria lowe jordan,ears,basmajians,so many people and a lot of great memories.especially ic.i think about my friens in grade school and wish i could locate them,have a reunion of our own.i wish them all well and hope life has been good.if you read this and know anybody ive mentioned,give me aholler.there are many i havent listed,but i havent forgotten them
kathy mcmonagle [02-12-2008]

february 23,2008 there will be a surprise 50th birthday party for steve mcmonagle at the continental post wissahickon ave(across from the va hosp)
kathleen mcmonagle, lansdale,42,mom of three [02-12-2008]

I remember the rag man on Tacoma St, his name was Hayes, but I'm trying to place Ed.
Bill, 58 [02-12-2008]

Looking for A Denise Monoghan From East Germatown.
JC, NORTH CATHOLIC 56 Ret Phila PD & United Airlines [02-12-2008]

Hey Ross C. I started with the old Magistrates' Court in "66 and then it became Municipal Court in '70. I'm sure you testified in one of the places I was working, whether it was at the neighborhood districts or City Hall. I guess you're retired by now. I retired in '05, but went back part time.
anthonyg [02-12-2008]

Ross C, While in Major Crimes,did you know Charlie Bruno, Sgt. Please advise Bob Powers, Old 5800 Morton Street Residence.
anonymous [02-12-2008]

The last I heard John Weston had moved to California. His brother Eddie passed away on Oct. 31st, 1991
anonymous [02-12-2008]

sandy evans i remember her !is this you ? i was on wayne avenue for eight years . i got to know a lot of people and when some one tells me a name i go ! oh my gosh i remember them 40 years of being in business is along time but i have been very luck to be blessed with a good memory.germantown will always be my home even thought it is changed now loved all the places we were able to hang out at and not get in to any trouble . frank
frank, north wales [02-12-2008]

Lynne, I love the story about your mom beating that guy up with her umbrella. I remember paying the phone bill after school when I'd change buses at Gtn. & Chelten...and hung out at Lintons for a while. You could do that in those days..
Sheila [02-11-2008]

Hi Peg, I graduated from St Vincent's in '59 and had a couple of friends by the name of Peggy and Maureen McMahon. Peggy graduated in '57 (Is that you?)and Maureen in '58. Maryalice Armstrong Brennan
maryalice, still in Germantown [02-11-2008]

Joanne I remember the rag man on Tacoma St.
Ed age 61 [02-11-2008]

Bill James If you had Sr. Clarie Eleanor you must have gone to St. Francis. I think she taught 8th grade but I had Sr. Merceda. What year did you graduate? I was class of '60. I'm trying to track down my 8th grade class picture if you know anybody from that class.
Ed age 61 [02-11-2008]

Germantown or G-Town was originally the Borough of Germantown, a town in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and is today a neighborhood in the Northwest Philadelphia section of the city of Philadelphia, about six miles northwest from the center of the city. The neighborhood is rich in historic sites and buildings that have been preserved. Many of these are open to the public. Germantown stretches for about two miles along Germantown Avenue northwest from Windrim and Roberts Avenues. The boundaries of Germantown borough at the time it was absorbed into the city of Philadelphia were Wissahickon Avenue, Roberts Avenue, Wister Street, Stenton Avenue and Washington Lane. The next neighborhood to the northwest, Mount Airy, starts around Johnson Street, though there is no universally recognized exact boundary. In 2005, the median home sale price in the 19144 zip code, which contains most of Germantown, was $95,000, an increase of 23% over the median price in 2004. The median home sale price in the 19138 zip code, which contains part of East Germantown, was $82,050. This was an increase of 37%.[citation needed]
Susan [02-11-2008]

Does anyone remember the Smith Family from Brick Yard. They lived on a 3rd floor apartment and the Durkin family lived below them on the second floor?
anonymous [02-10-2008]

Frank The hairdresser...do you remember Sandy Evans who came into your shop every week when you were on Wayne Ave?
anonymous [02-10-2008]

HI ANTHONY.I STARTED OUT AS A PARK GUARDI 1963.I MADE CORP. AND WAS TRNSFERrED to radio rm then to the 39th dist made det and went to nwdd 35th dist later trnsferred to major crimes at 3rd & race
ROSS C. [02-10-2008]

Hey Ross, I went to grade school with Lucille Malitizia, Candy Goirno is my cousin, any of these names sound familar: Louise Mangino, Karen Cerrato, Colleen Manuola, Richard Sarpello., Steve Garieri, Nicky Mangino. Michael Innuzzi,Barb Belemonte, Madeline Sicolli, George Melanlo to name a few. A couple of us are trying to find our 8th grade class who went to Holy Rosary and graduated from 8th grade 1966. We found six so far We are trying to get together this summer. I dont remember the Italian store but I do remember the candy store that Boo (who was blind)or I thought was completely blind until one day I stuck my tongue out at him and he either sensed it or could see a little. Anyways I didnt get any candy that day. Do you remember what a nickel would buy back then. :)
Cheryl Raffle, Lived on Cosgrove St. and Haines St. 50'& 60'S [02-10-2008]

Anonymous, I must've been shooting a rubber band at Sister Claire Eleanor and not have been paying attention to what lead up to your Gtn. geography answer. But as I read it, I think you left out the western boundry of Wissihickon av. and for some of us, Wayne Junction. I don't think the people from Brickyard would agree with your Price St. boundry either. You must have been talking about what you grew up thinking was Germantown. Like to me it was from the Chelten Av. area down to Nicetown and from Wissihickon Av. to Baynton (although I included the hospital). Through this website, I realized that there are a whole lot more of us than I knew, and we covered a lot of ground that wasn't in 'my' Germantown. So to you and all those Germantown people from 'up there' and 'over there', nice to meet you. And when we're all getting along, it's great to read your what you write here.
Bill James, 'Head' from The Hollow [02-10-2008]

Anyone out there that graduated in 1957from St. Vincent de Paul
Peg [02-10-2008]

Ed I remember the rag man coming down Heiskell St. when I was a kid.Joanne
joanne posimo [02-10-2008]

Paula Newman, I think the chicken store was Longacres. It was the small store with the big rotisserie in the window.

George Chatburn, My friends and I all went to Wagners on Sunday and Wednesday too. The neighborhoods were divided into separate areas of the ballroom and a few fights broke out from time to time because of that. We went the first day it opened and got our membership cards from Elsie "Wagner" Smith, the heavy woman who sat at the table at the front door and scrutinized our card each week as we handed her our 25 or 50 cents to get in. That was about 1962 or 1963 .There were only about 100 kids there the first day and Jerry Blavatt had a record player on a table on the stage. As everyone jumped around, the record skipped or the record player slid off of the table. Remember Blavatts sidekick, the blond, constantly hair combing, Eddie Nixon? Eddie, where are you today? I also remember seeing real live singing groups in the beginning. I remember the Teenagers being there but I don't remember which Lymon it was. I think Darlene Love was there too. Another thing about those days is that if we didn't have any money left over to get the bus home (or had already lent it to one of the guys who was begging at the burger joint (White Castle ?), we could safely hitchhike home. One of us would stand in the street and the rest would hide. When a car stopped, all of us would jump in.

Joe Young, Your story about carrying cash to the bank reminded me of having to take the $60.00 mortgage payment to Girard Trust on Gtn Ave. every month. My mother walked over to Chelten Ave. to The Electric Company, The Gas Company and The Phone Company to pay her bills in cash. In the 70's she didn't feel too safe doing that anymore so she took the "J" bus to the Avenue. A guy tried to steal her umbrella while she was sitting there so she beat the crap out of him with it, paid her bills, and came home and put the house up for sale.
Lynne [02-10-2008]

does anyone know whereabouts of John Weston?? joe taylor
joe taylor [02-10-2008]

HELLO DOLLY. You can probably locate them on peoplefinders.com http://www.peoplefinders.com/ Good luck
Phil [02-09-2008]

Bob Powers, I remember the O'Briens and the Leones on Stafford st. I was on price street, same hundred. The big single homes across from us had yards and garages that ran to Stafford st. I guess those homes would be small considering the homes that are being built today, but they were big to us.That was a great area.
anthonyg [02-09-2008]

There was a basketball court called the Pit in the basement of St. Vincent's Hall on Price St. Anyone remember Ron and Bruce Beaver
Carole Redding Murray, 67 Villanova [02-09-2008]

Dear Anoymous Thanks for setting the Germantown geography straight. I am a "true GERMANTOWN". Do any other true Germantown people remember a horsedrawn wagon with the old man yelling "any old rags"? Some of the street urnchins wearing roller skates would hitch onto the back of the wagon and grab a tow.
Ed age 61 [02-09-2008]

Don't remeber the real names but the bowling alley just off washington Lane towrads Haines street we called the pit and the one on the other side going towrads Mt Airy we called the Palace.
George Chatburn [02-08-2008]

Settle a arugment, if you lived across from Chew Street you were from East Gtn, Below Penn you were from Logan,Above Washington Ln you were from MtAiry, All others in the middle were true GERMANTOWN people, All others were "wantabees"
anonymous [02-08-2008]

Does anyone remember Steve the Barber ? Last name was Adiletto, his first shop was in the 1940s on Baynton St between Chelten and Price, he moved in the late 1950s to Germantown Ave in Mt Airy . I am trying to locate his children, they moved to Flourtown from Gtn when the kids were still small . Thanks
Dolly, NE Philly [02-08-2008]

Dances were an important rite of passage for those of us that grew up in Gtn. during the late 50's and early 60's. One of the earliest I recall (and haven't seen mentioned here) was at the Knights of Columbus, above waterview on Chelten Ave. The dance floor was upstairs (away from the drinkers downstairs) and had a 45RPM player that was rolled out of a closet. It must have been back in the late 50's because I can still remember dancing to "Tenn. Waltz" and "The Little White Cloud That Cried." Before I went on to dance at Trinity, Wagner's or St. Joe's, I took the old soft shoe moves learned at the KoC club. The adults that ran these dances were very good to the youth of our day, and I am eternally grateful to them...except for that fat bouncer they employed at Trinity. Several of us had to egg him occassionally.
kevin, Santa Barbara, CA. 63 yrs old [02-08-2008]

Ross,I can't remember if I was on Eleanor porch when you were playing your 45,but I guess I was yes me an Eleanor are still best friends,I seen Sissy about a year ago she still so sweet,yes I do remmebr Rosemarie,she went away to be a nun she left after many years,they lived in back of Joe the Barber,I lived right across from Wislawn Auto Parts Store, you might have known my Uncles Kenny and West Kee?how about Ray Gohler he was a cop at the 14 district for years.Sandy
anonymous [02-08-2008]

George Chatburn, I remember the Geator Jerry Blavat. You know he is still alive and kicking? I still have his albums. I loved our era. Wagners was the place to go to dance and have good times with anybody and everybody. I mean dancing lol
Cheryl Raffle, Cheryl Raffle, Lansdale PA [02-08-2008]

Ross, there was a truck with windows from the Mill and it would drive around with 2 sheep in it. I remember driving past the mill on Wister Street when I rode in my dad's beer truck in the 60's
Bob Mc Creight, 54 Havertown PA [02-08-2008]

Phil, wasn't it Washington Lane Bowling Lanes south of Washington Lane and Stenton Lanes a couple block north.
Bob Mc Creight, 54 Havertown, PA [02-08-2008]

Phil, I think the one your speaking of was called washington lane bowling alley, and the one near it on stenton ave was called stenton bowling alley.
louoldies [02-08-2008]

Does anybody know what the name of the club was a door or 2 up from Superior Bakery which was at Logan St.?
Ed age 61 [02-08-2008]

Does anyone remember a family from Stafford St near Bay & Chelten, below Price Street, Please Write Bob Powers,
anonymous [02-08-2008]

Hey Ross, I see where you were a cop for 25 years. Where were you stationed? My father was on the force and I worked, and still do, in the Philly court system. Maybe I know you from the districts or City Hall courtrooms, now the Justice Center.
anthonyg [02-08-2008]

Hey Phil, the bowling alley and Stenton and Washington lane, was it The Pit? I know something up there was called that.
anthonyg [02-08-2008]

Hi Alison, I had mentioned Tommy O'Donnell a few weeks in reference to any number of good memories I had with him while attending St. Francis of Assisi (69'). As is so often the case, I lost touch with him when the high school years commenced (Cardinal Dougherty) as so many new friends from all the other many parishes entered my life. Amazing how big we thought our parish schools were until we were thrown into that big old ocean called high school! In any event, his basement (on one very fateful Halloween) holds very special significance for me, as its where I garnered my very first kiss from a lovely young lady named Linda. Ah, the memories!
John, Abbottsford/Fernhill Section; St Francis of Assisi 69' [02-08-2008]

I don't remember the name of the bowling alley at Stenton Ave and Washington Lane, however, I do remember that Jackie Gallagher, who was killed in Viet Nam, worked there clearing jams in the automatic pin setters, etc. He took me on a behind the scenes tour of the place one time. He was a good guy and a good friend who died way too young.
Billy [02-08-2008]

A few weeks ago I saw a post on here about Tommy O'Donnell. Does anyone know his whereabouts? This is a fun site bringing back tremendous memories. Drop me a line at my email.
Alison Murray, 55, King of Prussia area [02-07-2008]

dolly, i don't remember where it was located but i enjoyed many a wonderful x mas parties there .. ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-07-2008]

Hey Len Salinis, I was your next door neighbor at 543 E Penn St. I think I'm about 6 years or so older than you, so I don't think we really knew each other. I just remember a blond hair younger boy that lived next door. I moved to the northeast in 64 but my Dad lived there till about 67 or 68. I actually get down to the old neighborhood evey once in a while. The last time I saw your Dad on the porch, but I don't know if he would remember me either. Nice to see a familiar name. a lot of great memories from Germantown.
Judy Nizzardo, Lambertville NJ 61 [02-07-2008]

What was the name of the bowling ally at Stenton and Washington
Phil [02-07-2008]

Does anyone remember Joe Coleman? He used to have keg parties on Manheim st. I had heard he became a priest.
anonymous [02-06-2008]

Oh Rosemarie I am so sorry, I forgot about the Italian Club, I went there too, it was at Wayne and Seymour ? I think ?
Dolly, NE Philly [02-06-2008]

hey margret pirfani. did your family live on morton st.back in the forties early fifties. i went to school at holy rosasry with a frangk perfani and his sister.along with lou scarpello and frank mott.anthony versios family had and italian grocery store on haines st. just off morton.if your the same family you must know lucy giorno louise malitzia ross.c
ROSS C. [02-06-2008]

sandy i was a cop for 25 yrs.did you ever dance on my porch when you were younger. i remember all of eleanors friends asking me to play my 45 records. this was after i came home from hanging at p&m ccorners.do you dtill krrp in touvh eith elsanolr and diane benz you girls were a little younger then me.sissy head was my age.betty and babe are no longer marriedgot divorced abou 25 yrs. ago babe never remarried.did you know rossemarie brunho her father owned the the barber shop on chelten ave. ross c
ROSS C [02-06-2008]

Just saw mention of wagners ballroom. Went there on Sunday afternoons, and Wednesday nights in the summer I'm thinking probably 65-67 Hosted by The Geator.
George Chatburn [02-06-2008]

Gertie Lyons, wow a name I know! Yes PTC Bus trips to Willow Grove. Penn and Magnolia here.(when did we all start getting older? ) : )
Len Salinis Jr, I did this, and it's deleted??? why??? I was listed in 2008. [02-05-2008]

Mary Lou Malageri. Were you married to Eddie Weston? Someone mentioned you were. joe taylor
joe taylor [02-05-2008]

thanx susan & joann for the brickyard site
joe taylor [02-05-2008]

Hi Ross,thanks for answering me,I do remember Betty had a few little kids back then she such a sweet girl,and I can still picture your Mom and Dad sitting on the porch,Ross were you a cop at one time??I lived at 5616 Heiskell St,then we moved around on the 400 block of Chelten Ave but my Grandmom lived in our old house,I was a friend of Eleanor Head back then an we are still best friends does this help?? Sandy
anonymous [02-05-2008]

dolly i remember going to the italian club as it was called in our house for xmas parties im assuming it was the garibaldi club you mentioned ... santa claus was a man named sambo .. ha of all things but he was a friend of my uncles and we all knew it was him but we would pretend he was the real thing ... he was so nice to us kids ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-05-2008]

Hi Dolly,the club on Price was called the Republican Club,my Uncle Pete used to have it back in the early 1960's,we had many a family parties their it was a nice place,thanks for the memory Sandy
anonymous [02-05-2008]

Thank you George,when you told me Fly frist name then I remember his last name to many years gone bye,also Bobby was my son-in-law a great guy,thank you to anonymous for information on Fly name brings back a lot of good memories Thanks Again,Sandy
anonymous [02-05-2008]

oh marge pifani ! i was wondering if that was you ? i live in north wales now . i will tell my son frank . he is a chiropacter and a rn (nurse) he also was a hairdresser for a few years . we call him the man with manny talents my other son was a hairdresser for a few years . then he went to law school and is doing very well now . my older daughter lives in fl. and my younger one lives in glenside.i don't know were all the years went ? i open up in roslyn in 1968 and stayed till 1993 the people there treated me great . i will never for get all the nice customers . i miss all the fun times i had while making a great liveing. to the guy who said schafer wister school was on east abbottsford (yes you are right ) the school on bringhurst was called wister school i think i said schafer wister was on bringhurst st . i stand corrected ( thank you ) frank .
frank, north wales [02-05-2008]

My Grand-Mother made easter eggs Mrs, Gaw and sold them form her home on Morton St.I remember,Allens Dept.store, the Band Box and Orpheum and the Colonel theatres. Gtn.boys club
Bob, 64, Cowtown, St Vincent, [02-05-2008]

Did I forget Happy Hollow had dances I went to too !
Dolly, NE Philly [02-05-2008]

Dolly, I remember the Christmas parties at the yearsley post. I was just talking about them.They used to be on Sunday afternoon. The club on price, on my block, the 200 block, was called the Republican club. I don't know if that is the one you mean. There was also one closer to Germantown ave. across from Rowell's parking lot. I think that was the democratic one.
antonygi [02-05-2008]

My father took me and my cousin to a Christmas party at the Democrate club back east Gtn. Santa Claus was a midget who came out on roller skates. I cried and we had to leave.
anonymous [02-05-2008]

Hi Anonymous, I went to all the dances you did, plus Trinity at Germantown Ave and Queen Lane and Wagner's Ballroom too from 1959 to about 1962
Dolly, NE Philly [02-05-2008]

LouOldies: When you mention chocolate milk and cookies from Miss Carmela you brought a smile to my face. For the life of me I could not remember her name. Now I do thanks. What years did you attend Holy Rosary . I was there from 1957-1966 then my parents moved us up to North Hills PA, I hated it there, such snobs they were compared to our tight knit neighbors I was used to growing up on Cosgrove St since I was born there. Cheryl Raffle
Cheryl Raffle [02-04-2008]

Sandy, I used to hang out with Bobby amnd fly and remember his first name as Louis I'm pretty sure I remember his last name but Idon't want to put it out there. George C.
George Chatburn [02-04-2008]

just helping out. here's a link to john herrera's high school FB heroics. http://www.tedsilary.com/FB1957recap.htm and we called the store across from immaculate ann & ed's. also, simons/rodney playground still exists. i've seen a couple king HS baseball games there in recent years.
ted, left gtn. in '63; it never left me [02-04-2008]

Fly's name was Louis Corrado. He had an older brother Pat and a younger sister named MaryJo
anonymous [02-04-2008]

Does anyone remember the kids Christmas parties ? My Dad use to drag me to every one of them . Yearsley Post, Garibaldi Club, Masonic Temple, Ulyssida Club (not sure of spelling ) and then there was my favorite a Club on Price St right before St Vincent off Gtn.,Ave, I can't remember the name, it was my favorite cause there was a Moose Head on the wall and if one of the boys would tease the girls the Steward would hang him on the Moose . HELP ! what was the name of that club ? I remember a Post on Shedaker St ? too it had just opened and I was getting too old for kids Parties, I helped give out ice cream their first Christmas, was that Lang McCahn ?
Dolly, NE Philly [02-04-2008]

Paula... I also graduated from St. Vincent's in 63.Was your last name Rice?
Susan Malageri Demetrovits [02-04-2008]

Loraine, was that store Robert Hall? I remember going down steps, also, but not sure where. Paula, I remember all of the places you mentioned. How about the Band Box theater on Armat St? And remember the Hour Glass cleaners, on Germantown Ave. They were the first to offer one hour cleaning and three shirt laundering. I used to take my clothes to be cleaned to Visco's or Caparelli's on Chelten Ave. They were next to my uncle Joe's barber shop. Seems like only yesterday.
anthonygi [02-04-2008]

To Paula Newman,I loved that chicken place. I used to stop there coming home from Cardinal Dougherty. I think one of the Woodmeir girls Pam or Stacy worked there.
doc, doc, 54,Portico ST. [02-04-2008]

/ Joe, this is the URL for the brickyard site... Susan Joe, this is the URL for the brickyard site... Susan
anonymous [02-04-2008]

sandy: babes last name was demarco he is my cousin and lived 5 doors down from me on heiskell st. his wifes name was betty and she had a dancing school in nj. she had 2 sons and a daughter betty,liz and joey taught at the school when they grew up. joey is the only one running the school now i wish i could remember what you looked like back then. rossc.
ROSS C. [02-04-2008]

lorraine (cupo) kelly{ mills mens clothing factory wa on wister st. in east geramtown it was a large stone building with 2 large picture windows where they displayed some suits that they made. i remember my parents taking me there to get my first suit when i was twelve. the building is still there. the did some new refacing and i dont remember if its a offic complex or a apt. complex. roos c.
ROSS C.. [02-04-2008]

Here are a few answers, Mills Bros was at Church Lane and Wister, Simons is still there and the rink is something else, John Herrara lives above Lahaska and was a great football player, the head was kicked down the sewer..urban legand,The Fly didnt have a real name, meat wagons were also patty wagons, Ronnie was 400 block E Mechanic St, six button bennys were very heavy, cinnamon sugar bread, swimming naked at the boys club and ymca, safeties were hated by the other kids.
anonymous [02-04-2008]

Joe Taylor - the website for the Brickyard is www.germantownbrickyard.com
Jo-Anne [02-04-2008]

To Frank 01-31-08 The Schaffer Wister school was on the corner of Germantown Ave. and East Abbottsford Ave. I attended that school school from 1933 to 1936.
Al [02-04-2008]

Hi Mary Lou Malageri;I knew you way back when you were dating my couisn Wayne Pero,we double dated a few times often wonder how you are,if you read this site please e-mail would love to hear from you after all these years.Sandy my e-mail is Sandy 1225@comcast.net
anonymous [02-04-2008]

I am responding to Frank's question as to whether I taught at St.John of the Cross School in Roslyn..Yes, I did teach there for 1 year and I taught your son, Frank...I also went to your hairdressing shop in Roslyn for years until you moved....I still live in Roslyn and just recently retired in 2007..Besides teaching for a short time I am a registered nurse and worked for onver 37 years in nursing.
Marge Pifani, Marge Hemberger Pifani-Roslyn [02-04-2008]

Cheryl, my father said that he moved to New Mexico.
Judy [02-04-2008]

Gorgie Greene how are you and your family.have a picture of you and Frank Marino and Dutch.those were the days .we thought they would never end.
anonymous, anonymous [02-03-2008]

i have read mention of a brickyard site. if it exists, would someone give me the address?? thanx joe taylor
joe taylor [02-03-2008]

I discovered this site tonight when googling Allen's Department Store, and it was great to read all the comments and memories about Germantown. Sombebody below mentioned a boy I once had a crush on! I went to St Vincents, graduated in '63, lived at Walnut Lane and Greene. I left in 1969. I'm wondering, does anyone rememeber the barbecue chicken place on Chelten between Greene and Germantown, the Woolworth's on Chelten between Wayne and Greene, and the majestic Orpheum Theater, on Chelten between Greene and Germantown? I've seen mentions of Imhof's, but what about Falotico's, an Italian place one block up (not sure if it was west, east, north or south) from Imhof's, down the street from the barbecue chicken place and just before the Orpheum (if I remember correctly). Germantown was a great place to grow up.
Paula Newman, South Philly [02-03-2008]

Does anyone remember a fotball player Holy Rosary, John Herrara the (Cuba Flash), I joined the Marine Corp at Town Hall, Gtn Av and Haines St, I saw John at Parris Island Thanksgiving 1958, he was playing for the Marine Corp, Just another Gtn though.
anonymous [02-03-2008]

Hi cheryl,I do remember Fly,but for the life of me I can't remember his name thanks Sandy
anonymous [02-03-2008]

Just a short note to say thank you to Bruce Marshall for answering my post about Robert Riggs who was an artist from the area. I think he passed away in 1970, and was involved with the boys and girls club (Indian Lore)...I would also like to thank Bruce for introducing me to Ms. Jane Bender who was willing to try to help find about information about a particular item that was in the Native American artifact collection of Robert Riggs.....The artifact I was trying to find information about was a long buckskin sash about six foot long that had four horizionall rows of white quill work...That particular item is in the Collection of the Denver Art Museum and can be seen on their web page ... The sash may have been collected as a war trophy by the troops of General Eugene Carr and the 5th Cavalry after an attack on Tall Bull's camp in Colorado in 1869...Some times when people share their collections they usually share the story about the item...where it came from, what it was used for, how they collected it...If any one else remembers seeing the sash I would love to hear from them...Thanks again... Frank Sheridan
Frank Sheridan, 57 year old artist, work for gov. [02-03-2008]

I worked at Molded Insulation Co. on Price St. from 1952 to 1959. I worked in the office as a junior accountant while I attended LaSalle at night. One of my jobs was to take the cash receipts to the bank every day. In the beginning, when I was only 17 years old, I did not have a car, so I had to walk from Molded to the bank at Queen Lane and Germantown Ave. every day -- about ten blocks. Somedays I was carrying thousands of dollars -- I never encountered a problem and I never felt any fear. What a diffence fifty years make -- if I had that job today I would need an armored car or at least a Humvee.
Joe Young, St. Athanasius '48, North Catholic '52 [02-03-2008]

remember when Holy Rosary held the easter egg hunt in the school yard where sometimes the golden egg was hidden in that little dead end passageway in front of the auditorim and also the halloween costume party in the auditorium where they gave out prizes for the best costume. I still remember getting chocolate milk and cookies in kindergarden from Miss Carmela. if I remember right the kindergarden room had a back door that lead up into the convent. the nuns back then to name a few were sister paul gabriel, lillian, catherine thomas, didanoto,mother sepriana,sister john madeline,peter marie.
Louoldies [02-03-2008]

Allright, let's throw this one out there! There was a men's clothing store (for some reason, I remember having to go down the stairs to enter it). I want to say it was "Mills Brothers"; but am not sure. I do remember the suits as being very reasonably priced....$29.95 (I think!) I don't recall the location....can anyone reply with the answer? Also, never got a reply as to whether Rodney/Simon Rink still existed.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, Deerfield Beach, FL; IC '47-'55; CDHS '59 [02-03-2008]

yeah antony im your guy frank (pat bressi's friend . hope all is well with you . long time since we were together. i see pat lots ! we were together new years eve . i love this web site .marge pifani were you a school teacher at st. john's school in roslyn?yes i also know babe demarco played golf with him and lots of the boys from germantown . frank
FRANK, north wales [02-03-2008]

anthony g. my mom worked at molded too as did my husband's aunt marie ... like you ...it is hard to cut the ties to the place that i called home and loved growing up in .... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-03-2008]

Regarding Eileen Butler. I thought I had a terrific lead, but it turned out that it was another person whose name was Eileen Butler. (That makes 3 so far in Philadelphia, all around the same age.) Eileen probably married and has a different last name now. She would be about 60 or 61 years old. She grew up on East Pastorious Street in East Germantown. I have reason to believe that she probably attended the St. Athanasius - I.C. grade school. Any help - even just a current last name - would be ever so much appreciated.
Mark [02-03-2008]

Back then the cop cars were painted red and known as "red cars". The police vans were also red and known as "meat wagons". My grandfather on my mother's side lived in East Germantown and was a cop at the 14th District. He drove a "meat wagon" and had to transport a beheaded man's body and head from way up Germantown Ave to the morgue. The cobble stones and trolley tracks made for a very bumpy ride. When he got to the morgue, the rear door of the "meat wagon" was ajar and the head was missing. He searched in vain for the missing head but never found it. So if any of you ever found a head on Germantown Ave now you know where it came from.
Billy [02-03-2008]

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