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January 2008

dennis ! let me tell you what i know about (brickyard)brickyard would be from penn and wakefield st. to wister and wakefield st all in that area ashmead, collum, bringhurst back to belfield avenue up to germantown . dog house abbmondi store.all in that general area. im 73 years old and im just a rookie canpeared to some of the old timers that are still around. the thing here is ! that the old timers know nothing about computers .tony maletto who is still with us could tell you things about the real brickyard he is around 81 years old and still woking part time (tile seting )on bringhurst st. was schafer wister school on the coner of wakefield was the american store across the street was the unity store,knotts tavern was on the other coner pops was right across the street from the school . there is a picture around that i remember seeing as a kid of the brick yard gange . who has it i think would be the de'danato family . john the father died about 7 years ago. he was a man who knew all about brick yard . he was a wear house of knowledge ..hope this helps you . frank .
frank, brickyard [01-31-2008]

to anonymous [01-29-2008] About Fly parking his truck on the street.Yes I remember and my bother Bob Raffle and him were best friends. He is what we called WILD in those days. Do you ever see him.
Cheryl Raffle [01-31-2008]

Marge Pifani, you lived across the street from my Godmother, Josephine.I remember your brother, Billy, but I'm sorry to say I don't remeber you. I would be there many times, visiting. Would also stop down the street to see my old neighbor and friend Greg Striano. They were the days. Somebody also mentioned Molded Insulation on here. My mom used to work there and when we moved to Roxborough, which I had a hard time adjusting to after Gtown, I used to drive down to pick her up and make all my stops in Germantown to see whoever was there. Just could not cut the ties and still think of it ever day. If our kids only had a taste of what we had. It was the best. To think what is going on today and the way it used to be, not just gtown, but all the other great neigborhoods that once were, it certainly is a sad situation.
anthony giordano [01-31-2008]

Frank margiotti, you have to be the same frank that I maet through Pat Bressi. Haven't seen or talkded to you in a while. Saw Pat at his mom's viewing, sad to say. Hope all is well with you and your family and everyone else here. Haven't been on for while, but glad to be back.
anthonyg [01-31-2008]

dawn swiderski [01-31-2008]

for the brickyard reunion go to germantownbrickyard.com
anonymous [01-31-2008]

Sure, I remember the Six Button Benny and was even lucky enough to have one. Got it at Adams Clothes at Germatown and Chelten. They came in navy blue, gray and tan; mine was tan. There was even a song about them played on one of the local radio stations..."Got a six button benny with the belt in the back..." Felt like a million bucks wearing it.
anonymous [01-31-2008]

Trinity dance was at Trinity Luthern Church. They had dances on sat. nights. I was there every Sat. It was up the street from Duvas resturant where we used to go after the dance. joanne posimo from cowtown
joanne posimo [01-31-2008]

Andy Anderson of Longwood Fla, Yes I remember all of them. Maryalice
Maryalice Brennan, Still in Germantown [01-31-2008]

nderson, I sure do remember 6 Button Benny, purchased at Adams Mens Store, Gtn & Chelten. Do you or anyone remember the Capri Rest. on Chelten Ave, Good Steak Sandwiches.
anonymous [01-31-2008]

Anonymous, Thanks for the answer ref Sode Co, I sure do remember the black cherry wishniak.
anonymous [01-31-2008]

Anonymous from Shedaker st. The Brickyard Reunion is set for May 17.Go to www.germantownbrickyard.com I did not know any family name Anonymous on Shedaker st. lol Mike Garvey
Mike Garvey, Feasterville pa. [01-31-2008]

I am a member of the Germantown Historical Society and receive a quarterly magazine. Featured this quarter is old movies in Germantown. I invite everyone to go to the GHS website, become a member, get the magazine, and register yourself and family for posterity. Send in your info and pictures...names, dates, etc.
Catherine Brownholtz [01-31-2008]

Do you have any photo's or information on Folk and Long Girls Boarding School-607 Church Lane. I lived there from 1950-1954, but I know it was taken down in the late 50's-early 60's. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks. Kind regards, Barbara
Barbara Di Felice, Havertown, PA [01-31-2008]

Hi Ross;I remember a Babe who lived on Heiskell Street,I can't think of his wife name but she was a dancer,an a real nice girl I would sit on her steps an talk to her,just was wondering if it's the same person??Sandy
anonymous [01-31-2008]

hey anon--u mentioned a reunion & then listed shedaker st. who are you?? I am Joe Taylor & lived on Shedaker St. You can respond back @ brbluis@yahoo.com of yo like--id you do please put germantown in title box so I will not delete it. joe taylor
joe taylor [01-31-2008]

Hi Bobbie,thank you so much for the in-fro on Cathy and Bobby I didn't remember their last name till you wrote then it can in my mind,I seen Cathy way back around 1973 or 74 I think she had a store on 5TH street at olney we talk for awhile I'am not sure if she would remember me after all theis years,if you see her tell her I said Hi,your Grandmon made the best Easter Eggs,she was a sweet lady.take care Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [01-31-2008]

DENNIS - I also lived in East GTN. I was not aware that Ed & Ann's had so many names - Funny how you remember places like that. It would be great if our kids could have a place like that. We really grew up in a great time.
anonymous [01-31-2008]

Hey anonymous, Who is Ronnie from Mechanic Street. Was that east Mechanic Street? What year? About those nicknames like Fly and Stevie "The Cat". Does anybody remember the crowd that hung out at Mechanic and Magnolia? I too had a nickname which took me forever to get rid of.
Ed Farrar, Va [01-31-2008]

BOBP trinity dance was on germantown ave and queen lane . trinity church !ENTRENCES ON GERMANTOWN AVE OR PENN STREET RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE GERMANTOWN BOYS CLUB.FRANK .
frank, north wales [01-31-2008]

To Ross C: My cousin is also Babe DeMarco. His mother (Mary) and my father (Gabriel) were siblings. I haven't seen Babe in many years. If you see him again please tell him that his cousin Margaret was asking for him. I hope he is doing well. I remember that he was always smiling. A very nice guy.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [01-30-2008]

Bob, The name of the soda company on Haines and Osciola was named the Germantown bottle works. Frank's orange soda was still the best. Do you remember the black cherry wishniak?
anonymous [01-30-2008]

Where was Trinity Dance, I went to all the Dances in the Area, StVincent, Holy Rosary had dances on Sun afternood, St Joes on Alleghany Ave, LaSalle, And HolyCross in MtAiry area, St.Johns in Roslyn, Even Bandstand., But where was Trinity? Bob P
anonymous [01-30-2008]

Sandy, that is so great that you remember my grandmother's Easter Eggs. They were great! My mom did the decorating on the eggs. My brother, Frank, who lives in Spokane, WA still tries to make the small eggs - does a pretty good job. Bobby and Cathy O'Connor are my first cousins. I saw Bobby just a few weeks ago. Their mother is still alive - Katherine. Bobby has a large family and lives in NJ. Cathy adopted twin boys had one of her own and lost a baby son. She lives in Hatboro.
Bobbie Kelly [01-30-2008]

how do i sign up for the reunion
anonymous, brickyard,shedaker st. [01-30-2008]

Does anybody remember: Wearing a topcoat called a "6 Button Benny"? Tearing off the ankle patches from the new pair of US Keds as soon as you got them home? Mom sewing on (or even worse) ironing on those ugly-ass patches when you blew out the knee in your jeans? Having to settle for the "off brand" jeans from "Artie's" rather than the Wranglers you wanted because the off brand was $1.50 cheaper? (it's a wonder we are not all psychological basket cases). sticking a penny on the trolley tracks before school and looking for the "squished" penny after school? Mom fixing you a slice of "sugar bread" when you wanted a snack? (imagine trying to serve something like that to your own kids. Just wondering! Andy.
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [01-30-2008]

Looking to contact Ellen Rickel,not sure about the spelling. Ellen lived on Walnut Lane near Baynton Street, Went to Gnt HS, Grad 56 or 57. Any Help Contact Bob Powers, 215-793-8809 or RobertPowers@Interbay.com
anonymous [01-30-2008]

How about when Ronnie would pick up his mother with the PTC bus on Mechanic St.
anonymous [01-30-2008]

My name is Frank Sheridan and I have been doing some research on Robert Riggs....In particular the Native American collection that he had.... There is a pcs. that was sold to the Denver Art Museum in 1964 to a Norman Feder (DAM curator). This was a buckskin sash, possible a Dog Soldier Sash. I was wondereing if Mr. Riggs had any relatives in the area who might remember some thing or know any history of about the sash. If so I would like hearing from them...Thank you... Frank Sheridan
Frank Sheridan, 57 years old, artist, work for gov. [01-30-2008]

I live at 411 E.Wister St. People will call it The Ranch. for all the good time we had there.
Billy Valles, N.E. Phila 54 [01-30-2008]

It was a good thing that there wasn't any pot or drugs in Germantown in them days. Does any remember when FLY used to park his tractor trailer on Magnolia street? It took up the whole block.
anonymous [01-29-2008]

hi bobbie kelly are you talking about mary catalano the daughter or her mother mary catalano ..there were 8 of them .. and then my sister and me rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-29-2008]

frank; i took basic at jackson. the 101 st was no activated yet.they gave us basic training i went to fort gordon ga. and was a high speed radio opr. i took jump school and got my wings with the 77th special forces. they wanted me to reup amnd when i wouldnt thep put me in the 82nd i was there for 2 yrs got out in feb 59. i was out to dinner last nite with my cousin babe de marco and he told me you use to golf with all those hairdressers from around high & magnolia. i went with them once but my allerges acted u7p and i went home the next day. ross.c
ROSS C.; [01-29-2008]

Hi Sandy - The O'Donnells that I knew lived at 619 E. Woodlawn Ave. I don't ever remember them being on Chelten Ave. As I remember, there were 4 kids: JoAnne was the oldest - she graduated from CDHS in '60. Joe aka "Odie" was my age (63). Next was John who was a few years younger and the baby was Maureen. Mr. O'Donnell died suddenly in the late 50's or early 60's - not sure exactly when but the O'Donnell kids were still young when he passed. Not sure these are the same folks that you knew. "Odie" was one of my closest boyhood friends. We were altar boys together at St. Vincent's Seminary - I hear he is living in a southern state but lost track of him a long time ago. Hope this is helpful. Stay in touch! Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [01-29-2008]

hi erda; thats funny i worke at viz before i went 9into the service in 1955.it was called molden insalatuion then. the owner was a russian and his two sons. were bosses. i worked on the second floor . i rand the lathe grinding rotors and testing mine detector boxes. small world. ross c
ROSS C. [01-29-2008]

Lorraine - I remember the ice rink at Simons Recreation Center. It was a distance from my area of Musgrave & Chelten but we went often. Funny, but I don't remember the hot chocolate concession. I guess hot chocolate wasn't a top priority for teen boys that were heavily into puberty. Too many ice skating "bunnies" circling around to think about hot chocolate. Andy.
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [01-29-2008]

Does anyone know the general boundaries of Brickyard? I mention that St. Michael of the Saints was in Brickyard, but a St. Michael alum said that area wasn't a part of Brickyard. She didn't know the boundaries of Brickyard and I always thought of that area to be Brickyard.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-29-2008]

To: Ross C, You wrote to Joe Moss, His name was John Moss, Yes he remembers Bumbeans, I remember that store. What was the name of the Soda Company on the Corner of Haines & Oscolla ? Do you remeber I remember Joe Procopio very well. Write again, Bob Powers
anonymous [01-29-2008]

Hi Bobbie,I do remember Mrs Gaw on Morton street she made the best Easter Egg Candy in her basement;if it the same person she was so sweet and I was friends with Cathy and I think her brother name was Bobby I often wonder what happen to them that gone back around 1956 or 57 please let me know if it the same family Sandy
anonymous [01-29-2008]

Rosemarie, I remember Mary Catalano. My mother lived at 5618 Morton Street. The Gaw family, had 16 children, 11 of them grew to adulthood on Morton St. Last time we took a ride down through the neighborhood, that house was still standing. My mother would always talk about seeing the nanny goats on Chelten Avenue.
Bobbie (Roberta) Kelly [01-28-2008]

Carol went to bringhams sat. asked about,Maybe we could get together,
dot gensemer [01-28-2008]

I really wish my grandchildren could enjoy the freedom and safety that we had when we were children. It's hard to believe that we wandered throughout the park every day without concern. I am intrested in the upcoming reunion and if anyone can send me some information, I would appreciate it. Also, I would like to know the whereabouts of Joe McCormick, Millard Affleck, and Dan Hartnett. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with them or their family. Ron Cupo
Ron Cupo, Lived on the 1300 block of Haines Street. [01-28-2008]

heybob farrel. i use to walk nancy fazy home from st. vincent dancesmy buddy duke walked nacy rittenhouse. the last time i say nancy fazy she was standing in the corner of that little st she lived on back in the 50's just off walnut lane up from wissahickon.thant was back in the 70's. ross c.
ROSS C. [01-28-2008]

Hi everyone, How wonderful to hear about Brickyard friends. I lived onGarfield Street for many years and then moved to east Germantown. I went to St. Michaels of the Saints & little Flower and then Olney HS. I fondly remember the dances on Friday nights at St Michael's and that delicions pizza from Scala's. Then there was Trinity dance and of course Gtn & Chelten to meet everyone. So many fond memories. Glad this site is here. Wish I could make the reunion, but my niece is getting married on 5/17. I'll be thinking of you all and hope there will be another one. Love, Frannny!
Franny (Smith) Lindmar, NE Philly presently [01-28-2008]

To Lorraine: You mention the Rodney St Playground; actually It was Simons Playground, I grew up on the 1500 Block Of Beverly Road; right down the street. Many nights my sisters and I skated at the ice skating rink. We were from St. Athanasius.
Jim Curtin, Philadelphia St. A's LaSalle High School and LaSalle College [01-28-2008]

ross ! i went to basic at ft jackson in may of 1954 101 airborne 16 weeks of basic .then i went to ft cambell kt. 11 th airborne (jump school) grad april 1955. stayed at ft campbell for a year then replaced the 7 th division in germany was there for about 15 months. i made sargent in 22 months and got lots of easy jobs . one of them was to march new troops that were comeing in to the messhall . that is were i would meet some guys from back home . one of them was jackie smith . there were others but i can't remember them now . speaking of procpio ? i do remember him and man he was a outstanding ball player! what a talent . i also remember a guy by the name of rocky raffele another great talent from happy hollow .we really had some great players who never took it to the next level . from the boys club was whitey roberts, doug gaines, boon thompson, woodsie striano. gess! i could go on and on with some of the great talent we had back in those days as for me i was just glad to make the teem . frank .
frank, germantown [01-28-2008]

Ross, My Husband is Mike Graham.. He lived on Church Lane . Two of his sisters married guys from the neighborhood, Paul Hayden and John Salamone, are 2 of his brother in laws. My brother was Joe Armstrong.. We lived on the West Side on Morris Street.. St Vincent.. Not sure where Joe hung he was 6 years older then me .. My Cousin Wayne Armstrong was part owner of the Wister Body Shop just off Belfield on Wister.. You may have known him.. I know Kay she not with Reilly anymore but I do see her often. Did you know the Kellyís girls on Morton Street and the McFaddens.. I also worked with Marion DeFernando at VIZ for years, I think they lived on Utah. Mary is a sweet heart, I love her, I will let her know you remember her writing to you when I see her tomorrow..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [01-28-2008]

Ralph Longello 267-626-6771
anonymous [01-28-2008]

hey joe moss. you must have lived right across the st. from holy rosary school, did you know my cousins mike and junior rosanova, do you remember bumbeans the little italian groceery store. roos c.
ROSS C [01-26-2008]

hi frank its really funny we went to all the same places,we must have run into each other.i read where you went airborn .were you in the 52nd or the 101st. i was in the 82nd from 56 to 59 stationed at fort bragg n.c. ross c
ROSS C. [01-26-2008]

hi bill cupo. you must have been in immaculate parrish. that part of the park is now a tennis complex at ardleigh and haines.i spent a lot of my childhood playing games in awbury pk. buileding mud dams between the ponds, ice skating in the winter. funny thing, when i got out of the service i joined the prk guards and every once in awhile they would sent me to guard that park.it was part of the fairmoung park commission. it had a little guard houee on the corner but someone burned it down and i would have to sit in my car for 4 hrs. boring job that park. nothing around but private haomes. ross
ROSS C. [01-26-2008]

hi robert powers. theresa procopio was a little younger than me. i knew her brother joe. he was 2 yrs, ahead of me in holy rosary. he was a great ball playe.died in the 70s. he had so much potential and wound up being the janitor at st.vincents on price st.he hung a lot at chew & chelten sitting in his car on the gas station lot. when i got to the high & magnolia reunion ill ask around. seez ya
ROSS C. [01-26-2008]

hi erda: yes i hung at p&m lived in cowtown. mary neill use to write me when i was in the service.do you know catherine brownholts,she lived around the corner from your husband on belfield ave. what isw your brothers namewhere did he hang,if he did.a lot of the people who come to our reunion lived in that blk of belfield. he would know the doyle family,brownholtz they were the big families on the blk.6or 6 kids keep in touch.ross
ROSS C. [01-26-2008]

To anonymous. I do remember Ed & Annís very well. That store had everything ≠ penny candy, lunch counter with hot and cold sandwiches, soda fountain, groceries, stationery, pinball machine, everything. In the 1950s and prior, it was called Harkins. You call it Ed & Annís. Where did you live? An odd fact that was relayed to me is that folks living say from the 1100 block east out towards Stenton Avenue, they called it Ed & Annís. Folks living from the 1000 block west out towards Germantown Avenue called it Ann & Edís. I lived on the 900 block of Price Street and that is how I knew it ≠ Ann & Edís. An odd fact that I donít know the reason for.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-26-2008]

Does the Rodney Street Playground still exist? I remember the ice skating rink with the hot chocolate concession located there. I spent many a night skating to the music & sipping hot chocolate. It is one of my fondest memories. I'm looking forward to the "friends of Immaculate Conception reunion" (Oct. 08) so that I can revisit my former neighborhood & favorite old haunts.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, Deerfield Beach, FL; 66, IC '47-'55; CDHS '59 [01-25-2008]

ed!i do remember your mom she came to my shop and so did your sisters . i forgot their names ? we did a lot of people form the wayne avenue area. mary maron,miss morell, kane &browns wife, marge paris (flower shop)kramers, mrs d'ambrose joes wife forgot her first name ?my cousin worked with me and we were called at that time big frank and little frank. we had a great business from 1960 to 1968 but then the area started to change and we moved to roslyn . we got our lunch from joes steak shop every day back then . great steak sand. frank .
frank, germantown wayne avenue [01-24-2008]

Hi Kay! Aren't you involved with the Reilly Raiders too?
Sheila Milligan [01-24-2008]

Mark: I remember a girl named Eileen Butler -- very beautiful she lived in West Oak Lane -- married a guy named Joe Ernst who now lives in Hatfield I believe. He may be able to provide more info.
joey [01-24-2008]

Hello Catherine Brownholtz. This is Miss Carole. When is the next St. Vincent's dinner? Glad you found the site.
Carole Redding Murray, Villanova; age 67+ [01-24-2008]

does anyone remember ed & ann's a little luncheon/store across the street from immaculate school
anonymous, age60 [01-24-2008]

Ross C. I know Frank and Mary we are in Reilly together.. They are the best Not sure I know Lois Boggs.. I was in Yearsley through the 60's. Are you from P & M area?? My husband is from Church Lane his porch looked up Belfield Ave several houses from John's Store.. Nice hearing from you..
Erda, West Norriton PA [01-24-2008]

Hi Andy,yes Penny real name is Corrine I do remember her sister but could'nt think of her frist name Penny was a doll she was always in sports in school small world the O'Donnell lived next to me on the Chelten Ave but the house was getting to small;they had a lot of kids if it's the same people they were really nice,they moved to I think the 6 hundred block of Chelten me an my Mother went to visted them,was just wandering if it was the same people,your right Andy this site is great an brings back so many wonderful memories take care Sandy
anonymous [01-24-2008]

Sheila Milligan, Your name sounds very familiar but I can't quite place you.
Dot (Hodges) Drolsbaugh [01-24-2008]

ROSS C. [01-23-2008, Thanks for the answer back, If you can give the Twins or Ralph my e mail as follows:RobertPowers@Interbay.com, Thanks looking forward to hearing from you, And do You know the Whereabouts of Theresa Procopio, lived on Magnolia Street
anonymous [01-24-2008]

To Ross C. Thanks for the Flag Flyers name on the shoes. Yes, I lived on the 1300 block of Haines st., 3 doors up from Awbury Park. I think I spent my entire childhood playing baseball there.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [01-24-2008]

I went to Trinity Dance. It was one of the many dances thoughout Germantown.. I also went to dances at St Peter's on Wayne Ave and Harvey, St Vincent's Price Street.
Erda, West Norriton PA [01-23-2008]

Rosemary, It has been has been a long time! How are you doing?? This site has connected so many people.. Yearsley is still in my heart, Mike and I are still in Drum Corps.. We march with Reilly Raiders Alumni Drum Corps. Send me an email so we can catch up..
Erda (Armstrong)Graham, West Norriton, PA [01-23-2008]

Dot, that would be around the time I went to Trinity. We had fun in those days.
Sheila Milligan [01-23-2008]

Sandy - Thanks for mentioning "Penny" Nichols. She was my first crush - I was 11 and she was 12 - I was attracted to older women at the time! I remember calling her number in a game of post office underneath the O'Donnell's back porch in the "alley" behind Woodlawn Ave. I believe her real name was "Corrine" and she had an older sister Nancy. "Penny" was a bit of a "tom-boy" but cute as a button - at least, I thought so! Not sure the kids play post office these days - probably they just skip to the main event! Sandy, thanks the great memory trip back to 1955. Best wishes. Andy.
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [01-23-2008]

Bill - Thanks for the "safety" memories! Did you ever have your badge "bent" by an 8th grader? Our poor "safeties" - admired by the underclassmen and derided by the upper classmen. As I remember, we took great pride in hassling the safeties and bending their badges - but we always feared (in the backs of our mind) that we would be "reported". I'm not sure a "safety" ever saved anyone's life but they probably never got anybody killed either - so I guess it all balanced out. You made my day, Bill, thanks! Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [01-23-2008]

Frank Marigiotti My mother Mary Raffaele use to get her hair done at your shop. My brother Joe had the steak shop down by Happy Hollow and my brother Jimmy had a cosmetic/toiletry store I think next to your shop. We left the neighborhood in the late 60's. Ed
Ed Raffaele [01-23-2008]

hey bill those slip on shoes were called flag flyers. flagg bros shoe store was at gtn. & chelten. next door to them was the hanover shore store which sold good shoes that we started to buy in our twenties. did i read that you lived on haines st.if so what hundred blk. ross.c
ROSS C. [01-23-2008]

bob powers. some guy named anonymous wason the site l0ooking for the chardula twins. the last time i saw them was when they came to see my mother and i in frankford hosp.in 1997 they live some where in the n.east. ralpy longello i see every two yrs.at the high & magnolia reunion which is held at josephs up past the willow grove air base. if the person would give a name or a e-mail address i would tell ralphy when i see him again. ross c.
ROSS C. [01-23-2008]

erda. beings you belonged to yearsly post drum & bugle corp. you must know mary neill,lois boggs . they have a show that they put on. i went to a couple of them. ross c.
ROSS C., lived at 5668 heiskell st inlate 50 early 60-s [01-23-2008]

roberta do you also remember the malageri's from morton street my cousins linda and charlie catalano lived on armat .. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-23-2008]

Would love to hear from anyone from the schools and who knew my brothers Joe, Lou, and Robert. Penn and Magnolia folks please respond, too...anyone. We do have reunions from the neighborhood...you are invited.
Catherine Brownholtz, Belfield Avenue at Church Lane, St. Vincent de Paul School 1946-1954, Germantown High School, Roosevelt Middle School [01-23-2008]

Oh yes the safety patrol. Our Lady of the Rosary had a safety patrol. Donít think I ever made it past private, but do remember Sammy Waters, a big tall guy in our grade who wore the Captain's badge appropriately. Another point brought up below was sneakers and status symbols. I too had to endure the PF Flyers, and caught flak from those who wore the "Chuck Taylors" Converse. I finally did get a pair of the white low tops at a price of $10.00 from a store on Gtn Ave. Wonder what they cost today. I wore them until they fell off my feet. Germantown (63-71)
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [01-23-2008]

Ross, I agree about the names...I have included my maiden name, which I think you already know..hahaha Don't be dropping any nicknames..hahaha
Sheila Milligan [01-23-2008]

did i know the twins ? yes i knew the twins i bought all their equipment when they went out of bussiness . when i left germantown (wayne avenue in 1968 i moved to roslyn and open up a shop on easton rd. i stayed there till 1993 then i retired .i don't remember haveing any young girl working at the reception desk back on wayne avenu. there were a few shops on wayne ave back in the 60's mary&michaels was one of them.can't remember the other 2? ralph's barber shop was across the street from me . his son has a big shop in glenside now . john abbmondi had the dellie on wayne avenue and manheim street. joe and sal had the steaks shops down by happy hollow.i do remember a beverly taylor from germantown she was tom taylor sister . i knew tommy taylor we went to lots of dances and played some golf together. i went many times to trinity dance .frank.
frank margiotti, north wales [01-22-2008]

Hi Little Nicky,sure remember you way back in the 60's hope you are doing fine,also I miss your brother Johnny and your sister Ann they were great people,I see your cousin George Greene on this site he was a good guy to in fact everyone from Cowntown was great Ha Ha an old neighbor Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [01-22-2008]

I remeber the Catalano's from Greeves Ct., lived on Armat St. at the time. Germantown in the late 50's early 60's was a special place in which to grow up.
Roberta Owens Thompson, Stokes St., Immaculate Conception Parish, graduated 8th grade from St. Vinvent de Paul's, Cecilian Academy for High School [01-22-2008]

Erda (Armstrong) Graham.... from Yearsley Drum and Bugle Corps? Is that you?, I'm Rosemary Sirianni, boy this site sure brings back a flood of memories.
Rosemary sirianni [01-22-2008]

this is such a great site. I wasborn on Rubicam street off wister, in brickyard. lived in st Joseph Gonzaga and moved to Upper Darby. I am wondering if upper darby has a site of it's own. anyone know of one?
anonymous, n.c. age 75 [01-22-2008]

anonymous ... those memories still wonderful and all so vivid ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-22-2008]

I went to St. Vincent had Miss Catherine and Sister Mary Cesily she taught 4th grade and those fire escapes the 5th and 6th grade girls had to use remember the annex for the 7th and 8th grade
anonymous [01-22-2008]

To Sheila, I went to the dances at Trinity from 1960 to 62. Dot
Dot [01-22-2008]

Anonymous, Are the Twins(Cardulla) is around, and if so where I can get in touch with them. How about Ralph Longello anyone know of his whereabouts?Does anyone remember Theresa Procopio from Magnolia St, and where is she today. Contact Bob Powers
anonymous [01-22-2008]

There was a place to buy sneakers on Chelten Ave, across from Jacobson's Drug Store, that I remember having to buy P.F.Flyers from.(Sutter's) These were the next best thing to Chuck Taylors (Converse)but they were too expensive and my mom would only buy the cheaper pair. I would wear them out in a matter of weeks from playing baseball all day in Awbury Park. If I remember correctly, you could also buy a pair of sneakers called U.S.Keds. The fashion would change regularly; first you would buy low tops in black to look like the Boston Celtics and then white high tops would be the rage. You had to know the right pair to buy or you would be "Jive" (out of style). I also remember getting my first pair of "White Bucks", at a shoe store near there, for the May Procession at Immaculate. They were made famous by Pat Boone. God forbid if somebody stepped on them and they got dirty; they were hard to keep clean. I also remember getting a pair of shoes there that had no laces, just a tongue-like closure that didn't always work properly and hurt your instep late in the day. By the way, does anybody remember being a "safety"? When you got to sixth grade, you were old enough to stand on the corner before and after school to help the smaller kids cross the street. I had the corner of Sprague and Price most of the time. If you held out your arms and the kids didn't stop and continued on, they would get "reported" and had to stay after school. Usually the kids in the eight grade wouldn't stop and you couldn't report them because they were bigger than you. If it rained, you had the ugliest raincoat and hat; bright yellow coat, stupid looking hood, and big black boots. You were also ranked in the safety patrol; Captain, Lieutenant, and just plain private. The Captain of the safties had to check all the corners to make sure everybody was on duty and wearing their badge. What power we had for a sixth gradeer! Sister Regina Regis was in charge of us. She was a young Nun and such a delight. Take care everybody.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [01-22-2008]

Hi Margie I went to High School with your sister Trudy hope she is fine also was freinds with Penny Nichols she was a nice girl hope she is fine too,I think you lived across from my Aunt Cathernie,my couisn Terry still lives their I know you must remember them,they were the good old days Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [01-22-2008]

how many of you gtn people know any family named anonymous. it must have been a big family but i never met any of them and i lived in every part of gtn. until i was 27 got married and moved to me airy. the men should be brave enough to give family names and the girls should give maiden names. thanks
ROSS C. [01-22-2008]

Frank,I work answering the phone in a beauty shop on Wayne Ave in 1961,can't remember the name of the shop,but my Aunt got me the job her name is Beverly Taylor Kee,just was wondering if it was your shop.thanks,Sandy
anonymous [01-21-2008]

The Twins beauty shop was on Chelten Ave right pass Germantown Ave the shop was on the second floor,can't remember what was on the bottom floor though, I used to go their around 1963 they were great guys and wonderful hairdresser that shop was always busy.anonymous
anonymous [01-21-2008]

Philadelphia is full of wonderful neighborhoods, some more Ethnic then others . South Philly, Italian / West Philly, Irish / Bridesburg, Polish etc, I could go on and on . BUT my fondest memory of Germantown was the melting pot of religions, races and creeds, I think that is what made it the best of all the neighborhoods and why it remains in the hearts of anyone who ever lived there . I wish my kids and grandkids could just go back in time for one day and spend it in Germantown . The biggest decision I had to make as a kid was which Matinee did I want to go to, Rialto, Orpheum, Bandbox, Lyric, flip of a coin usually . As for where to eat ? WELL I do not remember any place that you could say the food wasn't the best you ever ate, regardless if it was a Texas Tommy from the " Dog House " A Burger from the Toddle House, a Hot Fudge Sundae from Dairymaid, or a grilled cheese sandwich from the Woolworth food counter . I heard mention that there was a "Bar" on every corner, yes there was but for every Bar there was a Church within a block away . Feeding the Pigeons in Vernon Park, strolling the park at the Fair, reading a book in the Library, you could spend an entire day in the Park and not get bored . Remember eating a Tasty Kake Chocolate Creamy made with real cream ? it had to be refrigerated or the cream would sour ( my kids think I'm crazy when I tell them this ) . Every once in a while I drive to Germantown, an urge to go back and visit the past at first . Now it is more to look at the wonder of it all, the neighborhood still thriving, a new generation a new era, but among the old the new lives on in all the Beauty and Glory known as " Germantown "
Anonymous, NE Philly [01-21-2008]

anonymous, mike catalano is my cousin ... do i know you ... i lived with him and his family on greeves ct in cow town rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-21-2008]

Anybody go to the Saturday night Trinity dances?
Sheila [01-21-2008]

Hey Nick Lazaro. You knew my father Frank Raffle quite well. I am his daughter Cheryl Raffle. Ring any bells. lol
Cheryl Raffle [01-21-2008]

boo spags. woody. mike catalano.bill bresen. the lyons.rat the man.ozie.sal mada. miss you brothers.
anonymous, 61 [01-20-2008]

gnome, 62 waterview [01-20-2008]

Nick Lazaro [01-20-2008]

I'm trying to find my mother whose name was Eileen Butler. When she was still pregnant with me, she lived on Pastorius Street. She would be about 60 or 61 now. Thanks!
Mark [01-20-2008]

frank margiotti, do you remember the chardullo twins they were in business. they had a shop or worked in a shop on armat st btwn wayne & gtn aves.there wer a lot of guys from around high & magnolia who had shops and still do. bob difernando,tommy cantiella,sonny manto.just a few. love the lasalle ymca dances. use to dive off the wall into the pool at water view. did it at night when it was closed.neighbors would call the cops when we made too much noise.tyhe gtn boys club was nother experence. no swim suits allowed.also went to st. vincent dances on fri.nite.no cars walked girls home as far as blue bell wissahikon & walnut ln.
ROSS C. [01-20-2008]

hey kevin. sounds like you miss our good philly weather.dledding on the hills building igloos and snowmen. throwing snowballs at the trolleys. how did you winde up in sata barbara
ROSS C. [01-20-2008]

to anonymous. then you must have known joe mott who lived on the corner of haines and morton and the junk yard. do you remember the guy with the bad eye who had horses. some other fanilies on your street were the scarpellos,pirfanis
ROSS C. [01-20-2008]

To Carol Redding I married Skip Gensemer We hace three kids, four grand kids. MaryJane Lightcap is on hear. Like to hear more.
dot gensemer [01-20-2008]

Ross The days were great, I hated to see you leave when you joined the service in our Soph year, Got a kick when I ran into you years later at Blvd & Wyoming you were with he Park Guards if I remember right.
Jim C, Wister & Wakefield Nicolett's Graduate 53-56 Back in 60 [01-19-2008]

John Moss lived 300 block of Hanies st. till about 48, lived 5800 Baynton till the 50's
anonymous [01-19-2008]

i lived in germantown from 1939 to 1958. i lived on lena street the (red brick hill) i went to st michaels of the saints school grad 1950. went in the service (airborne ) april 1954 there were 8 of us that went in from the germantown area (boys club) fred loffredo, junior smith, tom qualet, nornie baker, alex daniela,bob graino, danny d'ambroseo,and my self. went for 3 year. when i came home in april 1957 i went to baileys beauty school and became a hairdresser. i open a shop on 5022 wayne ave in 1960 stayed there for 8 years . i knew a lot of people then .i married a pretty girl from mt. airy mary jane ibbotson we have 4 childre and 6 grandchildren .germantown was beautfull to grown up in and i loved all the place i went to brick yard, cowtown, gernantown and chelton avenue, duvas restaurant, the dog house . the snack bar . trinidy dance, st vincents dance on frid night .st marys 22 nd ans clearfield . st jose. ymca. we use to hang on miller steps some summer nights after we left the boys club . youngs ice cream, ridders drug store were places we would go to for all the goodies !when i was a kid i worked for the famous food market on queen lane and germantown ave . next door was dennis cafey. when i became a man i went in ther for shots and beers 35 cents .st micheals had a reunion this past sempt 28 th at the spring house tavern 120 peopel were there we had a great time . the talk is to have another one for the school and parish !lou giorno and my self might do it if we get enought responce (thinking about it )we also hung at the texco gas station queen lane and germantown ave . all those beautyfull old cars what a great life it was in those days in germantown. i could never explain to my children how we made do with an old broom stick and played hose ball all day . just a wonderfull time with old left over trash !frank
FRANK MARGIOTTI, own the beauty shop on wayne ave [01-19-2008]

FYI It was Cranes on Queen Lane and Superior Bakery at Keyser & Logan Sts. How about Ralph's Barber Shop on Wayne Ave. getting your haircut on a hobby horse.
Dave, W. Germantown [01-19-2008]

Anyone: Has anyone spoke to our heard from Jim O'Brien, AKA(Suede).Please contact Bob Powers
anonymous [01-19-2008]

Imhof's is where I was introduced to the art of fine dining and Crain's was the home of the 1 1/2 ounce shot if I rememeber correctly. Both places were a real treat is those days rather than going to Freddie's or Gallo's.
Billy [01-18-2008]

dose any one have a 8th grade st micheal's year book the year 1971 0r 1972
annamarie adamoli, I live at 5119 greene street, [01-18-2008]

This is a great site..I grew up on the 6 hundred block of Woodlawn Ave..My maiden name was Margie Hemberger..I have sister, Trudy,brother Bill,and younger sister Marie...Graduated from Immaculate Conception in 55..I read all the comments about Carol Candies..I worked there all my 4 years in high school...Actually Mr.and Mrs.Carol's real name was Vorberg...Bill and Fran Vorberg owned the candy shop and yes, it was named after Mr.Carol's first wife...Mrs.Carol had an identical twin sister...When they were together in the store, none of us could tell them apart...They were great to all their workers and we were part of their family...I actually visited them at their summer place...Everything in that store was homemade,candy, ice cream with the exception of regular hard candy...I always enjoyed being in the back room where all the action was...I learned a lot about candy making and ice cream....Do you remember the rum raisin ice cream that he made during the holidays?...That was the best and haven't tasted anything like that today..It was a great place to work....I married the love of my love, Gene Pifani, who lived around the corner from me on Stokes Steet...Germantown was a great place to grow up and we both have wonderful memories...
Marge Pifani, live in Roslyn-1/17/2008 [01-18-2008]

hey jim they were some days, to get to n. catholic we had to catch the j bus at chelten and bayton,to the end of the line at frankford & arrot, then the el to the to penn st,ljust to get beat up by father quail but they were good times
ROSS C. [01-18-2008]

Martha I know them well. I don't know how old you are but do you remember Joe's Pizza and Steakshop across from the Wayne Ave. movie theater? How about Fazzano's or Palo's grocery stores? I graduated from St. Francis in 1960. Ed
anonymous [01-18-2008]

Erda, I remember Crains well. My cousin Ted Bateman use to bartend there.
Dave [01-18-2008]

It's January in Germantown, circa 1955. A Nor'easter has just dumped a foot of snow with drifts up to seven feet. It's cold too, bone-chilling, like it often gets after a Canadian coldfront has moved in after a storm. In our backyard the WaWa milkman has just left several quarts of milk and I am anxious to beat the brothers to it and get at the pure cream that has separated and risen to the top, breaking through the cap and sitting there like a plug atop a champaign bottle. We just loved licking that cream. Of course it made the remaining milk tasteless and pissed off our Mom. Fortified with this cream and a couple slices of Wonder Bread (a wonder we survived it), I could concentrate on making a little money shoveling sidewalks or selling ashes to drivers spinning out as they tried to get up Church Lane. Life was good! School was out and I now could, with earned coins, seek out the Pretzel man that sold his dough out of a glass enclosed cart and would cover your pretzel, upon request, with that delicious, golden mustard spread with a popsicle stick that was stuck through a metal lid. (Weather didn't stop him or the Post Office) They cost a nickel and you could get a better deal for a quarter, but, what the heck, this was the 5 & 10 era, school was out and maybe it would snow again tonight...I was going for it, all.
kevin, Santa Barbara, CA [01-18-2008]

Erda: Yes on Imhof's & Crains. Loved both. One of the Crain descendents has a restaurant on Hilton Head Island, SC. Was there a month ago. Even tho it is excellent it is way, way laid back. Not near as much fun as the Philly Site. I spent many a nite there when I was in college. Loved the place. I remember the limos & the cops who stood guard. Joe Taylor
joe taylor, @yahoo.com [01-18-2008]

To Anonymous -The name John Moss doesn't strike a bell with me. I lived on Mechanic street.
Annamarie [01-18-2008]

Erda: Yes I remember Imhofs. That was the first restaurant that I ever went to that had cloth for table cloths and real napkins. My father took me when I was 18. Up until then it was Lintons and H & H. Also after school went to Dairy Maid and Capri's on Chelten Ave. Wilma
Wilma, Bucks Co. 64 [01-18-2008]

Ross, I lived on the 5800 block of Morton St, Betwen Haines and Rittenhouse. Up the corner from my house was Tino's Drug Store, Patsy the Butcher, Tony's Grocery Store.I went to the Settlement House also in the Summer for Camp. Took music lessons in the House. I went to St.Vincents,Hung around with Ralphie Longello, many other names. Went to Waterview often, Baseball and Swimming. Write again.
anonymous [01-18-2008]

Martha, I remember Moe's quite well. A virtual smorgasboard of now defunct penny candy, the smell of freshly printed newspapers and sugar always in the air! Do you recall Joe's Pizza almost directly across the street (Wayne Ave) as well? And lest we forget Supreme Bakery just around the corner. I'm shocked that I haven't seen the name "Mrs O'Donnell" in all the many posts, as anyone who walked to school (at St. Francis of Assisi) through the 60's most assuredly saw this woman's wonderful smile every single day of the school year, as she safely guided us across the treacherous intersection of Greene and Logan.
anonymous [01-18-2008]

Erda, I forgot to mention the drinks at Cranes. They were famous for giving you money's worth. I remember Imhof's. It was a nice German restaurant.
Sheila [01-18-2008]

Erda, my daughter used to do gymnastics with Hank & Nancy Crane's daughters. Hank is the son of the original Cranes Restaurant owners. They had a restaurant in Ambler some years back. I've lost touch with them, so I don't know if they are still in the business.
Sheila [01-18-2008]

To Erda: Yes, I remember Imhof's! It was a very nice restaurant. I remember saving my money so that I could go there for lunch. A very nice memory.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [01-18-2008]

Anyone remember Moe's, right next to Happy Hallow? How about Schenks Bakery at Clapier & Wayne. That was my first after school job! Then there was Kodners Pharmacy at Seymour & Wayne. It was a great place to grow up. And, I could sled all the way down the red brick hill!
Martha, stuck in the swamps of Jersey [01-17-2008]

bob powers. where did you live in gtn,i use to go to the gtn. settlement house mr, dee was the coach of the holy rosary football team and he put the movies on at the settlement building.moat of them cowboy and horror flicks. i use to live in the the 300 blk of mechanic st which is right behine the settlement house i lived there until 9152. i should know you but the name isnt ringing a bee. more ifo would be appreciated, ross
ROSS C [01-17-2008]

Does anyone remember Imhof's Restaurant?? It was located on Chelten near Knox.. It was a nicer place and the food was really good.. Also How about Crain's on Queen Lane in the shadows of the Pulaskie Town Projects?? People came from all over the city to eat there! I remember the seeing the big expensive cars with drivers waiting the guest outside..
Erda [01-17-2008]

Bernard McKernan, your mention of hoseball really struck a chord, I can't tell you how manny people I've asked if they played hose ball and only have gotten one posetive response from a guy about my age (56) that grew up in Olney. I think it must have been a local and economic game. I remember getting hit with more than one good shot, and they'd leave a welt like nothing else. G-town was a great place to grow up in. everything you could want in one neighborhood, never had to go in town for anything, on the other hand if you acted up on the avenue it usually got home before you did.
George Chatburn, 56 still in philly [01-17-2008]

Annamarie, I have been in touch with John Moss, do you remember him, Where did you live in Gtn.
anonymous [01-17-2008]

I went to Immaculate, swam at Waterview, played Baseball at Belfield Rec., Grad. 1970 from good ole C.D.(lol). 545 E. Penn st. at Clarkson, by the "Hossie" lol.
Len Salinis Jr., Father and one Brother still in GTN. [01-16-2008]

Yes, Bob Powers. Do you remember the scary films Mr Dee showed? And it all cost 10 cents.
Annamarie [01-16-2008]

Bob Powers, Hi, Nice to hear from you. Yes i'm the same person who you went to school with at the above mentioned schools. I am in touch with a few people from school & thank's to this site, perhaps more in the future. Looking forward to our 50th H.S. reunion @ N.Catholic. Living in Maryland. Home of high taxes & low productivity. Hope life has been good to you & yours. Best regards Bernie Mc Kernan
bernard mc kernan, St.Vincent De Paul-N. Catholic 1958 lived on church la.Gtn.Greater Center for hose ball, pimple ball, pin ball & a ball in general. [01-16-2008]

Anonymous: Yes, now I remember that Mrs. was his 2nd wife. My mother mentioned that to me. Maybe your mother would know my family the Kerns family? Mr. Carroll (don't know real name)'s wife was always as neat as a pin with hair in a bun and wore glasses. I can picture her today. and as Andy mentioned Mr. had the reddish round face. They were very nice to me growing up. I do remember Apple taffies. W.
Wilma, Bucks Co. 64 yrs [01-16-2008]

When did Lou go to St.Vincents and North Catholic
anonymous, rosemarie hite malageri [01-16-2008]

bob powers do you remember a lou malageri he lived in cow town attended st. vincents and north catholic ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-15-2008]

My mother worked at Carol Candies in 1940-41 when she was a teenager. The store was named after the owner's first wife Carol. Later he re-married a lady named Francis who also worked in the store with him. That's the way mom remembers it; I visited her today and asked her about it. Billy
anonymous [01-15-2008]

Hi. Anyone from E. Queen Lane or St. Vincent's from the 1940's to 1962, I'd love to be back in touch.
Carole Redding Murray, Villanova, PA 67 years old [01-15-2008]

Does anyone remember the Germantown Settlement House, Friday Night Movies in the Summer, Mr Dee was in charge,
Bob Powers, Lived in Germantown From Birth 1940 til 1956 [01-15-2008]

When later, will it post?
Bob Powers [01-15-2008]

Went to StVincents Grad 1954, Went to NoCathlic Grad 1958, Lived on 5800 Block of Morton St, Between Haines and Rittenhouse, Hung out at Waterview, Fulton School Yard, Price St in front of St.Vincents Hall, and later Gtn & Chelten, Lintons. Went to Colonial Movie every Sat, Cost Dime.Ate Steak sandwichs Fat's Steak Shop, Gtn Ave near Haines. Wait for any replies and will write again. Have lot's more to say.
Bob Powers, Currently live in the NE, 67 Yrs Old [01-14-2008]

I'm looking to get in contact with Mary Lou Malageri. A friend of yours from high school wants to get in touch with you. Please email me.
Donna Di Giacomo, Germantown [01-14-2008]

I grew up in Germantown and attended the Presbyterian Church that is accross the street from the Maxwwell Mansion. In the early 1960s, the home was owned by Second Presbyterian Church and was rented out to a local family, the Eppersons. The church decided to tear the house down to make a parking lot, but then people who wanted to preserve this 19th century wonder decided to fight to keep it! One person who worked very hard to make that happen was a local named Clare Kofsky.
Gillian F. Andersen, I am a university professor in New Mexico [01-14-2008]

AnnaMarie I do remember a lemonade lady with a big green tub that resemled a washing machine on Logan Street I think near Kyser. She was my cousin and her name was Caroline. She had 2 boys Bonne and Ralph.
Annonymous, 61 years old [01-14-2008]

Hi everyone happy new year; Just droping a line to see if anyone from germantown lives in the area, would like to get together for some small talk about all times.
george greene, retired gilbertsville pa [01-13-2008]

What an exceptional site! Be it references to Fernhill Park, Happy Hollow Playground, or my "alma mater", St Francis of Assisi (class of 69'); the memories are vivid, wonderful, and great to read. Tommmy O'Donnell, should you ever read this...what a great party that once in a lifetime Halloween way back when. Linda Raybold, I still blush when I hear "Hey Jude".
John McVan, West Point, NY; Abbottsford/Fernhill Section; St Francis of Assisi 69' [01-13-2008]

Does anybody have a class picture from St. Francis class of 1960
Annonymous [01-13-2008]

There are 3 busineses still in operation on the 900 block of Chelten Avenue that you may remember from way back when. Axelrod Flowers, Rio Brothers Auto Body and A&E Products. Axelrod Flowers has been there the longest. There is an ad in the 1952 anniversary book for Immaculate Conception for Axelrod Flowers. So, they have been in operation for at least 56 years. Can't say if it is the same family operation though.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-13-2008]

Does anyone remember the lemonade lady on Haines Street? I think her name was Maria and her daughter's name was Josephine. They use to charge 5 Cents a cup. I used to get one everyday after school.
Annamarie [01-13-2008]

Lorraine/Tony/Wilma/Dennis: I can still see Mr. Carol's round face with his almost bright red complexion. It used to be one of our favorite stops on Halloween night. They gave out candy apples - we called them "apple taffies" as I recall. Of course, you had to eat it right away. If you put it in your bag, every Mary Jane and Tootsie Roll would have stuck to it! What a great place and they were wonderful to all of the kids. I remember a shoe repair shop being right next door to it. The aroma went from chocolate to shoe leather very quickly as you were walking by. Thanks for the great Carol's memories. Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [01-12-2008]

My old Aunt Annie and Uncle Tom Welsh owned a little candy and tobacco store on the corner of Knox and Hansberry in the 40's and early 50's. I lived in West Oak lane, but every Friday evening my family would visit the store. What memories of a wide variety of penny candy, a huge ice chest full of different sodas, ten flavors of ice cream, a pinball machine that we were given "slugs" to play free, a pay telephone booth that served as a personal phone for half the neighborhood including incoming calls --my uncle would have to go as far as a block to notify the person being called. My aunt lived above the store in an apartment that looked to my young eyes like something out of an old, old movie -- they had ancient furniture and even an ice box in the kitchen. Friday nights have never been quite the same for me! Does anyone remember the store?
Joe Young, North Catholic '52, 35 years in Michigan [01-12-2008]

Brother, was Axelrod's Florist the one on Chelten Avenue across from the Novena?
Sheila [01-12-2008]

To brother, Axelrods was on Chelten Ave. about the 900 block. It was next to the Chelten Ave. Baptist Church. I went to school at Germantown with a Steve Axelrod and I think that was his family's business.
Wilma, Wilma 64 Bucks Co. [01-12-2008]

Just a short email to say, "thank you" to the person/persons who maintain this site. It is very much appreciated. Thank you. Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, Deerfield Beach, FL; IC '47-'55; CDHS '59 [01-11-2008]

To Dennia & Martha: Thanks for the info on the classmates site. I will check it out. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [01-11-2008]

To Lorraine Kelly: I remember Carol's Candy Shop. I spent many evenings hanging-out at Chew & Chelten. When it got cold; if we didn't have the price of a cheese steak at Freddie's, we could usually come-up with enough dough to buy a hot chocolate at Carol's. They were really nice folks, and, usuaaly employed a high school cutie to work the display cases. Dr. Tag was our family doc. He would make house calls for $10, but, would settle for less if you were broke. Ah, the good old days. Best Regrds, Tony Risi
Tony Risi [01-11-2008]

Lorraine, I do remember Carrolls Candies. It was the cleanest store I have ever seen. I always called them Mr. and Mrs. Carroll but that was not their real name. They had the best chocolate ice cream ever. The funny thing is they used to close in the summer and went to Point Pleasant PA . up on the Delaware River Bucks Co. I always thought that was strange since summer is the best time for ice cream business. It was homemade and Mr. Carroll took my friend and I in the back to show us how it was made.Mr. said he used to serve my mother when she was little and that was back about 1910 - 1920 so they were there a long time. Also used to stop on the way back from school at the water ice place and it was the best. Great on a hot afternoon walk home from school. Thanks for reminding of great memories.
Wilma, Bucks Co. formerly Chew & Woodlawn 64 yrs [01-11-2008]

To Lorraine Cupo Kelly - Carol's Candies was on the 800 block of Chelten, across from the old Walton Theatre. There is still an ice cream parlor at that Carol's location that has been there for years but can't say for sure that it is still open for business. I do remember the water ice stand that you mentioned being at Baynton & Chelten. It was next to the Idyl Hour Bar. There was also a realtor along that strip of businesses and the Hecate's Circle Coffeehouse. The latter I was never in, but remember it as a hangout for hippie types in the late 60s/early 70s. All of those buldings in that strip, from the train station to Baynton, along Chelten Ave, have been torn down and now just an empty lot. To Bernard McKernan - can't fault me for wishful thinking of the Bandbox being restored. Financially, the theatre probably would not work because it was so small and without much of a stage. Memory-speaking, would be nice to see it happen though...
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-11-2008]

how about axlerods florist. anyone remember where that was?
brother [01-11-2008]

To Dennis Mc Glinchey: A fine idea you have in suggesting the venerable Bandbox theatre be bought & restored such as the Sedgwick in Mt.Airy. The initial problem i see is in order to achieve that goal, there would have to be a change of mindset in the people of Germantown either by way of an epiphany or education with the latter being a more realistic method. Many a evening i spent watching classic movies there. I remember to this day vividly the elderly woman who worked the front cashier's window. She resembled a corpse that somehow escaped "Hayes Funeral home". Bandbox charged a bit more for admission but delivered with it's atmosphere as my brother Dr. Jim Mc Kernan so aptly put it: "A sense of Casablanca". Anyway, thought i'd chime in with my two cents. I have many good memories of Gtn.I arrived in 1947 & left in 1964. To "Doc" from Portico st. Joe Kehan is alive & well living in Warminster Pa.I lived on Wade st. back in the late 60's while attending night school @ the university. Jackie Kehan who was my best friend & best man at my wedding to his sister Barbara sadly passed in Feb 1992. The Kehan's were a hard working Irish family that represented 2nd & 3rd generations of immigrants of various Eurpoean ancestory. To Mary Jane from Queen la, thank's for the memories. To the Lyons bros. I went to school with your bro. Joe & later worked with Joe & Mike before he left for the Philadelphia fire dept. What a nice bunch you were, Mom & Dad did a good job. Can't wait for the good weather to go sailing again. Bless all of you. Bernie
Bernard Mc Kernan, retired,living near the Chesapeake bay 67yrs lived in Gtn on church la. [01-10-2008]

Hello, again & Happy New Year. Does anyone remember Carol's Candy Shop? I believe it was located on Chelten Avenue. The chocolate candies were "home-made" & the ice cream was delicious(don't know if that were home-made). The wonderful scent of chocolate always permeated the air inside the store & you could almost taste the chocolate from the fragance it emitted. Also, there was a VERY SMALL Italian lemon ice "stand" (sandwiched btwn. 2 bldgs.)also on Chelten, around Baynton (sp?)St. I think! I used to frequent both establishments in 1963. As a newlywed (1962), rented a 3rd flr. apt. over Dr. Taglianetti's office (641 E. Chelten Ave.????). As an expectant mom in 63, ate many a chocolate nut sundae at Carol's & cooled down with a GREAT Italian Lemon Ice on many a hot, summer night! I've consumed many Italian lemon ices over the past 40 yrs., but none has ever compared to the ones at that little "stand". The Italian ices were tart & contained lots of lemon pulp as they were made with REAL lemons. Hope you've enjoyed this blast from the past & hope that this memory may have either put a smile on your face or a pucker on your lips. Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly - Deerfield Beach, FL
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, Deerfield Beach, FL; 64, IC '47-'55; CDHS '59 [01-10-2008]

Martha, thats the one. What ever happened to everyone from there?
anonymous [01-10-2008]

The lots behind the PO, weren't there a lot of cherry trees there?
Martha, stuck in the swamps of Jersey [01-09-2008]

maryalice I lived at 424 W Chelten Ave. My yard came out to Woodlawn.I known the Carlino's lived back there. I always played with the kids on Woodlawn. Liz Dunphy, Harold Boyland etc. Dorothy
anonymous [01-09-2008]

That florist is still on Armat, though I don't know if it is still Phil London's. There is a "For Sale" sign on the Bandbox Theatre today. Wouldn't it be great to have deep pockets so that you can restore what was once such a gem, and unique theatre? Restoring the Bandbox could help accelerate the revitalization of Germantown like the Sedgwick did to Mt. Airy. The Bandbox was the smallest of Germantown's theatres but in a league of its own.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-09-2008]

To Joe Taylor - you can register at Classmates without joining. Unless you actually join, you won't have full priveleges. But, you can view the photo albums just by registering. There are photo albums setup out there at all the Germantown parish sites (IC, St. Vincent DePaul, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Michael of the Saints) as well as nearby parishes (St. Benedict, St. Athansius, St. Madeleine Sophie, Holy Cross, Cardinal Dougherty HS, etc). You don't have to join, but you do have to register to view the photo albums. Lots of yesterday and today pics.
Dennis McGlinchey [01-09-2008]

did anyone ever hang at the "Lots" behind the post office?
Bill C [01-08-2008]

George Chatburn. I remember you well. How the heck you doing. I am really not the little sister, only a year and a half younger I think, but thanks for comment. lol. If you want to email. its dustydooh@msn.com. Tell me how you are doing? :) Married, kids? grandkids. Write me. Who can forget the Casey's, Fly? Did you know dorothy Casey still lives in the same house.?
Cheryl Hucek [01-08-2008]

I remember slap fighting with Jerry & Joey Keehan up and down the street and Dimo Dunphy sitting one the porch yelling at my dad saying why couldn't we fight in the middle where he could see better. Filling the Keehan's porch with news papers to take to junk yard. Rosemary Rosano, Christine DeStefano, Debbie Jordan,Pam&Stacey Woodmeir and my Ex Gert Reily and her sister Maryellen NOW THOSE GIRLS walking up and down the street really give some good memorys. ST Michael's Penny Partys,praying for snow so we could make money shoveling side walks. Racing electric cars on the track at chelten & wayne, we had it all.
Doc, Bill "Doc" 54yrs Portico St. [01-08-2008]

A few of us Cave crowd use to work the Car Wash on Chelton Ave next to the Merit Gas station. It was always busy, especially on the weekends. I remember the cars use to line around the back of the gas station and onto Chelton Ave. It stayed this way all day until closing time. After a night of partying I had the pleasure of steaming hub caps early one Sunday morning. I remember an elderly lady rolled on to the belt, shifted in drive and exited the car. To our amazement the car went through the car wash knocking brushes aside and started to come out the other end. We chased it down before it crossed Chelton Ave and into Calavanis Seafood store. That definitely cleared up any hangover. The lady thought the wash was completed. Of course we gave her a rewash. The car had a high idle. I remember the collection of antenna that use to line the interior of the car wash before we closed at night. Some customers would come back, others would not even notice. Since our life was sometimes threatened, we started to keep a bunch of antenna on hand. That worked real well handing the customer an antenna and wishing them a great day. Then there was the Policeman who wanted his car nice and shiny for a parade. I said no problem, and since he was an officer of the law the wash was on the house. Oh well, I forget to lift the air dryer which rolls over the contour of the car. It damaged the gum ball on top of the car. The policeman was quite hostile but never returned. For months I looked in my rear view mirror for a police car with damaged gum ball. We even got a couple of Taxis, to include one old car, the one with the metal visor over the exterior of the windshield. At times we would have to ride shotgun in the car because some woman feared the big bad brushes or just wanted some company. Orders were given to engage the belt (which moved the cars through the car wash) to extra slow mode. What were the bennies of working in this $2.00 an hour car wash? I will never tell. I still find myself humming the tune, ďWorking at the Car Wash.Ē
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [01-08-2008]

I went to Fitler school 1st grade with a Cathy Morris I think we later took trumpet together. I always wondered about her, Lance Davidson, Brenda & Linda Star I never had a problem telling you apart, Mike????,Maria Ferstacy"not sure of spelling".
Bill "doc", Doc 54yrs Portico St. [01-07-2008]

Married Skip Gensemer We have three kids.Four Grand kids. I knew most of the people on Queen Lane. Jackie Keehan,Pete petersons cousin Bob Swanson. To name a few.Places I miss Darrows, Del Mar Morris,Robert Halls etc.
Dorothy Gensemer, I lived Chelten and Wiss. I'm 68 [01-07-2008]

Pat's penny candy, Lyric movies for .25/bag of popcorn .10. Going up the ave every Saturday, great stores. The smell of the real leather saddle on the .10 pony ride in Woolworth's. Carnival at St Francis, big deal then, now we wonder how they fit everything in that parking lot. Does anyone remember Mrs Tinkerbell on Reger, what that lady had to put up with, especially from my brother Bill(Doc). Totally enjoyed reading about the old neighborhood. Any other Portico people out there?
Jean Dougherty Pisut, Living in sunny Florida [01-07-2008]

Hey Brother Bernie, There was a florist on Armat St. between the Band Box moviehouse and Germantown Ave....was that Phil London's shop? That stretch of street is memorable. At the corner of Armat one block east of Gtn Ave was "Sonny's Tap Room" a few doors up was "The Greek's Cafe"...remember the pin ball machine at the back where we used to put the big magnet on the glasstop and ram the pinball into the high score targets and rack up like a gazillion games/points! Above the Greek's was the "Benny-the Bum-Lounge"...aptly named for the quality of the clientele though there were some mean blues and jazz sounds leaking out on us kids. and then the Band Box....a rare cinema with a Casablanca like lounge downstairs complete with palm tree plants. Then between Band Box and the Florist there was a lane..I think called a court where a few old terraced houses were. In those houses were raised two guys who murdered a policeman...state police tracked them to Connecticut where one was killed in a shootout and the other went up for life. Such was the reality of life in Gtn. Nice one brother...and Happy New Year to all Germantown alums in 2008. Jim
Jim McKernan, Professor, Greenville, NC [01-07-2008]

Bernie, the Band Box was right there on Armat st., also. I remember that was .35 and the Orpheum was a quarter.
anthonyg [01-07-2008]

Martha: This site on classmates.com?? Is it free?? Don't want to put credit card on line. Joe taylor
joe taylor [01-07-2008]

Phil London floral shop was right near the bandbox Movie theater on Armat St. The Colonial was about 2 doors down from the Vernon Theater on Gtn. Ave.
Annamarie [01-07-2008]

Cheryl, Only knew you as Bobs little sister, hung out with Bob on Cossgrove street with one of the casey's and later at Rices gas station and after you moved to North hills at the steer-in and HotShoppe.more than once we left the shops late on a Friday night and ended up at Ocean city N.J. nowhere to stay very little money but plenty of fun. George Chatburn
George Chatburn [01-07-2008]

To Martha, I loved Sister Peter Damien we used to where the high boy collars starched so hard they would cut your neck and she would always fuss at me to keep the top buttoned and tie up so I would not get in trouble. As far as who played soccer on the lot, mostly just the kids from the immediate area but that could swell. I remember Choo choo coleman, Tony Padula, Ralph Garvey and of coarse all the guys from portico Joe Moretta, Ernie Scalzo, Max Shulzarski"spellingnot sure of" and Joe Funaro. By the 70"s Funaro and I were in the service and we both moved to Olney where Joe still lives.
Bill "Doc, Doc 54yrs Portico St' [01-07-2008]

It was the Band Box movie theatre near Phil London's on Armat St..not the colonial
Susan [01-07-2008]

To Bill the Head, the alley you cut through was spring alley where it came out on gtn acrosss the street was wister. I remember Mrs Walsh well nice lady her son I think lived with her? My Dad MR.Doc Taught auto mechanic's for awhile at the boys club. I knew the Grandinetti's and the Halligan's. So that was Al Bros they had the best fried oysters, my mom would by me them for my birthday instead of cake since I did'nt like cake. Hughie kept in touch and worked on a lot of cars with my dad.
Bill "Doc", Doc 54yrs Portico St. [01-07-2008]

Hey would love to hear from some people on lived on Haines St. Belmont St, Cosgrove and Ross St and went to Holy Rosary in the 50's and 60's.
Cheryl Raffle, Lansdale PA age 55 [01-05-2008]

Hey Anonymous, this is Cheryl Raffle grew up on Haines street and Cosgrove Street. How are Me and my brother Bobby Raffle suppose to write you if we don;t know your name. Give it up lol. Cheryl Raffle Lansdale,PA Hey Bob Raffle and squeak, ever hang out at Rice's gas station, Chew and Belfield, I hope some other people from that area sign on. Anonymous, 56,left G-town in1970 still in Philly [12-26-2007]
Cheryl Raffle [01-05-2008]

Sister Peter Damien! I haven't heard her name in years...I think I had her in 7th grade. Doc, did you play soccer with the Smiths' on Portico? They moved from G-town to Olney around 1970. When did you graduate St. Francis? There's some great pictures of the old school at classmates.com
Martha, ...stuck in the swamps of jersey [01-05-2008]

The florist nearest to the Colonial theatre was "Phil-London's" it was located a few doors from the movie located at Gtn ave & armat st. I use to swipe a carnation or two either for my Mom or current girlfriend at that time.
Bernard mc kernan, Gtn, church la. age 67 [01-05-2008]

John Moss, We were very good friends of the Boylan's. And through them we knew Sue Smith. Have been to her house a number of times when I was a kid. And went upstate with the Boylan's several times also. My sister had a reunion with the Boylan's last year at her house. Bing is retired from the Inquirer, Bill(y) is retired form the railroad. Bill(y) still keeps in touch with Jimmy Dunphy. Jimmy is retired and living in Florida. Helen Boylan is married to a doctor and living in Conn. Bill and Helen the parents are long gone. I do not know how to get in touch with any of the rest of the Dunphy's. Your old house is now owned by a young couple. She is a lawyer and he is a teacher. They moved here from California and are a lovely couple. Did you know the Veasy's? They lived on Haines and went to St Vincent's.
Maryalice (Armstrong) Brennan, Still in Germantown [01-05-2008]

To Doc-It's rare to hear anyone call W. Wister Street "Spring Alley". I guess that says how much you were a part of that area. My great-grandparents Jacob and Caroline Schindeldecker lived there in the late 1800's. My great-grandmother, 'Mom Butscher', raised my grandfather and his brother and two sisters there. She lived there till she died in 1920. In her death notice, it says that in olden times the West Wister, Reger, Portico district had been known as "Smearsburg". (Just a little trivia for you). My Aunt Carrie (Walsh)still was living there in that house she was born in when she died in the 1970's. You might remember her and her sister, my Aunt Katie (Bloomer) who moved to and lived on Portico when she got married. My Aunt Katie's son, Edward Bloomer, lived on Portico too for awhile with his wife, Betty and daughter, Arlene. They were between Spring Alley and Manheim. Remember that other alley between Portico and Gtn. Ave? As a kid, I used to go 'junking' or 'scraping' on Saturdays for movie money with George Beerley from Royal St. and take our bounty to the Scrap Yard up that alley. Was that alley just an alley or was that officially a street? The shortcut. In later years, I used to park on Portico and use that alley to go to the auto parts store on the avenue, whose name I forget. I was into 'hot cars' in the late 60's with Dave Finkel from Manheim St. and a guy named Doug from Wade who had a white convertible T-Bird; I had a black '55 Chevy convertible. I went to North with Bob Grandinetti from Wade St., whose house backed toward Portico. And there were others I remember from 'around the corner' -Hughie Halligan, Bob O'Donnell (later a state politician), Tony Serratore, and my Uncle Francis Bloomer who had three daughters, Ann, Linda, and Diane. I sometimes hung on Reger street with Tommy Mitchell. You remember any of these people? My family used to go to Al Brothers on Friday nights sometimes. Remember......no meat Friday? I lived over on Keyser Street, between Seymour and Manheim. I went to Fitler too, for Kindergarten and 1st and then St. Francis for 1st (a birth date issue) to 8th. Good old St. Francis. "Why'd you do that?", "Sister, I....." WHACK! "Don't you talk back to me". It was all good.
Bill 'The Head" James, 58, roxborough now, germantown forever [01-05-2008]

Looking for info on the Davis family that owned Davis Buick on thde 300 block of West Chelten Ave for many years through to the late 1960s. Email me. Thanks
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-05-2008]

To Ed I guess I'll work my way backwards through school, Father Benonis and I had knew each other well not a week went by that I was not in his office for something I did wrong. I seem to remember a separate doorway that went right into his office and getting punched around in there a lot. Now for ST Francis it's a good thing I went to Fitler for 5 yrs and was used to getting in fight all the time because those nuns sure liked to wack you around. My first year sister constance I think her name was put me,Dallas and Bates in the coat area so as to keep use separeted from the rest of the class. There was stilts and that really fat nun who had three ruler put together to hit you with and the one who had the jar of water in the back to comb your hair. I have to say Sister Peter Damian was my favorite she always watched out for me and tryed to help me assimilated into catholic school. I was kicked out of Dougherty (ironic with my last namedougherty) but I think it prepared me for boot camp. No one has mentioned soccer man I remember playing on the parking lot at spring alley. I remember we would get mad if people parked their car's there. I was surprised when I went in the army how many people from other areas of the country never heard of soccer. Well thanks for the memories. Doc.
Bill "Doc" Dougherty, Doc 54Yrs Portico St. [01-04-2008]

I would not change my time in GTN for any other place in the world. The crasy games we played and where we played them from roofs to abandoned houses. Going from one end of the city to the other on the 23, the Lyric, Dog house, boys club and of coarse just hanging out on Portico st. The people where great no keeping up with the Jones you were glad to have what you had and if you fell on hard times neighbors helped because they knew what is was to have hard times. Was it rough yes but it prepared you for life, was it fun darn right it was. Skipping school to work for Kenny Preston or Joe Calabro so we had money for the weekends. Off coarse all the great girls that would come around one of whom I was married to for 31yrs and are still great friends. What was the name of the Seafood place on Gtn av around wister, Al Bros?
Bill "Doc" Dougherty, Doc 54yrs Portico St. [01-04-2008]

Does anyone remember Eileen Butler? For a time, she lived on Pastorius Street. Her father was an auto dealer. She had two brothers and one sister. Any help in locating her now would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
Mark [01-04-2008]

Maryalice(Armstrong) I don't think you know me,my name is John Moss,but i lived in the house the Dunphy's live.I movedfrom Morris St. to Hanies St.in 1942 I knew some of the Boylans,they were related to Sue Smith who lived next to us. Say hello to Billy Dunphy for me. his sister,Liz,went to school with my wife.we now live on Ocracoke Is.NC have a great year.John
john moss, i'm72 ocracoke is.nc [01-04-2008]

Andy..I remember the box toe and then the brick toe. The swirl and then the double swirl that had white lightning bolts on the side. Then the engineer boots with the silver studs. Hot dam, the kids today would would never know what we were talking about. Just give them a pair of baggy jeans so their but crack shows and they are happy.
Rick Rizzo [01-04-2008]

wishing everyone a happy new year joanne posimo
joanneposimo [01-04-2008]

I like to wish everyone on the Germantown Site a Happy an Healthy New Year Sandy
SANDY CIPRIANO [01-04-2008]

Frankie Gisondi I hung with your brother stevie.I lived on RUBICAM ST. in brickyard. I delivered grociers for mike's at sheldon and shedaker,your parents owned the candy store next to the 239 Hope all is well with your family and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.
Johnny Hendrie, ne philly 52 [01-04-2008]

Raymond, Thanks for your response. Is the Acme in Warminster located on Davisville and Street rds.? Is that still considered Warminster? Susan, There's some video footage of Germantown ave. on You Tube and was already listed on a prior posting. Go to You Tube and key in Germantown ave. and you'll see it. There are two parts to this video. Dorothy Drolsbaugh, did you have a relative named Bob Drolsbaugh from Hatboro? He passed away a few years ago and was a good friend. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2008.
Michael [01-03-2008]

erda do you ever hear from any of the bradleys ... albert,jimmy etc ... just wondering ... they were nice people rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-03-2008]

Rick - Seems like Flagg Bros. charged $9.99 forever. I don't ever remember the prices being different. I preferred the standard "roach killers"myself - plain black, cuban heels and pointed toes. But, as I recall, in addition to the "flyers" -they also had a model called a "Swirl". And also a loafer with a white tri-angular inset on the outside of each shoe. Can't remember the name of that style. Do you? How cool were we? Thanks for the "flagg flyer" memory! Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL - Age 63 [01-03-2008]

Hey Tony Risi- Great to hear from you! Wow - a club with no girls! We were either very young or very stupid - probably a little of both. How did we get away with excluding "Arl"? - it's a wonder she didn't beat any of us up! "Ody" O'Donnell was probably a part of that crowd as well. My mom was a saint for more reasons than one - but she loved all of the kids in the neighborhood. Are you in touch with any of the neighborhood kids? Vince and Packy Lyons post here - I would love to hear from some others as well. It's been a long, long time! Stay well - hope to hear from you again soon! Andy.
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [01-03-2008]

Hey "Moose" Herrmann-here's one maybe you or your friendss could help with. I was talking to my brother in Fla. last nite and he was trying to remember the name of a florist a few doors from the Colonial Theater on Gtn. Ave. He said it had 4 letters in the name. Can anyone help with this one???
Mary Jane (Lightcap) Garvis [01-03-2008]

Hello Sandy C., and a Happy New Year to you as well. It has many a moon since I last saw you, and, if I remember correctly, you were very easy on the eyes. And probably still are. I was with Les at a cousins luncheon that we do several times a year. Every time I see him I feel like I was just playing a part in a Godfather sequel. You know the G'town experience was a real dicotomy. In some way you couldn't wait to get outta there, and, in another way you wish you could back there. Please stay in touch, and, best regards, tony risi
Tony Risi [01-02-2008]

To Michael (12-25-07)about the Acme store. There were two Acmes, one in War-minster and one in Hatboro. I worked at the old Acme in Hatboro when I was in high school and you were correct in saying that everyone new each other. My brother George was a butcher there and I sorted all the returned soda bottles and also did the dairy and the glass isle. My brother and I were transferred to the Acme in War-minster.Happy holidays. Ray Garand.
Raymond Garand [01-02-2008]

Dr. Paul James was our family doctor for twenty years. Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, 60 years young [01-02-2008]

Dorothy, I think I remember you. Did you live on the 400 block of Chelten? We lived 2 doors from the Dunphy's on Morris St. The Boylan's lived between us. My brother use to play football and baseball with Jimmy Dunphy, Bill Boylan and the Bradleys on Woodlawn St. If you lived on the 400 block of Chelten your backyard was on Woodlawn.
Maryalice (Armstrong), Still in Germantown [01-01-2008]

i have posted 3 times and have not seen any yet ?
rich meitzler [01-01-2008]

Anthony B...I know you visit this site and read, but don't write. Hi and Happy New Year to you!
Sheila [01-01-2008]

On this first day of this first month of this year I want to wish everyone here and all of yours a Happy & Healthy New Year.
anthonyg [01-01-2008]

Doctors making house calls, Dr. Paul James from Green St.
kathdawes, lf71st.F68 [01-01-2008]

We need to make a documentary about Germantown..PBS is notorious for the pieces it presents on South Phila. and Center City..Germantown was by far more interesting..
Susan [01-01-2008]

wishing everyone a happy and safe new year
rich meitzler [01-01-2008]

any one from the old neighborhood kelleys mcdonalds swans johnny Davis David Joseph Jim o connell any one know this guys or where there at today i would like to get in touch with them
rich meitzler, grew up in g town in the 50 & 60 lived on w Washington ln what a great place tp grow up [01-01-2008]

happy happy new year to everyone!
Annamarie, Milton, De [01-01-2008]

Hi Tony Risi,would like to say Hi to you and to wish you an your family an Happy and Healthy New Year,was talking to your cousin Lester Barry a few weeks ago and Joanie last night we been since we were 13 years old,hope all is well an old friend Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [01-01-2008]

Ross..Flag Bros had the store on the corner of G&C, It was the best. I saved the money to buy a pair of flag flyers, zip its open snap its shut. I got them in box toes with full cleats on the heels. You could here me coming from a block away. Ron Dimaria was late for my wedding he was in because he went to flags to buy a pair of shoes on the 52 trolly in his Tux that morning.
Rick Rizzo, 63 [01-01-2008]

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