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December 2007

wishing all a happy new years
a friend [12-31-2007]

lived on chelton ave. walked to gtm. high through vernon park. remember allens dept. store. best girlfriend was liz dunphy.
dorothy gensemer[nee hebron], grad.gtm high 1957 [12-31-2007]

I know all sthere is to know about Germantownand, if you stump me, I have 6 friends who will know. Moose AKA Czar
Moose Herrmann, Penn/Magnolia (near Gtn Hospital) [12-31-2007]

To Andy Anderson; I lived at McMahon & Woodlawn. I remember using your garage as a clubhouse for a club that was formed that included Bo Bowmentre, Vinny Lyons, and assorted other budding criminals -:). No girls were allowed; not even Arlene McC. Your mom was a real saint putting-up with that group of ragamuffins. Hope you are well, and, Happy New Year.
Tony Risi [12-31-2007]

One more thought about the house next to Lingobox Elementory School on Wissahicon Ave. That house was a Drug Store where all the neighbor hood went for perscriptions, Holiday gifts, personal needs and sit at the ice cream bar while Nomi and Father took good care of everyone.It was sold to a women from Johnson St. and turned it in to a hair salon. Does any body remember Doctors makeing house calls??? Old Dr. Bommer did from Roxborough. Blue Bell Hill was between Germanton and Roxbourough on Walnut Lane. We all had good freinds on both sides. Now that I look at Map-Quest and zoom in on the old neighborhoods..... it's not the same. Memories!
Rymond Garand, Blue Bell Hill, Philly [12-31-2007]

Hi Maryalice! That little school on Wissahicon Ave helped raised nine of our family, who lived on Daniel St. with in walking distance. I remember helping Mr.Patterson,the costodian who live on Niomi St., shovel coal in the old furnace in the basement every morning and would help him do other chores around the four class rooms with the twevelve foot high ceilings. That house next to the school was a old time soda shop and pharmacy, owned and occupied, by the Coplands and sold after the father passed on. I remember having Niomi Colpan, his daughter, making me milk shakes,.... the real ones,not McDoald crap. They had the old tin ceilings and the comic book spin racks. Many memories! Erda who is my long lost Sister and we shared many days of freindship and have drifted apart, how ever, we found each other and stay in touch. During the years we have lost many Freinds do to Nawm and miss them all. Raymond Smith, Doney Wood, his brother and many more still lives in my heart. Erda.... I never new the there was a memorial to Ray Smith. If I ever make it back to Philly I have to visit him. Just a little anodot, I remember my Mother and Father took me to Ligobox on my first day in kindergarden. They had left me there for schooling and when they got home,.... I was already playing in our own back yard at home. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays. Ray Garand.
Raymond Garand, Blus Bell Hill, Philly [12-31-2007]

Hey Bill Cupo...I remember those trips to Willow Grove Park and chartered PTC was the transport. That park was the best! First time I'm visiting this site and it's good to see someone from my class. Hope all is well with you and yours. Happy New Year!
Gertie Lyons, Immaculate Conception 65'/CDHS 69' [12-31-2007]

Looking for old friends from the Garfield Street, Seymour Street, Royal Street area and classmates from Grades 1-4 at St Francis of Assisi. Kim McCartney, Joe Ryan, Mary Dillon, Patty Knight are some long lost friends. Miss Bradley was our teacher in Grades 2 and 4!
John (Jackie) Ambrose, Lived on Garfield St; Attended St. Francis 1967-1971 [12-31-2007]

ross carfagno, gtn neighbor 70 yrs. [12-31-2007]

I Still have not heard from anyone, read this page everyday.Have 3 brothers (Butch, Clarke, Larry) 1 sister, Carol.Lived on Cleveland St in Philadelphia, went to St Francis..Would love to hear from someone
Mary Christie (Murt Burns), Simi Valley, CA, 57 [12-31-2007]

Rosemarie,the neighbors used Mr Baker like we use the internet for medical information..He was a sweet old soul..you're right about that..
Susan [12-31-2007]

Susan - Happy to be of service. This whole website is like "therapy for the soul". It's like a good back rub. I always feel better after I visit. Germantown kids were known for having some "rough edges" - but the thoughts and memories on display here have been warm and wonderful (for the most part). It is allowing me to re-live a time that I thought was lost forever in my memory. Let's keep it going! Signing off before it gets too mushy around here! Happy New Year, everyone! Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [12-31-2007]

hi sandy good to hear from you i miss you guys hope everything is good luv bobby
bobraffle [12-28-2007]

Ray and Erda, I go past that school several times a week on my way up to Chestnut Hill. It is not a school any longer though the building is there and externally intact. It has been converted into Condos or Townhouses. And the house next to it was rehabbed and included in the conversion. They are still for sale. And they are not cheap.
Maryalice, Still in Germantown [12-28-2007]

Tommy McCreight: When I was in Immaculate, the class trips to Willow Grove Park were made by a chartered PTC bus. They would leave from the parking lot and go straight to the park. I don't ever remember taking the trolley for the school trips but I do remember taking it on any other day. The trip to the park had to start with prayers, naturally. The nuns would make us pray for good weather as soon as the bus took off. After a few prayers, we would sing "99 bottles of beer". When we got to the park, we had to wear our ID badges to identify what school we were from. I remember the eighth grade trip,the last one,the best. We were now 13 and could go on the "thunderbolt" by ourselves. I also remember going through the tunnel of love, with someone who will remain nameless, and praying the nuns didn't see us coming out of it together. We weren't allowed to go on that ride. There was also a newer ride at the park called "the turnpike". It was gas powered cars that you drove yourself through a track-like set up. Then there was "life on the moon" and "life in the moon" that were partially dark and you had to make your way through. This was a good way to hold your girl's hand to lead her through to the end. Trouble was, later on those rides became a place where you could get beaten up by another school student or an "outsider" if you were small enough. I have some great memories of that place. I would have my hand stamped and go over to the Willow Inn restaurant and bar that was owned by my Aunt and Uncle and get some lunch for free, then get back into the park. It's a shame that park had to close, but it still exists in the hearts of so many of us. Happy New Year everybody.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [12-28-2007]

Dennis, What about the ribbon candy? It was like eating glass.
Michael [12-28-2007]

Andy, I woke up in a kind of crappy mood,but reading your message about Tommy Two Thumbs really made me laugh,,thanks,, and I wish you a happy,healthy and prosperous New Year ..
Susan [12-28-2007]

susan, i think a lot of kids liked to torment mrs baker .. i think it was because she was so serious and stern ...and yet mr baker was the complete opposite of her ...so sweet and kind and good natured ... i remember sams too but bakers was closer to us .... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-28-2007]

Hello Ray, I do remember the school Lingobox on Wissahicon just above Niome if I am correct?? Although I went to St Vincent’s I remember the school building.. I think it is still there! I will look the next time I drive down Wissahicon Ave. I also remember playing soft ball in the park across form the school on the corner of Wissahicon and Walnut Lane. Tommy’s Hill! What a rush going down that hill on your sled! If you where going fast enough it seemed like you where going to go right onto Lincoln Drive.! . When I first came back to philly I was waking with my kids though the park and found the memorial to Ray Smith! It felt so good to know that one our own was not forgotten! In the summer we would get our feet wet at the Monoshone Creek by the paper mill, where Billy Weaver lived.. Now known as Rittenhouse Town, and is listed on this site as an historic place.. We called it the little Wissy as kids.. Remember the dances at St Pete’s, the fun hanging out just having some clean good times. Blue Bell Hill! Was it Germantown or Roxborough?? The Catholic Kids went to St Vincent’s. CD and LF, if you went to public it was Roxborough High. I loved hanging out with the kids from Blue Bell. They would come to Darrow’s and hang with us and we would go there. Wonder where they are today?
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, West Norriton [12-27-2007]

Hi Jerry Mc Dermott waiting to see you on this site I know you will really enjoy it,it was good talking to you Christmas Night,you old neighborhood friend,Sandy from Cowtown
anonymous [12-27-2007]

Honestly, I am very surprised to see so many people here that like those candy chocolate straws. I hated those things. I also hated those Plantation Dainties, also hard candy with a filled center. If you enjoy them, know that Boscov's also sells them.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [12-27-2007]

Susan - Tommy (can'trecall his last name) had all of his regular fingers. But, on one hand, he had a little extra appendage that protruded from his thumb. It stuck out about 1/4 inch from base of his thumb and extended upward perpendicuar with his reegular thumb. I hope he's doing well today. He was a great kid - but he had a tough time getting a pair of isotoner's to fit. He was pretty good at hitch-hiking, though, as I recall. Ouch! See, the Germantowner in me still requires that I make fun of him - all these years later. Sorry Tommy -If you're out there anywhere - thumb's up to you (or two or three). Hope somebody else out there can validate my memory of Tommy Two Thumbs. Don't want Susan to think I'm making any of this up. Happy New Year, Susan. Andy
Andy Anderson, Lonngood, FL [12-27-2007]

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It's only 68 degrees today - but sunny and beautiful - hope it's warm wherever you are. Wilma - Johnny would charge a nickel for his water ice (really a snow cone). If you were fortunate enough to have a dime, you could get a "rainbow" with about 5 or 6 different flavors. The juice would be flowing over the top of the cup. Don't remember the Salvation Army truck but I would have liked to have gotten in on the comic book deal. Of course, once I moved out, they would have went the way of my baseball cards, 45 RPM's and other comics --on the curb inside the trash can. Oh well! Happy New Year everybody! Best wishes. Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [12-27-2007]

Rosemarie there was also Sam's drug store on Chelten Ave.Baker's was closer to us....Mary Ann loved to torment Mrs.Baker..LOL
Susan [12-27-2007]

About the Chirstmas decorations on Germantown Ave., Jim, that is so true. I'll never forget any of that. Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone here and your families.
anthonyg [12-26-2007]

michael how about baker's drug store in cowtown it was right down the street from where i lived on greeves ct .. mr baker was sooooooo nice, mrs baker wasn't mean but she was all business but they knew everyone by name and you could go in there for the best ice cream cones and pretzel sticks too .. ha rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-26-2007]

Bob Raffle and squeak, ever hang out at Rice's gas station, Chew and Belfield, I hope some other people from that area sign on.
Anonymous, 56,left G-town in1970 still in Philly [12-26-2007]

Hi Bobby good to see your name on this site it is great,I like to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year,you were good son-in-law an we all loved you and your family take care Sandy
anonymous [12-26-2007]

looking for old friemds
bob raffle, lansdale pa 57 [12-25-2007]

merry christmas and happy new year to all!
Sheila [12-25-2007]

Does any ony one remember " Lingobox Elementory School " on Wissahicon Ave? The Blue granet walls out side and 12 foot ceilings inside also the brick paved play yard with the black metal fence all the way around it? Mr. Patterson was the costodion whom kept up the building.
Ray Garand, From Blue Bell Hill between Germantown and Roxbouro [12-25-2007]

ACME Market has the round black tins of candy chocolate straws. Stutz's in Hatboro is located on Warminster road just off York road near Benders and Pepperidge farm in Hatboro. If you're heading north on York road you would you go under the Pa. Turnpike overpass then make a right on Warminster rd. Stutz's is about a mile down the road on the left AFTER you cross the RR tracks. Joe, you mentioned Hanscombs. Mrs. Hanscomb, to my knowledge, is still alive and well. I did some work for her a few years ago and she told me that she would give anything for one of those cakes that they used to make. What a sweet heart she is....God bless her. Isn't it too bad that the younger people didn't carry on with those great family businesses? They would have done so well. What made their businesses great was that they could relate to the people and the customers could trust that they were getting a great product.They were. This practice was at the heart of good old fashioned American business. Most of them were on a first name basis with their customers. Can you imagine going into any store today and having someone say: "How ya doing Joe?" It doesn't happen too often and no amount of money could ever buy that. In this day and age everyone is busy buying things online and noone knows anyone, sadly. Have a nice Christmas everyone.
Michael [12-25-2007]

The Acme markets sell the straws, $4.99 a can
Mike Bresnan, ICS& Germantown [12-25-2007]

Thank you Anthony..and a Merry Christmas to you also..
Susan [12-25-2007]

Rick, Doing "Suicide Hill" at night ranked right up there with playing "Buck-Buck" in the school yard with the older guys. It helped developed your Germantown attitude. Happy Holidays to all! Billy
Billy [12-25-2007]

I remember the little jingle with the Marquetands advertisment. Something about for a candy treat that can't be beat Marquetands is the best. Don't think they are in business any longer. Judy
Judy, Lambertville NJ [12-25-2007]

Merry Christmas to everyone and their families who ever lived in Germantown. There was never a male teacher at St. Vincent,s. The thoughts of Germantown Ave. during the Christmas Season are still refreshing and rewarding.
Jim Nally, St, Vincents, CD, NE, Olney High Schools [12-25-2007]

I am new to this site, and am enjoying all the thoughts expressed by others that were raised in Germantown. I was born and raised there. (70 years ago)I lived on Shedaker St. until shortly after WW11 when we moved to the 200 block of East Queen Lane. Reading all these blogs has brought back many happy memories of the places I knew, especially during the 50's. It was a great time and place. Would like to find some of my friends from back then. If anyone might know the following people I sure would appreciate them contacting me. They are--Carol Redding, Carol Murray, Bill or Charles Ricci or Curtis(Skip)Gensemer--to name a few.I went to Logan grade school, J. Cooke Jr. High and Germantown High School (52-55)Would love to hear from anyone who might be a link to my friends.I left Pa. in 1961 for New Jersey. Happy Holidays to all!.
Mary Jane Garvis(nee-Lightcap) [12-23-2007]

Do any of you Macculate grads remember the yearly trip by trolley car to Willow Grove Park. Also, Webbys, Sunken Gardens,the bridge.Great times.
Tom McCreight, cd 59 [12-23-2007]

Need help. there was a candy store on Chelton Ave--believe it was called marquetands. Spelling might be wrong. Anyone know if it still exists anywhere in Philly?? Same w/ Hansoms--spelling again--also on Chelton Ave. If anyone knows of these 2, expecially marquetands I would appreciate the help. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [12-23-2007]

Hi Susan. Sorry to hear about your sister. I remember her like it was yesterday. I knew about your brother and I am rally sorry for your losses. Rosemarie had filled me in also. We do a lot of e mails back and forth. Talking about a reunion now. Have a great Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year and everyone else here.
anthonyg [12-23-2007]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from F.A. DiCondinia. Still living in Germantown and loving it. Squeak.
anonymous [12-23-2007]

Rosemarie...do you think we'll ever get to go to lunch? hahaha Seriously, that sounds like a great idea! Let's do it soon.
Sheila [12-23-2007]

Abington Pharmacy on York RD down the street from Abington Hosp sells the candy straws also and they areopen until midnight and also open on Christmas day I think.
anonymous [12-23-2007]

dorothy hamilton klotz, thanks for the info ... i will be sure to take a ride there i know exactally where your talking about ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-23-2007]

Anthony that was a typo.. Mary Ann passed away from pancreatic cancer..and Louis died of the same disease..My older sister Evelyn also passed away in 2005 ..Larry and I are left out of the 5..
anonymous [12-23-2007]

Ok.. Rosemarie.. I'm going to believe that you are right...LOL Susan...
anonymous [12-23-2007]

Does anyone remember the Mickel family from I think Wakefield St Kenny and his sister Mary Ann I have not heard anything about them in 45 years,they were nice kids.Sandy from Cowtown
anonymous [12-21-2007]

would love to visit and see where my founding fathers lived.
Gina Lukens Frankhart, descendent of Johann Lukens founder of Germantown, grew up in Plymouth, Mi. [12-21-2007]

Ok Andy Anderson.. I need to know why Tommy Two Thumbs had that name? LOL ...Susan
anonymous [12-21-2007]

Rosemary, Sheila & Lorraine. Stutz also has stores at 600 Greenwood Ave and in Warrington at 611 and Bristol Rd. Enjoy those beautiful straws. Don't eat them all before you get them home, and have a happy, blessed Christmas all you great Germantown friends.
Dorothy Hamilton Klotz [12-21-2007]

shiela .. we wanted to meet for lunch ... we could do lunch and then do the candy straws for dessert ... works for me ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-21-2007]

susan ... your fourth grade teacher was mrs. campbell ... your memory is just fine! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-21-2007]

Hi Anthony, I'm sorry to say that Mary Ann Passed away in 2000 at the age of 53 from pacreatic cancer.Rosemarie is my sister in law.She was married to my older brother Louis who has also passed away.I graduated from St Vincent's in 1963..... Susan
anonymous [12-21-2007]

Andy, I remember that man we used to call Johnny water ice and his cart. Also there was a man (last name Breen) who used to drive the Salvation Army truck and stop on Woodlawn Ave and let us pick out the comic books we wanted . I guess they picked them up for paper collections.
Wilma McFarland, 64 yrs. old Bucks Co [12-21-2007]

I lived at Penn & Magnolia. We used to sled down the hill at Perberty's Mill on Penn Street. I lived on Wingohocking Terrace and that was a brick street and a great sledding hill too.
Sheila [12-21-2007]

Sheila,their's a real nice candy store in Hatboro,on Warminister Road right off of Old York Road it's called Stutz'they have all old fashion candies I'am sure they must have the choc straws,they were my favoriate too have a a wonderful Christmas Sandy
anonymous [12-21-2007]

Rosemary, Sheila & Lorraine. The Stutz candy store is 400 Warminster Rd. YES! They do have chocolate straws.
Dorothy Hamilton Klotz [12-21-2007]

I swear my 4th grade teacher at St Vincent's was Mrs Camel..but my memory is going ..LOL..Susan
anonymous [12-20-2007]

Hi Susan. I remember your sister. She was in my class at St. Vincent's. How is she? I guess Rosemarie is related to you. I'm sorry, but I don't remember you. Were you behind our class?
anthonyg [12-20-2007]

Dorothy, where is the candy store in Hatboro? Is it on York Rd?
Sheila [12-20-2007]

Rosemarie, those chocolate straws can be hard to find. Dorothy said there is a candy store in Hatboro that makes them. We'll have to find out where it is in Hatboro.
Sheila [12-20-2007]

Sandy...it's good to hear from you! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year! I'll give Connie your greeting!
Sheila [12-20-2007]

Billy..Yes I do remember sledding down suicide hill, especially trying to miss those 2 trees at the bottom just before you went over the last bump. That wasthe best part of the winter along with hopping cars on icy roads. But do you remember doing the hill at night? What a thrill and loads of kids lined up to do it.
rick rizzo, 63 [12-20-2007]

Charlie Peterson, great story about the old days. To everyone, I love this site and I check back often, it is so great to hear your memories. Happy Holidays to All.
Jane [12-19-2007]

Anthony G..I just realized who you are..Your sister Mary Ann and my sister Mary Ann were good friends ..they went to Mercy Tech. together.
Susan Malageri..now Demetrovits [12-19-2007]

Who remembers Josephs Music Shop - the BIG Violin on Germantown Ave just above Wayne Junctioin and yes I remember Santa Claws & Allens window !
Ken Clark, Sarasota Florida age 66 Life is good ! [12-19-2007]

Hello Anonymous anyone who lived in Germantown should remember those days Santa going in the window at Allens
A Friend [12-19-2007]

Hi Guys: I have been misleading you--my fault & I don't know where a "Ms. Canpbell" came from. I was talking about a Ms. Catherine. Sorry. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [12-19-2007]

Hey Joe - I think we did have a few classes together at ICS. Your name is very familiar. I went to St. Bennie's for grades 1 & 2 so I can't help you there. Here are the nuns as best I can remember Grades 3-8.
Grade 3: Sr. Rose Immaculate
Grade 4: Sr. Antonius
Grade 5: Mrs. Bonner
Grade 6: Mrs. Bonner
Grade 7: Sr. Ancilla (pretzel nun)
Grade 8: Sr. Mary Therese' (Terez)
I see that Bill Canaday has a posting on this site. I remember him - do you? One of my most vivid memories is when the entire student body was stomping around in the rain in the recess yard chanting: "...we want off, we want off..." As I recall, we were all soaking wet as we were made to march back to class. It was probably one of the earliest protest marches in history - that didn't quite work out. Does anybody remember the following:
--Bloyd Street Eagles
--Johnny the water-ice man wheeling his wooden cart through the hood.
--Tommy "Two Thumbs" - from Chelten near Woodlawn.
Can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this site. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. Be safe and well! Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL [12-19-2007]

Anonymous.. I remember the Santa climb at Allens. That goes way back. The parade was the highlight of the season.
Dorothy Hamilton Klotz, age 88. [12-19-2007]

joe breen you and i went to school together but i don't remember why mrs campbell came to st vincents ... why? do you remember linda catalano .. she is my cousin and i believe the two of you dated when you were kids rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-19-2007]

dorothy hamilton klotz, ha .. well i hope you got your chocolate straws .. since i too am a chocolate lover ... and ...know exactally what you mean ... i got mine and i sure did enjoy eating them ! we got candy (not chocolate straws) but candy bars when we would be shown a movie in our hall at st vincents ... but .. that worked for me too .. ha! take care and merry christmas and a healthy happy new year rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-19-2007]

How about sledding down "Suicide Hill" in Awbury Park at Ardleigh and Haines. Now that was a thrill!
Billy [12-19-2007]

Looking for classmates in Our Lady of the Rosary, Germantown. Carmen DeSanto, Estelle Mckim, Donna Spano, Shelton Burke, and others from the Class of 70.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [12-19-2007]

To Anonymous: Yes, I remember Santa climbing into the window at Allen's department store after the parade. I use to march with the Yearsley Blackhawks, and we always were in the parade. This is a very nice memory!
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [12-19-2007]

I do remember when Santa climbed in Allen window, I think it was 1965 when my Little Girl rode in the convertible with Santa my Uncle Pete was driving the car for Santa,I have a picture of my daughter crying she was afraid of Santa,it was in the local paper then,I forget all about that till I seen it on this site good memory thanks Sandy
anonymous [12-19-2007]

Immaculate Conception (East Germantown) is having a reunion on Sunday, October 19, 2008. Actually, it is not limited to alumni, parishoners and former parishoners but is open to all "Friends of Immaculate". Gearing up to be a real nice reunion of Germantowners. Email me if you'd like additional info or to be added to their mailing list.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born and raised in East Germantown [12-19-2007]

do youse remember when santa claws used to climb in Allen's winda after the parade on Chelten ave?
anonymous [12-18-2007]

a very merry christmas to all of you hope to see you all here next year with great thoughts of germantown

Hi Sheila,like to wish you and Donnie and Connie a Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year an all my old friends on this site the same.Sandy
anonymous [12-18-2007]

Joe Taylor, I guess the Miss Campbell you are talking about is the one I referred as Miss Eileen. I just realized that.
anthonyg [12-18-2007]

Hey Joe, I don't remember Ms Campbell. I know a couple of nuns got sick and had to leave. I believe one was the 7th grade nun for the girls. I think they drove her to it. Na, just kidding. It's unbelievable all the Germantown people out there. We should have one big reunion, no matter what part we are from. Again Happy and Safe Holidays everyone.
anthonyg [12-18-2007]

To Joe Taylor and Packy Lyons, wishing you and your families and everyone else on this site a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year and thanks for your wishes. Marilyn I remember Cherry's. They had the shoe department that xrayed your feet. Just talked about that with Rick and Bernadette a few weeks ago. It's funny you mentioned it.
anthonyg [12-18-2007]

"Andy" Anderson. Were you in any of my classes? Sister Marie Thomas for first and Sister Marie Immaculate for 3rd. I also had Miss/Mrs.? Bonner for 5th. I'd like to fill in the names for 2nd and 4th. God bless them and probably God rest them too.
Joe McGough, ics 1950 - 1956 [12-18-2007]

Merry, Merry Christmas to everyone & a great, great New Year to every one--Joe Taylor
joe taylor [12-17-2007]

Rosemarie, Sheila and Lorraine. Now you did it! I am a recovering Chocoholic. You have reminded me of those fabulous chocolate straws. I forgot there were such yummy things. I hope it doesn't snow tomorrow because I will make a dash to Hatboro, where I am sure they make them. There is a beautiful candy store there. The nuns did not give us candy when I went to ICS in the 30's
Dorothy Hamilton Klotz, Rittenhouse St. 88 years old [12-17-2007]

Hi JEAN! How are you doing? Chalie Mc Hugh is living in Glenside,Jerry Conkin in Wissionoming.Having a brickyard reunion in June www.germantownbrickyard.com Jean have a merry christmas and a happy new year.Mike Garvey
Mike GARVEY, feasterville [12-17-2007]

Although this is not specifically about Germantown, it is about the era in which we lived and could very well be Germantown. I'm sure many of our readers have seen this but it is worth the re-read. Black and White (Under age 40? You won't understand.) You could hardly see for all the snow, Spread the rabbit ears as far as they go. Pull a chair up to the TV set, "Good Night, David. Good Night, Chet." My Mom used to cut chicken, chop eggs and spread Mayo on the same cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn't seem to get food poisoning. My Mom used to defrost hamburger on the counter AND I used to eat it raw sometimes, too. Our school sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper in a brown paper bag, not in ice-pack coolers, but I can't remember getting e.coli. Almost all of us would have rather gone swimming in the lake instead of a pristine pool (talk about boring), no beach closures then. The term cell phone would have conjured up a phone in a jail cell, and a pager was the school PA system. We all took gym, not PE .. And risked permanent injury with a pair of high top Ked's (only worn in gym) instead of having cross-training athletic shoes with air cushion soles and built in light reflectors. I can't recall any injuries but they must have happened because they tell us how much safer we are now. Flunking gym was not an option . Even for stupid kids! I guess PE must be much harder than gym. Speaking of school, we all said prayers and sang the national anthem, and staying in detention after school caught all sorts of negative attention. We must have had horribly damaged psyches. What an archaic health system we had then. Remember school nurses? Ours wore a hat and everything. I thought that I was supposed to accomplish something before I was allowed to be proud of myself. I just can't recall how bored we were without computers, Play Station, Nintendo, X-box or 270 digital TV cable stations. Oh yeah ... And where was the Benadryl and sterilization kit when I got that bee sting? I could have been killed! We played 'king of the hill' on piles of gravel left on vacant construction sites, and when we got hurt, Mom pulled out the 48-cent bottle of Mercurochrome (kids liked it better because it didn't sting like iodine did) and then we got our butt spanked. Now it's a trip to the emergency room, followed by a 10-day dose of a $49 bottle of antibiotics, and then Mom calls the attorney to sue the contractor for leaving a horribly vicious pile of gravel where it was such a threat. We didn't act up at the neighbor's house eith er because if we did, we got our butt spanked there and then we got butt spanked again when we got home. I recall Donny Reynolds from next door coming over and doing his tricks on the front stoop, just before he fell off. Little did his Mom know that she could have owned our house. Instead, she picked him up and swatted him for being such a goof. It was a neighborhood run amuck. To top it off, not a single person I knew had ever been told that they were from a dysfunctional family. How could we possibly have known that? We needed to get into group therapy and anger management classes? We were obviously so duped by so many societal ills that we didn't even notice that the entire country wasn't taking Prozac! How did we ever survive? LOVE TO ALL OF US WHO SHARED THIS ERA, AND TO ALL WHO DIDN'T; SORRY FOR WHAT YOU MISSED. I WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR ANYTHING. Pass this to someone and remember that life's most simple pleasures are very often the best. Sound familiar? Charlie Peterson IC '54 NC '58
Charlie Peterson [12-17-2007]

myself and my brother tommy lived in germantown till 1968 and then it was time to leave.i used to hang with franny morrison,john murphy,sonny butts to name a few.we spent a lot of time in the chew tavern,ulisda club,stenton tavern.i was born and raised in germantown and i really miss it a lot,there is not much i wouldnt give to be able to go back in time.i still see a lot of the people i grew up with and we all fell the same.immaculate conception had a reunion last october and it was great,i saw a lot of old and valued friends,whom i hope to see again.anybody that knows me let me know.wishing all you germantowners a very merry christmas and happy new year.my email--shedman618@aol.com-
andy, age 65,--800 blk chelten av---now pennypack woods [12-17-2007]

I wish to send all a very Merry Christmas. My brother Thomas and I and somtimes my brother Martin also, would get a tree from Chew and Chelten at the very last minute on Christmas Eve. The prices would all come down so the tree guys could get rid of whatever they had reamining. We;d bring that tree home to McMahon ave. and get it all decorated on Christmas eve. I don't know why I'm bringing that up other than it's a very fond memory at this time of year. So many of Tommy and Marty's friends miss them as much as we do, their family. It is a testament to what great guys they were and how much they were loved by all who knew them. Harry Milby, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'll be in touch with the New Year. Packy Lyons
Packy Lyons, Ft Washington, 61, CDHS Grad. [12-17-2007]

/does anyone remember a Robt. Cherry & Sons shoe store. Is it still in existence? thank you
Marilyn Ward, California [12-17-2007]

One of the best places to sled was the Magnolia st. hill beside St. Vincent's Seminary off Chelten, especially when the street was brick. The snow melted way too fast when they finally tarred the street. Also, it was a great place to make money with an ash bucket helping cars make it up the hill. The cars would be taking this "short cut" when the snow made the going on Chelten too slow. Little did they know they'd have to face the mighty Magnolia summit with only a horde of local imps with coal ash buckets and shovels to help them over the pass. A lot was lost when everyone switched away from coal heat.
jerry, ic 59, cd 63 [12-17-2007]

Rosmarie and Anthony, Mrs. Campbell started teaching 4th grade at St. Vincent’s in 1956 after the nun who was teaching the class had to be retired. Rosemarie, if you were in Mrs. Campbell’s class you may remember the incident that led up to her coming to St. Vincent’s.
Joe Breen [12-17-2007]

hey mike garvey, how are moose and ralph rick chiodo the youngest brother. let me know
rick chiodo, Bringhurst st [12-17-2007]

sheila .. i hope you enjoyed them .. ha! you stinker ! well i'm going out this weekend and buying me some ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-17-2007]

I live in Germantown, we called our area Nicetown..Was born in 1950, went to St Francis of Assis, have 3 brothers (Charles, we called him Butch) Clarke and Larry and one sister Carol all of us went to St Francis of Assisi..Grews up on Clevenand St 4408. The family next to us were the Homolash's.
Mary Christie (Burns), Simi Valley, CA age 57 [12-17-2007]

Rosemarie..I just finished a whole can of those chocolate straws! hahaha
Sheila [12-13-2007]

I am trying to find any information that I can about the Butler family who lived on Pastorius Street in the 1960s. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Mark Rippel [12-13-2007]

Miss Shawn 2nd or Third Grade, Mother John Madeline was the sister of a three folk band from NY. Cashman Pistelli & West? Which one not sure!Fast Times at Our Lady of the Rosary!
Ed Farrar [12-13-2007]

ToLorraine Kelly. Wow, what a flashback re. Christmas candy box. I can see the box and even taste the candy. This is what I love about this site. Here is wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year. Charlie Peterson IC '54 NC '58
Charlie Peterson [12-13-2007]

i remember a second grade teacher from st vincents named ms. claire (2nd grade)the year would of been about 1971. i also remember sister saint anthony (1st grade) she roughed me up a little in 1st grade. i remember louanne chioda walked me home to her mothers (louise) for lunch every day (mom worked at shens) that day my mom took me back to school to give sister a piece of her mind.
DENISE POLI [12-12-2007]

I loved everything about living in Germantown; the people, the places, family and friends.
Billy Canaday, Margate City, NJ, 63, Graduated IC 1958, CDHS 1962 [12-12-2007]

lorraine (cupo) kelly, i loved those straws with the chocolate in them ummmmm sooo good ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-12-2007]

To Joe "Tookie" Gisondi: I have a father and son with the same name (no "Tookie" however), we gotta be related!
Frank Gisondi, 57 yrs old. lived on Shedaker St. [12-12-2007]

Reading this site and reliving fond memories brings back one that I will never forget. I attended IC (graduated in 55) & before school was dismissed for the Christmas holiday, all of the students were given a small, colorful box of candy (hard tacs). The best tasting ones in the box were the chocolate filled "straws"! Remember! They were my favorite! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl 65 [12-11-2007]

You're welome, Susan. I can still see their faces like it was yesterday. Rosemarie, I don't remember Miss Campbell. And it has been a while since I was by the schoolyard. I think it was when I went to Mrs. Carr's funeral. That was a while ago, but I do remember it looked small to me.
anthonyg [12-11-2007]

To Jean Adamoli If you are talking about Charlie McHugh that lived down near Wayne Junction on a street off of Wayne Ave, he lives in Villas, N.J. Doroty (Hodges) Drolsbaugh
Dorothy Drolsbaugh, 60 years young [12-11-2007]

I haven't lived in Germantown for nearly 30 years but the Christmas season takes me back to those days as if it were yesterday.I remember the nuns at Immaculate Conception would give us a box of hard candy the day before Christmas break.We would all go door to door to sell Christmas seals in order to get some cheesy prize. And of course we would all make the trek to Germantown and Chelten to to do all our holiday shopping. This is a good time to remember all our great years growing up in Germantown and all our friends and relatives from the old neighborhood who have since passed away.Peace and happy holidays to all you former Germantown people. Even though we are no longer there,Germantown is still in our hearts
Immaculate Conception alumnus, Age 52 Doylestown PA [12-11-2007]

Hello Mike, You wanted to know someone in their 70's. Here are four of us - Mary, Anne, Peg and Tom Carroll - all went to IC for grade school. What year were you?
Anne Carroll Camp, Hilton Head Island [12-11-2007]

Hi - I am the sister of Marion Adamoli my brother worked at the germantown Boys Club from from the early 1950's until the last 1970's he worked with Bud Aleander. Does anyone have menories of the club at that time. Jean Adamoli - West Ashmead Street
Jean Adamoli, 69 years young [12-10-2007]

Would anyone know the whereabouts or any information of the folowing people: Chalie McHugh, Jerry Conklin, Bobby Durkin. These were friends of Mole Adamoli who hung out at Brickyard. Jean Adamoli - West Ashmead Street
Jean Adamoli, 69yrs.young [12-10-2007]

hi anthony ... reading these names sure brings back memories of school at st vincents ... i can see the chalk boards ... the desks and their seats ... i can almost smell the chalk from the erasers ... do you remember mrs campbell she was there when miss eileen was there and of course i believe miss catherine ... came with the building ... ha how about the movies in the hall ... that was neat ... i used to love to look at all of the beautiful paintings all around the ceiling and walls too ... and i don't know when you were at st vincents last but i really believe the school yard somehow got smaller ... can you believe we all fit in that small space but at that time so many years ago it seemed so big to me ..in fact the intersection at germantown and chelten sure got really small too . god, when i was a kid it looked like the biggest intersection in the world .. ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-10-2007]

i have a letter written in 1888 about my grandmother adopting a child from boston and it indicates it might be charlie ross.
sue williams, information about the kidnapping of charlie ross,, [12-10-2007]

Ellen, you are quite correct to note that Dr. Adam Kuhn should be listed as a notable person of Germantown and is not listed as such on this site-but I suspect this is "a work in progress" and perhaps your comments shall charge the webmaster to action! Adam Kuhn was born in Germantown in 1741 and I gather an undergraduate under Linnaeus(the great classifier of botany) in Seweden arriving at age 20 and spending 3 years there. I note he went on to Edinburgh, Scotland where he received the Dr of Medicine degree in 1767. I think you assume that because there is a house titled "Uppsala" in Germantown (same as the city in Seweden) that he must have been connected to the house-Uppsala was owned by non-Swedes it appears during his lifetime. However you need to bear in mind that Philadelphia had a significant Swedish population of religious dissenters from as early as 1638 (a mere 18 years after the first permanent settlement at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts) when two ships landed and those aboard went on to found "Old Sewedes" church near the Deleware River and seven other churches-the Sewedes were the first to write a Bible in Algonquin for the Lenape Indians of Tinicum Island (South Philly area) in 1646. They were indeed the first Christian missionaries of the native Americans. So, the citation of Uppsala in Germatown may have been due to these influences. However I hope the organizers of Historic Germantown website will include Dr Adam Kuhn as a noted medical professor-he was the third doctor appointed to the old College of Physicians (now the U of Pennsylvania-founded by Franklin in 1751) I gather from my enquiries. I shall pass on more as I learn. Happy Holidays. Jim
Dr. Jim McKernan, Professor NC, native of Germantown Pa. [12-10-2007]
[Webmaster's note: See Adam Kuhn]

Steve murphy, 64, Fort Worth Texas, born and raised in Mt Airy [12-10-2007]

Thanks Anthony, Frannie Schuster was in my class..now I remember his dad Frank..They also had a daughter Ann.
Susan [12-10-2007]

Good Afternoon: Several years ago, I was at a garage sale and bought an etching. It had a blue label on the back from Staton's Galleries, 5321 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, 44, Pa. Inside the etching was a number 06936. Can anyone give me any information on Staton's? Are they still in business (doubt it) but any info would be welcome. Yhank you.
Phil McCarthy, Central Jersey, retired, [12-08-2007]

Tookie, Miss Eileen was at St. Vincent's right around when I was in fifth grade, about 1957. Susan, Charlie was the custodian at the hall and Louie Malizia and Frank Shuester also worked there and also the school.
anthonyg [12-08-2007]

I'm doing research on Adam Kuhn for an essay in Latin. Kuhn was a well-known botanist and in 1768 he was appointed Professor of Materia Medica and Botany in the College of Philadelphia. He studied botany for three years in Uppsala in Sweden for Carolus Linnaeus. It is said that this Kuhn was born in Germantown. Therefore I'm wondering why he isn't among the historic people on this web site. It's obvious that there is somehow a connection between the Upsala House and the fact that Kuhn studied in Uppsala (in old Swedish "Upsala"). Would be interesting to see if you can confirm this somehow. Sincerely, Ellen Fröh
Ellen Fröh, Student Classics, Sweden [12-07-2007]

hi joe taylor ha .. i can only say that perhaps at one of the other schools you attended there was such a person whose name you remember ... perhaps high school ... but i hate that when i remember a name but can't quite place a person with the name or a face ...i can't even count how many times this has happened to me ... take care rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-07-2007]

susan i believe your correct on both names ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-07-2007]

joe (tookie) gisondi i have to tell you that your mistaken miss catherine, miss eileen, and another teacher whose name escapes me ... they were the female teachers at st vincents when i was there ... perhaps at the time you attended .. miss catherine was the only non-nun there i attended starting in kindergarten and graduated in "61" rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-07-2007]

Joanna Benton, I know someone who adopted a girl named Vicky Brick over 40 years ago. Unfortunately,this girl passed away as a young adult. I never asked her where she came from but I'll look into it. Bill Cupo, I remember the record department in Woolworth's on Chelten Avenue too, but do you remember the little record store on Chelten at Germantown Ave in the 60's? I think it was next to a donut shop. Anyway, the man who owned it knew every record imaginable. We used to go in and hum some obscure part of a song and he would pull out the exact record you were looking for. Music was really a big part of life in Germantown. We went to every dance we could find, from all of the the grade school dances, eventually graduating to L&M and Wagners. We were equally obsessed with singing too. We sang anywhere and anytime. I remember the doorway of the shoe store on the corner of Gtn & Chelten as having great acoustics.
Lynne [12-07-2007]

Vinny, I resend you my e-mail today again let me know if you get it, I really think it didn't go through again I don't know why Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [12-07-2007]

They were all great stores in Germantown. I remember my grandmother's Saturday afternoon shopping trips along Germantown ave. The big thing at this time of the year was a trip to the Italian market in south Philly to prepare for the seven fish Christmas eve dinner. Great memories.
Michael [12-06-2007]

Are there any people from East Germantown over the age of 70 who frequent this page? I'm from IC and St. Benny's.
Mike Deely, Hilton Head, SC [12-06-2007]

St. Vincent's School: the only women teacher was miss Catherine (2nd grade) everyone else was a nun 1944-1951
Joe (Tookie) Gisondi, 138 E.Rittenhouse St [12-06-2007]

Hi Rosemarie, wasn't Charlie Ansel the maintenance man at St Vincent's... and later someone named Malizia? Susan..
Susan [12-06-2007]

Hey Vince - Thanks greatly for the update. What a kick! How in the heck do you remember the dagger and helmet. I haven't thought about those things in 45 years. I'm afraid they went the way of my baseball cards and 45 rpm records once I left home for good -- trashville! I would love to hear from Patrick or Packy as I remember him. Hope he is doing well. These are the things I remember from the altar boy days:
• bus trips to St. Joe's in Princeton, NJ.
• helping ourselves to the donuts and pastries stacked up in front of Herman's store in the wee hours.
• climbing up into the bell tower at the main church.
• tossing the new kids into the dark and creepy crypt area of the church and slamming the door behind them. (I was both a "toss-er" and a "toss-ee".
• serving 10 masses in 45 minutes at Perboyre Chapel.
If I remember right, the alter boys got served breakfast after serving mass at Good Sheperd. As I recall, it wasn't very good at all. I remember walking out with scrambled eggs in the pocket of my jacket cause I didn't want to hurt the Sisters feelings by not eating it. A few folks mentioned the 19th Hole. I never saw the Soul Survivors there but I remember going to see the Kit Kats on several occasions. One of the great bar bands of all time. I'll sign off now and give someone else a chance. Hope to hear from you again soon. Again, thanks for the info. Be well. Andy
Andy Anderson, Longwood, FL Age: 63 [12-06-2007]

Rosemarie: Guess I am mistaken--thanx for setting me straight. Don't know why this name sticks w/ me. Strange but I still have an honor's pin I received for grades when a student @ St. Vincent's--joe taylor
joe taylor [12-06-2007]

Anonymous: Mole's name is Jack Zanine from St. Benedicts,he is my cousin.Jack now lives in Del.Back in the 60's I worked with Billy Durkin's father, Abe.In the late 60's and early 70's Billy worked as a bartender at a lounge located at 13th@ Locust.I dont know where he is now. I worked with Joe Deems in the 70's. We where working on a tower job for Henkel@McCoy'sout of Local 120.The last I heard he was married and living in Bucks County.Sandy Cipriano I didn't get your email' Please try again.To Bill Cupo was it you I ran into at the Glennside Pub a few months ago? I was with my cousin Tim Lyons.Jerry Murphy. Are you one of the Murphy's who lived behind St. Vincents Seminary? If you are I think I was an alter boy with you at the Seminary,or maybe your brother.Merry Christmas to all. Vince lyons
vince lyons, age 63 [12-06-2007]

Wilma, what were your step-sisters names I have lots of picturs with the names of everyone in them, I might remember them.I also remember there were two german shepard there when I went there at the age of 6. I was so scared of them. They sat out side of my bedroom tied to a table all night! I also had no mother and my dad was young and could not take care of me.I went to HR school with a few other girls,we walked and as a young kid it seemed so far. I wonder if it was realy that far. I can still remember all the streets along the way.I would love to go back to see the old place I grew up in but I know it's not the same anymore or safe! What a shame.
Joann [12-06-2007]

hi joe taylor, as far as i know and can remember there was not a male teacher at st vincents during my years there .. there was the sexton and maintenance man but no male teachers ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-05-2007]

The Robert Hall Jingle:"We're doing our Christmas shopping at Robert Hall's this year; We're saving on clothes for Christmas at Robert Hall's this year; Because you pay cash you pay less, for gifts for one and all, there's a finer selection; bigger selection; where America goes for family clothes it's Robert Hall's this year." It is amazing that after all these years, it still remembered by a lot of the boomer generation. It was also the easiest store to get a credit card from. What a shame they went out of business, but then again, there is no more Woolworth store either. There were two Woolworth's stores "out the Ave." One was on Germantown Ave.,near the Chelten corner. This one was my favorite. Do you remember the wooden floors? There were two levels; the main floor and the basement. They also had a lunch counter that was just great. My mom would take me there for a hamburger (the best) and a chocolate ice cream soda. That was for being a "good boy" while she shopped. I remember getting a goldfish there all the time. When you bought a goldfish bowl they gave you the fish. The other one was on Chelten Ave. near Green st. That was the regional headquarters for the company(the offices were on top of the store). It wasn't as nice as the other one, it didn't have wooden floors, but I do remember a bigger selection of 45rpm records, where you could buy almost any popular record at the time. Before you bought it, they would play the record to make sure they didn't have any scratches on it. Oh well, add this to the list of great things about Germantown.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [12-05-2007]

I remeber a Miss Elaine in the 3rd grade and I think Mrs White in the 4th grade.. I do not remember a male teached at St Vincent's..
Erda [12-05-2007]

I have a charcoal(?) portrait by an S Gorbashoff(?), framed by Staton's Galleries, 5321 Germantown Ave. Any information on the artist or the gallery (dates at that location, etc.) would be appreciated.
anonymous [12-05-2007]

I do have great memories of Chelten & Germantown at Christmas. The song Silver Bells always reminds me of the decorations and lights. It was a great Christmas feeling. Another store that was on the Avenue was Cherry's . I bought my first pair of Wranglers at the Vernon shop across from Vernon Park. Someone mentioned Falotico's restaurant. Linda Falotico went to school with me at Pastorius. Just heard from her about 2 years ago by email but lost trac of her. As for the Gonzaga my 2 step-sisters were in there and it was because her father was a single parent. Their mother died. They were there about early to mid 50's. I was visiting one time and they were having a May procession for the girls and I happened to be wearing a white dress so Sister Marie Angela (who was a dear) put me in the procession. They had a vicious German shepard named Willie who hated men. Also my family moved to Germantown in early 1900's and lived on Woodlawn near Bloyd St. There was a Hibernian club on Woodlawn and my grandmother used to go there for dances. Also my father's brother owned Coleman's bar at Chew & Woodlawn. a lot of good memories.
Wilma, Bucks Co. 64 [12-05-2007]

OOPS! I meant to say only other lay teacher besides Miss Cathernine ..
Susan [12-05-2007]

The only lay teacher that I remember from St. Vincent's was Mrs Camel..my 4th grade teacher.
Susan [12-05-2007]

Mike, I saw your Brickyard site and am excited to watch it develop. Great job!
Sheila [12-05-2007]

Jane, I loved your story about the Christmas tree. My Dad waited way too long one year to get his bargain tree, and we didn't have one. My aunt who was a teacher came to the rescue and went to her classroom where she had a tree and brought it to our house. It was a real Charlie Brown tree! Dad wasn't allowed to wait for bargains after that Christmas.
Sheila [12-04-2007]

Joe Breen... How about "We're doing our Christmas shopping at Robert Hall this year. We're saving on clothes for Christmas at Robert Hall this year. For quality and low prices..." I don't remember the rest of the words, but the commercials were on at Christmas time every year. You know, that's got to be the ultimate objective of a commercial. Here it is, probably 30+ years since they went out of business, and we still remember the jingle.
Bob [12-04-2007]

RE: The Santa who got fired by Joe Rizzo is a retired firefighter. Ret., Still in Philly [12-03-2007] That's a bummer. Poor Santa getting fired because he wore the wrong eyeglasses. So what???? That was a very very lame thing that Rizzo did. I could understand if the guy was smashed like Dan Akroyd's Santa character in the Philly movie "Trading Places". It made no sense at all.
anonymous [12-04-2007]

Rose Malageri: I might be nuts--but I swear I had a Mr. Swilley for 3rd grade classes @ ST. Vincent's. Maybe it was 1st grade because I remember Miss Catherine in 2nd grade. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [12-04-2007]

anyone know any information on the Durkins and Deems?
anonymous [12-03-2007]

I am so happy to see that all of these homes are being loveingly restored. My family moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia when I was 8 years old. I was born in The Germantown Hospital. My family is of German and Irish decent. Philadelphia is a very important part of my life and I am happy to see as important to the City itself. Remember the Birth of our Nation happened here.
Irene Kligge, I am 60 years old and was born in Philadelphia. [12-03-2007]

Bill Cupo - the Christmas Eve blizzard was 1966. My girl friend was working that night. She was a telephone operator at Bell Telephone on Chelten Ave near the Orpheum Theater. I was supposed to pick her up at 10 o'clock to take her home. Well, I got stuck in the snow, along with a half dozen other cars down at Greene and Logan Street in front of St. Francis. The only street that wasn't already blocked, was up Logan Street to Gtn Ave. But, without chains, I couldn't make it up the hill. I had to pull my car off to the side and leave it there. I walked all the way up to Chelten Ave through the snow to meet her. She lived on Devon Street near that elementary school at Chelten Ave. We called her father and he was able to come over and get us, and I had to spend Christmas Eve sleeping on their living room couch.
Anonymous [12-03-2007]

Hi Rich,I also remember the Soul Survivors at the 19 Hole I use to go up their in the middle 1960 and then head down the Garabaldi Club,I also seen Danny and the Jr.their,you mention a name I haven't heard of for years Mole,do you remember his real name also Mike Angelone bartend their too.thank you wish you and your family a Merry Chritmas Sandy
anonymous [12-03-2007]

The Vernon Mens Shop,weas located on Germantown &price,across from vernon park moss
anonymous [12-03-2007]

Bruce, That Robert Hall jingle still runs through my head now and then: "Robert Hall this season Will show you the reason Low overhead, Low overhead!"
Joe Breen [12-03-2007]

Happy Holidays from the Campbells (Bobby, Billy, David and Eileen) formerly from Clapier Street and St. Francis of Assisi Parish !
B. Campbell [12-03-2007]

Horn and Hardarts was the best
anonymous [12-03-2007]

For years I've wanted to visit some of these historic sites but you give no directions, no phone numbers and no events page. Could you please list these items? Thanks.
Eileen Mercer [12-03-2007]

I want everyone to be aware that one of the writers on "your Thoughts," Dennis McGlinchy, recently did a great job writing about movie theaters in Germantown. He had noticed from an earlier post of mine that I had worked as an usher in the 60's at both the Band Box and the Orpheum theaters. Dennis contacted me and I gave him a short synopsis of my memories of these to places. Then Dennis came through with this beautiful article in the "Germantown Crier," which is affiliated with the Germantown Historical Society. If you want to read a great article (with outstanding photos) of movie houses back then, you really should check out www.germantownhistory.org and send for a copy of the fall 2007 magazine. Great stuff about all sorts of places including the Cayuga, the Aardvark, The Germantown, the Vernon, the Vernon Palace, the Colonial, the Tulpehocken, the Manheim, the Walton, and a host of other places. Dennis writes extremely well and this particular aricle is a nostalgia lover's dream. Congratulations, Dennis, on a great piece of history! Regards, Jerry Murphy
Jerry [12-03-2007]

Gregory, I just checked. I sent you an e-mail on 11/15. Read the one that says NO SUBJECT
Gloria [12-03-2007]

Gregory Striano,Don't you check your e-mail???? "YOU'VE GOT MAIL!" I was checking to see who wrote on this site years ago and I saw your name. I think it was 2003, you said you were 55. I kind of got carried away and really rambled on. It's funny though, and for your eyes only!
Gloria [12-03-2007]

This is a great site. I love reading about Germantown and all of our good times. I've also been inspired by this site, the P&M site and the Germantown Reunion a few years ago. So, in that spirit, I've launched a Brickyard site to see if there is any interest in having a Brickyard reunion. Please, check out my site for the reunion and keep posting memories here! The Brickyard site can be found at www.germantownbrickyard.com
Mike Garvey [12-03-2007]

the christmas tree that almost wasn’t by jane nyce bender i think i was probably seven years old on this particular christmas. the month of december was busy with things to do. mom and i would shop everyday after school. the stores were always crowded with people. lights were in every window, and carrolers were on every corner. marie, my sister baked cookies, for her highschool cooking class, as i watched with wonder. the warm sweet smell entered every room in our big house, but we weren’t allowed to eat them, and this drove us all crazy.i remember making snowflakes out of white paper. mom hung them in the front window. i was so proud! every night i fell to sleep thinking about how much i loved december. my brothers would come home with bags and race to their rooms. through the door i’d hear scissors cutting paper. i tried to peek through the key hole to see what they were wrapping, but they would just peek back and say….” ho, ho, ho”. about a week before christmas, i begged my dad to go looking for a tree, but he was watching the eagles play the giants. he wouldn’t move ‘til the game was over. so i sat, and waited. i didn’t watch the game, i just watched the clock., when they said, “fifteen minutes left”, i put on my coat, and i sat, and sat, and sat. they kept stopping the clock! that fifteen minutes took forty five minutes. meanwhile snow started falling from the sky. i was hoping it would keep up, forever, so that monday morning school would be closed. boy! did a wish ever come true. by the time the game was over, six inches had fallen, and dad said, “we’d better wait to get our tree”. he said he didn’t want us to get sick. i sat at the front window and watched all the cars get covered with snow. our 13 steps to the sidewalk out front looked like a sliding board. by the time i was to go to bed, they had interrupted t.v. programs to say that schools would be closed. i got to stay up late that night. tuesday school resumed. the main steet had been plowed and the sidewalks had been piled high with banks of snow. it was great! after school everyone went down to the hill on belfield and magnolia and we sledded. if you didn’t have a sled, you could use an old washing machine lid or even cardboard. time passed and i got worried. i asked mom when we were going to get our tree and she said that was dad’s part of christmas. it was so true, he loved picking out the tallest and bushiest one. by friday, i was very upset. dad worked late. i waited up for him and asked, ‘when dad? when can we go to get our tree?” he told me definitely we would go on saturday. “well,” i thought, “definitely saturday, is right, because sunday will be much too late.” he must have read my mind, because he said, “of course if we wait until christmas day we can probably get one for a dollar.” i remember getting worried! dad had to be joking. he wouldn’t wait until christmas day, would he? well saturday came and practically left. dad had been called away on an emergency. i bugged mom all day long. she in turn, gave me things to do to keep me occupied. i wrapped mike’s leather blazer, and bobby’s watch and i put our stockings on the cardboard firplace. everytime i heard a car i’d run to the door, our dog inky trailing behind. he looked sad too, but that’s because he would have run out if the door had opened. dad came home about 8 o’clock,, looking really worn out. “i’m sorry baby,” he said. “but everyone is sold out of trees.” he was really upset, i could tell. mom reminded me that santa could still fill our stockings and that we should be glad, knowing our family was safe, warm and happy. i kissed them a somber goonight. maybe everyone else was happy, but i was not. what is christmas without a tree? i awoke every hour on the hour. 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3o’clock……..4. i tossed and turned. my sister came in late and i asked her if santa had come yet. she said he hadn’t. i made myself sleep. i knew he’d never come if he even thought i was waiting up for him, and besides there wasn’t a tree for him to put toys under anyway! finally the alarm clock i had set for 6 o’clock went off, and daylight was just about to break through the curtains. i jumped from my bed and shook marie and said, ‘it’s christmas, lets go.” she mumbled unintelligent mumbo jumbo and i crept from the room. no one was up yet and the house was as quite as a mouse. i crept down the steps, and turned the corner to see something bright in the living room. there stood the most beautiful tree we had ever had. lights of red green yellow, blue and white twinkled and reflected off the strands of silver tinsel. balls, i had never seen before…. toy soldiers, santa clauses, snowmen, angels and candycanes filled the branches i screamed. ‘everybody, wakeup, come see our beautiful tree.’ i was so shocked by the tree santa had brought, i didn’t even think of the presents underneath. i felt my eyes warm. my most special wish had come true. we had our own, beautful christmas tree! the end
Jane Nyce Bender [12-03-2007]

hi gregg striano whats up .. we don't hear from you anymore ... hope all is well rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-03-2007]

hi joe taylor, no that name still doesn't ring a bell .. was he the sexton ??? rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-03-2007]

Greg, I wish I would have known, I would have hooked up with you. They are a bunch of familiar names. Yeah, my heart is still in Germantown, too and the great memories. I road by my grandmother's and your street. It was terribe. Brought tears to my eyes to think how it once looked and now. People say don't look back and no rearview mirrors, but I'll always have a rear view mirror for GERMANTOWN.
anthonyg [12-03-2007]

I worked at Robert Hall when I was 16 yrs old. I used to wrap the string around the boxes that people took their purchases home in.
Sheila [12-03-2007]

The Santa who got fired by Joe Rizzo is a retired firefighter.
Ret., Still in Philly [12-03-2007]

Thank you to Sheila, Rosemarie & Annamarie, for your post about Gonzaga. I would love to find some of the girl's from the home as we were very close to each other back then. there was one girl name Victoria Brick any one remember her? She was one of my best friend's. Wanda last name was Fornagiel. some other name's I remember, Rosa Ortiz,Donna Faulkner,Maryann Scott,Pamela Quinn,The Campbell sisters,Maria,Jeannie & Beverly. Just to name a few. I also have lot's of great picture's from their. I myself have family from Germantown and loved it there! Great place to grow up ! Thank's again!
JoAnna (Palmieri) Benton, Boca Raton Fl. 55 yr's young [12-03-2007]

there was another shop on Germantown Ave. called the Vernon Men's Shop John Moss
john moss [12-03-2007]

you're right about the tomatoe pie Dennis. Nothing tastes like it used to. What made it taste so good was the old people and most of then are long gone. They took pride in making everything taste good. Not only was it consistantly good, but it was sold at a reasonable price. They were more concerned with putting out a decent product than all esle and they were right. I've tasted almost every tomatoe pie in the area and I'm dissapointed too. I'm sorry, but I can do better at home with my grandmother's old recipe. She used her own home grown plumb tomatoes with fresh basil as did most of the old time Italian ladies, and you simply can't beat that.
Michael [12-03-2007]

The name Mole I really think I know this person. We had some wierd names for people in the 50's and 60's. I remember a boy named Fly. Anyone know him? How about the Casey's, Dennis, Bob and the youngest one whom I had a crush on but who thought I was a nerd lol. I wore glasses then and boy did you get ridiculed. I broke so many pairs by putting them in my pocket and then sitting on them. I remember playing spin the bottle in the basements of our parent's home. By today standards it was so harmless. We got to kiss oh my god and hope it was one boy you liked. We thought this was such a naughty game but it is nothing compare to today kids. I don't even want to go there lol. I still have one 19 yr old who just graduated last year from high school and when I saw a copy of the prom nite dance OMG! They dance like they are having sex. I was actually blushing in front of my son's friends. Geez I don't think we were that bad were we? Do you guys remember all the street games we played some so innocent and some so violent. Lets see we played Mother may I? Red light green light. my favorite double dutch with jumping ropes, Halfy ball? This was fun because we were all too poor to afford new balls so we used them when they broke in half. And then the baseball game called Top them with baseball cards against curbs. You know we would all be rich today if we kept those baseball cards. Then there was marbles and on and on. And then we played the violent games like hide the belt. Who ever found the belt got to hide it again after they hit the closest person with it and then buck buck. OMG don't be on the bottom of the pack when this happen. Remember we would all line up and then one person started on his knees and then it started. Buck buck #1 coming and then that person jumped on the one that was down and so it proceeded to the next jumper . We were absolutely crazy and we loved it. It was a dumb game but we could not get enough of it. Dummies that could be why we all have bad backs today. lol.
Cheryl Raffle [12-03-2007]

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