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November 2007

anthony your right .. germantown ave. was decorated from one end to the other and every store was beautiful ... i can still recall those days walking in the snow with my mother from one store to the other during the holidays and stopping at woolworths where my mother would get a coffee and a piece of pie and i would get hot cocoa rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-30-2007]

last wed.the nite befor Thanksgivin we meet and get together with people from gtn.ray griffin,dave faino, joe googs,al bergen,steve brennen,joe nolen,jim griffin just to name a few.
gregg striano, my hart is still in germantown [11-30-2007]

Someone asked about the lady with the cow bell at Holy Rosary football games. It was Annie Zac, mother of Claude Zackery. She went to all the football games along with most of Germantown at that time. The football game was one of the biggest events of the neighborhood then. We all would go and cheer.
Bernadette Iannuzzi Rizzo [11-30-2007]

Chet.. I saw that piece about that Santa on the PBS special, Things That Aren't There Anymore..
Susan [11-30-2007]

Another store for suits back in the 50's and 60's was Robert Hall, with the pipe racks, which was on Chelten Ave., on the northwest corner of Wayne, along with the Pontiac car agency. Some trivia about Allen's: I loved their bakery - great chocolate éclairs and cream donuts. Also, the year JFK was shot (November '63) I was run over by a '57 Chevy right in the middle of the intersection of Greene and Chelten while running from a westbound 26 to catch a southbound H bus. They took a picture of the accident from Allen's second floor window and it was on the front of the Courier (woohoo); must have been a slow news week.
Bruce Marshall, 56, still in Gtown [11-30-2007]

joe, their was another men shop on Germantown Ave a across from Greene's 5 an 10 cents store it was called the Vernon Shop I used to do all my Christmas shopping their they had nice men clothes Sandy
anonymous [11-30-2007]

Hi Vinny,glad to hear from I wrote you an e-mail I hope you get it an Old Friend Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [11-30-2007]

Even Woolworth's was decorated for Christmas. The other stores Pat Paige, Sabra Lee, Russell's, the shoe stores - Florsheim's. And no matter when you went there over the holidays you always ran into someone you knew. My parents would take us there and then we would go to dinner at Falatico's. My favorite recollection is midnight mass at Immaculate and the smell of incense. The altar was beautiful and the church was packed. We did not go to midnight mass until we were older. Before that we went to mass on Christmas morning. Also, Gonzaga was an orphanage, Good Shepard was for wayward girls.
anonymous [11-30-2007]

Erda - I also remmember the parades that brought Santa to Allen's. He would cimb up the cherry picker to the 4th floor and go in through the window. I came across a picture of Santa at the top of the ladder, climbing through the Allen's window. If you want a copy, let me know and I will forward a copy to you. My Mom has a picture of me with Santa at Allen's when I was 2 in 1958. I know it was Allen's because there was a sign with the Allen's name. Allen's was a store I liked. I also remember Rowall's, Penney's, Robert Hall, Sears, Adams Mens Clothing, the two Woolworth's, the Army-Navy Store, etc. That shopping district had it all. Bill Cupo - I sent that last post. Sent it not realizing I didn't leave my name with it
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-30-2007]

Bill Cupo - nice post of memories. I do remember the bell lights and garland at Christmas along the Germantown & Chelten business district. With all the stores decorated, it really was a wonderful experience to be down "the avenue" at that time of year. I still adhere to the "old Germantown ways" by decorating the outside of my house with colored lights. Around my porch and roof, I still use those big colored bulbs. Around my windows, I use the smaller colored bulbs. The only house on my street that does that. Everyone else decorates with the white lights, which is nice too. But, I love the colored lights and stay true to the old Germantown ways. I was also an altar boy at Immaculate and served those Midnitght Masses as well. The church holds 1,300 and it was always packed. With the long procession, it was a really nice Mass. And, yes I do remember that Christmas Eve snowstorm in the mid 1960s. It was a storm to remember, especially when you were a kid. But, adults probably felt differently... Remember the old nativity display that Immaculate had in the church? The stable with the three arches? That was a beautiful display that I was told dates back to the early 1900s. The arched stable is long gone but, they still have and use the statues.
anonymous [11-30-2007]

Gaeta's tomato pie can bring back memories of Scalea's. But, it's hit or miss as they don't always stick to the old Scalea recipe. There were times I thought I was eating the original and other times it was a complete disappointment. For me, its a distance to go to Gaeta's. You don't know what you are going to get and you have to ask, is it worth the disappointment. Scalea tomato was the absolute best. Why anyone would mess with perfection is beyod me.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-30-2007]

I remember when Mole was a bartender at the 19th hole. The soul survivors wrecked the place. I remember Trios cold cuts, Vernon mens shop,Sun ray drugs, Nevans 5&10, Abes, Links seafood Leechs junk yard, Highway inn,M&H, Lionel train store, Frosty top, Cony Island hot dogs, Edlemans gun shop, Leonards pawn shop, Wolfmans, Gravinas pizza, Tin man in front of hardware store. The parade up Haines street with little Oscer, Sally star and chief halftown. The National cemetary parade. Awbury park at night. Trouble with 11th & Onterio. Gellarts dances. The way Nam took this and all of us away. That enough for now, later Vinny. Rich
Rich Rizzo [11-30-2007]

To Rosemarie: Thanx for the reply. I made a mistake. The Swilley I was talking about was a man. Does this ring a bell?? joe taylor
joe taylor [11-30-2007]

Old Joe...Thanks for your response. I think that it was Adam's. I was probably 11 years old at the time. All I remember seeing were literally hundreds of suits on revolving racks. I remember getting a reversable suit with two pair of pants. Then there were leisure suits. I had one of those too but never wore it much. Thanks again for you reply.
Joe [11-30-2007]

Every other year our family goes to Disney World right after Thanksgiving when the parks are decorated for Christmas. MGM brings a lot of memories of Germantown & Chelten to me. The decorations in the streets of MGM are very much like those we all remember.
Sheila [11-30-2007]

Right Susan, but they were never called Gaeta's when they were in Germantown on Wakefield st. They opened up thier own place in the Northeast
anonymous [11-30-2007]

The Gaetas and Scaelas were related they all worked in the Wakefield St bakery...
Susan [11-29-2007]

Angelo, ding dong ding dong. No kidding Scalea's was in Germantown. It's closed... the recipe is used at Gaeta's (relatives of the Scalea's family). So, if you want to be reminded of Germantown tomato pie, go to Gaeta's or go look at the the old Wakefield site and just think about it. I personally like eating the pie.
anonymous [11-29-2007]

Joe re: the Men's Store on G-town Ave. I think you are talking about Adam's. Long since gone, but I got many suits there myself.
Another Joe, Old [11-29-2007]

Does anyone remember when Santa Claus was fired from the Philadelphia Thanksgiving parade? He was the guy who climbed the fire truck ladder to Gimbel's. He was fired because he forgot to change his eyeglasses with transition lenses to the rectangular Santa bifocal glasses. Everyone thought that he had sun glasses on.
Chet [11-29-2007]

Rosemarie and Margaret, it wasn't just Rowell's that was decorated for Christmas it was the whole avenue, Germantown ave and Chelten. It was really nice, all the decorations. Does anyone remember how the windows of a lot of the stores were painted with Halloween characters for the season? Nothing is like it used to be.
anthonyg [11-29-2007]

Hi Bob: What a pleasant susprise, Old lady Quinn's, Joe O'Donnell, Norman Lackman,Kirk Mogee,Bob &Arlene McCann,Billy Bo., St. Vincents alter boys,you forgot Hermans and bricky st.I can help with some but not all of your inquires.O'Donnell,I think is or was the pres. of a co. down south, I'll have to check with my brother Patrick to get you an update.I know nothing of the whereabouts of Lackman or Mogee.Arlene is still a nun with the Imm. Heart of Mary,in Montgomery County, about Bob I know nothing.Billy Bo is a very sucessful businessman, real estate I think.My mom died six yrs. ago this past Sept.Thomas will be dead 40yrs. this May. Time really does fly.Do you know what I remember about those young years? Your Dad's W.W.II souveniers, the SS dagger and the German helmet, I was absolutely fascinated with that stuff, and in my later yrs. I read everthing i could on the war and I still do. You must been an alter boy when you were eight yrs. old, I started at the same age. Do you remember Fr. Davis, he taught us our latin.I was a alter boy for 5 yrs.At 12&13 John Mc Gowan and I were the regulars for The Little Sisters of the Poor and the Good Shepherd for wayward grils.Do you remember those places?Well Andy, I hope I was helpful and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Vince PS My brother Patrick also posts on this site, he might write to you.
Vince, E.Gtn. age 63yrs [11-28-2007]

Hi Sandy: Sure I remember you. You lived across the st. from the woodlawn motor parts store.My sister Cathy has been married for 35 yrs. and lives in Holland, Bucks County. Mike has been married for over 40 yrs. and lives in Wash. County N.J.Jim King died in 1995, heart attack, he had lived in N.J.I think I remember you having a crush on Billy Frith? What ever happened to Billy?Well Sandy it was nice hearing from and I look forward to more of you Gtn. memories. Merry Christmas Vince
Vince, E.Gtn. 63yrs. [11-28-2007]

Hi Rich: How have you been? My cousin Mole stopped by my house and I told him we met at the funerals of Mr. &Mrs. DiFerdinand, he ask me to give his regards. He lives in Delaware now and I rarely see him.I dont know how long you have been posting on this sitebut its been real niceto read of your memories.I have been amazed to hear from folks as far away as Cal.in distance and 40yrs. in time.I hope you continue to post.Merry Christmas Vince Lyons
Vince, E.Gtn. age 63 [11-28-2007]

hi margaret i remember rowells too .. and i too loved to ride that escalator .. my cousin and i would meet in front of woolworths during the x mas holidays and go to all of the stores to do our shopping and rowells would be the last store we would go to ... ha ... it was so wonderful to do that with her ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-28-2007]

hi joe taylor, no .. i don't remember a miss swilley what grade did she teach ... sister matthew marie taught the girls only .. i don't believe she ever had the boys in her class so perhaps this is why she doesn't stand out in your memory ... well it sounds as though you have done well for yourself and are a happy person in your stage of life .. thats a good thing .. i hope the new year continues to bring you this sense of peace and happiness .. i lived in cowtown .. off of locust ave on a little dead end street called greeves court ... i wish you and your family a blessed and merry christmas and a healthy new year rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-28-2007]

anyone and anybody who went to Saint Vincient Had Miss Cathrine in 2nd grade but anyone remember Sister Mary Secila the first grade sister remember the steps that lead up to the second floor and at the top of the landing was the Principal Office had good times in that school.
A Friend [11-28-2007]

Hi Judy, Just want you to know that I remember the Immanculate being on fire that was the year after I was done school it was a big fire and it was a sin who ever did that to such a beautiful school.A Friend
A Friend [11-28-2007]

Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Hello...... Gaeta's was NEVER in Germantown. It was always Scalea's bakery on Wakefield St.
Angelo [11-28-2007]

Someone asked if we could share some good memories of the old neighborhood. Well, how about the way that Chelten Ave and Germantown Ave. looked at this time of year. Do you remember the big bell lights and holly strung along from the top of the telephone poles all across the Aves? I know I also heard music coming from various places at night to add to the spirit. I also remember that every vacant lot in Germantown seemed to be selling Christmas trees. We got ours on Stenton Ave near High st every year. Typical lot with the fire going in the drums to keep the guys warm. I remember one year going out in a storm to buy one and I was amazed to hear thunder in December. Does anyone remember the Christmas eve blizzard? I believe it was "65" or "66" but I'm not sure. We have home movies of the storm and how it caused kaos all around the city. My cousins and I built an igloo on our front lawn and had a ball going in and out of it. How about midnight Mass at Immaculate? I was an altar boy and I remember a very long ceremony and the church filled to capacity. It took a long time to get everyone communion. That church was beautiful at Christmas; every altar was decorated with Poinsettia plants and holly wreaths. Oh well, when we moved in 1969 it wasn't the same anymore. We had just purchased our first artificial tree (aluminum)a couple of years before and we had our Christmas lights stolen so many times. They weren't the little lights either; they were the big GE bulbs that cost a lot of money to replace at the time. So we've have all moved on now, but there's still a place in my heart for the old neighborhood, and the memories will always be with me. Merry Christmas everybody.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [11-28-2007]

I liked going in Allen's and riding the elevator to the Toy Department this time of year. Santa Clause was in the toy department! Remember the lady who operated the elevator? If I remember correctly she was a pretty black lady, she wore a uniform and always had white gloves on. It is funny the things we remember. Remember the parade that brought Santa to Allen’s? Santa would climb the fire trucks ladder and go though a window maybe 5 or 6 floors up, off Chelten Avenue. I remember seeing Chief Halftown and Sally Star riding horses in the parade. Does anyone else have any memories of the Christmas season in Germantown??
Erda, West Norriton PA [11-28-2007]

I agree with the anon post of 11-26. Well said! It's time to drop the issue and move on.
Anthony [11-28-2007]

When we were kid's, our parents would take us to a men's clothing store on Germantown ave. to buy suits. That place was huge. I remember seeing racks of suits and men's clothing. I don't know if that place is in business anymore. Does anyone remember it?
Joe [11-28-2007]

What does any of this have to do with a Germantown thought? ZERO! Anon 11/26, I'd love to move on at this point for the sake of this discussion, but the lack of sympathy or empathy on this site amazes me. Forgive, yes that's a great message. Forget, practically impossible for a victim of a violent crime. Yes, sexual assault is a crime. Move on, that's what the victim's are trying to do. However, the rapists and child predators still need to be held accountable. I guess we should simply close our courts and police department. Anyone who is a victim of violent crime should simply forgive, forget and move on. Just to stay in the spirit of the "happy" thoughts cohort... anyone who feels like a good tomoato pie should go to Gaeta's in NE Philly on Castor Ave, a few blocks north of Cottman Ave. It's just like the old neighborhood. anonymous [11-27-2007]
anonymous [11-28-2007]

Let's just let everybody write what they want to write about. :)
Sheila [11-27-2007]

I remember how beautiful the department store, "Rowell's" was at Christmas time. I use to love to ride on the escalator and it was always a big deal to buy something for my mother from this beautiful store.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [11-27-2007]

Earlier I wrote that no priest groped me - "I had to grope myself." That was a joke. I also wrote that Cardinal Law was tranferred to Rome and that he "wanted to thank all the little people." This was also a joke. Jokes, you see, can be good therapy - but evidently not on this website! Calm down everyone! It's starting to seem like a Brickyard/Cowtown gang war!
Jerry [11-27-2007]

Anon 11/26, I'd love to move on at this point for the sake of this discussion, but the lack of sympathy or empathy on this site amazes me. Forgive, yes that's a great message. Forget, practically impossible for a victim of a violent crime. Yes, sexual assault is a crime. Move on, that's what the victim's are trying to do. However, the rapists and child predators still need to be held accountable. I guess we should simply close our courts and police department. Anyone who is a victim of violent crime should simply forgive, forget and move on. Just to stay in the spirit of the "happy" thoughts cohort... anyone who feels like a good tomoato pie should go to Gaeta's in NE Philly on Castor Ave, a few blocks north of Cottman Ave. It's just like the old neighborhood.
anonymous [11-27-2007]

I went to Holy Rosary school with 2 girls from the Gonzaga home. They were definitely NOT wayward girls. They just didn't have families and of course it wasn't their fault.
Annamarie [11-26-2007]

Michael, Gosh I would love to come and see you guys on Christmas Eve. But it will be so hard that nite. My son is coming in from Florida and there are so many commitments that nite. I talked to Joe and we would love to see you all over the holidays though. Is that possible? Joe is off from work all of Christmas week. Maybe we can get together one nite? Let me know. here is my email address again. dustydooh@msn.com. I will give you my phone number and you can give me your address and where do you live anyways. lol. I am so excited to see some old friends and my godfather.
Cheryl Raffle [11-26-2007]

to rosemarie hite malageri---Joe Taylor here--read your post about Miss Catherine @ St. Vincent's. I attended St. Vincent's @ least for 2 years & had Miss Catherine. Also had a Mr. Swilley--do you remember this person? I do not remember Sister Matthew Marie. I remember making my 1st Communion @ St. Vincent's & have, somewhere, fotos of me on the church steps. I lived on Queen Lane. After 2nd or 3rd grade--not sure which--I moved to Shedaker Street & attende St. Francis of Assisi & graduated North in '61. After leaving North I went to Penn State & never looked back. Now live in Athens, GA. Take care & have a great Christmas
joe taylor [11-26-2007]

Hi Rosemarie, I also had a classmate who lived in that orphanage, Her parents were both dead and she had only one sister who was unable to care for her.I believe her name was Wanda Fornagle( not sure of the spelling)..anyway she was far from what I would consider wayward...infact she had the highest grade point average in my class..
Susan Malageri Demetrovits [11-26-2007]

It would be nice to hear from some of my former class mates from St Michael's that I grew up with, as we get older we sometimes wonder what happened to "____". Would love to hear from you. Jackie
Jackie Miletto, Attended St Michael's - lived in "Brickyard" [11-26-2007]

Can we get off the Jim and the clergy abuse thing once and for all??????? I'm a very good Catholic too and realize that it's better to forgive, forget, then move on. That's what builds character and makes a person stronger. Do you think that at the moment of death people complain to God about injustices that they suffered while on Earth???? I'm sure that they're very, very thrilled just to stand in His presence! Look at what was done to Him in His 33 years on this Earth.... especially on Good Friday! What about the woman caught in the very act of adultery. The Lord didn't have a problem with her. His problem was with her accusers. Please, everyone, lets stop this now and move forward. This is what the great law giver asks and He doesn't ask us to do something He hasn't done Himself already. Now, can anyone share a good thought or memory of Germantown? What about the old stores along the Avenue at Christmas time? The trolley cars, bake shops, butcher shops, family owned businesses, clubs or activities? Any good memories?
anonymous [11-26-2007]

To respond to Jerry's post from 11/21, "I disagree with Jim McKernan about being groped by a priest. I was an altar boy and nobody groped me." It is fortunate that you and so many others did not suffer any abuse, whether it was at the hands of a priest, family-friend, relative or stranger. For that, we should consider ourselves lucky and be thankful. But to simply state that you disagree with the victim’s account of a crime, because you didn’t suffer the same crime, is quite remarkable. By your logic, abuse or by extension a crime should only be believed, if it happened to you, too. Have you been murdered? I admit, that this is an illogical question. By your logic, however, you would need to disagree with anyone who ever states that people have ever been murdered in Germantown. It didn't happen to you; therefore, it must not be true. Before anyone thinks otherwise, I'm a practicing Catholic who loves his faith and respects the men and women of the religious orders who uphold their vows and care for so many people. Simply stated, not all priests acted in this unlawful and sinful manner. However, as an individual with several years of federal law enforcement experience, I deplore the actions of the men and sometimes women (who happen to be clergy) who abused their power and our trust by abusing our children. Yes, I have seen evidence that has convinced me, as well as jurors, judges, and the Catholic Church that this abuse and often cover-ups occurred. It is shameful. The Church has finally admitted to many mistakes. This is a step in the right direction. I do agree, however, that we should not make assumptions that every priest is guilty of such crimes. Many, many priests are the caring and dedicated men that so many of us have had the privilege to learn from and know. Nowhere in Jim’s posting did I read contempt for the entire Church nor a blanket statement of guilt placed on all those in the priesthood. I did read a victim’s description of a crime and the progress that he has made coming to terms with the abuse and helping the community learn from it and address it, in an effort to prevent it from happening, again. I can only hope that what Jerry meant to say was: I have a hard time believing Jim McKernan about being groped by a priest. I was an altar boy and nobody groped me. If it’s true, I’m sorry for Jim. Fortunately, I have always had wonderful experiences with my clergy, which makes it hard for me to consider that some people may perform such acts. Germantown was a great place to live. But life, is comprised of both good and bad. Memories, whether on the good or bad times, shouldn't detract from our perception of Germantown or each other. They simply place a perspective on the times, people, and events that shaped our lives.
anonymous [11-23-2007]

a girl who lived in that home .. her name was joann ross or roth .. i am not quite sure but she was not a bad girl but her parents could not care for her and placed her there ... she was the nicest girl and would always come to my aunts house and play with my cousins and me .. she was good friends with my cousin jackie ... so i am very sure that the home she grew up in was not for wayward girls ..but for children who were without parents in one way or another
rosemarie hite malageri [11-23-2007]

i went to the gtn boys club every night in the summer time.in the winter i was only allow to go 2 nights because of school homework !when we were leaving the boys club about 9 pm we would stop at ridders drug store on the conner of penn and gtn avenue . for 21 cents we got a milk shake and a pack of lance crakers . 16 for the shake and 5 for the crackers. some time we went across the strett to youngs ice cream store and got that great home made ice cream . i went to st, michaels school from 1945 to 1950 . that was a fun time in my life. in those days you had to be a italian to get in that school ! today that would be a (no no )i came to gtn from south phila in 1939 i was 4 years old . we left gtn in 1958 . i was in the services from 1954 to 1957 . when i came home my mom and dad wanted to move to new jersey where my mom was born . i never went with then . i met a great girl and we got married and live in mt. airy for 2 years . then i moved to roslyn for 20 years and later to ambler . now i live in north wales.my mom and dad are both gone. i do remember all thos great hollidays we had back then . gtn avenue was a nice place to shop ! had all those stores that we ran in to right next door to each other . my mom took us to horn and hardets for all the wonderfull foods thay had, the bake beans and the bake mack a ronies---fish cakes,hot apple pies and cream sause.i remember all the parades that we had right around market square (church lane and gtn avenue ) those days we would walk every where we went we never had a car. for a long time our street never had a lot of cars on it,maybe 2 or 3 at the most so we had a lot of room to play all kinds of city games . hide and seek, red rover. baby in the air . wow! what fun days they were ! happy thankgiveing to all frank from good old germantown .
FRANK, lena st.(red brick hill) [11-23-2007]

I am curious about the history of our fire house and un able to find any information.
Billy Carey, Engine 9 (6900 germantown ave.) [11-22-2007]

hi anthony, sister matthew marie taught 5th grade and yes i do remember miss catherine i had her for my teacher in second grade and i still believe those two knots in the back of her head had eyes in them through which she could see us no matter where she was in the class room ha... but all in all i liked her very much she was always very nice to me .. and my memories of her are good ones! my older sister however didn't fare as well and miss catherine was so mean to her .. perhaps this is the reason why she was the opposite with me ... maybe she realized how hard she was on my sister and was trying to sooth her guilt away by being nice to me ...
rosemarie hite malageri [11-22-2007]

Happy holidays to everyone. Would like to hear from some of the kids who lived in E. Gtn. in the 40s and 50s.
Eleanor [11-22-2007]

Very well said, Rick. We did have great times and it doesn't seem that long ago. Wish things were just the way they were back then, but they are not. Just look around. Well let's all enjoy the hoiday season and everybody have a great one.
anthonyg [11-22-2007]

Happy Holidays to all. NOW! about the orphanage. All I know is, When our store closed due to too many robberies, I was a senior at Little Flower Catholic High School. I got a job at the "little sister of the poor home". I rode my bike from my home to the Home. I worked as an aide, side by side with the sisters taking care of the older people who lived there, they even had 3 apts for older couples. I loved it there, most patients were from Gtn,Mt.Airy and Chestnut Hill. There was a building very close to the home call (if I remember correctly) good shepherd, it housed "wayward" girls, and they too worked with the sisters. it was truly amazing how they ran the home just on donations. it was that job that gave me a sense of myself and giving to others & not to judge others - I still have a hugh spot in my heart from that experience.
Maggie Nicoletti, 53 yrs old. Nicoletti's candy store -wister & wakefield sts. [11-21-2007]

I remember getting dressed up every night, pressed pants and shirt, shined shoes, topcoat combed hair still wet (frozen in winter) and going down the corner and hanging out every night. Podells or Moms were the spots, later Chew & Chelten or the Hot Shop. The amount of guys who would show up each night was amazing and we were all from the same neighborhood. Friday and Saturday were special and many girls would come around. We went to dances or parties and maybe had a drink or two. Some of those girls were regulars and some would just be there on the weekends. We had a great crowd and I remember it like it was yesterday. There were some problems from time to time, but we took care of our own and we were tight.
Rich Rizzo, 63 [11-21-2007]

Vince, yes Joe passed away quite some time ago, maybe sometime in the 70's or 80's, I don't remember exactly when. I never knew him as "Pothead"...hahaa I think he might have liked the name we called him better, "Pro". He was a character....missed by many.
Sheila [11-21-2007]

Joann, you are correct. Gonzaga was for children without parents and some whose parents could not care for them. I believe St. Joseph's Hall was for misguided girls.
Sheila [11-21-2007]

I disagree with Jim McKernan about being groped by a priest. I was an altar boy and nobody groped me. I had to grope myself. In Boston, it looks like Cardinal Bernard Law isn't going to be punished. It turns out he's getting transferred to Rome, which is kind of like a promotion. He said today he wanted to thank all the little people.
Jerry [11-21-2007]

Mary Lou Hill, you inquired some time ago about two places-Gonzaga Orphange and The Little Sisters of the Poor Building. Mike Russo gave the location for Gonzaga which was a home for orphaned children but was not the same building as The Little Sisters of the Poor, which was explicitly a home for poor elderly folks in Germantown. The two buildings were near each other and I am citing a link that will give you a picture (among a number of other prominent Philadelphia buildings-including a grand pic of Germantown High School at Gtn Ave and Haines I think as well as the Germantown Fire Engine House) Try this link which i got from Google's Search Engine when i entered "Little Sisters of the Poor, Germantown, Philadelphia" http://www.lcpgraphics.org/inventories/brightbill/sampleimages.htm This will direct you to super pictures of several Germatown buildings including LSOP, Germatown High, The Fire Engine House in Gtn and others.... They don't build em like this nowadays! Happy Thanksgiving. Jim
Jim McKernan [11-21-2007]

Hi Everyone - My sister Madeline turned me onto this sight while I was in Philadelphia this past weekend to attend a funeral. I graduated from ICS in 1958 and from Dougherty in 1962. I went into the Navy 2 weeks after graduation rather than face another 4 years of Catholic education at LaSalle. I lived at 5655 Musgrave St. right next to "Old Lady Quinn's" yard and across from St. Vincent's Seminary. I was an altar boy at St. Vincent's from 3rd grade through eight grade. Could the Vince Lyons posted on this sight be the same "Vinny Lyons" that corrupted my youth when we were altar boys together? Our crowd used to hang on the corner of Chew and Chelten - mostly in front of Freddie's Steak Shop. This site has certainly brought me down memory lane. Vince, your memory is incredible. I haven't thought about some of the places you mentioned in 45 years. I was married on April 20, 1968 and for a few months prior would ride the Reading into center city to work. I would see Mrs. Lyons at the Germantown station and she would often tell me how Tommy was doing and where he was in Vietnam. I moved when I got married so I never saw her after 04/20/68 - little did I know that Tommy would be killed just short time later. I have visited his memorial site on the web often. Anyway, this is a great site and I hope to visit often in the future. Would love to know the whereabouts of: Joey O'Donnell - Woodlawn Ave. Bob/Arlene McCann - McMahon Ave. Norman Lackman - Musgrave St. Kirk Mogee -- Musgrave St. Bo Bommentre - Chelten Ave. And anyone else in that old crowd. Check you all later - glad to hear that you're still hanging in there "Vinny". Regards to all. Andy
Robert J. "Andy" Anderson, age 63 - Longwood, FL [11-21-2007]

annonymous ... the nuns could be pretty mean thats for sure but, i also had a couple who were wonderful ... one in particular was sister winifreda she was the nicest person i met who was a teacher and a nun ...good natured ... patient, kind and understanding ... she made school that year a great time for us who were fortunet enough to have her ... but, across the hall was sister edward anthony who was the complete opposite .. ha .. god she was rough on the boys thats for sure but we all (i believe) shook in our shoes (boys and girls) when we saw her coming our way ha ... what memories, some funny and some not so funny but wonderful memories just the same! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-21-2007]

Rosemarie, wasn't Sister Matthew Marie a fouth grade nun? I am not sure. And does anyone remember Miss Catherine at St. Vincent's. She was so old she taught my Godmother.
anthonyg [11-21-2007]

Cheryl, Judy also said that the nuns at Holy Rosary doubled as dentists. They were notorious for pulling out teeth too. Sr. Concepta referred to Judy and a few others as G E lightbulbs because they were the brite ones from the class.
Michael [11-21-2007]

Yes Cheryl. I knew that you were Cheryl Raffle and Cheryl Hucek. Would you like to come see your godfather on Christmas eve? Judy said to bring Jo Jo with you so that she can pull his tooth. Bring uncle Petey too!
Michael [11-21-2007]

As far I know the Gonzaga was for orphan girls or for girls who parents could not afford to keep them. I had a friend that lived there for about a year..Gonzaga was located off Wister Street in the back of the campus. On the same campus was another building called "The Good Sheperd" that was a home for bad girls.. Young girls who got pragent or into other trouble.. That building was behind a stone wall facing Chew closer to Church Lane.. It was a stone building and had stain glass windows.. in the 80's the city used the campus for Amy 6 a middle school that accepted children from the whole city.. I think LaSalle made a parking lot out of the whole campus.. What a shame.. Building like that can never be replaced.. I hope this helps.. Erda
Erda [11-21-2007]

Hi Vince,I knew you way back around 1959 and Jimmy King,but then we call your Vinny hope you and your family are fine I also remember your brother Mike ans sister Cass hope they are all fine to,this is a great site,you proabaly won't remember me but I thought I would say Hi anyway Sandy Cipriano Cowtown
anonymous [11-21-2007]

Sorry Michael. I put Cheryl Hucek which is my married name I am going back to my maiden name Cheryl Raffle soon. I was wondering if you knew it was me. lol
Cheryl Raffle [11-20-2007]

To Sheila from 11-12: Yes I meant Joe Procopio,A nickname he didn't like was (Pothead) not because he smoked pot but because His head looked like a pot. I think he pasted away some time ago.This is a great site, I hope we hear from more folks from Holy Rosary, Imm. Con. e.gtn.,and chew&chelten Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Vince
vince lyons, age 63yrs. [11-20-2007]

hi my name is JoAnna, and as a young child, i myself lived in St. Joseph Gonzaga Orphange. It was not a home for misbehaved children at all. It was for children who did not have parents. i was in the orphanage until about 1965 and it was never for misguided girls. as far as the new building which was called St. Josephs Hall for Girls, i am not sure what that was for. i was gone by then. but as far as Gonzaga goes, i am certain it was just for orphans. Sincerely, JoAnna
JoAnna, In Boca Raton Fl. [11-20-2007]

Rosemarie, I think that they were a little frustrated. It amuses me to think back over that incident in church with the nun beating up that kid because he wasn't singing "Make me a channel of your Peace." It was anything but peaceful. It went like this: Make me a channel of your peace.... SMACK SMACK SMACK, where there is hatred let me bring your love SMACK SCREAM SMACK, where there is injury your pardon Lord.....CRYING SMACK,SMACK and where there's sadness ever joy....SOBBING. With that the kid was literally yanked out of the church with his feet dragging. Another kid got beat up too for using a clicker. Remember them? The nuns would use them in church to remind everyone to kneel. I laughed at Ed's story about the kid with the eraser. I'm sure that there were kids that experienced worse than that too. In Ed's words: "Ah.....the price of a good Catholic education"
anonymous [11-20-2007]

Thank you Cheryl Hucek. When it comes my time to pass, I hope that God takes me the same exact way that he took my father. I want to die next to my Mother too. The best to you and yours this Thanksgiving. Blessings, Michael and Judy
Michael and Judy [11-19-2007]

anonymous i had a nun (sister matthew marie)in st.vincents who caught me chewing gum when coming back to class following recess ... not only did i have to wear that darn gum on the tip of my nose for an hour but i also had to kneel in front of the crucifix in the front of the class while doing that for that hour .. ha . did it stop from chewing gum .. not one bit ! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-19-2007]

Hello Mary Lou, My name is Mike Russo, a former resident from the Germantown neighborhood. I went to Immaculate Conception and Cardinal Dougherty class of 1967. In response to your question about the Gonzaga- I do recall the Gonzaga, I think it was called St. Joseph's Gonzaga and it was a "home" or orphanage and the threatened destiny for misbehavior. It was located at Wister Street and Church Lane where it intersected with Boyer Street. My recollection is of a large stone building but from satellite views it appears to have a brick face. In the mid to late 60's I think it was a place for misguided girls. I think the property extended to Chew Ave. from Church Lane to Wister Street. I delivered the Germantown Courier as a kid and my route took me to the row of houses across the street on Church Lane. There was one house that enamored me, As you entered the wall along the right side which extended from the living room (parlor) into the dining room was completely covered in mirrored tiles which, to me, quadrupled the size of the house compared to the others on the block. I hope this helps. Thanx, Mike
anonymous [11-18-2007]

Hi Michael. I still don't remember capons but I believe you. I am sorry to hear about your dad. It's a bite getting older. I lost my Mom and Dad and they were young at the time. Well young in today's world. I was told by a physic that I will live to be 90. Now I don't want to live to be 90. My daughter is going to crucify me. lol. I hope you and Judy have a great Thanksgiving. I am in Florida right now with my oldest son. It does not feel like a holiday here at all. TOO HOT! I will be home for Christmas hopefully with snow.
Cheryl Hucek [11-18-2007]

Ed, Talking about a childhood memory and a good Catholic education..... I went to Catholic school. We had a nun in fifth grade that was in her 80's and still teaching. She wore coke bottle glasses. I'm 45 and my 81 year old mother in law and I both had the same nun in school. Catholic school was like a prison camp. The funniest thing that stands out the most in my mind was a kid getting the crap kicked out of him in church because he wasn't singing "Make me a channel of your peace" with the rest of the class. Picture it. A kid was caught chewing bubble gum and the nun made him wear it on his head for the rest of the school day. You understand because you went to Catholic school. I also saw a nun line up and slap six kids at 1 time. They could never get away with that now, although some of these kids today could use a good swat in the ass. We were all scared to death of those nuns.
anonymous [11-17-2007]

Has anyone recently hiked through Wister Woods including the weatern reaches far up the steepest slopes where the oldest growth trees are? Any recent activity on preservation, paths,or field studies? The woods are a unique wild space in the heart of a bustling city.
Lonnie Fogel [11-17-2007]

Cheryl, My dad was Joe Fanelli AKA HAMBONE. He died suddenly in front of a statue of the Blessed Mother almost three years ago while shoveling snow. Ask your uncle Pete about him. Regarding Thanksgiving dinner, I remember the old time people eating capon and other foods that weren't ordinary fare in most American households. It was exactly like the way Anthony described. He's right. The ravioli,lasagna and other things took precedence over the bird whether a turkey or a capon. Have a nice Thanksgiving. Michael and Judy
Michael and Judy [11-17-2007]

ED I sure do remember Sister Concepta Marie. She was the one we went to when we needed to be discipline. Didnt they said she took you to the closet to her torture chamber. lol I do remember one nun who's name I cannot remember but it was religion class and someone behind me laugh and so did I and she came down the aisle and said ok Cedil Raff you are gonna get it and she proceded to choke me. OMG, she lost it. She ripped earrings out of one of my friend's ears. She was going blind and so old. I have good memories and bad memories of the nuns. WOW what year did you graduate from 8th grade ? maybe we knew each other.
Cheryl Raffle [11-17-2007]

Harry, You don't have to thank me, he was my friend. I will never forget Joe.. I first was introduced to Joe and Noreen by a friend, she was dating one of their friends I think his name was Jimmy. We use to go to Noreen’s house after school. Boy! We had some good times... Joe was one of the good guy’s! I was working at J. C. Penney’s on Chelten Avenue with Noreen when Joe fell. You are a couple of years older then me but I do remember most of the places you mention. God Bless you and everyone who has ever puts on an uniform.. Including Police and Fire..
Erda, West Norriton [11-17-2007]

Does anyone remember the Potter Camera Shop at 39 Maplewood Avenue? It was between the Williams Locksmith shop and Angelo's Barber Shop. Falotico's restaurant on Chelten was at the other end of the alley next to Angelo's. My father, Alvin Fox, married the Potter Camera Shop's owner, Marian Potter, in 1954; and ran the shop until the city condemned the block in the 60s. We actually lived in Montgomery County but my Dad stayed in the apartment over the camera shop and only came home on weekends.
Tim Fox, 60 years old, now work in Martinsburg WV [11-15-2007]

I know some of you folk who attended Our Lady of the Rosary in the 60s remember Sister Concepta Marie (60s). She taught 7th Grade and was a real terror. Ask the girls who took piano lessons from her. I remember one time she tried to make one of my classmates eat an eraser because he did not clap them. I can still picture this guy gagging on the eraser as she is shoving it in his mouth. I heard she ran away from the Franciscan Nuns and got married. Mother John Madeline was just the opposite, kind and considerate. Ah, the price of a good Catholic education.
Ed, Va [11-15-2007]

Hi Erda, Joe Chatburn was my younger brother. He was in Nam for about 3 and a half months and was killed by "friendly fire". Doesn't seem possible that was way back in 1969. We lived down the street from Roosevelt Jr. High and went to the "Avenue" to shop and go to the movies at the Rialto, the Colonial and the Orpheum theaters. As teens, my girlfriend, now my wife, went to dances at the YWCA - it was called "Tumble Inn". As a teen I worked at Silver's Pharmacy on Washington lane and at a store called "Irv's" on Tulpehocken Street. I also worked for a while at "Frisco Frank's" water ice stand across from Holy Rosary. I left Philly in 1960 to go into the Air Force and didn't return until 1986. Thanks for remembering Joe. God bless.
Harry Chatburn, Dobbins grad 1960 [11-15-2007]

Is that my brother Dennie, I see on here answering Jim? Hello Bro yes Jim we are the one and same family of 14 that lived on bringhurst street. I have been reading this site so nice to see names from the past and to know all are doing well and thanks to our vets Semper Fi. Joe
Joe garvey, Still alive and kicking [11-15-2007]

Michael, I don't remember eating Capon but I do remember eating a turkey that had to be over 25lbs. lol. Who is your father? My uncle Pete is still alive and kicking and living with his daughter Nancy in Chalfont, PA. You can email me your father's name if you dont want to disclose in here. dustydooh@msn.com. Have a great thanksgiving! I hope my kids can talk about their memories in 30 years. WOW thats a lot of years.
Cheryl Raffle [11-15-2007]

Hi Jacqueline Raffle, Yes my mother whose name was Jacqueline married my father Frank Raffle. I also have a niece Jacqueline Raffle. Who is your Father we are probably related.
Cheryl Hucek [11-15-2007]

Does anyone remember Rowland" Mole friend" called him Adamoli? he was killed in Vietnam in 1965 and he was the first Philadelphia Marine to die in Vietnam on August 18,1965 Cpl. Rowland J. Adamoli.
A Niece, Germantown [11-15-2007]

hi erda .. i know i can never forget those boys they were friends and their deaths certainly left a void ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-14-2007]

hi ron stoner i believe i went to school with you i don't know if you remember me but i'm sure you remember betty ann penderghest and erda graham .. they are just a couple of people i grew up with ... paul coyle, david mc, tom flannery to name a few we had a st vincents reunion several years ago and tried to locate you to invite you but unfortunetly we were not successful ... and now here you are ... good to know you are well .. rosemarie hite malageri
rosemarie hite malageri [11-14-2007]

Cherly, as to Thanksgiving dinner you named all the courses. My mother would make homemade ravioli, which we had after the soup and all the gravy meat that went with it. Next came the turkey, but didn't have much room left. Just picked on that and the fixings and saved it for the next day. We lived next to the St Vincent's convent and the nuns would stop to smell the great aromas coming from our kitchen. They were the days. Everyone enjoy this coming holiday and be thankful for all we have.
anthonyg [11-14-2007]

Dear Erda, So proud of you making the trip to the capitol to honour the vets. God bless. and welcome home to all. Hope I not be seen as one says- blowing my horn i have a good horn but its not for tha...-just saying there were good folks i met who made this life...one that should be celebrated today is my college buddy-a Khe Sahne Marine named M C Cn. -who withstood the assault of 73 days...i was out there helping at that time..picking up relief support. Well here is the love-Murray made it out of Khe Sahne, he also was the only american friend from USA when i came to Ireland as a student- he that was the worst and best of the vietnam war..i hear about it from m.-my best man and the only other yank on gi bill at ireland's galway university. He was my best man when i married and his friend Moria was sister to an IRA Fighter My friend gets the site for the WALL for Viet Vets THE WALL my friend gets that site through his work-. Not me him Anyroads this tonight is wth the vets who made the fight for us--bobby chambers-my neighbour from church lane....who i played with. Outside of Germantown Billy Bingham who sat beside me is sophomore CDHS classes ..indeed 5 students from the class of 63..... w. five wrong lovely guys. And other vets have commented on this day- a day of remembrance for those who passed-and were wounded- like my frinen gene halas a mad ass special forces man who near got me killed with his madness when he got home. Bravo Gene Halas. I lost my next door neighbour- Robert Monk Cambers....he was ofered a jail sentence or an army sentence i heard....and he accepted the army..bad choice as he was ound dead in Cambodia--where the usa army wasn't meant to be....Nixon ???? I saw them in life.... i remember Donny woods paul his bro the sharp shooting pool relations'.Brill's o Germantown But i tell you this this day--my friend the khe sanh marine.M. he got the site for the WALL and that is a fact-my friend did well.I first saw the Wall in 1985 i stayed awke late the night overwhelmed my it... I have seven friends on the Wall and one-Joey Flanagan from Germantown who should be but is not because he died from Agent Orange when he cam home a few months-dropped dead in the streets he loved. Help him if you can. A veteran But i recall M Mc Cann thae marine who helped get the DC site-you should also////he is a true heroe. jungleman Jim McKernan
Jim McKernan, jim vet, 62 nc [11-14-2007]

Dennis Garvey, Cead mile failte amach! I recall a Mike Garvey from Bringhusrt Street-a fightin irish sort o lad' with heart. Is he kin to you? I think he was from a large family like mine. Also on Bringhurst area Tony Majka, Basid Chioda-if these names ring a bell please let me know how they are. Thanks for good wishes and Happy Holidays. Please feel free to write me on email. Slan
Jim McKernan, Jim McKernan, Professor NC age 62 [11-14-2007]

. "Last of all let us not forget what our Veterans of Iraq are facing and what they will face after the War is over. They need our support now and long after they return." Ron, you are so right, and thank you for the reminder to always remember our veterans and those serving now.
Sheila [11-14-2007]

Ron, Great minds think alike.. Good to hear from you.. Erda
Erda [11-14-2007]

Judy, yes I remember the fire at IC. You are correct, students did start the fire in the Mother Superior's office. My family collected a lot of the stone blocks that made up the school and I currently have several of them in my yard as a flower bed border. Once the IC site was cleared and paved over we painted bases and played many a baseball game there. We hit balls off of the rectory and convent. Never broke a window. I had Sister Carmela in 8th grade. After we graduated she was transferred to a parish south of the airport. After that, I heard she was no longer a nun and worked at a bank.
Joe Polichetti, Milford, DE 5800 block of Anderson St [11-14-2007]

To Ron Stoner, In case no one has ever really said it. Thank You for your service to our country. This is something people from Germantown had great pride in their homes,churches, their community and mostly their country. My dad was an immigrant from Malta and served in the Army with great pride. After that he worked at the Navy yard for over 30 years. I remember sitting on the steps at 6500 Wister Street and waiting for him to get off the "L" Bus. I am involved now with "Soldier's Angels". You can adopt a soldier who is deployed make a commitment to send a letter or two a week and a package or 2 a month! Their mission statement is " Let know soldier go unloved" Thank you to all the Veterans and their families.
Maria "P" [11-14-2007]

hi cheryl i remember those food choices as well and loved all of it .. and .. your so right .. we didn't get sick ha ! it was wonderful the smells .. the season .. the family getting together! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-13-2007]

Does anyone remember when the Immaculate school burned down in September of 1971? Supposedly, two students broke in to look for $$$$ and when none was found started the fire. Students from Holy Rosary just started school at the Immaculate on Wednesday because Holy Rosary had just closed down. Immaculate caught fire on Sunday night and the students had to return to Holy Rosary. The upper grades went to Holy Rosary and the lower grades went to the parish hall. You could see the flames all the way down from Haines and Magnolia. Does anyone remember Sister Carmela from the Immaculate school? I heard that she now lives somewhere in west Philly.
Judy [11-13-2007]

cheryl raffle....i've never heard of another jacqueline raffle in my life! you say that's your mother's name?
jacqueline Raffle [11-13-2007]

to DR.Jim...tiocfaidh ar la my friend keep up the good work
dennis garvey [11-13-2007]

On this Veterans Day I want the families and friends of all Veterans to know that they are in my thoughts and prayers. Especially the families and friends of Tommy Lyon (June 1968) Thomas Duckett (November 1966) Louis Lordi (May 1968). Although I did not hangout with these Fallen Heroes I went to Cardinal Dougherty with them. They were in my classes for 4 years. I knew them and considered them friends and fell blessed to have known them. In my home computer room, I have posted the rub outs from the Wall of the 3; I also have a print of the memorial in front of CDHS with the names of all the Fallen Heroes from CDHS. The greatest crime a Veteran can do is forget. I do not dwell but I will always remember. I left Germantown in July of 1965 when I went into the service for 4 years with 1 tour of duty in Viet Nam. When I got out I in July of 1969 I went right into Law Enforcement. In July of 2006 I retired with 37 years on the same Department. I know a lot of the folks that post on this site and a lot I don’t know and what I discovered about myself is that I have all but forgotten any bad things and only dwell on the fun times I had as a kid growing in Germantown. As for myself, I just can’t find it within me to be critical of any of the postings. If I think there just not worth reading, I don’t read them. Last of all let us not forget what our Veterans of Iraq are facing and what they will face after the War is over. They need our support now and long after they return.
Ron Stoner, Phoenix, Arizona [11-13-2007]

Cheryl, I do remember all of the food and the Italian style Thanksgiving. After dinner everyone would literally pass out almost to the point of being in a coma. They would fill up on the meatballs, the ravioli, or the lasagna and just pick at the ham or turkey. Most of the Italians didn't have turkey, they had Capon. Remember the bowls full of Lupini beans and the chestnuts? How about the fennel sticks? You can also buy a decent pumkin pie at Sam's club for about $6.00. By the way, my father knew your dad and your uncle Petey very well. Have a nice Thanksgiving!
Michael [11-13-2007]

This past weekend I was in DC to honor our veterans in the parade. Everytime I visit the wall it is an emotional experience.. Seeing the names of all the boys who should be men today and men who can never forget. Germantown boys I knew are Raymond Smith, Donny Wood, Joe Chatburn, and I can not forget my classmate Paul Wood. I am know more names can be added to this list. "Welcome Home" verterans past and present.
Erda, West Norriton, [11-13-2007]

Nice to hear from someone from Immaculate. I cannot believe that there are not more from Immaculate that have memories of East Germantown. Yes Vince on this Veteran's Day we should pay tribute to your brother Tommy and Jackie Gallagher. Hope to hear more from the Immaculate alumnai.
anonymous [11-12-2007]

i think this bickering back & forth is becoming kind of comical.
Denise, 5670 heiskell st [11-12-2007]

Vince Lyons, Thank you for the info in the Fainos. Sam(Salvaore), Charlie(Angelo) and David(Vitoare the ones Ineed the info on. Carmine is my grandfather and the Boyer St. Faino was my wonderful uncle Al, Carmine's son. If you're a Faino born in the forties of fifties and your grandfather was one of the men I just wrote about. please send me an E-mail. I've got a family tree about half done. I'm 95 percent on Carmine and about 90 percent on the family that stayed in Italy. I also have pictures of ou home town in Italy and the house that Salvatore lived in. Also, Nick Capozzi, thnak for you help. If you get any more info please let me know. It is heart warming to see people who appreciate the special place and time that they grew up in.
David Gerred, Burbank, CA [11-12-2007]

Graduated from Roxborough High, 1966. Air Force 1967 to 1971. Relocated to Pasco county, Fla. Miss all my freinds that I grew up with in Blue Bell Hill.
Raymond Garand, Born and raised in Blue Bell Hill, Philly [11-12-2007]

Vince Lyons, Like to find out about some of the guys from the corner. If it's okay why not e-mail me. Ok?
Maria "P" [11-12-2007]

Vince, when you mention Procopio, do you mean Joe? He was a great ball player.
Sheila [11-12-2007]

Hello Harry: You were not misinformed, Tommy was killed 40yrs. ago this May.My name is Vince and although Iam a few yrs. older than you I remember you and that great Imm. Con. team. Bev Kelly has been happily married for many decades as has Sue Casserly.I told my brother Patrick about this site and I think he knew you much better than me, so don't be susprised if you hear from him. I agree with your advice on memories, Forget the bad and cherish the warm and sweet ones.Good health and Happy Thanksgiving Vince Lyons. PS. Harry you weren't a rotten kid, you were a tough kid.
vince lyons [11-12-2007]

Vince, your post sparked a memory I have of my brother Ned and Rio Brothers. My brother Ned used to work on cars at the garage, which they took up to Reading racetrack. I also seem to recall Ned talking about meeting Mario Andretti, who I think was associated with Rio Brothers in some way. I went to Reading with them once. The track is no longer there. Rio's car was red. It may have been a converted 32 Chevy. I should ask Ned. As for the Orpheum, that was my parents baby sitter. We loved being dropped off, or walking when I was older, to the Orpheum. For 25 cents, you could take in a double feature. I saw many a flick there. My earliest memory was "The Sound of Music" with my mom, but then there were many horror flicks with friends like "Godzilla." The Walton had become an "art" movie theater, so I was too young to go inside. Knabs and Maryann's were so good, weren't they? There was a steak shop on Sprague near Immaculate that we used to order from. I don't recall the name. I think it began with a "V." It was across from Pastorius. I swam at Waterview once, but at that time, it was an unknown neighborhood to me. Thanks for the nice post. Trivia question. Who was the famous female actress who supposedly lived on the 900 block of Stafford St.? Any takers?
Dan Powers, from E. Germantown, 50 [11-12-2007]

To Maria Pollaco, I believe the Statute of Limitations can be invocked regarding Vinnie, Jimmy King, Jackie and Joe Gallagher, Vince Lombardo,and Jackie Gouldon, "all humor is at the expense of someone else". I loved growing up in East Germantown. Running out of my house on McMahon ave. on a Saturday morning for a pick-up game at Waterview playground is a memory so vivid it as if it occured yesterday. that house is now torn down. It's a shame; however as someone mentioned in these archives, that Germantown occured in time and will not appear again except in all our collevtive memories. That fact makes this archive invaluable. Thank you all. If Bob McCann and or Joe Spencer sees this, please get back to me. Love to hear from you two. Pake Lyons, 61 yrs old
Pake Lyons, Ft. Washington, PA. - 61 yrs.old [11-12-2007]

To Vince Lyons, why don't you come around and play tennis with us on Sunday mornings anymore?
Bill Tresnan [11-12-2007]

Dr. Jim, why didn't you report it when it was happening?
anthonyg [11-12-2007]

Vince, I can't believe all the places you remember. Brought back a lot of memories. How about the Idle Hour bar with Spagnolia's Italian lemonade right next door? They were the first. How about Coupe's bar with the owner Harry DellaPorte always in his famous apron? And what about the Yearsley Post and Linton's, just to name a few?
anthonyg [11-12-2007]

Nice to see all the posts from IC and CDHS, especially Harry Milby and Vinny Lyons. Tomorrow is the 25th Anniversary of "The Wall." As I do every year I will pay my respects to Tommy Lyons, Leo Smith (my first cousin) and Louie Lordi. My second stop will be the National Law Enforcement Memorial and pay my respects to Johnny McEntee and Garrett Farrell. Growing up in East Gtn gave me survival skills to survive Vietnam and 16 years as a DC police officer. IC and CDHS grads are the best and bravest. I will always have fond memories of East Gtn.
Jim Money, age 60 reside in Herndon VA [11-12-2007]

fran ... i am not going to continue to debate this with you ... you made yourself clear as i did ... lets leave it at that rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-12-2007]

Ok now that the holidays are getting closer. How many of you remember our Mom's getting up all night long to check on the Turkey. Oh by the way we didnt get sick but for some reason today its a no-no. ummmmm taste great to me. I just mention to my 30 yr old son who I am making Thanksgiving dinner for this year if he ever had roasted chestnuts. He never had. I remember them well. And also the many food choices we had. Wedding soup, Ravoli, meatballs, turkey with all the fixings and PUMPKIN PIE. YUMMY! I also thought the leftovers the next day were tastier.
Cheryl Raffle [11-12-2007]

Dr Jim.. Are you aware of what you have written. You state you never intended to make clergy abuse an issue and by the end of your 2nd paragraph you devote about 16 paragraphs to it. Please dont go there anymore and try to live the rest of your days in peace. Also stop blowing your horn about your teaching skills, education in Ireland and religious values. Were tired of hearing how great you are. By the way do you know where to get a good tomato pie in germantown?
Rick [11-12-2007]

I want to thank Mary Mitchell for introducing me to this site.Great memories.These are some of the places I remember.Rio Brothers,maryann's bakery,knabs,freddies steak shop,maguires,chew tavern, marlowes,walton movies,italian sons and daughters,knights market,rommels beer dist,the wisshickon,saylor park-spring water,wister woods,gtn boys club,nedicks orange drink,vernon movie,colonial movie,orpheum movie,band box,imhofs rest.,alden park manor,adams clothes,grandenetti"s boxing gym,later brills pool hall,fats steaks(espositos),starr ctr.(dentist),frisco franks,holy rosary,waterview,procopio,city sanitation stables,imm. con.,old lady with a cow bell at immaclulate holy rosary football games,brother prozillo fullback,camp indiandale,chew@chelten,the garabaldi club,the balboa club,brickyard,miraculous medal,keefes candies,carrolls candies,brooks brothers,joe dorn chinese laundry,haines st. junk man,the bunk house,webby'sbar scout troop 118,gallo's steaks,ryans beer dist.,alexrod'sflowers,mccreights beer dist,art viselli barber,murrays fun. home,lyric movie,boys club water carinval,bucky zimmerman,beacon field,frunzi'son penn st.They are just a few of the names and places i remember.In one of the earlier archives someone asked about theFaino's.There were two Faino famailes that I remember,the chew@haines st.Faino's,Sammy,(deceased),Charlie,(deceased),Joe,(deceased),and Dave.The other Faino family lived on Boyer st. behind Maryann's bakery. I believe the fathers name was Carmine.I think both families were related. I would like to add a very grateful thanks to Maria Pollaco for her kind rememberance of my old friend Jack Gallagher,and my brother Thomas Lyons in the May 07 archives mrmoops.
vince lyons, 63 yrs.old [11-09-2007]

Jim, Now that you put us on the subject of priests,I found this on the internet and wanted to share it. It's the opposite of your story and there are still good priests that love people enough NOT to abuse them. People have to love them back by way of not tempting them. They get tempted more than the rest of us. We have to speak of this too because it's true! They said that Fr. Napote, an old time and good priest from Germantown, ran his parish on pennies. The man made tremendous sacrifices for the people of Holy Rosary parish in Germantown. He was one of the good ones. We can't allow a few bad eggs to spoil the whole bunch. Here's the article: Ladies, have a care for your priest. He's your father, not a regular guy. Don't get into the habit of hanging out at the rectory, no matter how legit your business there is. Whatever you need to see Father about can be taken care of in the office. Do not get into the habit of traveling alone with him, even if it's giving him a ride to the Catholic Family conference in the next county. People WILL talk and it could be an occasion for temptation--- yours, his, whatever.Do not invite him to your house for "counseling". See him in the confessional or across a table in the office. Do not invite him to your house, PERIOD, if you are single or if you are alone in the house. People will talk.Do not call his personal number unless it is for a genuine reason. Arranging a time for confession or checking to see what time he needs your husband to come by with the chain saw to clear the brush around the parish playground or asking a theological question is fine. Calling him just to say "hi" is flirting and darn if you don't know that deep down inside.If you are afraid of sex and prefer to hang out with men who are unavailable go see a good Catholic therapist. Do it right now. Do not hug Father, especially if you are the type who tends to do the grinding bosom thing when you embrace someone. Do not ask him to be a dad figure to your son. That's asking too much and if he's at your house all the time people will talk and temptation might arise. Do not dress provocatively around Father because you assume he' s above all that and you can go all wild thing with him without any complications. Do not flirt with Father on ANY level.If you have a crush on Father, take a deep breath, grow up and get over it. If you have to join a different parish, then do it. The objective is to avoid sin and temptation as often as possible. Wise words to consider.
anonymous [11-09-2007]

Hi, I would appreciate any help anyone could give me to help me learn some things. My Father was born in 1906 on Church Lane in Germantown. My Grandfather had built many homes on Church Lane (I believe they are all row homes). These houses were built around 1902. My family moved from Germantown around 1910. My Father always said that he had lived across the street from Gonzaga orphanage. When celebrating my Father's 100th birthday (he is no longer with us) we went down to Church Lane and approximately where they had lived. There is a huge old builing that is half falling down. The posts for the fence have etched into them "Little Sisters of the Poor". Is this building what was once Gonzaga orphanage? I would really like to know this, not just for myself. One of my closest friends knows that her Mother was in a catholic orphanage in Germantown. I can't imagine that there was more than one. If anyone knows anything about Gonzaga orphange i.e. where it was and what years it was there, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
mary lou hill, north wales, pa [11-09-2007]

just wanted to say that it has been a while since i made an entry here. i sure do miss my old hometown. they say you cant go home again, but i do in my mind every once in a while. i lived on the 800 block of e. stafford st. and had a great time growing up there. i went to pastorious and when dad died, mom thought it best i go to immaculate. guess the sisters were able to control me a little better than the teachers in public school. sure do miss the kids i went to school with, at both schools. there is so much to write about but i think i will see if anyone remembers me and will go from there. want to say hello to a few people. hi drumhouser twins, linda and louise. they went to pastorious and lived on nelson st. man, was i in hog heaven when i was made a safety and had nelson street for my assignment. want to say hi to judy pacifico, beverly kelly, sue casserly and i'll save some others for future hello's. i think this is a great site. sorry i havent stayed in touch with paul sulock and jimmy money, who were nice enough to write. all is well. i still get a craving for the cream donuts at mary-ann's bakery and the steak sands. at freddies, chew and chelten. anyone remember big john, the paper man at chew and chelten with one arm? well i'll save some stuff for later. by the way, in eighth grade at immaculate, my teacher was sister asumpta regina. we had some football team. we were not only undefeated, but we were not even scored on. thats right "no team even scored one point on us". i would like to list all the guys that played on that team but i know i would forget someone and i dont want to do that. one guy i will mention is tommy lyons. tommy, i understand lost his life in "the nam" i hope i was missinformed, so, if you know something different, let me know. i wont forget my buddy tommy lyons. i went from immaculate to c.d. and the beginning of my soph. year i transfered to cheltenham high school and played football there my soph. and jr. year, made all suburban. then transfered to ft. lauderdale h.s. in fla. my sr. year made all county, all conference and all state which won me a football scholarship to the univ. of miami. sorry to seem like i am bragging, but your right, i am. i was a bad kid and want everyone to know that even a rotten kid like me could make some changes. germantown and the kids i knew from there had a great influence on me. after college i went to "nam" with the marine corps and was attached to the first force recon. loved jumping out of airplaines. after that, became a cop in anaheim and had two kids. lisa graduated from cal state, fullerton and brad graduated from ucla. i have been happily married for 40 years this comming june. yes, to the same gal. that sometimes needs to be said out here in calif. three grandkids and thats about it for now. dont know if were done with grandkids, but, not up to me. enough about me, how about you? if you know me or want to know me, start writing about the good times. till later, harry p.s. life is short and can be sweet. look forward to the good times still to come and hang on to the old good times. the bad times, if you had any are gone and can't return, so just keep on thinking about old memories that bring a tear to your eye and a lump in your throat and you will be as happy as you can possibly be.

For Jim, just admit that you made a mistake by including that portion in your post. Don't you see the reaction? You don't need to go into a big spiel about why, what, or when, or who to turn to if...... etc. You don't have to explain to anyone. To be honest, I would rather read about something good now especailly in light of recent events in Philadelphia. Everyone already knows how wrong it was that you were victimized that way and I do feel sorry that it happened. Undoubtedly, that man should be punished for what he did to you. You're not the first person and you probably won't be the last.I'm really not interested to know or to hear about it anymore. BTW, Cheesesteaks, Water ice,Tomotoe pies, cakes, and candies played a HUGE part of life in Germantown. So did pizelles, homemade foods, the many local bake shops, the local butchers, homemade wine, homemade soppresata, and a gazillion other things that people made that aren't made anymore. Most folks have a lot of "THOUGHTS" just on good food memories from Germantown. It's very appropriate that they get mentioned here because they bring back GOOD memories for some of us. Have a nice Thanksgiving too.
anonymous [11-09-2007]

To Ross C: Yes my grandmother was Frances Cozzi. And I believe your Mother Millie saved my life when I was a toddler. My mother Jacqueline Raffle (married to my father Frank Raffle) she told me that I was choking on a lollypop, stick and all and turning blue. Well all my mom could do was scream and your mom came in and saved the day. PS . I never touched a lollypop again at least not as a child. But I am brave now. You see that is what Germantown was all about. Neighbors helping neighbors. I am reading all the negative stories in here. And although I feel for everyone who suffered and I am sure many others in here have bad memories,myself included. But I so enjoy all the stories and good memories I read. There is enough negative things in our world today. Can we please get back to the good memories. And please people dont write me back saying I don't care because I do and can relate to some of the stories. I learned to forgive and go on with my life the best I know how. Cheryl Raffle
Cheyrl Raffle [11-08-2007]

Many fond memories grew up on Germantown Ave across from Loudoun Mansion then moved up to East Seymour St. I had a 56 T-Bird and dated Suzie Powell. I wonder where and how she is? Married 3 times 5 grown children 1 granddaughter live in Sarasota with my wife Lynn. Became a sculptor - 17 works in the city & 70+ worldwide.
Ken Clark, St Michaels -55, North Catholic -59 [11-08-2007]

Fellow Germantown Readers: I have been deeply saddened by some of the remarks that were inaccurate and hurtful about the message I recorded a few weeks ago. First let me be crystal clear-I never intended to make the clergy abuse an issue--this was done by one or two individuals. [Due to its length, the full posting was moved to its own page: Click for full posting]
Dr. Jim McKernan, Professor, North Carolina, 62 [11-08-2007]

I have been reading the postings on this website for awhile now and have really enjoyed them....But now good God what is going on..Every one is entitled to their own memories good or bad and are entitled to post them if they want.All this bickering..Isn't time everyone grows up......By the way I am NOT afraid to sign my name ....... Betty Ann (Penderghest)Karnicky
Betty Ann Karnicky [11-08-2007]

Rosemarie...When I wrote my posting of Nov.1, I thought I was careful not to be acusatory of anyone. However, in your response you said that apparently my "strong message" told you that I was angry, and I was critical of your right to say and do whatever in your own way. Well, let's set the record straight. I re-read my original comments, and nowhere can I find any such statement or insinuation. I merely defended the principle of anonymity, and then went on to express my personal view of the Dr. Jim's Reader's Digest condensed version of his life, which only a small part had anything to do with Germantown. I do not appreciate being blamed for things that I did not say. Tommy C... No, the person that I was referring to in Wister Woods was an adult. Joe Taylor... you my friend, are a perfect example of why some choose to remain anonymous. Maybe the moderator should exclude those who call others names like you do. Respectfully submitted...
Fran [11-08-2007]

hi pat i am joyce's sister in law .. married to lou ... and i remember you very well how are you doing .. ihope you are well! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-08-2007]

Kathy Dawes. You our right there were three Colella's that lived across from you. Kathy, Marie(ReRe),and Tony(Nony), they had a older stepbrother by the name of Frankie who went in the Army in 1965.I remember Flowers, also Chicks, Jenny's, and Nicoletti's all with-in a block or two of each other. Great place to grow-up.
Tommy C. [11-08-2007]

Anyone know where Carol Zannoli is now? She went to St. Michael of the Saints Class of 63. Little Flower class of 67?
Susan Malageri Demetrovits [11-08-2007]

Speaking of Halloween: It sure isn't what it used to be. Those residents that made us do tricks for treats and worse--those that turned off their lights or hid behind blackout curtains--went on next year's hit list. Said list was pulled out and visits made to same folks on "Mischief and Soap nights...whatever happened to this tradition?
kevin [11-08-2007]

Joe and Tommy........ respectfully this is not a poltical forum and signing off as anonymous doesn't make a person gutless either. It's a means of free expression without revealing one's identity, which is ok by me. We all have that right. Someone has something truthful to write and we know that the truth isn't always easily accepted. The truth can be painful at times. Using anonymous is also indicative of the fact that we still live in a free country. The other thing to remember is that sometimes people forget to sign and the word "anonymous" will appear where the name should be. I do agree however that people using this site should focus more on favorable thoughts of Germantown and leave the rest unwritten. I've also noticed that people often use this site to chat when it would probably be better to pick up the phone or to send an email.
anonymous [11-08-2007]

hi all, I graduated 8th grade from St. Vincent DePaul in 1958. Would love to hear from any of my classmates and catch up on old times, etc. I was then Pat McAllister am Pat DePaolo now. If interested in reconnecting e-mail me at Heppypat@aol.com (just put St. Vincent's in the subject line).
pat de paolo, live in Warminster, have 3 married children, 1 grandson,2 dogs,7grand-dogs,will celebrate our 43rd anniversary in May 08 [11-05-2007]

st michael of the saints had a reunion this sept 28/07 th at the spring house tarven 105 people were there. they took video of it and they are planing on have a bigger one next year . i grad in 1950 loved that school frank . if you send me a email make sure you put st michaels in the subject .
frank, north wales pa [11-05-2007]

Amen to everyone expressing that people need to post their name(s). If you want to express an opinion you should have the guts to use you name. People who dont & use anon are gutless. The moderator should make this a rule. Of course, anons are so gutless they will make up a name. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [11-05-2007]

Yesterday, I was running with a friend who grew up in the Warminster area and went to Wood. We were reminiscing about Halloween when we were kids. It was such a big deal back then. Sometimes, neighbors would ask to recite a poem, or sing or dance for candy. Parents weren't usually in sight. It all seemed so easy back then. No worries. Of course it all changed, it's changed even out here in sleepy York, PA. Nonetheless, it was just another great memory of costumes, friends, family, neighbors and of Germantown.
Dan Powers, East Germantown, 50 yrs, moved in 69 [11-05-2007]

I have been reading this web-page and so many memories. I grew up across the street from Fernhill Park. Went to St. Francis of Assisi. My grandparents Harry & Mary Welsh live on Rockland Street, I have cousins Cashman's, Currans, DiDonato's. My brothers are Linn, James, Tom and I have a sister Joyce Wilson. Hung out at Happy Hollow. Graduated St. Francis 1964. Would like to hear from old friends.
Dottie Wilson Cummings [11-05-2007]

st michaels of the saints had a reunion sept 28 at the spring house tavern . we had over 108 atten . it was great. saw some people i have not seen in over 50 year .i lived in germantown from 1939 to 1959. they were great years . i went to the germantown boys club and played all the sports and went swimining in the pool in the hot summers what a wellcome relief it was to be able to cool of on those very hot days (no aircondition) in those early days.i went to st vincents dance on frid nights was so much fun we dressed up to the 9's in those days . blue swade shoes pink wrap around jackets . wow!what fun ! i like reading about all the good time's on this site . hope more people write in about all the good memeries. frank .
FRANK, lena (red brick hill) [11-05-2007]

Looking for a girl named Denise who had a brother nicknamed Bucky & he went to LaSalle,(not sure) met you in Germantown at a house on East Seymour Street.
Jim Clark, North 56 [11-05-2007]

Hey Ross We had good years at North & St Joachim's, hated to see you leave. Ran in to you at the Carmen dances before I went overseas for 4 years. You missed the 50th, A lot of missing faces from our Class, I went out in 88 also. Glad to see your still around.
Jim Clark, St Mike's 52 North Catholic 56 [11-05-2007]

To Bill Cupo:I enjoyed your memories of Halloween. I lived across the street from Ricky Tyer on Rittenhouse St. He was a pal of my son, Fred Klotz. I am sure you came to my door for candy. That was fun. I am in Warminster.Very few kids were out around here. Fred is living in Virginia. Do you know where Ricky is now? Dorothy Hamilton Klotz
Dorothy Hamilton Klotz, Lived at 1356 Rittenhouse St [11-05-2007]

Hi every one I emailed on this site many times and asked anyone if they were around gtn. or brickyard in the late 30/s till 1946. the gtn. boys club. by the way I lived at 21 east Bringhurst st. Frankie Hart lived across the st. from me. Firehouse was on the corner of bringhurst and gtn. ave. there was the new lyric movie house, fliegamens 5&10 cent store.Youngs candy store. I beloned to the boy scouts,Mr. Charlie Gottsebend was the scout master. Boxed at the boys club every year,they had a annual tournment. Bill Cagno was atletic director. Knew Mr Riggs,who was a great artist..reamber the emty lot on ashmead st. with piles of bricks all over, and so the name brickyard came about. My Uncle Bill had a steak shop on wakefield st. called B & L steaks. they were 25cents and hot dogs were 5 cents.I had nothing but great memories of gtn.any one out there reamber any of these things,if so please email me or put it on this site. Thank You and have a great day BILL LEO
Bill Leo [11-05-2007]

To Anonymous: I do not know which Gabe Chiodo you are talking about, in reference to Judy Dawson? It might have been one of my cousin's named Gabriel.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [11-05-2007]

People: Let the truth be told. Worse things have happened to humans than what was revealed by Jim and by others making posts on this site. Jim is still here to tell us his story. What about the recent nightmare in west oak lane? Tragic, to say the least and my prayers go out to the family. I agree with Fran's position that it's ok to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule. People still have the right to anonymity and free expression. I also agree with Fran's remark that this is not the place to reveal the gory details of one's life. Save that for Oprah and Dr. Phil. Although I did laugh at the anonymous response of 11/1, which didn't sound angry to me at all. It sounded more defensive and I thought that it was very funny too. Exercising my right to anonymity also........
anonymous -b [11-05-2007]

Fran with no last name, I hope you were not referring to one of the 12 year old boys from Shedaker st. that used to hang at the tennis courts in Wister Woods as being the "pervert"? I'm sure the boys from Brickyard would beat him with sticks. As for Rosemarie, I belive she has a point, If a person has something to say at least state you firts name like we say "for the record". Secret Ballots are used in elections to prevent political or social presure. At least people should sign there first name, so someone can respond to there comments.
Tommy C. [11-05-2007]

to Tommy Colella. I lived across the street from the Colella's on Clapier St. You only mention 2, I remember 3. I would Like to add Flowers at Clapier & Wakefield. Does anyone remember the store. St Francis 67, Little 71
Kathy Dawes, lf71 [11-02-2007]

I am very upset at the anon talking about Jim 's relationship with women.. Jim loved his wife..she died. What right have any one on this site to speculate on his relationship wit women. You negativiovs should all be shut up because the whiners are not jim but those who complain about him speaking truth for justice. Jim McKernan is a hero to Irish travellers and all citicens Biatomo
jack, philadelphia [11-02-2007]

Didn't Gabe Chiodo date Judy Dawson?
anonymous [11-02-2007]

Here's a novel idea. Everybody write what they want to write about..good or bad, happy or sad. If you like it you read it, if you don't, skip over it to the next posting. I don't have a problem helping in a small way by letting somebody vent. This site will stay active longer if the bickering stops and we let people write what they want to as long as it isn't offensive.
anonymous [11-02-2007]

Please stop the bickering!
Donna Kennedy, Roxborough [11-02-2007]

Thank you Fran!
anonymous [11-02-2007]

anonymous ... wow ... a little angry and defensive would be putting it mildly .. i guess this proves my point ... i'm not angry at you or anybody else for that matter! im just ... how was it put ... oh yes! "just expressing my opinion" in this free country and i am sorry too that you have been through hell .. and i certainly do not feel that you are whining when you put that out there. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-02-2007]

hi fran ... i am all for someone expressing their opinion ... and, i am not against someone choosing to omit their name except when they are the ones who are passing judgement and trying to force another to abide by their opinions ... and, i am not angry at the position that someone chooses in not revealing who he or she is ... this is not my intention at all but, i do still feel that if somebody is going to "pass judgement" on another then why not do it in an honest way and allow that individual to at least know who he or she is who seems to have such strong opinions about their behaviour and thats all ... this is certainly not a personal thing against any individual and apparently your strong message to me tells me this has made you angry and are doing to me the same thing that you claim your are defending ...and ... that is the right to say and do whatever in my own way! your right there are i'm sure many out there who have suffered as dr. jim has and have not put it out there but the fact still remains that this site has wandered way off course for what its purpose originally was for by many and as maryalice pointed out nowhere does it say that only happy things are to be expressed here .... whether you or whoever thinks that it is inappropriet for someone to express that their life in germantown held some very devastating and unhappy things to them is very sad .. and as for me .. i take things in the context that they are given and i believe that dr.jim holds a lot of pain and saddness and although many may think his expressing that on this sight is wrong ...i would think that if anything there would be more compassion and understanding .. espeically if you and many others who you know have also been abused as he was rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-02-2007]

Hey Everybody ! So we just went through another Halloween holiday and we had about 50 kids here in Chalfont. When I lived in Germantown, we had 50 kids in the first 20 minutes. I lived on Haines st.(1300 block) and after going door to door on my block I would have to drop off my bag and get another one. I would then go around the corner to Naragansett st, Crittenden, Rittenhouse, Price, Brush, and Stockton sts. and fill up yet another bag. These were the big plastic or paper bags that held pounds of candy. Any kid could travel through the neighborhood and know so many families from the school and church (Immaculate)and feel very safe. We usually wore a store-bought costume that had a mask you could barely see out of and would always trip on some other part of the costume. I would usually travel with someone like Vernon Streck or Ricky Tyer or one of my cousins who lived next door to me. What a haul we would make. The candy lasted well through the Christmas holidays. Remember also, the candy bars were the full size ones also; not the little bite size ones they sell now. Try doing that today in the neighborhoods around Phila.. I remember the last Halloween we spent in Germantown; our home was being taken for the construction of the MLK high school and the neighborhood had many empty houses. My father put a big blanket over the window, turned out the lights and we watched t.v. in the dark and waited for all the kids to finally go away. The kids didn't even wear costumes and they were taking the candy from the little kids who dared to go out without their parents. Oh well, some more great memories of the greatest neighborhood in Phila in the 50's and early to mid 60's. Take care everybody.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [11-02-2007]

To Ross C. Yes, I am the daughter of Gabriel Chiodo. His brothers were Louie and Tony, and his sisters were Katherine, Margaret and Mary. I did not know that my Uncle Philip DeMarco was related to you. We had a nice big family back in those days. Dinners at my Aunt Mary's house were always great.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [11-01-2007]

To Rosemarie... There is nothing inherently wrong with anonymity. It allows a person to express a viewpoint without fear of ridicule. We're all familiar with the principle of "the secret ballot". You appear to be strongly opinionated and are not afraid to defend your positions. Not everyone is like you. Some would not respond at all if they had to reveal themselves. That does not make their feelings any less valid than yours. Your recent posting indicates how angry you are that you don't know the name of the person with whom you disagree. That in itself probably reinforces some people's desire to remain anonymous. What is said to have happened to Dr. Jim is tragic. If it is true, I'm sorry for him. However, if you really think about it, this website is not really the place for him to give us all the gory details of his life. Most of us that visit here, do so for enjoyment and pleasant memories that we collectively have of the past. If I want to read about child abuse, there's plenty of other places to find those kind of stories. Just look at the vast majority of the postings here; they are about happiness and fond rememberances. Any of us could probably write about something terrible that happened during our own childhood growing up in Germantown. I could tell you about a sexual pervert that a bunch of us 11 year old kids ran into in Wister Woods one afternoon, but I won't. It happened, and it's true, but that doesn't make it appropriate to tell you all about in this forum. I'm sorry but that's just my own personal opinion. When you say things to people like "walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you pass judgement", you are assuming that they haven't. Rosemarie, it's quite possible that they already have. Everyone here, whether anonymous or not, has a legitimate right to their opinions. And, respectfully, that's mine.
Fran [11-01-2007]

Hi Cherlye,you are right I'am Sandy Mom and I was telling her about this site she told me to tell you Hi and she sends her love you were all good in-laws to her,hope you and your family are fine take care tell Vickie we said Hi take care Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [11-01-2007]

to Rosemarie I hate to tell this, but you're passing judgment on me. I've walked many many miles and have dealt with a hell of a lot in my life, far worse than what Jim had to deal with. By the way, it's still a free country and if I want to sign off as "anonymous" then that's my business. I'm not passing judgement on anyone. I'm just sick and tired of reading these whiners complain about stuff that happened a zillion years ago that they can't change now. Now, put that in your coffee and drink it.
anonymous [11-01-2007]

I've been sitting back reading all your 'thoughts' on my favorite website. I haven't written in awhile because most of you that are writing are from a different part of Germantown and I never knew that school or that corner or that person that you're talking about, but still I enjoy reading what you write. And I'm glad that we're all alike in that we have so many great memories of growing up in Germantown. The main reason I haven't jumped in lately is because I didn't want to write something that would fan the flames of the Professor Jim 'thing'. "I was abused in grade school AND in high school, I hated Germantown, no, wait a minute, I meant to say I liked Germantown", "Germantown was mostly good, YOU had problems, everyone had problems, that's life, get over it!", "I'm a nurse so I know how all humans react to outside influences, abused people can't just get over it, that's why instead of writing about 'remember this place and that person in Germantown?', they use their free speech and share their unpleasant experiences to bum everybody out". Wow! you people are nuts. And I mean that in a good way. OK, now I'm not a nurse, although I dated one, if that counts, but I think most of you are writing to this website to help you deal with all those happy healthy experiences you had growing up in Germantown. I don't know most of you but I'm pretty sure that if you're writing or reading this, on this website, than you have a lot of great memories of Germantown. It will always be the place I’m proudly ‘from‘, when somebody asks that question. You too? Because that's what I'm reading. So I promise you I'll only share the good things with you. Well, maybe ONE bad thing - I too was abused in grade school. My knuckles are scarred from Sister Aggie Baggie and the rest of the yard-stick wielding nuns at St. Francis of Assisi. By the way, that’s my opening for people from the southwest part of Germantown to write in (S t. Francis, St. Michael‘s, Fitler, Brickyard, the Hollow, Wister, Logan Park, Fernhill,etc.). And yes, I know…. I DID add my two cents to it anyway. Sorry! I wouldn’t trade any of it.
bill james, Cs in Self Control [11-01-2007]

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