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October 2007

Hi Ross...My Aunt Sissy and cousin Cindy are coming to my house this weekend. What is the persons name that wants to be in touch with her? I mentioned the persons e-mail address and she couldn't figure out who it was.
Denise Viola (Poli) [10-31-2007]

to anonymous ... it always amazes me that the very person or people who are the first ones to say what somebody should or shouldn't do or feel or whatever is the one or ones who always signs anonymous ... if you are so confident in your convictions then why not sign your name why hide behind anonymous if what you are saying .. is something you truely believe than you shouldn't have a problem letting everybody know who you are ... i guess you never heard the saying ... walk a mile in my shoes ... well perhaps you should try walking a mile in someone elses shoes before you pass judgement rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-31-2007]

To the sisters Maryalice and Erda: Your second link to the PM site was the charm. Thanks! Now I'm on the hunt. Referencing your previous post, it was a 2nd Lt. Larry Bolger (class of 62 @ CD) that perished in Nam. Bolger, Bradley and I were on the same cross country team briefly when there was still a forrest attached to Cardinal Dougherty H.S. The truth be told, I often saved my fastest sprints staying one step ahead of the 14th District's finest (or unfittest) police officers. Yes, there is evolutionary value to being fast. It has enabled me to live long enough to fight another war, this time in Iraq...we never learn,do we? You girls sound like you're having way too much fun in Killadelphia, Thanks for upholding the traditions, and if you have not already done so, check out some of the reflections on Germantown by Ron Tompkins (link on this page). For those of us that love Jean Sheppard stories, e.g., "A chiristmas Story", they're a hoot and bring tears to my eyes and some lap slapping. Though separated in time, Germantown humor flows in the veins of all that shared the experience...differences in generations are wiped away, like sins, in the "way it was." Enjoy. The story continues...
kevin [10-31-2007]

Hi, I have been watching this site for a while and it's fun to see everyone connect. I grew up in Gtown, went to St Francis(66) and then on the Little Flower (70). I have great memories like all of you. My husband grew up around Collum St.(Brickyard). He went to St. Mike's(64) and then on the North (68). I lived near Wayne Junction, played at the Hollow, went swimming at the boys club in the summer.(girls only). I left Gtown in 74 when we got married. My mom left in 82. Would not trade those memories for anything. Hope to hear from some at that time?
Rose [10-31-2007]

to cheryle raffle. i saw your name and was wonering if your grand mother was named franny,who live on haines st.she had 3 sons frank joe and pete raffles.she remarried and had 3 more children chickie,pookie and anna marie morosco i think that was the last name.if she is you grand mother, she was a good friend of my mother millie. they ran the kitchen together in the garabaldi club,on chelten ave.
ROSS C., germatown resident past. [10-31-2007]

to margaret chioda. was your uncle tony chioda who lived on heiskell st. around 5660.he had afew brothers and ssisters and was from brick yard. his brother joe had a store on penn st & belfield ave. gabe drove a truck fo apaper company tony was a mechanic. i think there were 3 sisters mary, margret, and katherine. margret lived in an apt. house on locust st. above morton st. his sister mary married my uncle philip de marco and lived on mechanic st.they had 3 boys gabiel,phillip and michael demarco. i lived at 5668 heiskell st. and babe demarco live next door to tony on heiskell. st. you have to be related
ROSS C.., n.e.philly gtn. transplant [10-31-2007]

Ed, anybody who has ever encountered Fr. Benonis can never forget him. Anyone not familiar, he is the infamous and legendary disciplinarian. He took physical abuse of students to a whole new level. I have never seen andy priest, teacher or nun, beat on any student with the intensity that he did. When he walked the halls of CD, it was like the parting of the Red Sea. Didn't matter as he always seemed to get some poor kid on some infraction. Punched, kisked, slapped, head banged against a locker, hair pulled - you name it, he did it all. Myself, I was fortunate never to endure his wrath. Fr. Benonis, a legend in CD circles in an infamous way. He was as evil as evil could be.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-31-2007]

Okay all you Germantown Cave and Bunk dwellers. I know you are out there. In A GADDA DA VIDA.....Grand Funk Railroad, and the Allman Brothers. Thats the 60s and early 70s man.....
Ed, Va [10-31-2007]

to Anonymous of 10/30. I'm sure that there were bad things that happened to you too that didn't come by way of a cleric and atleast you have the wisdom not to post them here. A person can stay stuck in neutral for the rest of life or they can get past it. It's very difficult to understand how an educated person can gloat over this for so long. It must have badly effected his relationships with women. It also tells me that he's still allowing that pervert to control him. No, my name is not Dr. Phil. Although, if I ever had the opportunity to meet Jim, that would be the first thing on my mind. Somethings are better left untold. Like he said: He was angry and upset. I guess that I would be too, but what good does it do for him now? Now everyone on this site knows that it happened.
anonymous [10-31-2007]

To Jim, Maryalice, and all the rest. My feeling is that MOST of the people that I know who lived in GTN in the 50's, 60's, and 70's came out of there basically unscathed, for the most part. Yes, I know that it was getting worse as time went on. That's why a majority of them moved to the suburbs or to Jersey. I know that some of them weren't very educated people either. That remark isn't a put down. They know it too, but they were very street smart. They were smart enough to get out of there and to advance after their days in GTN. Most of them came from large yet poor families that couldn't afford to send them off to college. The fathers worked a couple of jobs while mom stayed at home with the brood. Some of the parents also pulled their kids out of grade school and high school prematurely so that they could work to help support the family. Isn't that the truth? They were lucky to live in an American city that didn't make them wait in line for three hours to received a few rolls of toilet paper. They had water to drink, stores on every corner, in door plumbing, public transportation, churches, but most of all they always had family living close by. They also had the luxury of working more than one job and the chance to return to institutions of higher learning, in order to get ahead. The point is that they made it because they moved forward and never allowed their past to haunt them. The ones that did have bad experiences usually never talked about them. They had a lot of ambition which was their driving force for moving on, regardless of what happened to them in GTN. GTN became a stepping stone for most people.
anonymous [10-30-2007]

Hi Kevin. Mimi is our cousin. She now lives in the Northeast section of Philly and just retired. Her brother was Wayne or Waynie (yes, after the great General). He passed about a year ago. And she has a younger sister Marion. Who was it you heard had fallen in Nam? Of the names I posted I don't remember any of them being lost in Nam; but, Erda (my sister) might know better then me. I wasn't living in Philly at the time. Hope you don't get to play in the mud too much. Looks like we share the same opinion on Iraq. Should of never gone there. So many young lives lost. Jim, that is a great poem. May I copy it and share it with my neighbors and friends. They will love it. B. Campbell, Do you have a wife who was a nurse at EPPI. Is her name Barbara? If so we worked together. Tell her Hi for me. I went to St Vincent's and rode the 53 to Little Flower for 4 years. We did have fun on that trolley. Erda, I went to that site and got "Not Found". Happy Halloween to everyone. I hope the witches and goblins don't get you. One memory of halloween (besides the painted store windows). The father of one of the families on 400 West Woodlawn St. stood against the garage near the corner. He had a mask on and was dressed scary. Each time any of us kids tried to walk up the street he would start walking out toward the street all stiff legs and arms and swinging his arms straight out in front of him. When we would back up so would he. When we start to walk forward again so would he. At the time we did not know who he was and were really scared. We finally decided to go around the block and come down the other way. He wasn't going to stop us from getting our candy. But we didn't get past him that way either. We had go back around the way we came. Thank goodness we traveled in groups. One of his daughters was with us and she didn't know it was her father.
maryalice, still in Germantown [10-30-2007]

to jimmy no thanks is necessary my friend ... just glad to hear from you ... be well! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-30-2007]

I remember East Germantown as a great place in which to grow.St, Benny's was the greatest place to be, with Frs. Farrell, Corrigan, Mallon, etc. We had the Murphys coaching us to (almost) City Baseball title and Pop Coleman in football. Our cousins (McCulla Family lived on Ardleigh across from the playground) and went to I.C...Long before we kids, Dad lived @ 308 Shedaker and dated my Mom from East Falls (Fiske Ave.) Mom & Dad had 7 kids and I think the first 3 were baptized @ I.C.,,,The rest I think were baptized at St. Benedict's...One of "the rest" later became an ordained priest and has for the last 42 years been assigned to Japan, as a Missionary of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.(Please pray for him)..It's been nice talking with you, Mike Deely
Mike Deely, hhi, s.c. (5/18/37) [10-30-2007]

Hi Ross, yes, I did get in touch with Lorraine. I still hear from Clara Borelli and I was told that Lucy Giorno passed away about six years ago. Hope you are doing fine. Holy Rosary seems like a century ago. Sure would like to hear from some of the others.
Annamarie D [10-30-2007]

To Dr. Jim, we did not want to leave Germantown We loved it there, but when they built the low housing project on Baynton street the neighborhood became full of thugs. My sisters and mother could not even sit on our porch because of the language that was used. Mr. Saunders, our long time neighbor at Rittenhouse and Wakefield moved before we did. We saw him putting up his ssle sign and my father could not believe it. He told him "I got to go." He was a great neighbor and a fine man. He even had to purchase a German Shephard for protection. So, please don't talk about white flight.
anthonyg [10-30-2007]

Mommy, mommy, make him stop, make him stop. Now the good Dr Jim gives us lessons in Poetry, history and behavior modification. Your exposure of so called injustices and white flight doesnt change history or make it any better or worse. It is what it is and accept it like I do and move on. Why torment yourself and us any longer.
Rick [10-30-2007]

Kevin, Sorry about the link try this one http://www.surekey.com/pm/sitemap/index.htm without the last back slash. I hope it works now! By the way Mimi is our 1st cousin. I sure neither Maryalice or I put the connection together because she is from the West side.. They lived on King Street near St Catherine’s Church.. I guess she had friends at Church Lane and Belfield.. Her Brother Wayne also was a co owner of a body shop near Belfield and Wister on Wister Street..
Erda [10-30-2007]

Okay now that we got passed that, does anybody remember Father Benonis or Cathy Lazarro from Cardinal Dougherty.
Ed, Va [10-30-2007]

From one annonymous to another, please stop telling Jim to get over it. Even if it was only a handful of clerics who committed this crime against children, they were responsible for destroying a part of childhood memories that should have been happy. I don't think it would be easy to get past that. They should be exposed and every one of us with children in our lives should welcome the reminder that there are people just like that out there. Thanks to Jim, for bringing it to our attention that children need to be protected.
anonymous [10-30-2007]

Have not seen many recent postings from all the great gals and guys who attended St. Francis of Assisi grammar school and, in most cases, went on to North Catholic or Little Flower High Schools. Most of us have wild memories of the 23, 56, and 53 trolley rides ! I do remember one time when a couple of the North Catholic teachers went "undercover" on the 56 trolley ride home and ended up giving many of us "jug" for too much "partying" on the trolley !
B. Campbell [10-29-2007]

Maryalice, for the last time regarding the posts on abuse: You can hate and remember or you can forgive and forget. Everyone is guilty of hurting others at one or more points in life and in different ways. Talking about those who evil minded people that derived pleasure from abusing children, if not by the grace of God there go us too.
anonymous [10-29-2007]

Dear friends Thank you for your collective understanding. I am a professor and I therefore saw this site as a scholarly archive-United States History of Germantown website where narrative accounts are taken to archive the unique history of a region. I did not see this as a "chat room" I am of Germantown and have not forgotten my roots or the love I have for people from there. However as a critical theorist I seek also to expose injustices-which is an effort to help improve the situation. To Anthony, I recall you well lad and the "bad mouthing" is simply my attempt to be an honest critic of social conditions I found destructive and unhealthy. All I wrote is fact based-and true. Not opinions or prejudices. My point-and I think also my school mate Gerry Murphy of Woodlawn Ave alluded to this and was attacked wrongly by members on here-was that we loved most of our life and culture there BUT my strong thesis is that the place became increasingly dangerous-violent-unhealthy lifestyles and economically deprived--all leading to what sociologists have called "white flight" which served only to further segregate minorities.... but for now let me share something I have composed based on a story of the Northern Ireland writer Phil Coulter (who wrote a few tunes for Elvis by jasus and who once played a piano at a University of Limerick function in which i danced in my tux-sans shoes singing me twisted wee notes...on the top o his piano)) which i think captures the

Prayer for Germantown

In my memory I shall always see
The town I loved so well.
As my friends played ball
By the factory wall (1)
And we laughed in the smoke and the smell.

Running up Church Lane-coming home in the rain
By the Church and down beside the ‘Whoosy’ (2)
Those were happy days
In so many, many ways
In the town I loved so well.

I remember the day I earned my first pay
When I played in a small pickup band (3)
There I learned of life
And I found a wife
In the town I loved so well.

Then we were called to serve (4)
Which tested our nerve
In the far-off South China seas
And when I returned how my eyes they burned
To see how a town could be brought to its knees.

With the closed up bars
And the abandoned cars
And the stink that hangs onto every breeze.
For no one had won but my God what have they done
To the town I love so well?

Yet old friends (5) are installed
By those old factory walls
And their hopes get higher and higher
And I can only pray for a bright brand new day
In the town I loved so well.

Jim McKernan’s poem ­based on a song written by Phil Coulter An Irishman titled “The Town I love So Well”. Footnotes
1. The factory was specifically the Lansdowne Spinning Mill a four story Victorian red brick building at Lena and Church Lane. They had a big cable hook and the men would let us hang on and lift us say 20-30 feet in height then drop us into the huge cotton bales that arrived by lorry. Great fun! They also let us play hose ball and pimple ball against their walls—using a sawed off broomstick as a bat….a hit to the 4th floor level was a homer-third floor a triple etc…the Spinning Mill guys were just magic they would clean off dozens of balls from the rooftop once a year and make us happy.
2. "Whoosy" here refers to the Whosoever Gospel Mission that cared for homeless, drunks etc. It burned down a few years ago but efforts are being remade to reconstruct it on Chelten Avenue
3. Our R&R band ‘the Ambassadors” played at St. Vincent’s Hall dances around 1961 featured Jimmy Kulik (drums) Louie Leone (lead guitar) Eddy McLoughlin (voice) and Jim McKernan (rhythm guitar)
4. Vietnam 1959-1975 the 10,000 Day War which USA lost including 59,000 casualties (26 boys from Cardinal Dougherty died-many were wounded)
5. Thank you Mary Alice Armstrong-Brennan, Erda, Niki Taylor, Joann, Dave Stoner, Larry Flanagan, The Burgs, The McLoughlins, The Leones, Obriens, Ro Ro, and many more

Jim McKernan, Professor, 61, North Carolina [10-29-2007]

Jim McKernan, Yes, it certainly was a terrible thing that happened to you at the hands of someone you trusted, and he certainly deserves the worst treatment possible, but please don't say that as an honest man you are reporting the truth - not only the nostalgic past. This website is about the nostalgic past and unfortunately for you, it was not a pleasant past, but fortunately for us your truth was not the same as ours. For the majority of us, growing up in GTN was a most wonderful experience. Luckily, my friends and I never encountered the problems you were subjected to. I have to paint a picture of GTN or our schools as rosey, because my experience in elementary, junior high and high school were fantastic. I grew up in GTN in the 50's, 60's and part of the 70's, until my husband was transferred. I never had to dodge muggers or hobos, I didn't have any friends in prison nor did any of them die in bar fights. As for all of us being segregated from the black culture, I didn't experience that either. We had many friends in the Queen Lane projects in the 50's. We had black friends in school, ate at each others homes and had parties together. We used to call them "salt and pepper parties". Many of us also were upset by the deaths of the Wood brothers, most of our husbands served in Vietnam, and unfortunately, some have died of service related diseases. This however, does not negate the fact that we still see GTN as a wonderful place to grow up and was a common cultured place for us. While I don't agree with wording of anonymous's letter, I can understand what they mean. You are stating your opinion as if we are too stupid to realize that the place we lived in was a horrible, evil place. I'm sorry for your experiences, but to us it was the best. I hope that anyone that wants to address your issues will e-mail you directly. Without sounding unfeeling, we really don't want to read rants about the horrible life you have had, nor do we need a lecture by anyone who seems they need to give us a lesson in being considerate. Maryalice, while your answer was very good, it was obviously directed to Kevin and anyone else who may want to use your services as a psychiatric nurse. Hopefully, they will contact you directly. While you are right that the website does not say that the thoughts posted only have to be good, I think that we have established that the reason we are even on it is to remember places, people and activities that have pleasant memories. Again, let me say that we are so sorry that you did not have the childhood that we were lucky to have.
anonymous [10-29-2007]

please send me this website, would like to hear from old friends
MARION MC GOWEN, interested in geytting this web site [10-29-2007]

Dr. Jim, I meant to say you should NOT bad mouth germantown. That was my mistake.
anthonyg [10-29-2007]

OK Maryalice, now you are pointing the fingerer at me again. HaHa! Kevin I may be able to help your figure out who you are thinking about.. It may have been one of the girls who hung out at PM. Try this link you may find her picture. http://www.surekey.com/pm/sitemap/index.htm It is a little hard to surf, but once you figure it out it is fun looking at .. Even if you don’t know any of the people you know the neighborhood. Enjoy! Erda
Erda, West Norriton PA [10-29-2007]

Maryalice: Sorry for the mistaken identity. I thought you might have been Mimi Armstrong of Germantown. And I do remember most of the names you mentioned from the old area. I hope they are all well, although I think I heard one had fallen in Vietnam. We survived the fires here in Santa Barbara and are preparing for the coming mudslides this rainy season. If nothing else, life is exciting here...always something being thrown at us by Mother Nature. As an aside, I sure wish we had the likes of someone like Gen. Wayne to clean up this debacle in Iraq. And thank you for the support of my brother. It was a very sensitive and thoughtful thing to do...that's what friend do. Via con Dios
kevin [10-29-2007]

nick cpozzi. nick im a lot older than you but i was wondering if you were related to phyllis copozzi who lived on haines st. across the street from water view play ground.she went to holy rosary with me. i think shes in fla. now she was related to pete c0ozzi who has his own combo and plays the drums. roos .c
ROSS C., ne.phila. [10-29-2007]

hi denise..i got an e-mail from a friend of your aunt sissy ammybenson@aol'com nee mccreight.she is trying to get in touch with your aunt sissy. get them in touch with each other ross c.
ROSS C., philly cop ret. [10-29-2007]

hi jim c. good to hear from you i guess you are are retired by now. i got out in 1988. are you still in phila.do you go on this gtn. site often. get back to me.ross c.
ROSS C., phila . [10-29-2007]

annamarie. good to hear from you.sorry it took so long to get back to you.how are you. it must be 50 yrs sinc i saw you last. i guess your a grand mother by now. did you ever get in touch with that girl that you use to work with who was trying to get in touch with you.keep in touch do you eveer hear from any of the othe other girs in our class. ross c
ROSS CARFAGNO, phila. italian 70 yrs [10-29-2007]

Maryalice, Good post! You said it all.
Sheila [10-29-2007]

Maryalice, I'm glad that you liked the video of Germantown avenue from You Tube. I liked the way that they started at Chestnut Hill then worked their way down into Germantown. I liked seeing the stores along Germantown avenue. It made me think of the old timers, Saturdays spent on Germantown avenue, and how well people used to treat each other. It didn't matter if you had family close by because your neighbors were your family. I know a lady who fed poor people in Germantown and never took a dime. There was a lot of mutual love and respect in the old days. Our generation missed out on that big time. One thing that stands out the most for me were the cobblestones, the green trolley cars, and overhead wires on Germantown avenue.
Michael [10-26-2007]

Thank you to all for your understanding.
Maryalice, Still in Germantown [10-26-2007]

Hi Kevin. No I was not that girl. It might have been my sister. She was little, and very light blonde. She hung out at the Graham house on Church Lane. We grew up on Morris St between Chelten and Schoolhouse Lane. Some of our neighbors that you might know were the Falcone’s (Steve should have been in your class, Nicky was in Jim’s and mine), the Bradley’s (Jim Bradley was the year ahead of me), Jimmy Pinto, Christine Jeutter, Betty Duffy, Judy Riley, Jimmy Dunfee, Bill Boylan, Jimmy Pritz, the McMahon’s. My great aunt used Gen. Wayne’s saber to prop open her window. And from family lore, I know that I come by my temperament quite honestly. LOL I never thought of Germantownian’s as talking tough. If you want tough talking listen to a South Philadelphian. Or Rocky Balboa. ; ) Take care and be safe.
Maryalice, Still in Germantown [10-26-2007]

Anonymous, Oh my, my, my. I do hope that you go back, read and re-read your post directed to me. You answered many of your own questions. Now to clarify my statements. I never said any group or profession had a monopoly on pedophilia. Yes, children have been and are being abused by parents, step-parents, mother’s boyfriends, acquaintances, teachers, scout leaders, and pizza shop employees. It doesn’t matter who perpetrated the crime. It is still a crime. It is still an adult with power, control, and, frequently, authority using this power, control and authority over a powerless, innocent child to satisfy the adult’s own wanton desires and fantasies without care or thought to the victim. As far as referring to the parish priest as a stranger, they were anything but. They were/are the teachers, guidance counselors, confessors, sports coaches, chaparones, and leaders of the parish. They were in the school yards, at sports practice, at school dances, and at scout meetings. They were in our homes, sat at our dinner tables, and in our church, They baptized us, married us and buried us, heard our confessions and gave us our penance. They were respected and revered. When parents were told what Father so and so did, they could not believe it, because they could not fathom that this holy person could do such a thing. Just as a parent could not believe that the spouse with whom they had entrusted their love could do such a thing. To answer your question as to why these kids waited so long to come forward, we cannot say who came forward as a child, or who was afraid to, or what power was exerted over the child to keep them quiet. It most probably was for the same reason that most children do not come forward about an abusive parent. Finally, yes, there are people who lie about sexual abuse. There are women who lie about rape. This does not lessen the crime to a real victim. It only makes it harder for them to get justice. AND To get on with your life and forget about it does not provide healing. The more you try to avoid it the more it will rear up it’s ugly head at the most inopportune times and bite you in the butt. To face it, deal with it and bring it out of the closet into the open does lead to healing.
Maryalice, still in Germantown [10-26-2007]

Dr. Jim, I knew about you and Kathleen when it happened. Hadn't seen you, though since high school. Am not surprised about the incident or incidents with Father Rutledge, but you should bad mouth Germantown. That could happen anywhere. From what I remember of you, you were always laughing and happy as could be. How bad could it have been? Glad you're okay now. I rememeber all the great times from Germantown.
anthonyg [10-26-2007]

To Donna Waldeck Lorenz I was in your 6th grade class. I walked to Fitler with you and Bettyann Bradley. I also took the XH bus with you to Roosevelt Jr High until you two went to Girls High. Dorothy Hodges Drolsbaugh
Dorothy Drolsbaugh, 60 years old [10-25-2007]

Guten Tag, Maryalice If you be that little, frizzy headed blonde girl out of the Church lane/Belfield Ave area, I do remember you. And had I known you were kin of Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne, I would have saluted you--he was always an early hero of mine. Pay no mind to my "tough talk" remark. After nearly two decades of schooling, I still have a speech impediment--it's called Germantownese and outsiders think it sounds tough. What do they know? Have a great life.
kevin [10-25-2007]

To the good Dr Jim. Thank your lucky stars you were born and raised in Germantown and this great country. All of this happened to you and your still alive to tell the tale.
Rick [10-25-2007]

Thank you Maryalice, You said a mouthful for all of us! And to Jim i hope all is well in your life today ! JoAnn
anonymous [10-25-2007]

Maryalice, I am glad you responded as you did about the abuse issue. It is an issue that was able to grow into what it became because of the atttitude "GET OVER IT" and because of it going unconfronted for so many years. People should never allow themselves to forget what happened and still could happen.
Sheila [10-25-2007]

Maryalice, I wanted to respond to your remarks about the "monsters" who took advantage of children. Yes, it was a terrible and unacceptable thing to do, but it wasn't limited to renegade priests. More children are abuse sexually and every other way by their parents than by ministers, priests, or teachers. A handful of bad priests don't have a monopoly on abuse or on pedophilia. I think that it's probably worse to have been abused by a parent or someone you live with than by a stranger. There was also a TV personality that was found guilty of messing with children. He was a former minister and quietly faded away. There are also parents who abuse their parental authority consistantly. Their kids are the real prisoners because they're backed into a corner with no where to go. Regarding the kids like Jim that were abused I have to ask why most of them waited so long to come forward? Why didn't their parents do something sooner? I'm not denying that Jim was abused, but some of these people who claimed to have been abused were never abused at all and were just looking for a handout. It's true. There was an incident where a young man accused a Cardinal of past sexual abuse and his allegations turned out to be 100% false. I think that all of this is very sad. The reason that pedophilia was treated so lightly in those days was because the people held the attitude that you shouldn't snitch. That attitude also held true for abusive parents and family members guilty of pedophilia. If that's the worst thing that ever happened to Jim then he's a lucky guy. He could have been stabbed in the ribs or even or killed while he lived in Germantown. I think that he, as well as others, owes it to himself to try as hard as possible to forget about it and move forward. I can see by what he wrote that it's still has a negative effect on him. If it weren't an issue, then he would have never mentioned it in the first place. I know because I was badly abused too and it wasn't by a priest. Shifting gears now, I do have great memories of relatives living in Germantown. I know that they had to deal with and see bad things, but most of them wore smiles when we would visit. That's what I try to remember the most about Germantown.
anonymous [10-25-2007]

To those of you who attended the Gonzaga Memorial/St.Joseph's Hall for Girls in 1965 does anyone remember Sister Joseph. She was tall and wore round glasses. I have fond memories of her.
Donna Kennedy, Roxborough [10-25-2007]

Well said Maryalice! I agree with everything you said. Jim I commend you for all your accomplishments’. I am proud to say I know you. Thank you again for the list of places to see in Dublin that helped make our trip to Ireland a great experience.. Mike and I hope to go back again someday.
Erda [10-25-2007]

to jimmy and maryalice ... i take my hat off to both of you for your honesty ... and to annonymous although i too want to remember our germantown as a perfect and safe haven i am not so disillusioned that it was that for everyone of us who grew up there ! i believe that for an innocent child to be robbed of that innocence and then to suffer for life the humiliation and pain of what was done to him or her is indeed an awlful thing .... but to then have somebody who wants to keep their head in the sand and add insult to injury by telling that individual to "get over it" is either a very ignorant person or just heartless to fail to see the severity of the results of these acts and what they leave someone to suffer with for the rest of their lives ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-25-2007]

Just checking things out and hello to Walt Garvey and family and any one else who is listening. I used to be married to Bo Smith..
bonnie used to be smith [10-25-2007]

I have been sitting here looking at the title of this site for a long time tonight. It says "Your Thoughts". It does not say "Your Happy Thoughts" nor does it say only good memories about your childhood may be posted here. I am sorry that someone would take offense of another saying how they grew up and it certainly did not "Piss off" me. And as a psychiatric nurse I am upset that pedophilia was treated so lightly. No person who was a victim of a pedophile "gets over it". Kudos to Jim for being able to come forward about it. I do hope that his revelation might help someone else who had been a victim to come forward and get help, and, also to help prosecute these monsters who took advantage of their power to assault the children who had been entrusted into their care. This is not adultery which involves 2 consenting adults. It is one person with control, authority, power exerting that on a powerless child who has been taught by their parents, family, teachers and their church that they must obey this individual. Who here was taught that it was okay to say to a priest or nun "You can't make me do that"? Jim, you talk about going back to your roots in Ireland. Maybe I stay because my roots are here. We are descendants of General Anthony Wayne who lost the Battle of Germantown. One of our Great-Great grandfathers settled here in Germantown from New Orleans in 1863. I have lived in San Diego, Charleston (both my children were born there), Thomaston, Ga, and Memphis. My son lived in Germany for about 15 years. He is now in Groton, Conn. My daughter lives in the Atlanta area since she graduated from High School. But I always come home. I do hope to retire in the Asheville area of NC. I am tired of the winters here. And I agree about Iraq. Kevin, I do not believe that all of the girls were "tough talking". I was a bit of a wimp. I was in Jim's class and you probably don't even remember me. Are you safe from the fires out there? Michael, Thanks for that video. I think it is well done. And for everyone who talks about the Wissy and Vally Green, they are still there and are well maintained. Rittenhousetown has a number of events during the year and I love walking through the park. It does get a bit crowded at times.
Maryalice, Still in Germantown [10-24-2007]

To Mike Russo: Yes, Lou Chiodo is my 1st cousin.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [10-24-2007]

I heard of a Cathy Lazarro from Cardnial Dougherty! Anybody else!
Ed, Chester, Va [10-23-2007]

As to the message concerning abuse of students at St. Vincents and Cardnial Dougerty, one of those priests was not Father Benonis? He may not fit the sexual abuse profile but he enjoyed smacking us around at his own leisure. Students feared him when he walked the great halls of CD.
Ed, Chester, Va [10-23-2007]

Dan Powers, I remember you,I an the older brother od Shirley and next door neighbor of Creety. Hope you are doing well. I am now in Central Florida, Shirley is in Quakertown, Creety is around in Pa. somewhere north of the city but I have lost track. Did you grow as tall as your brother? how tall did he finally grow? I think he was 6'3" at 12 or so. Thanx, Mike
Mike Russo [10-23-2007]

Margaret, I once knew a Lou Chiodo on Armat street, he was a guitar player of some notoriety, with a quadraphonic studio in his basement. Could this be a relation to you? Thanx, Mike
Mike Russo, Now in Florida [10-23-2007]

just want to say hi,to lou browmholtz.
ohn moss, 72 [10-23-2007]

To Jim McKeran, This is not the the place to hang out your dirty laundry and don't be surprised if you get a ton of negative responses. In case you haven't been on this site for a while, things have settled down somewhat and now you've come along to raise hell again. I think that the webmaster needs to more prudent by not posting entries like yours that piss people off. Most of the people using this site have fond memories of their days in Germantown and this used to be a good site. By the way, you said that you were sexualy abused? Tell us that you never committed a sin in your life either. Get over it.
anonymous [10-23-2007]

Hi Larry and Joycie,hope you are both fine I know you both must be enjoying your beauitful twins grandchildren,they must be so much fun.I hope young Larry is doing okay and also Melissa take care your old friend Sandy Cipriano Cowtown
anonymous [10-22-2007]

Just signing into the site. Hello All ! One of the Garveys from Bringhurst Street than Manheim Street.
Walt Garvey, Roxborough 55 [10-22-2007]

Greetings from a Germantownian, My name is Jim McKernan, youngest son of six, born to Barney (out of Castleblaney Monaghan Ireland)and Mary McKernan in 1945. My sisters are Mary, and Sally, both in Ocala Florida. My brothers are Patrick (Lansdale Pa.) Bernard, (Annapolis) and Kevin (Santa Barbara California). I am James or Jim born in 1945 at 205 East Church Lane-one block south of Germantown Avenue.I attended St Vincents Grammar School and graduated in 1959. I was sexually abused by Fr John Rutledge and filed complaints against the Church in 2000 with the District Attorney when I heard her plea for a Grand Jury about this- I have recently learned that 10 of the 55 priests accused were teachers at my high school-Cardinal Dougherty-where I was also abused. I hope justice can be served to us-the survivors of these criminals--and I say this--do not paint Germantown or our schools rosy--there were evil monsters there. I am a victim. But also an advocate for equality today. In my role as a Professor I am privledged..to be an eduactor. My new book is Curricuklum and Imagination (LOndon: Routledge) 2007 There is a common theme running through this website that Germantown was a sort of common cultured place--it was not. I grew up in the 50's and had to cross railway tracks to get to St Vinvcent De Paul school...often having to dodge muggers and hobos on the way. There were Black areas and it breaks my heart to this day we all were segregated from the black cukture. I am an honest man and so I report the truth--not only the nostalgic past. This was in 1950-69 a dangerous place. My father was nearly beaten to death on his way home from work around 1961. My mother was assaultet while holding my hand on way home from Calivani's seafood store on Chelten Ave when i was 4or 5. Friends of mine went to prison or died in barfights. I tried to find joy at the Boy's Club--bravo to these brave men--Bud Alexander and T-Ball...don't know his last name...I went back there to help out in 1968 before graduating from Temple along with Niki Taylor-the best teacher in Philly who has just retired I hear tell. In 1967 I went to work at Midvale Steel like me da before me.I got the job becaue a worker had killed another on site. I married my highschool love Kathleen O Brien of Stafford Street O Briens. A warm big family. When she left me six months later my world died. I hope she is well. I served-and volunteered for Vietnam..I was in a unit that dropped mines and picked up pilots shot down in the South China Sea and Tonkin Gulf. I was opposed to the war-as I am all wars-and I ask you all to oppose this Iraq fiasco. but my budds were serving in Nam..and some coming home dead--like my childhood freind from Church Lane Bobby "monk" Chambers..aptly named for his ability to climb trees..they called me "junglejim" because I too loved the leafy Wissahickon and preferred spending time there with Walty Conway (rip) Jacky Burg, Larry Flanagan-my best friend-and many others. Also to be listed with the fallen are Donnie Woods and Joey Flanagan. Joey was my best friend-Larry's brother. Joey wrote to me from Nam..he got home and died on a Germantown Street..he was eaten by Agent Orange. His name is not on the Wall in D.C. it should be. He left a wife and a child. God Bless you men. In 1969-when i was being sent off to the War in Vietnam my parents were forced out of our house on Church Lane-opposite the Lansdowne Spinning Mill (hello Mr Gorman!) and just given enough to go to a "Rocky-Type " House on the Deleware River in Northeast....I could not come home to our old lovely place-built in 1826 with its winding attic stairway and gas lamplights....sad thing is no road was ever built...Church Lane became a bombsite-the sort I have seen many times..... I had to come home to a house i never saw before because of stupid city planning. It was July 4th 1971 I was happy.....and this neighbourhood (Wissinoming) gave me a great come home. God Bless ye all... I went to Ireland in 1971 I lived on an island "Leitermeallian" where they only spoke Gaelic-but they accepted me..I swam naked in the Atlantic Brrrr there lads..and made fires of peat turf in my cottage...9 months later I went back to town--played my guitar in pto pusue a Masters Degree and quickly found myself helping the poor Irish ":Travellers"-the gypsies....to gain housing and education. In 1974 I went to Northern Ireland with my wife-Valerie Bolger-of Galway to help the schools with peace education....My wife who bore me a beautiful son, Ross Antoine Christoir Eoin Mac Theranain..hisIrish name...has been a two time NCAA All Southeast Kicker of Year and All CIAA Conference kicker who set national records in 2003 and 2004 as a kicker--the muddy "pitches" of Dublin-where we still have a home helped his strong legs. He hold the NCAA kick records for most field goals attempted and made in a single game....I am proud as you can see of his ability. I played on Temple's 1968-1969 baseball team at 26-4 we were the most successful altho skip wilson got the team to two World Series-with lesser records than my team. I taught at University College Dublin from 1980 til 1993 and then accpted aaaaa Deanship-first in Ireland at Limerick...I came to East Carolina University after as a Distinguished Professor. I live with Ross who is completing his BA degree here in Greenville . I hope anyone from the old days will contact me.... I have a home in Dublin and spend several months the year there-I dont know if any of you ever went back to your roots...where yur people came from--I recommend it...I found my "home" it wasnt Germantown where one could get a knife in the ribs today but the place of my forefathers-who all welcomed me home..gave me work..celebrated me. I just say this as it profoundly changed my life. I plan to retire back to Ireland when my teaching days--I have now been in school for 54 years excluding two years in War and A year in Merchant Marines in Barzil/Argentina Slainte Amach God Be With Ye Jim McKernan jungle2_03@yahoo.com God Bless you all....those still there-like Maryalice Armstrong are a true credit to the town...most of us, I suspect, have had to move on. But you all..i mean ALL...have my love and best wishes James McKernan, B.Sc.(Temple) MA (National U of Ireland) and PhD (Ulster University)
Dr. Jim McKeran, Professor, East Carolina University. Greenville NC [10-22-2007]

A DOCUMENTARY ON GERMANTOWN I found this on You Tube and would like to share it. Great story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSc_u6ScMEg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH941Z_zjIE
Michael [10-22-2007]

I would be grateful if you would not publish the remarks i sent yesterday Friday 19th as I was unwell and angry at the abuse i suffered growing up in Germantown. Jim
jim mckernan, Professor, East Carolina University. Greenville NC,61 [10-22-2007]

hi kevin i am a friend of your brother jimmy rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-22-2007]

Hello I am Jim McKernan, born in Germantown at 205 Church Lane...of six brothers and sisters of mighty Barney McKernan out of Monaghan Ireland. I grew up was abused by the church at St Vincents on Price street--married my high school love Kathleen who left me six months into marriage-I volunteered for Vietnam-served well and honourably-received decorations in combat--went to Ireland for a masters degree period with gypsy education-later I did good work with peace education in Northern Ireland....teaching in prison with republican/loyalist students-later a professorship in Belfast and Dublin and Dean of Limerick University before becomng the King Distinguished Chair of Education at East Carolina University-my wife Valerie passed in 2003 in Dublin-she was Head of Library Desk at Uniersity College Dublin... I am here..writing the next book..a novel about Germantown.. God bless all Jimbo
Dr. James McKernan, Professor, East Carolina University. Greenville NC [10-22-2007]

does anyone know the lazaros from gtn.
george lynch [10-22-2007]

I grew up on East Pastorious St. My brother Frank and I went to Our Lady of the Rosary School. AKA Holy Rosary. We left 8th grade in 58 and 60. Then went to Cardinal Dougherty. When we were enrolled in Holy Rosary, you had to be of Italian heritage. I was one of those rough talking girls that Kevin talked about, but we sure had fun. I used to wax the hardwoods floors for extra money so that I could go to the hat department at Rowel's Department store. I miss the water ice and pretzels from the store across the street from Holy Rosary church. Holy Rosary was unusual because the church was three blocks from the school. Last time I rode by the school was a charter school and the church was now a Baptist place of worship. I remember going to church every Sunday and after the sermon, meeting Bobby Peters outside to catch a smoke and talk about Jazz. We would then go in for Holy Communion. I still live in the region so I get all the cheese steaks I want, and Delasandro's is still in business.
Niki Taylor, retired school teacher [10-22-2007]

Before Vietnam gathered up and scattered so many of us around this and the other world, I remember Germantown, where most of the girls were beautiful but tough talking, and we guys held down the avenues. I have very fond memories of St Vinny's, the Hall, "J" buses, Linton's, the escalator in Rowels Dept Store, Half-ball games (or hose-ball) played against factory walls and all the wonderful days spent @ Gtn, Boy's Club. I miss the Wissy, Blue Bell and Valley Green, but most of all, I miss those steak sandwiches from Del Asandro's.
kevin mckernan, Santa Barbara, CA [10-19-2007]

To Rick Chiodo, email me at dustydooh@msn.com. Ever since I discover this site I am getting contacts I havent heard from since 1966. Chinny is my godfather and I am hoping I get info back from Bernadette Iannuzzi Rizzo. Chinny and my dad Frank Raffle were best friends. So email me I like to get some history on you to.
Cheryl Raffle, 55 and living in Lansdale PA now [10-19-2007]

hi uncle tacky, i see you found the site.
DENISE VIOLA (POLI) [10-19-2007]

To:bernadette iannuzzi rizzo [07-20-2007] Did you have a brother Michael? He would be 55 now. My email address is dustydooh@msn.com
C Raffle [10-18-2007]

to anonymous [10-17-2007 Yes Bobby Raffle is my brother. Is this Sandy's Mom?
C Raffle, 55 [10-18-2007]

I am ejoying reading this, I am younger than most of you but I wanted someone to say "hi" to Chinny Ianuzzi, he's like an uncle to me. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with him? Please let me know.
Rick Chiodo, I am Basil (BI) Chiodo's youngest son, brothers Eddie, Louie, Charlie and Basil and sister Lee [10-18-2007]

hung at roses steak shop in the fiftys.owned sunoco station penn& belfield.
tony spagnolia, live in levittown [10-17-2007]

hi susan ... how are you ... did you get my last e mail with the witches .. i hope so it was so funny rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-17-2007]

To C Raffle,is Bobby Raffle your brother,if so he was my Son-In-Law years ago and we all still love him he is a nice guy,and your Mother Jackie was a wonderful person I knew all your brothers and sister we all had them great memories you wrote about Sandy from Cowtown
anonymous [10-17-2007]

To Georgie Greene I seen your sister Donna Saturday at a party it was my girlfriend Eleanor Poli's daughter house she is still so cute I have not seen her in 35 years,oh Georgie do you ever see your cousin Little Nicky hope he is fine so many years since I see all of you just thought I drop you a line hope you and your family are fine take care Sandy from Cowtown
anonymous [10-16-2007]

I never had the pleasure of being in Sr. Edward Anthony's class, but I did have Sr St Johanna for my 8th grade teacher. She was also a Holy Terror!
anonymous [10-16-2007]

Hi Rosemarie, How ya doin!LOL.. Yes it's great now that we have stopped the bickering... Susan...
anonymous [10-16-2007]

I found this site by accident and I love reading all the old memories. I moved out in 1966,went to Our lady of Holy Rosary and my last address was Cosgrove St near Ross and Haines St. I have a lot of great memories, one of them being that everyone knew everyone and when my parents moved us up to the suburbs that all changed. I hated it and hated the people. I remember all the street games we played outside from morning until night. The opening of fire hydrants, ice skating on the sidewalks. Do you all remember the ride the WHIP that used to come on the street for us to ride. Jumping from porch to porch and knowing everyone. I could go on and on. But I will stop now. Anyway its nice to read all the news from you guys. Take care
C Raffle [10-16-2007]

Brother,about the City Yard name I forgot to tell you my Dad said David Mc Mahon own the yard so it could have been called McMahon City Yard but my Dad always called it the City Yard but maybe someone else will come up with another name.Take Care Sandy
anonymous [10-16-2007]

Hi Friend, Anthony DiFerdinando,lived on haines street in back of high in the 60's. His mother was Angie, he had a sister Debbie,Rita two brothers, Vincent and Michael. I have not seen him in about 40 years. I know know if he is married or has children. Just want to get in touch with people from the old neighboor. Thanks rita
rita seeberger [10-16-2007]

Brother, why don't you give Chinny a call so that he can clarify the name of that city yard at Haines and Belfield aves. for you. He seems to remember a lot about the area from the old days because he still has an excellent memory. He sounded positive when we asked him and he said that it was called McMahon. It's good to have those memories of horses and wagons being in Germantown.
Michael (Judy's husband, Chinny's son-in-law) [10-15-2007]

hi rita would that be marion diferdinando's from hiskool street i remember them ginny and joanne are the daughters
A FRIEND [10-15-2007]

Hi, I just joined this site.I saw anthony diferdinando on here awhile back.i tried the e-mail address but it does 't work. We dated in the 60's?
rita seebergerse [10-15-2007]

Hi Brother, I ask my Dad about the cty yard he said all he ever heard it called was the city yard and sometimes called Germantown City Yard he had a few uncles that worked their if you ever get the right name let us know hope you and Roseanne are fine take care.an old school friend Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [10-15-2007]

I used to live in Germantown. I went to Germantown high school. I remember the Gallaghers and the DiFerdinando's I graduated in 1966
rita seeberger, I live in far northeast philly59 years old [10-14-2007]

To Edward Chiodo: Hello Eddie. Yes, I remember you. It is very nice to see you on this website. a lot of fond memories.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [10-14-2007]

Does anyone remember a blacksmith from the late 60's early 70's who sharpened chisels and stone hammers? I remember this guy wearing a long leather apron. He had an orange pit with a huge bellow above it, dirt floor, and an anvil. I remember that this guy had black hair and wore eyeglasses. I think that he may have been from Logan. Many Italian stone masons, like my father, brought their tools to him for sharpening. He probably faded out with the stone masons.
Judy's husband [10-14-2007]

i cant beleive the city yard was named mcmahon. can anyone prove that. i thought it was phila sanitation yard.
brother [10-14-2007]

Does anyone remember the Morgan family? wilhelmina (minnie) and Bill Morgan? they lived in germantown in the early to mid 1900's. if anyone remembers anything please email me. thanks
Pattie [10-14-2007]

To Judy: yes, they are my cousins.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [10-12-2007]

susan ... hi ... how are you doing ... is this site any better for you now that things seemed to calm down a bit ... ha rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-12-2007]

would like to here from people from p&m penn and magnolia ..that was the corner to hang at..
EDWARD CHIODO, born in germantown,, on bringhurst st, know all the garvey"s grahms, chinny. nelson was my cousin,margret chiodo we all played together. [10-12-2007]

to margaret: nicks fathers name was nelson. ring a bell!
bill guldin, 52 [10-12-2007]

Joe Breen, are you related to Mary and George Breen? Some of their children's names were Dick and Ginny (Peachie).
Ginny [10-12-2007]

I 'migrated' to Philly from N.C. during WWII and lived in a rental apt. in Germantown. Sad to say...as much as I loved Philly, I was too "young & dumb" to even recognize the historical "significance" of Germantown. I have made inquiries occasionally of people I've met from P. and they have all indicated that Germantown had become a "run-down" district over the years. I was disappointed to hear that, and apparently from this web site info, it is not entirely true (?) I am also now in the process of "locating" a lovely (old!) girlfriend from those years. Her maiden name was Marcella Simonson, and she married Raymond Montague & moved to Levittown (as I remember). I, myself, was married at the Baptist Temple in Jan. l946 (to a San Diegan native), is how I came to live in Calif. since.
Tommie Bartlett, Down Memory Lane..... [10-12-2007]

Cecelia. I believe I was in your class at St Vincent's . I graduated in 1963.
Susan Malageri Demetrovits [10-11-2007]

Hey Lou, Do you have any GBC Alumni T-shirts? Anytime I wear one I always run into former GBC members. What a GREAT place for us kids, in our day.
anonymous, Dave Linn - GBC Alumni in Philly [10-11-2007]

Looking for past schoolmates I went to Immaculate Conception for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades - St Vincents for 4th, 5th and 6th grades - St Michaels for 7th and 8th grades - graduated from 8th in 1964 - I am 57.
Cecelia Amendolia [10-11-2007]

The name of the city yard at Haines and Belfield was McMahon.....David McMahon. Hey Margaret, do you remember Louie, Basil (BI), and Ann? They lived on Armat street. My father (Chinny) was friends with them.
Judy [10-11-2007]

Yes, Joe Breen I was in the class before you. Sister Edward Anthony and myself clashed at times, but nothing serious. I knew better.
anthonyg [10-10-2007]

To Anonymous: Gerry, Albina and Gay- Gay are my 1st cousins. Their father and my father were brothers.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [10-10-2007]

Margaret,are you related to Gerry and Abino Chiodo they lived on Armat St near Utah we were good friends also Gay-Gay Chiodo he was their cousin they were all great friends of mine Sandy Cipriano Cowtown
anonymous [10-09-2007]

brother, where i grew up at on greeves ct at the dead end of the court .. was a stable where the junk man kept his horses and wagons and i suppose his junk ha! he was known as "phil the jew" this is how he identified himself to everybody ... he was the nicest man and at the end of the day my cousins and i would go down to the stable and play hide and seek in the stalls with the horses ... it was so much fun but of course somewhat dangerous since we would even hide behind the horses ... ha! we too would hear the horses in the morning and phil calling to them to get along as they pulled the wagon down the street it was the same thing at the end of his day .. the horses and phil would come back making the same clippity clop sound as they did that morning .. it was almost a comforting sound ... since everything and everyone was home safe ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-09-2007]

ceelia, i graduated from st. vincents in "61" so i don't believe we were in any classes together ... sr. matthew marie and my mother were good friends ... not so good for me though .. anything, and everything i did was certainly reported to my mother quoting anthony .. "need i say more" ha but it is good to hear from you ... we may not have shared classes but we share the memories of a wonderful time in our lives ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-09-2007]

Jeff Smith, a Germantown resident of longstanding, sells Germantown T-shirts, aprons, sweat shirts, etc. Whenever I wear it I bump into someone with a G-town connection. Last week I wore it on two different days and got three inquiries. One, a mother of a student at Chestnut Hill College, another whose sister lives on Locust Avenue and finally John Garvey whose family literally occupied E. Bringhurst Street in the 1950s. We talked for an hour and shared many mutual acquaintances and experiences. I'm leaving it the closet this week but I encourage others to wear theirs and dig up some old friends.
Lou Brownholtz, Belfield Avenue-Germantown Boys Club [10-08-2007]

To Bill G.: Are you saying that Nick Chiodo's father was Louis Chiodo's brother? Do you remember his first name? We might be talking about 2 different people.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [10-08-2007]

Thanks for the site and the information included therein. What a change from my youth
Dave Jameson, Born in G Town Hospital [10-08-2007]

Dennis, the annex was long gone in the 70's. However, the school building at the corner of Lena and Rittenhouse was being converted into some type of community center. I happened to stop by during the conversion in the 70's and saw one of the blackboards that had been removed. On the BACK of the chalkboard "In the year of Our Lord 1898" was written in chalk and signed, presumably when the board was installed. Anthonyg, I remember Sister Edward Anthony, one of the nicest teachers I ever had. In 1960-61 8th grade was in the parish hall, I think you were in 8th grade the year before that.
Joe Breen [10-08-2007]

rosemarie hite malageri, what year were you in class with sr matthew marie. she and i became great friends. i was in kindergarten with sr florine. i think the years i was in 5 & 6 grade were 1960 and 1961.
ceelia amendolia [10-08-2007]

erda i went to kindergarten in the annex the nun who taught us was sister florine she was soooo sweet ... i remember sister matthew marie too do you remember sister winifreda and sister claudine or how about miss catherine ... ha rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-07-2007]

maryalice, i am related to evelyn malageri through marriage but unfortunetly evelyn passed away a couple of years ago ... i too remember the pretzel man and moms and remember the dances .. oh my gosh i loved those dances ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-07-2007]

george lynch, from gtn and immaculate conception [10-07-2007]

I was in Sister Edward Anthony's 8th grade class in the St. Vincent's hall. We had the girls come in with us, I guess when they closed the annex, and she wasn't happy at all with that. The room was really tight, but we had fun. I was on her bad side a few times. Trouble is my father would be on the corner where we lived, wakefield and price, next to the convent and she would let him know on our way home. Need I say more? Stil a lot of great memories.
anthonyg [10-07-2007]

anybody remember the city yard at haines and belfield. the horses pulling the trash carts at 5am and comming back before dinner. the clomp of their hoofs on the cobblestones going up mechanic street and the noises they made at night. you could here them over the wall. anyone know the official name of the city yard? some people say they still here the horses at night.
brother [10-07-2007]

to mardaret: nicks dad rode a motorcycle as did nick, he was also lou's brother
bill g. [10-07-2007]

Thanks all for confirming the Little Flower Annex and what happened to it when Little Flower moved out of there. I went to Immaculate Conception. When the school burnt down in 1971, they moved some of the kids into the closed Holy Rosary school on Haines Street as a temporary solution. I heard that it couldn't be a long-term solution because St. Vincent's School was condemned and the Holy Rosary building was promised to them. Does anyone know, what St. Vincent school building was condemned back in the early 1970s - the annex building or the main school building on the corner of Lena and Rittenhouse? St. Vincent's did eventually move into the Holy Rosary building. I was surprised, when over there recently, to see the old school building at Lena & Rittenhouse still there. I assumed that was the building that was condemned and assumed that was torn down long ago. Could the annex building still have been around into the early 1970s?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-07-2007]

to margaret: I know nicks dad rode a motorcycle as did nick and his dad was also lou's brother!
anonymous [10-07-2007]

The Annex was there for over crowding. I believe that my Aunt went there for her first two years then to Little Flower at 9th and Luzerne. She was in the first graduating class of LF. That building was eventually used for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls only. And yes we all thought it was to keep us separate from the boys. I remember playing crack the whip in the school yard and hitting my head on the Iron Fence post. Had a lump the size of an egg for a week. It was torn down because it would have been too expensive to repair. I also remember Mom's Candy store. And I remember the pretzel man who brought his cart into the school yard at recess and lunch. That wouldn't happen today. I remember walking from my home at Chelten and Morris to my friend's home across the street from St Benedict's when I was in High School. Wouldn't do that today. Yes it was Hayes Funeral Home and when I went to school at St Vincent's the corner building was a training center for the Blind. There was a girl in my class whose parents were both blind. They worked there. Does anyone remember the Card Parties and Spagetti Dinners in the Hall at St Vincent dePaul's? And the dances? Rosemarie are you relateed to Evelyn Malageri? She was in my class at St. Vincent's.
Maryalice, Germantown [10-05-2007]

hi ... joe breen .. how are you ? hi anonymous ... i went to the st vincent annex for 6th, 7th and 8th grade too ... what year did you graduate ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-05-2007]

I went to kindergarten on the first floor of the St. Vincent's annex in 1956 - Sr. Flourine was the teacher. i was taken to school by two girls who lived down the street and went to high school in the annex. I remember gooing to the Hayes Funeral Home for the viewings of the Wood's brothers. I went to school with their sister, ginny.I went to St. vincents for the 4th, 5th and 6th grade. I was friends with a Diane Sisko she had long brown braids. I wonder where she is now.
Cecelia Amendolia [10-05-2007]

Anyone out there from that era? I was an East Haines St. guy for many years. Would be interested in hearing from some of the folks from those years.
Bill Quain, Immaculate Conception 1941 [10-05-2007]

I remember the Little Flower Annex! St Vincent’s Kindergarten was in that building with LF girls. When LF stopped using the building St Vincent’s used it for girls from 5th grade thru 8th. I had class in that building until it was torn down. The building was torn down in ’60 I think during the summer. I know this because the 8th grade class of 61 we utilized the Hall. The boys had a classroom on the Church side of the call front room and the girls classroom was back room on side where the LF annex use to be. The annex seemed bigger then the old school and I think it had more classrooms. I do remember that not all the rooms where used. Girls’ 5th and 6th grades were in the same room with Sister Mathew Marie. 7th and 8th each had their own rooms. I don’t remember if the Kindergarten was still there or not?? Thanks for the memories.. Erda
Erda [10-05-2007]

We always referred to the Little Flower annex as the "girls school". I suspect that name may have pre-dated Little Flower. I suspect the building was in such bad shape that it wasn't worth saving it. At the time of demolition I asked and was told that the boiler (heating system) was the problem. I suspect it was one of many problems. I also remember that Hayes Funeral Home name was prominently printed on the hand fans situated in the hymnal racks in the summertime in the pews at St. Vincent's in the days before air conditioning.
Joe Breen, Sacramento, CA (Formerly Tulpehocken St.) [10-04-2007]

Little Flower Annex housed 6th,7th and 8th grade girl students after it was no longer needed for high school students.I went there and graduated from 8th grade there. I guess the regular grade school was too crowded but my thoughts back then were that they wanted to keep us "boy-crazy" girls separated. pmca
anonymous [10-04-2007]

To Bill: I think that Nick Chiodo was a cousin of mine. I believe that his Uncle Lou and my father were brothers. My father was Gabriel Chiodo.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller, Grew up at Church Lane and Belfield Ave. [10-04-2007]

Does anyone remember the Graham Family from Duram Street near Germantown Ave. and Mt. Pleasant Ave? There was a girl Betty (divorced and lived at home with her son) two brothers, Joe and George? I wondered what ever happened to them all?
Anonymous [10-04-2007]

Thank you, Everyone! Hayes'!
Ursula [10-04-2007]

That would be Hayes Funeral Home. Now a church, don’t know when they went out of business. The building next to the old Hayes Funeral Home (on the corner of Price & Lena) was the original Central Association of the Miraculous Medal (the insignia of the miraculous medal is still there, on the porch entranceway). The building was used as an OIC training facility in the 1970s thru 1990s. It has since been converted into apartments. The Central Association of the Miraculous Medal moved from this building to their current building (a former factory) at Chelten and Morton in the 1930s. Speaking of Price & Lena, anybody remember when Little Flower High School had an annex on the grounds of St. Vincent DePaul? Anybody go there? Apparently, when Little Flower High School was built in the late 1930s, there was immediately over-crowding and they needed more space. The building next to St. Vincent’s hall was available and that served as the Little Flower Annex from around 1940 to around 1956, when Cardinal Dougherty High School was completed, taking pressure off of Little Flower. When the annex was open, Little Flower girls went here for their freshman and sophomore years, then to the main building at 10th & Lycoming for their junior and senior years. The annex building is no longer there (now a parking lot). Anyone know what happened to that building?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-03-2007]

To Teresa Greco - thanks for the picture of St. Joseph's Gonzaga Hall for Girls. Does anyone else have memories or pictures. Who owned the mansion before it became the home? Thanks.
Donna Kennedy, Roxborough [10-03-2007]

ursula ... yes i remember the name of that funeral home .. it was hayes funeral home .. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [10-03-2007]

I don't remember the name of that funeral home but I do remember cutting through the parking lot after school to go out to chelten ave to go home from school hope some remembers it
friend [10-03-2007]

I spent a lot of time on my bike. I also spent time climbing trees and walls at Awbury Park. I remember a pond where people ice skated in winter. We have home movies of my dad sometime in the 40's skating on that same pond. I remember being forbidden to go there, but somehow, I went. And lived to tell.
Dan Powers, East Germantown, 50 yrs, moved in 69 [10-03-2007]

Ursula, I think the funeral home was Hays I remember being their for the wake of the Wood brother's in the 1960's Sandy
anonymous [10-03-2007]

hey margaret are you related to yhe late nick chiodo he was a buddy of mine also his uncle lou dated my grandmother philamena kephart
bill g [10-03-2007]

Bruce, I loved your trivia about Woodlawn Street.. My father grew up on the 400 Block of West Woodlawn.. Was also a Father Son and Holy Ghost house.. When these houses were built they only had three rooms of three stories.. The street level if my history is right was the kitchen; second level was the sitting (or sleeping) area and third sleeping. Could not get any level without going through the room below: . I believe it was my Grandparents who added the back of the house, a dinning room and kitchen (the kitchen looked like a modified shed when I was growing up) on the first floor and another bedroom and indoor bath on the second floor.... The front second floor room was the only way to get to the third floor. My father said all the boys (four of them) slept on the third and my Aunt the only girl had the front bedroom.. No boy was allowed to enter her room without permission.. My sister modified the house and no room is an invasion of privacy room today. She also extended the back to enlarge the kitchen and back bedroom When I was growing up and until I left 300 West Woodlawn block was all African Americans. We called it “little Woodlawn” . Many of the same families that lived there are the same from when my father was growing up. We where neighbors and got along. It never crossed my mind that anyone but African Americans ever lived on that block. I was told that there use to be a walking bridge to connect Woodlawn between Morris Street and Pulaski Ave across the railroad tracks. I had friend on Pulaski and often wish there was a bridge. The Girl you tried to pick up could have been any of us from the neighborhood. If 56 is your age I don’t think it was me. I am a little older then that. But it sounds like something I would have said. We mostly hung at Darrows’s Drug store on at the paper stand in the other side of Morris by the Acme parking lot. If not there in the summer on some ones porch or in there house. Thanks for the history..
Erda [10-03-2007]

Ursula, The name of that Funeral home was Hayes.....Martin Hayes
Chinny [10-03-2007]

I beleive the funeral home across from St Vincent's Church was "Haines"..
Erda [10-03-2007]

That would be Hayes Funeral Home. The building is now used as a church. I assume Hayes went out of business, but don't know when. The building right next to the funeral home, right on the corner of the Price & Lena, was the original Central Association of the Miraculous Medal. Not sure when they moved to the building at Chelten & Morton (a former factory), but was probably back in the 1930s. Anybody remember when Little Flower High School had an annex at St. Vincent DePaul on Price Street? Apparently, it was in the building that was next to the hall. That building is not there anymore (now the parking lot). Anybody know what happened to it? That building was used as the Little Flower Annex from the late 1930s to 1956, when Cardinal Dougherty High School opened, taking pressure off of Little Flower High School. My understanding of the annex is that the girls went there for their freshman and sophmore years, then went to the main school at 10th & Lycoming for their junior and senior years.
anonymous [10-03-2007]

Does anyone remember the name of the funeral home that was on Price St. across from St. Vincent's Church? Thank you.
Ursula [10-02-2007]

Hey Erda, AnthonyG, and Lynne: Here's some trivia about Woodlawn Street - In doing genealogy work on my Mother's (Italian) side of the family, I found my Italian Grandfather and Grandmother, Giuseppe and Filomena Iacampo, in the 1910 Census living at 332 W. Woodlawn St., with his brother James, and their son John, 2, - my uncle, who was the first of seven children (that lived). It was a rented house. They later moved to Cayuga Street in the Italian ghetto of Nicetown, where there was a higher concentration of Italians. They came over in 1892. There was only one other Italian family on that block of Woodlawn. My Grandfather was out of work (listed as "Stonecutter", which he and my uncles were) for 9 of the previous 12 months, as were many others on the street. The house is still there, looking pretty much as it probably did back then. Their house in Nicetown was torn down to make way for the Boulevard Extension where it goes above ground through there. What's cool about that block of Woodlawn is that you can see where they just ripped down the houses abruptly in the middle of the block to make way for the railroad when they cut that in. The street just ends up against the ravine where the tracks are. Back in the 60's as a teen I was cruising with some buddies up at Morris and Chelten right there, and in attempting to pick up a girl on the corner I said "Hi there- I'm from the forest.", and without batting an eye, she immediately replied "Then make like a tree and leave!" I was shot down, but very impressed with her style - Could that have been you, Erda?
Bruce Marshall, 56, Born, raised, and still in Gtn [10-02-2007]

To Erda Armstrong Graham: I was able to get into contact with my good friend, Linda Graham, and we have been talking a lot. I thought you would like to know. Thank you for your help. Please send my best wishes to your husband, Michael.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [10-02-2007]

to theresa greco, my dad worked at the gonzaga after the war as a painter with his dad for awhile. I can still picture those stone walls surrounding the place !
BILL GULDIN, 52 [10-02-2007]

I found this site to be incredibly interesting. After speaking with my mother about some of her memories from growing up in st. joseph gonzaga home,I am eager to learn more. I read some of the postings from 2004 and have great visions of what gtn was like in the past. If any of you kind contributers to this site have memories of the St. Vincent Orphanage or St.Joseph Gonzaga Home, please, share them. She would have been there in the 1950s for 8 years (1st - 8th grade). Thank you!
Theresa Greco, daughter of orphan from St.Joseph Gonzaga Home (1950s) [10-01-2007]

Tommy Colella... I'm surprised that you remember me. Yes, Tommy and Johnny Finn lived about six doors up the street from me. A few years ago, I briefly worked with a guy who sees Johnny every once in a while. He told me that Johnny's a cop. ...If you get the opportunity, tell your friend to say hello to Nickie for me. Thanks.
Robert Daley, Gtn H.S. '66 [10-01-2007]

to Tommy Colella: This is Joe Taylor. You remember me?? I was older--4 years. You mentioned my brother--Jimmy.
joe taylor [10-01-2007]

hi margaret chido-keller i remember butchie chiodo .. the other names you mentioned are familiar too ... i love this site too it has brought back to me many friends whom i havn't spoken to in years and has sent me new ones too i marched in yearsly too .. loved it. do you remember the kelly's ... and i went to school with rita, mary jo, and mike graham and his wife erda armstrong ... erda also was a yearsly post alumni ... good to hear back from you and i hope we can keep in touch ... rosemarie hite malageri
rosemarie hite malageri [10-01-2007]

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