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September 2007

To Rosemarie Hite Malagari: Yes, I remember the name Victor Catalano. I think you might be thinking of Charlie and Basil Chiodo. They are my cousins, although we were never close, because they were much older than me. I hung out with Linda Graham and marched with the Yearsley Blackhawks. This is a wonderful website. I am enjoying reading the peoples comments.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [09-29-2007]

I would like to hear from anybody from Germantown from 1953 to 1958 when we my family moved away. I had 3 brothers and two sisters. The twins passed away in 1993 and 2002.
Pat DeMarshall Colella, I live in New Jersey, my age is 67 [09-29-2007]

Does anyone out there reamber the Ritz's they lived on Bringhurst st. Mary married Danny Pisani Joe married a girl named Joan.,then there was Jenny,and Frankie,they called him Cheech.If anyone has any info please email me thanks
Bill Leonardo, am 79 years young and now live in NJ. [09-29-2007]

tommy forever friends .. how are you ? havnt heard from you in a while is all ok ... i hope so .. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [09-29-2007]

This is my second post. Did the webmaster not approve of my first entry??? Well I found this site rather by accident when I googled someone's name. It was actually the first site that came up! Well, I actually went to Saint Athanasius then C.D. Graduated in 66. We just had our 40th class reunion on May 5th at the Flourtown Country Club. There were quite a few people from Immaculate there . Mary Joe McSparron (Kakotis) Kathy Bennis. Ginny Crowne, Eileen MaGee(St.William's) but hung around with us. Some of the gentlemen were Gregory Striano, Stevie Brennan, Jimmy Griffin, "Gugs" (Joe Gugliemi) and Freddie Vernon who is trying to break into the music industry.Well, anyway I lived at 6938 Wister Street,the street above Gravina's Pizza- near Stenton and Haines. I spent a lot of my high school years with the people from Chew and Chelten. If I WASN'T THERE i WAS IN Chestnut Hill. I have many fond memories of those times. Things were so much simpler then. We walked everywhere, took subways without fear,took trains to Ocean City and Wildwood for the weekend. I have a 16 year old daughter named Amanda. I'm ALWAYS worried about her. I can't even imagine letting her go down the shore the way we did. It's difficult being a teenager AND a mother of a teenager today. I also have a son, Christian David. Sounds like a show biz name. Well, he's living in New York following his dream trying to be an actor. As for me, I,m a retired teacher. The last school I worked at was West Phila, High School. Meanwhile, back to the topic of this site, I called Ginny Crowne and Eileen MaGee last nite and told them about. Also a friend of my husband's, Joe Pistoria (Joe James) his band name, was just here. I showed him the site. He seemed to know a lot of the things and places mentioned. Well, I hope this entry will pass the test. I'm not sure what I did wrong in the first one. By the way, anybody remember me? I had two big parties at my house when I was in high school, when my parents were away for the weekend. I think there were over 100 people that showed up. How stupid I was. A lot of people from Immaculate were there. I have one particular memory of a person sitting in my father's chair, with his feet propped up on my piano bench. In his hand he had my mother's "Japaneese Apple" that was one of my favorite things my father brought home from Japan. The apple was partially cut open, and when you turned the stem the inside spun around like a carousel. He was tossing it back and forth from one hand to another like a baseball. I remember feeling really hurt because I thought he was my friend. But I guess that was only minor damage. Someone else threw a clock out of the window because he wanted to see time fly. Well, I got back at the apple guy from Chew and Chelten. I put peanut butter in hs hair in front of his Immaculate friends in Wildwood at the San Soucci Motel. I never could really figure out how all these guys from Immaculate wound up not only in the same motel as me but also in the room right next door to us. Well I guess we're all a little stupid when we are teenagers. I forgive all the people who trashed my house. Anyone who is guilty and want to apoligize can e-mail me at ABRISSA@aol.com. By the way, this is a very nice site. It is very nostalgic-makes me want to go back in time and do some things differently. Gloria Monturano (Deriscavage)
Gloria Monturano (Deriscavage), Gloria 58 Warmnster around the corner from "Tonys" GOOD FOOD! [09-28-2007]

hi margaret i remember the chiodo's ... do you remember the catalano's who lived in the cowtown area .. and the malageri's rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-28-2007]

Hi Bob Daly, Yes I do remember you from Stenton Ave, you lived near Tommy and John Finn, across the street from Jimmy and Kevin Deacon. Bunny and Kathy used to ride the train from Fishers station with my wife Linda Hendrie to center city. Sorry to say that they both have pasted, Bunny first and Kathy a few years later. Jimmy is a fireman and Kevin works for the city. Nickie Cretelli lived next to Ed Weaton how also has pasted. He replaced me at Mike's grocery store when I started high school. He lives in California now but still E-mails a friend of mine. Vinnie Beatty lived down the street near the Markee family and across the street from Mike Higgin, Jimmy Taylor and my counsin Frankie Gisondi. Vinnie lives in Florida now, but was back in Philly last week for the doo-wop concert at Penns Landing. Pat Cimorelli from Garfield St, you went to Saint Mike's with my cousins, Frankie & Kathy Colella from Clapier St. Rosemarie we still friends?
Tommy Colella, St Franny's 61, N Catholic 65. [09-28-2007]

What a trip!Just for fun I was googling a name not really expecting to see anything sgnificant. Well surprise surprise this is the first site that came up. I went to ST. athanasius, then Cardinal Dougherty. I was friendly with many people from Germantown (Chew and Chelten). We just had our 40th???UGH! Reunion at the Flourtown Country Club on May5th. Great fun. A lot of people from Immaculate Conception were there. I wonder who knows this site exists? I'm going to e-mail it to some people. like mary Joe Mcsparron, Ginny Crowne, Eileen MaGee, Kathy Bennis, "Gugs", stevie Brennan, Jimmy Griffin Gregory Striano, Freddie Vernon, This feels like an academy award speech! Does anyone remember me? By the way, I don't think David Faino went to Immaculate,he was in Holy Rosary, then St. Bennedicts He started school at the tender age of 5 and graduated at age 17.in 1965 so he is actually younger than many of the Immaculate people who went to the reunion 0f 66. Is that too much information? Oh well, I think I should start passing this on. I am years old. My last job was at West Phila. High School. Many fun times there.
Gloria Monturano (Deriscavage), I love to make CD's but they weren't played at reunion! [09-28-2007]

I just found this site. Wow! I remember a lot of the information that people are talking about. I lived on Church Lane, at Belfield Avenue, was in the Yearsley Blackhawks, went to St. Vincent's, Immaculate Conception, Cardinal Dougherty, La Salle College, knew the Graham Family, the Doyle Family, the Leech Family. It is very nice to go back and remember growing up in Germantown.
Margaret Chiodo-Keller [09-27-2007]

Anthony, Lynne and I are talking about the 400 block of West Woodlawn.. at Chelten and Morris. My Grandparents lived on that block. Erda
Erda [09-27-2007]

Still trying to find anyone who lived on E.Bringhurst st. or e.ashmead arond 1939 till 1945. knew the Punnellas from ashmead st. they nwere a bunch of brothers,who belonged to the gtn. boys club. Bill Cagno was the athletic director. I belonged to the minstrials show.We wore red tops with the GTN inthe middle of a pair of wings. My uncle Bill owned the B&L steak shop on Wakefield st. across from Knotts tavern. If anyone rembers any of this please email me at candi139@optonline. thank you.
Bill Leonardo, I live in trenton nj.79 yrs. young [09-25-2007]

sandy, thanks for the response, jackie was my cousin, unfortunatly he has since passed away, and yes he was a good guy. as all us g-town guys are
anonymous [09-22-2007]

Wow great site thank you
Joe Garvey [09-21-2007]

erda, i loved the yearsley drum and bugle corp ... such great memories ... i loved the marching and learning to play the horn and drums somewhat too it sure had a great bunch of kids belong to it thats for sure ... do you remember oakie .. he was who taught me how to march .. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [09-21-2007]

Lynee what hundred Woodlawn were you? My godmother lived on that street and I was there very often.
anthonyg [09-21-2007]

I went to St. Michael's,late forties to early 50's Germantown was a wonderful memory and so were all friends and classmates.Would like to hear from some of you who remember me and my brother Nick Sisters Pat and Nancy We are from the Garfield and Seymore Streets neighborhood.
iMaryann Cimorelli, 69Yrs Old Hsbg. Pa. [09-20-2007]

Hello All, Bill you talked about Frankie Hart.. He is one of the good guys.. Frankie was the Asst. Director of Yearsley BlackHawks when I belonged to them in the 60’s.. Because of him, Mr. Reeves and many other members of the Yearsley post we had something good in our life as kids.. Drum Corps was a good thing for kids back then. Anyone could join and they would teach you.. It is a shame it is so costly today and not open to any kid off the street today..
Erda [09-20-2007]

Hi Bill,I do remember a Jackie Guldin I think he lived around Nelson St he was a real nice guy also he went around with a nice bunch of guys but I really forget their names that was in the late 1950;s Sandy
anonymous [09-20-2007]

Bill, I tried to e-mail you about Frankie Hart, but it failed. Send me your e-mail address. Thanks.
Dave Linn, Fox Chase [09-20-2007]

Anthony, Yes I do remember the Food Fair, but I see that Erda remembers the name of the little grocery store across from it. It was Food Town and would be considered a specialty store today. Erda, I do remember the games. We did a lot of weird things on Woodlawn Street. I remember that we also played in the woods at the end of Woodlawn until they built a high rise apartment there. Lynne
Lynne [09-19-2007]

any body remember the guldin's from immaculate parish
bill, 52 [09-19-2007]

Hi Ross, I graduated with you from Holy Rosary in 1952. Happy to hear from you.
Annamarie D [09-19-2007]

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Miss Sandy and Shelton Burke, her son. Miss Sandy was the Crossing Guard at Haines and Morton Street. School crossing for Our Lady of the Rosary.
Edward Farrar, Chester, VA [09-19-2007]

to dave linn thanks for that info about frankie hart.were you a friend of frankis? he hung out with a bunch of fellows that were irish and they called them selves the bringhurst st. gang. email me if you think you know me. i left gtn. in 1946 to join the army bill leo
Bill Leonardo [09-19-2007]

It's nice to see that things have lightened up here considerably and people are being charitable once again. I say spend an afternoon in Chestnut Hill or at Morris Arboretum. It's the best time of the year.
Ralph [09-19-2007]

hi denise i sent your mom an e mail .. do you know if she received it ... rosemarie hit malageri
rosemarie malageri [09-18-2007]

Hey Ross right behind you in St Joachims & Soph year at North Catholic 52 & 53
Jim Clark [09-18-2007]

Though I haven't lived in Gtown since I was 12, it's such a part of who I am today. My grandparents were Ed and Mary who lived at 1029 Rittenhouse St. As for me, I grew up at 960 E. Price St. Great memories of making leaf piles in the Fall. And the smell of them burning--trick or treating in the neighborhood--even getting apples! Winter brought sleding at Aubury Park--great hills. Spring was bike riding/climibing trees at Aubury again. Summer in the city was fire plugs, and dancing in the water, hand ball, playing "Spring" and hide the belt. Don't forget the great card games with all the sharks (Freddie, Sabe, Patty, Neddie, Dennis and me). The girls were fun too. Shirley, Creety, Patty and Kathy come to mind right away. ICS was a great school. I was a Cub/Boy Scout--troup 118. Bonefide member of the Legion of Mary. I was also a "safety." At ICC I was an alter boy. First year we didn't have to learn Latin (yippie). My dad went to ICS too as did my aunt Mary Lou. Dad then went to St John's in Manayunk, Mary Lou was the first graduating class from CD. Dad went onto "The Mount" while Mary Lou went to Marymount in Scranton, PA (much later). We left the city in '69. I have vivid memories of places and gatherings. Most were very good.
Dan Powers, from E. Germantown, 50 [09-18-2007]

Bill, Frankie Hart lives in North Cape May, NJ Dave
Dave Linn, NE Philly [09-18-2007]

It is so great to read about Germantown .I grew up on east Garfield St. went to St Michaels and Little Flower CHS. I would love to hear from old friends and school mates. I happened on this site by mere chance . My parents were Nick and Mary, my brother Nick still lives in Philly. My sisters,Maryann and Nancy and I now live in Harrisburg Pa. We often talk about Germantown and remember fondly of all the great times we had growing up in a magical place.Memories of cashmans store, jacks fruit market,Woodys grocery and the five and dime on the corner of germantown and seymour st. Anyone remember Chicks candy store where the newspapers and magazines comic books and candy counter were in the front of the store but the toys were kept in the back where kids werent allow to go without a adult with them. how about maryjane candy and soda shop and who could ever forget Bitners bakery WOW it was the best. I hung out on Sat afternoons at the Lyric theater watching double features with tons of cartoons and newreels . with my 50 cent allowance I went to the movies bought a box of good and plenty candy and a bag of popcorn .next to the lyric was the Doghouse eatin or take out,the best hotdogs ever down from that was Jacks Deli. I can still smell those jewish pickles in the barrel. All of us who have fond memories of Germantown remembering all of the great places and friends we grew up with are very lucky to have lived in a town at a time when life was simplier and people were trusting and stores were almost at your fingertips. Everything was within walking distance . Germantown and Chelton were great shopping areas and wonderful at Christmas time. Thanks for reading
Pat Cimorelli, Pat Cimorelli,age 62 [09-18-2007]

Feel free to post your thoughts or just leave a message about germantown in my germantown pa friends blog..read information that you may never have known before.. enjoy! http://www.germantownpafriends.myeweb.net
pattie [09-17-2007]

ross-i don't remember the kelly girls or the other person you mentioned,(my mom said she was friends w/ terry kelly & linda benz.) my mom is 61. i was born in "65". i was born in my grandmother mary's house then my mom moved next door to your mothers after my dad came home from viet nam. i come to this site and relay stuff back to my mother because she doesn't like getting on the computer, although i wish she would, she could be in thouch w/ a lot of people she hasn't seen or heard from in a long time.
DENISE [09-17-2007]

Yes, Erda, I do know something about mom's store. It was her and pop and her daughter who could now speak. We used to sit on the step at night and pop would stick his head out of the second floor window and then put a shot gun out the window. We just would run. Today he would be locked up. They also sold ice cream. I think it was Hershey's. I lived right across the street on the corner.
anthonyg [09-16-2007]

erda i remember that store .. it was directly across the street from my aunts house and across the street from anthonys house she also sold ice cream ... rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [09-16-2007]

Here is a good one for all of you who went to St Vincent's.. Remember Mom's Candy store on the corner of Price and Wakefield.. It was a house,I beleive the living room was made into a little penny candy store.. I think candy is all she sold.. I was in the lower grades when it closed.. The woman who owned it was very old then.. Anthony you may know something about it..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [09-15-2007]

jc. you told duke garvin yo sat next to men at north what is your name.ross c.
ROSS C. [09-15-2007]

hi denise. so you8r mother was eleanor. what a small world. ask her if she remembers when we would dance on my porch .i wpoulc come home from being out with my crowed at penn & magnolia and all her friends would be on your grand mother porch. i would put the rcvictor 45 player next to the window and we would all dance. how is your mother and your aunts.i sidnt know you rented my mothers house. they tore it down you know. i livewd there from 54 to 64 when i got married and moved up to mt airy.do you remember the kelly girls around the corner on morton st. peggy kelly comes to our p& m reunion we have it at the ace coference center. we usualluy have 40 to 60 people who com.this yr, its sept. 29th sit down dinner open bar good music and dance contest.did you know dianne benz who lived on the other side of my house? ross c.
ROSS C. [09-15-2007]

Any one reamember Frankie Hart lived on e. Bringhurst st. just down from the fire house on gtn. Av. and e. bringhurst st. early 40s beloned to the gtn. boys club, also Joey Hood. boxed with him at the club.around 1938 or 39 please email me if any of this sounds familior Thanks any one remember Ababamonties on gtn. Ave.had a daughter named Martinal and a older brother Joe. It was just down from the new lyric movie house,also Fliegamens 5&10
Bill [09-15-2007]

RE: FAINO. I found David Faino and Armand Faino in Cardinal Dougherty H.S. year book for '65. That would make them about 60 yrs old
anonymous [09-14-2007]

to denise thank you that is so nice of you ! i will get in touch with your mom soon. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [09-12-2007]

hi rosemarie...i will tell her today when i call her. her email is endpoli@epix.net.
DENISE [09-11-2007]

Really loved growing up in Germantown and I look forward to any upcoming reunions. I was a member of Yearsley and now in the seior corp "Reilly Raiders". Hung at Gtn & Chelten, Chew and Chelten for a little while and 21st and Chelten. Made great friends and still see some.
Fran, 60, from East Gtn, St. michaels, Immacultae and Little Flower, then Olney [09-10-2007]

I am looking for information on an antique rail road bench that suppossingly sat in the waiting room of the Pennsylvania R R Depot in Reading, PA 1879. Would mean a lot to me if anyone has any pictures of this station or any info on findings on the internet. I was born in Ada, PA and family was and some still are in the Uniontown area. Thanks for the site! B. Malone
Bev Malone, Mena,AR [09-10-2007]

I'm trying to fund some information on: 1. Fires that occurred in Germantown between the years 1830 and 1860 (my relatives, the Hodels, are said to have owned a clothing store during this time period. After having been burnt out by a second fire, they packed up and moved to Cumberland, MD). 2. Information on anyone named Hodel owning/ running a newspaper during this same time period. 3. Information on a family named Bussinger who lived in the area during or prior to this time period. I'm disabled and live out of state so physically and financially I'm limited. I'd appreciate ANY help! Thanks
Terry Craig [09-10-2007]

hi denise how is your mom ... say hi for me and tell her that i was just with neaty kelly and bunny westerfield ... please ask her to get in touch with me ... it would be so good to hear from her rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-10-2007]

hi maryalice my sister in law susan still lives in germantown too .. and still enjoys her walks through the neighborhood she says it is so nice to hear you mention all of these wonderful places that we grew up in and around ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-10-2007]

Hi all here is a great website I found several years back. http://www.surekey.com/pm/page2.htm I am from Morris Street on the west side but P & M was one of the tight knit neighborhoods in Germantown. We all had our little section of neighborhood that will always be special to us. But most of us had friends in every part of Germantown.. It really did not matter where you lived. I am sure anyone who grew up in Germantown will enjoy it.. You may even find an old friend on this site.. I did! Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [09-08-2007]

Hi to Erda, Bob Smith, Rosemarie and everyone else. My sister told me about this site and I thought I'd check it out. So many great memories. I grew up in and still live in West Germantown near Chelten and Morris. We grew up at 5536 Morris St. I now live around the corner in my grandparents house. They bought it in 1921. I have traced it back to 1875 but know that it is much older then that. It was originally a trinity. My grandfather grew up on East Walnut Lane. I have read much about the present condition of Germantown. Yes there are areas that have deteriorated immensely, but there are areas that are still very nice and have lots of young professionals moving in. Mine happen to be one of them. I love it here. There is no place in the city were there is not crime. And there is a lot less crime here then in North Philly or sections of West Philly. Now to some memories. The dry cleaners that had the drive thru at Pulaski and Chelten is still there. But the drive thru is gone. There was another grocery store at Chelten and Morris before the Acme. It was the American Store and the store was on the site where the parking lot is now. Our next door neighbor Helen Boylan worked at the Toddle House on Wayne Ave. She was their baker. My first summer job, other then babysitting, was working at the soda counter in Darrows the year I turned 16. We use to stop at Linton's on Friday night on our way home from Girl Scouts at St Vincent's. First Fridays we went to breakfast at Horn and Hardart's after Mass and Holy Communion and then rushed back to school for class. I remember all the stores on Chelten Ave and Germantown Ave painting their windows for Holloween and trying to guess who would win first prize. Our mother worked in the fabric department of JC Penney's when they first opened. On Saturdays we would watch whoever's wedding reception was at the Delmar Morris. The bride and groom always had their picture taken out front. And remember when a wedding party drove through the neighborhood they continuously honked their horns. We went sledding back of the Alden Park until we were old enough to go to Tommy's Hill, up Wissahickon Ave. I went to the coffee house at Baynton and Chelten a couple of time with my brother. Cannot remember it's name. Went to the World Control Studios frequently. Admisssion was only $1.00 and I saw Bonnie Raitt there. Sat in on Dave Bromberg's first recording, and saw lots of other performers who I can't remember their names now. So many good memories. Maryalice Brennan
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Germantown [09-08-2007]

to ross c. i lived on greeves ct and my uncle lived on heiskell street across from the heads and a couple of doors up from the paolis and georgie adams and his family ... his name was joe catalano my other uncle and his family lived around the corner near bakers drug store ... charlie catalano .... and my uncle victor and his family, me my mom and my sister all lived on greeves ct ... did you know chops, sam, mike and vic catalano and their sisters and me ? rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [09-08-2007]

to ross c.- my grandmother was mary head. in fact i lived in your mother's house at 5668 heiskell st. my mother eleanor rented from your mother.
DENISE (POLI) VIOLA [09-08-2007]

To David Gerred.I am related to the Faino's and friends with the Vassallo's. I do not know if they are who you are looking for but I have contacted my cousin who knows everyone it seems and am waiting for him to let me know who they are. My grandmother Philomena Duva got married to a Capozzi until he passed away, and then re-married a Faino. I remember hearing stories of my Uncle Angelo dying of appendicitis poisoning at an early age, and I believe his fathers name could have been Angelo, I will let you know.
Nick Capozzi, 47 Living in Lansdale, Own a business in Gtn. [09-07-2007]

i am of italian decent. lived at 444 e. high st.hung on the corner of high and magnolia when i was seven moved to 34o e mechanic st and then 5668 heiskell st in cowtown.graduated from holy rosary in 1952 went to all the school dances at. st vincents,lasalle holy cross the ymca on green st those of you who went to holu rosary,remember the little italian guy who made shave ice cones in the summer and sof pretzels in the winter out sise the school.every one went to the movies remember the orphem colonial,vernon.band box, walton rialto remember rowells flag bros. mayann shope litons,barrs jeewelry stor berrys mens store,vernon mens shope vernon park, ywca lowells jewelry store fallaticos resturant. i remember when i was at hr.scool there was a girl from gonzaga home veronica twee in my room. some of the gils in my clas were lucy giorno,theresa anistasia. mary therease ludivico,ana marie dilisio,jouce scarpello. when i lived in cowtown i lived between diane benz and mary head. george adams lived on my st. he had red har and became a firemanlois boggs use to hang with the girls at armat and heiskell st.i ue to hang wit a group of guys at penn & magnolia.if any one would share memoriesget back to me. rossi
ROSS C, born and raised in gtn. now in n.e. phila [09-07-2007]

Hello Anita. I remember the Kelly girls and the names you mentioned. Weren't you at the 61 reunion? I went even though it was not my class.
anthony [09-07-2007]

To Lynne: I remember the drive-thru dry cleaner. It was on the SW corner of Pulaski & Chelten. Even though there were two large ovrhead doors the CO used to build up in there and if you had to wait for even a little while you could get a head-ache (talk about in-door air polution). Directly accross Chelten Ave. was a Pantry Pride super market, I think it was a Food Fair first. Also, to David Gerred: I remember a Faino from grade school, Immaculate Conception, Gtn. David Faino, maybe? He woul be about 60 yrs old. He may be in my HS year book, if so I'll post what I know later. Stay tuned Regards Mike Horn aka Francis Michael Horn, I.C.grade school, CDHS, '65
Mike Horn [09-06-2007]

for David Gerred, I graduated from Archbishop Wood Boy's High School Warminster, Pa. in 1980 with a Christopher Faino and a Matt Vassallo. I lost touch with them but I can tell you that they were from the Warminster Pa.- Bucks county area. I am certain that their families came from Germantown. You can probably look them up online. http://www.peoplefinders.com/ I hope this helps.
anonymous [09-06-2007]

Well, another summer has gone and now it's back to school time. Having gone to Immaculate, going to school was about a 10-15 minute walk, depending on whether or not I stopped at Heller's store on the way. I can still smell the pretzels that were sold in the classroom(5 cents)along with the milk or juice cartons for the morning break. School day always opened with the pledge to the flag and a prayer. During the month of October, it was time for the World Series, at that time played in the afternoon. We had a plan of course to listen to it and the nuns never caught on to it. Back then, the new toy was a Motorola transistor radio that came with an earphone. Since we had to wear a sportcoat to school, it was easy to put the radio in your inside pocket, run the earphone cord down your arm, and then put the earphone in the palm of your hand and put your hand to your ear like you were leaning your head on it. Now you could listen to the game and nobody would be disturbed. After the inning was over, you would give an update to the guys around you who didn't have a radio. I was amazed at how many guys looked like I did with their hands to their heads and the nuns never caught on. After school, I would race home to catch the rest of the game on T.V.. Walking home from school was always the highlight of the day; stop in Ann & Ed's for a pretzel stick (a penny, or 2 cents with mustard)or maybe Mom's store for a quick game of pinball and a fountain soda. Oh well, great memories keep you in good spirits and there were so many good memories of living in Germantown.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [09-06-2007]

Lynn, Yes I do remember the dry cleaners on the corner of Pulaski and Chelten. No you are not dreaming it was a drive thru. Boy! Germantown was ahead of it times. The McDevitt’s lived in the apartment above the cleaners. The grocery store next to J.C.’s Bar was the Food Town.. It was a very old grocery store. It had a sign that advertised it as being the first self serve stores. When I was a kid I did not understand what the sign meant because we always had self serve stores.. The A&P also was an old store with wood floors. Remember the big bread boxes in front of the A&P? Anyway I think that is what they where? Just had pad locks to keep whatever was put in then over night. I also remember we could not wait for the Acme to close so we could play in the parking lot. They where the days when grocery stores closed at 6 pm except on Friday and Saturday they stayed open until 10 pm.. And nothing was open on Sunday except Darrow’s.. And you could only bye food and drugs on Sunday.. Remember the games we played as kids, “Red Rover Come Over”, “Bread & Butter”, “Mother May I”, “Roller Skating on Woodlawn Street”., Sitting on the porch playing Jacks. I don’t think we ever where bored there was always something to do and someone to play with or hang out with.. Bored was not anything we experienced. Great memories Lynn, keep them coming.. Erda
Erda, West Norriton, PA [09-06-2007]

Hi....looking for Nicky Lazaro, Tommy Pinto, Charley Chioda, or anybody that remembers the Kelly girls
anita kelly, morton st. went to st.vincent De Paul school [09-06-2007]

Lynne, I think the supermarket at Chelten and Pulaski was the Food Fair. I sold Christmas trees there one year, right out of high school and still not knowing where I was going.
anthony [09-06-2007]

Steve W - I'm trying to remember you but I'm having trouble. What's your last name? My brother Steve passed away in 1995.
Frank G [09-06-2007]

I'm doing a family tree for the ofspring of Guisseppe Faino and Luisa Vassallo from Montecorvino Rovella, Italy. Four sons and one daughter came to Germantown and two brothers stayed in Italy. I'm looking for information about the children of the ones who came to Germantown; Rachele Faino, Salvatore Faino, Angelo Faino, Vito Faino and Carmine Faino. I met my mother's uncles when I was young but that was a long time ago. Carmine was my grandfather so of course I have all of his info. I have also visited the family in Italy and have the info for the two brothers that stayed there. I think my mom refered to Angelo as Uncle Charlie and Vito as Uncle David and maybe Salvatore as Uncle Sam. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can also share the information about the family in Italy if you are interested. I have wonderful memories of visiting my anuts, uncles and cousins in Germantown.
David Gerred, 54, Burbank,CA [09-05-2007]

To Frank G, and everyone else, too. I stumbled upon this great website a couple of years ago, and I've been a steady reader, but only a very, very rare poster. Not having grown up right in Germantown, but in nearby Nicetown, I still recognize many of the places that are mentioned here. It's always a wonderful trip going down the proverbial memory lane coming here every couple of days. So many of the landmarks and the stores and the hang-outs are all places I know and knew then, although so far, I haven't recognized any of the local names that anyone has mentioned. I do remember thinking how it was all changing when I was going to Germantown High in the late 60's. Anyhow, to get to the point, today, Frank G, in your latest post, I recognized one of the names that you mentioned, and it's unique enough that it's got to be the same guy that I knew when we were in grade school at Logan Elementary back in the 50's. William Weisenbach (sp?) is one of the earliest names that I remember from my childhood. If it's the same guy, I remember meeting him in kindergarten at Logan. That was in 1957 or 58. But not being from the same couple of blocks when we were growing up, he was someone I only knew in school, and not someone who I used to pal around with outside of school. At some point, we lost touch, (not that we ever really kept in touch at that age), but his name has stayed with me all these years, because of a simple kindness he showed me in kindergarten. Yeah, if you can believe it, he offered to be my friend when we were what, 5 or 6 years old. And decades later, I still remember him, although I have no idea who is, or even who he was, for that matter. Just a memory from 50 years ago. Could it be the same guy?
Jeff, grew up in Nicetown [09-05-2007]

Frank G ... I knew Eddie Tighe from church and from school....I remember when Eddie Weston's parents bought a corner grocery store and moved over the other side of Wayne Ave. We would walk over to see Eddie regularly. His dad and mom would always treat us to something when we would show up.... You mean Nickie Cretelli who lived a few doors from the corner grocery store (Mikes?). Nickie worked there for a while. Nickie and I were good friends. We went to Cooke Junior High together.... I knew of Tommy Collela (he lived near your store) and Vinnie Beatty (he lived next to Nickie I think), but they weren't really in my circle of friends. I doubt that they would even know my name....There have been people on this site who knew Jimmy Deacon's sisters, Bunny and Kathy.... I'm afraid I don't have any idea where any of the old gang are nowadays.
Robert D., 58 [09-05-2007]

FrankG: I has been along time since I thought about sleding at Shedaker and Sheldon, and the lot between your house and Camillo's Lumber, not to mention the time spent on the corner of S&B. And the names that both you and Robert Daley mentioned: Frankey Chatter, Jimmy Deacon, George Rowan, Nicky Cretelle (correct Spelling), Johnny B, Mike Higgins, Tommy Walls, Tommy Carmonde (I was sorry to hear that he passed), to name a few, all brought back good memories. Maybe once every few years I'll see Kevin Deacon, but he is the only one I see from the old neighborhood. However, one of my best friends from the hood was one S. Gisondi. Even after your family moved, I hung out with him at Flick's on the Road. And always remember Rizzo's special forces harrassing us as we drove up your street.
SteveW [09-05-2007]

Anonymous and Erda, Do you remember a dry cleaners on the corner of Chelten and Pulaski? I think it was mid 1960's. If I remember correctly you could enter the building in your car on the Chelten Ave. side and exit on Pulaski. Am I just dreaming this or was there really a drive through cleaners? Also, I remember a supermarket on Chelten Ave between Morris and Pulaski. I think this was before the Acme was built and we only had an A&P (with wooden floors)next to Darrows Drug store.
Lynne [09-05-2007]

Does anyone know what ever happened to Mike Cunningham....he had a child with Pat Ireland then got married to someone after she died and then no one ever saw him again.
Billy V [09-05-2007]

Robert Daley ... I too knew Jimmy Deacon and George Rowan. Some other guys I knew from that neighborhood were Michael Higgins, Tommy Walls, Bobby Dolan, Butchie Tighe, Johnny Bird, Jimmy Connors, Eddie Cunnigham, Mike Malageri, Tom Collela, David Leddy, Eddie Weston, Nick Catelli(?), Billy Wisenbach, etc. Where are all these people?
Frank G [09-04-2007]

to a friend, i know linda graham ... i am contact with her daily ... if you give me your info i will gladly pass it on to her ... rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [09-04-2007]

To Jane Bender: I went to the Germantown Boys Club back in the early 60's (it was a routine for all of the boys in my area, SW G-town). Especially loved the swimming pool on hot summer days and nights, and the Coke machine that dropped a wax cup, then filled it with fizzy soda, heavy on the syrup, nice big head on top. I went to Camp Indiandale for a bunch of years. That always entailed getting a physical from Dr. Phillips across the street. The camp property is still there - I drove though about three years ago. Mr. Riggs was in charge of the Indian Lodge there, which was impressive and awe-inspiring. Full of stuff that looked very authentically Indian, lots of feathers. We also did arts and crafts in there, I think, stuff with gimp, beads, fake stained glass, etc.. At the end of the week, we did a play / ritual in costume in the space in a clearing that was dedicated to that - the parents came up for that. One of the nice jobs was to be hidden up the hill, shaking a big piece of sheet metal to simulate thunder. Mr. Riggs was an imposing man of large size, at least to a little kid like me. I think he wore suspenders and always had a cigar butt. Other guys, chime in if my memory is faulty.
Bruce Marshall, 55, still in G-town [09-04-2007]

The Toddle House was on Wayne Ave., between Chelten and School House Lane. Darrows was the drug store with the soda counter that was long. That was across the street from Acme, on Chelten and Morris. Hassingers was the place where the older lady sold groceries and they also had a lunch counter. That was on Chelten Ave. by Pulaski Ave, across the street from Leedom and Whistler, which was only a drug store.
anonymous [09-04-2007]

To A Friend Yes I know a Linda Graham.. My husband has a sister Linda. He also has 5 other sisters, They grew up on Church Lane looking up Belfield, only a couple houses from the John’s store.. How is that the same Linda you are looking for?? If so she often checks out this web site, she is the person who directed me to this site and I glad she did..
Erda [09-03-2007]

I know Linda Graham
Mike B Bresnan, Belfield [09-03-2007]

Lived at 959 E Chelten Ave. I remember Ann and Ed's. We used to call her Jello. We played wire ball on the corner of Stafford and Sprague st. Ms. "Steal the Ball" lived on the corner. Everytime the ball would end up on her porch we had to vote who would get it. The Immaculate convent was across the street. We would play step ball on Ann and Ed's steps that faced Stafford St. How about the pinball machines they had in the back room. How about Conway's store on the corner of Chelten and Sprague that later became Dan's. I believe it was an old Unity Frankford store. The old drug store on the opposite corner. I believe it later became a steak shop or barber shop. They were the good old days.
Jim Money [09-02-2007]

not a word about ed's and ann's penny candy store on sprague st across from immaculate, you know most of you went in there, didn't you
anonymous [09-01-2007]

to erda do you know a linda graham
A FRIEND, philadelphia [09-01-2007]

lived on lean street (red brick hill) went to the germantown boys club . st michael of the saints school i loved germantown . went to all the dances . life was so different then !
frank, north wales pa. [09-01-2007]

Anonymous: Joe Carluzzi did live on my block and had a brother Bobby. I think they had a little sister when they were in their teens. They moved from the 700 block to the 800 block at one time. There was a Dickie Felice but I don't remember a Richie. Glad to hear from some on my block. Also Herman the shoemaker, Brooks shoe store and someone emailed to remind me of the Bright Spot variety store. I also remember the tin man that used to be outside the hardware store at Locust & Chew. Wilma
Wilma, 64 Bucks Co. [09-01-2007]

hey i remember knabs bakery .. oh my gosh it was a ritual ...we would do church, cemetery and then stop off at knabs for some delicious goodies ... ha! also, does anyone know or see judy christman she lived with right off of price street near st vincents church .. i would love to hear from her your right bill .. it is nice that things have lightened up .. i enjoy reading about these memories and yes even the receipe's since they too hold memories of those days ... ha! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-01-2007]

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