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July 2007

Hi Pat, I have to say after I read your reply I had to laugh. I was not the best kid in school but, when someone remembers you because you were as bad as them. That's just too funny. What else do you remember if anything ? Where do you live now ? JoAnn :)
JoAnn ( Palmieri ) Benton, Living in Florida, 54 yr. young [07-30-2007]

to alex .. hi alex .. i am so glad that grandmom finally told your dad about this site however ... cutie ... why don't you just ask me what the name of the person is who was asking about your dad ... ha! his name is george green and yes he worked for your dad many years ago ... if you read down this page a bit you will probably be able to find his message to me about your dad ... how is you dad doing .. i hope good and please say hi to him for me ... how are you and kris .. hope both of you are well ... also ..two girls sandy and joanne who also grew up with and knows not only your dad but your aunts and uncles as well ... they too were asking about your dad ... love ya aunt ro
rosemarie malageri [07-30-2007]

so I was talking to my grandmother the other day(Mary Catalano) and she told me about this site. She mention that an old friens of my father, Sam Catalano, was asking about him. I forget his name of hand, but he worked for my pop at Villa. Well, anyone who is wondering how my dad is doing, feel free to contact me and I'll fill you in, and let dad know you were asking for him. thank......hey aunt ro....
alex, sam catalano's son [07-28-2007]

denise ..i spent a lot of time at that apt.bldg.on 13th street..i kind of remember your grandmother..i was young when they all lived there.i am 44 y/o my older brothers remember all of it
dennis garvey [07-28-2007]

lived on machanic st.1957 to 1961 went to holy rosery and i to remember a joann palmieri she was cute and as bad as me
pat sirianni, 55 and sick now young and bad then [07-28-2007]

anonymous, if you should talk to or see georgie tell him that rosemarie (ro ro) said hello please ...if he doesn't remember who i am .. tell him that he played cards at my moms house on stafford st and that sammy catalano is my cousin thank .. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-27-2007]

Great Sight!I just love reading the great memories of growning up back then! I lived in the Gonzaga home for girl,s. I went to school At Holy Rosary,with a few other gril's from the home.This was back in the early 60's,I was there until 5th grade. Anyone remember? Thank's
JoAnn ( Palmieri ) Benton, Living in Florida age 54 [07-27-2007]

dennis, a couple of christmas's there were people dressed in the "seven dwarfs" costumes at the party, thought maybe you were one. my mother tells me your mother, and aunt harriet (i remeber aunt harriet and uncle walt)would get together with my grandmother and aunt katherine to play cards all the time. the earliest memories i have would be when they all had apartments at the same complex (aunt harriet, aunt katherine my grandmother) but i can't remember the name of the place.
DENISE [07-27-2007]

to lorraine cupo kelly, do you remember a girl named lena manero .. she skated at the rodney rink a lot ... rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-26-2007]

Reading "your thoughts" brings back many fond memories of growing up in Germantown. I lived on the 1300 block of Haines St. There was a Mechanic Street that ran parallel to Haines St. You could access it from Stenton Ave. or you could access it by going out the back yard of any house on the 1300 block of Haines St. & cross the field (until McGuire's plumbing acquired the empty lot). They used it for parking their trucks & storing their equipment). There was a "Father, Son & Holy Ghost" house on Mechanic St. I wasn't familiar with the term "townhouse" at the tender age of 13. The Rodney Street ice skating rink was a welcome addition to our neighborhood. I remember skating (in grey bermuda shorts w/red knee socks....very stylish), shivering, skating to the music, drinking hot chocolate, and socializing with so many other teens in the neighborhood. Life was good & still is. Thanks for the opportunity to share some of my fondest memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl cdhs 59 [07-25-2007]

germantown blog.. http://www.germantownpafriends.myeweb.net
pattie [07-25-2007]

anthony ... yes it was good eating that pizza ... and i still enjoyed it when my mom moved to manyunk since they would drive around there in a small truck selling it ... yummm ... rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-25-2007]

denise...my 3 daughters still have the pillows aunt katherine made for them.i was at the party's dress up?? i am the youngest maybe my older brothers dressed up as santa..i rember mary head and joe always at my mothers house
dennis garvey [07-25-2007]

To- F. DiCondina, Unfortunately we can not bring back neighborhoods to their original people, places, and things. You are very fortunate that you still can 'enjoy the neighborhood' as it is today. Many of us had to relocate due to high crime and the loss of our freedom to walk, play, and live in some inner city neighborhoods. Just this weekend the gun violence has sky rocketed again. This is staggering and I hope and pray the future will bring safety to our neighborhoods.
anonymous [07-25-2007]

to dennis garvey: uncle mart & aunt katherine where at my house every week. aunt kathrine would sew (she made us pillows when we were little and then made them for our children when we got older. uncle mart would always take his walks out to the avenue. they were very close to my grandparents. were you one of the garvey's who dressed up at the christmas parties at the bolten dixon?
DENISE [07-23-2007]

Sandy, Bill Frith e mailed me and said to give you his address. Send me an email and I'll give it to you.
anthony [07-23-2007]

dennis garvey i believe you have need to sign your name in this block here before you send your message to whomever .. and katherine was a wonderful woman. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-23-2007]

why did you all move.Im still here enjoying the neighborhood. F. DiCondina
Squeak [07-23-2007]

Sandy, never got your e mail. Try again
anthony, anthonygi@comcast.net [07-23-2007]

Sandy, I will get in touch with the friend of mine and tell her to tell Bill. I don't know his whereabouts, but will find out.
anthony [07-23-2007]

It was good eating, that Scalea's pizza, wasn't it Rosemarie?
anthony [07-23-2007]

erda, i of course remember the bergs too .. linda and carol and their sister were the nicest girls .. the twins were so funny ... gosh erda, i think the last time i had any contact with i believe it was linda was when we had our st. vincent reunion .. remember that ! rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-21-2007]

to anonymous some of my husbands family are from brick yard .. malageri's and i believe the durkins ... has anyone heard from them .. i havn't seen them since my father in laws funeral ... they were a nice group of people ...
rosemarie malageri [07-21-2007]

to denise..i dont know why it comes up anonymous..i am dennis garvey uncle mart was my mothers brother..i loved aunt katherine she was a doll.
anonymous [07-21-2007]

Anthony you never got back to me about Bill Frith I would just like to know if he is around and is he the same guy I'am asking about I did send you an email don't know if you got it thanks Sandy,Cowtown
anonymous [07-21-2007]

Bernadette Iannuzzi. I had the names confused, I was thinking of Barbara Iacullo. I probably know you but it's been so many years, sometimes the names are familiar but you can' place the person. You are right my uncle Jack got involved in most happenings. That's why they called him the Mayor of Mechanic st. If you still see my cousin AnnaMarie tell her cousin Joanne says hi. I went to Holy Rosary and am 63
Joanne Posimo [07-21-2007]

Hi Sandy. Yes, Jackie Berg did have a sister Susie and also Carol and Linda. I don't remember the street, but you are right in that area. Also knew Frankie Sherwood and Pete Jacquinto and his younger brother Michael.
anthony [07-20-2007]

anthony ... ha .. i spelled it wrong too but i ate it right ... ha. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-20-2007]

Joanne..I dont know who Barbara Iannuzzi was. I went to OLR and am 61. Do you remember me? We lived next door to Jack and Millie. Anna Marie is still my close friend. What great people they are. Jack got involved in most of the happenings in the neighborhood. Bernadette
bernadette iannuzzi rizzo [07-20-2007]

Yo - nice to hear about upper G-town but lets hear from Lower Germantown....you know Brickyard, St.Francis, Wister and Happy Hollow playground areas etc.
Anonymous [07-20-2007]

Anonymous, I know you asked Anthony about the Bergs but I knew the family you are talking about.. Susie was in my sister's grade at St Vincent's and I was in the same grade as the twins, Linda and Carol. They had a large family, I remember a Bobby but not sure there was a Jacky! They lived on Lena Street between Church Lane and Armate. All the houses in that area where sold to make way for the expressway that was going to run thought Germantown. It never happened they picked what we call the Blue Rt. instead. A lot of homes stayed vacant in Germantown because the city bought them to make way for that expressway that never happened.
Erda [07-20-2007]

to anonymous- george adams is my 2nd cousin, his father, uncle mart was my aunt katherine's husband (my grandmother's sister).
DENISE [07-20-2007]

Anthony did Jackie Berg have a sister Susie I think they lived off of Armat St near the bridge I just can't think of the name of the street I think they went to St. Vincent School it's is so many years ago, oh did you know Frankie Sherwood an Pete Jacquinto ?take care Sandy from Cowtown
anonymous [07-19-2007]

I meant to say his company.
anthony [07-18-2007]

And I spelled it wrong. It's Scalea's.They also had very good bread.
anthony [07-18-2007]

anthony yummm .. your right about scalias ... they even had a truck a few years back that went around manyunk and sold their pizzas ... my mom used to always buy them whenever the would come down her street ... rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-18-2007]

to anonymous thanks for the response about georgie and charlie .. both of this guys used to play cards at my moms house a lot ... georgie also was good friends with my cousin sammy catalano and dated my cousin mary for quite a while too when they were kids ... i always liked georgie very much and i'm happy to hear that he is doing well charlie also was a nice guy .. i used to get quite a kick out of his mom anna take care ... rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-18-2007]

to anonymous..george adams is my first cousin..his father is my mother's brother.
anonymous [07-18-2007]

The best tomato pie was from Scalia's. Used to watch Lena and Mary make it. Picked it up fresh and started to eat it on the way home. Can still get similiar pie at Gaeta's on Castor ave.
anthony [07-18-2007]

Yes, anonymous I was in is company a few times. I think he was friendly with Jackie Berg.
anthony [07-18-2007]

Dennis, you're right about Gaeta's tomato pies. They are very good but there just seems to be something missing.
Sheila [07-18-2007]

to Bernadette Iannuzzi Jack LaRue was my uncle and that sounds like something he would do. Did you know they used to call him the mayor of Mechanic street? Are you related to Barbara Iannuzzi? We were good friends many years ago in Holy Rosary school. Joanne
joanne posimo [07-18-2007]

Drewe, I grew up on Morris Street near Chelten Ave. I remember Fern Hill Park. We had Clarks Park much smaller then Fern Hill but still had the free summer programs for kids.. The adults counselors where teachers, that either worked for the city, or volunteered their time in the summer. Our woman counselor changed every year but I remember Mr. Barsktail as always being there. We did lots stuff, went swimming, played volley ball, would play against Fern Hill and other parks in the local area. Happy Hollow I believe also had the same program. Like you we played chess, cards games, made crafts, the summer was full of things to do. Thanks for bring back that memory.
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, St .Vincent '61 Little Flower '65 [07-18-2007]

Dennis, To answer your question ...YES. I'm aware of almost every tomato pie in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and one in Bucks county. I've tasted them all because I love tomato pie. I have older Italian friends (from Italy) who make it better than most of these places. I have to say that some are better than others...no names of course. My Abruzzese grandmother, who grew up in G-town, made the best tomato pie I ever had. I will proabably never have anything as good as hers ever again. The entire family loved it and they miss it. She died and took her recipe with her. I know that she used home grown garden plum tomatoes and her pizza dough was unbeatable. It wasn't chewy or soggy like some pies. She made it on a cookie sheet pan with olive oil. She also made a white pie with small pieces of garlic, olive oil, cheese, pork, and black pepper which was fantastic too. The family was crazy about it. Someone told me that there's another place in South Philly that beats everyone for tomato pie. I don't know who they are and I've never tasted it.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-18-2007]

Yes Anthony I was married to Skinny Joe Paladino and we always were very good friends he was a great guy to me did you know him ???
anonymous [07-18-2007]

Rosemarie,Georgie Adams is doing well he lives in Cape May I think I will ask Harry when I see him again i seen Georgie about 5 years ago at my cousins wedding which is his Uncle he look fine retire from Fire Dept. and Charlie Betty I haven't seen in years he was a good friend of mine, but lost contact of him I think he lives in the Far Northeast I have a good story to tell you about him but I will email it to you Sandy
anonymous [07-18-2007]

Rosemarie, I don't want to get on the food kick again but the tomato pie from Umbria street was excellent. It wasn't acidy and it didn't repeat on me either. The rolls weren't bad either.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-17-2007]

For Karen, Dianne, and the residents of Mechanic St in mid 1960's, I think you are the girls I remember playing with on Magnolia and Mechanic Streets. My name is Delores Cotta. My Aunt (Josephine Cotta) lived at the other end of Mechanic St for about 2-3 years due to unfortunate circumstances. She was married for a short time when her husband was killed on his job. He was an Electrician. They rented the house from an elderly couple and she ended up living there alone. My mother let me stay with her to keep her company. I loved it. We would shop (down the avenue) and talk to neighbors and play. In the evening, we would walk down Mechanic St. First we would stop and talk to the 3 women on the right that owned a store. I think their names were Rosie and Susie. Then we would stop at the house on the left where the mentally chalenged woman lived (she was always rocking in her chair on the porch. My Aunt would talk to MIss Edith and I would play with the girls if they were there. It really made my aunts day pleasant and bearable under difficult circumstances. She didn't want to leave that house but it was sold. Thank you to all involved who made my time and my Aunt Josephines time there so meaningful. She recently passed (I'm sure many of the people mentioned here have also passed on.) Nice reminicing and thinking of pleasant memories. Sincerely, Delores Cotta Hughes, New Hope Pa.
Delores [07-17-2007]

hi, does anybody ever hear from or keep in touch with georgie adams and charlie beatty ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-17-2007]

Hello - Diana Rauzino (now McGuire) is my cousin. I am in touch with her often. In fact, we all lived at the house on Locust Avenue. Please drop me a line at dlamarra@comcast.net. My father was Dominick Pellizzeri, owner of Germantown Landscape Company; my mom was Eleanor, brother Russell and sister Lorraine. Thanks - Mary Ann LaMarra (nee Pellizzeri)
Mary Ann Pellizzeri [07-17-2007]

Rosemarie, I don't remember your cousin as the May Queen, but then again I don't remember any of the others, either. I think my cousin Carol was one year.
anthony [07-17-2007]

to Rosemarie Malageri--kudos & bravos to you about folks not using their names--maybe they aren't what they say they are--live in other parts of Philly & real name would alert us to this. I asked the same question. Maybe the moderator needs to say names must be used. joe taylor
joe taylor [07-17-2007]

Anonymous, was that Skinny Joe Palladino?
anthony [07-17-2007]

Italian Descendent - the tomato pie you mentioned is from Marchiano's and is actually good. Did you ever have Scalea's tomato pie? That was the absolute best. Gaeta's Italian Bakery up on Castor Avenue has the recipe (Gaeta is one of the Scalea sisters' married name), but they don't always ahdere to that recipe. It's hit or miss. Why anyone would mess with perfection is beyond me.
Denis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-17-2007]

ed, it was good to see your entry. i remember you, we were neighbors and you would go to the store for my mom. you brought back good memories for me and mary criniti lived in the house next to the lot. do you remember all the kids who worked on it every day with hammers and chisels until it fell down and the police came and blocked off the neighborhood to find them? The ally was clean then behind mechanic st and all the men would grow their vegatables in wash tubs. my grandfather was genedine and jack larue would turn on the fireplug.
bernadette iannuzzi rizzo [07-17-2007]

erda you are so right about remembering those songs .. they were so beautiful and that was such a special time of the year .. my parish olg still celebrates with a may percession but the may queen does not dress in a beautiful white dress but in a flowing robe like one of the choir singers would wear .. but she is flanked by are maids and they do sing all of those beautiful songs and walk from the school to the church .. the entire student body .. it is still beautiful to see and hear and yes join in. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-17-2007]

italian decendant my mother lived not far from the place where you bought your tomatoe pie she lived on ripka ... she moved there from germantown .. and she loved manyunk ... so did i and loved going down main street .. well at least i did before all of the yuppies moved in and the prices went sky high on everything ... but now roxboro is still very nice and you can get a good meal at a decent price just about anywhere along ridge ave. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-17-2007]

Hi Georgie I sure do remember you also your brothers and sister Donna,an your Mom Mary was such a sweet lady hope you and your family are fine oh Georgie I did run into your brother Eddie ha ha Fast Eddie an his wife a few years back how is your cousin Little Nicky I haven't heard anything about him in years, you are right i did marry Skinny Joe many years ago but we divorce,hope you an your family are fine take care Sandy Cipriano
anonymous [07-17-2007]

For Bill James.... Bill, thanks for the compliment. Although I didn't grow up in G-town I did visit there often when I was young. The one thing that stood out the most was how all the relatives lived so close to each other. It must have been a great place in the 40's and 50's because my father couldn't wait to go spend his entire summer with his grandmother. He told me how much he loved being there. I took a ride to Roxborough the other day and had a similar feeling seeing cobblestone streets and rowhomes with porches. Roxborough is a nice place too. I was on Umbria street near Fountain buying a tomatoe pie.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-16-2007]

Dennis, Mechanic St was between Haines St. and High St, and crossed over the 5900 block of Morton.
Sheila [07-16-2007]

Looking for Dianne Rezzino, from Locust & chew Ave
jc [07-16-2007]

To Dennis Mc Glinchey. MEchanic Street was parallel to Haines and it had a lower end, like 400 East and then there was a block by Haines, that was torn down in order to make room for Martin Luther King High School. Sometimes I feel that the City of Philadelphia hastened the demise of East Germantown. The took over both sides of the 5600 BLock of Devon Street and half of 900 Chelten for Pastorius School and the took Mechanic Street, the odd side of Haines for Martin Luther King. The Immaculate lost over 100 families with those two projects. ANyone who knows anyone from the class of 1967, please have them get in touch with me. I am trying to organize a reunion (40 years) from Immaculate. Joe Galati, Virginia Rio and Dennis Frank have responded.
Bob Mc Creight, ICC 1967 Havertown PA [07-16-2007]

Ed, what years are your memories of Mechanic Street from?
Sheila [07-16-2007]

anthony .. my cousin josephine catalano was the may queen .. and myself, betty ann penderghest, rita graham and mary newitt were her flower girls ... i still have the picture of the 5 of us ... if i say so myself we all looked quite cute ha!
rosemarie malageri [07-16-2007]

To anonymous: I may be the Karen you are referring to in your e-mail. I lived on the corner of Mechanic & Magnolia until the mid 1960's, then moved to another area of Germantown, but my grandfather stayed in that house, and my aunts, uncles and cousins still lived on Mechanic St and Magnolia Ave until well into the 1970's. Also, all of my friends were still in that area of G'town, so I spent more time there then in the neighborhood where my house was. I went to Holy Rosary ( Our Lady of the Rosary) school and graduated in 1966, then off to Cardinal Doughtery where I graduated from in 1970. If I knew your name (I don't get the anonyminity thing) maybe I would remember you. Judy is my cousin and Dianne is family as well. Drop me a line off of this website and maybe we can talk. kac1152@comcast.net
Karen Cerrato, Corner Mechanic & Magnolia [07-16-2007]

I just read a column in the Inquirer thanking all us long-sufferinh Phillies fans for our support and somehow I came across this website. I was born in Germantown Hospital in '47. I remember playing in Fern Hill Park. What a great place to grow up! I played basball with the Fern Hill Falcons and I also remember learning how to play chess at one of the parks free kids classes. I lived on Logan St. I believe that was between Seymour and....Hansberry? I remember lots of the streets mentioned -Pulaski, Abbotsford, Clapier... Anybody remember?
Drewe Phinny, I live near Baltimore now and still have great memories. [07-16-2007]

I was born in Germantown in '47 and remember playing baseball for the Fern Hill Falcons. I also remember learning how to play chess at a free kids' program in Fern Hill Park. Wow, what a great place to grow up! Are there still any remnants of that sort of activity at Fern Hill Park? I wonder if anybody from the "the old days" is checking out this website? Drewe Phinny Germantown Child of the 50's
Drewe Phinny [07-16-2007]

Hi Dennis, Mechanic St was near Musgrave, High, Morton,Magnolia I know I'am forgeteen a lot more street's but that what's comes to mine now the Parish was Our Lady Of The Holy Rosary hope this help's Sandy
anonymous [07-16-2007]

I remember the May Procession.At St. Vincent's. It was the highlights of the May. I think it was always on Mother's Day and you are right Anthony the whole parish came out for it.. We would practice for hours the songs and how to walk from the school yard to the church.. it was something to look forward every May. I Remember some of the songs.. “OH Mary We Crown Thee with Blossoms Today". I can’t remember them all right now! As soon as I hear one of the May Processions songs in Church I know how it goes. They always take me back to my youth. So many of the good things are gone now.. The Catholic Schools don’t do things like that any more. What a shame they where the kinds of things that brought neighbors together.
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [07-16-2007]

My husband lived on Morton Street, at Mechanic, 2 houses from Rosie's store. He went to Holy Rosary and Dougherty.
Sheila [07-16-2007]

Ed, you really coverd a lot of it. At St. Vincent's we had the May Procession and it was done in the afternoon. Almost everyone from the neighborhood attended.
anthony [07-15-2007]

Rosemarie, I remember and he was too young.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-15-2007]

Lots of talk here about Mechanic Street. I've heard of it, not placing it. I gather it was up around Stenton & Haines. Is that true?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-15-2007]

Martha Turner! it was great to read you. You sound like you haven't changed. And that's a good thing. I have good memories of you from school and the playground. You mentioned St. Francis; I have our 8th grade picture hanging on a wall here. I just looked at it; you're between Dymszo and Nitka, sounds like two hockey players. That class with Sister Clair Eleanor was more fun than being in Kindergarten. Besides saying 'Hi' to you, I wanted to put some Southwest Germantown representation in here (Brickyard included). And I was going to dedicate the last months' pages to rosemarie, an Italian descendant from Germantown, and anonymous, I feel like I know all about you by now. But I changed my mind and decided to just slip these words in between them. Did I succeed ? rose, Ital, anony, I'm just kidding !
Bill James, The Head, roxborough now, germantown forever [07-15-2007]

To the woman looking for Dianne, Karen, and Judy, I remember playing house where you described. My Aunt Viola was the woman who loved to walk and her rocking chair. My Aunt Edith lived at 465 E. Mechanic St with my Grandfather, Viola, and her son Mark. You might remember them. What is your name? That would help me remember. Also, who lived in the neighborhood that you visited? Hope to hear from you, Dianne
Dianne, Langhorne [07-15-2007]

not trying to be a nudge here ..but.. it does baffle me why people wish to remain anonymous ... why the secrecy.
rosemarie malageri [07-15-2007]

Thankyou Anonymous..Feel free to check out the Blog. Some have posted already. hope you all enjoy! thanks and god bless!
Pattie, 31 mom of 2, nc [07-14-2007]

italian decendant ... he did ! rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-14-2007]

anthony, i know i realized my name wasn't on it untill after it was sent .. i miss those days too ... very much! rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-14-2007]

Thank you anonymous for your comments about blogging....and thank you Patty for the other site. I used to enjoy this site, but I'm not up to reading about recipes. I was born & raised in G'town & there is so much more to it!
Martha [07-14-2007]

Thanks Sandy. With the procession of saints, did it go down Haines Street to the school site or was it just around the church? Also, was the Festa, as that history I read indicated, the highlight of the year for Holy Rosary parish? What I read is that it was a day-long celebration with food, games and fireworks over Waterview Rec. Anybody know if St. Michael of the Saints, over in Brickyard, also had an annual Festa?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-14-2007]

Talking about carrying the Blessed Mother or other saints through the streets....That's a tradition that's long gone in most areas. There was so much value in doing that. For one, it made everyone come together. I would like to see that come back.
anonymous [07-14-2007]

I do remember the school carnivals and the Blessed Motor Parades from Our Lady of the Rosary (OLR). I was an Altar Boy at OLR for several years. I remember 40 Hours where you had to guard the Holy Eucharist. Weddings were always good for a few dollars. Playing in the streets was a way of life. There were tough times, everybody knew everybody in our confined community. Word traveled fast in the row homes on Mechanic Street in Germantown. I was always shopping for the neighbors. Sometimes there were good tips. Enough for a coke and a candy bar. Many folk had little gardens in their yard, and I had my share of Tomatoes. Remember Mattday and his models. They were hand made and very detailed. Wonder what happened to Mattday? Use to sit on the steps with him and watch the neighborhood in full swing. There was Uncle Johnny, sitting on the porch in his sleeveless tee shirt pointing out the echo satellite as it crossed over the horizon. There was the young handicapped woman across the street rocking away, with her cat of nine tails in hand. Then there was Old Genedine, on the corner poised for anything. Every now and then as you were playing in the street you would hear, “Watch out for la Machine.” Many hot days in the city. Who is turning on the fire plug? Who had that special fire plug tool? Once the cops turned it off, someone snuck out and turned it on again. I often walked the back allies across the street; they were exciting trips into the unknown with spiders, bugs and such. I would hoist myself on the ledge and flip the little whirly bird seeds and watch them spin to the ground. Rummaging through abandoned houses. Whose house was that on Mechanic Street next to the lot? The house with the Vineyards in the back. Whoever left it had left all their belongings behind. Every now and then I would find an abandoned car to play in. There I was making long road trips in my new car. That was Germantown and life on Mechanic Street.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [07-14-2007]

Dennis the Festa in Honor of Our Lady was beautiful the men carry all the Sanits around the neighborhood an we all would put money on the Saints it was a parade in honor of Our Lady an it was wonderful to see people would have tears in their eyes as the statues passed.No the carnival was at a different time that was a great time in our lifes back then Sandy
anonymous [07-13-2007]

I know you all are having fun with your memories.. But let's get back to the purpose of this web site.. Your memories of Germantown.. it is becoming a blog and that is not what this site was intended for.. Patty was kind enough to create a blog for you all @ Germantown Blog.. http://www.germantownpafriends.myeweb.net feel free to check it out and sign in! Start chatting with all your old friends there.. also you all have e-mail use it. Please let this good site get back to the memories of the the places in Germantown stop using it as a blog. thanks to all for your cooperation
anonymous [07-13-2007]

to denise tell your mom this one about my cousins chops and mikey catalano ... our aunt lived on price street directly across from the convent ... well one day in the early fall my aunt was sitting on her front porch and along comes two boys who obviously were playing hookie from st . vincents ... well guess who the boys were . mikey and chops! but, as they were passing my aunts house and realized she was outside enjoying the fall day they deceided that if they put their hands up to their faces as if you would be saluting my aunt wouldn't reconize them .. ha! needless to say my aunt did know who they were called to them to find out why they were not in school .... and of course she let their parents know what was going on ... they still couldn't understand how aunt rosie knew it was them ... after all they had their hands up on the side of their faces as they were passing her ... geez ... kids ha ha needless to say they both got their behinds smacked that day but i'm sure that didn't stop them from playing hookie again ... but .. i'm sure they didn't go past our aunts house again .. ha !
rosemarie malageri [07-12-2007]

to george greene hi .. your right sammy who is my cousin did own a meat business ...and years later so did charlie ... you say you worked for sammy ... i will have to let him know i heard from you in fact i did tell his mom to tell sammy about this site and i keep hoping that he will get onto it too ... it is nice to hear from you ...and hope you keep in touch .. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-12-2007]

Yes Erda it is the old apartment building at Morris and Rittenhouse.. I'm posting the website.. http://gawain.membrane.com/philadelphia_real_estate/new_homes_for_sale/ they are calling this East Falls.. but having grown up in Gtn .. you know that it is not in East Falls but in Gtn..
anonymous [07-12-2007]

Anthony, my brother Pat is doing well, He lives in Florida. When I talk to him I will ask him if he remembers you joanne
joanne posimo [07-12-2007]

Italian descedent thank you for the bow tie recipe, I will surely make them. I watch Michael Cirello sometimes, I must have missed that show. They are also good with honey. Joanne
joanne posimo [07-12-2007]

I just turned 50 and remember playing house with girls that were in the Mechanic St. area. We played at a house in th back yard. I think her name was Judy and the 2 other girls names were Diane and Karen. I remember they were not there all the time I think some of them just visited relatives. One of the girls had a relative that lived around the corner and a aunt that walked up and down and loved to rock in the rocking chair on the front porch. I think she was mentally chalenged. I was brought up in the suberbs and thought this was just one big playground. If any of you girls remember me and are out there let me know. The more I think about it the more I remember.
anonymous, Bucks County [07-12-2007]

Hi Rosemarie. You signed it anonymouw, that is why I didn't know who your aunt and uncle were. Boy do I miss those days.
anthony [07-12-2007]

i didn't realize the story about my mom cutting school went through the first time, so there it goes again.
denise [07-12-2007]

rosemarie-my mother eleanor was just telling me a story when she cut school w/ a couple of girlfriends from st vincents and chops was the only boy w/ them. they all got caught. she said the school labled her as the ring leader (when she was the last to go along with it)and they were interagating chops asking him if he ever seeked male companionship went he went out. my mother said they all died laughing. i myself remember chops even though i was very young at the time.
DENISE [07-12-2007]

Bernadette,yes I do have a sister Eileen an she remember you from school she said to say HI,also I do remember the Holy Rosary Carnival they were fun we all had a great time an your right our Parents would go with us an then they could met up with their friends.My Dad goes to the Sons Of Italy Lodge when your Dad goes they sit together they are old Germantown Buddies my oldest daughter went to Holy Rosary School till it closed I think she was in the Third Grade and by then their was very few children in her grade it was a sad day for all of us when our School closed and then next our Church but we all have our wonderful memories Take Care Sandy
anonymous [07-12-2007]

Rosemarie, The most prominent thing that I remember about your cousin Charlie is that he smoked a cigar. Someone, I don't remember who, told me that Charlie loved tennis so much that he said that he wanted to die playing tennis.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-12-2007]

Someone here mentioned the carnivals at Holy Rosary. Was that different than Holy Rosary’s annual “festa” in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel? From a history I read on Holy Rosary, the festas went on until 1961. A parade around the neighborhood with the procession of saints statues where people would attach money to the statues asking for their intercession. Food, games, fireworks over Waterview Rec, that must have been a great time. Is that the same as the Holy Rosary carnival someone mentioned here? Anybody remember those festas at Holy Rosary, share your memories of them here. Anybody not familiar with a festa, you get a sense of what one was like in Godfather II. Is was during a festa that young Vito Corleone killed Fannucci.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-12-2007]

To anonymous: My skills are none of your business. Instead of all the negativity, why don't you share with us a decent thought or memory of Germantown? Don't you have any?
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-12-2007]

anthony, my aunt and uncle were joe and rose patelmo ... rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-12-2007]

I lived outside of Gtown and most of my relatives lived there. I have wonderful memories of the neighborhood. I spent a great deal of time there and one of my favorite things to do was wait for someone to open the Fire Hydrant on Mechanic St. I couldn't get there fast enough. I always think of that on a hot day like today.
Dee, Bucks County [07-12-2007]

italian decendant i remember chop's truck well ... he was so proud of it and the fact that he had his own business .. he was a good person and he loved his wife and children very much .... memories of growing up with him ... are also good .. playing tag and hide n seek ... i could always catch him in tag because he was chubby and i could run faster than him ... ha! he was who taught me how to jitter bug ..he was a great dancer ! he had a heart of gold and i miss him! rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-12-2007]

Sandy, did you have a sister Eileen? Do you remember the man with the rides on the back of a truck? He came around in the summer and our moms washed and dressed us for the big event. Also the carnival in Holy Rosary school yard every year. All the kids and parents would go and have a great time. That neighborhood was fun to live in even though we didnt have much.
bernadette [07-12-2007]

anonymous, I don't feel it's bickering when you talk about the good times in g-town after somebody seems to have a lot of negative thoughts about it. I'd be the last one to bicker. Just want to point out how good it was.
anthony [07-12-2007]

Joanne, This is the bow tie recipe that I use. I hope it works out well for you or anyone else willing to try it. Food Network website... type in buglia or liars cookies in the search field or copy and paste the URL below into your browser. God bless all of you. http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,,FOOD_9936_25300,00.html?rsrc=search
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-12-2007]

Joanne, the name Pat did come to my mind when I saw your name. I did know Pat. How is he? It's been a long time, he probably won't even remember me.
anthony [07-12-2007]

It was nice communicating with all of you. The memories of old family members and friends from G-town will always remain treasures. Fifty years from now, if the Earth will still be here, people will be talking about us as old timers and how we used to use cars, cell phones, and computers. Best of luck to all.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-12-2007]

There you go again, ANALYZING, correcting and advising the poor germantowners. I guess you dont have much else to do with your suburban skills. And do you also make comments on other neighborhood web sites?
anonymous [07-12-2007]

Just a word to all the people out there who attended The Miraculous Medal Novena at the "Shrine" on Chelten Ave., We all went there to pray for help right? Now they could use your support you could go to their website: http://www.cammonline.org/ pages/home.html and also some prayers for their Director Fr. James O. Kiernan who is very very seriously ill. You can say what you want about Germantown but one thing I know for sure is that if the chips were down and someone need help Everyone helped! You just don't find what we had everywhere. Maria
anonymous [07-12-2007]

hi rosemarie, I just happen to see a note asking you about did Charlie Catalano own a meat business. I believe his cousin Sammy did,I know because I worked for him when he started.It was one of my first jobs. The place at armat st. where the old Abbott's dairy was. charlie might have delivered for Sammy. Just thought I pass that along.
george greene, 57 old cow towner [07-12-2007]

Germantown Blog.. feel free to check it out and sign! http://www.germantownpafriends.myeweb.net
pattie [07-12-2007]

Hi All, Just was wandering where the townhouses are being built?? Morris street runs the same direction as Wissahickon Ave. Could it be where the Robert Morris Apartments burned out on the corner of Morris and Rittenhous?? I lived on Morris Street until 1998. I cried when I had to leave for personal reasons.It was the same house I grew up in during the 50's and 60's. Sometimes wish I still had that great big old house with the large back yard and front yard with the porch that we sat on every summer night. Talking to neighbors, watching the kids play and just enjoying life. The West side seem to have more twins and single homes then row houses. The house did not matter we all where friends and in the same boat. Our fathers all worked for a living and most mothers stayed at home to take care of the family.
Erda [07-12-2007]

to anthony- my mother eleanor said you might have been in her class at st. vincents. she remebers the bologna & am cheeses hoagies from marianns she said they would get them before school. she said she still thinks of those sandwiches every once in a while. rosemarie - she also told me a funny story about her, violet wood, two other girls from the neighborhood and chops cutting school and then getting caught. she said they laughed like hell when the had chops and them at school and was asking chops if he "looked for male companionship when he went out" since he was the only boy cutting school with them.
DENISE [07-12-2007]

hi joanne, you are right on the mark ... and your right ... there may have been drinkers but they weren't bad men and women ... you are the best ! rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-11-2007]

anthony, my mother moved from germantown because she was mugged 3 times and she cried like a baby the day she moved ... but the people who were moving into germantown ...didn't want to work or take care of their properties .. they wanted to prey on the older people and rob them and beat them so they could support their habits ... my mother didn't run from germantown she was forced to leave .... out of fear for her life ... sooo i know what your saying about your mom and sisters and why they too were forced to leave their home .. rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-11-2007]

to franny, you say it so well ... nobody is disputing that germantown had both good and bad ... but ... we love it for all of its memories and why wouldn't we want to relive the good ones ... we are no different from any other people ... how are you doing fran ... i hope good rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-11-2007]

italian decendant ... are you saying that willow grove and where ever you grew up didn't have animals .. what if anthony did wake up to one or all of those animals ... lucky him!
rosemarie malageri [07-11-2007]

hi rick, you are right ... about the hoagie shop and miss prang ... oh my god do you still remember that awlful ether smell too .. yuk ! geez i used to dread going there ... i was sick to my stomach for days afterwards ... rosemarie
rosemarie malageri [07-11-2007]

I think everyone should stop all of this back and forth negative stuff and use this site for what it was intented to be. Not really for sharing recipes and bickering. Gtn was a great place to live in and grow up in. Keep and share the good memories. I hope you agree.
anonymous [07-11-2007]

anonymous, who were you aunt and uncle?
anthony [07-11-2007]

Italian Desendant, what is that supposed to mean, about waking up? And why don't you use your name?

Please stop the debates over the condition of G-Town. This site is for fond memories and reconnecting with former neighbors and friends. No neighborhood is perfect but each has it's charm.
dmk, philadelphia, pa [07-11-2007]

Hello again to my neighbors in Germantown. We're in the heart of the summer season and it's always good to reflect on summers spent on Haines st. in the 50's and 60's. On a hot day like today is, there usually was a fire hydrant open on Mechanic st so that we could cool off. I don't remember the police bothering us, and there were always a bunch of kids taking advantage of it. I remember the Leech family on Mechanic; they owned the auto parts store on Stenton Ave. Emilio Leech was a good friend of mine and we always seemed to end up at his house on the "slip n'slide". I don't know if they still make it, but it was hours of fun. A good Wiffle Ball game was also part of the afternoon. I can remember playing pick-up baseball games the entire day in Awbury Park. I played with guys like, Vernon Streck, Richie Claffey, Ernie Riegler, Mike Jennings, Ricky Trye; there were always 15 to 20 kids around to play. If you hit the "dirt road" separating the fields, it was a home run. I can remember after the game or games, going to Heller's store on Price st. to get a 16oz. Pepsi and a pack of Tastycake for .25., then return the bottle for .02 and get a lunch bar. They were smaller than a Hershey Bar but also cheaper. If it rained on a particular day, we would usually hang out at somebody's house. Mom's were usually always home so there was always supervision. A couple of times during the summer, I would stay at my cousin's place in Willow Grove for the weekend and go to Willow Grove Park or the Willow Grove Bowling Alley. My Aunt and Uncle owned the Willow Inn there, and it was just a short walk to the park. My cousin Jerry still owns the place. It's amazing with all the time on our hands back then, we didn't get into trouble. We usually just rode our bikes over to somebody's house or played ball all day. In July, Immaculate had their annual fair. It was always well attended and I can remember my dad going over to the annex building because that's were the "special grown-up" machines were.(slot machines)I seem to remember a carnival also set up at Price and Crittenden st. right outside "Mom's" store. I can't remember who sponsored that or what it was for. Anyway, I hope I shared some things about growing up in G-town that will bring back some nice memories for everyone. Hello to all my former neighbors on the 1300 block of Haines st. (Butterof's, Lazaro's, Dipietro's, Stewart's, Hickey's, just to name a few)Maybe some relatives of these families will share some thoughts also.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [07-11-2007]

I remember when the guys would harmonize on the corners. They were good. Nobody seemed to mind the kids hanging on the corners either. If they did, one call to the parents or the cops would have ended it. It was usually the meeting place to decide what to do, and if there wasn't anything to do, they'd hang out for a while there.
Sheila [07-11-2007]

Rosemarie, You're right. I remember my aunt and uncle leaving G-town because they were afraid to stay there. They really didn't want to leave but felt that they had no choice. They moved to Cheltenham in the early 80's and are both deceased now. On another note, I remember your cousin Charlie in the 70's driving down my street in his refrigerated truck. He had his name written in blue letters on it. I don't live there anymore and lost touch with most of the old neighbors.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-11-2007]

I may not have been born and raised in G-town but most of my family and my wife's family were. I didn't know that you had to be from G-town to make a post on this site. p.s. (analizizg) is spelled ANALYZING.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-11-2007]

Anthony Giordano you might know my brother Pat. I can't place you either. If you went to Holy Rosary we might know each other.
joanne posimo [07-11-2007]

Anthony, It's a wonder that you didn't wake up to a cat, dog, raccoon, or even a skunk.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-10-2007]

to rick, im not sure who you are and from what part of germantown you came from but your right about choosing to hang on the corner ... my cousins did and it wasn't because they had no where to play . they talked and sang too ... i know there were groups of boys and i guess girls too who all hung out together but i wouldn't consider them gangs .. like bad people .. they were friends ... just friends .. i don't know if anyone remembers that poor kid who was beaten to death in front of the catholic church in fox chase a few years back ... well these kids were suburanites .. and they were gangs and out to kill somebody .. and i don't think it was because they didn't have grass to play on ...
anonymous [07-10-2007]

hi anthony ... your right it was a great neighborhood i used to love to stay with my aunt and uncle ...
anonymous [07-10-2007]

hi jerry murphy remember me .. i'm lou malageri's wife we e mailed each other a while ago .. how have you been .. i hope you and your family are well i hear what your saying about the drinking and no grass .. but step back and take a look in the mirror it sure sounds as though you should be proud of your accomplishments and i'm sure many many other germantowners who endured some of the same didn't turn out like what they lived with but rose above it and made something out of themselves and not to sound condensing here but have you never heard of the suburban closet drinker .. it isn't any harder or different than the kids in germantown who lived with it openly ... i know of a couple of people who are drunk by 9 am but their kids have plenty of grass to play on but i'm sure knowing that their mother or father are alcoholics isn't any easier for them to live with ...
anonymous [07-10-2007]

to the italian decendant my cousin and his family were good people .. and yes he did love tennis very much ... and passed away at a very young age ... as far as the unlocked doors ... it was a different time and most people found this to be not only accepted but the norm ... it was a closer type of neighborhood than the suburbs ... i too live in the suburbs and i wouldn't appreciate or like somebody just walking into my house either but then i don't know my neighbors like my family and friends did in germantown ... but again when i was a kid .. that was the way of life in in germantown .. but .. i also believe there was also a certain amount of respect for each other ... i don't belive that people just barged in on someone but there was with many people an openness and that was the way it was a way of life for us back then ... as far as people leaving in droves ... lacking love of germantown did not make us move out of germantown but we aren't foolhardy either ... when safety became an issue it wasn't the lack of love for germantown that made people leave .. but more the need to live in a safer place that caused people to leave ..
anonymous [07-10-2007]

Hi Sandy. I haven't heard from Bill Frith, but some people I know have. I'll see if he wants to give out his address.

Hi Bernadette I know I was a few grades ahead of you in Holy Rosary but i do remember you I hope you an your family are fine this Germantown Site is fun I have seen names of old friends i haven;t heard from in years it;s always nice to talk to old friends an how about our MYSTERY MAN it's too funny take care an the best to you and your family Sandy
sandy cipriano [07-10-2007]

One final note to all of you mourning this dying area.. check out the going prices for property in this so called slum..http://www.trulia.com/property/5070313-4821-Germantown-Ave-Philadelphia-PA-19144
Susan Malageri Demetrovits [07-10-2007]

sandy cipriano [07-10-2007]

Joann Posimo, I know that name, but I can not place you.

To Joann and Franny, re Jerry Murphy, you also had great responses. He's the only negative I've seen so far. Keep it going GTN gang.

To Jerry Murphy.. Jerry the last house on my block went for 300 thousand plus dollars.. There are new townhouses being built at Morris St and Wissahickon Ave selling for 350 thousand plus.. I would hardly call this a dying neighborhood.. get your facts straight!
Susan Malageri Demetrovits [07-10-2007]

John Brennan, very well said.

Regarding all the nonsense about keeping the doors unlocked. The crime rate was almost nil and god forbid if someone saw a stranger on your block. Also large families didnt give keys to all the kids, there was no need to. And so what if your neighbor or family dropped in to see you, it was expected.
anonymous [07-10-2007]

The hogie shop on Lena st was Marianns, my brother and I, jerry, dino, massaroni, dominic, raymond along with many others would get one most every dat at lunch from GH for 25 cents and sit on the wall. That hoagie was 1/2 loaf of italian bread loaded wit stuff. He was like the hoagie Nazi and made you stand in line till your turn with no loud talking. Was Miss Prang the lady at the Star clinic? If you stood outside you could smell the ether they used. We were afraid of that place. Dont forget fats & coney island hot dogs. And the girls walking up and down the avenue, what a great memory.
Rick [07-10-2007]

Jerry ­ my Germantown days were after yours. I could respond to every one of your points, but what would be the point? You are living a California lifestyle and have chosen to forget your roots and to even consider the role that those roots had in molding you into the person you are today. Yeah, you’re right, Germantown was not an urban nirvana. It had its shares of big city problems just as any other area of the city did. And, yes, I’ve seen and experienced my share of the not-so-good times growing up in East Germantown. But, in life you take the good with the bad. The Germantown I remember, the good far outweighed the bad, and it was certainly far better than the Germantown of today. While I acknowledge that there were less-than good times, I’d rather be positive and focus on just the many good times I had growing up in Germantown.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-10-2007]

Now we know the unknown desendant is from willow grove giving us advice and analizizg our childhood and neighborhood. They ought to look in the mirror and examine themselves. I hope the people who lived in the neighbornood keep it going and the outsiders would disappear.
anonymous [07-10-2007]

To Jerry Murphy, you certainly are being bit negative. Look what's going on today in the schools and universities. People on drugs and being killed by other students. We had none of that. We fought with fists and were back being friends the next day. The reason we moved from G-town was the fact that my sisters amd mother could not sit on our porch anymore with the foul language of people passing by. The redevelopement authority took many houses, including both of my grandparents' to make way for a low housing project on Baynton St. That was the begining of the end. So please, Jerry, think of all the good times.

Oh, and to anonymous, I would come home at two in the morning, on the weekend, and sleep on the glider on the porch.

Hello Rosemarie and Gregg and the rest of the G-town gang. So nice to read about everyong. Wish those days were still around. Yeah, Ro, we bought the house from your aunt and uncle. It was a great street and area. Still think of those days. Gregg, don't you like the blogging.?

Jerry Jerry your blaming a whole neighborhood for your pathetic upbringing. You mention the gangs but in reality less than one percent of the teenagers in thatarea were actual gang member. Were you one of those knuckelheads? In 1950 your 5 and you already know the real estate market. Sell! Sell! Unbelievable. you mention how crowded the Catholic schools were, can you say "Baby Bomers" tell me Jerry do you really think you would have gotten a better education at Fels, cooke, or Roosevelt. you mention the large number of "cool" guys on the corner with just nothing to do. Oh it just breaks my heart there was no one around to play catch with them. Come on give me a break, were talking about GTN not fifty miles out in the boondocks. One last point. You said if GTN was such a heaven why did people leave in droves?Well theres numerous numerouse reasons But unfortunately and undeniably this wonderful neighborhood is the victim of a class of people that just doesn't seem to care.
john brennan, ic56 cd60 [07-09-2007]

Rosemarie, to clarify my last post and remarks about privacy and respect. I was referring to an incident where a female member of the family was nursing her child and a male in-law unexpectedly walked in on her. Not right. It was uncouth and uncalled for. That's why I feel the way that I do now. Talking about your cousin Charlie Catalano I knew him from my neighborhood in Willow Grove. I knew his wife and three sons too. Very nice people.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-09-2007]

does anyone know the where about of bill frith i knew him back in 1961 sandy cipriano
anonymous [07-09-2007]

To jerry murphy things did not get bad in gtn. untill the late 60s and 70s. We always had something to do. The guys hung on the corners to check out the girls and as far as no grass to play on do you not remember waterview playground, they had plenty of grass and a swimming pool. As far as any rivalry between cowtown and brickyard that was a healthy rivarly when guys fought they used thier fists and not guns and nobody got killed like now. I dated guys from brickyard and used to walk those streets at night and without the fear that I might get shot. Most of the men in the neighborhood were pretty heavy drinkers including my own father who used to go toChuck & Bills every night but they never hurt anybody. I am glad to have been raised in Gtn. But times do change. My mother and father lived in gtn. until they died. And by the way not everyone of the drinkers turned ou to be drinkers, I am one of them. You must have been having a bad day to write what you did. joanne posimo
joanne posimo [07-09-2007]

Murphy, Very perceptive of you at 6 in 1950 to realize all that and thanks for letting us know how traumatized, uneducated, drunk and underprivilaged we all were. Somewhere you must have missed the parks, playgrounds, schoolyards,swimmingpools and schools in the area before you moved to sunny California. And by the way some of us who hung out on corners did so by choice not necessity. Now if you said 65 to 70, I may have changed my statement but the parks, playgrounds and schools are still there.
Rick [07-09-2007]

Rosemarie, Charlie had a love for tennis right? About the doors never being locked and people just wandering in and out....I think that practice went beyond trust. I don't know of too many people who would appreciate someone just walking into their house today, MYSELF INCLUDED. THERE'S SUCH A THING AS PRIVACY AND RESPECT WHETHER IT'S A FAMILY MEMBER OR NOT. If I came home to an opened house and items were missing, or if I found someone in my private quarters, or things were in disorder then it's only normal that someone's going to get blamed OR EVEN cracked over the head. I guess that those trusting old folks didn't get too much privacy either. I grew up in the suburbs and we didn't have to worry about that problem. We locked up all the time and still do. What about when folks had company come to visit? The whole block knew about it then wandered over too. Not right either. Yes, I know that you're response will be: "Things were different back then," but I knew of some old folks who didn't like that practice either. They were labeled "PRUDES". Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there a lot of anxious people who couldn't wait to move out of the city? There still are. That was probably one of the reasons, amongst other things. Like I said, I grew up in the suburbs and we didn't have nosey neighbors or anyone else in and out of our houses. It's an unwise practice and I agree with Jerry Murphy's post. Maybe if everyone stayed there it would still be a great place where everyone left their doors unlocked. I thought that I had to die and go to Heaven to experience that firsthand.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-09-2007]

Hello Jerry,Yes,there were problems in the early Germantown days and my family was in the midst of all of them. However, I as well as my siblings were mostly oblivious to them simply because we were all in the same boat. There were the so-called gang rivalies that exist in all urban areas. Things changed quickly there and most left because of the upsurge of crime and lower than we had income. Despite all of that, my family moved on with the sense of neighborhood in it's truest sense. I am not debating the hardships, broken families because of alcohol, but it is good to put that aside and perhaps, remember the good feelings as well. The small family owned businesses that couldn't have gotten on w/o their start in Germantown. The community of family and friends who gathered on their stoop or the nearest playground or church dance. I do treasure the good things of Germantown, but that's over now and it is great to just put it out there for others to appreciate that never had the experience.
Franny Lindmar (Smith), response to Jerry Murphy [07-09-2007]

Hi Jerry Murphy did you lived on Woodlawn Ave if you did you then our back yard almost face each other I do remember the Murphy Family your Mom was very nice and I also remember your brothers and sisters I lived right in back of Jimmy Kulick we were friends and do you remember the Allens and Jackie Maddin and his sister Nell I'am going back to the late 50's and early 60's well take care old neighbor Sandy
anonymous [07-09-2007]

ok .. bernadette what with the "your right gregg" ... thats not what you said on the phone .. hahaha rosemarie rosemarie
anonymous [07-08-2007]

italian decendant ... i lived in a house where the doors were never locked and neither were the windows. in fact i don't believe anybody locked their doors back when i was a child growing up in germantown ..and yes, people did just walk into each others houses .. it was the norm at that time! rosemarie rosemarie
anonymous [07-08-2007]

italian decendant yes he did own a meat business ... why .. did you know him or buy from him ... another topic would be good ... what do you have in mind ... rosemarie
anonymous [07-08-2007]

After looking over all of these statements about how wonderful the good old days were in Germantown, I'd like to throw in a dose of reality. 1. Most of the people moved out of Germantown as soon as they got the chance. It was a dying neighborhood and only poor people would voluntarily move there after 1950. 2. Violence was a big thing there. I remember all the battles between Brickyard and Cowtown (to name just one rivalry) which lasted for decades. Now both groups act all buddy-buddy, but you could get hurt bad in some of those stupid turf wars back then. 3. Most of my friends went to Catholic schools (Immaculate, St. Vincent's, Holy Rosary, St. Francis), which were greatly underfunded and overcrowded. You could get a half decent basic education, but these places were not the wonderful pillars of education some claim. 4. Drugs weren't a big thing back in the 50's and 60's, but alcohol abuse was rampant. I didn't have too many friends who had sober fathers. And they tended to pass their alcoholic habits to their kids. Can you remember how many of your friends and neighbors back then had their lives destroyed with drink? 5. I remember having a hard time finding any grass or dirt to play on as a kid. Too much time was spent on sidewalks and streets. The reason there were so many "cool" guys standing on corners all the time is that they had absolutely nothing else to do. I know I might have been a bit to negative here, but I suspect that some of you will agree with me that if Germantown was such a heaven, then we wouldn't all have left it in droves as soon as we could. On the other hand, I do miss the soft pretzels.
Jerry Murphy, Former Cowtown, now 62, living in California [07-08-2007]

Hello All, Yes we did walk in and out of eachothers house.. In fact I don't ever remember our house being locked. Many nights we would wake up and the front door was still wide open and all the windows where open. On real hot summer nights we would sleep out side.
Erda (Armstrong) Graham [07-08-2007]

anthony g. i believe that nicky lazaro is living in the villas in new jersey ... your right the water ice stand was owned by the spagnolia family ... your semi retired ... thats a good thing .. i hope you are enjoying yourself ... hows maryann doing .. did you tell her about this site ? would love to hear from her too !
rosemarie malageri [07-07-2007]

For Rosemarie.... Did Charles Catalano own a meat business?
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-07-2007]

My wife thinks that we should forget about these entries on food and should move forward with another topic. I agree. Regarding the Germantown of yesteryear, I can remember my father saying how people would go in and out of each others houses. I can't imagine anyone doing that today and getting away with it.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-07-2007]

hey gregg .. how the heck are you ??? whats wrong with swapping receipies ... don't you have any you can share with us proud germantowners ... ha! tell that saint of a wife of yours i said hello ...
rosemarie malageri [07-07-2007]

bernadette .. any good receipes for pork chops ... i can remember at least one ... ha!
rosemarie malageri [07-07-2007]

hey, does anybody remember the hoagie shop on lena street right up the street from the school yard, i can't remember the name of it and does anybody remember miss prang ..
rosemarie malageri [07-07-2007]

hi anthony ... how the heck are you .. gosh the last time i saw you was at the st.vincents reunion for the class of "61" . my aunt rosie lived right across the street from the convent .. actually the house you lived in belonged to her and her husband and they sold it to your father ... ha ... how is the rest of your family doing .. i hope all are well! hope to hear from you again ... rosemarie your right i do remember your being pals with chops .. gosh such memories!
rosemarie malageri [07-07-2007]

Gregg I am with you, lets hang up the aprons and move on and use this site for what it was intended.
Bernadette [07-07-2007]

I have created a blog about Germantown. If you would like to post your thoughts or just would like to say hi to some old friends..feel free to visit http://www.germantownpafriends.myeweb.net (hope you'll enjoy the sight!)
pattie, 32 mom of 2 [07-06-2007]

to bernadette, i remember your easter bread girlfriend it was very good ... how are you ... it was nice talking to you and richard ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-06-2007]

ken hook, i went to st. vincents .. did i understand you correctly that you went to st vincents untill 1956 .. do we know each other .. your name is not familiar ...
rosemarie hite malageri [07-06-2007]

Does anyone out there know Linda Palumbo? We went to Cardinal Dougherty together and kept in touch for years but after a while lost touch. I would sure like to get in touch with her joanne posimo
joanne posimo [07-06-2007]

Hi Rosemarie Malageri. I remember the Catalano's. I went to school with Charles, aka Chops. How the Lazaro's from the same street?

Hello Denise. I remember the water ice stand. Was'nt that the Spagnolia family that owned that? That was the best among other things in Germantown. I was at Price and Wakefield, next to the convent. Bad for me. The nuns always told my father if I stepped out of line and I got more from him.
ANTHONY [07-06-2007]

I just found out about this site and wanted to check it out. Still good friends with some of the people from Germantown and just wondering what the others are doing.
ANTHONY GIORDANO, Living in Glen MIlls. I am semi-retired. [07-06-2007]

Regarding the meatball recipe...... I know of someone who makes meatballs and sometimes adds wine to the mix, unbeknownst to the family. They don't know so that can't complain about it. I don't use wine in my meatballs. My grandmother was the only person I knew who used fresh flat leaf Italian parsley in her meatballs amongst other things. Almost everyone uses dehydrated parsley from a plastic container only because it's easier to use.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-06-2007]

what has happened to this great site now we blog, send recipt, send your messages to the person, not to everyone who reads this great site.
gregg striano, 59 still proud of being form germantown [07-06-2007]

Joanne, I'll try to get to you the recipe for the bow ties in another entry. Regarding a previous posting about traditions still being handed down......yes and no. Since most of the old timers died, their food products died too. Their recipes may have been handed down but it still isn't the same. You can give 5 people the same recipe and it turns out 5 different ways. THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! When I think of Christmas eve or any other family holiday I only think of my Abruzese grandmother, female relatives and cousins, and their distinctive way of cooking. Their food was appetizing and welcoming. I will never have anything close to that for as long as I live. Their food was the best!
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-06-2007]

My husband makes the escarole soup (pronounced scarole). He uses the pastina, chicken, eggs and escarole. It's very good too.
Sheila [07-06-2007]

Mike Russo, Central Florida - work for a mouse [07-05-2007]

to italian descedant, I saw your meatball recipe, except for the wine that is the same recipe my mother and grandmother did and they are the best. Do you have a recipe for fried bow ties? I have been looking all over the food network for the longest time. I would love to make them but the recipies died with my mother & grandmother. You sure stirred up a lot of memories for me. My grandfather used to make his own wine he had old wine presse3s in the lower part of the basement when I was a kid and he grew his own grapes. He had an herb garden in the yard and he also grew the best plum tomatoes ever. I remember my grandmother used to clean the tomatoes and we used to be waiting with a salt shaker ready to eat some of them. There was also a fig tree in the yard and every time I would pass that tree I would always grab 2 of them they were so good. We used to make Italian wedding soup.My grandmother always had a strong pot of drip coffee on the stove. It was great when you dipped italian bread in it. All the foods you talk about, anchovies(alige) Easter bread with eggs baked in it and all the others sure makes me wish for the good old days and makek me miss my grandmothers kitchen, There was always something good cooking. Joanne Posimo
joanne posimo [07-05-2007]

Born and raised on Lena street ( red brick and best sledding hill in germantown. My great great grandfather moed to Germantown about 1852 and oped a tailor busines that was later operated by my great grandfather george R. Hook. My mothe was a Hines and lived on lena street w/ her seven brothers and sister. My other family name would be Jay ( pateranl gM). I attended st vincents memebr of boyclub. I was born in 1947 and left germantown for roslyn in 1956. Please contact w/ anything or memories you can share. ken Hook
ken hook [07-05-2007]

to the italian decendant ... hi me again .. i still make italian wedding soup! however, i use rice instead of the pastina only because this is what my son favors .. i make it with the little meatballs and spinach and i make mine with turkey or chicken it depends .. but if i do say so myself it is very good and actally this is one of the few soups that i eat ... and your right the food was a symbol of caring and love ... and it didn't have to be elaborate rich foods .. it was basic food but it was rich in what it represented when it was served to family and friends .. my grandmom used to say that it was better for a guest to leave your house saying "oh my god so much food" than leave your house saying they were still hungry .. better to have to much than not enough ...and again ... it didn't have to be steak and lobster .. it just had to be good! ha you and everyone have a safe happy 4th rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-05-2007]

to the italian decendant ... you are not going to believe this but you just gave me my receipe for meatballs ..except i do add onions but not wine .. oh i also add oregana too although i do put wine into my gravy when i make it ..but i definitely have to have a glass of wine when i eat pasta how about you ... thank you rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-05-2007]

Sorry folks, I made a mistake when I said that I didn't know of anyone that sent food around anymore. There's still a bunch of old time Italians in Norristown that do. When my brother lived in Norristown there were some Italian widows on his street. Yes, they wore black too. He became their adopted son. They would send food whether he needed it or not. Their children and husbands were all gone and they had a desire to cook for someone because that's what they were used to doing. It didn't have to be a holiday either. When you were with them they would speak to you in both Italian and in English. It's nice to know that there are still a few good and generous souls around. When they're gone........that's it.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-05-2007]

I still make my inlaws recipe for the wedding soup on major holidays and my girlfriend Rosalie still makes the soup with a hambone and sends it out to friends and family. So please know that those traditions still continue along with most of the others that have been mentioned with my frinds and family. We still make the meat balls, never wine and onion and always fresh Basil and Parsley. We also still make the old recipe Easter bread and Xmas cookies and give them to family and friends. So please know that our Italian traditions passed down to us by our familys are still alive and well.
Bernadette, Holy Rosary [07-05-2007]

For Rosemarie: I want to share my meatball recipe with you. I'm sure that your grandmom made fantastic meatballs, but here's mine in case you would like to try it. In a large mixing bowl: 1 package of ground pork, beef, veal. Three small stale italian rolls soaked in water then squeezed well then broken into very small pieces. 1 egg per pound of meat. 1 cup or more of grated locatelli cheese. 3 cloves finely chopped FRESH garlic. Palmful of parsley. Palmful of dehydrated basil leaves. 1/2 palmful of salt. Remember that the cheese has salt in it too. Seven or eight shakes of black pepper. Two tablespoons of red wine (optional). Mix until everything is uniform. If it's too wet you can add seasoned breadcrumbs. Roll out by hand. I fry mine in a generous amount of canola oil on medium heat until all the sides are browned. I don't use onion but you can use a small onion finely chopped in the mix. (optional). Let me know how it works out.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-04-2007]

I wanted to elaborate on the specialty foods that we had on holidays. We can't forget the old fashioned authentic Italian Christmas eve dinner. My family never served lobster, shrimp, salmon, tuna, or crabmeat on Christmas eve. They served baccala, eel, smelts, whiting, calamari (GOL-A-MOD), anchovies (alici) amongst other things. I know that it totaled 7 fishes to represent the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. We never ate meat on Christmas eve or Christmas eve day. Then there was the Easter feast. Lamb, Rice pies, Ricotta pies, Italian lunchmeat baked with Ricotta, Easter bread and many hard boiled eggs. I remember my grandmother painting the top of the Easter Bread with egg then sprinkling it with jimmies. They made homemade wine like many other Italians. They also made cheese every year too. I remember my grandmother putting up at least 300 quarts of tomatoes every August. What a job that was. She would blanche each tomatoe and peel it by hand. Then someone introduced her to a strainer/juicer machine. They jarred eggplant, peppers, peaches, and whatever else came out of their garden. They also had a stone crock pot with green tomatoes, green bell peppers, eggplant and anything else that had a green color in brine with a stone lid on top to press out the juices. They would eat it like that or put it on a sandwich. My grandfather would kill a pig every January. They made sausage, blood pudding, lard and scrapple. Nothing was wasted. One of my funniest memories of food is when my brother brought home a half of a veal in his 69 Mustang. He picked it up from a butcher shop on Girard ave. It was wrapped in butcher paper and the leg was extended from the rear window. People made fun of the old time Italians yet most of them ate well and didn't eat expensive foods.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-04-2007]

joanne i still make pizzelles .. i love them ... and my uncle used to make his own wine .. oh my gosh was that good .. and i have yet to taste a wine that could come close to his ..he had his own grape vines in his back yard and he made the wine in his cellar ... it especially went well with pasta and meatballs geez ..all of these memories really makes me miss my grandmoms meatballs . she made the best !
rosemarie hite malageri [07-04-2007]

For Sandy: No I did not attend Holy Rosary School. Talking about all the food.......We can't dismiss any of it because it was a huge part of growing up Italian American in Philadelphia Pa. For the Philadelphia Italian, FOOD EQUALS LOVE. Remember when folks would send homemade foods to their neighbors? That tradition is long gone unfortunately. The most common of those items.... big tin of homemade pizelles sent by your neighbor down the street when someone died or someone got married or had a baby. How about the homemade soup that folks would send to a sick neighbor or relative? They made fantastic soup with a hambone, beans, escarole. Then there was Italian wedding soup with little meatballs, pastina, spinach or escarole in chicken stock.I don't know of anyone who does that anymore. There's definitely a spiritual value contained in food. Like the Holy Spirit, it brings people together. FOOD EQUALS LOVE. God Bless everyone and Happy 4th!
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-04-2007]

i have memories of my grandmother rose pinching homemade cavatell, gravy and pastafagolie among a lot of other dishes. fried smeltz was another...(christmas eve favorite). i'm sure some of you might have visited her steak shop on armat st. i know the people on this site from around the hieskell morton street area have.
DENISE [07-04-2007]

Scalea's pizza is now called Gaeta's and it is still the same tomato pie and they are at 7616 Castor Ave, 215-745-2262
Mike B Bresnan, Belfield, Immaculate Conception [07-03-2007]

to italian descedant, all your talk about all the good italian food sure made me hungry. I remember all that food my mother or my grandmother used to cook especially the pastina and the Easter bread. It sure made me wish for the good old days. Boy did I love those bow ties. My mother used to make biscotti and pizzelles. I still make them myself. this is from another italian descedant from Germantown joanne posimo
anonymous [07-02-2007]

italian decendant ... my husbands grandmother and aunts would make home made raviolli .. ummmmm stuffed with cheese and they were always perfect .. they were served only during a holdiday like thanksgiving and xmas meat balls, sausage and gravy ... oh gosh how i miss those meals ...and the gravy didn't come from a jar either ... real stuff .. only the real stuff ! :~)
rosemarie hite malageri [07-02-2007]

To "the Italian Descendant" and others in that thread- - -small correction: it was "Scalea's" bakery over behind the New Lyric, and yes their stuff rocked, including the pizza and tomato pie. We also used to go to Silvy's for a special Sunday afternoon outing to give Mom a break. That was where I had my first raw oysters, which I still love. And I knew the water ice stand at Chelten and Baynton as "Ralph's", as I posted some time ago, and was just confirmed below, one of the many names for it. About Italian recipes: my mother was old school Italian and died five years ago at age 92. I got my four favorite recipes from her before she died. I will gladly e-mail them to anyone who wants them. They are: lentils (not soup, just lentils cooked with garlic, served peasant style over Italian bread with oil and pepper), beans with oil, escarole soup, and "giambote" (a summer garden stew made of peppers, onions, squash, tomatoes, and potatoes). And yes, she made the best frittatas, with anything left over, but I especially loved the broccoli, spinach, and asparagus ones. Thanks for the recollections!
Bruce Marshall, 55, Born, raised, & still in G-town [07-02-2007]

Italian Descedant All the food you are talking about is making me hungry,I grew up on those food the Pastina with the egg we gave to our babies that was so good my Aunt who is 87 still makes all those good food espically the fried Bow Tie Cookies with the 10x sugar and I still get to taste them did you go to Holy Rosary School?thanks for all the great memories an keep them coming we all enjoy reading them Sandy
anonymous [07-02-2007]

Regarding the old foods that we enjoyed growing up.....It doesn't taste the same now. Remember when grandmom made the fritatta with eggs, onions, peppers, cheese, potatoes, and sausage? How about the beans and macaroni huh? She made that by the bucket. What about a pot of pastina with salt, butter and an egg cracked into it. You don't have to remain an infant to still enjoy that. What about good old peppers and eggs or asparagus or onions and eggs? Here's another dish: Gravy, string beans, pototoes, and spare ribs. That and a loaf of Italian bread and you had a great winter meal. Then there was the cucuzzo (zucchini)or eggplant fried or cooked in a pot with gravy.Here's something that many of you might remember: What about a Bonzetta....a stuffed breast of veal. I don't know of anyone who makes that anymore. Then there were the special foods that they made only at holidays ie. Pane Pasqua (Easter bread). Grandmom's was so light and yellow that it was almost like a cake. The funny thing was that she didn't use recipes or measurements like we do. She used a palmful of this, a spritz of that and could tell by feel and by looks if it was right. My grandmom, like many other oldtimers, could clean out her frig and make a gourmet meal. She had to be able to do that because she had many mouths to feed. One of her best foods were her deep fried bow tie cookies sprinkled with 10x sugar. They tasted great with a good hot cup of coffee. Does anyone have any memories of a specific food item that grandmom or any other elder Italian relative made?
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [07-02-2007]

to the italian decendant ... you are entitled to an opinion just like everyone else and i think that you are not alone in wanting to defend and protect the germantown that we grew up in ... and are insulted by anyone who truely could not appreciate what we had ... the germantown of even 20 years ago is still not the germantown that we knew and loved ... it wasn't just the place but the people who made our germantown what it was and what it means to us! rosemarie hite malageri
rosemarie hite malageri [07-02-2007]

dennis, Hi,..I have just created a blog for about Germantown. You can post your thoughts or simply say Hi to someone and wait for there reply on it. Have fun and enjoy the sight :-)
pattie [07-02-2007]

has anyone seen or heard from sandy rose ... and how about joann vasallo ... any yeasley post alumni out there ...
rosemarie hite malageri [07-01-2007]

Pattie, the blog you mentioned, I went there. There is nothing there.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-01-2007]

Sandy & Rosemarie, you're right! My husband refreshed my memory about that water ice stand belonging to the Idle Hour. Sandy, I didn't know Frisco frank was your uncle. The world just keeps getting smaller. When we lived on High St., we went down there every night in the summertime for water ice and pretzels.
Sheila [07-01-2007]

Sometimes I make my gravy with pork ribs. They are so good! The meat gets so tender it falls off of the bone. You're right that it is hard to find an Italian restaurant with gravy that is as good as home.
Sheila [07-01-2007]

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